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We hope that you enjoy this issue of HPN so quickly on the heels of the last paper. There are lots of great events going on this coming weekend. Sundre is having their 33rd annual rodeo with four performances over three days from Friday to Sunday. Also the hamlet of Water Valley will be having their 14th annual Water Valley Celtic Fest. 10 venues and over 200 performers has something for everyone to enjoy. Carstairs will be hosting the Motorcycle “Ride for Dad” to rais awareness and money for men’s cancer research on Saturday. For more information go to Have a great weekend everyone! -- Angela Distributed to Cremona, Water Valley, Carstairs, Crossfield and Sundre, Didsbury & the Rural Routes of Carstairs, Crossfield, Madden, Dog Pound, Didsbury, Sundre, Bergen and Bottrel Deadline for the First July issue is:

July 6, 2012 11am Paper Release Date:

July 12, 2012 Paper Day is


HITCHING POST NEWS Office Hours:9am-3:30pm Phone: 403-637-2953 Editor Angela Lambert Publishers Tara Jenkins & Angela Lambert Staff Cartoonist Simon Oleny Box 456 Water Valley, AB T0M 2E0 2 • Volume 2 , Issue 6B • Hitching Post News

WILSON, Norma 1931 – 2012 Norma Maude Wilson (nee Rigsby) of Cremona passed away at the Didsbury Hospital on June 5, 2012 at the age of 80 years. Norma was born in Didsbury on August 27th, 1931 and grew up in the Cremona / Big Prairie district, graduating from Cremona High School. On July 28th, 1950, Norma married Gordon Wilson and together they worked on their farm west of Cremona and raised three children, Donald, Brian and Kathy. In 1995, Norma and Gordon retired to Cremona and participated in many Gold and Silver and community activities. Norma will be especially missed by her good friend Jack Eby and lovingly remembered by her two sons Donald (Deb) of Didsbury, Brian (Terry) of Crossfield; one daughter Kathy (Mark) McLaughlin of Ottawa; four grandchildren Darcy Wilson, Sherry (Don) Morrish, Tara VanMaarion, Brad Wilson (Leann) and five great grandchildren Anthony, Brandon, Courtney, Andrea and Madison. Also to cherish Norma’s memory are numerous other family members and many friends made over the years. Norma was predeceased by husband Gordon in 2006; her parents William and Maude; three brothers Gerald, Elwood, Neil and three sisters Shirley, Audrey, Eileen. A Celebration of Norma’s life has been held. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made directly to Heart & Stoke Foundation of Alberta, 202, 5913 – 50 Avenue, Red Deer AB T4N 4C4 or to the Canadian Diabetes Association, 6, 5015 - 48 Avenue, Red Deer AB T4N 1S9. Condolences to Norma’s family may be emailed to MEANINGFUL MEMORIALS Red Deer, 587-876-4944. Keeping Our Communities Connected!

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Letter to the Editor no way was this position meant to “overtake” the all ready amazing work that volunteers in our community do. It was meant to compliment our volunteer’s work, and offer a way for alleviate some of the demands in organizing large A part time position was created in events. 2012 with the Village funding part of the wages and the FCSS offering Thank you for your understanding as in kind services. The intent of we initiate this program and we hope creating this position was to work on you will work with us in the future projects that will promote Cremona to make area events successful. and area that are out of the scope of the FCSS. This will be done by Yours Truly, keeping programs running that local Village of Cremona & Cremona organizations could not continue to Family & Community Support operate and to assist and coordinate Services operations that need extra help. In There seems to be a lot of questions about the Community Projects Coordinator position and what it was We hope this set up to do. information will help answer some of questions and dispel any myths.


