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HPN Hitching Post News Volume 2 * Issue 8A * August 2012 Troll Falls, Kananaskis

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Local Tornado and Safety Tips Tara Jenkins

Distributed FREE to Cremona, Water Valley, Carstairs, Crossfield and Sundre, Didsbury & the Rural Routes of Carstairs, Crossfield, Madden, Dog Pound, Didsbury, Sundre, Bergen and Bottrel

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HITCHING POST NEWS Office Hours:9am-3:30pm Phone: 403-637-2953 Editor Tara Jenkins Publishers Tara Jenkins & Angela Lambert Staff Cartoonist Simon Oleny

The beautiful summer weather we’ve been experiencing in the area for the past couple of weeks has caused some rather severe weather in the evenings making the following tornado safety tips a potentially valuable tool for us all.

Be aware of how your community shares up to date weather information and warnings. Know the difference between a WATCH and a WARNING

Stay away from windows. If possible find shelter away from 14 Tornado Safety Tips Determine the best location for glass windows since flying debris or where you and your family will strong winds are likely to damage or shelter should there be a tornado break the window presenting a whole new problem with the flying while you’re at home. and broken glass. Conduct safety drills with the family. The Canadian Red Cross Get in position… Once in a safe suggests you could combine this shelter find a sturdy structure i.e. a with your regular fire safety drill. desk or workbench and get under it. When discussing tornadoes though If there is nothing to hide under instead of “stop, drop, and roll” its crouch in a doorframe, the beams “roll, duck, and cover”. Roll to a may offer some protection. low area, duck under protection, and Mobile home residents should take cover your head. extra precautions by having a prearranged shelter that is not inside Prepare an Emergency Supply Kit -Have a 3 day supply per person their home. As scary as it seems lying flat on the ground outside may (and pet) of food and bottled water be safer than staying in the home -1st Aid kit that includes since it isn’t secured to the ground. prescription drugs, antacids, aspirin, If you are in a public building get to the basement or lowest level and baby wipes etc. possible. Avoid open spaces like an -Can opener, utility knife, wrench atrium or cafeteria. and other small hand tools Should you be in a vehicle and spot -Whistle, battery-powered radio, a tornado, do not try to out run the storm. Try to get inside a building. flashlights, and batteries If that is not possible lie down flat in -Blankets, clothes, rain gear, and a ditch or any low lying area away from the vehicle. Use your hands foot wear and arms to protect your head. -Cash, a copy of credit cards,

Box 456 Water Valley, AB T0M 2E0

passport, SIN, drivers license, phone Unfortunately if you’re outside numbers (including insurance when the storm hits, the best advice is to find a shelter in a fixed company) building. Check your kit at least once per year to ensure you’re stocked or the Once the storm has passed treat any needs of your family have changed. injuries and seek medical help if Also ensure the expiration on lotions necessary. or medications has not passed. Gas leaks are probable if the tornado Make an inventory of your has been close enough to your home possessions; it may reduce insurance to cause damage. Be aware of the fire hazard associated and your hassles later. vulnerability to an explosion. 2 • Volume 2 , Issue 8A • Hitching Post News

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Tornado Coverage Continued

The recent tornado activity south of Cremona (near Dogpound turn off on highway 22) July 28, while small shows the destruction that even a small storm like this can cause. The photos printed here were taken after the storm had passed. has photos of the storm in various other phases.

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Newly Organized Dogpound Rural Crime Watch Association/Meet Your Neighbors Event We have recently organized a group of families who are interested in preventing crime in our area and helping police track down perpetrators. The area we are focusing on is between the 22 Highway east to the 766 Highway, from Twp Rd 293 south to Twp Rd 280. This rectangular area contains about 240 to 250 homes and it straddles the Airdrie, Didsbury and Cochrane RCMP stations - the furthest point from each jurisdiction. If you live within this area you are invited to a FREE Pig, Corn & Tater Roast at 4:00PM on the 16th of September at the Dogpound Community Hall. Come and hear about the benefits of membership ($10.00/year) and meet your neighbors new and old. We are looking for both private and corporate donations to go towards a computer fan-out system which will allow instant email, fax, phone and text messages simultaneously alerting members to suspicious activity in the area. RSVPs required by Saturday Sept 1 @ 9:00 PM. No Walk Ups allowed. Please call or email one of the individuals below with your RSVP, membership request or donation. Randy Harnack 403 946 4239 or Chloe Cartwright 403 946 4529 ( Donna Geekie 403 946 5286 (

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Hitching Post News • Volume 2 , Issue 8A• 3

