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Welcome to the issue 24 of ESTILA Edit!

SUMMER COLOURS Summer is almost over but we're not ready for autumn yet. Bolder colours, exotic patterns and light textures dominate this issue. We discovered new stories, new British talent and lifestyle businesses that have a real purpose to make a change. Never to accept the status quo, they are trying to bring attention to fresh ideas and great causes, too. As always there is a great summery recipe inside and tried & tested hydrators for thirsty skin, which I'm sure most of us are experiencing right now. Hope you find the following pages inspiring, informative and motivating! Love,

Karolina xx Karolina Barnes editor in chief



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editor's recommended reads shop we love decor a list 12 Our shop spotlight this month is Decor A List, which is all about promoting a variety of styles rather than one look for your home.

travel history lesson in Derbyshire 43 We take you on a short journey into the past with a visit to the Bolsover castle in Derbyshire.

open up & inspire alys bibby-wood 53 We talked to Alys Bibby-Wood about her journey to becoming a florist and owning a shop.

Cover: Prose ceramic plate, available at Decor A List, page 14


Win Penelope Hope iphone case

DESIGNED IN GUERNSAY, MADE IN ENGLAND These designer iPhone cases are both stylish and playful, and make the perfect fashion accessory with unique gorgeous prints. Offered in a striking chevron for the geometrically inclined, leafy palm and pineapples for the exotic tropical fashionistas, marbled finish for the gorgeous sumptuous look, and starry skies for the celestial dreamers amongst you! Closing date: 30.09.2017


Penelope Hope phone cases are available for most iPhone models: 5, 5S, 5C, SE, 6, 6S, 6 Plus, 7 and 7 Plus. Effortlessly marrying trend with quality, the phone cases have a black inner layer that protects your phone much more than the snap on cases widely available on the high street. This offer closes on 30.09.2017. T&C apply.


HAVE YOU GOT A STORY TO TELL? We are looking for inspirational life stories, products and emerging brands in interiors, fashion and lifestyle. If you have a story to share, please get in touch at





Playful Kidsrooms words and photography by Karolina Barnes

Kidsrooms are spaces in our homes, which allow for imagination to run wild. By nature kids are fearless, adventurous and carefree. These characteristics can be easily applied to design. Think bold colours, interesting patterns, mixing textures and adding fun accessories. If your kids are old enough, why not let them help you with choosing wall paint colours, soft furnishings, rugs and small objects that they like? I let my daughters pick the wallpaper as our starting point, shown here and on the following page.



My tips: 1. PAY ATTENTION TO DETAILS Choose smart materials such as easy to clean, highly durable fabrics and wipeable surfaces. 2. CREATE A FOCAL POINT WITH A FRAMED WALLPAPER Kids bedrooms go through several upgrades, framing a wallpaper give the space an instant result without having to update the whole wall. 3. USE LIGHTING FOR INTEREST AND FUNCTION Lighting needs to be visually effective but also practical. Use dimmers where possible and have at least 4 - 5 lighting points in the room. 4. PROTECT FLOORS WITH RUGS When it comes to rugs it’s all about layering. This also includes carpet layering. Layer it with area rugs, or rug on rugs to introduce texture, colour and pattern to your space. Put them around the bed for added softness and comfort.



shop we love

Decor A List

words by Karolina Barnes, photography provided by Catherine Cornelissen

1. WHAT IS THE CONCEPT FOR DECOR A LIST? Decor A List is an e-boutique for home decor, furniture and art that is globally sourced with an emphasis on pieces that are unique, bespoke and/or limited edition. The concept behind Decor A List is to promote a variety of styles and aesthetics rather than one particular 'look' and offer a tailored luxury with bespoke and made to order pieces. Essentially, our pieces are ones that our clients simply cannot find on high street stores. We connect designer with customer and believe that your home should reflect your interests and your innately stylish flair. Not only do we have classic and timeless pieces, but we also have items which are more quirky in their overall design and ultimately believe that your home should be as unique as you are. We work with furniture designers and art advisors who have a global quality, so we truly believe we can find or custom-make something for everyone.



2. WHAT IS THE MOST POPULAR PRODUCT AT THE MOMENT? The most popular product at the moment is either the Kim Salmela Ikat cushions, which are very vibrant and also exclusive to the UK on Decor A List, or the Pink Ladies Lamp, which is hand painted and has endless bespoke options. The cushions are wonderful because while they are all designed by Kim Salmela, there are different styles of patterns, such as multi-coloured Ikat, navy trellis, a gold infused art deco design and paisley patchwork patterns that exhibit her worldly taste; not to mention, the fabrics are globally sourced.

