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September 2016



Educational Facilities N E W E N G L A N D FA C I L I T I E S D E V E L O P M E N T N E W S

September 2016

W.T. Rich Builds MLK School

View of the Martin Luther King Jr. School’s southwest corner / page 22



Matt Shortsleeve

Jon Rich


Annie Newman


Jeff Loreaux


Mark Lee



Peter G. Bachmann

Sean Sweeney


Walter Hartnett


A Chapel and a Castle – No, this is not Downton Abbey! by Regan Shields Ives & Rebecca Berry How Do We Build That? by Nancy Greenwald & Bob Margolis Springfield Technical Community College, Building 19 Renovation by Robert Carroll Innovative Technology Reduces Energy Consumption in Educational Facilities by Donald J. Moore Bringing the Bruins Back to Boston by Brendan O’Rourke Salem High School/CTE Center Now in Phase 3 Moser Pilon Nelson Breaks Ground

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September 2016

September 2016


Exceptional outcomes in the built environment. Today’s campus environments are more complex than ever. We deliver innovative and sustainable solutions to build and renew campus investments and infrastructure.


Improving quality of life.



September 2016


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W.T. Rich Company Leads Construction of Sustainable Cambridge School.... page 22

Salem High School/CTE Center Now in Phase 3.................................... page 23

View of the Martin Luther King Jr. School’s northwest corner

Salem High front entrance / Lavallee Brensinger Architects


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creating design for industry 781.848.6600 • www.rkbarch.com Zero Campanelli Drive, Braintree, MA 10 Dorrance Street, suite 700, Providence, RI 17 Hampden Street Springfield, MA 01103 (413) 733-6798 www.dietzarch.com

DIETZ & COMPANY ARCHITECTS www.high-profile.com

Westfield Senior Center - Westfield, MA © Woodruff/Brown Photography


Bringing the Bruins Back to Boston by Brendan O’Rourke.......................... page 48

View of facility from Massachusetts Turnpike

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September 2016


Since 1927 • Lifetime Guarantee

Permeable Paving Stones Provides 100% Pervious Surface • Supports Green Infrastructure Programs Cost Effective LID Storm Water Management Tool • Reduces Winter Ice Hazards

• Provides 100% Pervious Surface • Supports Green Infrastructure Programs • Cost Effective LID Storm Water Management Tool • Reduces Winter Ice Hazards

Genest Permeable Paving Stones: Stormwater Brick Eastern Bay Stone Tidewater Stone Grand Baxter Stone Portland Plank XXL Plaza & Duragreen


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FMI: 1-800-649-4773 x118 • info@genest-concrete.com


September 2016


Publisher’s Message Boston & Cement Masons Local 534 serving: serving: MA, MA, NH, NH, ME ME & &VT, VT, Boston Plasterers’ Plasterers’& America’s Building and Construction International America’s OldestOldest Building and Construction TradesTrades International UnionUnion Since 1864 Our trained and skilled craftsmen are just a phone call away. Since 1864 We offer responsible, highly qualifi ed and competent personnel, Ourreliable, trained and skilled craftsmen are just a phone call away. state certifireliable, ed apprenticeship andhighly training program. certifipersonnel, ed membership. We offer responsible, qualified andOSHA competent state We are and committed quality and performance. certified apprenticeship trainingtoprogram. OSHA certified membership. We and performance. Sub Contractors are committed to qualityPlasterers:

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Veneer Plaster Plasterers: Venetian Polished Plaster Veneer Plaster Three coatPolished conventional Venetian PlasterPlaster Ornamental Plaster Three coat conventional Plaster Historical Restoration Ornamental Plaster & Preservation E.I.F.S. Historical Restoration & Preservation Portland E.I.F.S. Cement (Stucco) Fireproofi ng Portland Cement (Stucco) Fireproofing Cement Cement Masons: Masons: Flatwork Flatwork Sidewalks Sidewalks Pool Pool Decks Decks Decorative Decorative Concrete Concrete Overlays Overlays Stamped Concrete Stamped Concrete Concrete Concrete Repair Repair & & Restoration Restoration Epoxy, Epoxy, Seamless Seamless and and Composition Composition Flooring Flooring *and *and much much more* more*

For ForMore MoreInformation InformationPlease PleaseCall Call Peter PeterStracuzzi, Stracuzzi,Jr. Jr.Industry IndustryAnalyst Analyst Office: Office:617-825-5200 617-825-5200• •Cell: Cell:617-750-0896 617-750-0896 Website: www.opcmialocal534.org Boston Plasterers & Cement Masons Local 534

Michael Barnes

SCUP Face-to-Face Events The Society of College and University Planning (SCUP) North Atlantic region will host several valuable programs in Boston this fall. These events are open to members and nonmembers alike.

September 21 / Boston University

SCUP Boston University Short Program: “Transformational Planning: Facilitating Pedagogy While Resolving the Mid-Century Campus Dilemma” How can a generation of mid-century modern academic buildings support contemporary campus planning initiatives, even as these buildings approach what may appear to be the end of their useful life? Before its expansion and rehabilitation, the iconic Boston University School of Law facility lacked the capability for programmatic and educational growth. This session will present the planning decisions, implementation, and outcome of this project and explore how altering a building’s geometry can support and reinforce an evolving pedagogical mission. This program will feature speakers Leland D. Cott and Henry Moss of Bruner/Cott & Associates, Inc. and Paul J. Rinaldi of Boston University. September 23 / Cambridge College

“Planning Institute 1: Laying the Groundwork for Strategic Planning” The first workshop establishes the

foundation of the SCUP Integrated Planning Model. Attendees will learn vital steps that must be taken before the planning process can begin, such as how to assess an institution’s internal and external environment. This lays the groundwork for a strategic plan that the entire campus can understand, support, and use. Workshop includes breakfast and lunch. October 7 / Northeastern University

SCUP 2016 North Atlantic Symposium: “Northeastern University’s Vision in Boston and Beyond” Founded in 1898, Northeastern’s physical campus has grown from a small commuter school surrounded by parking lots, to a compact urban campus with 8 million sf across 72 acres in Boston. The university now offers a comprehensive range of undergraduate and graduate programs leading to degrees through the doctorate in nine colleges and schools, and select advanced degrees at graduate campuses in Seattle, Silicon Valley, Toronto, and Charlotte, N.C. November 7 / Simmons College

SCUP Urban Campus Resilience Symposium The day’s sessions will examine an integrated planning approach that supports the political processes through strategic and physical planning in pursuit of a higher level of resilience for institutions and the cities in which they reside. Sessions include: “Make Integrated Planning a Reality — Not a Headache,” “Resilience — An Essential Tool for Your Planning Toolkit!” and “ Program Structure.” This program features speakers Illya Azaroff, +LAB architect PLLC; Chris Busch, Boston Redevelopment Authority; Thomas Fisher, College of Design, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities; Wendi Goldsmith, Center for Urban Watershed Renewal; Leslie W. Louden, Stantec; Michael R. Purcell; and Alex Washburn, Stevens Institute of Technology. Visit www.scup.org/page/regions/na for more information and registration.

NECA Revises Standard Bethesda, MD – The revised NECA 200 2016 Standard for Installing and Maintaining Temporary Electric Power at Construction Sites is now available from the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA). NECA 200 is the latest revised publication in the National Electrical Installation Standards (NEIS) series published by NECA.


September 2016


Up-Front International Institute of NE Finds New Home in China Trade Center Designed by Dyer Brown Architects

New IINE offices – view into reception

Boston – The International Institute of New England (IINE) has relocated to the China Trade Center at 2 Boylston Street, owned by the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA). IINE realized the building it owned and occupied at 1 Milk St. was not an ideal learning and working environment and did not provide a good opportunity

IINE board room

to bring in and meet with potential donors and partners. They sold the building in 2015 and moved into a full floor of the China Trade Center that has been undergoing renovations. IINE is the first tenant to reside in the renovated building. Designed by Dyer Brown Architects, the new space not only provides a better

layout and flow of spaces but enhances the continuum of learning that takes place within. The 13,000sf space includes a reception area, six training rooms, a computer lab, staff offices, food pantry, clothes closet, board room, and large multipurpose room that can be divided into two smaller rooms or used as one

Design/Build Development Construction Management Construction Services

Sectional Frame I Systems Scaffold  

Tube & Clamp I Rolling Towers Suspended Scaffold

Scaffold Enclosures I Debris Chutes

Pedestrian Protection

Mast Climbing Work Platforms

Cranes and Rigging

Call today and

ask for Lars Traffie

(603) 878-2300


www.HutterConstruction.com Hutter Construction Corporation • P.O. Box 257 • New Ipswich, NH 03071

617.269.7200 www.marrscaffolding.com

Engineering · Design · Installation · Dismantle

Installation & Dismantling Services



York Community Auditorium York, ME In Progress

large room for gatherings and events. Since 1924, IINE has welcomed refugees and immigrants from around the world to help them find housing, gain immigration status, receive government assistance, and train them for the work force in the greater Lowell, Boston, and Manchester, N.H. communities.



High-Profile: Up-Front

September 2016

NAIOP MA to Honor McCall

NEAHMA Names Sorge Exec. Dir.

firm McCall & Almy in 1990, Needham, MA – NAIOP Massachusetts recently where McCall still actively announced that Bill McCall serves as president. will receive the 2016 Edward He presently serves on the H. Linde Public Service Award, real estate committee of the to be presented at NAIOP’s Massachusetts Pension Reserves Annual Awards Gala on Investment Management Board November 10 at the Westin (PRIM). His leadership includes Waterfront Hotel in Boston. serving in various capacities Bill McCall After graduating from the for the Massachusetts Business College of the Holy Cross, McDevelopment Corporation, Jobs for MasCall became a pilot in the U.S. Navy, and sachusetts, the Archdiocese of Boston, then began his career in commercial real Beth Israel Hospital, Dana Farber Cancer estate at the Nordblom Company in 1961. Institute, and Winchester Hospital. Four years later, he cofounded Leggat “Bill has made a huge impact in our McCall & Werner, and sold the brokerage industry and our city, and is more than business to Grubb & Ellis in 1986. He and deserving of this award,” said David David Almy then started the real estate advisory and tenant representation-only Begelfer, CEO of NAIOP Massachusetts.

his immediate responsibilities Braintree, MA – The New England Affordable Housing Manwill be to develop and execute agement Association (NEAHNEAHMA’s Annual Fall MA) recently announced that Conference & Trade Show to Kevin R. Sorge has been named be held at Lombardo’s in Ranas the organization’s executive dolph, October 18 and 19. director. Prior to joining the NEAHIn this role, he will work MA team, Sorge served as closely with the NEAHMA Kevin Sorge executive director of the New Board of Directors on strategic England Hemophilia Associplanning, while overseeing the ation in Dedham. Before that, he held organization’s day-to-day operations. several executive positions, including His duties will include supervising and director of operations, with the American training the existing staff and working Heart Association, in Dallas, Texas, and with the board to update the organization’s policies and procedures. Another of New Brunswick, N.J.

Harriman Opens Portsmouth Office Portsmouth, NH – Harriman and The Cecil Group recently announced the opening of their new location at 33 Jewel Court in Portsmouth’s West End. The new office occupies 2,800sf in the historic Scald House, a renovated two-story brick office building situated minutes from downtown Portsmouth. The Harriman-designed fit-out was 1 5/19/16 1:37 PM built by myCADD-High-Profile-Ad.pdf Portsmouth-based construction manager Alternative Solutions. Harriman and the Cecil Group new location

Albanese NECHV Board Chairman Boston – The New England Center and Home for Veterans (NECHV) announced that Joseph J. Albanese, founder and CEO of Commodore Builders, has been elected chairman of the NECHV Board of Directors. He had served as vice chairman of the board since 2014. He was a board member from 1995 until 2005, and rejoined in 2006.

He also serves on the advisory board of the Francis College of Engineering at UMass Lowell and is the immediate past chairman of the Associated General Contractors of Massachusetts. Albanese is a director of the USS Constitution Museum, Joseph Albanese the Naval Civil Engineer Corps/ Seabee Historical Foundation, and The Village Bank.









ALTA/ACSM LAnd TiTLe SurveyS | BoundAry And TopogrAphiC SurveyS due diLigenCe STudieS | ConCepTuAL pLAnning | SiTe engineering AdA iMproveMenTS | reguLATory perMiTTing | STorMwATer MAnAgeMenT LeASing exhiBiTS

| ASSeT MAnAgeMenT SupporT |

ConSTruCTion ServiCeS

w w w.diprete - eng.com www.high-profile.com

September 2016

High-Profile: Up-Front




Tamara Roy AIA (Left) Principal, Stantec

15-time show attendee Glen S. LeRoy FAIA (Middle) President of The Boston Architectural College

1-time show attendee Josiah Stevenson FAIA (Right) Principal, Leers Weinzapfel Associates Architects

31-time show attendee

Register now for free entry to the show floor! ABX connects architects, developers, project managers, contractors, landscape designers, builders, and other A/E/C professionals.

ABX is the Northeast’s largest building industry conference and tradeshow.

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ABX16_HighProfile_Due 08.22.16 (10x13.125)

High-Profile: Up-Front


September 2016

EDENS Breaks Ground on South Bay Imagine | Inspire | Transform

Rendering of South Bay retail development



Boston – National retail real estate developer EDENS broke ground recently on a new mixed-use project adjacent to its South Bay retail development at 101 Allstate Road in Dorchester. EDENS CEO Jodie W. McLean was joined by Boston’s Mayor Martin J. Walsh, City Councilor Frank Baker, and other elected officials to mark the occasion. Construction partner Lee Kennedy and Co., local union leaders, along with representatives from surrounding neighborhood associations were onsite The groundbreaking marks the start of transforming vacant industrial property and an active concrete plant into a vibrant, dynamic mixed-use destination including upgrades to the existing South Bay shopping center. EDENS will develop 160,000sf of retail with a mix of restaurants and shops,

a 12-screen luxury AMC Theatre with IMAX, a flagship Wahlburgers, and a 130-room hotel for Dorchester and the greater Boston area. The development also includes 475 new housing units, offering a mix of studio to three bedrooms. The new residences, including over 60 affordable apartments, are all within close proximity to two MBTA stops and I-93 and will include amenities such as roof decks, a pool with cabanas and grilling areas, fitness facilities, and more. In addition to partnering with local authorities to make significant traffic improvements for the community, EDENS will provide expanded shuttle services and create a series of landscape improvements, a pedestrian main street, and welcoming outdoor gathering spaces.

Moser Pilon Nelson Breaks Ground

Rendering of ACC’s new Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center / Moser Pilon Nelson Architects

Enfield, CT – Asnuntuck Community College (ACC) in Enfield recently broke ground on its new Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center. The new 27,000sf facility will expand and further support the existing facility/ program. When the new building is completed, the ACC campus will have over 50,000sf of space dedicated to advance manufacturing technology programs.


The architect for the project is Moser Pilon Nelson of Wethersfield. The addition will provide state-of-theart instructional spaces for metrology, additive manufacturing technologies, CNC machining, and computer-aided design in both laboratory and classroom settings. The new facility, part of the state of Connecticut’s Advanced Manufacturing Initiative, is targeted for completion in the late spring of 2017.

High-Profile: Up-Front

September 2016

Sitework for Silver Square Begins


ENS Waltham Project Begins Integrated Builders CM

West Street Waltham / rendering by Winter Street Architects.

Rendering of The Residence at Silver Square / The Architectural Team

Dover, NH – Eckman Construction of Bedford has started sitework for The Residence at Silver Square, a new 68,000sf, 76-unit senior living community in Dover. The new community, which was developed by LCB Senior Living of Norwood, Mass., will feature a mix of 76 studio, one-bedroom, and twobedroom senior apartments, along with a Reflections Memory Care Alzheimer’s Unit and additional first-class amenities and services for area seniors. The Architectural Team of Chelsea, Mass., is providing architectural services for the project. The Residence represents the first

phase of the Silver Square Development, that is located at the former McIntosh College culinary school. Additional developments are planned for Silver Square in future phases. “The Residence at Silver Square is our second opportunity to work with LCB Senior Living and we are excited to continue our relationship with them on this great project,” said Preston Hunter, vice president, Eckman Construction. “We are proud of the new LCB development in Salem – which opened recently – and we look forward to building a beautiful new living community for Dover-area seniors.”

Integrated Builders recently announced that it has been awarded a 10,000 sf office and warehouse space for a major utility provider at West Street in Waltham, Ma on behalf of ENS Waltham, LLC a joint venture between Northstar Project & Real Estate Services and Ella Properties, Inc. The project team includes project manager Dean Kelliher, assistant project manager Barbara Frazier, and superintendent Jim Leiter who will provide their construction management expertise along with architects Winter Street Architects, structural engineer D.M. Berg Consultants, civil engineer VHB, and MEP/FP engineer Avid Engineers. “We are excited to have the opportunity to work with Integrated Builders President Jay Dacey, Director of Operations John Concannon, and the rest of the construction management

team after a successful preconstruction phase,” noted Thomas Fanning, managing member at ENS Waltham, LLC. “We firmly believe that Integrated will help us deliver our tenant a high quality project in a safe and predictable manner.” The construction of the new space started in May with the demolition of the former Weston Racquet Club, and is expected to continue until the end of 2016. The West Street project consists of a pre-engineered metal building with architectural wall panels constructed for the tenant. There will be 2,000sf of office space, 1,000sf of training rooms and 1,000sf of locker rooms for employee use. In addition, the new space will feature a 2,000sf service area for company vehicles, and a 4,000sf storage area for meters and meter components.

Build Better Buildings with we see a project through completion

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Building Envelope • Sustainability & Energy Efficiency • Code Advisory • Construction Advisory • Engineering CONTACT US AT OUR BOSTON LOCATION: 51 Sleeper Street - 617.338.0790

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September 2016


Focus: Educational Facilities A Chapel and a Castle – No, this is not Downton Abbey! Transforming Heritage Campus Buildings for Students, Faculty, and Alumni

Regan Shields Ives

Rebecca Berry

by Regan Shields Ives & Rebecca Berry Colleges and universities with heritage campuses face accessibility, infrastructure, and use pattern challenges around their historic structures. Solidly constructed, but requiring a different type of maintenance than typical facilities, these buildings can leave administrators, facilities managers, and academics puzzling over how best to leverage them. At the heart of their campuses, the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and Boston University each face challenges around two buildings — the Old Chapel and Castle, respectively — with similar architectural

UMass Amherst Old Chapel

complexity and the issues noted above. Accessibility and life-safety inadequacies often trigger building renovations or, in some cases, temporary building closure. In the case of the UMass Old Chapel, a beacon on campus, the building was shuttered for 20 years due to

code and life-safety deficiencies. UMass Amherst saw the value in preserving the building and had the foresight to maintain it while they figured out the program. They ultimately invested in creating a unique multi-use campus heart for their students and faculty.

