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Natalie Choi

12th December,1900 -A BABY WAS BORN in hong kong.

unluckily, his parents didn't want him anymore.

i don't want this kid anymore. Let's throw him away !


after three days, a scavenger passed by... Whose kid is this ? i'll bring him back home.

the scavenger brought him back home and dressed him.

i must help him find his parents !

THE scavenger helped him search for his parents, as she was a zealous person.

Whose kid is this?

Whose kid is this?

she went around the district for three days...

After three days, she finally found his parents. the couple admitted because they were afraid that they will be punished by the gods.

Is this your kid ?

Though he had the chance to go home, his parents were not good parents.

yes, it is.

as days passed by, his parents hit him and physically abused him.

you're a mischievous boy. go and pick up the trash.

his face was also ruined by his parents.

no one was willing to be friends with him. hey ! be my friend !

he became very independent but rude.

just pretend we can't hear him.

he's so rude.

He was living a cruel life until he was eight when his parents were killed by the person who collected debts. return the money ! or else I'll kill you !

no... please don't kill us...we don't have any money...

after his parents' death, he lived with his grandpa.

Long time no see, grandson ! hi, grandpa .

they always went fishing together. BUt habrina did not treat his grandpa well; he was very rude.

let's go fishing, grandson.

in 1913, they went fishing as usual.

suddenly, a tsunami came !!!

he was washed away by the waves.

when he woke up, he was on a island.

why is everything so big ?

his grandpa searched for him everyday.

Habrina ?????

habrina ????

so this became his name --


( Habrina means where are you in cantonese)

abruptly, habrina saw a crowd of giants.

i'm on the giant island !

i'm so hungry...

i'm hopeless, no one could see me ...

there was a cave which was in the same size as him.

what is that ???

a lady came out, she was in the same size as habrina. when he saw her, he was so delighted and kept asking questions. who are you ??

where am i ? how can i get home ?

i won't answer you; listen to me .

this is a magic stone, when you rub it, you will become a giant for only two minutes.

you only have four chances.

let me try it immediately after i go out !

after he went out, he saw a giant and he quickly rubbed the stone.

habrina was trying to explain what had happened to him. hey ! listen to me !

what a rude boy; i'll just pretend i can't hear him.

he was so worried but he decided to try again.

hey ! where am I ? you're so impolite and ugly, go away !

after two failures, Habrina reflected on himself.

am i too rude ?

i should change my attitude?

habrina was so depressed, suddenly, a bell rang. All the giants were running towards the center of the island. we are being attacked by enemies !!!

the war began....

Both of the sides didn't have weapons; they only fought by hands.

habrina wanted to help, so he rubbed the stone and shouted. i have strategies to defeat your enemies !

let him talk ; he might help us.

who are you ?

habrina told them to sprinkle salt into their enemies' eyes.

he also divided the giants into groups and taught part of them how to make a lance with log.

ouchhhh !

with the help of habrina, they won the war.

after the war, the island was ruined and the giants had to rebuild everything.

i will help you guys. please listen to me.

habrina rubbed the stone again and taught the giants how to build houses; this was also his last chance.

after months of hard work, the island turned into a developed small town.

thanks, habrina. you're our hero !

what a nice town!

the giants were so thankful and they treated him like a king.

so habrina stayed on the island because he knew no one could tell him how to get home as he was the smartest on the island.

Habrina stayed on the island for five months. ONe day, he went fishing with the giants.

All of a sudden, a tsunami came. Just like five months ago, when habrina was fishing with his grandpa.

Habrina was washed away by the waves again ! When he woke up, he was back to Hong kong! How are you , Grandpa? I miss you so much.

we was so surprised and he went to find his grandpa immediately.

Where have you been, grandson? I am so worried.

Habrina told him what had happened and his attitude changed completely after the failures on giant island.

i was on the giant island ! i helped them won the battle !

i taught them how to build houses !

he had many friends because he was very polite and helpful. can we be friends?

of course !

This was the story of the thirteen years old boy-- habrina.


This graphic story was composed by Natalie Choi.

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