3. HOW DO YOU DEFINE STYLE? DOES YOUR STYLE INFLUENCES THE CURATION PROCESS FOR DECOR A LIST? Style is completely subjective! It is completely internal and reflects a person's identity, interests and it is this expression of innate qualities that defines style to me. Similar to how people dress with their clothing and accessories, they are stylish purely because they create their own look that is unique to them; the same applies to your living space. When I curate the products for Decor A List, style is significantly important -- but in a broad sense -- as I am catering to such a wide variety of aesthetics, which I am hoping will be popular amongst my customers. So, I like to source pieces that I know are distinctive to different types of styles such as: contemporary mirrored furniture items, hand painted lamps with vibrant motifs on them (such as lobsters and pineapples), elegant cashmere throws, bohemian Ikat cushions and lampshades in a traditional English design but fused with African patterns and colours.

4. AS WE ALL KNOW THE MARKET IS VERY SATURATED WITH PRODUCTS. WHAT KIND OF STRATEGY DO YOU HAVE FOR DECOR A LIST TO STAND OUT? As I briefly touched on earlier, I believe that the types of products and sheer variety of aesthetic of the pieces on Decor A List speak for themselves. Many interior shops rely and focus on one specific style, whereas I really believe that in featuring such an eclectic mix of, for example, bohemian, traditional, Skandinavian, Italian and contemporary design, people can shop the look and mix and match as they wish. 15

Since we also offer art and furniture sourcing as well as interior styling services, it couldn't be easier to source unique and beautiful items for any given space; whether it is a bespoke, hand-poured scented bespoke candle, an original painting from an up-an-coming artist, or a custom-built piece of furniture.


My ideal customer would be an interior designer looking for some help with a bespoke project -- as these are usually very exciting to work on -- or perhaps someone who just purchased a new house and needs some advice on how to style their space based on their personality. I myself as founder have lived in many different cities and have a global network which has exposed me to so many different cultures and ways of living; I find it fascinating to promote this global taste with a view that there is something for everyone.













LIKE THEM, GET THEM research and graphics by Emilia Vespoli

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

M’ODA ‘OPERANDI – ANTONELLO II Suni Chelu Clutch M’ODA ‘OPERANDI – TEMPERLEY LONDON Parchment Embroidered Halter Crepe Dress AMARA – MARIMEKKO Oiva Salad Platter

AMARA – ORLA KIELY Ladies Patricia Watch NEST – GAN Kilim Mosaiek Rug Yellow AMARA – POLS POTTEN Layers Vase WEST ELM Luna Chair

AMARA – TOM DIXON Scented Candle



Green Palm Blush 20


Artrepublic words by Karolina Barnes

While on my recent trip to Brighton, I spotted a little art gem on Bond Street. I recognised a piece of art in the window by an artist we featured in our previous Estila Edit. It was the "Apex 2017" (below) by the super talented, award-winning contemporary artist Dave White, who our interiors editor Anouska Lancaster had a pleasure to interview - tap here to read it. Artrepublic started in 1999 as an online source of curated collection of the best art around. Since the beginning, the mission has been to demystify art and make it accessible for everyone - whether you’re a long-term collector or want a oneoff piece to decorate your home. They offer an amazing range of works including famous names such as Peter Blake, Pure Evil, Eelus, and Damien Hirst, but also showcase works by talented new artists just starting out their career. In 2005 they were one of the first websites to offer Own Art in association with the arts council to help make art more accessible to all.


COLOURS COLOURS of the month of the month

word and styling by Karolina Barnes, photography by Anna Stathaki


This "colours of the month" is taking us to Oxford for a collaboration between emerging lifestyle brands, embracing the British summer in its full glory.


THE JEWELLERY The latest collection from Salome Designs - INTO THE WILD is based on natural stones from Africa. These pieces includes designs from previous collections all featuring African gemstones such as African Jasper, African Turquoise and African Bloodstone. This collection is inspired by the rainforest of the Lebialem Highlands in Cameroon, which is home to the world’s most endanger primate, the Cross River Gorilla. In addition, the rainforest is home to many rare species of flora and fauna unique to this special part of the world. The beauty of this area, the people and the wildlife have inspired this raw, earthy collection. There are less than 300 Cross River Gorillas remaining, so we have decided to donate a portion of every sale in this collection to the Cross River Gorilla Project UK. 23







The scarf collection OUT OF AFRICA was inspired by Bianca Elgar's trip to Marrakesh. She says: “There’s something magical and exotic about Marrakesh. The colourful fabrics and the smell of spices in the markets – while crating this collection, I was taken straight back to my time in Africa in my twenties."

