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ur columnists had holidays on the mind this month when they sent their Dell Directory articles in, so have a read through and help keep your holiday vibe lasting longer – Suzanne’s Notes from a Small Village, Lynn’s Seasonal Touch; Lynne Arnot muses on what August means in terms of endings and beginnings, and John muses on his holiday bridge partner’s behaviour. Colinton Community Council have arranged a Meet and Greet in September and are looking for more people to become involved, see page 32 for an overview from them of what they do. All our regular columns are here, including the new Local Lab by researchers at HeriotWatt University. And we discovered a new (to us!) sport this month - the Edinburgh Korfball Club. As David writes, it sounds like something the cat bought up, but is a booming sports club and meets at Wester Hailes, where they have a free taster session coming up in August if you want to try it!

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COVER IMAGE: Back to School! See Lynne’s Column on P34 to read about her experience of the ‘August cliché’.

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WHATball ?!?!?

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“Korfball”!: it sounds like something your cat brought up but no, it just highlights another gap in my knowledge leading back to my favourite people the Dutch: they’re so sophisticated, so ahead of the peloton.

Back in 1901, an Amsterdam schoolteacher, Nico Brockhuysen, (1876-1958), invented the game and it was demo’ed in Holland in 1902. A National Association soon followed. Brockhuysen aimed to create a non-sexist game (in 1901! See what I mean about being ahead?), to be played by teams of four males and four females, for which the powers-that-be initially branded it “immoral”. In 1933, the “Federation Internationale de Korfball” was founded, expanding to over 50 countries by the turn of the millennium and 69 today. The pitch measures 40m x 20m, outdoors or in. Points are scored by landing the ball in the “korf” located atop a 3.5m 8 | THE DELL


high stanchion. No moving with the ball, no tackling but close marking by SAME SEX only, which is rather puzzling, contradictory even. After two goals, defenders and attackers switch roles, so there are no specialisms. Nor are there stars, as this game is all about teamwork. No dribbling (he says, wiping spittle from his septuagenarian chin), only passing, which needs to be lightning-fast to create scoring chances.

What next? Well, don’t just casually toss your “Dell Directory” aside remarking, “interesting”. Get yourself down to Wester Hailes Education Centre on 10/8/19 for a FREE “Beginner Session”. At worst you’ll get a nice cup of korfee. Visit to book.

The sport hit Scotland in 1991 via Edinburgh University but sadly, today, 28 years on, it boasts a mere 250 players spread over 7 clubs and 16 teams. In view of which, a world ranking of 22 for La Belle Ecosse seems pretty good. Our local club, Edinburgh City (since 2003), was christened “Edinburgh Olympic” at birth in 1995 and to date has won 6 Scottish League 1 titles. Trend-buckingly, membership grew from 21 in 2012, to 33 in 2018 to an exponential 56 this year. Head coach Dan Pratt tells me that recent growth is down to the efforts of an enthusiastic group under the energetic leadership of Club President, Katrina Caldwell. “She has transformed the club into a community force, creating links with companies, local projects, (‘Welcoming Edinburgh’ and ‘South West Community Sports Hub’ for example) and partnerships, (‘Bodyworks’ and ‘’The Tron’ are 2), wherever possible.” Katrina’s group have engendered a really outgoing dynamic, sparking the membership explosion. In the group are: Dan Pratt, Scottish international, Head Coach and Club Development head, who joined in 2014; he won his spurs with Velocitas in Holland; Coach Christie Smillie, fresh graduated from Edinburgh Uni, she will continue to combine her role of running their team with coaching the seconds and thirds at Edinburgh City; joining a year ago after a beginner session, Jacky Mo, (affectionately known as ‘Arfa’), has rapidly become indispensable, securing a place in the first team and becoming the club’s most vociferous publicist; he never misses a training session and exudes bonhomie and energy. @KonectMagazines

The sports column is contributed by David Levin. David is a Liverpudlian living in West Lothian, and describes himself as a writer, sportsman, patriarch and dreamer. THE DELL | 9

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I’ve lived in Balerno since 1991. It’s home. But Illinois, the American state where I grew up, is also home. I think of myself as a transplant – uprooted from the rich, dark farmland in the Midwest, and replanted in harder, rockier UK soil. Though I feel quite at home here, growing up in a place with different customs means that I don’t always see things in the same way as my neighbour.

Holidays - A healthy obsession?

“Five weeks of vacation?! And that’s just normal? I mean, they’re not ill or anything?” Such was my response when I first heard how much annual leave a Brit could typically expect.

