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Safe boat harbour

Plans for safe boat harbour at Mornington have polarised the community.

During winter, Mornington Peninsula Shire Council put the plans and environmental effects statement on public display for comment. More than 2000 submissions were received, and last All social photographs taken by Mornington month the council voted not to reject the proposal but to refer the Life can now be purchased from Beachside application to the State Government’s Independent Planning Panel. Photos, 73 Main St, Mornington @ $10ea. The $90 million project proposed by Mornington Boat Haven Ltd is to build a marina for about 180 boats, a four-metre high wave Welcome to the bumper Spring issue of screen wall stretching about 200m, and facilities for refuelling and your favourite locally owned and produced emergency services. magazine - Mornington LIFE. The group, which is a subsidiary of Mornington Yacht Club, argues You will find Mornington LIFE that Mornington harbour is in need of protection and is currently unsafe in a northerly wind. EVERYWHERE! Mornington Boat Haven chairman Philip Coombs says: “There HOME DELIVERED is currently no all-weather access to a safe harbour between To all homes in Mt Eliza, Mornington, Sandringham and Safety Beach.” Mt Martha, Safety Beach. Plus P.O. Boxes in Portsea and Sorrento. The project has the support of Yachting Victoria, which has more than 20,000 members. PICK UP FREE FROM OUTLETS Yachting Victoria’s chief executive Ross Kilborn says: “We view the Food, wineries, fashion and homewares completion of the safe harbour at Mornington as an urgent priority.” stores - Mt Eliza to Portsea to Red Hill, Plans for a safe harbour have been in the pipeline for more than 20 Balnarring and Flinders. years but this time they appear to have gained added urgency. read over & over Much work has been done with the State Government on a boating In professional suites, waiting and coastal action plan. Its aim is to identify regional boating facilities, consulting rooms in same areas above. and Mornington has been fingered. However, to satisfy the criteria it is imperative Mornington is made a safe harbour or it won’t be NOW 35,000 copies each season awarded Regional Boating Facility status. The council hasn’t revealed its cards on the safe harbour issue, but Creative Director Yandell Walton it’s clear it has concerns. Cr Bev Colomb told our magazine: “There Publisher Lisa Walton are many concerns coming from the community and users of that Sales Miriam Doe area that must be represented fully. Design Tamara Coles Journalist Jennifer Webber, Mel Marcello “We are dealing with three of the most beautiful beaches in Port Photographer Clare Hassett, Yandell Walton Phillip Bay (Mothers, Shire Hall and Scout), loved by many. Feature writers Lorna Westley, Paul Every impact of a marina must be scrutinised.” Eastman, Peter Wrench, Scott Grimster, Those for the project argue Mornington could reap the financial Drew Cooper, Mark Grange, Julie Hyne, benefits from an increase in tourists coming to the area if a marina Peter Jupp and Evan Rose-Jenkins. was constructed. Summer Issue out DECEMBER 1 Cr Colomb isn’t so sure. “With all the evidence I have before me at Deadline NOVEMBER 5, call us for details the moment, I believe there’s a risk to tourism”, she said. of special features and please book early, An anti-marina rally on Mothers Beach in July attracted almost deadline is during Melbourne Cup week. 200 protestors. Spearheading the opposition is the Mornington Environment Association, a group of local residents who claim a Our Cover: Mornington Racing Club, safe harbour would destroy surrounding beaches. Nicholas Furniture and RoseGPO. Secretary Franz Bjerkhmn says the wave screen wall will interfere Mornington LIFE Ph: 9708 8222 with tide patterns, pushing all the sand from Shire Hall Beach on to Mothers Beach. While experts have concluded the environmental effects are manageable, some in council have queried whether trucking sand IT’S HIP TO BE SQUARE!

Franz Bjerkhmn, worried about anaerobic conditions from one beach to another is ideal. Mr Bjerkhmn is a retired engineering geologist and says constructing a marina “with a massive breakwater would further calm waters off the beach because of the reduction in wave energy”. “The waters at Mothers Beach would become shallower as sand will continue to accumulate there,” he says. In time, Mr Bjerkhmn says Mothers Beach would encroach further into Mornington Harbour, while sand from nearby Shire Hall Beach would be eroded. Mr Bjerkhmn says a reduction in wave energy leads to anaerobic conditions, which result in black sand and hydrogen sulphide. He says such conditions “already a problem at Sandringham” because of its marina. Mr Bjerkhmn says that during the 1970s he was sent by the Melbourne Metropolitan Board of Works to investigate sand accumulation at both St Kilda and Sandringham beaches. He says those investigations revealed that work at both those locations had calmed the waters. In the case of St Kilda, a rock breakwater was responsible, while at Sandringham the marina was the reason. “At Sandringham, northerly winds would push sand off the beach and into the bay and the southerly winds weren’t able to pick it up and put it back north.” Mr Bjerkhmn is not opposed to “some sort of refuge for boats”, but he questions the need for a marina. Philip Coombs says the requirement for a safe harbour is nonnegotiable. “It needs to happen. “We appreciate it’s a complex issue, it’s not a simple issue, but we’re happy it’s going to an independent panel as they will look at all the issues.” The Independent Planning Panel is tasked with examining the plans and associated documentation as well as considering the submissions. The panel is expected to provide a recommendation before the end of the year. - Mel Marcello

Six Lovers in Mornington A new film that has just finished shooting on the Mornington Peninsula has been produced by Mt Martha resident Joel Mielle. Six Lovers, starring former Peninsula student Cameron Daddo alongside Maria Fernandez, is due for release early next year and centres on six relationships that eventually collide. Nathan loves Lucia, but Lucia is having an affair with Lorenzo. To complicate things, Lorenzo is seeing Tom, who is already in a relationship with Walter. Walter has just separated from Marilyn, but she’s failed to read the writing on the wall and wants to save the relationship.

I’d say forget it, Marilyn. It’s hard to work out who to feel most sorry for in this complicated mess, quite frankly. Filming has also taken place in St Kilda, but many scenes were shot on the Peninsula, including the Royal Hotel in Mornington, the Dava and a private residence in Mt Martha, and Boyz4Breakie. Six Lovers will also include many fabulous backdrops of the Mornington Peninsula. Joel Mielle says businesses on the Peninsula had been “very welcoming and helpful” during the shoot. Like many scripts, Six Lovers has been in planning for four years and was shot on a


budget of $200,000. Joel says he’s “very excited” about the film. “Today’s technology has made it affordable and high in quality.” Six Lovers will be marketed to an Australian/European audience rather than American cinema-goers. “An Australian-European audience usually finds films such as this appealing,” says Joel. It’s Joel’s first feature film after producing many television commercials. Mornington Life is sure it will be a huge hit. Six Lovers will be released by Intermedia Arts, and we’ll keep you posted! - Mel Marcello

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Charles Ginenthal in his paper on ice core evidence explained that summer melt and the deposition of thousands of layers during chaotic eras totally falsify the year per layer paradigm on which this theory is built. He contends that ocean core and bore hole results contradict the ice core data.


a tr o pical paradise ? Antarctica is covered by an ice sheet up to 5km thick - the distance from the Mornington Yacht Club to the cliffs at Mt Martha. It is the coldest place on Earth. It is amazingly the driest desert on Earth, with snow only falling around its wind-blasted boundaries. But it was not always so cold and remote. Geologist Molly Miller, of Vanderbilt University, discovered in the Beardmore Glacier area of Antarctica the remains of three ancient deciduous forests, complete with fossils of fallen leafs scattered around the petrified tree stumps. These trees are alive today but only grow in warm, moist areas such as Queensland. Antarctic also harbours bones of extinct marsupials and dinosaurs, with massive coal beds full of once flourishing flora and fauna. When did this fabulous age exist, and more importantly what caused the dramatic change? It must have been a sudden and dramatic change for there are no intermediate phases with changing vegetation patterns. And how did a 5km ice sheet develop inland in Antarctica where there is little snow or precipitation? These are impossible questions that modern geology struggles to answer. Did continental drift bring Antarctica to the poles, or was it a shift in the Earth’s axis that not only caused the death of the tropical rainforests but placed a massive ice sheet on the continent? And when did this occur? Classic geology would have you believe this ice sheet to have been in existence for millions of years. Two powerful facts totally contradict this. One is the existence of two ancient maps, the Piri Reis and the Oronteus Finaeus maps, both hoary with antiquity. Incredibly they show Antarctica ice-free. These maps are reckoned to have their source in the 2000-year-old libraries of ancient Alexandria. This would mean Antarctica may

have been navigable in the not-too-distant past, perhaps in the time of the pharaohs. Are these maps believable? Professor Charles Hapgood submitted them to the US Air Force’s cartography section for evaluation. Lieutenant Colonel Ohlmeyer replied that not only were they accurate, but “this indicates the coastline had been mapped before it was covered by the ice cap. The ice cap in this region is now about a mile thick .We have no idea how the data on this map can be reconciled with the supposed state of geographical knowledge of this era” (www. We have a second line of evidence for a recent ice-free Antarctica: the controversial ice core experiments. In Greenland and Antarctica are laboratories that bore through the ice to collect data on the layers of ice. Eventually they hit rock bottom. In the case of Greenland they hit plant remains. Each layer contains volcanic dust and certain isotopes such as carbon14 and oxygen18 that reveal data on the nature of the climate in distant eras. For instance, it is claimed they clearly show the profile of the medieval warming 1000 years ago, when the temperatures of the Earth exceeded those of today. But if each layer represents a year then Antarctica’s 140,000 layers are not millions of years old as conventional geology claims. But even more controversial,

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All getting a bit complex? What it means is the ice sheet is not millions of years old and could have been laid down rapidly within a short time. This could have happened as recently as 6000 years ago, at the time of the pharaohs. The rapidity of the event is supported by the fossilisation of the ancient tree forests Molly Miller discovered. Fossilisation is a process that usually only occurs in catastrophic circumstances, such as comet discharge, extreme mass coronal ejections or disturbed planetary motions resulting in magnetic field reversal. Could this scenario happen again? In the making is the film Antarctica, Once a Tropical Paradise, in which I will examine the evidence in detail. Peter Mungo Jupp

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THE FUTURE WAS HERE YESTERDAY Public transport on the Mornington Peninsula The Mornington Peninsula population has exploded since the 1980s. With a population of about 150,000 and an increase of about 100,000 visitors during the summer holiday period, if population projections for the next 20 years are on track the Peninsula will have another 30,000 residents by 2031. Lack of reliable public transport on the Peninsula has always been a bone of contention with residents and tourists. There was a time when we were well serviced by passenger rail, with the first train arriving at Mornington station in 1889 via Baxter on an offshoot of the Stony Point line, which was opened the same year. A steam tram in Sorrento met ferries and transported daytrippers from the pier to the back beach between 1890 and the 1920s. The tram tracks can still be seen today, as can the train lines at Red Hill’s rail trail to Merricks. The Frankston to Mornington railway was closed in 1981, despite protests from the community and lobbying by Mornington Peninsula Shire Council to keep the service running. The Stony Point line still operates a limited diesel train from Frankston, stopping at eight stations along the way, with rumoured plans by the State Department of Transport to electrify the line. Buses from Portsea to Frankston are always overcrowded during school and regular work hours and it can take 40 minutes to get to Frankston from Mornington during peak periods. The council has extended its Mornington to Hastings bus trial in the hope it will become a viable option for commuters, because it is the only public transport across the Peninsula. Is the answer to relieving the increasing congestion on our roads to build more roads? Parking space is a highly coveted and scarce commodity on the Peninsula, particularly during the holiday season. This fact became glaringly obvious last summer when the newly opened East Link provided visitors with better access than ever to the Mornington Peninsula. Reports came from parts of the southern Peninsula that roads were gridlocked for long periods, with many residents being unable to get out of their own driveways. Tourists can get here, but where do they park and how do they get around when they are here? Try getting a taxi in Mornington at night after wining and dining in Main Street, or anywhere else in the

by Jennifer Webber

area for that matter. The technology for ‘clean green’ public and private transport has well and truly arrived and it is only a matter of time before the decision makers in Australia, at all levels of government, follow examples set by other countries, including England, Germany and the US. The favoured proposition for the Peninsula is that the line between Baxter and Mornington be reopened and that it be electrified, as should the Stony Point line. Although these lines offer only a single track service, many other viable metropolitan lines operate using a single track. A source at the council has denied any plans for light rail on the Peninsula in the near future or any expansion of parking options on the southern Peninsula. Perhaps the Peninsula requires more than one public transport provider. One option could be the highly successful model practised in Port Douglas, Queensland, where shuttle buses travel in several circuits and collect passengers at pre-arranged pick up points for $2-3. It was initiated by Port Douglas traders to bring tourists into the township many years ago. Tell us what you think, email or Mornington Peninsula Electrification Group on Facebook. PS: Blog for Mornington Life Magazine will be starting soon, become a member at and you will be the first to get the details.

Grand Final Luncheon to benefit Menzies A Grand Final Lunch with proceeds to Menzies, is to be held at the Frankston RSL on Thursday, 23 September. This event has been organised by Menzies volunteers on their Committee of Management, for the benefit of our young people who receive our services in residential care and at Sages Cottage Farm. The Grand Final Lunch commences at 12 noon


and guest speaker will be AFL legends Stan Alves (who is a patron of Menzies), Terry Wallace and Doug Hawkins. The 2 course luncheon at $120 per person includes beer, wine and soft drink. There will be a grand auction and raffles. Arrangements for individuals, groups or corporate tables can be made by contacting Roy Watts on 0412 838 547. Become a member for offers & freebies throughout each season, to join go to


Barry Goldsmith, also known as Mornington’s Snake Controller, has been a licensed wildlife controller and carer for more than 20 years. Based on the Mornington Peninsula, Barry’s goal is to assist the survival of snakes and reptiles in our environment by providing educational presentations, standing up for animal rights, running conservation projects, and promoting wildlife and habitat preservation. Why the interest in snakes? As a kid, I was always on the hunt with an ever-present bug catcher, jar or an ice-cream container. I think I spent a bit more time looking at insects, spiders and caterpillars than most other five year olds and it wasn’t long before I had become obsessed with frogs, skinks and snakes – and I always had something on hand to scare my little sister. My father and mother encouraged this interest and I suspect they hoped it might lead to a university degree – little did they know. Their attitude was, “The kid keeps snakes in his bedroom, so what?” We used to watch a lot of wildlife documentaries made by people like Jacques Cousteau, the Attenboroughs, Harry Butler, Ben Cropp, and the Leyland brothers. I’m sure this supportive environment led me to where I am today. My brother Graham also made a career out of working with animals, which began at the Melbourne Zoo and has taken him to zoos all around the world What was your first experience with reptiles? I used to spend a lot of time at my Aunty Pat’s place in Rosebud. She had a huge woodpile where the adults would turn me loose and know that they wouldn’t see me for quite

a few hours. In the surrounding area I found skinks, frogs and big bluetongue lizards, but most importantly there were snakes, and heaps of them. It was in Rosebud where I found my first copperheads and tiger snakes. Have you ever found yourself in any strange situations? Going down into stormwater pits looking for snakes is never fun as you don’t have a lot of what we in the trade call “wiggle room”. Over the past few years I have put on a few kilos and don’t slide into the small spaces like I used to. So when your back is up against the wall and you’re trying to bag a big, soggy snake and you’re up to your knees in water, it can get the heart pumping. I’m not good in tight spots at the best of times and also I’m not really good with heights, so when I was called out to a tiger snake in the roof of a factory that had a huge ladder leaning up against the wall, my heart sank a bit. Anyway, I shakily climbed the ladder, thinking to myself,

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“Don’t look down, don’t look down”, managed to hook out the snake and wiggle it into a bag, but only the dry cleaner will know how much I was affected by the experience! What happens to the snakes you catch and where do you relocate? Most of the time the animals are released in bushland close to where they were caught. This is to ensure the genetic information from one area is not mixed with genetic information from another area and prevents the spread of parasites and diseases. My wife Karen and I run a licensed shelter and care for many native animals with assistance from a network of many dedicated wildlife workers. What can people do to avoid having snakes on their property? Keep your backyard tidy, and avoid large piles of rubbish and garden trimmings. Piles of rock and wood provide great hiding spots for not only snakes but the animals they prey on, like skinks, frogs and rodents. Rats and mice are also attracted to aviaries, stock feed, chicken coops and compost bins, so it’s important to keep these areas clean and clear. Dams, ponds and swimming pools may attract snakes and they have been known to come looking for water in pet bowls. Uneaten dog or cat food should be disposed of or put somewhere where it can’t be reached by rodents. What should people do if they see a snake? Don’t panic – snakes are more frightened of you than you are of them and will happily go in a different direction, so just walk away. If you want a snake removed, ring the number below and please keep an eye on the snake until someone gets there. Once the snake disappears it can be very hard to locate again. Don’t try to catch the snake or kill it. This is illegal to do unless you are licensed and quite a few bites have occurred when someone is interfering with snakes in this way. All native wildlife, including snakes, is protected under the Wildlife Act 1975. For snake removal and rescue, phone Barry or Karen on 5975 0481 or 0408 067 062. -Jennifer Webber

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Above luxury, beyond progressive. The new Audi A8. The ultimate marque of prestige. Above luxury lies the ultimate marque of prestige. Where an uncompromising commitment to excellence transcends comfort to also deliver benchmark efficiency, safety and performance technology. Where unmistakable Audi design is complemented by relentless attention to detail. This is the art of progress – the supreme synergy of elegant form and innovative function; the embodiment of Vorsprung durch Technik, the very best of everything Audi. This is the flagship of one of the world’s great luxury marques – the incomparable new Audi A8.

Experience the ultimate marque of prestige, contact Audi Mornington or call (03) 5975 5455 today.

Audi Mornington 117 Mornington-Tyabb Road, Mornington | Tel. 03 5975 5455 | Audi A8 4.2 FSI® quattro® pictured with optional LED headlights and high beam assist , 20” aluminium wheels in 10-parallel-spoke design alloy wheels and adaptive cruise control. Overseas model shown. LMCT 10395.

Alpacas, perfect for the Peninsula The Australian alpaca industry is growing rapidly, with more than 17 farms on the Mornington Peninsula alone. Alpacas originate from South America. They were domesticated about 7000 years ago and came close to extinction after the Spanish conquest of the Incas. Today more than 100,000 alpacas are registered in Australia. These curious creatures are closely related to llamas and were brought to Australia in 1989. Alpacas are pack animals that are bred for their fleece and as pets, stud animals and herd guards. They have links to a group known as the South American camelids. There are two types of alpacas: the huacaya (pronounced ‘wau-ki-ya’) and the more common suri (‘soo-ree’). The most noticeable difference between the two is the fleece. The suri’s fleece hangs in long, thin locks and has a silky feel, whereas the huacaya’s fleece grows out from the body more evenly and feels like sheep’s wool. Mary-Anne and John Drysdale, from Fresh Field Alpacas in Somerville, have owned their alpaca farm for 11½ years. They have 80 alpacas and one llama on their property, which spreads across 12ha. “I just fell in love with them,” Mary-Anne says. “I went to an agriculture show in Hastings when they first came into Australia. “I sell alpacas as guard animals as well as pets because they are good guards in lambing season. When the sheep are lambing we put them in the paddock together, either early when the sheep are pregnant or a month before they lamb, and they will look after them like mums.”

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Mary-Anne believes there has been such a dramatic increase in alpaca farms because of the relaxed lifestyle. “A woman can run the farm on her own, leaving her partner free to choose a different career, because alpacas are very easy to maintain.” There is also a demand for them. “People on small properties purchase alpacas for pets as they have a nice temperament and their own unique personalities.” Mary-Anne and her friend Judy run monthly workshops at the farm, teaching others how to sew garments using alpaca wool. Pitchingga Ridge Alpacas, in Red Hill, is owned by Jean and David Daddo. The Daddos have been involved in the alpaca scene for 16 years and specialise in breeding black huacaya and white and coloured suri. “We are thoroughly enjoying the business, the experience, the animals, everything about it,” says David. “Because it’s a relatively new industry, it was easy to catch up on knowledge and be on the same level as everyone else. “Now the industry is at such a better stage for anybody coming into it and is supported by an excellent infrastructure, both from a national level right around Australia to a regional level. Alpacas are quite popular here on the Peninsula if you don’t want to have olives or vines on your property.” For more information about alpacas, visit www.;; www. or By Jessica Taylor, who is in her second year studying a Bachelor of Arts, Media and Communications (majoring in journalism and public relations) at Deakin University. fresh every season mornington life

Book celebrates our wonderful produce Set on the Mornington Peninsula, Produce to Platter celebrates regional food and wine in this micro-region of Australia. The book gets behind the scenes to meet the locals who give an insight into the Mornington Peninsula philosophy. What resonates among vignerons and chefs alike is that “we allow the terroir to speak for itself”. If this terroir could speak it would tell stories of the nomadic aboriginal tribe, the Boonwurrung people, who hunted and gathered in this region for over 40,000 years. It would speak of rocky outcrops dating back 440 million years and volcano activity that has produced the unique growing fields of today. This fascinating backdrop has created a terroir that provides some of the country’s best wine, particularly respected for its pinot noir and chardonnay. This region is also producing inspiring platters, food which uses local produce to create unique masterpieces. You will find these platters served in local restaurants, cafes, trattorias, cellar doors, seaside boat sheds, everywhere people gather who enjoy food. This exciting new book, Produce to Platter Mornington Peninsula celebrates our local chefs and vignerons, produce, wine and our unique identity. You will find beautiful photography of this region, its producers and local produce. The book covers: • some ancient history of the region, • more recent history, • the Mornington Peninsula wine industry, • local gourmet and produce initiatives, • the local olive industry, • local markets, • providores, • restaurants and wineries, • a farm-gate directory, • a map of the region giving restaurant and winery locations,


• 42 signature recipes from local chefs, • stories about individual restaurants,their chefs and owners, in total 350 pages on the Mornington Peninsula gourmet food and wine scene,allowing readers to get a taste and feel for the region no matter where you live.  The essence of Produce to Platter allows the reader an insight into the people and places behind the produce and gives a glimpse into their lives by capturing the best of the region and what it is that keeps drawing people to it again and again.

It is sure to inspire daydreams and weekend adventures. Feast your senses. Produce to Platter Mornington Peninsula is edited and published by Jonette George and Daniele Wilton (Smudge Publishing),www. It is also available for sale from all of the included businesses and local bookstores and many newsagents. WIN! We have nine copies of this fabulous book valued at $90 for hard cover and $35 for soft cover copies to give away to Mornington LIFE readers. Become a Mornington Life member online at www., full entry details online, and you could be one of the lucky winners.

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{shop 3 84 Mount Eliza Way, Mt Eliza {p 9787.2259

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Hungry for change? The Mt Eliza Farmers’ Market is bringing the Oscarnominated film Food Inc to Mornington. If you eat then you must be interested in agriculture. Do you really know how your food is grown and processed before it reaches your table? This is a must see film. Food Inc will be screened at Mornington Cinema on Wednesday, September 29 at 7pm. Local farmers will be attending to share their stories about farming on the Peninsula and how sourcing local produce has huge benefits for our community, ecosystems and the planet. Mt Eliza Farmers’ Market manager Mel Wigg said $5 from each ticket sold will be donated to the Mt Eliza Primary School kitchen garden program, and post-film drinks will be held at the Brass Razu, where you can discuss the film over a glass of wine. Tickets are $15 each and are available from the market

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information stall at the next Farmers’ Market on Sunday, September 26. They can also be bought in advance from Mel on 0429 398 684.

MT ELIZA FARMERS’ MARKET The highly successful market operates on the fourth Sunday of each month at the Village Green, cnr Mt Eliza Way and Canadian Bay Rd, from 8am to 12.30pm. Market dates September 25, October 24, November 28. The market offers fresh produce and fantastic gourmet foods and beverages, with musicians and face painters adding to what is already a carnival atmosphere. Mel says the market, with its required quota of accredited stallholders, is hoping to become the first on the Peninsula to be accredited with the VFMA. “There are no on-sellers, re-packagers or craft and bric-abrac. It’s all about the food and having the choice to buy it direct from the source – it’s simple.”

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The Village Mt Eliza Magical Mermaid Flags You will see a new mermaid flying in The Village, courtesy of local artist Fiona Presland.

developed a relationship with Mt Eliza’s Manyung Gallery, where she has been exhibiting twice a year since 2005, as well as the Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane art fairs. Fiona’s background in fashion and love of the female form comes together in her Following on from the mermaid flags attempts to express various emotions of created by Janine Daddo, the Mt Eliza Chamber of Commerce has commissioned the women she loves. She sets out to capture their female spirit, whether it is a second local artist, Fiona Presland, to sensual, pensive or quietly playful, and interpret the mermaid to grace the flags with the use of bold colours she connects of Mt Eliza. with the viewer. Fiona is a Mornington Peninsula artist who has been exhibiting since 2001. Beginning Fiona’s next exhibition will be held at Manyung Galley in December. in local art shows, Fiona’s striking female Fiona’s mermaid design was inspired by forms quickly became popular. She soon original drawings and etchings of Hans Christian Andersen’s Little Mermaid and was modeled on her own 11-year-old daughter, Mia. “While Andersen’s mermaid was in awe of the humans above the surface of her world, our young mermaid shows a sense of concern for the human world and her environment below. She clutches a shell, symbolic of the marine life treasures in the depths, and she looks towards the surface with a protective gaze. “Would Andersen imagine, more than 170 years on, our youth would be faced with the environmental damage to our bays and oceans that we are today?” Mt Eliza Chamber of Commerce promotions manager Lucinda Bakhach says she is “privileged to have artists of Fiona’s calibre agreeing to create mermaid pieces for the Village.” “I love the notion that we have art flying on our flagpoles showcasing our Village. The artwork is representative of the fact we are unique; we have a local personality and talent that is not replicated anywhere else and gives us a strong sense of identity and point of difference. Art aims to provoke thought, uplift and inspire, and our Village loves being associated with these values.” SPRING 2010 Become a member for offers & freebies throughout each season, to join go to

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Ever thought about belly dancing? Well, stop thinking about it, do it. Your opportunity awaits you right here on the Mornington Peninsula. Siri has been professionally performing and teaching belly dance for more than a decade. Trained in the art of Middle Eastern dance by Egyptian teacher Marie Antoneo, Siri also spent time in Cairo learning her art from many dancers, including the internationally renowned Dina, Raqia Hassan and Soheir Zaki. While the exact roots of belly dance are uncertain, one theory is that it was originally danced by women, for women, in the Levant and North Africa. Another theory is that belly dance may have roots in the ancient Arab tribal religions as a dance to the goddess of fertility, while a third theory is that belly dance was always danced as entertainment.

