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APRIL 2020





’ve got one main message for this issue of Konect. It’s the same as it ever has been since we started publishing locally over 10 years ago, but now even more important than ever – please support local businesses! With sudden and dramatic loss of customers, many can’t carry on as normal. Check what local businesses are doing - many are offering delivery, or finding imaginative and different ways to offer their services to adapt. Please lend your support in whatever way you can. Reciprocally, many businesses are reaching out to help with special services and offers to the most vulnerable in our communities. Much of our editorial was written before the social distancing measures were brought in, so please bear this in mind. That said, life will return to normal, perhaps a new normal, and I hope you enjoy our features this month, which include the inspirational lady who has launched a service of home delivery of fresh ingredients to make a hearty Sunday dinner at home for people facing food poverty in West Lothian. Thanks for reading Konect, stay safe.

THIS ISSUE Charity: The Sunday Dinner Lady................... 8 Gardening: Spring Clean Your Pots.............. 13 Life Coaching................................................. 14 Property Matters............................................. 16 Interiors: Ready for Spring............................. 27 Vet’s Tip.......................................................... 29 Parenting: Getting Glasses!................................30 What’s On....................................................... 32 Film Review..................................................... 35 Puzzles............................................................ 36 Clubs & Classes............................................36

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Saturday 16th May 2020 7pm - 1am Dance the night away with music from the 60's, 70's, 80's up until the present day brought to you by the Elite Show Band. Elite have ha performed to audiences across the UK. They’re made up of 4 of the most talented and experienced musicians in Scotland that have came together through their passion for music. The price includes a delicious three-course meal and disco.

ÂŁ36.95 per person For more information or to book please call our team on 01506 446699 or email reception@deer-park.co.uk.

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Anne Wilson with dinner box

“Sunday dinner was always a tradition in my family,” says Winchburgh resident Anne Wilson, aka the Sunday Dinner Lady. “I love a Sunday roast. It brings the family together, and a plate of fresh hot food has an energy about it that you don’t get in the same way with dried and canned food. Dad and mum cooked, and we were all together to relax and eat, talk and laugh.” So when she heard about a friend who supplements the excellent work that the food banks do in East Lothian by providing fresh ingredients for a weekly Sunday roast, she immediately wanted to do the same for families in West Lothian.

Since delivering the first box of dinner ingredients in January, Anne has been inundated with requests – and very positive feedback from the recipients – and is currently at capacity of providing 20 dinners per Sunday. A box consists of everything you need to make a hearty roast from scratch: one fresh chicken (supermarketwrapped, so cooking instructions are included), potatoes, three different vegetables, yorkshire puddings, gravy granules and a dessert. The size is suitable for the size of the receiving family. The servings are generous, and there are usually enough leftovers for a dinner on Monday night too or to freeze for another day. A vegetarian option is available on request, as are gluten free and dairy free products for families that have these intolerances. “My family and I went through a hard time financially a few years back, and it was only through the support of friends and family that we survived. Gestures like inviting us out for a meal when money was really tight, meant the world to us. I want to be able to give that hope to others 8 | LINLITHGOW

who are struggling; you can come through this.” In many cases, it’s a temporary period of difficulty, nothing to be embarrassed about, but a time when a helping hand can make all the difference between getting through or getting further behind.

There is so much about this that is good. Fresh food is logistically very hard for food banks to provide so for those relying on them, an injection of vibrant fresh vegetables offers a wonderful energy to start the week. “Many of the families we deliver to mention how much a good Sunday roast means to them, so to be able to offer it to their family, or to be able to invite friends round and share a hearty meal, means a lot.” This gesture of kindness, one meal, can give hope and a lift with benefits that last far beyond the time it takes to digest dinner! While it might sound quite simple – assemble ingredients for a dinner and deliver it – there is a huge amount of work behind the scenes. Anne works full time as a sales team manager at Sky, has a husband and three children; the Sunday Dinners are all done in her “spare” time! She needs to be constantly applying for sources of funding and donations. Currently it is mostly funded by generous individuals donating on the Go Fund Me page as well as some local supermarkets who donate fresh vegetables on a Friday night. Anne collects the donations, purchases the chicken and any other items needed, assembles the boxes, then Saturday is spent delivering. Anne has just been joined by two more volunteers to help out, including Tricia and


Mo who both work at Almondvale Stadium. Mo is a chef and is providing recipe ideas to include for the leftovers, and Tricia is helping with admin and deliveries. Fauldhouse & Breich Valley Community Development Trust / Timebank members now do the deliveries to Fauldhouse area on a Friday. “My teenagers also help assemble the boxes and come with me to deliver, since they too are fans of a Sunday roast!� she says. DO YOU KNOW SOMEONE WHO WOULD BENEFIT FROM A SUNDAY DINNER BOX? You can directly refer, or self-refer to the Sunday Dinner Lady. Find the facebook page @Sundaydinnerlady and message them to start the process. You do not need to be in receipt of foodbank vouchers to receive a fresh Sunday dinner box.

