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Hinsdale Magazine | Inside Burr Ridge

Former Burr Ridge mayor Mickey Straub


Former Burr Ridge mayor Mickey Straub explains his decision to resign last November BY MIKE ELLIS | PHOTOGRAPHY BY DANIEL GARCIA

Over the holidays, HM contributing editor Mike Ellis sat down with Mickey Straub, former mayor of Burr Ridge, at his Sales Activity Management office to discuss his accomplishments in office, challenging Jim Durkin, R-Western Springs, for his seat in the Illinois House of Representatives and his decision to resign last November. MIKE ELLIS: Could you talk about your decision to resign as

mayor of Burr Ridge? MICKEY STRAUB: It was probably highly unusual, kind of

suspicious—why would somebody resign—especially when I had it easy; I have it the best I’ve ever had right now. I have


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a great board—more pro-business. We’re getting things done; we have a lot of good projects going on. It was a lot tougher in the beginning when I first ran than it was towards the end. My decision to leave [was] my three priorities: economic, spiritual and patriotic. Economic, because I couldn’t afford to be mayor anymore; I couldn’t afford the time or the money. ELLIS: To clarify, you get a stipend of about $5,000 a year? STRAUB: $6,000—I get a stipend of $6,000 a year, and that was only passed under the guise of being a liquor commissioner. It’s supposed to be a volunteer position. ... When I did the math, I was working 20 to 30 hours a week, which is more than most mayors would, because I’m out there every event, every place,

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