Either way, Siri’s belief is that authentic belly dance is not just a series of staged movements but rather a response to music and environment where it then becomes a spontaneous expression of the dancer’s innermost being. Siri believes choreography and regimented teaching routines suppress the natural free-flowing energy that belly dancing brings to life. This understanding is reflected in Siri’s unique and natural teaching style. She prefers to guide her students to unveil their own “dance of the soul”. Siri says belly dance involves every part of the body in the dance. “It’s like every part of the body is in conversation with itself and the music,” says Siri. “Everything has to come from the core of the body; everything is actually working together. “Belly dance is the way I outwardly express my own unique blend of femininity.”

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Siri holds various classes, from beginners to intermediate and advanced, in her South Frankston studio The Temple of Siri - a gorgeous octagonal building nestled behind her beautiful home which she shares with her husband Phil and sons Ben and Alex. The studio’s magic is enhanced with candles and incense, all designed to create a relaxed and spiritual experience helping students to be more open to learning this mesmerising art form. Siri’s art isn’t just restricted to belly dance. She recently started painting “as a way to record my intuitive insight into what it is to be a woman”. An untrained painter, Siri’s natural inclination is to allow her paintings to be “born” in a similar spontaneous way to her artistic dance style. Her artwork has met with rapturous acclaim and Siri expects, when she’s ready, to unveil some of her masterpieces to the public. Born to a Celtic father and a French-Arabic mother, Siri recently had her DNA examined by National Geographic, which was able to trace it back 50,000 years. Concentrating on her maternal side, it found her DNA to be 100% Middle Eastern. Siri says that probably explains where she got her love of belly dancing from and why she felt so at home in Cairo. Incidentally, the first recorded Western encounter with belly dance was during Napoleon’s invasion of Egypt in 1798. The first wave of interest in belly dancing in Australia came during the 1970s and ‘80s after the influx of migrants escaping the troubles in the Middle East. So what are you waiting for? Phone Siri on 9787 8833 or 0418 388 834 and start moving those hips!

Pampering for a cause at allyou The statistics are staggering, and we should never forget that each year 2707 Australian women die of breast cancer and 12,000 new cases are diagnosed. The message is that all women need to be vigilant – we need to listen to our bodies and examine our breasts regularly. Briony Johnston and the staff at allyou are getting behind the National Breast Cancer Foundation by donating 20% of all money earned from pampering treatments for the months of September and October. In October, a Girls’ Night In will see the total attendance fee of $100 going directly to the Cancer Foundation. This is great value for money considering the total value of treatments is $125. This will include a skin diagnosis, minifacial, back massage and an eyelash tint. Briony hopes to raise $2000 from this event alone. For more information, phone 5975 5877 or visit

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Whatever happened to aprons? I don’t think our kids know what an apron is. The principle use of Grandma’s apron was to protect the dress underneath, because she only had a few, it was easier to wash aprons than dresses and they used less material, but along with that, it served as a potholder for removing hot pans from the oven. It was wonderful for drying children’s tears, and on occasion was even used for cleaning dirty ears. From the chicken coop, the apron was used for carrying eggs, fussy chicks, and sometimes half-hatched eggs to be finished in the warming oven. When company came, those aprons were ideal hiding places for shy kids. And when the weather was cold, grandma wrapped it around her arms. Those big old aprons wiped many a perspiring brow, bent over the hot wood stove. Chips and kindling wood were

brought into the kitchen in that apron. From the garden, it carried all sorts of vegetables. After the peas had been shelled, it carried out the hulls. In the autumn, the apron was used to bring in apples that had fallen from the trees. When unexpected company drove up the road, it was surprising how much furniture that old apron could dust in a matter of seconds. When dinner was ready, Grandma walked out onto the porch, waved her apron, and the men knew it was time to come in from the paddocks for dinner. It will be a long time before someone invents something that will replace that ‘old-time apron’ which served so many purposes. Today people would go crazy trying to figure out how many germs were on that apron? I don’t think I ever caught anything from an apron, but Love !!

Spice up Your Love Life If you think adult shops are seedy, think again. With a recent renovation and an all girl staff, Scorpio 4 Adults has changed the culture from all male custom to predominately females. There is a huge variety of sexy intimate wear, stockings and lingerie to suit any taste or dress size. Scorpio4Adults has been in Main Street Mornington for 16 years and the transformation has evolved over the past few years under owner Bev. Scorpio’s all female and very helpful staff, have been welcomed by the now 75% female customers. “Thank you for making my first experience in an adult shop not as daunting as I thought it would be,” wrote one customer. “I have always wanted to come in but was nervous,’’ said another. “Now I know the staff are female, I’m comfortable.” To make shopping even easier, orders can be placed online from the computer in the store and paid for securely through Paypal. This is great for special garments and lingerie that may not be in your size or colour choice instore. These purchases can then be picked up in three to five days, or can be posted to you via Australia Post. The store also features a fabulous range of sexy, lingerie, underwear and sleepwear for women and men. See their range of themed costumes which are perfect for fancy dress parties, customers are sure to find an outfit that will take their fancy. Hens’ and girls’ parties are held at Scorpio regularly, with free champagne and nibbles. “They are always fun evenings,” says Bev who you can contact for more information. Or you can host a party in your own home, again speak to Bev for further details. Phone 5975 9401, Shop 1/230 Main Street, Mornington or visit

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Mornington news Spring is a beautiful time of year, with the blossom blooming and the manchurian pear trees budding. It feels like a rebirth after the very cold winter we have experienced. Welcome to the Main Street Mornington shopping precinct, where new manchurian pear trees are being planted and the garden beds in Main Street are being “refreshed”. New flags are to be flown shortly at the gateway of Main Street with new gardens to be planted at the gateway in the months to come. With spring comes the racing season, along with new and exciting fashion in stores. It is great to see the gorgeous fresh colours for spring and summer. Colours for this season are from soft pastels and neutrals to vivid, bold and bright and it is nice to see them dressing the windows of Main Street. The Mornington Chamber of Commerce and the Mornington Racing Club are holding a window competition for all the traders in Main Street, Mornington from October 1-22 October, with the judging being held on Friday, October 15. All the windows of the traders in Main Street will have a racing theme in preparation of the Peninsula Cup at the Mornington Racing Club on Sunday, October 31. During this period any customer who spends $100 or more in the shops or restaurants will go into a draw to win a mini marquee for 10 people on Peninsula Cup Day. The trader with the best dressed window will win a table for 10 on Peninsula Cup Day. On Sunday, October 17 the annual food and wine festival will again be held in Main Street, Mornington, organised by the Northern Mornington Peninsula Tourism. The fun starts at 11am and includes food and wine tastings, fashion shows, music

and lots more, including the announcement of the winner of the window competition. It is a fabulous day and not one to be missed! The Mornington Marketing and Promotions Fund has been taken to VCAT by an objector to the Promotion Levy. A hearing was held at VCAT on August 20. The objector has 30 days to complete further forms before another hearing is conducted, at this stage in November. There is so much to see and do at Main Street Mornington. Start your day by grabbing a coffee at one of the many coffee shops before you spend the morning shopping at the unique range of shops – from fashion to gifts and books. After some lunch at one of the historic hotels, restaurants or cafes, continue shopping or relax in one of our day spas or hair salons. Main Street has all your business needs with banks, post office, accountants and solicitors. To finish the day, catch a movie at our quaint little picture theatre. While you are browsing the shops, take time to appreciate and absorb the fabulous history in Main Street. Many of the shops and restaurants are housed in very old buildings. The old court house is opposite the theatre at the beach end of Main Street. We hope you enjoy your experience in Mornington: “Where the shops meet the sea.” Elizabeth Woolcock

Showcasing Spring Racing Fashion

In the elegant surrounds of the Morning Star Estate ballroom marquee, enjoy exclusive and exquisite fashion and styling, showcasing the latest racing attire and ‘must have’ essentials for the Spring season ahead. Revel as fashion houses Belle Cose, Sabrina Moda, Fiona’s of Mornington, Lilly Belle and others, along with local milliners Annette Sanfilippo, Jackie Newman and Felicity Northeast show off all the colour and glamour in a carnival atmosphere set to delight guests. The day has been organised to raise funds for the National Jockeys Trust of Australia. Sip your champagne and enjoy this glamorous occasion complete with 3 course luncheon. There will be gifts and entertainment to savour, it promises to be one of the hottest tickets on the racing calendar. Tickets are $75, to book telephone 5976 2524.


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Off to Delhi with love Dedication and intense training has given Dale his opportunity to shine at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi

At 183cm and 125kg, Dale Stevenson is a big Aussie bloke who needs all the strength he can muster. His sport of choice is the shot put, which will see him compete in the Australian athletic team at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi from October 3-14. Although it doesn’t enjoy the media coverage of the track and swimming events, perhaps having one of our own competing at the Games will raise the profile of the shot put. There are two distinct styles: the glide and the spin. The shot is a round metal ball weighing 7.26kg that is ‘put’ or projected using a lifting action initiated using the stronger muscles of the legs. The force is then transferred to the trunk and arms, releasing the shot at a 40-degree angle. Dale trains three to four hours every day, usually in the evenings, with coach Gus Puopolo, training partner Scott Martin (the 2006 Commonwealth Games discus champion) and other members of the throwing squad. Having just completed a double degree in sport/outdoor recreation and secondary education at Monash University, Dale works part-time with an organisation called Bluearth Foundation, which runs sporting programs in schools to encourage young people to get active.


Like most elite athletes, Dale relies on a diet regime to keep his muscles strong and his body capable of hefting the heavy ball far as he can. A typical day will start with eight Weet-Bix, a cup of muesli and a banana, then a mid-morning snack of coffee and few slices of raisin toast, followed by several large serves of tuna pasta for lunch. Dale eats something sweet before training, like a few slices of fruit cake, and dinner will consist of something like two roast chickens with all the trimmings – and to top it off, half a large tub of yoghurt with muesli and fruit before bed. Dale’s partner is Lauren Cleasby-Jones. They met at Peninsula School where they are alumni, and they have been a couple since 2005. Dale is Moorooduc born and bred and Lauren is a Mornington girl who is studying for her Bachelor of Real Estate. Lauren supports her partner 100% and is excited about travelling to Delhi to watch Dale compete. “At only 22 years old, Dale is very young to be competing in the shot put but I know he’s going to be giving it all he’s got and I’ll be there cheering from the sidelines,” says Lauren. Mornington LIFE’s Summer 2010 edition, out December 1st, will include an article about the young couple’s experiences during their adventure in Delhi. - Jennifer Webber Become a member for offers & freebies throughout each season, to join go to

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is it just me? Sleeping Together Do you ever wonder why those vintage Hollywood movies and early TV series featured twin beds in bedroom scenes? I guess it was to fool us kiddies into believing the stork really was responsible for our “special delivery”, which had absolutely nothing to do with sex and people. It worked with me! There was also supposedly a rule during that era that had actors leaving one foot touching the floor during love scenes involving any kind of bedroom furniture. I guess the scriptwriters thought this suggested the actor wasn’t entirely in situ, or perhaps the director had never read the Karma Sutra! For instance, in the ‘racy’1959 film Pillow Talk, starring Rock Hudson and Doris Day, love scenes were edited to show his and her bedrooms on a split screen and the only sexy talk was done by telephone*. The suggestion of the actors actually sharing a bed had censors reaching for their red pens. We didn’t know then that Rock wasn’t such a ‘rock’ when it came to the ladies, but I digress as usual. I recall many older relatives choosing to sleep in separate

bedrooms or twin beds. Perhaps it was a form of contraception. Obviously they were not part of the sexual revolution because we, the baby boomers, blew all previous moral attitudes out of the waterbed. We put locks, or Vaseline, on our bedroom doors to keep the little tackers out of our love nests, while Generation X eschewed routine and brought ‘troubled’ babies into their king-size beds, only to find the babes kind of liked it there and didn’t want to leave - ever! Down the track, after the obligatory couple or so kids have left home, it seems baby boomer couples, with late middle age knocking loudly on the door, think it would be blissful to sleep uninterrupted by snoring and the frequent emission of body gases. This can be accompanied by restless leg syndrome that causes one’s partner to run the equivalent of a full marathon in their sleep every night, and the ‘jumper’ who regularly leaps with gay abandon (no reference to Pillow Talk) and shortens the life of their other half by a day or two every time they are shocked into wakefulness. Single beds assist with civilised sleeping. This hypothesis is backed up by the rising sales of twin beds, but a friend

by Jennifer Webber

put it all into perspective when she said: “We have the best marriage in the world because we sleep in single beds. His is in Sydney, and mine is in Mornington.” I laughed out loud until the look on her face told me she wasn’t joking! *This synopsis would make for an X-rated movie now.

Visit the inspiring Earimil Gardens

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Elaine and Reg Smith live in a magnificent private and colourful 1.2ha garden with spectacular views across Port Phillip Bay to Melbourne’s skyline. After acquiring the property in 1977, Elaine started with virtually no garden and put her heart and soul into creating what is arguably one of the finest and most visited private gardens in Australia. Elaine’s garden design focus has been to create a different vista at every turn. Her freeform design is by no means formal, however. One of her favourite concepts is to provide focal interest through the various archways and rose arbours in both directions. Earimil has many different garden themes to explore, like the Japanese bridge and waterfall, the pool garden, tennis court border and gazebo, and the fernery courtyard. Each year since 1993, the Smiths open Earimil Gardens to the public in the spring. Every cent paid by the thousands of visitors is donated to organisations focused on supporting children and their families living with life-threatening illnesses. These organisations include Very Special Kids, Challenge (a cancer support network, Malcolm Sargent Cancer Fund for Children, Redkite, Cancer Fund for Children, and Menzies Homes. Earimil Gardens open days this year are October 9 and 10, and November 13 and 14, from 10am to 4.30pm, with entry fees of $10 on Saturdays and $15 on Sundays. Children are free when accompanied by an adult. But that’s not all. Apart from meandering around the spectacular gardens, there is also the opportunity to enjoy a light meal accompanied by tea and coffee, or a glass of bubbly, and live jazz all day on Sunday. Earimil Gardens are at 33a Kornalla Cres, Mt Eliza (Melway ref 105 C1). For further information phone 9787 1045 or visit fresh every season mornington life

Win the ultimate accommodation, food and wine experience

One lucky couple will win one night of luxury spa accommodation at Kudos at the Vines, including continental breakfast and welcome drinks. To learn more about this indulgent new accommodation venue see pages 80-81. Plus a 2 course lunch with glass of wine, prepared by master of Australian modern cuisine, James Redfern. Lunch comes with a glass of wine at Vines of Red Hill, also on the 20 acre property both at 150 Red Hill Rd, Red Hill. This is a mid week package. Simply fill out this coupon (or a copy) and drop into the box at the Vines restaurant or email to with “I would like win the Mornington Life ultimate accommodation, food and wine experience” in the Subject Line. Competition closes October 15th.

T:5989 2977

drop into box at The Vines or email I would like to win the Mornington Life ultimate accommodation, food & wine experience. name




cut out or photocopy this coupon

Who’s a lucky duck then!

Squizzle The Lucky Duck is a vibrant, engaging new picture book written and illustrated by Mornington Peninsula resident Kellie Crothers. Crothers has self-published the title which is aimed at children under-eight. With bright watercolour illustrations and the quirky tale of a lucky duck who worries that his luck has run out, the book is sure to be a hit with kids and their parents. 36-year-old Kellie wrote her first kids’ book when she was just 14. More than 20 years later she decided to make her dream of writing for children a reality and threw herself into writing, illustrating and self-publishing her first title Squizzle the Lucky Duck. With this project now complete she has already set to work on her next picture book. To buy the book call Kellie 0417 032 874 or WIN THIS BOOK Mornington LIFE has six books valued at $20 each to give away. To enter become a member of Mornington Life, go to www. for all details. Bonus - we will be updating ML Members with special offers throughout each season - from restaurants, concert tickets, retailers, beauty and more.


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One Membership, Multiple Racecourses, Countless Benefits

e m ti er tt be a en be er ev n s a h e er h ‘T join the Mornington Racing Club’ to Access to 59 Meetings at Mornington and Betfair Park (Sandown) – That’s $2.28 per race meeting!’ Three passes (Full Member, Full Guest & Restricted Guest) Option to upgrade to Caulfield Membership with no joining fee Join now and receive $2,000 worth of instant value

Join Now!

For more information contact 1300 GO RACE (1300 46 7223) 03 5975 3310 or visit

Mornington Racing Club

Dates to Remember...

T’Gallant Peninsula Cup Sunday 31 October 2010 Wise Employment Raceday Saturday 20 November 2010 Break Up Day Friday 26 November 2010 Christmas Celebration Friday 10 December 2010 Ron Casey Memorial, Kids Day Out/ MotorCourt Toyota Raceday Sunday 27 December 2010 Hens & Bucks parties, end of year staff parties, corporate hospitality – entertainment packages for any size group For more information contact Simon Gitsham Racecourse Rd Mornington Vic 3931 Tel 03 5975 3310 Visit

It’s that time of year again, ladies The Spring Racing Season!

That means it’s time to dust off your frocks, or perhaps purchase one or two newies from the plethora of boutiques on the Mornington Peninsula, and head to the Mornington Racecourse for fun on and off the field. It’s impossible to separate racing and fashion, as the Mornington Racing Club knows too well. As if any further proof is needed, these two dates are a must for your collective diaries: the Hats’n’Hooves Charity Luncheon on Friday, October 22, and the Grand Hotel Fashions on the Field competition, which will be judged during the T’Gallant Peninsula Cup on Sunday, October 31. The Hats’n’Hooves Charity Luncheon is a day to not just frock up, but more importantly to put on your best hat. Peninsula ladies love this day and there’s always a stunning array of hats adorning heads - with the odd eccentric one as well. Bayside Shopping Centre will present a fashion parade. Last year, the day raised $25,000 for cancer research. Proceeds from this year’s event will be donated to the Peninsula Hospice Service and Rotary Youth Carers. It’s sure to be plenty of fun, with lots of auctions and raffles. The Peninsula Cup is always an exciting meeting for the Mornington Racing Club and this year promises to be no different, with more than $50,000 in prizes. Not only is the Grand Hotel Fashions on the Field competition hotting up, but


On August 1 Mornington merged with the Melbourne Racing Club after a majority vote in favour of the alliance. The merger effectively creates a “super club” with tracks at Mornington, Caulfield and Sandown, allowing members privileges at all three racecourses. Mr Bayne says the merger will offer Mornington Racing Club members “the best possible racing on the Peninsula”. It will also allow club to complete the lower level grandstand renovations earlier than anticipated with additional money from Racing Victoria. Race meetings at Mornington will also increase from 18 to 23. The Mornington Racecourse has undergone reconstruction to improve drainage on the track, and the drought-tolerant, groundhugging kikiyu grass has been rolled out. The first meeting since the improvements will be held on October 15. Mr Bayne says the club can look forward to a bright future. “With better racing, better facilities and large scale backing, we are much more in control of our destiny.” Footnote: The Mornington Racing Club is looking for an ambassador to be the ‘Face of the Peninsula Cup’. If you think you have what it takes, you can email Megan Shannon at or deliver your application to the Mornington Racing Club. the Mornington Peninsula Chamber of Commerce has got in on the act by encouraging fashion shops to put on their best displays. Providing the incentive, the chamber is conducting a window dressing competition. The idea is for traders to decorate their windows in a racing theme, and the winner will receive a table for 10 at the Peninsula Cup. Shoppers won’t be left out, either. They have the chance to go into the draw to win a mini-marquee package for 10 whenever they spend $100 or more in any of the participating shops. Mornington Racing Club chief executive Fraser Bayne is excited about the day, and not just because he gets to put on his best suit. Become a member for offers & freebies throughout each season, to join go to

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Honey, natures golden healer for over 5,000 years The first time I heard about the healing properties of Manuka honey was through a friend, Kirsty (pictured), whose horse was critically injured six years ago. Gidget had impaled herself on a star picket which went right through her chest to her shoulder. The attached barbed wire had also torn Gidget’s shoulder which required many stitches. In short Kirsty thought it might be the end of her horse’s show days and perhaps, her life. She just loves Gidget. “The vet did the best patch-up job he could, but the healing was all up to Gidget. She had a hole in her chest big enough for me to insert most of my hand,” says Kirsty. “The wound couldn’t be covered because we were worried about a deep infection so it had to be kept dry.” At the time, Kirsty was working as a strapper on the Peninsula where she heard Gidget’s wound might respond well to Manuka honey, which comes from bees collecting pollen from tea trees. “I applied Manuka honey twice a day and after three days, I noticed the wound wasn’t as deep. Within two weeks I was only treating a surface wound. Unless you knew about her injury, you would never notice the small scars today,” says Kirsty. Three years ago there was not a dry eye in the crowd as Kirsty rode Gidget through the Vineyard Garden in Moorooduc to marry her partner James Vosti. They stole the show. Honey has been prized for at least 5000 years for its healing properties and is the only food that doesn’t putrefy. Greece’s Hippocrates, the father of medicine, found pure honey had anti-bacterial qualities. Conclusive research by the Department of Agriculture and Food in Western Australia has determined the special antimicrobial properties of Jarrah honey which is measured by the term of ‘Total Activity’ (TA). Jarrah, like Manuka honey, can be used to treat wounds, burns and skin infections. Both types have been scientifically researched and proven to have a high percentage of activity level, which may assist as a dressing for golden staphylococcus infections, E.coli and Candida, and ulcerated wounds like bedsores.

The proceeds after packaging costs are devoted to the support of a range of charitable projects mainly in third world countries. Local organisations like Youth Enterprise, Fusion and SES receive donations from Busy Bees as well. Lindsay explains, “We only support organisations run by volunteers because we want the money to go where it’s needed, not into administration and wages.” From a very modest beginning the project will have raised a net ‘profit’ of $22,500 during the last twelve months which will be applied in support of a range of projects, lincluding plywood Top Box Hives which are designed for countries like Ethiopia where they are traditionally hoisted up into trees so the local bees can create their own hive. The project aims to enable poor women in the community to create a small business enterprise which they can run and earn a small income from the sale of the honey produced. So honey not only tastes good but is a healthy and nutritious food having a low GI and if you purchase a jar from Lindsay and Martyn’s market stall, you will be making a positive contribution to the funding of local and third world projects. Busy Bee’s Honey - Mornington Peninsula call Lindsay and Martyn Wilson from ‘Bees for Development’ on 0409 213 630 - By Jennifer Webber

Fund Raising Beekeepers Lindsay and Martyn Wilson sell pure local honey at the Wednesday Market in Main Street Mornington to raise funds for charities. The brothers have a network of 80 hives spread around the Peninsula’s backyards from which they produce Busy Bee’s Honey. The Wilson brothers have created their own inexpensive honey ‘creamer’ and established a central processing site in Lindsay’s single garage. According to Lindsay, the ‘factory’ will be doubling in size when he moves this month to a home in Somerville with a double garage.

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Mornington Racing Club The Grand Hotel Fashions on the Field T’Gallant Peninsula Cup 31 October 2010

Sponsorship packages available from $750. Make sure your business is seen at the fashion extravaganza.

For full registration details visit our website.

For more information contact Megan Shannon Tel 03 5975 3310 E-mail

Charity Luncheon Friday 22 October 2010 Gunna m atta Room – 12 noon Mornington Racecourse

Raising much needed funds for Peninsula Hospice Services & Rotary Young Carers Spring Fashion Parade brought to you by Bayside Shopping Centre MC – Denise Scott

Racecourse Rd Mornington Vic 3931 Tel 03 5975 3310 Fax 03 5976 0766 E-mail SPRING 2010

Tickets on sale now Call 03 5975 3310 or visit

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Toorak College riding high on Equestrian success Toorak College has over 50 students in its Equestrian Team, with about 25 actively competing in a variety of equestrian disciplines such as dressage, show jumping and eventing. There is a strong team spirit for all level of riders, many participating in a range of competitions such as Pony Club, State and National Competitions. Three senior Toorak College riders Stephanie Wake, Ebony Toole and Jemma Clark, were selected in the Top 10 Finalists for the Equestrian Victoria, Eventing, Young Ambassador of the Year Award. The girls attended an Assessment weekend at Werribee Park consisting of Public Speaking, Presentation, Motivation and Personal Training. They were also assessed on their riding ability in dressage, cross-country and show jumping. Ebony won the Award and Stephanie came second. It was a great achievement to have three Toorak College girls in the Top 10! All three girls have been extremely successful in other events during the year. Ebony also won the Melbourne International Junior One Star Championships from a strong field of young riders from around Australia. Congratulations also to three younger Toorak College students, Jasmine Dennison, Matilda Alexander and Holly Roysmith, who won the Victorian Pony Club Association Interzone Teams Championships. This year the Toorak College Equestrian Team has competed in a series of events known as the Victorian Interschool Equestrian Series and they are currently leading the Series, with the winning school announced in September. We also have six riders in the Victorian State Team competing in the National Interschool Championships in Sydney in October. We are proud of our students and all their achievements, and in this instance we congratulate our Equestrian Team, and the individual riders, on their great success!

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Stephanie Wake and Ebony Toole at Werribee Mansion for the Award Ceremony. Ebony won the Award and Stephanie came second.

Jemma Clark, Stephanie Wake and Ebony Toole were selected in the Top 10 Finalists for the Equestrian Victoria, Eventing, Young Ambassador of the Year Award. fresh every season mornington life

Former Peninsula student Jason Coleman, from ‘So You Think You Can Dance’, returned to his old school last month with seven dancers from his Dance Factory. Students were treated to a contemporary dance piece before Jason delighted them with a fine rap rendition of the Peninsula School song.

Jason’s message to students was simple: don’t be afraid to go out and chase the thing you love. The visit, part of Peninsula’s dance program, included photo and autograph opportunities with students. Jason is pictured with Peninsula Junior School students.

