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We focus on preserving and improving the competitiveness of our member companies. The Employers’ Association of the Metal and Electrical Industry Hesse e. V. – known as HESSENMETALL – defines the wage scale and socio-political framework for the metal and electrical industry in Hesse in cooperation with the trade unions.

By integrating our members into the bodies of the association (e.g. General Assembly, Advisory Board and Executive Board), they substantially participate in decision-making and the implementation of consented resolutions.

The regional group Rhein-Main-Taunus (RMT) mediates between the member companies and the Hessian association in cooperation with the other four regional groups. RMT takes on the challenges imposed on companies in the industry to promote a prospering business landscape.

On this occasion, we would like to express our appreciation to all our members who have displayed entrepreneurial responsibility. Our objective is to persuade more companies to get involved in our employers’ association.

We focus on preserving and improving the competitiveness of our member companies. We are aware of the importance of growth: it gives companies a competitive edge, helps them to recruit highly qualified staff and gives them a fresh impetus.

The staff of the regional group RMT support the member companies by providing intensive consultation and support on implementing the developed solutions for all corporate matters regarding labour, personnel, organisation and communication. On the following pages, we will outline examples of our services.

Members of the regional group Rhein-Main-Taunus represent corporate interests in the context of wage scale policy and try to get the agreement of the member companies after collective bargaining agreements have been concluded. Dialog and cooperation between the representatives of the unions and the employers’ association are essential to achieve these goals. The regional group RMT provides the necessary platform for its members to discuss, reach agreement and coordinate their socio-political interests. Moreover, the regional group RMT organises the exchange of experience with other companies.

Dr. Thomas Brunn Chairman of the Executive Board

Dr. Thomas Brunn


Tasks and objectives of the association The regional group Rhein-Main-Taunus (RMT) is one of five regional employers’ associations within HESSENMETALL, the Association of the Metal and Electrical Industry in Hesse. The association represents the social and socio-political interests of these member companies towards the government, the public and the unions. It consults its members regarding labour and social matters. Currently, the association RMT has 140 member companies of different sizes from the metal and electrical industry. The number of employees presently amounts to approx. 33,000. The following sectors are represented in the Rhein-Main-Taunus (RMT) regional group: • Sewage engineering • Telecommunications and sales • Metal processing • Instrumentation and controls • Plant and pipe engineering • Services • Sales distribution • Automotive supply • Mechanical and system engineering • Electro industry • Computer industry • Electronics • Vehicle and aircraft manufacturing • Optics • Dental technology • Plastic processing • Plant machinery • Rolling mills • Air-conditioning and refrigeration

The majority of the RMT member companies are bound to collective bargaining agreements. The labour and employment terms in these collective bargaining agreements are binding and defined autonomously by the negotiating partners (employers’ association and unions). In addition, it is possible to join RMT without being bound to a collective bargaining agreement. You are provided with a broad range of services: • Consulting and representation regarding labour and social matters • Training events concerning labour and social matters • Circulars including information aimed at various target groups in the companies • Meetings with focus on exchange of experience, e.g.: heads of HR, heads of HR development, heads of training • Workshops with company representatives on site • Seminars • Public relations • Information on vocational and further training and continuing education • Information and consulting regarding ergonomics

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expertise and performance profile

Secure the support of an experienced and strong partner Providing services is the focus of our work. The work of the employees at the regional group Rhein-Main-Taunus (RMT) is focused on the requirements of its members.

Consulting Our solicitors are competent contacts for all questions resulting from daily work in HR and employment on the phone as well as in personal talks. They offer appropriate and customised solutions for each matter. All legal specialists strongly emphasise the idea of offering services to the members. They represent the interests of the members towards both works councils’ representatives and unions. In particular, the consulting services include the following areas:

Wage and salary matters: Definition of wages and salaries according to requirements, consulting on principles concerning summary and analytical job evaluation; consulting regarding remuneration principles and methods, working out company agreements for piecework and incentive bonuses as well as group work and new types of performance-related remuneration, classification of tasks in the relevant pay scale group (applicable to collective bargaining agreements), provision of pay scale documents and comparative statistics, remuneration conversion. Exchange of experience in the association: In HR manager meetings as well as topic related workshops, e.g. partial retirement, vocational training and personnel development.

