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PRACTICAL ELEMENTS Around this time of the year we tend to get sucked into overspending and overconsumption of things we don't really need. Of course it's nice to show how much we love our family and friends but let's do it with an unselfish and conscious mind. This issue is all about practical elements; whether that's through small makeovers in your home, key wardrobe investment pieces or giving meaningful and lasting gifts. Hope you find the following pages inspiring, informative and motivating! Love,

Karolina xx Karolina Barnes editor in chief



editor's recommended reads home tour arty home 08 We show you a home where a touch of grey with blue create a welcoming and cosy space.

travel Warsaw 39 We take you to Warsaw where you can get inspired by diverse European architecture and art.

open up & inspire kate minnikin nickalls 48 We talked to Kate Minnikin Nickalls about her journey to starting a gift giving company with a difference.

Cover: The Curious Department, p 21


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Arty Home words by Karolina Barnes, photography by Meera Pendred

Being a problem solver, and often working with tiny budgets, Meera Pendred from Arty Home is always looking for creative ways to achieve beautiful looks for her home for little cost. With her background in interior design, she has tried several DIY projects and makeovers over the years, with the latest one being her living room. First Meera painted her living room walls in deep grey to give it a sophisticated base to work with to achieve a lovely, cosy and relaxing space where you want to just kick back, cosy up, chill out, flick through a magazine/book or watch TV.



Contrasted with the dark blue on the sofa and the retro cabinet, and gold accents through lighting and accessories, the room feels very welcoming. Of course, art plays an important role, too. It's the final-touch element that not only brings the colour scheme together but also introduces a movement, colours, shapes and textures into the space.

The blue and grey colour scheme continues into the other rooms of Arty Home. In the dining room, dark blue creates a strong backdrop against beautifully styled bookshelves. A much lighter grey gives to room freshness and elegance, especially when paired with natural wood furniture and the fireplace surround.


In the master bedroom, the dark blue is introduced through the headboard which also serves as a focal point. Accessorised with grey accents from light to dark, the room feels calm and cosy. The family home office is divided into two areas. The kids' side and the adult side. They are both opposite each other, but this kind of set up provides for all family needs; for the kids to do their colouring and for the parents to get some work done.



OUT OF HER LOOP by LOLA DONOGHUE Lola Donoghue is an Irish artist living and working in Galway, in the West of Ireland. She graduated at the top of her class with a first class honors degree in Fine Art (Painting) from Limerick School of Art and Design. Imbued with a painterly, ethereal quality, her work is characterized by a predominantly white-on-white palette, layered with a mix of muted colours and splashes of bright neon. Her work is light and fresh and the compositions are a delicate balance of intricate linear forms and concentrated layers of colour. 14


Abstract expression words and images provided by Rachael Wardle

There is something about abstract art that is very unique. It gives us the freedom to understand and interpret it in different ways. To you it might mean something different than to me. Rachael Wardle from introduces two very unique abstract art resources. PICTOCLUB One of my absolute favourites for abstract art is Pictoclub (below). I love what they are doing. Pictoclub is a revolutionary art gallery, in which you choose the painting and then an artist hand paints it exclusively for you, in the size, format and framing you want. They are answering the growing demand of those who want to acquire art but do not want or cannot afford to invest a small fortune in a painting. Pictoclub make it possible to own original oil paintings without the usual hefty price tag.

Blocks Blue Canvas Painting

Cannes 1. Canvas Painting


Hangover Art Print 16

PEYTIL My second recommendation is Peytil, a Stockholm based art project founded by the designer and illustrator Eitil ThorĂŠn Due. His work reflects a graffiti-like spontaneity with focus on fashion illustrations and urban portraits. The style is inspired by fashion and the motifs are contemporary, the combination between classic painting and digital tools makes the paintings full of expression and contrast. One of my favourite pieces is the Hangover Art Print, which is a great example of how style and fashion elements are mixed with contemporary techniques. Moreover, the print is said to last between 80 - 100 years in good environmental conditions, if placed away from direct sunlight.

