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April 2012 * Volume 2 * Issue 4A

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Letter to the Editor

Everywhere we drive lately we see signs for our upcoming Provincial Campaign. In this issue you will find profiles on the Olds-DidsburyThree Hills candidates for the NDP, Conservative, Liberal, and Wildrose Parties. Election day is April 23, 2012 you can check online for local polling station locations. Our regular contributors also fill the pages of this issue with their stories of adventure as well as local “what’s happening” information. Have you been to the website lately? There is always something going on there. The current project is one we’re very excited about. The new classifieds will give you the ability to post your service, business, “for sale” items by category, as well as community resources in a very dynamic way. There are a few bugs to still work out, but by next week it will go live! Watch FaceBook for that announcement. The first ever photo contest has seen a lot of submissions with some amazing photos. It is so exciting to see what “winter” in our area looks like through other’s lenses, not to mention all of the amazing faces that have been submitted. Next issue we will share the winners of this contest as well as the individuals who selected them.

Distributed to Cremona, Water Valley, Carstairs, Crossfield and Sundre, Didsbury & the Rural Routes of Carstairs, Crossfield, Madden, Dog Pound, Didsbury, Sundre, Bergen and Bottrel

Deadline for the Second April issue is:

April 20 , 2012 11am Paper Release Date:

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HITCHING POST NEWS Office Hours:9am-3:30pm Phone: 403-637-2953 Editor Tara Jenkins Publishers Tara Jenkins & Angela Lambert

Box 456 Water Valley, AB T0M 2E0 2 • Volume 2 , Issue 4A • Hitching Post News

Dear Editor: Allison Redford and her PC party have taken away our Property Rights with bills 19, 24, 36 and 50 removing our access to courts and much more. Next on their agenda is Alberta’s Education with Bill 2, which will adversely affect Protestants, Catholics, Jewish and all parents’ rights over their children’s education. They plan to put Education under the Alberta Human Rights Commission, which has been given sweeping powers over the courts. The Wild Rose Party tried to stop this attack on parents’ rights, but they need more representatives in the Legislature to make that happen. Section 3(1) of the old schol act, states “All education programs offered and instructional materials used in schools must reflect the diverse nature and heritage of society in Alberta, promote understanding and respect for others and honour and respect the common values and beliefs of Albertans.” The PC’s Bill 2 Section 16 is wordy similarly up until “honour and respect” but the phrase, “common values and beliefs of Albertans” is replaced with “Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Alberta Human Rights Act.” Please notice, failure to comply with the Human Rights Act in Bill 2 sec 29.4 states “The Minister may cancel or suspend the registration or accreditation of a private school… (d) if the person responsible for the operation of the private school permits courses, programs of study or instructional materials that do not comply with section 16… This shows all accreditation and funding will be stopped to those who do not comply with the Alberta Human Rights Commission, which is a nonelected board and is accountable to no one. In the March 27th edition of The Rocky View Weekly, the impact of Bill 2 is explained in the article “Local Residents Join Backlash against Bill 2” According to Greg Lammiman, who was interviewed in the article, “his right to pass on his traditional beliefs in a home school setting is being threatened.” This Bill “ forces home schools, Catholic and private schools to teach within the limits of the Human Rights Act as interpreted by the Alberta Human Rights Commission. That body, said Lammiman, has historically been very unfriendly to anyone holding Judeo-Christian values. “Anyone who holds those beliefs is dragged through the kangaroo court with no appeals,” said Lammiman. “My concern isn’t just as a home school dad. Having been a public school teacher for over 30 years, every teacher should be concerned about being under the Human Rights Act. There is no recourse for the person who is being investigated.” Airdrie MLA, Rob Anderson, of the Wild Rose Party was unsuccessful in amending the bill by giving “parents the paramount (legal) right over their children’s education”. If you believe that children were given to the parents and not the province, be sure you send that message to the PC party on April 23rd because the PC Party now wants to have the legal rights over your children. For more information see And while you’re at it, research the Land Use bills at and http://ww Our War Veterans gave their lives for our freedoms. First the PC’s put in the Land Use Bills to take away our property and now they are working on taking away parents’ rights over their children. A Wild Rose government will rescind the Bills on Land Use, and stand against the PC’s Education Bill. On April 23rd, VOTE to regain the freedoms that we are losing. Yours truly Susan Berdahl Keeping Our Communities Connected!

