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M A G A Z I N E 06 21 2024


| THC 26-32%


FOUR54 Strawberry Pavé is a unique indica dominant hybrid created by crossing Red Pop x Pavé, bred by the famous Compound Genetics. This exotic strain has the flavors of sweet berries and a spicy punch that gets your creative juices flowing It's chill and uplifting

TOP TERPENES: Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Limonene

FLAVOURS: Berry, Grape, Citrus


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Why Four54? Keeping the legacy roots in a legal industry.

Drawing from their roots, FOUR54 bursts onto the scene as a dynamic offering in the cannabis world FOUR54 is on a mission to whip up top-notch, reliable, and potent cannabis goodies for all types of users - from medical marvels to recreational reveles. FOUR54 is also proud to be Compound Genetics official cultivation partner in Canada But wait, what's the deal with the name FOUR54? Back in the day, trust was key. A pound of cannabis meant 454 grams, a standard both growers and buyers on the hi-end banked on. FOUR54 pays homage to these traditional ties, tipping its hat to the history and heritageofthecannabisworld




The heart of FOUR54 resides within the facility of AtlantiCann Medical Inc (AMI). located in Nova Scotia. This remarkable facility has a workforce of 80-100 full and parttime employees. Each room has the capacity to accommodate up to 1200 plants simultaneously.

An intriguing aspect we discovered was their defoliation technique. While many LPs remove leaves from the bottom upwards, here they do it from the top downwards, ensuring that the top colas and larger buds receive the necessary nutrients and light for growth. This unique approach has not only improved the yield but also significantly enhanced the quality of the produce. The facility operates under stringent quality control measures, ensuring that every plant is meticulously cared for from clone to harvest.

The mom room was packed full of stunning, healthy mom plants ready to pull clones from. This space represented the genesis of every plant cultivated in the facility, embodying the utmost care and attention to detail. Rows upon rows of these vibrant green mothers stood tall, their leaves reaching out as if eager to contribute to the next generation of growth. Walking through the facility, one could sense the dedication and passion that each member of the AMI team poured into their work. The air was filled with the rich, earthy aroma of the plants, and the soft hum of the ventilation system provided a soothing backdrop to the bustling activity within. In another section, workers were diligently trimming and inspecting the plants, ensuring that only the finest buds made it to the final stages of production. Their expertise was evident in the precision and care with which they handled each plant, a testament to the high standards upheld by the company.

AMI stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence in the industry, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in plant cultivation. Their commitment to quality is reflected not only in their advanced techniques and state-ofthe-art facility but also in the vibrant, thriving plants that are the heart and soul of their operation.


pp g g y , p icro's across Canada to cultivate strains. This strategy ensures a diverse nge of high-quality products while supporting local businesses and fostering sense of community within the industry. Collaboration with these micro oducers allows FOUR54 to offer exclusive, expertly crafted strains not pically found in larger operations. This dedication to quality and community ets them apart and resonates with customers who value premium cannabis nd its origins One notable strain is Strawberry Pavé, grown by Golden Peak annabis in Moncton, New Brunswick! Strawberry Pavé, a unique indica ybrid, combining spicy and sweet berry flavors This strain, a cross between d pop and Pavé, offers a delightful blend of spiciness and fruity notes Its ense buds are coated in a rich layer of trichomes, making it both visually appealing and potent Users often report a calming, body-centric high that is perfect for relaxing evenings or winding down after a long day

In addition to Strawberry Pavé, FOUR54's collaboration with other micro growers has yielded an impressive array of strains, each with its own unique characteristics and appeal This approach not only supports local economies but also enriches the cannabis community by highlighting the craftsmanship and passion of these dedicated growers. Whether you're a connoisseur seeking rare and exclusive strains or a new user looking to explore premium cannabis options, FOUR54's curated selection offers something for everyone. Their commitment to quality, community, and innovation continues to set new benchmarks in the industry, making them a trusted name among cannabis enthusiasts.

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Sales in the cannabis industry have historically been male-dominated, but women are now making a significant impact on the Ontario cannabis market. More and more you see women stepping into sales roles and they’re making a significant impact to the industry.

Introducing Ashley from FIGR and Alexandria from Next Friday, two esteemed women making waves in the sales market in Ontario

By January 2024, Ontario is home to a total of 1742 stores While the province is divided into territories for representatives, handling a substantial number of stores remains a significant task all while upholding the branding and vision of the company you rep These two women are showing the industry how it’s done! We had the pleasure of asking these two groovy women some questions about the industry and they offered some valuable advice!


Meet Ashley

How did you get into the cannabis industry?

I was referred to an indeed ad by a friend in March/April 2020 Working in the restaurant industry, once covid hit, that changed drastically My friend said “You like weed, how about you apply for this role” So I did From there, I waited until July for the store to open and by then there wasn’t a manager in place, with my past experiences (most were nonretail, non managerial) I asked to become one, and I did! I thank them for the opportunity to learn so much, so fast, it’s really led me to where I am today

I never really experienced an industry I could work in while being myself as a cannabis-fan (and consumer), and this became an entirely new world of acceptance, stigma-breaking and being an example of what intentional consumption and an education forward, student-mindset can bring!

My preferences went from indica-only and describing weed in colors; purple, blue, pinks and reds to exploring minor cannabinoids, all kinds of genetics, terps and products to having a suite of items intended for certain things A functioning strain, something to help me wind-down, something for sleeping, something else for aches, some things just for fun!

But, as a joke I was also kind-of born into it My mom (and her friends) was always an avid consumer of cannabis, they called it “American Cigarettes” So it was only natural that she ended up being one of the best budtenders and ‘weed-testers’ going! (iykyk) ;)

What’s your current role and job look like?

In my salaried role, I am the Golden Horseshoe Territory Manager for Canada’s Island Garden Essentially, I get to travel around to stores, spreading the good, green word about FIGR and Piper’s Punch! Straight outta PEI!! I also get to work with stores to enhance their menu selections We get to come up with creative ideas to highlight brands, supporting each stores’ guests and local communities

As my business/dream, I am the founder of Canna Connexions and The Nug Hub It’s a 3 woman team with my duo of Lester the Weed Tester and Bootsie Budtenderette, bringing cannabis experiences to the Niagara Region and beyond, serving the underserved areas with fun, safe and creative events to network, learn and enjoy all things cannabis We’ve highlighted and supported over 60 brands, with hundreds of guests last year and reaching our 1 year anniversary this June!

Being a woman in the industry, what positives and negatives do you experience?

Oh, well this is a loaded question I think there are a ton of positives in this space; being a woman and leading a fully female staff at a dispensary allowed for moments of softness and safety - there were tears cried and personal stories shared regularly People would visit us, just to say hi Then, there are some stereotypical or traditional negatives - there are so many terms I could list, some that I am still learning Actually, in one role I was asked to take a course where I learned about Microaggressions, allowing me to identify the microaggressions my boss was expressing to me causing a negative and toxic environment There is misogyny, toxic masculinity and unfair and uneven expression of women and diversity in the C-Suite across the board

I do believe the cannabis industry is ahead of some other spaces, and that is clear especially in the retail framework This industry (alongside society) is becoming more open, welcoming and supportive of individualities and that will be uncomfortable for some My best advice and my reminder daily includes; Keep moving forward, keep your eyes on the big picture Cannabis has always been inclusive, find your space and if you don’t, create it!

There are so many high-highs and almost equally as many lows

For women looking to get into the sales side of cannabis, what is your advice?!

