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Welcome to the issue 22 of ESTILA Edit!

SUMMER VIBE We're embracing the summer vibe. Inspired by exotic travel destinations, we explore, and tell the stories of, stylish interiors, fashion and homeware brands that are influenced by travel, sustainability and ethical trading. With this issue, I really want to highlight the concept of "being conscious and shop, and live, for a reason", which is what "The Good Place" - a London-based retail store and an online platform - is all about. As more and more brands are entering the market, we have now a bigger choice than ever before to buy from small independent businesses without compromising on quality or style. The following pages showcase the great work they are doing, by which I hope you get inspired by.


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editor's recommended reads shop we love the good place 14 Our shop spotlight this month is The Good Place, which is all about supporting small independent brands.

travel sustainability pioneers 42 Sustainable travel is something that is more and more popular but we're featuring its pioneers based in the beautiful Thailand.

open up & inspire keri jamieson 50 We talked to Keri Jamieson, the founder of KeriKit, about her business journey so far with her handbag label.

Cover: Artwork by Maria Hatling / visit for more art inspiration


Win this Kantha scarf

KANTHA SARI SCARF Handmade and one-of-a-kind, this Kantha sari scarf is created from upcycled saris that are handstitched in the ancient technique of Kantha. This creates a rippling effect that adds a luxurious texture, transforming a once used sari into a beautiful scarf. Just as an artist signs their work, each scarf bears the embroidered signature of the artisan. Closing date: 31.07.2017


This scarf is by Jewelled Buddha aims to enrich your lives and homes with beautiful textiles and accessories. They partner with House of Wandering Silk, a social enterprise based in Delhi, to bring you a carefully curated selection of quality accessories made from recycled, handwoven and hand-dyed textiles. This offer closes on 31.07.2017. T&C apply.


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Š Frenchie Cristogatin 8

Artistic Design words by Karolina Barnes, photography provided by Emma Gurner

When it comes to your home, it should deliver three things; it should be practical, it should reflect your personality and it should be a place which you find inspiring. The job of a good designer is to help you deliver all three elements. And that's exactly what Emma Gurner from Folds Inside is doing in her design projects. Using her knowledge of current trends, mixed with her artistic ability, she merges the two to produce beautiful and creative interiors, transforming them into practical and imaginative spaces.

Photo credit for image above and previous page: Frenchie Cristogatin / 9


1. HOW WOULD YOU DEFINE YOUR STYLE? I like to take Scandinavian simplicity and shake it up a bit with some eclectic pieces. I'm also strongly influenced by current trends, bringing practical and inspiring solutions to interiors.

“My style is influenced by Scandinavian simplicity mixed with eclectic pieces and current trends.” 2. TELL US MORE ABOUT THE BEDROOM PROJECT, WHICH YOU RECENTLY COMPLETED. As the owners of this property have two young kids, they asked for me to create a scheme that was soft, relaxing and calming that they could escape to at the end of the day. The couple is very fashion conscious and wanted something that represented their love of current trends. So I came up with a scheme that would encapsulate these elements.


This was an already existing loft bedroom that had heavy dark wood wardrobes dominating the space and making it feel oppressive. The colour I chose for the walls, ceiling and woodwork was Setting Plaster by Farrow and Ball, which gives a soft and natural feel. The bed headboard is a bespoke piece made from a luxurious, quilted velvet fabric from the Cloud range by Kirkby. The two end panels fold down to form a shelf with an internal storage cabinet. The dark wardrobe doors were replaced with MDF doors painted in again in Setting Plaster and wall hooks by By Lassen were attached as handles. The bedlinen is from Larusi and the rug is designed by Arum Fellow and is available from Floor Story. The dressing table seems to be a big hit and is from Habitat.

3. HOW IMPORTANT IS COLOUR, PATTERN AND TEXTURE FOR YOU? A great colour, pattern and texture combination is the base to any good design. Once these elements have been chosen, the rest should fall into place. When working with all three elements, consider balance and symmetry.