The BU Castle, adjacent to the BU Admissions building at 225 Bay State Road in Boston, serves as host to more than 200 campus events each year; however, lack of accessibility, 1920s infrastructure, and deferred envelope maintenance issues began to limit the structure’s use. Boston University saw the opportunity to create a new Alumni Center at the Castle, directly adjacent to admissions, putting their alumni at the heart of the campus. The first step in working with these buildings is addressing major infrastructure upgrades, updating plumbing and electrical services, and introducing new HVAC and fire protection systems. While the internal building structure is upgraded, it must also integrate into campuswide utility and controls infrastructure. At Old Chapel, creating an underground mechanical vault adjacent to the building for new MEP systems allows for maximum program utilization within the existing envelope. The new systems connect to existing infrastructure, feed into the continued to page 39

Architectural Preservation Preservation Experts. Master Craftsmen. Construction Professionals. Window restoration & custom new windows Restoration & replacement of doors • Interior woodwork & paneling restoration • Exterior restoration of façades, entrances, balconies • Restoration of cupolas & towers, with structural repairs • •

M&A Architectural Preservation 978-683-0880 || www.archpres.com


At LAB, we work with companies and universities to create innovative spaces for scientific exploration. With over 20 years of experience, we bring knowledge and creativity to design successful and engaging environments for research, teaching and learning.

High-Profile Focus: Educational Facilities

September 2016


TFMoran Provides SNHU Site Design Arts Center at Colby-Sawyer Begins

Colby Sawyer College Fine and Performing Arts Center exterior rendering

SNHU’s Gustafson Welcome Center

Hooksett, NH – Southern New Hampshire University will soon have a new welcome center across the street from what is now the main entrance. The Gustafson Welcome Center, named after Dr. Richard A. Gustafson, who served as the institution’s fourth president, will house undergraduate admissions including freshman, transfer, and international admissions; UC marketing; and the office of institutional advancement (including the office of alumni engagement). The two-story building, designed by Perry Dean Rogers & Partners Architects and constructed by Harvey Construction, was inspired by

Welcome Center site plan

New England tradition and open spaces. TFMoran, Inc. provided survey, site/ civil engineering, and permitting services for the project. The university also plans to enhance the entrance to the campus to complement the new center.

New London, NH – North Branch Construction of Concord recently began construction of the Fine and Performing Arts Center (FPAC) at Colby-Sawyer College. The new 16,000sf single-story facility will feature a state-of-the-art black box theater; fine art gallery; studios for ceramics, sculpture, painting, and graphic design; outdoor art areas; along with faculty offices and support areas. Design for the project is provided by The S/L/A/M Collaborative of Glastonbury, Conn. The college’s goal is to unify the instructional, performance, and exhibit spaces essential to its art program into one facility. The building will be located at the south end of the core campus as part of a developing academic quad. The new

FPAC is being built on the former site of Colby Farm, a single-family residence owned by the college, which has been demolished. In order to reduce construction waste and preserve parts of Colby Farm, Deconstruction Works of Dummerston, Vt., salvaged materials from the demolished farmhouse to be used in future construction projects across New England, including the reutilization of the farmhouse’s wide-plank wooden floors within the FPAC. The new FPAC will be located near the college’s Silver Level LEED-certified Windy Hill School, an early childhood laboratory school built by North Branch Construction in 2010. Construction is expected to be complete by summer 2017.

RBG Inc. is pleased to announce

another addition to our family of innovative products!

Sales • Service • Support 317 Rte. 27 Raymond, NH 03077

BIBILIFT: Self-Leveling Tracked Scissor Lift

Working heights from 13’ to 26’, single door/ gate access, and optional all-terrain self-leveling, our new Bibilift line provides a safer, more efficient way to access areas that can otherwise only be reached with ladders or scaffolding.

Ask about a demonstration at your worksite!

Also available: Atrium lift equipment including the ReachMaster Falcon series with working heights of 95’ – 170’, and Bluelift models with 39’ – 72’ working heights.

(603) 895-3803 • www.RaymondBucketGuys.com www.high-profile.com

High-Profile Focus: Educational Facilities



September 2016

Shawmut Begins Work at BU

Interior dorm room

Saint Anselm College



Metal Stud Framing - Doors, Frames & Hardware Dr ywall Installation & Framing - Cold Formed Metal Trusses Rough Carpentr y - EIFS Acoustical Ceilings - Fiber Cement Siding



Boston – Shawmut Design and Construction recently began work on Boston University’s Myles Standish Hall renovation. Set to open in August of 2018, the fully renovated residence hall will provide students with a comfortable living environment, along with community space to enhance student engagement, collaboration, and socialization. Shawmut’s phased renovation of the 204,275sf space will accommodate at least 370 students during the school year; the building will be divided into three distinct construction zones, and only one will be isolated for renovation at a time. Working with Miller Dyer Spears (MDS) and using a design-build delivery system, Shawmut will complete an exterior envelope restoration, 100% window replacement, roof and MEP/ FP replacements, site utility work, a stormwater retention system, and other substantial site improvements

Desk and bed

including a new park at the end of the building. Originally built in 1926 as a residence hotel, Myles Standish Hall will house 730 student beds once the renovation is complete, and will include recreation rooms, open lounges, a community kitchen, laundry room, and multipurpose rooms. The original spine in the center of the building will retain its historic character with decorative lighting, wood paneling and trim, and coffered ceilings.

Copley Wolff at Myles Standish Hall

Myles Standish Hall streetscape

Design for the way YOU work. www.mp-architects.com


Boston – Myles Standish Hall is undergoing an extensive renovation to bring the building up to date. Copley Wolff Design Group is providing landscape architectural design services for the streetscape and a new pocket park/gateway. The scope of work includes the replacement of sidewalks and trees and the design of a triangular-shaped pocket park that connects to the interior student lounge and provides a shaded outdoor space for interaction and a safer east-west passage for students and the public. The site will contain strategically placed bike racks, trash and recycling

Site plan

units, site furnishing, signage, lighting, and seasonal planting. The paving will consist of permeable pavers to mitigate water runoff and recharge the groundwater table.

High-Profile Focus: Educational Facilities

September 2016


How Do We Build That?

Making Good Choices in School and Municipal Design and Construction design and construction process complex, municipal construction is also a major investment for any community. Meeting the design and construction needs while working with multiple boards, commissions, officials, politicians, and the public



by Nancy Greenwald & Bob Margolis Whether your community is in need of a school, town hall, community center, public safety complex, or smaller projects, design and construction is a complicated process that involves far more than simply building something. Buildings can define the landscape of a town, and municipal construction can be a particularly complex process. There are multiple stakeholders involved in the process and thousands of taxpayers in the community, many of whom will be outspoken regarding the success or (perceived) failure of the project. Municipal buildings need to be healthy, safe, technologically advanced, and, at the same time, adaptable to changing needs and uses. Not only is the

a building over time. A short-term savings in construction can result in increased costs over the life of the building. The Construction Institute, a neutral, nonprofit association, is dedicating time and expertise to the Connecticut

Buildings can define the landscape of a town, and municipal construction can be a particularly complex process. There are multiple stakeholders involved in the process and thousands of taxpayers in the community, many of whom will be outspoken regarding the success or (perceived) failure of the project. Municipal buildings need to be healthy, safe, technologically advanced, and, at the same time, adaptable to changing needs and uses. Not only is the design and construction process complex, municipal construction is also a major investment for any community. at large takes a very special team. The mindset of the team needs to be project focused and collaborative from the outset, with the understanding that the measure of project success does not end when the building doors open. Approximately 75% to 80% of the cost of a building is in the maintenance and operation of

priorities to the actual construction (which is usually the easy part!). Our panel of experts will be representative of the owner, the design team, and the construction team. Our panel will help to break down the complexities of municipal construction so that it’s at least less daunting and better understood. The program, “Municipal Construction Guide,” will be presented at the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities’ Annual Conference, November 15, from 1:30-2:30 p.m. at Foxwoods Resort. Nancy Greenwald is the director of the Construction Institute; Bob Margolis is the director of business development at STV | DPM.

Conference of Municipalities. We have developed a presentation to give decisionmakers the information they need to create a road map through the planning, design, and construction process and to help make their construction projects successful by any measure. We’ll cover everything from identifying project

Hard-Wired for Success University of Rhode Island’s Butterfield Hall Kingston, RI Photo Credit: Frank Giuliani

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High-Profile Focus: Educational Facilities


September 2016

Save Money and the Environment: Why Schools Should Go Solar

by Matt Shortsleeve

Nearly every school district in the country could use one thing: additional money placed back into their programs. One solution: solar power. Solar energy can reduce electrical expenses and teach students a valuable lesson about helping the environment by drastically cutting greenhouse gas emissions. There are approximately 125,000 K-12 schools in the United States; to date, 3,752 have taken advantage of solar energy, and there are approximately 72,000 schools that could reap significant cost benefits by making the transition. If these schools installed solar systems, the cost savings would reach $1 billion annually, and the electricity generated would offset emissions comparable to taking 1 million cars off the road. Most schools operate as nonprofit entities and cannot directly take advantage of state and federal solar tax incentives. However, they can benefit from these

policies through onsite power purchase agreements (PPA). PPAs are contracts where solar energy companies finance, build, own, and maintain a system on the customer’s site, selling the solar electricity generated back to the organization at a reduced, fixed rate for an extended period of time (typically 15 to 20 years). Under this model, the customer incurs no (or very low) upfront costs and saves money through reduced energy costs. At Solect Energy, the state’s top commercial installer of solar energy, we have completed installations on — and seen the long-term value of — solar systems in schools throughout Massachusetts. Here is a closer look at some of our solar success stories. Stonehill College

Stonehill College has a long history of sustainable practices known as the Stonehill Goes Green initiative, including single-stream recycling, composting, energy-efficient lighting, and more. Continuing this program, Solect Energy installed a 2.74 megawatt (MW) solar array spanning 15 acres of the Davis Ames Clock Farm, adjacent to the school’s campus. The system covers about 20% of Stonehill’s electricity use, and the college is expected to save more than $3.2 million during the 15-year PPA.

Roxbury Latin School

The oldest independent boys’ school in the country, Roxbury Latin installed a 137 kilowatt (kW) solar energy system on the roof of its Albert H. Gordon Field House through a PPA with Solect Energy. Roxbury Latin has procured incredible benefits from the installation, with projected savings of nearly $100,000

There are approximately 125,000 K-12 schools in the United States; to date, 3,752 have taken advantage of solar energy. over the next 15 years with the reduced electricity rates provided by Solect. The system lends an addition to the school’s science curriculum, with the school adding an interactive kiosk that provides students data stream access measuring the solar panel output. Today, Roxbury Latin School revels in the dual benefit of a long-lasting learning experience for students and cost savings for the school. Eastern Nazarene College

This Christian liberal arts college in Quincy has explored and implemented green initiatives since 2011, including campuswide efforts to implement energy-

efficient lighting and occupancy sensor installations. With the help of Solect, Eastern Nazarene was able to expand its sustainability initiative by deploying four solar solutions across buildings on campus through a PPA. The installations total more than 200 kW of electricity, which cover 13% of the college’s annual electricity needs. Eastern Nazarene is expected to save $260,000 over the duration of the PPA. The Pingree School

The Pingree School, a private secondary school in South Hamilton, partnered with Solect to install a 227 kW solar system on the roof of its ice rink. Prior to installing solar, the school decided to close the ice rink due to the high cost of energy. With the solar installation, Pingree now has access to affordable renewable energy, making the decision to remain open during the summer a more feasible option. The benefits of solar presented in the above cases demonstrate the significant influence making the switch to solar can have. With significant cost savings, student enrichment potential, and an overall positive environmental impact, it is important that schools consider solar as a viable energy resource. Matt Shortsleeve is a vice president at Solect Energy, based in Hopkinton, Mass.

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High-Profile Focus: Educational Facilities

September 2016


Antinozzi Completes New Residence Hall for University of Bridgeport

University Hall front exterior / Steve Lakatos Photography

Bridgeport, CT – Antinozzi Associates has completed the first new residence hall on the University of Bridgeport campus in several decades. University Hall is a sustainably designed 57,716sf, four-story facility housing students in a variety of modern residential configurations. In 2006, Antinozzi prepared a feasibility study for the university to convert the original 10-story Schine Residence Hall, built in 1975, from a traditional dormitory plan into a contemporary residential facility.

Four schemes were developed to illustrate a variety of living/learning configurations. Although the schemes successfully transitioned the isolated three- and four-bedroom plans with integrated common study and social interactive areas, cost factors per number of beds needed for future student growth required the university to consider building a new residence hall. Construction by KBE Construction Company of Farmington began in May 2015 and was completed July 2016 for the

start of the 2016-2017 academic year. “This is a symbolic moment in history and new construction at the University of Bridgeport,” said vice president of facilities, George Estrada. To meet these requirements, University Hall is designed to accommodate 231 students in 126 suites and traditional bedrooms units on a .86 acre site. The architectural style complements the University of Bridgeport campus and the surrounding neighborhoods. Steeply pitched hip roofs with wide overhangs shelter a façade comprised of forest green board-and-batten siding and wood shakes. The terra-cotta façade is punctuated by a curved bay window that can be appreciated on the upper three floors. The main floor’s exterior features a latticed front porch similar to the neighboring private homes built during the industrial era of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The design embraces the architectural style of the same historic era suggestive of a resort hotel, similar to those found in Bar Harbor, Maine. The entrance lobby is decorated in a theme that extends the Victorian flair (with a modern twist) incorporating soft seating, flexible furniture, and televisions to broadcast the university’s current events. University Hall comprises all of

University Hall back exterior / Steve Lakatos Photography

today’s amenities, which include a study area, activity room, conference area, three game rooms with adjacent lounge, laundry room, community kitchen, mailroom, and administrative offices. In addition to the traditional double rooms, the residence hall has apartment-style suites containing single bedrooms, private bathrooms, a full living room, and kitchen for both undergraduate and graduate students. This $17 million project included the demolition of the existing Schine Hall in April 2015 to make room for a 100-space parking lot on the 1.31 acre parcel.

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High-Profile Focus: Educational Facilities


September 2016

Springfield Technical Community College, Building 19 Renovation

by Robert Carroll

Community colleges in Massachusetts provide affordable and accessible education to the public, serving nearly half of all students enrolled in the state’s public higher education system. Community colleges also fulfill a special responsibility for workforce development and have enrolled more than 246,000 students in noncredit vocationally oriented courses since 2008. As the only technical community college in Massachusetts, Springfield Technical Community College (STCC) offers career programs unequalled in the state. STCC’s unique campus is part of the Springfield Armory National Historic Site, which contains 13 National Historic Registered buildings. Building 19, a former storehouse, was once a central part of the Springfield Armory, housing U.S. Army gunstocks since 1846. In

Building 19 / Ann Beha Architects

Building 19 former military storehouse / photo by Peter Vanderwarker

The interiors highlight the building’s historic character. / Ann Beha Architects

1968, Springfield Armory closed, and the facilities were ceded to Springfield Technical Community College. Now, 50 years later, the 767-ft.-long, three-story storehouse is being transformed into

the centerpiece of STCC’s campus as a vibrant new Student Learning Center. n 2013, a space needs assessment identified obstacles to STCC’s educational mission, noting that student life and

continued to page 53


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student services and study facilities were sorely lacking. Locations of resources and the quality of existing space was also an issue, with many administrative departments dispersed across campus in repurposed buildings. Critical student resources and services were difficult to find, and accessibility was an issue. Centuries-old infrastructure and utilities provided yet another barrier to the future growth and success. The new Student Learning Center will bring these student resources, advising, and enrollment services together into a single building. With the consolidation of academic services and student life into one location, the college is able to rethink and optimize its organizational structure. Departments, which are fragmented and scattered across campus, will become more streamlined, less redundant, and more collaborative. To meet the needs of current, enrolling, and prospective students, the Student Learning Center’s program is consolidated into four major hubs. The Enrollment Center simplifies and streamlines the registration process for new students. The Academic Advising Center combines a range of student

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High-Profile Focus: Educational Facilities

September 2016


Kaplan Construction Completes Work at BC and Northeastern University Boston – Kaplan Construction, a WBE general contractor and construction management firm providing comprehensive building programs across Greater Boston, has completed several renovation projects for Boston College and Northeastern University. Over the course of a year, Kaplan completed renovations at the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) in the O’Neill Library, one of the center points of Boston College’s campus. The two-phase project answered the school’s request for a welllocated and attractive place for faculty to collaborate as well as to bring together staff members who were previously dispersed in different departments. During this time, Kaplan Construction remodeled O’Neill’s main circulation desk and reconfigured the back office for increased efficiency and functionality. In addition, the interior renovations to a 5,400sf area encompassed the overhaul of classroom space and the construction of a new circulation desk and associated administrative areas, including adjustable counters for accessibility and new soffits and lighting for improved visibility. Kaplan converted existing classrooms into six training/testing areas and a media viewing room. The library remained occupied during construction, and much of the work was done after hours to avoid

Completed renovations to Boston College’s O’Neill Library / Ed Wonsek Photography

disrupting students and staff. Kaplan also completed renovations at Devlin Hall, one of four buildings comprising the Quad in the Middle Campus. The Hall’s Slide Library contains Boston College’s Fine Arts Department Visual Resources Collection, a compilation of over 100,000 35-millimeter slides of works of art and a rapidly growing number of digital images. With a goal of creating a training room within the Slide Library, Kaplan shuffled

library partitions to reconfigure the space, repositioned the slide storage units, created shelving units, and renovated some offices. The 1,100sf library has desktop computers for users as well as AV equipment, projectors, and power/data for viewing slides from the collection. Project team members include Lavallee Brensinger Architects, BR+A Consulting Engineers, and Thompson Consultants. At Northeastern University, Kaplan

completed several projects this summer. For the College of Engineering’s Egan Engineering/Science Research Center, Kaplan renovated an existing interior laboratory and installed new mechanicals, lighting, fire alarm, finishes, and millwork to create a new experimental laboratory. The research facility includes a grouping of labs that currently serve multiple professors and students. The new lab contains a 1,300-gallon acrylic water tank for experiments and an adjacent space with workstations where graduate students can plan and review experiments. To minimize disruptions, the lab space has soundproofing features in the walls, ceiling, and doors. During construction, the neighboring labs were operational, so Kaplan and its subcontractors coordinated work closely with Northeastern faculty and staff to reduce interruptions to ongoing experiments. Kaplan collaborated with architecture firm Linea 5, Inc. on this project. The interior lab renovation for Northeastern’s SMILE lab in Richards Hall was also completed. SMILE lab focuses on the frontier research of applied machine learning, social media analytics, human-computer interaction, and highlevel image and video understanding. cntinued to page 26


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High-Profile Focus: Educational Facilities


September 2016

UConn Rotunda Opens


Academic Rotunda

Centerbrook, CT – A new kind of learning space designed by Centerbrook Architects & Planners has opened at UConn Health. The space is a 3,800sf Academic Rotunda — in plan, a circle with a 75-foot diameter — that introduces interactive, team-based learning to medical education for UConn Health’s School of Medicine and School of Dental Medicine

Zinc, Cambridge, MA

in Farmington. The rotunda accommodates up to 240 students at a time. Centerbrook is working with construction manager Skanska. Implementation of Centerbrook’s 2011 Master Plan for the UConn Health academic building continues with renovation of 45,000sf of the existing facility, to be complete in January 2017.