JUNE 7, CREMONA ALBERTA 6:30PM In 2006 Film Producer and Director Eppo Eerkes went on a journey to capture and record the stories of Child Soldiers in an active war zone in Northern Uganda. What he came back with was a life changing experience that has turned into a Feature Film, Documentary and new society fronted by youth from his own back yard. The new society the ‘Army of H.O.P.E.’ was formed. HOPE stands for Happiness – Opportunity – Peace – Everywhere and the goal of this new army is to spread this message to other children worldwide and connect with and help other communities move beyond the tragedies they survived in war. On Thursday June 7 the Army of HOPE will be actively demonstrating there message by replicating the same Night Walk that children in Northern Uganda had to do every day to keep out of harms

Keeping Our Communities Connected!

way and being forced to fight in a war they knew nothing of. The demonstration will start at 4:30pm at the Water Valley Community Center and will make its way for 13 km along Hi-way 579 and then north along Hiway 22 towards Cremona. The group will be escorted by the Cremona Fire Department with truck in the front and flank of the walk. By 7:30pm the group of over 100 will be arriving at Cremona School where there will be a live Skype Call with a former Child Soldier, a screening of a new film by Eppo Eerkes and Alberta Films and live music with 18year old recording artist Lucas Chaisson. Ultimately this event is the beginning of a journey where The Army of Hope will be working hand in hand with a northern Uganda based organization called YouthVision Uganda. Over the next year the Army of Hope through Cremona School will work towards helping rebuild communities in Northern Uganda. By next fall the Army of Hope will be bringing bikes, a vital form of transportation to Uganda. The Army of Hope would like to welcome you to this amazing active and visual demonstration and event to kick off the beginning of an incredible journey about youth giving back to youth.

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Cremona Museum Upgrades - Open for July 1 Alan Ried There have been several upgrades to the Cremona Museum at the Gold and Silver building. We will be open July 1st from 11am-4pm. A new mechanical chair in the stairway has been installed to make it easier for older people or those with a disability to manage the long stairway. A new cream coloured tile has been installed in the main basement which has made it look

larger. Some new lighting has been added. There are some new displays and many pictures have been relocated to large display folders where you may sit ato observe them. Coffee and donuts will be available upstairs where you can see fine art from local artists. We welcome you to come visit us on July 1st.

Hitching Post News • Volume 2 , Issue 6B• 3

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Mayors Corner submitted by: Leslie Abrams At the May 15, 2012 Council meeting there were many questions regarding the planned sidewalk construction on Railway Avenue and Council remunerations. I will try to shed some light on both subjects. The sidewalk along the north side of Railway Avenue from Center Street to 1st Street East has been a concern to current and past council for many years. Council and staff visited the site in the spring of 2011 to determine the best course of action. It was noted that the control of storm water would be a challenge as the low point on that block was adjacent to 1st Street East. The construction project was approved in the 2011 capital budget. It was turned over to the Village engineer to design a high level plan based on Council’s site visit. Council’s initial goal was to have a uniform curb on the north side of Railway Avenue. Alberta Transportation made a site visit and stated the sidewalk could not be extended to the desired distance to achieve this goal. The engineer stated that a minimum of a 48” extension would be required to better control storm water issues. The preliminary plans were submitted to Alberta Transportation in the Fall of 2011. We received Alberta Transportation approval on the high level plan in May 2012. Below are the engineer’s considerations and drawings in developing this plan. “REPLACEMENT AT EXISTING LOCATION Should the Village consider the replacement of the sidewalk in the existing location and elevation, the following concerns should be noted: Water from the properties will continue to drain along the sidewalk causing the potential ponding of water in front of the building entrances. Chinook conditions in the winter will cause the trapped water to freeze, creating a potential slipping

