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to the February issue of HIGH IN STYLE!

LIVE IN COLOUR Don’t you think that winter is getting too long? The days are getting longer, yet the sky remains dark. So this issue is a mini celebration of living in colour. Bold colours in particular can be quite tricky to pull off but if they are well balanced, they can be so rewarding. The colours of the month I chose for this issue are rich orange and pink mixed with earthy terracotta. Maybe not the first colour options you consider but they are great for chic interiors and your wardrobe too. Get inspired and maybe some ideas will spark. Our February issue wouldn’t be complete without a family ski trip and healthy mid-week recipe. Plus we have a special feature on make-up and great interview with a successful British fashion blogger and stylist. Happy reading!

Karolina xx Karolina Barnes editor in chief


content homes the art of living Interior design duo from Rose & Grace shows us how to do contemporary eclectic with full of personality.


wool in colour We talked to Anna-Lisa about her unique approach to pattern design for her woolen blankets and cushion made in West Yorkshire.


interview timeless elegance with the onlinestylist We talked to Amanda Start, a successful fashion blogger and mama about her approach to style and trends.


cover Designed and images provided by ROSE & GRACE


content fashion 30 little treasure uncovered

This month we highlight Aurora London - an online brand specialising in bespoke accessories and handbags.

34 the jeans debate

Read about our fashion editor’s dilemma with jeans as trends are changing and new shapes take on popularity.

42 love your hands As harsh winter continues our hands suffer. Give them some love and attention with our beauty editor’s 4 step treatment.


content beauty make up essentials 46 We invited Laura Jenkinson, a professional make up artist, to give us her tips on our make up routine.

travel winter break in tignes 52 Rachel, our travel editor, takes us to one of the best ski family holidays in Europe.

“open up & inspire� stepping into the unknown 60 We talk to Cherry Collins, the creative director of Grabble, a new mobile shopping platform and discuss how she took a chance, joined a new start up and learnt not only new skills but also about herself.






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the art of living words by Karolina Barnes, photography by Rose & Grace

Interior design duo, Gemma Steinberg and Elisa Dell, behind Rose & Grace Interiors is all about contemporary but eclectic inspired look. The light and airy open plan spaces, they design, are modern and individual perfectly suited for family living.

“The vision was large open plan and functional living spaces with a white backdrop and eclectic furnishings.�



“There is an art to creating ones surroundings and beautiful spaces around us in which we live.�

Previous page and bottom: This open plan living and dining area is a perfect example of a cohesive space that feels bright and welcoming, yet comfortable and full of personality.


Above: Light colour palette makes this bedroom calm, clean and uncluttered. The space feels balanced thanks to various textures that interiors such this one needs.

“Building a ‘home’ takes time, energy and love. Often the best pieces can be found when you are least expecting it on day trips, holidays and definitely not when you are actively looking for them.” 12

“Art and colour are essential elements to all home design.” Too many homes today are boring “grey” palette leaving no interest or individuality. I love grey but for me it only works if it is livened up with brightly coloured individual art pieces and pops of colour in quirky accessories.

Below: Adding a bolder colour into this otherwise white bathroom makes it more fun and individual. Clever tiling clearly defines each zone and function within the space.



Previous page and above: Kids rooms are great for experimenting with bold colours, patterns and textures. Balancing the feature walls, funky lighting and accessories with white is key.

Designer’s Tip “Glam up the neutrals. Pattern is key, so go crazy with edgy wallpapers and accessories. Don’t be afraid to layer up different textures the more confident you are the more individual your home will be.”

For more designer’s tips, personal advice, decorating resources and ideas, join LITTLE BLACK BOOK OF INTERIORS on Facebook. For any design project enquiries and full interior design services, please contact Gemma or Elisa at Rose & Grace Interiors. ROSEANDGRACE.CO.UK 15


live in colour words and photography by Karolina Barnes

Our editor, Karolina Barnes, invites you in her recently updated living room. “I can’t imagine my home without colour.”

