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“Know that every deed counts, that every word is power...” Abraham Joshua Heschel

HESCHEL HERALD, THE MAGAZINE The Alan B. Slifka Middle School

February, Volume 7, Issue 3

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Correction: A former issue of the Herald incorrectly stated that Mr. Jeffrey Goldberg graduated from the University of Pennsylvania. In fact, he dropped out before completing his courses.

The Alan B. Slifka Middle School


February, 2017 Volume 7, Issue 3

HESCHEL HERALD, A News Magazine February, 2017 Editors Talia Kahan
 Ayelet Kaminer Anna M. Dubey Sports Editor Judah Klingsberg Staff Writers Kyra Siegel Eliana Sirota Alexandra Wenger Raphaela Gold Tillie Germain Shayna Podhoretz Talia Scheinberg Benji Goldstein Emily Bauer Esther Shoshan Rebecca Woldenberg Daniella Roberts Tamar Shoshan Shanee Goldman Becky Woldenberg Sivan Nemirof Tamar Druker Contributing Writers Josephine Lemann Sophie Fisher Jenna Roberts Julia Steinman Julia Dubey Eli Fraiman Art & Photography Maya Lukeman Karen Dorr Faculty Advisors Karen Dorr (English) Michal Kaplan (Hebrew) Layout & Design Karen Dorr Michal Kaplan

Letter from the Editors Dear Readers, Writing the letter from the editors is a difficult task for us. There are so many aspects of our daily lives the we feel we must include, and there is only so much we can write about in a few sentences. As a news publication, we are honored to be able to reach a number of students at the Heschel Middle School, but this also makes us very aware that what we write should appeal to and resonate with all of our readers. That said, we feel that it is our absolute duty to only publish what is relevant to our lives as Jewish youth, as Americans, and as students at the Heschel School. During Outsiders day, we learned that labels cannot divide us, for we are all human beings who deserve equal treatment. In sports, both in school and on television, we learned about respecting people on our team, as well as our opponents. From the arts we can see that no matter our opinions, everyone can be brought together by creativity and imagination. In politics, we learned that different opinions can coexist only as long as we remain civil. As previously stated, we try to make this publication as unbiased and relevant as possible, but there comes a time when we cannot stand idly by and ignore the changes that are occurring in our world.

Journalist of the Issue By Anna M. Dubey ELIZABETH KOLBERT IS known for her staff work for The New Yorker magazine, as well as for her contributions to other newspapers. Following her education at Mamaroneck High School, she attended Yale University to study literature and writing. After earning a scholarship to Germany’s Universität Hamburg and working as a freelance reporter, she became the bureau chief of the New York Times in Albany. There, she continued writing articles covering politics

The Alan B. Slifka Middle School


No matter who we are, where we come from, and what we believe in, we all have something to learn from each other. As we were writing this letter, we were initially very wary of coming off as “too political.” However, after careful consideration, we have come to the conclusion that in a school named after Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, it would be a crime to disregard injustice as “too political” and turn a blind eye to it. Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, this school’s namesake, said that “Indifference to evil is more insidious than evil itself. It is a silent justification affording evil acceptability in society.” If we are able to provide you with a newspaper that encompases the ideas that guided Rabbi Heschel and so many other revolutionaries in history, our job as editors will be fulfilled. Until then, we will strive to publish only what we take pride in and what we think Rabbi Heschel would take pride in as well. Sincerely, Ayelet Kaminer, Anna Dubey, and Talia Kahan 8th grade editors of The Heschel Herald

and media until 1999, when she was offered a position as a staff writer for The New Yorker. Currently, her pieces mainly center around events of environmental interest. Since beginning her time at The New Yorker, she has received a number of honors for her work. These include a 2005 American Association for the Advancement of Science Journalism Award, a Lannan Literary Fellowship in 2006, and a 2015 Pulitzer Prize for her full-length nonfiction book, The Sixth Extinction. She now lives in Massachusetts with her husband and three sons.

February, 2017 Volume 7, Issue 3

Editorials The Problems with our Current Political System By Judah Klingsberg YES, I’M A sports editor. I realize that. However, I have some thoughts I would like to express about our current political world. 1: Political Parties. I know that political parties are a major part of our political system, but this is a problem that is not often considered and I want to illustrate their drawbacks. The red counties are getting redder and the blue counties are getting bluer. The blue people are getting bluer and red people are getting redder. People agree with someone solely based on their political party. If you do not believe me, think about Ted Cruz or Bernie Sanders. After they lost in the primaries, they both campaigned for their party’s winning candidates, so that their party would prevail. It is hard to say that Bernie Sanders really wanted Hillary Clinton as president considering he said this about her, “Maybe the American people might wonder about your qualifications, Madam Secretary, when you voted for the war in Iraq, the most disastrous foreign policy blunder in the modern history America.” And I think we can also assume Ted Cruz wasn’t a huge Trump fan after he said this about him, “This man [Trump] is a pathological liar, he doesn't know the difference between truth and lies... he accuses everyone of lying.” So yes, we can conclude that they supported their party’s candidates based on their political party. This is unacceptable. In order to eliminate people who vote and support candidates based primarily on parties, we need to grow a legitimate third party. Giving third-party candidates a chance will result in a more accurate representation of the beliefs of the American people, since they won’t be

forced to choose between two extremes. When there are three parties, candidates will notice that they need more than just people from their own party on their side to win the presidency. This will force candidates to compromise with other parties. That’s actual compromising, not just saying that they’ll “reach across the aisle.” Once people compromise, then the deeply divided two-party system will allow for more freedom of political stances. 2: Fake News. Many lies were told this election, especially by Donald Trump. But the lies go beyond just what the candidates say. In our new world of social media, you are able to change the truth in order to manipulate how people view important issues. Right now, there is no reliable fact checker to determine the truth of political statements. A study, right before the election, showed that 38% of Republicanleaning Facebook posts were false, as well as 19% of Democrat-leaning posts. And before the liberals who are reading this give themselves a pat on the back because they are so much more truthful on Facebook, they should remember that being more factual than Republicans is not a very high standard. 19% is still almost one in five posts. This has to change. We need to have an unbiased, informed public, who can get easy access to a program that will determine whether or not information posted on the internet is true. 3: Electoral College. Just saying, this will not be a crybaby rant about how Hillary won the popular vote but lost the electoral votes, because the Electoral College does have some benefits. The Electoral College was originally created so that the less populated states would still matter, and that they would have a voice. This has worked, sort of, in the way that small and

The Alan B. Slifka Middle School

less populated states have a voice, but some of the following statistics indicate a clear imbalance in the value of a vote. Our state of New York has 27 electoral votes, and has a population of 19.75 million people. Wyoming, on the other hand, has three electoral votes and has a population of 584 thousand people. This means that New York has 730 thousand people per Electoral College vote, and Wyoming has only 194 thousand people per Electoral College vote. That makes a vote in Wyoming worth 3.7 times the amount of someone in New York. This year, a whopping 40% of eligible voters in America didn’t vote, and I don't think that having 19.75 million people in New York know that someone in Wyoming’s vote mattered more than theirs helps. My solution to this: eliminate the three Electoral College vote minimum. We can keep the minimum for senators and representatives, but just lower the minimum for Electoral College votes to one and adjust the required 270-to-win standard accordingly. 4: Planned Parenthood is a Political Issue. This is absurd. Women should have access to whatever reproductive health they need. And also, does anybody realize that THE GOVERNMENT DOESN’T FUND ABORTIONS?! That’s an issue on its own. So yeah, everyone who is trying to defund Planned Parenthood **cough** Speaker Paul Ryan **cough** is additionally trying to defund the nonabortion, non-controversial routine health procedures and preventative care. It is insane that whether to provide women with access to reproductive health is a political issue. It should just be a given that they fund this! And now, with the Trump presidency and the Republican majority in the Senate, it's being defunded. Way to go, America. Good luck in the next four years.


February, 2017 Volume 7, Issue 3

Editorials March For Life: A Response (Some Exclusions Apply) By Ayelet Kaminer    On January 27th, a mere six days after the inauguration of Donald Trump, thousands flocked to Washington, DC to protest. Contrary to most protests after the inauguration, this one was not in opposition to possible laws that the Trump administration could pass. The March For Life was focused on one thing: challenging abortion and birth control rights. More specifically, the march was organized to encourage Trump to keep his promise of overturning Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decision that gave women the right to choose to have an abortion.

This year, Vice President Mike Pence spoke at the march, telling crowds of protesters that, “Life is winning.” Pence, the highest-ranking official ever to address the annual event that began 44 years ago, said Trump asked him to appear. Cheers echoed in response to this statement, but not everyone understood, “life winning,” to mean the same thing.

When Pence said that “Life is winning”, he was referring solely to the life of fetuses, not that of women. In his opinion, the less abortions occur, the more life “wins”. There are many ways this argument is flawed. First, criminalizing abortion by overturning Roe v. Wade does not guarantee that there will be fewer abortions. In fact, unsafe abortion rates increase by 58% when abortions are made illegal ( In the United States, before the Roe v. Wade decision, dangerous, illegal abortions caused over 5,000 annual deaths ( In Paraguay, where abortion is illegal, 57% of pregnant women between the ages of 10 and 19 commit suicide. Many of these women were raped and denied the right to have an

abortion. The March For Life does not value the lives of the millions of women who will die if abortions are outlawed. One sign at the march said that antiabortion protesters would adopt any child who would otherwise be aborted. The legalization of abortion has led to a reduction in the number of "unwanted" children; such a reduction may have improved average infant health and

The Alan B. Slifka Middle School


children's living conditions according the National Institute of Health. Additionally, what these protesters do not see is that pregnancy is not as easy as popping out a child and moving on. These protesters may take the baby, but will they take a pregnant teen’s high school classes while she recovers? Will they help pregnant victims of rape heal mentally? Despite being “pro-life,” will these same activists fight against the death penalty if they care so strongly about life? The moment Mike Pence told a crowd of thousands that, “Life is winning,” the opinions of every antiabortion protester were validated. When the Vice President of the United States of America publicly states that he does not, and will not stand by a woman’s right to choose, he is telling every American woman that her privacy rights have no place in America. Vice President Mike Pence may hold any beliefs he wants that is the beauty of America’s First Amendment’s establishment clause; however, the founding fathers understood the importance of the separation of church and state. He is entitled to his religious convictions, but does he have the right to publicly speak out against something that saves lives, actual lives of women, endangers the basic rights of so many who rely on birth control and abortion? I think not.

April 2013, Volume 3, Issue 3

March for Life 2017 By Talia Kahan THE 44TH ANNUAL March for Life took place on January 27, 2017. This peaceful demonstration protested the right to have a legalized abortion and commemorated the multitude of women who have died or suffered from the pain of abortion. The march’s stated mission is to "to provide all Americans with a place to testify to the beauty of life and the dignity of each human person”. The 2017 demonstration included a musical opening and a rally program, followed by a march up Constitution Avenue to the Supreme Court and Capitol Building. There, another rally was held, and participants allotted time to visit their representative or senator to advocate against legal abortion. The theme of the march this year was “the Power of One.”

This year, the march served not only as an opportunity to show opposition to abortion, but also as an act of support for the recently-elected President Trump. President Trump reinforced his solidarity with the prolife movement by sending a Twitterpost which read, “The #MarchForLife is so important. To all of you marching — you have my full support!” Another of President Trump’s statements indicated that one of his goals is to overturn Roe v. Wade. This comforted many pro-life supporters; “I feel empowered. I feel positive. I feel encouraged about the future. “And I feel blessed that I have a president who is supportive of our cause,” said Anne Nudi, who flew from her home in Kenosha, Wisconsin to attend the march. On the other hand, many marchers are not in support of Trump, such as Rebecca Klein. She said, “I was never a Trump supporter … personally I can’t speak

The Alan B. Slifka Middle School


for what the man believes in his heart”. Vice-President Mike Pence and Kellyanne Conway, one of President Trump’s counselors, were sent by President Trump to speak at the March for Life. Vice-President Pence told the crowd, “Life is winning again in America … We will not rest until we restore a culture of life in America.” Mr. Pence’s appearance was the first time a President or VicePresident has appeared in person at the March for Life. In a following speech, Ms. Conway said, “We hear you. We see you. We respect you. And we look forward to working with you.” She also told spectators that, “both God and the Constitution grant the right to life.” In conclusion, the March for Life 2017 was an excellent opportunity for President Trump to show his opposition to abortion and for pro-life activists to peacefully demonstrate their views.