2011 celebration of The Peninsula School’s 50th year


The Peninsula School turns 50 in 2011, and what a golden year of celebrations is in store. All past and current families and members of the community are invited to the special events being held throughout the year. These include: Glorious Golden Golf Day - in March, National Golf Club, Cape Schanck. Golden Ball - on April 2 at the Mornington Racecourse. All past and present parents and staff and past students are invited to what promises to be a glittering event. Tickets go on sale on November 1. West Side Story - our special musical production for the year, at the Frankston Arts Centre in May. Mozaic - this amazing art event will celebrate the spirit of The Peninsula School and its extended community. It will feature acknowledged and emerging artists from the Mornington Peninsula and beyond. All mediums, including painting, sculpture, glasswork, ceramics, artisan jewellery, photography and textiles, will be incorporated. Mozaic will be held in the Performing Arts Centre in August. Golden Music Showcase - to celebrate our musical talent, with the addition of performances by some past students. To be held at the Frankston Arts Centre in September. For further information contact Golden Jubilee convener Lisa Mitchell on 9788 7787 or email Become a member for offers & freebies throughout each season, to join go to

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It’s up, up and away for this funky Ever wondered what lurks behind those quaint French doors sandwiched between the newsagent and the butcher’s shop in Mt Eliza Village? Still trying to find the courage to venture up the stairs? Come on, admit it: I bet some of you have taken one or two steps towards climbing the stairs then lost your nerve and quickly and quietly decamped. Well, don’t be afraid any more because what lurks upstairs is inspiring. The first door you’ll encounter after climbing the staircase is Lava Girl, better known to her friends as Paula Milsom. Paula stocks a wonderful array of her own clothing that you won’t find anywhere else. She makes her own garments that are both lacy and racy, along with a collection of skirts that are feminine and sexy. To complement her own range, Paula also stocks other labels, among them the cult brand Wheels & Dollbaby. Mindful of supporting the local community, she has young local designers represented in her shop, including another Mt Eliza designer, How Cute Is That, which essentially are

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customised singlets, each one unique in its own right. Paula stocks gorgeous Spanish espadrilles from the Pyrenees, unique jewellery and accessories from South America, India and Russia. Her gifts are a favourite with the young Mt Eliza crew, who “love to come in and choose gifts for their friends”. Paula started out in clothing design back in 1997 when she began making her clothing from home and quickly established a strong wholesale business, selling to boutiques throughout Victoria. “It became evident there was nothing like what was I was doing on the Peninsula so I decided to open my own retail business,” says Paula. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Paula’s partner, award-winning hairdresser Christopher Karl Reiffel, was also thinking about branching out on his own, so the couple started searching for a building in which they could realise their combined dream of marrying hair and fashion. It wasn’t long before they stumbled on 100 Mt Eliza Way, and Chris immediately saw the potential in the building. “I was blown away by its great natural light, and being located in the nucleus of Mt Eliza I knew we couldn’t go wrong,” Chris says.

fresh every season

mornington life

Mt Eliza duo For Chris it created the perfect environment for him to express himself and unleash his inner being. He also encourages his apprentices to express themselves and develop their own individuality. To sit in the salon chair while Chris weaves his magic with a pair of scissors is to watch a creative genius at work. Snip, snip go the scissors, and it’s all over before you can blink, but the result is, well, wicked. Chris has won multiple state and national hairdressing championships and his varied and broad clientele reflects his expertise. People usually find their way to Chris’s salon via word of mouth. The haircut speaks for itself. Chris started his career in hairdressing in 1982 under the “legendary” Andrew Page and Bruce Goldman at Styling Council in Frankston and was instrumental in them winning the national Salon of the Year competition Andrew had earlier established Onyx in Mt Eliza with Jenny Omond and it was this chance encounter that led Chris into hairdressing. “Andrew and Jenny were an enormous influence upon me,” Chris says. Some years later Chris joined the team at Onyx, where he spent the next 17 years. However, since establishing Reiffel Haircutters he hasn’t looked back. Reiffel Hair Cutters phone 9787 0255, Lava Girl, phone 9708 8067, both at 100 Mt Eliza Way, Mt Eliza . - Mel Marcello


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Serving the community with positive support St Peter’s Vicarage is an integral part of Mornington’s rich history and communal heritage. Built in Ross St in 1863, this picturesque gothicstyle villa is surrounded by extensive landscaped gardens and is known for its relationship to the Anglican Church of St Peter. For almost 150 years the vicarage served its community as a centre for spirituality, strength, health and wellbeing. Today St Peter’s Vicarage is home to the Positive Psychology Wellness Centre. Since it opened in March 2009, the centre, in line with the building’s history, continues to provide support services to residents on the Peninsula. The Positive Psychology Wellness Centre functions to foster strengths, virtues and positive emotions that enable individuals and communities to flourish. The team of psychologists and psychotherapists draws from a range of evidence-based therapeutic


approaches to help people establish achievable goals in line with their personal values. Continually growing, the centre offers services for children and adolescents, couples and individuals in need of counselling or guidance. The centre can offer and tailor its services to each client and can offer individual counselling sessions, group workshops and tailored retreats. Believing overall health is more than just treating “illness”, the Positive Psychology Wellness Centre also emphasises the importance of personal development and enhancing the positive. This belief ensures the centre can be a beneficial place for all clients, from those in need of intensive help to those who are unsure about their life’s next steps and would like guidance. With the desire to be an integral part of the community, the centre is also committed to helping the community prosper. This is done through

initiatives to find sustainable, satisfying employment for individuals having difficulty and providing information seminars on topical areas. The psychologists and psychotherapists who run the centre are all registered with the relevant bodies and bring with them a breadth of knowledge accrued through years of diverse training (Psychology Registration Board of Victoria, Australian Counselling Association and members of the Australian Psychological Society). Aligning itself with relevant government funding programs and community initiates, the Positive Psychology Wellness Centre ensures its fees are reasonable, offering discounts for Health Care card holders. For a tour of the building or to learn more about the centre’s workshops and retreats, contact centre manager Dani Stansfield on 0435 948 538 or 5976 8443, or email

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Innovative School Program Needs Funding

Mornington Secondary College’s Hands on Learning Program recently received the School Project Major Award for 2010, from The Order of Australia Association, Mornington Peninsula Regional Group. The award is especially significant as this early intervention program for students at risk of leaving school early, or students looking for inspiration for their future vocational direction, depends on donations from local community groups. Awards Convener, Tom Newman OAM, described the project as an outstanding ‘in school’ program that helps students to realise their potential. “It is an excellent example of responsible Australian citizenship as it is all about helping people.” “We all know someone who left school early and every school has students who

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need direction at some stage. This program changes lives as it builds pride and hands on skills that are lifelong,” he said. Participants are involved in creative building projects onsite at their schools and local communities. With an 11 year proven track record, many students have secured apprenticeships and a recent survey showed that 92% of Hands On Learning alumni were either employed or in further training. Mornington Secondary Principal, Sarah Burns, said the award was a fantastic endorsement of a creative program with impressive results and a waiting list of students, yet has no confirmed stable funding to ensure it will run next year and into the future. For more information phone: Lisa Vagg, Hands On Learning 0422 600 656

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BIG POW-WOW - WHAT NOW? 3RPP’s Judge Fudge attended an open forum on local music. So what’s next? Everybody knows how I feel about the lack of opportunities for local independent artists, so I was over the moon to be asked to sit in on the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council’s open forum that is best described as a forum for anyone who cares about local independent music to have their say. For those of you who may be just passing through, a quick summary is required. In June the council’s cultural planning team arranged a talk-fest at the Peninsula Community Theatre. The aim was to air any concerns and views about music on the Peninsula and to try to come up with one or two initiatives that could assist the promotion of local artists. Local performers included Simon Dodd of President Roots, songstress Tash Parker (pictured) and Cousin Leonard’s Marty Nelson Williams. These things are great, and I’ll be the first to acknowledge that seeds planted can take a while to germinate. So I left the forum wondering where we go from here. Not to be cynical, but the exercise in itself is not enough to fight the cause. There were some great ideas thrown around: punters’ buses, a central gig directory, pleading to the local newspapers for a whole page each week, that sort of thing.

Hopefully the council can bring some of the ideas to fruition with the help of those present. I couldn’t help feeling, though, that there were a few underrepresented parties - and I hasten to add not because they were not invited or welcome. Significantly, the local FReeZA Impakt youth group was not represented. In fact, there was barely anyone there under 25 at all until the barbecue started. What does this say, I wonder? It was a question addressed at the forum and it’s fair to say that all were concerned. The ‘old farts’ present clearly wanted to hand over the baton to someone. Maybe the young are not prepared to work as hard for their pennies these days. Maybe they just didn’t think the forum was relevant to them’ maybe they didn’t even know about it. That one needs to be addressed for the next get-together, and younger performers need to get in on the act and get involved sooner rather than later. I was also wondering where the local venue operators were. After all, no performer will get a gig anywhere if there are no venues. It’s all well and good that performers want to do something, but it’s another thing understanding what the venues need or think they need, and another thing finding ways to get over those bridges. Altogether, though, it was great to see the common spirit of the local independent musician flourish in an environment designed to assist and accommodate their cause, where they didn’t feel like they were destined to a future defined

by how well they cover other people’s songs. Well done to the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council’s cultural planning department, and particularly to Andrea Ebsworth, who put the whole thing together. Andrea is now working diligently to continue the cause at the next forum, scheduled for September 18.

k playid’s area

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The biggest & the best in Australia

m - t : 9. 0 0 - 5 . 3 0 s a t : 10.0 0 - 4 .0 0

classes SPRING 2010

f r i : 9. 0 0 - 6 . 0 0 s u n : 11 . 0 0 - 4 . 0 0


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Awards for Excellence

The tastebuds were teased, tempted and tantalised at the Mornington Peninsula Gourmet and Restaurant & Catering Victoria Regional Awards for Excellence presentation night. A who’s who of the Mornington Peninsula’s gourmet dining and wine fraternity was in attendance to sample a menu prepared by 6 of the 2009 winners. The degustation featured an abundance of regional produce with delicious local wines. Now some of you might think chardonnay is no longer fashionable, but I dare you to try the Willow Creek and tell me that hasn’t convinced you otherwise. Paul Manning from Loquat in Sorrento excelled himself by producing some seriously satisfying canapés. The white anchovies with olive tapenade and romesco were awesome, as were the ocean trout rillettes with salmon roe caviar and crème fraiche. Two Buoys from Dromana also had the tongue doing backflips over chef Joshua Ball’s salmon tartare chicken and ginger wontons. Served in a shot glass, they really packed a punch. Always ready to make your palate dance, the ubiquitous Barry Iddles formerly of Bamboo at Rye impressed with his ma hoy Thai caramelised pork with pineapple. Zac Poulier from Stillwater at Crittenden did a fabulous prosciutto-wrapped quail breast on puy lentils with Moroccan spiced quail and duck sausage with spiced cumquat sauce. Ten Minutes by Tractor also delighted with Red Hill goat cheese panna cotta with slow-roasted tomato, pumpkin and pinenut dressing. Not to be outdone, Tulsi Indian Restaurant in Somerville offered roast chicken kebab with cashew and cream on naan. For dessert, Ten Minutes by Tractor chef Stuart Bell also produced a lovely chocolate tart topped with poached quinces and pistachio espuma. Paul Manning (Loquat) made the always popular rhubarb and vanilla crème brulee. But the real reason everyone was swanning around in the Peninsula Community Theatre on a wintry night quaffing pinot noir and making polite chatter was to hear first-hand who would pick up the swag of gourmet food awards.

Bernard McCarthy from Salix Restaurant at Willow Creek wore his shoes out as he made four trips to the stage to collect awards for excellence for Restaurant in a Winery; Local Produce; Local Wine or Beverage; and Coffee. No prizes for guessing Bernard’s new venture in Mt Eliza, Bistro Maison, is already enjoying similar success. Montalto Vineyard and Olive Grove shared the award for excellence with Salix for Local Wine or Beverage. It also picked up the award for Front of House, sharing that with La Petanque at Main Ridge. La Petanque took out the excellence award on its own for European Restaurant. The excellence award for Modern Australian went to Loquat, while Two Buoys won the Cafe Restaurant award. All award winners are listed on these pages. The awards were determined by two industry judges, and Mornington Peninsula Gourmet president Kevin Wyatt told Mornington Life: “The judging starts when they phone to make a booking and ends when they walk out the door.” The national awards are judged in the same manner. Mr Wyatt says he was told by the chief judge that the Regional Awards for Excellence “highlighted an increase in attention to detail and a greater level of confidence resulting in some real gems in the region, with some venues of a standard equivalent to Melbourne’s finest dining experiences.” Mornington Life could have told them that! After the success in the Mornington Peninsula regional awards, Two Buoys of Dromana and Ciao Bella Pizza Restaurant in Balnarring went on to win their respective categories in the State Awards for Excellence, presented by Restaurant & Catering Victoria. Two Buoys won the State Award for Best Café Restaurant (for the second successive year) and Ciao Bella won for Best Pizza Restaurant. Both venues will now be entrants in the National Awards for Excellence on October 25 Next year we hope they consider allowing local foodies the opportunity to mix with the elite of our local food industry. - Mel Marcello

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Wooralla Drive, Mt. Eliza

Peninsula Scholarship Applications are invited for the Class of ’99 Memorial Scholarship for entry into Year 11 at The Peninsula School in 2011. The scholarship, which is offered in memory of three students who tragically lost their lives in a car accident in November 1998, entails full remission of tuition fees for Years 11 and 12. The scholarship is open to non-Peninsula School students only. Applications close Friday 29 October. Contact Mrs Leanne Stewart on 9788 7710 for more details and an application form or visit www.tps.vic.

many of the photographs on this page were taken by Natalie Davies Photography

Winners are listed in bold, runners-up in italics. MP Gourmet Asian Restaurant: Tulsi Indian Restaurant Restaurant Soy Denor Hospitality Café Restaurant: Two Buoys Tucks Ridge Café, Old Bank Café, Trims Restaurant MP Gourmet European Restaurant: La Petanque Restaurant Acquolina Ristorante MP Gourmet Retail Outlet: DOC Mornington Red Hill Cellars, Somers General Store Nepean Waste Informal Dining: Rye Pier Restaurant & Bar Onde Fine Food Café, The Boyz 4 Breakie, Bamboo at Rye MP Shire Modern Australian: Loquat, The Long Table, The Rocks, Mornington, Peppers at Moonah Links Galaxy Print & Design Pizza Restaurant: Ciao Bella Pizza, DOC Mornington Pizzeria Mozzerella Bar, Get Down Dog Pizza Clamms Seafood Restaurant in a Winery: Salix Restaurant, Port Phillip Dining, Ten Minutes by Tractor, Paringa Estate Tully’s Excellence in Local Produce: Salix Restaurant MPVA Excellence in Local Wine or Beverage: Salix Restaurant AND Montalto Vineyard & Olive Grove Bendigo Bank Excellence in Coffee: Salix Restaurant Chisholm Institute Excellence in Front of House: La Petanque Restaurant AND Montalto Vineyard & Olive Grove



with School


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Crewcard Launches in Mornington

Crewcard Discount Club has officially launched in Mornington this month. Becoming a Member gives anyone the opportunity to save money every time they show a Crewcard Membership card at many local businesses. In addition to the regular savings received by flashing the card, special promotions and discounted product offers are sent exclusively to Members on a regular basis. With the potential savings running into the thousands of dollars every year, having one of these cards makes good sense for anyone who’d like to save a bit of cash. By building relationships with local business owners, Crewcard is able to offer it’s Members discounts on a wide range of goods and services. Examples include coffee, wine, clothing, dining, car servicing & tyres, furniture and gym memberships, and with new businesses being added to the

Crewcard directory all the time, the opportunity to save keeps growing. Its easy to take advantage of everything Crewcard has to offer – just sign up as a Member, find participating businesses in Crewcard’s directory and show the card when you visit those businesses for at least 10% off what you would normally pay. For approved businesses, Crewcard offers the opportunity for simple and easy promotion to local Crewcard Members. To learn more about Membership and opportunities for businesses, go to As a special offer to Mornington Life readers, Crewcard is offering a discount of over 30% for 12 months of discounts, savings& special offers. Get your Mornington Life branded Crewcard for just $34 (Normal Crewcard price $49pa) by going to

Fresh, friendly, clean PENINSULA Dry Cleaning

Mt Eliza’s Bayside Laundry now offers dry cleaning through Peninsula Dry Cleaners who have been established for over 30 years and are regarded as the biggest dry cleaner on the peninsula. Their professional staff provide the highest quality dry cleaning available, with service guaranteed. “We like to keep our customers happy,” says Mike. It is a next day service for early drop offs and great value for money to. As a special offer, Peninsula Dry Cleaning, together with the Mt Eliza Bayside Laundry, are offering to dry clean any garment for only $5. Conditions do apply but it includes jackets, trousers, skirts, shirts and jumpers. They will also dry clean your curtains for $15 per width or doonas at $18.50 each. Spring is the perfect time to clean your Winter doonas and pack them away for next year. Conveniently they offer a free pick and delivery service. Find Mt Eliza Bayside Laundry at 30a Ranelagh Drive, Mt Eliza phone 9787 7282.


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Toorak College Debating and Public Speaking Prefect, Year 12 student Sasha Skinner, has been invited to meet the Governor-General of Australia, Quentin Bryce AC. This invitation was issued by the Australia-Britain Society, whose members were impressed by her thoughtful and charismatic performance in the State Final of the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority’s Plain English Speaking Award. This year Sasha represented Toorak College at the State Final for the second year running, a remarkable achievement. She spoke in her prepared speech about Victoria Police’s new search powers relating to knives, and her impromptu speech was about seizing the moment. This is certainly something she has done throughout her time at Toorak College, by taking all of the varied opportunities to develop her public speaking and debating skills in training and competitions at the School, where she is also known for her commitment to charity causes and United Nations Youth Association events. Toorak College Debating and Public Speaking Co-ordinator, Aloma Davis, says, “This honour is well deserved; Sasha has been committed and courageous every time she has participated in public speaking events, since Year 8. She epitomises the school value of ‘Leadership through Service’ by not just taking all opportunities to improve her skills but also using them to promote just causes and to train others. We are incredibly proud of her achievement.” Pictured: Sasha Skinner, State Finalist – Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority’s Plain English Speaking Award

Streetwise is Apple Mac Heaven Now open in Frankston After 18 years in business Streetwise is well known amongst Mac owners for stocking Australia’s largest range of Apple products and accessories. Streetwise stocks everything from the latest all-in-one iMac computers through to the funkiest case for your iPhone. The exciting news for the Mornington Peninsula is that they’ve just opened a brand new store in Wells Street Frankston, conveniently open 7 days a week. With great prices and knowledgable staff, Streetwise is now the place on the Mornington Peninsula to go for everything Apple and Mac. Their store has the full line-up of Mac computers along with all the software and accessories to go with them. They also have the amazing new iPad on display. As a fully Authorised Apple Service Centre, Streetwise can help you with both warranty and out of warranty repairs to your Mac, iPod or iPhone. They even offer free training sessions covering Mac basics, getting online and more. Perfect for people new to computers or those upgrading from a PC to a Mac. Visit Streetwise at 34B Wells Street Frankston or online at

EnrolNow 2011

Co-educational Pre School to Year 6 and Girls from Years 7 to 12


Toorak College student seizes the moment

ELC, Prep Transition & Prep

Toorak College is committed to educating the whole child. As a Primary Years Program school our Early Learning Centre guides boys and girls in their development of skills, concepts, language and attitudes as they start their journey of inquiry. Our Junior School builds on these foundations and seeks to empower and inspire each boy and girl through education. Our goal is for each student to reach their potential and strive to achieve their own ‘personal best’. For further information contact Ms Donna Galloway on 9788 7234 or email Learning







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Leadership Through Service

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Diving Tasselled Anglerfish

Live the lifestyle you deserve Shearwater at The Mornington Shearwater at The Mornington offer all the very best services, facilities and activities to help you make the most out of your retirement. You’ve earned it, so now it’s time to enjoy health, happiness and security in our village on the Mornington Peninsula. The Mornington 150 privately owned units nestled among idyllic gardens, offering a sense of community and relaxed, sociable village life. Shearwater at The Mornington Luxury, affordable independent living for the over 55s; beautiful serviced apartments with lake and garden views, meals provided. Some of our many facilities & activites include: • on-site doctor & emergency call system • podiatrist, massage & hairdresser • dining room with chef prepared cuisine • relax in the spacious club house, library or lounges • enjoy the cinema and craft & hobby room • join in various activities from bowls to billiards • daily shopping trips & regular outings

150 Mornington – Tyabb Road. Mornington Mel Ref 145 J4

Ph 5970 5507




Who is arguably the Peninsula’s best fisherman? There would be many people who would like to claim that crown but it’s very hard to go past the tasselled anglerfish. The tasselled anglerfish grows to 23cm and is covered in fleshy tentacles that provide camouflage in its natural habitat. Most people will never see a fish such as this because they can only be found on pier pylons by a diver with a specially trained eye. The easiest way to find this fish is by looking for its first dorsal fin, which is located on its forehead. At the end of this dorsal fin, known as an illicium, is a cream-colored lure referred to as the esca. The angler uses the illicium to wiggle the esca, which looks like a worm, and in less than 1/1000th of a second the prey is consumed hook, line and sinker, never to be seen again. Its favourite haunt is Blairgowrie Marina, where it feasts on shrimps, crabs and small fish, but it has also been known to frequent Portsea and Rye piers from time to time. The female angler lays about 5000 eggs in spring in a large mass that she guards until they hatch. Each egg has a long double filament that sticks to growth on the surrounding rocks. The tasselled angler can be found all year round but must be left undisturbed to allow its numbers to continue to grow. For more information on diving on the Mornington Peninsula, log on to - Scott Grimster


NEW PARTY ROOM AVAILABLE! Bookings essential

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The Organic Gardener As the spring sun begins to warm our soils we turn our thoughts to our summer crops and start to plan for another bumper harvest. With better than anticipated winter rains our soils have all the moisture they require to kick off the season. And with the addition of some compost and well-rotted manure we can be sure our garden is ready to be planted. Planning what to grow and where to plant can be a bit tricky for some people, especially if you are relatively new to growing your own food. Let’s work through some of the basics. Now, although most of our vegies require a good four to six hours of direct sunlight, it is better to site your plants to take advantage of morning sun while protecting them from the harsh afternoon rays. This is especially important for the less hardy plants, generally those with broad and/or soft leaves, and if you can avoid afternoon sun in the height of summer that would be ideal. If your garden receives full sun all day, here are a few useful tips that may help: plant your salad greens and soft herbs under the shelter and on the eastern side of other taller plants, such as tomatoes, corn or fruit trees; make use of western fences to grow pumpkins, cucumbers and berries; and make sure your soil is moist on the mornings of those really hot days. Soil conditions play a major role in the success of our crops. Knowing your soils is important and can help you to determine

what and where to plant. Most fruit and vegetables require fertile, free-draining soils with plenty of organic matter to maintain moisture. However, nutrient levels in the soil can affect plants in different ways. Most root crops (carrots, onions, parsnips, beetroot, etc) prefer soils with only moderate nitrogen levels, while heavy feeding crops like corn and pumpkins like richer soils. Prepare your soils well, install drip irrigation & top them off with a thick layer of mulch & do some research on crop rotation methods. Using trellises is a fantastic way to make use of vertical spaces such as fences and walls, and they can also create screens for water tanks and unsightly parts of the house and garden. Many varieties of fruit and vegetables can be grown on trellises and this can greatly expand the range of produce you can grow on your property, while also being visually appealing. Fruits such as passionfruit, kiwifruit, grapes and cane berries can be considered while beans, cucumbers, pumpkins and tomatoes can all thrive on a well-positioned trellis. Growing your own food isn’t rocket science, though it does require thought and planning. Once you get into the swing of it you will find that each season becomes a little easier, and before long it will become second nature. Happy gardening! Drew Cooper (Permaculture Designer, Viticulturist)

October Event, Somers Art Fair The eighth Somers Arts Fair, on October 24,10am-4pm, showcases work from renowned and emerging artists who reside predominantly on the Mornington Peninsula. A highly successful event (a record 32% of artwork sold last year), it’s a true country fair that appeals to the art aficionados while also providing a wonderful family day out. Artists who have contributed in previous fairs include David Larwill, Geoff Hook, Michael Leeworthy, Jeff Martin and Sara Catena. The works include paintings, sketches, etchings, photographs, sculptures, mixed media installations, jewellery, and the highly sought after totem poles. Art is for sale throughout the day, and the main auction at 2pm features pieces donated by the artists as well as the prized totem poles. School children are involved at many levels. They produce garden art, children’s art and collaborate with artists to paint and sculpt the totem poles. The Childish Plot, garden exhibition, is a testament to the talent of both students and parents. The Somers Arts Fair has activities for all the family, including music and live entertainment, market stalls, a jumping castle, trackless train, face painting, gourmet food and coffee, Peninsula wine and beer, and more. And entry is free. The Somers Arts Fair is at Somers Primary School, Camp Hill Rd, Somers (Melway 194 C10).


The highly successful Mt Eliza Farmers’ Market operates on the fourth Sunday of each month at the Village Green, cnr Mt Eliza Way and Canadian Bay Road, from 8am to 12.30pm. Next market dates are Sunday September 26, October 24 and November 28. Become a member for offers & freebies throughout each season, to join go to

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Sizzling art at Manyung during Spring Manyung Gallery in Mt Eliza has some exciting artists on exhibition over the next couple of months.

Exclusive to Manyung Gallery popular local artist Janine Daddo has launched her long awaited series of sculpture in the current exhibition which will run until October 3rd. Over the last two years Janine has been reinterpreting her paintings as three dimensional sculptures and is now proudly unveiling them to her collectors. This first series is very limited with 30% sold before the opening night. In addition to her sculptures she is showing 22 new paintings following themes from her recent exhibition at Atlas Galleries in Chicago USA. Daddo’s natural exuberance for life allows her to gain great joy from the everyday moments which most of us take for granted. Her observations share the simple magic that is all around us. Using bold figurative brushstrokes her characters are brought to life through the confident and evocative use of colour. Large canvases full of energy bring smiles to faces and a vivacious energy to the space in which they hang. Janine constantly experiences ‘sell-out’ shows in Sydney and Melbourne. Her work is held in private collections throughout Australia, London and New York. Manyung Gallery is thrilled to also present Nikki Perzuck in September. Nikki believes the purpose of painting is to uplift the spirit, not only hers, but those who view her work. Nikki’s paintings draw you in with their vibrant and colourful overtones. A Melbourne-based artist, she is influenced by extensive travels to Asia and Europe but in spite of her travels abroad Nikki says the Australian landscape is her dominant influence. Her upcoming exhibition at Manyung has been inspired by driving around the Mornington Peninsula and absorbing the views. Melbourne based and internationally respected exhibitor of substantial renown, Kim Kennedy is also featured in September. Kim has a passionate, free flowing and exploratory style. He started as a sculptor and gradually progressed to painting. Now he pushes his creativity in both disciplines often combining the two. His work is featured in exhibitions around the world, one of his metal artworks being on permanent display at the Australian Tourism Association’s Canberra office. Recent commissions include subjects based on Australian fauna, large coastal scenes and mega large abstracts. With 28 years experience behind him Manyung are proud to have Kim as artist in residence at their sister gallery, Glenferrie Road Contemporary art, Malvern.

