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Perseverance “Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after another.” – Walter Elliott

JAN/FEB/MAR 2012 Volume 2 Issue 9 Chief Editor/Co-Publisher/CEO Myra Morris Co-Publisher/CEO Hip Hop National LLC. Aldouphus “PoeEtiq” Williams

Independence is not granted. Independence is earned. Step by step and action by action, independence is a state of being one creates for him or herself by consistently choosing actions that enlarge his or her range of options. To paraphrase legendary college football coach Lou Holtz, “If you know where you want to be, choose the option that will get you closer to your goal.”

Chief Financial Officer Diane Evans Editorial Consultant Lesa Clayton

When we take the time to discern our choices and make them in alignment with our ultimate goal, we earn our own independence. But independence seldom arrives in one fell swoop.

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No one plans to fail but it happens. Steady persistence in a course of action or purpose; especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement is Perseverance.

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Make an independent (on YOUR OWN) choice of where you want to be and Move On It. Never GIVE UP!

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WE TV’s hit show, “Tamar & Vince,” breakout stars - LaShawn and April Daniels’. LaShawn and April Daniels’ style, love of family, magnetic personalities and unsurpassed wit are the reasons viewers are tuning in every week to watch the charismatic couple, who are the ‘Fred & Ethel’ of the show; always cracking jokes and one-liners and love to hold court with their stories, speeches and advice. “Tamar & Vince,” is the popular spin-off of WE TV’s hit original series, “Braxton Family Values,” where youngest sister, Tamar Braxton is trying to finish her solo album, produced and written by LaShawn, and begin her meteoric rise to superstardom while her husband hustles to line up fame and fortune for Tamar. LaShawn & April come into play as sidekicks for Tamar & Vince and they work together as a team to help the struggling couple through life’s obstacles while managing their own careers as a successful hair stylist and musician duo. No stranger to the spotlight, LaShawn is a 2 time Grammy Award Winner, who is widely known for his accomplishments as a singer, songwriter, producer and vocal arranger. Over the past decade, no other lyricist has been more responsible for changing the very landscape of contemporary urban and pop music than that of LaShawn. With a catalogue that includes multi-platinum award winning songs like “It’s Not Right (But It’s Okay)” by Whitney Houston, “The Boy Is Mine” by Monica & Brandy, “You Rock My World” by Michael Jackson and “Telephone” by Lady Gaga, it’s easy to see why LaShawn has been credited as the “Secret Weapon” behind many of today’s biggest stars. Listen to Hip Hop National Radio’s visit with LaShawn and April on our show.

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The beautiful and charismatic actress and model, LisaRaye McCoy was born September 23, 1967 in Chicago, Illinois to a successful business man and accomplished model. She is the proud parent of beautiful 23 year old Kai, who has started her journey in her mothers footsteps as a model for Apple Bottoms. Her daughter is an inspiration for her love and community involvement with young women. LisaRaye launched her self-esteem driven teen pageant, Miss RayeDiant Jewels, the project is very close to her heart. The former first lady of the Turks and Caicos Islands is not only an accomplished actress but an entrepreneur in her right. She is the creator of the fashion lines Luxe and Romance and most recently her increasingly popular line of women's jeans, PZI, jeans for the curvy woman! Known for her trademark love for the color white LisaRaye is an exquisite vision whether giving motivational speeches for universities and corporations or making highly anticipated appearances on popular talk shows.

Single Ladies Season 2

— "Single Ladies" is a romantic comedy series about Keisha, Raquel and April - best friends with different philosophies on love, sex and relationships, proving not all women have the same desires. Keisha (LisaRaye McCoy) is a former video dancer who believes in making her own luck, her own money and choosing men with her head instead of her heart. April (Charity Shea,) had found the "perfect" man for the "ideal" marriage - but is learning that marriage does not always mean happily ever after. Season 2 will introduce Raquel (Denise Vasi) a sophisticated business woman coming into her own and calling the shots. "Single Ladies" is a modern, sexy series set in the world of Atlanta fashion, music, and celebrity that explores women's different approaches to relationships.

LisaRaye is best known for her role as Diamond in the movie “Players Club”, as well as her role as Neesee in the comedy series, “All of Us”. She has also had feature roles in a number of popular movies and television series. Her biggest accomplishment to date is her number one rated really show, “The Real McCoy”!

THE ACTRESS LisaRaye has built an accomplished career starring in multiple hit television shows and major motion pictures. From solidifying memorable roles to starring in cult classics, her skill set has been celebrated and experienced by millions for over a decade.

The Real McCoy

— With a new TV show under her belt, LisaRaye is ready to win the Hollywood game – her way!

She’s looking for action and not just in her movie roles. LisaRaye is on the hunt for a new man and she’s ain’t messing with no broke, broke. But she’s got the other love in her life, blooming model and daughter Kai, who LisaRaye is discovering may need a stronger parental hand than she thought. When she’s not being a mom-ager for Kai’s career, she’s working on her next project, her cousin, Quincy. Vowing to change his look and style, LisaRaye really just wants to find him a job that doesn’t involve working for her! She’s also making changes within her inner circle of friends and no one is safe, not even LisaRaye’s fabulous stylist Joe eXclusive. With their relationship already on thin ice, LisaRaye is making no bones about the fact that she is actively looking to replace him! But with so much going right for LisaRaye, will she be able to handle it all and still remain true to herself? Watch and find out

The HUMANITARIAN LisaRaye lends herself and gives her heart to many causes:

Former First Lady of Turks & Caicos As first lady, LisaRaye performed many humanitarian efforts in the underserved communities of Turks & Caicos.