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Cremona Congregational Church News Submitted by Kathie Reid Nesting robins, budding trees, slushy snowfalls, these are all part of our welcome Alberta springtime. Let’s enjoy each minute, because this, too, shall pass. We have some important dates coming up at CCC. You’re welcome to join us for a potluck lunch after church on April 22. Bring anything you like from salad to main dish to dessert, then stay for the visit. If you forget to bring a dish you can stay anyway; there’s always lots of food. The following Tuesday there is an Official Board meeting. Each group in the church should be represented, and there’s usually—guess what?—food and coffee served. This is a church that feeds the body as well as the soul! Saturday, April 28 is the Annual Beef Supper and Bake Sale from 5:00-7:00 pm. It’s a great meal for a reasonable price and the proceeds go to missions. Bring the friends and neighbors as well. There may even be some dinner music! Stop at the Bake Table and stock up on fresh, homemade bread and goodies. The Ladies’ Christian Fellowship meets on Thursday, May10. We welcome visitors and new members anytime. Food and fun served. Keep in mind that Mother’s Day is coming up on May 13, also a communion Sunday. Here’s the calendar: Sunday, April 15, 10:00 am: Family Worship and Sunday School Sunday, April 22, 10:00 am: Family Worship and Sunday School Potluck lunch to follow Tuesday, April 24, 7:00 pm: Official Board meeting Saturday, April 28, 5:00-7:00 pm: Annual Beef Supper and Bake Sale Sunday, April 29, 10:00 am: Family Worship and Sunday School Sunday, May 6, 10:00 am: Family Worship and Sunday School Thursday, May 10, 2:00 pm: Ladies’ Christian Fellowship Sunday, May 13, 10:00 am: Mother’s Day Family Worship and Sunday School Contacts: Church Office and Pastor Ian Mason: 403-637-3768

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Message from God: Faith is the pause between God’s plan and seeing it come to pass.


Cremona Congregational Church BEEF SUPPER April 28, 2012 5-7pm Keeping Our Communities Connected!

Hitching Post News • Volume 2 , Issue 4A• 3

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News from Division 2 If this road is not re-paved a seasonal ban may be required in order to protect this road from incurring damage. Based on the condition and use of the road this ban could be a permanent feature. So, council is happy to report that this project did receive the funding requested and will be going ahead. We are currently in negotiations with the land owners adjacent to the Acme Road TWP 292. We have been able to negotiate most of the land deals without complication. Due to safety of the road and the upgrading Our Division has many projects needing to be done at RR 35 to RR slated for the budget for Spring of 32, we need extra land from one land 2012 as well plans for a project on owner to construct this new design. the Acme Road in Spring of 2013. The land deal for this is not going as I would like to provide you with the well as planned. project details of each. The first is the re-paving of the Burnt Timber Road TWP 304 to HWY 22. It is a total of 28.2 km and this was a project was applied for under the Resource Road Grant.

It saddens me to say that if a deal is not reached in the next two months we will be leaving out this portion of road in the 2013 construction season. The money has been granted from the province in Municipal The Provincial Government has this Sustainability Initiative funding as available when industry and well the county has compiled municipalities work together on reserves for this. projects. The total cost of the project is $5,402,364 with the province The funds for this will be put to paying $2,701,180, Shell Canada another project and will be lost until $1,250,000, MD of Big Horn council decides to add this back to $548,000, and Mountain View the project sheet. I hope in the next couple of months I will have better County $902,883.00. news on this to report but for the This road was constructed as a time being the project will not be partnership between the Province, completed fully until an agreement Shell Canada, Mountain View is reached. County and the MD of Bighorn. The road was constructed in 1989 and paved in 1991 to serve as a ban-free structure to the Burnt Timber Gas Plant. The asphalt is showing distress and both the municipalities have dedicated large amounts of resources to its repair.