Formulation of employment contracts: For employees on collective and non-collective agreement basis as well as for executives by using sample contracts or designing customised solutions.

Occupational safety and accident prevention: For example, distribution of information material and establishing contacts to authorities for health and safety at work.

Provision of samples for the complete HR administration: E.g. suggestion for improvement schemes or employment questionnaires.

Contact to social security agencies: For example, questions regarding sick pay, maternity allowance, medical services or medical certificates (inability to work), consulting regarding all social security matters (statutory pension, unemployment, health, long-term care and accident insurances).

Support on all legal matters: Covering the complete individual and collective labour laws, e.g. protection against wrongful dismissal, Works Constitution Act and vocational training. Legal representation in court: For the member companies in case of lawsuits at labour and social welfare courts as well as representation in negotiations with authorities such as employment offices or integration offices for the disabled. Interpretation and explanation of collective bargaining agreements and company agreements: For example, classification of employees into the respective wage or salary categories, taking into account bonuses above agreed wage or salary rates paid according to collective bargaining agreements after a pay rise, drawing up working time flexibilisation schemes. Collective agreements: Preparation and support for collective bargaining negotiations. Negotiations with the works councils: Or unions and/or preparation and support for company agreements which are necessary under the Works Constitution Act, participation in social plan negotiations and arbitration committees, if necessary, also in collective bargaining agreements and arbitration tribunals.

Self-government boards: Participation in the self-government bodies of all social security institutions. Company social benefits: For example, consulting regarding definition of pension schemes, Christmas bonuses, reimbursement of fares and canteen subsidies. Modern work organisation: Consulting and exchange of experiences, for example team work, continuous improvement process, target agreement, design of the labour organisation, job safety/threat analysis, REFA Consultation regarding vocational training, promoting vocational training and questions on training in general: For example, questions refering to social welfare law SGB III, the Vocational Training Act, a training agreement, European subsidies etc. Representation at authorities and other institutions: For example, support concerning approval procedures, establishing contacts.


Services Vocational training As a representative of our members who offer vocational training we design the general training syllabuses. This means development of training directives and examination regulations for existing or newly created careers. We run intensive campaigns to promote careers in the metal and electrical industry. We organise road shows at schools, at trade shows for vocational training, and at our member companies on special occasions in order to pass on comprehensive information, especially regarding new IT jobs. On our web site, our member companies offer vacancies for vocational training and internships as well as the opportunity to write a thesis. School-Business task force The regional group Rhein-Main-Taunus (RMT) supports the working groups of the employers’ association’s School-Business task force in the Rhein-Main-Taunus area in terms of organisation. As Managing Director Gertrud Hirschhäuser is in charge. The School-Business task force in the Rhein-Main-Taunus area coordinates the network between the RMT member companies and schools, including universities, colleges and academies of cooperative education. The Rhein-Main-Taunus section of the School-Business task force addresses 465 schools, 17,000 teachers and 217,300 pupils. The activities of the task force focus on giving a realistic insight into areas outside the daily school routine. Meetings on site enable the pupils to review the theory learned at school by reassessing the practical experience. As a result, consulting for pupils, colleagues and parents can be improved. Tasks • Promoting business-related education • Informing teachers and pupils about the structures, current situation and development in the companies • Informing about social market economy, technology and labour • Informing employers about the situation in schools • Promoting contacts between schools, teachers and companies • Promoting, supporting and implementing educational projects in schools.

