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APRIL 2018


PLUS: Recipe & Food Notes, Patterns for Living, Puzzles and more inside!

The community magazine for the Linlithgow area

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ooking through this issue of Konect Linlithgow I think it sums up a lot of what I love about producing this magazine: there is always something new to learn about the wonderful range of things people do locally. This month I interviewed: a footgolfer (I’d never heard of it, either, but Bridgend is where it all happens...); a Linlithgow resident who is directing the Linlithgow Players Spring production and is a most interesting person to chat to; and ladies who started out arranging one fundraising party and ended up running a charity. You have a chance to win a couple of tickets to their party this year….see page 29. Tis the season when the garden springs into life. For ideas and inspiration for all gardens, large and tiny, or if you need a hand with yours, there are plenty of local companies who can help out. And we’re lucky to have Gardening Scotland, the national gardening and outdoor living show, just up the road at Ingliston. They are running a competition for Konect readers to win tickets to the show this year, see page 14 Once again, thanks for reading Konect and supporting local businesses.

Helen-Jane, Editor

Cover Image: Egg Hunt, Easter Sunday 1st April


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Visit our home grown plant nursery & get the most from your garden!













FOes,Oit isTwhatGit sounds like...F We repair Washing Machines, Tumble Dryers, Electric Ovens, Dishwashers and Washer Dryers

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d tio n at Bridgen


n “I’d never heard of ni footgolf until you called Decla me about this article,” I say to Declan Reid when we meet in the Black Bull Inn in Mid Calder to discuss his upcoming UK footgolf tour.

“Neither had I until 18 months ago!” he responds.

And here he is now, representing Scotland in footgolf tournaments and raising sponsorship to get himself to the next level. Spell checker is underlining the word footgolf in red in my word processor as I write this article, so it’s not made its way into the Word dictionary yet. What is it? Footgolf is exactly what it sounds like – kicking a football into a course of holes. A fairly new sport, it’s seen an explosion in popularity in the past two years and is being considered by the Olympic Committee for inclusion as an Olympic sport. Where does West Lothian sit on that map? “There is one footgolf club in West Lothian, at Bridgend Golf Club, near Linlithgow,” says Declan. “Bridgend is a brilliantly maintained course. We’re in a league with footgolf clubs in Cumbernauld, Roodlea in Ayr and Caprington in Kilmarnock. So long as you can kick a ball, you can have a go at footgolf.” It doesn’t require the athleticism of football; you go at your own pace in small teams around the course, making it a very accessible sport. The Bridgend Footgolf Club has members of all ages, both men and women. 8 | LINLITHGOW


Footgolf is played with a standard size 5 football on an existing golf course, kind of superimposed over the golf course but with the 21” footgolf holes just off to the side of the golf greens. Golfers and footgolfers co-habitate quite happily; the usual rules of courtesy on the course apply. Most footgolfers have a background in playing football, and there is a smattering of national and international ex-professional footballers in the sport. With its focus on precision, I ask Declan if training in footgolf would be a good idea for all footballers? “It’s quite a different skill really,” he explains. “Yes, precision is important in football, but when you’re passing the ball it has to arrive at your team member with momentum. In footgolf, you’re aiming at a fixed spot and you want the ball to stop at that point.” Declan first came across footgolf at Conifox Garden Centre in Kirkliston where they have a wee course for kids. His football mad kids loved it. Declan looked it up, found the club at Bridgend, booked the course and is now hooked on it. With a dedicated footgolf course at Gatwick, courses such as Celtic Manor hosting footgolf events, and former England and Liverpool striker Stan Collymore giving footgolf attention on his show in February, the sport’s profile is definitely on the rise. I pass a message of solidarity to Declan’s wife, “Hang in there, I’m sure the prize money will increase proportionately...”

Helen-Jane Shearer interviewed Declan Reid for this article. Helen-Jane is the editor of Konect magazines and lives in West Lothian with her family.


Try Footgolf! Bridgend Golf Club are offering a free bacon roll when you book a round of footgolf any weekend in April. Mention Konect when you book, and bring this voucher to claim your bacon roll on the day.

The Bridgend course is an 18-hole footgolf course alongside the 9 hole golf course. £13 for a round, plus £2 ball hire, but you can bring your own size 5 ball. No football studs. Open every day til 8pm, public bar serving food. Bridgend is West Lothian’s only footgolf course and is affiliated with UK Footgolf.

ADDRESS: Willowdean, Linlithgow, Bridgend, West Lothian, EH49 6NW TEL: 01506 834140 or 07977 142021

SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITY Declan is seeking sponsorship to help him cover his costs. “This year I will be playing in the Scottish Tartan Tour, UK National tour singles and pairs events. I would also like to continuing representing Scotland in the Tri-Nations event, having a 100% win record from my international debut against England.” He has a range of business sponsorship options including organising company footgolf days out.

If you are interested in helping, please contact Declan via the Bridgend Footgolf Facebook page (West Lothian Footgolf) or call Bridgend Golf Club on 01506 834140 and leave a message for him.

fo r



For more information about the sport, see “West Lothian Footgolf” on Facebook and

s Footgolf: A @KonectMagazines

rt po


CREDIT: Background photograph provided by UK Footgolf

First things first, what do you wear for footgolf? I see a smattering of Argyle pattern socks and tops in many of the photos I’ve looked at. “Wear pretty much what you’d wear for football, but no studs on your boots. The studs are too harsh on the golf greens.”