My tips: 1. FOCAL POINT OR DECOR Firstly, decide whether you want the art to be the focal point of the room or simply to complement the decor. This will help you choose your final selection. Art will always be a focal point, but it's up to you whether you want it to blend or pop. 2. SHAPE AND FORM Shape and form is just as important as colour with abstract art. If you want to make a room feel more expansive, fluid shapes or stripes help. You can then match furniture to the shapes for continuity across the room. 3. THE COLOUR LINK To strengthen abstract art, pick out the main colours and find accessories like cushions or a rug that matches the main colour. 4. LIGHTING If you're investing in an amazing abstract painting showcase it - you can do this with a picture light sconce to put your art in the spot light.

Rachael is the founder of Ohwhatsthis, an online marketplace featuring lifestyle independent designers and brands. All featured abstract art can be purchased on


COLOURS of the month words and photography by Karolina Barnes






Ethically made and loomed by master weavers and family run ateliers, LĂźks throws are the perfect lifestyle accessory for those who want to purchase an investment piece which can be used throughout the seasons with ease. Woven from 100% cotton and hand finished, the throw will not only keep you warm and cosy they are also great for outdoor living and travel. Nothing says comfort better than a super soft LĂźks throw, so it's no wonder that they make such special gifts or indulgent treats, which will be treasured for years to come.

Upcycled from the material used in their Kantha sari scarves, these gorgeous sari bead necklaces from Jewelled Buddha are handcrafted by mastercraftswomen. Versatile and elegant these necklaces take you from casual to dressed up effortlessly!








A bangle that is loved by all. The Aphrodite bangle from Black & Sigi is the perfect stacking bangle to all your other accessories or equally to be worn on its own. Handmade from plated and wrapped wire it adds understated statement to your outfit any time for any occasion.

This vibrant Clara toiletry bag by Samantha Warren was inspired by the Icelandic landscape. It has a lined main compartment and a zip opening. Made with waterproof coated cotton so it's perfect for the gym, travel or everyday use to keep your essentials in one place.

The Curious Department's second collection "ELEMENTAL" explores the synergy between floral habitats and the creatures that reside in them. Representing the four key elements of earth, air, fire and water, and using pattern and shapes to blur the boundaries between flora & animal, the collection is a heady concoction of Art Nouveau and Hollywood Regency influences with a splash of gold foil opulence.





LIKE THEM, GET THEM research and graphics by Emilia Vespoli

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

NET-A-PORTER – STELLA MCCARTNEY Isabel Floating Corded Lace and Point d’Esprit Underwired Bra HOUSEOLOGY – NOTRE MONDE Gold and Blue Halos Glass Tray LIBERTY LONDON Iphis Cosmetic Leather Case

HOUSEOLOGY – EICHHOLTZ Padova Coffee Table M’ODA ‘OPERANDI – TORY BURCH Thelma Foiled Velvet Coat M’ODA ‘OPERANDI – FIGUE Catroux Boot LIBERTY LONDON The Happiness Planner

JONATHAN ADLER Goldfinger Lounge Chair



little treasures discovered 24

five minutes with..

STUDIO BRITISH interview with Anabel Calvo, images provided by Studio British

1. WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR JOURNEY SO FAR? The idea for Studio British came about as a result of my growing passion for wellmade clothing and the British fashion industry. I became increasingly frustrated with brands that used the Union Flag to imply luxury, while the clothing had actually been made in sweatshops with bad working practices. These brands are overpriced and misleading to consumers. At the same time, there are plenty of amazing manufacturers across the UK who don't get the attention they deserve. Anabel shared this passion with me and after one too many glasses of wine we decided that it was time for action! 2.WHAT’S DIFFERENT ABOUT STUDIO BRITISH? Studio British is committed to offering clothing and accessories that meet our strict criteria. First, we evaluate each brand for quality. This involves a visit the factories where the garments are produced to find out how they are made and road testing the clothes to make sure they are going to last for years to come. Second, we want every piece in our collection to be timeless. We appreciate that these clothes are an investment, so we keep the collection tight, in the knowledge that everything we stock will be in style for years to come. Third, everything has been made in Britain, so you know your clothes have a happy story behind them, having been made by skilled craftsmen and women.

“Finding your unique voice amongst many other womenswear labels is possibly the biggest challenge.”


