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Welcome to the issue 21 of ESTILA Edit!

TRIBAL INFLUENCE Last month I received a feature submission from Keri Sheehan, the founder of The House of Tribe, and thought it would be perfect for this month's Estila Edit. This "Tribal Influence" issue explores the exotic and energising effect of pattern mixing and global style. In fashion we went underground and discovered some amazing British emerging brands such as Rassin & Shen who, with their unusual eyewear jewellery, are to me a great example of how to make yourself standout in a very crowded market. We were also very excited to interview Dave White, an artist, who has a fresh and exciting approach to traditional fine art. Using oils and watercolour, along with his trademark "diamond dust" and gold leaf, Dave creates dynamic works, which come to life - capturing creatures from the natural world and bringing them within touching distance. A truly inspiring talent!! But there is so much more to explore so what are you waiting for? Love,

Karolina xx Karolina Barnes editor in chief










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editor's recommended reads interiors curious egg 16 Our shop spotlight this month is Curious Egg, which is all about pushing the boundaries of a lifestyle store.

style get ready for sales 42 Flavia, our fashion editor, talks about the best tips for making the most of seasonal sales.

open up & inspire rachel southern 62 An inspirational story written by Rachel Southern, the founder of the very popular "The Ordinary Lovely" blog.

Cover: Tribal Pattern by Karolina Barnes


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Making a happy home 8

shop we love

Curious Egg words by Athina Bluff, photography provided by Lorraine Aaron

1. WHAT IS THE CONCEPT OF CURIOUS EGG? The concept of Curious Egg is to push the boundaries of what an interior lifestyle store can be by creating a space where art, interiors and wellbeing are brought together under one roof as essential components in making a happy home. We want to inspire people to create imaginative interior spaces within their home with art at their centre and filled with beautifully crafted objects that help tell a very personal story. Most of all, it’s a welcoming place where people can have a unique shopping experience browsing luxury items beside more affordable, hopefully discovering a new found or nurturing an existing love of art and unusual artisan products in the process. We offer an unexpected selection of small batch handpicked home accessories, décor, artisan products and artworks sharing the stories behind them and building trust with our customers so that they know where to come to find an unusual, curated mix of soulful and characterful products that they won’t easily find elsewhere.

“Where art, interiors and well-being are brought together under one roof.”


2. WHAT IS THE MOST POPULAR PRODUCT AT THE MOMENT? It’s such a difficult question as our product mix is so varied and changes regularly. If I was to choose from our artworks Rachel Louise Lee’s limited edition ‘Angel’ prints have been hugely popular, from our apothecary the Isle of Harris range and Tatine candles are a favourite, from our wallpapers the Feathr Oh La La design, from lighting it has to be the Bardot or our Black feather table lamp and from the vases our large Matki vase is a winner being the perfect shape for a dramatic flower display. Last but not least from home accessories our Gold Strand candleholder is very popular.


3. HOW DO YOU DEFINE STYLE? Classic elegant with an eccentric twist and a subtle bohemian undercurrent.

4. AS WE ALL KNOW THE MARKET IS VERY SATURATED WITH PRODUCTS. WHAT KIND OF MARKETING STRATEGY DO YOU HAVE FOR CURIOUS EGG FOR IT TO STAND OUT? Mostly through social media but we’ve also had some great coverage in high profile blogs and interiors mags and now of course Estila Mag! We like to build the character of our products through creating and sharing interesting stories and unexpected observations about what they add to a home. We knew we’d build the brand gradually and it would take a while for people to understand that we’re a bit different - that one day we might be talking to them about wallpaper and lighting and another about apothecary products and artworks but the principle is the always the same - carefully chosen, mostly small batch products that have a unique artistic quality that fits the ethos of Curious Egg. We try not to bombard with constant online advertising as we’re a boutique store and our customers like to discover us and then share their finds. We also like to give very personal service for both our online customers and B2B sourcing service. That works for us as we’re still a small company and the best thing for our brand is when our customers recommend us and share their purchases on social media, it means we are getting things right.