February, 2017 Volume 7, Issue 3

Trump’s Travel Ban By Talia Kahan ON THURSDAY, JANUARY 26, President Trump signed an executive order which blocked citizens of Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen from entering the United States for 90 days. Additionally, the order suspended refugee admissions for the next 120 days and indefinitely barred Syrian refugees from coming into the United States. After President Trump signed the order, students, visitors, and visa-holders from the seven countries were stopped at airports in the United States and abroad. This originally affected everyone who was not a citizen of the United States, but on Sunday, January 29, the White House Chief of Staff, said that green card holders from the seven countries would be allowed to enter the United States. This statement appeared to be a reversal of one of the order’s key components. The executive order prompted chaos and protests on the immigration system in airports throughout the world. Additionally, Democrats, religious groups, business leaders, immigration policy experts, academics, and others widely condemned the order. On the contrary, some Republican leaders including house-speaker, Paul Ryan, supported the travel ban. On Friday, January 27, a group of synagogues in the Chicago area greeted the last Syrian refugee family to be accepted into the US. Their goal was to give them the warmest possible welcome into a country that no longer wanted them. At the same time President Trump was heading toward the Pentagon, about to sign the executive order, a number of families held roses, warm coats, welcome signs, and a nearby apartment ready to accommodate the refugees. One sign made by one of the youngest members of the group read, “Welcome to Chicago

Hope you make your selfs at home.” The group’s leader, Rabbi Steven Stark Lowenstein, commented, “The Statue of Liberty has always been our symbol of welcome, it feels like Trump turned off the light.” On Thursday, February 9, the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit unanimously upheld an earlier ruling by a Federal District Court that Trump’s travel ban is unconstitutional. The judges wrote, "The government has pointed to no evidence that any alien from any of the countries named in the order has

The Alan B. Slifka Middle School


perpetrated a terrorist attack in the United States … The public has an interest in free flow of travel, in avoiding separation of families, and in freedom from discrimination". Therefore, immigrants who had previously been approved to enter the United States can currently continue to enter. Trump responded to this decision by tweeting, “SEE YOU IN COURT, THE SECURITY OF OUR NATION IS AT STAKE!”

February, 2017 Volume 7, Issue 3

Women’s March, NYC By Raphaela Gold

Why We March By Ayelet Kaminer

WHEN I STEPPED off the train on 42nd street on January 21st, I expected to see a few people walking around holding small cardboard signs on sticks. However, my prediction of what the New York City Women’s March would look like was drastically off the mark. I thought the marchers would only be women.  Instead,  I was bombarded by a hoard of people representing all genders, including families with infants and toddlers. Many held huge signs.   I thought that once I got out of the train station, I could escape the mobs and proceed to march in an organized fashion. I was once again wrong.

It was even more crowded outside. Hundreds of thousands of people (at least 470,000) were gathered, making their slow way up to Trump Tower.   I was both shocked and excited by the number of people.  I stopped off to get a Starbucks before joining the march.  Or at least, trying to join.   Police barricades lined the streets.  I was told by an officer to go to 41st Street, where there was allegedly an entrance to the march.  Alas, no entrance.  Another officer sent me to 45th Street.   Still no entrance.   And no more police officers to give me instructions.   My desperate self considered jumping over the fence, but

my dad strictly forbid it. We wandered aimlessly for a while until we found a vacant driveway.   We walked down the driveway and miraculously, an entrance appeared, not guarded by police officers or barricades.  We entered the march and, following the throng, we began to walk up to 59th street.   People of all ages were there, marching for women’s rights.  However, as I had expected, the march was less of a women’s march and more of an antiTrump march.   Calls of “dump Trump” and “not my president” echoed throughout the crowed at random intervals.   However, it was very empowering to be at the women’s march, seeing all of those people united in fighting for the same cause.   Although it was cold, the sun shone down upon us.

The Alan B. Slifka Middle School

“But...why?” THE FIRST TIME I heard these words were when I told my mom that I wanted to go to the Women’s March in Washington D.C. “There’s really no use. Donald Trump will be the president. Fighting that is… it’s undemocratic.” Even so, millions gathered around the United States, and the world, to oppose the election and inauguration of Donald Trump. If protest attempts truly seemed futile to most, what were the reasons of the millions of people who marched across the world to flood the streets with resistance and opposition? “I’m here to support women’s rights” said a woman at the DC March. This was seemingly implied-- this was a Women’s March, after all. In a smooth southern accent, she continued, saying “I’m very scared about a Trump administration.” She knew why she was at the march, but, like many others, she couldn’t articulate what impact the march will have on Trump’s America. “We won’t go away/Welcome to your first day!” protesters chanted as they passed the treasury building, a mere block from the White House. A general feeling of empowerment and motivation overwhelmed the crowds as people walked back to Union Station for their trains back home, but one particular question poked and prodded at every protester’s mind: What’s next? “We really have to stand up for what’s wrong,” another protester said. She added, “We can’t pretend like this isn’t happening.

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February, 2017 Volume 7, Issue 3


The Alan B. Slifka Middle School


February, 2017 Volume 7, Issue 3

Why We March Continued from page 8 That’s why I’m marching.” Many thought similarly, as over four million people worldwide marched to show opposition to the changes that a Trump administration could bring. “I’m marching to show Trump that we won’t be submissive. That we won’t stand down while he takes our rights away.” A young protester exclaimed, proudly holding a “my body, my choice” sign. Opposition to the marches was immediately evident, coming from both Democrats and Republicans. “This protest against Trump did not serve a higher purpose,” Julian Vigo wrote in the

Huffington Post. “Women’s Marchers didn’t issue any demands, much less posit a desire to achieve political power,” wrote Ted Rall, a syndicated columnist. Others insisted that Women’s Marchers had too many demands or wanted too much power. As you may have guessed, most opposition came from people who chose not to attend the march. In fact, one local reporter spoke ill of the Women’s March because it, “Caused traffic jams throughout Washington, DC.” Despite this, why did so many March? “I march because this nation stands together. We are united, and we will not be divided.” “I march because I am afraid of what will happen to this country.” “I march for those who cannot.”

The Alan B. Slifka Middle School


The Women’s March may not have completely transformed the American political system. It did not make Donald Trump change his ideologies. What it did do was show the world that hatred does not divide people. Hatred brought to the surface four million new voices that will fight back courageously. Hatred does not extinguish the flames, it ignites them. “It’s important we women show we are not afraid.” said Linda Sarsour, an organizer of the Women’s March on Washington. “The real work is after,” added Tamika Mallory, another organizer. “How do we continue to work together to form new partnerships, new allies, to join different movements that matter to us?”

February, 2017 Volume 7, Issue 3

Martin Luther King’s Birthday & Heschel At Heschel Celebration

Martin Luther King Jr Day and Black Lives Matter By Ayelet Kaminer

By Talia Kahan ON FRIDAY, JANUARY 13, the Heschel Middle School celebrated Martin Luther King, Jr’s Birthday and Heschel at Heschel Week. To do so, we attended an assembly that honored and remembered Martin Luther King, Jr. The assembly, led beautifully by Ayelet Kaminer, included video footage of Dr. King’s speech to the sanitation workers in Memphis, Tennessee, music, Hesed, and learning. To start the assembly, eighth-grade student Ayelet Kaminer described the importance of the Civil Rights Movement and Martin Luther King, Jr’s work. Next, Rabbi Dahlia, the Rabbi at Heschel High School, spoke about the cruelty of labels and how that connects to the power of words as exemplified by both Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel. Additionally, Rotem’s eighth-grade Hebrew class sang, “Yom Yavoh,” a song based on Dr. King’s “I Have A Dream” speech given at the 1963 March on Washington. The song celebrates a day when everyone will be equal. Last, we watched a video about which acts of Hesed each advisory will  perform in honor of Heschel at Heschel week and Martin Luther King, Jr’s Birthday. One student told us, “The MLK assembly was wonderful   - the student leader was great.” Another student suggested, “It was good and very meaningful. I only wish we were told a bit more about the writing of the song, “Yom Yavoh” and its basis.” In conclusion, Martin Luther King day was a very deep experience for many students and teachers at the Heschel Middle School.

NEARLY FIFTY YEARS after the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., he is widely regarded as a hero and a revolutionary in the American Civil Rights Movement. Those who opposed the Civil Rights Movement in the 1950’s are seen to have been, ‘On the wrong side of history,’ but a new wave in civil rights has highlighted this country’s remaining opposition to change. The Black Lives Matter movement, established in 2013 after a rise in violence against people of color, has oftentimes been treated as a violent organization. Photos of rioters have been published alongside headlines denouncing activists as, “A bunch of angry Black Lives Matter goons.” Dr. King is nowadays seen as a peaceful saint, but was this really the view during the rise of the Civil Rights movement? As Peter Dreier, a history professor, stated, “King was considered a radical and a dangerous troublemaker. He was harassed by the FBI and vilified in the media.” A letter to Dr. King accused him of being, “... responsible for all of these riots and havoc in this country today.” Similarly, the Black Lives Matter was described in a National Review article published this year, as an organization that, “harbors, shelters, and empowers true radicals.” Rudy Guiliani, described the Black Lives Movement as, “... inherently racist because it divides us.” The fact that the hostility to both movements is so similar, indicates the sad truth that the opposition to upending injustice remains strong. However, at the end of the day, the foes to change do not win. Throughout this nation’s history, progress has only succeeded when Americans demand and fight for change using the strategies of nonviolent resistance. As heard in the chants of

The Alan B. Slifka Middle School


recent protests, “Love, not hate, makes America great.” Dr. King similarly said: “I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war that the bright daybreak of peace and brotherhood can never become a reality... I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word.”

Heschel at Heschel Week By Talia Kahan HESCHEL AT HESCHEL week was a creative way for students to learn about Abraham Joshua Heschel, the namesake of our school! Every afternoon break, a member of the faculty or a student read an inspirational and insightful quotation from Abraham Joshua Heschel, the namesake of our school. Additionally, each advisory made a promise to use the power of words to make a positive difference in the world. Many advisories chose activities such as bringing cards to the fire department, visiting and conversing with hospital patients, and running food or clothing drives. An anonymous student said, “Heschel at Heschel week was a very meaningful experience that made me understand better who our school is named after.” On the contrary, another student felt that Heschel at Heschel week would be more meaningful if the school did a new activity every year. In conclusion, Heschel at Heschel week was an uplifting experience.

February, 2017 Volume 7, Issue 3

The Internet’s Carbon Footprint By Jenna Roberts DO YOU REMEMBER the video “Gangnam Style”? You might recall the record number of views it got. However, did you know that the energy used to stream the video for those two billion viewers is the same amount of energy an electrical power plant produces in a year? The amount of electricity we use in our lives is dangerously harmful to the environment. This is contributed to in part by our significant online presence. For example, when you send an email with an attachment the same amount of energy is used as leaving a lightbulb on for an hour. According to Greenpeace, this is what happens when you send even a simple email: The email is sent and goes to a local server. The local server transmits it to a national server. The national server then forwards it to a larger, international data center - a huge source of pollution! The data centers are always on and are mostly based in the United States. This is not too good for those of us who live near the data centers because of the pollution created by them. On top of the energy that this process consumes, air conditioners are required at all times to cool the machines down. (Recall the exploding Samsung battery? That was an effect of overheating.) What are tech companies doing to reduce their carbon footprint and negative environmental impact? It varies. Instagram earned an A by Greenpeace (an environmental group that uses a rating system) while Twitter received an F. Many companies are working hard to become more environmentally friendly. How can you contribute to the effort of reducing our carbon footprint? Three things: first of all, try to minimize your

A server room at a data center. One data center can use enough electricity to power 180,000 homes. (Time Magazine)

usage of electronics. If your phone, computer, Apple Watch or iPad doesn’t need to be on, turn it off! If that’s a bit too much for you, then try this compromise: when you are watching the latest cat video on YouTube or the newest episode of The Flash on Netflix, do not use the highest resolution. Thirdly, remember all those emails and group chats no one texts on anymore? Delete them! These are all simple actions you can take.

The Alan B. Slifka Middle School


According to Time Magazine, Apple’s data centers have found ways to use less energy. For example their data centers now are 100% powered by renewable energy, and is working to increase renewable energy use overall. Google gets 34% of its energy for operations from renewable sources. Smart companies are looking to cite powerhungry data centers near reliable sources of renewable energy.

