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assword? None. And who said there must always be a rule? In these two years, we have followed many rules and we obviously continue to do so. But we are all already tested enough to want to include others in our imagination as well. We therefore create free spaces in which to feel happier. Spaces in which sexual orientations, different ethnicities and different body types do not have to account for anyone to feel comfortable. Spaces where the nature of our world is respected and loved. Spaces where we still have fun without thoughts and play with colors and oddities. Spaces that, we hope, will take away the winds of war and fear.

Editor-in-chief Facebook: @marta.forgione Instagram: @martaforgione

Marta Forgione


Editor’s letter PRESIDENT, CHIEF EDITOR Marta Forgione Raimondo Scintu, 78 street - 00173 Rome (Italy)


PHOTOGRAPHERS Patrick Schwalb, Alice Li Diego Bendezu, Heinrich Benjamin Rachell Smith, Julian Essink Oliver Beckmann, Wiktor Malinowski Weronika Kosińska, Giorgio Codazzi Damian Weilers, Beppe Brancato Lesley Edith, Kurt Lavastida David PD Hyde, Giorgio Figini

AGENCIES Munich Models, Heroes Models Muse Models, IMG Models Mirrrs models, MIHA Model management Brave Models, Lne Up Models Model Plus, Selective Management Art Department, PRM State Management, NEXT Models Bridge Artists, 87 Artists, Liganord, Bigoudi, Nina Klein, Kayte Ellis Agency Green Apple Italy, Blend management WIB agency, Titanium management Gary Represents, Linden Staub Talent Agency Lampost, Ray Brown Represents Zebedee Talent, First Model Management


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Photography Patrick Schwalb Style Tu Anh Ngo c/o Liganord Agency Model Yvonne Bevanda c/o Munich models Hair Style, Makeup Tobias Binderberger c/o Bigoudi Digital Assistance Maike Denecke

t F h A e C T O R Y

Trenchcoat Karl Lagerfeld Top Dondup Vegan leather pants, bucket hat 8 by Yoox

As we all know, fashion is one of the main sources of creating desirable products in the world. But do we always have an idea where the items we buy come from? Experts speak of a sharp deterioration, during the pandemic, in the conditions of employees in the textile sector in non-Western countries, conditions that were not already so good. This process of exploitation starts in the 1970s, with globalization, when companies relocated their production to underdeveloped countries. An era of workers hidden by complex supply chains began. This system of exploitation was seeing a small change thanks to the information of consumers, who were learning to keep an eye on what they were buying. Unfortunately, with the pandemic and everyone losing money, the situation has falled again. It is up to us, consumers, to continue to buy consciously and not lose sight of the final goal. An goal that sees all clothing companies committed to demonstrating the entire supply chain they use.


Top Ganni Jeans Closed Shoes Crocs


Dress Ganni Socks Falke Shoes Crocs Opposite: Denim Jacket, Jeans Blanche Sandals Closed


Here & Opposite: Jacket, Wide Pants Nobi Talai Sandals Levi's Shades Boss

Dress, Sandals Max Mara Opposite: Suit Joseph Blouse Closed Sandals Levi's Shades Boss

Here & Opposite: Jacket, Skirt Essentiel Antwerp Top 8 by Yoxx Sandals Dr. Martens Hat Blanche

Body suit Spanx

Art Direction Ami Jenner Photography Alice Le Style Lindsay Briatico Talent Catie Li Hair Style, Makeup Carolina Yasukawa



Although LATEST was born as an inclusive magazine, in this new issue we have tried to give more voice than usual to the body positive movement. The new cover girl is a fantastic Chinese-American mixed race plus size model with whom we had the pleasure of having a chat. Catie Li is a real boss girl! Working full time in the fashion and beauty industry and sharing with flawless taste and elegance videos and advice with her devoted followers, including about fitness and lifestyle. She has always been a great supporter of the body positive movement, certainly even before it was born and took hold. Like all plus size girls she has had her difficulties in her growth path and she is now trying to spread a positive message for the new young women as much as possible. Catie was head of marketing and advertising for The Shade Room and collaborated with The Drop of Amazon Fashion to create her own collection of basic elements for a timeless wardrobe, designed to be worn by women of all ages, shapes and sizes. She is now a full-time model, she lives in Los Angeles and travels the world collaborating with various brands. Let's find out more about her and her projects together!


Fashion has a great voice in many fields, even the most unthinkable. It is therefore important not only to talk about beautiful clothes but also to give the right exposure to issues that can improve people's future. Body positive is one of these themes. When did you decide to become an icon of the movement? I have always been curvy my whole life, so I don't think I necessarily joined a movement, but more so had to be positive about my body since a very young age. I learned that confidence, loving yourself and being positive were a few key points to being a happy individual. Since I had and still practice this, it was easy to share this in an organic way through my social media and work as a model.

Until a few years ago there was any talk of the possibility of curvy models on the catwalk in fashion, and there were many ethnic groups that were more than discriminated. Are we finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, in your opinion? I think that it is great that the fashion industry has made a small step forward for inclusivity on the runway, but I do think it needs to be accelerated. There needs to be a lot less firsts and more normalities on the runways. Just recently I went to NYFW and saw only 1-2 “small plus” models on the runways and a sprinkle of diversity.