5. WHO DO YOU THINK IS YOUR CUSTOMER? We are very clear on who our customer is because they are based on someone very similar to me although they can be male or female! They have a discerning eye for interiors that have soul and character, they’re adventurous yet appreciate classic elegance. Our ideal customer has an interest in art and artisan products but doesn’t care for designer labels or paying extortionate prices for luxurious products. They are busy working people who are creative but perhaps don’t have the time to do all the research to find the unusual products they love. Hopefully we can help to do this for them. Our customers are mainly aged between 35 and 55 and are curious about creating an individual home and not following the crowds. They are the readers of niche interiors magazines and we reach them online through occasional advertising, newsletters and through social media engagement.


ABOUT LORRAINE Lorraine is a professional artist with a background in making art for public places. With degree in Fine Art gained at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art in Scotland she also studied at The School of the Art Institute in Chicago and spent time studying in Florence. Over the past 20 years she has worked as a sculptor, painter, public artist and gallery artist as well as teaching contemporary arts practice and running a successful art consultancy business. She is passionate about putting together intriguing objects and unexpected materials to create inspiring, adventurous interiors. She set up Curious Egg with her husband in 2015.





LIKE THEM, GET THEM research and graphics by Emilia Vespoli

1. 2. 3.

AMARA L'Object Flared Tribal Vase

4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

NET-A-PORTER Rosantica Arlecchino Tassel Beaded Necklace

NET-A-PORTER ETRO Embroidered Silk Jacquard Maxi Dress HOUSEOLOGY NOTRE MONDE Tribal Quest Tray

NET-A-PORTER Chloe Tasseled Suede Sandals AMARA Margo Selby Suki Square Cushion MADE IN DESIGN POLS POTTEN Tokyo Armchair Rattan & Metal MODSHOP March Sideboard



Orangutan 16


Animal Magic words by Anouska Lancaster

On a sunny afternoon in March, my family and I stumbled across the ‘Drang Gallery’ in Padstow’s historic and bustling port. The ‘Drang Gallery’ is an independent art gallery, featuring stunning contemporary art by world class artists. This hidden gem in the depths of Cornwall features fine art by established artists such as Damien Hirst, and hosts an eclectic collection of art in various mediums and styles. Although I was familiar with most of the artists, there was one that I wasn’t familiar with – Dave White. Dave White’s orangutan hung in the window overlooking the port, and it was this cheeky character that immediately caught our attention. The natural daylight captured the gold leaf background which sent ripples of liquid gold on to the cobbled street. We were mesmerised. Even my children were silenced (a very rare moment indeed). What I love about Dave’s work is that he manages to capture the expression and personality of his subjects. I could almost read the thoughts of this endearing little chap who hung graciously in the gallery window. I felt an instant connection to him, and even after returning home to Berkshire, I could not get the painting out of my mind. Dave has a fresh and exciting approach to traditional fine art. Using oils and watercolour, along with his trademark ‘diamond dust’ and gold leaf, Dave creates dynamic works which come to life - capturing creatures from the natural world and bringing them within touching distance. Dave manages to bring a new perspective to animals that I thought I already knew. His painting of a Great White Shark has completely changed my perspective of these deep sea creatures. I now see them as majestic objects of beauty, rather than the man eating predators that I once feared. After researching Dave White and his work, I wondered how and why I had missed this talented artist coming up through the ranks. On closer inspection; and after reading his extensive resume, the answer was clear. This is not an artist who has simply had a ‘lucky break’ and been launched to stardom. Dave is a truly talented artist who has quietly and studiously worked long and hard for where he is today. Pain staking hard work, passion and relentless dedication for doing what he loves has now paid off. British born Dave is now an international award winning artist working at the forefront of contemporary fine art. 17

1. WHEN DID YOU REALISE THAT YOU HAD A PASSION FOR ART? DID YOU ALWAYS KNOW YOU WANTED TO BE AN ARTIST? As a child, I was always making images of things I had a passion for, it was just something I did instinctually. Art was always a way of expressing myself and my ideas. I knew from a very early age that it was something I wanted to pursue.

Rabbit I. 18

2. YOUR PASSION FOR ANIMALS AND NATURE IS CLEAR FROM YOUR WORK. TELL US A LITTLE ABOUT YOUR ART GENRE AND STYLE, AND HOW THIS DIRECTION CAME ABOUT? Although my work has refined over many years, from the start, the vigorous brushwork and drips have always been there, they just occurred naturally. I connected with oil paint at Art College and straight away it became a media I loved. As an artist you never ever stop learning and developing and it is incredibly important for me to constantly refine what I do.