‘Subconsciously Coad’, October 7th – 31st at Manyung Gallery featuring Peter Coad. October at Manyung is bound to be equally exciting with works by this multi talented artist. A stalwart of more than

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50 ‘Solo Exhibitions’ Peter’s work is intrinsically Australian reflecting a vibrancy and intensity of colour only possible from someone who views the world with optimisim. Profoundly influenced by growing up in a small country town called Karoonda in the Mallee region of South Australia, Peter is deeply conscious of his environment. ‘The landscape was my playground and discovering nature was my education. I believe this is why I can paint landscapes the way I do. It is in my subconscious.’ In the award winning Australian film, ‘The Tracker’, director Rolf de Heer, commissioned Coad to paint 14 large canvasses which were used as static scenes in the flick. It was a moving way to depict scenes from Australia’s history which the film industry celebrated for its originality and sensitivity. Peter will be speaking during an artist dinner, (at Boyz@Manyung restaurant), at the gallery on Thursday 7th of October. Please pre book on 03 9787 7911 to secure your seat.

Grand Opening of Manyung at Sorrento Opening on Saturday 18th September, from 11am join other art lovers for a day of music, wine and inspiring art to launch the new space, Manyung at Sorrento. Located in the bustling main street of Sorrento the new gallery is spacious, light and welcoming. 113A Ocean Beach Road Sorrento. fresh every season

mornington life

Mt Eliza Art Exhibition 22-24 October 2010 FRIDAY 22nd OCTOBER, 2010 7.30pm—10.30pm Drinks, Gourmet finGer fooD anD entertainment

tickets $30 pre-paiD or $35 on the niGht SAT 23rd OCT 10am−5pm SUN 24th OCT 10am−4pm W EE KE N D EN TRY $5. C H ILDR E N FR E E hosted by the mt eLiZa north primarY schooL, moseLeY DriVe, mt eLiZa

Enquiries: 9787 6611 or 0414757075

Mornington Peninsula-based novelist Garry Disher and feature artist Julie Webster are among the highlights of the 32nd annual Mt Eliza Art Exhibition from October 22-24. Disher’s involvement is in a new category called Bringing Words To Life, for which he has submitted an extract of one of his books for artists to interpret in their paintings. The winner of the category, sponsored by Hodges Real Estate, will be determined by a selection committee headed by Disher and announced at the gala opening evening. Julie Webster has donated one of her whimsical works, Late Harvest (valued at $1100) for the exhibition raffle. The exhibition continues to expand with an exciting line up of best selling and new talent. Visitors can look forward to browsing an extensive range of traditional and contemporary painting, photography, glassware, ceramics, textiles, sculpture and jewellery from artists such as Gerry Knight, Ern Trembath, Lisa Cox, Darren Doye, Lynette Beaumont, Imants Niedra, Brendon Mogg, Loris Tuxen, Helen Wilson, Robert Ford and Vaidas Zvirblis In addition to a new Functional Design sector, visitors can also look forward to meeting many of the artists as part of a new Meet the Maker program. The gala evening on Friday, October 22 is strictly limited to 500 guests. Admission is $30 pre-paid or $35 on the night (if available), and includes live music from Sue Pascoe Johnson, gourmet finger food and an exceptional selection of Peninsula wines from Dromana Estate. Guests will also have the chance to bid on items including paintings and jewellery from this year’s talented feature jeweller, Amanda Rosser, in an auction hosted by Hocking Stuart real estate agents. Early bookings are advised. Hosted by Mt Eliza North Primary School, the Mt Eliza Art Exhibition is sponsored by Hocking Stuart Real Estate,

Barloworld Mercedes Benz and Big Bang Media (who produce Mornington Life, The Village Mt Eliza Magazine and Sorrento Village Life). It opens on Friday October 22 at 7.30pm and continues on Saturday, October 23 from 10am-5pm and Sunday, October 24 from 10am-4pm. Admission: adults $5, children free when accompanied by a paying adult. Café d’Art will be open all day Saturday and Sunday, serving morning and afternoon teas and light lunches. Tickets are available in advance from Mt Eliza North Primary School, phone 9787 6611.

Red Hill Community Market Charity Market Day At the Red Hill Recreation Reserve a special market day is planned on Sunday October 24th from 10am to 3pm. The day is dedicated to raising funds for the Starlight Children’s Foundation Australia. 300+ top quality stalls offering Australian made Arts & crafts, fresh produce, gourmet take away foods, packaged foods, outdoor & plants, children’s items, manchester and sewing, jewellery, beauty, fashion and much more. There will be live music and entertainment, prizes, raffles and give aways, a fun filled day what ever your age! All proceeds from parking fees collected by the Red Hill Lions Club will be donated to the Starlight Children’s foundation. Craft Markets Australia will donate all fees from the day, after expenses, to the foundation. Many stallholders also donate a percentage of their profits for the day.

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Sorrento Live the Life Fiesta From October 1-10 the Sorrento Portsea Chamber of Commerce will present the first Sorrento Live the Life Fiesta. Sorrento will host a celebration of music, heritage and the arts that reflects its rich cultural and historic significance as a bustling tourist destination since the 1870s. Sorrento was discovered in 1803 but became popular in the 1870s as the holiday destination favoured by Melbourne’s rich and famous, who travelled here by ferry. George Coppin also established some of the magnificent limestone homes and buildings we see today. Sorrento visitors and residents alike have held a longstanding appreciation for cultural and artistic pursuits, which is reflected in the buildings established from the late 1800s to early 1900s. These include the Athenaeum Cinema, the Continental, Koonya and Sorrento hotels, and the ballroom and rotunda-band pavilion on the foreshore. There are many paintings of the shoreline on display along the Sorrento Portsea Artists Trail. The Sorrento Live the Life Fiesta kicks off with a number of musical events, such as Jazz & Shiraz at the Continental Hotel on Friday, October 1 and at Over Easy on Sunday, October 3. An all-day busking fiesta will be held along Ocean Beach Rd on Saturday, October 2 (extending to Sunday, weather and artists permitting), and there’s live rock’n’roll at Morgan’s Bar on Saturday night. On Sunday the Melbourne Guitar Quartet will play at St John’s Anglican Church, and the Koonya Hotel will host the Koonya Blues Express from 4-11pm. Three Palms will also offer live music, gourmet food and wine on Friday, October 8.


In order to appreciate some of Sorrento’s magnificent history, guided walks and cemetery tours will be offered at various times and days throughout the fiesta. Walks and tours are at either 11am or 2pm. See program for more details. Storytelling for three to five-year-olds will be offered at Antipodes Bookshop Gallery from 11-11.30am each Saturday (October 2 and 9), and a short story competition is being run for aspiring writers in three age groups: open (18-plus, with a $300 book voucher for the winner), young adult (12-17; $150 voucher) and younger writers (under 11; $150 voucher). Jim Lawson will present his comedy show ‘An Inconvenient Fruit’ at the Smokehouse restaurant on Thursday, October 7, and the historic Athenaeum Cinema will host an all-weekend French film festival from Friday, October 8 to Sunday, October 10 with a mix of foreign, arthouse and classic films. The Southern Peninsula Classic Car Club has been invited to display its 1920s-1960s classic cars along Ocean Beach Rd (up from the Melbourne Rd roundabout) on Sunday, October 10. Sorrento also offers a number of galleries featuring various exhibitions and displays, which can be explored along the Sorrento gallery trail. See program for details. To find out more and for a full program visit www.sorrentofiesta. Phone Natalie Garner from the Sorrento Portsea Chamber of Commerce on 0424 000 391 during business hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays. To be kept up to date with all the latest, SMS ‘sorrentofiesta@spcc’ to 0427 800 800 and updates will be sent straight to your mobile phone (no voice calls).

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Hidden away behind a gigantic steel door in Mt Eliza lies the Little Theatre Company. Kaarin Fairfax has turned her garage at the front of her house in Conway St (across the road from the Manyung Gallery) into a working theatrical space. Since January, with the help of her two daughters Madeleine and Memphis, she has been running dance and drama classes from home. Kaarin had previously been running workshops from Cube 37 in Frankston but wanted to be more in control of what she was doing. Cube 37 wasn’t always available when she needed it. Word of mouth has enabled Kaarin’s theatre company to slowly grow, and she says her venture is a great experience for young people “learning self-confidence and respect for the theatre”. Kaarin comes from good pedigree – her father, the late George Fairfax, is held in high regard in the arts world. An actor and director, George later became the first general manager of the Victorian Arts Centre, and its George Fairfax Studio is named in his honour. Kaarin grew up sitting in St Martin’s Theatre watching the plays her father directed and admits “falling in love with the theatre” at an early age. “I didn’t realise I was growing up into anything different or unusual,” says Kaarin. “I just thought that’s what every kid did, that everyone went to the theatre.”

Kaarin’s children have also inherited the creative genes, although it’s arguable whether they came from their grandfather or their father, the legendary singer/songwriter Paul Kelly. Kaarin was responsible for the Frankston Lights show and is now working on staging a large production involving as many of her students as possible. Former Woodleigh student and VCA graduate Nick Donaldson has adapted Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Kaarin believes the comedy is the perfect vehicle to sink her teeth into. Her company is also involved in the Mt Eliza Twilight Fair and has put on performances at the Farmers’ Market in Mt Eliza.

Dromana Secondary College Fashion Expo

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On Monday 25 October the Parents and Friends Association of Dromana Secondary College will hold their annual Peninsula Teenage Fashion Expo. This special event provides a medium for students to display their work and is a major fundraiser for the College, which is co-ordinated by a small committee of voluntary parents and staff. The Expo is an exciting concept which aims to encourage excellence in today’s school students. We are providing an opportunity for teenage students studying Fashion, Design and Technology to display their creations and showcase their artistic talents, combined with practical and creative abilities. The evening will commence with a display of students’ artwork, including: photography, woodwork, jewellery plus various other art mediums. A selection of fine finger food and quality Peninsula wines will be served from 6:30pm in the Dromana Secondary Design Centre, followed by the Fashion Parade where the students’ garments will be modelled. Prior to the evening a panel of independent judges will assess the entries in each of three categories (casual, special occasion and fantasy wear) and awards will be presented on the evening. Phone 5987 2805 for tickets or further information. fresh every season mornington life

Spring fashion news Our blooming pear blossom trees indicate that spring is about to open her beautiful eyes, and new fashion labels arriving at Belle Cose beckon her awakening. Fashions for spring present clean, crisp white, black and


red lines, and beautiful muted pastels in mushroom pinks, creams, moss and toffees. Additionally, fabulous bright colours assure us that summer will soon be lured from her peaceful slumber. Women’s fashion is constantly evolving, and now more than ever we are seeking affordable, quality designed brands that offer lifestyle dressing, hence allowing us to create our own individual style. Fashion no longer dictates our look; we are able to create our own personal style with some fabulous labels available on our doorstep. Here’s just a sample of what’s in store at Belle Cose: NZ label Scarlett, whose clean, aesthetic lines blend with sophisticated twists in silk, cottons and woven fabrics. Verge spring fashion encourages us to wear their pieces the way we want to. Glam it up or tone it down - versatility is to our advantage. Nicola Waite offers cutting-edge fashion, using exquisite fabrics (Japanese cottons and linens) for the independent woman seeking a sophisticated wardrobe. Gabriella Frattini eternally showcases beautiful and playful prints in her tunics, tops, dresses and ornate leggings and don’t forget her denims. Boo Radley is celebrated for internationally inspired designs – both fashion-forward and ahead of current trends. High Tea With Mrs Woo highlights bold, theatrical clothing, defining East meets West with great detail, nostalgia and romanticism. Ghost and Lola’s elaborate and conceptual handcrafted fashion jewellery design embraces the eclectic, eccentric and glamorous side of our personalities. It’s just perfect for the Spring Racing Carnival. Sophie Kyron’s jewellery delights us with pieces to be noticed, collected and - most importantly - loved.

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Caring for your mind, body and spirit Angelic Works in Mount Martha offers high quality alternative healing, new age & holistic products, and beautiful giftware, The business was formerly “The Healing Shop” and was recently taken over and re-vamped as Angelic Works. New Owner Nicola Carter, a clinical and spiritual Hypotherapist who also specializes in Past Life Therapy, wanted to create a friendly, inspiring, calm environment where people can get advice, healing and products to enhance their lives. “I have expanded the range of modalities we offer and products, customers have commented on the new energy and I have had great response to the changes I have made”. As well as a growing choice of therapies Angelic Works retail store offers hand-made silver jewellery, crystals, Scented candles, books, cds, oil burners, French-style gifts and many other ranges to interest you whilst booking your healing. Also offering classes in spiritual development, meditation and intuitive art for adults and children alike, parents are amazed at the difference in their children since they have been going to the meditation class, as one parent commented “my child has only been coming for a few weeks, the change is dramatic, my child is so much happier”. Angelic works main aim is to help you to create balance in your life through healing in whatever form it may take. For enquiries and bookings phone 5974 8099 or e-mail

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Are you looking for a Beauty Salon that understands the importance of looking after you?

anti-ageing products and professional spa-therapies the beauty industry has ever seen. Celebrating their 20 year Anniversary, Elemis can be found in Voyages Resorts across Australia, lavish cruise line spas, British Airways on Board and many other 5-star resorts across An existing business in the Mornington area, has recently the world. been taken over and redeveloped by a new owner. Body A large focus of the business, are treatments in nonEssence of Mornington now brings new services along surgical Endermologie cellulite reduction, Endermolift with existing treatments with the aim of providing all of your quality, professional beauty needs in the one place. facial lifting and ReGen skin firming. There is no pain and no down time in any of the treatments, in fact they Along with the new services is a new layout, providing a are quite pleasant! cozy, boutique atmosphere, enhancing your visit and the New to the salon is the VersaSpa automatic spray tan optimum in privacy. booth. Totally naked, totally private and totally tanned! The all new team of staff, focus on giving you It only takes 4 minutes to have the most even tan every individualised professional service and advice. They time. Included in every spray tan is a preparation PH offer a complimentary skin analysis with every facial to balancer and finishing with an all over moisturiser. help you to understand your skin best and ensure the They now offer luxurious Elemis manicures and most suitable facial is offered, along with helpful advice pedicures and a favourite, Hot Stone Massage, where for at home follow up care. therapeutic heat is slowly released into the belly of Body Essence of Mornington is the only beauty salon the muscle for a completely new body experience. in the South-East of Melbourne, who offer the ELEMIS Small stones are placed on key energy points, whilst range of products and treatments. Elemis treatments luxuriously warmed oils are massaged deeply into the offer an unparalleled experience, unique massage body for maximum relaxation. When combined with a sequences and power-boosting facials, combined with session in the new, Far-Infrared carbon filtered Detox the most potent actives available, ensuring that dramatic, sauna, you will enjoy the ultimate experience! visible results are achieved. At Body Essence of Mornington, their Beauty Angels Elemis is the leading luxury British spa and skincare await your call... brand, bringing to market some of the most influential


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A New You Spring Style Being a busy working mum doesn’t mean you can’t add some style and a spring to your step when the day is done. Busy single mum Miriam devotes her time to her four boys, the Mornington Football Club, and working part-time for Mornington Life magazine. We thought that with such dedication Miriam deserved some time out for a little

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pampering and help getting ready for a special night out with her partner. The day of the before shot Miriam was also full of the flu, but like the trooper she is, wasn’t phased having her photo taken if it meant she would get a whole new look. Few women are blessed with perfect proportions, and Miriam admits she has had her fair share of disappointments when trying to find a nice dress to wear for any occasion. I took on the challenge for Miriam, and together with Fiona’s of Mornington we found her the perfect solution. The dress chosen skims beautifully over Miriam’s slender body, minimising the bust and creating a beautiful silhouette with its softly waisted tie and slight A-line skirt. The geometric pattern adds strength and interest, and the colours harmonise with her hair and eyes. Miriam’s necklace cleverly mirrors the pattern in the fabric, as does the gorgeous cocktail ring we found to add some extra bling. Two-tone shoes fit in well with the drama of the overall look without taking the focus away from Miriam’s beautiful face.


A visit to Blisque Hair in Mt Eliza gave Miriam a much-needed restyle that added volume and bounce. This ensemble could easily take Miriam from day to evening or could be further enhanced with a stunning hat for a day at the Spring Racing Carnival or our very own Hats’n’Hooves Luncheon at Mornington Racing Club in October. It was a pleasure helping Miriam rediscover her beautiful figure and stunning looks that, as busy mums, we often can neglect.

Miriam wears: Sachadrake Wallace dress ($249, Fiona’s of Mornington in Main St) Glass necklace ($39.95, 5 Figs on Main, Mornington) Tinkerbelle nude shoes ($189.95 Lillybelle Shoes, Blake St, Mornington) Makeup: Adonia Cosmetics, Julie Hyne Hair: Blisque Salon, Mt. Eliza Way, Mt. Eliza - Julie Hyne, Stylist and Image Consultant. Phone 0433 114 841

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Mt Eliza’s Wellbeing Centre According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, we are alive and healthy when our body is in a state of harmony which is a balance between Yin and Yang. When a person is healthy, any disharmony is restored quickly and equilibrium is maintained but when this equilibrium is broken and not restored, we feel ill and disease will occur. A well known method of Traditional Chinese Medicine is acupuncture which is a very simple procedure administered by inserting very fine needles into the acupuncture points along the different meridians, to ensure energy pathways are balanced. Renae Campbell is a registered Acupuncturist with the Chinese Medicine Registration Board of Victoria, an active member of the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association and Private Health Cover approved. She has completed a Bachelor of Health Science – Acupuncture and an Advanced Diploma of Health Science - Acupuncture at

in conjunction with IVF, and all issues that arise during pregnancy and post pregnancy. The most frequent cause of unexplained fertility or hormonal imbalance is energy stagnation, which affects blood flow in the pelvic area. Many years of emotional stress, depression, frustration, overwork and improper diet and lifestyle often play a major role in energy congestion. The aim of treatment is to restore reproductive health, which not only assists conception but also a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby.

the Australian College of Natural Medicine and has been practising for over 8 years in South Yarra. Renae aims to not only address ‘conditions’ or specific health problems but also to provide you with knowledge that can be used to live a healthier, happier life. She concentrates on the totality of health, and therefore not only focuses solely on Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine but also incorporates lifestyle, dietary and emotional changes that can improve your health and wellbeing. Her main goal is to help you feel better, eliminate your health problems, understand yourselves and your health, resolve issues and become stronger and healthier.

Cosmetic Acupuncture:

Reproductive Health: Renae is a mother of two, and having been through the wonderful experience of pregnancy and childbirth firsthand, her passion lies with Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Women’s Health.

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She has had extensive experience in treating all aspects of menstrual irregularities, infertility, including working

Cosmetic acupuncture is a natural and holistic alternative to western cosmetic procedures. The needles create a microtrauma in the skin to create a lot of energy and blood to the area to create a natural healing response. Collagen production is enhanced, elastin regains elastic quality and with each treatment the skin will appear fresher, tone will even out and look healthier. Treatment can also help reduce acne scarring, creases and wrinkles and general signs of aging in the skin.

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Renae also successfully treats…. Stress, Headaches, Migraines, Anxiety, Depression, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Constipation, Diarrhoea, Indigestion, Nausea, Neck and Back Pain, Tennis Elbow, Sciatica and Muscle Tension, Allergies, Sinusitis, Colds and Flu’s, Insomnia and Sleeping Problems, PMT, Morning Sickness, Recurrent Miscarriage, Eczema, Psoriasis, Skin Disorders, Acne, Low Energy, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Paediatric Disorders Renae CampbelL, BHsc (ACUP) WELLBEING Natural Health group Cnr Wooralla Drive & Bundara Cresent, Mt Eliza Phone Renae 0415 434 324


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Shape up this Spring Proud local Danielle Grant’s commitment and dedication to raising the bar on health and fitness in Mornington has paid off. Reach Your Peak Personal Training opened its doors at Kings Swim & Fitness in January 2000 when Danielle built a business combining all the key components to enable her clients to consistently achieve their goals. After 10 highly successful years delivering on her promise to inspire and enable fitter, healthier and slimmer men and women on the Peninsula, Reach Your Peak is moving onwards and upwards. Moving to 15 Kenji St in Mornington, in newly built premises with state-of-the-art equipment, the bar has been raised yet again. As an accredited exercise physiologist with a degree in sports science and a major in nutrition, Danielle bases her business around four core principles: qualified, committed and caring trainers; a unique personal culture; sound exercise and nutritional programs; and accountability. The success of the business is testament to how the combination of her knowledge, experience and passion results in scientific, proven training sessions and programs that get results. Whether a weekend warrior, serious athlete or mum on the run, you can be assured your trainer is absolutely passionate about building a rapport with you to create the ideal, individual conditions and exercise sessions for a fitter, healthier you.

Goodbye mascara! Emma Vosti doesn’t need it now her lashes are long, luscious and perfectly arched. Underneath the tiny little fans, her blue eyes pop. It’s why women throughout Melbourne are all a-flutter over Miss Eyelash, and Emma brings the latest beauty trend of eyelash extensions to Mt Eliza. Business is booming at Miss Eyelash, dedicated solely to eyelash extensions, with a client base of more than 150 in just 3 months! Emma has an eye for detail, style and design. Formerly a dental nurse and creative stylist, she is now directing her creative attention to the latest beauty trend of eyelash extensions, enjoying designing a new look for individuals. “With girls and their lashes, it’s always been about longer and fuller. If you have eyelash extensions on, you don’t need mascara as well. It makes your mornings easier. “People are wanting to bring more attention to their eyes,”


Regardless of your ability, age or fitness level, your dynamic trainer will keep you motivated and committed to your goals. Nothing is left to chance, with take home weekly eating and exercise plans, and there’s nowhere to hide – be prepared to be accountable! Progress is monitored with regular weigh-ins and measuring. The success stories just keep coming and are so rewarding. Clients tell of amazing weight loss, changing shape, feeling fit and vibrant, learning how to eat well, entering a fun run for the first time, and enjoying an active retirement. Some even see their sessions as a balancing act for the occasional indulgences. Whatever your goal or challenge, Danielle and her team are committed to making the difference in your life. Why not call Danielle now to discuss reaching your peak? says Emma. “They make such a dramatic difference. Long, thick, natural-looking eyelashes can make your eyes appear wider and your face more youthful.” Some beauty salons offer lash extensions among their services, but Miss Eyelash is one of few that specialise solely in eyelashes. Emma is specially trained to expertly apply individual extensions to your lashes, which are positioned one at a time with tweezers and what Emma describes as a “medical-grade crazy glue”. Miss Eyelashes lashes last for weeks, falling out only when the lashes they’re attached to fall out naturally. “The lifecycle of an average eyelash is about 90 days,” says Emma. Eyelash extensions are perfect for special occasions, but they are also a great way to enhance your day-to-day look. Like nails, you can maintain a consistent everyday look with regular refills. As well as its Mt Eliza salon, Miss Eyelash has a new studio at 713 Glenhuntly Rd, Caulfield. Ph 0438 163 419. Become a member for offers & freebies throughout each season, to join go to

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This month I’m attending the Ultimate Success Summit in Sydney where Richard Branson and Tony Robbins will be speaking. I can’t wait! I love going to courses and seminars to learn from the masters. I love reading books about the incredible lives of extraordinary people. I love the feeling of being so motivated and inspired that I believe that I can do anything. Nothing can stop me! I’ve written my goals and I know the steps to success. I’m on my way up. The world is at my feet and my amazing life is about to begin….. Does this sound familiar to you? Have you come away from a course or seminar feeling like this before? The presenter amazing, you’ve learnt so much and you feel completely pumped to get started on your goals. This time you JUST KNOW that it’s all going to fall into place for you! Why? Because the speaker was awesome and left you feeling totally inspired and motivated. Everything they

said felt like it was specifically meant for you and you got so much out of it. Not only that, but you realigned your values to make them more relevant and set new, more realistic goals. You’ve identified the obstacles and removed the psychological barriers that have been holding you back from your dreams. You’ve learnt new skills to communicate more effectively, manage your emotions and establish better relationships. Having experienced such insightful lessons, how can your life not be transformed into something fantastic? You’re on your way to your brilliant future, right? Wrong! Sorry to burst your bubble but if these are the reasons that you believe your life is about to change, then I might as well save you the disappointment and tell you now that it won’t. Ask yourself this question: “What has changed?” Well (I hear you reply), everything has changed. I’m inspired, I’ve set new goals and I’ve learnt how to be successful in every area of my life. But WHAT has changed for you? Specifically, what are YOU now doing differently? Have you actually learnt anything or have you just gathered lots of information and knowledge about what is possible and what you might be capable of? And now I’m guessing you might be feeling a little confused. And that’s okay because confusion means you’re about to learn something. So listen carefully, here’s the key…..only when we take action do we truly learn to change our lives. We can huddle up in our comfort zone with all our wonderful lessons that we’ve learned from our courses and workshops and books and stay safe within the

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confines of everything we know OR we can step outside the circle of certainty and take action to experience the lessons for ourselves in the unfamiliar and exciting world of what we don’t know. Sounds a bit risky and we probably shouldn’t do that until we’ve learnt everything there is to know so that we’re absolutely sure we can do it and don’t make a mistake, right? Wrong again! Making mistakes is how we learn not to do things. Mistakes are a gift because they teach us how to do things differently and as long as we learn from them, every mistake moves us one step further towards success. In the words of Thomas Edison (the inventor of the light bulb): “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” And so when I return from Sydney later this month, feeling inspired and motivated by the lessons I’ve just learned from the power gurus, I will remind myself that unless I take action to apply what I have learnt, I’ve just been “showing up” and accumulating knowledge. I must “step up” and take action if I expect my life to change. And if I don’t know what to do first, then I’ll just do something. And if I’m scared, I’ll embrace my fear and do it anyway. And if I make a mistake, then I will discover how not to do it, as many times as it takes. And if that doesn’t work, I will explore other ways until I find one that does. And if it’s hard, I will choose to rise to the challenge. And if I choose not to take action, I won’t complain when my life stays EXACTLY the same. So what about you? Are you staying safe by just showing up or are you stepping up and taking action? by Lorna Westley © Peak Connection fresh every season mornington life

For an honest and dignified approach to cosmetic Plastic Surgery choose Tim Brown When considering cosmetic Plastic Surgery, patients need to make informed decisions and deserve honest, pressure free advice. It is important to feel confident about high calibre care, and know the key to successful outcomes lies in someone listening to what you want to achieve. It is paramount that patients should have safe, reliable procedures that are predictable and offer long term benefits. Your doctor should be able to demonstrate the ability to perform your required surgery in two ways; experience with the procedure having been performed many times previously, and photographs of recent results from past patients. Mr Tim Brown and his team of qualified nurses offer all this and more. They understand it can be a terrifying experience to take the first step to enquire about surgery and discuss your concerns about your appearance. Clients are treated with respect and dignity on their very personal journey. There are complimentary patient educator appointments also available at Mr Brown’s rooms. “Our patient educators are fully trained Div 1 nurses who assist Mr Brown in theatre and are well informed with all procedures.” During this consultation the procedure itself, fees, hospital facilities and the expected operative course will be fully discussed. This provides a basis to decide if surgery is worth investigating further. Mr Brown consults at both Frankston & Berwick. When it comes to wrinkles and frown lines, surgery may be unnecessary as Mr Brown offers alternative procedures including dermal injections, wrinkle erasing injections, skin peels, micro dermabrasion and an excellent skin care range. For further information, phone 8768 5000 or visit

Call now to book a FREE skin treatment consultation. Tim Brown is a member of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons and is also a Reconstructive Surgeon. Mr Brown offers treatment and management of all skin malignancies. With consulting rooms in both Berwick and Frankston, he offers a wide range of procedures, including: COSMETIC PLASTIC SURGERY • Breast Reduction • Breast Enlargement • Facelift

• Abdominoplasty

• Liposuction

• Ear Pinning

• Brow & Templelift SKIN TREATMENTS A wide range of wrinkle erasers, lip and facial enhancements are available. Book Now for your FREE consultation with Kas our injectables nurse.