“People in the UK must just be soft,” I concluded. Taking that much holiday time each year seemed incredibly excessive. Didn’t they have a work ethic? But it wasn’t long before my opinion changed. These people had got it right. They must care about their physical and mental health. Those poor Americans! Didn’t they realise the importance of resting from time to time and rejuvenating? Thank goodness I had moved to a saner country. Yet I soon realised I had gone from one extreme to the other. Americans may pay little attention to holidays or disregard them all together. But the British live for their holidays. They don’t consider them to be luxuries: holidays are a basic human need, right up there with air, food and water. 14 | THE DELL


Now, having spent more than three decades in this country, I’m used to the general obsession with holidays. I’m no longer surprised when I see friends begin planning their annual leave the day after Christmas. I guess that putting up with cool, drizzly weather for most of the year entitles you to fantasize about hot, sunny beaches and tanned bodies. But, coming from the US, this fascination with holidays was foreign to me. As a young adult in my first job, I had to work for five years before earning two weeks of annual leave. And, even if I’d had the time off, I didn’t have funds for travelling. Besides all this, dozens of holiday destinations were not just a cheap flight away! I had to think carefully about how I used my leave.

I knew people who went on vacation. But they weren’t so proud of themselves for doing so. They usually stayed within the USA – and they drove. They didn’t announce it beforehand, in fact, you’d hardly be aware they’d gone until after their return. And they didn’t necessarily make much of it afterwards either. You might look at their holiday photos, if you happened to be round at their place.

Of course, there was no Facebook back then – no social media tool to help people show and tell the world about their latest trip. So maybe that explains it! But a look at my Facebook news feed today revealed what I expected: most of the posts showing holiday photos were put up by people on this side of the pond. Posts from my American friends focused on US politics, food, humour, pets … did I mention US politics? This summer my family and I chased the sun and went to Devon for our break. As often happens, many of the people we met assumed I lived in America and was just visiting the UK. One day we went to see a National Trust property. At the ticket desk the very tall and slightly posh volunteer, hearing my accent, asked if we were visiting from overseas. @KonectMagazines

“No,” I said. This seemed to confuse her. Frowning, she said, “So you mean you live in the UK?” “Yes,” said my husband. “Are you members of the Trust?” “No.” “So you live in the UK, but you’re not members of the National Trust?” “No.” (Sorry, we didn’t know it was obligatory.) “Would you like to join?” “No.” “Well, ho ho ho, that’s me told then!” I’m still shaking my head over that crossexamination. Maybe next time I should just agree that we’re overseas visitors?

To be continued next issue … Notes from a small village is contributed by Suzanne Green. Suzanne is a freelance writer/editor and writes regularly for The Dell Directory. She is married to Andy and they have two adult daughters. THE DELL | 15

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Achilles Tendinopathy – a pain in the heel!

Those of you well versed in Greek mythology will know the story of Achilles. His mother Thetis attempted to protect him by dipping him in the river Styx so that his skin would become impervious to Trojan arrows. However, she forgot that by holding him by the heel during the dipping process his heel was unprotected and this later caused his downfall. Could your Achilles tendons cause you problems too?

A tendon is the band or cord of fibrous tissue which attaches muscle to bone. In the case of the Achilles, it is the single tendon connecting two calf muscles, Gastrocnemius and Soleus, to the Calcaneum or heel bone. Tendons transmit the forces generated by muscle to bone and are mechanically very strong. The Achilles has to be as it transmits the force generated by the calf muscle to our ankle to lift our body weight up against gravity every step we take. What symptoms would indicate an Achilles problem? Pain is usually the main symptom and the tendon can be particularly sore for the first few steps of the day. This will ease off as the day goes on but more severe cases can be sore all day.

The tendon may become swollen and on feeling the tendon, pain is usually worse 2-7cm above the insertion into the heel bone. In chronic cases a tender thickened nodule can be present. What can contribute to Achilles tendon injury? Causes can include:-

• Calf muscle tightness • Foot posture, particularly if you have a foot type where you tend to walk or run on the “outside” or lateral aspect of your heel, then your forefoot flattens quickly to meet @KonectMagazines

the ground causing a “Whipping” of the Achilles. This extra movement irritates the tendon causing pain • Old shoes that are no longer able to maintain foot position or help with shock absorption can be factor in Achilles problems • Sudden increases in activity levels can strain the tendon

How do I treat Achilles tendon pain?