Welding and Fabrication Solutions Ltd All of metal work work | gates Allaspects aspects of metal railings | fencing | repairs gates | railings | fencing structural steel work repairs | structural steel work Aluminium / stainless steel

T: 01506 827110 M: 07778 339980 E: Unit 13 Links Court, Bo’ness, EH51 9UD

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Weight Loss tip #3: Stop and Slow Down Feeling Fat and Fed-up? Want Weight -Loss and Wow! Slowing Down is so important to Weight Loss that it is No.6 in the key Feel Good Foundations of nutriclub. When you slow down when eating you not only eat less, you enjoy it more, digest it better and have fewer cravings. Savour these suggestions: 1. Always sit down when eating - a lot of mindless eating happens when we snack standing up – sit down and give it your undivided attention. Simple but effective. 2. Chew your food thoroughly (x20) is ideal. It seems a lot but you will get used to it. The average meal is eaten in 15 minutes – but it takes your gut 20 minutes to register the food. Give your body time to recognise that you have eaten – put your knife and fork down between bites. You’ll feel fuller doing this and you should eat less. 3. Avoid checking your mobile/iPad/laptop. Let your brain fully focus on the fact that you are eating. Tune in to your body and eat mindfully. 4. Be present. This will start to cultivate a sense of self-awareness. It will lead to calmness and clarity which will overspill into creating more positive eating habits. When you eat with distractions: mentally preparing plans for the next day; mulling over what happened yesterday – you miss the experience of food - you eat with no sense of appreciation, missing the tastes, smells and textures of the food. So, if you are serious about losing weight – stop, slow down and welcome the “wows”. To learn more about healthy eating and nutrition-focused weight loss, get in touch with Louise for information on nutriclub classes in Linlithgow. Longcroft Hall - every Wed at 9.30am Bowling Club, Philip Avenue - every Wed 5.30pm Xcite Linlithgow - Thursdays 10.30am (from 12/4)

Facebook: /nutriclublinlithgow Tel: 07837 794112 (Louise) e-mail: Website: 12 | LINLITHGOW

Many people think of trauma as being related to extreme incidents, such as experiences of war or awful accidents. But ‘sub-threshold’ trauma is common and can be devastating in our search for a happy life. Neuroscientific research shows us why events which are experienced in situations of high distress are processed as trauma - and what’s more exciting - why ‘Rewind’ works to set us free from the ongoing impact of past painful situations. Because the brain is a pattern-matching organ, traumatic memories are triggered whenever anything in our environment, or a thought or feeling, has a similarity to that event. And hard as we might try, it’s impossible to change by ourselves the impact these memories have on us. It’s not about being strong or clever or forgiving, or anything like that. They feel the way they do because they’re stuck in the emotional brain and so, whenever the memory is rekindled, we get the feeling that we had at that time. Helping people to lay unpleasant memories in the past, where they belong, is my favourite ‘tool’. ‘Rewind’ is completed using guided imagery, and people usually feel relaxed and relieved afterwards. It’s swift and effective, and I don’t even need to know the story of the event being worked on - I just facilitate the healing of the memory, which frees people to live more fully in the present. This column is contributed by Rosanna Veitch. “I have worked as a counsellor for 30 years, I see clients of all ages and with all forms of emotional distress in my peaceful therapy room at my home. Please feel free to call for a chat. Everyone is welcome, and I'm happy to adjust my fee if money is tight.” T: 0131 449 2580 W:





For advice on how to spruce up your garden, as well as gorgeous plants, garden tools and accessories, Show Garden inspiration, hand-made crafts, gourmet foods and a great day out for all the family, then visit Gardening Scotland 2018. This year’s show takes place from Friday, 1 June until Sunday, 3 June at the Royal Highland Centre Edinburgh and it is the biggest plant sale in the country. Early bird tickets are available online at, so book early to save money.


If you fancy winning a pair of tickets to the show, then take part in our competition! We’ve got 10 pairs of tickets to be won. Just unscramble the letters below to reveal the names of three favourite flowers:


Email your answers, along with your name & phone number, to CLOSING DATE: Sunday 15th April 2018. Winner will be chosen at random after the closing date and informed via the email address used to enter. 14 | LINLITHGOW


DUNFERMLINE 01383 741980 PENICUIK 0131 6035300

Pitreavie Crescent, Pitreavie Ind. Est., Dunfermline, KY11 8UT Eastfield Drive, Eastfield Ind. Est., Penicuik, EH26 8BA

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Spring into action with a Garden Make Over from Beatsons Landscaping Centre! Slabs, Fence Panels, Decking Kits, Paving, Monoblock, Garden Furniture, Artificial Grass, Topsoil, Bark





GARDENING PROJECT them to the canes with sweet pea rings as they grow. Start feeding with a liquid feed like Tomorite after six weeks and once they start flowering you must pick each week to stop them setting seed. A bunch of sweet peas makes a lovely gift if you find you are getting more than your vase can cope with!

Create a wigwam of gloriously scented sweet peas in a pot or in the ground to give you a Summer Spectacle! Our Purple Piglet Project leaflet explains everything you’ll need and how to go about the job. Its best to use 8ft (2.4m) bamboo canes pushed into the soil and tied at the top. If you are using a very large pot fill it with John Innes No.3 compost, if planting in the ground work in some general Growmore fertiliser. The young sweet pea plants are pretty tough so you can safely plant them this month, two plants at the bottom of each cane, water well and start fixing


Beautiful Sweet Peas The gardening project is contributed by New Hopetoun Gardens. Pick up more of their weekend garden projects from the garden centre.


Contact: Geoff Vinter 07817 073 577 Joinery 01506 414 573 All types of joinery work including: Doors, Floors, Skirtings & Facings Kitchens, Custom Built Fitted Wardrobes, Decking & Fencing


•All joinery work undertaken • Door repairs & replacement • Kitchen planning & installa�on • Solid, Engineered & laminate flooring • Skir�ng & facings • Fi�ed wardrobes Bespoke joinery • Bespo • Home improvements

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Reviews and photos can be found at



Engineered wood (sometimes called multilayer or laminated) is made from layers of solid timber or a veneer of solid timber on top of MDF, plywood, chipboard or softwood, with a balancing veneer beneath. A top layer of at least 5mm allows for limited sanding if necessary. Laminates generally comprise a resin-impregnated decorative paper surface layer (with photographs of real wood) bonded to a thin MDF or chipboard core. Cheap versions are not awfully durable, but more expensive versions are tough and have long guarantees.

