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Tuesday 19 November 2019 The Going Abroad Fair is organized by the International Office

WELCOME TO THE GOING ABROAD FAIR! Every year hundreds of HU students go abroad during their studies and we are glad you have decided you wish to be one of them! There are so many options for an international experience while you are at HU: you can study at one of our partner universities, do an internship at a foreign company, do a research assignment abroad and more! At this fair you can find all the information you need about going abroad. Visit the International Office stands for all your general questions and specifically about grants & scholarships, find out which options you have at your institute stand, learn from the experiences of students who have been abroad before or, should you want to do an internship, talk to one of the mediators present, who might be able to help you find an internship abroad!

Enjoy your time! International Office


TABLE OF CONTENTS Workshop ‘How to choose your stay abroad?’


Workshop 'Getting the most out of your stay abroad' 4 Find your way at the Going Abroad Fair


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WORKSHOP ‘HOW TO CHOOSE YOUR STAY ABROAD?’ Study or internship abroad? One year or a short course? To New York, Istanbul or Ghent? There are so many options to go international, how do you know what suits you best? Join this workshop and find out! Location: PL101 - 2.315 Location: PL101 - 2.315


Time: 13.30 - 14.00 Time: 14.10 - 14.40

Location: PL101 - 2.307 Location: PL101 - 2.307

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2. When can you go abroad and where can you go?

Find out about the options in your study programme at the tep? ‘institutes’ t ssection: • Visit the stand of your institute • Visit the 'HU minors abroad' stand

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Whether you are at home or abroad, our increasingly globalized and virtual world requires skills to navigate through cultural differences and to decode cultures different than to ‘where you are a local’. Just being abroad is not sufficient to get the most out of your intercultural experience. This workshop will give you a taste of how to maximise your experience abroad!

Find out what suits you best at the ‘general information’ section: • Visit the International Office stands • Visit the 'International opportunities at HU' stand • Join the workshop ‘How to choose your stay abroad?’ • Join the workshop 'Getting the most out of your stay abroad'

1. What do you want to do abroad, a study period or an internship?

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Time: 13.30 - 14.20 Time: 14.30 - 15.20


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3. Where do you want to go to?

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Learn more about?your country of interest at the ‘regions’ section: ep of the countries you are interested in ststands • Visit tthe • Talk to (international) students about their home/host country and ask them all your questions

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4. How do you find an internship abroad? (if applicable)

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Get help finding an internship at the ‘internship abroad’ section: ep? of the internship mediators, to learn about the ststands • Visit tthe services they offer

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Find out what you can do and arrange before you leave at the ? 'before you go abroad' section: step • Meett international students in Utrecht through student organizations ESN & BuddyGoDutch • Learn about language courses offered by Babel • Get lots of practical information at the stands of Aon Student Insurance and The Go-Abroad Fair

5. How can you prepare before you leave?

I don’t know yet I know! Congratulations, you are ready to go abroad!


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Regions - Get inspired by students!

Workshops Padualaan 99

Before you go abroad

Go International!

International office

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Internship square


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Entrance building Padualaan 101 General information - Everything you need to know! International Office - study & internship abroad International Office - grants & scholarships Institutes - Find out when & where you can go! Speak to a coordinator from your institute to find out more about your study and internship abroad options Go International - HU Minors Abroad and International opportunities at HU! Find out more about the international opportunities offered by HU, abroad or at home Internship abroad - Find your internship abroad with these organizations! Local Dreamers Information Planet AIESEC Stagehuis Bo Curaçao Work the World Stage Mundo Abroad Internships Kilroy Stagereizen Australië/ Nieuw Zeeland Do4Africa Projects Abroad Career Without Frontiers Hutong School Stagekampioen Malta Go Pure JoHo/Wereldstage Curaçao Stage-USA/Australië/Euro 6

Before you go abroad - Get prepared & get international! Buddy Go Dutch ESN Utrecht Aon Student Insurance The Go Abroad Fair Babel language institute Regions - Get inspired by experienced (international) students! Western Europe Northern Europe Eastern Europe Southern Europe Central Europe Africa & Middle East Asia Northern America Latin America, Oceania & Caribbean


GENERAL INFORMATION - PARTICIPANT INFORMATION At the International Office stands you can gather general information about study abroad, internship abroad and grants & scholarships. Get useful checklists, factsheets, other information material and talk to one of the International Officers to get your international adventure started!

