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Kyrgyzstan is the green heart of the Silk Road. Its alpine scenery draws you in and won’t let go, whether you’re on foot, on horseback or on a bicycle. Staying in a yurt in the mountains is what this country’s new-found freedom is all about.’ Paul Wilson: Author The Silk Roads (Trailblazer Publications) Australia

Kyrgyzstan is a land of discovery and welcomeness, its’ breathtaking scenery, hospitable people, fascinating culture and colourful history all add to the sense of enchantment and wonder that visitors to this fascinating region experience. Come to discover Kyrgyzstan and discover yourself in the process. Roger Chao Traveller, Author and Photographer. Australia

The very mention of Kyrgyzstan gets you a lot of blank looks from those not so familiar with the modern world map. Those in the know, of course, will tell you it is the most beautiful country in the world. It might well be. Travelling in Kyrgyzstan, I have experienced landscapes that reminded me of Switzerland and Scotland, of the Middle East and North Africa, of Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. Sometimes a completely new landscape reveals itself just turning a corner or heading off down a side valley. One thing in common though: whichever way you look the view is breathtaking. Laurence Mitchell , Author, Kyrgyzstan (Bradt Travel Guide) England

Kyrgyzstan is packed with experience for such a tiny country. The dramatic scenery is just one of the joys it offers the traveller: great citadels of ice, sweeping steppes, fragrant meadows painted in dusky purples, blues and yellows, pristine mountain lakes and lush pastures are what meets the eye. The warm welcome, central to Kyrgyz tradition, takes place amid humour, an interesting array of colourful foods and often a snug mountain yurt. Add to the mix the poems, music and epic stories, all reflected in the colourful feltwork produced in many households and co-operatives - and history melds into the present to create an alluring and memorable journey. Rowan Stewart , Author, Kyrgyzstan (Odyssey Illustrated Guides) England

You would be forgiven for missing the tiny landlocked country of Kyrgyzstan on the map. Meshed into Central Asia’s inter-locking web of former Soviet Union boundaries, this mountainous country still has more horses than cars. It never fails to surprise and delight all who visit. Proud of its nomadic traditions, dating back to the days of the Silk Road, be prepared for Kyrgyzstan’s overwhelming welcome of hospitality, received, perhaps, in a shepherd’s yurt out on the summer pastures. Drink bowls of freshly fermented mare’s milk with newfound friends and let the country’s traditions take you into their heart. Marvel at the country’s icy glaciers, crystal clear lakes and dramatic gorges set beneath the pearly white Tien Shan mountains that shimmer, heaven-like, in the summer haze as the last of the winter snows caps their dominating peaks. Immerse yourself in Central Asia’s jewel with its unique experiences and you will leave with a renewed zest for life and an unforgettable sense of just how man and nature can interact in harmony. “Although one of the smaller Central Asian republics, Kyrgyzstan certainly punches well above it’s weight in terms of what it offers the adventurous traveller. Trekking over daunting peaks, horse riding through nomadic summer pastures and rafting down breathtaking rivers all come together alongside a warm people living in close harmony with nature and a past heritage that once made this country an integral part of the Silk Road.” Nick Rowan, Author of Friendly Steppes: A Silk Road Journey, Editor-in-Chief of Open Central Asia Magazine.


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Every time I journey through Kyrgyzstan I have a wish that it will last my whole life, everything excites me.... the quirky mix of former Soviet Union and rural environment, enveloped within breathtaking scenery and the sense of belonging that the people have with their land is compelling. Mary O’Connor, Artist and Author, Head over Heels: Central Asia through they eyes of foreigners, Ireland

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Ian Clayor is a British citizen who has been living in Kyrgyzstan since 1995 and has seen many changes in the country during that time. A former secondary school teacher of Religious Studies, Mathematics and Information Technology in Britain, he now runs a tour company and two hotels in Kyrgyzstan. His kaleidocopic experience and interests fit well with the breadth and diversity by the different aspects of geography, history, wildlife and culture that can be found in his adopted home.


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