They are beautiful, natural, healthy, and get better with age – wooden floors are ideal almost everywhere.

Sand back old boards – often the simplest and cheapest option, although not every floor is worth sanding. If there are too many nails, or the floor has woodworm, is uneven, or is of poor quality, replacing it may be better. Before sanding, mend or replace any damaged boards, preferably with matching second hand boards (new boards should be stained later to match), and hammer down protruding nail heads.

Using reclaimed boards - the aged patina of reclaimed boards is beautiful, but they are not much cheaper than new boards. Common problems include woodworm, ingrained dirt and stains, damage, variations in thickness or colour, and the presence of old nails. Ask where the wood came from and how it has been stored – timber that has stood outside may be useless or would need to dry out considerably before reuse. Pine is cheaper than oak, and narrower boards are cheaper than wider ones. A new timber floor - can be fitted anywhere in the house, on solid or suspended floors, though they’re not advised for bathrooms or other wet areas (as wood expands and contracts with humidity). You can fit a timber floor with underfloor heating, though timber does not give quite as high a heat output as concrete. When retro-fitting, it may be possible to lay new boards over old ones – but only if they are even, and usually covered with 18-20mm of ply as a base. Remember that your floor level will be raised and ensure you avoid any pipes and wires that run beneath the existing floor when fitting.

Types of Timber

Solid wood is entirely natural and can be sanded again and again. It’s available as boards, strips, blocks and parquet. @KonectMagazines

Timber floors are given ‘grades’ describing their appearance. They vary but are often called ‘select’, ‘natural’ and ‘rustic’ or ‘country’. ‘Rustic’ grades are the cheapest and ‘select’ the most expensive.

Lulworth Blue floor paint, £67 per 2.5l, Farrow & Ball

Finishes for floorboards

PAINT: a great cover-up, available in a range of colours. STAINS: may be oil or water-based. May still need a finish for protection. WAX: gives a lovely sheen and smell, but requires regular re-waxing. OIL: gives a natural finish and protect the woods, but again needs re-applying regularly. UV-CURED OIL & WAX: almost like lacquer, but with the look of oil or wax. LACQUER & VARNISH: available in hardwearing matt, satin and gloss finishes, but don’t give such a natural finish. LINLITHGOW | 19

Linlithgow Loch, West Lothian. 55.980280°N, -3.5973411°W

sell with no upfront marketing costs Sell your home with Aberdein Considine’s West Lothian property experts and pay no upfront marketing costs until your property is sold. When navigating the property market, let us be your map and compass. Book a free valuation today on 01506 420800 or visit

we know how the land lies


There is a strong argument for creating maximum exposure for a property during its time on the market, and much of the effort and resources of a good estate agent are spent achieving the right exposure in the right places. However, one of the most powerful ways of securing a fast sale at a high price can actually result from minimal exposure – or rather exposure only to a select few!

It works by taking advantage of the fact that people enjoy being offered something on an exclusive basis, especially when it is a property that is “just about to come onto the market”. So, offering new instructions “offmarket” to pre-registered “hottest” buyers first, can often result in sales that were never even advertised! Additionally, agents who are able to credibly promote to potential buyers that they also have properties that don’t appear on their website or any portals creates a curiosity and a feeling that the buyer could be missing out on something good. This encourages buyers to register their search criteria directly with the Property Manager so they can then gain access to a potentially popular property with little or no competition. The prices achieved using this method tend to be good as well, as buyers of such a property know that (a) it is unlikely that the seller would consider anything other than 22 | LINLITHGOW

the asking price during these early days of marketing and (b) don’t want to lose out.

Many sellers like the idea of an initial period of quiet marketing too, especially in instances of a marriage break up, a death in the family, a prominent house in a small town, financial difficulties or any other reason where people don’t yet want it to be publicly known that they are selling. The concept also reduces the risk of overexposure or of the property “going stale” on the market. Of course, it does rely on a strong register of qualified buyers, extensive knowledge of the local area and some ‘good old fashioned estate agency work’ which, in the days of a heavy reliance on internet advertising, is often overlooked. The monthly Property Matters column is contributed by Craig Turpie. Craig is a director at Turpie & Co Estate Agents and Letting Agents with extensive knowledge of the West Lothian Property Market and over 20 years experience in bespoke sales and marketing. @KonectDirectory

Be the first to know! Turpie Confidential is a discrete property service that offers clients the opportunity to buy and sell property without going to the open market. This unique service offers benefits to both parties and has previously only been a service available for those searching for property at the very top end of the market.

Call our office or email to receive our regular newsletter bulletins including details of properties and land for sale that often never appear on the open market plus other property news and articles.

Telephone: 01506 668448



Veterinary Surgeons Ltd

There’s nothing like a glorious display of brightly coloured blooms to herald the arrival of the warmer months. No wonder so many of us decorate our homes with a bunch of cut flowers or a pot of blossoms. And lilies, with their wonderful scent and vibrant colours, are popular in florists’ bouquets and pots from garden centres and supermarkets. But certain lilies are toxic to cats so be very wary of bringing them into your home if you share your house with a feline. The most dangerous are “true” lilies – those of the Lilium or Hemerocallis families. These include tiger lilies, Easter lilies and stargazer lilies, all of which are often included in pots or bouquets. Even eating very small amounts, such as two or three leaves or petals, can be dangerous as can drinking the water from the vase. And brushing against the flowers can leave pollen on cats’ coats, only to be ingested when they later groom themselves. The toxins in the lilies act within minutes to hours on the kidneys. Symptoms, which include vomiting, becoming lethargic or lack of appetite, worsen as time goes on and without treatment a cat can develop kidney failure within 36 hours. Prompt treatment is key – if you see or suspect your cat has eaten lilies, contact your vet immediately. Treatment within six hours can often save a cat – if it’s more than 18 hours later the chances of survival become slim.