3. WHERE DO YOU FIND INSPIRATION? My subject matter of animals and wildlife are my total inspiration, it’s an infinite source and wonder to me. Each animal is totally different in the look, texture, colour and in the way they move - that's what I focus on. The most important aspect for me is to get the viewer to consider how precious and rare all wildlife is.

4. DO YOU HAVE ANY MENTORS OR OTHER ARTISTS THAT YOU LOOK UP TO, OR HAVE BEEN INSPIRED BY? I would say Van Gogh is someone I look up to, a man that defied convention, or current trends or styles and just found his way of working that depicted the world he loved and found inspiration in. He did it his way and I love that.

“As an artist you never stop learning and developing. It's incredibly important for me to constantly refine what I do.” 19

5. WHO IS YOUR TYPICAL COLLECTOR? I don't think there is a typical person who collects my work, I guess it speaks to a wide range of people from all walks of life and that is the most important thing for me. If what I do brings light and pleasure into people’s lives, then I am incredibly honoured that people want to invest in it. I am very grateful for that and one of the nicest things is meeting people who enjoy my work.

6. YOUR CAREER IS GOING FROM STREGTH TO STRENGTH. WHERE DO YOU SEE YOURSELF IN 5 YEAR'S TIME? I am only as good as my last painting and have always had this viewpoint, making the next one the best is always my mandate. I have some projects and ideas I want to see come to life that will be an epic undertaking, but I can’t wait to start and realise my ideas.

Parrot II



For further information please visit and follow Dave on Instagram @davewhitestudio.


COLOURS of the month


Beautifully British words by Sophie Parrott, styling by Karolina Barnes and photography by Tom Wood

An afternoon of flashing cameras, outfit changes and lots of cups of tea was, in essence, to capture the beauty of British fashion, by incorporating a number of independent British clothing and accessory brands. The collaboration included the works of British designers such as: Bianca Elgar, a passionate woman with a real talent for creating beautiful silk scarves; Hettie, the creators of some of the most stunning country-style bags and pet accessories you will ever see; Taylor Blake, a ballet flats specialist, Luna Amani and Bo & Bel.








Bianca Elgar is an extremely talented designer. With a sheer passion for art and textiles, Bianca channeled her love for creativity into a luxurious clothing brand, illustrating her talent and eye for design. Her silk scarf designs experiment with vibrant colour palettes and peculiar patterns, making them stand out from high street brands.

If you love wearing ballet flats, you'll definitely love Taylor Blake. Started by two friends, and mums, both passionate about shoe design and making something that is functional and practical, Taylor Blake are shoes full of personality and style. Their shoe collections are always bold and colourful, so you can add that touch of understated statement to school runs or meetings.

Hettie have created a stunning collection of country-themed handbags and pet accessories. This Warwickshire based, family-run business was founded by family members Stephanie, Sian and Tom when they were sitting round the table one evening enjoying a barbeque. As a family that spends a lot of time together, they wanted to create a collection of country-inspired bags and accessories that could be used on family days out; something that could be cherished by its owner.










Luna Amani was born from its founder's lifetime of travel. Heavily influenced by the rich decadence of Persia, Luna's native home, each bag is based upon "a profit for purpose" program. The bags are bold, contemporary and full of unexpected surprises with strong references to architecture and unique Persian heritage.

If you have kids, you know that there is a time when necklaces and jewellery is something which is only for special occassions. But that's no more. Bo&Bel makes design-led jewellery, which will help you to stand out from the crowd (while your baby is teething). From monochrome lovers to bright colours, Bo & Bel jewellery is made from 100% food grade silicone that is absolutely baby proof!

Founded in 1837, Bronte is one of the last remaining vertical woollen mills in Great Britain, with a reputation for consistent quality and innovative design. The Bronte Ruana wrap (on page 30.) is crafted in 100% Merino Lambswool and comes in sixteen stylish yet classic designs. If the weather is little bit breezy and cool, this wrap will not only make you feel warm but it's a great accessory too.