MICRODERMABRASION Microdermabrasion with skin peels and vitamin infusions now available at Mr Browns rooms. Poppy Lonergan is one of Mr Browns nurses and is practicising out of our Frankston Private rooms. What is Microdermabrasion Microdermabrasion is a process that deeply exfoliates the skin. It can be used for various conditions: • Acne & Rough Skin

What are Chemical peels Chemical Peels are performed on the face, neck or hands. They can be used to: • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles • Treat certain acne or skin conditions and blemishes caused by sun damage or age • Improve the appearance of mild scarring • Improve the look and feel of skin that is dull in texture and colour Both procedures can both be used in conjunction with each other. Call now to book an appointment with Poppy.

• Preparing sun damaged skin for PDT treatment • Increases penetration of creams and serums you may be using • Anti-aging skin rejuvenation for face, hands and décolletage

Telephone: 9769 6499

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Ask Questions: You deserve the

latest, honest advice, Visible Skin Results


foot leg pain clinic expert medical solutions for a longer, more active life

How do you know the staff at your Beauty Clinic keep up to date with developments in the Advanced Esthetics field? Ask questions? Clinic staff are in integral part of an advanced skin and laser clinic. The team should ensure from the moment you arrive continued care, appropriate knowledge and answers are provided in a professional manner. The slogan at Mt. Eliza Beauty Therapy is “If its new we will know about it, if it works we will have it”. Continuous forums, industry representation, conference, clinical papers, and networking,are an integral part of Mt. Eliza Beauty – Advanced Skin & Laser Clinic. In September, all team members attended an educational conference in Sydney introducing some of the very latest technology worldwide and in Australia from simple waxing products to Anti-Aging. During August, apart from continued ingredient and product training, the salon was closed for a day for an Advanced Technology Speaker from Sydney to increase knowledge on the industry. Latest NEW SKIN TREATMENT - Oxygenating Facial with BHA – de-stress the skin and restore engery and lluminosity. Your skin will glow with beauty and freshness. This true marine oxygenator boosts the activity

Shoes end heel·arch·foot pain Children’s How important are they? cure shin·knee·hip pain slow bunions·arthritis heal sports injuries 50% Off Initial Consultation

families paediatrics athletes elderly one of australia’s leading sports podiatrists

135 Mt Eliza Way Mt Eliza


9708 8866

call 1300 328 300 for locations all across melbourne

History shows that in the absence of any specific structural deviation or pathology, most children’s feet will develop naturally even without footwear. Shoes do, however, provide excellent protection from the external environment – sharp objects, being stood on, getting wet and sun-burnt. Because children are always on the go, correctly fitted shoes will also decrease the risks of tripping or slipping over! Proper footwear is therefore important for the developing foot, but, whenever safety and comfort allow, walking and running barefoot stimulates desirable nervous system function, and encourages muscular strength and coordination. In later schooling years, correct footwear fit and selection continues to protect and support the feet. When buying children’s shoes, always make sure the shoe is fit correctly by an experienced shoe retailer. Be careful of specific manufacturer claims as there is a wide selection of shoe designs perfectly appropriate for your child. Paul Dowie, one of Australia’s leading Sports Podiatrists, and founder of Victoria’s largest podiatry company, the Foot + Leg Pain Clinics, has some tips to help start your kids off on a good foot! • Shoes should have plenty of room for toes to wiggle and move. Feet need room to develop, tight shoes can restrict circulation and airflow. • Buy flexible soles that bend at the ball of the foot, allowing the foot to develop sensitivity, mobility, and intrinsic

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of mitochondria – the “lungs” of keratinocytes. Cellular respiration is optimized, cells are refreshed, their energy renewed, while their ability to eliminate free radicals and pollutants is enhanced. Remember, free radicals oxidize cell tissue causing aging. Enjoy their introductory offer, $99 one hour treatment, normally 135. September Only. See the change and the result. New Lashes from USA Whilst on her recent US conference, Sue Verheyen found the fastest growing lash extravaganza in the US. Try the “NEW” lash extensions, more comfortable, you don’t know you are wearing anything, more luxurious, thicker, even more natural looking than our existing lashes. Again special for September $120 new set, Normal price $170.


Sue Verheyen is now introducing the latest peeling treatments with Peptides and Stem Cell Therapy from a leading Dermatologist in the US. Results orientated treatments, combined with IPL rejuvenation and Dermaroller will give you a complete “New “Skin”. One modality, or several, see Sue to plan a journey for your skin. You only have one skin. Sue and her team are available to enhance your appearance, make an appointment on 9787 7475. See the Website coming in September 2010. muscle strength, whilst enhancing balance and coordination. •G  et children’s feet measured every time you buy them shoes. When being measured, children should stand placing their full weight on their feet. Both feet should be measured, choose a shoe that fits the bigger foot. Ensure there is a thumbs width of room or more at the longest toe. • L ook for stiff heel counters to assist heel support in children who display extremely mobile feet and severe flat feet. • U se laces, Velcro or buckles to secure the shoe for a snug fit, avoiding over-tightening which may restrict normal blood flow. • There is no ‘breaking-in’ period; shoes should be comfortable immediately • E nsure you buy children activity/sport appropriate shoes i.e. basketball shoes for basketball, tennis shoes for tennis, runners for running/walking, X-Trainers for general exercise use. Foot + Leg Pain clinics are offering 50% off initial consultations across 13 locations. The Mt Eliza clinic is at: 135 Mt Eliza Way, Mt Eliza. Ph: 9708-8866 or log onto fresh every season

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The Revolutionary PH Parbery Dressage Saddle Peter Horobin Saddlery, the largest custom made saddle manufacturer in Australia will celebrate 25 years of business by giving their loyal customers the opportunity to come and join them for a one off special event! Peter Horobin Saddlery and Brett Parbery, who is one of Australia’s leading Dressage Riders, have collaborated to bring the riders of Australia the most revolutionary dressage saddle since the launch of the PH Liberty. “I am really excited about working with Brett, and combining his expertise in the dressage field with my expertise in saddle manufacturing to create something that is completely new to the marketplace. I am finding that horses are starting to change shape in the back formation as their breeding changes, becoming shorter in the back, therefore saddles off the rack tend not to fit entirely because they are too long in the panels,” said Peter. This is where Peter and Brett have stepped in, making custom gear that is extremely adjustable and can be altered when horses change or when the rider changes horses, improving Equine back health and overall performance of rider and horse. With the Melbourne Spring Cup festivities, and Equitana in the air, Joanna Robson from Inspiritus Equine, Inc. Integrated Soundness Solutions, is coming all the way from California and will be a welcome guest on the night. Joanna is a highly respected Equine veterinary acupuncture and chiropractic, saddle fitting, thermography, and Chinese herbal medicine. The showroom at PHS has been newly renovated, and WOW what a transformation. Along with Marlee May

( 60 GIG & EVENT GUIDE online at updated weekly

Luxury Leather Goods, books, accessories and beautiful saddles that create that unforgettable leather smell, the launch will consist of specials for one night only.

This is an open event, but RSVP’s are absolutely essential. Entertainment, beverages, and canapés provided on the night. Friday November 12, Peter Horobin Saddlery, 106 Watt Road Mornington, from 7pm onwards. Phone (03)5975 1055 or visit fresh every season mornington life

Isn’t It Time You Got Yourself a Career Coach? As a career development practitioner or career coach I am often asked “Exactly what is it that you do?” This is never easy to answer because my work is complex and very personal. It involves working with both individuals and/or small groups to inspire them to better manage work/life’s transitions and have a work/life balance. I’m not a therapist and I do not directly find you a job. My training is extensive and requires ongoing professional development and up-to-date knowledge about the changing nature of the workplace. The Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA) describes career development as “a lifelong process of managing learning, work, leisure and transitions in order to move towards a personally determined and evolving future. It applies to people of all ages.” With over 20 years experience in both private and public sectors, I understand that each person is unique and the options available differ according to skills and circumstances. For some people, changing jobs may simply mean a continuation of their existing path.  For others, it may mean reinventing themselves, learning new skills, creating a

portfolio career, or easing into retirement.   No two people are the same, and no two career paths are the same.  Having a plan that is tailored to meet your specific needs and focus your energy on achievable goals will help you more quickly achieve your objectives. When people plan for retirement – even at age 55 – they usually think solely in terms of financial planning. They don’t consider that they may have 20 years or more to live and what they will do to occupy their time. Unfortunately, most people only contact a career development practitioner when they lose their job. According to one study, “In America only about 15% of the general population has heard about career coaching and even fewer are aware of its true identity and power”. In Australia, it’s even lower, and three-quarters of workers want a new job; 9% of workers hate their jobs; and one in five is unhappy with his or her job. A career coach can be quite helpful in navigating through dramatic changes and workforce reductions, most of which are beyond our control. Today the average Australian expects to stay in his or her job for only two to five years. Most people know that job security for 25 or 35

( 62 GIG & EVENT GUIDE online at updated weekly

years is a thing of the past. The recent global financial crisis requires a fresh and innovative approach to career management. Today, the name of the game is continual career management – taking small, continuous steps in the right direction. Your resume has become a “living document” that must be updated every 12 months. The job market has dramatically changed and we have to change with it. The good news is that we can all take control of our career direction. So why not get started today? For the first time in the Mornington Peninsula, I am making available my unique seminar series titled Engage ~ Develop ~ Succeed. My seminars are powerful and motivational and focus on “Career Change” or “Job Search Strategies for Hard Times”. They are limited to12 participants. Sunday Seminars commencing September 2010. Call Lucy Harvest for more details and to reserve a place on 0425 748 798.

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Change is an inevitable part of life, and therefore part of work. Statistics show that one in four workers are currently dissatisfied with their jobs, and 60% plan to leave their jobs within the next two years. The average person is likely to change careers 3 to 5 times throughout their life, and more than 115,000 Australians a year make a sea change. For Harvest, recruitment has been made much easier by the latter statistic. Based on the Mornington Peninsula, Harvest generates highly qualified sales meetings for its clients. By fulfilling the first half of the sales process - the coldcalling and pre-qualification stage - Harvest creates genuine opportunities for its clients to meet the right decision-makers within the companies they want to work with. The team is a group of dedicated sales professionals who possess the passion and drive to enable them to consistently produce results for Harvest’s clients. So why is Harvest able to secure such highcalibre staff members? Says owner and founder Ingrid Maynard: “Harvest provides meaningful employment for sales professionals who want to stay close to home to find a true work-life balance. “Our people have discovered that it’s possible to combine the best of coastal living with a career. Instead of having to work in the city during the week and escape to the Peninsula on the weekend, Harvest’s


team members can truly have it all. “Because we’re so close to home, we can share a real coffee before work, enjoy the satisfaction of achieving results for our clients at work, finish in time to pick the kids up from school and have enough head space to have dinner in one of the hundreds of restaurants any night of the week.” Ashleigh Hoult, the new business manager at Harvest who recruits new team members with Ingrid for Harvest, agrees. “Most people are delighted to find us. “For women who want to work on the Peninsula, they are usually limited to beauty therapy or admin work. For men, it’s accounting or real estate. “At Harvest they have the ability to work with like-minded professionals who have a passion for sales. They assist their clients in building up their sales activity, and then they get to go home to their families so close by. There are not many other offerings like this in the area.” If you’ve just made your sea change or simply want to achieve more “life balance” away from the congested and noisy city streets, and the endless hours demanded by city-based jobs, the answer may be literally right in front of you. Phone Harvest today on 1300 300 485 to ask about opportunities. Discover a workplace that celebrates success and values family and life outside of work, and enjoy the rest of your career. Become a member for offers & freebies throughout each season, to join go to

63 )

Suite 4, 346 Main Street Mornington Mobile: 0407 846 809 Main: 5976 8119

9 Warning Signs Your Business is headed Toward Financial Distress It has often been said that “profit is pointless and cash is king”.  But do you know why? Knowing exactly where you stand financially – your cash position – means you don’t have to wonder whether you have enough money in the bank to cover your rent and wages this month.  The health and vitality of your business is dependent on your ability to cover all tax obligations, payments to suppliers and basic operational expenses (i.e. wages, rent etc.) as they come due in your business. Unfortunately, knowing where you stand is not as simple as merely looking at the balance in your bank account(s) or estimating your future cash needs.  Your bank account will indicate your cash on hand (at a point in time) but it will not tell you what your cash flow is.  Cash and cash flow are not the same thing.  Cash flow is about the movement of cash in and out of your business as it operates over a period of time. This distinction is critical - if your company is profitable yet it maintains a negative cash flow for an extended period, eventually it will run out of money and you will not be able to continue to operate.  Therefore cash flow is king, and knowing your cash flow is critical to staying afloat.  You can have the most brilliant product or service but if you don’t have positive cash flow, your business will go under. Almost every business will experience financial distress or pressure at some point. The key to survival lies in the owner’s ability to diagnose problem areas and take corrective action quickly. This requires careful monitoring and measurement of key financial metrics that highlight

possible areas of financial pain. Despite the importance of tracking profitability as well as cash flow, many business owners fail to measure even a handful of key performance indicators each month and often ignore the classic warning signs that, if left unaddressed, could foreshadow the death of their business.

9 Clear Warning Signs

Every business that is in distress shows clear symptoms of impaired profitability and cash flow. In fact, there are nine key warning signs that foretell the end is near and must be acted on immediately to turn the business around: Lack of up-to-date financial information (timely financial statements, management reports) and failure to calculate and forecast cash flow; Continued erosion of gross profit margins (signifies an inability to control the variable costs of doing business, a reliance on price discounts to entice sales and/or the failure to pass on price increases from suppliers); Uncontrolled growth/expansion (the business has insufficient working capital to finance the increases in receivables, inventory and payables that come from a substantial increase in the volume of business over a short period); Over-reliance on borrowed funds (the company is not able to run on internally generated funds and cannot service the loan plus all of the other fixed costs of doing business);

Springtime is a great time to update your financial record keeping, or do some training By now you will have lodged your June BAS and sent your data to your Accountant for your Tax Return. It’s the perfect time to learn some new skills, explore how you can get the most out of your accounting software. Reckon has a range of products to suit all different businesses: QuickBooks Online is perfect for those who wish to access data remotely – not only can you and your staff login from anywhere in the World, your Accountant and your QuickBooks consultant can also login directly. Reckon Point of Sale is designed for

( 64 GIG & EVENT GUIDE online at updated weekly

Business is experiencing difficulty paying creditors and tax obligations as they become due; Return on assets continues to decline over a period, indicating the business is making less and less profit for each dollar of assets invested; High employee turnover and reduced productivity are particularly important indicators because they suggest an inability to maintain staff (intellectual capital) and output at previous levels; Increasing marketing/advertising spend (as a percentage of sales) over a prolonged period (may indicate that the business is chasing customers and sales at the expense of profitability); and, A continual need for capital injections/loans because the business is not generating enough operating income internally. The key to avoiding financial distress and failure in your business is, of course, early detection. By being aware of the nine key warning signs, you can focus your attention on what is important in your business, make better decisions, take action that enhances your bottom line and strengthens the long-term health and viability of your business. If you would like some help and or just some free general information on how to monitor your business correctly, simply drop me a line. / 0407 846 809

retailers who wish to track sales and interface directly with QuickBooks. QuickBooks is suitable for all types of businesses, not sure which product would suit you best, your local QuickBooks Accredited Consultant, Deb Williams can assist you in the decision making process, supply you with the product, install and train you and your staff. Deb is an associate member of the

National Institute of Accountants and a certified workplace trainer and assessor. She also has a strong background in accountants’ offices, software, building and many other industries. For more information about QuickBooks or to book a training session, Email au, Phone 0419 882 800 or visit

where your business is our business

Ph: 5981 2221 or 0419 882 800

QuickBooks Training Mornington

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Mortgage & Finance News They’re back, 95% home loans! Great news for first home buyers, those with minimal deposit and investors With lenders confidence growing it has seen the reintroduction of the 95% plus Lenders Mortgage Insurance loan product, while there has been a 95% loan available, this was less the Mortgage Insurance which meant you only ended up with approximately 92% of the purchase price. This is great news for those with minimal deposits, investors and first home buyers, it means you can get into your new home sooner, for example a $500,000 purchase equates to $15,000 less deposit required. The other good news is the interest rate; you don’t get hit for six, less than 7.00% with all of the other normal features you would expect and you don’t need to be an existing customer. If you would like to know more please feel free to give me a call Mark Grange 0400 573767 or Direct 5975 4308 and mention Mornington Life magazine. Feel free to give me a call if you would like a FREE second opinion on any of your finance needs. Mark Grange Mobile 0400 573 767 Direct 5975 4308

make sure

they inherit more than your eye colour . . .

No matter what your circumstance, a basic Will just isnt enough. Make the most of what you leave behind. Come along to our FrEE Workshop, where we will discuss why Estate Planning and Asset protection is so important. We’ll supply all the knowledge, the wine and the beautiful view - all you have to do is ROCK up and have fun. This workshop is open to all. Whether you’re defacto, married, remarried, in-laws, out-laws, seniors, young families . . . it’s all on the agenda. Where. The Rocks,1 Schnapper Point Drive, Mornington When. Wednesday 13 October at 7pm bookings. Monday 4 October 5976 6500 (limited numbers)

Big Bang Action Coach Peninsula Business Awards So far over 80 businesses have registered for our awards. It’s not too late to enter! Suite 2 / 346 Main Street Proudly brought Everyone is a winner with the BBAC Peninsula Business Awards. You will learn vital Mornington 5976 6500 to you by . . . information to grow your business at a series of FREE seminars held throughout the coming months. Plus get the opportunity to network with other local business leaders. Winners of the BBAC Peninsula Business Awards will share in over $25,000 worth of prizes. A new category has added - Most Popular Business. The business which receives the most number of votes online at will win. Other categories are Retail Excellence, Service Excellence, Environmental Sustainability, Innovation, Marketing and Recommended Employer. The next FREE seminar is planned for late September, 5.30pm-8pm, if you are interested in attending email with your contact info. Find more details about the awards, sponsors and prizes at Winners will be announced at the Gala awards night will be held at Mornington Racing Club in November. Don’t delay, it’s free to enter, seminars are free, what have you got to lose? SPRING 2010 Become a member for offers & freebies throughout each season, to join go to 65 )

The Community of Balnarring Community Bank® Branch is Bendigo Bank According to the local traders at Balnarring Village, the Bendigo Bank has really brought the community and the shopping centre together the Village is much bigger than it looks with a big Ritchies Supermarket and 24 convenience stores, well worth a browse. This close knit coastal community raised the capital to bring a bank to Balnarring and in June 2008, the Balnarring and District Community Bank® Branch opened its doors for business. The bank offers a wide range of services including home loans, business loans, personal loans, credit and debit cards, term deposits, insurance, leasing, transactional accounts, and financial planning. Branch Manager Rachel Harding has 21 years in of banking experience and the staff are all locals. As Rachel says, “Everybody has to bank somewhere so why not use your local Community Bank® Branch where the profits are put back into our local Community, making it a sustainable choice.” In fact the Community Bank® has given back

more than $60,000 to the Balnarring community during the last two years. There are currently 250 Community Bank® Branches operating across Australia that have returned over 40 million dollars to support their communities. Some of the local organisations that have benefited from their Bendigo Community Bank® Branch are Balnarring Occasional Care Centre, Junior Football Club, Bowls Club, Red Cross, Netball Club; and the Somers Pre-school, Girl Guides, Rural Fire Brigade, Riding for the Disabled Association and several foreshore committees. This Community Bank® Branch was recently assessed by an unannounced ‘Mystery Shopper’ and Balnarring was named number one in the Peninsula region for customer service and staff performance. As Rachel says, “We are passionate about making a difference in our community and at the same time we offer personalised and quality service.” Shop 28, Balnarring Village Shopping Centre, Frankston Flinders Road, Balnarring, Phone 5983 5543. Open: Mon to Fri 9am - 5pm, Sat 9am - 12 noon.

We’re here for

in Balnarring

At Balnarring & District Community Bank® Branch we pride ourselves on supporting you to reach your financial goals – and doing whatever we can to build a strong, successful community. It’s refreshing to find a bank committed to U, isn’t it? Call in and meet our Branch Manager, Rachel Harding and her friendly team at Balnarring Village Shopping Centre or phone 5983 5543.

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited ABN 11 068 049 178 AFSL 237879. (S30364) (08/10)

Balnarring & District Community Bank® Branch ( 66 GIG & EVENT GUIDE online at updated weekly

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The Community of Balnarring Nestled a short walk inland from Balnarring Beach, or Tulum Beach as it is also known, is the township of Balnarring. The beach features sweeping crescents of coastline and a foreshore reserve which offers safe swimming along sandy stretches of the coast. Racehorses are trained on the beach early in the morning six days a week and Balnarring Beach holds the award for the “Cleanest Beach in Victoria” from the Keep Australia Beautiful committee. The Heritage is the local pub where regulars can warm a bar stool and have a chat, or take advantage of the generous and diverse menu which is attracting customers from all over the Peninsula and beyond. A particular favourite is the Wednesday night family roast. Then there’s the entertainment factor and the kid friendly staff and activities, more on The Heritage Tavern and Restaurant on the pages following. The Balnarring Picnic Race Club has a long and proud history dating back to 1863. It was in that year that the Hastings and Balnarring Racing Club, as it was then known, commenced racing. The original site is still used today, but the club has improved facilities beyond the wildest dreams of its founders. From a once a year meet, the Racing Club now hosts six events each year and the non profit organisation is committed to promoting picnic racing as an enjoyable and family orientated activity. The next racing days are Saturday November 6 and December 4 with admission a reasonable $10 per adult, $8 concession and children free. Gates open at 10am and the first race is at 1pm. For further information, visit

With Spring well and truly here, both the Dromana Hub and Balnarring Village Shopping Centres are the ideal place to shop for all your everyday needs! Both Centres feature a Ritchies Supa IGA supermarket and supporting retailers, where you can purchase fresh food, gifts and flowers, sit down for a cuppa and a snack or have your hair done! Customers over 55 can also join the Seniors Club with special offers for all members. To join the club, phone Jane on 9606 0194 and you will be sent a registration form. For retailer information on both Centres, please visit Open 7 days and free parking at both locations.

Ritchies Servicing Communities on the

Mornington Peninsula for 140 years

Balnarring Store - Ph: (03) 5983 2511 Corner Baln. & Frankston/Flinders Rds, Balnarring. Dromana - Ph: (03) 5987 2766 Corner O’Donohue St & Point Nepean Rd, Dromana. Hastings - Ph: (03) 5979 1489 Corner High & Salmon Street, Hastings, 3915. Mt.Eliza - Ph: (03) 9787 4322 or (03) 9787 4168 Mt Eliza Way, Mt Eliza, 3930. Rosebud - Ph: (03) 5981 2066 Corner Wannaeue Pl & Ninth Ave, Rosebud, 3939. Somerville - Ph: (03) 5977 5260 Eramosa Road, Somerville, 3912 . Towerhill - Ph: (03) 9781 2616 Corner Golf Links/Hastings Rds, Frankston, 3199.



Ritchies financially supports your community. Shouldn't you? Get your free Community Benefit card today!

See in-store for details


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Keeping The Heritage strong The Heritage in Balnarring nearly fell to developers. The new owners want it to become an arts and music hub, and they are doing a fine job kicking it off. Balnarring Village is one of those places that you go to once, discover a great little place, and keep going back. So it was with me and The Heritage, and I became a semi-regular patron to the Sunday deck sessions, where I enjoyed the likes of local performers Holy Cow, Lloyd Spiegel, and Cousin Leonard. Recently it appeared developers would move in and destroy this superb local attraction with its great local patronage. At the last minute, just when all seemed lost, local residents Gail and Mick came to the rescue and bought the place. All they wanted was to make sure The Heritage keeps its heritage.