L a d y

R a y e

F o u n d a t i o n

The Lady Raye Foundation serves as the creative and inspirational outlet that young girls desperately need. The Miss Raye Diant Jewels Teen Pageant offers girls an opportunity to expand their skilled and creative minds, overcome challenges like peer pressure and low self – esteem, have confidence and social skills, and allowed them to grow and become the leaders of tomorrow. The teen pageant was produced in cities around the country including Atlanta, Charlotte and Chicago.




LisaRaye is a Global Ambassador for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, Circle of Promise. She participated in The Race for a Cure both in Chicago a n d H o u s t o n . She also participated with Steve Harvey in Las Vegas for the Hoodie Awards and appeared at the Susan G. Komen booth. Listen to LisaRaye and hear how amazing this young woman really is. Her visit with Valder Beebe was wonderful and eye-opening. Take a listen. Part- 1: uploads/2012/11/VALDER-BEEBE-SHOW-CELEB-INTERVIEW1lisaraye-mccoy.mp3 Part- 2A: uploads/2012/11/VALDER-BEEBE-SHOW-CELEB-INTERVIEW2Alisaraye-mccoy.mp3 Part- 2B: uploads/2012/11/VALDER-BEEBE-SHOW-CELEB-INTERVIEW2Blisaraye-mccoy.mp3 Part- 3: uploads/2012/11/VALDER-BEEBE-SHOW-CELEB-INTERVIEW3lisaraye-mccoy.mp3

SIX TIME WWE WORLD CHAMPION Dave Bautista is getting ready to fight his very first MMA and he talks with Valder about his career as an American professional wrestler bodybuilder and his upcoming 2013 movie with co star Russell Crowe in the Universal Pictures film "The Man With The Iron Fists".

A perennial favorite guest of the Valder Beebe Show, Sherri Shepherd, "The View" Co-Host is an actress/comedian. Sherri who will host a brand new version of “The Newlywed Game” on GSN. Sherri and I have done many interviews, so I ask this Daytime Emmy® Award-winning co-host of “The View,” who appeared in the award-winning film “Precious,” Steve Harvey’s “Think Like a Man” and “One for the Money,” “Beauty Shop,” “Guess Who” and “Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa” about her marriage, having multiple careers, family and of about her new wig line. I let her know I saw the wig ad in Essence magazine. Sherri, recently competed in the 14th season of “Dancing with the Stars” and is a frequent guest star on the hit comedy series “30 Rock.”

Valder Beebe Show WOMENS HEALTH ANSWERS - FOX TV JUDGE Host of Justice

with Judge Jeanine accompanied by Dr. Sol Epstein, MD. Mount Sinai School of Medicine of NY & Osteoporosis Researcher talk with me about: NEW Ways to Prevent Osteoporosis


As I interviewed Kevin Sorbo Sorbo we all may remember him on the popular TV show Hercules, Kevin Sorbo embodied the legendary half-god, half-man character from Greek mythology. I spoke with Kevin and was surprised in real life, however, he had three strokes at age 38. Kevin talked with me about for us to recognized World Stroke Day worldstrokeday to increase stroke awareness.

Leeza GibboValder Beebe Show WOMENS HEALTH ANSWERS

Co hosts ‘America Now’ with Bill Rancic (star of the Style Network reality show Bill & Guiliana ) talks with me as November is for Alzheimer's Awareness. Leeza Gibbons Latest Alzheimer's Advocacy Activities, Continued Commitment to Improve the Caregiving Experience for Millions of Americans Mario Lopez , 38, (most known for his former role on Saved by the Bell ) host of syndicated entertainment news show Extra and Courtney Mazza who is engaged to Mario, they both star on VH1 reality show Mario Lopez: Saved by the Baby. I interviewed Marior before when he brought his Mom, this time they chat with me on the Valder Beebe Show as Mario and Courtney announce the NIVEA "Kiss of the Year" contest on Facebook . Mario tells me about: search for the couple who deserves to have their "Kiss of the Year" on NIVEA's Kiss Stage this New Year's Eve. Mario and Courtney also share they will marry before 2013.

A favorite guest in the Valder Beebe Show’s Lagniappe (Creole for Something Extra) segment, Ellie Krieger, Host of Food Network’s Healthy Appetite. Ellie talks with Valder about Diabetes friendly meal to bring awareness to November as Americas Diabetes month.

Calling Valder from Johannesburg South African, International platinum artist Nianell, talks with Valder about her CD and book: KNOWING WHO I AM: Love Yourself and Make a Difference. She share about her personal life; being the mother of triplet boys and the universal lessons music has taught her.


Valder Beebe Show BeeBe’s Smart Living

HGTV’s Canadian imports “The Property Brothers” Identical Twins Drew and Jonathan Scott talk to Valder about the Insider Secrets On How To Turn Extreme Fixer-Uppers Into Personally Customized Homes. Drew and Jonathan share about their now living in Las Vegas (they say because they love to work 24-hours), and filming their HGTV show in Austin, Texas and Canada.