4 • Volume 2 , Issue 6B • Hitching Post News

hazard. Higher efforts required for snow removal to lift snow over curb. Curb creates a potential tripping hazard between the sidewalk and road. Replacement of the sidewalk in the existing location and at a higher elevation, the following concerns should be noted: The raised sidewalk will block water from draining from the property to the street. Sidewalk drains could be installed but potentially could become blocked and would be a maintenance problem. Chinook conditions in the winter could cause the trapped water to overflow across the sidewalk and freeze, creating a potential slipping hazard. The raised sidewalk will be above the building entrances to 112 Railway Ave and 116 Railway Ave creating a potential tripping hazard when accessing the buildings. REPLACEMENT AT PROPOSED LOCATION Should the Village consider the replacement of the sidewalk in the proposed location, the following advantages are noted: All building entrances would be wheel chair accessible. Width of sidewalk will be increased from 1.2 m (4’) to 1.5 m (5’). Water from the properties will properly drain to the street. Green spaces will provide a buffer between buildings and sidewalk. Green space will potentially absorb some run-off water from the property. Sidewalk drains will be provided to channel water from roof drains (down spouts) to the street. Should the drains become blocked, the sidewalk is approximately 1.2 m further away from the buildings to decrease the potential for the ponding of water in front of the

building entrances. The sidewalk will be higher than the building entrance to 116 Railway Ave. The height of the sidewalk will reduce the potential volume of water which could flow into the building entrance. The volume of water will be limited to water from the property. Water from the adjacent properties will be diverted to the street. Catch basin in the NW corner of 1st Street East will be re-located to accept water from Railway Ave and 1st Street East. The addition of a green space will provide access to each business during construction, minimizing disruptions.

administration. In the spirit of transparency I am presenting everyone with the following information. For most of the boards, commissions, seminars and conventions the Village pays for the time and expense of its members. These totals are outlined in the Village’s audited statement. This does not give the entire picture. When Council members represent the Village on Mountain View Waste Commission and Mountain View Seniors Housing they receive pay for their time and expense from these boards. Following are the total amounts received by council members for representing you in 2011.

The replacement of the sidewalk in Waste totals for Village of Cremona, View Seniors the proposed location, the following Mountain HousingAuth. and Mountain dis-advantages is noted: View Commission Parking would be limited to parallel Mayor Abrams 9,419 650 10,069 Deputy Mayor Whittle parking.” 4,886 572 5,458 Council acknowledges parallel Councillor Beckman 3,270 7,143 708 11,121 parking will be something that will need special attention. Because the medical clinic is located on the I will also confirm the CAO Salary, block, parking limitations will have benefits and allowances as stated in to be put into place to allow for the the 2011 audit statement as $ 90,697.00. special needs of patients. Concerns have been voiced on angle parking and the danger of backing onto a provincial highway. This is done blindly when bigger vehicles are parked beside them. We have also had concerns brought to us about having to parallel park as some people have trouble doing this. Council feels this option for the sidewalk will serve the needs of Cremona for many years into the future. Council will consider the need for a public meeting about the proposed construction before going forward. Council Remunerations There has been a lot of attention given to the salaries of council and

I will once again mention that 2012 budgets and 2011 audited financial statements are available at the Village Office at no cost. Cremona Day – July 1st 2012 The committee has been working hard to bring you an exciting July 1st line up. There are some great new additions as well as our old time favorites planned for the day. Speaking of old time favorites the theme for this year is Ole Time Country Fair in the spirit of the 100th anniversary of Calgary Stampede. Watch the mail and local newspapers for further information on the day’s schedule.

Keeping Our Communities Connected!

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6 • Volume 2 , Issue 6B• Hitching Post News

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Dirty Harry Does Bangkok submitted by Scott Davis Dirty Harry Does Bangkok The streets of Bangkok are chaotic, and down-right intimidating, dangerous. The author shares his survival strategies, including the highly-effective Clint Eastwood Treatment. After filing yesterday's report (The Road to Bangkok), I decided to step out into the afternoon smog and check out the exciting boulevards of the throbbing Thai capitol. My first order of business was to ascertain exactly where in the name of King Bhumibol I was, so I grabbed a transit map from the hotel lobby and had the bellman mark our location. After getting hopelessly lost in the comparatively benign streets of Hua Hin, I had visions of winding up in the Chao Phraya River, to be fished out, sliced, and served on a stick with peanut sauce from some street vendor’s BBQ. I ventured out timidly; not wanting to attract attention to my touristy self, then decided that the situation demanded a more confident demeanor. So, I stood up straight, squared my shoulders, and strode manfully down the street with my face fixed in my best Clint Eastwood impersonation. This worked surprisingly well, as the street vendors and ladies of the afternoon obviously knew that I meant business and was not to be trifled with. I was still a little nervous about taking pictures on the street though, as I knew that it would be a dead giveaway and blow my cover completely.