“The vision for this space was to create a welcoming and uncluttered feel with eclectic element to it. I wanted the space to feel bold and colourful but didn’t want to commit to painting the walls or using bold wallpaper.” Previous page and below: I chose 4 strong colours for my living but all of them are used only as accents. My starting point was the colourful oversized cushion which looks like a piece of art.



Previous page and above: Most of the furniture we accumulated over the years. None of them are in the same style yet they go well together.

“I played with lots of bold accents and soft furnishings to bring the colours into this otherwise almost - blank canvas space. After we moved into our house I painted the living room in Farrow & Ball Strong White which creates a great base for any scheme .”

“I used bold oversized cushions instead of art.” 19


“Mixing pattern is something I love doing in interiors. It requires thought and care but once the balance is right, the space comes alive with various elements that are unexpected and invidual yet complementary to each other.”

“Interior spaces should tell a story of you and who you are.” Previous page and below: Mixing materials is something I had to experiment with. I tried to divert the attention from our existing fireplace and one way to do that was through the crystal glass chandelier.



Designer’s Tip “Don’t be afraid to take risks in your home. Be brave and experiment with colours, textures and patterns so your home can be the true reflection of your personality. If you don’t do that you will never discover your potential in how you want to live and what objects you want to surrounds yourself with.”

For any design project enquiries or e-design services please contact Karolina Barnes Studio. KAROLINABARNES.CO.UK


Wool in colour We talked to Anna-Lisa from “ANNA-LISASMITH” to tell us more about her unique merino wool blankets and cushions that she designs.



The key concepts of my store are simplicity, quality, colour and heritage. I love simple yet striking design and have always been drawn towards Northern European design in particular. Simple clean lines demand attention to every detail and so it is important to me that all my pieces are made from the softest merino or lambswool and are finished as beautifully as possible. I have spent a lot of time perfecting the finish on my woven cloth so that the products feel as good as they look. The backing fabrics on the cushions are special in themselves, I use a very lovely organic, hand-woven cotton. What makes my store unique is my colour choices. I try to be brave in the colours I use, I love all colour and I choose my colours carefully to work with any particular design. For example my latest Lula collection was a chance for me to work with slightly softer colours as I believed the design demanded it and it’s also good to step out of your comfort zone sometimes! I think that people sometimes find using colour a little daunting, in my own home I have wooden floors and white walls and add small amounts of carefully considered colour to bring the rooms alive! It’s incredible how colour can have such an impact on the atmosphere of a room! Another really important part of my business is using the mills and manufacturing base of West Yorkshire where I live. Huddersfield is my nearest town and it has a very important role in the English wool weaving industry. At one point, woven cloth from Huddersfield was famous across the world and was worn by Kings and Princes alike. The landscape of West Yorkshire and my small mill town Marsden is shaped by the wool weaving industry, in fact my studio overlooks an old mill which was once the largest privately owned wool weaving mill in the world. There are still many mills in this area and nearby Lancashire which have adapted to a demanding market place and are still running. It’s a joy to me to be able to support these businesses which have often been running for centuries and have passed down their weaving and finishing skills through the generations.

“It’s incredible how much colour can have an impact on the atmosphere of a room.” 25

2. WHAT IS THE MOST POPULAR PRODUCT / DESIGN YOU SEE? At the moment my new Lula blanket in Catkin (above right) seems to be very popular, I think people are longing for Spring and the colour evokes this time of year. This colour green is also right on trend at the moment.

3. DO YOU FOLLOW TRENDS OR HAVE YOU GOT YOUR OWN SIGNATURE STYLE FOR THE STORE IN TERMS OF COLOURS AND PATTERN? I’ve never really followed trends but I do watch them as it’s important to be aware of what’s happening in the world of design. I think as a designer it’s important to get a balance of having your own signature style but also being open to what’s happening around you, designing is a constantly evolving process and we’re all interconnected!




