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HeyHeyCard is a stationery company located in Hong Kong. We specialize in discovered many interesting design ideas in Hong Kong's homegrown, like mark six, GameBoy etc. And we also do watercolors hand-drawn and calligraphic for you. HeyHeyCard, Share your love, share your happiness 喜喜是一間喜帖婚宴公司,主要以香港點滴為題材, 用心來設計出不同類型富有 香港特色的產品,我們設計了六合彩 , 檸檬茶 , 電影戲院椅及媽咪麵等等 , 超過百 款的中式及西式喜帖選擇,適合喜愛特別款式的您們。我們還有百日宴卡 , 壽宴 卡 , 地圖卡 , 開門支票 , 婚宴名牌 , 迎賓牌 , 拍照道具 , 鋼印及火蠟印等。我們亦 提供手繪水彩和英文書法等。 分享你們的喜悅 , 是我們的榮幸, 就是我們成立的目的

HeyHeyCard Share your love & happiness

HeyHeyCard 2019


Style Code - Top: CN021, CN016, CN025, CN023, CN022, Romantic Heart Series Envelope - Spicy Mustard 2

Chinese Style


ou'll find more than 50 great design in our Chinese Wedding invitation collections. All is ready for you to personalize with your own picture and text, pick your favorite one from our amazing selection!

除了一般傳統喜帖款式外,我們更加入現代新穎西 式元素,如西式花配以中式花紋囍字;加上背景有 不同顏色配搭,概可以保留傳統元素,又帶出清新 感覺。所以不論您喜歡傳統或新穎款式都可以在這 里找到。

HeyHeyCard 2019


Style Code - CN045 Romantic Heart Series Envelope Fuchsia red


Style Code - CN021

HeyHeyCard 2019


It's party time! In here you can find Chinese themed birthday invitations with lucky red color (or other colors you like) (壽The Chinese character “shou) means longevity or advanced age. This character is added to anything related to the birthday celebration of an elderly person. In ancient fairy tales, “gods of longevity” were immortals. So to address old people in this way is to bless them with long life.

Style Code: BD001 | Romantic Heart Series Envelope | Spicy mustard, Fuchsia red


Birthday Card Style Code: BD001

HeyHeyCard 2019


Western Style

Style Code - WE075 Romantic Heart Series Envelope


HeyHeyCard 2019



Share your love-story We also have many great invite style with ideas for our Western Wedding invitation wording & designs. You can find our ready-made service with designs existed for you to choose from (including our ready-made hand-drawn watercolor style!)

Style Code - WE071 HeyHeyEnvelope Pocket Invitation Envelopes HeyHeyCard 2019


Pink Style Code - WE069 HeyHeyEnvelope Romantic Heart Series Envelope Blush pink


Style Code - WE074 HeyHeyEnvelope Romantic Heart Series Envelope Blush pink

Style Code - WE048 HeyHeyEnvelope Romantic Heart Series Envelope

HeyHeyCard 2019


Style Code - WE036 Romantic Heart Series Envelope\ Uchsia Red


Top left: Style Code - WE036 | WE041 Romantic Heart Series Envelope - Uchsia Red Standerd Series Envelope - Spicy mustard

HeyHeyCard 2019


香港愛的鐵路 LTRwedding map

HeyHey Hong Kong Style We have lots of Hong Kong style wedding invitations card, you'll find many special and fun invite ideas here! From the traditional 60s year pattern to the newspaper, MTR tickets and student book etc

Style Code - MM022 16

Mark Six

Creative Style You'll find many fun and crazy ideas here! Get ready to surprise your friends and guest!

snack invitations Top left: Style Code - MM010 | LW001 | TR007 | MM035

HeyHeyCard 2019


“Let me love you a little more

before you’re not little anymore.”


Baby Shower Life is full of changes. It's a joyful moment to welcoming a newborn baby to home! We love to share your special moment with you and your guest.

Top left: Style Code - BB023 | BB018 | BB019 | BB021

HeyHeyCard 2019


s ow v g n i dd We

We have many design fit with your romantic wedding vows. Style Code - LS032


Wedding Map We have two way to design our wedding maps / information card: Digital design (Adobe drawing) & Hand drawing (Watercolro / Pen and Ink etc)

HeyHeyCard 2019


h ot l c g n i n g i S

ts gues r o f desk sing! n o i t s recep their ble e h t n ite aid o s and wr l s i cloth ir name e r u t e Signa o sign th t






08 , CS0



HeyHeyCard 2019


k c e h c g n i dd s e p o r W p e m a g -

Most of Asian couples on their wedding day will have tradition fun door games to celebration their wedding with brothers' and sisters' troop. Style Code - WB007


Wedding Logo We offers customs design or readymade service with designs existed for you to choose from.

Top left: Style Code - WL013 | WL008 | WL001 | WL003

HeyHeyCard 2019


Photo BoothPropso We have lot of funny photo booth props for you.

Style Code - WB007


Seating Chart We can match the design and style with your invitations! You can choose our HeyHey Collections below or custom made your own seating board.

HeyHeyCard 2019



Envelopese We have four different style envelope you can choose from: Romantic heart series envelope In this lovely romantic heart envelope, you do not need to get a sticker, wax seals or Envelope Seals. Pocket invitation envelope One of our popular product! You can put the invitations and wedding map in this pocket. this pocket can match withthe sticker, wax seals or Envelope Seals. Organize your wedding invitations in style with this shimmering invitation pocket. Standard series envelope This style envelope can match with the sticker, wax seals or Envelope Seals. A4 size envelope Have any party or event need an a4 size envelope? Here you are! Find out more:


Style A & B HeyHeyEnvelope

Stickrt We have three standard styles of wedding stickers for you!

Each size 2.5cm x 2.5cm with Chinese double happiness. you can also order your Custom Made Style!

Style C HeyHeyEnvelope Standerd Series Envelope

Style A & B HeyHeyEnvelope Standerd Series Envelope

HeyHeyCard 2019


Wax Seal &

Embossing Seal We offer wax seal and embossing seal for your special date! We have more than 18 colors for wax seal, contact us for more details!


Top left: Style Code - MM010 | LW001 | TR007 | MM035 Standerd Series Envelope HeyHeyCard 2019


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