little treasures uncovered 28

Rassin & Shen text by Karolina Barnes, photography provided by Rassin & Shen

While browsing Pulse London earlier this month, I came across an accessory label RASSIN & SHEN. As someone who wears glasses while out and about, I've been struggling with the practicality of storing my glasses when I don't need them. Also, I used to love how my grandmother stylishly wore her glasses chain, which, like a piece of jewellery, added sophistication to her outfit and the overall look. As you can imagine when I spotted what Rassin & Shen do, I was like a kid finding a treasure. They offer beautiful and functional accessories for eyewear, opening a new category between fashion accessories and eyewear. It was co-founded by Efrat Rassin & Tara Shen in 2015 after winning Sirius Programme Award for great ideas, funded by UK Trade & Investment. Their debut collection focuses on eyewear jewellery; necklaces and chains to hold glasses and sunglasses. The necklaces are handmade of highest classacetate cellulose, sourced from the most discerning suppliers, carefully tailoring each colour and style to reflect the latest trends in eyewear. The designs have playfulness and hidden function as well as reference to ideas such as women's strength and appreciation of artisanal quality. The raw material is sourced from France, from one of the best cellulose acetate, which is aplant-based plastic, commonly used in the eyewear industry for premium and luxury frames. The material is known for its many high qualities; strong, lightweight, flexible, hypoallergenic and a wide range for transparency, rich colours. Each item is handcrafted in a traditional 30 years-old family business in Poland. The brass findings are ethically sourced and plated with 18ct gold with impeccable attention. To ensure the supreme quality of their products, everything is carefully examined in London before they go to customers.









Let's hit the sales words and images by Flavia Young

With traditional sale times turned on its head, sales shopping has become a little more complicated. Firstly, because we no longer know when to expect the price of that gorgeous designer blazer to drop, secondly because it may be discounted by anything from 20% to 50% off, depending on the stockist. While it is quite exciting to shop the summer sales in May, when technically summer has not even started yet, it does make it harder work to trawl our favourite online stores to ensure we are not paying more than we have to for those special pieces. From my own personal experience, there are some rules of thumb to follow when picking the pieces for that perfect timeless wardrobe - full of little treasures that will earn themselves the accolades of a great investment time and time again. 1. Sign up to the mailing list on your favorite stores, this is how you will always be the first to hear when their sales, discount codes, promotions etc...are happening. 2. Divide your wish list into three categories: classic investment pieces, fun pieces and one or two "never would buy at full price" trophy piece. 3. Order lots of pieces to try on at home and be meticulous about returning the non-suitable pieces straight away, in order to replenish your credit card with a fast refund. And finally, always remember to think about the "next season" too. Here is my practice run....

Flavia xx


1. AQUAZZURA, Suede pumps WITH REWARDS £294


STELLA MCCARTNEY Espadrille Wedge Sandals WITH REWARDS £287

The Classic Shoe Investments

BOTTEGA VENETA, Slip on trainers £440

TODS, Leather slippers £795

TODS Leather trainers £340 36


The Classic Top Investments

ALICE+OLIVIA, Tweed jacket WITH REWARDS £339.50

VINCE, Menswear striped silk shirt £360

DUFFY, Asymmetric cashmere jumper WITH REWARDS £206.50 ETRO, Floral silk shirt £470 37


The Fun Pieces

ALICE +OLIVIA Ruthy embroidered cardigan WITH REWARDS £276.50

DOLCE & GABBANA Printed poplin shorts WITH REWARD £402.50

PREEN LINE Milly crepe top £250

EMILIO PUCCI Bamboo-print silk top £690


EMILIO PUCCI, Vortici Blazer £1,470


SIES MARJAN, Silk satin top £1065 Silk satin skirt £975

OSCAR DE LA RENTA, Pleated silk-chiffon knitted skirt £1,335

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Ivory wool cardigan WITH REWARDS £696.50


The "Never Would Buy At Full Price"


JO LOVES special offer to our readers: Enjoy FREE FRAGRANCE TAPAS at Elizabeth Street, London store.


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Spring into Summer Beauty words and photography by Nicola McCullough


There's something about the first flicker of warm sunshine that makes us want to add a pop of colour to our daily make-up. No need to over complicate... a touch of pink and bronze or bold brights over a semi-sheer base will make this seasonal transition effortless. Opt for a foundation that can be sheered out for day or built up to medium coverage for evening. IT Cosmetics CC Cream with SPF50 leaves skin looking naturally fresh and even with the reassurance of built-in protection (SPF top ups still required). Add golden tones where sun naturally hits the face with Clarins Bronzing & Blush Compact - dust on high points of cheekbones, temples, across the nose and under jawline. A touch of the shimmery coral blush in this compact adds a pretty, healthy glow to apples of the cheeks.


Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick in Edith is the prettiest mid pink with a comfortable hydrating formula and good lasting power. This is perfectly pretty worn alone or with layered up with a slick of gloss. A Summer mani and pedi look great in either matchy-matchy or contrasting shades. Essie Gel Couture in Signature Smile or On the List leave nails looking bright and glossy for longer. Vita Liberata HD Body Blur instantly bronzes limbs while evening out skin tone for a polished look. Mix a dot with your Winter foundation to coordinate face and body. This leaves skin glowing and is incredibly flattering (so much so it may be slightly addictive)!





mauritius words and photography by Sabrina Chakici

Introducing our new travel editor, Sabrina Chakici, who is the UK's leading travel expert and TV host.

Known for crystal clear turquoise waters, breathtaking sunsets and lush mountainous scenery, Mauritius is one of the Indian Ocean’s most treasured gems. With soda-white beaches, impressive marine life and exotic rainforest tours, this dreamy island is home to some of the world’s best hotels, making it the perfect luxury escape for all ages. Venture outside of your chosen resort and you could be wandering through towering waterfalls, roaming with wild zebras or taking a swing in one of the many prestigious Golf Resorts.

Flight Time from the UK – 12 hours Best time to Visit – Tropical Weather Year-round, Dry Season May-December


do Go underwater Mauritius is famous for vibrant underwater life as it’s one of the only locations in the world that offers the luxury of a dolphin excursion in which you can swim with the majestic mammals in their own natural habitat. For those of you that aren’t wanting jump into the depths of the Indian Ocean, you can go for a more relaxing snorkel in the shallower waters. For a real luxury wow factor there’s also the option to ride horseback along the beach with the stunning mountainous backdrop of Le Morne. 48

stay Dinarobin Beachcomber Situated in the South of the island with the stunning back drop of La Morne Brabant, a UNESCO world heritage site, this five star resort offers a lavish stay for wanderlusters. As well as the pristine sandy beaches the hotel also boasts spacious authentic rooms, eight restaurants, five garden pools and one of the most luxurious and indulgent spas in Mauritius. Dinarobin Beachcomber also features a fabulous sister hotel, Le Paradis, allowing guests to venture out for meals and activities. Here there’s also the added bonus of enjoying the stunning views from an alternative angle.


explore With Mauritius being an island, there’s more to see than just what’s at your hotel room’s doorstep. Venture out to the hustle and bustle of the capital city Port Louis or peruse the famous waterfront Monday markets in Foire de Mahebourg. In North Mauritius Grand Baie is great for shopping and offers a more cosmopolitan vibe. If shore hopping floats your boat a sail out to the picturesque island of Ile aux Cerfs for a snorkel is well worth the short journey.





Pecan & Daim Ice-cream Cake words and photography by Ellen Stanton

This ice-cream cake will put those chocolate caterpillar cakes to shame! It is the ultimate dinner party dessert that is guaranteed to wow your guests. An almond meringue base is generously topped with smooth homemade ice-cream and the occasional crunch of delicious daim and pecan pieces. Even better, you can prepare this indulgent dessert days in advance and store it in the freezer, making it the ideal ‘stress free’ dish to serve your guests. I love this pecan and daim combo but feel free to try out a completely different chocolate and nut combination.

ingredients For the topping:

For the base: 4 egg whites 200g caster sugar 200g ground almonds

4 egg yolks 120g caster sugar 400ml double cream 170g Daim chocolate (chopped) 30g pecans (chopped)

method Preheat the oven to 170 degrees. Begin making the base by whisking the 4 egg whites until stiff peaks are formed. Then fold in the sugar followed by folding in the ground almonds. Grease a cake tin (20cm) and spoon the base mixture into it. Place this in the oven for 30 minutes. Make the ice-cream topping by whisking the egg yolks and caster sugar so it thickens. In a separate bowl, whisk the double cream so it becomes tick and whipped. Then fold in the egg and sugar mixture, Daim and pecans so everything is combined. Leave some Daim chunks and pecans to scatter over the top later. Place this ice-cream mixture in the fridge. Remove the cake base from the oven and allow this to cool completely (this may take a few hours). Once it has cooled, spoon the ice-cream mixture onto on the base and scatter over the remaining pecans and daim chunks. Place the tin in the freezer (best to leave it over night) for the ice-cream to freeze. Leave this yummy cake in its tin in the freezer and take it out 10 minutes before serving so it softens slightly.