EIGHT favourites












1| 7|


10| 8|




COLOURS of the month




5| 6|


1| Lynx Sunset, Clarke & Clarke 2| Bamboo Moon, Eades Wallpaper, 3| Zebra Sand, Clarke & Clarke , 4|Zigzag Ruby Wide, Crutial Trading, 5| Emperador Polished, Mandarin Stone, 6|U-Color Natural, Domus Tiles, 7| Colori Rosso, Domus Tiles, 8| Glaze Terracotta, Prestigious Textiles, 9| Giallo Sienna marble, RIM Tiles, 10| Bruges Old Rose, Clarke & Clarke, 11| Interni Rosa, Domus Tiles, 12| Anais Shell, Pret a Vivre, 13| Poppy Garden, Eadeas Wallpaper, 14| Fallen Fruit, Conran Paint, 15| Zofany Umi wallpaper


orange, pink terracotta & LIBRA WALL SCUPTURE, £200









Timeless elegance words by Karolina Barnes, photography by Amanda Start


Amanda Start is a British life and style blogger at TheOnlineStylist, a blog embracing timeless elegance and simplicity. We talked to Amanda about why style is so important her, how her style evolved through blogging and experimenting and why trends shouldn’t be the first resource for wardrobe refresh.


1. Why do you think style is so important? (What benefits style can bring to everyday life?) For me, style is very much tied in with a sense of self and doesn’t just apply to the clothing that you choose to wear. I think it runs over into lifestyle choices and how you interact with others too – style and grace go hand in hand. Of course when it comes to the things I choose to wear on a daily basis, if they reflect my personality and mood and make me feel confidant then that can only ever be a good thing. Get that magic outfit combination right and you’ll be flying high all day long…and it will show! Uber stylist Rachel Zoe famously said: “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak” and for me, that sums it up perfectly. It’s an expression of who you are, how you feel right now and the chance to create the impression you want.

2. Style is about finding your own way of “being”. How did you find yours? Any tips? I’ve always loved fashion but oddly enough it wasn’t until after my daughter was born and I moved from my thirties into my forties that I really began to focus on what suited me as opposed to what I was seeing in the shops and thought I should buy. I think it came from the fact that I didn’t want to just be defined as a mum and still wanted to retain all the other facets that came before. Becoming a parent is all consuming and rightly so but that made me more determined to hold onto a sense of self. Blogging at The Online Stylist has been influential in my willingness to experiment with what works and what doesn’t. I would say never be afraid to try something and see if it surprises you. So many times, readers have said that they wouldn’t have given something a chance had they not seen it worn or styled in a particular way. It’s the biggest compliment when someone leaves a comment on the blog to say they now LOVE the new piece that they’ve acquired and wouldn’t have tried it had I not planted the suggestion!

“Style is an expression of who you are, how you feel and the chance to create the impression you want.”




3. What are the essential timeless wardrobe pieces every woman shouldn’t be without? Ooh how much time do you have? As the queen of justification when it comes to a new wardrobe addition, my list of timeless must-haves has the potential to get REALLY long! But to take it back to basics, I think there are probably three that would make for a good start. Never underestimate the power of good cashmere – to pull on a beautifully soft sweater in black or a neutral shade has tremendous feel good factor as well as looking timeless and elegant. It’s beauty lies in its versatility – it will look amazing with tailored trousers but also as the paired back twin to a show stopping skirt. Invest in a great pair of premium denim jeans. If you haven’t experienced the “I’ve got great new jeans!” denim buzz, you’re definitely missing out. Visit a boutique with knowledgeable and super helpful assistants (I love the Donna Ida boutiques) and be prepared to be amazed at the difference that finding the right fit and style for you will make. Lastly I would say a really beautiful coat. I have something of a coat obsession; my justification being that there isn’t a one coat fits all style scenario solution. But to start out, go with a classic style that you can pull about your person, drape over your shoulders when fashion editor chic is called for or just pull on to cover up any outfit. I would opt for camel or black and something slightly oversized.