Good shoes take you good places. These Yull heels are inspired by the Borough, London. As well as being home to the wonderful Borough market, Borough boasts a mix of traditional London warehouses and many modern buildings such as the Shard. Named and inspired by the area, these heels are perfect for walking on the old cobbled streets due to their lower and chunkier heel, but still perfect for wearing out for a cocktail or two.

Whether it's a business meeting, afterschool club or a day out, the Dahlia bag is the perfect hero bag for any occasion. Not only it's a tote but also its removable front pocket transforms into a clutch or cross-body bag. Its creator, Sarah Haran says: "Our handhags are the perfect accessory for your everyday wardrobe, stylish with a sense of fun and fantastic versatility. They really do make like easier."



little treasures discovered 26

five minutes with..

THE VETIVER COLLECTION interview with Laura Bonnell by Karolina Barnes, photography provided by Laura Bonnell

1. WHAT IS THE STORY BEHIND THE VETIVER COLLECTION? The Vetiver collection was launched in 2016 by owner and creative director Elizabeth Lewis. Elizabeth grew up between California and Australia before moving to New York to pursue her career in fashion. It was after Elizabeth returned to California that she took the decision to launch Vetiver, a womenswear brand that reflects her well-travelled lifestyle and her love of vintage. Last year my husband and I decided the time was right to pursue our long held dream of moving our family from London to California. After selling our London flat, we packed our worldly possessions into a 20ft shipping container and headed to sunny Southern California to start our new adventure. A chance meeting with Elizabeth led to a long chat over coffee about our shared love of vintage and fashion, and shortly afterwards I came on board to work on developing Vetiver. Elizabeth and I have come from similar backgrounds ,having both worked for brands in New York, and both having a shared loved of vintage. Elizabeth has worked with a number of New York and Australian contemporary young Designer brands. They have included working as the Director of Sales for the leading purveyor of of authentic luxury vintage in New York 'What Goes Around Comes Around’, where she also helped to launch their own label. I have designed for a number of heritage brands including Ralph Lauren in New York. The Vetiver Collection is a vintage inspired collection designed to float freely between relaxed Australian beaches, the chic streets of New York, and the endless Californian sun. Our inspiration is drawn from Elizabeth’s life having grown up on the West Coast and Australia, as well as her time working in New York and London. 2. HOW DO YOU DEFINE STYLE? Style is an extension of your personality, your lifestyle, your loves, your interests.





3. WHO IS YOUR IDEAL CUSTOMER? The Vetiver girl is well-travelled, her wardrobe moves freely between the beaches of Byron bay to the downtown streets of New York. The Vetiver woman can pull from our collection to create her own unique story, and includes staples that transcend hours of the day, taking her from weekday to weekend. 4. WHAT HAVE YOU FOUND MOST CHALLENGING WHEN STARTING THE BRAND? Elizabeth and I bring 36+ years of experience in the fashion industry between us. We have seen the launch and evolution of many womens brands on both sides of the Atlantic and Pacific. Finding your unique ‘voice’ amongst the landscape of so many beautiful womenswear labels is possibly the biggest challenge. It is also one of the most interesting challenges. Elizabeth has worked closely with brands, most recently with a number of Australian brands to launch them into the USA market. She has an eye for identifying opportunities in the market, and understands how to launch and grow a new brand. Together with my experience working with brands in London and New York to launched new lines, I think we have managed to create something truly unique and desirable. 5. WHAT IS YOUR VISION LONG TERM FOR THE BRAND? We have many exciting opportunities and plans for the brand in the coming year! We are currently working on opening our first bricks and mortar store, and there are plans to grow the brand beyond clothing into accessories and homeware. We are also working on a number of sustainable initiatives, which we aim to roll out next year. 6. WHERE CAN WE BUY YOUR COLLECTION? IS IT AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE? We currently sell through our online store, as well as a select number of boutiques in across the USA. You can also find us on ShopBop and Free People.