Ultimately it will most likely be based on referrals from other organisations, but at this stage they are happy to help as many people as they can via direct referrals. CAN YOU HELP? Monetary donations are needed to buy the ingredients and to be able to increase the number of dinners provided each week. Please donate via Go Fund Me: www.gofundme.com/f/westlothian-fresh-sunday-dinners

Can you help assemble boxes or deliver on a Friday or Saturday? Please email wlfreshdinnerboxes@gmail.com or message them via the facebook page www.facebook.com/Sundaydinnerlady For more information visit www.facebook.com/sundaydinnerlady

**Sunday Dinner Lady - West Lothian Fresh Sunday Dinner Boxes is not yet a registered charity but status will be applied for as soon as possible. This article was written by Helen-Jane Shearer after meeting Anne in Livingston. Helen-Jane is the editor of Konect magazines and lives in West Lothian with her family. @KonectMagazines







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Spring clean


As garden plants start to grow again it’s good to cheer up your existing planted pots and it’s a relatively easy job but will reward you with a great show.

Spring Pot Clean

Some pots may be beyond salvage, so empty them onto the compost heap, borders or the council compost bin. Some may have a few happy plants and just need a freshen up (see below) and some extra companions – you could pop in some violas or pansies. Hopefully most of your creations will still be looking fairly good and just need a lick and a polish.

water and air into the pot. Use a handfork or trowel to loosen and remove the top 2” (50mm) of compost and replace it with fresh compost. Add some ‘controlled release’ fertiliser that will feed the plants for several months and they’ll delight you for the next two months before you can put out the tender summer performing plants.

The plants in these pots need air and water as well as food in the existing compost. After a year the surface of the compost will have become compacted, restricting the flow of

The gardening project is contributed by Dougal Philip, New Hopetoun Gardens. Inspiring, informing and entertaining, for more than 40 years.




Make Space For SUCCESS Social Isolation – for some older people, it’s an everyday reality, not a short-term epidemic Reengage is the only national charity solely dedicated to tackling loneliness and social isolation among older people. We organise monthly Sunday afternoon tea parties for small groups of older people, aged 75 and over who live alone, offering a regular and vital friendship link every month. There is a waiting list in Linlithgow and we’re looking for volunteer drivers to help out. Tea parties are on hold due to Covid-19 and the vulnerability of many of our guests, but we are maintaining telephone contact until things return to normal. We are in the process of finding new ways to reach isolated older people beyond our core model of social gatherings. Tea parties will resume when safe to do so, so please don’t hesitate to come forward if you can help. For some people, social isolation won’t stop when the epidemic passes. Our volunteers are a real lifeline of friendship for our older guests who have little or no contact with family or friends. They bring people of all ages together, develop fulfilling friendships Become a and support networks, volunteer driver and give everyone involved something to look forward to each month. For information, please contact: Lorraine Colquhoun, Volunteer Area Co-ordinator for West Lothian Tel: 07789 715437 Email: lorrainecolquhoun61@gmail.com See www.reengage.org.uk 14 | LINLITHGOW

There are some really important factors that contribute to success when we decide to make changes of any kind whether that’s getting an exciting new job, eating healthily or using that expensive gym membership. The first step is to be completely honest with ourselves about whether or not we really want things to be different in our lives and if this is indeed our dream and not what we think we should want. No matter how often we tell ourselves that we want a new career or a promotion at work, a different dress size or an expanded friendship circle, saying it out loud and turning on the spot three times like a character in a story isn’t going to make anything happen. To reach those goals we need to make a proper plan and check that everything is in place to support us as we dash headlong into declaring that our lives are going to be completely different from everything that went before. The first step is to believe that we can achieve anything we set our minds to and do what it takes to get where we want to be. Whether that’s taking a course, getting up an hour earlier to walk outside or talking to people who work in the field we want to work in. Of course, we can experience setbacks or disappointments along the way but it’s important to remember that these things happen to us all and they represent excellent opportunities to learn and adapt and build our resilience. “The life coaching column is contributed by Francine Orr. Francine is an NLP coach, hypnotherapist and reiki practitioner, based within Linlithgow Chiropractic. She supports people to find real and practical solutions to the things that hold us back in life. See orrganise.co.uk ”





Generating an income from your property . . . or have the in-laws move-in! If asked about properties that generate an income, most people would naturally think ‘buy-to-let’ as this is the most popular and well-known type of property investment in the UK.