Valder Beebe

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“The N-Word” Why Is The Use Of The N-Word So Prevalent In The Hip Hop Community? Abstract: Humanities research takes a look at the works of Neal A. Lester, PhD: Dean of Humanities and Professor of English, Coordinator, who teaches a class at Arizona State University. Lester views, as well as, excerpts from other articles, all expressing how the perpetuating use of the N-Word via the Hip Hop Community, is just like peeling the scab off an open womb, leaving no room for healing. The N-Word (Ni_ _ER), a once so offensive word, used with the intent to attack and degrade African Americans, in the most humiliating manner; The word is now used prevalently among their, descendants (the Hip Hop Community), as term of endearment. The purpose of this study is to shed light on a generational gap that lies between the origin of the word, the victims and its current use among today's youth. Furthermore, in my interview with Neal A. Lester, PhD Dean of Humanities and Professor of English, Coordinator, who teaches a class at Arizona State University Project Humanities stated that "the subject fascinated him precisely because he didn’t understand its layered complexities". Lester also contends that "much of the commercial hip-hop culture by black males uses the n-word as a staple. White youths, statistically the largest consumers of hip-hop, then feel that they can use the word among themselves with black and white peers" alike. The N-word has tormented many African-Americans for many of years. It carries a negative connotation historically and is degrading for many blacks who has suffered in light of its name. For instance, almost all African-Americans who have lived through the 1960’s through the 1980’s are haunted by the humiliating and derogatory mention of the word provoking an emotional dark outburst. Additionally, one could only wonder what the world would be like without the prejudice that lies among us as human? Why must we resort to such extremes degrading measures as an attack on one another, just to elevate our own egos? This word has been so watered down, that it lost its offensive impact on the African American victims. Hence, our youth has taken an approach to make satire of a serious situation by an attempt to desensitize its true meaning. While investigating this topic, I came across an article titled The N-word: Our language's most controversial word is evolving, though its racial divisiveness remains, by Jason Browne. Browne has interviewed several experts & non-experts gathering various perspectives on this topic. For example, Browne quoted in this article that "As a rapper, you've damn near got to use (the N-word). It's standard gear now," said a hip-hop executive. "So many Caucasians make money off the word, but most people I know, you can't say that word around. It is also quoted in the article that "He believes the word would eventually fall out of common use if removed completely from popular art. "It's bad for business if Lil' Wayne don't say the N-Word," he said as an example”. As an African-American, it should be looked at in the worst way. To some young African-Americans, the N-word is the ultimate vulgar lexicon. “It’s not common, it's not acceptable and it's certainly disrespectful," said Nicole Terry, 22, a black, female EMCC student. "The word means an ignorant person. I have no idea (why people use the word). Maybe they don't know." Many of our elders are frustrated and dissatisfied with our youth today and feel that the Hip Hop culture is either insensitive or simply under educated to the history of their ancestors. Possibly the problem may lie within our education system because most schools are evasive of the topic altogether in addition to all the controversial issues and arguments it causes.

However, Lester said, "most public school teachers are white women. How might they hold class discussions about this word? Do you think it would help them to lay some groundwork? You might want to get somebody from the outside who is African American to be a central part of any discussion an administrator, a parent, a pastor or other professional with some credibility and authority. Every white teacher out there needs to know some black people. Black people can rarely say they know no white people; it’s a near social impossibility. The NAACP would be a good place to start".

"Ni_ _er" is an almost universally known word of contempt.... It is if all the country's tangled legacy of racial animosity, brutality and fear has been bottled up into two ugly syllables. The despair and anger simmers without them, but when those two syllables find their way into the open air, the explosive power of old emotions is unleashed in that power can sweep rationally, wisdom and even common humanity out of its path." The evidence that support that the prejudice still lies closely around us just search the world wide web "Obama Ni_ _ga please", sadly we cannot change such a conflict but we can begin the process by educating the youth of its negative and lingering impact it will have on generations to come if we continue to promote it. One may ask is the Hip Hop Community simply heartless? How could our youth continue to promote the N-Word, after, seeing it through the eyes of Sister Anne, who “plastered her walls with 449 pictures of black people , some hanging from trees, others shot and bleeding. We saw signs over water fountain same "Whites only' and people marching with posters "Go Back To Africa" There are millions of similar stories of this same cruel and unusual punishment. Surely, the Hip Hop Community may rebuttal and say that we need not live in the past we need to let a by gone be a by gone and move on. Perpetuating prejudice is only keeping it alive and hindering us from living together in harmony. Besides, the first amendment - grant us the right to speak at will. Although the prior mentioned may be true, it is only human to be considerate of our fellow man. Is it that we are cold and heartless that we don't care for others concerns? Should the past be viewed as a lesson learned but never to be repeated? Could education really be the means to a resolve? Should we open up dialog on both sides to discuss the issues to get even a more contrast view of the broader picture. Does burying the issues really make the problem go away? “You can get rid of "Ni_ _er" any more you get rid of racism but we need to deal with it head on. When I’m called a "Ni_ _er" I use reverse psychology or I get into heated debates we need to have people tell their stories. By erasing the word, you don’t erase the history. If "Ni_ _er" could be ban, it still wouldn’t get rid of attitude that it symbolizes. We need to create an environment for dialogue about the words purpose and problems. (Hamilton, 1994, 56)”

Nevertheless, a possible solution would be to conduct a survey among 1000 people; 500 male, 500 female of different ages and of various ethnic backgrounds. The study should be integrated with a marketing mix of the music community made up of Musicians, Listeners and Professionals. The survey should be a list Q & A’s expressing the viewpoints of both sides all in a True & False, Agree or Disagree format. I believe this is the starting place to reaching a common ground. My biggest defense this whole argument has always been: How do you market music universally if there is a language barrier? What commercial venues will support it and what monetary value does it add to your craft as a musician? Would you knowingly welcome a thief into your home? Certainly, not, one would suspect the thief only mission would be to rob them. In essence this is the stereotype we face in the Hip Hop Community. We are breaking down the barrier of trust among our (Listeners, Consumers, Elders, Executives…etc.), commercial venues, most, are not certain they could trust what may slip out of our lips, explicit lyrics, derogatory content, demeaning words, etc…Including the N-Word. Consequently, it is minimizing our maximum potential, I believe, music is meant to be heard and not silenced. If I can’t trust your music, I will not play it at any parties or functions, if it does not have a universal message or appeal to all ears that hear it. It shouldn’t be intended to anyone at any level. References:;