HAVE CONFIDENCE. In yourself, your knowledge and your abilities Women, naturally, are great at building relationships, which is a large part of it. The Cannabis industry is still young, there isn’t a lot of “direct” cannabis experience You’ll really need to LEVERAGE YOUR SKILLS and draw parallels that apply to the role you are seeking ASK QUESTIONS, I talked to so many people and asked so many questions along the way, I also received so much help

Honestly, there were jobs I was applying for for longer than I ended up working at What was funny is that I met my current employer there and that’s how I got into this role

Be you! The “know, like, trust factor”; People get to know you, then they like you, then they’ll be comfortable buying from you/into your brand

All about connexions and collaboration I am a huge supporter of great people and great weed, an equal opportunity consumer, I’ll try anything & tell you honestly! (plz send samples lol) With experience managing retail stores, a previous financial advisor and hospitality expert, I also have a Certificate in Construction Techniques and was aiming to be a Conservation Biologist with a minor in German Language before becoming an Entrepreneur Learning new things is so important to me! This industry has inspired me to become a Sommelier, register a business and literally open up my home to this world

I live in the beautiful Niagara Region with my boyfriend Jamie and our dog Lemmy. When we aren’t immersed in the industry, we love spending time outdoors, exploring new cities for live music and cooking all kinds of awesome meals. Totally obsessed with competition shows, especially if they are food related and I couldn’t live without potatoes, they are so versatile.

My virtual “door” is always open, reach out anytime! Excited to meet you! cannabossashley or canna.connector or see you on LinkedIn ��

Meet Alexandria

How did you get into the cannabis industry?

My Dad was working in the cannabis industry, after he suffered from an injury leaving him unable to return to work, he turned to cannabis to aid him instead of any pharmaceutical medicine Since he is a recovered addict, watching him tend his injuries with only cannabis the last 7 years post injury it is very evident the medicinal benefits of this plant From cannabis oil, to butter, to growing his own plants he does it all And it helps So ultimately my love for helping others and the many amazing qualities of the plant got me into the industry- everything else has kept me on this wild ride!

What’s your current role and job look like?

My current role is the Ontario Sales Manager for Next Friday! I love my job; my typical day involves me somewhere on the road in Ontario meeting some of you guys!

Being a woman in the industry, what positives and negatives do you experience?

A lot of undermining happens because I’m a female I like the challenge though

For women looking to get into the sales side of cannabis, what is your advice?!

BE YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF!!! & if you ever need a smoking buddy or someone to help, get you started my inbox is always open

Hi!!! My name is Alexandria Andrews AKA seshinwithalex. My love for helping people and for the plant has landed me in such an amazing community. I started off working in a glass shop and from there- the dispensary down the road. I’ ve been able to widen my career and work alongside such amazing people. I was a brand ambassador previously with Cali, and I now am the Ontario Sales Manager for Next Friday. This is the first job I’ ve experienced the saying “ when you love what you ’ re doing, it will never feel like you ' re working". I absolutely love what I do, I can't wait to keep ending stigmas and building the community.

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Wearepledgingtodonate ofourproceedsfromJune 2024tosupportalocal 2SLGBTQIA+organization!




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I recall stumbling upon Toke Queen on TikTok! She is such an adorable influencer casually promoting cannabis in her own unique way.

Her playful yet informative videos quickly amassed a following, and it was easy to see why She combined humor with education, breaking down the stigma surrounding cannabis

What really set Toke Queen apart was her authenticity. It wasn't just about the cannabis; it was about creating a safe space for people to talk about cannabis.

In a world where social media can often feel superficial, Toke Queen's down-toearth approach was a breath of fresh air She wasn't just an influencer; she was a trailblazer, paving the way for open and honest conversations about cannabis.

My name is Alyssa; I go by lyss sometimes! I’m a 24-yearold cannabis enthusiast from a small town outside Toronto! I’ve been smoking for almost 10 years, and it helps with my social anxiety and a bunch of other things I started doing cannabis content creating around 2020 when COVID hit, started on tiktok and now instagram and I’ve been loving it since! This industry is honestly so welcoming and beautiful and full of such amazing people! I am mostly a bong toker but you will catch me doing it all: edibles, beverages, vapes, topicals, pre rolls and flower!!

I am currently learning how to grow and harvest Cannabis from @donchron and I always find myself learning something new about the plant itself. I was raised by stoners so cannabis is a very normalized thing in my family. Sometimes I’ll attend events with my parents to get them to expand their knowledge!! And, best for last - I am slowly becoming the official Blazy Susan Ontario Representative so come find me for Blazy gifts at any events in the future!! Thank you for getting to know a little about me, I will see all you beautiful people at the next event! <3

Who introduced you to cannabis?

OK, so I can’t really recall who introduced me to cannabis, but as I became a teenager and became interested in it (as most teens do) my parents educated me on it and all the benefits it has. I was taught it’s a reward for the end of the day when all your important tasks are done, now obviously as I got older I realized it helps me accomplish my tasks and makes me more focused on what I am trying to achieve but everyone is different and that's the beautiful about this plant - it gives everyone different experiences.

How is navigating the world of a cannabis content creator on TikTok?

Well, it was definitely easier in the beginning than now. In 2020 when COVID just hit it was really easy to gain followers and have videos go viral because everyone was stuck at home with nothing to do. Since then a lot has happened - content creators started reporting each other and got accounts taken down because of jealousy which completely changed the game because now TikTok is watching for those specific things. Some examples of this are: having smoke in a video, your bong/joint, the word “weed” itself; It’s definitely a bigger challenge now. I know a lot of people that have given up because the regulations now are ridiculous and it's too hard to try to navigate around it. I know sometimes I definitely think, “Why am I trying?”

How do you ensure that your content is authentic, informative, and aligns with your personal values and beliefs, especially being younger and more progressive than other cannabis content creators?

Well, I try to be as relatable and as authentic as possible! I show who I really am… If you see me dancing on TikTok you’ll probably see me dancing at events! I try to make my content cause people sit there and be like, “Ha ha! Yeah I get that/I do that.” I’m in the age range where I can hit the younger generations, but I can also hit the older, more experienced generations. I’m one of the last generations to experience when weed was illegal and you had to run from the cops and hide it from your parents and stuff like that, so I try to relate to the older generations with videos like that versus my generation, I’ll try to relate it to things like being caught with cannabis as a teen or going to class after a bong rip, things they would relate too. I also try to do stoner relationship videos - “when he packs me a bowl after work” or “when they clean my bong for me” cute little things, that will have people laughing and relating to it!

What are your favourite products on the market?

There’s so many that I’m absolutely loving right now, I honestly don’t even know where to start.. well firstly I love the Swiss Army Knife of cannabis, Ellevia RSO (Rick Simpson Oil). You can eat it, you can smoke it, you can put it in a topical…. My favourite thing to do with it is put it with candy and watch some tv! I'm also currently loving Partakes Orange Squeeze flower - it is absolutely delicious and gives a sweet orangey taste when smoked in a bong! And lastly I'm gonna go with the Litti - Savage Oh J All in One Vape - it gives this sweet orange creme taste, almost like the orange cream popsicle you get as a kid, so tasty and honestly perfect to bring anywhere!

t0ke.queen t0ke.queen

The New GenXers Cannabis Influencers

Three years ago I left my 36 year career as a hairstylist during Covid’s second lockdown and I’ve never looked back I decided to become a budtender and work in recreational cannabis

Since then I’ve met quite a few women who are not only pioneers in this wonderful new world of recreational cannabis, but also they are cannabis influencers on social media I reached out to a few industry friends and asked a couple questions.