Making a happy home 14

shop we love

The Good Place words by Karolina Barnes, photography provided by The Good Place

1. WHERE DID THE IDEA FOR THE GOOD PLACE COME FROM? The Good Place was founded in 2015 by Leona Mani. She set up the business to showcase the most beautiful and ethical brands from around the world, after being inspired by her travels and working in the textile industry in Hong Kong and India, becoming involved with event management for the Bicentenary of the Abolition of the Slave Trade Act, and founding, an essential directory for hundreds of fair trade brands. Business ideas organically grew from this, and as online technology moved into e-Commerce, Leona then developed the online business, realising quickly that a bricks and mortar store would hugely complement the all round retail experience. 15


The Good Place online community has seen a significant growth, reaching almost 7000 Instagram followers. Transparency is key to the business model, and we pride ourselves in telling the stories behind the brands that we know our customers will fall in love with. Our events have created a hub of like-minded individuals that share the same passions. Starting with a handful of brands we now provide a platform for over 30 responsible brands from all over the world.

2. WHAT IS THE MISSION? The Good Place will continue to honour its 'do good' ethos while working whole-heartedly to bring stories to life through unforgettable experiences and curated product ranges. Our business model allows for positive change, enabling us to evolve in the ever-changing retail landscape. Providing our customers with ethical brands to trust through a magazine-like concept keeps our customer engaged and enables us to be known as a destination for wonderfully unique products.

“The mission is to make a positive change while providing our customers with ethical brands to trust.� 3. WHY IS THE GOOD PLACE DIFFERENT? The Good Place is a new kind of luxury shopping experience. A modern platform showcasing luxury products and the stories behind them, but with a difference. Our curated collection of products 'do good' - for people and the planet. We take a huge amount of pride in our multi-channel model, consisting of our desktop and mobile friendly website, a 'shoppable' London gallery showroom in Chelsea, as well as social media channels such as Instagram and Facebook. We tell the stories behind all the fashion, style, beauty and healthy living products we curate - and this experience evolves every two months as we explore new themes - such as 'Look Good - Feel Good' and 'Urban Jungle'. Think of us as your responsible, ethically-sourced and stylish products magazine - brought to life online, in-store and through exclusive events. Great customer service is always uppermost in our quest to provide the best possible retail experience. 17

4. WHAT IS THE MOST POPULAR PRODUCT? This summer we launched Safomasi - the creators of unique, illustrated homeware and accessories, hand-crafted in India. Founded by Sarah Fotheringham and Maninder Singh, the duo produces every single product by hand in their New Delhi studio. The collections tell the story of a journey, through gorgeous colour combinations and a distinct illustrative style, with the aim of bringing joy and a small part of their colourful world into your home. You can find charming camels to coconut trees, safari trucks and monkeys across the range of bedspreads.


5. WHAT IS YOUR ETHICAL POLICY AND HOW CAN WE HELP? Our "Be conscious. Think fair. Shop for a reason." brand message, explains our passion for sourcing products for our customers that prioritise a 'force for good'. Every single new product is stringently selected and approved by our buying team to ensure that the supply chain and story are peerless. That's where the fun part starts as we share those stories with our customers - whether it's fair trade, tackling poverty, using sustainable materials or keeping great British craft alive.

“We share the stories of fair trade, tackling poverty, using sustainable materials and keeping great British craft alive.� 19



JKB ARGENT Millionaire Hair Mist

LAVENDER HILL CLOTHING Striped Crew 3/4 Sleeve T-shirt


BIRCH & BROOK Secret Garden Scented Candle

SAFOMASI Big Cat Camo Cushion Cover 45 x 45

ZEVAR Gold Plated Leaf Loop Earrings TORNA LUCIA Blue Tablecloth Table Linen 20





LIKE THEM, GET THEM research and graphics by Emilia Vespoli

1. 2. 3.

NET-A-PORTER Draper James Leather-Trimmed Embroidered Crocheted Straw Tote

4. 5. 6. 7.

NET-A-PORTER Eugenia Kim Stevie Grosgrain-Trimmed Fringed Woven Straw Sunhat

AMARA Witton Bamboo Lantern M'ODA 'OPERANDI Acler Panama Wide Leg Jumpsuit

WEST ELM Pom Pom Pillow Cover HOUSEOLOGY Southsea Deckchair Wideboy Chair ZARA HOME Little Natural-Coloured Bamboo Table