Work Begins at Phillips Academy making places memorable

Andover, MA – Erland recently began construction on the Phillips Academy Snyder Center, built into a hillside adjacent to the Phelps Stadium end zone. A soil retention system is being utilized to support both earthwork and foundation activities while maintaining an uninterrupted athletic schedule for Phelps Stadium. The new 98,325sf facility, designed by Perkins + Will, is a steel structure

with curtainwall, storefront, masonry, and composite metal panel exterior. The Snyder Center will feature four tennis courts surrounded by an indoor track and 12 internationally rated squash courts. The design also includes multipurpose fitness studios which overlook the football field, locker rooms, and training facilities. Anticipated completion is December 2017.

JM Electrical Finishes Work at HAFB

w w w. c o p l e y - w o l ff . c o m 617 654 9000


Lincoln, MA – JM Electrical Company, Inc. of Lynnfield recently completed project operations at the Hanscom Air Force Base (HAFB) Middle School, an 85,000sf development. The company installed control wiring for all heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment in the building, including its hot water system, chilled water system, air handling units, and terminal boxes. HAFB Middle School is an environmentally friendly building with systems including photovoltaic panels,

rainwater harvesting, solar hot water, and a high-performance heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system installed by JM Electrical. The project began in December 2015 and is now up and running to improve the learning environment for incoming students. The state-of-the-art facility was required to meet 21st-century learning standards, and designed to encourage students to make the most of their learning experience as well as maintain a sustainable environment.

High-Profile Focus: Educational Facilities

September 2016


Precast Approach Revives St. Mary’s Hall at Boston College

St. Mary’s Hall, following its complete restoration.

St. Mary’s Hall, opened in 1917, had a distinguished pedigree but was showing its age. The ornate, Collegiate Gothic fourstory building was constructed of Roxbury Pudding Stone with precast or cast-stone decorative elements throughout. But after nearly 100 years, these pieces — which were not well understood or engineered at the time — had begun to fail. To rejuvenate the hall, designers used precast concrete elements to

recreate the ornamental pieces. “A key design challenge was faithfully replicating the appearance of the original caststone details while improving the long-term durability of the masonry construction,” explains Wendall C. Kalsow, preservation architect on the project. But the project’s scope was daunting: There were more than 50 pieces of significant “museum quality” sculpture and more than 16,000 total precast units.

Each piece was surveyed, evaluated, and given a unique number with specific dimensions before shipping it to the precaster. Damaged pieces were rebuilt by the precaster’s mold team, and molds were constructed to fabricate new pieces. A high-density liquid resin ensured precision and the proper textural finish. Each piece was molded, cured, unmolded, and treated with a light acid-etch. Two precast concrete mixes were used. One produced a granite-like granolithic finish for the building’s base, while a second mix replicated limestone. Stainlesssteel reinforcements and plastic manipulation anchors added durability and long-term quality. The building was laser-scanned to digitally record benchmarks and to provide backup information needed during the reconstruction. To save time and complexity, some of the smaller pieces were combined to create larger units with false joints. Most pieces featured a six cut-line finish executed in wet-cast, except for the 28 tracery

windows. They each contained 17 pieces of cast stone, the complexity of which led to them being cast as one unit. Each was assembled from two precast sections in the plant, both cast with the visible face down to achieve the highest quality control.

St.Mary’s Hall, reopened after major renovations and restoration. Detail of main entrance facing Linden Lane.

The work represents the largest cast-stone restoration of a historic building in North America. For more information on this project, read the article from the summer issue of Ascent magazine at http://www.pcine.org/st-marys-hall.

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For more information on the benefits of precast concrete or to find a Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

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High-Profile Cover Story


September 2016

W.T. Rich Company Leads Construction of Sustainable Cambridge School

by Jonathan Rich

W.T. Rich Company, through its RichCaulfield MLK Venture, served as the construction manager for the construction of a new, state-of-the-art 190,000sf, $79 million public school in Cambridge. The City of Cambridge is a leader in sustainable construction, and the new Martin Luther King Jr. School (MLK School) embodies those principles. The school is on target to achieve the coveted LEED Platinum certification. LEED certification is a common goal among schools in Massachusetts, but net-zero emissions is an uncommon goal. The MLK School is changing that by becoming one of the first schools to target net-zero emissions. The new school has many sustainable energy systems such as a rooftop and wall-mounted solar photovoltaic system that produces nearly 600 kilowatts of electricity, which is about 47% of the electricity needed to power the school. The project also features 65 geothermal wells that provide heating and cooling to the school.


View of the Martin Luther King Jr. School’s northwest corner

“There are no boilers or gas usage,” said Michael Black, construction program manager for the City of Cambridge. “The city adopted the net-zero policy in 2015. New buildings need to achieve net zero by 2020.” He added that “educating the users of the new school in energy conservation will also help achieve sustainability and net zero goals.” Sustainable features of the new school include building materials with a high percentage of recycled content and water conservation measures such as a rainwater collection and storage system. The rainwater partially replaces city water for toilet flushing and irrigation. “Over 90% of the construction waste was diverted from landfills and recycled, used elsewhere, or converted to energy,” said Davida Flynn, project manager for

View of the Martin Luther King Jr. School’s southwest corner

W.T. Rich. Sustainability also includes locally sourced materials. “The granite, concrete, and some of the steel used in the MLK School were sourced or manufactured within a 500-mile radius of the school,” she added. The new MLK School includes a community complex, a preschool, a lower school for grades kindergarten to 5, and

an upper school for grades 6 to 8. It also includes a 400-seat auditorium, two gymnasiums, a learning commons that is tightly woven into the library and media center areas, and a cafeteria with a full kitchen. There are also the City Sprouts outdoor roof patio and garden and 69 underground parking spaces for school faculty and staff. The project’s exterior consists of a number of façade materials including face brick, silicate brick, metal plate panels, formed metal panels, fiber cement panels, and a significant amount of curtainwall and punched window openings. Its landscaping uses plants and other vegetation that are native to the area and that require minimal irrigation. The interior consists of terrazzo flooring on the ground floor with marmoleum used throughout all corridors and classrooms and ceramic tile in all bathrooms and showers. W.T. Rich and the City of Cambridge have had a proud history working together, having completed six successful Cambridge public projects over the last 15 years. The city recently retained W.T. Rich and the Rich-KBE King School Venture to serve as its construction manager for the King Open/Cambridge Street Upper School project, a $130 million new school construction project with net-zero goals. Jonathan Rich is CEO of W.T. Rich Company, Inc.

High-Profile Feature: Salem High School

September 2016


Salem High School/CTE Center Now in Phase 3

Salem High front entrance / Featured renderings by Lavallee Brensinger Architects

Salem, NH – Salem High School and Career and Technical Education Center’s $75 million, six-phase project is now in Phase 3, ahead of schedule in some areas. The 50-year-old facility suffered from poor heating and ventilation, inadequate spaces to support evolving educational

practices, and significant security and sanitation issues. Mechanical systems had long outlived their useful life, and the building did not meet current educational standards. The new, comprehensive high school will better accommodate the 1,200-student population by providing

state-of-the-art educational space for all programs. In October, construction officials are expected to begin demolishing the existing four-court gym. As soon as the building is down and debris cleared, construction will begin for the new CTE/

STEM wing. A significant aspect of the existing high school is its extra-curricular opportunities. The new design supports activities such as art and music, contnued to page 24


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High-Profile Feature: Salem High School


September 2016

Salem High School/CTE Center Now in Phase 3 continued from page 23

Geremonty Drive view

KEY TEAM MEMBERS Science and Technology Wing

AFJROTC, journalism, drama, health occupations, debate, adult education, and athletics. Once completed, the new high school will have the ability to meet the needs of all students, whether they choose to attend a four-year university or join the workforce. Genest of Sanford, Maine was selected to supply the concrete masonry, along with the architectural split face and ground face concrete block for the school’s exterior finishes. Concrete masonry was chosen for its sustainability, resiliency, and architectural design characteristics.

OWNER: Salem School District

Aerial view of Salem High

The occupied and phased renovation started in April 2014 is expected to be finished by May 2018.

Rist-Frost-Shumway Engineering

OWNER’S PROJECT MANAGER: Trident Project Advantage Group

Foley Buhl Roberts & Assoc.

ARCHITECT: Lavallee Brensinger Architects


BUILDER: Harvey Construction

A Project Management Company A Project Management Company NH NH MA MA 898-6110 687-7717 (603) (603) 898-6110 (978) (978) 687-7717 www.tridentgrp.com www.tridentgrp.com

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High-Profile Feature: Salem High School

September 2016



Under construction, concrete core shear walls.

insulated concrete masonry wall system Interior Finishes: Options Available

EPS short foam: Inserts overlap into the next block reducing the negative effects of thermal bridging Remove EPS short foam inserts For Rebar & Grout per engineering Middle Walls Improve Thermal Performance

Exterior Finishes: Ground Face, Polished, Shot Blasted or Satin Weathered

g n i z a Am

3 layeRs of insulation! Off set cross webs and reduced web height: Reduce Thermal Bridging

ExcEEd yOuR ExPEcTATIOnS OFFERInG cOMPlETE dESIGn FlExIBIlITy Wide variety of architectural finishes available Standard masonry engineering Reduces HVAC tonnage Qualifies for LEED credits Mold, wind, fire and sound resistant Exceeds The International Energy Conservation Code for R-Value requirements

At its core, Omni Block is a patented insulated masonry wall system that has been designed to take advantage of thermal mass and thermal lag principles in order to create a high energy efficient block wall system. This results in an Omni Block wall system with an R-Value of over 29 for a 12” block (U Factor of .034) and an R-Value of over 19 (U Factor of .051) for an 8” block. Omni Block has four main components; block, foam, rebar and grout. The blocks are installed the same way as standard CMU’s.

new Half-High

The Same Combination Of Thermal Mass And Insulation with the look of BRICK!

For more information, samples or to schedule a 1-hour Omni Block “Lunch and Learn” please contact Bill at Genest Concrete. www.high-profile.com 1-800-649-4773 ext. 155 or bbraisted@genest-concrete.com • www.GenestArchitecture.com


High-Profile Focus: Educational Facilities

September 2016

Innovative Technology Reduces Energy Consumption in Educational Facilities by Donald J. Moore

High energy costs can quickly land colleges and educational institutions with a failing grade. In these facilities, energy waste hurts. Hot transformers disrupt power to critical equipment, and cooling systems work overtime to dissipate the heat. What suffers most? System reliability and the bottom line. From computers and lab equipment to LCD projectors and electronic whiteboards, facilities must deliver technology dependably and on-demand. That’s why dangerous third-harmonic currents can’t go unchecked. Left alone, these currents — caused by the electronic loads on which students and educators rely — cause hot transformers, reduced efficiency, and shortened life cycles. Computers and other electronic devices use switched mode power supplies (SMPS) to convert the AC current to the DC current they need to operate. These power supplies, due to their design, draw current in spikes, and that generates harmonic currents. Harmonic currents are generated by the load, take up space in the electrical distribution, and do no useful work. They reduce the capacity of the system and generate heat, thereby wasting energy. When the third-harmonic current

returns to the transformer, it circulates in the primary winding and is dissipated as heat. This can lead to failure of some parts of the distribution system and waste heat energy loss in the transformer that can increase electrical costs by as much as 8%. Harmonics Limited’s patented Harmonic Suppression Systems (HSS) help schools nationwide eradicate thirdharmonic currents from their electrical distribution systems. By preventing the loads from ever generating thirdharmonic currents, an HSS from Harmonics Limited completely protects transformers, conduits, and switchgear from excess heat. Power reliability is restored, life-safety risks are reduced, efficiency is gained, and sustainable energy savings are achieved. Unlike harmonic-mitigating transformers or solutions that accommodate the third harmonic by over-sizing transformers, conduits, and switch gear, HSS does more. It entirely eliminates third-harmonic currents from existing everywhere within the system, at the source. The system has less current, less heat, less waste, lower electric bills, and a real solution that pays for itself even as energy costs rise. The energy savings are sustained for the life of the transformer, yield an attractive ROI typically within

18 months, and may help new construction qualify for LEED points. Planning a facility expansion? Need to replace a transformer? For maximum energy savings, consider harmonic suppression technology as a retrofit to an existing transformer or as an integrated component of the transformer in the design of new construction. For over 20 years, Harmonics Limited

has been increasing energy efficiency with its proprietary leading-edge Harmonic Suppression Systems. The company has helped hundreds of educational institutions save money, boost reliability, and earn credit for their improved energy performance. Donald J. Moore is CEO at Harmonics Limited.

Kaplan Construction Completes Work continued from page 19 Working with architecture firm Linea 5, Inc. and R.W. Sullivan Engineering, Kaplan updated the lab’s interior finishes, working around the lab’s schedule to complete the project. The 1,600sf lab features a rail of high-tech cameras below the ceiling with the purpose of recording facial and body movements and processing the data for research. On the southwest corner of campus, Kaplan provided renovations to the exterior wall entrance system for Northeastern’s International Village residence and dining hall. To address wind tunnel issues in this high traffic area, the building entrance was shifted, creating a vestibule to prevent the doors from being blown out.

Electrical Construction

Fire Alarm

Kaplan worked with architecture firm Utile on this project. Finally, Kaplan completed interior renovations at Northeastern’s academic building Meserve Hall. Collaborating with Jones Architecture and R.W. Sullivan Engineering, Kaplan gutted the 11,700sf space, upgraded interior finishes, and installed new fire protection and alarm systems. Kaplan also upgraded interior finishes to Nightingale Hall’s fourth floor suites, which contain offices and testing rooms for Northeastern’s cognitive neuroscience department. Kaplan fast-tracked the 700sf renovation for completion this summer.

Special Projects

Tel-Data/Security Systems

Excellence in Electrical Construction... For More Than 95 Years

Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Massachusetts

Member of

Connecting Greater Boston to a Bright Future 267 Amory Street, Jamaica Plain, MA 617.522.6800 info@jmbco.com www.jmbco.com


High-Profile Focus: Educational Facilities

September 2016


Ask for a Debrief

by Annie Newman

One of the hardest parts of my job is debriefing firms that have not been selected for a project. What makes it hard is that, especially at the RFP stage, we get a set of highly qualified firms who have put a lot of effort into preparing their proposals, and yet we can only select three to four (typically) to interview. Depending on the number of proposals we have solicited, there can be a lot of disappointed firms. Occasionally we get a proposal that is just weak — riddled with typos, full of boilerplate language (even references to other projects!). They reflect little recognition of the specifics of the campus or the issues we face. Perversely, these are the easiest to debrief, although it is a bit painful to tell someone that they or their team didn’t give an A effort. Then there are all the others — great firms with experience in the project type, with an articulated process. They clearly did their homework, thought deeply about the project and the campus. Their graphics are strong, the proposal not too long or too short. Some may get eliminated because they don’t have as much experience, or their process is a bit confusing, or not detailed enough. The task then is to take the pool that is left and find among them the three to four proposals that stand above. Let’s talk about the fact that this is almost always a committee process. We have a diverse group of people, from those who wrote the RFP to those who have never looked at a planning/design proposal in their life. Give a single proposal to 10 people and you’ll get 10 opinions. Maybe two to three will agree. Ask that group to

Building Envelope Restoration Specialists

read and score a group of proposals. Add in the variance of how people interpret the scoring matrix, how closely they read the proposals, in what order they read them, etc., and you get a lot of variance. Then there is the short list meeting. The committee comes together. The collated scores are revealed. If we are lucky, one to two firms rise to the top in terms of scoring. We all agree they should be interviewed. Then we eliminate the ones who collectively scored low. This usually leaves us with more firms than we need to make up the remaining short list slots, so we discuss. The discussion is robust. People make pitches for the proposals they really liked. And then, often, it comes down to a vote. Is this process fair? Probably not, strictly speaking. As representatives of the college our job is to pick a group of firms so strong that no matter who gets selected after the interviews, we will have a great process and product. So how do I debrief the firms that don’t get selected? I try to be as honest as possible. If there were specific deficiencies in the proposal I point them out. I want to help firms to present themselves as honestly and as strongly as they can. I try to talk about what the selected proposals had that perhaps theirs did not. Often it is the case that a proposal I personally rated highly did not get selected. I may not have great insight as to why others did not rate them as highly. If you make it to the RFP stage we already believe you can do a good job. I know you want feedback so that you can improve your proposals so that next time you do get selected. Sometimes I’ll have something specific to say, but often I don’t. It’s a hard part of my job, but please ask for a debrief. I feel that as partners in this profession we all play a part in our mutual successes. Annie Newman is the director of campus planning at Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, R.I.

Curry Renovates Science Building

Since 1981, Alpha Weatherproofing Corporation has served engineers, architects, building owners and property managers throughout New England with comprehensive weatherproofing and building envelope restoration services.