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Under Mother Nature's Rule, Always. By Frank van Doorn The fellows from the Netherlands, Ron and Harry, have come and gone, their fly fishing trip more or less a success. For much of June, melting snows and lots of rain had made streams nearly un-fishable, if not darn dangerous to be wandering their banks. I was worried that their trip may end up hopeless as it was planned months in advance on a wing and a prayer that the rivers would be clear and the fish hungry and easily fooled by imitation flies. As it turned out the skies somewhat dried up the last week of June, and Ron and Harry arrived June 30th. After a long flight and another hour in my van to come to our house the boys were tired of all the traveling. They were, however, excited about the fishing and looked at every stream we crossed for fish activity. All they saw was dark muddy water. Dogpound Creek was high and very off colour, as was the Little Red Deer River. After greeting Susan and unpacking we sat about the kitchen table discussing what we would do. Both Ron and Harry brought out fly boxes and began rearranging their stock. As a fall back I had thought of taking my 12 foot aluminum boat on some lakes in the area, namely Beaver Lake. But I am not a fan of three guys in a little boat whipping flies past each other's heads and so hoped it wouldn't come to that. Walking and fishing along the banks is what I like best, it's rather like hunting. And for them it is really what they came out all this way for. In Europe most fisheries are stocked with trout and they are rather tame. I mean the fish are not actually too frightened of folks walking along and tossing food at them, the fish are sort of used to that from their hatchery days. Out here are wild fish, born in the streams they live in all year, every year while dodging the eat or be eaten scenario of Mother Nature. Fishable water is tightly controlled in Europe with designated stretches controlled by hotels or other organizations. And you pay dearly for both the license and the limited access to fish these waters. Trails leading to them are clear and easily walked, there is no sign of deadfall scattered all about and certainly no cattle or wild critters to contend with. It is all very old and civilized, even the undergrowth and weeds seem in order, nature has been tamed. The fish around here are used to the cycles of high and low water and long winters under the ice. When spring breakup occurs salmon fly, 4 • Volume 2 , Issue 8A • Hitching Post News

green drake and other mayfly nymphs begin their move from among the stones at the bottom to the surface, or shore line, to change to flies, to mate, lay eggs and then die. The fish eat the nymphs and flies to prepare for their own cycles of mating and gaining body fat to endure the next season under the ice.

At times the feeding frenzy of trout for a particular bug can be amazing to watch. If you see just their heads and backs breaking he surface they are eating emerging flies; that is, the nymphs have swum to the surface and the fly is frantically trying to break free from the nymph stage and fly up and away to begin the mating phase. Fish take these emergers with zeal, eating them from the stream bottom to the surface and it is often frustrating to catch these rising trout as fishermen are too eager and strike too soon often pulling the fly harmlessly out of the fish's mouth. If you see the fish's tails when they rise to feed, they are usually taking bugs directly from the surface. These bugs are either about to fly off or have returned to lay eggs in the water. Sometimes fish leave the water entirely for these surface bugs. Often trout hook themselves as they bear down on the target and head for their lies at or near the bottom of the stream.

the fish are not biting, if there were On a side trip, on a brutally hot day, fish there at all. we went to the Bow River. It was Ron, Harry and I had a trying first high and mighty to the point where few days as the water was, for the one would normally walk along the most part, quite cloudy, but I always bank was completely underwater. figure that if I can see about a foot We were at Policeman’s Flats deep into the water the fish can see downstream of Calgary and I two and so can be caught on both figured the fish weren’t stupid and wet and dry flies. Thunderstorms would be close to the bank, a rod’s and the occasional shower kept us length away at best. Being out any moving from one place to another. farther would be in a relatively The Burnt and Fallen Timber creeks foodless zone and the strong current were the first to clear up and we met using up too much energy for the with some success catching Brown fish to stay there for long. And sure trout and the occasional Brook trout. enough both Harry and I caught one Salmon fly husks were found each while poor Ron was skunked. All in all, the two weeks of intense ‘jungle fishing’, as the boys like to refer to my neck of the woods and

everywhere along the banks showing a strong hatch this year. As the two weeks passed we saw many many more flying about as well. The fishing was, however, very labour intensive for the reward of a few and rather small fish. The streams were clearing as the weather improved, but it seemed to take forever. It was one of those things where one just had to be patient and wait for the water to clear. The Fallen Timber was one of the first to do this and it didn’t disappoint us as we began to catch fish.

A sense of relief was felt by all, especially me as I was the guide and I had to deliver these good friends something for their long and expensive trip. Eventually we tied Potential predators keep these wild into some good Browns. I landed fish wary of anything walking in the water or on the banks near them. If they sense danger they disappear

one on the Dogpound that was a quite respectable 21 inches and which is why stalking carefully and Harry landed one even bigger on the quietly is the preferable approach of Little Red. The Fallen had proven the fly fisherman. Understanding well also. this and the habitat the fish prefer to inhabit while both resting and feeding is of great importance. If one knows and appreciates these situations a successful day of fishing is assured, but unknowing and careless fishermen often are skunked and commonly complain

style of fishing, was successful. Ron caught fish, Harry caught ‘the fish of his life’ and I didn’t do too badly either. But there has come a problem with these fishing adventures. Two weeks of daily fishing is starting to wear on us. A day off would be nice once in a while, as Ron noted it was becoming “too much like work!” Next time we will take it more slowly, with more days in between fishing sessions to enjoy other things that this wonderful part of the country has to offer. It was with feelings of melancholy that I brought them to the airport and saw them off on their way home. I will miss them as they have become very good friends, perhaps next year Susan and I will go back to Europe for more Tour de France adventures, or I may try fishing over there. I hear the Jura district of France has fabulous streams with large Grayling in abundance. We shall see what the new year brings us. The next day I went alone for a short fish in the Fallen Timber. I promised myself just one fish and then I’d go home. Mother Nature heard my promise and soon I landed a nice Brown and I thanked her by releasing the fish back into the pool he came from.

