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Houston Habitat for Humanity | Annual Report FY2015

Sandra Berrera and her family walking to their family dedication in 2015. She earned her home with the help of KPRC-TV and their partners.

every family should have a home of their own

Houston Habitat for Humanity |Annual Report FY2015

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Habitat for Humanity is


HOMEBUILDER Children of Homeowners Are

116% Percent more likely to graduate from college compared with children in families who do not own their homes

As of fiscal year 2015, Houston Habitat is one of 8 affiliates in the U.S. that has built over

1,000 New Homes

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A word from our Board Chair ……………………………………………………………………..9

A soure of strength: The Leslie Willliams Story …………………………………………..10

2015 Financial Overview ……………………………………………………………………………..12

Pope François Build Project………………………………………………………………………….14

2015 Donor Directory ………………………………………………………………………………….16

2015 Board and Leadership Staff …………………………………………………………………17

Nick Story …………………………………………………………………………………………………….23

2015 Housing Symposium ……………………………………………………………………………24

Build The Love HHYP Project…………………………………………………………………………25

2016 Board and Leadership Staff ……………………………………………………………….. 25

2015 Women’s Build Project ………………………………………………………………………..26

Houston Habitat for Humanity |Annual Report FY2015


every cause needs a great leader 2015 GLOBAL VILLAGE TRIP DOMINICAN REPUBLIC

A Word from Our Executive Director Hello Friends, On behalf of the team at Houston Habitat for Humanity, a heartfelt thank you to all who have supported our mission be it through your time, your talent, and/or your treasures. We would not be able to fulfill our vision of “a world where everyone has a decent place to live” without you. In 2015, we celebrated many successes. Over 175 Habitat Homeowners paid off their mortgages! 2015 was also the year we broke ground on our 1,000th house. With such a memorable milestone, we invited Habitat for Humanity’s first volunteer, Clive Rainey to be our keynote speaker at our Annual Breakfast. Clive’s history with Habitat is very strong. Since 1977, Clive has been a champion for the Habitat mission; he brought the concept of “Sweat Equity” to the organization, a type of partnership that uses a family’s unskilled labor on their house in lieu of a down payment. Today “Sweat Equity” is a key part of every Habitat Build in 80 countries worldwide. Clive later became Habitat’s first Africa Director, and has since “retired” to Guatemala, where he is still engaged in volunteer activities; including supporting Habitat Guatemala and serving with a ministry that rescues homeless children from the streets. As one of 8 out of over 1,300 affiliates that have reached the milestone of building 1,000 homes, Houston Habitat remains committed to partnering with low income homebuyers achieve strength, stability and independence through shelter. Another component of our celebration was an “Affordable Housing Symposium” presented in partnership with the City of Houston. It was great to have a dialogue between community leaders about housing, health and education issues, and where they intersect. The Habitat model of a “hand up, not a hand out” plays a significant role in that sector of our society that often gets missed. So, when we have capable homebuyers who are self-sustaining, opportunities to engage with entrepreneurs – store owners and coffee shop, etc. back into the neighborhoods, it only strengthens the great city we live in. What we are doing with the community puts us right there on the ground; some are new neighborhoods, some are old neighborhoods – where we are working with existing neighbors, and giving support to the entrepreneurs that are already there. And we are working to engage more churches in the community. We built a “Pope Francis House” in tribute to the Pope’s visit to the U.S., and were able to form a rich and lasting relationship with the Archdiocese of Houston – Galveston. Our year did not come without challenges. The Memorial Day Floods and the Halloween Floods in 2015 tested our resources in building and home repair. It slowed our pace, but not our spirit. We continue to build with families that are willing and determined to thrive. Clive Rainey said as he recounted a story of a Habitat Homeowner: “Once I put that hammer in my hand… slowly, surely, I learned to nail the nail, I learned to do the dry wall; I learned to help build my house. And as I was building my house, I was building me…” We continue to pray for low-income families living in a constant state of uncertainty. We pray that the Habitat stories we tell and the mission we share will move people of means to help families build strength, stability and self-reliance through shelter. Thank you for supporting Houston Habitat. Allison Hay Executive Director “Even in success the victory is never finished. Your gift is an investment that never stops earning.” Clive Rainey

