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Districts will comply with the Voting Rights Act, which requires, when possible, sustaining districts that are composed of a minority majority so that members of that minority have reasonable chances to be elected.

Those Who Oppose Independent Commissions To Do Redistricting Say: •

The public loses its influence on redistricting process through their curent elected officials

It is extremely difficult to create a truly nonpartisan commission, as the complex processes indicate in the states that have tried this.

Experienced elected officials will use their incumbent power to block a plan that is unfavorable to their best interests?

A nonpartisan commission will require more funds, not a good idea at a time of major state budget deficits.

It is not necessary to change a system that is used throughout the country and that has served citizens for centuries. Reform efforts should be directed at other issues.

Option 3: The Prison Issue in Redistricting When discussing the issue of redistricting it is necessary to look at the question of whether and how to count the state’s prisoner population. The overwhelming majority of prisons are located in small towns in upstate New York. According to the current system these towns are allowed to count these prisoners into their local population. By increasing the population of a district, fewer actual voters gain more power in that they affect the election of representatives (while prisoners count for apportionment of elected officials but do not vote for them). So, is this really fair to people living in Long Island or in the city? What about the case of a small town upstate that doesn't have a prison? One possible solution to this issue is counting prisoners in the populations of their hometowns. Another solution to this problem is not counting prisoners at all. People who believe in this approach contend that people who can't even vote should not be counted in the population in any district.


Renew New York Issue-in-Brief: Drawing the Line in New York State  
Renew New York Issue-in-Brief: Drawing the Line in New York State  

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