Green Palm Blush 24


The Palm words by Karolina Barnes, images provided by Elina Gough from Artsnug

Looking for some tropical vibe art, I went to my trusted affordable art source, Artsnug (who we featured in Estila Volume 2.). I immediately was drawn to the beautiful palm leaves by Clare Halifax. Clare graduated from the University of Loughborough in 2000 with BA (Hons) in Printed Textile Design and went on to sell her work internationally to the fashion and interior markets. In 2009 Clare completed MA in Multi-disciplinary Printmaking at the University of the West of England, which saw her work develop into the production of limited edition prints and ceramic pieces. Having grown up in the South West of England, the inspiration for Clare’s work comes from the buildings that surrounded her and nostalgic reminisces of places and items of interest. For example, Green Palm Blush was inspired by Barbican rather than some tropical, exotic holiday destination. Within each image, design, pattern and colour plays an important part, adding depth and decoration to build an aesthetically pleasing overall effect. You can get Clare's artwork via Artsnug website or in one of their pop-up events. For more information about Clare, please check out @clarehalifax on Instagram.



COLOURS COLOURS of the month of the month

words, styling and photography by Karolina Barnes



THE CLUTCH STORY The stunning orange and tonal grey print on this clutch was inspired by a holiday in Iceland. It's a unique collaboration piece with American bag designer Skinny Vinny. Available at



THE SHOES & JEWEL STORY These luxury jewelled sandals is a collaboration between What Frankie Did Next and Black & Sigi. Each sandal has a lace made from imitation snake leather and is adorned with hand-wrapped gold-plated wire charms and finished with a "dragon blood" jasper stone. Available from and 28


THE BEACH BAG STORY This handmade Brighton beach bag tells its own travel story. Every element of beadwork has been hand-stitched in the remote Indonesian jungle by skilled artisans using techniques treasured through generations. Available from



THE BLANKET STORY This limited edition explosion of colour Lale blanket is a real style statement. Woven on wooden shuttle looms it can take up to two weeks to create. Available from



THE JEWELLERY STORY These gorgeous and very special earrings are made from stunning turquoise stones and a sponge coral bead. Available at The one-of-a-kind leather cuff is decorated with textured patterns taken from skin textures seen on a microscopic scale. Beautifully designed and available at 31


THE SUNGLASSES STORY Named after the small suburban town on the Western edge of the Silicon Valley, these 1950s suglasses were seen on icons such as John F Kennedy, James Dean and Bob Dylan. Putting their own unique stamp on the design, Taylor Morris have modernised the style with polarized cobalt blue mirror lenses. Available from



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little treasures uncovered 34

five minutes with..

Kalinko text by Karolina Barnes, photography provided by Kalinko

1. Why did you decide to start Kalinko? I moved to Yangon to do a finance job, but very quickly started filling our downtown flat with beautiful home and lifestyle products collected on numerous trips around the country. The artisans that make these things have until now been unable to access international markets having been limited hugely by 60 years of military rule, so I quit my job to launch Kalinko, and help propel their work beyond the confines of their local market. We work very closely with our artisans, helping them to tweak their work to Western taste, educating them on new technology and practices, and enabling them to produce work at an international standard for export. We soft-launched in November 2016, and have very recently launched the full collection, which we will continue to add to each year going forward. Everything is stocked in the UK, and ships worldwide. 2. What is your mission with Kalinko? To grow Kalinko into a company large enough to support whole communities of suppliers, building stable futures for them, and helping preserve their remarkable talents for generations to come. 3. What is different about Kalinko? This is the first homeware brand to come out of Burma. We are totally Burmese made, and are the first company to offer a full range of Burmese-made homeware and lifestyle products to the international market. 4. How important is ethical trading to you and your brand? Essential. We adhere to the globally recognised 10 Principles of Fair Trade and work constantly with our artisans to educate them on health, safety and hygiene. Our aim with the brand is to create sustainable livelihoods, which extends beyond their income to their wider lives. 35

5. What is your view on fast / disposable society? I think people are really starting to think about where things come from before they buy. The Fashion Revolution with their #whomademyclothes campaign has been hugely successful, and it has started to filtrate across to other things that people buy: food, clothes, fabrics and furniture. While I think quality and price will continue to ultimately impact a consumer’s decision to buy, people are certainly thinking more seriously about whether something has been made in a safe, clean and fair way before going ahead. 6. What can we do to make a change and become more ethically aware shoppers? If you aren’t sure, you can always ask the brand where something has come from, or what condition it was made in. However, that can be difficult in larger stores, or wholesale retailers who aren’t direct to the source. One way to be sure is to shop through small, independent brands who can give you first hand information.


“We work closely with our artisans in Burma, educating them on new technology and practices.”