We all, quite rightly, think of our home as an investment. However the context is quite different from a property bought purely for this purpose and which generates a passive (or active) income.

The demand for self-catering or serviced holiday accommodation continues to rise and with platforms such as Airbnb becoming more widely used and trusted by consumers, many property owners are utilising space in the family home to capitalise on this growing sector of the market. This could be as a result of children (or parents) moving out (or moving on) and spaces that have the potential to be used as guest accommodation become available. Or, in some cases, purpose built ancillary accommodation that has been added or forms part of the original property and is part of a bigger plan to perhaps operate a ‘lifestyle’ business. Other examples of income generating properties are not always as obvious. Some people want or need their home to accommodate their business requirements too. This could be in the form of a yard or outbuildings for storing vehicles, a field for livestock or, more commonly, separate accommodation to use as business premises. We regularly work with clients who have dedicated space within their property or, more typically, a separate detached building that they use to operate a business from. Depending on size, this can be a simple home office above a garage or space to accommodate several members of staff. These types of properties are not always naturally associated with generating an 16 | LINLITHGOW

income as they are primarily family homes, however changes in lifestyle, changes in working habits and the demands for a healthy work-life balance can often be catered for with certain types of property.

An even less obvious example of property generating an income comes in the form of multi-generational living. It’s widely accepted that people are living longer, and being able to provide private or selfcontained accommodation within a property for an elderly parent has obvious social benefits as well as financial. Children often now choose to stay at home well into their 20’s,even 30’s, to help save for a deposit for their first property and being able to provide independent living space as a starter home not only affords an opportunity for first time buyers to save, but can also mean the ‘bank of mum and dad’ doesn’t have to fund a deposit or help with rental costs. If you are thinking about a change in lifestyle or about generating an income (or saving) from your property, there are many properties that offer this flexibility and provide opportunities that may not always be obvious. We regularly work with buyers who are specifically looking for these types of properties and advise sellers how best to highlight and promote the unique financial benefits of their properties to this market sector. This selection of properties on the market all generate, or have the potential to generate, some form of income or financial benefit to the owners. @KonectMagazines

Woodbank Crofts, Bridgecastle

House with separate 2 bed cottage

Detached 2 bed cottage and garages

Pardovan Holdings, near Linlithgow

House with detached garage and business space

Triple garage with first floor office or living space

Windyknowe Park, Bathgate

House with self-contained guest annexe

Self-contained guest annexe

The monthly Property Matters column is contributed by Craig Turpie. Craig is a director at Turpie & Co Estate Agents and Letting Agents with extensive knowledge of the West Lothian Property Market and over 20 years experience in bespoke sales and marketing. Website: www.turpies.com @KonectMagazines

| Tel: 01506 668448 | Social Media:






Welding and Fabrication Solutions Ltd All of metal work work | gates Allaspects aspects of metal railings | fencing | repairs gates | railings | fencing structural steel work repairs | structural steel work Aluminium / stainless steel

T: 01506 827110 M: 07778 339980 E: wafsltd@btconnect.com www.weldfabsolutions.com Unit 13 Links Court, Bo’ness, EH51 9UD

Design | Advice | Manufacture | Installation 22 | LINLITHGOW








We repair Washing Machines, Tumble Dryers, Electric Ovens, Dishwashers and Washer Dryers

0772 965 1692

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Get your home ready


Warmer days, new blooming buds, and vocal birds. Nature is dropping plenty of clues that spring is well on the way.

While you’re getting started on your springcleaning duties and the wardrobe overhaul, now’s also the perfect time to pay your interior some attention and freshen it up ready for the warmer months. Here’s 6 ways to bid farewell to winter and liven up your living room in time for spring. Remove the layers - Now’s the ideal time to remove those thick, woollen throws you’ve had on hand for the chilly winter nights. Wash or dry-clean these extra layer and pack them away for when winter rolls around again. If you enjoy snuggling under a blanket of an evening, consider a lighter linen throw with a touch of colour or pattern that ties into your spring look. Refresh your furnishings - In winter, our interiors tend to be shut up more with the heating on and limited amount of fresh air as we bunker down. Now that we can open up the house more regularly to allow the spring breeze to enter, it’s the perfect opportunity to refresh your furnishings too. Both leather and fabric upholstery can benefit from a regular clean. You’ll notice the material appears more vibrant, it will smell fresher, and you can get rid of any unsightly stains. Swap out heavy rugs - The feeling of a thick woollen rug underfoot in winter is sublime, but with warmer days on the way you could consider livening up your living room with a lighter rug or nothing at all. This gives you an opportunity to have your rugs professionally cleaned as well as shop for a new look! @KonectMagazines