1 9 3 0


“All creatures great and small, we care for them all” Our caring, experienced and dedicated veterinary team is committed to providing the best possible care for your pet, horse or farm animal in the Linlithgow, Edinburgh, Lothian and Central regions. Our practice is modern, well-equipped and progressive, with a strong emphasis on preventative healthcare and advice.

Linlithgow Branch Surgery, 256 High Street, Linlithgow, EH49 7ES Tel: 0131 333 3203

24 HOUR ON-SITE EMERGENCY SERVICE At our Kirkliston Surgery, 29 Main St, Kirkliston, EH29 9AE Tel: 0131 333 3203

Keep your Friends o pet in tip heWaltehscatrepoprlatfn top shape from just £7 per month To find out more call us on

01506 844 165

or pop into the surgery

The Vet’s Tip is contributed by Stuart McMorrow, head vet at Westport Veterinary Clinic, 8 Preston Road. Call: 01506 844 165, or visit: 24 | LINLITHGOW


8 Preston Rd, Linlithgow EH49 7AU @KonectDirectory


The Your Move premises has been surrounded by scaffolding for a little while, as essential maintenance was carried out on the roof. It has been a tricky time, but they have taken the opportunity to refurbish the interior too, and have now re-opened the branch with a fresh new look. Lesley Proudfoot, manager at the Linlithgow and Bathgate offices, says, “Everyone is welcome, existing and new customers. It’s a good time to sell and a good time to buy. We offer friendly advice on all aspects of property, and are running a ‘no sale, no fee’ incentive at the

moment for sellers, so there is absolutely no cost to you if your house doesn’t sell.” “Not only can we guide you through the buying, selling or conveyancing process, Your Move offers landlord and tenant services, and a range of insurance products.” For more information, call into the local branch for friendly advice, the team will be delighted to help. This information is provided by Your Move Bathgate and Linlithgow.

We don’t take a penny

from you until we have sold your house. No Sale, No Fee.* For your FREE valuation, simply telephone 01506 844993** or visit

* Terms & conditions apply. See for full terms and conditions. ** Calls may be recorded and /or monitored for training and/or data protection purposes. YOUR MOVE is a trading name of Limited, registered in England at Newcastle House, Albany Court, Newcastle Business Park, Newcastle upon Tyne NE4 7YB (number 01864469).



It pays to be with Your Move.



DELICIOUS: Scatter the white chocolate curls over the top

Lemon Mascarpone Creams

These quick and easy desserts make a delicious sweet treat for any occasion. Ingredients:


• Juice of 2 large lemons

1. Mix the lemon juice and sugar in a bowl and stir until the sugar has dissolved.

• 50g caster sugar • 250g tub mascarpone cheese • 200ml double cream • 10 sponge fingers • 2 tbsp white chocolate curls, to decorate (see TIP)

Serves 4 Ready in 15 minutes Tip: To make white chocolate curls, run a swivel-bladed vegetable peeler along the side of a bar of good quality white chocolate. 26 | LINLITHGOW

2. Place the mascarpone in a large mixing bowl and beat with a wooden spoon until soft and smooth. Gradually beat in half the lemon sugar mixture, beating well after each addition. 3. In a separate bowl, whip the cream until softly peaking. Gently fold the cream into the lemon mascarpone mixture. If it is a little too firm, fold in 2-3 tbsp of milk or single cream. (Add the zest of 1 lemon to the cream mixture for an extra citrus kick.) 4. Dip four of the sponge fingers in some of the remaining lemon and sugar mixture then arrange in the base of four glass serving dishes, breaking to fit if necessary. Spoon half the mascarpone cream mixture on top. 5. Repeat the layers once more using the rest of the sponge fingers, lemon sugar mixture and lemon mascarpone cream. Scatter the white chocolate curls over the top. Serve immediately or chill in the fridge for 2-3 hours before serving. @KonectDirectory


Got to search for something new This month men in their fifties who are awash with early pension funds but can only take pleasure in purchasing ever more ludicrous versions of albums they already own can get excited about paying £120 for the first Roxy Music album, otherwise available for the last ten years for a fiver but now out in a box that contains an extra 3 discs of outtakes, radio sessions, a 5.1 remix (no, me neither) and Bryan Ferry’s phone number. If you are not scared of hearing something new, whilst more Stereolab meets Buzzcocks than Roxy, the new single from Hookworms, “Static Resistance”, provides synth excitement and punchy melody in a way that should satisfy even if the last thing you bought was “Virginia Plain” in 1972. Hookworms consider themselves the unluckiest band in pop, and if material this good goes unrecognised then they may well be cursed.


More guitar vs electropop tunefulness can be found on the intriguingly titled “Ghosts of my Dead Cats” from The Chemtrails. Intriguingly titled in that for all the Sleeperesque guitar and Pulpish keyboard flourishes the various layers of vocals are mixed so low as to become unintelligible. Fine if you are an angry low-fi indie shouter but criminal in a great pop song. This is a production trend (detectable to a lesser extent in the Hookworms single also) that I hope reverses soon. All the best pop has vocals above all, otherwise how can they burst out through that tiny speaker on your phone? Incidentally, I’m not immune. I’m fifty and last week bought a 3CD set of Morrissey B–sides. Let do as I say and not as I do be whole of the law.




