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There Are No Smoke and Mirrors to FAME! The Music Industry is saturated with phenomenally, talented individuals. With many Music Artist believing that they are God’s gift to the world, that talent and skill alone will get them to the promise land of fame. If you think I’m directing this to you, then you are probably, right! Many industry professionals will agree with this statement. The Music Business is 90% business and 10% talent. I concur. I have been in and around this industry for over 25 years; I have coached, mentored, and advised many musicians and bands seeking a career in music. I’ve even had some nominal success on the record charts. Nevertheless, nothing has prepared me as much to be considered an authority in this industry as the last five years has. I have had the opportunity to surround myself with an amazing array of talented, professional, industry insiders, this is not smoke and mirrors. My reputation and my circle of influence are public records, now. ((((WARNING))))): You may not want to read any further if you can’t handle the truth. This may upset you a little it might even somewhat infuriate you. Most of you, who are reading this article, will never be famous. Realistically, statistics says, 1 in every 200,000 will. Nevertheless, if you are confidence, it’s your calling and believes the world could self destruct without the embrace of your gift. Then set your eyes on the prize and go for it. A fact to be of aware of there are Plenty of Dream Killers, you may know them as (Haters). Rests assure they have their role. Have anyone ever told you, the things that don’t kill you will only make you stronger, it’s true. Be Sure to not to let someone who has giving up on their dreams, kill yours.

Now prepare yourself, the truth is, there is no quick highway, no magic red carpet rides, no smoke and mirrors to fame. The honest truth is, it will take a lot of hard work and planning, strategy and good execution. Listed below are just a few suggestions to get you going, that I see most aspiring artist overlook when setting out on their quest to fame. I’ll make you no promise that this will make you famous, but if executed properly, I can assure you it will help you earn an income. Then you can set sail, you will be off and on your way to a successful journey. Face the music Do a self assessment, be bold and address this issue head on ask friends and family to give you an honest evaluation of your skill set and talents. Be open to constructive criticism, yet be aware of the dream crushers and yes even family members.

Do your research · One of the biggest mistakes that I observed is that a lot of Music artist, lack the basic fundamentals and understanding of the music business. This point is very important and is not to be an oversight READ, READ, READ, and READ, some more. Google and seek out information, Google How to.., Google videos, Google Everything you need to know about the music business. The information is readily available more than ever there is really no excuse not to arm you with proper knowledge. After all, the internet is the information highway. Take care of business · Set up to conduct business, register with your state, Incorporate, Sole Proprietorship, Limited Liability, Non Profit…etc. Consult with an attorney if needed. · Take care of all Copyrights and Trademarks registration. This is an easy task simply go to the filing could be done online through (eco) filing. · Register with a songwriters association ASCAP | BMI | SESAC · Do a split sheet with all who are involve with the development of the material This is how you will cover your basis when it comes to getting paid. Pick a Good Team · Producers · Engineers · Managers · Accountants · Attorneys · Promoters · Radio Consultants…etc Who you have on your team could make or break your career. It is very important to interview them carefully and be sure they have your best interest at heart in regards to your music. So it is important that you dot your (I’s) cross your (T’s). Create a Game Plan Finally, put together an ironclad strategy, · Packaging · Marketing · Social Media · Radio Campaigning · Distribution · Merchandising… etc. Think this over carefully set times and dates, with whom you are suppose to meet with, what you are suppose to do, when you are supposed to do it, where and Why. Your schedule will get extremely hectic at times. Just line your ducks in a row and go get ‘em. Lastly, be on the Lookout for my book on Local marketing for Music Artist, coming soon. Written by: Al “PoeEtiq” Williams Copyright::2014 Twitter: @hiphopnational Facebook Group Page: Facebook Like page: http://