3. WHAT’S YOUR MISSION WITH IT? HOW DO YOU WANT TO HELP WOMEN/YOUR CUSTOMER? Our mission is to take British manufacturing mainstream. We feel that fashion has gone in the wrong direction, with high-street stores encouraging consumers to value quantity over quality. Britain has a rich history of manufacturing, and by buying British we can help to grow and continue that industry. We have seen a similar trend in supermarkets over the last ten years, where consumers have become disillusioned with falsely labelled food products and have instead sought out locally-sourced, well made food with good provenance. Much like we care more about what's going into our bodies, we think that people are starting to care more about what they put on their bodies. Shopping locally also means more jobs and skills development for us and our children. I'm currently expecting my first child and I would be thrilled if she were to grow up in a world where she is able to explore textiles and manufacturing as a career. 4. WHO IS YOUR IDEAL CUSTOMER? Our ideal customer is someone who really values quality in their clothing. When you pick up a piece from John Smedley or Private White VC, you can literally feel the love and attention that has gone into making it. Along the way, we hope to educate and inspire people about British manufacturing, so we hope to see more people taking an interest in the amazing brands that Britain has to offer. 5. HOW IMPORTANT IS BRITISH MADE/ETHICAL TRADING/SUSTAINABILITY FOR YOU? British manufacturing and sustainability is at the heart of what we do. The planet has limited resources and unnecessary air miles and clothing landfills mean we need to re-evaluate how we buy fashion. We can all make a positive contribution by buying less but better quality clothing. We hope that Studio British can help to facilitate this change!













The sales as we knew it... words by Flavia Young, graphics by Natalie Barnes

I have been one of the very early days adopters of online shopping. In fact I suspect, I must have been one of the very first few customers to join net-a-porter's mailing list all those 17 years ago. I had a good reason back then, it was a case or adapt or die, okay maybe not die, but let an intense passion die. I was living in South Africa back then, a country that after years of isolation from the world due to sanctions and fierce protectionist laws cocooning its textile industry - 60% taxation on imported apparel being the norm, meant that it was not a good place for a fashion buff to land up in. In those days, "middle class" fashion was only available from about 3 major chain stores and needless to say, it meant that the fashion pickings were grim and resulted with everyone wearing the same few good looks that everyone else was wearing. It goes without saying that having arrived in 1990 and only being able to afford one yearly trip back home to Rio to visit my family and indulge in the wonderful panache of Brazilian fashion, I was starved. So shopping online was a technique I mastered in the early days - in order to ensure my biggest passion's survival. Of course since then, things have changed. I went on to found a very successful fashion business in Johannesburg, specialising in imported Brazilian high end fashion and then later on, now in London, to launch of my own independent online boutique, which was sadly swallowed up by the online fashion giants and closed its retail doors after three years. These very same online giants have also been changing (in my opinion, irreversibly) the way our shopping habits evolve and adapt. The onset of Black Friday a few years ago has simultaneously been great news for the consumer who can now never pay full price for winter clothes or Christmas gifts if they don't wish to, and the death of the smaller, independent stores. 30

Simple maths really: larger stores have the volume of sales that allows them to remain operational and profitable even when selling at 30-50% discounts, while smaller stores who carry less volume and therefore execute less sales, can't cover their running and stock costs if at their most important time of the year (when it comes to sales volumes), they are having to discount in order to try to compete with the giants. Simple really. The result is that consumers are now used to and expect discounts and promotions all year around, meaning that by the time the official "Boxing Day Sales" arrive, there is nothing good left to buy or our credit cards are too battered to cope with one more hit. So, before the best is all gone, let me guide you through some of the most justifiable sale buys currently out there - pieces that will no doubt get the Holy Grail status of "great investment per wear".














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Winter face in 3 steps words and photography by Nicola McCullough


The transition to Autumn-Winter make up is always a favourite... there's something so inviting about rich, deep tones and metallic textures that warm our complexion on crisp, cold days. Here's how to fast forward your look into the new season in three easy steps... 1. LIPS From orange through to berry-red and plum, if you only add one new product to your make up bag, make it a lipstick. Clarins Joli Rouge in Guava is a wearable warm burnt russet with a semi sheer finish. Organic marsh samphire extract and mango oil moisturise the lips - negating the need for balm - leaving an extra smooth, plumped finish.