The use of ice is regarded by some researchers as the single most useful intervention in the management of the early acute phase of Achilles Tendinopathy. However, always be wary of complete Achilles tendon rupture. If your tendon pain started suddenly, feeling like you had been hit or shot in the heel, if you have a lot of swelling / bruising, if you cannot point your toes down and if you are finding walking very difficult, seek medical advice at your local A&E department. Complete rupture of the Achilles tendon needs either immobilisation or surgical repair. If you think you need further advice see a Physiotherapist. We can assess your injury and help identify causes. Collagen repair and remodelling is stimulated by tendon loading so complete rest can be detrimental. An exercise programme to progressively load the tendon to simulate repair is currently thought of as the best form of treatment. Do seek advice sooner rather than later as chronic tendon problems are more difficult to resolve. The health column is contributed by McNaughton Physiogrange, Edinburgh THE DELL | 17

Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease is a condition in which parts of the brain become progressively damaged over many years. Symptoms include: • involuntary shaking of particular parts of the body • slow movement • stiff and inflexible muscles Parkinson’s disease is caused by a loss of nerve cells in the brain - experts think that a combination of genetic and environmental factors is responsible. Although there’s currently no cure for Parkinson’s disease, treatments are available to help reduce the main symptoms and maintain quality of life for as long as possible. These include: • physiotherapy and occupational therapy • medication • in some cases, brain surgery Many people respond well to treatment and only experience mild to moderate disability, whereas some may not respond as well and can, in time, become more severely disabled. As a Registered Nurse I can support you to live independently at home - call me for a complimentary consultation. Contributed by Judith Mclean of Colinton Homecare




The crossword solution will be in the September edition.


ACROSS: 1. Cut short (4), 3. Adversary (8), 9. Error (7), 10. Board game (5), 11. Very eager (12), 13. Informal (6), 15. Small piece of food (6), 17. Books giving meanings of words (12), 20. Relating to the moon (5), 21. Absence of sound (7), 22. Moving very fast (8), 23. Spheres (4). DOWN: 1. Business (8), 2. Start of (5), 4. Written in rhyme (6), 5.Nowandthen(12),6.Protecttheeyes(7)7.Throw(4),8.Produced(12), 12. Small bunches or groups (8), 14. Physics or chemistry (7), 16. Untie (6), 18. Lying within (5), 19. Add to (4).




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Did you manage to get away for a break this summer yet? Maybe, like me, you’ve still got something planned to look forward to! One thing’s for sure though. When it’s time to come home and all that awaits you is a dusty house and a huge pile of unopened mail, that post holiday glow will disappear faster than the setting sun. Before you know it you’ll be back to reality. To dirty laundry, school runs and the minutiae of daily life. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to reproduce that holiday feeling at home? Maybe this is a ‘staycation’ year for you and you’re keen to create some of those feel good holiday vibes in your own place. Regardless of the reason, here are a few ideas to inspire you. Invest in some pretty pottery - Get yourself some tableware that reminds you of far flung shores. That fabulous sea-food place for instance. You know, the one where you sipped wine and watched the water sparkle among the boats bobbing in the harbour. Bring some home as souvenirs or snap up a few summer sale bargains.

Scent your space - Our sense of smell can trigger memories and emotions more than any of our other senses. So whether it’s a sweet smelling summer jasmine candle reminding you of travels to tropical shores or a spicy simmer pot conjuring up recollections of a rummage in a middle eastern souk, by using scent throughout your home you can whisk yourself off to distant lands in an instant. Coastal decor - Is the beach is your happy place? How about adding some coastal touches here and there. Add some sand, shells and a candle to a hurricane vase for an instant holiday vibe. There are lots of cute seaside themed accessories available these days. Incorporate some here and there and you’ll be ready for fish & chips and an ice cream on the pier - bliss! Plant palms - Even here in central Scotland it’s perfectly possible to give your garden a totally tropical look. Fill it with hardy palms (try Trachycarpus fortunei or Cordyline Australis), Hosta, Arum Lilies and Ferns, helping you create the perfect retreat - with no jet-lag! Now where did I put my Pina Colada? Lynn McMurray - Enthusiast of all things ‘home’ and owner at The Seasonal Touch.





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What goes on in the space between the stars? Why are anti-oxidants good for our health? And how are these questions even related? Lindsey St. Mary is an Environmental Toxicologist studying for a PhD at Heriot-Watt University. She works as part of a team of researchers from across Europe studying a group of chemicals called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, or PAHs for short. These chemicals are found both on earth and in space, however their perspective and effects are very different in each location!