Further education / BWHW The educational institute of Hesse's economy (Bildungswerk der Hessischen Wirtschaft e. V. – BWHW) promotes pluralistic democracy and social market economy through its educational work in the social and political sectors. It supports the company sectors HR and training in the federal state of Hesse by offering specific training and consulting services. The institute's tasks include qualifying staff, promoting the idea of joint vocational training as well as generally enhancing and fostering the idea of the company as a learning location. The BWHW sustainably promotes the dual vocational training system. In addition, the staff of the institute tests and promotes the implementation of new tools for qualifying, consulting and reintegrating target groups on the job market. This helps the member companies to use additional specialised workforce to its full potential. M+E-collective bargaining agreements The association is in a position to finalise collective bargaining agreements for its members. These agreements are binding and include common minimum requirements, e.g. concerning wages, salaries, working hours or other working conditions. The regional group RMT supports its members in applying and interpreting the bargaining agreements. Our member companies are entitled to exclusively access all collective bargaining agreements via our online information system (V.I.S). Press- and public relations (PR) Public relations are essential for individual member companies as well as the employers’ association. Why is it essential? We increasingly need to keep the public aware of the important role our companies play in our society and to gain its acceptance. In addition, PR work contributes to maintain our locations. The association offers PR modules and establishes contacts to journalists and other media representatives. The association offers advice to its member companies when a public statement is inevitable. It offers direct advice, develops concepts and accompanies companies during their implementation. Furthermore, the association offers trainings and seminars for topics such as public speaking, internal communication or professional writing.

bodies of the associaton

You can get involved. The General Assembly is the highest body of the Rhein-Main-Taunus (RMT) regional group. Our member companies take part in the ordinary General Assembly. Every member company has one vote. Crucial decisions, in particular the acceptance or rejection of a collective bargaining agreement, are made by the body. The General Assembly also deals with the following tasks: • Election of the Executive Board • Election of the Advisory Board • Election of auditors • Approval of the annual report • Approval of the audit report • Formal approval of the actions performed by the Executive Board and the Executive Office • Alteration of articles of the association • Dissolution of the RMT regional group

The Executive Board is entrusted with the management of the regional group RMT. This Board is elected by the General Assembly. The Executive Board consists of at least eight ordinary members of our member companies and up to two co-opted members. The period in office of the ordinary members belongs to two years. The Executive Board elects the chairman of the regional group as well as the 1st and 2nd deputies from the ordinary members of the Executive Board. The regular tasks include: • Administration of RMT • Supervision of the Executive Office • Appointment of committees • Assignment of experts • Implementation of resolutions

The Advisory Board consists of at least 22 members of the executive boards of our member companies and includes the Executive Board. Its period of office is limited to two years. The Advisory Board gives advice and supports the Executive Board of the RMT regional group on essential questions concerning statute-related tasks. For example: • Election of delegates and their deputies for the committees • Statements regarding important decisions of the federal state association • Rejection of applications • Resolution regarding exclusion of members • Resolution regarding local agreements with the unions • Handling of any other business transferred to it by the General Assembly

The Executive Office The current tasks of the RMT regional group are run under the management of the executive officer Friedrich Avenarius. The core business of the Executive Office includes: • Implementation of the resolutions adopted by the executive bodies • Representation and implementation of employers’ interests towards the unions • Establishing contacts to associations, organisations, authorities and chambers • Public relations of the association with respect to the opinion formation and decision-making-process • Consulting and support regarding labour and social law as well as socio-political matters • Proposals for the appointment of bodies and committees • Right to nominate honorary judges for labour and social welfare courts

Chairman: Dr. Thomas Brunn ALSTOM Grid GmbH

1st Deputy: Dr. Joachim Ott Bilfinger Berger Facility Services GmbH

2nd Deputy: Rainer Hetzer Continental Teves AG & Co. OHG


head office

Contacts at Rhein-Main-Taunus e. V. Executive Management Board

Friedrich Avenarius Chief Executive Officer Attorney-at-Law Phone: 069 95808-230 E-Mail:

Cornelia Stille Assistant of management board Phone: 069 95808-231 E-Mail:

Legal Advice

Ulrich Tilly Head of the legal department Attorney-at-Law specialized and additional certified in labor law Phone: 069 95808-235 E-Mail: Stefan Baltes Attorney-at-Law specialized and additional certified in labor law Phone: 069 95808-236 E-Mail: Axel Brodehl Attorney-at-Law specialized and additional certified in labor law Phone: 069 95808-241 E-Mail: Gertrud Hirschh채user Attorney-at-Law Phone: 069 95808-239 E-Mail: Annegret Schmitt Attorney-at-Law specialized and additional certified in labor law Phone: 069 95808-232 E-Mail:

Office Monika Preiss Phone: 069 95808-237 E-Mail: Andrea Wiesner Phone: 069 95808-233 E-Mail:

Public Relations

Gertrud Hirschh채user

Dr. Birgit Led체c Consultant Phone: 069 95808-240 E-Mail:

Attorney-at-Law Phone: 069 95808-239 E-Mail: GHirschhaeuser@

Office Christine Hauck Phone: 069 95808-238 E-Mail:



Your membership supports and strengthens the association Membership with binding collective bargaining agreement The members of the regional group Rhein-Main-Taunus (RMT) usually adhere to the collective bargaining agreements of the metal and electrical industry. Membership without binding collective bargaining agreement Since 1999, the RMT regional group also offers membership without binding collective bargaining agreement. This means that terms of contract can be negotiated independently of the collective bargaining agreement. Companies concerned can negotiate individual company contracts with the unions by getting support of the solicitors of the regional group. For further information please contact our Executive Office. Membership fee The work of the RMT regional group is exclusively financed over membership fees. The fees are calculated on the basis of the annual payroll of the respective companies each year. Please contact our Executive Office for further information on membership fees. The fee covers all services of the association. Excluded are the services offered by GUB or further vocational training and further training facilities. Catalogue of services The RMT regional group provides a broad range of services for its members: • Consulting and representation regarding labour and social matters • Training events concerning labour and social matters • Circulars including information aimed at various target groups in the companies • Meetings with focus on exchange of experience, e.g.: - heads of HR - heads of HR development - heads of training • Workshops with company representatives on site • Seminars • Public relations • Information on further education and training • Information and consulting regarding ergonomics

Online information about V.I.S. V.I.S. stands for the association’s information system. Via this system, we exclusively inform our member companies and keep them up to date. They receive electronic circulars, press releases, special information such as collective bargaining agreements, samples of contracts as well as training offers from our educational institute for the members of works councils, apprentices, foremen and masters. Services on a payment basis GUB – Gesellschaft für Unternehmensberatung mbH For example, realisation and implementation of consulting results; introduction and implementation of new types of work organisation or support for implementing new structures concerning remuneration. Educational institutes of the association A range of training courses for management and employees.

Management board cooperates with VhU Association of employers' associations in Hesse, Frankfurt office


Bildungswerk der Hessischen Wirtschaft e. V. Educational Centre of Industry in Hesse, branch office

REFA Association for time and motion, operational planning and corporate development, Hessian section, regional association for South Hesse

Bildungswerk HESSENMETALL e. V. Educational Institute Training Centre Bad Nauheim

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Verband der Metall- und Elektro-Unternehmen Hessen Bezirksgruppe Rhein-Main-Taunus e.V. Emil-von-Behring-Straße 4 · 60439 Frankfurt am Main Tel: 069 95808-230 · Fax 069 95808-178 E-Mail:

Hessenmetall Bezirksgruppe Rhein-Main-Taunus e.V.  

The regional group Rhein-Main-Taunus (RMT) mediates between the member companies and the Hessian association in cooperation with the other f...

Hessenmetall Bezirksgruppe Rhein-Main-Taunus e.V.  

The regional group Rhein-Main-Taunus (RMT) mediates between the member companies and the Hessian association in cooperation with the other f...