Add a touch of green The indoor plant trend looks like it’s here to stay and with good reason. Indoor plants are a great way to add a touch of nature to your living room and freshen up the space. Dress your living room with a few pots or accessorise with large leafy branches in a generous vase. Accessorise with seasonal items - Accessories are the most cost-effective way to style your interiors seasonally. Change up your colour scheme with some spring cushions. Invest in a collection of beautiful vases for your spring blooms. Change up your artwork or replace lamp shades from dark and moody to bright and fresh. Before you mix in your new season’s accessories, remember to declutter and store away or donate those you haven’t used. Freshen up your playlist - To get you in the styling mood, freshen up your playlist with some spring tunes on Alexa. Music is a great way to reinforce the feeling you’re trying to create in your interiors. It also has a profound effect on your own attitude, giving you a little extra spring in your step this Springtime. This feature was contributed by Derek Lamb. Derek runs Harvey Bruce Interiors, showroom in Uphall at G4 Williamson’s Garden Centre Mains Holdings, Uphall EH52 6PA. Free Parking, wheelchair/buggy friendly. Also online shop at www.harveybruce.co.uk LINLITHGOW | 27

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chocolate Easter chocolate is a brilliant treat we all look forward to and going to roll your eggs on the Peel or down Cockleroy is a good way to get some fresh air amid the indulgence. Just don’t let your dog eat any. Chocolate contains a substance called theobromine, which dogs find very difficult to metabolize. This means that toxic levels can easily build up in their bloodstream. Small amounts of milk or white chocolate may just cause a bad tummy upset with vomiting and diarrhoea. However, larger amounts or darker chocolate can cause much more serious signs - such as muscle tremors, seizures, irregular heartbeat and severe hyperactivity. (Dark chocolate, cocoa and cooking chocolate contain very high amount of theobromine).

Please contact us if you would like your business included in our Pet Services pages. Contacts details are on page 3.

It may sound a bit of a serious way to think of chocolate but the organs that can be affected include the heart, kidneys and central nervous system. If you know your dog has eaten chocolate, contact us here at Westport Vets straight away as it takes a surprisingly small amount to cause a toxicity. We can calculate how much your pet has had compared to their body weight and make an assessment on the severity. If we see them straight after ingestion, we would normally induce vomiting, and then follow up with activated charcoal. If the problem is severe, they may have to stay in on IV fluids until they are better. The monthly Vet’s Tip column is contributed by Stuart McMorrow. Stewart is head vet at Westport Veterinary Clinic, 8 Preston Road. Please call 01506 844 165, or visit their website at www.westportvets.com @KonectMagazines



Getting glasses! When my littlest came home from nursery after a preschool eye check with a letter saying we should take her to an optician…to say I was surprised would be an understatement. She could see just fine. She was getting on great at preschool. I would have known if she needed glasses… wouldn’t I?

But I also knew if she did need glasses this was going to be a big milestone for her. And our first step was taking her to the right place. Somewhere that would make the experience positive and where I felt I could trust what they were doing. So after a glowing recommendation we took her to Clearvue Opticians in Currie. We talked about everything that might happen before we went, and watched an episode of Topsy and Tim where Tim gets glasses. We arrived in plenty of time so that she could check the place out and she had good fun spotting Harry Potter-style glasses. But despite our best efforts when she sat down in an unfamiliar room full of crazy looking instruments she took one look at me and said “Mummy, I’m a bit scared”.

My heart was in a puddle on the floor. I wanted to scoop her up and do my mummy thing. The only thing that allowed me to stand on the sidelines was seeing that she was in 30 | LINLITHGOW

such good hands; the optometrist Jonathan was absolutely amazing with her. I’d been sold on the place after reading he had a special qualification in Paediatric Eye Care but nothing can tell you what a person will really be like. He was so calm and talked to her (and us) about everything he was doing…and answered all of our endless questions. By the time all was said and done she was so happy with herself. Now if it were me facing the prospect of getting glasses I’d be thinking of it as a fun opportunity in accessorizing. I wasn’t so sure that’s how she’d see it. I was worried about her being vulnerable to teasing, about them being uncomfortable or her not wanting to wear them. She’s only 4 but…fourmones are a real thing! In the end I think if it had turned out she didn’t need glasses she would have been disappointed.

