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rightby road safety ecognizing the importance of navigating our expansive 250 square mile coverage area safely and efficiently, Pocono Mountain Regional Emergency Medical Services diligently delivers directives to achieve our ultimate goal– providing professional emergency medical response to our community.

Take a moment to read through this edition’s information filled with how we achieve such as winter weather approaches with assurance in our dedicated professionals, equipment and fleet. Explore points to prepare generously shared by our sponsors Pocono Medical Center and Glick; along with area professionals eager to oblige...


Positive Progress


Glick Meet the New Fleet Winter Time Road Rules House Rules


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positivePROGRESS This year, Pocono Mountain Regional Emergency Medical Services (PMREMS) accepted delivery of three 2016 Ford F-450 Braun ambulances. Accumulating over 5000 miles each month due to heavy call volume in seven municipalities covered, these trucks will replace three in the current fleet bearing excessive mileage that no longer have a warranty, helping to offset repair costs for the organization. Two acquired with grants, one through a loan, each vehicle cost approximately $160,000. With several small communities across our expansive 250 square mile coverage area dependant upon private third party contractors to plow roads, many may not get to a specific road or community before an emergency arises. Equipped with four wheel drive and stationed at three sub-stations strategically placed within Coolbaugh, Paradise and Tobyhanna Townships; these ambulances are being utilized as Advanced life Support (ALS) units enabling PMREMS to safely and efficiently respond to calls despite the region’s tumultuous winter climate. Taller, longer frames and a significant difference in handling than the previous ambulances called for unique driver training for our professionals to safely operate the trucks. All PMREMS employees were specially trained on the functions and operations, including a closely monitored drive through competency course under the supervision of two PMREMS Emergency Vehicle Operations Instructors. The standard course is used in all emergency vehicle driver training in Pennsylvania for EMS and Fire departments. Prepared for the Future with Positive Progress Pivotal in the Present... Pocono Mountain Regional Emergency Medical Services

“Enabling PMREMS to safely and efficiently respond to calls despite the region’s tumultuous winter climate” Mark A. Lemley

Pocono Mountain Regional EMS Basic Life Support (BLS) Coordinator Fleet Manager

Safety is important. In the previous issue we mentioned that the new ambulances in the Pocono Mountain Regional fleet were manufactured by Braun Ambulances. Braun was chosen for a variety of factors, including safety. Braun builds the toughest ambulances available. Their SolidBody™ construction is second to none in terms of safety.

To prove it, Braun has recently performed several rounds of crash and rollover tests. The testing has been preformed by an independent facility and the results are clear: Braun Ambulances are built tough! Safety is important to Pocono Mountain Regional, which is part of why they chose Braun Ambulances for their new ambulances.

Would you like to see the rollover and crash test videos for yourself? Check them out online: Rollover video: Side impact video: Stay tuned next time for details about the newly-remounted ambulance in the fleet.

350 Mill Creek Rd. Bird In Hand, PA

Pocono Mountain Regional’s ambulances were purchased locally from Glick Fire Equipment in Bird In Hand, PA Glick Fire Equipment is Pennsylvania’s premiere sales and service dealership for Fire, EMS and First Response vehicles.



Check That Tires are Propertly Inflated & Treads are Not Worn

*Information Provided by

Tracy Fox Traffic Safety Coordinator


Tires Not in a Safe Condition Result: Fines from $10 to $55*

Make Sure Turn Signals, as well as Head, Hazard & Tail Lights Work

Any Lights Not Working Result: Fine of $25*

Clear Front, Rear & Side Windows of Snow & Ice

Ice or Snow Obstructing Driver’s View Result: Fine of $25*

Remove Snow & Ice front Roof, Hood & Top of Trunk

Snow or Ice Falls from Moving Vehicle Striking Another Causing Death or Bodily Injury Result: Fines of $200 to $1,000 Each Offense*

Wipers On = Headlights On

Wipers On with Headlights NOT On Result: Fine of $25*

Always Wear Seat Belts & Use Approved Properly Installed Car Seat

Not Wearing Seat Belt Result: Fines Range from $10 to $75* Under Age 18 is a Primary Offense

e s u ho s y a w e v i r d l e v o shDon’t Ignore Snow Covered Entry Ways If You Can’t Get Through Neither Can Emergency Responders


E-911 Readdressing Ordinances have been implemented by Monroe County as a means of helping responders locate the correct address in an emergency. Code Enforcement Officer, Tomas Keane, shares Coolbaugh Township’s sign stats and where they should be at...

Keane: Signs have a green back ground with white reflective numbers. The minimum size of the sign is 5” x 12” with 4” numbers ( all reflective) installed at the edge of your driveway. The lowest point of the sign must be 42” above the ground and the highest point of the sign no higher than 72” above the ground. A majority of the vendors have signs which are 6” x 18” and are correct. Before you purchase a sign please check that it is accurate. The reason for the minimum size sign, location and height installation specifications is for the public’s safety. With the majority of people able to see any size or color sign on a nice August day; it’s those cold, dark winter nights amidst snow and freezing rain visibility is poor making it very difficult for emergency responders to find homes. With all the confusion as to What size sign...What height should it be...Where to install the sign...Keane tells of Coolbaugh’s research resulting in a list of approved local vendors and basic installation instructions plus complete ordinance that can be found on the township website at Inviting inquiries at or by calling 570.894.8763.

Consult with your local municpality for direction in selection, placement and compliance

| Searchachondria EMS Powered By

Do you scramble to the Internet every time you get the sniffles or a twinge? What you really may have is a bad case of “searchachondria.” Eighty percent of Internet users utilize the Web to answer health questions and selfdiagnose when they don’t feel well.

Make an appointment to talk with your doctor about what is bothering you. If you can’t stay away from the Internet in the meantime, use credible medical websites to search for signs and symptoms — NOT a diagnosis — so that you will have a comprehensive list to take to your doctor. The most important search you can make is finding the right doctor if you don’t already have one. Your Spirit of Women hospital has a physician directory that can help you find a doctor who fits your needs. To make an appointment with one of our providers, simply call 1-866-PMC-DOCS for more information. In the meantime, here are some tips and questions to keep in mind during your search: ●Think about what kind of doctor you need. Start with your primary healthcare provider, who can help you with your overall wellness and can make a recommendation if you need to see a specialist. ●Start with any recommendations from friends, family, and co-workers. Keep in mind that your needs may be different from the person giving you a recommendation, so your decision should be based on whether a physician will fit you and your situation. ●Does your insurance plan cover this physician? If so, what services does your plan cover? Will the office process the insurance claims for you? ●Where is the doctor’s office located? Is it close to your home or work, and can you access it easily through public transportation? Are the hours convenient for you? ●Can routine screenings and labs be done at the office, or will you need to go to another lab to have them done? ●How long do you need to wait for an appointment after scheduling? Can you be seen on the same day if you have an urgent problem? If you are unsure about whether or not a healthcare professional is the right fit for you, ask to make an interview appointment where you can talk to the physician about your health and wellness concerns. You may be charged a fee for the appointment, but meeting face-to-face can help you determine if a doctor is someone you feel comfortable with for your healthcare needs.

Dr. Mohammad, Ali, M.D., MBA Primary Care, Tannersville Plaza

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