submitted by Patricia McKean, Division 2 Councillor highway vehicles and any other Protection, Stray Animals and traffic related complaint or self Gaming and Liquor Acts. generated investigation. Traffic Education & Enforcement County Bylaw: • Total number of Charges: (Includes • All violation tickets and warnings all traffic, overload and bylaw and investigations, dealing with any offences) - 87 County bylaw including the Dog • Total over-weight permit requests Control bylaw and Parks Bylaw. 211 up slightly Commercial Vehicle: • Drilling Rig Moves – 17 down 5 • Matters relating specifically to from January commercial vehicles, such as • Service Rig moves – 53 up 22 from suspected overload complaints, January highway damage, and haul requests. Traffic Stops of the Month. County / Assist other Agencies: • 4 stop sign offences • Includes involvement with County • 132 Km/hr in an 80 Km/hr zone Disaster Service and Health and • Vacuum truck 3250 Kg overweight Safety program as well as investigations done specifically for I invite you to contact at 403-637the county relating to Insurance 0140 to discuss any of your concerns claims or providing assistance to or you can email me at patricia.mckean@mountainviewcou other agencies such as RCMP. Provincial / Other: • Pertains to violation and warning tickets as well as complaints relating Division 2 Councillor to provincial statutes not related to Patricia McKean traffic, such as Environmental

COUNTY PEACE OFFICER REPORT Occurrences Investigated Traffic: • All traffic related violations and warning tickets as well as complaints relating to speed, stop sign, concerns, traffic hazards, off


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Keeping Our Communities Connected!

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We are opening our NEW Reproduction Centre and Outpatient Clinic adjacent to the Calgary Polo Club

Moore Equine Veterinarians provide services for Reproduction and Outpatients including: t-BNFOFTT&YBNT t%FOUJTUSZ t.JOPS.FEJDBM$POEJUJPO5SFBUNFOUT t%JHJUBM93BZTBOE6MUSBTPVOE



MOORE Reproduction Centre & Outpatient Clinic Located Adjacent to The Calgary Polo Club Grounds 27061 306 Ave West, Municipal District of Foothills, Alberta 1It'BY Cremona Community Engagement Society submitted by Lana Yakimchuk Interested in travel to Haiti or Iceland? Mark Monday, April 16 on your calendar to hear Gwen Day talk about her trip to Haiti and to see the slides of the school where she worked with elementary students, and the building and medical projects going on all around her while she was there. Later in the evening, Donna McKinnon will speak about her trip to Iceland â&#x20AC;&#x201C; the intriguing country of ice, snow and geysers, farming and cities. And both presentations are free.

more about CCES and to contribute to the list of suggestions for next yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s programming. At 5:00 Gwen Day will talk to us about Haiti. Then we will offer a light meal and a very brief formal meeting and elections. We will wind up with Donna McKinnonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s presentation on Iceland. Watch your mailboxes and your email for more information from CCES about this exciting event! CCES is also pleased to announce we have achieved formal Society status as of the end of January. We are currently in the process of writing a set of policies to complement the Society Bylaws. Our mission is to connect our rural communities, schools, organizations, businesses and individuals with people throughout the world through innovative communication technology: affordable, easy to access and time efficient, promoting lifelong learning.

How can that be? Cremona Community Engagement Society (CCES) wants to pick your brain about the programs we are offering and the ones you would like us to offer. We are holding our Annual General Meeting (AGM) on April 16 and need your guidance for the coming program year. As well, we will be electing a secretary, treasurer, and director-at-large for the next two year period. If you or someone you know is interested in one of these positions, please submit your nomination prior to or at the This is a fairly wide reaching AGM. mission statement and we need your The meeting will begin at 4:30 with input as community members to the opportunity to meet the current help your Engagement Site be as executive and members, to learn valuable as it can be to you and to Keeping Our Communities Connected!

this region. We look forward to Phone: 403 637-3856 ext: 4862 seeing you on April 16 at the Site in After hours contact: 403 899-3066., Cremona School. or for information on the Society or For further information on the the AGM, you may call me at AGM, site offerings or on the 403-337-2368. CCES, please contact Jan Shand, coordinator (Cremona Community Engagement Site)












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Hitching Post News â&#x20AC;˘ Volume 2 , Issue 4Aâ&#x20AC;˘ 5

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2012 Alberta Provincial Election Darcy Davis - Progressive Conservative Angela Lambert Schools, health care centers and seniors facilities are crucial for our future in this region. The Provincial Government must work with municipalities to build the infrastructure that the people of Olds-Didsbury-Three Hills need. "Our business’s and farms need smart regulation that helps rather than hinders their bottom line."