We headed out to The Centre, Livingston to get her kitted out and she now has her very own glasses case and cleaning cloth. And it’s amazing how many “glasses buddies” she has found in the family and at preschool to make her feel like she is part of a special club. As it turns out the biggest problem has been perfecting the art of wearing glasses and an Alice band at the same time! I’ve never had glasses so this has been a learning curve - for both of us! I’m so glad we did a bit of research into local opticians and took her to just the right place to start her on this journey. The parenting column is contributed by Laura Archibald. Laura lives in West Lothian with her family and their campervan Hank. She is mummy, wife, blogger and full-time personal assistant to her two girlie girls. @KonectMagazines



WHAT’S ON LINLITHGOW APRIL 2020 Spring is getting off the ground in West Lothian, but at time of going to print it’s uncertain what events and venues will be open this month. So instead of a list of published events, we invited a local business on the front line of to give us their perspective: We are a small local business in West Lothian and our team of seven are struggling. Covid-19 is impacting us greatly, we are fighting to survive this storm. But bookings are low, we don’t know what will happen next. Talking to other business owners everyone is in the same boat. Your local businesses are struggling. Everyone is fighting to survive. Many are utilising the internet so they can provide a service to you within your home. But like us, there are many businesses this won’t work for. Whilst this is hard for businesses, it is also hard on parents. But, getting outdoors is shown to improve mental health for all. Early evidence suggests the virus doesn’t live long in the woods. Forgo the parks and play in the woods instead. Create art, build dens and explore. Don’t go in groups, take your own children only. Whilst we understand why people are scared to go out, we implore you, research and read, be critical, be informed, evaluate the risk to yourself and your family. If you feel it is appropriate, get out and support small businesses. They may not be there in the weeks and months to come if you do not. Contributed by Carol Murdoch (Love Outdoor Learning - www.loveoutdoorlearning.com) As April arrives, a variety of fun family events that had been scheduled to take place across West Lothian this month have had to be cancelled or postponed. As always, we advise you to check out the Visit West Lothian website or the individual attraction for the latest details and to find out about any cancellations before making a special journey. Follow VWL on social media to keep up to date with all the latest from across West Lothian: facebook.com/VisitWestLothian twitter.com/SeeWestLothian instagram.com/VisitWestLothian

Check what local businesses are offering in terms of online learning and activities for children while schools are closed. Many local businesses and individuals have sprung into action to provide help and support in alternative ways. Check out Facebook @LockdownLearning which is run by a West Lothian teacher / tutor. 32 | LINLITHGOW


Proud to serve West Lothian with a smile FRIENDLY AND HELPFUL DRIVERS going the extra mile for you CONNECTING WEST LOTHIAN 7 days a week, early to late BUSES TO ST. JOHN’S HOSPITAL taking you straight to the door LINKS TO SHOPPING & ENTERTAINMENT including our weekend Night Service WORK ON THE GO with wifi and USB charging CONTACTLESS PAYMENTS pay your way





Everyone has seen at least one whodunnit. From the many adventures of Hercule Poirot; to the “Murder, she brings” Jessica Fletcher and to Mr “just one more thing” Columbo; within the genre of whodunnit it’s hard to be innovative and come up with new concepts. Knives Out feels like a breath of fresh air and is one of the best films of last year. Writer director Rian Johnson is well known for trying to subvert people’s expectations and this mindset really adds to what easily could have been an unoriginal and predictable film. Instead, you are on the edge of your seat as you try to figure how all the pieces fit together or how Daniel Craig explains it with a doughnut hole analogy.

Speaking of Daniel Craig, he is absolutely fantastic as Benoit Blanc and I love his southern accent - it’s a nice homage to Poirot. The rest of the cast is fantastic, Ana de Armes is a true standout as Marta. The film is a visual treat, it’s very well shot and the soundtrack that goes along with the visuals really adds to the tone of the film and is just excellent. The whole mystery is just so well done, they never hide information from the audience so that the mystery is smarter than it actually is. Knives Out is flat out fantastic. Even if you have seen every whodunnit, you haven’t seen one like this. The Film Review is contributed by Robert Ewing. Robert is passionate about film as an art form, and shining a light on films that may not be on people’s radar. Robert is from Kirknewton. 34 | LINLITHGOW