• Concrete Restoration

• Specialty Coatings

• Façade Inspection & Repair

• Waterproofing Systems

• Masonry Restoration

• Roofing: Flat, Slate, Copper, Sheet Metal

• Sealant Removal & Replacement • Parking Garage Repair & Traffic Coatings


• Emergency Repairs • Structural Repairs


Leo & Elaine Wexler

Ken Wexler & Lisa Wexler

Construction Management . General Contracting . Project Consulting Three Generations Building for Institutions Since 1947 | www.elaine.com HighProfile_Education72916.indd 1

7/29/2016 11:13:27 AM

1 Focus:


August 2014

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August 2014



y of Envoy Hotel Practices to Expedite Deliver Lee Kennedy Uses Lean

Brent Maugel page 12

Robert Cruess page 18

Northeast Corner of Envoy Colm Allen page 22

Rendering courtesy of Curry College

study spaces equipped with technology and resources that support learning in and outside the classroom. East Boston Savings Bank purchased the bond.

John K. Pidgeon page 34

Rendering by Group One

by John V.Carvalho III Carbon Monoxide Monitoring It’s time for Commercial Hall Trinity Delivers Port Chester Board CBC Elects New 2014-2015 One Partners Ground, Designed by Group t Homewood Suites Breaks for Hobbs Brook Managemen Space ce Offi MPA Designs Waltham Bangor Waterfront Projects WBRC Plays Key Role on Binney Street J.M. Electrical Begins 75/125 Upgrades Coull Completes Campus for BCH Acentech Provides Acoustic Point Delphi Completes Seashore Ready? by Richard J. Dealy Is Your Content Global Retail Projects Timberline Completes Two Featuring: Viridian Topping-Off The Abbey Group Hosts

Ryan Klebes page 36

Hotel in Boston pg. 23 /

Multi-Residential, Plus: Education, Healthcare, and more... Trends and Hot Topics, Corporate, People, Awards,

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Partners, Inc.

Inside this Issue:

MA 02359 P.O. Box 7, Pembroke, Change Service Requested

Milton, MA – MassDevelopment has issued a $9,799,582 tax-exempt bond on behalf of Curry College, a private liberal arts college in Milton. The school is using bond proceeds to partially fund the renovation of its science building to create science labs, classrooms, and offices, and to install new lighting and mechanical systems. The college is also using proceeds to help build a 20,000sf state-of-the-art learning commons that will connect the science building and the college’s library. The learning commons will feature common areas, meeting rooms, and

• Roofing Maintenance


Call 781-294-4530 to place your order today.


High-Profile Focus: Educational Facilities


September 2016

Storage Solutions for the Education Market

by Jeff Loreaux

The education market has been facing many industry challenges such as steady or increasing acquisition rates, changes in student expectations, a deficit in funding for expansion, and many more that have contributed to one large, overarching problem: a lack of space. “Our in-house design team doesn’t just provide you with a system to hold your stuff,” said Loreaux. “We take the time to understand what your current storage challenges are, what your future challenges might look like, and then we design a system around those unique needs.” It’s no secret that many colleges and universities have trouble finding extra space within their landlocked campuses, but what does this mean when they’re seeing an influx of everything from students, to books in their library, to collections in their art gallery, and even additions to their athletic equipment? “New construction or expansion of an

Donnegan Systems helps local college make collections more accessible to the student population

existing building is out of the question for many of these facilities, which is why we offer many solutions on highdensity mobile shelving,” said Loreaux. “High density is basically a solution that gives you the flexibility to put different kinds of storage — cabinets, cantilever shelving, four-post, you name it — on a track that allows for the carriages to move sequentially together in order to open the aisle you have selected. It works in any number of applications, and can help save you serious space in your equipment room, library, gallery, or any area of your campus.” High-density mobile shelving has become one of the more popular storage

applications within the education market because it’s designed to either save space within your facility or add additional capacity. The concept is a simple one: Store the same amount in half the space, or store double the amount within the same footprint by eliminating wasted aisle space. Some of Donnegan’s valued clients who have benefited from the use of high-density mobile shelving include Harvard, Yale, MIT, CT State University, University of Vermont, UNH, and Salve Regina University, to name a few. Along with free design work and site surveys, Donnegan Systems also offers a factorytrained installation team.

“With solutions that cover every part of campus, we offer unparalleled service and are an all-encompassing storage provider. I think that what makes the

Donnegan experience different is that we truly take the time to get to know your own unique storage challenges. Once we are on the same page with what you are looking to improve upon, our team will then design a system that will last you well into the future and allow you to grow without needing to expand.” In an AIA-accredited presentation titled “School Your Space: Smarten Up Your Campus Storage Solutions,” Donnegan Systems dives deep into the current trends and challenges facing the education market today, as well as how storage can help improve each area of campus. “We have over 40 years of experience working with architects and designers,” Loreaux said, “and we often provide Lunch-and-Learns to firms around New England for CEU credit. In all of our presentations, and in our education one specifically, we discuss how storage can help with both LEED certification efforts as well as ‘greening up’ the campus and facility they are working on.” Whether you’re a designer looking for resources, a campus that needs to store more stuff, or a facility that needs to free up additional space, Donnegan Systems can provide you with the services and solutions to help you achieve your goals. Jeff Loreaux is president of Donnegan Systems Inc. of Northborough, Mass.

Western Connecticut State University Visual and Performing Arts Center AIA Connecticut People’s Choice Award 2015


Cambridge | Hartford | Manhattan | Stamford




September 2016


Knowledge is Power. The National Electrical Contractors Association Annual Trade Show and Convention

October 7 - 10 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center NECA’s Leadership in Electrical & Tel/Data Construction Set to Shine at NECA 2016 Boston! The National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) Boston Chapter invites you to attend the electrical industry’s most important and dynamic event. Visit www. necaconvention.org — click on Attendee Registration and enter code 16EXH

Check out the latest products designed to enhance building energy performance from the electrical industry’s leading manufacturers. BIM • Building Automation & Controls • Building Intelligence • National Electrical Code • Conduit, Raceway • Energy Efficiency & LEED • Life Safety • LED Lighting • Motors & Controls • OSHA 10-Hour • Labor Productivity • Lean Construction • Power Quality & Distribution • Prefabrication • Raceway & Cable Tray • Safety Equipment • Security Systems • Site Equipment • Standards & Safety • Solar • Structured Cabling • Testing Equipment • Renewable Energy

Learn why NECA Boston contractors are the most trusted and reliable for delivering projects that meet the highest quality standards with on-time, on-budget performance.

Attend the #1 Event in the Electrical Industry...FREE! n n n n n

Check out thousands of products & services that will save time & money on the job Sharpen your skills in one of our 18 FREE Technical Workshops See the newest products & services in the Showstopper Showcase Boston Convention & Exhibition Center (BCEC) Sat. 10/8: 11:30am – 5pm • Sun. 10/9: 11:30am – 4pm • Mon.. 10/10: 9:00am – 1:00pm

Visit www.necaconvention.org • Click on Attendee Registration and enter code 16EXH. Visit www.necaconvention.org • Click on Attendee Registration and enter code 16EXH.

Visit NECA Boston Chapter at Booth # 256

Powering a bright future for Greater Boston and Eastern New England

www.bostonneca.org www.high-profile.com

High-Profile Focus: Educational Facilities


September 2016

Innovation on Campus: Five Trends in Higher Education Planning

by Mark Lee

Colleges and universities are undertaking innovative strategies in campus planning that embrace technology in a physically connected social environment. Students and faculty are demanding more digital resources in and out of the classroom, but also want spaces that foster greater personal interactions and opportunities for collaboration. A variety of influences are introducing substantial changes across the higher education landscape. Technology-enabled active learning classrooms

Profound change is taking shape in the academic environment in response to improved pedagogical approaches and technological advances. This confluence is evident in a new learning environment paradigm: the technology-enabled active learning classroom (TEAL). TEAL classrooms promote greater collaboration by creating multiple group work areas, each with its own whiteboards, computers,

860-563-6164 www.mpn-arch.com 30 Jordan Lane Wethersfield, CT


Renovations to University of Southern Maine’s Luther Bonney Hall / © Blind Dog Photography

projectors, and monitors. Built-in flexibility with furniture and audio-visual connections allow instructors to highlight content from a variety of sources in traditional lecture or more active learning modalities. Blended courses

Blended, or hybrid, course delivery integrates online learning with face-toface classroom time to complete course objectives. This model takes advantage of the personalized, active learning strategies possible with online technologies as well as the effectiveness of in-person

social interactions. It also requires new approaches to physical space planning. The result is physical classrooms that require advanced electronic tools to mirror virtual classroom flexibility, smaller classrooms, and a shift from traditional course scheduling blocks. Hybrid facilities

Until recently, campus planning largely segregated uses by buildings. For example, student centers were designed for socializing, libraries for study, classrooms for learning, and dining halls for eating. Today’s college students

Informal gathering spaces are strategically located / © Blind Dog Photography

are highly scheduled with academic, athletic, work, recreational, and social responsibilities. Colleges are responding by distributing a range of amenities across campus locations. Cafés are now commonplace in libraries and classroom buildings. Residence halls provide homes for fitness facilities, classrooms, study, and gaming lounges. continued to page 49

High-Profile Focus: Educational Facilities

September 2016


Reshaping the Student Experience in New England Copley Wolff Design Group Provides Insight into the Campus Landscape College in Wellesley, Mass. Knowing the importance of attracting and retaining students, Copley Wolff’s design offers students a beautiful outdoor amenity that provides flexible open green space, a fire pit, seating areas, plantings, trees, and circulation routes connecting four residential halls. Many studies have shown that being outside supports our health and wellbeing and the visual and environmental diversity created through the landscape could have positive impacts on the psychological well-being of individuals. Providing

by Danna Day

As colleges and universities work with designers to improve their campuses through the construction of new buildings or renovations and expansions to existing facilities, they understand how critical an innovative and practical landscape design is for the student experience. An effective design entices visitors, offers numerous health benefits, provides a sense of community, educates students on the importance of environmental awareness, and creates connections and safe circulation routes. Copley Wolff Design Group has worked on numerous college campuses throughout New England, employing a wide range of designs and approaches such as extensive plantings, improved accessibility routes, green roofs, blending new additions to existing campus aesthetics, and general landscape features such as courtyards, quads, and outdoor classrooms.

Boston University, Center for Integrated Life Sciences and Engineering / rendering by Payette

It is human nature to put importance on aesthetics, and a beautiful campus has the potential to attract visitors, influence indecisive students searching for the perfect academic fit, and retain students through the duration of their academic career. The landscape design often acts as the institution’s face, defining the campus’ expression and charm while offering visitors pleasant views the moment they step foot on campus. Copley Wolff Design Group recently completed the design for a first year residential quadrangle at Babson

UConn Storrs, Sundial Plaza / courtesy of Copley Wolff Design Group

events, and participate in recreational activities. Boston University (BU) is currently renovating Myles Standish Hall, the university’s oldest dormitory. Prior to the renovation, students had no outdoor gathering space to speak of. Responding to this challenge, Copley Wolff’s site design incorporates a triangular-shaped park that fits within the confines of the dense urban streetscape. The new park not only provides students with a welcoming outdoor space for interaction, but also a safer passage through the neighborhood. As college campuses strive towards

UConn Storrs, Student Union Quad / photo by Anthony Crisafullix

outdoor spaces for students can result in improved focus, strengthened immunity, increased concentration skills, and lowered stress levels. Being outside also increases social interaction by offering students a place to relax, take part in

continued to page 56






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September 2016


DIMEO CONSTRUCTION COMPANY “A big portion of what we do is develop and nurture team

relationships and collaborations that result in exceeding our clients’ project needs.”

-Bradford S. Dimeo, President and CEO


Boston University

Brandeis University Brown University

Bryant University

Harvard University

Northeastern University Quinnipiac University

JOHNSON & WALES UNIVERSITY Dimeo Construction Company recently completed the New Academic Building at Johnson & Wales University designed by Edward Rowse Architects (Providence, ri) and Architectural Resources Cambridge (Cambridge, ma). Johnson & Wales sets a new standard for its science, technology, and engineering programs with this project. The building is the first to be developed in the ongoing I-195 relocation project that the city and state are undertaking in Providence. It is approximately 73,000 gsf and three (3) stories in height, and consists of technology, engineering, and sciences teaching facilities. This particular Johnson & Wales building also includes a presentation space, faculty offices, all combining to create a collaborative and interdisciplinary learning environment. The New Academic Building will be a leed-Certified building. Dimeo Construction Company previously completed a 43,000 sf parking expansion project for Johnson & Wales University on Richmond Street designed to complement its surrounding structures as well as the Providence Performing Arts Center. In addition to these assignments, Dimeo has worked on multiple renovation projects for the University. www.high-profile.com

PROVIDENCE COLLEGE Currently underway, the new Arthur & Patricia Ryan Center at Providence College is an exciting component of the College’s Campus Transformation in preparation of the upcoming 2017 Centennial of the founding of the college. The project integrates a 33,084 gsf renovation of Dore Hall, with a new addition of 42,489 gsf academic building. The existing Dore Hall will house all faculty offices, faculty lounge, dean and administrative suites, conference rooms, student breakout rooms, undergraduate and graduate student spaces and café. The new two-story curved classroom addition is a steel structure with a metal, masonry, precast and glass exterior. The first level of the addition houses a 125-seat tiered lecture hall, a 32-seat tiered classroom, two 50-seat information/data labs, two breakout rooms, public restrooms, building entry and lounge. The second level of the classroom addition houses four 50-seat active learning classrooms, a 30-seat active learning classroom, a quiet lounge, and public restrooms. Dimeo previously completed the 63,000 sf iconic Ruane Center for the Humanities, the 374bed Suites Hall, and has partnered with Providence College since the late 1960’s with the construction of Phillips Memorial Library.

Rhode Island College

Rhode Island School of Design Roger Williams University Salem State University

University of Connecticut

University of Massachusetts University of New Haven

University of Rhode Island

Western Connecticut State University Wesleyan University Wheaton College Yale University

PROJECT PHOTO LIST 1. University of Massachusetts

2. Gateway Community College 3. Brown University 4. Yale University

5. Providence College 6. Yale University

September 2016

33 2


Isenberg School of Management © Rendering by Goody Clancy and BIG NYC


New Haven Campus © Woodruff/Brown

4 Kline Chemistry Lab © Mark Ballogg

Metcalf Building © Gregg Shupe


Ruane Center for the Humanities © John Giamatteo


School of Management © Nigel Young


You Tube



High-Profile Focus: Educational Facilities

September 2016

Energy-Efficient Upgrade Brightens School Building When Bright Beginnings Early Childhood Program expanded from one facility in Stamford, Conn., to a second location in nearby Fairfield, lighting wasn’t necessarily a top priority of the new construction. The preschool facility was designed to provide a safe, secure, educational, and enriching environment for infants and children 6 months to 5 years old. The decision to incorporate energy-efficient lighting came about after the new construction was already underway. A United Illuminating engineer saw the building construction and approached Bright Beginnings owner Rajat Gupta with options and programs to support energy and money savings in the school. United Illuminating, a subsidiary of AVANGRID, Inc., provides programs and services through the Energize Connecticut initiative to help businesses strategically manage energy use — making them more efficient and providing long-term cost savings. The added bonus comes with upgrades and improvements that create a more attractive and comfortable space. Upgrading to all high-efficiency LED lighting for the interior and exterior would save the school approximately 29,372 kWh or $5,286 annually on projected energy costs versus standard lighting solutions. The impact of the look and feel of the bright lighting made a significant positive impact aesthetically. “The quality of the lighting is amazing; it doesn’t feel like we’re indoors,” said Gupta. “Our goal for the project was to save money, but overall the environment is more visually pleasing and comfortable. Employees and parents have commented on the difference.” Energize Connecticut programs


Bright Beginnings classroom

Exterior of Beginnings Early Childhood program in Fairfield

Bright Beginnings nursery

Services Commercial and Industrial, United Illuminating. Energy-saving improvements can reduce operating costs by addressing key areas of building and maintenance. A range of energy-efficient measures and improvements are available, including upgrades to lighting, heating and cooling systems, refrigeration, and natural gas. Bright Beginnings also incorporated a high-efficiency HVAC system

in their construction, estimated to save 9,663 kWh or $1,739 annually. Energize Connecticut programs are a partnership of the Energy Efficiency Fund, the Connecticut Green Bank, and local electric and gas utilities and are funded by a charge on customer energy bills. Information on energyefficiency programs can be found at EnergizeCT.com or by calling 1-877-WISE.USE.

connect schools, businesses, facilities, manufacturers, and municipalities with resources to achieve smart energy solutions. “We assist our customers by identifying areas for improvement, finding qualified contractors and vendors, and providing incentives and financing available through Energize Connecticut programs to support their projects,” said Donna S. Wells, director Energy

September 2016


“Seventeen thousand dollars in annual savings translates to a full scholarship for one of our programs or funding for a new medical lab, which are invaluable advances to keep us at the forefront of our industry.” Joe Bierbaum, President & CEO of Stone Academy

Stone Academy is at the head of the class. As a career training school, Stone Academy is constantly striving to provide a top-notch education. They pride themselves on offering rigorous programs and frontline experience for students. Stone Academy also leads by example within the educational community, both in and out of the classroom, with forward-thinking smart and sustainable business strategies. With support from Energize Connecticut’s Small Business Energy Advantage Program, Stone Academy was able to implement energy upgrades at several of their campuses. Program engineers helped the academic institution with its ongoing sustainability efforts through a comprehensive project, including energy-efficient lighting and HVAC upgrades. Stone Academy also installed motion sensors to save energy on unoccupied spaces. Overall, they are saving nearly $17,000 on energy costs annually.

Stone Academy also received a generous incentive fund from the Energy Efficiency Fund, making it possible for them to payback the full cost of the project in just three years. Project:

Stone Academy


Energy-efficient lighting upgrades

Fund Incentive:


Energy Savings:

75,690 kWh electricity/year 125 ccf natural gas/year

Cost Savings:

$16,900 annually

Find energy solutions for business. Call 877-WISE-USE (877-947-3873)

Or visit: EnergizeCT.com

Energize Connecticut helps you save money and use clean energy. It is an initiative of the Energy Efficiency Fund, the Connecticut Green Bank, the State, and your local electric and gas utilities with funding from a charge on customer energy bills.