When Darcy took the time to chat with me he told me that he felt there were 4 main issues to this election Health, Education, Strong Communities and Agriculture. When talking about health the main thing that Darcy pointed out is the lack of strong health care for seniors. The system is adequate but could be better. He'd like to see money spent to provide more long term care solutions for seniors, including options for housing or home care. Making a specific care situation so that they can be removed from hospital beds and have better care for them. "Our seniors need the best care and facilities that we can provide as they move through the last stages of life." ”Our children have to have a world class education so that they can prosper in the new economy based on technology and knowledge." We are in a high growth area and he feels that our infrastructure could use improvements to have our children get the best education possible. He would like to see the schools in our area be refurbished to accomodate for the growth and new technologies that aid in learning. He'd like to see these refurbishments made with the long term capitol costs deferred over 4 years. He'd also like to see that there is adequate support for home school so that parents can provide their children the kind of education they want. Also giving options for parents to support their moral and ethical views as not everyone's views are the same.

Darcy himself is a property owner and has had dealings with oil companies, he'd like to see that property owners in the area get the support that they need. He feels that they should be consulted about natural resources and get properly compensated for the use of their land to remove those resources. He also feels that land owners should always have access to the courts to work out resource disputes. He would like to see strong support for agriculture in our area. He'd like to see a Young Farmer's Council formed to support the younger generation get into farming with mentoring. He feels that we need to do what we can to keep our ag areas strong by looking at trade agreements to support that. "I want be part of a government that drives innovation, respects property rights and is fiscally responsible: * Alberta needs to be a leader in confederation, as Canada can only succeed with the involvement and input from the provinces. * Communication with constituents is crucial whether as individuals as business’s or as industry. * We need to continue to look beyond our own borders to develop international relationships and markets in order to prosper. I believe in a principled and strong Progressive Conservative party: * One that looks at both sides of the ledger, the financial side and the human side .* A party that is conservative and compassionate.

Darcy supports strong communities that provide the services that * A political institution that respects families and business’s need. 6 • Volume 2 , Issue 4A• Hitching Post News

democracy and that will allow caucus to be heard and to vote on matters that affect the whole province. Alberta’s future is bright and we need new leadership and fresh representation in Olds-DidsburyThree Hills. I would be proud to represent the PC party with the openness, transparency and good governance that we need to guarantee that bright future. "

Bruce Rowe - Wildrose Candidate Submitted on a successful career as an electrical contractor, an owner/operator of an electrical company. My experience in the political arena as well as the business community has given me invaluable knowledge regarding government regulations. Why am I running for Wildrose? Wildrose will enable free votes in I am a fiscal conservative and I the caucus, cabinet and most firmly believe in government transparency. My record speaks for importantly in the Legist lure, which will be a return to true democracy itself. and true representation for Married to Carol, we have two constituents. children and two grandchildren. Wildrose wishes to ensure In my spare time I enjoy golfing, Albertan’s property rights are strengthened-that will be done by reading and spending time with repealing Bills 19, 24, 36 and 50. family and friends. Wildrose wants to provide quality healthcare with local decisionPolitical Career: making. First elected to Village of Beiseker Council in 2001, and have been Mayor for the past 7 years. I served on the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association Executive Board as Vice-President for Summer Villages and Villages as well as on the Board of Directors as Director for Villages South. I was on the Board of Governors for Alberta Municipal Services Corporation, member of the Safety Codes Council and the Beverage Container Management Board.

I am an advocate for strong municipal funding. As a local politician, I have a passion for serving people and will listen to Albertans, for Albertans hold the solutions to our challenges. Top 3 Priorities if Elected: Ensure property rights are strengthened for Albertans. Quality healthcare with local decisionmaking and strong municipal funding.

Business Experience: Prior to entering politics my entrepreneurial ambitions lead me Keeping Our Communities Connected!

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2012 Alberta Provincial Election Kristie Krezanoski - NDP Candidate

Garth Davis - Liberal Candidate Submitted

My name is Kristie Krezanoski and I am the Alberta New Democrat candidate for Olds – Didsbury Three Hills. I am very excited to have the opportunity to run in this provincial election. With an election as dynamic at this right around the corner, I encourage all Albertans, especially youth, to practice your right to vote! Alberta has had a Conservative government for over four decades and I think it's time for change. Our publicly funded and publicly delivered healthcare system has come under attack during this election and it's up to Albertans to defend their values. Other parties are focused on changing to a twotier private healthcare system that favours the rich. This not the Alberta I envision. The New


Democrats will guarantee quality public healthcare for everyone. Shortages of 500 doctors and 1,000 nurses, excessive emergency room wait times, and rises in public funding for private operators are clear indications that things are working. I stand beside Brian Mason and the New Democrats because we believe putting families first is crucial. I am a passionate person who is dedicated to making the concerns of my constituents heard. Being that voice in the legislature is my number one priority. I challenge Albertans to educate themselves on the issues facing this province, envision the Alberta they wish to see and vote Alberta New Democrats on April 23rd.