PICTURE HOUSE is an emerging community cinema network across West Lothian for new, developing and existing community cinemas. Coordinated locally by Generation Arts and funded by Regional Screen Scotland this is part of a Scotland-wide two-year development programme titled A Cinema Near You helping individuals and groups start their own community cinemas in their area. If you, your venue or your community group would like to regularly show films then PICTURE HOUSE can offer a range of support including: • Training day in your area with other new cinema groups • Financial support and advice to undertake a total of three initial screenings at your venue • Follow-on assistance and support from experts, during and after the screenings • Membership to both Cinema For All (for an initial first year) and to Film Hub Scotland, allowing access to Cinema For All’s film licence booking scheme and to Film Hub Scotland’s Bursary Scheme If you would simply like to test the waters in your community or venue, A Cinema Near You is able to offer up to £500 for a one-off ‘pilot screening’ - covering the necessary film licence, venue hire, equipment logistics and marketing costs (where applicable) involved in putting on a film screening. To discuss developing community cinema in your area please contact Generation Arts on generationarts.coordinator@gmail.com or call 07521 358 239. If you’d like more information on A Cinema Near You please read the latest update here: www.regionalscreenscotland.org/about-us We look forward to hearing from you! This article is contributed by Generation Arts, a West Lothian charity working to improve the wellbeing of people over 50, their friends and families through creative participation. www.generationarts.co.uk @KonectMagazines







LINLITHGOW YOGA CLASSES IN LINLITHGOW New children and adults yoga classes beginning soon at Donaldson’s, Linlithgow. Children’s yoga 5-8 years and 9-11 years will take place on Friday afternoons. Parent and child yoga classes will take place on a Saturday 10:30-12:30. Absolute beginner Hatha yoga is on a wednesday 6-7pm. Yin yoga is on a Friday 6-7.15pm. Special yoga for children with additional support needs is available. Please call/txt Lydia on 07926 770920 or email lydia@connectyoga.co.uk for all enquiries or to book a class. BADMINTON GROUP Mondays 10am-12 noon during term time at Springfield Community Wing. New players always welcome. Further information from Diana Marchant 01506 848625. FITSTEPS An energetic, upbeat dance fitness class that mixes the graceful steps of Ballroom and the up-tempo steps of Latin to create fun-filled classes where you don’t even realise you’re getting fit! No partner required. Wednesday 7.30-8.30pm, Linlithgow Rugby Football Club, 34 Mains Rd, Linlithgow EH49 6DB. £5 per class. moveitdanceandfitness@gmail.com Tel 07737 927463

Solution in the May edition of Konect ACROSS: 1. Not private (6), 4. One belonging to a club (6), 9. Endure (7), 10. Book of maps (5), 11. Surplus (5), 12. Design (7), 13. Discontinued (11), 18. Withdraw (7), 20. Living (5), 22. Concerning (5), 23. Outside light (7), 24. Removing (6), 25. Two wheeled vehicles (6). DOWN: 1. Mailed (6), 2. Destroyed by fire (5), 3. Copy (7), 5. Precise (5), 6. Accept as true (7), 7. Climbing up (6), 8. Frantically (11), 14. Interconnected system (7), 15. Clearly (7), 16. Chicken meat (6), 17. Racket game (6), 19. Consumed (5), 21. Perfect (5).


LINLITHGOW FILM SOCIETY Love seeing films with friends? Then come and join us at Linlithgow Film Society every two weeks between September and March for an interesting and varied programme of films. All performances are shown at Linlithgow Academy Theatre, curtain up 7.30pm. Annual membership subscriptions are available and Guest Tickets are available for all performances at the door. If you would like more information please see our web site www. linlithgowfilmsociety.org.uk or contact Anton Shelton on 01506 670436 or email antonks2000@gmail.com. PROBUS CLUB We meet in Linlithgow Rose Club from 10.00am-12.00pm every second Wednesday from September to May. The club is for retired or semi-retired men and women or others who may work shifts or have flexible work hours. We have a varied programme of talks and presentations as well as entertainment, team quizzes and visits to places of interest. To get in touch or to find out about planned events visit our web site at www.bolinprobus.org. Or, feel free to come along as a guest and see if you would like to join.

Solution on Page 38

LINLITHGOW BSL GROUP LISTING Are you a BSL user or have learned British Sign Language and don’t want to lose the skill? This group meets at the West Port Hotel for a BSL chat. Anyone welcome, Deaf and hearing of various levels from interpreters to beginners attend the group for a chat in this wonderful language. We meet every two weeks during term time and occasionally for holiday events. For dates please check out our facebook by searching “Linlithgow BSL group.” Alternatively you can contact Alice Lane on 078168 29946.