“Finding your unique voice amongst many other womenswear labels is possibly the biggest challenge.” 31






Wise investments words by Flavia Young, graphics by Natalie Barnes

Much against what I imagined my 50-year-old self to be one day - that super sleek, classic dresser who takes dressing her own age very seriously... now fast forwarded to September 2017, I find myself convinced that in fact, a good eye for prints (and print clashing for that matter), is an essential key to a grown up woman's style evolution. Feeling rather enlighted by this change of heart, I am totally smitten with the luxe Bohemia taking hold of my autumn/winter wardrobe wishlist. But please be quick to note, I am not talking loads of silver, turquoise and leather bracelets, cut-out denim shorts, straw cowboy hats or anything remotely Coachella boho. I am talking luxe, grown-up Bohemia. Opulent velvets, dark paisley and floral prints, silk peasant blouses, long fluid dresses that show neither too much leg or cleavage, long slouchy boots in suede or matt leather, rich gemstones fine jewelry and so on... In light of this, I have been on a hunt for winter ankle boots, those you will wear to death and when you retire them by March next year you look back with great satisfaction at the fantastic cost per wear investment you made. However, this year the trusted black or brown suede ankle boot will simply not cut it for me. I have grown bored of watching shoe designers at the higher end - they call be inspired, I call copy each other endlessly. I now reckon that if I am going to fork out a fairly high portion of my hard earned cash on designer shoes, I want them to be originally created and not a thinly veiled copy of another. So, my same old and trusted Aquazurra, Saint Laurent, Gianvito Rossi classic suede boots will no longer cut it. This season I want my boots different, exciting & newly designed. The embroidered, boldly detailed and printed boots are strictly not an investment piece if you have not mastered the art of print clashing, but with a little practice and common sense, they might prove to be not just a brilliant investment piece this season, but are also very likely to set you firmly apart on the style stakes by adding a powerful sartorial punch to your everyday wear.


SAMUELE FAILLI, Maya stud-embellished boots £650

LAURENCE DACADE, Pete embroidered booties £600

ALTUZARRA, Elliot ankle boots £985

LAURENCE DACADE, Lace-up suede boots £630

ALAIA, Laser-cut leather boots £839

VALENTINO, Leather ankle boots £1,265

MR&MRS ITALY, Suede and mink fur hiking boots £330 36

ALEXANDRE BIRMAN, Beatrice suede boots £489

LAURENCE DACADE, Mikki velvet boots £550 TABITHA SIMMONS, Sock boots £625

MR&MRS ITALY, Suede and mink fur hiking boots, £330 NO.21, Knotted velvet boots £475

GIANVITO ROSSI, Satin boots £975

TODS, Leather slippers £795




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Hydrators for thirsty skin words and photography by Nicola McCullough


Regardless of season or skin type, most faces will benefit from additional hydration. And for those who struggle to drink adequate water (guilty!), there's a line-up of facial spritzes, serums and masks waiting to grace your skincare shelf. The key hydrating ingredient I look for is Hyaluronic Acid. We're all blessed with plenty of this in our youth and topping it up helps skin look plumped and glowing as well as boosting hydration levels. As Most products containing hyaluronic are light and watery in consistency and absorb in seconds. Here are a few of my favourite hydrators... SPRAYS I'm a huge fan of facial sprays as they're so quick, easy and pleasant to use.


Emma Hardie Plump & Glow Hydrating Facial Mist is excellent on the go as it comes in a lightweight, handbag-friendly tube. It contains Aloe Vera, Velvet Flower, Wild Watermint and Hyaluronic Acid to plump, hydrate and tone skin. For around half the price, Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist plumps and boosts moisture levels with a blend of Black Oat, Provitamin A and Linoleic Acid. Both contain Hyaluronic Acid and can be used during your skincare routine or over make-up throughout the day. SERUM I often layer serum over a facial spritz, but would opt for a serum for maximum impact if you're choosing between them. Clarins Intensive Moisture Quenching Bi-Phase Serum feels instantly soothing and helps parched, dull or irritated skin retain water. The sophisticated NIOD Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Complex combines twelve forms of hyaluronic compounds to visibly plump and hydrate skin. MASK On days when my skin feels truly parched and tight I'll opt for a leave-on mask and keep coming back to Dermalogica Hydrating Masque. It's gel-like texture sinks in so quickly that I can even apply a light layer under make-up (or a thicker one overnight). A blend of calming botanicals, antioxidant vitamins and Hyaluronic Acid give my skin an instant hydration boost. I'd recommend any of the above for immediate comfort, longer lasting make-up (hydrated skin is less likely to soak up foundation) and a radiant glow.