Health care - once again the increased privatization of seniors services is going to leave many seniors in very poor living conditions in their supposedly Golden years. The government is not prepared for the onslaught of seniors hitting the health care system showing a total lack of long term planning. Born September 8, 1946, Regina Saskatchewan Married to Maria 3 children and 3 grandchildren (getting ready to go to University.) Live and worked in the Olds Area since 1976. Education – Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, Master in Agriculture Economics Community involvement- Director of Alberta Surface Rights group, past minor soccer coach, past treasurer of Cubs and Optimists. Work Experience- Taught at Olds college since 1976 in the area of Farm Management , Economics, and Business Management. Also worked as a District agriculturist for 5 years. Retired in 2011. Also run an active farm during this time, primarily raising hay and grain crops. Why I am running In this period of time experienced the Klein era cuts and the continued underfunding of maintenance and repair, a huge infrastructure deficit right across Alberta that cannot be solved without increased government spending . This is the core root cause of rising Tuition fees and Post Secondary education charging more but giving less. Thus the Job skills deficit despite record spending on Post Secondary and K12. Any promises by the Wildrose or Conservatives that they can solve the problems without increased spending show their total lack of understanding of the current situation.

Agriculture – the long years of Conservative government has seen the huge sell off of the Alberta Beef herd, which is decimating the beef industry. Numbers are where they are in the late, 1950’s. Also witnessed the huge concentration of power by the meat packers, only 2 Cargill and Tyson, also own about 80%% of feed lot cattle. They set the prices they will pay the producer. Also concentration of Buyers in grain industry, resulting in same situation for grain producers. This has resulted in a decline in smaller rural communities that will not be reversed. The Liberal party platform best offers a solution for a future more prosperous Alberta. Loss of property rights , Carbon capture is about government seizing ownership of all land rights below top 6 inches without compensation for land owners. Really about government owing all the WATER and eventual privatization and sale of Water. If an OIL company causes pollution of ground water by a Fracking process, then there is no lawsuit because the landowner cannot sue the company or government for compensation. Bill 19 says if a landowner opposes a government assembly project then they are subject to fines of $100,000 and 2 years in jail without trial by judge or jury. This is Communist not Democracy Bills 19, 24, 36 and 50 need to be cancelled, which is liberal policy. I fell I am the best qualified to serve the electors of the Olds – Didsbury riding.

VOTE APRIL 23, 2012 Keeping Our Communities Connected!

Hitching Post News • Volume 2 , Issue 4A• 7

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Cremona Cowboys Triple Crown- Amazing Year for Cremona Atom Hockey Team submitted by Sheri Laye The Cremona Cowboys Atom team had an amazing year ending up first in the Central Alberta Hockey League (CAHL) standings, winning every game and tying one. Round 1 of playoffs were done in 2 games against Duchess, Round 2 was also done in 2 games against Beiseker. The Banner Round was so exciting with Canmore. We won the first game, lost the second game in Canmore bringing back home the third game. This game was as good as it gets! Both goalies stood on their heads; it was a true a goalie game (good job Dawson in net) We ended up winning late in the third period with a goal from Kyle Crosbie. It was so awesome to see the support the community gave this little team that night. I really don't think I have ever seen the arena have that many people in it, it was packed and so exciting for everyone. We truly have an amazing community, when the Canmore players were leaving the arena all the parents and fans gave this team a huge applause, very classy! Good Job Cremona.

This team made it to Provincials for the 2nd year in a row in Mayerthorpe, AB. After the first night we made a huge statement that we were there to win! The team won the "A" pool, winning semifinals and playing Claresholm for the Provincial Banner, where we ended up winning. Playing in Provincials is an experience of a lifetime for these players, coaches and parents. In Cremona's hockey history there has been no team win both their league and provincials in the same year. But yet we were not done winning, 1 more Tournament to go. We headed to Lacombe for the "Tournament of Champions" where we won also. This team is small with 11 players, but the heart and the “never quit” from these athletes showed every time their skates touched the ice. All year our coaches Clair Crosbie, Terry Black and Jody Laye worked the kids very hard in practices with it showing in how the kids played each game. They never gave up and never quit!