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This Country of Plenty My Day By Dr. Ester Davis The Affordable Care Act, affectionately called Obamacare, is working. Do not be mislead by the unfair attacks and boatload of incorrect information that is available to you, free of charge. This legislation is significant and historic. More than seven presidents attempted to pass this law in the greatest country on earth. In this country of plenty. We are more than aware of the Republicans repealing the protections and reforms of the law, in this land of plenty. (To-date, to the tune of thirty-eight times). It does not erase clear and present facts that all Americans deserve affordable health care. Every citizen deserves quality healthcare. No one should be denied insurance or coverage because of pre-existing conditions. And there are some 12.6 million Americans who cannot get coverage due to their medical history, which includes pre-existing conditions. Advantages that you should talk about are, Obamacare provides insurance more fairly and my favorite, many more people actually receive preventive care for the first time in their lives. Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson, 30 th Congressional District, shared with us some very strong points analyzing the statistical impact of the law in her district. She reports that, “nearly 4,000 seniors have experienced lower drug costs because the law provides major savings in costs for seniors in the Medicare Part D donut hole”. She goes on to report that, “as a result seniors have received prescription drug discounts of $5.6 million dollars, an average discount of $620.00 per person in 2011.” And there is more, Medicare coverage of preventive services such as mammograms and colonoscopies have been provided for 77,000 seniors. Important to all us should be that since September 2010, the law has prevented insurers from denying coverage to children with pre-existing conditions. . . in this land of plenty. We must be fully aware that thousands of young adults have gained healthcare coverage under this law. This law permit parents to maintain coverage for their children until they reach twenty-six years of age under certain conditions. I never could comprehend the rationale for removing a young adult from your insurance policy while they were in college or a specialty field of study. More than the ‘right thing to do’, this law in whatever name, exists for the most vulnerable among us. It is fair. It is overdue. And now it is the law. Ester Davis, PhD Celebrated Author, Writer and Television talk show host. She can be reached at

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More than one in three American adults are at risk of diabetes. The risk for African Americans nearly doubles —more than one in six African American adults has diabetes. That is why hip hop legend Rev Run is partnering with Novo Nordisk and its Ask.Screen.Know. campaign, challenging all Americans age 45 or older to take the Diabetes Risk Factor Assessment at Rev Run’s father had diabetes, and he recognizes that both he and Justine have several risk factors, including age and ethnicity. Because nothing is more important than his family, he has committed to healthier lives by motivating each other to eat well, exercise regularly, and support one another in making healthy decisions. Diabetes can be a family affair, but getting screened and keeping healthy should be, too.

Listen to Rev Run tell his story and about his cause: Run-DMC was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Nominated in 2008, the Hollis, Queens trio became the second hip-hop act to be inducted into the organization after Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five in 2007. Other inductees that year included Metallica, Jeff Beck, Little Anthony and the Imperials and Bobby Womack. Run-DMC is widely considered one of hip-hop’s most influential and celebrated acts. The group is not only responsible for one of the earliest and most successful hip-hop/ rock crossover hits with “Walk This Way,” but it also changed the landscape of hip-hop in the early ’80s, shifting the spotlight from the DJ to the emcee. Run-DMC released seven albums in its two-decade career, officially retiring the group in 2002 after the murder of DJ Jam Master Jay.

Laila Ali, the daughter of boxing legend Muhammad Ali returned for a second interview on the Valder Beebe Show. One of current times most beautiful women; she is an athlete, mom of two, wife and a former contestant on Dancing with the Stars. I spent time with Laila talking about healthy living; mind, body and spirit.

TV One's NewsOne Now, Roland Martin has been an interview guest on the Valder Beebe show multiple times. My interview c entered around his show on TV One's NewsOne Now, the first daily morning news program in history to focus on news and analysis of politics, entertainment, sports, and culture from an explicitly African American perspective. NewsOne Now starts weekdays via its radio platform at 7AM/ET, airing on Radio One network stations in select U.S. Markets and then transitions to TV One at 9AM/ET. the first daily morning news program in history to focus on news and analysis of politics, entertainment, sports, and culture from an explicitly African American perspective. NewsOne Now starts weekdays via its radio platform at 7AM/ET, airing on Radio One network stations in select U.S. Markets and then transitions to TV One at 9AM/ET.