“Our aim is to create sustainable livelihoods, which extends well beyond their income to their wider lives.”








words and images by Karolina Barnes

I came across LizzB last year and have been really impressed by what they do. If you haven't heard of LizzB, it is a London based company making artisan jewellery and accessories, owned and run by Mancunian sisters Nada and Suzie. They began to make jewellery out of a desire to create beautiful and unique handmade pieces. However, after repeated requests for commissions, it has grown into a compelling passion that culminated in the decision to start LizzB and name the company in memory of their stylish and beautiful mother who loved unique statement jewellery. Many of her pieces were made in Beirut by Lebanese artisan jewellers of the 60's and whose skills produced stunning designs that captured the vibrancy, style and essence of the Mediterranean and Mid-East of that era. Fortunate to experience growing up with a cultural background of a Lebanese textile merchant father and English 60's fashion model mother and enriched with our degrees in Art and Design, it seemed natural to explore their own aesthetic by creating bespoke pieces reflecting their influences and inspiration, past and present. All their jewellery ranges are individually hand-crafted with love and attention to detail, featuring hand-knotted yarns, beads, crystal, industrial and natural materials. The interchangeable nature of the designs enable the possibility to mix and match styles and colours to create your own look. In addition to jewellery, LizzB recently launched a unique line of espadrilles for men and women. Designed in London, they handmade by skilled craftsmen in Spain, embracing sophisticated style and neutral colours. LIZZB.CO.UK | @LIZZB.UK 39



Travel Beauty Edit words and photography by Nicola McCullough


Ever had that self-satisfied feeling of packing a suitcase immaculately, only to discover that it is almost impossible to either close or lift once you've added your collection of beauty 'essentials'? I'm pretty sure we've all been there - and while it can be tempting to bring the entire contents of your bathroom and dressing table just in case, it's really not necessary. SKINCARE My top tip is to avoid new skincare on holiday. I'm all for saving travel-friendly miniatures for trips away, but stick to products that you know work for you (been there, had the breakouts). Alternatively, dispense your favourites into those little clear travel pots, bottles and atomisers from Boots. Sheet masks are as compact as it gets when it comes to skincare and 7 Wonders Caribbean Coconut After Sun Mask with Coconut Oil extract is beautifully refreshing on postbeach skin.


SUNSCREEN When it comes to sunscreen I look for excellent protection combined with textures that feel great. Vichy Ideal Soleil Dry Oil SPF50 leaves skin soft and glowy yet not greasy and nourishes as it protects. For the face, Tropic Tinted Skin Shade SPF50 is a 100% naturally derived mineral sunscreen with a hint of tinted moisturiser level coverage; also sits beautifully under makeup. Sun can leave hair parched and faded, so cover up with a large hat or spritz in Aveda Protective Hair Veil with UV filters. This extra fine mist doesn't weigh down the hair and has a beautiful fresh scent. SELF TAN If you'd rather sight-see than lie by the pool, opt for a faux glow with Vita Liberata Ten Minute Tan. Made with organic botanicals, this is suitable for both face and body and has an instant tint that helps with application. There's no need to leave this on for hours... rinse off after 10 mins for a subtle colour or leave up to an hour for a natural looking golden tan with good lasting power. FACE SPRITZ Choose a facial spritz that goes beyond cooling and hydrating, like Pixi Beauty Vitamin Wakeup Mist. Made with Orange Blossom and Citrus Extracts, this delivers a welcome burst of energy and uplifting scent, especially when used straight from the fridge! Also excellent in-flight. MAKEUP I'm all for keeping makeup user-friendly on holiday, so multi-use products are a must - Pixi Multibalm in Rose for lips and cheeks is a favourite. Eye shadow sticks that can be worn as liner or blended out with a finger are easy to pack and to apply - By Terry and Kiko both excel at these. Liquid or cream formulas tend to sit well on hot skin - Trish McEvoy Liquid Face Colour adds a pretty flush of colour to cheeks and partners well with a tan. It goes without saying that anything in miniature is a no-brainer... I tend to save these throughout the year from gift sets, though glossy magazines are usually laden with them in Summer. FIND MORE TIPS ON STRAWBERRYBLONDEBEAUTY.COM




sustainability pioneers words and photography by Green Pearls

HOW IT ALL BEGAN‌ It all began in 1986 when Khun Akorn Hoontrakul was on a boat trip with his twelve-year-old son Thanakorn and they spotted the bay from the sea. Khun Akorn immediately felt passionate about it - something Thanakorn did not understand back then. "My 12 year old mind didn’t really appreciate its beauty at that time. The sand was coarse and the water was dark blue because of its depth. It was my dad who saw the potential and later said to me: 'It was love at first sight'", recounts Thanakorn.