This is Coach Clair Crosbie, Kyle Good Job Cowboys you are the Crosbie and Dawson Laye's 3rd 2012: Atom Banner in a Row. Assistant Atom Tier 2 CAHL Coach Terry Black, Dylan Laye, Champions Madison Black, Dane BennettNimijean, Denton Argent, Tage Hockey Alberta Provincial Fawns's 2nd Atom Banner in a Row Atom "D" Champions and a 1st Banner win for Assistant Coach Jody Laye, Brandon Tetz, Tournament of Champions Brody Coleman, Dayton Foster & Champs Julien Ducharme. " TRIPLE CROWN"

8 • Volume 2 , Issue 4A• Hitching Post News

Back; Sheri Laye (manager),Jody Laye (Asst Coach), Terry Black (Asst Coach), Clair Crosbie (Coach). Middle; Madison Black, Kyle Crosbie, Julien Duscharme, Dane Bennett-Nimijean, Dylan Laye, Denton Argent. Front; Tage Fawns, Brandon Tetz, Brody Coleman, Dayton Foster. Goalie; Dawson Laye

Keeping Our Communities Connected!

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Two Men in Thailand - Fight Night in Hua Hin Travel Log by Scott Davis It’s off to fight night in Hua Hin, as have enough time to fill our consists of five three-minute rounds, and is refereed in the same manner the boys check out the cultural suitcases with stuff. as the sweet science of boxing. The extravaganza that is Muay Thai fighters are incredibly boxing. intense, although there is a surprising degree We were lazily lounging around the of ritual and lobby yesterday, wondering what sportsmanship about kind of fun we could have without the whole thing. going bar-hopping, when a truck drove by, blasting an advertisement The first bout featured for Thailand’s national sport, Muay two slender but Thai boxing. Everywhere you look muscular men, who in Thailand, you see training before the match made facilities and stadiums for the sport, a great display of so we figured that it’s gotta be good. We settled into our seats, ordered a stretching, flexing, and praying to Our host Tony confirmed that we beer, and surveyed the scene. On the Buddha for a favorable result. The had made an excellent choice, and wall behind the ring was a brilliantly bell rang, and they proceeded to try told us about the event’s location lit photo of the King and Queen of to kill each other. During each and ticket prices, and had his staff Thailand. Underneath that were round, loud, rhythmic music blares, arrange a tuk-tuk at a confirmed three gigantic photos of the man which the fighters seem to use as a price. He also told us that there was who is obviously second in metronome to time their assaults on a great marketplace right across the reverence to the royals, Mohammed each other. The racket is further street from the arena, and suggested Ali (AKA Cassius Clay).The event enhanced by the excited babble of that we go a bit early to stroll around kicked off with a recital of the Hua Hin’s version of Ed Whalen, and ensure that we got a good seat national anthem, a doleful dirge if I whose job it is to rile the crowd into for the Muay Thai matches. We did ever heard one. There were five a frenzy. as we were told, and reserved bouts on the card, and what a Between rounds, the managers haul ringside seats (you can’t get better spectacle it was! a shallow galvanized tub into the than seats A1 and A2) at the Grand Sports Stadium, a bit of a shabby Muay Thai is similar to boxing, corner, put a stool in the middle, and arena attached to Hua Hin’s version although the competitors are also proceed to rub down their fighters of Caesar’s Palace, the Grand Hotel. allowed to kick and knee each other and splash them with water to cool We wandered around the in the head, or any other part of the their overheated bodies. The first marketplace for a bit, but didn’t anatomy they can reach. Each match match lasted the full five rounds, and was settled by a decision by the ringside judges. I have no idea how they score the bouts, but the judges conducted themselves with the same professionalism and dignity as the referee.