How long have you been in the cannabis space? What is your role? And what made you decide to become an “influencer” on social media

Starting with myself I am a Manager at Cost Cannabis in Mississauga, Ontario I’ve been in the industry for 3 years. Social media and cannabis were both new and exciting. The more I learned about the plant the more I wanted to share that knowledge. Then the events started happening and I was so grateful for samples I started to review what I tried For me it’s ending the stigma and spreading my love of the plant

My friend Bootsie (bootsie budtenderette) on Ig had this to say “For just over the past 2 years I have been a Budtender/Keyholder at Inspired Cannabis in Welland Ontario

When we were in Covid lockdown I decided to get my cannsell. I saw friends working in dispensaries, going on tours at different growing facilities and thought that’s for me.

So, I went and found myself a budtender job From there I went on to do the Canna Reps Sommelier Courses both level 1 and 2

When I was here I started reviewing cultivars As for being an influencer I’m humbled you even consider me on.

I also spoke with Elizabeth (barriebuds420) on Instagram and this is what she had to say: “I’ve been in cannabis for 3 years and my role in Budtender and Influencer I decided to become an influencer when I wanted to share my knowledge to help people find the perfect strain.”

And finally my friend Leslie (lester the weed tester) on Instagram had this to say. She’s been in the industry for 3 years and her role is Lead Inventory Leslie said “honestly I never decided to become an influencer, it just kinda happened with me being out there a lot Things just snowballed from there!”

Recreational cannabis is still new and young and we are all pioneers. I think what brought us to becoming influencers on social media is the love of the plant and wanting to share our thoughts and help people to make informed decisions.So the next time you’re shopping at your local dispensary watch out for the OG’s, we are passionate and want to share our knowledge

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When I connect with other lovers of cannabis I wonder, "Do you feel overwhelmed in your body, too?" Cannabis has been a source of relief for most of my life The realities of the world and my experiences had me wanting to escape my body to cope with the extremities of life and becoming

While spending quality time in nature in an attempt to reconnect, the Moon became a sage guide, offering wisdom through each phase and cycle It was then that I began questioning my relationship with cannabis Could I foster a relationship that invites presence?

This led me to create a ritual that included pairing cannabis with the Moon phases, inspired by Ezzie Spencer's "Lunar Abundance”1 During each New Moon, I set an intention and choose cannabis based on terpenes and cannabinoids to support each phase

Tip: During THC-rich phases, consider mixing in CBD/CBG-rich cannabis as well Opting for lower THC content can invite a mindful experience and counterbalance heavier consumption habits

Disclaimer: Our relationship with cannabis is personal and our endocannabinoid systems are unique Exploring how cannabis impacts you is a self-exploratory practice

I’ve based my pairings on my own experiences and what developing research around cannabinoids and terpenes has shown so far Allow your intuition to be your guide

New Moon - The Beginning

The New Moon invites us to connect with our intuition and begin setting our intentions Intentions are best set with our intuition, making CBD-rich cannabis an ideal companion for this phase By gently regulating serotonin receptors2, CBD supports you in experiencing arising sensations with ease without the psychoactive effects of THC This clear-headed state aids you in embodying your intuitive state, allowing it to guide you as you set your intentions

Waxing Crescent - Rest and Reflection

This introspective phase calls for intentional rest1 It signals a time to uncover who we truly are, what we're feeling, what pace feels most aligned with our current energy, and what our body needs

Sedating terps (Linalool, Myrcene, Nerolidol, Terpineol)2, along with THC-rich cannabis, can gently guide you toward deeper relaxation and self-reflection Combined with CBD, it promotes further presence and allows you to process emotions with greater clarity2

First Quarter - Taking Action

We begin to feel a shift in energy during the First Quarter Moon This is the phase to translate your intention into action1 Carefully considering your course of action is key

Energizing terps (like Pinene, Limonene, and Cineole) have been shown to promote focus, alertness, and memory retention2 This mental clarity allows you to take action with confidence CBD interacts with Limonene, enhancing its mood-elevating effects2 which may aid motivation Consider adding CBG as well, as it can be helpful for those managing depression or anxiety2

Waxing Gibbous - Trust & Self-Reflection

As the Moon waxes towards fullness, we enter a phase focused on trust1 Learning to trust ourselves and embrace our shadows builds resilience and strengthen to navigate difficult emotions It's also a time to reflect on your relationship with achievement and how it motivates you towards your intention1

For this introspective journey, CBD-dominant cannabis with a low THC content is ideal

This gentle blend can support you in staying present while feeling through emotions that surface

Full Moon - Illuminated Choices

The Moon shines full in its celestial greatness, illuminating our path It's a time for (even more) introspection Revisit your New Moon intention Are you aligned with your goals?

Allow your intuition to guide your choice in cannabis Feeling like releasing? Consider CBD-rich cannabis with terps like Linalool, Myrcene, and Terpineol to invite ease2 Are you reaping the gifts of honoring your intuition? Opt for a THC-rich cannabis with CBG, CBD, Limonene, and Pinene and celebrate2!

Waning Gibbous Moon - Embracing Abundance

The light of the Full Moon begins to wane, inviting us to explore our relationship with receiving1 The practice of this phase is to confront feelings of worthiness around receiving It's important to be mindful of what feels truly aligned with your needs and desires

THC-rich cannabis with a blend of Linalool & Terpineol may ease the discomfort of accepting support Pinene & Limonene can provide the mental clarity to choose what feels truly aligned with your needs

Third Quarter - Embracing Community

A natural shift occurs during this phase: shifting from receiving to giving back to our communities1 While much of this lunar practice is about anchoring within yourself, it also reminds us of our interconnectedness Where can you pour into after recieving?

For this action-oriented phase, consider THC-rich cannabis with terps like Pinene, Cineole, and Limonene These terps are known to be uplifting and spark conversation Mixing this blend with CBG can further enhance its social effects

Waning Crescent - (The End…& Beginning)

A sliver of light in the dark sky before we confront the full darkness of the Moon, we acknowledge Death1 This phase is a time to simply be, observe your shifting energy, and reflect on the journey from the New Moon to this present moment

Allow these reflections to guide you as you step into the next lunar cycle THC-rich cannabis with a blend of terps like Linalool, Myrcene, Pinene, Terpineol, and Cineole can promote clarity while grounding you, as you set your new intentions.

Cannabis has become the bridge that brings my soul back into my body. With the guidance of the lunar phases and the presence this sweet plant provides, I’m in the process of transforming the way I engage with life By sharing this practice, this is my hope for you, too

1Spencer E (2018) LunarAbundance:CutivatngJoy Peace andPurposeUsingthePhasesoftheMoon HacheteUK 2Goldsten,B (2020) Cannabs sMedicine:HowmedcalcannabisandCBDarehealingeverything romanxety ochronicpan Hache eUK
is guiding
others on their journey to mindful cannabis consumption. Navigating motherhood, moon ceremonies, and budtending through this lens is offering a deepening connection with this magical plant. Discover how to rebud your relationship with cannabis @high.onpurpose via Instagram.
herself and

GanjainIndia: AVirtualTourThrough Time,Place,andFlavour



This may come across as cheesy, but as a middle-aged mom I’ve more than earned rolling that way. So here goes. The best thing about reading is transporting yourself to another time and place through someone else’s experience. Apologies in advance for that No Sh&t Sherlock wisdom. See? I can’t even swear.