4. What are the absolute style/trend “crimes” which everyone should avoid? The words “trend” and “style crimes” make me a bit twitchy – after all, if you don’t try something out, how will you know what works? Goodness knows I’ve committed more than my fair share of fashion faux pas… and then documented them on the blog for the entire world to see! How foolish is that? I guess my point is to not be afraid of committing the “crime” and learn from it with a look back and a smile! Perhaps a common mistake is to buy something because it’s a hot new trend, without first asking yourself the Big Three questions. 1. Will it work with at least five other things in my wardrobe? 2. Will I genuinely feel relaxed and comfortable wearing it? 3. Do I love it enough to pull it out again in two years time regardless of current trends? Wrapped up within question two is dressing to boost your confidence. Don’t like your upper arms? Don’t go strapless. Have long legs? Accentuate them in skinny jeans and heeled boots. If you go with what makes you feel confident, your wardrobe will be a crime free zone!

“The biggest mistake I see is buying something because it’s a hot new trend.” 36

Amanda Start is the founder and editor of THEONLINESTYLIST.CO.UK, an UK life & style blog. She’s a cashmere coveter, coffee consumer & lover of monochrome & minimalism. Her style is timeless, elegant, cool. Simplicity is key. You can find her and follow her on Instagram and Twitter.



little treasure uncovered 38

aurora london words by Karolina Barnes, photography by K.Barnes and Aurora London

Aurora London is an online brand specialising in quality bespoke leather goods and stylish jewellery. Founded by Sarah Auerbach and Devina DiCarlo, Aurora London is quickly gaining its popularity among fashion bloggers and wide customer base. We talked to the owners about style, confidence and their unique product offerings.


1. 2.

What is the concept for your store? Aurora London is an online fashion boutique set up in 2014. We created Aurora London as we saw a gap in the market for high quality versatile fashion accessories at affordable prices. We want our products to be considered guilt-free indulgences, so that they are both a joy to give and receive!

What is the most popular product or trend you see? We see more and more our customers’ desire for products that have an extra special personal touch hence why our monogramming service is so popular. We also see the huge importance that customers place on quality and value for money. People want to buy beautiful products but they don’t necessarily want to pay over the odds for them.



Have you got your own individual style or do you follow trends? Style for us is all about confidence. What can be more stylish and more beautiful than a woman who is happy and confident within herself? We don’t aim for our products to follow trends – we want our products to fit into our customers’ busy lives – to be versatile so that they adapt to their lifestyle, to be qualitative so that they last, to be affordable so that they offer a guilt-free indulgence and to be personalised so that they feel special!


the jeans debate words and images by Flavia Young

As the big jeans debate gains momentum, I can’t help but admit that I sit at a place I don’t often find myself in - on the wall. While skinny jeans fatigue has most certainly taken over my thoughts lately, I mean, how could it not? It was 2005 when I first started to dump my well loved bootcut jeans for the scary skinny jeans. Frightening as it initially was, we grew to love and rely on our skinnies for “come what may”. Running errands and dinner dates alike. No fashion has ever felt as comfortingly stylish as an oversized cashmere paired with skinny jeans and tucked into gorgeous boots. All that balance of volumes with all that nonchalant chicness, remain fail proof to this day. But then the fashion Gods decide that enough is enough and we must now wear flares, not just some old flares either, they must be cropped too!! Fashion Gods, please answer this: who on Earth, apart from lithe models, can look attractive in jeans that not only shorten your legs but widens them too? I know, I know, the higher waist lengthens the legs, but sadly, it enlarges the bum too...and to be honest, there is nothing chic about a large behind, it may be sexy, but it is not chic - trust me, I am a 5’2” Brazilian and I know my bum is most definitely not chic. So, on this raging debate, I take a stand: I will sit and watch. I will patiently wait until some genius jeans designer creates a cropped flare that looks good on real bodies, until then, pass me my skinnies, they feel really comfy sitting at the top of this wall. But then again, will I dare show up at London Fashion Week in “dead skinnies”?