High-Profile Focus: Educational Facilities


September 2016

Integrated Learning and Collaboration How Kindergarten Classrooms and Corporate Settings are Alike and What Middle and High School Settings Can Learn From Them Bloomberg). In suggesting that our schools could reflect similar bottom-line thinking — with the corresponding currency being student success in acquiring 21st-century skills — quizzical stares of the past are now giving way to nodding heads and a desire to hear more. The tide is clearly turning. Primary, secondary, and post-secondary institutions

by Peter G. Bachmann

The kindergarten classroom is the first place many of us were exposed to a structured learning environment. My first classroom had a reading corner, a corner for messy play with sand or water, and an area for napping. This defined workspace contained nearly everything required for a fully integrated, interdisciplinary education. Many years later, when I showed up for my first day of work as an architect, everything I needed for an integrated, interdisciplinary approach to my work was there: my desk as a place to concentrate, a model shop for creative development, tables strategically located to provide a space for group discussions, and a coffee machine and water cooler where I could practice social skills. What I found at work was a world

Integrated group study at Fairchild Wheeler / © JCJ Architecture

remarkably similar to my kindergarten classroom. The interesting thing about this connection was that it ran counter to my experience of physical and instructional differentiation that occurred as I left kindergarten and progressed through primary, secondary, and post-secondary education. It was curious that as I began my career as a professional, I found myself back in a setting that encouraged collaboration, shared experiences, and an integrated approach to accomplishing a variety of tasks. There is a distinct dis-integration of

disciplines by subject matter that begins after leaving kindergarten. By the time we reach post-secondary education, not only do we move into different rooms, but also different buildings on campus. Ironically, operating in silos runs counter to the skills required of each of us to flourish in the modern working world. Corporate America long ago discovered that the financial bottom line is enhanced by providing a flexible workplace that increases collaboration, communication, and opportunities for interdisciplinary interaction (think

Group study at Hotchkiss / © JCJ Architecture

are seeing value in providing spaces that support community building, interaction, collaboration, creative expression, and cross-disciplinary opportunities. There is a continuum of architectural solutions converging around this discussion: For the introvert, we create private areas designed continued to page 58

Celebrating 25 Years of Survey & Engineering Excellence

Williams College, Chapin Hall / Williamstown, MA

Northeastern University, FAS Center for Global Business / Boston, MA

Boston College, St. Mary’s Hall / Chestnut Hill, MA

Simmons College, Daly Field / Brighton, MA

Site Civil Engineering • Land Surveying • Construction Layout 3D Laser Scanning • 3D Site and BIM Modeling

Together. Let’s Build. shawmut.com

www.landtechinc.com / www.ltc3d.com 978-692-6100



High-Profile Focus: Educational Facilities

September 2016

Gaston Begins Upgrades for UMass


QA Selected for Schools Upgrade

Norwood, MA – Gaston coverage at multiple locations Electrical Co., Inc. has begun within the UMass Memorial a multi-location low voltage system. installation project on behalf of “Gaston Electrical is pleased UMass Memorial Health Care. to be partnering with UMass The scope of work includes Memorial, the center for health upgrades to existing IDF and wellness in the Greater closets, the installation, testing, Worcester area,” stated Bill and calibration of a new HD3 Weber, principal at Gaston Bill Weber WiFi system with associated Electrical. “As a busy medical Category 6A cabling, new fiber center with multiple campus optic backbone cabling, and a Distributed locations, the majority of work will be Antenna System (DAS). The project is completed within an occupied and fullyoperational designed to enhance and expand wireless

Smith College Selects Arcadis Northampton, MA – Smith College has selected Arcadis for project and construction management for the Neilson Library project. The project is currently in the early design/conceptual phase and is being designed by world-renowned designer and artist Maya Lin Studio and design firm Shepley Bulfinch. Arcadis will provide logistical management to execute a smooth transition of library resources to alternative sites, reducing disruption to student services and college business. Arcadis vice president, Richard Sitnik CCM, LEED AP, will also manage procurement and

construction, facilitating integration of contractors and other experts. Smith College has five libraries throughout campus, the Neilson library being the largest and the most significantly transformed through this initiative. This project will revitalize Neilson as the intellectual heart of Smith College, will restore the splendor of the 1909 building to focus on its iconic reading rooms, and will also include complete replacement of the north and south wings of the library in order to provide flexible, light-filled spaces to support scholarship and teaching.

Rendering of Wheeler Middle/High School / Quisenberry Arcari Architects

Farmington, CT – Quisenberry Arcari (QA) Architects was recently selected by the town of North Stonington’s selection committee to design its $38.56 million schools upgrade project. The project includes a 44,500sf addition to the Wheeler Middle/High School, demolition of part of the middle school, the addition of a kitchen to North

Stonington Elementary School, and moving the sixth-grade students to the elementary school. Other aspects of the project include addressing health and Hazmat concerns, updating technology, and addressing security and safety issues. Construction is scheduled to begin in the summer of 2017.

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High-Profile Focus: Educational Facilities


September 2016

Strategic Stewardship:

Prioritizing and Aligning Your Capital Renewal Program

by Sean Sweeney

Thirty-one million baby boomers attended college. Almost 48 million Millennials have followed in their footsteps.1 This growth in the student population fueled the expansion of U.S. campuses in both gross square footage and overall size during the 1950s and 1990s.2 Budgets and resources were shifted to build new space and as a result scheduled and preventive maintenance was curtailed and on occasion ignored. This “deferral” of maintenance, coupled with the aging of the 1950s and 1990s buildings, has now left campus planners, facility departments, and administrators with capital assets that require large investments to repair or replace systems, which in some cases are unserviceable. A July 2016 Atlantic magazine article reports that “after years of budget cuts

and continuing austerity, universities and colleges collectively face a shortfall of a record $30 billion” for deferred maintenance. Commercial landlords know the value of their buildings and the correlation between highly maintained space and the ability to demand premium rent. So why don’t universities and colleges direct funds and resources towards reducing their deferred maintenance problem similar to commercial landlords? Lack of a capital renewal discipline is

a common issue. Many institutions have allowed deferred maintenance risk to grow for decades, and there are some estimates that for every $1 you delay spending today will cost you $4 in the future. Many within the administration consider their existing buildings an important part of the school’s identity. Capital renewal is difficult, because campuses face limited

physical swing space, lack of funding, or limited staffing. Space is a dwindling resource on campus. Colleges and universities also focus heavily on their scholastic mission and academic enterprise, often deferring maintenance in favor of existing funding going to academic programs, securing research opportunities, or supporting a capital project. Facility departments are staffed to handle the most basic repair and maintenance needs. They are not staffed to initiate, govern, and manage a capital renewal program that will drive down deferred maintenance campuswide. I have initiated capital renewal programs at several institutions and saw firsthand the importance of measuring the deferred maintenance issue through the use of a Facility Condition Index (FCI). FCI is the building replacement value as compared to the total cost of maintenance/repairs. For example, a building replacement figure of $100 million as compared to the total building repair costs of $50 million creates an FCI of 0.5. Unabated, the FCI continues to grow relative to the replacement cost, while the deferred maintenance expense increases over time.

The FCI is the cornerstone of your campus renewal program to present a defensible, transparent strategy to solve the deferred maintenance dilemma.

Thirty-one million baby boomers attended college. Almost 48 million Millennials have followed in their footsteps. This growth in the student population fueled the expansion of U.S. campuses in both gross square footage and overall size during the 1950s and 1990s. The capital renewal discussion is today’s hot campus issue. Handling the issue successfully means finding alignment between leadership, administration, and faculty in the prioritization of capital renewal projects. Sean Sweeney is associate vice president at Arcadis.

1 Eileen Patten and Richard Fry, “How Millennials today compare with their grandparents 50 years ago,” Pew Research Center, March 19, 2015. 2 Sightlines State of Facilities In Higher Education 2015 Benchmarks, Best Practices & Trends.



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High-Profile Focus: Educational Facilities

September 2016


Elaine Begins Harvard University Memorial Church Upgrade those that died in World War I, required careful segregation of the construction zone from students, faculty, staff, and the thousands of tourists that visit Harvard Yard daily. Working with Payette in an intense preconstruction effort, Elaine devised an approach to protect the historic architectural millwork, and its famous organs, while sympathetically inserting new systems into the building’s fabric. “We are honored to have been selected

to team with Harvard University and Payette for the renovations and upgrades to such an important and central building to the Harvard Community,” said Lisa Wexler, Elaine Construction president. Elaine is currently underway on a major infrastructure, window replacement, and interior reconfiguration to MIT’s Building 9. Elaine is also at work at Wellesley College’s Founders Hall and Green Hall, a three-phase renovation of the campus’ two oldest buildings.

Viking Awards Scholarship

Lisa Wexler, Elaine Construction president; Professor Jonathan Walton, Harvard Memorial Church; President Faust, Harvard University; Ed Jones, organist and choirmaster, Harvard University; and Charlie Klee, AIA, Payette, project architect

Cambridge, MA – Elaine Construction began work on Harvard University’s Memorial Church, affectionately known as MemChurch. The project includes a significant infrastructure upgrade to introduce a climate control system into the sanctuary, accessibility and safety compliance upgrades, and a reconfigured

lower level that will enhance and support the teaching and programmatic mission of the church and the university. Substantial site utility work is underway, necessary to support the infrastructure upgrades. Elaine’s renovation of this 1932 Shepley Bulfinch, Abbott Building, which was designed and constructed to honor

Bridgeport, CT – Tyler Ballo of Monroe was recently awarded the 2016 Viking Construction Education Scholarship. Ballo, who is working towards a degree in architecture from Keene State College in New Hampshire, will receive $1,000 per year for the remaining two years in his program. Ballo plans to become a residential architect upon graduation and is studying design, CAD, drafting, and model-making to reach that goal. Viking created this scholarship to support the next generation of professionals entering a constructionrelated field.

Anthony Gaglio Jr. of Viking Construction presents Tyler Ballo a $2,000 scholarship award

A Chapel and a Castle – No, this is not Downton Abbey! continued from page 12

Exterior of BU Alumni Center at the Castle

building through an underground tunnel, and are discretely threaded throughout the existing building fabric via new shafts and decorative millwork. The project also introduces advanced AV/IT systems such as an interactive display wall backdrop for exhibits, performances, and lectures. At the Castle, a comprehensive HVAC system will be introduced for the first time. AV systems and storage for faculty dining linens will be housed in elaborate carved millwork imported from England. Brass plumbing will be replaced with water-efficient fixtures in the toilet rooms. To adequately service the various

events in each of the buildings, both the Old Chapel and Castle require onsite food preparation and will include commercial kitchens. To minimize the impact on valuable, leaseable real estate within the buildings, the kitchens will be located in the basements. Existing building structure and low head-room clearances require intense coordination to integrate food service equipment, grease traps, and necessary ventilation. Providing universal access to historic buildings remains one of the biggest challenges in renovations. At Old Chapel, access issues were solved by adding

Interior of BU Alumni Center at the Castle

a new entry pavilion and integrating sloped walkways and ramps into the new landscape design. At the BU Castle, accessibility is resolved by a cut-through in an existing party wall between the admissions building and the Castle. A new connection is also introduced to facilitate staff movement for food service operations. Interior access at Old Chapel is resolved with a new elevator inserted within the existing building fabric. Special attention was given to minimizing the visual impact of the new equipment and ventilation outside of the building. These projects are just two examples

of the unique ways in which universities are elevating their identity and brand by repurposing historic buildings into useful and vibrant centers for events, meetings, and activity. They enable and extend the life of these unique architectural jewels, and both universities demonstrate their commitment to honoring the past while looking to the future. Regan Shields Ives, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, is a principal at Finegold Alexander Architects. Rebecca Berry, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, is a principal at Finegold Alexander Architects.


September 2016


Retail GourmetGiftBaskets.com Celebrates New Headquarters Designed by PROCON

Rendering of new GourmetGiftBaskets.com New Hampshire headquarters / PROCON

Exeter, NH – State and local officials, business leaders, and employees joined with GourmetGiftBaskets.com in early August to celebrate the construction of its new headquarters in Exeter. The popular gift basket company joined forces with two New Hampshirebased firms: PROCON of Manchester, who is the designer and construction manager, and the Monahan Companies based in Nashua. Monahan Companies is the project developer of Garrison Glen

Corporate Park where the new 106,600sf manufacturing and distribution warehouse is currently under construction. The morning’s festivities included celebratory speeches by attending dignitaries including Governor Maggie Hassan who opened by congratulating the company on its new headquarters. GourmetGiftBaskets.com has occupied several New Hampshire locales over the past decade, with the most recent in Kingston, where it has been since 2012.


(l-r) Matthew R. Bartlett, asst. to Sen. Kelly Ayotte; Russell Dean, Exeter town manager; John Samenfeld, vice chairman of PROCON; N.H. Governor Maggie Hassan; Paul Roy, PROCON; Trudy Abood, VP, Ryan Abood, president and CEO, and Jeff Abood, VP, all of GourmetGiftBaskets.com; Jeffrey Rose, commissioner for N.H. Dept of Resources and Economic Development; Tom Monahan, developer Monahan Companies; Darren Winham, Exeter economic development director; David Sharples, Exeter Director of Planning and Development

However, when it came to seeking a new location, the company wanted to keep its feet firmly planted in the Granite State. After years of searching, Exeter was chosen for the construction of its new home base. The new headquarters, hi-bay manufacturing/warehousing and distribution facility is comprised of offices, assembly lines, 14 dock doors for shipping/receiving, and extensive storage and will also be

home to GourmetGiftBaskets.com sister companies, KingofPop.com, Cheesecake. com, and Strawberries.com. The site also includes a 99-car parking lot and a loading dock on the north side of the building, with connections to the town’s water and sewer. Current work includes installation of the exterior metal wall panels and roofing, with an expected project completion in the winter of 2017.

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High-Profile: Corporate

September 2016


Corporate J&M Brown Completes Electrical Work at Sonos HQ

Living green wall

Boston – J&M Brown Company (JMB) has completed the state-of-the-art electrical build-out of Sonos’ new 130,000sf Boston offices at 2 Avenue de Lafeyette in Downtown Crossing. The project included specialty electrical installations for three massive

sound chambers and one of the world’s largest living green walls. The NECA contractor installed decorative lighting throughout the facility, that includes more than 60 different types of specialty light fixtures. JMB project manager Dennis Nigro

More than 60 types of specialty light fixtures were installed.

and foreman DJ Nadrau managed a field crew of 25 IBEW electricians in meeting the fast-track, six-month schedule. The team, headed by Columbia Construction, included electrical engineering,

C3; architect, IA; and owner, The Abbey Group, all of Boston. Spectrum Integrated Technologies, the low voltage division of J&M Brown, provided tel/data installations at the new Sonos offices.

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September 2016

Interstate Electrical Celebrates 50 Culture. Driven. Design

Announcing the winner


High_Profile - Advertisement - 11.11.15.ai 1 11/11/2015 11:40:56 AM

a r ch itecture

interio rs


p lanning

North Billerica, MA – Fifty years ago, Interstate Electrical Services Corporation — the largest merit shop electrical construction and electrical services contractor serving New England exclusively — served its first customer from a single location in North Billerica. This summer, the company celebrated its 50th anniversary with a look back at its heritage and a look forward to a bright future. Today, the company has hundreds of customers and more than 600 employees, and has expanded beyond the headquarters in North Billerica to offices in Bedford, N.H., White River Jct., Vt., East Providence, R.I., and Windsor, Conn. Interstate marked its anniversary with a celebration for employees that featured a traditional New England clam bake complete with chowder, lobsters, steak, and salads. But the setting was anything but traditional. Employees from every Interstate office gathered inside the company’s new 100,000sf operations center, consisting of a warehouse and prefabrication facility, located at 515

Touring the facility

Woburn Street in Tewksbury, Mass. The day featured heartfelt addresses by president Jim Alibrandi, founder Pat Alibrandi, and executive vice president Carl D. Brand. After the remarks, the executives pulled the winning name in a prize drawing, and project superintendent Austin Terrio, a 14-year company veteran, left the event the proud owner of brand new Jeep Wrangler.








(l-r) President Jim Alibrandi, founder Pat Alibrandi, project superintendent Austin Terrio, and executive VP Carl D. Brand


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September 2016

High-Profile: Corporate


SLAM Completes Atlanta Law Office

It’s hard to heal patients in a dirty environment.

Parker, Hudson, Rainer & Dobbs LLP Law conference room / Brian Gassel © 2016

Atlanta, GA – The S/L/A/M Collaborative of Glastonberry, Conn., recently provided programming/planning, interior architecture, and architectural design services for Parker, Hudson, Rainer & Dobbs LLP, (PHRD) in Atlanta. The law firm relocated its office and underwent a complete renovation. The design team has been working with PHRD on the project for more than four years through preliminary design, strategic planning, and building selection. With the new design, conference rooms are situated in the corner spaces and also are spread throughout the floor, increasing collaboration and communication among attorneys and staff. The project involved the reuse of many elements in the space, such as wood

paneling, stone floors, custom office furniture, and built-in file cabinets. A monumental stair connects the two floors of the new office, which spans a total of 40,000sf. A café is also an innovative feature of the project, replacing small break rooms. Glass fronts were added to allow light to flow into the space. Internal offices have glass fronts as well to take in natural light from the perimeter offices. “The space is more efficiently designed so that it reflects how their practice works today compared to how they worked when the firm first started 35 years ago,” says Bobby Johnston, IIDA, LEED AP ID+C, RID, SLAM’s interior designer on the project.

Corcoran-SunCal Files Letter of Intent Proposes Redevelopment of the Bunker Hill Public Housing Development Charlestown, MA – Corcoran-SunCal, in partnership with the Boston Housing Authority, recently filed a letter of intent with the Boston Redevelopment Authority for design and construction of the redevelopment of the Bunker Hill Public Housing Development, known as One Charlestown. A new mixed-income community will replace all of the existing public housing on a one-for-one basis, as well

as add market-rate housing to attract new residents and revitalize the neighborhood. The 27.6-acre site will consist of 13 blocks of well-lit, tree-lined city streets that will be fully integrated into the Charlestown neighborhood. The current plan calls for approximately 3,200 units altogether, replacing all 1,100 current units of public housing and adding 2,100 units of marketrate, rental, and for-sale housing.

GBCC Selects MPA for New Office Boston – Margulies Perruzzi Architects (MPA) has been selected by the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce to design its new office at 265 Franklin Street in Boston. The chamber is moving from its current location on floor 12 of 265 Franklin to floor 17. While remaining in the same building, the new premises will allow the chamber to better serve its member companies and create its vision

for the future. MPA provided programming and fitplans for several locations and assisted the chamber in the selection of the floor 17 space. MPA will also design the new offices, which will feature a new conference center, member space, and workspace for the chamber’s 30 staff. The chamber hopes to move to its new location by February 2017.