Where do PAHs come from? They are formed through the incomplete combustion of organic material. Essentially this means they’re created by anything that results in a fire; such as wood burning, smoking, car exhaust fumes, volcanic eruptions, etc. What are you and your team trying to understand about PAHs? We already know that they are toxic so, as a toxicologist, I view PAHs as an environmental contaminant. I’m interested in identifying and understanding their toxicity and potential to harm human and animal life here on earth. Our team of 16 is multi-disciplinary and includes engineers, chemists, astronomers, physicists, experimental physicists, theoretical chemists and a social scientist. Other researchers in the team are looking at reactions and effects of PAHs in space. Why is it important to understand more about PAHs? PAHs were around long before humans, created through natural processes like volcanic eruptions and forest fires. Since the global increase of industrial processes, the production of PAHs has dramatically increased so we are being bombarded by PAH exposures daily. Over time our bodies have evolved ways to metabolise and get rid of PAHs after exposure. Part of the way our bodies try to rid themselves of PAHs is to ‘activate’ them with various enzymes. Unfortunately, this can create toxic by-products called reactive oxygen @KonectMagazines

species. Antioxidants play a part in ridding the body of these by-products, which is why we are often encouraged to consume products containing antioxidants. Activated PAHs can sometimes bind directly to DNA causing a mutation that could possibly be the first step along the pathway leading to cancer. So that’s the effect PAHs have on Earth, but you also mentioned they exist in space? Yes, in space PAHs play an important part in understanding the creation of stars, meteors and solar system bodies, so astronomers and astrophysicists can actually use PAHs as a way of figuring out what’s happening in space. By understanding how these chemical reactions occur and contribute to the formation of stars and solar system bodies, like comets and asteroids, it may lead to an understanding of how our own planet was formed. To find out more about Lindsey’s research, visit the project website The Local Lab column is contributed by HeriotWatt University to engage the public in a range of their research projects. Lindsey is part of the Heriot-Watt Year of Health team who are running science activities for children at Party at the Palace in Linlithgow on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th August 2019. THE DELL | 29



PHOTO CREDIT: Suzanne Green

Chris Seiler: Creating a lasting legacy!

Originally from Aberdeen, Chris Seiler has lived in Colinton for more than 50 years. The retired medical social worker is a talented artist, who also enjoys tennis, golf and bridge. As Chairperson of Colinton Community Conservation Trust, she is keen to make known the village’s interesting history. Chris is married to Ronnie, a retired doctor. They have four adult children and 11 grandchildren. “We are so privileged to live in Colinton, with its rich history and strong community,” says Chris Seiler. “I got involved with the Colinton Community Conservation Trust (CCCT) because I value the heritage and landscape of the village.” Chris joined CCCT more than 15 years ago when it was upgrading the “Triangle” in the centre of Colinton. “A competition was held among landscape architecture students,” she says, “and the winning design resulted in a new, safer route from Woodhall Road to Bridge Road, opened in 2004.” More recently the Trust has been involved in a Public Artwork project. “The first phase was a statue of Robert Louis Stevenson,” explains Chris. “It was placed in the garden in front of Colinton Parish Church. Because his grandfather was the minister at the church, Stevenson had happy memories of his regular visits to Colinton. “Grants from several organisations and the community’s generosity made the statue possible. Before this there was no statue of Robert Louis Stevenson in Edinburgh. ” It was created by the well-known Edinburgh sculptor Alan Beattie Herriot, and unveiled in October 2013 by crime writer Ian Rankin and local school children. The following year saw the completion of the Arch, with the profile of Stevenson, at the top of the Long Steps. And the Poetry Trail was established: panels with illustrations of poems from A Child’s Garden of Verses were @KonectMagazines

mounted on the walls alongside the Long Steps, past the church to Dell Road. Because of its connection with Stevenson, Colinton is part of the European Cultural Route. In 2017, when the group held their AGM in Edinburgh, the CCCT organised their visit to Colinton. Most of the delegates were French, so Chris asked several Frenchspeaking friends to escort them on a guided walk through the village. The project is now in its final phase, which means replacing the railings along Woodhall Road with decorative steel railings. “There will be a timeline,” says Chris, “and 12 panels will illustrate the different periods in our history, from the Neolithic period right up to the 20th century, when Colinton became part of Edinburgh. And there will be busts of eight people who have been prominent in the development of the village. The artist, Jack Sloan, is currently finalising the designs. “We hope the work will be completed later this year, creating a lasting legacy for future generations!” Go to for more information. To support the project, contact the Treasurer, Colinton Community Conservation Trust, 42 Pentland Avenue, Colinton EH13 0HY, Tel: 0131 441 2328. The Local People column is contributed by Suzanne Green. Suzann is a freelance writer/editor and writes regularly for The Dell Directory. She is married to Andy and they have two adult daughters. THE DELL | 31