Anyway. Can I pick up and explore India’s cannabis fields in the early eighties myself? No. But when I saw that one of the most famous cannabis grower/educators of the last forty years, Ed Rosenthal, had a new book out, Ganja in India, did I say hell yes to “travelling” there that way? You betcha (cheese). And because I also love exploring through flavours, I took things one step further and roped my friend’s Indian-ish mother (“ish” explained later) into teaching me to make samosas so that I could infuse them and share an edibles recipe with you Little did I know that Naaz’s life story would add to the richness of the Indian flavours of this entire piece.

But first things first, let’s start with Ed’s new book. Ganja in India is a twentyeight-page, hard-cover photographic account of a trip to a legal ganja farm that Ed spied from the window of a train in 1981.

Told through the careful lens of a grower, the book combines Ed’s observations of ganja processing techniques with the political perspective of looming prohibition, which was to become formalized in India starting in 1986. The photography offers a firsthand account of pure sativa plants grown in an industrial scale field, without any regard for sexing; perhaps even more importantly, the photos show cultures cooperating to share farming experience under the permissive eyes of Indian tax collectors, something that would soon become relegated to the dark ages of weed.

Even as the casual backyard grower that I am, I appreciated the full-colour historic depiction of how far buds have come, as well as the cultural context, description of processing techniques, and the management of trichomes (or not).

Because I enjoy making and sharing edibles, I decided that the perfect accompaniment for a mini review of Ed’s book would be infused homemade samosas

Ganja in India would be an important addition to the library of anyone interested in cannabis history and farming; autographed copies are currently available on for shipping throughout the U.S, each priced as a bundle with ten Super Bud x Super Bud seeds for $100. The book is part of a recent series that Ed has curated in support of Prisoners of Weed, where 10% of proceeds contribute to The Last Prisoner Project, a nonprofit organization focused on the release and reintegration of cannabis prisoners. Wider release is currently scheduled for early 2025.



In 1981 Ed Rosenthal traveled to India His book Marijuana Grower’s Guide had been favorably reviewed by The NY Times (1978) and was teaching USA growers indoor techniques People were enjoying domestically grown and improved seedless buds, Sinsemilla It was a time when the US war against marijuana use was accelerating President Richard Nixon had initiated the “war on drugs” a decade ago and the Reagan policies of mandatory minimum sentences and “Just Say No” were launched in a few more years On a vacation, from the window of a speeding train, he spotted the world the narcs forgot

B Y E D R O S E N T H A L G A N J A I N I N D A A c c o u n t s f r o m a M a r u a n a T r a v e e r
Ganja farms regulated by the Indian government
Ed Rosenthal

Next Because I enjoy making and sharing edibles, I decided that the perfect accompaniment for a mini review of Ed’s book would be infused homemade samosas I had never made samosas myself, but I like nothing more than tackling a semitricky technique in the kitchen, especially when I have the opportunity to learn first-hand I reached out to my friend’s mother, whose Indian catering I had enjoyed while we all tried to keep ourselves busy cooking and/or eating our way through COVID I made my way to Naaz’s kitchen and small-talked while we chopped onions and cilantro (let’s be honest, I did most of the talking while my mentor did most of the chopping) I asked where Naaz was from in India She informed me, with a “this ain’t the first time,” smile, that she’s never lived in India

In my defense, Naaz looks Indian She cooks Indian

But she’s originally Ugandan

Naaz explained that even her grandparents were born in Uganda, but that her lineage is Indian Both countries were British colonies in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, so when Uganda needed railroads built, the British “brought” indentured servants from India Indians eventually came to run most of the economy, as the multi-level racist British preferred Indians to native Ugandans and so educated them Uganda gained independence from the British in 1962, but in 1971, Idi Amin seized power in Uganda in a military coup Amin was a brutal dictator (watch The Last King of Scotland if you haven’t), and in 1972, in an attempt to grant economic power to Black Ugandans, he ordered the expulsion of Uganda’s 80,000 residents of Asian descent within ninety days Naaz was sixteen years old at the time, and she and her family fled as refugees to Denmark

“Ann, I’m reading a weed magazine What does Uganda have to do with cannabis?”

Well, I found Naaz’s family story of double displacement with consistent Indian identity/culinary expertise interesting (and I know she’s personally a cannabis supporter) Sometimes you just have to go down little rabbit holes of learning rather than falling through ridiculous meme ones

Drug policy in Uganda was quite punitive until recently, but surprisingly, cannabis has been grown for medicinal export there since 2015 In May 2023, the law prohibiting cannabis in the country was nullified, thereby legalizing its use Locally, weed is called ngaja or shada Looky, looky, Uganda is now relevant to my cannabis lovers On a personal note, Naaz will be returning to Africa permanently this January from what has been her home here in Toronto for the past twenty years

But finally, for those of you who enjoy cooking/eating and have been very patient with my winding tales of India through time and place, get ready for a turmeric-scented buzz

Naaz returns to visit her home after 52 years Naaz behind her house before expulsion (left)

Infused African-Indian Vegetarian Samosas

Recipe makes 18 pieces at approximately 5 mg THC per piece

A: Make infused extra-virgin olive oil

Decarboxylate 7 g cannabis flower or close-cut trim (at approximately 20% THC) by baking it naked on a tray in the oven at 240°F for 1 hour (this will smell). Now simmer decarb’d flower in a pot with 2 cups olive oil on low heat for 3-4 hours, stirring occasionally. Sieve out the plant solids and set aside your “special” oil for this and other recipes.

B: Prepare bulk garlic paste, ginger paste, green chili paste, and flour paste (refrigerate and use leftover flavourings in other recipes)

Ginger paste: 3 inches of ginger root peeled, chopped, and pureed in a blender with a glug of olive oil and a dash of salt

Garlic paste: handful of peeled garlic cloves, pureed in a blender with a glug of olive oil and a dash of salt

Green chili paste: 175g fresh green chiles, ends removed, pureed with ¼ cup coriander leaves, 1/8 cup vinegar, and 1 tsp salt

Flour paste: This paste will serve as “glue” for the samosas. In a small bowl, combine ¼ cup flour with just enough water to make a toothpaste-like consistency.

C: Make Samosas


2 tbsp vegetable oil, with more reserved for deep frying 5 fresh curry leaves (find at an Indian-friendly grocer. Freeze remainder)

1.5 tsp cumin seeds

1.5 cups diced vegetables of your choice. We used a mix of frozen peas, corn, and carrot, but you can choose according to preference

½ tsp ginger paste

½ tsp garlic paste

2 tsps green chili paste (mild heat. Add more for more spice)

1-2 tsp salt

¼ tsp turmeric

1 tsp ground cumin

1 large potato (diced, 1.5 cups)

1 cup cilantro, chopped fine (include the stems). Reserve half of these leaves.

pocketfor filling tinyoverlap

1st FOLD:BringpointAtoB-asinFigure 2

2nd FOLD: C to D - Figure 3 - with a tiny overlapping at pointS

3rd FOLD: E & F meet forming a diamond shape Turn over and the lower half will have a pocket - fill this with thesamosasfilling

4th FOLD: Close the pocket by applying paste to the edges (E&Fpoints)foldandseal,thusformingatriangle

½ small onion chopped fine to about 1/8 cup

3 tbsp cannabis-infused oil from Part A

1 lemon, sliced thick

Purchase samosa pastry from the Indian-friendly grocer (at least 25-or-so pieces, to allow for tearing. You can also make this

I support farm-to-table cannabis edibles, starting with the plant itself. I find that even at low doses for those with high tolerance, effects are generally relaxed and more “rich” than with a distillate or otherwise, and flower offers flex with home-grown and/or cultivar. There are obvious drawbacks to these methods, however; if pressed for time or energy, or if you are unable to take advantage of a method that contains odour and you need to, substitute a full-spectrum oil purchased from a dispensary and calculate desired potency for 18 pieces.