that were worthy of further The third bout commentary. featured two little kids who appeared to be about 10 years old. Despite their tender age, however, they had already turned pro, and the winner was rewarded with a mouthful of money, just like the rest. The fifth match and main event featured contestants that we thought were even more bizarre than the prepubescent kids we had witnessed earlier. In the blue corner was a lean young man, and in the red corner was -wait for it- a woman. Obviously, the Thais have reached a level of sexual equality undreamed of in Canada, and they proceeded to kick the crap out each other. I had my money on the girl, figuring that they must have set her up against a stiff that couldn’t punch his way out of a paper bag. However, for the thousandth time in Thailand, I was proven wrong, and he knocked the unlucky lass out in the third round. The whole affair lasted over three hours, and the bloodthirsty throng streamed to the exits. Every tuk-tuk was filled to capacity, so we settled on another, even more unconventional mode of transport. A lonely, toothless old man presented himself, and ushered us into Thailand’s version of a rickshaw, a tricycle with a double seat. His fare (100 Baht) was the same as charged by the tuk-tuk jockeys, so we settled into our seats and enjoyed a truly memorable ride.

A winner was declared, and they As our cyclo jockey strained and stuffed the prize money in the sweated to take us to our destination (we told him to take us to the Hilton Hotel, a landmark not far from our hotel) he whooped and hollered in a most entertaining fashion. Even though the old bugger dropped us off in the middle of the red light district, and not at the Hilton as ordered, we were so appreciative of his efforts that we doubled his fare. Such amusement cannot be found at

victor’s mouth. He then proceeded to wade into the audience sporting a face full of Baht, and received copious tips from his appreciative audience. The same routine continued for the rest of the fights, so there is no need for a blow by blow account.

home at any price, and we were in a generous mood after watching the carnage at the Muay Thai matches.

Next Issue: Three weeks of tearing around Thailand can take their toll, but a quick change of pace and some local therapy prepares Scott for the There were two matches, however, next leg of his journey.

Keeping Our Communities Connected!

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FCSS Happenings March has been a fabulous month for FCSS! Our Community Discovery Night on March 21 was a huge success! 35 community groups took part in the event, with approximately 100 community members browsing through. I learned more about what’s offered in our community, and got to meet lots of smiling faces that are involved. If you missed this event, you missed a fantastic opportunity…be sure not to miss out next time. A big thank you to the students and staff at Cremona School for your support, and all the community groups who set up tables…we could not have made this event as successful as it was without you. The Try-Camp Experience is underway, and is getting rave reviews! 54 excited kids got to participate in some great events at our local camps. The camp filled up, and had a waiting list! This is an excellent opportunity to discover camps in our own “backyard”. A reminder to everyone out there…April 15 – 21 is National Volunteer Week. Volunteering and volunteer groups are one of the foundations of every community. Provincially, FCSS recognizes that and supports volunteers. Our principles and beliefs speak to that: A community’s most valuable asset is its people. All people are valuable and we value all people and their capabilities. Each of us can make valuable contributions to our communities, and communities need the contributions of all of us. Working together allows us, as citizens, to contribute directly to our community, which in turn is linked to positive outcomes for individuals, families and community. Each municipality has unique programming needs and is best able to determine what its own needs are and propose solutions to meet them. Municipalities can support

individuals, families and communities by providing wellpreventative social designed programs. Each of these 6 statements speaks in some capacity to volunteering. Thank you to all the dynamic and committed volunteers in Cremona & Water Valley! We wouldn’t be what we are without each and every one of you! A unique opportunity has crossed my desk this week, and I’d like to share it with you. The Rural Alberta Development Fund & the Alberta Community & Cooperatives Association have teamed up to pilot a project that aims at empowering communities to invest locally, direct their own economic development and reduce dependency on government supports. The UNLEASHING LOCAL CAPITAL project will educate rural communities on a community investment model, and assist in establishing a community investment fund (which is a pool of capital raised from local investors, managed by a local committee then invested back into local businesses). Three rural pilot communities will be chosen to receive a substantial monetary grant and implement & test the model & create a Raising Local Capital Guide that will be provided to future community leaders in Alberta. The project will focus on addressing rural business succession planning, directing local capital into communities and simplifying and reducing the cost of investing. Does this sound interesting to you? FCSS will be hosting a Lunch & Learn webinar on April 17 @ noon. The webinar will last 1 ½ hours, and discussion will follow; only 15 spots are available at

submitted by Tanya Shand, Director Cremona FCSS a cost of $10/person (to cover lunch). If you have questions or My office hours are 9 am to 3 pm, want to book a seat call FCSS @ unless otherwise posted. If I’m not answering my phone, please call me 403-637-3731. and leave a message, I’ll return your A reminder that the Tri- call as soon as I’m able. Communities Transportation project is up and running until June. If you need a ride to a medical or other appointment in Carstairs, Didsbury, Airdrie, Cochrane or Calgary, call 1877-389-2887. The ride fares are approximately 1/3 of the cost of other transportation, and are a shared ride – meaning that there will be other stops along the way to pick up and drop off others. All the details can be obtained by calling the above number. Please call as early in advance to book your ride, so you won’t be disappointed. Transportation is available Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. As always, you may contact me by phone – 403-637-3731 or 403-5104521 or