Patient care is complicated. It gets harder when contaminants from the materials, process and workers involved in construction are introduced. That’s why the Carpenters union has developed “Infection Control, Risk Assessment” (ICRA) with national leaders in construction, health care and infection control. It’s a comprehensive certification program that teaches carpenters to recognize and avoid creating environments that hamper the healing process. Ask for ICRA-certified carpenters for your next project.

The New England Regional Council of Carpenters.

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September 2016



Spaulding Rehab Site Complete

MassDev Gives $12.9M

Harbor Health president and CEO, Dan Driscoll, right, and others break ground on a new Brockton PACE location.

Brockton, MA – MassDevelopment has provided a $12,940,540 financing package — a $6.1 million New Markets Tax Credit allocation and a $6,870,540 tax-exempt bond — on behalf of Harbor Health Services, a nonprofit health care system with locations in Dorchester, Mattapan, Hyannis, Plymouth, and Harwich. Harbor Health Services is using proceeds to redevelop a former temple in Brockton into a 27,000sf office and program space for the organization’s second Program of All-inclusive Care for Elders (PACE) location. PACE aims to keep elders who qualify

for nursing home care in their own homes as long as possible by offering all-inclusive medical, behavioral health, social, and wellness services. Harbor Health’s new Brockton space will be able to accommodate 125 clients per day and is expected to serve 485 low-income elders annually, more than doubling the offerings of the organization’s current PACE program in Mattapan. The Brockton PACE program will be the first such program in Southeastern Massachusetts, an area that has the largest PACE-eligible community in the state.


The Greenway to Sustained Energy $avings

by Jefferson Electric

Our patented Harmonic Suppresion System helps eradicate 3rd harmonic currents from your electrical distribution systems. Our HSS protects transformers, conduits and switchgear from excess heat. Our HSS systems are installed in hundreds of schools and universities. Your energy bills can drop as much as 8 °/o.

Construction/Installation by Integrated Builders

The interior of Spaulding Rehabilitation Outpatient Center

Hanover, MA – Integrated Builders has completed the construction and installation of a Spaulding Rehabilitation Outpatient Site at the South Shore YMCA – Emilson, located at 75 Mill Street in Hanover. The new 2,400sf center provides world-class rehabilitative and medical care for patients with a range of conditions, including traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries and multiple sclerosis. The new Spaulding Rehabilitation Outpatient Site includes five separate therapeutic stations, a designated exercise area, and a nurse’s charting room. There was also a reception area and spacious

waiting room constructed to provide an enhanced level of comfort. The firm collaborated with New Hampshire-based architects at Caldarola Design Associates, P.C., who specialize in healthcare and medical design. “Our team collaborated efficiently to complete the project within a tight time frame,” said Sean Burgess, project manager at Integrated Builders. “Concurrently, we completed the 24,000sf interior renovation of the South Shore YMCA – Emilson, which allows for increased studio space to better accommodate the facility’s members.”

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High-Profile: Healthcare

September 2016


Sawyer Nears Completion at Lahey

Protecting Individuals and Securing Your Facility Emergency department at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center

Burlington, MA – E.G. Sawyer Company, Inc., headquartered in Weymouth, is in the final phase of electrical construction of the new 45,000sf emergency department (ED) at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center in Burlington. The comprehensive electrical project scope entails installation of a new doubleended 15kV substation and tie-in to the existing hospital’s primary power system, new life-safety emergency switchgear and tie-in to the existing generator and emergency power system, fire alarm system, nurse call system, site lighting, exterior facility lighting, and interior lighting, inclusive of specialty lighting for trauma rooms and examination rooms. E.G. Sawyer’s low-voltage division, LCN,

is providing the facility’s tel/data cabling. Lean construction techniques, including manpower and load scheduling, are being employed throughout the project, headed by the project’s general contractor, Suffolk Construction. The project is also being constructed on a BIM platform, which required extensive coordination in the pre- and early-construction phase between E.G. Sawyer and the project’s other MEP contractors. Sullivan & McLaughlin Companies, based in Boston, is handing the facility’s automatic temperature control wiring. Gaston Electrical, of Norwood, is providing security wiring. Lahey is scheduled to open the new emergency department in early 2017.

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Three Healthcare Projects Begin Scarborough, ME – Landry/French Construction Company recently began construction on three separate healthcare projects. At Mid Coast-Parkview Health in Brunswick, Landry/French is serving as construction manager on a 62,000sf renovation of the Parkview Campus facility to house wellness, oncology, infusion, and primary care. Construction is anticipated to be completed in the fall of 2017. This project was designed by SMRT Architects/Engineers of Portland. At Ripley Medical Office Building

in Norway, Landry/French is renovating 6,500sf on the second floor to accommodate Western Maine Pediatrics. Construction is expected to be completed December 2016. This project was also designed by SMRT Architects/Engineers. Landry/French is also serving as construction manager on a fully occupied 34,000sf renovation project at Market Square Health Center in South Paris. The phased renovation project is expected to be complete spring/summer 2017. Gawron-Turgeon Architects of Scarborough designed the renovations.

Cape Abilities Expands Boston – MassDevelopment has issued a $463,500 commercial real estate loan and a $150,000 Tech Dollar Loan to Cape Abilities, Inc., a nonprofit human services organization in Hyannis. Cape Abilities is using proceeds to buy and renovate a group home for people with autism in Barnstable. The organization will also use proceeds to upgrade computer, software, and security systems at its headquarters in Hyannis.

“By supporting people with disabilities through job placement, training, life skills, and residential programming, Cape Abilities provides crucial services to Barnstable County,” said MassDevelopment president and CEO Marty Jones. “MassDevelopment is pleased to help the organization with its real estate and technology needs, ensuring that more people with disabilities have the resources necessary to reach their full potential.”

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September 2016


Entertainment Marr Stages the Boston Opera House by Katherine Marr

Since opening its doors in 1928, the Boston Opera House (originally known as the B.F. Keith Memorial Theatre) has celebrated dignitaries and some of the greatest performers of all time. Located at 539 Washington Street in Boston, the theatre was designed by architect Thomas White Lamb in a combination of French and Italian styles. In 1995, the theatre was placed on the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s 11 Most Endangered Buildings list; in 2002, the theatre underwent an 18-month renovation and restoration project that included restoring everything from the proscenium wall of the stage to the Washington Street façade, meeting with the standards for historical preservation of the National Park Service and the Boston Landmark’s commission. Nearly 88 years after its opening, the performing arts venue remains stunning from every angle and elevation to the delight of its patrons. Naturally, the Boston Opera House is not immune to developing visible signs of

aging, and efforts are continually made to preserve its beauty. In order for general cosmetic repairs to be done on select areas of its ceiling, the theatre contracted with Marr’s Scaffold Division in July to install a 1,225sf scaffold platform 55-ft.

We Install, Service & Inspect “Peace of Mind” • INDUSTRIAL • • INSTITUTIONAL • • RESIDENTIAL • • COMMERCIAL •

Boston Opera House

to 75-ft. high above the orchestra and mezzanine levels. A crew of four scaffold erectors spent eight days installing the scaffold, carefully working around the existing theatre seating at varying elevations.

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The scaffold was in use for one week. After repairs were completed, the crew dismantled the towers promptly in order for the theatre to prepare for musical artist Jill Scott, who was set to grace the stage in mid-August.

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September 2016



Bulfinch Façade Saved as Landmark

Hub 25 Project Nears Completion

Prior existing Bullfinch building with the Central Artery in background Hub 25

Dorchester, MA – Aldon Electric, Inc., based in Weymouth, has reached substantial completion of the electrical construction of the new 218,877sf Hub 25 residences project located at 25 Morrissey Boulevard in Dorchester. The project entailed Aldon’s installation of primary and emergency power, fire alarm, lighting and lighting control systems for 278 apartments in two five-story buildings. The transit-oriented residential project is nestled on a 2.35 acre site adjacent to the JFK Red Line Station with bus, train,

and commuter rail services. Amenities include a fitness center and club room with theater. Aldon Electric supervised a field crew of 22 IBEW Local 103 electricians in the aggressive 13-month project. The NECA Boston contractor served on a project team with general contractor Dimeo Construction of Providence, R.I. designed by ICON Architects, of Boston, electrical engineered by R.W. Sullivan Engineering of Boston, and constructed to LEED certifiable standards.

Boston – A Bulfinch building façade on Broad Street will be incorporated into The Boulevard on the Greenway, a new 12-story condominium on 110 Broad St. Designed by Finegold Alexander Architects and developed by New Boston Ventures, the project is scheduled for completion in 2018. What’s left of the building, designed by Charles Bullfinch, “The Godfather of all Architects” and designer of the nation’s Capitol building, is cherished as part and parcel of Boston’s Streetscape. The former Bullfinch Building now constitutes just two walls of the planned

condominium project. The old façade will be integrated into the $60 million development, designed to make the Bulfinch portion deliberately stand out from the rest of the tower in style, color, and height. It will serve as the tower’s lobby, and its second floor will house a pet spa, gym, and club room. The new building will be composed of gray brick and copper-colored metal panels. Adding to the modern look will be a 10-story glass panel, tilted back to mimic a ship’s prow, as a nod to the area’s maritime history.

Existing Conditions Surveys, Inc. Existing Building Documentation

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September 2016


Sports Facilities Bringing the Bruins Back to Boston A Structural Perspective from Behind the Scenes

Developer: New Balance Development Group Owner’s Representative: HYM Investment Group Architect: Elkus Manfredi Architects Construction Management: John Moriarty & Associates Structural Engineers: McNamara · Salvia

by Brendan O’Rourke, P.E.

Thanks to a diligent and cohesive design team effort, the Warrior Ice Arena will open in time for the Boston Bruins’ preseason schedule this coming September. It will also mark the first public hockey arena constructed within the city limits in the last 40 years. Located in Brighton off the Massachusetts Turnpike, the arena is part of a larger mixed use development being constructed by New Balance at Boston Landing which includes the headquarters of New Balance, shops, a hotel, and a practice facility for the Boston Celtics. The Boston Bruins Practice Facility itself includes a main sheet of ice with viewing for up to 660 spectators, plus

View of facility from Massachusetts Turnpike / images courtesy of Elkus Manfredi

a public lobby with a team store. Team spaces include a modern and stateof-the-art main locker suite, complete with change room, main locker, lecture classrooms, video review space, coaching lockers, team lounge, expansive equipment room and loading area, private player entrance and parking, and topof-the-line athletic training and weight rooms. Owners and management will have offices and meeting rooms off of a sleek and heavily themed lobby, which

t . 19




Atlanta GA | Boston MA | Glastonbury CT | Syracuse NY 860 657.8077 www.slamcoll.com

Eastern Connecticut State University Fine Arts Instructional Center




will feature select displays of key Bruins accomplishments and events. The Warrior Ice Arena at Boston Landing first broke ground in December 2014, and the team needed to work closely in order to be ready for training camp this September. The overall project duration was approximately 23 months which included overlapping design and construction phases. McNamara · Salvia’s unique understanding of the construction process and the client’s

Bruins Facility on Guest Street

needs helped ensure that the project goals were met with time to spare. Our vast experience with this type of fast track delivery is exactly where we excel. In being able to anticipate the projects needs we were able to deliver early packages that not only helped reduce schedule, but limited the clients’ exposure to change orders and design revisions. The condensed schedule required a lot of flexibility and agility from continued to page 50

September 2016


Trends and Hot Topics

Connecting the Dots: Why Use a Social Media Calendar?

by Susan Shelby

Like all things in marketing, the most successful initiatives are well-planned and strategized for maximum benefit. Social media, with its many channels and opportunities for public conversation, is no different. If you’re not planning your social media content in advance, you may find yourself scrambling for something to share. A little advance planning by way of a social media calendar is an easy and important step to successful social media. But isn’t social media supposed to be spontaneous, you ask? Sure, if you have a dedicated person monitoring your social media channels 24×7. Unlike consumer companies and lifestyle brands, professional services firms don’t require that immediate user response to create a real social media presence. A few rules of thumb for thinking about social media calendars: Choose a champion (or two)

Identify the people in your firm — ideally marketing or public relations staff — who

will be responsible for social media. Assigning one person to focus on a particular channel can help share the workload. Accountability is important, so determine how much time your team should spend on company social media per day or per week and what the expectations are. This is where using a social media calendar really keeps your whole team on the same page. Decide how you want to set up your calendar system

While a list or spreadsheet format might be necessary to organize post details, a visual calendar color-coded by channel or content type is very helpful. Use your calendar and detail system to track a variety of information, including publish date and time, post text, attached link, and images. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel though: There are many free online tools out there for creating social media calendars and organizing content. Content is still king!

Social media content — to tweet, post, or share, depending on the channel — could include company blogs, press coverage on a project, byline articles authored by staff, or industry-specific articles on news and trends. The social media calendar should be explicit about what type of post is posted to each channel, and when. Conventional wisdom points to the 80/20 rule for social media: 80% of posts,

tweets, or retweets should be sharing other people’s content or industry-related news, and only 20% should be related to your firm. Fun Friday posts are fine; just make sure your tweets, posts, and shares are always appropriate and professional, as they will stay in the public domain of social media. Use what you have

Review your overall marketing activities to see when new content might be generated, events promoted, and project milestones marked. Speaking opportunities, trade shows, and hosted seminars are great fodder for social media, and those activities should be factored into the posting schedule as well. Enlist everyone in the firm to help with content creation. The amount of unique content you produce will determine your social media posting frequency. Be realistic about frequency

And be consistent with whichever channels you choose. If time and commitment to social media are limited, your firm may opt to stick with the widely used Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn channels. While most professional services firms would be hard-pressed to keep up this schedule, experts say that companies should post to Facebook three to 10 times per week; Twitter at least five times a day; and LinkedIn two to five times per week. Keep it real and aim to post to your channels at

least once per week. In 140 characters or less, Twitter makes it easy to post every day. To automate or not?

Live, timely posts show your followers that your firm is current with news and trends and your experts can be relied upon to provide thought leadership. However, live tweeting, for example, isn’t always possible — hence the calendar! — and automated, third-party platforms like HootSuite can do the monitoring and scheduling for you. Pay attention

Remember to monitor your social media channels so your firm isn’t left out of the conversation. Comments are made or questions may be asked, and your company needs to be responsive. Social media allows you to monitor your brand and hear what people are saying about you, while providing channels to communicate with clients, partners, and employees. The key takeaway is to interact with your social media audience on a schedule that works for you. Just don’t go dark and not post at all — or you’ll lose your audience and that hard-won social media presence. Susan Shelby, FSMPS, CPSM, is the president and CEO of Rhino Public Relations.

Innovation on Campus: Five Trends in Higher Education Planning continued from page 30 Informal gathering spaces

Academic building planning is increasingly considering the importance of social interactions in enhancing the college experience. Fostering these connections strengthens the students’ awareness of community and leads to greater involvement and sense of belonging. Collaboration of student-tostudent, student-to-faculty, and faculty-tofaculty in impromptu, informal settings recognizes the potential for learning to continue beyond the boundaries of the traditional classroom. The locations and adjacencies of offices, classrooms, workrooms, and lounges can allow for greater connections and opportunities to expand intellectual dialogue. Informal gathering areas are characterized by access to technology, dedicated spaces for individual and collaborative work, and comfortable aesthetics. The furniture offers flexibility so it can be arranged in

Technology-enabled active learning classroom / Blind Dog Photography

different configurations for a variety of space types, sizes, and uses. Importance of place

In a world of increasing virtual presence, there is a growing emphasis on the im-

portance of place. College and university campuses are compositions of people, places, and programs that celebrate a unique historic, cultural, and environmental context. Enhancing this sense of place through careful planning is in-

creasingly important in efforts to recruit students, faculty, and staff. Investments in buildings, grounds, walks, signage, and landscape are aimed at transforming the user experience and building lasting connections to the physical environment. The American college and university campus is uniquely positioned to adapt to changes in technology, pedagogy, and behavior. Continual planning and assessment of programs and facilities provides the opportunity to carefully plan and implement initiatives in support of improved learning outcomes and increased constituent engagement. Those tasked with guiding this process are realizing the potential to integrate technology while also enhancing the social experience. Mark Lee, AIA, LEED AP, is a principal at Harriman, an architecture and engineering firm with offices in Portland and Auburn, Maine, Portsmouth, N.H., and Boston.


September 2016


Trends and Hot Topics

A New England Mindset for Mitigation and Conservation Increase in Demand for Insulating and Security Window Films Mitigation: safety and security window films

by Peter Davey

September has arrived brilliantly! Autumn leaves, orange school buses, and chill winds whisper winter’s approach. Northeast school administrators hunker down with security and energy-efficiency plans for their facilities — remaining mindful of safety first, yet tempered with fiscal responsibility. Undoubtedly an indicator of our collective mindset for mitigation and conservation, security and insulating window films have steadily increased in demand and have proven their worth in the field. They are effective, efficient, and far less costly than window replacement. A quick, clean, professional installation creates little disruption to business-as-usual.

Whether catastrophic events including violent weather, bomb blasts, vandalism, and break-ins or the simple misdirected football — glass breakage can cause damage, injury, and disruption. Safety and security films hold glass in place, mitigating the destruction left in the aftermath of such events. By holding glass in place, they minimize damage and injuries caused by flying glass shards and exposure to wind, rain, and vandalism. No longer does the thickness of a security film necessarily relate to its strength. Currently on the market are highly engineered, very thin safety and security films that utilize nano-technology — giving them a wider margin of safety and increased strength. These micro-thin, alternating layers of polyester films that enhance tensile strength and elongation are consistently outperforming lesser engineered films of similar thickness. Where some films might tear, these hightech films stretch — keeping the film in

Front entry security / courtesy American Window Film, Inc.

the frame even when glass breaks. Security window films are designed to deter break-and-entry. The time it takes to penetrate a security film installation depends upon multiple factors including glass type, film type, film strength, and its impact protection attachment system — such as a wet glaze or flexible mechanical systems. Although an intruder may eventually break through safety filmed glass, the intruder is dramatically slowed down and often moves on in frustration. Meanwhile, alarms may have sounded and emergency responders are likely on their way.1 Conservation: insulating window films

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Certainly, the need to conserve energy has become common knowledge. However, new technologies to improve conservation and government incentives to implement them require some research to discover. Among other incentives, on July 15, 2016, the Department of Energy announced that it is investing $19 million “to improve the efficiency of our nation’s homes, offices, schools, hospitals, restaurants and stores,”

and also noted that buildings account for “more than 40% of our country’s energy demand and greenhouse emissions.” Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz suggested that specific technologically innovative projects — including the reduction of energy losses through the building envelope — would help bring us toward the goal to reduce energy consumption in U.S. buildings by 30% by 2030. 2 A professional installation of quality insulating window film is a cost-effective measure that will immediately reduce heat gain in warm months and heat loss in cold months — paying for itself in short order. The return-on-investment can be appreciated in three years conservatively and often in less. Some highly engineered climate control films manage multiple types of heat. These insulating window films include both sun control (solar spectrum) and low e (radiant heat) control benefits. They effectively reduce the solar energy entering a building and are additionally engineered to help prevent the transfer of radiant heat from one side of window glass to the other. Doubling down on benefits, these films are particularly beneficial for our Northeast climate —making them a New England touchdown . . . Go Pats!