A B C D E F x C x D E B A F F E Figure1 Figure2 Figure3 Figure4


1. Add potatoes with about ½ cup water. Stir in cilantro stems and ½ the leaves. Cover – the filling is finished when the potatoes are soft and the mix is fairly dry, after about 10 minutes. Allow filling to cool. Add onions, remaining cilantro, infused oil, and a squeeze of lemon.


Add 2 tbsp oil to a medium pot, and heat to medium. Add curry leaves and cumin seeds, cooking for a minute until the seeds begin to pop. Add vegetables, ginger paste, garlic paste, green chili paste, spices, and salt. Stir and cook about 6 minutes.

2. Prepare the pastry by slicing the ends on diagonal to convert the rectangle of layers into a long trapezoid. I really wanted to say trapezoid because you learned it in grade school and thought you’d never use it, but you just did. Reserve the chopped ends to fry as chips (ripped pieces can also be fried as chips). Heat about 3 inches of oil in a frying pan or deep fryer to medium-high. The oil is ready when a scrap piece of pastry bubbles in it gently.

4. Fry until golden brown without crowding, flipping once.


Here comes the challenging part that might need a YouTube vid to help you study. Bring the corners on the short length of the trapezoid up toward each other, making a cone point in the middle of the short length. Make sure the ice-creamcone-ish point is tight, because you don’t want extra oil getting in while frying. Fill the cone with the veggie mix, just a little lower than the top. Seal the seam with the flour-paste “glue.” Add more paste to the undersides of the corners sticking up at the top, and fold them down to close the samosa into its final triangle. Use extra paste to seal any unruly openings. Repeat, making more samosas. Freeze any pieces you won’t be eating at this point, labelling carefully that these are edibles.

5 Cool briefly over paper towel with triangles pointing up, draining out any extra oil that may have seeped inside. Serve warm, with more lemon squeezed over.

Peace, stoners. Share food, tolerance, experience, and an open mind. (Concluding with something Ann-cheesy really would have taken things fullcircle, but I’d much rather say this )

Ann Allchin

Author, Butter & Flower Cookbook and Stoned coffee table book

IG: @anninfusion

Ed Rosenthal’s book Ganja in India can be currently be delivered anywhere in the U S via www edrosenthal com It will be available for wider release in early 2025.

The Market Impact of Inclusivity

In recent years, there has been a growing recognition of the importance of inclusivity across industries From technology to retail and even the cannabis industry, companies are realizing the value of embracing diversity and breaking down barriers that have historically excluded certain groups Among these groups, the disabled community has long faced challenges in accessing employment opportunities and fully participating in the workforce and their community at large However, as businesses prioritize inclusivity, the market impact of removing these barriers for the disabled community is becoming increasingly evident.

One of the most significant market impacts of increasing inclusivity for the disabled community is the realization of economic benefits for businesses and society as a whole. Studies have consistently shown that diverse and inclusive workplaces are more innovative, productive, and profitable. By tapping into the talent pool of individuals with disabilities, companies can benefit from a wider range of perspectives and experiences, leading to enhanced creativity and problem-solving.

Despite the clear benefits of inclusivity, individuals with disabilities continue to face significant barriers to employment and community These barriers can include physical obstacles, such as inaccessible spaces, as well as attitudinal barriers, such as stigma and discrimination Additionally, systemic issues such as lack of accommodations and limited access to education and training programs can further hinder employment opportunities for people with disabilities

Cannabis businesses have a significant opportunity to enhance their profitability and expand their business by becoming more inclusive of the disabled population Using a variety of the following strategies can start your business on a path to unlock a new stream of market potential and growth opportunities

Fauget Magazine Vol. 01

Ensuringthatphysicalspacesarewheelchairaccessible,withramps,widedoorways,andaccessiblerestrooms,can makeasignificantdifference Manydisabledindividualsmayfacechallengesnavigatingtraditionalretailspaces,so creatinganenvironmentthataccommodatestheirneedscanattractmorecustomersandenhancetheiroverall experience

Offeringspecializedproductsthatcatertotheneedsofdisabledconsumerscanbeagame-changer.Thisincludes productswithspecificformulationsordeliverymethodsthatareeasierforindividualswithdisabilitiestouse Forinstance, productsthatareeasytodoseorconsumewithoutfinemotorskillscouldbehighlyappealing

Providingtrainingtostaffonhowtointeractwithdisabledcustomerssensitivelyandrespectfullycanfosterawelcoming atmosphere Additionally,educatingthebroadercommunityaboutthebenefitsofcannabisforvariousmedicalconditions anddisabilitiescanhelpdestigmatizeitsuseandattractmorecustomers.

Moreover,partneringwithdisabilityadvocacyorganizationsorinfluencerscanhelpcannabisbusinessesreachawider audiencewithinthedisabledcommunity.Collaboratingonevents,workshops,orinformationalsessionscanbuildtrust andcredibility,positioningthebusinessasasupportiveandinclusiveentity

Advocatingforpoliciesthatsupportdisabilityrightsandaccessibilityinthecannabisindustrycanhavelong-termbenefits. Supportinginitiativesforfairemploymentpractices,accessibletransportationtodispensaries,andaffordablepricingfor disabledindividualscancreategoodwillandpositivepublicperception

Byadoptingthesestrategies,cannabisbusinessesnotonlyenhancetheirprofitabilitybutalsocontributetoamore inclusivesocietywhereindividualswithdisabilitieshaveequalaccesstoproductsandservicesthatimprovetheirquality oflife.Thisapproachnotonlybenefitsthebusinessfinanciallybutalsoalignswithethicalandsocialresponsibility principles,fosteringapositivereputationandcustomerloyaltyinthelongrun

Removingthesebarriers,companiesnotonlyopenupopportunitiesfortalentedindividualsbutalsocontributetoamore equitableanddiverseworkforce

Inadditiontofosteringamoreinclusiveworkforce,removingbarriersforthedisabledcommunitycanalsodrive innovationandspurthedevelopmentofaccessibleproductsandservices Whenbusinessesprioritizeaccessibility,they notonlyservetheneedsofindividualswithdisabilitiesbutalsocreatesolutionsthatbenefitabroaderrangeofcustomers. Thiscanleadtonewmarketopportunitiesandcompetitiveadvantagesforcompaniesthatembraceaccessibilityasacore value

Inclusivityisnotonlyamoralimperativebutalsoasmartbusinessstrategy Byincreasinginclusivityandremoving barriersforthedisabledcommunity,businessescantapintoadiversetalentpool,driveinnovation,andcreatemore accessibleproductsandservices.Ascompaniescontinuetoprioritizeinclusivity,themarketimpactoftheseeffortswill becomeincreasinglyevident,leadingtomoreequitableandprosperoussocietiesforall

Ifyou'relookingforinformationaboutaccessibilityorhavespecificquestionsaboutdisabilitytopicsastheyrelatetothe cannabisindustry,TheDopeCreativeisyourbestpointofcontact Youcancatchupwiththesefolksatsomeofyour favouriteeventsintheGTAandNiagararegionofOntario Alternatively,youcanfindthemonLinkedInorInstagram https://wwwlinkedincom/company/the-dope-creative/ Follow here


In the bustling world of cannabis cultivation, where big names and corporate giants dominate the landscape, CanWe exists as a rising star in the industry by crafting small-batch, high-quality products at a price point designed to pass the savings directly onto the people who use and enjoy cannabis Welcome to CanWe Growers, where the mission isn’t just about producing premium cannabis products; it’s also about cultivating peace

CanWe began as a seed of an idea when legalization was just a low rumble in the landscape of the legacy market. A couple of friends planted the seed while at the University of Toronto, and with legalization the idea grew into more than more than a few cannabis plants, it grew to be one of the only few recognized minority-owned cannabis licensed producers (LPs) by the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS).