Written by: Aldouphus Williams AKA “PoeEtiq”

SHOW HOURS 5pm Pst / 6pm Mst / 7pm Cst / 8pm Est Does Explicit Lyrics Heighten Or Limit Your Marketing Potential? In Just about every song that you search for over the internet, is filled with explicit lyrics in the genre of Hip Hop. Is it a strategy to giving music the momentum it needs to be successful? On the other hand, could we be limiting the marketing potential of the song? It is sad to say but today, A great deal of the music circles and venues won't support Hip Hop because the stigma or stereotype it has acquired. In this episode we discuss the commercial value of your music and why it serve you as a competitive advantage to make music to be heard and not silenced

Balancing Priorities While In Pursuit Of The Dream Special Guest : LaShawn & April Daniels Co-Stars of “Tamar & Vince,” the popular spin-off of WE TV’s hit original series, “Braxton Family Values,” where youngest sister, Tamar Braxton is trying to finish her solo album, produced and written by LaShawn Daniels, and begin her meteoric rise to superstardom while her husband hustles to line up fame and fortune for Tamar. LaShawn & April Daniels come into play as the (Fred & Ethel) sidekicks for Tamar & Vince and they work together as a team to help the struggling couple through life’s obstacles while managing their own careers as a successful hair stylist and musician duo The Powerful Principle Of Repetition In this episode we will discuss why it seems that mainstream radio playlist consist of a select few songs and why these songs are added to rotation? Is there a science to the structure of radio programming why is it so redundant. Why is the same songs repeated over and over again again?

What Value, Does Advertising Bring To Your Music? A lot of Musicians are fascinated by the fame and fortune of other fellow entertainers. We often see these individuals as being lucky and having an easy breezy life. As aspiring musicians ourselves on the quest of making a Hit. We see that the road to success is little less traveled than most would think. In fact only 1% of the population are successful in Business, merely, due to the failure of never taking a moment to think, plan and execute by putting the hard work

Why Some Entertainers Are Successful And Others Are Not? Special Guest: Darryl Swann Darryl composed the score for feature film "From The Rough" featuring actors Michael Clarke Duncan, Tom Felton of "Harry Potter" fame, Taraje' Hensen of films "Hustle and Flow" and "Benjamin Button". Darryl's own group, Cultural Revolution, signed with Sony/Epic/New Deal Records and released the single “Nite & Day” on the soundtrack to the John Singleton-directed film Poetic Justice. In 1997, Darryl began writing and producing with Macy Gray, resulting in the multi-platinum album Macy Gray. "On How Life Is" as well as producing her follow-up album, "The Id". He also had the pleasure of working side by side with producer Rick Rubin who acted as Executive Producer on this record. Darryl has also worked closely in the past with Will-I-Am and the Black-Eyed-Peas, among many others. Darryl recently signed a world-wide book publishing deal with Hal Leonard Publishing International. First edition of "Essential Guide to Song-writing, Producing, and Recording" to be released fall 2013.His other recent projects include developing a music-related video game for Sony Playstation 3 and Microsoft X-Box 360. Darryl lectures at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles on Musician's Institute's behalf. He also teaches Record. Production at UCLA extension in the Entertainment Studies department.

What Are The 5'Ps of Marketing Music? The 5 P of marketing Music or any other is product all have a similar pattern that must be present in the cycle of the marketing mix. The 5'Ps of Marketing are centered around the Product, setting an attractive price, promotions using valued strategies and techniques of promotions and marketing, positioning the product in the right places and distribution points and finally delivering a quality product to the consumer the people.

What Are Some Of The Legalities We Face As Entertainers? Special Guest: Randall E. McMillan Randall, has successfully negotiated, drafted and closed numerous complex agreements worth tens of millions of dollars involving some of the most prominent businesses and brands in the world and some of the most notable entertainers and artists of our time such as: Jay-Z, Rihanna, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Ne-Yo, Babyface, Mariah Carey and LL Cool J. He spent the last decade with Universal Music Group's Island Def Jam Music Group where he was responsible for advising creative, financial, production and marketing executives in the business and legal affairs of Def Jam Records, Island Records, Roc-A-Fella Records, Mercury Records, So So Def Records and the Russell Simmons Music Group. Mr. McMillan previously held several positions with BMG Entertainment's RCA Records Label where he was responsible for legal matters involving such diverse and iconic entertainers as Elvis Presley, Duke Ellington, Christina Aguilera, Tyrese, Jim Brickman, John Pizzarelli, Comedian/Actor John Leguizamo and the Foo Fighters. Mr. McMillan has also spent some time in the courtroom. He has appeared in both state and federal courts representing Fortune 500 companies such as Boeing and State Farm Insurance as an Associate in the Business Litigation Department of the New York-based law firm of Rivkin Radler, LLP.

If you are interested being a guest on Hip Hop National Radio Show & Feedback panel or advertising with us? Please contact us at 877-580-8555 Artist send music to, be sure submit contact information also.