1 “Security Film Attempted Break In,” video of break-in thwarted by security film (http:// americanwindowfilm.com/videos). 2 Blog & News, July 16, 2016, “Energy Department Invests $19 Million to Improve Efficiency of Nation’s Buildings,” energy.gov (http://energy.gov/ articles/energy-department-invests-19-million-improve-efficiency-nation-s-buildings).

Peter J. Davey is president of American Window Film, Inc.

Bringing the Bruins Back to Boston continued from page 48


Main Office 8 North Wentworth Ave Londonderry, NH 03053 603.432.8221 603.434.3194 f

Service Department 55 Harvey Road Londonderry, NH 03053 603.432.8221 603.434.8128 f


Upper Valley Office 104 Etna Road Lebanon, NH 03766 603.448.5461 603.448.7334 f

Monadnock Office 277 Old Homestead Hwy Swanzey, NH 03446 603.358.6736 603.358.6832 f

all team members. Collaboration was paramount not only between members of the design team but across the board, from the Owner’s Representative to the Construction Manager and their subcontractors. Issues that arose needed to be dealt with quickly and efficiently to maintain momentum. One of the challenges to this fast tracked project included an ice rink that was placed on the second level of the building. Typically, an ice rink would be slab-on-grade on a ground floor. Placing it at an elevated level so you can look out over the Mass Pike meant a lot of coordination and thinking through all of the design challenges. It’s structurally less flexible than slab-ongrade construction; the specifications for an ice rink are very stringent. All of these

Ice rink

considerations needed to be addressed before steel fabrication. We needed to work closely with the rink’s consultants and the construction manager to make sure it all came together. Overall we felt that this was a hugely successful project and we are proud to have played our part in bringing the Bruins back to Boston. Brendan O’Rourke is a Senior Associate at McNamara·Salvia.

September 2016



Work to Begin on Lyme Subaru

United Steel Opens Clean Room

Rendering of the new Reynolds’ Subaru dealership

Clean room for contamination-free metal production

East Hartford, CT – United Steel Inc. recently opened a new 7,000sf clean room designed specifically for manufacturing aluminum and stainless steel parts and components that are free of crosscontamination with carbon steel particles. The company purchased new equipment exclusively for use in the clean room to further ensure a pure environment for working with these metals. The company’s United Metal Solutions

division will manage the use of the clean room for the entire company’s full range of production services. United Steel created the clean room because they were seeing an increase in demand from purchasers and manufacturers who want to avoid unsightly rust and costly repairs or replacements. These long-term factors are being considered more significantly in upfront cost estimates.

Lyme, CT – Raymond, N.H.-based Jewett Construction Company, Inc. has been selected to design-build a new dealership for Reynolds’ Subaru based in Lyme, Conn. The Reynolds’ Subaru design-build dealership involves the construction of a new 22,250sf facility requiring careful coordination between Subaru of New England and the town of Lyme for incorporation of both the manufacturer’s current image upgrades and the town’s stringent zoning requirements. The new facility will combine the iconic stone-veneered Subaru tower into a historic carriage house design with vertical siding, architectural asphalt shingles, gabled roof lines, and New England barn-inspired accents. Construction of the new ground-up waterfront facility also includes major site improvements, demolition of two existing buildings, an elevator system, acoustic ceilings, and tile flooring. A full walk-out

basement opens to an IPE-clad waterfront patio with blue-stone paver hardscape facing the waterfront. The basement level will include corporate offices, a conference room, employee and automotive tech breakrooms, and file storage space. The first floor deck has been ruggedly designed to support the Reynolds’ Subaru vehicle inventory and new showroom/office functions. The new 5,000sf customer-centric showroom will include a customer lounge with fireplace and coffee bar, a kids’ zone, a quiet lounge, inviting sales management offices, and a retail parts counter. A high-end 9,400sf service department will include a radiant heated floor slab, fullcoverage automotive-grade tile flooring, a service drive and customer write-up area, a parts storage department, and 12 service bays with fully recessed in-ground lifts. All work is expected to be completed by June 2017.


For 40 years United Steel has been fabricating and erecting structures throughout New England. Our portfolio includes projects that have enhanced educations, healed the sick, advanced commerce and provided shelter. United Steel's expertise delivers - and will continue to provide - extraordinary experiences. UNITED STEEL 164 SCHOOL STREET EAST HARTFORD, CT 06108 • 860.289.2323

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WWW.UNITEDSTEEL.COM www.high-profile.com

High-Profile: Connecticut


September 2016

KBE Partners with OSHA Glass


Beyond the Bath

Bloomfield, CT – To enhance jobsite safety on its latest senior living construction management project, KBE Building Corporation has partnered with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for the fourth time in three years. Seabury, an active life plan community, has chosen the $300 million construction firm to serve as the construction manager at risk for phases B and C of its phased campus repositioning and expansion project in Bloomfield. This new partnership is KBE’s third strategic partnership with OSHA Hartford area offices to add to the existing partnership with the Bridgeport area office. “KBE is recognized by OSHA as a contractor that actively enforces safety and health standards on every job and requires that all subcontractors strictly

Signing the OSHA partnership are (l-r) Kenneth Tucker, director of the Conn. Dept. of Labor, Division of Occupational Safety and Health; Mike Kolakowski, KBE principal owner and CEO; Roman Krochmalnyckyj, acting area director of Federal OSHA Hartford area office. / photo: KBE Building Corporation

follow all OSHA regulations,” said Roman Krochmalnyckyj, acting area director of Federal OSHA Hartford area office. “We don’t partner with just any organization. OSHA recognizes KBE’s commitment to safety in the workplace.”

SMPS CT Honors Pomeroy this designation, certification Sandy Hook, CT– Sharon candidates must meet Pomeroy, Marketing Director educational and experience for Caldwell & Walsh Building requirements, pass a rigorous Construction, recently earned written examination, and pledge the designation of Certified to abide by the CPSM Code of Professional Services Marketer. Ethics. The process validates She is among a growing number the individual’s mastery of and of professionals to be certified ability to apply critical business by the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS), Sharon Pomeroy development knowledge in an industry that values certification. which advocates for, educates, In addition to this accomplishment, and connects leaders in the design and Sharon was recently honored at the SMPS building industry. Connecticut chapter’s annual meeting Certified Professional Services with the Grace Waldvogel Member of the Marketers (CPSMs) are recognized as Year award, recognizing her for dedicated having the experience and knowledge to generate profitable business in service to the organization. She is the the architectural, engineering, and 2016-2017 President-Elect and serves on construction marketplace. To achieve the Programs Committee.

Award Winning Shower Enclosures Specialty Interior Glass Switchable Privacy Glass Sliding Glass Partitions

Hartford Appoints Jahnke

Glass Wall Treatments

Farmington, CT – Jeff Jahnke, With more than 25 years of AIA, senior project architect at experience, Jahnke has been Quisenberry Arcari Architects, with QA Architects since 2014. LLC, was recently appointed He taught architecture at the to the city of Hartford’s HisUniversity of Hartford and at toric Properties Commission, Paier College of Art. He also a five-member board that deals was the founder and managing with the active preservation and partner of a specialty bicycle designation of the city of Hartshop where he designed and ford’s historic sites. The comJeff Jahnke fabricated custom bicycles. He is mission also reviews applications also a veteran of the U.S. Naval Submarelated to any exterior changes to local historic landmarks. rine service.

Glass Backsplashes

SLAM and Pendulum Sponsor ECAC

Specialty Glass

The A r c h i t e ct ’ s C h o i ce



Showrooms Serving Springfield • Boston • Hartford CT

oasisshowerdoors.com • 800-876-8420

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5/25/16 11:24 AM

Glastonbury, CT – The S/L/A/M Collaborative (SLAM) has partnered with Pendulum of Kansas City, Missouri, to become the official architecture/engineering/ construction (A/E/C) industry sponsors of the Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC). SLAM and Pendulum have extensive

experience in the design of sports and recreational facilities, including field houses, athletic centers, athletic fields, outdoor courts, stadiums, arenas, locker rooms, and physical therapy/training facilities.

September 2016


Mixed-Use Washington Village Gains Approval Boston – The Boston Redevelopment Authority Board of Directors recently approved the plan for Washington Village, a mixed-use community, to replace an unused industrial site near Andrew Square in South Boston with 656 residences, retail, and commercial space; 2.4 acres of new public realm; and fresh connections to the surrounding neighborhoods. Washington Village will turn five acres of vacant buildings into a vibrant eightblock community with live, shop, and play features for residents of the neighborhood. The architect for the development is Prellwitz Chilinski Associates Inc. of Cambridge. DJ Properties LLC, developer of Washington Village, has been in conversation and collaboration with the Andrew Square Neighborhood Association and others in the local community for six years, assessing what

Introducing to our fleet, our new High Reach Demolition Machine with Steel Shear, Concrete Cracker and Grapple

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Working Height of 80 Feet

EV Has The All New VOLVO EC-380 High Reach

Cost Effective, State Of The Art with Cameras and Water Jets on the Boom

Rendering of Washington Village

they desire for the mostly abandoned industrial blocks. Washington Village, when completed over three phases, will fulfill that vision with new streets and plazas; apartments and condominiums, with some affordable units and many aimed at middle-income families; a grocery store; parking for residents and visitors; a 6,000sf public green; and more than 150 new trees.

Springfield Technical Community College

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continued from page 18 support services. The Student Center includes a café, bookstore, and meeting areas for students to study and socialize. Finally, the Learning Commons combines the college’s library with instructional spaces for tutoring and information technology. The transformation of Building 19 begins with critical improvements to infrastructure, utilities, and site. A new pedestrian landscape and universally accessible site design ties the Student Learning Center into the historic campus fabric and creates a cohesive campus identity. The sustainable site design features rain gardens with native and drought-resistant plants and soil layers to treat run-off and to reduce the peak loads on the storm drainage system. Drawing on historic research, the team developed a design that preserves the remarkable architectural character of the building and landscape. ABA worked closely with both the National Park Service and the Massachusetts Historical Commission on the development of Building 19’s fenestration, which comprises nearly 50% of the façade, to enclose the building while providing natural daylight and views. Historic louvers designed for ventilation were reimagined as exterior sun shades to manage solar heat gain. The interior design approach highlights the building’s original structure and materials and makes strategic interventions while maintaining the building’s historic character. Concrete

Student-focused spaces for studying, socializing, and gathering / Ann Beha Architects

shear walls add rigidity to the 170-year-old wooden structure, while new mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection systems are concealed within a central distribution spine. Scheduled to open in 2018, the Student Learning Center will be a welcoming and lively hub for students. Addressing campus landscape and infrastructural needs, it will reinvigorate a unique and underutilized landmark building on the historic campus. It represents an alternative to new construction, striking a balance between stewardship and invention. By modernizing centuriesold campus infrastructure, optimizing campus resources, and providing desperately needed space for studying and collaborating, this project will enlist the former storehouse in the service of the college’s educational and social mission and its students. Robert A. Carroll, AIA, LEED AP, is an associate and project manager at Ann Beha Architects.

Constructing Solutions. Delivering Success. Pre-Engineered Metal Trusses Pre-Finished Exterior Wall Panels

Exterior Envelope Wall Panels (EEP) Load Bearing Wall Panels

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September 2016


Senior/Assited Living KBE Completes First Connecticut Household-Model Senior Care Building

Andrew Banoff speaking to donors and friends at the grand opening / Regina Madwed, Capitol PhotoInteractive

Bridgeport, CT – The new Jewish Senior Services (JSS) building on the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg campus recently opened its doors. Local seniors are now able to enjoy Connecticut’s first household-model senior care building featuring assisted living, skilled nursing, hospice care, and a full range of senior care services. KBE Building Corporation served as construction manager at risk for the

new $75 million, 372,000sf building located on the former site of the Jewish Community Center (JCC) at 4200 Park Avenue in Bridgeport. Designed by architect Perkins Eastman, the new JSS campus features the first household model of senior care in Connecticut. Each of the households encompasses an entire floor and services 14 residents

(l-r) Mayor Joseph P. Ganim, Senator Richard Blumenthal, and Andrew H. Banoff, president and CEO of JSS / Regina Madwed, Capitol PhotoInteractive

with private bedrooms and bathrooms along with a den, dining and living rooms, a kitchen, and balcony. The new campus provides an array of existing senior services in addition to

several new services made possible by the new building. The entire project team included KBE, Jewish Senior Services, Perkins Eastman, and Capital Projects.



Mayor Joseph P. Ganim presenting a certificate of recognition to Jeffrey Radler, chairman of JSS / Regina Madwed, Capitol PhotoInteractive


Peter R. Owens, President powens@tectaamerica.com

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September 2016


Philanthropy Shawmut Rides in Pan-Mass

CONSTRUCTION PRACTICE GROUP We are pleased to announce that our partners, Jerry Visconti & Dave Campbell are Co-Chairs of the firm’s Construction Practice Group. We handle:

(l-r) Team Shawmut: Patrick Walsh, Shawmut; Dr. Christopher Sweeney, Dana-Farber; Seth Porter, Jim Scarpone, and Les Hiscoe, all of Shawmut; and Chris Ryan; patient of Dr. Sweeney

Boston – Shawmut Design and Construction recently participated in the 2016 Pan-Mass Challenge, making it the ninth straight year the firm has partaken in the two-day bike-a-thon. This year, Team Shawmut has raised $137,556 and counting. For the fifth straight year the money raised will directly support the research being conducted by Dana-Farber’s Dr. Christopher Sweeney. Team Shawmut included CEO Les Hiscoe and 23 Shawmut employees and friends, including Dr. Sweeney of DanaFarber Cancer Institute and three of his cancer patients. The team rode from Sturbridge to Provincetown to increase awareness and funding for cancer research and patient care at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Shawmut also sponsored the Brewster PMC water stop and staffed it with 20 enthusiastic volunteers who cheered on the riders as they came through.

• Construction Consulting • Contract Documents • Arbitration, Mediation, Litigation • Mechanics Liens • Architects’ & Engineers’ Liability • Contractor Insolvencies • Suretyship

Girard R. Visconti, Co-Chair

David M. Campbell, Co-Chair

Group Members:

Girard R. Visconti, Co-Chair

David M. Campbell, Co-Chair Richard A. Boren Christian F. Capizzo Thomas E. Carlotto Preston W. Halperin Randall L. Souza

Michael P. Robinson Jessica Papazian-Ross Dean J. Wagner

1080 Main St. Pawtucket, RI 02860 • p: 401-272-1400 • f: 401-272-1403


Team Shawmut riders being cheered on by their colleagues at the Shawmut-sponsored water stop in Brewster, Mass.


Shawmut volunteers cheer on riders and hold motivational signs as riders head back out on the route.

Jewett & Partners Raise Funds Raymond, NH – Jewett Construction Company, Inc., in conjunction with its corporate partners, has championed the cause of New Hampshire’s most desperately ill children by raising more than $15,000 in support of the annual Children’s Hospital at DartmouthHitchcock (CHaD) NH East-West High School All-Star Football Game fundraiser that was held in June in Manchester. CHaD cares for over 60,000 unique patients with over 300,000 visits annually. A child is never turned away due to financial circumstances or a family’s insurance coverage status. In the past four years, this fundraiser featuring 80 of New Hampshire’s top all-star high school senior football

players and 30 all-star cheerleaders, has raised over $1 million in support of these children and their families—proceeds that fund critical programs including the Kristen’s Gift Endowment Fund, a special fund for children fighting cancer.


www.accgc.com 1010 Wethersfield Ave. | Suite 304, Hartford,Connecticut 06114 | 860.296.4114


September 2016



Reshaping the Student Experience in New England continued from page 31

Two Dealership Renos Complete

Bentley interior

Exterior signage at night

Wayland, MA – Jewett Construction Co., Inc. of Raymond, N.H., has completed 7,000sf of high-end renovation and fitout for the Herb Chambers Companies. The two showroom projects in Wayland, Mass., consisted of a 4,500sf renovation of the Bentley Boston auto dealership followed by a 2,500sf fitting-out of the company’s new Alfa Romeo dealership at the same location — one adjacent to its Maserati, Rolls Royce, and Lamborghini brands. Bentley Boston’s high-end renovation involved a number of showroom enhancements, including the relocation of existing offices to accommodate new hospitality, service advisor, and Bentley personalization areas. Work involved

new ceilings, floors, and interior walls. Specialty finishes include radial partition framing, custom oak pocket doors, a combination of top-of-the line ceramic tile and carpet flooring, recessed and suspended high-performance LED lighting, and luxury furnishings. New exterior signage was also added. The company’s latest Alfa Romeo dealership involved converting a portion of the dealerships automotive service area into a high-end showroom including a new storefront and Alfa Romeo brand wall, acoustical ceilings, lighting, flooring, and the same top-tier level finishes accorded all of the Chambers Companies’ more exotic brands.

environmental awareness, creative efforts and methods are incorporated into the design of buildings and the landscape. Landscape design elements include rain gardens, permeable paving, bike lanes, native plant materials, and green roofs. Many campuses use these design elements as tools to educate students on the importance of the natural environment. Copley Wolff is currently working on the site design for a new Recreation Center at the University of Connecticut in Storrs, Conn. In accordance with the university’s desire to be environmentally conscious and to educate its students on the value of sustainable design, the landscape design incorporates bio-swales, permeable paving, native plant materials, bicycle racks, and a designated area for a potential bike-share program. Vehicle and pedestrian circulation and safety can be clearly defined through landscape design. Ease of movement through campus and traffic calming are achieved by integrating unique paving patterns and textures, raised plant beds, curbing, bollards, and fencing into the landscape. The University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth is expanding the Charlton School of Business by adding a new Learning Pavilion to the already existing structure. Copley Wolff’s

Strength. Versatility. Elegance.