2. NAILS A coat of glossy plum, navy or dark teal equates an instant Autumnal update at your fingertips. Flashes of metallic have transitioned through style and beauty this season and make a striking alternative for nails... try Topshop Apollo, a burnished gold that catches pink in the light. 3. EYES For a quick and easy eye that takes you from day to evening, opt for a one swipe shade like Chanel Ombre Premiere Longwear Cream Shadow in Pourpre Profond. This smokey plum works equally well as a smudgy liner or blended across the lid and into the socket line. Add a touch of golden shimmer to the centre of your lid with Inglot AMC Pure Pigment Eyeshadow. Palette lovers will enjoy ELF Mad for Matte by day, mixing things up with the vibrant shimmering jewel tones of Zoeva's Opulence palette. For a long lasting, dewy base, Clarins Everlasting Cushion foundation adds a skin like veil of buildable coverage with a built in mirror for on the go top ups. Our natural wax candle is Winter by Field Day, a comforting blend of cinnamon, clove and orange.

“For a quick and easy eye that takes you from day to evening, opt for a one swipe shade.�




©Basia Kuligowska & Przemek Nieciecki

©Basia Kuligowska & Przemek Nieciecki

©Basia Kuligowska & Przemek Nieciecki

©Basia Kuligowska & Przemek Nieciecki

©Basia Kuligowska & Przemek Nieciecki


Warsaw words and photography provided by Monika Pick

Looking for new Berlin with a pinch of Amsterdam and perhaps even Paris, then look no further. With Polish design and fashion finally getting international recognition, visiting Warsaw is in vogue. Get inspired by its diverse architecture; from restored Gothic, communist concrete to modern glass and steel, while staying in one of the coolest hotels the city has to offer.

ŠBasia Kuligowska & Przemek Nieciecki


©Basia Kuligowska & Przemek Nieciecki

STAY Autor Rooms Address: Lwowska 17/7, 00-660 Warsaw, Poland; E:; T: +48 797 99 27 37

Autor Rooms is not your ordinary hotel. It’s a well-thought out concept combining the best of Polish architectural, design and artistic talent in one, making it a very stylish, but homely, place to stay and explore the city from. Conveniently located near many main attractions and in the epicentre of Warsaw’s buzzing nightlife. An interior perfection. 42

DINE Hala Koszyki Address: Koszykowa 63, 00-667 Warszawa, Poland; w:

Finally, there's a food hall in Warsaw resembling Lisbon’s Time Out market or La Boqueria in Barcelona. The building itself is a mustsee piece of art nouveau architecture (designed by the main Warsaw architect Juliusz Dzierżanowski), sympathetically restored in 2012 to its former glory. The building hosts numerous restaurants, bars, design shops and markets. Upstairs, there’s an art gallery as well as a display on the restoration of the original building. It’s a great place to hang out and you’ll be spoilt for choice. My tip is to try the 'barszcz' (Polish beetroot soup) at Siewcy Smaku. You won't regret it.



DO The Palace of Culture and Science Address: Pl. Defilad 1 Warszawa, Poland; w:

The capital city is changing so much, but one of the most iconic, and the highest (231m) buildings still stands out in the city’s landscape. Take a lift to the 30th floor for an excellent photo opportunity of the whole of Warsaw. The building remains controversial as, for many, it signifies communism and the oppression associated with the Soviet domination, but, on the other hand, its magnificent structure and décor are worth preserving. It hosts an array of attractions such as four theatres, a cinema (very glamorous venue), a concert venue, a swimming pool, a few bars and two museums.

The Neon Museum Address: ul. Minska 25, Soho Factory, Building 55, 03-808 Warsaw, Poland;

This is an independent museum dedicated to the documentation and preservation of Poland’s cold war era neon signs. For less than £2, you can admire their amazing collection. Situated in one of the most unique and diverse spaces on the right side of the river Vistula - Soho Factory. It’s a cultural, design, art and fashion hub spread over a large, post-industrial area transformed into an appealing living, working and entertaining space. Nearest metro station is ‘Warszawa Stadion’.