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PITBULL UNVEILS GLOBAL WARMING Onstage, Pit truly brings this highly personalized combination of styles to life by harnessing the raw energy of his live band. The interplay between the singer and the musicians creates a festive, spontaneous atmosphere that would be impossible to duplicate if Pit performed backed only by a DJ spinning tracks. “When the congas are pounding and the bass is thumping behind me, nothing can touch me. It feels like I’m riding a bolt of lighting.” But the real beauty of Planet Pit is that its creator never forgets his roots, and Pit’s wide-eyed appreciation for how far he’s come grounds his irresistible global music in a relatable humanity. Pit learned the power of words from a young age. His parents were first-generation Cuban immigrants, and his father taught him to recite the words of Cuban poet and independence leader José Martí in the bars in Miami’s Little Havana. After his parents split, Pit had a complicated relationship with his father, who made a significant amount of money in the streets, but found that money that comes quick, leaves quicker. His mother also struggled to make ends meet, and Pit shuttled from one run-down home to another, even spending time with a foster family in rural Roswell, Georgia. Inspired by Nas and The Notorious B.I.G., Pit began rapping in high school after his mother kicked him out for dealing drugs. He managed to graduate and began to focus on his career, hanging out in clubs and performing wherever he could. Pit caught a break when Lil Jon invited him to appear on his 2002 album Kings of Crunk, and capitalized on the opportunity by following it up with




In 2004, Pitbull signed with TVT Records, which issued his three No. 1 independent albums, M.I.A.M.I.: Money Is A Major Issue (2004), El Mariel (2006), and The Boatlift (2007), earning Pit a reputation as rap’s most versatile leading man. Through collaborations with his mentor Lil Jon, Pit scored a number of club smashes, including “Krazy” and “The Anthem.” After leaving and signing to Polo Grounds Music/J Records, Pitbull continued to be recognized for his work, winning the first-ever “Latin Digital Download Artist of the Year” award a t t h e 2 0 0 9 B i l l b o a r d L a t i n M u s i c A w a r d s . Pitbull launched a massive media blitz to promote Global Warming including being featured on the special issue cover of Rolling Stone recently plus high profile television appearances on the Latin Grammys, American Music Awards where Pit’s nominated for 2 awards, Today Show Toyota Outdoor Concert Series, The View, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Chelsea Lately, Access Hollywood Live and more. Pitbull has risen to become a global superstar as both a recording and performing artist. The Miami-native recently added to a long-and-growing list of hits with his first #1, “Give Me Everything.” At the same time, his world tour sold out concerts throughout Latin America, Canada and Europe, before bringing the party to the United States, Japan and Australia. Global Warming is the highly anticipated follow-up to Planet Pit, which earned critical acclaim and enjoyed massive commercial success with sales of more than 1.4 million albums and 18 million singles. To complement his worldwide success as an artist, Pitbull is also a burgeoning businessman with his own line of premium, low-calorie vodka, Voli, equity partner in the iconic food franchise that shares his Miami roots, The New Miami Subs Grill, and a partnership with Sheets, the dissolvable energy strip. These entrepreneurial ventures are the latest for Pitbull, who has inked major sponsorship deals with blue-chip brands like Dr Pepper, Fiat and Bud Light. GLOBAL WARMING Album Teaser: "Don't Stop The Party" Audio Featuring TJR "Don’t Stop The Party" Music Video "Back In Time" Music Video Stay in touch with the latest on Pitbull:

K AY O E x t r a ordinary charm, clever word play and crafty metaphors have brought this gi ft talent to the forefront of the music scene. With m u l t i talented song writers and producers, including her o w n material. KAYO’s songs speak the language of today's youth without dumbing down to the typical stereotypes. Interestingly enough, KAYO has already developed a new market on capitalizing her craft. KAYO has been able to perform in many large venues unlike a lot of our current, young performers whose musical content hinders them from gaining exposure due to their sometimes negative messages and explicit lyrical content. KAYO is by far on a path to success with showing a promising future in becoming one of the majors of her craft. Manager -Aldouphus "PoeEtiq" Williams (954) 461-3398 / WWW.KAYOBLOWKISSES.COM

Ethan Kent is a singer, songwriter, producer, and worship leader from Dallas, TX. He began playing piano at age 8, and composed his first song at age 12. His 15 years of active involvement in music ministry has also led him to develop skills on the organ, drums, bass guitar, and recently guitar. From 2008 until now Ethan has received his B.A. from Dallas Baptist University, built his production company Tonic Blueprint and married to Audrey Etté, who works as an attorney. Together they are a true powerhouse. Ethan is ended 2011 with a bang, with the release of his first solo CD project, “Work In Progress”. This project moves in a different vein musically, merging gospel, r&b, rock, and pop with refreshing themes and conversational lyrics that will inspire people of all ages. The title track “Work In Progress” is an inspirational pop anthem that expresses the idea that every human life is like a work of art. It goes on further to articulate that anyone can make a mark in history by using their everyday actions to paint the picture of a life that is devoted to God, prayer and love for our fellow man. Visit us @ Email: | PR: Audrey Etté Kent | Phone: 817-917-5334

D-Rich Damien Richards is often described as a triple treat for his versatility; he writes his own lyrics, he thought himself to play the guitar and he is an accomplished musician. Damien was born in San Fernando, Trinidad. He was raised partly in Claxton, Trinidad and moved to New York City when he was thirteen years old. By seven, Damien was already an accomplished performer of Reggae and Calypso music. “One of New York's most soulful alternative artists to sing in the Alternative music genre is Damien Richards. We've seen him perform acoustically, and with a live band, and each performance has been worthy of all praise received. Damien's voice carries a connection between the listener, and the message in his lyric, making him one of the best artists we've heard! Damien will take the stage in New York again for an intimate and interactive performance on December 17th, and will give an update as to what's happening with his career and where he's going as we move into 2011. If you've never heard of Mr. Richards, that's ok ... you're here now! ” — Publicist , Natasha VonCastle Learn more about D-Rich!/pages/Damien-Richards/208555555883424