Currently available in Ontario on the OCS and through retailers or Canada-wide on Mendo Medical, CanWe is a Craft Designated Brand. Every batch is hang dried, hand trimmed and hand packaged, along with being nonirradiated. The product is locally grown at the Ontario facility on a large property abutting the Grand River or sourced from other craft and micro license partner facilities.

Sustainability and simple packaging allows CanWe to focus on the quality of their products, using an artisanal well on-site and rockwool or coco instead of traditional soil. Every step of the process is designed to enhance and elevate the flowers natural characteristics.

CanWe sourced a catalog of strains, all tried and approved by their experienced team who grows them with love and care. The brand carries a core product line up, TF Pink Kush, Peanut Butter Rockstar in both flower and preroll, a rotating craft reserve, as well as exclusive growing rights for EVIDENCE, Damian Marley’s California-based brand, with RNTZ flower and pre-rolls and the Prison Infused Preroll. They have also recently introduced an instantly popular Lebanese Blonde Hash under their house brand name, 7ashish.



TF Pink Kush

The CanWe Tom Ford (TF) Pink Kush is one of CanWe’s best selling products Sourced from BC, this strain is the real deal This strain is a cross between Pink Kush and Death Bubba A hard and fast-hitting indica-dominant strain, the CanWe TF Pink Kush has become one of the best selling Pink Kushes and of the top selling 1 gram flower SKUs across the Ontario market.

The brand recently took this best-selling flower and created a pre-roll. Launched in March 2024, the preroll is 1 gram of whole flower (no shake here), coarsely ground and hand twisted in unbleached hemp cones. The TF Pink Kush pre-roll can be found on the OCS or through OCS certified retailers across Ontario

For the rest of Canada, you can still find the TF Pink Kush, along with CanWe’s other products including the Peanut Butter Rockstar and the Cap Junky Craft Reserve strain on Mendo Medical, coast to coast, in pre-rolls to flower in 1 gm, 3 5G and a larger 7G format which is unique to the Mendo platform

Spark some peace with CanWe.

THC Range: 20-30%

Aroma: Sweet and Gassy

Lineage: Pink Kush x Death Bubba

Main Terpenes: Cedrene, Humulene

Introducingafreshperspectivetothecannabisindustrythroughhis innovativeedibles,wewelcomeAlexanderPoulin!

Alexandre’s journey began with a simple goal: to revolutionize how people experience cannabis by merging culinary artistry with cutting-edge science His passion for both cooking and cannabis led him to experiment with various recipes, ultimately creating a line of edibles that are not only delicious but also precisely dosed and made with the highest quality ingredients.

Alexandre’s edibles are crafted to cater to a wide range of preferences and dietary needs Whether you're looking for gluten-free, vegan, or sugar-free options, there's something in his collection for everyone Each product is designed to provide a consistent and enjoyable experience, ensuring that consumers can savour the benefits of cannabis without any of the guesswork

Q: What led you to enter the cannabis industry?

My relationship with cannabis started when I was younger, as it helped me stay focused in school and excel academically. I began selling cannabis not long after to save money and fund my travels around the world in my early adulthood. Using my savings I traveled across the world, tending to Beldia hashplants amidst the rugged terrain of northern Morocco and nurturing Oaxaqueno gold in the verdant cloud forests of southern Oaxaca Cannabis facilitated encounters with some of the most generous souls I've ever met This opened my eyes to the traditional and new world of cannabis Over the last 8 years, I've taken risks launching several cannabis startup ventures, each one providing me invaluable lessons on business growth and how to overcome challenges as an entrepreneur in this dynamic industry. Meeting my current business partners, Philippe and Sébastien, who have extensive backgrounds in the agricultural industry, created a strong expert foundation to launch Gayonica, a Quebec-based licenced cannabis producer. The essence and values behind the company and our brands, Jublee and Chili Kush, reflect not only my personal journey, passion, beliefs and expertise, but that f b i t

Q: What motivated you to create such a distinctive selection of edibles?

I was raised by a community of strong women who believe in and harness the power of natural medicines I wanted to combine the teachings from my upbringing with the experiences of traditional cannabis uses I’ve learned throughout my travels. Early in my career, I spent time as a chef, and as I ventured to corners of the world like Indonesia and Australia, I immersed myself in traditional cannabis practices while refining my culinary skills. These experiences, coupled with insights from us collaborators and mentors shaped my ch to product development.

ample is our Blueberry and Lavender fruit bites, ays homage to my grandmother's recipe When I owing up, she would make a wild blueberry and er jam, which she’d give me before going to bed ort relaxation and a restful sleep It’s a beautiful e moment, as now my grandmother eats the bites to manage her pain and she’s so happy to was inspired by her recipe.

rating these teachings from my family, the s from my travels, and my culinary background is spires the creation of Jublee products, finding nities to blend local ingredients with cannabis to well-dosed wellness.

Q: We saw you’ve curated a topical line?! Tell us more about that!

Years after my time in the Rif mountains, I immersed myself in the vibrant culture of the Indigenous peoples of Northern Luzon, Philippines. Driven by curiosity, I once again took on the role of village cook, eagerly absorbing the wealth of local knowledge around me. During this period, I sustained an unexpected injury an aching wrist from carrying fruits Anita, my local "mom," showed unwavering empathy and took me under her wing, administering a unique remedy With gentle hands and a warmth that permeated my skin, she massaged my wrist with a pungent concoction To my surprise, it was a blend of hashish and lemongrass infused in buffalo fat Her skilled touch brought profound relief, and by the next day, my hand showed remarkable improvement. This experience marked a pivotal moment in my journey. It was my first introduction to the therapeutic potential of topical cannabis applications, forever altering my perception of this benevolent plant and deepening my appreciation for its multifaceted nature. These experiences opened my eyes to the profound potential of cannabis as a functional ingredient

Bringing the healing and medicinal properties of cannabis in a form that’s familiar in a wellness space is what drives my passion. Topicals and bath salts were the natural progression to support the wellness lifestyle, and we’ve had incredible feedback on the products. The CBD only range includes a rich, hydrating body butter and Himalayan bath salts, which includes many detoxifying and relaxing properties We’ve created these products in two heavenly scents, including Flowers & Fir, which is like a fresh forest, and Sweet Citrus, which is a burst of oranges and bergamot.

Q: As a wellness-oriented brand, have there been numerous challenges to overcome in the cannabis industry in Canada?

There have been hurdles and hoops we’ve had to jump and being based in Quebec, we’ve had to face challenges that other provinces haven’t, which means I spend time actively lobbying for changes we want to see in our market. We successfully lobbied Quebec to help legalize edibles and even cheekily sent products to regulators as part of our strategy to make way for the edible category in Quebec. This led me to help define the requirements and standards for what edibles should be approved and it was a lot of work that helped pave the way for Jublee to exist and for consumers in Quebec to have edible options Advocacy is near and dear to my heart – my next challenge is to help legalize cannabis topical sales in Quebec

Q: What exciting developments can we anticipate from Jublee in the upcoming months?