February, 2017 Volume 7, Issue 3

Louvre Museum A Review By Shanee Goldman ON THE LAST day of winter break a few weeks ago, I visited the Louvre museum in Paris. I saw many exhibits, paintings, and sculptures there. They all interested and inspired me, and I even had a few questions about some of the artworks. In a different museum, I had observed several Impressionist paintings, like those created by Claude Monet, Pablo Picasso, and Vincent Van Gogh, which taught me that Impressionism generally has light colors. But at the Louvre, I noticed that the paintings had darker colors, and most of the artists were Expressionists. While many of the paintings were religious and featured Jesus in various situations, others included depictions of Greek mythology, and yet others focused on wars of the past. I also saw the “Mona Lisa,” which is surrounded by a rope and two frames.

hours, but before I could see more, the Louvre was evacuated for unknown reasons. Even so, I did learn a few facts about the Louvre museum: 1) The Louvre is one of Paris’ most visited attractions, receiving about 9.3 million visitors each year. 2) Most people come just to see the “Mona Lisa” and some other famous statues and paintings. 3) The Louvre houses a total of 35,000 gorgeous masterpieces and Additionally, I saw “The Great Sphinx of antiques. 4) The Louvre is the biggest museum in the world; it is impossible to see the whole museum in one visit. 5) The Louvre was built in 1190 as a fortress, and was later repurposed as a museum, first opening in 1793. 6) The “Mona Lisa” has both bodyguards and bulletproof glass protecting it. 7) The Louvre’s art was created by famous painters and sculptors from Italy, Spain, Tanis.” It wasn’t very big, surprisingly, and France. though its paws and headdress were very 8) In 1911, the “Mona Lisa” was stolen large compared to the rest of its from the Louvre, to be recovered in 1913. proportions. I also saw a statue titled 9) There are actually two Louvre museums: in addition to the one in Paris, “Winged Victory of Samothrace,” which is a large marble angel with no neck or the Louvre Abu Dhabi will be the first universal museum in the Arab world. head. I also saw “Dying Slave” by Michelangelo, which depicts a naked 10) The Louvre was used as a prison in 1391. male slave, holding one hand to his head In conclusion, my visit to the Louvre and the other to his chest. There were was very interesting and thoughtmany statues of women in robes holding provoking, and overall a great experience. instruments. I was there for about two

Many people - approximately 150 - were there attempting to see it. All the rooms exhibiting paintings were decorated with beautifully painted ceilings of majestic angels and people in long robes. Other artwork in the exhibits included busts, whose noses had, interestingly, fallen off; sculptures; and artifacts from a variety of different cultures.




Fire’s Story By Shanee Goldman MY NAME IS Fire. I joined the forest as a loner. My mother was an old cat, starving and skinny. She gave birth to me on a Long-Leg (human) road. Once I was six moons old, she left me alone in a forest, knowing that a group of cats living in the forest would take me in and protect me. These cats are wild, and don’t take in house-cats. I was skinny when I joined the wild cats’ Clan, and at first they didn’t want to accept me. I told them that I could hunt and fight, which was true. When I demonstrated my fighting moves to the leader, the leader told me that my moves were different from theirs. They didn’t want to kick me out and sentence a skilled young cat to life alone in the wild, so the cats allowed me to stay. They also gave me a helpful mentor to train and guide me. His name is Twigfur, and he taught me how to hunt, battle, and help the elders with their ticks. The leader of the Clan, Stickstar, wanted to change my name to Firepaw. Of course I was furious at this. Why would they want to change my name? Why did it matter if my name was different from other cats’ names? And besides, my name was much shorter and easier to say than “Firepaw.” When I was still an apprentice, my Clan went into battle with rogues. It was my first battle, a scary one. I recognized my mother among the rogues, but soon into the battle she was killed by another cat in my Clan. I would’ve ripped him to shreds, but my leader stopped me before I could

even unsheathe my claws. I never talked to that cat again, and he never spoke to me. One night, Twigfur woke me up at Moonhigh. We sneaked past the night guards, and went outside of camp. I had no idea what was going on, and why he took me out of camp at night. He told me to look at the stars, then settled down beside me. He taught me that Starclan was a clan full of the deceased ancestors of the Clan cats. I asked him if my mother was in Starclan, and he replied with what sort of sounded like a prophecy: “Your mother is in the sky, but not where our ancestors walk. She hunts in different grounds, away from us.” When I questioned his meaning, he solemnly meowed that he was my father. I was very surprised at this, and he told me not to tell anyone. He explained that he was a loner when he met my mother. Twelve moons ago when my mother told him that she was expecting, he ran away to the Clans, and before that, he had lived as a loner for most of his life. We talked about my mother for a while, and before we knew it, dawn was arriving. We knew that some of the cats were looking for us, but we waited until the first hunting patrol came to our clearing. “Where were you?” Smokepelt asked. “Just wanted to go on an early hunt,” Twigfur replied. We had been tricky: to avoid getting in trouble for being out all night, we had caught a squirrel and mouse so the hunting patrols didn’t think we were suspicious. At last, Stickstar decided to make me a warrior. “Starclan, please watch over this young warrior, and let her uphold the warrior code, and respect her clanmates.” Stickstar went on by announcing how I would respect the warrior code, and put my Clan before myself. He insisted on making my warrior name Firewhisper, but I refused, angry at him for reopening this argument. However, no one respected my decision, not even my father. During that time, I was a loner in the Clans; everyone



ignored me and I felt like I didn’t belong. My father would occasionally talk to me, but not very often. Weary of the fight, I finally decided that I would let Stickstar change my name to Firewhisper. But inside, I would always be Fire. When I saw two of my friends, Cottontail and Nightberry, together, and when Nightberry moved to the nursery, I yearned for a mate. Frostwing was always nice to me, and we shared tongues (grooming each other and sharing news of the day) together, but we never did become mates. I went through many battles and hardships as my life as a warrior, and always wondered if I ever would enter Starclan. Of course I believed in and prayed to Starclan, but inside somewhere I always thought that Starclan was a bit silly. One Leaf-bare (winter), the ground was covered in frost. It was very difficult to find prey. Many elders and kits died, and our Clan was not surviving. Some apprentices suggested that we dig in the burrows and kill the prey while they were hibernating, but I objected and told them that if we were to eat all the prey now, there wouldn’t be any for the other seasons. The cats respected my judgement, which pleasantly surprised me. However, when I saw Frostwing close to dying, my good mood vanished. I wasn’t prepared for the possibility of facing life without him, but my clanmates comforted me that if he died, he would walk with Starclan. I questioned if I would ever walk with Starclan. If I didn’t, I would never see Frostwing again. Later in Leaf-bare, Frostwing died from greencough. Our medicine cat tried everything he could to save him, but the herbs weren’t enough. However, something wonderful pushed me to move on: after many moons and seasons, it was time for me to become an elder. Twigfur was already in the elders’ den, as well as many other warriors I grew up alongside.

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Poetry + Reviews The Desert Surrounds Me I walk. I always walk. The desert sand, warm against my paws. The burning sun, sinking its heat into my fur. The cacti that I pass. Green and prickly like thorns. Lizards. The lizards that crawl on the sand. Armadillos. The round animal with an unusual snout. I’ll tell you what I am. I’m a mammal, a cat. A frightened, terrified, dappled orange cat. You are probably wondering what my name is. I can’t tell you, since I forgot. It was long ago when I had a name. I don’t remember it. I don’t remember anything from the past. I don’t even remember yesterday. I left when I was six moons old. I don’t even know how old I am now. I was going to be a warrior. A noble, loyal, strong warrior. I was going to protect my Clan from evil. To become a warrior, all apprentices had to go on a two-moon journey. I got lost on my journey. I am still lost, trying to find my destiny.

Is this what the Sky wanted to happen to me? To be stuck in this desert, never finding my way out? I guess so. My only company are the lizards and other creatures that live here. At least they enjoy it. They know how to thrive here. I don’t, although I have lived here for most of my life. I used to believe that there was hope in finding my way out, but it seems that I can’t. Long ago was when I stopped believing. The Sky is nothing to me. Perhaps I should keep trying, but I don’t know if I can anymore.

Violet, Louis Hynes as Klaus, and Patrick Warburton as Lemony Snicket. The story follows the lives of three children, Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire, whose parents perished in a mysterious fire in the first episode. The orphans are placed in the care of a distant relative named Count Olaf. When Mr. Poe, a banker in charge of finding them a guardian, realizes that Count Olaf is trying to steal the large fortune that the deceased Baudelaire parents left behind, the children are relocated to a new guardian. Count Olaf (still determined to get the fortune) dresses up as various different people to get into their lives as the children go from guardian to guardian. In my opinion Count Olaf in the ~ Shanee Goldman television show is portrayed in a less creepy way than Count Olaf in the movie, and is funnier in the Netflix show. I have Just Look Away heard some complaints that the show’s A Review portrayal of Count Olaf is not how they By: Emily Bauer imagined him in the books. Overall, I THE NEW TELEVISION show, A think that if you like movies or television Series of Unfortunate Events, premiered shows that are a bit scary and intriguing, I on Friday, January 13 on Netflix. would suggest it. Originally a book written by Lemony Snicket, it was first adapted as a movie that came out in 2004. The television show was developed by Mark Hudis and Barry Sonnenfeld, and is directed by Brad Silberling. It stars: Neil Patrick Harris playing Count Olaf, Malina Weissman as

Fire’s Story Continued from page 14 Meanwhile, Stickstar had died, and Deerstar was our new leader. I couldn’t believe that I lived my life long enough to become an elder in this Clan. Accepting the position meant that I would give up my life as a warrior, but it came with many other privileges: Deerstar told me that an elder has the apprentices cleaning out their ticks for them, that elders and queens always receive prey first, and that we can tell stories about the Clan to kits and apprentices. At last, I was an elder in the Clan. The younger cats respected me, and I loved to tell them stories. I was only an elder for a season, though, because I soon died of a rat bite infection. The medicine cat couldn’t find any burdock root or other herbs to help it. I soon

answered my question, “Will I ever join Starclan?” And yes, I did, because that is where I am now. Telling the story of my life to you, small kits, who died very early. I hope you enjoyed my story.



History of Valentine’s Day By Anna Dubey The origins of Valentine’s Day are surprisingly hazy and difficult to decipher. To begin with, there were three different early Christian saints called St. Valentine in history, but which one this holiday is a tribute to is unknown because all three were supposedly martyred on February 14. A number of tales surround the three St. Valentines. For example, one legend states that the Roman emperor Claudius II prohibited soldiers from marrying,

thinking that single soldiers would make for a better army. One of the three St. Valentines surreptitiously continued to perform weddings for the desperately lonely soldiers, until his treachery was discovered and he was executed by the emperor’s men. This event may be where the expression “wear your heart on your sleeve” originates, as when the emperor outlawed marriage, men would draw a name to determine their temporary sweetheart for the coming year. Once drawn, they would wear her name on their sleeve, hence the phrase. Another romantic tale tells of St. Valentine (perhaps the same one, perhaps not) being imprisoned and writing sentimental letters to the jailer’s daughter. His final letter before execution was signed “From your Valentine”. While these stories give the origin of Valentine’s Day a bit of dramatic flair, a more realistic possibility is that the idea of love being associated with Valentine’s Day derives from the three St. Valentines’ pious love of God.

However, Valentine’s Day was not celebrated as anything more than a feast day until the 14th century. Geoffrey Chaucer, an English poet, wrote a poem called, “The Parliament of Fowls” to honor the engagement of Richard II and Anne of Bohemia. “The Parliament of Fowls” associated St. Valentine’s day with love. Shakespeare also romanticized Valentine’s Day in his poetry. By the 18th century, it had become a custom to exchange handmade Valentine's Day cards with your sweetheart, spreading to America in about 1850. This style of recognizing Valentine’s Day continued until 1913, when Hallmark began producing Valentine’s Day cards. While the commercialization of Valentine’s Day is demoralizing for some (in 1936, the Catholic Church removed St. Valentine’s Day from its public calendar of feast days), most people are eager to receive romantic chocolates, cards, and flowers. Valentine’s Day is now a celebratory day of love.

Ophelia Hamlet, Act IV, Sc.5 by William Shakespeare

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February, 2017 Volume 7, Issue 3

FOOD FOR FOODIES Toast Art - It’s a Thing By Talia Kahan

Sprinkle approximately 1 tablespoon of chia seeds and some roasted, salted pistachios on top and enjoy!

Spoon over your toast and sprinkle with about 1 ounce of goat cheese and several fresh basil leaves and enjoy!

THERE ARE A number of ways to enjoy toast, but only a few are as tasty, easy, and beautiful as these next five recipes:

Island Toast

Avocado Pepita Toast
 Use a fork to smash about ½ of one small avocado. Spread the mashed avocado onto a piece of toast. Nutella & Raspberry Toast
 Top with pepitas (pumpkin seeds), white and black sesame seeds and Smear a thin layer of nutella over a slice cilantro. of toast
 Scatter some fresh sea salt and pepper Place any type of berry - the best is on top, if you like, or squeeze on some raspberry - on top of the toast fresh lime juice and enjoy! Sprinkle crushed almonds and grated chocolate on top of the toast and enjoy!

Spread a thin layer of cashew butter onto toast. Top with banana coins, toasted coconut, and thinly sliced fresh pineapple and enjoy!

A poll was taken on which toast was the most appealing. The results were: Avocado pepita → 15 votes Raspberry nutella → 19 votes Goat cheese tomato-basil → 5 votes Honey-Almond Apple → 3 votes Island → 4 votes To cast your vote email

Goat-Cheese Tomato Basil Toast
 Honey-Almond Apple Toast

Slice about 6-7 mini heirloom tomatoes (they’re the sweetest type) and Smear a thin layer of almond butter arrange them on your toast. and honey on toast Toss together sea salt, pepper, garlic Slice a medium sized apple and place powder and 1 teaspoon of extra-virgin on top olive oil. Spoon the mixture over your toast.