ANASTASIA “The Bold” Bolden Host - Comedian – Writer ANASTASIA “The Bold” is the hottest and most sought after comedienne in the south. This young lady is without a doubt an extraordinary comedienne. She h a s a n exceptional ability to c a p t i v a t e audiences from all backgrounds. Her versatility, comedic style, delivery, and stage presence are ANASTASIA ’s all nothing short of amazing. natural ability allows her to transcend into any genre of comedy. This very funny, yet informative and thought provoking comedienne can be booked for all of your special occasions because she makes every event a special occasion. ANASTASIA prides herself on her ability to customize a comedy show to suit the needs of her clients, however be warned that her contagious and explosive energy, side-splitting antics, and the dynamic stage presence she brings into a room should be approached with caution because ANASTASIA “The Bold” is “too real to be fake and saying the things others only think.” Be ready for a young lady you’ll never forget and a show you will always remember, get ready for ANASTASIA “The Bold.”

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DJ ASAP is quickly becoming one of the most soughtsought-after DJs in the Southwest as his magic on the 1s and 2s begins to take over Dallas Nightlife. - ASAP is known for his unique blend of mixture which has solidified his status as an AA -list Celebrity DJ - Acknowledged for his substantial collection of music across many genres, ASAP depends heavily on his encyclopedic musical knowledge to keep any crowd moving - As a young DJ, ASAP learned about music first hand from his dad who was a well known DJ and radio personality of his time “I love the feeling of djing in the club atmosphere because everything is so raw and unpredictable. The response I get from people always motivates me to be better and try new music and tricks. I don’t look at myself just as a DJ but more as an entertainer and that’s what you get with me. ENTERTAINMENT”!!!! “DJing is about the audience and how they connect with the music. Every event or club is different and as a DJ it is my job to read the audience and move the party to the next level.” - DJ ASAP has played for the big premier clubs and the exclusive underground favorites in Dallas for celebrities, major corporate events and top promoters - Events include: 97.9 The Beat Custom Car Show, Texas Urban Music Summit, SpriteSprite-Step Off Tour 2010 BET Spring Bling Celebrities Include: Dallas Cowboys Annual Rookie Vs Veteran Challenge Dallas MavericksMavericks- Josh Howard ,Tim Thomas, Eric Dampier Dallas CowboysCowboys-Martellus Bennett, Marcus Spears, Eugene Lockhart Oakland RaidersRaiders- Keith Davis New Orleans SaintsSaints- Remi Oyedele Seattle Seahawks: Trent Shelton New York YankeesYankees-Derek Jeter Melyssa Ford Autumn Joi Angela Simmons Columbus Short Artist Include: Soulja Boy Monica Nas Tank Snoop Dogg Drake Slim Thug Slim of 112 Bun B PlayPlay -N -Skillz Jadakiss Inertia DJ ASAP is also the Official Tour DJ for the soft drink Sprite in the Southwest Region. To learn more about DJ ASAP’s availability for booking, please ee-mail INFO@DJASAP.COM

As an Assistant Professor of Recording Arts & Technology, one of the first thing I'm asked by parents of prospective students is whether or not it's possible to make a living in the music industry. Obviously, this is a difficult question. I can't promise anyone that they'll be able to make a living working in the music industry because they all have different interests and skill-sets. However, what I can provide is a list of what my former students are doing. So, here's a list of 29 ways my former students make money in the music industry.

1. Performer - Obviously, this is the one that everyone thinks of. Everyone wants to be a rock star at some point in their life. And everyone assumes they're the ones making all of the money, which isn't always the case. But that's a topic for another day. 2. Live Sound Engineer - This audio professional is responsible for making each live performance sound as good as possible. 3. Recording Engineer - This audio professional is responsible for the first part of the recording process know as tracking. This is where all of the individual parts are recorded. 4. Mixing Engineer - Once all of the parts have been recorded, they are handed over to the mixing engineer. The mixing engineer adjusts the levels of each part to create the final mix. 5. Mastering Engineer - The mastering engineer is the last person involved in the recording process. They concentrate on making sure that all of the songs on the CD work well together, as a whole. Often times they have to adjust the level of one song as compared to another so that it isn't jarring to the listener. 6. Pro Tools Operator - This is a specialized type of recording engineer that only runs Pro Tools software. You can actually go to school for this to become a Certified Pro Tools operator, and if you do you might have me as your professor. 7. Intern - This is how many people start out in the music industry. Sometimes interns get paid, sometimes they don't. Either way, it's still often the best way to get your "foot in the door". Just be ready to clean a lot of toilets and take a lot of coffee and food orders. 8. Teacher - There are music teachers at all levels of the music business from the guitar teacher at the neighborhood music store, to the band teacher at the high school, to the vocal coach of the stars. 9. Manager - The manager is responsible for overseeing the artist's or band's career. They are like a head coach in that they advise the performer as they assemble their professional team of agents, business managers and lawyers. 10. Booking Agent - This is the member of the artist's team that is responsible for booking performances. Many people get the jobs of the manager and the agent confused. In certain states it's actually illegal for managers to book performances for artists. 11. Publicist - This member of the artist's team is responsible for generating publicity, usually in the form of newspaper, magazine and TV coverage. 12. Club Owner - This one is easy to understand. Basically, this includes anyone that owns a live music venue whether it be a club, bar or coffee house. 13. Recording Studio Owner - Sometimes this is the same person as the recording, mixing or mastering engineer, other times it's simply a business person. 14. Graphic Designer - This visual artist is responsible for designing whatever artwork the artist needs ranging from CD covers to posters. 15. Web Designer - It's the job of the web designer to build and maintain the artist's website. They may incorporate portions of the graphic designer's work in the design of the website. 16. Producer - The producer is responsible for overseeing the entire recording process. Traditionally, they chose the songs for the artist and hired the recording engineers and studio musicians. Nowadays, it's quite common for the producer to also be a songwriter, performer and recording engineer as well. 17. Songwriter - Some artists write their own songs. Those that don't need new material every time they record a new CD. That's where the songwriter comes in. 18. Film Composer - Another one that's pretty obvious. Film composers write all of the music necessary for a movie.