“open up & inspire�

The Ordinary Lovely text and photography by Rachel Southern

I first found out that I had a prolactinoma when we were unsuccessfully trying to conceive. It was discovered after a few tests and an MRI scan (I don't fear very much but I'm petrified of MRI scans) and I was told that depending on how I reacted to treatment, and if the tumour could be shrunk sufficiently, there was a possibility that I might not be able to have children. While we wanted children, this wasn't the blow that you might expect. I find it hard to mourn what I don't have so my attitude was more along the lines of, 'Okay, so what now?' I had a long list of countries to visit so I thought our lives would head in that direction instead. However, some six months after starting treatment, I found myself pregnant with our first son. And then two years later, my second son was on his way. We were, and are, so lucky. It was actually the Swiss maternity leave which made me reevaluate my professional life (we were living in Zurich at the time). A mere fourteen weeks leave is so tough on both mothers and children and my request for a further few months unpaid leave was turned down. An hour or so after that meeting, I handed my resignation in. I loved the company and really liked my job but not enough to hand over a 14 week old baby to a stranger. Plus, I seem to have children who are not all that keen on sleeping so I don't know how I would have managed to stay awake in the more sombre budget meetings. Originally, I set up my blog after the boys were born because I love to write and also because it was a way to keep up with social media trends (my background is Finance & Communications). I planned to go back to work when the boys started school and thought that it would be a great way to keep learning while also having fun and doing something to keep my brain ticking over. And it was so nice to write about our adventures and all my little craft and interiors projects rather than the automotive world. It's now turned in to my job and one I get to do from home so I'm really so thankful that I first set it up ... even though I still cringe at the thought of other people actually reading it. 54

At first, my blog was simply a fun hobby so was very much slotted in to spare half hours here and there. Needless to say, I wasn't the most consistent blogger. A year on, with a little more time on my hands, I started to take on paid commissions on my own blog but now I also write and take photographs for different brands and companies. It does require some serious juggling, I'll be honest. My eldest son is now at school and my youngest goes to nursery for two hours every afternoon. I've become adept at calculating, almost to the minute, how much time I have in a week versus how long each task/piece of work takes me. I don't always get it right and I work five evenings out of seven, but as I LOVE my job, for the most part, it's a joy to fit in. I realised very early on that it's impossible to get much more than an email sent when the children are home, so I don't even try. It's annoying for them, stressful for me, so I'm careful not to take on too much that our time together is impacted. My youngest starts school full-time in September so that's when I'll have more time on my hands ... and will hopefully work fewer late nights. I had zero insecurity about losing financial freedom while I started my blog. In fact, it never crossed my mind. All the money that comes in to our home is family money, regardless of who earns it. When I was asked to complete a three year work assignment at the European headquarters of the company I worked for, my husband gave up his job so that we could go together and he didn't work for the first 18 months we were there. The money coming in to our home was never 'mine' just because I was the one with the official job. He had to run around a new country sorting out all of the bureaucracy that comes with moving, and all in a language that he had very little ability to speak. He had a tougher job than me. Likewise, when I resigned to look after our children and start my blog/freelance career, it was much tougher than going to an office every day. The hardest jobs don't always come with the biggest pay packets and both of us recognise that. Unless your hand is forced and you feel that you have to leave your job, I'd definitely recommend starting your business or blog alongside what you're currently doing. Steady income does mean security even if you're unhappy in your job. And that way, you'll have a bit of freedom to think things through properly rather than rush decisions which could have a negative impact further down the line. Also, I'd suggest finding likeminded people that you can run your ideas past. Going things alone can be quite daunting and you can't walk in to the next office to talk things through with a colleague. There's a wealth of information online and so many groups and forums you can join. Go for it!




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ESTILA EDIT May 2017  

A lifestyle magazine on a mission to empower through style and colour. Get inspired by stylish interiors, art, timeless fashion, beauty and...

ESTILA EDIT May 2017  

A lifestyle magazine on a mission to empower through style and colour. Get inspired by stylish interiors, art, timeless fashion, beauty and...