UConn Storrs, Whetton Quad / photo by Anthony Crisafulli

BU Myles Standish Hall / courtesy Copley Wolff Design Group

site design includes an entry approach to act as a gateway to the interior academic campus and outdoor gathering areas for interactions between faculty and students. Through the use of paving patterns, seat walls, and native plantings, Copley Wolff’s site improvements integrate the building with the site and further integrate the site with the rest of campus. Danna Day is marketing director at Copley Wolff Design Group.

BLAKESLEE Since 1958 we've been building Precast, Prestressed Concrete Structures! BRING US IN EARLY...

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(TOP) Logan-ConRAC Parking Garage, Photo courtesy of Fennick McCredie Architecture; (FAR RIGHT) Discovery Park A Parking Garage; Photo courtesy of Blakeslee Prestress, Inc.; (BOTTOM LEFT) Norwich Transportation Center Parking Garage; (BOTTOM MIDDLE) Fortis Data Center Office Building, Photos courtesy of Blakeslee Prestress, Inc.





Tel: 508.486.9100

September 2016


Company Profile What is Building Envelope Consulting?

by Walter Hartnett

A building envelope consultant articulates the technical connection and architectural expression of an enclosure system in the context of the whole building design. Building enclosure systems present the greatest opportunity for architectural expression, sustainability and reduction of energy use in the built environment. As specialty consultants in building envelope, sustainability and energy efficiency, Vidaris accentuates the balance in design and construction by leveraging the appropriate building envelope technologies in delivering a resilient, economical and sustainable enclosure. There are competing needs for a project amongst objectives for budget,

Millennium Tower – Job Site Monitoring / photo by Vidaris

Partner Healthcare- Job Site Monitoring / photo by Vidaris

schedule, design and performance. We help to reconcile the attributes necessary in delivering high-performance in

balance with the intended design and budget. As consultants, we know how to communicate these complexities,

and shepherd our projects through the phases of design and analysis, testing and verification, and commissioning and quality assurance in the field. Vidaris has focused services related to building enclosure and building system performance, bringing together a unique set of skills to projects unmatched in the industry. It is the connection between energy and envelope that sets us apart. Whether the project seeks lowest cost for its design and simply wants to meet code, or would like to achieve a LEED rating, we understand what is required, how to best implement, and can provide the analysis to back it up, and modelling that will stand up to scrutiny. Through this platform we have helped teams achieve success for their projects that desire maximum visual impact, connection to the outdoors, and high-performance façade systems that play into a building’s sustainable and flexible work or living space. Walter Hartnett, P.E. is the New England regional director at Vidaris.

The Work Force of Nature

Boston /New York Current Landscaping Projects Include: • Novartis BioMed – Skanska USA • 75/125 Binney Street – Gilbane Building


• Fan Pier Park – Turner Construction

1949 - 2014

• MIT Killian and Lowell Courtyards – Bond Brothers • Brighton Landing/New Balance HQ – John Moriarty and Associates • Millennium Tower @ One Franklin Street – Suffolk Construction • Amherst College Greenway Dorms Project – Gagliarducci Construction • Brigham and Women’s BFF – Suffolk Construction • Thurgood Marshall Middle School – Walsh Brothers Construction • MIT RE 610 Main Street Phase 2 - John Moriarty and Associates • Plainridge Park Casino – Turner Construction • Kendall Square South Plaza Renovations – John Moriarty and Associates • Boston College 2150 Commonwealth Ave. – Bond Brothers Esplanade Hatch Shell-Soil and Lawn Renovations

• Seaport Square “F” Park (Mass Fallen Hero’s) – Boston Global • 50/60 Binney Street – Turner Construction • 275 Wyman Street – Commodore Builders • Charles River Skate Park – Charles River Conservancy • Seaport Watermark – Skanska USA • 125 High Street – Structuretone • MIT Kresge Auditorium – Lee Kennedy Construction

New Balance HQ - Geofoam Installation

617-254-1700 • Fax: 617-254-0234 17 Electric Avenue, Boston, MA 02135 www.valleycrest.com


September 2016


Northern NE

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Jewett Completes Bean Group HQ

Newly completed Bean Group corporate headquarters

Portsmouth, NH – Jewett Construction Co., Inc. of Raymond has completed construction of an 8,000sf office building to house the Bean Group’s new corporate headquarters at 1150 Sagamore Ave., in Portsmouth. The distinctive wood-framed and cedar-shingled building includes a masonry veneer and such unique design elements as eyebrow dormers with windows, a rotunda and cupola with metal roofing to contrast the asphalt shingled main roofs, and architectural brackets adjacent to all windows to accentuate the

elegant look of the building. The sophisticated interior features gasfired fireplaces in both the reception area and executive office. Stylish trim lines the corridors, with full-length glass windows framing the cherry doors of offices and conference rooms. The collaborative meeting spaces are set beneath high ceilings, bringing the architectural intent of the design to life. The reception area is beautifully accented with a 27-ft.-long, three-dimensional, wave-inspired wall that perfectly ties the building to its seacoast location.

for concentration; for the development of interpersonal skills, we create soft seating areas that support dialogue and group work; for project-based learning, we provide strong, lightweight furniture that will reposition easily; for integration of subjects, we create a learning commons; for immediate access to information, we integrate technology throughout the environment. This approach to making facilities agile allows students and teachers to adapt their environment to meet the needs of the curriculum and the tasks required for that day, that student, or that topic. School libraries illustrate these principles. By definition, the library is the interdisciplinary hub of a school or institution — a neutral place that is not aligned with a specific department and is in the business of providing access to information and making connections. These learning commons have become rich and decidedly vibrant environments, liberated by the digital age and more social in response to the contemporary bookstore/café culture. It features lower stacks that hold vastly decreased collections, flex rooms, maker spaces, high-top and community tables, repositionable furniture, standup computer kiosks, and movable tables

Waterford High School / © JCJ Architecture

and chairs. As a young child, the town or school held many treasures. Now, we are seeing how the school library can become a place to rediscover the wonder of learning and interpersonal connections. Whether there is an interdisciplinary curriculum such as STEM/STEAM or a desire to integrate multiple settings within an overall space, these experiences are much like what is expected and required in our modern work environment. Early childhood educators and profit-driven corporations have long understood the value of space that supports integration. Now the door is wide open for space to support the process throughout the rest of the educational continuum. Peter G. Bachmann, AIA, is a principal, JCJ Architecture.

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September 2016



AGC MA Honors Gilbane

Harriman NH Plan of the Year

Dover, N.H. Streetscape Plan 1 / rendering by Harriman

Dover, NH – Harriman and The Cecil Group announced that the city of Dover’s Downtown Pedestrian and Vehicular Access and Streetscape Plan was awarded the 2016 Plan of the Year by the New Hampshire Planners Association (NHPA). Dover’s Downtown Pedestrian and Vehicular Access and Streetscape study continues the revitalization of Dover’s historic urban core. Completed by The Cecil Group/Harriman last year, the study focused on rebalancing the downtown cir-


culation and streetscape network so that future conditions may support a mixeduse environment that is more convenient, pleasant, and economically vibrant. The study envisioned a revitalization plan with four key goals: 1) create a more attractive pedestrian-oriented environment; 2) make vehicle circulation more clear and convenient; 3) simplify links to parking; and 4) expand bicycle and transit links to and through the downtown.

Boston – Gilbane Building Company was recently honored by the Associated General Contractors of Massachusetts at its annual Safety Breakfast, sponsored by AON Construction Services Group, held at the Boston College Club. At Gilbane, the safety actions of employees and coworkers are driven from choice, not just from formal compliance. Through a progressive safety program and techniques, Gilbane continues to raise the bar by applying innovative processes, checks and balances, and the latest technology. “To be honored and recognized with this award is further representation of Jim Barnett’s leadership as safety manager for our Massachusetts Business Unit and

(l-r) Mike Sharpe, Superintendent, Mike O’Brien, VP Operations Manager Boston, Jim Barnett, Safety Manager Boston

every Gilbane team member’s unwavering dedication to safety,” said Dennis Mullen, Gilbane’s New England safety director.

SLAM CS Receives Gold Award Glastonbury, CT – S/L/A/M Construction Services was recently awarded a Safety, Training, Evaluation, Process (STEP) Gold Award for 2016 from the Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. (ABC) for its safety program. ABC’s national STEP program recognizes the efforts of ABC members who strive to achieve effective safety practices and provides contractors with

a tool to objectively evaluate their safety programs, policies, procedures, and training.

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September 2016


People Hendricks Joins Marsh & McLennan within the construction industry. Boston – Marsh & McLennan “Jeff is a trusted surety advisAgency announced that Jeff er, and we know his experience Hendricks has joined the comwith clients and the marketplace pany as vice president, construcwill add tremendous value to our tion and surety. He will play a team.” said Marsh & McLennan leadership role in advancing the Agency’s property and casualty New England Construction and president, Jerry Alderman. Surety practice. “We are incredibly excited Hendricks brings nearly 10 that Jeff Hendricks has joined the Hendricks years of surety and insurance Construction and Surety practice experience in the construction at Marsh & McLennan Agency,” Alderindustry. Before joining Marsh & man added. McLennan Agency, he served as a surety “I am thrilled to join Marsh & broker with the construction practice for McLennan Agency’s team of Construction a national broker. Managing all facets of professionals,” said Hendricks. “Seeing surety client relationships, Hendricks has clients enhance smart growth as a result negotiated and managed surety programs of our teams’ collaboration is very for contractors of all types and sizes rewarding.”

Integrated Hires Colavecchio Rockland, MA – Integrated Builders has hired Jerry Colavecchio as a project superintendent. He has over 20 years of diverse experience. He has managed multimillion dollar projects for a wide range of sectors including life sciences, advanced technology, retail, warehouse and distribution, and affordable housing. In his new role, he will


oversee all onsite construction throughout the duration of the schedule. He will create and enforce a safe work environment. Before Integrated Builders, Colavecchio worked at several general contractors in the New England region as an onsite supervisor. He was the assistant chief engineer for the city of Cranston, R.I., for 10 years.

Gilbane Promotes Gallucci Providence, RI – Gilbane Buildfield experience working on ing Company recently promoted projects for GTech, Pfizer, Frank Gallucci to director of Serono Laboratories, and the special projects group in Rhode University of Rhode Island Island. He will oversee operabefore being assigned to tions of the specialized group in the NYNEX (now Verizon) providing leadership and ensurNationwide Master Agreement ing operational continuity, with in 1996. a commitment to positioning and Since 2013, he has served as Gallucci expanding services. the program director for Bank Gallucci began his career of America’s Retail Condition at Gilbane in 1982, in the corporate Initiative, a yearly program involving accounting department as an internal various repairs and upgrades to more than 200 retail branch locations throughout auditor, and transitioned his career to project engineering in 1993. He gained New England.

Perley Joins TFMoran Bedford, NH – Stephen Perley has joined TFMoran’s CAD Department serving as computer-aided design (CAD) technician. He has nearly 30 years of experience in preparing plans for all facets of civil engineering and surveying projects. Perley


High-Profile: People

September 2016


Symonds Named Principal

SCI Promotes O’Neill

at Moser Pilon Nelson Architects

Marion, MA – South Coast Improvement Co. (SCI) hired Gareth O’Neill as a construction site supervisor at the end of 2015, and in August 2016 he was promoted to project manager. O’Neill gained construction work experience during supervisory and labor roles internationally, including Ireland and Australia. He began working as a plasterer and hanging dry wall. His supervisory career began as crew manager for Clifton Formwork in Melbourne, Australia. His work then expanded to the U.S., bringing him to SCI where he works out of the corporate headquarters in Marion. Currently, O’Neill is managing a construction project at Shady Hill School in Cambridge, along with several high-profile client projects in the surrounding area.

Wethersfield, CT – Moser Pilon hockey and athletic complex Nelson Architects recently and the new squash center and announced that David C. gymnasium renovation project Symonds Jr., AIA, has been at Berkshire School. added to the leadership team as Symonds’ experience principal. He has over 18 years includes all project phases of experience, predominantly in from planning and conceptual education-related projects. design through construction He has been project architect/ administration. He is currently Symonds manager on over 10 public eduworking on the new squash center cation projects in Connecticut at Berkshire School and the new and numerous athletic projects throughElla T. Grasso Technical High School out New England, including the new in Groton.

Caroline Fitzgerald Joins BOND Boston – BOND recently announced that Caroline Fitzgerald, PE, has joined the firm as director of business development. In this role, she is responsible for developing new business and managing client relations for BOND’s education market sector led by Ken Johnson, vice president, education; and David Shrestinian, senior vice president, building division.

Prior to joining BOND, Fitzgerald, a licensed structural engineer, was director of business development at VJ Associates, and previously, at LD Architects in Cambridge. She joined the New York office of Arup when it first opened, and then launched and Fitzgerald managed its Boston location as principal, working on many prestigious and award-winning projects.

“Gareth is a fine representative of the next generation here at South Coast Improvement,” said Tom Quinlan, president of South Coast Improvement. “For a young guy, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table and we’re delighted to have him.” O’Neill has displayed incredible dedication to his clients and teammates, so it comes as no surprise that he has had two promotions in less than one year. “To me, the construction industry provides great learning opportunities, much greater than when I was a student back home in Ireland,” he said. “I could not ask for a better classroom and teachers than the team here at South Coast Improvement.”

De Jong joins Dietz & Co.

De Jong

Springfield MA – Dietz & Company Architects recently announced the addition of Craig E. De Jong, AIA, to its staff as a senior project architect. He brings 31 years of experience to Dietz, having worked for firms in Hartford, Conn., throughout his career. De Jong has worked on an array of projects in the educational, institutional, historic preservation, and public sectors and brings his commitment to design and project management to the firm.

NOVEMBER 3, 2016 • TKP CONFERENCE CENTER • NESEA.ORG/BENYC Conference + Trade Show of the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA)




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September 2016


Calendar CoreNet Global


New England Chapter

September 20

September 21

Leadership Lunch and Learn @ Goodwin Procter

When U.S. Meets Europe: Global Transaction Management in Today’s World Steelcase/Red Thread 101 Seaport Boulevard, Suite 600, Boston

An in-depth discussion around global transaction management. For any questions with registration please email Debbie Zadrozny at debbiez@corenetglobalne.com or call (508) 454-5020.

Host your event at BSA Space

CFMA September 20

Annual Golf Tournament Sandy Burr Country Club, Wayland, Mass.

The proceeds of the Golf Outing will benefit the CFMA of Massachusetts Chapter Scholarship Program.http:// cafe.cfma.org/massbostonma/events

More details at architects.org/bsaspace 290 Congress Street, Boston, MA 02210

NECA October 7-10

NECA 2016

Promoting the Mechanical Contracting Industry for

125 We offer membership within the Mechanical Contractors Association, Mechanical Service Contractors Association, and the National Certified Pipe Welding Bureau. We support our member contractors through our educational seminars, labor and government relations, industry news and marketing. Committed to the future of our industry, we sponsor MCA student chapters at Northeastern University and Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston. Our affiliation with the Mechanical Contractors Association of America and our strong, cooperative relationship with the United Association enable us to offer our members numerous opportunities to build lasting, beneficial relationships with peers while acquiring the business knowledge and tools to keep their company successful.






Open to all electrical professionals, including non-members. Free admission. For more information and to register: http://necaconvention.org/

DLF October 26

Designers Lighting Forum and Conference The Westin Boston Waterfront 425 Summer St., Boston

Boston Lights Exposition and Conference is a biannual trade show and conference held to provide the latest and greatest in new fixtures and fixture controls. For more information, please visit http://dlf-ne.org

CBC October 3

21st Annual Robert J. LeFloch Memorial Golf Outing and Scholarship Fundraiser Shuttle Meadow Country Club, 51 Randecker Lane, Kensington (Berlin), CT

18-hole shotgun start scramble with various contests, lunch, door prizes, and a buffet dinner and awards and raffle prizes. http://www.cbc-ct.org/event2274798?CalendarViewType=0&Select edDate=7/26/2016

100 Northern Ave., Boston 11:45 AM - 1:00 PM

Be the first to view Seaport’s newest building, 100 Northern Ave. http://www.naiopma.org/ events/Leadership-Lunch-andLearn-Goodwin-Procter-429/ details#sthash.5Arwe81G.dpuf

IFMA September 26

Fall 2016 CFM Study Hall Bentley University, Room: LaCava 300, 175 Forest Street, Waltham, Mass. 5:00 PM - 7:30 PM

CFM study hall series from September 19 to November 21, focusing on the 9 competencies of the CFM Certification Exam. More information contact: ifma@ifmaboston.org; carolyn. hickey@stvinc.com; or tdavis@ sterlingmail.com

ISPE September 15

Accidental Project Manager: OK I’m in Charge, Now What? Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, 300 Third Street #3, Cambridge, Mass.

To register: www.ISPEboston.org/ events. For further information, contact office@ispeboston.org or 781-647-ISPE(4773).

SCUP November 7

Make Integrated Planning a Reality - Not a Headache Simmons College | Boston

SCUP has developed a program of knowledge-sharing and development, focused on the urban university. Register today! Scup.org https://www. scup.org/page/eventsandeducation/ symposium/20161107/ registrationanddeadlines

MBC SAVE THE DATES! Oct. 6 – Hall of Fame Gala Nov. 3 – Breakfast Program Dec. 7 – Holiday Congress Unplugged www.buildingcongress.org

September 2016


Help clients improve building performance and achieve energy saving goals. Bring us in early for expertise and performance incentives. Visit ngrid.com/newconstruction or call 844-280-4326.

That’s business on the grid.

FOR ELIGIBLE PROJECTS within National Grid’s electric and/or gas service territories in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. National Grid does not guarantee savings. Savings and energy efficiency experiences may vary. Terms and conditions apply. In Rhode Island: These programs are funded by the energy efficiency charge on all customers’ utility bills, in accordance with Rhode Island law. ©2016 National Grid USA Service Company, Inc.




September 2016

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HIgh-Profile: September 2016