I took a tour of four or five blocks in the vicinity of the hotel, and soon realized that I had a built-in local landmark just a half a block north. The Skytrain runs down the middle of Sukhumvit Road, an eight-lane battlefield if I ever saw one. The train can’t be missed - it is a gigantic thing- supported by massive 50 foot high concrete pillars. I knew that if I could find that monster, I could find my way home from the nearby Rana station. I returned to my hotel for a late afternoon nap, satisfied that I could Keeping Our Communities Connected!

see something of the great city without getting lost, or worse, plastered across the grill of a tuktuk. After dinner, I headed back to an English bookstore, where I purchased a map which would help me identify and transit to the local landmarks. My intent was to study the map later in the comfort and safety of my room. My evening stroll took me far and wide, as I was more assured of myself and my ability to navigate my way around. I did discover, however, that the streets and sidewalks still present their fair share of hazards. The Plight of the Pedestrian Walking the streets of Bangkok presents many challenges. Obstacle #1 is simply breathing, as the fumes from ancient diesel and gasoline engines clog the skies with a permanent haze. Even though I have managed to avoid the Cryderman cold, after eight hours in Bangkok my eyes were burning, my throat was sore, and I had a raspy voice and a wheezing w h i s t l e coming from my lungs. This would explain why most people who work at street l e v e l (especially traffic cops and security guards) wear respirators or filter masks. If you’re not careful, this place can kill you, in one way or another. Although air pollution is a slow and sure cause of a miserable death in Bangkok, those with an immediate suicidal bent need only attempt to cross a street, any street. Nowhere in Thailand do pedestrians have the right of way, but motorists (and anybody on wheels) in Bangkok enforce their right of way with particular zeal and

determination. After three weeks over here, I am getting better at looking for oncoming traffic- it comes first from the right, not the left- as at home, and have managed to safely cross Thai intersections several times. This is relatively easy on the quieter streets, although you must always be on the lookout for mad tuk-tuk drivers and hordes of bicycle merchants, any of whom would rather mow you down than look at you. I was starting to feel pretty clever, but then I tried to cross Sukhumvit Road. This manic motorway appears to handle more traffic in an hour than the Deerfoot Trail does in a month, and there are no crosswalks or pedestrian signals anywhere. There are a number of overpasses (spaced about two blocks apart) that allow you to cross at the level of the Skytrain, and a few street level crossings in the middle of the block which can be traversed when the traffic signals bring vehicles to a standstill, or rarer still, when there is a break in the flow. In this case, and when crossing adjacent side street intersections, I found that the best strategy was to wait until a local appeared, then take his cue to cross, following discreetly a few steps behind. This would ensure that the native would be run over first, and hopefully allow me to evade a collision without harm. Even if you don’t insist on crossing the road, a leisurely stroll down the sidewalks is impossible, as the