ACROSS: 7 Buff up (6), 8 Equality (6), 9 Throw (4), 10 Used by trains (8), 11 Tangled (7), 13 Dizzy (5), 15 Frighten (5), 17 Laughed (7), 20 Fuel (8), 21 Applaud (4), 22 Light wind (6), 23 Hug (6) DOWN: 1 Pillar (6), 2 Cash register (4), 3 Agitated (7), 4 Ruin (5), 5 Fighting (8), 6 Remained (6), 12 Revenue (8), 14 Without sound (7), 16 Seats (6), 18 Authorise (6), 19 Repaired (5), 21 Surrender (4),

Solution on Page 53




konect is do nating a pair of tickets to The Butterflie s Ball! For yo ur to win the tic kets for a grea chance t night out, simply answer the following question:

Where is Th e Butterflies Ball held?

BUTTERFLIES BALL, 21ST APRIL 2018 HILCROFT HOTEL, WHITBURN “Mum and dad loved to dance. They used to just glide across the floor as if they were floating.” Margaret McQueen is explaining to me why the annual Butterflies Ball is the main fundraising event for The Butterflies Charity that she helped set up and run. I met her, and board member Amanda McQueen, in Livingston last month.

Along with her sisters Elizabeth and Charlotte, Margaret started fundraising about five years ago. Their family had experienced a series of traumatic health incidents, and after their parents passed away they wanted to give something back in return for the fantastic support they had received, in particular from cancer charities. It was an easy decision to stage a party. “Mum and dad loved to party,” says Margaret. So the first Butterflies Ball was announced, to be held at the Hilcroft Hotel in Whitburn. Deciding to do it was easy; pulling it off was harder! A couple of days beforehand, the live band they had booked cancelled, but at the last minute the Funky Bumpers from Bo’ness were available. They turned out to be brilliant, and have played at the Ball every year since. “It is always a great party,” says Amanda. “The Funky Bumpers are brilliant, a range of music, something for everyone. You can be on the dance floor all evening!” There is a three course meal and raffle. The Butterflies Charity raises money to donate to different causes. This year CHAS is their beneficiary – Children’s Hospices Across Scotland, who care for children with life@KonectMagazines


Email your an sw to win@kone er, along with your name & phone num ctdirectory.c ber,


shortening conditions. I ask why they set up their own charity, rather than fundraising directly on behalf of others. “It just grew,” explains Margaret. “The first ball we organised was just that – it was our way of doing something for three causes, we picked one each. Then we started doing other fundraisers during the year. We needed to be a registered charity to deal with it properly.”

“We want the event to be accessible to all,” says Amanda. “Charity parties can be very expensive, by the time you buy the ticket, travel, outfit, and then perhaps feel obliged to bid on auction items. The Butterflies Ball tickets are just £35, which is great value for a three course meal and live band. There is no auction or other things for sale that you need to feel obliged to participate in. Just a good fun night out in the local area!” For more information, to buy this year’s Ball tickets or raffle tickets, see the Butterflies website at or The Butterflies Charity on Facebook. You can buy raffle tickets to support the charity even if you are not attending the Ball. Helen-Jane Shearer interviewed Margaret McQueen and Amanda McQueen, board members of The Butterflies Charity, for this article. Helen-Jane is the editor of Konect magazines and lives in West Lothian with her family. LINLITHGOW | 29


...avoid cabin fever and get physical at the zoo instead It won’t have escaped your notice that winter kind of messed up this year. In much the same way as one might dramatically slam a door to signal the end of an argument, but then have to sneak huffily back in again to collect a forgotten handbag - winter left, made a rather unexpected return, then left again.

The snow brought chaos and suffering to the central belt – with West Lothian bearing a fair brunt of it. Cars were briefly concealed beneath sparkling drifts, pints of milk assumed the status of legal tender, and children everywhere finally had a real life reason to sing that blasted song from Frozen … “Do you want to build a snowmaaaaaan?”

As for the Jengaengas, we spent 4 full days under virtual house arrest – while other’s progeny were keen to get out and mess about in the white stuff, mine declared it ‘too cold, too snowy’ and instead insisted ‘I want Moana and a blanky!’. This was fine for about the first 24 hours. But rainy-holiday caravanners, long-haul bus journeyers, and airport-delay endurers, if they have kids, can all identify with the crunch point which comes when you finally run out of activities to keep them happy. Too much pent up energy and boredom eventually translates into heated squabbles over hitherto un-noticed toys, hysteria over a total refusal by Quinn to stop repeating a random word (“Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing …”) or Penny falsely accusing Quinn of various petty assaults. We had to get out.

When we were finally able to move the car out of our street, the children were coiled as tight as springs, and desperate for excitement. We decided to look further afield for adventure, and through a chanced-upon post on Facebook, became aware of Fife Zoo. Fife Zoo is still developing as an attraction, but some areas of it are already in action – 30 | LINLITHGOW

luckily for us, the soft-play and café were two such areas! After a longer than usual drive to get to a soft-play, my little ones scrambled out of the car like a pair of highly strung whippets. We entered, and no time was wasted. Quinn was in his element – striding about purposefully, whooping with glee as he ventured into this unchartered landscape of vinyl-covered foam and colourful plastic balls. Such was his vigour and gusto, he very quickly managed to have a massive nosebleed, and only reluctantly tore himself away from the soft-play frame to have it looked at – “Oh no Mummy, red bogies!”. Penny’s excitement was relatively short lived since she played for around 15 minutes before becoming exhausted and cuddling up to me for a snooze. After much playing, and after stuffing our faces with delicious goodies from the café (including a particularly good salted caramel cookie), I bundled the babies back into the car, and within minutes of pulling out of the car park, both were fast asleep. My two certainly won’t forget being tired out by Fife Zzzzzzzzoo! The monthly Parenting column is contributed by Nicola Jengaenga. Nicola lives in West Lothian with her two pre-schoolers and hubby Channa. They juggle hectic work schedules with the everevolving demands of their two tiny overlords and also squeezing in time for each other! @KonectDirectory