John Schnider talks with me about his new starring lead role in Tyler Perry's OWN show "The Haves and the Have Nots. John says "It is the most fun I've had since when I started Dukes of Hazard.” I think because of the way Tyler does the show. We shot 20 episodes in 18 days. It's insane, "Dukes" took 10 months. I also starred in "Smallville" that took 10 months, and "Dr. Quinn" took 10 months. Tyler takes 18 days. It's a tremendous challenge, intellectually because you've got 35 pages of dialogue to shoot in a day. I'm loving it, it's like a great workout. You can hear more of John Schniders ‘ interview on /

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We here at Crimson Line Ministries couldn't be more excited about our strategic partnership with Hip Hop National Radio! Crimson Line Ministries operates by a 3 fold mandate. 1. The Kingdom of God here on earth NOW! We believe that it was God's original intent for His children to experience heavenly kingdom realities right here on earth. 2. The righteousness of God Now! The bible tells us that by excepting Jesus Christ into our lives that we were made the "Righteousness of God". By operating in righteousness, God is able to work through us in order to make those kingdom realities manifest in our lives. 3. The Image of Christ! We as the body of Christ are suppose to represent all that is Messiah! The love, compassion, knowledge, wisdom, power, and gifts are to be evident through the body of Christ, (the Church).

Through our weekly broadcast on Hip Hop National Radio we will teach you the principles, concepts, and strategies directly from God's word that if adopted will absolutely change your life. We are also looking for anyone who feels that God has a calling on their lives to consider bringing our Starship project, The Jericho Initiative to your community, city, and state. The Jericho Initiative is all about Love In Action, stepping outside the 4 walls of a church and serving our communities in many many different ways. Through serving our cities, and standing in the gap in prayer we believe that the walls of poverty, sickness, homelessness, violence, hatred, racism and division will fall! Please consider being a part of this mighty move of God by laying down your life for your neighbor. God Bless, Pastor Chris Willingham - Founder/Crimson Line Ministries For more information on Crimson Line Ministries you can contact us at:

Eric Terrell Ferguson on October 10,

K AY O E x t r a ordinary charm, clever word play and crafty metaphors have brought this gi ft talent to the forefront of the music scene. With m u l t i talented song writers and producers, including her o w n material. KAYO’s songs speak the language of today's youth without dumbing down to the typical stereotypes. Interestingly enough, KAYO has already developed a new market on capitalizing her craft. KAYO has been able to perform in many large venues unlike a lot of our current, young performers whose musical content hinders them from gaining exposure due to their sometimes negative messages and explicit lyrical content. KAYO is by far on a path to success with showing a promising future in becoming one of the majors of her craft. Manager -Aldouphus "PoeEtiq" Williams (954) 461-3398 / WWW.KAYOBLOWKISSES.COM

I was born

in Rochester NY. At the early age of 3, my family moved to Cross , SC - the place I call my home. At age 6, I began to sing, and at age 9, I began to play the trumpet. This was the start of my love for music. I continued my growth in music throughout high school and college at the Univ. of South Carolina. While in college, I performed in many talent showcases, weddings, and competitions in efforts to hone my skills. After college, I have continued to perform in efforts to get my sound heard. My Style: My style is love. I want to express through my gift of song how relationships between couples go through the highs and lows. The Future:

My goal

is to be mentioned in the same breathe with the great R&B vocalist of all times when my days of performing are over. I want to spark conversation that deal with the joys and pains of love. Who am I?? Emotional..Romantic..Intense & Comforting.... Simply Eric

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Does it Take Luck to Make it in the Music Business? Show Description: If failure is the result of bad habits and poor decision, is it fair to venture to say that success would be the result of good habits and good decisions. Giving identical circumstances two talented individuals from an underprivileged background is gifted by an Angel Investor with an equal amount of $20,000 to produce their recording projects. In one hand you have an act, that takes it as a ticket to celebrate, sets up a huge party and finally get the car, the jewelry and clothes they always wanted. Oh yea, he goes into the studio as well and returned with a recorded product as expected by the investor. On the other hand the other act goes out and invest in some studio gear, hired some qualified producers, musicians engineers to produce the record. Assembles a team to assist, in making her act look as polished as they can be. Oh yea, she takes the team out to celebrate a job well done just before the delivery of the recorded product to the investor. Both were stricken with a blessing of luck, however, habits and decisions are what makes the difference of good or bad results. Which of the two would you say is better prepared to take on a course of success when the rubber meets the road? All Rights Reserved: Hip Hop National LLC, 2014