Houston Habitat for Humanity |Annual Report FY2015


every voice deserves an advocate

A Word from Our Board Chair Dear Friends of Houston Habitat for Humanity— No matter where we are born in this world, I believe that decent shelter is a human right, and it’s much more than just four walls. Home is that place where a family should experience stability, security, joy and pride, growth and sense of community. When we complete construction on a Houston Habitat home and present families with the keys, it is most often the children who cannot hide their delight and gratitude. I am convinced—and statistics have shown—that children who are empowered will have a better shot at success when they have access to a stable home environment. The Habitat mission resonates with me on a personal level. My childhood in rural Mississippi has framed my outlook and given me a sense of rootedness, compassion and purpose. My family was fortunate enough to have a home with partial plumbing. At times, the neighborhood children would come to our home to take a bath because theirs was not equipped with a bathroom. I learned so much about the strength of “home” from this experience. These neighboring homes and farms were managed by simple, hardworking families with limited resources who built each other up. They understood the value in sharing their crops, their labor and the knowledge of working for the greater good. This type of teamwork is empowering and the philosophy of neighbor helping neighbor with “a hand-up” was clearly imprinted upon me. One of my key goals is to provide Habitat homes that have access to nature and green space through a backyard, trails, trees or a community garden. Houston Habitat takes all of this into account in designing homes and planning neighborhoods. Several of our neighborhoods have walking trails, mature trees and woods. As the current Board Chair, my colleagues and I hope to have an instrumental role in the development of Houston Habitat’s 100-acre woods. My long-term objectives include gaining more measurable differences in the areas of community revitalization; greater access to services in our communities; increased opportunities for education and job training programs for our family partners; and greater access to green space for families. The moment that makes it all worth it for me is when I witness a Habitat family who was just handed the keys to their new home. It’s a heartwarming moment to see the delight in the eyes of the children. I believe that every child deserves a pathway to success, and that pathway begins at home. There is nothing quite as noble or honorable as helping a family find not only shelter—but also the joy of home.

Sincerely, Gaynell Drexler, Board Chairperson Houston Habitat for Humanity

Houston Habitat for Humanity |Annual Report FY2015


Source of Strength: 11 The story of Lesley Williams “Oh my God, my heart, my mind...My whole body went to totally different place.” Lesley Williams has overcome incredible odds--homelessness, job instability. But the very worst was when her little girl Hannah was struck by cancer. “My daughter had a seizure. She was then diagnosed with Stage 3 brain cancer.” Her daughter’s now a courageous 5-year cancer survivor. “There were times when Habitat helped me. I was really lost, and I didn’t know what to do.” In 2011, Lesley moved into her Houston Habitat home. Since then, her four kids have had stability and a warm place to call home. “I just really wanted a stable foundation--Thank you, God. Nobody but God.” Lesley said that Habitat has taught her about personal financial management for her long-term success. “I’ve learned how to be a better steward.” Her next big project--building a handicapped bathroom for Hannah. Lesley has a heartfelt sense of knowing the real priorities in life, after enduring the worst thing that could ever happen to a parent. “The big things I want for my family are long life and health, happiness, peace-of-mind, love for yourself and love for others.”

1000 4000 building h o m e s changing lives




2015 Financial Overview REVENUE - GAINS - SUPPORT Homes sales including mortgage discount amortization Restricted contributions


In kind contributions of inventory


Gain on sale of mortgage loans receivable Government Grants


Unrestricted contributions


Restore Sales, net of cost of goods sold and donated inventory expense Other Income


In kind material Contributions


Investment return net, other income and other fees


*for the year ending December 2015

1% 1% 3%


4% 5% 6%





3% 25%

Houston Habitat is one of 1.5 million American charities, and one of only 9% of charities evaluated by Charity Navigator to receive a 4-star evaluation for 4 consecutive years. Attaining a 4-star rating verifies that Houston Habitat for Humanity exceeds industry standards and outperforms most charities in our area of work. This is the highest possible rating that Charity Navigator extends and indicates that Houston Habitat adheres to sector best practices and executes its mission in a financially efficient way.