Tom McDonald, Chair of Colinton Community Council talks about Colinton Community Council’s work and opportunities to get involved. Community Council elections are coming up – nominations begin on 9 Septemberand present an opportunity to get involved in your community. But it’s not only about membership, you can join in by coming along to our monthly meetings; by signing up for our eNews:; by contacting our Secretary:; by reading our Pharmacy noticeboard and our Website; and by following us on Facebook (@ColintonCC) and Twitter (@ColintonCC). You can also come along and talk to us in September when we plan to hold “Meet and Greet” events in the Library, the Co-op and another venue – more publicity later! A bit of history: the Community Council was formed some four years ago by a group of interested locals who felt that while there were lots of excellent, specialinterest membership groups in Colinton, a Community Council would provide a public


platform where the widest local views could be heard and represented– usually to the City of Edinburgh Council (CEC). Since then we’ve met 9 times a year to discuss matters of local interest and to hear from the community; received regular reports from our Community Police; and heard from expert speakers, usually on service-based issues like buses, lighting, bin collections etc. Key activities included hearing and representing local views (pro and anti) on the Co-op; development plans for Campbell Park; Tiphereth proposals; environmental improvements; Ward boundary changes; traffic and parking; emptying of litter bins; Christmas lights; and Redford Barracks. More generally we act as an Information Hub passing on news about activities, events and issues affecting Colinton, from bus routes and road closures to Art in the Park! Do come and talk to us at a ‘Meet and Greet’ in September, or get in touch via our Secretary:



An insight into our head chef at

Carlyle’s Bar & Kitchen’s head chef, Erin Nicol, talks a little about her experiences in life and some of the reasons why she loves preparing, cooking and presenting a treat for all diners, whether it is a hearty full breakfast, or a delightful romantic evening meal.

BOOK YOUR TABLE TODAY: t: 0131 466 8761 e: w: Carlyle’s Bar and Kitchen, 36 Main Street, Balerno, Edinburgh OPENING HOURS: • Mon - Wed (Breakfast and lunch) • 10.00am – 5.00pm • Thur - Sat - Breakfast, lunch & dinner, 10.00am – 11.30pm

“From an early age I have always loved cooking; my favorite, I think, being cakes! Whilst still at school I was so fortunate to have been offered the opportunity to do a culinary exchange in Texas, followed by a year-long stay in Texas working in a Marriott hotel, where I cooked in their fine-dining steak house. It was so busy! And since returning to Scotland I have worked in a number of different restaurants such as Crieff Hydro. “I enjoy being back in Edinburgh, near all my family, and I’m really excited to be managing the kitchen here at Carlyle’s. We have lots of ideas for the coming seasonal menus and I’m fortunate that we have wonderful ingredients to work with, salad and vegetables from the allotment, and I’m trying to use locally sourced produce as much as possible” “If people get the opportunity to come and experience the food I’m creating here at Carlyle’s then it makes all the hard work worthwhile” she said.



August heralds big changes for many children as they return to school with a new teacher and classroom, move to new schools or start school for the first time. It’s a terrible cliché but so true that time watching kids grow flies by so fast. My own daughter is moving up to high school, which means I now have no primary school kids – something that has hit me much harder than her.

We’ve barely left primary school behind but already I’m nostalgically reminiscing about those days and viewing them through a rosy filter. All the special events that, at the time caused me much gnashing of teeth and cursing, have already become my favourite memories of my children’s primary school years.

On the last day of term some wonderful fellow Mums organised the time honoured Bonaly Primary School tradition of the party in the park. We hired out the scout hall and decorated it with photos of our kids from nursery all the way though to P7. We ate takeaway pizza and were blessed to have the sun shine all day long so most of the afternoon was spent anxiously but happily patrolling Spylaw Park whilst our kids played football, enjoyed the swing park and got more than a little wet in the waters of the Dell. Later in the afternoon the few remaining Mums sat on blankets in the sunshine and chatted about just how quickly the last 7 years have gone. We shared memories of sewing red circles of felt onto woolly hats for Red Nose Day, of decorating cycle helmets, of sewing felt eyes and a beak onto a yellow Bonaly 34 | THE DELL

sweatshirt for Easter, of dressing up for World Book Day and Anzac Day and my own epic parent fail of taking my daughter to school dressed in a black dress and dark sunglasses on “spy day” only to realise we were a day early – sorry, Toots! For all the children out there about to start new schools I wish you many fun-packed, happy, memory-laden school years with good friends and good times. And for all the parents and carers watching their children embarking on this journey for the first time I offer the following two pieces of advice:

1. Try to ensure your child’s favourite book involves superheroes or fluffy animals (i.e. basically any character that can easily be bought as a onesie) as it will make your life a lot easier on World Book Day!