masses of humanity moving about mean you have to always keep with the flow or risk being trampled. Also, in many areas, food stalls and Rolex vendors crowd both sides of the artificially narrowed walkway, meaning you always need to be on the alert so as not to bowl over a shopper. In many places, the stalls, vendors, and street side restaurants block the sidewalk completely, leaving you no choice but to venture onto the streets, with potentially fatal results. To further complicate the plight of the Bangkok pedestrian, the sidewalks themselves rise and fall with unpredictable regularity, with steps suddenly arising and dropping without warning nor apparent topographical reason. This results in the ever present danger of tripping, falling, and being trampled into the pavement by the stampeding hordes. The walkways are in poor repair, and are everywhere either crumbling or under reconstruction. You really have to pay attention and watch your step, which is a shame because there are so many interesting things to see. And to top it all off, there are the omnipresent street beggars, who sprawl across the sidewalk, shaking their plastic cups and moaning for financial aid. A surprising number of the beggars are healthy young women, who sensibly prefer this occupation to standing in bars shouting “love you long time” and accompanying grungy old men to grungy old hotels. The rest of the beggars are wretched creatures, amputees and others obviously disabled or disfigured. I found these poor souls extremely disturbing and painful to encounter, and found that the best way to deal with them was to avoid eye contact and give ‘em the full Clint Eastwood treatment. Next Issue: Your bold correspondent spends his last day in Thailand tearing around the capital, and gains a new appreciation for the allure of exotic Bangkok

Hitching Post News • Volume 2 , Issue 6B• 7

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Community Bylaw Officer submittedy by Amanda Oling Is Your Dog Causing A Nuisance? You’re getting ready to leave for another hectic work day and before you head out the door, you check the weather forecast. Seeing that the weather will be clear and sunny, you figure you may do your dog (Rover) a favor by leaving him outside. You smile to yourself as you drive away figuring you have done Rover a favor as he loves the outdoors and should enjoy a day of backyard freedom. However, Rover sees your plan differently. Rover is not use to being left outside alone all day and misses his usual routine of sleeping on your bed all day long; so he decides to bark in protest all day long which drives your neighbors crazy. To you, life is great. When you arrive home, Rover is tired and doesn’t make a peep all night long. So for the next while, you continue to leave Rover outside on warm, sunny days. Meanwhile your neighbors are getting frustrated at the fact that they cannot enjoy their morning coffee on their deck without Rover barking non-stop. You receive messages from your neighbors but ignore them because you figure they have the wrong dog….Rover doesn’t bark when you are home, how could he be causing a nuisance when you are away? A couple weeks later, you receive a warning letter from the County stating your dog is barking and causing a nuisance. “That’s impossible, Rover doesn’t make a sound when I’m home” you state as you proceed to phone the County to plead your case. Every year, Mountain View County receives numerous complaints about dogs barking excessively and causing a nuisance. Many dog owners do not realize their dog is a problem as when they are home, the dog is quiet, but the minute they leave, the dog barks non-stop. Other dog owners know there is a problem, but don’t know how to control the 8 • Volume 2 , Issue 6B• Hitching Post News

barking. The following information may be useful in offering some answers and solutions. BARKING: Barking is a normal behaviour for dogs. Most dogs begin barking by four to six months of age. The more excitable breeds of dogs have a greater tendency to bark. A dog that barks can create problems for the dog owner if this barking disturbs other people. There are three main reasons that dogs bark:

2. Obedience School – Most Humane Societies offer obedience training and there are several private dog obedience schools and trainers out there. A list of recommended schools may be available from your local veterinary clinic or can be found in the yellow pages or on the internet. Make sure to obtain references and do your research before choosing a school to ensure its right for you and your dog.

local veterinarian, or research behavior consultants on the internet. Again, obtain references and choose someone who is right for you and your dog.

4. Barking Collars or Other Devices – These are designed to break the nuisance barking habit and are available from local pet or hardware stores. Barking collars such as citronella spray or electronic shock can be effective but must be used properly. There is a lot of 3. Behaviour Consultants – Please information regarding these collars consult your telephone directory on the internet including lists of pros under “Dog Training”, talk to your and cons for each type of collar. As

1. To protest isolation – a puppy or dog vocalizes when it is left alone (for example, being left alone in a backyard for extended periods of time when they are not use to this practice). Extended periods of being tethered have also been shown to increase barking and can cause other aggressive behaviour. 2. To gain a response from another animal, object, or person. 3. Alarm at unidentified sounds, movements, objects or odours. If your dog is not use to being left outside (as in the above scenario), every sound can be frightening. Even if your dog is use to being left outside, if something changes, for example, a thunderstorm rolling in, a new house being built next door or new neighbors moving in, this change can be frightening for your dog. B E H A V I O U R MODIFICATION/SOLUTIONS TO PROBLEM BARKING: 1. Reference Material – Pamphlets on problem barking are available from most veterinary clinics and humane societies or can be found on the internet. Keeping Our Communities Connected!