Income and Expenditures



EXPENSES Program Services







Houston Habitat for Humanity |Annual Report FY2015


Pope Francis Build

POPE FRANCIS HOUSE PROJECT When Sergio immigrated to the United States from El Salvador 20 years ago, he was in pursuit of a better life for himself and his wife, Xenia and their 3 children. He found work as a carpenter, but he could only afford a onebedroom apartment. With apparent drug activity in the area, Sergio realized that he could not raise his children in such and environment. He wanted better for his family. One day he heard a local news story about Houston Habitat, and it was then that he renewed his hope. They attended a Habitat information session, applied for the homeownership program, and were approved. They knew it would not be easy, but this time they looked at their challenges with the faith and optimism that makes the hard work worth the effort. “It’s always been our dream to provide our children a house in which they can feel proud and we can show them their parents work hard to provide them a better life,” Sergio said, who worked on several Habitat houses that would eventually be occupied by friends he would call his neighbors. During the process, an anonymous donor challenged Houston Habitat for Humanity to build a house in honor of Pope Francis, prompting a partnership with the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston that builds on faith. Together, they deployed over 350 volunteers across 6 weekends to help the “Pope Francis House.” Sergio and e Xenia set about putting in their 300 sweat equity hours to this house as well, not knowing at the time that it would be theirs. Kyle Smith of the Young Catholic Professionals of Houston found the project to be inspirational. "When we put our faith into action, we inevitably grow in love for our neighbor because we make a true gift of ourselves," Kyle said. "Pope Francis has always challenged young adults to share their gifts and talents, to never settle for mediocrity and to walk on a path of holiness." When asked what their favorite part about building their home was, Sergio and Xenia looked at each other and exclaimed, “Everything!” Xenia and Sergio continued, “To put even one nail in our family’s future home was such a blessing. We always wanted a house of our own but never imagined having the opportunity to own a brand new home. Houston Habitat gave us that opportunity.”

Houston Habitat for Humanity |Annual Report FY2015 15

Donors * Donor has given 10 or more years Please note we take every possible effort to publish a complete donors list. Please forgive us if your name was omitted by mistake.

$100,000 or Greater Chevron U.S.A. Inc.* Daikin North America Lowe's Isla Carroll Turner Friendship Trust

$50,000- $99,999 Anonymous Apache Capital One Services, LLC Dynamo Charities Inc. Employees of Hilcorp Energy Company Houston Bar Association* Houston's First Baptist Church KPRC-TV2 Marathon Oil Corporation MD Anderson Foundation Occidental Petroleum Corporation Phillips 66 Company Patti & Tom Owens Wells Fargo & Company

every gift helps us build a home for a deserving family

$20,000- $49,999

$5,000- $9,999

Aggregate Technologies, Inc. American International Group Anheuser-Busch In Bev Aramco Services Company Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston Boardwalk Pipeline Partners, LP Briggs Equipment Columbia Pipeline Group ConocoPhillips Company Constellation, an Exelon Company Daniel Measurement and Control Melissa Roberts Goodman George and Mary Josephine Hamman Foundation LINN Energy, Inc. Neighbors Emergency Centers The Edward and Helen Oppenheimer Foundation PCL Industrial Construction Co. SBM Offshore SM Energy Company*

Anonymous Bechtel Oil, Gas & Chemicals, Inc. Ronald K. & Kristy R. Crabtree Cynthia C. Denney Alex & Marcia Dennison James Gilligan* William & Carol Holloway Knights of Columbus Council #14700 Sherman & Nicole Lewis The Estate of Homer E. Lightner Pamela J. McGinnis Karen M. McKee Motiva Enterprises LLC Philip & Suzanne Poll Martine & James L. Proctor Rosemount Analytical Inc. Texas Land Advisors-Houston, LLC Wallis State Bank

$10,000- $19,999

$1,000 - $4,999

The Boston Consulting Group, Inc. Burns & McDonnell Engineering Co., Inc. Community Bank of Texas Gerald Elphingstone* H-E-B Grocery Company LP Hilti North America Kirkland & Ellis International LLP Beth & Jeffery Jacobsen Omron Oilfield & Marine, Inc. The Maximus Foundation Paul V. Messina & Megan Bladen-Blinkoff* Read King, Inc. Schlumberger Technology Corporation The Vivian L. Smith Foundation The Travelers Indemnity Company Turner Construction Company Vaco Houston

Deborah G. Adams* Arup Group Limited Rebecca M. Babcock* Philip A. & Karen P. Beekman* Brigitte Z. Bosarge Rhonda Brewer-Lee W. Kevin & Caroline Campbell Martha D. Carey Wendy Carmichael Champion Energy Services Munish & Bandana Chawla Citigroup Leslie Cobb-Hector Courtyard Houston North/Shenandoah Angela Birch Cox Wendy R. Crawford Benjamin N. Cuadra

2016 Highlight: KPRC Build The KPRC house build was a roaring success, in no small part to the careful and diligent work of our construction crew. Their hard work makes a huge difference in the success and enjoyment of our volunteer experience, and I would like to thank all of them for making the extra effort everyday to complete successful builds. Here are just a few of the many responses we received form the KPRC volunteers on the excellence of our construction crew.