2. Take numerous photos of every special moment because, even although sometimes the time will drag a little, you’ll be sitting in the park in 7 years’ time watching your little ones about to become high school kids and wondering if you blinked a little too long. Good luck and enjoy every minute!

Lynne lives in Colinton with her husband and two children. She dreams of being a freelance writer when she grows up but mostly just avoids growing up! @KonectMagazines



THURSDAY 8TH AUGUST Teddy Bear’s Adventure - Harlaw House Visitor Centre, 10:30 – 12:00. Meet Barnaby! Barnaby the Pentland Bear is going on an adventure. He’s looking for young explorers to join him on his discovery of Harlaw Woodland. Cost: £3 per child SATURDAY 10TH AUGUST Edinburgh Korfball Beginner Session FREE Beginner Session to introduce new players to korfball -a unique mixed-sex sport where teams have to be made up of equal numbers of male and female players. The session will be held at Wester Hailes Education Centre, 14.00 to 16.00 . For information please contact Daniel Pratt at, or sign up to the Facebook event. SATURDAY 10TH AUGUST Balerno Farmers Market Main Street, Balerno, 9am - 1pm SATURDAY 17TH AUGUST Midlothian Outdoor Festival: Historic Pentlands - Flotterstone Information Centre, 10am – 1pm. Come along to find out about how bronze- and iron-age people survived in the Pentland Hills. This is a moderate walk, no more than five miles. Bring sturdy footwear, waterproofs, lunch and a drink. Over 16s only. Part of Midlothian Outdoor Festival, the walk is free of charge but you need to book a place in advance. To book please call 0131 5292401 or email pentlandhills@edinburgh. WANT TO INCLUDE YOUR EVENT HERE? COMMUNITY AND NOT-FOR-PROFIT LISTINGS ARE FREE OF CHARGE.




SPORTS, HOBBIES, LEARNING, SUPPORT GROUPS & MORE... MORNINGSIDE & NEWINGTON FLORAL ART CLUB Come along & enjoy relaxing evenings watching a floral demonstration with lively & interesting chat. You might even win one of the arrangements. We meet in Boroughmuir Rugby Club, Meggatland, off Colinton Road EH14 1AS from 7.30pm to 9.30pm approx on the 1st Monday of each month. Wine/tea/coffee available. New Members Only – come as a visitor for £7 on the 2nd September or 7th October which will be deducted from your annual subscription making it only another £28 if you decide to join us. We look forward to meeting you. For information please contact Joyce Rutherford 0131 443 2536 or joyce. EDINBURGH CITY KORFBALL CLUB Korfball is a mixed-sex sport similar to netball. The club has teams at all levels, so whether you’re super competitive or looking for a recreational sport, we have a place for everyone. We train twice a week and have regular social events, so it’s a great way to meet new people and try something new. Meet Wester Hailes Education Centre, Mon 19:30-21:30 & Wed 20:00-21:30. First 3 sessions free for new members, various membership options available after that. Please contact Daniel Pratt (Coach & Development) eckc.development@ or 07471894650. LITTLE STEPS Baby and Toddler Group, Weds 10am – 11.30am (term times). Play, Bible stories, crafts, singing, snacks for kids, coffee and homebaking. St John’s Colinton Mains Church, 223 Oxgangs Road North. See facebook: St John’s Colinton Mains EDINBURGH LINUS GROUP We are a small group who meet every second Tuesday afternoon in the Pentland Community centre and make quilts and incubator covers for the Sick Kid’s Hospital. New members are always welcome. More information from COLINTON & MERCHISTON CHOIR Amateur choral society, performing two concerts per year. We meet in the Music Department at Merchiston Castle School, Mondays 7.30pm to 9pm. All ages welcome, no audition required. Annual membership subscription of £35.00, which includes the hire of music. For more information, please visit HATHA YOGA Colinton Parish Church - Redford Room, Dell Road on Wednesdays 7pm - 8.30pm. For more details please email or call 07730 130435 FRIENDLY BRIDGE Colinton Cottage Homes - 15 Thorburn Road, Colinton. Every Tues 2-4pm. Contact Ken McLeod, tel 0131 466 0888.