Within one week Khun Akorn bought the land and started building the hotel. At a time when nobody thought about sustainable tourism, he believed in the responsibility to protect nature. To ensure that no tree was felled and the impact on nature was kept as low as possible, he slept at the beach for three months. 46

SETTING A GOOD EXAMPLE Today, almost 30 years later, the hotel is led by Thanakorn and his wife Saisiri. They share the same passion about sustainable tourism believing that everyone is responsible for the protection of the environment. Their deep belief is that every little step makes a difference. They set a good example for everybody in their private and professional life: “It’s a way of life, to not destroy the environment. It’s a constant thought to make sure habits don’t contribute to waste. If we forget our water bottle, we won’t drink, as we do not drink from plastic”.


ACTING SUSTAINABLE IS A HOLISTIC APPROACH Leading the hotel in a sustainable way does not only mean to take green aspects into account. Furthermore it involves a holistic approach, taking into account environmental as well as social aspects, like fair salary, staff training and education. Just as in their private life they focus on waste prevention: kitchen waste for example is composted and reused as fertilizer in the own garden. OPEN FOR EVERYONE: THE ORGANIC GARDEN The hotel’s own horticulturist and gardeners are responsible for the organic garden which provides the vegetables and herbs for the kitchen. They developed a fermenting process from oranges and limes using different kinds of micro-organisms for an efficient cleaning process. The garden and its plants are open for guests, who can use for example the aloe vera to treat sun burned skin. Additionally there is natural mosquito repellent made by locals, glass cleaner made out of pineapples as well as natural toothpaste.


WHAT HAS CHANGED SINCE THE OPENING (OR IN A GOOD WAY NOT CHANGED) Many trees have been planted along the walkway leading to the Cottages providing more shade and in the space of ten+ years there will be a tree tunnel with shade all day long which makes walking much easier in the heat. This is to say that Tongsai is even greener than it used to be. There are 66 kinds of birds spotted in Tongsai in the past 12 years. The star resident bird is the colourful Pink-Necked Pigeon, and even a slow Loris had been spotted near NangGong Villa by Gob and Goya back in 2002. There is still a lot of natural space left in the territory but instead of building more man-made structures the business is not being expanded and natural areas are left untouched. FIND MORE INFORMATION ON GREENPEARLS.COM 49

Colourful Pasta Salad words and photography by Ellen Stanton



After discovering this gorgeous colourful pasta in France, I knew it was a perfect match for this dish. Local farm shops tend to sell colourful pasta but regular pasta is also lovely in this salad. Enjoy this showstopper pasta salad as a main itself or as a side dish to complement a summer's BBQ. Besides from a bit of vegetable chopping, it is so simple to put together and can be made in advance. This means it's great if there are leftovers, as it will keep a couple of days in the fridge. The recipe makes enough dressing for the salad and leaves you a little extra to use another day.

For the pasta 250g farfalle pasta half a red pepper half a yellow pepper 100g cherry tomatoes 65g sundried tomatoes 80g feta cheese 60g olives 25g pine nuts handful of fresh basil

ingredients For the dressing 100ml olive oil 2 tbsp white wine vinegar 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar 1 tbsp caster sugar 1 tsp chopped garlic 1 tsp salt 2 tsp Dijon mustard

method 1. Boil the pasta according to the instructions on the packet. Once cooked, drain the pasta and run it under cold water to cool it down. Set it aside to cool. 2. Prepare the vegetables by chopping the peppers into 2cm cubes, halving the olives and chopping the sundried tomatoes and the basil. I chop the cherry tomatoes into quarters or halves depending on their size. The feta cheese should be chopped into small cubes. 3. Prepare your dressing by adding all its ingredients into a jar and shake well. 4. Put the pasta and all the vegetables into a large bowl that you wish to serve it in. 5. Toast the pine nuts on a frying pan over a medium heat for a few minutes. 6. Drizzle as much dressing as you want over the salad and toss it all together so the pasta and vegetables are nicely coated in the dressing. Finish the dish by sprinkling over the toasted pine nuts.