Donors and Sponsors $1,000 - $4,999 Donna K. Daniel Cindy & Doug Davey Glenn E. & Carolee Dewitt Shelbie Dezell Amy Catherine Dinn Dwight A. Dittmar The Dow Chemical Company Stephen & Rebecca Drake Gaynell Floyd Drexler Lindsey M. Duhon Fund Dennis Daniel Dwulet Sarah Eilers Empyrean Benefit Solutions, Inc. Encore Capital Group, Inc. FMC Technologies, Inc. Deborah Ford Joseph F. Frost Mark A. Fuller Douglas F. & Geni R. Garrison* GlaxoSmithKline plc Glenn V. Godkin Gary Godwin Stephen L. Goldberg & Timothy E. Kollatschny Jake Goldstein Michael Gyllenband Hall Attorneys, P.C. Halliburton Company Michael Hawes* Allison & Michael Hay Debra Hayes Michelle Hinton Mr. & Mrs. Gregory M. Hoffman Hoover Slovacek LLP Houston Inter-City Councils & Courts, Knights of Peter Claver Melissa & Ryan Hunzeker Anita Hutchison Barbara & Roberto Iglesias* Veronica Y. Ingram Intel Corporation Rakesh & Anuradha Jaggi Linda Kane Alain Katic Nicholas J. Korwin Leela & Natesan Krishnamurthy William Le Sage*

Phillip A. & Bette J. Leonard Joyce Lindler Brent & Priscilla Lowery Paulette D. Lynch Tano Maenza Matthew Malott Karla A. Medina Metamorphosis Conference Inc. Margaret Mills Chassidy Mitchell Peter Morgan* Cynthia Moulton Sanjay K. & Amishi S. Murthy Sujata Murthy & Thomas J. Speiss III Newpark Resources, Inc. Margaret & Anthony Pagnotta* Geraldine Mabry Paseur Mary B. Pinkelman* Quantum Reservoir Impact LLC Steve Rathweg Family Charitable Fund Raw Impact Motorcycle Club Rice University Habitat for Humanity Campus Chapter Henry C. Richardson Suzanne H. Riggenbach Catina L. Risper Robert Half International Group Robert N. & Michele Ryan Wendy Sanchez Janis K. Sanders Leslie Ann Schmidt Frank J. Senz Fund Shell Oil Company Foundation Siemens Foundation Richard L. Sitton Jill K. & Ross Sorensen St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church WR Starkey Mortgage, LLP Bruce J. Stewart Stout Risius Ross, Inc. Strake Foundation Stream Realty Partners, LP Beth B. Stump James Sturgeon Dave and Martha Swift Charitable Foundation Kay and Bert Tabor Terracon Foundation Paul B. & Frances Lenora Terry Texas Gulf Coast Physician Assistant Association, Inc.


Jim Proctor Chair, Board of Directors

Gaynell Floyd Drexler Vice Chair, Board of Directors

Sherman Lewis Secretary, Board of Directors

John T. DuPree, CPA CFE Treasurer, Board of Directors

W. Kevin Campbell Brian Ching Stephen L. Goldberg Leslie Cobb-Hector Leela Krishnamurthy Pam McGinnis Miles Milton Henry Richardson Bruce Stewart James Sturgeon Hank Tomlinson

Ex-Officio General Counsel Antoinette (Toni) Jackson

Executive Director Allison Hay

Houston Habitat for Humanity |Annual Report FY2015


Donors and Sponsors $1,000 - $4,999

$500 - $999

Texas Spring Cypress Chapter of The Links, Incorporated Todd Torczon and Maureen Johnson Charitable Fund Donna & Hank Tomlinson Sonya Troullier Mr. & Mrs. Charles C. Walden Wartsila North America, Inc. Randy & Connie Weiss Whitney Bank Laura & Michael Wiley Melinda B. Wineinger Richard Zembek Jeremy J. & Sharon P. Zimmerman* Richard M. & Linda Zoll*