COLINTON BADMINTON CLUB St. Cuthberts Church Hall, Westgarth Ave - Monday 8pm-10pm from Sept to March. Contact: Archie Clark on 0131 449 4703 STABLE ROOM PLAYGROUPS Colinton Parish Church, Dell Road Happy and stimulating playgroups from 2-5 years old. Mon, Weds & Fri 9.15am to 12.00pm. (term time). E: M: 07740 334967. STABLE ROOM & TODDLER GROUPS Colinton Parish Church, Dell Road - Thurs 9.30am - 11.30am (term time). M: 07740 334967. E: Please phone before coming as we operate a waiting list. PROGRESS FITNESS Fitness classes in Colinton and Juniper Green. Zumba, Zumba Step, Zumba Gold, Floor Barre, Yoga, Fitness Yoga and Total Body Conditioning. £5 per class or 10 classes for £45. For full details go to COMPLEMENTARY FITNESS CLASSES All level classes - Tues: Fitness Pilates 7.30pm in Craiglockhart Church Hall & Classes in Dreghorn Loan Church Hall, Colinton, on Weds: Fitness Toning 9.30am Thurs: Fitness Pilates/Yoga 7pm. Fri: Fitness Yoga 9.30am info & details COLINTON GARDEN CLUB Dreghorn Loan Hall - Meets 4th Monday of every month at 8.00pm. September to April. E: W: BIDE & BLETHER LUNCH CLUB Oxgangs Neighbourhood Centre, 71 Firrhill Drive, Edinburgh EH13 9EU Every Wednesday from 1.30pm to 3pm, starting from 7th June. Call us today to book your place on 0131 466 0678. CRAIGLOCKHART CHURCH GUILD Craiglockhart Church, Craiglockhart Drive North, EH14 1HS. We meet in Centenary Hall at 7.30 pm on 1st & 3rd Tuesdays from October to March to encourage men and women in their faith while hearing interesting talks, having fun and finishing with a chat over tea and coffee. Everyone most welcome. COLINTON LOCAL HISTORY SOCIETY Dreghorn Loan Hall - Want to know about local history! We meet every other Monday evening in the Hall with Speakers starting at 8pm prompt. Visit or contact EDINBURGH GUILD OF WEAVERS, SPINNERS AND DYERS Craiglockhart Church, Craiglockhart Drive North - Meet at monthly usually the third Saturday of the month. Our aims are to further the crafts of weaving, spinning and dyeing, to learn from each other as well as from experienced craft

tutors, and to create opportunities to display and pass on our skills. See WEDNESDAY WALKING GROUP Meet every Wednesday for walks in the Lothians, Fife, the Borders and further afield. Transport from Currie Library car park, walks of various grades and distances (usually 6 to 8 miles). Just turn up and go. Contact: M. Timmins T: 0131 449 4525 or A Blythe T:0131 629 3644 (Balerno and District Ramblers) for details and a programme. SISTERS WITH SPIRIT Swing Café at Colinton Parish Church A new women’s group that meet on the first Thursday every month at 7.30pm. For more details on the themes for our meetings, and to book tickets, please visit or call 0131 441 2232. GO GET FITNESS Insanity Live classes - Max Interval Training for all fitness levels. Mon 8pm Spylaw Park, Colinton. Tues 8.15pm Pentland Community Centre. Thurs 1pm, Fri 9.40am North Merchiston Club (parents welcome to bring children to watch!) £5 per class or block of 10 classes for £40 For bookings and further details: Visit: or 7th EDINBURGH BOYS BRIGADE Co. We welcome boys of all school ages, from Primary 1 to S6 - For a real variety of fun, games, activities, outings & competitions. Most Friday evenings during school term at Dreghorn Loan Hall, Dreghorn Loan. Alastair Merrill (Company Captain);; 0131 477 3982; 07766 246880. Martin Shand (P1 – P6);; 0131 441 9149; 07860 368285. COLINTON LITERARY SOCIETY Dreghorn Loan Hall - Meets every Wednesday at 8pm from 11 October. Keep up to date with latest news about the Lit, on Church website www. CRAIGLOCKHART LADIES GROUP Craiglockhart Parish Church - We meet at 8pm on the second and fourth Mondays, September to March, to hear a variety of speakers on diverse subjects and to meet up for tea/coffee and a chat. £25 membership. All welcome.




