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Two together interview by Karolina Barnes, photography provided by James Soane

Steve Jobs once said that "design is not just what it looks like, design is how it works." When it comes to interiors, this couldn't be truer. Social media, especially Instagram and Pinterest, make us believe that aesthetics is more important than functionality. But that's a big illusion. Great design is able to mix the two together, creating spaces that are a joy to be in. Project Orange is on a mission to do just that. They are an unusual practice because they place equal importance on both, architecture and interior design. Whether it's homes, hotels or offices, they approach each project with detailed research and collaboration with their clients and partners. No wonder that among their achievements are RIBA Regional and National Awards, Building Design Interior Architect of the Year Awards, a Civic Trust Award, the Housing Design Awards, the British Homes Awards and The European Hotel Awards. Partners in practice and in life Project Orange was founded by Cambridge University graduates, Christopher Ash and James Soane in 1997. Here we chat with them about their early days, projects and educating the next generation of architects.

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