In The Dock

with Judge Fudge Performer Profile: Lloyd Spiegel

I recall living in Prahran and making my way to the Windsor Castle Hotel most Monday nights to watch Melbourne blues legend Dutch Tilders. This was back in the ‘80s, and the ‘Dutchman’s lead guitarist was one Geoff Achison, who has gone on to form a huge reputation of his own. But I digress. There was always this 14-odd-year-old kid hanging around, and I could never work it out. I found out a while ago that kid has been living on the Peninsula for most of his adult life. In between gigging all over the country, and even to places like Japan where his

( 68 GIG & EVENT GUIDE online at updated weekly

“We live here, we’re residents, and we just could not allow developers to just waltz in and forget about what the place is to everyone who lives here,” Gail says. “We didn’t want our favourite place to disappear so we just had to do something.” Gail and Mick are not what you would call traditional hospitality business owners. But they are smart people, and smart people surround themselves with others who do know. They have employed highly experienced staff and allowed those people to manage things. Manager, Laura Sutton has returned to the Peninsula after a two year stint in the UK where she managed a traditional family pub. Prior to this, Laura was a team leader at the international resort, Voyages near Uluru. She is refreshingly cosmopolitan and brings with her a wealth of hospitality experience. New events manager Samantha Westall is taking care of the entertainment side of things. The Sunday sessions are back in full swing, with plans to expand the concept in the warmer months. Music – and, importantly, local performers - will be a big

focus during weekends with plans to create a venue that will be recognised as a hub for locals and tourists alike. Saturday nights look to be in the mix during the warmer months and the Sunday sessions may well develop into a wonderful afternoon that becomes a great night. Plans are afoot to keep the day going into the evening with a range of performers both local and otherwise including The Detonators, and the restaurant is keeping apace with a great selection of bar meals to enjoy out on the deck, or for a more formal meal you will enjoy the restaurant. There is also consideration being given to house local art and even possibly holding art shows at semi-regular intervals, and perhaps a resumption of the Open Mic night for musos. All these things may take a little more time, but Gail and Mick can now continue to enjoy what attracted them to The Heritage in the first place, and Balnarring has retained one of its most pleasant destinations. Find out what’s on at The Heritage Tavern & Restaurant at - The Judge says’thumbs up its great!’

following makes him one of that country’s highest record sellers, Lloyd Spiegel is a veteran at just 30. How’s this for a bio: first recording at 10; formed his first band at 15; eight albums over a 20-year career; six tours of the US, playing with the likes of Buddy Guy, Etta James, Ray Charles, Willie Nelson and even Bob Dylan. I’ve had the opportunity to meet Lloyd and the pleasure of his company on my regular Friday program Station Underground Reporting for 3RPP. I’ve also watched his performances on several occasions at venues locally and further afield. There are good guitarists and good performers, but the difference between the goods and the greats for me is simple: when the greats perform you can see and hear nothing else around you. It’s like you’re in your own world with just you and the performer. Lloyd Spiegel completely takes control of his audience, and suddenly there’s a break between sets. He is unquestionably one of Australia’s best guitarists, moving his

fingers through the strings like few I’ve ever seen, and captivating his audience with his command of his guitar. Off stage Lloyd has been involved in several fundraising ventures for young musicians here and, while in the US he was asked to become part of the Blues In The Schools program, inspiring him to create the Youth In Blues program on his return to Australia. If his 2005 release Tall Stories was considered his breakthrough release, his latest release Tangled Brew, his eighth album, will surely go down as the one that finally brings him widespread commercial success (See separate review). With the release of the CD Lloyd is busy doing the rounds, but come spring he is intent on spending some time in his own backyard and performing locally for a while. So keep your eyes out, check local gig guides and if he is performing at a venue near you, do yourself a favour and book early because it will sell out. You can find out more about Lloyd Spiegel at fresh every season mornington life


We have 6 Adult tickets to win for The Sounds of Summer Concert on Sunday November 14 at Morning Star Estate.

Starring Deboray Conway, Ross Wilson, Joe Camilleri & the Black Sorrows and Daryl Braithwaite. Tickets are valued at $49.90 each. You need to be a member of Mornington Life to enter. Join now, by logging on to

Rubber Soul play NYE at Morning Star Estate

They look and sound just like ‘The Beatles’, it’s uncanny!

Entries OPEN SEPT 15 - CLOSE OCT 15. Winners will be notified by email or phone on Monday October 18.


We have 2 Adult tickets to win for the Three Tenors Show on Friday October 8 at SPAC (Southern Peninsula Arts Centre).

Starring Australia’s favourite Pavarotti Impersonator - Angelo Falcone with renowned tenors Lawrence Allen and Paul Gulinello. Tickets are valued at $35 each. You need to be a member of Mornington Life to enter. Join now, by logging on to Entries OPEN SEPT 15 - CLOSE SEPT 30. Winners will be notified by email or phone on Friday October 1.

The She-Laas Friday November 19 This fabulous show will appear for the first time ever in Rye at Bamboo.

‘The She-Laas’ feature three of Melbourne’s most sought-after female vocalists: Marion Fay, Jennifer Lee, and Margaret Dennis. Their show will include songs like ‘It’s my party’, ‘One final day’, ‘Chapel of love’, ‘De Do Ron Ron’, and many more. Starts 7pm sharp $59 pp includes show and 3 course meal, Bamboo Restaurant 2257 Point Nepean Road Rye Bookings essential 5985 7700

( 70 GIG & EVENT GUIDE online at updated weekly

Legendary 9 piece band The Mercuries play NYE at Morning Star Estate Joining them is the Big O and friends. Expect to hear and dance to Presented by some of the best music around.

These talented musicians are sure to impress. Robbie Williams Experience, The Party Boys, Motown Legendsand surprise guests will also entertain, kick you heels up as we head into the ‘twenties’! fresh every season

mornington life

The shining star of Peninsula dining and events hots up for Spring Morning Star Estate is arguably the most beautiful winery on the Mornington Peninsula and, as if the gardens and spectacular views over the bay are not enough, the quality entertainment just keeps on coming. Not just for adults either – family events always feature children’s activities to keep the little ones occupied. The Gala Derby Eve Ball on the evening of October 29 promises to be one of the best dinner shows you will ever attend. Dress up in your best Spring carnival attire, dust off your dancing shoes and participate in the ultimate Spring Carnival celebration. A glass of champagne with canapés on arrival, followed by a superb four course dinner, will get you in the mood for the big sound of the Glenn Miller Band, led by one of Australia’s best performing artists and musicians and fronted by the queen diva of floorshows herself, Janine Reed. Diva’s are Forever is a tribute to the Diva’s of the world, Janine Reed has put together the definitive version of the very best of Shirley Bassey, with special guests, Liza Minneli, Judy Garland, Barbara Streisand, Cher and many more. ‘Divas Are Forever’ is a show that ensures all elements of glitz, glamour, cabaret, costumes and vocal excellence meet to bring audiences a never to be forgotten experience. What a way to kick off the Spring Racing Carnival. There will be prizes for the best dressed men

and women so glam up and have a ‘ball’. Dinner and Show $95.00pp. On Sunday November 14, Morning Star presents The Sounds of Summer, an unmissable event featuring our best-loved Oz musical icons Ross Wilson, Joe Camilleri and the Black Sorrows, Daryl Braithwaite, and Deborah Conway. So grab the kids and a bunch of friends for this huge outdoor concert; BYO deck chairs, rugs and picnic hampers and get settled in from 11am onwards. Food and beverages will also be available on the day. Adults $49.90pp, 12-18 year olds $24.90pp, and children under 12 free. Farewell 2010 on New Years Eve with two amazing events to choose from to see in the new year. If a lazy picnic style evening is your preference, Under The Stars commences at dusk and includes unlimited rides for the kids. Live entertainment will have you partying with Robbie Williams Experience, The Party Boys, The Big O and The Mercuries with a big finish featuring The Beatles reincarnated - Rubber Soul, and family

fireworks. Free flowing food stalls will be open thorough the evening providing a delicious range of fresh cooked food. BYO alcohol is not permitted. Adults $44 / Child $16 / Family $100. If a dinner and show is your style then do it in real style! The Dinner Show will involve an evening of continual surprises, where you will relive an unforgettable musical eras featuring the Motown Legends, Louie Feltrin makes a guest appearance in The Robbie Williams Experience. A cannot mention, special surprise performance has been arranged which will have you crying for more. The feature performance for the evening will be the renowned Big O and Friends backed by none other than the legendary 9 piece band, The Mercuries. An exclusive fireworks show will be provided at midnight before the grand finale music set by our feature performers, so you can dance your way into the next decade. A sumptuous four course meal is included. Book Now 9787 7760, Morning Star Estate, 1 Sunnyside Road Mt Eliza

Dress up in your best attire & join us for the ultimate spring carnival celebration The Queen Diva herself Janine Reed brings you her internationally acclaimed show “Divas Are Forever” backed by the huge sounds of the Glenn Miller 6 piece Tribute Band. Re-live one of the greatest eras led by one of Australia’s best performing artists and musicians.

PLUS 2 special SURPRISE nationally & internationally renowned performances. Expect to laugh, sing, strut, dance and experience one of the best dinner shows ever.


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71 )

Fri Oct 8th 8pm

1960’s Bandstand revival show

FRIDAY OCTOBER 8th at 8pm - Adults $35pp (Concession $30) Southern Peninsula Arts Centre, 245 Eastbourne Rd, Rosebud Bookings: 0468 650 043 (Brett) or online at or Blue Bay Cafe 667 Pt Nepean Rd McCrae Ph:5982 0295

Coming Soon BOOK NOW! December 11th

the She-Laas at SPAC

Southern Peninsula Arts Centre Bookings: 0468 650 043 (Brett) or online at or Blue Bay Cafe 667 Pt Nepean Rd McCrae Ph:5982 0295 ( 72 GIG & EVENT GUIDE online at updated weekly

A tribute to the unforgettable 1960’s television icon, Bandstand, will be performed at SPAC, Rosebud, on the 11th December 2010, to support women who are recovering from breast cancer. Starring ‘The She-Laas’, a percentage of the proceeds, from the night’s performance, will go to YWCA Encore, which is a gentle exercise program, designed specifically for women who have had breast cancer. ‘The She-Laas’ feature three of Melbourne’s most sought-after female vocalists: Marion Fay, Jennifer Lee, and Margaret Dennis. “The night is going to be something special, and spectacular for everyone. The audience will be transported back in time, to 1963, to be part of the fabulous Bandstand show. With guest artists, including, tributes to Roy Orbison, Petula Clark, Buddy Holly, and Connie Francis. It will be a really fun night”,

says Marion. “Our outrageous pink wigs, and 60’s, dresses, dances, and harmonies, will have everyone up on their feet and singing along, to the likes of, The Supremes, The Crystals, Martha and the Vandellas, and The Shirelles,” says Jenny. Bandstand fanatics, remember your teens, or anyone who just loves hearing great songs like ‘It’s my party’, ‘Stop, in the name of love’, ‘Da do ron ron’, and ‘One fine day’. “It will be a fun-filled night for all, and, a percentage of the proceeds, will help support, YWCA Encore. People can sing along, to the great female artists of the 60s. The She-Laas portray three sisters, who live in the 60’s, and, the hilarious antics they get up to, trying to solve the troubles they have with boys. Their emotions are played out in song. Performing at SPAC December 11th.


They can sing! And what’s more; they can entertain! Artists with 30 plus years of experience. This is a Cabaret Show like no other. Three great voices singing the most noted songs of the century. From the ever popular operatic arias to English, Spanish and Italian Classics and also modern songs and ballads loved by all. The Three Tenors Show without doubt, performs the most Versatile, Sophisticated, Heart-felt Repertoire that any Show could possibly present in 2 hours. SPAC October 8th. fresh every season mornington life

Hickbotham of Dromana’s unique setting

offers a relaxing and rustic environment to enjoy good food and wine with your family and friends. Open daily from 11am you can enjoy a snack, light gourmet lunch or more substantial offering. Dinners or functions can be arranged. Enjoy wine and beer tastings daily from 11am with great children’s play areas and a bevy of home made jams and preserves on display to purchase. The menu has many delicious choices, freshly baked wine breads are a favourite. Or try the Winemakers Platter, a selection of meat, cheese, antipasto, fruit, chutney and bread, which is enough for 2 to 5 people. There are Gourmet Pizzas to be ordered off the daily changing specials board or try some of their signature dishes like slow cooked local Lamb Navarin with baby turnips and potato gratin. Another favourite is Flinders Island Garfish Fillets served with garden sourced Jerusalem artichoke puree and lemon verbena foam. There is also a great kids menu and some fabulous desserts or cheese platters. Christmas is coming faster than you think and Hickinbotham will delight family and friends with their excellent menu and relaxed atmosphere. Two course Christmas Lunch will be $45 or three for $57 per person. Their menu will allow diners to choose one item per course, entrée choices will be Salad of seared Tuna, crispy capers and cooked egg dressing or Gazpachio of Tomato and peppers with Avocado and Crisps or Terrine of Pork and Duck served with house made walnut and rosemary bread and apple chutney. For mains choose from Pork Belly on Warm Lentil and Herb Salad with a Raspberry Vinaigrette or Herb Crusted Breast of Chicken with a Warm Tomato and Herb Dressing or Roasted Scotch Fillet served with

Asparagus and Bernaise served with Hand Cut Chips. The for dessert Individual Christmas Puddings served with Estate Muscat Anglaise or Local Berries, “Strawberry Kiss” Sabayon and Short Biscuits or Nut Fudge Brownie with Double cream. It is essential to book early!

Coming up at Hickinbotham

Jazz Affair Quartet Saturday, 9 October, 6-11pm One of Melbourne’s finest Lady’s of Jazz, Beverly Fraser with her Quartet, Jazz Affair, will perform their unique interpretation of Jazz/Blues standards and more. Featuring Noel Bond, Piano, Andrew Eames, Bass, Rob Groves, Drums and special guests Ron Anderson on Saxophone and Flute and Leigh Fraser on Guitar. An evening not to be missed. Wizard & Oz Saturday, 23 October, 6-11pm These legends will put on an amazing evening. This will be a fantastic night out! Their fans rave, “They are musicians with the ability to enthral, amuse, and entertain. Eccentric, brilliant piano playing along with incredible voice & talent on guitar”. Check out their music yourself. Dinner & Show $55, Show Only $25, book early. There is always music every Sunday arvo, don’t forget their famous Melbourne Cup Carnival Sat Oct 30-Tue Nov 2. Hickinbotham of Dromana, 194 Nepean Highway, Dromana. Open daily 11am-5pm, phone 5981 0355.


sitting on for about two years and

Lloyd Spiegel: Tangled Brew (Black Market Music) The charge: 12-track CD that could break the chains. By now most Australian blues aficionados would know of Lloyd Spiegel. By the time this CD has run its course my guess is that Australia generally will know of Lloyd Spiegel. Lloyd is acknowledged as one of our finest blues singers, and Tangled Brew is quite possibly the CD that defines him not only as such, but could also capture mainstream accolades and the commercial success this release deserves. This is not a blues album. This is a soulful, rich and completely unavoidable selection of songs that Lloyd confessed to me he had been

or how to release them. It’s a strange way, then, to compliment a performer you’ve watched and enjoyed for many years, but if I had not known this was Lloyd Spiegel I would never had picked it. I tested that out on a friend. Four tracks into the CD I told him who it was. He was as surprised as me. The opening track, Murder for Breakfast, sets the tone leading into the title track, both wonderfully crafted tales of sadness, regret and hope. From there the CD takes a little bit of a turn into the more r’n’b flavoured Rock And A Hard Place, although it’s still a ways from being strictly that. But the raw emotion of the opening tracks returns with a bang on songs like The Man That I Was, Letter From Tokyo, and Dirt Road To Paradise.

WITH 3RPP’S JUDGE FUDGE wasn’t totally sure about the timing

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Tangled Brew exceeds the expectations created by his breakthrough release Tall Stories and is set to define him as not just one of Australia’s finest blues singers, but as one of our finest performers. It may just become the benchmark for aspiring young guitarists. Listen to Tangled Brew at www.

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Talent above and beyond Don’t let Leonie Deavin’s slight build fool you. When she climbs on her stilts and morphs into character as the Stilt Walking Fairy, she’s positively towering over you. In fact, Leonie’s company, Nova Star Productions, has a range of interesting and delightful characters that can stilt-walk their way around your party, creating fun for everybody. There’s an Angel, Carnival Dancer, Venetian Princess and even a Genie. For Spring, Leonie has introduced the delightful Lord and Lady Stilton, an exquisite couple who always dress immaculately. The Stiltons will impress your guests with their tales of coming to Australia from their castle in Norington Greens. Mornington Life Magazine understands ‘the Stiltons’ were reportedly regular visitors to Buckingham Palace. They’re a very popular couple, having already received invitations to most events on the busy Spring Racing Carnival calendar. If you see them at the racetrack, be sure to give them a cheerio and make them feel welcome, won’t you? Leonie’s costumes are amazing and capture the true spirit of the characters she portrays. With Christmas just around the corner, she’s unveiled some new costumes that are sure to delight both children and adults alike when Leonie slips into their respective characters. There’s Crystal the Christmas Fairy, Silver Mist, who’s a beautiful white fairy, and Cheeky the Elf. Nova Star Productions can design any costume for any themed event. Leonie has been stilt-walking for almost two decades. She was working as a choreographer for a circus in Darwin when the regular stilt walker damaged her knee. Organisers persuaded Leonie to fill in and she hasn’t looked down since. Leonie performs around Australia in festivals, parades and at private functions. Nova Star Productions can certainly add sparkle to any event you’re planning, and that isn’t limited to just stilt walkers. Leonie’s company has magicians, jugglers, acrobats, fire artists, musicians and even face painters. You can visit her website at or email Otherwise, just give her a call on 0411 120 761.

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Sit back relax and enjoy bamboo @ rye Owner of Bamboo in Rye, Suzette Tayler, has been critiquing restaurants for more than 25 years on the Mornington Peninsula in the Eastern suburbs and interstate. Suzette’s goal is to bring a more relaxed feel to dining and an affordable experience for everyone whether that is a couple having a romantic evening or a family celebrating a special occasion or simply just out for dinner. Bamboo is quickly building a following of lovers of fresh innovative dining, and with its clean lines and stylish airy interior along with views across Port Phillip Bay, the restaurant offers a vibrant fresh flavour to the Peninsula dining circuit. Suzette says, “We set out to create a fresh new alternative which offers a range of dining experiences from a casual coffee and cake or lunch, to a relaxed dinner or special event with exceptional, fresh, innovative Australian cuisine. We are striving for professional, yet not intimidating service, and value for money.” Bamboo is a place where you can be caught up in the ambience of a busy night but still dine privately and undisturbed. Bamboo has professional yet comfortable service, a commitment to fresh local produce, a comprehensive wine list that includes local wines and one of the nicest coffees you will find on the peninsula.


The emphasis is on relaxed dining with style and quality. Their new menu still boasts Bamboo favourites such as Lamb Rump, which is cooked to medium, on a pearl barley and fine herb risotto and served with rosemary root vegetables. Featured on the Spring menu is Roasted Black Angus Eye Fillet cooked to your liking on an ox tail and served with baby carrot, fresh peas, pear and seeded mustard puree with red wine jus. Or try the Sea Bream, cooked with the chef’s own secret recipe; Suzette assures us it’s a mouth watering surprise. One of their most popular dessert, Hot Chocolate Fondant, on a coco glaze with mascarpone and hazelnut praline is available all day. Sitting at Bamboo gazing dreamily at the water is a great way to spend an afternoon or an evening. Kids are welcome and staff generally help to keep them amused by offering them pencils to draw to their hearts are content on the paper table cloths. Mark September 24th in your diary when Australia’s foremost Elvis impersonator, Mark Andrew, performs at Bamboo. He will be performing his Legends Showcase featuring the hits of Dean Martin, Buddy Holly, Tom Jones, John Lennon, Jim Morrison, Austin Powers and of course Elvis. This talented chameleon is a must see act,

guaranteed to please an audience of any age. Bookings are essential for the dinner and show on Grand Final Eve, so slip on your Blue Suede Shoes and get on down to Bamboo. The restaurant can also be booked for private functions and with Christmas just around the corner, Bamboo is now taking bookings for end of year celebrations. Suzette is keen to engage with the locals and will be offering some extra special deals, loyalty programs and more during the next few months, so if you haven’t been to Bamboo for a while pop in soon and introduce yourself to Suzette. Bamboo is located at 2257 Point Nepean Road, Rye. For bookings and enquiries, telephone: 5985 7700.

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With the bright red tractor out the front, it’s hard to miss Barmah Park Vineyard on the Moorooduc Highway at Moorooduc. Situated between Tyabb and Bentons roads, Barmah Park is in an ideal position for those travelling between Melbourne and Portsea to stop for a spot of lunch and glass or two of award-winning wines. In fact, Barmah Park’s 2008 chardonnay and 2008 reserve pinot both took out bronze at the 2010 Cool Climate Wine Show, which are open to all wine producers in cool climate regions, including New Zealand, Tasmania and of course the Mornington Peninsula. Barmah Park specialises in pinot gris, white pinot and pinot noir. All wines are made from grapes grown on the property by winemaker Ewan Campbell, of the nearby Phaedrus Estate. Diners at Barmah Park are afforded views over the vines, which provide a relaxed comfortable country feel. On a lazy Thursday afternoon when Mornington Life visited, Barmah Park was bustling. Owner Paul Williams says many of his diners are regulars, predominately from the Peninsula. Chef Ben McDermott, formerly of Max’s in Red Hill, is in the

kitchen and the menu on offer is sure to appeal to all palates. Changes are made to the menu seasonally, and there is of course a “specials” board offering an extra array of tempting tastes. When Mornington Life sat down to lunch the specials board featured six additional mains, including eye fillet with mash and beans caramelised with onion and red wine jus; and seafood risotto with calamari, scallops, prawns and rockling marinated in preserved lemon and garlic in a creamy chardonnay sauce. There was even a choice of fish of the day: grilled yellowfish or tuna fillet. Usually on the regular menu and one of the Barmah Park’s most popular dishes is the crispy sea salt calamari with Asian-style salad and caramelised orange soy dressing. There are plenty of choices when it comes to desserts, too. The chocolate, hazelnut and caramel tart with berry coulis and double cream is difficult to ignore. Or if something lighter appeals, there’s always the affogato vanilla bean ice-cream and espresso coffee that you could enjoy with a morello cherry dessert wine! The kids aren’t forgotten either, with a choice of choc-tops. Barmah Park is open seven days a week from 9am-4pm for breakfast and lunch. Bookings are encouraged on 5978 8049 to avoid disappointment. Visitors are also welcome to sample wines at the cellar door.

$ingle Income bringing in the crowds

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Due to popular demand, $ingle Income will be playing at Beaches of Mornington three times every month, until February 2011. See Mornington Life’s online gig guide for dates. The band will continue with their popular formula of Classic Rock Covers including the best Australian and International songs

dating from current right back to the 70’s. $ingle Income comprises Marc and Tom on guitars, Greg on lead vocals, drums is Andrew and Colin on bass guitar. To book the band, ph Marc 0407 999 514. Left to right, Marc Luxa, Greg Fleming, Andrew Tuck, Colin Grant and Tom Kerlin. fresh every season mornington life

Passion for food and romance at The Vines It was always James Redfern’s dream to own a country restaurant. He must have dreamt pretty hard, because many dreams never come true, but alas, fortunately for James, his did. James certainly picked a fairytale location for Vines of Red Hill is the perfect setting in which one could sit, eat, drink and . . . well . . . dream your life away! Invisible from Red Hill Road, Vines sits down from the brow of the hill, shaded by ancient Angophora trees. The restaurant is reached by a path that gently winds its way through lavishly planted gardens. Once you reach the restaurant you could be forgiven for thinking

you’ve left the shores of Australia. The Mediterranean-inspired facade with its tower is simply stunning and makes the visitor at once feel relaxed and that the afternoon/evening you’re about to spend at Vines will be a delight. The restaurant itself exudes an air of spaciousness with its large expansive windows overlooking garden and vines beyond. Since James and his wife, Leanne, purchased the Vines about three-and-a-half years ago, they’ve enjoyed putting their own imprint on the property. James and Leanne are the 3rd owners of the Vines which was established 15 years ago. The vines on the property provide the grapes for the Vines Estate wine you can sip on as James, a chef for over 30 years, gets to work in the kitchen preparing his exquisite dishes. James is passionate for regions to promote and retain their own individuality and that’s what drives his modern Australian cuisine. James sources most of his produce from nearby French Island. As James explains, “it’s biodynamic, which is the next step up from organic. It’s been my passion to have a

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country restaurant using regional produce.” Farm house cheese, berries, fruit and vegetables are all sourced from French Island. Of his French Island supplier, James says, “anything she produces I buy, because I know it’s the absolute best.” Fresh fish is sourced from Port Phillip and Westernport Bays. What he can’t source locally, James simply makes or grows himself. “I make everything from ice-creams to bread,” he says. James has even gone to the trouble of installing pure bred Wagyu beef in a paddock up the road. He says, “I’m fattening them up on grain at the moment.” Expect to see beef Wagyu on the Vines menu soon! Veal and lamb are also on the menu at Vines. With Spring now here, James is excited about some of his dishes. James admits he has fondness for cooking ‘vegetable dishes’ and expect to see plenty of fish dishes on the menu now the warmer weather is here. Spring Seafood Pike and King George Whiting will be among them. Vines continues its Peninsula Plate, 2 course menu with a glass of Vines wine for $35.

A daily changing menu features some of the chef’s signature dishes such as artichokes stuffed with local goats cheese, served with asparagus or soufflé of spring pike. Well known on the Peninsula, James says of his cooking, “I do it my way.” For those seeking a more private experience at Vines, the Tower Dining Room is available and can seat up to a dozen guests. The Tower has its own private entrance and toilet facilities and is a wonderful place to meet for a more intimate function or a business lunch or dinner. James can prepare a special degustation menu to make dining in the Tower even more special. Families are made welcome at Vines and James is particular about making sure the kids also eat good food! Vines of Red Hill is located at 150 Red Hill Road, Red Hill. Phone 5989 2977.