As the Chief Innovation Officer, I’m always in the lab cooking up something! We’re working on a number of exciting products, such as our Montreal-style aged hash, which will be available in July in Ontario and in the fall in Quebec. We’re also working on our entry into the flower market with infused pre-rolls, so I’ve been doing a lot of quality testing for this, which is always fun! Stay tuned as we will be announcing some new product developments soon.

Meet Jublee, a Quebec-based cannabis company, has meticulously crafted infused fruit bites, topicals and extracts, drawing inspiration from old-world recipes and ingredients. As cannabis and extractions experts, the extracts contained in the products are mostly made at the facility, ensuring the highest quality and consistency, every time. For more information, visit Jublee.

@jublee cann

Meet Alexandre

Alexandre is passionate about terroirs and botany Enthusiastic about continuous learning across diverse subjects ranging from territorial development and the business world to molecular chemistry and botanical extractions Alexandre possesses a unique and versatile skill set

His love for world cuisines and adventure has led him to travel the globe for several years to refine his techniques. This journey has allowed him to work with cannabis on four continents, in various environments, both traditional and cutting-edge in technology.

As the Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Gayonica, a company specializing in cannabis extraction and product development, Alexandre’s daily life is oriented towards research and the development of innovative extracts and formulations His goal is to promote education and actively contribute to socially and environmentally responsible initiatives in the cannabis field As the President of the Quebec Cannabis Edibles Council, he participates in multiple lobbying efforts and industry mobilizations, thus facilitating the advancement of practices and knowledge in the cannabis sector

Q&A with Dan Kozina

Contributor: Nate Potts

I met Dan Kozina about 6 years ago while in search for a tattoo artists. He is a multi time award winning tattoo artist, and a muralist with many projects under his belt whether private, business, or regionally backed.

Before we dive into the Q&A portion I just wanted to be candid about THC use and tattoo sessions, now i'm no Doctor or Tattoo artist. That being said, psychoactive substances might not be suitable for this kind of session. Whether it's blood thinning, your perception of pain, possible anxiety or paranoia, or even communication with your artist could be hindered. If you're going to use cannabis consider small doses, or full spectrum options and always communicate with your artist. Consider including some non psychoactive cannabinoids in your aftercare! Here in Ontario we have a CBD aftercare balm by Aiki Skin, boasting great ingredients. This product has all the benefits of what you'd need for your tattoo with CBD as well! Your experience is unique when it comes to consumption, listen to your body. Having the most awareness possible will equal a great tattoo session.

Hit me up on social media and tell me your experiences with the plant and some ink! On my linktree QR code you'll find an extended cut of the interview with Dan!

N8; How do these two murals in the cannabis community compare to each other artistically & Professionally? Similarities? Differences?

Kozy; These mural are very different, Im versatile in my work so I approach projects differently depending on the client:

(UPHI) features a mountain landscape, geometric patterns, and flowers. (PEPE) is more abstract, which mimics the topographic style of the business' storefront and window decals. Similarities I featured the logo in both murals and used airbrush, spray paint and brush work to complete both. I try to make unique and different work for every job I do, that way each mural has its own personality and also gives me the opportunity to try something new.

N8; what was your mindset when you were approached for these mural jobs? What is your motivation to contribute to the culture?

Kozy; My mindset is to work efficiently and take into consideration the vision/values/and vibes of my clients. The mural will add personality to the businesses and I feel like the outcome will be incredibly important to the experience customers have while shopping. My motivation for the culture is to create an inviting atmosphere where the beauty, art, and imagination flourish, and the customer experience is heightened with the atmosphere the mural creates. I want Cannabis to be associated with creativity and comfort, murals will not only decorate but define the business.

N8; How did taking on mural work impact your career as a whole?

Kozy; After completing many murals my reputation as an artist has been elevated. I'm always busy, working on paintings,tattoos and all kinds of creative projects. I was always a painter before tattooing but both work hand in hand. Withmurals all over town l have become a bit more well known, considering I work in a private studio setting.

N8: Do you think the Niagara Region, in which we are from, has impacted your art?

Kozy: The region has been kind to me but I feel like there is a lack of awareness by many people that muralists are around and willing to paint. I see many businesses using posters and tvs to decorate where a mural would be perfect. I would like to see more Murals in the region, by more artists than myself.

N8; where do you find inspiration? For these specific pieces and art in general?

Kozy; I find inspiration by first consulting my clients for ideas. If given free reign I lean toward animals/nature/landscape/surrealism/fantasy to inspire the work I do. If the space has an interesting shape or existing theme I will try to match and compliment what's already there.

N8; How has your art style evolved over time? Especially when it comes to these projects within the cannabis industry?

Kozy; My style of art has changed a lot in the last 10 years' I used to stick with one style of work, maybe more illustrative and graphic, similar to comic book art, but after painting for the last decade I include every style possible, from realism to painterly approaches, and everything in between.

N8; In your words describe how the communities can come together and encourage growth?

Kozy; I feel like the community working together sharing ideas and promoting each other will encourage growth, healthy competition, constructive criticism and honest input are necessary factors for everyone to grow.

N8; What is a dream project for you artistically within the cannabis space?

Kozy; Dream job would be more Cannabis stores reaching out for murals, I've only had the opportunity to paint 2 stores, I’d love to do another full interior space, but there are limits to what clients can and will choose to afford.

N8; is there a certain style that you feel best represents you? A signature of sorts?

Kozy; A style that represents me would be fantasy, and anything with landscapes and painterly influences- My signature look would be sunsets' I love adding them into the backgrounds of murals-

N8: How do you define yourself as an artist?

Kozy: I define myself as an artist from my experience working on projects, brainstorming with clients, setting up project and seeing them through really encourages me and gives me confidence to take on new bigger works- Working with friends and Sharing ideas is so important and I want to inspire and be inspired by those around me- Seeing clients/community happy with art is why I do what I do.

I am Nate Potts @gr8n8pottsy I was introduced in the April digital issue! A little bit about myself, I do cannabis reviews amongst other content on my pages, I’ve been consuming for 10yrs and working in the industry for 2yrs!

What is Powdery Mildew and is it Making its Way into Your Cannabis?

What is it?

Powdery Mildew (PM) is a fungal disease that affects a wide variety of plants; houseplants, fruits &amp; veggies and of course our favourite cannabis. On cannabis PM is specifically cause by Golovinomyces Ambrosiae [and in field conditions caused by the pathogen Podosphaera Macularis.] It can be easily identified on growing plants; it presents as light grey or white powdery spots on the leaves, this can spread to the flowers as well. Powdery Mildew will affect the yield, potency and purity of the crop, it reduces nutrient availability to the plant and can limit photosynthesis.

How does it occur?

Many environmental factors contribute to Powdery Mildew, such as;

humidity fluctuations

Improper airflow

Over crowding of grow space

Cross contamination

In an outdoor grow, excessive rainfalls are a contributing factor Some plant genetics are more susceptible to PM than others; which is why stable genetics are important

Can affected plants be treated?

Prevention is the key! Before we even begin thinking about treating powdery mildew we should be focused on preventing it in the first place Powdery mildew management for cannabis differs from other crops In Canada there are no synthetic chemical fungicides registered for powdery mildew use There are however reduced risk chemicals approved for use by Health Canada. For cannabis we rely on cultural control and preventative measures; simply drying out the atmosphere won’t be enough.