19. Jingle Writer - This is a very specialized songwriter who writes music for radio and TV commercials. 21. Publisher - The job of the publisher is to represent composers and songwriters and get their music used in movies and on TV. 21. Merchandiser - The merchandiser is responsible for putting the artist's likeness on an endless variety of products. Everyone that owns at least one concert t-shirt has a merchandiser to thank. 22. Journalist - In the past, this job was limited to a few magazines and newspapers but now, with the internet, there are literally thousands of sites discussing every genre of music imaginable. 23. Equipment Designer/Manufacturer - Someone needs to make all of the cool gear that the artists use on stage and in the studio. 24. Equipment Retailer - I know from first-hand experience that you can make a really good living working for one of the larger equipment retailers like Sweetwater Sound, Musician's Friend or Guitar Center. 25. TV/Film Music Supervisor - This is the person that finds the perfect songs and music for each TV show and movie. They usually work very closely with the director as well music publishers. 26. Record Label Owner - Nowadays, these are either multi-national companies (the major labels), or music lovers (the smaller independent labels). 27. Entertainment Lawyer - The music industry is full of all different types of contracts. You need an attorney that is familiar with these specialized documents. 28. Business Manager - Works closely with the artist to ensure that their bills are paid and that their money is well cared for. 29. Rehearsal Space Owner - This may be one that many people don't think of but there are rehearsal studios in just about every medium to large city. So there we have it, 29 ways to make money working in the music industry. In no way is this list complete. This is just an example of the type of work my former students do. I'm sure there are many, many other jobs in the music industry that I didn't mention here. Feel free to comment below and let me know what I left off of the list. I really appreciate reading your comments and feedback. Article Source:

Article Source:

Count Your Wealth Money, wealth and riches, I too often hear the young and the old say “when I win the lottery” or “when I get rich,” or other similar money statements. I cannot tell you about winning the lottery, because I have only bought two tickets in my lifetime and those were at the urging of my husband when winning the lottery, had an extreme mega pay out. Truthfully, in my heart, I did not believe that I would win. With my understanding of the power of intention, I know that you must intend something to attract it. As for getting rich, I have said those statements over and over in my life “when I get rich….” Today, I have not gotten rich by simply making that statement many times. But I am extremely wealthy in the eyes of God. I am healthy after a life altering illness years ago. All four of our children were born healthy and without defect. My family and I live in a country that was founded on the principles and the beliefs of GOD, I am wealthy. You may want to know how to turn this spiritual wealth into abundant physical wealth? First, know that GOD is the source of all that you will ever obtain in spiritual and physical wealth. Be grateful, express gratitude. Each day that you awake, make gratitude to God your first priority. Thank God for waking you up, for your body moving (whether it hurts or not), for having the freedom to plan your day, for the blessings that you will give and receive in this day. Take time to talk to God, a few movements will work and talking to God for hours will change your life (the choice is yours). Know that God wants to hear from you, he want to know what you think. From experience I know that you do not have to spend your valuable time telling God what is wrong. I call it “stop dragging GOD to your problems.” GOD is bigger that the challenges of life, so bring your challenges, problems, dark places, problem people, bring them to throne of Grace. Ask for forgiveness for those things you have done wrong willingly and unwillingly. As you petition God about those dark places in your life, now you begin to thank God for loving you as you are; flawed, broken, sad and imperfect. Yet, ask God to give you the strength to be the perfect, complete, joyous, whole child of God, who loves the you that he created you to be.

Valder Beebe hosts The Valder Beebe Show, a 21st century spiritual talk show broadcast on KKVI Radio FM 89.9 / 95.9, and Pod Cast on Contact Valder Beebe via or e-mail Tune daily to, 12:00 noon Valder Beebe’s THAT CELEBRITY INTERVIEW.

Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap (2012)The craft. The history. The power. Ice-T does a hell of a job bringing MCs and rappers to the forefront in one of the most prolific documentary-style films regarding hip-cop Culture. The dynamic in which this film exposes an MC's level of creativity is unparalleled. You decide. Will you see what the forefather's of hip-hop have to say about today's culture? Ice-T interviews-Afrika Bambaataa, Eminem, Nas, Mos Def, Kanye West, Chuck D, KRS-One, Snoop Dogg, Run-DMC and Ice Cube-in this compelling and gritty feature-length documentary. 1. The History It's the History of Rap like never told before. 2. Rap That Makes You Think It's thought provoking and captivating. 3. A Word From The Forefathers It's a look into the minds of the forefathers [of this culture, focusing on] the foundation of hip-hop. 4. Freestyles The freestyles [heard in the film] are bananas. Joe Budden, Kanye [West] and KAZ, [they kill it]. 5. Rap's Creativity

"Faithful Remembrances has something for everyone. Reading the words of the Bartons will surely move readers to tears, laughter, silence, and for some a smile will appear on their faces as the remember someone in their lives who evoked the same thoughts as expressed on each and every page."

