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5:50 Roll Call and Club updates HSMSE:8: Starbucks Community, March of Dimes, Toddler Olympics, Japan Day, Teacher Appreciation Day, Epic book Project (collected 194 books and will donate to schools and libraries), making an eliminate video and FreeRice video Stuyvesant:3: Parkinson’s, March of Dimes, planted flowers, tutored LaGuardia:4: Made toys for underprivileged kids, went to a walk to raise supplies for poor schools Hunter:2: Pantry, Spring Community Day Bronx Science:29: 5:57 Introduction of Guests: Josephine Lukito, Richard Rosenthal 5:56 Old Business 5:57 Monthly report forms, send out newsletters to Herman; fundraising report forms; donate money to organizations, Fundraising Report Forms and Lt. Governor Evaluation Forms are online 5:58 ICON 2012. Two people are going (Tina and Jeff from HSMSE). Support and sponsor are possible through Kiwanis clubs. Meet up at LaGuardia and $1,300 are due. 5:59 DKC pins should arrive soon. Please send out an email to Herman about how many pins the club should get for distinguished members. 6:00 Division positions applications should have been filled out by May 10 th . If a position is really desired, they are still allowed to be filled out. 6:00 Ne w Business 6:01 IPP Benjamin Fang entered the room 6:01 You can subscribe to the District email on the website 6:01 Join the Division 11 Facebook and Yahoo Groups to find out about important forms to fill out. 6:02 Election Report Forms are due on Saturday. The forms are under club resources on They can be filled in online and do not have to be sent by mail. 6:03 FreeRice! Monthly goal: 2,000,000 grains of rice. “It is basically a website in which you answer questions to donate rice to poor countries.” 800,000 grains. 2 weeks until 2,000,000 grains. 6:04 Tina “Barry said the highest player can get an award” 6:05 Barry is having a 12 hour free rice marathon; live stream with his webcam. 6:05 AIDS walk is this Sunday. Daniel Lin has suggested that Key Clubs in NYC should walk together. Meet at the Apple Store at 8:45. You should have registered online already as walkers. Please come. 6:06 Fall Rally, Officer training. Held at Central Park because it is Summer and it is lovely. Possible July 19. A rain date will be planned. Fall Rally will be sometime in October. All divisions in NYC will be trained collegiately. 6:15 AIDS awareness video 6:18 FreeRice video 6:24 BBQ Discussion Asian dessert/cupcakes, bacon, vegetables for the vegetarians

6:26 $15 to attend the picnic, which will pay for food at the picnic. Jae really wants to be the cook. Sports: soccer ball, soccer net 6:27 Herman will look at the spreadsheet and decide which day to choose 6:30 Hunger games, relay races, freeze tag, cops and robbers 6:34 Two grills, cooking contest? (no). Bring a list of ingredients with your food in case people are allergic 6:35 Future Division Event Suggestions - Food challenges: Saltines, cinnamon, game with flower and candy on a table with hands tied back, cheerios with straws and eat three, Oreo on top of forehead, whole team had to eat half a watermelon. 6:38 Benjamin Fang made an announcement: Club president a couple of years ago: SLI is a youth organization powered by students. 8 weeks of workshops and discussions about identity, community, activism, FREE, light commitment (every Saturday 11 AM4PM), hands on projects, community service, awareness. 6:40 Josephine Lukito (Ben’s first President. Started in 2004 and graduated in 2008). Kiwanis Family gathering from NYS will gather after the AIDS walk for a picnic with food, relay activities. $5; $2 donation to Eliminate Project. Great way to meet Circle-K members, 2:30 in Central Park right after the AIDS walk. 6:43 Problems/Concerns: - Divisoinal Hoodie money: collected after the meeting. Give the money to club officers - Statistics: the Red Cross executives receive over a $1 million over a year. From the Salvation Army, the head makes $13,000 a year and a home. UNICEF: make collections and sent them into Kiwanis International headquarters to mark it to UNICEF. If sent directly to UNICEF, the money goes to the admin. UNICEF heads salary is $1.8 million a year. 4.5 cents for every dollar is only donated. 100% through Kiwanis will be donated to the charity. Nothing is taken by Kiwanis. 6:47 Next meeting is June 20th . Meeting adjourned. Presidents stay after.

Key Club May Divisional Minutes 5-17-12  

Division 11 May Divisional Minutes 5-17-12 held at Bronx Science.