Esther Francis Justin Furnace Calvin Garwood Giveback Homes Richard A. Gould Douglas Stuart Griffith Gene Haddock Alan K. Hadfield* Catherine Hamilton Christina M. & James Henry Rick E. Hessidence-Wall Robert Hichens John W. Hidore Ralph T. Hull Alida & Brad Johnson Mura & Charles Johnson Marguerite Dee Jurilla KBR, Inc. Kean Miller LLP Gloria Keehner Joseph A. & Kathleen B. Klingshirn* William Knight* John Larsen LeClairRyan Foundation Judy J. Lee Andrea Renee Logans Mary Luckey Marathon Oil Political Action Committee Carl Masterson Mary Elizabeth McBeth Mary McKerall Bruce E. McIninch Katherine & Anthony W. McLain Microsoft Corporation Manish Misra William Morey The Judy Moses Fund Loretta Murphy Jennifer L. Naae Mark Tai Nguyen David & Sherri Nock Jodi Nolen Linda Steen Norris & Lee Norris* Cameron Olson Amanda Osgood Paypal Giving Fund Dinesh & Orinda Pejaver Trisha S. Pollard Port City Chapter of The Links, Incorporated

$500 - $999 Sharon Abu Muhor James Addison Charles Arnold ASR Mechanical Colleen Banks Pamela J. Batiste* Steve Bolton & Bob Valentine David R. & Lisa Buehring Dominic Camilleri Debra L. Casey Dianna C. Cervantes Peggy L. Clements Club 24 Plus, In Honor of Leela Kristnamurthy Alce J. Cortez* Brent A. Couzens-Schultz & Robert van Lenten Danos Doug D'Arche Karen K. & James S.Davidson, III Bradley B. Dennison Nadya Hudda Dnanani Brian K. Douglas George Dozier William Ronald & Wendy Moll Dudley Vinh X. Duong John & Karen DuPree Karen Eldridge & Thomas Charlton ExxonMobil Foundation Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Amanda B. Foss

Russell T. & Kathy J. Rudy* Phillip & Christiane Salvador James Schaefer Vernon W. & Josette S. Scrivner Jeff Shealey Eric B. Sheffield Betty Rosignon Smith Jessica Erin Stout Mr. & Mrs. William P. Swenson Ahmed H. Taher Robert N. & Nancy J. Tenczar Gilbert & Brenda Thompson Linda D. Trahan Trustmark National Bank UBS Financial Services Inc. Mary Van Ness John R. Vanderzyl* John Virden Newton E. Ward* Chella Ware Cameron Wieding Denise & Brad Williams Jennifer Wilson Bill Wong*

every donation helps families build strength and independence

“It was a wonderful experience; you help a family obtain a home, learn about construction, stretch your limits, but you also share with others in a positive setting




Donors and Sponsors 100-499 Efren Acosta Edward B. Adams Sudma J. Aguilar Angela Allen Amazon Smile Foundation Bader Anshasi Andree M. Antony Rosaura E. Arango Melanie Arena David Armiger AT&T Services, Inc. Deborah Gayle Atkins Nancy Atlas Tracey Baaset Jean Bacilieri Katherine Bain Baker Hughes Foundation Faye K. Baker Tom & Janice Baranowski Amy Elizabeth Barber Jacquelyn Barish* Freddie Bartels Denise Bates Ralph E. & Yvonne K. Baughman* Dennis A. & Tommie J. Beck Ransom Becker Susan T. Bennett BHP Billiton Ltd. Jason G. Billing Mark Bing Bobette & John Bisbee Roger Bivans Stephanie Blakes John Bloom Gerald C. Bolden* Mayra Bontemps Naomi & Karl Boog Patricia Louise Boros Patrick J. Breen Annette Brewster* Trevor Bryant Judy Budnik Gabrielle Butler Donielle Byrd Tessa Cabello Camillo Properties David Canitz & Bonnie J. Hurliman Carolyn B. Cannon Laurie Carlisle Marie Carlisle

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Houston Habitat for Humanity |Annual Report FY2015


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Houston Habitat for Humanity |Annual Report FY2015


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every person deserves a chance at a better life

BEST FRIENDS “A man’s’ soul can be judged by the way he treats his dog.” - Charles Doran Meet native Houstonian Nick and his beloved, pup, “Cashmere.” Nick is a young homeowner—just 23 years old and so excited to have his own home. “I’m looking forward to the challenge of being independent and on my own. This is the biggest blessing that’s ever come my way.” Nick’s new home now means he can give his dog Cashmere a good backyard and much better place to play. “I just love him to death. He’s a laid-back and relaxed dog.” For many Habitat first homeowners, getting a pet is one of the first things they set out to do. A new Habitat home gives them the space and backyard to making it an ideal life for a family pet.