“I often layer serum over a facial spritz, but would opt for a serum for maximum impact.� FIND MORE TIPS ON STRAWBERRYBLONDEBEAUTY.COM 42




history lessons words and photography by Karolina Bsrnes

If you are looking for a great family day out, Bolsover Castle in Derbyshire might be on your list to check out. It was built in the 17th century by the Cavendish family. However, its origins go back to the 12th century when a medieval castle was first built by local family - the Peverels. These days the castle is recognised as a "nationally important" building and archaeological site, which consists of The Little Castle, the long gallery and stables.


THE EXTERIOR Located on the top of the hill in a small village - Bolsover, the castle provides amazing views of its surrounding area. The exterior of each building carries stories of its era. What now is a roofless structure of the vast Terrace Range was once a place of entertainment, a long dining room with basement kitchen.


THE INTERIOR The Cavendish family made every effort to turn the castle into an elegant living building to impress rather than for the purpose of defence. They added a new hall and impressive staterooms. Visitors were able to admire bespoke tapastry, exotic rugs, custom-designed furniture and marble fireplaces.



ACTIVITIES Apart from touring the castle and admiring its architecture and restored interiors, you can also enjoy a picnic or a light lunch within the castle spacious grounds. While we were there, children could also take part in interactive games and even a play pretending to be kings and queens, while learning history lessons.


Prawn Courgettie with Walnut Pesto words and photography by Ellen Stanton



Craving pasta but you know that holiday is a few weeks away? This fabulous dish is a lighter alternative to spaghetti, filled with lots of veggies and won’t leave you feeling sluggish. No spiralizer? Do not worry, grab yourself a peeler instead! I have complemented it with my wonderful walnut pesto, which should make more than enough, so it can be stored in the fridge for a rainy day. Use the courgettie and pesto as a base, then build whatever toppings you want. I find sweet cherry tomatoes, olives and juicy king prawns make a lovely combination.

ingredients For the Pesto 1 cup (packed) fresh basil leaves 40g walnuts 2 cloves garlic 100ml extra virgin olive oil 20g shaved parmesan salt & pepper

For the Courgettie 2 large courgettes 150g frozen king prawns (can use fresh if you prefer) 100g cherry tomatoes 60g olives 2 small handfuls of rocket/watercress/ spinach oil for frying (I used coconut)

method 1. Begin making the pesto by adding the basil and walnuts to a food processor and pulsing until the walnuts and basil leaves are finely chopped. 2. Add the garlic and parmesan and blend again until combined. 3. Slowly add the olive oil, whilst blending at the same time, until everything is combined. I like mine with a bit of texture but blend until you reach your preferred consistency. Set this aside whilst you start to create the rest of the dish. 4. Grab your spiralizer (or peeler) and spiralize the courgettes. 5. Slice the cherry tomatoes in half. 6. Fry the prawns on a medium heat in some oil for 4-5minutes until they turn pink, then set aside. 7. Put 2 tbsp of the pesto into the frying pan, then add the spiralized courgettie and fry for 1 minute. You can fry it a little longer but I just don’t like soggy courgettie! 8. Mix your rocket/spinach/watercress into the courgettie then serve this into two bowls. 9. Top this with the olives, cherry tomatoes and king prawns. You can also add some more chopped walnuts and parmesan if you wish.




“open up & inspire”

Alys Bibby-Wood text and photography by Ruth Daniels

Last year in my quest for all things Scandi and floral for the Christmas Style Fix I was lucky enough to meet Alys, of Blomst, a florist based in East London, using unique lesser known flowers drawing on a Danish influence, keeping it ‘rustic yet romantic’ Here, Alys shares her journey in floristry and business so far….. 1. WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR JOURNEY SO FAR? An exciting, challenging and creative one! It started in 2015 autumn soon after I had our daughter Betsy. I love the career path I had chosen but wanted something in addition that allowed me to develop further my creative side. Floristry has always been an inspiration to me and flowers were something my Ma and I loved. My interest in flowers has always been there, but 2015 offered a turning point for me. I started by offering to make arrangements for friends and family, visiting flower markets and experimenting with different styles and types of flowers. I decided to set up my stall at the weekly E17 Village Market (Walthamstow Village) and it went from strength to strength. The stall ran from April 2016-December 2016 and in January 2017 I set up the first Blomst pop-up shop, which was a six month opportunity.