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February, 2017 Volume 7, Issue 3

FOOD FOR FOODIES Best Chocolate Chip Cookies in NYC By Talia Scheinberg and Shayna Podhoretz EVERY HESCHEL MIDDLE Schooler only wants one thing: food. Those who have it are scared to eat it because they might get hungry later, or in fear of their peers asking for it; those who don’t have it beg for it. There is no easy solution, but we have an idea. We visited a variety of best chocolate chip cookie places in Manhattan according to the Foursquare list. We rated each place’s chocolate chip cookies out of ten points. But before we could rate cookies, we needed to choose cookie shops! We chose 5 bakeries: 1) Levain Bakery 2) Insomnia Cookies 3) Birdbath Neighborhood Green Bakery 4) Schmackary's 5) Momofuku Milk Bar 
 1)  Levain Bakery: Levain Bakery is a chain that has two locations in Manhattan. We visited the store on 74th street and Amsterdam, which frequently has a long line. Sometimes the line goes around the whole block. However, after sampling their cookies, this line does not come as much of a surprise; the wait is truly worth it. Their cookies tasted AMAZING!!!! The overwhelmingly chocolatey chocolate cookie was perfectly warm and melty. The second you take a bite, the only thing that you want to do is take another. The chocolate melted very nicely, but it was messy. If you get Levain cookies, we advise you to bring along napkins. You don’t want to walk around the city with chocolate all over your face. Keep in mind, Levain cookies are soft, so if you prefer crunchy cookies, you might not be interested. Additionally, the cookie

is pretty large and very rich, so you might your cookie will fall apart, and you will be very helpless and desperate. Although the cookie will crumble it’s taste is breathtaking. Additionally, the cookie has a lot of chocolate. A lot of chocolate, indeed. Talia’sRating: 10/10, AMAZING!!!!!!!! Shayna’s Rating: 9/10

want to bring a water bottle. Talia’s Rating: 9/10-- just a tad too much chocolate Shayna’s Rating: 10/10!!!!!!!! 2) Insomnia Cookies: Insomnia Cookies is another chain with numerous locations. The special thing about Insomnia Cookies is that they deliver delicious, fresh-baked cookies straight to your apartment or house until 3 am. Insomnia Cookies is the store to go to when you are craving a cookie in the middle of the night, or anytime. These cookies were fabulous. Thankfully, when the cookies are delivered to your house they are still warm. The thing about warm cookies,

The Alan B. Slifka Middle School

3) Birdbath Neighborhood Green Bakery: The Birdbath Neighborhood Green Bakery is an eco-friendly bakery chain. The interesting thing about Birdbath Neighborhood Green Bakery is that each location has a different theme. The location on 81st Street and Broadway has a hidden yoga loft where you can meditate. The cookie’s size drove our expectations through the roof. Sadly, this cookie was gross. At first, we took a bite and said “wow, this isn’t bad”,  then we took another. As we swallowed the second bite, we could tell that there is a bad aftertaste. This aftertaste tasted like bananas, and the cookie did not seem fully baked. We have no real problem with bananas at all - we don’t discriminate against fruit - but if you’re in the mood for a big chocolate chip cookie, why would you want bananas with it, too? Isn’t the idea here dessert? However, the texture of this cookie was not too bad. On the outside it seemed crunchy, but when we bit in, the inside was soft. This texture is great for the person who wants an equal texture of crunchy and soft. In conclusion, this cookie does not bring anything special to the cookie table, seeing as all it gives us is a not-so-good aftertaste and yoga loft. Talia’s Rating: 6/10-- maybe with some tweaking it would be okay Shayna’s Rating: 4.5/10-- they tried

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February, 2017 Volume 7, Issue 3

FOOD FOR FOODIES Continued from page 18

were sold in plastic bags, did not live up to our expectations. They were thin, salty, and lacked the chocolate flavor that we dreamed of. There were about three chocolate chips in each cold cookie.The cookie was hard to bite into and had a weird texture that was somewhat crumbly. With each bite taken, the taste grew harder and harder to withstand. We should have known from the moment we saw those plastic bags that it was a very bad idea to try this cookie. In all, this cookie does not belong on the best cookies in New York City list. Talia’s Rating: 2/10-- at least I didn’t

5) Momofuku Milk Bar
 In no way should you think that this is a complete list of the best cookies. We are sure that you can find way better cookies than the last two.

Heschel School Cookies 4) Schmackary’s: Schmackary’s (Lip Schmackin’ Good Cookies) is a cookie store in Times Square that sells over 65 cookie flavors, including bacon maple. You can also order them to your apartment for the next day, or send some to your favorite broadway actor or actress. They also sell chipwiches, or ice cream stuffed between two cookies, as well as custom flavors every month. This cookie was tasty but nothing particularly special. It had a good amount of chocolate and a fine texture. The chocolate wasn’t melty and we didn't think we needed to get it again. If I saw a Schmackary’s near me and wanted cookies, I would go, but wouldn't find it necessary to go out of my way for one of these cookies. Talia’s Rating: 7/10-- it was good, but not great Shayna’s Rating: 7.5/10-- I agree with Talia

So, what do you want to see our very excellent taste buds review next issue? Please e-mail your suggestions to or

Quotation of the Month:

go into the negatives Shayna’s Rating: 3/10 What we learned: If you want a great chocolate chip cookie, just wait until a Monday or Thursday (Bar/Bat Mitzvah days at Heschel), or hit up Levain Bakery or Insomnia Cookies-- we can’t seem to agree on the actual best one. Using our ratings, here is our list: 1) Tied between Insomnia Cookies and Levain Bakery

5) Momofoku Milk Bar: Momofoku Milk Bar is a branch of the 2) The Heschel School’s Chocolate Chip Momofoku restaurants. They have Cookie cookies, cakes, and delicious frozen 3) Schmackary’s 
 yogurt. Some special frozen yogurt flavors are cereal milk and Coca Cola. 4) Birdbath Neighborhood Bakery
 There are many locations in various areas of the city. Sadly, these cookies, which

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“I have consistently preached that nonviolence demands that the means we use must be as pure as the ends we seek. I have tried to make clear that it is wrong to use immoral means to attain moral ends. But now I must affirm that it is just as wrong, or perhaps even more so, to use moral means to preserve immoral ends.” ― Martin Luther King Jr., Letter from the Birmingham Jail

The Heschel Herald would like to print your favorite quotation in our next issue. Please submit to the editors.

February, 2017 Volume 7, Issue 3


Hangawi - a Fabulous Korean Restaurant By Raphaela Gold HANGAWI, A VEGETARIAN restaurant featuring delicious food native to Korea, opened in 1994, in Koreatown, New York City. When you enter the restaurant, a pungent aroma of sizzling Korean delicacies greets you. You are asked to take off your shoes and put them in small cubbies near the doorway. The feeling of being in Korea escalates when you are seated on neatly embroidered cushions around a low-to-the-ground table. Sweetsmelling candles burn and the dim lights on the ceiling give the atmosphere a romantic feeling. After being seated, a waiter comes around and asks what you would like to order to drink. For those of you below 21, I would suggest the pomegranate iced tea, and for the adults, the blackberry wine (which, if you were worried, tastes nothing like manischewitz). Both of these drinks are light, sweet, and tart, which is a perfect counterpart for the filling spicy food to come. The variety of food options can be shocking at first, so take a while to read the menu. There is a prix fixe dinner, and an A La Carte selection. I suggest the A La Carte, because it provides more options.

Six steaming tofu patties arrive at the table, each wrapped in a delicate green sesame leaf, and drenched in a spicy, tangy sauce. These subtle dumplings are countered by the bright orange of a kabocha pumpkin dish. Six pieces of sweet squash, covered in spicy tempura, countered by a drizzle of sour gravy. I recommend eating these slowly, in order to savor the countless flavors which will burst through your mouth. Next up, I would suggest a todok stone bowl rice, which is an assortment of vegetables and spicy todok, a slightly sweet white root vegetable, served over rice in a hot stone bowl with hot chili paste on the side. Todok is present in most of Hangawi’s main dishes. If you think that todok might not be for you, but you still want to get a

The Alan B. Slifka Middle School


feel for Korea’s native foods, I would suggest the Fragrant Bamboo Rice. This dish features fragrant rice in a sea of sizzling bamboo with dates, gingko nuts and ginger, as well as organic mountain roots and greens. Another dish, the Tofu Delight, is mild and sweet, and swims in sauce and vegetables. I found it unsatisfactory for its lack of flavor, but for those of you with more delicate taste buds, it is the perfect option. Lastly, all the desserts are vegan. Therefore, for all the vegans out there, Hangawi has perfect desserts for you. However, for those of you who are fine with dairy and eggs, don’t get dessert. Wait until you get home. Otherwise, Hangawi, in my opinion, is a vegetarian heaven which could be the best restaurant in New York City. Address: 12 E 32nd St, New York, NY 10016

February, 2017 Volume 7, Issue 3

Sports Super Bowl: Lady Gaga’s Halftime Show By Shayna Podhoretz ON SUNDAY, FEBRUARY fifth, the majority of America turned on their televisions and tuned in to watch the Super Bowl. At halftime, as Patriots fans got depressed seeing their team lose and Falcons fans rejoiced to see theirs winning, a unique halftime show occurred.

It began with Lady Gaga up on the top of the stadium singing “God Bless America” and “This Land is your Land,” then jumping off the roof… and being suspended down to the stage. “I’m on the edge,” she sang when she landed, from her famous song “Edge of Glory.” She then proceeded to sing excerpts from some of her most well-known songs, such as “Poker Face,” “Born this Way,” “Just Dance,” and others.

The singer is known for her extravagant outfits, and those at the Super Bowl didn’t disappoint. She rocked a metallic bodysuit for the majority of her performance until she quickly changed into a structured white crop-top. Lady Gaga exhibited her numerous talents, such as playing the keytar and piano, having immense bravery, and most of all, being able to pull off such a great show. She put on a performance that fans will never forget. During the show, she went to a fan, hugged her, and said “hi” to her parents. To end her a m a z i n g performance, Lady Gaga sang her hit song “Bad Romance.”After the song ended, she jumped off a high platform, caught a shiny football mid air, and disappeared. In a press conference before the Super Bowl, the pop-star said, “ T h i s performance is for everyone. I want to, more than anything, create a moment that everyone watching will never forget.” She did just that in her legendary performance right in the middle of a historic football game that had the most surprising outcome in Super Bowl history. The Patriots won in overtime, coming back from a 25 point deficit; the largest comeback in Super Bowl history, to win 34-28.

Sports Article Written By People Who Don't Know How To Sport By Several Sportsers


Non-Sportser #1: Sports have been very sporty of late. Especially martial arts, archery, field and ice hockey, synchronized swimming, aerobics, airracing, cluster ballooning, hopper ballooning, gliding, hang gliding, parachuting, synchronized parachuting, BANZAI skydiving, paragliding, popinjay, snow polo, hoverball, pickleball, wallyball, fire baton swirling, skateboarding, skysurfing, wakeboarding, riverboarding, dodgeball, extreme ironing, cheese rolling, and extreme cheese chase. Non-Sportser #2: The Brazilian soccer team players are getting along very sportily. Their skill with the ball is undeniable and they really show the world how incredibly one could go about headbumping it into a net. A professional soccer player, Trivaldo, said that, “the team - nicknamed the Little Canaries -is doing fabulously.” In an interview with NBC, he told them, “[The team] has been kicking the ball a lot.” Fans of the Little Canaries called these, “wise words that we should all take to heart.” In fact, they are petitioning to put them on billboards, which would then be placed around the stadium. Non-Sportser #3: Fire baton swirling has recently picked up some interest. In fire baton swirling, one picks up a fire baton and swirls it. This sport has very low risk of injury. Non-Sportser #4: Phil Szomszor (the founder of the Extreme Ironing Bureau) writes on his website, Team Steam, that Extreme Ironing is, “the latest

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February, 2017 Volume 7, Issue 3


Teacher Interview Interview: Jan Cohen

Continued from page 21 danger sport that combines the thrills of an extreme outdoor activity with the satisfaction of a well-pressed shirt." One of the most heavily debated topics surrounding this sport is the debate of whether or not it is actually a sport. Some argue that it is not a sport, but rather ‘a performance art’. Despite this discrepancy, it is clear that Extreme Ironing is a harrowing activity even if it is not, in fact, a sport. To participate in this activity, you must first arm yourself with an ironing board and an iron, and then straighten clothing with them while in a remote location. For example, this has been done while skiing, while biking, underwater, hanging off of cliffs, and on top of large bronze statues. Non-Sportser #5: Popinjay is a sport in which different wooden colored birds are placed on a 30-yard-long pole at different heights. Each color is worth a different amount of points. The goal of the game is to shoot at the poor, unsuspecting wooden birds and try to knock them off the pole, then let them fall to their imminent doom. Non-Sportser #7: Snow Polo is too complicated for non-sportsters to understand. It involves “hooking”, “riding off”, ponies, people, levels, tapping techniques, and many, many, rules. On the Snow Polo World Cup site under ‘Rules,’ one of the first lines read as follows: “Snow Polo may delude you by its seeming simplicity.” Seeming simplicity? Really? Then tell us, what the heck is a chukka?