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Hoons Chuck a Sickie Travel Log by Scott Davis The Australia Day weekend continues, and Scott learns that the celebrations are not without their controversies. He also gleans some essential insight into the national character, which includes a polite disrespect for authority and a bit of a lazy streak. Aussies and Canucks are alike in many ways, and share many of the same peeves, passions, and perplexed patriotism. As one would suspect, however, Australians have their own spin on things. For proof, I offer the following observations: Flippin” the Bird at the Nanny State Aussies are an orderly but rebellious lot, as their dislike of political correctness and the Nanny State is obvious everywhere. On the Lake Cathie bridge, we saw a father hoisting his 6 year old onto the bridge railing for a jump in the lake, while standing right under a warning sign.

that indicate that 25% of Australian present) of the aboriginals, or should workers fail to take all of the it celebrate the multicultural makeup of the Australian people? Is vacation time owed to them. the convict heritage something to be It seems that many folks forego their proud of, or ashamed about? All of holidays in order to afford new big- this angst is very much like our screen TVs and other luxuries, while annual Canada Day navel-gazing others (mostly public service ritual. middle-managers and small business owners) work above and The economic cost of the holiday is beyond the call due to a misplaced another matter of great controversy. sense of duty. The exception to this Aussies who must work on A-Day plague are tradesmen, national are handsomely compensated (up to heroes who will not “forgo a holiday double time and a half), so many because of a sense of obligation to businesses shutter their doors despite the potentially lucrative finish your kitchen plumbing”. spending binges of the celebrating The problem with this abhorrent masses. Even worse, the day after is behaviour is that these shameful expected to be even more costly, workaholics are actually reducing with a record number of workers their productivity by going to work, predicted to “chuck a sickie” (call in and are neglecting their families to sick from work), at an untold cost to boot. Even worse, these hard- the economy. working reprobates are accused of “actively cementing this stockpiling Finally, there is considerable handbehaviour within the work culture”. wringing about the inappropriate behaviour of some celebrants. In This national crisis has prompted Port Macquarie alone, 16 “hoons” the federal government”s tourism (hooligans, show-offs) were arrested department to start a “No Leave, No for various offences, and regionally Life” advertising campaign. We can six were charged with assault, two only pray that it succeeds, if only so with attacking police officers, 34 no one will be able to find a bottle were issued with “move-on directions, and 25 miscreants had shop open on Australia Day. their alcohol confiscated by police. Hoons Chuck a Sickie Everyone we’ve met had a ripper of a good time on the Australia Day long weekend, but it seems that not everyone is so enamored with the grand celebration. Australia Day is under attack on a number of fronts, despite its obvious widespread popularity with the great unwashed.

The first squabble revolves around the meaning of the holiday. Is it just an excuse for a day off work? Should it commemorate the past, or Dozens of others ignored the the present, or the future? What does warning and gleefully plunged into it mean to be an Australian? Should the warm waters. it be a day of atonement for the shameful treatment (past and

drunk and leaving a mess.” All of this trouble prompted the local Member of Parliament to call an emergency meeting with local officials to develop an action plan to control next year’s debauchery. Such pious concerns, however, seem unlikely to dampen the nation”s collective enthusiasm for Australia Day. Australia is well worth celebrating, and the Aussies do it with pride, style and humour... sicke-chucking hoons excepted. Next Issue: Scott leaves the cozy confines of Lake Cathie for the spectacular shores of Sidney, Australia’s great metropolis. Greetings from Cremona United Church By Sheila Snowdy Cremona United Church opened in 1937 and is celebrating its 75th Anniversary this year. The summer worship schedule is as follows: August 5 & 12 - No local services August 19 – regular services resume Regular Sunday Services at 10:30 a.m. Church contact: Rev. P. Marie Wedderburn 403-637-2200 Where a warm welcome awaits with refreshments after service. DID YOU KNOW: The lumber for construction of the church came from a sawmill in the Fallen Timber area.

Headlines in the local paper blared “Our Aussie Day Disgrace”, and the law-abiding citizenry commented that the party “was out of control”, that the hoons “need their backsides kicked”. One observer noted that “Australia Day is meant to be about respecting our past, not getting

Fall is Coming! Don’t forget to advertise your upcoming events and activities with HPN.

Hard Work Ruins the Economy Aussies are a fun loving people, and they take their leisure seriously. The Jan. 23 issue of The Weekend Australian newspaper featured an editorial titled “Taking Leave of Their Senses”, in which the author fretted about disturbing statistics Keeping Our Communities Connected!

Hitching Post News • Volume 2 , Issue 8A• 5

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Edmonton’s Stollery Hospital to Benefit from Curtis Hargrove’s Canadian Run By Simon Oleny the side of her van that shows Curtis’ progress on his current run. Curtis was first inspired to run for Cancer by his two greatest role models, his grandfather, and Terry Fox. When he was 18 years old his grandfather (also a runner) was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He ran 1450 kilometers over 34 days from Alberta to BC, and raised $50,000 for the Terry Fox Foundation in 2007.

I’m very pleased to introduce to HPN’s readers a new serial, called “Run With It.” It’s about a guy running across Canada for Cancer. It’s based on a true story that is unfolding right now. His name is Curtis Hargrove: he could be working for personal profit as a swamper in the oil patch, instead he’s been running across Canada since May to raise money for cancer research.