DIOR, £43





mother’swishlist day


Our editor’s picks for treating yourself on Mother’s day.



ME+EM, £88 48

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Love your hands Hands are right up there with faces and shoes as the first things I notice about a person. They’re also one of the first to show the effects of cold weather and ageing, so it’s worth taking time to care for them each day.

words and photography by Nicola


1. 2.

Grown Alchemist Hand Cream £14 If applying hand cream regularly sounds like too much of an effort, treat yourself to Grown Alchemist Vanilla & Orange Peel Hand Cream. This smells so delicious you’ll want to reapply on repeat and sinks in so quickly that I can tap at the keyboard immediately after application. With botanical extracts including grapeseed, wheatgerm and rosehip oils, this is actual skincare for your hands.

Neom Body & Hand Wash, £16 All the hand cream in the world won’t mask the effects of harsh detergents, so opt for a skin-kind hand wash. Choose formulas that exclude sodium laurel sulphate (a foaming agent) to avoid drying out your skin, such as NEOM Organics Wild Mint & Mandarin with 8 essential oils. The scent of this is fresh, yet subtle, perfect in the kitchen as it won’t interfere with cooking (or eating!).


3. 4.

Orly Cuticle Oil, £4.83 Nails and cuticles deserve extra TLC and it’s good to get into the habit of using cuticle oil to keep them conditioned and avoid hangnails. I keep Orly Cuticle Oil on my night stand and massage a few drops into nail beds and cuticles before I go to sleep. This step is especially important if you use gels/acrylics or are an avid nail painter.

Tom Ford Nail Lacquer, Carnal Red £27 Showcase your soft hands and healthy nails with a sophisticated manicure. Tom Ford Carnal Red is a striking bold red that looks great all year round and always attracts compliments. The formula applies smoothly and evenly with a high gloss finish and good lasting power... and the glamorous packaging looks great on any dressing table.



OUT ON 16th March 2016



special feature

make up essentials words by Laura Jenkinson and graphics by Karolina Barnes

Laura Jenkinson is a professional make-up artist who amassed a strong following of over 340k followers, worked on shows for London Fashion Week, created character illusions that have gone viral, assisted on music videos and featured on popular sites such as Reddit and Buzzfeed. She’s giving us some great tips on how to master our make-up routine. “No one has the time to set an hour aside each morning to do their make up, right? So we need to master our make-up routine that enhances our best features but it’s still quick to do too.” I have developed with 5-10-15 minutes make-up routines which do just that. If you have just few minutes to spare, the quickest one is the 5 minute make-up. All you need is a good foundation, a blush and mascara. If you have more time add an eye liner, eye shadow, mascara and lipstick to your routine.

the basics


Laura’s top tips

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

YOUR SKIN TYPE : As your skin is constantly changing it is important that you determine your skin type correctly. If you think you know your skin type ask any skincare shop or counter for small testers before you make a purchase.

MAKE UP TOOLS: Using correct tools is essential to creating that perfect finish. Understand what different brushes are for and include them into your routine and make-up bag.

FOUNDATION: The key to getting that flawless look with your skin is to prep it beforehand. Always start with hydrated skin. Apply your foundation with a brush working downwards and outwards. YOUR FEATURES: Enhance your natural features with blush or bronzer. When applying eye shadows start with the darker tone in the outer corner and work inwards. Use light tones or white in the inner corner of your eyes to make them appear brighter and fresher. SLEEP & WATER: You’ve probably heard it a hundred times but a good night’s sleep and drinking lots of water really does do wonders for your skin.

The new book MADE UP: 40+ easy make-up tutorials & DIY beauty products by Laura Jenkinson (Hardie Grant, £9.99) will be available in store in April.