By Kyra Siegel FOR ELEVEN YEARS, Jan Cohen has taught mathematics at The Heschel School. She has graded countless tests, given hundreds of grades, and watched many Heschel students transform from children to young adults. On paper, she has it all: she is caring, spunky, unique and understanding. But what is the real Jan like? How does she act outside of school? Where did she grow up? Did she do anything before becoming a teacher? It is time we dive into to the world of Jan Cohen. Growing up in the 1960’s, the world was full of segregation and racism. Jan, however, was not exposed to this way of life. Teaneck, New Jersey, her hometown, was one of the first middle class neighborhoods that did not categorize people based on color. In fact, a book was written celebrating Teaneck’s successful integration effort. Because of this, Jan grew up “colorblind,” as she puts it. In high school, Jan found herself interested in mathematics and art. Because of this interest, she fell in love with and majored in architecture at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. At the age of seventeen, she took on college with resilience and bravery. After three years of learning, Jan graduated and married her college boyfriend, Ira, at the age of twenty. After college she followed Ira to Detroit, while he was getting a PhD in economics. It was there that Jan was first introduced to the oil industry. She began her first job as an industrial sales engineer, or in simpler terms, an

The Alan B. Slifka Middle School


advisor to General Motors. She told them which oil they should use in machine applications. Sound fun? To Jan, it was. Why? Because as Jan says, “I was the only woman. I found it thrilling to be in a business where everyone else was male. Not intimidating, thrilling.” She was a strong independent woman who wasn’t afraid of any man. After living in Detroit, Jan moved to Philadelphia. While working in oil trading in Philadelphia, she took night classes to earn an MBA in Finance. Later, she moved to New York City and became the Senior Vice President of Marketing and Research at The New York Mercantile Exchange. During this time she had three children. After 20 years of working in finance in New York, business ethics had changed and Jan decided to search for another career. She devoted all of her time to her almost-grown children and her new love of teaching. Jan went back to school and earned a Masters in Middle School Math Education, while teaching in public schools. After getting her degree, she found her true calling: middle school mathematics at the Abraham Joshua Heschel School. She is also a grandmother of eight, and a supporter of the “always factor out the common monomial” rule. Jan is not “all work and no play,” however. In her spare time she is a hiker, cyclist, gardener, museumlover, artist and opera-goer. She has a serious collection of wild jewelry, and is truly one of a kind. Jan is a rare gem, and we are lucky to have her here at The Heschel School.

February, 2017 Volume 7, Issue 3

Top 10 Best Things To Do In New York City and Israel By Benjamin Goldstein 10



New York City


Time Warner Center - twin towers

Palmach Museum - a museum dedicated to the

bridged by a multi-story atrium containing

Palmach, the strike-force of an early version of

upscale retail shops.

the IDF.

Yankees Game - experience a Yankees

Caesarea - a maritime town in northern Israel

game at Yankees Stadium in the Bronx.

with Roman ruins, including a theater and an

Metropolitan Museum (MET) - located

aqueduct. Tzfat - the highest city in Israel with beautiful

on the upper east side of Manhattan, the

views and a center of kabbalah.

MET has all types of art ranging from sculptures to ancient tombs 7

High Line - a 1.45 mile long pathway built Mediterranean Cuisine - the delicious and on an old rail line overlooking the Hudson

healthy trademark Israeli food.

River and Greenwich Village. 6


911 Memorial and Museum - a memorial

Ramon Crater - the largest of the numerous

and museum that remembers the attack on

makhtesh “craters,” landforms formed only in

the twin towers which killed 2,977 people.

Israel’s Negev.

Rockefeller Center - a landmark and

Dead Sea - the lowest point on dry land which

observation deck that features the Top of the borders between Israel, the West Bank, and Rock Observatory and an ice-skating rink.

Jordan. Additionally, floating is unusually easy due to it’s hypersaline water.





Empire State Building - the famous 102

Masada - an ancient mountain fortress

story skyscraper which overlooks

overlooking the Dead Sea built by King Herod.

Manhattan. Statue Of Liberty - a colossal neoclassical Tel Aviv - a booming city located on Israel’s sculpture on Liberty Island. The Statue Of

Mediterranean coast with gorgeous beaches and a

Liberty was a gift from the people of

lively culture.

France. Central Park - the most visited urban park Yad Vashem - Israel’s Holocaust memorial in the United States, is located in the heart

museum located on the Mount of Remembrance

of Manhattan.

in Jerusalem.

Times Square - the eccentric center of the

Continued on page 23 Old City of Jerusalem - a city holy to Jews,

Theater District known for it’s shows,

The Alan B.and Slifka School shopping, brightMiddle billboards.

Christians, and Muslims with the Kotel, the

23 February, Volume Issue 3 Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and7,the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Continued from page 22



Mini Israel


Guggenheim Museum

Israel Museum

Staten Island Ferry

Bullet Museum

Radio City Music Hall

The Big Menorah (outside the Knesset)

Lincoln Center

Sea of Galilee

The Alan B. Slifka Middle School


February, Volume 7, Issue 3

Outsider Herald- Special Insert

Community Wide Read: S.E. Hinton’s, The Outsiders The Alan B. Slifka Middle School


February, 2017 Volume 7, Issue 3

Outsider Herald- Special Edition Rivals, An Editorial

life is difficult theirs is not, but that doesn’t mean theirs is all that great. By: Cherry Valance, Take a step back. Is that Greaser really the Aka Lexi Wenger scum of the earth? Is that Soc a spoiled rich kid who never knew hardship? Walk IF YOU WERE asked what you a mile in their shoes. thought of your rivals, what would you We all look at the same sunset. say? Surely each person sees their rivals as good for nothing trash, or they wouldn’t be your rival. They must be terrible, stupid, filthy, or stuck-up and too rich for their own good; everybody has their reasons to hate. They wear their hair slathered in grease, or they

have hair perfectly cut short. They wear dirty leather jackets that must’ve come from the trash bin or madras shirts. You can envision both sides pretty well now, can’t you? I challenge you to strip them of what you hate about their physical appearance. Change their hair, their clothing, their car, their house, and make them look like you. How drastic are your differences now? We are all born essentially the same. We are small and indistinguishable. How we are nurtured changes and molds us, and that is how we learn to hate our rivals. We are all raised differently, maybe with different values. Consider your rivals’ backstory. Where your life is easy, theirs may be so difficult that they figure out ways to protect themselves. Where your

All You Need to Know About The Big Rumble By Judah Klingsberg

Both sides are banged up and have injuries, so here is all you need to know in the Injury report. Greasers: Johnny Cade (doubtful, back) Ponyboy Curtis (probable, fire)

Dallas Winston (questionable, fire) Socs: Bob Sheldon (out, stabbed by six-inch knife) Line: Socs by 1.5 My prediction: Greasers

TULSA, OKLAHOMA- The number one fight that everyone has been talking about is the Big Rumble, and it is looking to be the most exciting fight since Johnny Cade and Ponyboy Curtis represented the Greasers and went up against Bob, Randy, and his friends representing the Socs (pronounced SOSH-es), and we all know how that one ended up. This fight, however, is said to be skin only, just fists against fists, and no more knives. This is going to be a crucial rivalry matchup, since the Greasers and the Socs have a heated history between each other.

The Alan B. Slifka Middle School


February, 2017 Volume 7, Issue 3

Outsider Herald- Special Edition didn’t want some Greasers taking our girls home. When we were driving around the park, we saw these same guys walking, and, well, we got a little wild.”   “How so?” asks news reporter, Tommy Hanson.  “Well, we had been drinking and, well, we got out of the car and started walking up to them.  Oh, and we did have some friends with us.   David Goldstein, Anthony Wood, and Oliver Creevy.   So we got out of the car and started to walk towards these Greasers.   I think their names were Ponyboy and Johnny.   Bob told David to stick Ponyboy’s head in the fountain that was in the park, so David did it.   He started drowning Ponyboy.   The next thing I knewwell, Bob was

dead. That boy, Johnny, killed him with a knife.  I didn’t know what to do.  Bob- he was the best friend I ever had.  Sure, we used to make a lot of trouble, but he was a good guy.  A really good guy.  So when I saw him dead, I didn’t know what to do.  We were all sort of in shock, and I don’t think I even noticed it when the Greasers got up and started running away.   All I knew was that that greaser murdered my friend Johnny.  I know that he only did it to save Ponyboy’s life, but my best friend’s dead, and it’s his fault.”   Randy Anderson could not provide us with any more information, due to a nervous breakdown.  It is still unknown whether Johnny committed the murder in self defense.   The whereabouts of the two boys, Ponyboy and Johnny, are still unknown, although the police are putting all of their efforts into finding them and the court date of the trial will be set once they are f o u n d .                                                                     

have been having multiple rumbles and is it just a coincidence that Cherry’s By Julia Steinman boyfriend got killed by Ponyboy and his friend? Curtis and Valance are trying to ACCORDING TO WHAT several ignore the hate, but what will win in the Soc’s and Greasers witnessed, two people end, friendship or danger? from each group are friends. Some have said that 14 year old Greaser, Ponyboy Curtis, was harassing 16 year old Soc,    ********************* Cherry Valance, but most go by the story that the two simply met at the movies. Do labels really matter? “He is a nice boy and I can talk to him. I now know that there isn’t much of a By Julia Dubey difference between me and him. After all, we see the same sunset.” Cherry stated.                        WE ALL KNOW that the But, even though the two are friends, doesn’t mean that they’re safe, especially kids in The Outsiders are parted into two Ponyboy. There have been many threats groups: The Socs and the Greasers. But to Ponyboy due to him “messing with the do those labels actually matter?   Some think they do, because a kid system.” But is it time for a new system? What would happen if we all became  can choose which one they want to be. If friends? Or, does the amount of money in a kid wants to be a Greaser, he will grow our pockets matter more? Both gangs his hair and grease it, and try to join the

gang. To be a Soc, a kid needs to get nice clothes, and also be able to buy their way out of trouble. But from another point of view, don’t the labels just start conflicts? The only real difference between the two groups is money. A big deal to the Greasers and the Socs- what do you think?

17 Year Old Robert Sheldon is Murdered in Tulsa Oklahoma By Raphi Gold LAST NIGHT, SATURDAY, February 23rd, a 17 year old boy by the name of Robert Sheldon, was found dead in a small park in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The police received a call a mere six minutes after the crime was committed, from a boy by the name of Randy Adderson who was Robert’s good friend.   After being questioned, Adderson admits that he witnessed the murder.   “I was driving around the park with Bob,” says Anderson, “We had been out at a movie earlier that night with my girlfriend, Marcia Lewis, and Bob’s girlfriend, Cherry Valance.   Anyways, these two Greasers, East Siders, that is, were starting to talk to the girls and they ended up taking them home.  We were a little drunk, but we still knew that we

Friendship or Danger?

The Alan B. Slifka Middle School


February, 2017 Volume 7, Issue 3

Outsider Herald- Special Edition Juvenile Delinquents Turn Heroes By Jenna Roberts TULSA, OKLAHOLMA- A fire raged in the old church on Jay Mountain

on April 3. A group of schoolchildren had wandered inside the old church. Ponyboy Curtis and Johnny Cade, two teens who happened to be at the scene,  rushed  into the inferno to save the children. Parents of the children called them heroes and said, “We’ll be forever grateful to their bravery- they saved our kids.”

Unfortunately, for the two “heroes,” the police report, that because of Bob Sheldon’s death, Johnny Cade will be charged with manslaughter. Additionally, both Ponyboy Curtis  and Johnny Cade   must appear before juvenile court for sentencing. How did these two Easton Heights natives end up all the way in West Tulsa? By their account, it started out as a normal night; the boys went to the movies with their buddy, Keith, ( Two-Bit) Matthews,   where they met Cherry Valance and Marcia Lewis two girls from the West Side. After watching the movie together, they offered to drive the girls home. The group split with Johnny and Ponyboy falling asleep in the vacant lot; by the time they woke up it was around two in the morning. They walked to the park and saw a blue Mustang pull up. “Five Socs were coming straight at us, … They smelled so heavily of whiskey and English Leather that I almost choked,” said Ponyboy. Two of the boys, Bob Sheldon and Randy

Adderson were Cherry and Marcia’s boyfriends. The boys swore at them, Ponyboy remembers Bob saying, “You know what a greaser is? White trash with long hair.” Then they grabbed Ponyboy and dunked his

head into the fountain. Then he blacked out. Ponyboy regained his consciousness to find himself lying on the ground. He was next to Johnny—and next to Bob’s corpse. According to Ponyboy, Johnny told him, “ that he (Johnny) killed Bob because the Socs were going to drown me and beat up Johnny. We panicked and ended up staying at the church.” The rest you know.”