AERIALS & SATELLITE Douglas Mackay Aerial and Satellite 27 APPLIANCE REPAIRS Appliances of Edinburgh 39 BATHROOMS & KITCHENS Dream Doors 4 Ian Merriman 22 Paragon Bathroom Solutions 2 Splash Bathrooms 22 BEAUTICIAN Beauty Therapy by Rhona 16 BUILDING SUPPLIES Thornbridge Timber Merchants 6 CAR SERVICING, MOT & REPAIR D & G Autocare 4 CARPET & UPHOLSTERY CLEANING CW Services 27 James Burnett Carpet Cleaning 26 CHILDREN’S NURSERY Colinton Private Nursery 36 CHIROPODY / PODIATRY / FOOTCARE Colinton Chiropody / Podiatry Clinic 19 CLEANING: HOUSE / OFFICE Fiona’s House Cleaning 27 COMPUTER / PHONE REPAIRS Worx24 35 CURTAINS & BLINDS Blind Design 26 DENTIST Seven Hills Dental Practice 5 DRAINAGE SERVICES Currievale Drainage Services 6 DRIVEWAYS AND PAVING Alpine Paving 13 ELECTRICIAN Bry-Ter Electrical 7 Morningside Electrical 28 Spark Electrical Solutions 30 ESTATE AGENT Blair Cadell Solicitors 23 EXTERIOR CLEANING Cleaning & Maintenance 13 FIREPLACES / WOODBURNERS Fireplaces, Stoves and Flues 27 GARAGE DOORS Garolla 7 GARDEN DESIGN / MAINTENANCE Evergreen Balerno 12 Ladybug Lady Gardener 13 Premier Soft Landscapes 11 GARDEN FURNITURE AND BUILDINGS Champfleurie Estate 20


GLAZING REPAIRS TREE CARE SERVICES Blaikie Tree Services 11 DGR Double Glazing Repairs 8 Delisle Tree Solutions 13 HAIR SALON WINDOW & GUTTER CLEANING Colinton Hair Design 16 Keith Wales Window Cleaner 6 Hair by Brown & Co 19 HANDYMAN Mr Handyman Edinburgh 35 We Can Do It 7 THE DELL DIRECTORY HEALTH SUPPORT GROUP / ACTIVITY Cheyne Gang 19 SOLUTIONS HOME CARE Colinton Homecare 18 JOINERY SMC Joinery 22 SOLUTION TO JULY LANDSCAPING SUPPLIES Beatson’s Building Supplies 10 CROSSWORD LAWNS Luxury Lawns 10 LOCKSMITH CVC Locksmiths and Security 27 West Lothian Locksmith 30 MEMBER OF SCOTTISH PARLIAMENT Gordon Macdonald MSP 36 MORTGAGE SERVICES Malleny Mortgage Solutions 23 OPTICIAN Clearvue Opticians 18 PAINTING & DECORATING Gerry Aitken 14 Ian Hodgson Decorators 28 Lane Decor 6 ACROSS: 1. Deaf, 3. Formerly, 9. Croquet, 10. Annoy, 11. Manufactured, 14. Era, PHYSIOTHERAPY 16. Cease, 17. She, 18. Nevertheless, 21. Physio Grange 16 Coast, 22. Putting, 23. Everyday, 24. Asks PLUMBING & HEATING SERVICES DOWN: 1. December, 2. Adorn, 4. Out, 5. Bill Reid & Son 26 Measurements, 6. Runners, 7. Yo-yo, Currievale Plumbing & Drainage 8 Geoff Lennie Plumbing & 8. Sufficiently, 12. Chart, 13. Messages, Heating 24 15. Average, 19. Exits, 20. Acre, 22. Pea McLellan Plumbing 30 Owen Gibb Plumbing & Heating 14 Disclaimer: The publisher cannot accept Scott Findlay Plumbing & responsibility for loss or damage caused Heating Engineers 39 by error in the printing of an advertisement. Shandon Plumbing 14 We do not endorse any advertisers in Smart Heating Edinburgh 28 this publication. All material is accepted Weir Plumbing Heating and for publication on the understanding it is Gas Services 6 copyright free. No part of this publication RESTAURANT may be reproduced without prior consent of the publisher. Carlyles Bar & Kitchen 33 ROOFING Publisher: Lothian Publications Ltd. Dell Roofing 11 Geddes House, Kirkton North, Livingston, Edinburgh Roofing Services 21 West Lothian EH54 6GU. Fairmile Roofing 24 Magazine Design: Universal Appeal Ltd. Worlds End Roofing and Building 12 M: 07729 911858 SOFT FURNISHINGS W: E: Absolute Upholstery 26


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