Bookings: 1-877-389-2887

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Cremona United Church submitted by Frank van Doorn

Here is one of those things that just keeps getting better the more times I read it. Maybe as I get older I am more able to laugh at myself, or the memory of the little hook and that pain fades with time. The following story is from my fishing journal… June 4, 2000 I went fishing on the Dogpound Creek yesterday afternoon and then again later that evening. Managed to put a hook through my pants and into my leg. Don't ask how, it was just a lapse in clear thinking. It happens, leave it alone. I couldn't back the hook out even though earlier I had crimped the barb down. My pants were, in effect, stapled to my leg, which made walking almost impossible and so I cut the shank with the mini side cutters I always carry for just such an event. Well, mercifully, home was a 100 meter limp away. All the way I pulled my pant leg away from my knee so the hook shank would not catch the fabric. I could feel the imbedded hook wiggling as the muscle flexed with each step.

out of my leg just above my knee. "Is that it?" I said to myself, "It's so tiny!" I took out my small hemostat pliers that I use to free fish of their hooks and thought I could grab it and just push it through. I had seen John Wayne do this with barbed Apache arrows to some poor unfortunate wounded trooper in a movie I once saw long ago. "Yah," I thought, "I can do that." I took two good shots of Gin and began my work. I could make the skin poke up, but the hook point would not continue to penetrate its way out despite my twisting of the little piece of exposed wire. It was like as though the skin were tougher on the inside than the outside! Watching it poke up, but failing to push through made me get woozy and feel a little sick. I called my neighbour, to come over and do it.

My neighbour quickly appeared with mechanics tools, selected big 'geezuz' pliers, got down on his knees for a closer look and decided he was not the man for the job. He called his personal doctor in Cochrane for advice. He said he could do it there in his home, but that he had no anesthetic. Nicely primed on two more Gins I replied that it was okay and that all I wanted was to have it out. So, my neighbour did the ambulance driver routine and took me to his Doctor’s house by 11:30 In my kitchen I sat myself down, that night. I had no idea ancient gingerly took my pants off and saw Toyota four-cylinder diesel Land this little hunk of steel wire sticking Cruiser's could go that fast! They

actually can't, I had forgotten about the few hits of Gin I had consumed, but the tires really did spin on the gravel! And my neighbour making the , WheeOoo, WheeOoo! sound must have been the inspiration for that old beast to get up and go and for me to feel enormous acceleration and a sense of speed. Well, there, too, the Gin just might have played a role.

submitted by Sheila Snowdy Cremona United Church opened in 1937 and is celebrating its 75th Anniversary this year. With Spring just around the corner we have begun planning for our Anniversary Celebration this Summer. April 15, 2012 – Guest speaker Rev. Paul DuVal Service on Sunday at 10:30 a.m.

Anyway..... Once at the Doctor’s, he sat me in a dining room chair, redirected one of his ceiling spot lights to my knee, got out his big "You could hold a kidney with that!" hemostat and asked which way the hook was pointed. I showed him, looked away as he grabbed the exposed end and twisted the point the rest of the way through. I sucked air through my teeth and gave a little yelp once I felt the point push through the skin. Then with another 'stat’, the Doc grabbed the point and pulled it through. The relief was instantaneous upon its removal. A half dozen of Traditional Ale and another of Rikard's Red was the good doctor’s price, which I would gladly pay in a few days.

Church contact: Rev. P. Marie Wedderburn 403-637-2200 Where a warm welcome awaits with refreshments after service. DID YOU KNOW: The first pews were fashioned and built by local farmers.

Even though we were entertained with pale green Northern Lights, the return trip in the 'ambulance', the emergency over and siren quiet, was much more subdued. Which was good, as the gin had worn off along with all my bravery and bravado. John Wayne wasn't so tough, but the trooper who had the arrow pushed through him, now, HE was tough!

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Keeping Our Communities Connected!

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