Where’s the Justice?

Justice will never be served in the name of Robert Sheldon who still had a By Eliana Rae Clark Sirota and whole life to live. Tillie Iris Gemain ON FEBRUARY 23, 1959, Robert Sheldon was murdered by Johnny Cade. Mr. Cade was walking with a Greaser friend when Robert and his friends approached them. Reportedly, after being provoked, Mr. Cade fatally stabbed Robert with a switchblade knife. The two Greaser’s were on the run for about a month, during which the police were told to look for them in Texas. While they were hiding, Mr. Cade was injured in a fire, dying before he could face a jury and his crime. After a few witnesses testified, the whole case was closed and the Greasers never faced their well deserved punishment.

The Alan B. Slifka Middle School


February, 2017 Volume 7, Issue 3

Outsider Herald- Obituaries Johnny Cade Dead, At Age Sixteen By Kyra Siegel JOHNNY CADE OF Tulsa, Oklahoma died on Wednesday, May 6th due to complications of a severe spine injury, smoke inhalation, and severe burns. The complications were due to rescuing children from a burning church. Because of his heroic act, no children died. He was 16 years old. He enjoyed bologna sandwiches, smoking, and watching movies. He is survived by his father and mother. Johnny was a kind soul. Never would he try to hurt anyone else intentionally, although much was said about him. A devout Greaser, Johnny loved his friends and would do anything for them. Johnny’s close friends will be mourning his death at a ceremony at The Dingo. All are invited, however, no fighting is

Robert Sheldon: Soc Dies at Age Eighteen By: Sophie Fisher                             

allowed. Johnny did not believe in Dallas Winston: Dead at violence. On his deathbed he said, Seventeen “Useless… fighting’s no good…” He will by Sadie Mank & Daniella be missed tremendously by his friends Roberts and community. ON MAY 6, Dallas Winston was shot dead by the police in Easton Heights, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Police say, he pulled a gun, threatening them. He had just robbed a grocery store. The gun was unloaded. He was a juvenile delinquent whose record contained 27 arrests; he had spent six years in prison. He, reportedly,  was distressed by the death and injury of his good friend Johnny Cade. Ponyboy Curtis, a friend, of Dallas Winston, stated,   “I remember Dally pulling Johnny through the window of a burning church. Dally risked his life for us. He died violent, young, and desperate. But I think, he died gallant.” He is survived only by his friends, both his parents are deceased.

and smart and everything, but they gave in to him all the time…” Bob was a loyal, fun and loving friend who will be terribly missed by everyone.

ROBERT SHELDON, AN eighteen year old soc from Easton Heights Oklahoma, tragically perished on Sunday, February 23rd 1959. He was stabbed in the side by Johnny Cade, a sixteen year old greaser. He was the boyfriend of Sherry (Cherry) Valance and best friend of Randy Adderson. “Bob was a good guy. He was the best buddy a guy ever had. I mean, he was a good fighter and tough and everything, but he was a real good person too,” stated Randy Adderson Randy Anderson added, “His mother had a nervous breakdown. They spoiled him rotten. I mean, most parents would be proud of a kid like that - good looking

The Alan B. Slifka Middle School


February, 2017 Volume 7, Issue 3

Outsider Herald- Special Edition Darry Has His Say By Josephine Lemann “SODA ALWAY TOLD me that I take everything too personally, but those days after Ponyboy left I knew that everyone was blaming me. I told Soda that and he said that I was being paranoid, but from the look in his eyes I could tell he was lying. Truth is, if I hadn’t hit Pony that night we’d all still be together. And alive. I know it’s self-centered to worry about

Ponyboy his accomplice. I just couldn’t deal with it, so I went about life in a haze. My thoughts kept going round in circles. I’d think, “Pony might be dead. He really might be dead. It’s my fault, I shouldn't have hit him. Stupid. But it’s not my fault the Socs jumped him or that Johnny killed that boy is it? Of course it is and now Pony might be dead. He really might be dead.” Around and around I went, til I couldn’t tell what was my thoughts and what was the truth. I don’t know how long Pony was away, it could have been days or even weeks maybe a month. It felt like an eternity.”

Johnny Has His Say By a Middle School Student

what your gang thinks of you when the police are after your brother, but what can I say, I’m far from being perfect. All I wanted was for Pony to come home so I could tell him how sorry I was and how much I loved him. I thought that maybe we could be friends then, and the gang would go back to the way it was. I knew that was never gonna happen, I was living in a fantasy world. But anything seemed better than the real world then. I could tell that Dally knew something about Johnny and Pony that the rest of us didn’t, he was never a good liar, but he didn’t tell me anything so I stopped even asking. I didn’t read the newspaper either cause all the first page each day was updates on the search for Johnny the murderer and

“THEY SHOULDN’T HAVE been here. None of them. The Socs, of course, didn’t belong here, as they roughly swung at me and tried to pin me down. This was Greaser territory, and I fought back against the Socs coming at me. To tell them, No. Back off. I wouldn’t be beaten like a coward, even while my quaking knees and faltering steps told me otherwise. If Ponyboy had been helping me, we’d probably have knocked all these guys to the ground by now-Ponyboy! Wheeling around, I spotted two laughing Socs kneeling next to the fountain, pushing someone’s head underwater. Ponyboy’s. His reddish hair, usually so carefully sculpted into shape, was floating about, and that’s when I realized that he was drowning. In that instant, time seemed to slow down. I looked, really looked for a second at the Socs pinning down Ponyboy, and then they changed. They were the four Socs who had beaten me up before. They were my father. And all around me, I heard the voices of my gang, shouting for me. Screaming for me.

The Alan B. Slifka Middle School


Telling me to do something. I touched the knife in my pocket. And suddenly I was running. All I could see was the back of Ponyboy’s head in the dark inky water, but a thundering sound in my ears urged me on, and as a red haze filled my vision, I stabbed one of the Socs right in the back. Yes. That was me. I stabbed him. I took my knife and stabbed him. In the back. The Soc crumpled to the ground, and I leaned over to yank Ponyboy’s head out of the water before collapsing right next to the Soc. The boy. The dead boy. The dead boy I killed. I didn’t have the energy to move away from his body. To my right, Ponyboy coughed for air, but I couldn’t look at him. Instead, with a strange calm that came out of nowhere, I studied the knife. I could see the blood dripping off of it even in the dim light of the moon. No matter how much I might wash the blade, there would still be ever-present remnants of the coppery liquid. It was already soaking into the hilt. “Johnny,” I heard from beside me, and I realized that the voices of my gang were gone. They were only ever phantom voices. My father was never really here, either. Had I killed a person simply out of angered hallucinations? “I think I’m going to be sick,” Ponyboy breathed. I rubbed my hands into my eyes. “Go ahead. I won’t look at you.” If I had killed someone out of anger, didn’t that make me the same as my father, or even worse?”

February, 2017 Volume 7, Issue 3

Outsider Herald- Special Edition

By Eli Fraiman

The Alan B. Slifka Middle School


February, 2017 Volume 7, Issue 3

‫חדשות השל‬ ‫הרשל'ה עדין לא ידע מה לומר‪ .‬כאשר הזמן הגיע‬ ‫הרשל'ה הלך בתוך החווה עם החיות וכולם צחקו‬ ‫בקול רם‪ .‬הרשל'ה התחיל ללטף את הפר‪ ,‬והפעמון‬ ‫צלצל ועוד פעם כולם צחקו‪ .‬הפר התחיל לכעוס על‬ ‫הרשל׳ה‪ .‬הרשל׳ה ראה את המקלע והוא לקח‬ ‫אותו‪ .‬ועכשיו כולם צועקים ופוחדים אבל לא‬ ‫הרשל׳ה‪ .‬הפר רץ להרשל׳ה והילד בעל המסיבה‬ ‫אמר לו ״אתה צריך לצאת וצריך לקחת את הפר״‪.‬‬ ‫הרשל׳ה אמר ״אני לא יכול לצאת אם אתה לא נותן‬ ‫לי כסף״ הילד אמר ״בסדר אתה צריך לצאת!״‬ ‫והרשל׳ה יצא עם הפר וכל הלילה הרשל׳ה צחק‬ ‫עם הכסף שלו‪...‬‬

‫המלצה להרשל׳ה ‪ -‬מסעדה סושי‬ ‫יאסקה ‪ /‬אמי )‪(Amirit Small‬‬ ‫הרשלה היקר‪,‬‬ ‫כאשר אתה בניו‪-‬יורק אתה צריך ללכת למסעדה‬ ‫יאסקה‪ .‬סושי יאסקה ברחוב ‪ , 7 2‬בין ברודווי‬ ‫ושדרת ווסט אנד ‪ .‬המסעדה הזאת זו מסעדה של‬ ‫סושי‪ .‬יש הרבה סוגים שונים של סושי במסעדה‬ ‫יאסקה‪ .‬סוג סושי שאני הכי אוהבת זה טונה‬ ‫חריפה‪ ,‬ואני חושבת שאתה גם תאהב טונה חריפה‪.‬‬ ‫אני ממליצה על המסעדה הזאת כי הסושי מאוד‬ ‫זול וטעים‪ .‬גם ליד סושי יאסקה יש כל מיני חנויות‬ ‫שונות שבהן אתה יכול ללכת לקניות‪.‬‬ ‫השירות במסעדה יאסקה מאוד טוב! המלצרים‬ ‫מביאים את האוכל ממש מהר לשולחן שלך והם‬ ‫מאוד נחמדים‪ .‬אני מכירה את סושי יאסקה כי‬ ‫החברה של אימא שלי אמרה לה שהסושי ביאסקה‬ ‫ממש טוב ויותר זול ממסעדות אחרות של סושי‪.‬‬ ‫סושי יאסקה זו המסעדה שאני אוהבת יותר מכל‬ ‫המסעדות האחרות וכל פעם שאני מזמינה סושי‪,‬‬ ‫זה מסושי יאסקה‪.‬‬

‫עיצוב‪ ,‬ועריכה‪:‬‬ ‫מיכל קפלן ‪ -‬לנצביצקי‬ ‫תוכן והגהה‪:‬‬ ‫רותם גוארון‬ ‫עידו נאור‬ ‫רבקה רידל‬ ‫

‫רוצים להיות חלק מהעיתון בעברית? כתבו למיכל‪ :‬‬

‫פברואר ‪ , 2017‬גיליון ‪3‬‬


‫חטיבת הביניים השל‬

‫חדשות השל‬

‫סיפורי הרשל׳ה‬ ‫ּכִיּתֹות ז׳ ‪ -‬סְנּונִית וְזָמִיר לָמְדּו עַל ּתַעֲלּולֵי ג׳ּוחא‪ .‬ג׳ּוחא הּוא ּדְמּות הּומֹוִריסְטִית‬ ‫ּבְסִּפּוֵרי הָעָם ּבְאְַרצֹות הַּמִזְָרח‪ּ ,‬בַּתְַרּבּות הַּיְהּוִדית וְגַם ּבַּתְַרּבּות הַּמֻסְלְמִית‪ .‬הַּסִּפּוִרים‬ ‫עָלָיו הִצְחִיקּו יְלִָדים ּומְבֻּגִָרים מֵאָז ּומִּתָמִיד‪ּ .‬בְסִּיּום הַּיְחִיָדה‪ּ ,‬כָתְבּו הַּתַלְמִיִדים סִּפּוִרים‬ ‫עַל הרשל׳ה ‪ּ -‬דְמּות הּומֹוִריסְטִית מִּמִזְַרח אֵירֹוּפָה‬

‫הרשל׳ה והפר ‪ /‬טליה )‪Talia Namdar-‬‬ ‫‪(Cohen‬‬

‫האנשים בעיר קנו את החלב בחפץ לב‪ ,‬ואמרו שזה‬ ‫היה החלב הכי טעים שהם שתו‪.‬‬

‫יום אחד הרשל׳ה והפר שלו הלכו לעיר קטנה‬ ‫ונחמדה‪ .‬לא היה להרשל׳ה כסף‪ ,‬אוכל‪ ,‬או מקום‬ ‫לישון‪ .‬פתאום היה לו רעיון מבריק‪ .‬אם הוא יחלוב‬ ‫את הפרה שלו‪ ,‬הוא יוכל למכור את החלב לכל‬ ‫האנשים בעיר‪ .‬אבל הבעיה הייתה שזו לא הייתה‬ ‫באמת פרה‪ ,‬זה היה פר‪ ,‬אבל הרשל׳ה לא ידע את‬ ‫זה‪ .‬הוא התחיל לצעוק‪ :‬״חלב למכירה‪ ,‬חלב‬ ‫למכירה‪ ,‬החלב הכי בריא בעולם״‪.‬‬