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The magic of caviar


tried & tested

Alterna words and photography by Karla Cihak

They say that hair is the crown of beauty. If that’s the case one needs to have healthy-looking, shiny and soft hair. Not all of us are lucky to be born with a great mane though. We all want what nature haven’t given us. So we colour, curl and straighten putting our hair under great pressure. On my recent visit to my hairdresser I was recommended 3 products from Alterna, which I have been using for the past month or so. The Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging range comprises of a replenishing shampoo, conditioner and photo-age defense treatment. Infused with Alterna’s Age-Control Complex®, which includes caviar extract, vitamin C, and cytokines, my hair seems stronger, healthier, and younger-looking. You only need small amount for each use. I start with the shampoo and apply the conditioner afterwards. I make sure that it’s massaged into the whole length of the hair, from root to tip. I like to keep the conditioner in for around 4 minutes and then wash off with luke warm water. I use the Photo-Age Defense treatment as an overnight application. These little unusual pearls are massaged into the hair again from root to tip and washed off in the morning. Even though the Alterna range is quite pricey, I have noticed significant improvement in shine, texture, softness of my hair which is so easy to brush and style. MORE INFORMATION HERE 59


winter in

tignes words by Karolina Barnes and photography by Rachel Southern

Spend a family friendly winter getaway in Tignes. Tignes is one of France’s highest and therefore most respected ski resorts. Snow is as close to guaranteed as possible and there are slopes suited to all level of winter sports enthusiasts.


stay in Chalet Hotel L’Ecrin This stylish intimate family friendly chalet hotel is located in Tignes Val Claret, the village above Tignes Le Lac. Located close to the 5 main lifts at Val Claret, it is a perfect destination for any ski seeking enthusiasts. The hotel is newly renovated and modern yet traditionally designed in Savoie style.


facilities Relax and re-energise in the hotel’s beautiful spa with range of treatments on offer to relieve any muscle aches. The facilities also include impressive swimming pool with a wonderful view on the mountains, sauna, jacuzzi and Turkish bath. And while you’re enjoying yourself your kids can have fun in the club provided by the hotel or in the ski school with fully qualified instructors.


do Apart from the obvious activity, skiing, you can also enjoy walking in beautiful scenery. Admire Tignes surroundings and stunning mountains views while taking a stroll. If you want to keep fit but skiing is not your jam, the hotel has its own fully equipped gym.



Quinoa, cauliflower & butternut squash curry words and photography by Jemma Andrew-Adiamah



quinoa, cauliflower & butternut squash curry Ask me what my favourite grain is and I would always have to come back to quinoa. Its nutty flavour goes with anything making it extremely versatile to cook with. Quinoa is a powerhouse of nutrition and is an invaluable source of protein, it has quite a subtle taste which means that it practically takes on any flavour – it works in this vegetarian curry really well. I’ve been looking at different ways to use this nutrient dense grain and think you are going to love this one as much as I do!

ingredients 1 head of cauliflower 2-3 cups quinoa 3 cups diced butternut squash 1 onion 1 clove of garlic 4 fresh tomatoes chopped (can use tinned)

thumb size portion of ginger 1 tsp ground coriander 1 tsp turmeric 3 tsps garam masala 1 can of full fat coconut milk Fresh coriander to garnish (optional)

method Wash and prepare the vegetable and cook the quinoa as per the packet instructions. Dice the onion and soften in a little oil in a pan, stir for 5 minutes and then add in the grated ginger and garlic. Stir for another 2 minutes before adding the spices. Pour in the chopped tomatoes, cauliflower florets and diced butternut squash. Coat the vegetables in the spices and cook for another 5 minutes - add a splash of water if it begins to stick. Next stir in the coconut milk and allow the curry to simmer on a low heat for at least 20-25 minutes. When the vegetables are tender add the cooked quinoa and stir through. Serve up and garnish with fresh coriander leaves. Enjoy!