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Community Bylaw Officer - Continued from Page 8 submittedy by Amanda Oling with any other device, do your barking, the noise stops. Again, do barking is excessive. If your dog is disturbance or bad weather suddenly research and pick what will work your research and pick which device found to be barking excessively, arrives. A small amount of planning, preparation and courtesy can go a fines start at $100 per day. suits your needs. best for you and your dog. long way towards not only keeping If a collar is not the right solution for 5. Debarking – This is usually a last Before leaving Rover outside on his Rover happy but also your neighbors you, there are other devices. These resort when all else fails and must be own this summer, make sure Rover and ultimately you happy as well. other devices include items that look done by a veterinarian. Before is comfortable with being left alone like bird houses that emit an ultra considering this option, discuss the outside for an extended period of If you have any questions regarding sonic high pitched sound only dogs pros and cons with your time. It is also best to ensure Rover this topic, please feel free to contact has plenty of water and can seek Amanda Oling, Community Peace can hear. Each time the dog barks, veterinarian. shelter in a place he feels safe (such Officer/Bylaw Enforcement Officer the device emits this sound for a as a dog house, shed or garage) or at 403-335-3311 ext. 180 or by ecouple of seconds, causing the dog at to stop barking. Soon, the dog learns In dog barking cases, the person make arrangements to have someone mail that barking causes the ultra sonic complaining must document when let Rover into the garage or house if Amanda.Oling@mountainviewcoun noise to start and once they stop your dog is barking and prove the he does cause too much of a

Cremona Congregational Church News submitted by Kathie Ried Cremona Congregational Church News The lovely warm days, the new gardens, the flowers, Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

Coming up soon is a very special Cremona Day worship service that combines the efforts of Cremona Country Fellowship and Cremona Congregational Church. The service will be held at 1:00 pm on the grounds near the baseball diamond. Everyone is welcome to join us for great singing, great preaching and great fellowship. And remember, the church’s are open all summer at their usual times.

Saturday, June 30, 6:30 pm: float building at the Richard Reid farm Sunday, July 1, 1:00 pm: Community Church Service Sunday, July 8, 10:00 am: Family Worship Sunday, July 15, 10:00 am: Family Worship Monday, July 16 to Thursday, July 19, 9:00 am to 12:30 pm Sunday, July 22, 10:00 am: Family Worship led by VBS

At CCC, our summer schedule includes a great program for Vacation Bible School, based on Max Lucado’s stories of the Wemmicks. Who are they? Bring the kids mornings from July 16 to 19 and find out. Crafts, singing, snacks Here’s the calendar: Sunday, June 24, 10:00 am: Family Contacts: Church and fun will round out the days. Office and Pastor Worship, Communion

Walk of Hope Angela Lambert

Ian Mason: 403-637-3768 Website: Message from God: Don’t worry about a thing. Tell God what you need and thank Him for all He’s done for you.

GD Ranch W A T E R



Please contact Debbie Alexander: Cell: 403 608 2985 z Home: 403 637 3004 Email:

On Thursday June 7 111 walkers made up of Cremona School students and parents and teachers set out on an approximate 5 km walk around Cremona to educate participants and bring awareness to passers by about by replicating the same Night Walk that children in Northern Uganda have to do every day to keep out of harms way and being forced to fight in a war they knew nothing of. Participants walked a preplanned route around Cremona and arrived back at the school for a hot dog dinner and entertainment provided by Lucas

Keeping Our Communities Connected!

Chaisson. After the music, coordinator Eppo Eerkes contacted a gentleman in Uganda by the name of Pat and had a question and annswer period with him to give the participants a chance to see what it was like in his own words. Thanks to the Army of Hope for organizing this event and we look forward to seeing more from them in the future!