Bramble Cottage welcomes

April Mackie

for a psychic evening on Friday 11th May 2018 at 7pm Tickets ÂŁ10.00 per person (includes a cuppa and cake)

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Sue Vizard :

Success and Vulnerability “Take a seat this end of the sofa,” says Sue. “I’m going to be sitting here in my grandma chair.” I’m visiting Sue Vizard at her home in Linithgow after meeting her at a business networking event locally. Sue has written a book on starting up your dream business, but before we got onto talking about the book we chatted about her career to date, dabbling with veganism, the Linlithgow Players and why her chair is called the grandma chair. “I went to see a psychic once in the States. A friend bought me a voucher so off I went. She described my replica Queen Anne armchair at home, and told me that a female ancestor associated with the chair was always there to give me help and confidence. So I call it my granny chair.” Sue grew up in Poole, but has moved around the UK in the course of her career. She started off in BT working on business to business sales, then was promoted to management in the marketing department. “I spent three years of wonderful fun as Press and Public Relations Officer,” she says. “I wrote press releases, was involved in the first ever Comic Relief, was on TV for a telethon.” She then went on to manage large call centres, and eventually moved to Scotland and joined Sky TV. There, she was managing very big contracts and living quite the high pressure high life. She took voluntary redundancy in 2007 and has been self employed ever since. “I did all kinds of work,” says Sue. “I helped a friend with her catering business, worked as a barrista, a receptionist, an Arbonne consultant - trying lots of things to see what I wanted to do.” And I love the way Sue is so honest about this phase of her life: she took a massive cut in income when she left Sky; her son went off to university so she was alone @KonectMagazines

Sue in her



at home; she didn’t have an employer any more; she broke up with her boyfriend; was approaching her 50th birthday – events which in themselves are all challenging, but coming in quick succession it was tough. She had to go through a process of personal development and readjustment. Veganism was something she took up in order to challenge herself. “It was for a set amount of time, a few months, and what I missed most was cheese and fish. I couldn’t live without Rocquefort for the rest of my life!” In Sue’s book “Jump Start,” she shares frankly her personal stories of success and failure. It’s a rather attractive blend of the highly successful salesperson and the vulnerable person who had to relearn how to believe in herself. Sue is a member of Linlithgow Players, and this spring is directing a production for the first time - “Ghost Writer,” a black comedy by David Tristam. She is clearly delighted and very passionate about it. “It is summed up as ‘scary with funny bits and funny with scary bits’” she says. “Jump Start: The Start Up Book for your Dream Business” by Sue Vizard is available on Amazon in paperback and kindle. Helen-Jane interviewed Sue Vizard in Linlithgow for this article. Helen-Jane is the editor of Konect magazines and lives in West Lothian with her family. LINLITHGOW | 33


WHAT’S ON | LINLITHGOW LIBRARY INFORMATION Weekend afternoons from 31st March 2018

UNION CANAL TRIPS Operated by the Linlithgow Canal Centre. Trips from Linlithgow basin on weekend afternoons, from 31st March. £3/child. No need to book, just turn up. Saturday 21st April 2018

WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY FOR BEGINNERS Run by Historic Environment Scotland. Photography is a great way to explore the natural world. Bring your camera down to Linlithgow Loch and learn some tips from a local wildlife photographer on how to get the best shot. 4.30-6.30pm £10.00 Adult (16-59yrs) £7.00 Concession (60yrs+) £5.00 Child (12-15yrs). HES members 10% discount. Bring warm, waterproof clothing and sturdy footwear with good grips. Not suitable for children under 12yrs old. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Booking essential. Contact HES on 0131 652 8150 or Saturday 28th April 2018

LINITHGOW FARMERS MARKET The Cross, High Street, Linlithgow Saturday 5th May 2018

FORAGING ON THE PEEL Explore the Peel with Anna Canning from Floremedica and find out about some of the ancient natural remedies that can be found around Linlithgow Loch. Free but booking essential, contact HES on 0131 652 8150 or

Linlithgow Partnership Centre

TOM DAYELL HOUSE, HIGH STREET, LINLITHGOW, EH49 7EZ Library, Customer Information Services and Local History Library LIBRARY OPENING HOURS: Monday

9:00am – 5:00pm


9:00am - 7:00pm


9:00am - 3:00pm


9:00am - 7:00pm


9:00am - 5:00pm


9:00am - 1:00pm

STORYTIME: Stories and art activities for children 3-4 years during term time - every Monday and Friday 10.30am. LINLITHGOW BOOK GROUP: Meets on the first Tuesday of the month at 6pm to discuss their chosen novel. BOOKBUG SESSIONS: Stories, songs & rhymes suitable for all under 3’s and their grown-ups.






If you’re affected by cancer you may want to know there’s someone you can turn to for help. Working in partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support, our service is available across West Lothian and offers anyone affected by cancer, access to information and support. You may have cancer yourself or be a relative, friend or carer of someone with cancer. We provide: • A free and confidential drop in service. • Time to talk in a relaxed atmosphere.

• Help to access benefits and financial advice.

• Access to counselling and complementary therapy provided by Cancer Support Scotland. • Links to other relevant local organisations. • Leaflets on cancer topics and help to access quality internet sites for cancer information and support Our venues and opening times are:

Bathgate Partnership Centre, South Bridge Street, Bathgate EH48 1TS Mon: 10am - 1pm and Thur: 1pm - 3pm

Strathbrock Partnership Centre 189A West Main Street, Broxburn EH52 5LH Wed: 1pm - 3pm and Fri: 10am - 12.30pm Fauldhouse Partnership Centre Lanrigg Road, Fauldhouse EH47 9JD

Try Orienteering! Orienteering is an outdoor adventure activity that provides both physical and mental exercise. The aim is to navigate between control points marked on a special map and decide on the best route to get from point to point until you reach the finish.