LINLITHGOW LONGCROFT TABLE TENNIS GROUP (LLTTG) The club will restart for the new 2019/20 season on Wednesday 4th September – playing through until the end of June. The LLTTG meets every Wednesday night from 7.30 pm in the Shields Room and from 8.15pm in the Main Hall of the Longcroft Halls, Philip Avenue giving an opportunity to play Table Tennis in a friendly and not too competitive atmosphere. Finishing time is 9.45pm in both halls. Open to everyone and we have a mixed range of ages and ability. No special kit is required. Bats can be provided. Annual Membership is £10.00 and charge per night is £3.00 or £2.00 for under 18’s. For further information please contact Allan Scott Tel. 01506 842602 or visit our website www.linlithgowlongcroftttgroup.co.uk


GIRLGUIDING Rainbow Unit (Girls aged 5 - 7 years old) take place on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nights. Brownie Unit (Girls aged 7 - 10 years old) take place on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights. Guide Unit (Girls aged 10 - 14 years old) take place on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights. Senior Section Unit (Girls aged 14 - 25 years old) take place on Friday night. For more information please visit www. girlguiding.org.uk/get-involved or alternatively you can email us on westlothiangirlguiding@ gmail.com. POSITIVE PATHWAYS – BEREAVEMENT SUPPORT Meets in the Canal Tearoom at 6.30 pm on Thursdays fortnightly. The group is led by a trained bereavement listener. £3 per meeting which goes towards the cost of hiring the tearoom. There is no magic formula which will take away the pain, but by listening and sharing with others, it is often possible to lessen the sense of isolation, chaos and despair felt after the death of a loved one. You will be warmly welcomed. For further information contact Sheila Rae by phoning or texting 07719 966273 or email sheila. ruth.rae@gmail.com. Bereavement Support Team St Michael’s Parish Church, Linlithgow. 2 LINLITHGOW BOYS BRIGADE Meet at Cross House on a Thursday evening. Anchor Boys (P2-P3) 6.30pm-7.30pm; Junior Section (P4-P6) 7.00pm-8.15pm; Company/ Seniors (P7-S6) 7.45pm-9.45pm. You can contact us on facebook at 2nd Linlithgow Boys Brigade or email us at linlithgowBB@ outlook.com. ND

SANGSCHULE We are a friendly and informal group who meet together to sing and learn new songs from our tutors. Meeting most Wednesdays in term-time in Linlithgow Academy staff room, 7.30-9.30pm All welcome, no experience needed, no need to read music. Under-16s must be accompanied. More details from Susan on 01506 843592, and on our website www. angelfire.com/folk/sangschule/programme LINLITHGOW NIBBLE & NATTER Are you over 60? Looking to get out and meet some new people? Come and join our weekly get together in Longcroft Hall, Linlithgow, where we enjoy coming together and meeting new people. Have a chat and a choice of biscuits and cakes with a cup of tea. A welcoming atmosphere awaits you! Cost is just £1 and all are welcome. If you’d like more info get in touch with Cyrenians OPAL (Older People, Active Lives) service on 01506 815815 or e: opal@cyrenians.scot LINLITHGOW WRITERS CIRCLE We meet every second Wednesday in the Linlithgow Tap in Linlithgow, from 7.30pm until 10pm. It’s for aspiring writers in and around Linlithgow to come together and write, share our work for critique and make some writing friends. It’s free to come along. For further details e:linlithgowwriters@gmail.com or findr us on Facebook. 2ND WEST LOTHIAN SCOUTS The Scout Hall, 6 Dog Well Wynd, Linlithgow. Beavers (age 6-8) meet Wednesdays; Cubs (age 8-10.5) meet Mondays; Two Scouts troops (age 10.5 -14) meet Wednesdays and Thursdays. Contact Group Scout Leader