‫הרשל׳ה לקח את הכסף ואת הפר שלו והלך‬ ‫הביתה עם חיוך גדול‪.‬‬

‫הרשל׳ה החכם ‪ /‬רונית )‪Talia‬‬ ‫‪(Shapiro‬‬ ‫לפני הרבה שנים‪ ,‬בכפר קטן היה ילד קטן ועני‪ .‬היו‬ ‫לו בגדים ישנים ושער פרוע‪ .‬שמו היה הרשל׳ה‪.‬‬ ‫הרשל׳ה היה חכם מאוד והוא ידע כיצד לגרום‬ ‫למישהו להתנהג כמו שוטה‪.‬‬

‫כולם רצו להרשל׳ה ואמרו‪ :‬״כמה זה עולה?״‬

‫היה ילד בכפר הזה ויום אחד היתה לו‬ ‫מסיבה עם פר ועוד הרבה חיות‬ ‫גדולות‪ .‬הילד רצה שהרשל׳ה יבוא‬ ‫למסיבה שלו ויספר בדיחות כי הרשל׳ה‬ ‫מפורסם מאוד וכולם ידעו על הרשל׳ה!‬

‫הרשל׳ה ענה‪ :‬״‪ 5‬דולר לכוס״‪ .‬כאשר‬ ‫כולם הוציאו את הכסף מהארנקים‬ ‫שלהם‪ ,‬הרשל׳ה הלך לפרה שלו‬ ‫בשביל להביא חלב‪ .‬כאשר‬ ‫הוא ניסה לחלוב את הפרה‬ ‫הוא הבין שזו לא פרה‪ ,‬זה פר‪.‬‬ ‫הרשל׳ה לא ידע מה לעשות‪.‬‬

‫הרשל׳ה רצה ללכת למסיבה כי הוא רצה‬ ‫כסף מהשוטה הזה‪ ,‬אבל לא היה לו‬ ‫רעיון מה לעשות‪ .‬הוא חשב‪ :‬דבר טוב‬ ‫שיש הרבה שוטים‪ .‬הוא הלך למסיבה‬ ‫והוא חשב על מה לעשות‪ .‬כאשר היה‬ ‫שם במסיבה הוא ראה שהילד‬ ‫בבגדים יפים אז הוא חשב שהוא‬ ‫הרשל׳ה מאוד שמח! גם הרשל׳ה‬ ‫עשיר ‪.‬‬ ‫ראה את כל החיות וגם את הפר עם פעמון‪ .‬יש גם‬ ‫מקלע בחווה‪ .‬כולם ראו את הרשל'ה‪ ,‬התחילו‬ ‫לעודד‪ ,‬אבל הרשל'ה רק מסתכל על האוכל‪

‫פתאום הוא חשב על משהו‪ .‬הוא רץ‬ ‫לאנשים עם הרבה מים ואמר‪ :‬״זה‬ ‫חלב מיוחד‪ ,‬הוא עולה עשרה דולר‬ ‫לכוס״‪ .‬האנשים שאלו‪ :‬״למה החלב‬ ‫לא לבן?״‬ ‫הרשל׳ה ענה‪ :‬״הפרה אכלה משהו‬ ‫מיוחד היום‪ ,‬וזה הפך את הצבע של החלב‪ .‬זה‬ ‫חלב יותר בריא מכל החלב שיש בעולם ולכן הוא‬ ‫עולה יותר כסף״‪.‬‬ ‫פברואר ‪ , 2017‬גיליון ‪3‬‬


‫חטיבת הביניים השל‬

‫חדשות השל‬

‫סיְיֵדִרים‬ ‫ט ַ‬ ‫תפְזֹוֶרת האַאּו ְ‬ ‫ִ‬ ‫המחלקה לעברית‬

‫בתפזורת שלפניכם מצאו את המילים הבאות‪:‬‬ ‫‪In the following puzzle, find the words listed below:‬‬ ‫סֹוצים‬




‫סֹוַדה ּפֹוּפ‬



‫ּבית חֹולים‬










‫פברואר ‪ , 2017‬גיליון ‪3‬‬


‫חטיבת הביניים השל‬

‫חדשות השל‬

‫הּכְַרְ(‬ ‫סיְיֵדִרים ) ַנעֲֵרי ַ‬ ‫ט ַ‬ ‫האַאּו ְ‬ ‫במהלך יום הקריאה של הספר ״האאוטסיידרים״ שהתקיים בכל בית הספר ב‪6-‬‬ ‫בינואר‪ ,‬כתבה טליה קהאן )‪ (Talia Kahan‬מכיתה ח׳ ידיעה עיתונאית ובה היא‬ ‫מספרת על מותו של אחד מגיבורי הספר ‪ -‬דאלי )דאלאס וינסטון(‬

‫המשטרה ירתה למוות בנער‬ ‫דאלי )דאלאס וינסטון( מת אתמול‪ .‬הוא גנב דברים מהחנות ואז ברח‪ .‬המשטרה רדפה אחריו וירתה בו‪.‬‬ ‫חברו הטוב פוני‪-‬בוי קרטיס אמר‪ :‬״כשהמשטרה ירתה בדאלי‪ ,‬ידעתי שזה מה שדאלי רצה״‪ .‬פוני‪-‬בוי אמר‬ ‫שדאלי רצה למות כי אין שום דבר טוב בחיים שלו‪ .‬בנוסף‪ ,‬החבר שלו אמר שבאותו יום ג׳וני‪ ,‬עוד חבר שלו‪,‬‬ ‫גם מת‪ .‬דאלי היה בן ‪ 17‬במותו‪ ,‬וה׳משפחה׳ שלו היתה הכנופיה שלו‪ .‬דאלי היה עבריין צעיר‪ ,‬והוא היה‬ ‫בבית הסוהר הרבה פעמים‪ .‬הוא מת אחרי קטטה בין הגריזרים והסוצים‪.‬‬ ‫הגריזרים הם ּכְנּופְיָה מטולסה‪ ,‬אוקלהומה‪ .‬הם גרים בצד המזרחי של טולסה‪ .‬הרבה מהם לא אוהבים את‬ ‫בית הספר‪ ,‬לובשים מעילי עור ונועלים נעלי טניס‪ .‬גם יש להם שער שמנוני וארוך‪ .‬הם מבלים ליד תחנות‬ ‫דלק ומספרות גברים‪.‬‬ ‫סוצים הם עוד ּכְנּופְיָה בטולסה‪ ,‬אבל הם גרים בצד המערבי של טולסה‪ .‬הם יותר עשירים מן הגריזרים ויש‬ ‫להם מכוניות מפוארות מאוד‪ .‬הם לובשים חולצות משובצות ויש להם שער יותר קצר‪.‬‬ ‫בין הגריזרים והסוצים יש יריבות‪ .‬הסוצים מציקים לגריזרים‪ ,‬תופסים אותם ומכים אותם בלי סיבה‪.‬‬ ‫הסוצים תמיד מתחילים את הקטטה‪

‫פברואר ‪ , 2017‬גיליון ‪3‬‬


‫חטיבת הביניים השל‬

‫חדשות השל‬

‫בן ‪
Ben Poloner‬‬

‫קורי ‪
Kori Donath‬‬

‫החלום שלי הוא להיות באיגוד הכדורסל הלאומי‬ ‫)‪ (NBA‬ולנצח בהרבה תחרויות‪ .‬כדי להגשים את‬ ‫החלום שלי צריך לשחק הרבה כדורסל ולהיות‬ ‫מאוד טוב‪.‬‬

‫החלום שלי הוא שאני אגור בבית גדול על המים‪
.‬‬ ‫כדי להגשים את החלום שלי צריך לעבוד הרבה‬ ‫מאוד ולקבל כסף‪.‬‬

‫גליה ‪
Lexi Wenger‬‬

‫מאירה ‪
Maya Lukeman‬‬

‫אני חולמת שכאשר אגדל אני אהיה זמרת‬ ‫ושחקנית‪ .‬אני רוצה לשחק בהצגות בתאטרון‬ ‫ברודווי ולשיר כל לילה בהצגות‪ .‬כדי להגשים את‬ ‫החלום שלי צריך לתרגל כל יום‪ ,‬וגם ללכת לבית‬ ‫ספר לה גרדיה בשנה הבאה‪ .‬צריך גם לשמוע‬ ‫מוזיקה בז'אנרים שונים‪

‫החלום שלי הוא להיות שחקנית כמו אודרי הפברן‬ ‫ולככב בסרט‪ ,‬משום שאחרי שראיתי "ארוחת בוקר‬ ‫בטיפאני" ידעתי שזה משהו שאני רוצה בחיים שלי‪.‬‬ ‫כדי להגשים את החלום שלי אני צריכה לעבוד‬ ‫קשה ולתרגל הרבה מאוד‪.‬‬

‫איתן ‪
Ethan Nili‬‬

‫ומה החלום שלכם??‬

‫החלום שלי הוא שיהיה שלום בעולם וכל האנשים‬ ‫יאהבו את כולם כי אין מלחמות‪ .‬כדי להגשים את‬ ‫החלום שלי אנחנו צריכים להיות אכפתיים ולא‬ ‫להיות גזעניים‪

‫פברואר ‪ , 2017‬גיליון ‪3‬‬


‫חטיבת הביניים השל‬

‫חדשות השל‬

‫גם לנו יש חלום‬ ‫תלמידי כיתות ח׳ ‪-‬קטורה ויטבתה חולמים ומשתפים‬

‫שמואל ‪
Sammy Wurzberger‬‬

‫סופי ‪
Sophie Fisher‬‬

‫החלום שלי הוא לשחק עם הניו‪-‬יורק ינקיס ולנצח‬ ‫באליפות העולם‪ .‬כדי להגשים את החלום שלי‬ ‫צריך להתאמן הרבה‪.‬‬

‫החלום שלי הוא שאהיה מעצבת אופנה ואעצב‬ ‫בגדים לאנשים מפורסמים‪ .‬כדי להגשים את‬ ‫החלום שלי אני צריכה להמשיך לתפור ולצייר‪.‬‬

‫לאה ‪
Lindsey Kalish‬‬

‫מאור ‪Max‬‬ ‫‪

‫החלום שלי הוא שאהיה רופאת‬ ‫כדי‬ ‫שיניים ואטפל באנשים ‪.‬‬ ‫להגשים את החלום שלי צריך‬ ‫ללכת לבית הספר לרפואת שיניים‪.‬‬

‫החלום שלי זה שבני אדם‬ ‫יגיעו למאדים כי זה צעד‬ ‫גדול לאסטרונאוטים‪ .‬אני‬ ‫רוצה לראות אם יש אנשים‬ ‫אחרים ביקום‪ .‬כדי‬ ‫להגשים את החלום שלי‬ ‫צריך אנשים כל כך חכמים‬ ‫שיבנו חללית גדולה ויחשבו את הנתיב‪.‬‬

‫מקס ‪
Max Dekel‬‬ ‫החלום שלי הוא שאני אבנה את‬ ‫הבניין הכי גדול בעולם‪ .‬כדי‬ ‫להגשים את החלום שלי צריך‬ ‫להעסיק כל מני אנשים שיעזרו בבנייה‪ .‬אני צריך‬ ‫ללמוד הרבה‪.‬‬

‫מרים ‪
Hilary Goldman-Lori‬‬ ‫החלום שלי הוא להיות רוכבת סוסים מפורסמת‬ ‫באיטליה כי זו התשוקה שלי‪ .‬אני עשיתי את זה‬ ‫כאשר הייתי בת שבע‪ .‬כדי להגשים את החלום שלי‬ ‫אני צריכה להתאמן הרבה‪.‬‬

‫רבקה ‪
Rebecca Newman‬‬ ‫החלום שלי הוא להיות מעצבת תאורה ולעצב‬ ‫להצגות‪ .‬כדי להגשים את החלום שלי אני צריכה‬ ‫ללמוד במכללה ולעבוד עם בימאי על הצגות‪.‬‬

‫אילן ‪
Ilan Schwartz‬‬

‫מתן ‪
Matan Kaplun‬‬

‫החלום שלי הוא להיות מנהל של קבוצת ‪NFL‬‬ ‫ולנצח בסופר בול! כדי להגשים את החלום שלי אני‬ ‫צריך לעבוד קשה ולשחק הרבה פנטסי פוטבול!‬

