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Henry's Quest

Henry was born when his parents were away on vacation in the Alps. There was a fresh blanket of snow outside that seemed to just float down.

look at the view! It's beautiful!!

Then a storm for the ages came rolling in and his mother Lucia was feeling weird. Then the baby was starting to come.

So Lucia called to the father, Gandalf

Gandalf the baby is coming

Im coming, don't worry!

They scurried to the front door to find that that the glass on the top of the window had shattered and the snow had started to come in.

Ahh Snow is coming in!!!

Wait i think its slowing down

Then at once the wind whipped and snarled, the windows shattered and the wind was coming to Lucia. Then it all stopped at once and then Henry was born.

Mom? where did you go?!?

Hey! A Lost kid lets help him

When he was with his mother in a food market, he went to go get watermelon. Then his mother disappeared and as that happened a child agency picked him up.

They flew him into the United states shortly after. And brought him to an orphanage in the Eastern Mountains.

At the orphanage he meets his headmaster Aladeen who was a big skier.

At the bottom of one of the best runs that both of them had in their life, Henry looked into the happy eyes of Aladeen and then Aladeen collapsed. He died that day of a brain aneurism because he was so happy.

Aladeen’s skis were given to Henry and from then he used those skis from there on out.

When he turned eighteen, he went to A Basin Colorado out West by himself.

He loved skiing so much that he applied for an open competition against some of the best skiers in the West that eventually led to the World Title of Best Skier.

In the Qualification round he was getting ready to head down the face of the mountain and hit the biggest drop on the hill that you could hit. As he went down the face and approached the jump, he decided in a brief second that he would have to go big if he wanted the spot on the team.

Wooooh hooo!!

As they announced the spots on the team, it came down to the last spot. Henry wasn’t called.

As two weeks went by, Henry was still disappointed from what happened, so he decided to go ski it off in the back country.

Then he got caught in a blizzard and he started to see figures emerging from the snow coming closer to him. As the figures came closer to him, he started to see his mother and his father in the snow. No one knows what was said in the blizzard, but people believe that it was some kind of inspirational talk that seemed to have motivated him to fully dedicate himself to the sport of skiing.

Then he looked at his phone and saw that there was a message on it that was from the team that was heading to the World Title this year.

Yes! i am avalable for it!!!!!

When it came time for him to drop in and do his run, this overwhelming feeling came over him

Then next thing he knows he is on the back side of the landing, and he looks at the judges on the scoreboard and saw that his name was on the top of the leader board but he didn’t remember doing anything.

oh man, i hope i don't have butterflies.

When he turned back down the hill he saw, that behind the crowd of people, in the clouds, was an image that looked like his Father and Mother smiling at him from when he was little. what happened!?! ?!?!?

He returned to his birthplace where he would feel like his Mother and Father were watching over him.

He set up a ski mountain at his birthplace at that small cabin in the Alps at which he was born and lived there for the remainder of his life. That's where people say the true winter and snow are, somewhere in the Alps.

Henry's Quest  

This graphic story was composed by Zachary Bouchard.

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