Anyone who wants to contribute to his goal of raising 1 million dollars for the Stollery Children’s hospital can do so online at, and enter IF0475.CH Run Across Canada in the I first became aware of Curtis comments field. You can also help Hargrove when he was arrested on with his efforts and learn more about by visiting July 2nd for running on the side of Curtis the road. He was relentless, and the highway patrol was unyielding. He /nomination/?nominationid=85 was in fact running to raise pledges online, and voting for his project. for the Stollery Children’s hospital. Scotiabank will sponsor the cause To me, the simple fact that he is with the most votes to the tune of running across Canada is $100,000. captivating, but he was inspired by Delaney Saunders of Marwayne, “Run With It” will serve as a comic Alberta, a 10-year old receiving chronicle of the runner while he treatment from the Stollery makes his way over the Trans

Community involvement and fundraising has been a formative part of Curtis’ way of life. When he was just 15, he raised $25,000 thought a hockey tournament in Cold Lake for Sandra Shipclark, who lives with the effects of cerebral palsy, so that she could obtain a communication device that allows her to communicate. Sandra remains a Curtis Hargrove Supporter, who maintains a map on


! "

" $

* "

# " $" % ( # &( *

Children’s Hospital. Curtis was touched by her positive attitude when she shared her story, and in that moment he decided to run across the country for the Stollery Children’s Hospital in particular.


! ' )


## #%

! #% &

Canada Highway (and appropriate side and city roads) as the ultimate Canadian roadside attraction, with the help of his erstwhile driver, and supporters in every Province. Some stories will be inspired by video you’ll find at updates, or conversations with Curtis himself. I had the opportunity to meet some of his family last week, and they shared insights as well. The runner in “Run With It” is Curtis Hargrove. A young man who sets his sights as high as his hopes; who doesn’t believe in failure. He is daily bolstered by supportive messages from people across Canada who are watching an Alberta boy run across Canada. He knows what he has set out to do, but he daily discovers the reality of putting great actions to promises to a great cause.

" !



photo by Sheila Korney 6 • Volume 2 , Issue 8A• Hitching Post News

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Stone’s Throw - Troll Falls Tara Jenkins Troll Fals is a short and easy hiking adventure in the always lovely Kananaskis Contry. When describing easy; all four members of our family made the treck with relative ease. Both our 2 year old and our 3 year old completed the entire 3.2km on their own steam. Elevation 1569m Height Gain 121m Difficulty Easy Round Trip Time 1:30 Distance Round Trip 3.2km The parking lot for Troll Falls is a few meters wet of the Kananaskis Village turn off on the north side of the highway. Once parked the hike is well marked with signs. There are options for a longer, more challenging trail, again marked well.

fall. It does freeze in the winter allowing you to get up close and personal. The beautiful July day we chose to navigate the trail and visit the water fall there were a lot of others with the same idea. Sharing the trail was not a huge problem as the trail is wide enough to accommodate hikers going both directions. Taking our time we were able to see some exquisite views of the mountaines and the trails natural features as well. This hike is more than worth the trip to Kananaskis. Pack a picnic lunch and what a lovely afternoon.

The trail itself is relatively easy to navigate for the most part. As you near the falls and are close to Marmot Creek the ground is more uneven with exposed tree roots that may slow you down. The Waterfall is at th end of the trail in a horseshoe formation. Both kids and adults alike can be awed by this fall, it is beautiful. During different times of the year when the water is at different levels you will get a different view of this

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Hitching Post News • Volume 2 , Issue 8A• 7

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Tri Community Transportation Pilot Project Update by Tanya Shand, Cremona FCSS Director & Tri Community Transportation Steering Committee Member

Wheat and Oat Producers News News Release

Somthin’ Somthin’ Café & Bakery” New wheat and oat commissions on Main Street. benefit producers Producer-led organizations will What Happens if I Don’t Need the enhance profitability, market Service Now, but May Need Help development and research in the Future? Edmonton... The Government of Because the TCT project is currently Alberta is supporting producer operating as a pilot project, with requests to establish two new service expected until September 30, commissions to help build a 2012; you are encouraged to become stronger, more competitive registered before the pilot is over so provincial grain industry. you will be counted as a ‘user’ in the final stats – which helps determine The Alberta Wheat Commission and that the project is needed. If further the Alberta Oat Growers donations are garnered, service may Commission, formed through be extended to December 31, 2012. regulations approved under the The steering committee will review Marketing of Agricultural Products usage statistics in September to Act, will advocate on behalf of assess sustainability. producers and fund research and marketing projects. What Can I Do to Ensure The Service Remains in Our “Producers recognize the need to Community? have organizations that will serve as To ensure the Tri Community a strong voice on their behalf and Transportation service remains in help ensure the grain industry the Cremona/Water Valley area, remains competitive, profitable and residents who require transportation on the leading edge of innovation,” must book rides and use the service. said Verlyn Olson, Minister of Steady, healthy ridership numbers Agriculture and Rural Development. will increase the likelihood of this “We couldn’t agree more and that is service remaining. If you do not why we are delivering on a require the service, but have a friend commitment that will ensure that all or family member who would producers are well-represented and benefit from it, please encourage that there is sustained base-funding them to use it! Aside from using the for research, market development service, a community member is and other initiatives that will benefit required to volunteer their time for Alberta’s wheat and oat industries.” the advisory board, and make decisions on Cremona/Water Steering committees for each Valley’s behalf (meetings are once a commission consulted with month during the day). producers and grain buyers over the past two years. Based on support If you have further questions about from producers and industry, the service, please contact Tanya @ requests were submitted to the Cremona FCSS – 403-637-3731. minister by the steering committees An Information Session is going to to establish the commissions. be held August 10 @ 2 pm at Chinook Winds Lodge, Carstairs. “This is an exciting time for Alberta’s wheat producers and represents the conclusion of several years of hard work,” said Kent Jen Thompson, Cremona Chamber of Commerce Erickson, Co-Chair of the Alberta Sponsors will receive a certificate, Wheat Commission Steering We are putting together “goodie and be mentioned in the local papers Committee. “Producers have been bags” for all of the participants, if as well as recognition at our very supportive of establishing an you have anything you would like to registration table. all-wheat commission that will help include in it, we’d love to have it! ensure the long-term success of our We are expecting around 150 We welcome everyone to our industry.” meetings, they are held at A Little participants. Somthin’ Somthin’ in Cremona, “The Alberta Oat Growers There is no registration fee; coffee and snacks are provided. Commission is a big step for oat however we are asking for food Membership is $50.00 a year, to producers in our province,” added bank donations, there will be a table request any additional information Gordon Pope, Director of the in the trade fair area which will Please call: Linda’s Hair @ (403) Alberta Oat Growers Commission accept donations as well as at the 637-2030, Clarke (Mountain View Steering Committee. “Until now, an Car Wash) @ (403) 875-4473, or organization dedicated to the registration desk. Jen (A Little Somthin’ Somthin’) specific needs of Alberta’s oat If you wish to be a sponsor, we have (403)826-5911 growers didn’t exist. The new a “Star” Program BRONZE STAR commission will work with our is any amount to $99.00, A SILVER partners in Saskatchewan and STAR is $100 - $199.00, a GOLD Manitoba on initiatives that will STAR is $200.00 - $499.00 and A benefit the western Canadian oat PLATINUM STAR is $500.00++. industry as a whole.” (con’t pg 10)