“Just go for it and never look back!� Nadia Newton


“open up & inspire”

Cherry Collins words and graphics by Karolina Barnes, photography by Grabble

We talked to the Creative Director at Grabble, Cherry Collins, about her journey from being a Global Head Stylist at Net-a-Porter, ex-Selfridges and Grazia to helping to build one of the fastest growing mobile shopping platforms in the U.K. 1. How did you get to where you are now? I’ve been interested in putting outfits together since the age of four when my mum and I used to flick through magazines together. This love for creating and editing fashion continued throughout my degree at The London College of Fashion where I helped friends who were on journalism courses when they needed support on photoshoots and compiling shopping pages. It was working on these projects that lead me to apply for various internships at magazines and supplements.


After graduating I got a job as a printer and print designer for a small company in North London, however I instantly missed working for a publication. A chance meeting with an old boss led to the suggestion that I apply for a year long internship at Grazia, which I did and was so excited when I got it. I stayed there for two years, working on main fashion, flying to assist Styling in New York, writing odd bits for the website and assisting with fashion specials and shopping pages. As it was a yearly rolling contract, I wanted to find something more permanent and applied for an opening at Selfridges to work in Fashion PR and Events, at the time when they were launching and I was lucky enough to work on the styling for them. The role at Selfridges made me realise just how much I wanted to be a full time stylist and so I applied for a role at The Net-A-Porter Group. I spent my time at The Net-A-Porter Group working on all three sites - NAP, Mr Porter and The Outnet, doing everything from Styling to covering the Junior Fashion Editor. I learnt so much during my time there, how to style for e-commerce taking into account customers needs and wants, whilst being able to upsell and push stock. When Grabble approached me, it felt like a natural progression, as I’d learnt so much in all kinds of different areas and I was ready to take my next big leap.

2. What is the concept behind Grabble Grabble is an app that allows you to see the very best of ‘New In’ products, from high end and high street designers. We give you daily trend inspiration stories and have a place where you can save all of your favourite items and be notified when they go on sale. We’re a mixture of Pinterest and Instagram, with everything you see being available to purchase in one easy click.

3. How do you define style and why is it important? (with relation to confidence boosting) Fashion and style are a way of having a conversation without having to speak. What you wear can tell people how you’re feeling in an instant, heels suggest confidence and standing taller will make you feel that way too. When I’m getting dressed in the morning, I try and think about what I’ll be doing that day and what I want to tell people. If I’m wearing tailored trousers and smart shoes, I mean business but if I need to spend the day at my desk and power through a load of work, I’ll wear comfy boyfriend jeans and a knit, with my hair tied up..

4. How can busy modern women, who as season changes find themselves in a style rut, update their wardrobe stress free and easily? Adding a few new accessories to your wardrobe will instantly update it. A new pair of shoes or jewellery will make something fresh. Accessory trends change each season, just like clothing, so a smaller block heel will feel fresher now than a sky high one. Minimalist pearl jewellery will feel more relevant than an over embellished necklace now too.


5. What are your thoughts on the concept of a capsule wardrobe? I seem to have acquired a concept wardrobe without thinking about it, I have a couple of pairs of jeans and trousers, a selection of silk shirts, good quality t-shirts and jumpers that I mix and match with each other. I tend to invest a little more on things like this and also have one or two good quality coats and handbags. I supplement that wardrobe each season with one or two trend based pieces, whether it’s an off the shoulder top or a dress.

6. What are your 5 must-have everyday pieces that all of us shouldn’t be without? A simple watch that you can layer with fine bracelets. A cashmere jumper, round neck, which is great for layering. A great pair of well fitting jeans which can be dressed up or down. I like having one pair blue and one black. A good pair of black and tan boots. I have a tortoiseshell pair from Masion Margiela which go with everything! A good white shirt with a collar for layering.




Karolina Barnes editor in chief KAROLINA BARNES

Flavia Young fashion editor

Nicola T beauty editor



Karla Cihak beauty editor

Jemma Andrew-Adiamah food editor CELERY AND CUPCAKES

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