“open up & inspire”

Keri Jamieson text by Karolina Barnes and photography by Keri Jamieson

I talked to Keri Jamieson, the founder of KeriKit, about her business journey with her stylish and highly versatile bags. We discuss her challenges and lessons learnt, plus her mission for the future.

1. WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR JOURNEY SO FAR? The journey so far has been long, fraught, sometimes upsetting and even lonely! – Too honest?? Ok so there have also been great achievements too but I think it’s important that entrepreneurs understand setting up a business is by no means easy, cheap or even rewarding at times. That said if you keep focused, work really hard and never give up you will make headway eventually. We had a really tough year at the start. The first range, while beautiful was too expensive for an unknown brand and using Italian leathers really pushed the prices up and meant sales were slow. However, mistakes are there to learn from them and as long as you are ready to adapt then next time you will get it right. Our new ranges have been really well received and we were thrilled to start selling with Nordstrom recently. We smashed our targets and sold out of most styles in under a month. The UK market is more challenging as there is more competition but we are focusing on building up our UK stockists and hope to be stocked with a well-known retailer in SS18. After the sweat, tears and outright slogging, these successes taste even sweeter.

“After the sweat, tears and outright slogging, these successes taste even sweeter.” 53

2. WHAT IS SO DIFFERENT ABOUT KERIKIT? So many bags today are a beautiful fashion statement but often compromise on practicality. KeriKit bags are impeccably stylish and yet they’re actually functional; with an innovative internal layout and designated pockets for the daily essentials of businesswomen and mothers alike. KeriKit aspires to empower women with their own fashion identity whilst remaining organised, ensuring each bag adapts to any lifestyle. A KeriKit bag isn’t just an accessory; it’s your faithful companion, helping women everywhere to look and feel good, whether out at work or working out, at a dinner date or play date.

3. WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR BIGGEST CHALLENGE SO FAR? I think financial worries have certainly been the most daunting. From having no children and a well-paid job to 3 kids and no income in just 3 years, my husband Scotty and I have felt the financial whiplash of the change. Funding the KeriKit business ourselves on top of our family has proved a real pressure. The worst thing about money worries is the frustration it makes me feel, because I have so many ideas and I can see the potential of the business and the directions in which it can grow but financing certainly acts as a restriction on all of that and dampens my creativity. However, although at a slightly slower rate to my ideas, the company is growing nonetheless and I need to focus on that. My ideas are in the pipeline and it's going to be a great year for KeriKit.



4. HOW DO YOU OVERCOME THE FEAR OF FAILURE OR ANYTHING THAT PUTS YOU OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE? The fear of failure used to constantly haunt me – I would frequently compare myself to other business and feel frustrated that I wasn’t at the same stage as them, or even worse, that I never would be able to compete with them. I used to have a negative thought which would then spiral until I was irrationally venting my worries to my husband at 4 in the morning. This constant comparison to others was so unhealthy, but thanks to the Headspace app I learnt to practise mindfulness, which was such a help. It taught me to put full-stops in my thoughts so they didn’t turn negative or irrational. Now I work on daily affirmations to have a more positive outlook, which has been so beneficial for both my business and my personal life.

5. WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR BIGGEST MISTAKE OR A LESSON YOU LEARNT? As I mentioned, the first year was a massive learning curve. But the most important lesson I have learnt from it all is to be kind to myself, and to be patient (even though the latter does not come naturally to me!). I have learnt to deal with mistakes better, and not to chastise myself for making them. Sure I will have a sulk on the sofa with a glass of something adult but at 8am the next day it’s forgotten, the lessons have been learnt and I’m ready to grow from these and become a better version of myself as a result. I’m not going to get it right straight away but if I am patient, and kind to myself, things will work out and often it pushes you to be even better.

“I'm ready to grow from the lessons learnt and become a better version of myself as a result.”


6. WHERE DO YOU SEE KERIKIT IN THE FUTURE? While we are presently broadening our awareness in the baby sector, my 5 year plan is that KeriKit becomes the ‘go-to’ brand for beautiful attainable leather bags for business, baby and travel. I want KeriKit to symbolise the empowerment of women, with practical bags for every lifestyle. Designs with ease of use at their core, surrounded by luxe, hard-working leathers and innovative details to make life more beautiful, organised and stylish.

“I want KeriKit to symbolise the empowerment of women, with practical bags for every lifestyle.”




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