booking, and additional subsidies may be available. Payment is to be made at the start of the trip (to the driver), and can be made by cash or cheque. Receipts can be issued by General Update: dispatch, and fares may still be The communities of Carstairs, charged if the trip is cancelled Cremona & Didsbury have without adequate notice. partnered together to contract Rocky View Regional Handibus Society to For example, a ride from Cremona to the Foothills Hospital would cost offer the service. $27 one way. A trip to Didsbury or Thanks to some generous donations, Cochrane would be $18 one way. the TCT project was able to start in Comparatively, it would cost late January. Since this time, folks approximately $49 one way for a in Cremona, Carstairs, Didsbury & taxi ride from Cremona to Didsbury. surrounding area have been taking Where Can We Take it? advantage of the service. The transportation service is shared Several articles and advertisements ride, and destinations include Didsbury, Carstairs, Cochrane, have also appeared in local papers. One volunteer board member from Airdrie & Calgary. the Village of Cremona was recruited, but has stepped down due What Can We Use it For? to other commitments. The transportation service is aimed Financial support secured and to assist folks who need rides to committee members have been medical or specialist appointments appointed from Mountain View in Didsbury, Carstairs, Cochrane, Airdrie & Calgary, however, it is County. available for anyone for any reason! Who Can Use the TCT Service? Anyone can use the transportation When is the Service Available and service! It is available to seniors and How do I Book it? those experiencing transportation TCT is available in our communities challenges. All vehicles are Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday wheelchair accessible, and car seats each week from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm. are available for those travelling There is no service on weekends or with children. If you must travel holidays. To book a trip, call Rocky with an attendant, they can ride for View Handibus Society @ 1-877389-2887 from 8 am to 3 pm free, and must be pre-booked. Monday to Friday. Trips MUST be booked 24 hours in advance, and can What’s the Cost? Fares vary with the distance be booked up to three weeks in travelled, however they are very advance. Cancellations must also be reasonable with a minimum charge made 24 hours in advance to avoid plus mileage calculated at unnecessary charges. Cremona and approximately $0.30/km. Exact area residents are able to be picked prices are provided at time of up and dropped off at “A Little I wanted to take the opportunity to provide an update everyone on the status of the Tri Community Transit Project.

Chamber Chit Chat The Cremona, Water Valley and District Chamber of Commerce is working hard towards September 8th for our FIRST EVER SHOW AND SHINE, which will be held in Cremona. We are in need of volunteers for the day, Sign up sheets will be available, please watch for posters, or call one of the numbers below. We have a trade fair area from 9am4pm, along the main drag in which anyone interested in renting a space, that includes a table and 2 chairs; is welcome to set up for the day, The cost is $50.00 non-members, $35.00 for members and FREE for all active members. You Must be registered be for the event day as space is limited!! 8 • Volume 2 , Issue 8A• Hitching Post News

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School’s in Session.... Almost, Supply lists to help you get ready for the BIG day Where has the summer gone? Its hard to believe that the beginning of school is just around the corner. August 30 is quickly approaching and with it the 2012/13 school year. This issue we have included Carstairs,Cremona, and Didsbury supply lists for your reference. Where do you shop for your supplies? With families of more than one child buying markers, notebooks, and so much more can add up quickly. Check with the dollar stores first, they often carry a lot of common school supplies and are just the ticket for families with more than one student. Another great option is to buy in bulk and share the cost with another family; Staples and Costco offer bulk pens, pencils, highlighters etc. and would be a great way to cut the financial committment of returning back to school. CREMONA SCHOOL Grade 1 1 bottle white glue 6 large glue sticks 1 pair scissors 4 white erasers wax crayons crayola twistables (thick) markers - crayola or Mr. Sketch pencil case gym runners (for inside) 1 1 1/2” binder 1 1” binder 4 Pocket Portfolios (1 each blue, red, green, yellow) 1 box kleenex 1 package clear page protectors 1 Highlighter (any colour) 4 Expo whiteboard markers 6 boxes venus yellow HB Pencils 1 box extra large Ziplock bags (must zip) Grade 2 1 bottle white glue 6 large glue sticks 1 pair scissors 6 white erasers wax crayons pencil crayons markers pencil case gym runners (for inside) package of lined paper 2 1” binders 8 duotangs various colours 1 box kleenex 1 package page protectors 5 highlighters (green, blue, pink yellow, and orange) 4 expo whiteboard markers 6 boxes venus yellow HB pencils 1 box extra large ziplock bags Grade 3 and Grade 2/3 2 bottles white glue 6 large glue sticks 1 pair scissors Keeping Our Communities Connected!