Some Key Things To Look For When Picking A Personal Manager! Listed are a few Key tips for picking a good manager; Experience, Education , Excellent Instincts, Industry connections‌ should be highly energetic, confident not arrogant, trustworthy‌etc. these are some of the traits that could determine success or failure of your act. The manager should not be egotistical, however must know when to stand his or her grounds. Pick an manager who knows how to get what they need, when they need it and where they need it. Leadership abilities are key. Most importantly, you need a chief who will work with you and has your best investments in mind. Look for someone who want to build a relationship on solid grounds and not sand, respect will be the glue to lasting business relations, think of your manager as the coach of your team. When deciding to choose a manager make an assessment in what manner your manager will fit in and lead your team ultimately to victory this business of music. All Rights Reserved: Hip Hop National LLC, 2014 All Show Links: We aim to educate, will you help? Register and Upload your Radio Ready Mp3

Terms Every Artist Should Know! Publishing And Licensing Terms Every Artist Should Know! BEWARE OF THE FINE PRINT! This is the Music Business, as one of my heroic mentors (Nea) once said” The business is the business!” After a few hard knocks, I concur! You seriously, must dot your (I’s) and cross your (T’s) in this industry. Knowing the language and the terms will help only prepare you in navigating through as you quest for success in the music game! All Rights Reserved: Hip Hop National LLC, 2014 Boardroom Meetings: How Do You Make Your Music The Focus Of The Conversation? Imagine auditioning for “America’s Hottest Talent” you get a call back the next day your name and face is in show lights now you are the world’s biggest star. Sounds to good to be true doesn't it? That’s because it is! On the most part it will take a polished product and a continuous effort on your part of always being on the grind, as some would put it. More so today than ever simply due to the controls of creating the buzz has shifted to the duties of the independent Artist/Label. Nevertheless, if you are making enough noise out there, meaning you are being heard by the people and visible among the people with consistency the executive investors will come. Merely because of you and your teams hard work and efforts is now the topic of discussion in the boardroom with several record executives speaking solely about the direction of your musical career. Wouldn't this be a dream come true? Of coarse it will, after all, you have earned your stripes, now you could finally live in the path that you were cut out for. Tonight join us as we discuss what type of sacrifice it will take to get to raise the bar to where boardroom meetings have your music as the focus of the conversation?” All Rights Reserved: Hip Hop National LLC, 2014 All Show Links: We aim to educate, will you help? Register and Upload your Radio Ready Mp3


Desiree' Charis -


Woodgett’s focus is not to limit herself to her southern, or American, roots, but to share her sultry sound of jazz and soul with the international community. In her eyes, it’s giving back because music feeds the soul. Through her sound and lyrics, she uses her soul to heal, feed and inspire others to move through life living better than yesterday with love and light. Tricia is co-owner of Svelte Books and Svelte Entertainment Group whereas she shares the responsibilities of creativity, writing, producing, publishing and directing. She has published 8 novels and has co-written, executive produced, managed and co-starred in the play “Church Picnic”, the film short “The Other Sister” (IMDb credit) and the investor trailers/pilot for the upcoming filming projects Circles, “The Grass Ain’t Greener” (What IF?) and Unexpectedly Gin.

Desiree’ was born in Dallas, Texas on July 6, 1990. Growing up she had a LOVE & PASSION for music. Starting with Gospel and A'Capella, Desiree’ acquired the skills to harmonize and hear pitch. Her appreciation for all genres of music allowed Desiree’ to expand her thinking create her unique and awesome sound. Her current mixtape is entitled “The Soul of a Songbird” dropping April 1, 2011. You can contact her on Facebook ( DesireeCharis),Twitter ( and you can hear her music at ( desireecharisperry) Contact /Booking: or Call Brandon “DOPI” Perry (661)208-2957


Soul & jazz music sensation Andrae Alexander’s new self-titled CD is available now in over 80 online music stores and w e b s i t e s . Andrae Alexander, a rising artist on the soul and jazz scene has the music world abuzz with the released his new, self-titled CD “Andrae Alexander”. The CD is available via digital download on 81 music websites and stores online. Andrae brings forth a sound that appeals to the serious music lover. The CD “Andrae Alexander” extends multiple genres, gives you soul and jazz with hints of classic R&B. Fitting right into the age of microwave mainstream music, Andrae’s style vocally heartfelt and just what the discriminating listener wants to hear. Andrae’s CD on, VirginMega (France),, music,,,, Mobivillage,,, Rhapsody,, Soundbuzz (UK),, Juno, Media Markt (Europe), “Andrae [Alexander]

steps into the spotlight with a new self-titled CD that has classic album styling written all over it.” Website:

Recording Studio’s Luxury vs Needs? Most people who dare to venture and setup their own recording studio environment are frequently faced with the same questions; i.e… Do I need a vocal booth? How do I sound proof? Do I need a Live recording Room? Do I need a mixing console? What color schemes should I paint the room and etc… Tonight we will explore some do’s and don’ts. Feel free to join us and share your thoughts? All Rights Reserved: Hip Hop National LLC, 2014 You and Music: Understanding Your What and Your Why! Mindset is key, if you are in pursuit of a Music Career, in this independent age of conducting business. You will no doubt need to have tough skin. Your patience will be tried time and again. There will be times that you question your motives to why you got in this business in the first place? However, by doing an assessment skills and talents, will help you determine the value you bring into the industry, what is your inspiration, your core motivation, how you fit in, where you fit in and why you do what you do and when you do it. With out this basic understanding of self, you could be setting yourself up for failure right from the very beginning. Before investing monies or formulating a marketing strategy come into play you may want to ask yourself a few tough questions. Please note it is vitally important that you understand these key elements of what this business is about and your core purpose to why you are in pursuit of it this career. This will help you determine your enjoyment and success in music . on the other hand, getting this wrong, could be a costly career upset. So, let’s talk about it and ensure that you get started on the right track. Call in we invite you to voice your thoughts or feel free to leave a comment. All Rights Reserved: Hip Hop National LLC, 2014 All Show Links: We aim to educate, will you help? Register and Upload your Radio Ready Mp3

What I Know To Be True In My Heart. It Takes An Abundance of Faith! Faith is the substance of what we hope for and the evidence of what we do not see (Heb 11:1). Do you have the Faith that is needed to manifest the life of your dreams? Do you have Faith to go the distance and follow God’s abstract path of life? Do you have Faith and Courage to help others succeed and not feel regretful about your own life path? I ask these questions because, as you read this, know that you are Spiritual Women (and men) of Faith. It is not accidental that you were drawn to this editorial about Faith. Faith is not just what we say, it is the belief that we live. Faith is knowing that Jehovah (GOD) will make a way out of no way when you can NOT possibly see an answer. Faith in Adonia (GOD), is the doctor giving you life ending or life changing news about you or a loved one’s health. But you know in your heart that JESUS said “I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life” (John 14:6). It takes an Abundance of Faith! Practice, Practice, Practice Faith! As I launch Spiritual Women Of Faith (2014) for readers, listeners & viewers, like you and I, our SWOF producer Letitia Ellis is interviewing panelist to lend their biblical opinions for Spiritual Women of Faith broadcasts. Do you have what it takes to be a Spiritual Woman Of Faith? Contact me at BBSL

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A POEM F OR SARAH BAA RTMAN By Diana Ferrus “I’ve come to take you home – home, remember the veld? the lush green grass beneath the big oak trees the air is cool there and the sun does not burn. I have made your bed at the foot of the hill, your blankets are covered in buchu and mint, the proteas stand in yellow and white and the water in the stream chuckle sing-songs as it hobbles along over little stones. I have come to wretch you away – away from the poking eyes of the man-made monster who lives in the dark with his clutches of imperialism who dissects your body bit by bit who likens your soul to that of Satan and declares himself the ultimate god! I have come to soothe your heavy heart I offer my bosom to your weary soul I will cover your face with the palms of my hands I will run my lips over lines in your neck I will feast my eyes on the beauty of you and I will sing for you for I have come to bring you peace. I have come to take you home where the ancient mountains shout your name. I have made your bed at the foot of the hill, your blankets are covered in buchu and mint, the proteas stand in yellow and white – I have come to take you home where I will sing for you for you have brought me peace.” Read more:

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Join Al "Poeetiq" Williams (CEO Hip Hop National) to learn the music industry business. Celebrity interviewer, Valder Beebe as she visits w...

Rev run  

Join Al "Poeetiq" Williams (CEO Hip Hop National) to learn the music industry business. Celebrity interviewer, Valder Beebe as she visits w...