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Blissfull indulgence for couples only Entwining their passion for accommodation excellence and great food and wine, Mt Martha’s Rod and Kellie Farrington have launched their latest indulgent couples-only venture at The Vines of Red Hill. Building on the success of their 10 existing and widely acclaimed properties at Hepburn Springs and a recipe of open fires, in-room spa baths, contemporary furnishings and romantic pamper packages, they have turned their attention from Victoria’s spa country to one of its most popular wine regions. “We’ve searched for years for just the right property on the Peninsula and once we saw The Vines, we knew we’d found it,” said Kellie, a former advertising executive. Set on twenty acres with more than six acres of Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Gewurztraminer vines and the successful Vines restaurant leased by noted chef James Redfern, the couple have completed a whirlwind transformation of the underutilised accommodation and created four individually-themed rooms. Kudos Sparkling, Kudos Devine, Kudos Tonic and Kudos Essence are guaranteed to pamper. Designed as the ultimate private retreat


for couples who demand the latest in style and sophistication, the self-contained accommodation lets guests relax in the spa, marvel at the breathtaking vineyard views or sip champagne while watching the flickering open fireplace from luxurious leather love seats. Any stay at Kudos at The Vines is bound to be nothing less than totally restful and blissfully rejuvenating. Less than an hour from Melbourne and located in the heart of the Red Hill wine district, only moments from the Red Hill South shops, The Vines is the perfect base to explore the many vineyards, restaurants, galleries, beaches, golf courses and other attractions the Peninsula has to offer. A number of in-room services are also available including massages and dining. Special proposal and anniversary treats like flowers, chocolates and champagne are easily arranged. “It is such a special place and I think the Peninsula has a need for more high-quality accommodation designed especially for couples who crave time for themselves in today’s busy world,” said Kellie.

Her husband Rod, said the configuration of the rooms also allowed for two couples to share a large communal living and dining area while still having total privacy if they wished. “It’s just another option. We have a commercial kitchen there too, so we even have the flexibility to host small conferences or business getaways, and with the restaurant on the other side of the vineyard, just a short walk away, there’s also the possibility of running cooking classes under James Redfern’s instruction,” he said.

“Working closely with James and the restaurant, we hope to offer guests a really unique experience where they can sample the best food, wine and accommodation the Peninsula has to offer.” Guests can also enjoy walks through the vines and around the large property which has two dams, remnant native bush and a tranquil, secluded area at the rear of the property that is perfect for picnics. For more info on Kudos at The Vines, go to or phone 5988 3718.

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Fab food, great vibe - it’s Verde!


Restaurant + Bar

LIVE ACOUSTIC MUSIC IN THE BAR Thursdays 5.30 - 8.30pm Sundays 2.30 - 5.30pm • new seasonal menu • great steak • fresh seafood

Even on a cold winter’s night in Mt Eliza, Verde Restaurant & Bar is positively buzzing. Owner and host, Cameron, extends a warm welcome and before long any memory of the conditions on the outside are gone as I toast my insides with a Foxey’s Hangout Pinot Noir, one of eighteen local wines off the extensive wine list. Having survived the global financial crisis with some smart marketing ideas Verde is busier than ever. Cameron was able to not only maintain his loyal clientele but attract new patronage. The fact that the food at Verde is varied and interesting may also have something to do with it! As well as offering a tapas menu in the bar, which is a great way to engage the taste buds, Verde’s massive menu offers light meals, pizza, pasta and risotto as well as traditional main fare. On top of that, the kids have seven meals from which they can choose (nine if you include the 2 dessert choices specifically for children). Getting started is fun but making the choice isn’t easy as there are so many tempting plates to choose from…. Pork, ginger & coriander cabbage rolls, Coconut prawns with pickled vegetable salad & mango, Shrimp & corn chowder, a selection of scallop tasting spoons, or perhaps the Tasmanian oysters with 6 different toppings! To list the whole menu in a few paragraphs would be impossible and would not do it justice, but to give you an idea, these dishes were on the specials board the night we dined: Roast Atlantic Salmon, Chargrilled Marlin on Jerusalem Artichokes, Roast Duck in Spiced Orange with braised Fennel & Spinach Risotto and Grilled Sirloin Steak

with Sweet Potato Mash & Broccolini red wine jus & horseradish as well as a handful of entrées and appetisers. Verde certainly owes a lot of its success to executive chef, Jacqueline Connon, who’s been cooking up a storm for nearly four years and Cameron is quick to acknowledge her talent. “Jacqeline has definitely taken the restaurant to a new level”, he says. “I can make it, but she makes it better”. Cameron also believes Verde has hit its straps because “we offer unpretentious value for money and you get the complete package”. He says “If you order a steak, you’ll get potato, you’ll get vegies”, a reference to those restaurants where you have to purchase vegetables as a side dish. Verde’s success is no doubt also due to Cameron’s vision. He trained as a chef himself, starting his apprenticeship in 1987 under Michael Flouch and spending time in the kitchens at the National Golf Club and for Peter Rowland in the city, before opening his first business the Old Grainery in Somerville. In 1998, he set up Conrad’s in Mt Eliza before creating Verde in 2003. Earlier this year Cameron finally opened the door to Verde Bar, a project he had been nurturing for some time. The bar provides a great atmosphere to stop by for a drink after work, a catch up with friends over some tapas or enjoy a pre-dinner drink before dining in the restaurant. They now have live acoustic music on Thursday nights and soon on Sunday afternoons too. Verde Bar & Restaurant is open 7 days a week for lunch, dinner and drinks. 34 Mt Eliza Way, Mt Eliza Phone 9787 0200.

• modern Italian cuisine • huge specials board • wine & tapas 7 days Lunch | Dinner | Drinks | Fully Licensed | 7 Days

34 Mt Eliza Way Mt Eliza Phone 03 9787 0200

w w w. v e r d e . c o m . a u

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A culinary experience of pure pleasure Achieving outstanding results at the 2010 Mornington Peninsula Regional Awards for Excellence, and receiving four awards in total, Salix Restaurant and Bistro has set a high benchmark for others in the hospitality industry. The Age 2010 Good Food Guide states that “...dining at Salix is pure pleasure” and the restaurant gets a special mention for its great views. The Salix Restaurant experience feels like you are dining among the vines. With an air of spaciousness and simplicity, the restaurant features floor-to-ceiling windows which have the ability to blur the line of reality between venue and vineyard. The restaurant is an integral part of the Willow Creek Vineyard and is owned and operated by Bernard and Rachael McCarthy who have this to say about the menu at Salix: “The diversity of local produce is reflected in menus that express a sense of adventure, creativity and skill. We have a trusted network of local suppliers from which we source the best seasonal, free range produce think Western Port whiting, Red Hill quinces, hand-picked local berries, artisan cheeses, Peninsula beef and Flinders mussels. “We also make our own produce on site, from gnocchi, nougat and honeycomb, to ice creams and our


‘famous’ bread rolls, baked daily. “Our wine list showcases all that the Willow Creek Vineyard can produce, with the Tulum range available by the glass or bottle. There are a few other little treats on offer including some of the finest Mornington Peninsula wines and a selection of European imports.” Attracted to the idea of a sea-change and the opportunity to spend more time with his young family, Bernard made the move to the Mornington Peninsula in 2004. With wife Rachael running all special events, the McCarthy’s have put their own stamp on the restaurant which has been recognised by winning a number of prestigious industry awards. No wonder they have so many happy customers. The recently renovated Salix Bistro offers a more casual, family-friendly dining option. Enjoy a glass of wine and a few share plates while overlooking the rolling vines from the new deck or curled up by the fire. Bernard and Rachael have recently opened a 2nd restaurant, Bistro Maison in Mt Eliza. Inspired by the suburban bistros of Paris, celebrating community and this region’s remarkable produce, Bistro Maison is very French and open 7 nights per week. Phone 9787 6111. The opening event of this year’s MPVA

Pinot Week celebrations is Saturday October 2, hosted by Willow Creek winery. With three of the Peninsula’s most creative pinot noir winemakers, Geraldine McFaul, Tod Dexter and Tony Lee on hand and a veritable feast of five courses expertly matched to the winemakers’ 2008 & 2009 chardonnays and pinots, you better book now. Commencing at 6pm step inside Willow Creek winery; then at 7pm dinner is served by Salix Restaurant in the barrel hall. All inclusive cost is $140 pp. Bookings are essential. Later during Pinot week indulge in a lazy Sunday breakfast on October 10 with a two-course French Provincial Brunch. With dishes like croquemonsieur, coddled eggs with salmon, exquisite pastries, frangipani tarts and a glass of bubbles, made from pinot of course! Bring your favourite newspaper and let the staff at Salix do the rest. Splendiferous! $39 pp includes two course breakfast, sparkling and coffee from 10am to 2pm. Bookings essential. Salix Restaurant & Bistro is at Willow Creek Vineyard, Merricks North. Open for lunch: 7 days from 12noon. Dinner: Fri and Saturdays from 6pm. Function enquiries welcome. Ph: 5989 7640 Become a member for offers & freebies throughout each season, to join go to

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Share the bounty at The Rocks To wile an afternoon away at The Rocks in Mornington is an indulgence that should be written into legislation and enforced with the full force of the law. For sitting lazily on a striped banquet and gazing across the mesmerising waters of Port Phillip Bay calms the soul - and hell, we all need more of that. As the boats bob contentedly up and down, gently tugging at their moorings, plate after plate of delicious seafood start appearing at my side. For a moment I’m tricked into thinking I’m sitting at a restaurant on the beach in Positano, Italy. Rocks general manager Guy Lukins says the menu has changed for spring, with an emphasis on lots of shared char-grilled Mediterranean dishes. The idea is to come with your family or a group, share the dishes and try a bit of everything. In keeping with the theme, there’s now a choice of two banquets at $45 and $65 respectively for a minimum of four people. The first banquet offers a mezze of olives, dips, chorizo and saganaki with bread, whitebait, a mussel pot, char-grilled quail or risotto of the day, fish and chips and paella. The second banquet contains salmon tartare cornetti, half-shell scallops, king salmon, paella, lamb cutlets or

Moroccan chicken, barbecued calamari and mussel paella and a Greek salad. If you’re not into sharing, there’s a plethora of other interesting dishes to tempt your tastebuds. To begin with the oyster menu can create quite a conundrum. There are four choices of oysters, from Swan Bay to Coffin Bay and Sydney Rock. Intrigued, I try the kumamoto, a Japanese-style oyster grown in Coffin Bay. All oysters are kept in tanks in the restaurant and shucked to order. Offerings on the main menu include jurassic quail, risotto of zucchini flowers and fennel pollen, Pete’s local Mornington mussel pot, seafood mixed grill, catch of the day, and the lists goes on. Where possible local produce, grown by Mornington Peninsula farmers, is used. Without any apologies, the best and freshest is brought in from other parts of the country. Fish is bought into the kitchen whole and filleted during the day by The Rocks chefs to preserve flavour and texture. Fishermans Beach Mornington hands over its locally caught fish while Peter Lillie (Bay Sea Farms) supplies the local mussels and abalone. Head chef Xavier Nalty, who’s about to spend his sixth spring in The Rocks kitchen, waves his magic wand

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and turns each dish into a Mary MacKillop miracle. Guy Lukins says The Rocks has also diversified its wine list to complement the food, and there are plenty of French, Italian and Spanish wines among the collection. There’s a menu available for the kids, and if you can make room for Xavier Nalty dessert there’s some real rippers on the blackboard. The other great thing about The Rocks is you decide where you want to sit – in the casual cafe area or the more formal restaurant. The Rocks is located at Mornington Harbour and open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Bookings are advisable during busy periods.

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Fancy a ‘Garlic Kiss’? It’s not what you expect!

The Garlic Kiss has built an exceptional reputation on the Peninsula for its unique continental European menu, caring attentive service, exceptional coffee and lasting memories. Guests escape to relax in the bohemian décor and enjoy comfort food at its best. Owner’s, Samantha and Max Stern, together with their team led by maitre d’ Amy Bond are passionate about offering friendly and professional service to all their customers. Head Chef, Scott Devery, adds a creative touch to many traditional Austrian and German dishes and is particular about using the finest quality fresh local and imported ingredients. Breakfast at the ‘GK’ features both continental favorites such as traditional French vanilla toast, croissants and buttermilk pancakes. The international breakfast selection includes baked Spanish style eggs served in the pan and the Tex Mex breakfast - chili tomato chorizo and beans, crispy tortillas topped with avocado, poached egg and a rocket parmesan salad. There’s a choice of fresh juices, smoothies and exceptional coffee. Lunch specialties include Wiener schnitzel with house spatzle, Bratwurst sausages with sauerkraut, fresh bagels and ‘My Great Aunties’ chicken broth with matzo balls. Max says the twice-baked goat’s cheese soufflé has become a real favorite with everyone. The $18 Chef’s Lunch is a popular choice with regular diners, especially the business crew. Dishes change daily and include seasonal pasta, risotto or salads with garlic bread and a glass of wine. Dinner at the ‘GK’ is a whole new experience. Signature dishes such as Hungarian Goulash, Double Smoked Pork Kessler with braised red current cabbage and char grilled Grain Fed Eye Fillet, the Seafood Hot pot are standouts on


the menu. Finish your experience with Belgium white and dark chocolate mousse and sour cherry syrup. The ‘GK’ has an extensive imported European beer list and a well priced wine list featuring both local and international varieties. The ‘GK’ has fast become a permanent part of many people’s lives for breakfast, lunch, dinner, special occasions or a simple cup of great coffee. Garlic Kiss is located in Albert Street, Mornington. Open for breakfast on weekends, lunch from Wed-Sun and dinner Wed-Sat. Bookings and functions phone 5976 1444

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Stylish wine lounge ever evolving Rye Wine Lounge is a refreshing addition to the Mornington Peninsula. Entering the lounge is like walking into one of Melbourne’s more upmarket wine bars. But while it’s smart and stylish, it has a relaxed feel about it too. Rye Wine Lounge offers a seasonal Middle Easterninspired tapas menu that is available all day – another refreshing change! The tapas are prepared by chef/sommelier Chris Fahl, who brings absolute class to Rye, having come from Circa and Mecca in town.


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Just skimming through the list of tapas available leaves the mouth watering, and everyone’s taste buds will be pleased There are pork and lamb slavics, house-cured ocean trout with pickled beetroot and white anchovy, Lebanese sausages with baked tomato, baked prawns, Spanish meatballs, pan-roasted quail, cured and roasted duck breast, flathead fillets and much more. And everything’s very reasonably priced. If you’re feeling really suave and sophisticated,

there’s also the champagne tapas (auruga caviar on croute) and such delights as Spanish jamon and foie gras on toast with candied walnuts. After the tapas you can tuck into the 12-Hour Roast Goat. An organic goat from the green grasslands of Gippsland, it’s proving a popular feast and bookings are recommended. Naturally there’s an extensive selection of excellent wines to accompany your tapas. Chris and co-owner Geoff Bilston (who’s also a chef)

John Cosgrove is certainly an experienced musician and singer. He has played with more bands than your average solo performer – The Strangers being one of the better known groups. As John says ‘If you can hum it, he can strum it’. ‘Juke Box Johnny’ as he is now known, sings and plays all types of music, but it’s the old standards and great classics of the 60s and 70s that makes him a standout. Great to enjoy with friends and not too loud while dining. He appears regularly at Black Angus Steak House, corner of Nepean Highway and Bentons Road Mornington, check details in our online gig guide or call The Black Angus Steakhouse on 5977 2270

Marty Williams

have a stunning collection of bottles from all over the world, from France, Chile and Germany to Slovakia, Lebanon and Greece, and many more besides. Of course the Rye Wine Lounge stocks plenty of the local stuff too. And don’t despair if you’re not a wine drinker - the beer list is just as impressive, with lager from Spain, Holland, Japan, Mexico, Belgium, Italy and the UK. And spirits are available too.


Rye Wine Lounge has music every Friday night. Indie/rock band Here Comes The Sun alternate with contemporary singer/songwriter Marty Williams. Rye Wine Lounge is at 2253 Pt Nepean Road, Rye. Phone 5985 8355. fresh every season mornington life

The RoseGPO Hotel in Rosebud has a warm and inviting ambience that’s apparent the moment you walk in the door. Sam and Breanne Austen decided to make the sea change to Rosebud after running a hotel in Yea. Despite being run off their feet in the warmer months, when the tourist trade kicks in they both love it! Two of the specialities on the menu are the Cape Grim beef rib eye and Cape Grim porterhouse. You won’t find Cape Grim natural beef on the menus of many eateries in Victoria. Only a handful serve it, including Gordon Ramsey Restaurant at Crown and Rockpool Bar & Grill. Cape Grim is the northwestern point of Tasmania and boasts the cleanest air on earth, so the beef is grown in a pristine environment. Only the best grass-fed angus or hereford cattle are selected. Cape Grim was also known for a massacre in 1828, but that’s another story. If a Cape Grim steak doesn’t take your fancy there’s plenty of other choices on the menu at RoseGPO. New York seafood chowder, Spring Bay mussels, prawn and chorizo risotto, Middle Eastern lamb shank, coq au vin and vegetarian gnocchi are some of the striking alternatives, just to name a few. If you’d prefer something a little more simple, the GPO beef burger is a popular choice. There’s a selection of Turkish flat bread


pizzas, and if you just feel like a toasted sandwich, no problem at all. Sam Austen takes pride in his extensive wine list, sourcing different drops from far and wide. Every Saturday night there’s entertainment, usually something acoustic. The James Vincent trio are regulars, on September 24 the RoseGPO will host Lisa Edwards (pictured) and Michael Christiano. Dinner (three courses) and show costs $65. Having heard this duo before, you better book early. RoseGPO is open seven days a week for lunch and dinner. Breakfast is also available on weekends. Become a member for offers & freebies throughout each season, to join go to

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Mornington Peninsula Pinot Week October 2-10 During Pinot Week Mornington Peninsula vignerons and some of the area’s best Chefs at Winery Restaurants combine to offer sensational combination experiences. These series of Dinners, Tastings and Cellar Door special invitations, all featuring Mornington Peninsula Pinot, will be held both locally and in Melbourne. The full program is available on the MPVA website These will display the depth and breadth of new and old Mornington Peninsula Pinots with spectacular matched menus. Those attending will have a unique opportunity to get to know producers and understand their passion and commitment to creating outstanding wines that showcasing the region. Below are some of the highlights:

Peninsula Pinot Partner Dinners

Willow Creek Vineyard, Dexter Wines & Foxeys Hangout Saturday 2nd October from 6pm, Salix Restaurant, 166 Balnarring Rd Merricks Nth A relaxing evening in a spectacular setting, celebrating the diversity of Mornington Peninsula pinot noir, with three of its most creative winemakers, Geraldine McFaul, Tod Dexter and Tony Lee. Wander through a working winery, taste wine out of barrel, and for lovers of sparkling wine, experience a disgorgement demonstration. Enter the candlelit barrel hall for a scrumptious feast by Salix Restaurant’s Bernard McCarthy, with five courses expertly matched to 2008 & 2009 Chardonnays and Pinots. Cost: $140 pp. Bookings Salix Restaurant, 5989 7640 Port Phillip Estate, Yabby Lake and Hurley Vineyard Friday 8th October from 6:45pm Port Phillip Estate, 263 Red Hill Road, Red Hill. Indulge in Chef Simon West’s five course menu featuring seasonal local produce with a selection of single vineyard wines for a very special experience. The evening will begin with canapés in the cellar door and an opportunity to meet the faces behind the wines. A sublime meal complete with carefully matched wines will be served in the dining room. Cost $140 pp. Tel: 5989 4444 Montalto with Moorooduc Estate and Ocean Eight Saturday 9th October 3:30pm onwards. Discover the beauty of Pinot Noir with three Mornington Peninsula families of wine, exploring regional, growing and winemaking nuances as you go behind the scenes at each winery, taste wine out of the barrel, explore back vintages and special releases. A glorious marriage of food and wine in the Chef’s Hat rated Montalto Restaurant. A four course meal matched with wine from all three estates, presented by owners and wine makers. $150 pp all incl. 3 venues. Book Montalto 5989 8412.

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Restaurants & Cellar Door Events

Darling Park Winery “Spring into Pinot Lunch” Saturday 9th October 12:30pm 232 Red Hill Road, Red Hill. Discover the delights of matching 5 Darling Park Pinots (Gris & Noir) alongside seasonal harvest plates prepared by The Long Table. Hosted by Darling Park’s winemaker Judy Gifford. Cost: $55 pp. Tel: 5989 2324 Hurley Vineyard Masterclass Sunday 3rd October 11am to 12:30pm 101 Balnarring Road, Balnarring. Join winemaker Kevin Bell in the winery for a rare tutored vertical tasting of Hurley Vineyard Pinot Noir. $30 pp. Bookings essential. Tel: 5931 3000 Merricks General Wine Store Saturday 2nd & 9th October 3460 Frankston Flinders Rd, Merricks. Peninsula Pinot Week Dinners. Pinot is expressive of where & whom. Our Pinophile chef Janine Richmond creates a menu simpatico with many Pinots. Optional vineyard & winery pre-dinner tour. Tel: 5989 8088 T’Gallant Winemakers, Cooking Demo & Wine Masterclass Thursday 7th Oct 11:30am to 2pm 1385 Mornington Flinders Road, Main Ridge Food Stylist, Louise Lechte and Winemaker, Kevin McCarthy showcase astonishing artichoke dishes married with Pinot. 3 tastes of food, wine & laughter in cucina & barrel garden. Barrels of fun with a modern Italian skew. Cost $85 pp including grazing lunch & wine - an experience not to miss. Bookings essential. Tel: 5931 1300 Willow Creek Vineyard, Lazy Sunday Brunch Sunday 10th October 10am to 2pm 166 Balnarring Rd Merricks North. Willow Creek Vineyard will once again host Sunday brunch as part of Pinot Week. Enjoy a two-course French Provincial Brunch by Bernard McCarthy’s Salix Restaurant with dishes like croque-monsieur, coddled eggs with salmon, exquisite pastries, frangipani tarts and a glass of bubbles (made from pinot) of course! Bring your favourite newspaper and we’ll do the rest. We couldn’t think of a better way to spend a lazy Sunday. Cost: $39 pp includes two-course breakfast, sparkling & coffee. Bookings: 5989 7640

Pinot Noir, size matters! Small producers of the Mornington Peninsula RyeWineLounge Shop 2, 2251-2259 Pt Nepean Rd, Rye. Saturday 2nd October from 12 noon Jenny Polack will lead you through a tasting of the small, hand made, terroir-specific, harder to find Pinot Noirs of Mornington Peninsula. Book: Chris or Geoff 5985 8355. Tasting & lunch $65 pp. Tasting only $25 pp. Lunch only $50 pp (following tasting). fresh every season mornington life

The Boyz cover all bases

Just across the road from the watchful eye of the Mornington police you’ll find Boyz 4 Breakie. There’s a relaxed, comfortable feel about Boyz that makes it hard to leave once you’ve sat down. It’s the perfect place to spend a lovely spring afternoon and watch the world go by. Don’t be fooled by its name, the Boyz don’t just do breakfast. Mind you, a quick perusal of the breakfast menu is enough to make you want to book a table every morning, and not just Sundays after church! There’s an extensive choice to suit all breakfast tastebuds, from eggs Benedict to the yummy Boyz porridge, from pancakes through to the traditional french toast. Whether you’re a coffee fiend or a tea lover, you’ll be well looked after. Those who prefer a ‘cuppa’ to coffee will be delighted with the range of T2 loose leaf teas. Some of the flavours on offer will be a pleasant surprise. There’s Genmaiona Senchs Green Tea, which is essentially a green tea with hulled rice kernels. Or you could try Liquorice Legs, which is made up of liquorice root, peppermint and fragrant fennel. There’s a Turkish Apple, and for those who prefer tradition, don’t fret: Earl Grey and English Breakfast are on the list! Mornington Life decided to be adventurous and ordered a Girlie Grey (must be Earl’s sister!). The menu teases that a Girlie Grey is “for girls whom want to be girlie or boys whom dare to be”. Whatever!


Its tangy citrus and cornflower blossoms hit the spot. The teapots are very generous indeed. You’ll get a least four cuppas from them. If you’re thinking about somewhere to eat lunch, or perhaps dinner, the Boyz menu covers all bases. There’s a choice of pasta. The gnocchi – spinach and ricotta gnocchi folded through a creamy pumpkin and sage sauce and garnished with freshly shaved Italian cheese, grano padano - simply melts in the mouth. Tiger prawn risotto – tiger prawns with braised leek, shaved fennel and a hint of lemon rind, garlic and chilli - sounds delicious, as does the lamb shank braised in red wine and tomato resting on a sage potato puree and served with green beans. If a salad is more your thing, again there’s a selection of interesting mixtures, including a warm beef salad. Speaking of selections, if sitting in the spring sunshine watching the passing traffic parade by is more your speed, then the wine list offers a variety of Mornington Peninsula and New Zealand wines, with a few South Australian labels as well. The cheese plate comes with seasonal fruits and lavosh is just perfect as the accompaniment. Yep, just sitting at the Boyz for breakfast watching those “boyz” in blue go about their business is the perfect way to wile away the afternoon. Boyz 4 Breakie is open seven days a week and is fully licensed. Phone 5977 2888. Become a member for offers & freebies throughout each season, to join go to

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Mt Eliza was certainly a hive of activity over the colder months with several new food businesses opening. The Village Pantry is the latest addition to Mt Eliza’s strip. Occupying what was Serana’s Boutique next door to the NAB, the new deli opened last month. Mt Eliza born and bred, Nichole Hunter is behind the operation with the support of her husband and two children. Nichole says the focus of the 20-seat café will be on quality, and that applies to dining in or taking away. “We’re aiming at restaurant-quality take-home food, if you will,” she says. Pasta, “a lovely duck dish” and goulash will be some of the temptations on offer. “Everything will be home-made,” Nichole says. The deli will also source “beautiful quality” local and imported cheeses and meats. As for the kids, they’ll be catered for too. “We’ll be providing plenty of options for kids, with the focus on really healthy food. “Overall, our primary concern will be on good quality food.” Nichole says her new business will reflect Mt Eliza’s “casual coastal feel”. “The position is gold; we’re thrilled to be there.” Vicki, formerly of Tamari in Frankston which was famous for its gluten-free and vegan choices, is one of the chefs in the kitchen, so you can be sure the Village Pantry’s dishes are as healthy as they are delicious. The Village Pantry is open from 8.30am-6.30pm Monday-Friday and 9am-3.30pm Saturday (closed Sunday).