1 30cm ruler 4 white erasers wax crayons pencil crayons markers pencil case gym runners calculator 8 duotangs 1 box of kleenex 1 highlighter 4 expo whiteboard markers 6 boxes venus yellow HB pencils Grade 4 1 bottle white glue 3 large glue sticks 1 pair scissors 1 30cm ruler 4 white erasers optional - wax crayons optional - pencil crayons markers pencil case calculator 3 packages lined paper 10 duotangs 1 box of kleenex 3 highlighters (3 different colours) 4 expo whiteboard markers 6 boxes venus yellow HB pencils 1 box extra large ziplock bags Grade 5 felt markers 2 hite erasers 1 box of 10 pencils pencil crayons ruler calculator pens (red/blue/black) pencil case scissors 4 glue sticks highlighter 5 duotangs 1 1”binder (homeroom) 1 3” or 4” binder (homeroom)

1 1” binder for french 1 package looseleaf 1 box kleenex indoor shoes (non-marking) shorts, outdoor sweats, t-shirt Grade 6 felt markers 2 white erasers 1 box of 10 pencils pencil crayons ruler calculator pens (red/blue/black) pencil case scissors 3 glue sticks student thesaurus and dictionary 2 highlighters 1 1” binder for french protractor (don’t need whole set) 20 duotangs (5 red, blue, yellow, green) 2 pkg looseleaf paper 2 coil notebooks 1 box kleenex indoor shoes (non-marking) shorts, outdoor sweats, t-shirt Grade 7 felt markers erasers 1 box 10 pencils pencil crayons ruler calculator pens (red/blue/black) pencil case scissors 3 glue sticks highlighters 1 1” binder for french geometry set 4 binders (1 each; red, blue, yellow, green) 20 duotangs (5 red, blue, yellow, green) 4 pkg looseleaf paper

1 box of kleenex indoor schoes (non-marking) shorts, outdoor sweats, t-shirt Grade 8 1 pkg Crayola Markers 2 white erasers 1 box of 10 pencils pencil crayons 1 large see through plastic rulers Scientific calculator with function key pens (red/black/blue) pencil case scissors 3 glue sticks student thesaurus and dicationary 3 highlighter (1 pink, green, yellow or orange) 1 1” binder for french geometry set 15 duotangs (5 blue, 7 red, 3 yellow) 3 pkg looseleaf paper 3 sets of keytab notebooks 1 box of kleenex 1 2” binder for math (green) indoor shoes (non-marking) shorts, outdoor sweats, t-shirt **If your child plans on registering in grade 7/8 art they must have a SKETCHPAD with at least 30-50 pages of quality drawing paper. Please make sure you do not buy a scrapbook pad as they will just be sent home, this is not proper drawing paper. NOTE: no gigantic “5 star” binders in middle school as they will be sent home. Two pairs of shoes; One indoor and one outdoor is manditory.

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Wheat and Oat Producer News continued from page 8 The Alberta Wheat Commission will replace the Alberta Winter Wheat Producers Commission and Alberta Soft Wheat Producers Commission. The new all-wheat commission will assess a refundable service charge (check-off) of $0.70/tonne on wheat sold in Alberta. The estimated $3.5 million per year raised by collecting the check-off will be used for wheat research and market development. A refundable service charge of $0.50/tonne for oats, raising an estimated $140,000 per year, will allow the Alberta Oat Growers Commission to fund oat research, market development and advocacy initiatives for oat-related issues. Both commissions are required to fully refund service charges if requested to do so by producers. The start-up dates for both commissions will be August 1. The Agricultural Products Marketing Council will appoint interim boards of directors until producer-elected boards are in place. The election process will be completed by Spring 2013. Currently, there are 14 agricultural commissions in Alberta, representing commodities such as barley, canola, beef and pork. For more information about the Alberta Wheat Commission, go to For more information about the Alberta Oat Growers Commission, go to

Back to School Time School Supply Reference DIDSBURY ROSS FORD SCHOOL Kidergarten 1 – coil bound scrapbook (14” x 11”) 1 – package washable markers 5 – glue sticks – yellow UHU Stic brand is best – please opt for this brand 1 – pair running shoes (preferably white-soled) to be left at school (Velcro/slip on) 1 – backpack – large enough for library book, home book, lunch kit, spare clothes, etc. 1 – spare clothes (including: shirt, pants, socks & underwear) – in a zip lock bag (labeled) 1 - box of Kleenex (to be shared with the class; do not need to label) 5 – large zip-lock bags 1 – lunch kit (to go home daily) 1 – water bottle (to go home daily) Grade 1 Your child will require the following materials to be sent to school. It is very important that you label all of your child’s belongings. Please send these supplies to school as soon as possible. Running shoes (to be kept at school, and to be worn inside only, including gym). Please consider Velcro fasteners or curly elastic laces if your child cannot tie laces quickly. 1 spare pair of pants, underwear and socks for “oops” outside in the mud and water (send in a plastic bag, labeled with child’s name) 6 soft white erasers 2 boxes of wax crayons (16 in each box) Scissors – good quality metal lasts longer than the plastic scissors (left or right handed; depending on the child)