You can go on your own or with others. You can walk, jog or run, whatever suits you. People of all ages are welcome to take part. You don’t need any special equipment, just suitable footwear and clothing which should include leg cover i.e. tracksuit bottoms or similar, bearing in mind it might be a bit muddy!

Local club, Interlopers (INT) will be organising a series of events in West Lothian on Saturdays throughout the year. These are especially aimed at beginners. Saturday 7th April - Almond Park

Saturday 2nd June - Polkemmet Country Park

Saturday 4th August - Almondell Country Park

There will be a series of courses available from complete beginners to those with more experience. Help and assistance will be on hand to tell you what to do. Just turn up between 1.30pm and 2.30pm. (Costs are £3 per child or £6 for adults or family groups). Further details will be available nearer each date at We hope to see you there!

Tue: 10am - 12pm

Carmondean Connected Carmondean Centre, Livingston EH54 8PT

Wed: 11am - 1pm and Thu: 10am - 12pm




SPORTS, HOBBIES, LEARNING, SUPPORT GROUPS & MORE... LINLITHGOW NEW CLASSICAL PILATES CLASS – FIRST CLASS FREE! Linlithgow Bowling Club on Thursdays at 10am. Starting on 12th April. Improve posture, flexibility, strength and stability with classical pilates. For booking and further information contact Maria on 07513 116490, email or check our website

NUTRICLUB Nutrition-focussed weight loss classes, Longcroft Hall Wed 9.30am and Bowling Club, Philip Avenue, Wed 5.30pm. For more info see Facebook: nutriclublinlithgow tel: Louise on 07837 794112 or e:

THE ROYAL SCOTTISH ACADEMY: AGES OF WONDER, THE LIFE SCHOOL ON TOUR Until Sunday 15th July 2018 Ages of Wonder is the largest collections exhibition that the Royal Scottish Academy has ever mounted and The Life School is one of its key exhibits. Beginning a nationwide tour at Linlithgow Burgh Halls, The Life School offers a unique opportunity to see the figurative work of Scotland’s best artists of the past and present. Free Entry. Linlithgow Burgh Halls, The Cross, Linlithgow. For more information Tel. 01506 777666

SANGSCHULE We are a friendly and informal group who meet together to sing and learn new songs from our tutors. Meeting most Wednesdays in term-time in Linlithgow Academy staff room, 7.30-9.30pm All welcome, no experience needed, no need to read music. Under-16s must be accompanied. More details from Susan on 01506 843592, and on our website programme LINLITHGOW NIBBLE & NATTER Are you over 60? Looking to get out and meet some new people? Come and join our fortnightly get together in Longcroft Hall, Linlithgow, where we enjoy coming together and meeting new people. Have a chat and a choice of biscuits and cakes with a cup of tea. A welcoming atmosphere awaits you! Cost is just £1 and all are welcome. If you’d like more info get in touch with Cyrenians OPAL (Older People, Active Lives) service on 01506 815815 or e: opal@ LINLITHGOW WRITERS CIRCLE We meet every second Wednesday in the Linlithgow Tap in Linlithgow, from 7.30pm until 10pm. It’s for aspiring writers in and around Linlithgow to come together and write, share our work for critique and make some writing friends. It’s free to come along. For further details e: or search for us on Facebook.

2ND WEST LOTHIAN SCOUTS The Scout Hall, 6 Dog Well Wynd, Linlithgow. Beavers (age 6-8) meet Wednesdays; Cubs (age 8-10.5) meet Mondays; Two Scouts troops (age 10.5 -14) meet Wednesdays and Thursdays. Contact Group Scout Leader Nick Moody at scouts2wl@ Substantial waiting lists for all sections - new adult volunteers always welcome.



THE CARING CAFE Low Port Centre, 1 Blackness Road, Linlithgow, EH49 7HZ. The Caring Cafe is a meeting place where people with dementia and their carers have a chance to meet others in a similar situation. Meets monthly on the 3rd Wednesday of every month 10am-12noon (Lunch available after the café in the Lowport Centre cafeteria). For people who are able to attend safely on their own or who are accompanied by someone to support them. Contact Margaret or May from Linlithgow Link on tel: 01506 845137 or e: LINLITHGOW BRIDGE PLAYGROUP Chalmers Hall, Main Street, Linlithgow Bridge. Tue-Thu: 9:15am-11:45am during term time. No minimum number of sessions. £7.50 per session. For more info contact We can also now be contacted by phone or text tel: 07379 519645 or Facebook Page. Children need not be resident within Linlithgrow Bridge to attend and are admitted from 27 months. LINLITHGOW SPEAKERS Are you and your staff interested in improving speaking in public and leadership skills? Do you know about Toastmasters? Linlithgow Speakers is a local voluntary group that can help develop these skills. We are looking for new members in Linlithgow. Come and visit on Tuesday night (we meet every second Tuesday at 7.30 at the Low Port Centre in Linlithgow. Please contact me for more info: Sheila Fraser 01506 650953 or 07968 233324. LINLITHGOW KEEP FIT CLUB We meet every Thursday from 19:00-21:00 at the gym at the rear of Linlithgow Academy. We have limited spaces for new male members. We resume on the 27th August. Call Brian on 07984 930235 or e: gallacherbrian@ for further info. LINLITHGOW STRING ORCHESTRA The Linlithgow String Orchestra for adults (18+) with a minimum standard Grade 5 meet weekly on Monday’s 7.30-9.30pm at Linlithgow Masonic Lodge (2 Market Lane, Linlithgow). New players from Linlithgow and the surrounding areas are welcome. Please bring music stands. Please contact us in advance on: or search for us on Facebook Badminton Club. Small, friendly club meets Wednesday evenings at Lowport Centre, 7-9pm. We are looking for new members who have played before. Adults only. LINLITHGOW & DISTRICT EMBROIDERS GUILD Linlithgow and District Branch of the Embroiderers Guild meet the last Wednesday of the month in Linlithgow Academy Library from 7pm till 9pm, September to May. Variety of Speakers and classes. Beginner or experienced, or not a stitcher all are welcome. SUNSHINE SINGALONG Kirk Hall, St Michael’s Parish Church, second Thursday every month 121.30pm. Caring for those living with memory loss. Light lunch then singing your favourite songs. A warm welcome awaits you, no church connection needed, just turn up on the day. Disabled parking in the Vennel Car Park adjacent to Kirk Hall.