Monika is an interior & design blogger and co-founder of an online art shop PickArtHome. Warsaw abstract art prints are available to purchase now. 45

Quick & easy cupcakes words and photography by Karolina Barnes, recipe by Sophie Barnes



For many generations, one of our family traditions is baking over the festive season. Sweet breads, such as Stollen, Christmas cookies and biscuits are constantly being topped up on the festive table. Any guest is welcome to help themselves without asking. It's a given thing. If you don't, at least try to taste, otherwise the hostess will feel offended. Getting kids involved is also part of the intention to keep the baking tradition alive. Simpler recipes, such as quick & easy cupcakes, are usually given to older children to get them into the baking habit with fun and confidence.

ingredients For the cakes 90g self-raising flour 90g soft butter 90g caster sugar 2 medium eggs 1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence

For the icing 175g icing sugar 1 1/2 tablespoons warm water berries for decoration (blueberries)

method 1. Heat the over to 180 degrees Celsius. 2. Sift the flour into a bowl. 3. Add the butter, sugar and vanilla. 4. Break the eggs into a cup or small bowl and add them to the mixture. 5. Mix until the mixture is creamy. 6. Use a teaspoon to divide the mixture between the paper cases on your tray. 7. Bake for 15 - 18 minutes until they are firm and golden. 8.Sift the icing sugar into a bowl and stir in the warm water to make a smooth paste. 9. Decorate your cupcakes after they have cooled down and top them with berries. Enjoy!!




“open up & inspire”

Minnikin interview by Karolina Barnes and photography provided by Kate Minnikin Nickalls

Have you heard of meaningful gifting? I came across it when I was introduced to Kate Minnikin Nickalls from M I N N I K I N, a lifestyle brand that is passionate about marking life's moments and occasions by giving a gift that is symbolic and meaningful. Here she shares the concept with us.

1. WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR JOURNEY SO FAR? It felt like a marathon to just get to the start line. We knew it would be hard work but didn’t realise the emotional exhaustion that comes from starting your own business. Every day is a steep learning curve and it takes a lot to keep so many balls in the air. Everything has to be generated out of yourself, so having a partner is important. To have someone that can push you, share the load with and keep you sane. We know this is just the beginning of M I N N I K I N so we’re also feeling blessed to have someone with whom to share the excitement for the future.

“Gift giving should be more than just a passing gesture. We love the idea how someone can give a plant gift that will continue to grow.”


2. WHAT'S SO DIFFERENT ABOUT YOUR BRAND? WHAT’S YOUR BRAND’S ETHOS? It’s more than just a beautifully presented plant gift, it’s a symbol of a milestone or moment that someone can interact with, find joy in and connect with. You can give a M I N N I K I N in so many different relationships, between friends, family through to business situations. Because in the end it’s about acknowledging a particular moment or relationship, whether that is, ‘Thank you for your business’ to ‘Congratulations on your engagement’ to ‘I’m sorry’. 3. HOW IMPORTANT IS THE CONCEPT OF “GIFTS THAT GROW” TO YOU? Very. We believe that gift giving should be more than just a passing gesture. We love how someone can give a plant gift that will continue to grow, with each part of the packaging able to be upcycled and used for other purposes and write a card which demands to be kept. When you give a M I N N I K I N, you’re giving a living, growing reminder of an important moment in life. 4. HOW DID YOU OVERCOME THE FEAR OF FAILURE AND THE INSECURITIES WHEN STARTING OUT YOUR BRAND? We didn’t think about it. Ignorance is bliss.


5. WHAT WAS YOUR BIGGEST CHALLENGE WHILE IN THE START-UP PHASE? IT. IT. And then IT. 6. WHAT WAS YOUR BIGGEST LESSON OR ADVICE YOU RECEIVED? Find a great partner who shares your vision and is someone you can share a rollercoaster ride with. 7. WHAT WOULD YOU TO SAY TO ANYONE WHO IS THINKING ABOUT STARTING A BUSINESS AND PURSUE THEIR PASSION? It’ll take a lot longer than you ever planned for. Seriously look at your contingency money and planning.





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ESTILA EDIT - November/December 2017  

A lifestyle magazine on a mission to empower through style and colour while telling the stories of emerging designers and British brands. Th...

ESTILA EDIT - November/December 2017  

A lifestyle magazine on a mission to empower through style and colour while telling the stories of emerging designers and British brands. Th...