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1 coil-bound scrapbook - large (36 X 28 cm) 2 boxes of Kleenex Plastic pencil box 6 large zip-lock bags (labeled with child’s name) 6 glue sticks – large *****Those items not being used will be kept by the teacher until required***** Grade 2 - 4 LARGE glue sticks - 6 white erasers - 3 highlighter markers (3 colors) - 2 packages washable felt pens - scissors - gym shoes (these will double as inside shoes) - 1 box of kleenex - pencil case - 1 coil bound scrapbook – large (36 x 28 cm) - 5 large ziplock bags - 2 boxes of wax crayons (24 in a box) - 2 – 1” binders (no zipper binders) - 1 pkg. of 5 tab index dividers - 1 pair of inexpensive headphones  Spare pair of pants and socks (in plastic bag labeled with student’s name). Grade 3 2 large glue sticks (includes one for art) pencil crayons - sharpened please scissors (sharp end; good quality) 4 white erasers (labeled) felt pens (Crayola / Mr. Sketch) Washable (1 set “fat”; 1 set “skinny”) pencil case or small box for holding supplies (make sure felts & pencil crayons fit inside) 1 pair running shoes to be worn inside that fit and tie properly so students can participate safely in

gym (to be left at school) and 1 pair of outside shoes 2 quality pencil sharpeners (with shavings receptacle) 1 box of Kleenex 2 large zip-lock bags (labeled) 1 unbendable ruler (30 cm – marked in cm graduations with legible numbers) pair of inexpensive headphones for use on computers Please ensure your child can tie their shoes Please label all supplies Grade 4 6 erasers (white vinyl are recommended) 2 highlighters 3 glue sticks (store extras at home) pencil crayons - please sharpen these before school begins 1 metric ruler in good condition and easy to read. Please make sure that the “0” at the cm end is not cut off. One clear plastic ruler is recommended (cm on one side). Supply box large enough to hold pen, pencil, crayons, scissors, glue (small enough to fit in desk). Gym shoes (to be left at school; may also double for inside shoes) Red or blue ballpoint pen for marking 2 large boxes of kleenex (150’s to be shared in class) 1 set felt pens (Crayola preferred) sharp scissors 2 LARGE ziplock bags 8 duotangs, different colors – not labelled 1 pair inexpensive headphones or $1.50 Please be sure to label all items! **HPN was unable to access Westglen supply lists

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School Supply Reference CARSTAIRS ELEMENTARY Kindergarten 1 Backpack 5 Large Ziplock Bags 8 Glue Sticks (Elmer or UHU) 1 Box of Tissues 1 Pair of Fiskar Scissors 1 Package of Twistables Crayons 1 Package of Crayola Washable Markers 1 Bag of Microwave Popcorn 1 pair of white-soled Velcro indoor shoes (labelled with student’s name) 1 set of extra clothes (labelled with student’s name and placed in a plastic bag). Please label the clothes only, as the rest of the supplies are shared. 4 Duotang Folders (red, green, blue and yellow) 1 Package of Dry-Erase pens

1 hand held pencil sharpener 1 package pencil crayons 1 package fine tip felt markers 1 package white board markers 4 fully lined note books (8 1/2x11) 1 3” binder - no zippers 1 set of computer headphones 1 pair of indoor shoes (gym) 1 pair of outdoor shoes 4 Large Ziploc Bags 5 Medium Ziploc Bags 1 30cm ruler 4 large glue sticks 1 pocket folder 1 set of dividers 2 boxes of kleenex 2 duotangs pencil case

for saving a few documents) 2 High lighters (any color) * Mrs. Tyler 10 Duotangs - Assorted Colors * Mrs. Overguard 2 Duotangs - Assorted Colors * Mrs. Tyler 1 1 inch binder (NO BIGGER)* Mrs Tyler 5 Dividers (at least) * Mrs. Tyler 1 Small Pencil Case * Mrs. Tyler 12 Pencils (pre-sharpened) or mechanical *Mrs. Tyler