"The Monkey Jungle Syndrome" A thing that make U go HmMMmm? Dedicated To: The Presidential Victory of Barack Obama Inspired by: The Historical Movement of Martin Luther King The Origin of this Concept: Derives from a Zoo in Miami Florida called “Monkey Jungle” The Irony is the humans view the monkeys from caged observation, as the monkeys roam freely throughout the jungle. However the real twist is the humans are really the one’s who are in control and have set the boundaries of limitation by which the monkeys are able to roam.

Definition: Monkey Jungle, was written with the formentioned principle in mind. Monkey Jungle 1= Defined by the PoeEtiq definition, as a form of mental slavery or a state of depression; That is caused by a person or group, who manipulate, another person or group through means oppression or suppression. Monkey Jungle 2 = Is the glass ceiling at the top, when a man reaches out to the skies, but, only to find himself constrained by the invisible shield that imprisons him. Monkey Jungle 3= Is the Catch 22, between a rock and a hard place Monkey Jungle 4 = Are the crabs in the bucket clawing at the one that might have a chance to escape. i.e.: Fathers degrading mothers, sisters degrading brothers. Blacks are doing it to Whites, and, Whites are doing it to Blacks, It's a never ending cycle. When will it end?

An example of defying the syndrome: Finally an All-star has stepped up to the bat, not to just make a first base hit , But, a Grand Slam Victory into home plate. For a moment the air stood still in silence The crowd applauded, the historical record was broken, The Glass Ceiling has finally been shattered, into millions and millions, pieces of hope The Dream of 44 years ago have been fulfilled. America is now presented with it's 44th President "Barack Obama" Nevertheless, his win is not the means to an end. Instead, it's the introduction to a new beginning.

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Continued from 40 Ultimately, for the first time in the U.S. Presidential History, it appears, victoriously we have experienced a shift in the political paradigm. President Obama deserves more than a round of applause, If nothing but for his relentless effort to take a stand, For giving the world , hope, by saying "Yes we Can" Just as the late Martin Luther King did in the Nineteen Sixties, Barack is performing a selfless act which will undoubtedly produce an equal playing ground of hope for all girls and boys, my children and yours. I tilt my hat to Obama for his courage to be defiant, of what will soon be known as new political phrase, "The Monkey Jungle Syndrome" (TMJS), The Mysterious Question The Question Is How is it could a Kingdom stand, if it stands Divided? I can't figure it Out!...I've never, been able... to connect... the dots! Refusal Of Submission From The Spoken Word Perspective Ya See! I'm a Walking Encyclopedia....Yes, I'm the media coming at U solid. So take your pencil write and rewrite, as I enlighten your mind with knowledge. "P....O.....E" that's me! coming at U, on a conscience "T....I....P" Recollecting in my fellow man his positive identity Setting an example for the young to follow After all we're their role models We must embed in them to understand That we all are equal None are less or greater than So let's make a stand towards the man that makes it difficult. In the eyes of GOD we all are reciprocal. Second track coming at U back to back, with a Poeetiq implant to make an impact, On a group of people. Who label others lesser, Never greater or equal. I'm trying to stop that sequel of the, mombo jumbo, of placing man in a Monkey's Jungle. Ya see, This is a Monkey's Jungle, Yes!... it's got to be a Monkey's Jungle,

because, its just like a Monkey's Jungle. I don't mean to seem temperamental but don't get me wrong. I just hate to be stepped upon by some inconsiderate bigot shuffled off as an illiterate classifying me So LOW Just to elevate the airs of your ego But those who know I.... flow" Tell It Like It Is" Know that I don't go for that Nonsense chit chatter of placing me in a battle, between and under, the suppressions of a Monkey's Jungle. Ya See Here I stand, with my intellect in check. I don't believe U can put me down, but, I sure there are others, who doesn't stand as confident or sound. So I suggest U stop, because, if madness follow as the cradle rock, It's because U pushed a man to his limit, you've made a mind, now you're prone to suffer what's in it (The Jiga Jiga Jungle) Ya see "Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but, names will never Hurt Me!" I'm a child of GOD, and I'm Proud I'll say it out LOUD! The things U say don't Phase Me! So say as U may to put me down I'm the.... K I N G..... ,beneath this,.....Crown! I got knowledge that can't be abolished, I shine, I polish naturally! I have an intellect that stands to correct the effects U place upon me So you prejudice attackers perpetrating actors, I can give U factors U can't divide from. But, why should I try. to make U look stupid or feel like a Dumb Dumb! So I ask, that U stop the mumbo jumbo, Of placing man in a Monkey's Jungle, Jungle! Sometimes I wonder why! ...

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Continued from 43 Why is it that some deny His fellow man? How is it could a Kingdom stand, If we feel that we're greater than? If we do, it's all ...............a lie! They say "Birds of a feather flocks together" To make this true we must began to blend. Assemble together as GOD intend. For us to love every man. "FIGHT THE POWER" And Say, " It Will Never Ever, Never Ever Happen Again. Monkey's Jungle Copyright 1990 Aldouphus L. Williams Poetic Dialogue available on Audio CD, Available Soon. Booking Info: Tel: (954) 461- 3398 Please Forward to everyone you know! No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without written permission from the author. All Rights Reserved.

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