Hitching Post News • Volume 2 , Issue 6B• 9

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10 • Volume 2 , Issue 6B • Hitching Post News

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Tougher Penalties for Impaired Drivers

Look to the Skies - Summer Solstice Press Release

June 18, 2012

and injuries caused by drunk drivers.”

Angela Lambert "A solstice is an astronomical event that happens twice each year when the Sun reaches its highest position in the sky as seen from the North or South Pole. The word solstice is derived from the Latin sol (sun) and sistere (to stand still), because at the solstices, the Sun stands still in declination; that is, the seasonal movement of the Sun's path (as seen from Earth) comes to a stop before reversing direction. The solstices, together with the equinoxes, are connected with the seasons. In many cultures the solstices mark either the beginning or the midpoint of winter and summer." Wikipedia

at 5:21 am and sunset at 9:55 pm ( 16h 33m 21s daylight) in the Cremona/Water Valley area. The summer solstice occurs exactly when the axial tilt of Earth's semi-axis in a given hemisphere is most inclined towards the Sun. During a solstice this tilt is 23° 26' and Earth is at it's maximum tilt in 2012 at 11:09 pm on June 20.

Criminally impaired drivers face tougher Those with a graduated driver’s licence penalties July 1 will also face stronger penalties if they consume any alcohol and drive. Public education and awareness Beginning July 1, these drivers will campaign begins receive an immediate 30-day licence suspension and seven-day vehicle Edmonton... Changes to Alberta’s seizure. drinking and driving penalties will be introduced in phases over the summer. The changes to penalties, in place since The toughest consequences come into 1999, for drivers with a BAC between The term solstice can also be effect first. On July 1, new penalties will .05 and .08 will come into effect on used in a broader sense, as the be introduced for criminally impaired September 1. date (day) when this occurs. drivers and drinking drivers with a The day of the solstice is either graduated licence. A public education and awareness the longest day of the year (in “People continue to drive when they are campaign has begun and will run summer) or the shortest day of over .08,” said Alberta Transportation throughout the summer. The campaign the year (in winter) for any Minister Ric McIver. “We need a more will use radio, newspaper and online place on Earth, because the effective way to change that behaviour. advertising as well as a website that can length of time between sunrise These penalties are about making sure be easily accessed on mobile devices and sunset on that day is the that all of us feel more secure when we ( Print materials yearly maximum or minimum This year our summer solstice go out on Alberta’s roadways.” will also be distributed through government and its traffic safety partners. occurs on June 20 with sunrise for that place. A driver with a blood alcohol All advertising and print materials are concentration (BAC) over .08 will be available at charged under the Criminal Code, just as before. In addition, beginning July 1, the riving.htm. driver will receive an immediate licence suspension, which remains in place until “We promised Albertans we would take the criminal charge is resolved. The the time to provide an education driver’s vehicle will also be seized. Once campaign before enacting the increased convicted, a driver will be required to use penalties,” said McIver. “While the an ignition interlock device. limits haven’t changed, the penalties have. Impaired driving is an important “The tougher penalties are all about safety discussion in Alberta and we want helping more Albertans get home safe,” to ensure that people have the facts.” said Jonathan Denis, Minister of Justice and Solicitor General. “The penalties, From 2006 to 2010, 569 people were combined with the continued great work killed and 8,530 people were injured in of our enforcement partners across the collisions in Alberta involving drinking province, will reduce the needless deaths drivers. Wood Duck › photo by Angela Lambert Keeping Our Communities Connected!

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Here’s My Card


HPN offers a wide variety of advertising options right for your business, event or activities. Contact by email or phone (403)637-2953 12 • Volume 2 , Issue 6B • Hitching Post News

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HPN June B  

Cremona Grads, Mayors Corner, Cremona Canada Day celebration schedule, Scott Davis - Bangkok, Walk of Hope, Community bylaw officer report