INSTITUTES - PARTICIPANT INFORMATION Study abroad? Internship abroad? Or both? At the stand of your institute you can gather information on what the options are in your study programme on going abroad. Talk to a coordinator about the options within your study programme, check which partner universities you can choose from and find out about the HU minors abroad.

GO INTERNATIONAL! Interested in an HU minor abroad? Or would you rather stay in the Netherlands? Find out more about the international opportunities offered by HU, abroad or at home!



Work the World Undertake your healthcare placement with Work the World and get eye-opening clinical experience in destinations across Asia, Africa and Latin America. Choose the departments you want to experience and we’ll plan, build and oversee your placement. You’ll see advanced cases and unfamiliar treatments, all in low-resource hospital settings. Evenings and weekends are yours to trek through the Himalayan mountains, relax on tropical beaches, go on safari… the choice is yours. Abroad Internships Abroad Internships is a mediation agency for internships abroad. We help students to realise their dream internship or graduation position abroad. We do not focus on one specific country or location, so you can always contact us for a particular desired destination. We have lots of contacts and a ton of different positions in a variety of cities and countries. Stagereizen Australië/ NieuwZeeland Founded in 2007, Stagereizen was the first company of its kind for internships in both Australia and New Zealand. Ever since, we have remained leaders in providing professional internships, successfully assisting thousands of students with placements in both Australia and New Zealand. We strive for excellence, value, as well as constant improvements on our services. Have a read on our website and don’t forget to check out our activity and testimonial videos!

Information Planet Information Planet is specialist in the field of studying, language courses, high school, gap year possibilities and travelling abroad. With over 20 years of experience, our specialists have the knowledge to create a great educational experience for you! With more than 50 offices and a worldwide network, we have a wide range of language schools, colleges and universities. Let us give you the experience of a lifetime!

Projects Abroad Project Abroad offers volunteer work and internships in many countries abroad. We welcome anyone with the minimum age of 16 to participate in our wide range of projects; from care or teaching to medicine or conservation. Volunteers can choose their own project, destination, start date and duration. We will arrange everything in destinations from project and accommodation to insurance and 24/7 support from our local staff.

Stagehuis Finding an internship abroad on your own can be both stressful and time consuming. Knowing who to contact or even where to start can be simply overwhelming. Our enthusiastic team not only helps you find the perfect internship abroad but also provides you with information and guidance, allowing you to focus on the fun parts! Go Abroad!

Hutong School Hutong School is the leading provider of life-changing educational programs in China, including both internship programs and language programs for Western students. Through our all-inclusive China Internship Program, you get to experience China first-hand, opening up your eyes to what will arguably be the most important country of the 21st Century. Once you set foot in the Middle Kingdom, your world view will change for the rest of your life!


Go Pure Are you a student looking for a unique internship abroad? Go Pure is a journey to self-development and is originated from a pure passion for travel and discover the unknown. It’s our belief that this will lead to an open perspective of the world and broaden your horizons. Along the way you will discover different cultures and experience the beautiful nature certain countries have. You will discover talents within yourself that you might not even think you possessed. Stage-USA/Australië/Euro Gain the experience of a lifetime! Do you see yourself in a city like New York, Miami, San Francisco, Sydney, Melbourne, London or Barcelona? Stage-USA, Stage-Australia and Stage-Euro will give you the opportunity to live your next professional adventure. All internship opportunities are paid and located in the largest cities in the country. We can arrange your internship, visa, housing, and insurance. - - Local Dreamers Local Dreamers offers meaningful volunteer programs, internships and Spanish courses in Ecuador, South America. We are a small, accessible and dynamic organization with passionate people and a personal approach. Our goal is to create an inspiring and safe learning environment in which Ecuadorian children and adolescents and international volunteers and interns can discover, develop, share and connect their talents and dreams with each other. We respond to the needs of both worlds and connect different cultures and people. AIESEC Have you ever wanted to go abroad to explore a new country and get out of your comfort zone? Are you ambitious and do you believe you can make a positive impact on our world? Well, we believe you can! AIESEC is a non-profit organization that is fully committed to international exchange for self-development. We offer voluntary work and professional internships. Currently we have more than 23.000 projects in over 120 countries. Come and join AIESEC and broaden your horizon!


