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10 Ways to Exceed in Your Speech Tip #1: Bullet Points are your Friend. Outline your speech and use that to organize your points in the speech.

Tip #2: Ideas not Generalizations DO NOT under any circumstances say I am (insert positive adjective here). We want tangible ideas.

Tip #3: Practice your Speech by Recording Yourself This is a very good way in improving yourself when you’re at home to point out your flaws.

Tip #4: Dress to impress. Wear a nice shirt and slacks or an appropriate skirt for girls. NO jeans/sneakers.

Tip #5: Have something in your hands. If you are over using your hands have something in your hands like a pencil to calm you down.

Tip #6: Water is your friend too Stay hydrated during your speech so your mouth won’t go dry.

Tip #7: Exercise If you’re very nervous, try say jumping jacks to calm yourself down.

Tip #8: Do not speak word for word You’ll sound rehearsed and you DO NOT want to sound that way.

Tip #9: Keep Eye contact Scan through the audience to keep eye contact and keep your audience engaged.

Tip #10: TAKE PAUSES If you’re speaking too fast because of your nervousness, take a pause and recollect your thoughts.

Most Importantly GOOD LUCK! And may the odds be ever in your favor! ~Herman Li

How to Exceed in Speeches  

This is just a list of tips that I've found to be most useful for those who have to give a speech. And to those reading this and have a spee...