‫החלום שלי הוא לשרת בצה”ל ולשמור על ישראל‪,‬‬ ‫כי אני רוצה להיות כמו אבא שלי‪ .‬כדי להגשים את‬ ‫החלום שלי צריך לעשות המון כושר להיות חזק‪.‬‬ ‫מיד אחרי בית ספר תיכון אני אטוס לישראל‪

‫אודליה ‪
Odelya Kalmanofsky‬‬ ‫אני חולמת שתהיה לי מאפייה משלי ואוכל לאפות‬ ‫שם כל היום‪ .‬כדי להגשים את החלום שלי צריך‬ ‫ללכת לבית ספר לאפייה‪ .‬אני אעבוד במאפייה‬ ‫ואחסוך כסף ואקנה מקום משלי‪.‬‬

‫פברואר ‪ , 2017‬גיליון ‪3‬‬

‫הלל בנימין ‪
Ben Jacob‬‬ ‫החלום שלי הוא שאני אהיה בוחן מזרנים ואשן כל‬ ‫יום‪ .‬כדי להגשים את החלום שלי צריך לישון‬ ‫הרבה על הרבה מזרנים‪.‬‬ ‫‪37‬‬

‫חטיבת הביניים השל‬

‫חדשות השל‬

‫תלמידים מראיינים מורים‬ ‫תלמידות כיתה ח׳‪ ,‬תמה )‪ (Tillie Germain‬ואליענה )‪ (Eliana Sirota‬ראיינו את המורה‬ ‫החדשה לעברית‪ ,‬מיכל קפלן‪-‬לנצביצקי‬ ‫תֵמָה ואליענה‪ :‬האם יש לך אחים ואחיות?‬

‫תֵמָה ואליענה‪ :‬אם היית יכולה להיות בכל מקום‬ ‫איפה היית רוצה להיות?‬

‫מיכל‪ :‬כן‪ ,‬יש לי אחות אחת גדולה‪ ,‬בת ‪ ,43‬שגרה‬ ‫בישראל ליד חיפה עם הבעל שלה ושלושה ילדים‬ ‫מקסימים‪ .‬ויש לי גם אח גדול בן ‪ ,3 8‬שגר ליד‬ ‫ירושלים עם האישה שלו ושני הילדים‪ .‬עד לא מזמן‬

‫מיכל‪ :‬אני שמחה היכן שאני עכשיו‪.‬‬ ‫תֵמָה ואליענה‪ :‬למה את רוצה ללמד בבית ספר‬ ‫השל?‬

‫הוא גר בלונדון במשך ארבע שנים עם כל המשפחה‬ ‫שלו‪.‬‬

‫מיכל‪ :‬אני רוצה ללמד בבית ספר השל כי זה בית‬ ‫הספר היהודי הכי טוב בארצות הברית ‪ ,‬וכל דבר‬ ‫שאני עושה אני אוהבת לעשות הכי טוב שאפשר‪.‬‬

‫תֵמָה ואליענה‪ :‬מה את עושה בזמן החופשי שלך?‬ ‫מיכל‪ :‬אני אוהבת מאוד לאכול‪ .‬ואני אוהבת גם‬ ‫לבשל ולאפות‪ .‬אני גם מאוד‬ ‫אוהבת לרקוד‪ ,‬רקדתי בלט‬ ‫קלאסי במשך ‪ 13‬שנה‪ .‬ואני גם‬ ‫אוהבת לעשות אמנות נייר‪.‬‬

‫תֵמָה ואליענה‪ :‬כשבאת לפה‪,‬‬ ‫מה הכי הפתיע אותך ?‬ ‫מיכל‪ :‬הדבר שהכי הפתיע אותי‬ ‫כאן זה כמה ארצות הברית‬ ‫גדולה‪ ,‬וכמה שהוא יפה‪ ,‬ואפשר‬ ‫לטייל כל פעם במקום אחר‪.‬‬

‫תֵמָה ואליענה‪ :‬האם יש משהו‬ ‫שאת רוצה להיות שהוא לא‬ ‫מורה?‬

‫תֵמָה ואליענה‪ :‬מה עשית לפני‬ ‫שבאת לבית ספר השל?‬

‫מיכל‪ :‬אני מאד אוהבת להיות‬ ‫מורה‪ ,‬אבל הייתי רוצה גם להיות‬ ‫מבקרת מסעדות כי אני גם‬ ‫אוהבת ללכת למסעדות וגם‬ ‫לכתוב על זה‪ .‬אז ככה‪ ,‬זו גם‬ ‫יכולה להיות העבודה שלי‪.‬‬

‫מיכל‪ :‬לפני שבאתי ללמד כאן‪,‬‬ ‫למדתי בבית הספר היהודי‬ ‫בנוקסוויל‪ ,‬טנסי‪ .‬לפני זה‬ ‫בישראל למדתי תעודת ההוראה‬ ‫במתמטיקה‪ .‬ולפני זה‪ ,‬הייתי ‪8‬‬ ‫שנים קצינה בדרגת רב סרן בצבא של ישראל‪.‬‬

‫תֵמָה ואליענה‪ :‬מה הבחירה הכי חשובה שעשית‬ ‫בחיים שלך?‬

‫תֵמָה ואליענה‪ :‬מה גרם לך לרצות ללמד עברית?‬

‫מיכל‪:‬הבחירה הכי חשובה בחיים שלי הייתה‬ ‫לעבור לארצות הברית לפני שנתיים עם בעלי‪,‬‬ ‫ולעזוב את כל החברים והמשפחה בישראל‪ .‬בחירה‬ ‫קשה אבל אני שמחה שעשיתי אותה‪.‬‬ ‫פברואר ‪ , 2017‬גיליון ‪3‬‬

‫מיכל‪ :‬כל המורים הטובים שלי וכל התלמידים‬ ‫שהיו לי עד עכשיו‪ ,‬כולם היו ההשראה שלי ללמד‬ ‫עברית פה‪ .‬וגם סבא שלי שהיה איש חינוך בישראל‪.‬‬


‫חטיבת הביניים השל‬

‫חדשות השל‬

‫שַָרה‬ ‫ֹשיָרּה של ֹ‬ ‫תלמידי כיתה ח׳ ‪ -‬לוטן קוראים את הספר ״שֹרה גיבורת ניל״י״ מאת הסופרת דבורה‬ ‫עומר‪ .‬כחלק מקריאת הספר‪ ,‬התלמידים כתבו שירים המבטאים את הרגשתה של‬ ‫שרה‪ ,‬שעברה לגור בתורכיה‪ ,‬רחוק ממשפחתה‬ ‫השיר של טל )‪ (Tal Tetzeli‬ושרה )‪Sarah‬‬ ‫‪(Horvath‬‬

‫החרות של שרה אהרונסון ‪ /‬רינה )‪Sabrina‬‬ ‫‪ (Zbar‬ויקירה )‪(Kyra Siegel‬‬

‫כאשר ישבתי ליד החלון‪,‬‬

‫תן לי שמש‬ ‫ואתן לך חיּוך‬

‫ראיתי הגשם יורד‬

‫הפסק את הגשם‬

‫הזיל טיפה ‪,‬הזיל‪ ,‬טיפה‪,‬‬

‫הבא את האור‬

‫הרגשתי שעברה שעה‪,‬‬

‫אני צריכה חרות‬

‫אבל זו רק היתה דקה‪.‬‬

‫תן לי קשת‬ ‫חשבתי על המשפחה‬

‫קח עננים‬

‫ועל כל מה שאני עושה‪.‬‬

‫הפסק את החורף‬ ‫אני צריכה קיץ עכשיו‬

‫שרה אהרונסון‬

‫אני צריכה חרות‬

‫הייתה לי הרגשה של‬ ‫דיכאון‪,‬‬ ‫כאשר הסתכלתי על השעון‪.‬‬

‫שלום‪ ,‬שלום!‬ ‫החיים שלי עם חיים‪,‬‬

‫אני שרה‪ ,‬אני צריכה חרות עכשיו‬ ‫חיים אברהם הוא לא נחמד‬

‫לא כל כך נעימים‪.‬‬

‫ואני צריכה חרות עכשיו‬

‫בבית של חיים אין אף אחד‪,‬‬

‫הבית חשּוך ואני בודדת‬

‫ולכן אני מרגישה כל כך לבד‪.‬‬

‫חיים שלי; אני לא אוהבת!‬

‫תן לי חרות‪...‬‬ ‫הספר‪ :‬״שֹרה גיבורת ניל״י״‪ ,‬הוצאת ׳גשר׳‬ ‫פברואר ‪ , 2017‬גיליון ‪3‬‬


‫חטיבת הביניים השל‬

‫חדשות השל‬

‫בית ספר של פעם ובית ספר של היום‬ ‫ּתַלְמִיֵדי ּכִיּתֹות ו׳ ‪ -‬וֶֶרד וַהֲַדס לָמְדּו עַל סּוגִים ׁשֹונִים ׁשֶל ּבָּתֵי סֵפֶר ּבְיִׂשְָראֵל‪ .‬הֵם ּכָתְבּו‬ ‫עַל הַהֶבְּדֵלִים ּבֵין ּבֵית סֵפֶר ׁשֶל ּפַעַם )ּבִׁשְנַת ‪ (1948‬לְבֵית סֵפֶר ׁשֶל הַּיֹום‬

‫יפה ‪ -‬שרה )‪(Julia Lebowitz‬‬

‫ׁשלמה )‪(Daniel Wurzburger‬‬

‫בבית ספר של פעם הילדים לומדים אנגלית ועברית‪,‬‬ ‫הם מקשיבים‬ ‫ל מ ו ר ה‬ ‫ו ק ו ר א י ם‬ ‫ס פ ר י ם ‪.‬‬ ‫ה י ל ד י ם‬ ‫יושבים בצד‬ ‫אחד והילדות‬ ‫יושבות בצד‬ ‫השני‪ .‬בבית‬ ‫ספר של היום‬ ‫לכל ילד יש‬ ‫מחשב‪ ,‬יש כורסאות בכיתה ולא תמיד יש מורה‪.‬‬ ‫בבית ספר של פעם ובבית שספר של היום יש הרבה‬ ‫דברים שונים‪ ,‬אבל שניהם טובים!‬

‫ּפעם הילדים למדו בבית ספר וגם עכשיו ילדים‬ ‫לומדים בבית ספר‪.‬‬ ‫התלמידים‬ ‫ּפעם‬ ‫עבדו לבד אבל היום‬ ‫עובדים‬ ‫תלמידים‬ ‫ביחד‪ .‬בבית ספר‬ ‫הייתה‬ ‫ב‪1 9 4 8 -‬‬ ‫מורה בכיתה אבל‬ ‫עכשיו אין מורה‬ ‫בכיתה‪ּ .‬פעם לא היו‬ ‫בכיתה‬ ‫מחשבים‬ ‫אבל עכשיו יש הרבה‬ ‫מחשבים בכיתה‪ּ .‬פעם הילדים והילדות ישבו כל‬ ‫אחד בצד אחר אבל היום הילדים וילדות יושבים‬ ‫ביחד‪.‬‬

‫בן )‪(Ben Tal‬‬

‫שיפרה )‪(Erika Novak‬‬

‫בבית ספר של פעם יש ילדים‪ ,‬ספרים ולוח גיר‪ ,‬אבל‬ ‫להם‬ ‫אין‬ ‫מחשבים ‪,‬‬ ‫ּפּוף ותיק גב‪.‬‬ ‫בכיתה של‬ ‫יש‬ ‫היום‬ ‫הרבה דברים‬ ‫שאין בכיתה‬ ‫פעם‪.‬‬ ‫של‬ ‫ל מ ש ל ‪:‬‬ ‫רובוט ‪,‬‬ ‫מחשבים‬ ‫ומדפסת תלת מימדית‪ .‬בתי הספר ממש שונים!

‫בבית ספר של פעם יש תלמידים ומורה‪ ,‬אבל בבית‬ ‫ספר של היום לא תמיד יש‬ ‫מורה‪ .‬בבית ספר של פעם‬ ‫אין מחשבים ויש ספרים‪,‬‬ ‫אבל בבית ספר של היום יש‬ ‫מחשבים‪ .‬בבית ספר של‬ ‫פעם התלמידים יושבים על‬ ‫כיסאות‪ ,‬אבל בבית ספר של‬ ‫היום התלמידים יושבים גם‬ ‫על השולחן‪ .‬בתמונה אחת‬ ‫התלמידים עובדים לבד‪,‬‬ ‫השנייה‬ ‫בתמונה‬ ‫אבל‬ ‫התלמידים עובדים ביחד‪ .‬תמונה אחת היא בשחור‬ ‫ולבן והשניה בצבע‪.‬‬

‫פברואר ‪ , 2017‬גיליון ‪3‬‬


‫חטיבת הביניים השל‬

Heschel Herald February, 2017 Volume 7 Issue 3  
Heschel Herald February, 2017 Volume 7 Issue 3