Methods include:


maintaining humidity levels not conducive to the development of PM a variety of ph treatments for leaves


ventilation &amp; sanitation

stable plant genetics (heathy plants)

Most biofungicides are recommend to stop using within the first 2 weeks of flowering While deleafing at early signs of PM could be wise, if growers aren’t following previously mentioned precautions it’s unlikely the outbreak will improve Best practices are to cut loses and remove the crop and sanitize so as not to affect any existing or further crops

What happens if a Powdery Mildew crop makes it into the hands of consumers?

Spotting powdery mildew on dried flower can be more difficult, especially when excessive trimming has been done in an attempt to hide the PM from consumers

Tips to identify PM on your buds: grey, white or yellow “dusty” spots on dried flower fuzzy patches spider web like appearance

Smoking flower with PM can be harmful to your health.

What is Irradiation?

Irradiation is the use of ionizing radiation to reduce the number of harmful microbes. Irradiation may reduce the total number of microbes and is allowed by Health Canada, however many consumers are opting for producers who do not irradiate. However some producers are using shady practices to by pass testing that would keep consumers safe. Producers who don’t irradiate their flower have to ensure they take extra precautions, such as those listed above to prevent powdery mildew. A microscope should be a staple in your stash box so that you may inspect all buds to ensure they are safe for your consumption


https://www greenhousecanada com/how-can-powdery-mildew-on-cannabis-be-managed/ https://www greenhousegrower com/production/five-tips-for-eliminating-powdery-mildew-on-cannabis-crops/?amp https://www sqdc ca/en-CA/learn-about-cannabis/tips-and-advice/cannabis-

Prior to entering the cannabis industry I was a highly sought piercer in Northern Ontario When illness struck in a variety of ways in my 30’s I turned to cannabis I have dedicated a large part of my time to learning everything I can about cannabis and the industry Education on Cannabis is extremely important to me and breaking the stigma around cannabis use Cannabis education blends a variety of my passions; including writing and photography


One year, products in five stores, and launching my own website. How did I get here? It started with a simple, but thoughtful Christmas gift. Let’ s go back.....

Hi! I’m Anita, owner and artist of HiDEA. I started a new life after leaving everything I knew. HIDEA has changed, and continues to change my life in such incredible ways. The small cannabis community around me taught me a lot about the world of cannabis and helped me grow.

I really enjoyed using Sativa to channel my creative energy, which led me to my next creative obsession being candles (and there were many before!) Picture this - I’m smoking my favourite sativa strain, and doing my favourite thing, creating; A beeswax candle with some lavender flakes. Little did I know it was about to spark the “HiDEA” of a lifetime, candles with a hidden 420 accessory! I always liked my bongs and accessories on display, like a coffee bar for cannabis and this seemed like an extension of that, cute little jars for my buds. I needed to create a logo, product names, and figure out how to candle math properly. It wasn’t going to be easy but I had a very supportive person behind me every step, and with my new knowledge of cannabis, terpenes and strains I felt prepared to start a new business, more than that, I was excited!

Now, my basement is a workshop of wax, scents, formulas and jars with 7 unique fragrances. How are they 420 candles you might ask? Good question. All of my candles have Eco-friendly soy wax with unique accessories hidden inside for your smoking collection. Once you finish burning your candle you have a surprise waiting at the bottom. I also encourage everyone to reuse our jars as cute little stash jars for their own cannabis bar.

Currently HiDEA specializes in mystery candles with plans to branch out into the cannabis community with other products, our line of travel bongs one of the first. That’s how this simple stoner went from one ordinary “HiDEA” a successful business in a year!

Enjoy the aroma of our Luxury scented Candles as you await the unveiling your 420 accessory inside. Our vessels are reusable once the candle has its brightest. Simply clean with and water to it into a With 7 scen something everyone!

Have you come across the CBD brand LoFi? In the regulated cannabis sector, there exists a specific market for CBD, and LoFi is making waves in this space.

LoFi focuses on producing top-notch, costeffective, full-spectrum CBD items that appeal to both experienced users and beginners.

With the expanding CBD market, LoFi is poised to become a frontrunner not only for their outstanding products but also for their commitment to creating a positive influence. Their inventive strategies and customerfocused principles set them apart as a brand to keep an eye on.

Meet the 1:1 Vape

Rainbow Driver x Nostalgia

This full spectrum ,cured resin vape cartridge. In High Moon’s humble option this is one of the best 510 vape cartiridges for those people who love a good 1:1 or a newer cannabis consumer.

With its balanced blend of CBD and THC, it offers a harmonious experience that caters to both relaxation and mild euphoria. The curing process enhances the natural flavors and aromas of the cannabis, providing a smooth and enjoyable vaping session. Whether you're looking to unwind after a long day or explore the benefits of cannabis for the first time, this cartridge promises a satisfying and reliable choice. Plus, its compatibility with standard 510 vape pens makes it a convenient addition to any collection.



Written by:
A breakdown of cannabis events and what you need to know before attending one.

Toking for over 30 years, I started Strictly hippy on Instagram in 2020 Since then, I've attended dozens of cannabis events both Legacy and Legal I've been awarded a scholarship directly from the OCS for my CannSell I've written many reviews for LPs on Cannaviews ca and recently won Cannfluencer of the Year 2024.

There are many different types of cannabis gatherings. Being aware of what you are walking into can be helpful to know beforehand When attending a cannabis event one of the first questions you want to ask is, "Is it legal or legacy?" Do you know the difference? Let's go through them together

Legal events; I've separated these into 3 categories They can vary from corporate, to consumers, to budtenders

A legacy event is more the old school way Items found at these events will not likely to be found in dispensaries and might not be considered legal by industry standards They can be very fun, busy and smoke filled

You want to make sure you know which type of event you are going to before you head out. You might not be allowed into all of them.

Here are a few things to be aware of for each one. At a legacy market: be mindful of dosage when buying edibles they can be much higher than what you can purchase in a dispensary You may see mushrooms as well as jars of cannabis, oils or hash set out on tables for purchase You can also find hand blown glass displays or live glass blowing happening A legacy market is not technically legal so please be mindful about sharing locations and photos of people in attendance and at tables

Legal events I've grouped into 3 categories Corporate, Consumer and Budtenders.

At a corporate event you get an inside look into the companies that run the industry The nutrient companies, light manufacturers, soil producers etc No cannabis is sold at these events

At a consumer event you will usually find companies like glass accessories, clothing lines, candle makers, surprise cannabis accessory bags, locking stash boxes etc No cannabis is sold at these events

A budtender event is for those who have their license to sell cannabis in a legal dispensary Proof must be shown before entry At these types of events you get to meet the companies behind the brands that are sold at dispensaries and receive free samples of their products. Some of these events do require proof of a pay stub from an industry company. The general public can sometimes attend these events but will not be given samples.

Before you head out to a cannabis event make sure you know which type you will be walking into. Be prepared to smoke inside or outside, sometimes in the elements if a proper smoking area hasn't been set up Tickets can usually be purchased online in advance, check the companies Instagram page for discount codes or giveaways to the event

Pro tip from my experience, sometimes the food at these events can be a little disappointing I would suggest going out to eat beforehand Bring some water with you, also some pre rolls or your bong with a bit of green to go

FOMO can be real but keep in mind you can't attend every event but do try to get to a few of them if you can

Important dates in June 2024:

Monday, June 3: Mercury enters Gemini

Thursday, June 6: New moon in Gemini

Saturday, June 8: Mars enters Taurus

Sunday, June 16: Venus enters Cancer

Monday, June 17: Mercury enters Cancer

Wednesday, June 19: Vesta enters Leo

Thursday, June 20: Sun enters Cancer

Friday, June 21: Full moon in Capricorn

Saturday, June 29: Saturn goes retrograde

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