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2015 Housing Symposium Houston Habitat partnered with the City of Houston Housing and Community Development Department to host the 2015 Affordable Housing Symposium. We were honored to have featured speakers: Dr. Stephen Klineberg, Founding Director, Kinder Institute for Urban Research & Professor of Sociology, Rice University; Neal Rackleff, Director, City of Houston Housing and Community Development Department; and Michael Fienberg, Co-founder, Knowledge is Power Program (KIPP), & Executive Board Member, KIPP Houston. We also had the pleasure of presenting community leader Reverend Harvey Clemons, Jr., Pastor of Pleasant Hill Baptist Church & Founder of 5th Ward CRC as our Luncheon Keynote Speaker.

The esteemed panel of experts and Rev. Clemons discussed the importance of affordable housing in the Houston and how it positively affects health, education and the whole community. “It is my hope that the fine panelists that spoke planted a seed of change in the way our guests think about communities,” says Allison Hay, Houston Habitat Executive Director, “Affordable housing and great schools are fundamental to invigorating great communities.”

Houston Habitat would like to thank all of our friends and supporters who joined us at this important event, all of our speakers and our partner City of Houston Housing & Community Development for helping us begin the discussion on affordable housing in Houston.



Build the Love HHYP BUILDING ON AN EXPERIENCE It was one pivotal moment that hooked Houston Habitat Young Professional (HHYP) volunteer Chris Bertaut to the Habitat mission.

Chris’s Story

It was at a home walk-through during family dedication for a mom and her kids. “Habitat made her feel empowered to give her family the life they deserved.”

Bertraut is one of approximately 40 young professionals who share a common Thisinterest: pages is make Houston become a better place to live. Housing prices in to help Houston continue to escalate, and it’s making it that much more difficult for lowreserved for nicks income families to rent or buy a home. Houston Habitat offers them a unique opportunity families to put their hard work and effort into owning an affordable story. Our for first HHYP home. HHYP is dedicated to helping them member —and ensuring buildthetoday vibrant diversity of the Houston community.

wasHHYP a success! is not only about improving the Houston community, but it’s also about meeting new people and developing stronger social networks. Some of the benefits

to joining Thanks toHHYP theinclude access to unique social events and leadership opportunities. HHYP is about more than building homes. It’s about building community, generous of friendshipssupport and camaraderie TheBertaut Edward and leads the Houston group of young professionals. He added that the HHYP experience has been an invaluable one. He recalls more about his first Habitat build Helen Oppenheimer and how meaningful it was for him. Foundation, of into a home. The son was just so excited about finally “I remembered9walking





having a space that he didn’t have to share with their other siblings. I honestly don’t

there was a dry eye out of our entire group. It was probably the most Ourthink members spent rewarding experience that day.” Saturday morning hammering away and Houston Habitat for Humanity |Annual Report FY2015 having fun.



2015 Women Build The life changing process for one future Habitat Homeowner began with the help of over 175 women from all over the Greater Houston area. Every day, they came strong, willing to spend their time hammering away to help build this home for Vivian right before her eyes! They erected interior and exterior walls; applied sheathing and installed blue board around the house; cut out windows and doors; began kitchen, bath and closet blocking; raised roof trusses and more! Lowe’s Heroes employee volunteers were among those who joined Houston Habitat for Humanity to address the need for affordable housing in the Houston area as part of Habitat’s National Women Build Week; traditionally held the first week of May leading up to Mother’s Day. National Women Build Week is a weeklong event created by Habitat for Humanity’s Women Build program that challenges women to devote at least one day to help build affordable housing in their local communities. The week also spotlights the homeownership challenges faced by women. Lowe’s donated nearly $2 million nationally and provided the support of Lowe’s Heroes, who also conducted how-to clinics at stores to teach volunteers construction skills. More than 300 Habitat for Humanity affiliates around the country hosted Women Build events in 2015.

Houston Habitat for Humanity |Annual Report FY2015


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2015 Annual Report  

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2015 Annual Report  

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