Grade 6 1 2" Binder (black) 1 2" binder (red) 1 2" Binder (blue) 1 2" Binder (green) Please ensure names are on all 1 Package of Loose leaf - 200 sheets 2 Coil scribblers (26.7 x 20.3 cm individual items. 100 sheets 2 Scribblers - no coil (26.7 x 20.3 Grade 4 cm) - 160 sheets Grade 1 1 pair indoor shoes 6 Duotangs - Assorted colors 1 pair of indoor shoes with 1 Large Box of Kleenex 2 Packages of 5 dividers (transparent non-marking soft soles 5 Large Glue Sticks tabs) 2 boxes of kleenex 4 White Erasers 6 HB #2 Pencils (pre-sharpened) 1 package of loose-leaf paper 1 Pair of metal blade scissors 1 Pencil Crayons (pre-sharpened) 1 1” binder (no zippers, no larger) 1 Box of crayons or Crayola 24 pack 1 package of 10 page protectors Twistables 3 Blue pens - medium (no gel pens) 8 1/2x11 1 Pencil Box 2 Red pens - medium (no gel pens) 4 White Board Markers 12 duotangs 1 High lighter - yellow 4 white erasers 1 2” Binder (white) 1 Glue Stick - 40 gm 50 Clear Page Protector Sheets 2 red pens or pencils 2 White erasers - large 1 highlighter please put in binder 1 Fine line washable markers - 12 1 set of head phones 1 set headphones pack 1 pair of indoor shoes (if your child 1 12 pack fine tip washable 1 5" Pointed scissors (with metal markers has lace up shoes please make sure blades) 1 set pencil crayons (sharpened) they can tie the laces. 1 Geometry drawing set (8 piece) 1 clear plastic metric ruler 24 Pencils 1 Clear plastic ruler (mm/cm) - 30 1 Pen 1 bottle white glue cm 2 black “ultra-fine” sharpies 3 Cardboard Duotangs (black, red, 2 Boxes of facial tissue yellow) NOT LABELLED 12 extra pencils, pre-sharpened 1 Oxford Dictionary 2 hand-held pencil sharpeners with 1 Thesaurus Grade 2 holder for shavings 1 Memory Stick 1GB 1 USB memory stick/flash drive 24 Pencils (sharpened) 1 Plastic water bottle (512MB is fine) 5 Erasers 1 Set of headphones for use in 4 large glue sticks 6 Large, white glue sticks computer lab 1 pair of scissors 1 120ml Elmer’s white liquid glue 1 Indoor shoes (gym) 1 pencil box 12 or more washable markers 1 Outdoor shoes (gym) 1 high lighter (any colour) 1 Pair of shorts (gym) HUGH SUTHERLAND 1 pkg white board markers 1 T-shirt (gym) Grade 5 1 pair of scissors 12 or more Laurentian pencil 1 Loose leaf Paper - 200 sheets Grade 7 crayons (sharpened) 1 Pencil Crayons (pre-sharpened) 1 pencil case/box 24 pack 1 3" Binder (any color) for LA/SS 1 black duotang 1 Pencil Sharpener with container or you may get 2 - 2" binders, one 1 green duotang 1 White Eraser - large for each subject (different colors) 1 two pocket portfolio (any 6 Blue Pens - medium (no gel pens) 1 3" Binder (different color than colour/picture - no fasteners) 6 Red Pens - medium (no gel pens) above) for MATH/SCI or you may 3 80 page, lined Hilroy school 1 Glue Stick - 40 gm get 2 - 2" binders, one for each 1 Clear Plastic Ruler (mm/cm) subject (different colors than above) exercise books 30 cm 1 1" Binder 1 set of headphones 2 Facial Tissues - 100 sheets 2 Loose leaf - 200 sheets 1 box of tissue 1 Fine Line Washable Markers 2 5 index Dividers (transparent tabs) 5 Large Ziploc bags (name on) 12 pack 2 Duotangs - Assorted Colors 1 pair of indoor shoes (name on) 1 5" Pointed Scissors (with metal 1 Blue Pens - medium - 12 pack (no blades) gel pens) Grade 3 1 Calculator 2 Red Pens - medium (no gel pens) 1 pair sharp scissors 1 Indoor Shoes (soft soled) 20 HB #2 Pencils (pre-sharpened) 2 packages (24) HB pencils or 5 1 Outdoor Shoes 2 White Erasers - large large, round primary pencils 1USB Memory Stick (Can be as 2 High lighters - any color 4 erasers small as 512MB, will only be used 2 Glue Stick - 40 gm 1 red pen and 1 blue pen Keeping Our Communities Connected!

2 Facial Tissue - 100 sheets 1 Fine Line Washable Markers - 12 pack 1 Pencil Crayons (pre-sharpened) 24 pack 1 Clear Plastic Ruler (mm/cm) - 30 cm 1 5" Pointed Scissors (metal blades) 1 Geometry Set (8 piece) 1 Indoor Shoes 1 Outdoor Shoes 1 Indoor Shoes - Non-marking (gym) 1 Cotton Athletic Socks (gym) 1 Shorts or Track Pants (gym) 1 T-shirt or Sweatshirt (gym) 1 Calculator 1 Set of Headphones 1 Memory stick 1GB or 2GB 1 Package of Small Magnets OPTIONAL 1 Student Agenda Grade 8 2 2" Binders for Core Subjects : Math/Science and LA/Social 2 1" Binders for Option Subjects 2 Packages of Loose leaf - 200 sheets 2 Packages of Dividers 1 Package of Blue or Black Pens 2 Red pens 2 High lighters - 2 different colors 12+ HB #2 Pencils (pre-sharpened wooden or mechanical, extra lead if mechanical) 1 Pencil Crayons (pre-sharpened) 24 pack 2 White or Pink Erasers 1 Glue Stick - 40 gm 1Box of Facial Tissue for the classroom 1Metric Ruler (mm/cm) - 30 cm (Metal or Wooden recommended over Plastic) 1 *Scientific Calculator* - Required DAILY in math class. Texas Instruments 30Xa is recommended as easy to use and affordable ($12 $15).Any scientific calculator that includes a square root button, a positive/negative integer button, and the sin/cos/tan buttons will also work for both Grade 8 and 9. 1 Protractor, traditional 180-degree style preferred over the 360-degree style 1 Set of earbuds/earphones for personal use in the computer lab 1 Memory Stick. 1GB or 2GB Label permanently with student's name. 1 Running shoes - Non-marking for gym 1 Gym Strip & deodorant. Cologne sprays NOT recommended OPTIONAL 1 Webster's Dictionary 1 Roget's Thesaurus 1 Daytimer/Planner Book 11 • Volume 2 , Issue 8A • Hitching Post News

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