Nick Moody at scouts2wl@hotmail.co.uk. Substantial waiting lists for all sections - new adult volunteers always welcome. THE CARING CAFE Low Port Centre, 1 Blackness Road, Linlithgow, EH49 7HZ. The Caring Cafe is a meeting place where people with dementia and their carers have a chance to meet others in a similar situation. Meets monthly on the 3rd Wednesday of every month 10am-12noon. For people who are able to attend safely on their own or who are accompanied by someone to support them. Contact Margaret or May from Linlithgow Link on tel: 01506 845137 or e: co-ordinator@linlithgowlink.org.uk LINLITHGOW SPEAKERS Are you and your staff interested in improving speaking in public and leadership skills? Do you know about Toastmasters? Linlithgow Speakers is a local voluntary group that can help develop these skills. We are looking for new members in Linlithgow. Come and visit on Tuesday night (we meet every second Tuesday at 7.30 at the Low Port Centre in Linlithgow. Please contact me for more info: Sheila Fraser 01506 650953 or 07968 233324. LINLITHGOW KEEP FIT CLUB We meet every Thursday from 19:00-21:00 at the gym at the rear of Linlithgow Academy. We have limited spaces for new male members. We resume on the 27th August. Call Brian on 07984 930235 or e: gallacherbrian@hotmail. com for further information. LINLITHGOW STRING ORCHESTRA The Linlithgow String Orchestra for adults (13+) with a minimum standard Grade 5 meet weekly on Monday’s 7.30-9.30pm at Linlithgow Masonic Lodge (2 Market Lane, Linlithgow). New players from Linlithgow and the surrounding areas are welcome. Please bring music stands. Please contact us in advance on: linlithgowstringorchestra@ gmail.com or search for us on Facebook. LINLITHGOW & DISTRICT EMBROIDERS GUILD Linlithgow and District Branch of the Embroiderers Guild meet the last Wednesday of the month in Linlithgow Academy Library from 7pm till 9pm, September to May. Variety of Speakers and classes. Beginner or experienced, or not a stitcher all are welcome. SUNSHINE SING-A-LONG Kirk Hall, St Michael’s Parish Church, second Thursday every month 12-1.30pm. Caring for those living with memory loss. Light lunch then singing your favourite songs. A warm welcome awaits you, no church connection needed, just turn up on the day. Disabled parking in the Vennel Car Park adjacent to Kirk Hall. SCOTTISH SENIORS COMPUTER CLUB Star and Garter (Above the lounge), Station Road. Thursday nights 7pm – 9pm. For the over 50s to find out what you can do with your computer, laptop, iPad/tablet or smartphone device. Enjoy the experience; learn and share! Contact: Tom Lambert, Linlithgow Computer Club. Call 07418 331656 or just call in.

parent). Adult newcomer classes for all ages. £5 per session. Contact Jen Lenoard on 01506 843552 or e: membership@fvo.org. uk for more info. MALE VOICE CHOIR We meet every Monday from 19:45 in the Rugby Club. If you would like to come and try us out please do. Or if you have any questions please phone Chris Thomas on 07823 884802. LINLITHGOW BRIDGE CLUB Meet every Tues and Thurs in the Burgh Halls at 6.45pm. Play starts at 7pm. New members are always welcome. If you would like more information please contact the club president Alasdair McKechnie on 01506 842293 or email alasdairmckechnie@btinternet.com SCOTTISH WOMEN’S INSTITUTE (SWI) Scotland’s leading member-based organisation (since 1917) with a vision to welcome every woman in Scotland to join us. We aim to educate, share, campaign, learn, socialise, build a community, have fun - and eat cake! From life skills and arts and crafts to raising awareness of current affairs affecting women and helping inform government issues, the SWI is proud of its heritage and future vision. There are 12 institutes in West Lothian and we welcome women of all ages. Each institute has its own programme of speakers, craft workshops and monthly competitions, and we hold our annual Show of Work every Spring. For more information please contact wlfedsec@hotmail.com, see the SWI website www.theswi.org.uk or phone 01506 670436. WEST LOTHIAN DRUG & ALCOHOL SERVICES FAMILY SUPPORT GROUPS For individuals who have a family member or friend who suffers from alcohol or substance misuse. We work together to develop coping strategies and understanding.. Relaxation therapies available the first meetings of month. WLDAS also offers 1-to-1 support if needed. Please contact Stephen Jack on 01506 430225 for more information or request someone to meet you outside before meeting. All welcome, no appointments needed. Groups in Livingston, St. John’s Hospital 1st & 3rd Tuesday of the month 7 – 9:30pm; Broxburn Strathbrock Partnership Centre - 2nd & 4th Tuesday of the month - 5:30- 7:30pm; Blackburn Partnership Centre - 2nd & 4th Thursday of the month 5:30 – 7:30pm.


FORTH VALLEY ORIENTEERS Come and try orienteering! Learn to navigate with map and compass with FVO club coaches. Junior classes (9-13 years old, with or without




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Konect Linlithgow April 2020  

Konect magazine for Linlithgow, Linlithgow Bridge and Blackness. April 2020. This magazine was produced before the Covid-19 lockdown.

Konect Linlithgow April 2020  

Konect magazine for Linlithgow, Linlithgow Bridge and Blackness. April 2020. This magazine was produced before the Covid-19 lockdown.

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