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Jason Absolom is passionate about pizzas Four years ago he built his own pizza oven in his backyard, and his family and friends were so impressed they convinced him to open his own pizzeria. And so Pizzeria on Norman was born. Jason has imported a wood fire oven from Tuscany to make the perfect pizza. Made by the Valoriani family, who have been making pizza ovens for more than half a century, Jason’s oven is constructed from crushed volcanic rock sourced from Mt Vesuvius. “A wood fire pizza has a style of its own,” Jason says. “Cooked at a very high temperature on the stone base of the oven, the pizzas have a rustic, individual flavor like no other.” In the same way that the right oven is important, so is making sure you have the right ingredients. Jason’s pizza bases are made from a blend of three flours to give them their delicious taste and wonderful crust, and the ingredients for the toppings are sourced direct from our local markets to ensure freshness and quality. With its relaxed atmosphere, BYO licence, evening coffee and Italian biscuits and gelato, Pizzeria on Norman is the perfect choice for your next pizza. So drop in soon and taste the authentic thing. Fiona, Jason, Nick and Bella would love to share a pizza with you.


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Food, wine art at Dromana Estate

For those who love the complete food, wine, art and beauty experience, there is every reason to stop at Dromana Estate for an afternoon or evening. Dromana Estate’s beautiful Tuerong Homestead, the home for its Cellar Door and restaurant, is bursting with history and charm – as you wander through cellar door and the restaurant, you can peruse the local artwork which also hangs in the hallway and the beautiful Gallery room. Artists featured throughout the homestead are mostly local and the paintings are changed every 5 – 6 weeks to ensure regular visitors are pleasantly surprised with the changing art on the walls. The atmosphere at Dromana Estate is relaxed and inviting and the crackling open fires in the cooler weather enhance the friendliness of the historic homestead’s dining areas. The restaurant offers a great selection from its set menu as well as a daily specials board which features freshly prepared local produce – the emphasis of the dining experience at Dromana Estate. The Cellar Door area is open from Wednesday to Sunday 11 to 5 and the friendly staff are always happy to offer you a tasting of their award winning wines. The staff have a great knowledge of the wines as well as the bio-dynamic and environmentally friendly practices being executed around the vineyard. Its easy to stay and chat for a while as there’s plenty to talk about. Dromana Estate utilises a water recycling program to irrigate its vineyard as well as embracing its revegetation program for its wetlands area to minimise soil erosion and maximise the natural habitat to encourage native birdlife into the area.

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With great food, fine wines, local art and a family friendly restaurant and garden terrace area, there are plenty of reasons to stay for a while at Dromana Estate. Take a look at the website for upcoming events such as the Italian degustation dinner and Fine Wine and Fillies Spring Racing event – Cellar door open Wed to Sunday 11am to 5pm. Restaurant open Wed to Sunday for lunch and Friday and Saturday for dinner. Phone: 5984 4400

fresh every season

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A swag of choices at Platters If you love seafood, then Platters Restaurant & Deck in Main Street, Mornington is where you should head. While seafood is on the menu every day, Platters regularly hosts a special ‘Seafood Night’, at which you can enjoy a veritable seafood feast for a mere $55. Host Clare Kinnaird says “We’ve kept it at the same price for four years.” No wonder the nights are quickly booked out. It’s a great deal no matter which way you look at it.


For starters you’re served a creamy crab bisque, followed by an entree platter of oysters, salmon rosettes, prawns, shrimp and bugs, all served with a Greek salad. Don’t forget to leave room for the main course, a hot platter of garlic prawns, scallops, grilled fish, chilli mussels, oysters kilpatrick, calamari and whitebait, seafood sticks and Atlantic salmon. In the kitchen is chef Darren Otto, who worked with Clare at the Tanti Hotel. They decided it could be a bit of fun to open their own business and on Father’s Day in 2006 they did just that. Since then Platters hasn’t failed to pull a crowd. “I would say 60% of our clientele are locals,” Clare says, although over summer that can change as the tourists hit Main Street. “Our clients are really lovely people. They’re all nice; it’s a pleasure having them.” Platters has a reasonably varied wine list that includes Stumpy Gully Sangiovese, Pepperjack Shiraz, T’Gallant Juliet Pinot Grigio, Rosemount Estate Diamond Chardonnay, Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc and Brown Brothers Moscato. If you’re not a seafood lover, there’s a swag of other choices to tempt you. Crocodile tail anyone?

If you find the croc a little unnerving, there’s always catch of the day, linguini marinara, paella, carpetbag steak, osso bucco and chicken stroganoff. And it isn’t called Platters just for the fun of it, rather because there’s a choice of them. If the seafood platter doesn’t entice you, there’s always a meat platter made up of ham, prosciutto, grilled chicken, lamb from the spit, kangaroo, emu, eye fillet medallions, veal scaloppine and salami. Wow! Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Platters is definitely worth a visit. Just don’t go there on a Monday – that’s Clare and Darren’s day of rest. Platters is also available for functions of up to 70 people.

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Looking for a butcher who sells the real deal? You know, authentic natural beef without the added chemicals and hormones? Well look no further: we’ve found it for you. Prime Cuts in Mornington has fair dinkum, well, prime cuts! Situated at the back of the Main Street shops and opposite Mornington Centro, Prime Cuts (owned by Lucy and Tim O’Connor) opened in May and has been doing a steady trade to an appreciative customer base. The beef is grown in Gippsland: Leongatha, Wonthaggi, Bairnsdale and as far away as Orbost. Angus and hereford cattle are fed on grass, free of any hormones. Manager David Harrison says “It’s up to the highest standards.” As an indication of its superior quality, the beef is delivered to top nosh eateries such as Vlado’s Steakhouse in

Richmond and France Soir in South Yarra. David is a big fan of the dry-aged porterhouse steak. Stored for at least four weeks, David says “It’s sensational, like a beautifully aged wine. “There’s nothing like having a beautiful steak.” Prime Cuts isn’t aiming to be the cheapest, but rather to provide a consistently good product. David says all the staff at Prime Cuts can offer sound advice on preparing and cooking what they sell. He says one mistake people often make is failing to let the meat sit for a good hour at room temperature before cooking it. “It’s massively important to get the meat to room temperature,” he says. If you don’t, the meat isn’t relaxed and the fat is unable to caramelise. It’s this process from which you get those nice flavours. As well as beef, Prime Cuts also provide export-quality lamb, pork and chicken, which are also grown free-range. The chickens come from Maggie Beer’s daughter Saskia, who rears them in the Barossa Valley. They’re corn-fed and are, of course, hormone and chemical free.

Not sure what to cook tonight for dinner? Well, how about this? O’Connor Grass Fed Scotch Fillet Steak: Step 1: R emove from fridge 30 minutes before cooking. Preheat grill/ barbecue to medium/high. Rub steak all over with olive oil, salt and pepper. Step 2: C  ook steaks over medium heat for four minutes, then turn and cook for another four minutes. Transfer to a warm plate and cover loosely with foil and leave to rest for four minutes before serving. Step 3: S erve this tender and juicy steak with your favourite mustard or relish.

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Most people will know the boat Sabrina with the green flags moored at Mornington Pier. Bay Sea Farms sells mussels, oysters, fish and prawns from Sabrina on weekends and public holidays. Now you can add abalone to the list. Peter Lillie, from Bay Sea Farms, says they’re unique, chewy, “but not like gristle”. Peter has the licence for 90ha underwater at Mt Martha Aquaculture Fisheries Reserve in Port Phillip Bay where he will grow the abalone. He also has investments in three other farms at Kangaroo Island, Port Lincoln and Portland. The abalone he harvests from Portland Coastal Sea Farms will be used to fertilise the Mt Martha reserve. It’s also the abalone he is selling from Sabrina and at the Mt Eliza Farmers Market. “They’re proving popular,” Peter says.

Once a week Peter gets them snap frozen from Portland, and their size alone is impressive. The green lip abalone (preferred by the Chinese) measures more than 10cm and sells for $7 each. Peter says his brother-in-law, a French chef, puts them on the menu at his restaurant in Glenferrie Rd, Kooyong. He says The Rocks Restaurant, on the Pier at Mornington, has also bought them from time to time. Peter recommends cutting them into about eight strips and stir-frying or steaming them with an Asian sauce. “When they’re done well, people say they’re good,” says Peter. Bay Sea Farms also plans to export the abalone once it’s producing large quantities. Peter says China and Japan are constantly after them and the only competition he has is from Chile and South Africa.

Tarryn Zail-Wise started out making dressings for her family and friends, but they proved so popular she has now made a mini-industry out of producing them. ‘Basically I used my mum’s recipe and friends raved about them, so I started making them from home,’ Tarryn explains. You don’t have to be Einstein to work out why they’re called yumm dressings. It’s been five years now since Tarryn began marketing her range of fresh and natural salad dressings. From her base in South Caulfield, Tarryn makes

the dressings for farmers’ markets on the Mornington Peninsula and in Melbourne. Her most popular dressing is ‘very original’ salad dressing, which is a blend of sesame oil, garlic and local herbs. ‘poppy splash’ has also proved a winner and consists of red wine vinegar with poppy seeds and Spanish onion. ‘maple zest’ is another favourite popular with her loyal clientele. Available in 250ml or 500ml bottles, yumm dressings contain no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

“Ours are better anyway because they’re Australian,” he says. Peter is passionate about aquaculture and he hopes to sell flat oysters in the future. After three years Peter says there are still some “teething problems” with cultivating them at the Mt Martha reserve but the team is persevering. It will be another year at least before they’re on the market. Similar in shape to the French Belon or New Zealand Bluff oysters, Peter says they’ll be special. “They’re a native oyster and the only ones we’re allowed to grow in Victoria.” In the meantime, if you’re a mussel lover, Peter is harvesting them daily from his Mt Martha reserve and we know they’re sensational! Most restaurants on the Peninsula are serving Bay Sea Farm mussels, so ask for them by name or pop down to the Mornington Pier and locate the Sabrina and cook up a feast. Tarryn says her dressings have won awards at both the Melbourne and Sydney fine food shows. Inspired by her success, Tarryn plans to release a new dressing later this year with the intriguing name of ‘thai zing’. She says the dressing can be used on salads or in stir-fries, as well as providing a refreshing alternative as a dipping sauce. Keep an eye out for yumm dressings at your local farmers market or visit Tarryn’s website. Alternatively you can phone Tarryn on 0411 146 514 if you want to know more.



FROM SEA FARM Freshest quality prawns, abalone & oysters available when in season

See our boat at Mornington Pier Sats & Suns 11.30am-5pm eftpos now available

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Phone 0412 522 544 fresh every season

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above business lunch at Barmah Park

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Below ActionCoach business seminar for Big Bang Business Awards also at Barmah Park

fresh every season

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above, below and right The Garlic Kiss

top row Platters of Mornington


below Black Angus Steakhouse

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99 )

above Heritage Tavern

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below Giverny’s 21st birthday

fresh every season

mornington life

Kudos at The Vines was officially opened by Hon Greg Hunt MP, Federal Member for Flinders on August 19th. Later in the evening Mick Prentice conducted an auction to raise money for the Warwick Foundation, Supporting Young Australian Adults on their Cancer Journey. Kellie and Rod Farrington, new owners of Kudos raised $620. The accommodation and dining package was bought by Cherryl of Great places to Stay. Opening night pics above and right.

all above Kudos at the Vines


all below Lyn’s surprise birthday celebration at Beaches of Mornington

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MPG and Restaurant & Catering Victoria Regional Awards for Excellence presentation night, some photographs on this page and pages 34+35 were taken by Natalie Davies Photography

You can now purchase any of these social photos from:

Beachside Photos & Cameras 73 Main St Mornington Phone 5977 2588 Open: Mon to Fri 9am-5.30pm and Sat 9am-3pm ( 102 GIG & EVENT GUIDE online at updated weekly

fresh every season

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Building dreams that last Creative, professional decks, to last a lifetime

The DeckSpert is a family owned and operated business that prides itself on quality. Specialising in all aspects of decking, The DeckSpert builds your deck from the ground up, using only the highest-quality timber and nails. The sub-floor is made from rot and termite-resistant timber and the decking boards are predominately merbau (kiln-dried) hardwood in 70mm, 90mm and 140mm. All sub-floor nails and fixings are galvanised, and the decking nails are ring shank stainless steel dome nails. Both are guaranteed against rust. Mark Behnecke at The DeckSpert says it’s attention to detail that separates DeckSpert from other decking companies. “Quality construction, quality materials and creative ideas ensure your outdoor retreat gives you total peace of mind,” Mark says. “Our friendly team encourages you to bring your dreams to life. Express your ideas and let us build them. The DeckSpert constructs your deck from start to

finish, ensuring the only time you spend on your deck is to relax. “We just don’t do decks from your back door - we construct viewing platforms for you to admire all that nature has to offer.” All decks constructed by The DeckSpert have a picture framed finish, adding a point of difference and ensuring a design that not only looks professional but lasts a lifetime. The DeckSpert can oil or stain your new deck on construction and will give you handy tips to keep your deck looking like new for years to come. The DeckSpert team also builds barbecue entertaining and alfresco dining areas, feature walls, screen walls for privacy, water features using stack stone, and side or front fences using stack stone and timber. They can enhance your home’s porch, portico or entrance, and create superb decks for your pool or spa. For further information, phone Mark Behnecke on 0402 270 139 or go to

A-Grade Electrician Domestic - Commercial - Industrial

For all your electrical needs call Zac Milenkovic 0408 513 279 Reg. 20387


0432 476 398

All property services catered for. Reasonable rates. Satisfaction guaranteed.

rchies All Services SPRING 2010

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Can’t manage to get your project off the ground? No stress approach to building or extending

We can, it’s what we do. We’re Project Managers. Abode, with over 25 Years experience in creating residential property, Abode Project Management are your first step in realising your building dream. New homes, renovations, extensions and multi-unit developments come together with realistic budgets, accurate design briefs and an ever vigilant eye on costs, workers, workmanship and of course, deadlines. If you’re thinking of starting, let us share the journey, and help you finish.

Abode Project Management Project Management & Property Development Darren Morgan 0413 899 914 Email www.

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Thinking about building a new home but not sure where to start? Wondering if you should engage an architect? Wanting to add an extension to your home but have no idea where to begin? Without doubt the creation of a new home is an exciting but often scary journey. At Abode Project Management, they understand this and can take the stress factor out of it for you. Abode recognises the fact that to build a new home, the journey from conception to completion has to be well orchestrated. Abode knows that your home is of prime importance. With more than 25 years experience in the residential property industry, be it a new home, a renovation, an extension or a multiunit development, Abode will prepare realistic budgets and accurate design briefs and assemble a team of the right professionals in order to bring your vision to reality. Abode’s project management skills will keep you up to date on progress and key milestones. Abode scrutinises invoices and handle issues and variations as they come to hand. And rest assured the quality of the build will

be monitored at all times. Abode is not aligned with any designer, contractor or supplier, so its staff will put together a team that suits your requirements, not theirs. Darren Morgan’s background is originally in architectural drafting but for close to a decade he’s been involved in project and development management. He has worked for a time with Metier 3 Architects in the city and also a stint in the United Kingdom. A Mt Eliza resident for more than a decade, Darren’s work in recent years has been on large projects all over Australia, including the Mornington Peninsula. Project managing retirement village developments has been a focus of his work on the Peninsula. However, he also does a lot of work for professional couples who want to build but don’t have the time to plan and oversee the project or know where to begin. Darren says many people often think the first person they should speak to is an architect but he says there are other options. If you’re building a new home and you’re not sure where to start, give Abode Project Management a call. Phone Darren Morgan on 0413 899 914. fresh every season mornington life

NOMO Lawns now on the Peninsula


Formed two years ago to capitalise on the growing need for low-maintenance synthetic lawns, NOMO Lawns became a landscape partner with Tiger Turf, supplying trades and DIY home improvers with the high-quality Australian product range. The range covers everything from hockey and putting greens and tennis courts to lush lawns for court yards and homes. NOMO Lawns can supply, deliver and install. Tiger Turf is a no-maintenance lawn that looks sensational always. It’s ideal for those who spend long periods away travelling, or people who own holiday homes and need to constantly visit to mow. Tiger Turf is ideal. There’s no watering, no mowing and no worries. It always looks good and increases the value of your home. You can even have your own private putting green in the backyard. For further information or a quote, phone Steve or Jen on 1300 380 080.

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Funky furnishings at Nicholas If you haven’t got at least one piece of furniture from Nicholas Design then you need to get with it. Nicholas Phillips has been making exquisite designer pieces for 25 years and has now just got a whole lot funkier with a move to his new outlet in Watt Road Mornington. It’s a return to his old stomping ground if you like; Nic initially started his business in upholstery in Watt Road many years ago. As a young man he worked for Moran where he won Apprentice of the Year. Moran rewarded Nic for his success by installing him in the furniture design department. At just 25, he decided to start his own business and forged a successful career in furniture design. At one stage he was supplying his furniture to high end retailers all over Australia and had eight upholstery makers on the books.

But with the introduction of imports Nicholas was forced to change his business approach. He decided that the best way to go was to sell his furniture directly to the public and seven years ago opened a retail store himself. Nic’s first store was next to the Mercedes dealership in Mornington before moving to 211 Main Street where his business thrived for the next five years. However, Nic’s creative side decided it was time to once again make some new changes. With partner, Julie Bible, the couple have bought an old warehouse at 30 Watt Road and converted it to give the building a funky industrial feel. Nic’s furniture appears to love the new space and his pieces offer an explosion of color the moment you walk through the doors. With his beautifully crafted sofas, dining tables and consoles teamed with colourful cowhides, lamp shades and mirrors the warehouse looks amazing.

For retro lovers, Nic has some new style pieces sure to impress. “We steer away from that imported coastal look,” says Julie. The location is ideal. Nic’s team of 8 make the furniture just a couple of doors up. Julie says Nic’s loyal team has been behind their success.

That team includes cabinet maker, Scott Cameron, who won Apprentice of the Year. Nicholas Design does commercial work but also offers home consultations, including holiday home makeovers. For enquiries call Julie on 5976 2220 or pop in to 30 Watt Road, Mornington.

Martin and Kim know their beds Need a new bed? How about buying one manufactured locally in Frankston or better still, buying it direct from the manufacturer. Welcome to Mattresses Direct, just off the highway in Tyabb Road Mornington. Customers can enjoy interest free terms after paying only 10% deposit, and the balance over 6 to 12 months. Mattresses Direct basic prices are 20-40% lower than

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larger retailers. Martin and Kim Rodseth know their beds, having spent over 10 years in all facets of the industry, with this business being the culmination of all that experience and knowledge. As owners, they control everything from standard of manufacture to choice of materials. Using Dunlop Foam, which is recommended by the Asthma Foundation, helps to provide a healthier home environment by protecting loved ones from asthma, allergies and dust mites. As Kim says “It’s all about the quality, price and service, that’s why we have built this business. We stand by our products and can guarantee quality because we know how each one is made and what material is used.” A new item on the floor is the suede bedhead which goes with their suede bases. “These are very popular with the modern designed homes and add a luxurious touch to bedrooms”, says Martin. Martin and Kim promise customers the best advice and personal service from the time they walk in the door to receiving their mattress, which is often delivered by Martin personally. Buy direct from Mattresses Direct and save on top quality products, and they will even take away your old mattress… now that’s service, and they’re open seven days a week! Shop 1/7 Tyabb Rd, Mornington – phone 5977 1444 or visit fresh every season mornington life

Stunning $10,000 bed

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It gives new meaning to hiding your money under the bed. The $10,000 Sealy King Correct Comfort Platinum ensemble pocket spring mattress is, well, fit for a queen! Featuring a luxurious Damask cover, the Sealy King takes two weeks to make by hand. The pocket springs are made in Canada while the make-up of the Sealy King consists of premium memory foam and latex comfort layers. It’s finished in a natural silk and wool blend. Elton from Mornington Bedshed says the Sealy King “almost looks regal in the way it’s styled”. Bedshed is the only retailer in Australia that stocks the Sealy pocket spring range. If the Sealy King is just a tad out of your price range, don’t despair: the Correct Comfort pocket spring range is available in nine styles at a price to suit everyone’s budget. “Sealy make the best product on the market and their pocket spring mattress is unsurpassed,” Elton says. The Correct Comfort pocket spring is a step forward in the advancement of undisturbed sleep. The Sealy pocket spring gives you a mattress sleeping surface that has no movement through it. It features an unzoned spring allowing the buyer to purchase any mattress in the range and feel completely supported regardless of body weight, height or shape. Elton says most mattresses use a preset zoning system requiring customers to be about the same body weight and shape, which in 90% of instances is simply not the case. Unlike other products, the Sealy pocket spring is designed to go on to a slat bed without changing the feel of the mattress. “Most customers don’t want a bed and base. They prefer a bedroom suite that creates an ambience in the bedroom,” Elton says. “The Sealy pocket spring will definitely give you an undisturbed, correctly supported comfortable sleep for years and years.” Anyone considering changing their bed should have a look at the Sealy pocket spring range in the Bedshed showroom and try it out. “When you purchase a Sealy, you are choosing Australia’s most trusted bedding brand,” Elton says. “Sealy doesn’t cut corners. The feel of the bed you try out in the showroom will feel exactly the same when you get it home.” “It really is the Rolls Royce of bedding.” So drop into the Mornington Bedshed and have a chat to Elton and his helpful team. They’ll be happy to answer any questions about the Sealy pocket spring for you. fresh every season mornington life

Design your garden to be lush year round For the past decade Andrew Stark has earned a reputation for creating graceful and classic gardens for his clients. Andrew has also become a sought-after consultant and speaker on garden design and water-wise planting schemes. After successfully completing VCE at The Peninsula School, he studied horticulture at Melbourne University (Burnley) and pursued further horticultural qualifications in specialist fields. Andrew found his inspiration when traveling through France and parts of the Italian coast, where he researched the simple yet effective planting schemes developed over the centuries. He has adapted these basic concepts to local conditions. Andrew has become a forerunner in designing and creating dry-tolerant gardens reminiscent of the Mediterranean region. It is his aim to create gardens that look attractive and lush year-round with minimal water and maintenance. His designs have been featured in French Provincial Magazine, Australian House & Garden and The Herald Sun. His own acclaimed gardens in Helena St, Mt Martha will be featured in the Australian Open Garden Scheme on October 23-24. All Andrew’s projects begin with a personal consultation at the client’s home to discuss the specific demands of the proposed garden and any site works. Andrew will develop initial concepts and schematics to explore all proposals that will lead to final detailed plans and working drawings,


as well as contractor documentation and specifications. Andrew’s projects are fine-tuned to each client. The style, planting scheme and ornamentation of the garden are determined by the architecture of the home, its environment and the lifestyle of his clients. Andrew’s individual approach guarantees every garden is designed to reach its full potential. He believes a well-designed garden is an affordable and appreciating asset for your property. To ensure the highest possible standard Andrew has a hands-on approach. He personally selects plants either grown by himself or from Australia’s finest growers for each project. Similarly, any garden ornamentation is chosen with maximum of consultation to achieve complete satisfaction. Andrew’s clients have been extremely impressed with the personal engagement and communication he has provided, as shown by numerous unsolicited testimonials. Throughout the construction phase of each project Andrew is involved, touching base with all contractors and clients on site and always gets his hands dirty during the planting process and final touch-ups. Once the project is complete Andrew will develop a maintenance schedule for the ongoing upkeep of the garden and can instigate a qualified gardener or horticulturalist to maintain the garden to Andrew’s original vision.

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Exclusive Luduco Living Designs .... Locally Made From the outset the Luduco Living concept was always clear. As owner Jeremy Brook explains: “We knew from the previous business we helped establish and subsequently bought that there was a real demand for customised furniture and that there were already a number of local makers keen to not only support Luduco Living but also develop this customised concept.” Today, nearly three years later, more than 70% of the showroom ranges and resultant sales fall into the “customised” category. “We now work with eight local makers, all of them happy to make any variations our customers require on our sofas, chairs, modular and dining/cabinet furniture. “There’s very little we can’t achieve in order to meet the aesthetic, size, comfort

and design requirements a customer may have. In addition, we regularly design, build and install fitted furniture systems such as libraries, shelving/storage, domestic offices and bedroom fitments.” And as Jeremy says: “Pricing is always sensible and competitive.” More recently, Luduco Living has introduced a collection of its own sofa and cabinet deigns, again all of them made exclusively by local craftsmen. This came about from Jeremy’s previous experiences as a professional furniture designer for a large retail group in the UK and Europe. “It was one of the hardest jobs I ever did,” he says. “Trying to design products that would appeal to so many regional variances was unbelievably difficult and very unforgiving. At least we now only have our local Melbourne market to worry about, and in any case our designing is very much a team effort. “Often I or one of the team will have a design idea that we think will work but

which requires refining. Collectively the team is actively encouraged to have input on all these projects and through that so often a concept will be perfected. “It’s fun, and more importantly it means that so much of what we retail is truly exclusive to Luduco Living.” All of this dovetails beautifully with Luduco’s interior design service and the team’s service levels generally.

“Obviously to customise furniture and know what is possible is a specialist job requiring skilled sales consultants with extensive product knowledge,” Jeremy says. “We pride ourselves on our service levels both before and after the transaction, and nothing is too much trouble for the team. “We want our customers to be happy with the end results. That is the key to our reputation and future success.”

Mobile showroom for your blinds and shutters Renovating your windows with new blinds will makeover and modernize your entire home without breaking the bank! Aurora Blinds are a mobile service and offer a free no obligation measure and quote in your own home or office. They specialize in Roller Blinds, blockout, screens and dual systems plus Venetians, either aluminium, cedar or composite. Perhaps Romans are more your style? Or Panel glides, Shutters or maybe Verticals.

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Aurora Blinds is basically a mobile showroom and Stacey will happily come to you after hours or on weekends to quote or fit if this is what suits your schedule best. Aurora have just installed the new digitally printed screen blinds at the historical Mornington Post Office and they look awesome. So consider reducing the heat this Summer by installing Aurora Blinds, call Stacey on 0424 188 195 or go to

fresh every season

mornington life

...where furniture can be made to be as individual as you!

Spring Into September With a very special offer on our custom built sofas, chairs and modulars.

Buy one at full retail price and get the second item*


The Wye River Dining Collection

*of equal or lesser value

TheWye River & Cumberlend Collections form part of a much larger selection of ranges designed by Luduco Living and made exclusivly for them by local craftsmen

Spring Into September With some very special offers on our dining ranges. Buy 6/8 dining chairs* at full retail price and get

peninsula lifestyle centre 1128 - 1132 nepean highway, mornington vic 3931

Phone 03 5973 4899 Facsimile 03 5973 4988







...fine furnishing and interior design



dependant on the range selected and the size of table




* The minimum number of chairs and percentage of table discount is

The Cumberlend Sofa Collection




your dining table.


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