SCOTTISH SENIORS COMPUTER CLUB Star and Garter (Above the lounge), Station Road. Thursday nights 7pm – 9pm. For the over 50s to find out what you can do with your computer, laptop, iPad/tablet or smartphone device. Enjoy the experience; learn and share! Contact: Dougie Baird, Linlithgow Computer Club. Call 07929 120129 or just call in. PHYSIO LED PILATES The Scout Hall in Linlithgow, Monday evenings 6pm & 7pm and Sunday mornings at 10am. The Old Pavilion in Linlithgow Wednesday evenings 6:30pm. At Physio Led Pilates you can feel assured that exercises will be performed safely, effectively and modified to the appropriate level for you under the expert guidance of an experienced Physiotherapist. For booking and further info please see RAINBOWS, BROWNIES, GUIDES AND SENIOR SECTION Rainbow units (girls 5-7 years) Mon, Wed & Thurs nights in Linlithgow. Brownie units (girls 7-10 years) Mon, Tues, Wed & Thurs nights in Linlithgow. Guide units (girls 10-14 years) Mon, Wed, Thurs & Fri nights in Linlithgow. Senior Section unit (girls 14-25 years) Fri nights. For more info see or e: FORTH VALLEY ORIENTEERS Come and try orienteering! Learn to navigate with map and compass with FVO club coaches. Junior classes (9-13 years old, with or without parent). Adult newcomer classes for all ages. £5 per session. Contact Jen Lenoard on 01506 843552 or e: for more info. MALE VOICE CHOIR We meet every Monday from 19:45 in the Rugby Club. If you would like to come and try us out please do. Or if you have any questions please phone Chris Thomas on 07823 884802. STEP TOGETHER FAMILY SUPPORT Support for those affected by the addictive behaviour of a loved one. Being in a close relationship with someone struggling with addiction can be a painful, frustrating and lonely journey. Our group focuses on establishing healthier relationships with our loved one and others, restoring balance to our lives and developing more helpful coping strategies. We meet in the evening on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday each month. For more info call or text 07592 226917.



APPLIANCE REPAIR Home Appliance Repair 8 ATTRACTIONS/DAYS OUT Gardening Scotland 14 BATHROOMS Bathgate Bathroom Studio 16 S and S 11 BLINDS & SHUTTERS Harvey Bruce 18 BUILDER EA Construction Scotland 5 CABINET MAKER LMB Kitchens 4 CARPET & UPHOLSTERY CLEANING James Burnett Carpet Cleaner 8 CHILDREN’S ACTIVITIES / ENTERTAINMENT Bramble Cottage 31 CLEANING SERVICES Leave It 2 Us 7 COMPUTER SERVICES Sprint Computers 28 CONSERVATORIES CR Smith 21 COUNSELLING Rosanna Veitch 12 ELECTRICIAN SL Electrical 4 ESTATE AGENT Aberdein Considine 20 Drummmond Miller 26 Turpie & Co. 23 Your Move 25 FENCING/GATES Welding & Fabrication Solutions Ltd 10 FURNITURE & FURNISHINGS Harvey Bruce 18 GARDEN & LANDSCAPING Beatsons 15 New Hopetoun Gardens 17 Woodford Timber 15 Wyndford Farm Plants 6 West Lothian Garden Maintenance 14 Gardening Scotland 14 Green Thumb 6 38 | LINLITHGOW

GARDEN BUILDINGS Champfleurie Estate Ltd 2 GIFTS New Hopetoun Gardens 17 GYM/HEALTH CLUB Dalmahoy Hotel & Country Club 39 JOB OPPORTUNITIES Developing the Young Workforce 31 JOINER Create Enhanced Spaces 18 Geoff Vinter Joinery 18 KITCHENS Create Enhanced Spaces 18 LMB Kitchens 4 S and S 11 LAWYER Aberdein Considine 20 LEAFLET DELIVERY The Leaflet Lady 40 MOBILITY Ableworld 13 MOTORHOME (HIRE/SALE) Motorhome Escapes 4 PAINTER/DECORATOR Nu Walls 8 CM Decorating 4 PLASTERING Nu Walls 8 PROPERTY LETTING & MANAGEMENT Your Move 25 RESTAURANT Dalmahoy Hotel & Country Club 39 ROOFING Pentland Roofing 8 Taylor Roofs 10 TANNING STUDIO Sun Shack 7 TRUSTED TRADER SCHEME West Lothian Trusted Trader 16 VET Mackie and Brechin 24 West Port Veterinary Clinic 24

WINDOWS 1st Choice Living CR Smith

5 21



Disclaimer: The publisher cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage caused by error in the printing of an advertisement. We do not endorse any advertisers in this publication. All material is accepted for publication on the understanding it is copyright free. No part of this publication may be reproduced without prior consent of the publisher. Publisher: Lothian Publications Ltd. Geddes House, Kirkton North, Livingston, West Lothian EH54 6GU.




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