“Floristry has always been an inspiration to me and flowers were something I loved.”


2. WHY DID YOU CHOOSE FLORISTRY? My love of flowers has been something that has probably always been there. Growing up, flowers were very important to my Ma and this clearly passed on to me. Flowers are such a mood changer and bring such joy, I wanted to take my interest a little further and after receiving lots of positive support and encouragement regarding my floral arrangements, I decided to give it a go. A couple of intense flower courses later, I launched Blomst and it continues to grow and develop. 3. WHY DID YOU SET UP BLOMST LONDON? We moved to Walthamstow from Hackney and I felt that there was a real gap in the floristry market. I wanted to fill that gap and so the Blomst (Danish for flower) journey began, my love of flowers spurred me on I went for it. The response has been phenomenal and this interest and encouragement has helped to make Blomst what it is today. Blomst has travelled so far over the last fifteen months and has so many supporters and friends, which helps immensely. 4. WHAT IS DIFFERENT ABOUT IT? My customers say my floral style is pretty unique. I use seasonal flowers and always aim to be quite adventurous in my arrangements. I like to use flowers that are a little less well known and my style is often described as rustic yet romantic. A style, which gets lots of compliments from our customers, and our uniqueness is always commented on. We also offer a flower subscription service, delivering flowers weekly, twice a month or monthly. A great floral luxury at an affordable price. 5. ARE THERE ANY PARTICULAR FLOWERS THAT GO REALLY WELL TOGETHER? I think all flowers have the potential to go well together. It is about how they are put together, mixed, complemented and styled. For example I like to use a mixture of blooms to create a sharp sense of freshness and presence in all floral arrangements, flowers that may not always be 'associated' as going together, but they always look beautiful and well styled.


6. HOW DO YOU APPROACH YOUR FLOWER ARRANGEMENTS? IS THERE A PARTICULAR BRIEF OR THEME YOU GUIDE YOURSELF WITH? HOW IMPORTANT ARE COLOURS, TEXTURES AND SCALE IN YOUR FLORAL DESIGN? I love buying a wide range of stock as this gives me a great sense of opportunity and a real creative buzz, especially when I unpack all the stock and have the contrast right in front of me in my workshop. I like to mix different flower heights, scents, shapes, styles and textures to create a unity of the diverse elements so that my customers have a presence in their home that promotes and spreads floral joy.


7. WHERE DO YOU FIND INSPIRATION? My inspiration comes from the everyday things we all do: holidays, fashion, the weather, magazines, music. Everywhere and everything. Flowers play such a focal part in modern life and help shape a mood and space. One of my big inspirations is Denmark. The style and simplicity of the Danes has always attracted me and whenever I go back it further inspires me. My love of Denmark was something I wanted to bring to Blomst and I believe I incorporate the key concepts of Danish design in my flowers and the Blomst shop, allowing simplicity and elegance of our flowers and array of stock to complement our space. Given half the chance you'll find me snuggled in a comfy chair flicking through one of my many flower books, receiving advice and opinion from my beautiful daughter Betsy.

8. ANY TIPS FOR KEEPING FLOWERS FRESH AND LONG-LASTING? Before I put flowers in a vase I always ensure that I wash the vase with warm soapy water and thoroughly rinse it out. Fill it with cold (not freezing) water and make sure that all stems are neatly trimmed and properly submerged in the clean water. You need to ensure that there is no foliage in the water to prevent risk of rotting greenery. Change the water every other day and add the tiniest pinch of sugar or salt.


9. WHEN DID YOU FEEL YOU HAD MADE IT OR IS IT AN ONGOING EFFORT? It is definitely an ongoing effort and I wouldn't say Blomst has made it yet. I am keen to work on more large scale events, shoots and weddings to name a few. I also want to challenge some of the more formal rules we still have about celebrations and commemorations. I am always honoured to have the opportunity to help families celebrate the lives of their loved one who have passed away and we have created some amazing floral tributes using objects that had been so important in their lives. A great example was a funeral of a former toy maker whose handmade wooden trains and trucks were the centre piece of the coffin tribute. As someone who loves a challenge and to keep learning, there is a lot more on my Blomst to do list before I think we will have made it. Don't get me wrong lots of things have been ticked off and we have achieved so much, but there is still more miles to travel on our Blomst journey. The joy of developing an idea in discussion with a customer and to see initial thoughts turning into an incredible floral presence is very fulfilling and powerful incentive to keep on challenging the Blomst team.





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