Bo Curaçao Bo Curaçao is an organisation that helps students to find a suitable internship on Curaçao. Besides this, we also arrange your housing, transport, internship permit and transfer if you want to. Our mission is to take away all your ‘arranging’ stress, so you can fully enjoy the way to, and your time on, ‘Dushi Korsou’. We hope to see you at our stand for all your questions and more information! Stage Mundo Stage Mundo is a personal and reliable internship agency offering worldwide internships. We have a lot of knowledge and experience that will ensure that your internship abroad will be a great experience! We guide you step by step through the entire process from the first orientation to the practical things such as accommodation, transport or your permits. As we do have local offices with Dutch speaking employees you will have all the support you need within reach. Kilroy Are you looking to do your minor abroad? Can you see yourself studying on Bondi Beach in Sydney or would you prefer to do an internship in buzzing New York? KILROY can help you all the way! With our network of universities and internship placements agencies around the world, we can find something for everyone. Visit our website and be inspired! Do4Africa Do4Africa coordinates the process bringing different level of high and professional experts and young, talented and selected University (Bachelor/Master) students to emerging markets and social organizations in Tanzania & Zanzibar. We ensure that our candidates transfer their knowledge in an efficient manner, thereby promoting self-sufficiency, entrepreneurship and sustainable development of small and medium-sized social enterprises in Tanzania & Zanzibar. Career Without Frontiers We are Houda & Wissal, all year round we create interesting international experiences at the coolest destinations! While offering personal guidance, we take care of everything regarding the organization of your trip and provide you with an unforgettable experience! On our website you can find a fraction of the countries where we offer internships, study trips and visa support. Didn't find what you were looking for? Let us know!


Stagekampioen Malta Are you looking for the coolest internship in Malta? And do you want to arrange this easily, fast and without any problems? Stagekampioen Malta guarantees the coolest internships for the lowest price! And why choose Malta? Well, because the climate is great; it’s relatively cheap; it’s an English spoken country; it’s safe; lots of nice activities are offered; and there is an Erasmus grant and OVcompensation available through the government. Visit our website for more information: JoHo/Wereldstage Curaçao Ever since 2000 Wereldstage arranges several types of internships for Dutch students at Curaçao. We like our job and are up for a challenge. Next to your internship we also arrange safe housing, your ticket, permit and insurance. The service of Wereldstage is complete and unique because of our Helpdesk and 24/7 available emergency number. A safe feeling when you are at Curaçao, but also for the people at home. Follow HU students going abroad: Instagram: @hugoesglobal Snapchat: hugoesglobal #hugoesglobal



BEFORE YOU GO ABROAD - PARTICIPANT INFORMATION Buddy Go Dutch Are you going on exchange? Want to meet people from a specific country? Learn more about different cultures? Sign up for BuddyGoDutch! Being a buddy means that you meet up and do fun things together. There are no obligations: The Dutch student is not responsible for providing housing or tours around the city. You decide together what you want to do! You also have the option to join our events and meet other buddies! ESN Utrecht Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is a non-profit international student organization. Our mission is to represent international students, thus provide opportunities for cultural understanding and self-development. At the moment the ESN network has 525 sections in 40 countries, probably also at your destination! Find an ESN section abroad to join any of their activities for internationals. And when you get back, join ESN Utrecht to get back in touch with internationals in our own city!

Babel language institute Babel offers language courses to individuals, businesses, educational institutions and other (nonprofit) organisations; its typical clients being those with a higher educational background. Babel stands out from the crowd thanks to the high quality of our teachers, our flexible and transparent way of working and – last but not least – our competitive prices. Each year we help approximately 6000 people to communicate better.

REGIONS - PARTICIPANT INFORMATION Interested in going abroad to a certain country or region? Here is your chance to talk to HU students who have been abroad before and to students from partner universities currently studying at HU. There is no better way to find out what to expect abroad than by talking to experienced students and locals!

Aon Student Insurance Are you going abroad to study or for an internship? Don’t forget your insurance policies! Get them sorted out now with Aon’s student insurance packages. Specially designed for students going abroad. Everything can be arranged online. Purchase the insurance of your choice online at our website. Aon Student Insurance guarantees a problem-free stay abroad! The Go Abroad Fair Want to go abroad for your master’s after your bachelor study? Looking for an international internship or exchange? Visit De BuitenlandBeurs/The Go-Abroad Fair and get inspired! There will be over 100 exhibitors from all over the world, independent organisations providing general information about studying abroad and throughout the day there will be given lectures with – among others – stories about experiences from students who went on such an adventure. Register now for your free ticket at






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Programme guide Going Abroad Fair 2019  

Programme guide Going Abroad Fair 2019