You have been in charge of marketing and advertising for The Shade Room, and have already collaborated with important brands in the sector. As a successful business woman, do you have any advice for other young women who would like to enter the fashion world? With working in the entertainment industry, I was able to tie in the business aspects into modeling which has made me successful. The best advice I can give is to always be kind and professional. Can you tell us about your project with The Drop by Amazon fashion? What you liked about working with them? Working with The Drop by Amazon was great! It was truly a blessing to be able to have a collection with one of the biggest brands out there and to have received that opportunity so early in my content creator career. I was inspired to create timeless basics for all sizes. I had struggled so much in finding clothing growing up, so I hope my pieces were able to reach people who needed it or have gone through the same experience! I wish I had that when I was growing up!


Dress Donna Karen

Total Look Miu Miu

Shorts, tube top Skims


Your social media always show great joy and class. How do you live the relationship with your followers? I stay authentic to my voice and my personality. There is no fake Catherine, only real! I discuss the good and the bad, yet try to keep my page fun and light hearted with things that I enjoy to do! I think my followers can sense that about me and that's why they continue to follow!

Was this something that came naturally to you, or were there difficulties in accepting that you often have an eye on your private life? I do not always share everything about my life. I do keep a few things private, which allows a good work/life separation that everyone needs. I also don't mind sharing things that I think would be interesting, and helpful to others, as I think that has always come natural to me. I enjoy sharing helpful information to people!

How much do you think social media can help us blow up the "right fads" ? Currently, social media is a huge factor to a lot of our decisions whether we realize it or not. It has a major impact on us and that is why all individuals on social media hold social responsibility. Social media has helped raise the voice on inequality, body positivity, etc. thus far. The power of social media is tremendous in voicing out our views/beliefs.

You were a guest judge for the first fully inclusive fashion brand, Good American's fourth annual Open Casting. How did you live this beautiful experience? Good American reached out to me and my manager set it up! They were a great team and it was such a special experience to hear all the touching and amazing stories the applicants told!

We close by congratulating you on your engagement! We have seen that you have already rescheduled your wedding four times due to the pandemic, are we finally on the home straight? I hope so! Things are coming along and we are actually beginning to plan the new destination this week with our wedding planner! We are crossing our fingers, but if this doesn't work out….there may be an elopement! LOL

p.28 p.138

Bodysuit Good American

p.107 p.65

Blazer River Island Opposite: Dress ASHISH Jumpsuit Skims




Here we are talking about Love. Perhaps, to make a scene, I should have started by saying that we are here talking about Queer Love. The couple of models in this editorial, in fact, are a real couple in real life and it is the first time they pose together for a photo shoot. So we are therefore very grateful to them for giving us some of their intimacy and such fresh beauty. In fashion, as in many other artistic environments, we are clearly all used to different sexual orientations, to the point that no one pays attention about it anymore and it is total normality. A peace of mind. Unfortunately, this cannot be said for the rest of the world and it is really painful to still see people who offend on the street, people who exclude others from work business, and worst of all watching families against their children and relatives based on their sexual orientation. I don't know how long we have to wait to see the end of these horrors, and if a truly MODERN global society will ever come, but until then we must keep fighting and talk about it in order to save, at least, the minds of the younger ones.

Photography Diego Bendezu Production Daria Bendezu Style Brit Cato Models Nyja Abdullah c/o Heroes Models & Sydney Acker c/o Muse Models Makeup Ai Yokomizo c/o Bridge Artists Hair Style Yu Nakata c/o 87 Artists Style Assistance Gabriella Onessimo Photo Assistance Brandon Abreu & Collin Elliott Casting Direction Kevin Chung @ KEV p.32

Up: Dress: Alexander McQueen Gold Earrings Rainbow Unicorn Birthday Surprise Down: Dress Alberta Ferretti Hat Halston Pantyhose Falke Spectator Kitten Heels Prada

Blouse & Flower Broach Chanel Mustard Lace Bodysuit Intimissimi Pantyhose Falke Pumps Versace Opposite: Full Look Givenchy Scarf Balenciaga


Up: Lace Bodysuit Intimissimi Earrings Chanel Down: Sweatshirt Balenciaga Bloomers Miu Miu Socks Miu Miu

Leather Trench Coat Prada Tan Bandeau Max Mara Skirt Prada Pantyhose Calzedonia Trainers Balenciaga Opposite: Mesh Dress Max Mara Gold Earrings Rainbow Unicorn Birthday Surprise Shoes Givenchy

Pearl Necklace Chanel Bustier Strap Top Givenchy Pantyhose Calzedonia Bloomers Miu Miu Opposite: Left: Sweatshirt Balenciaga Bloomers, Socks: Miu Miu Right: Lace Bodysuit Intimissimi Earrings Chanel


Up: Dress, Necklace Chanel Pantyhose Calzedonia Down: Dress Chanel Earrings & Belt Rainbow Unicorn Birthday Surprise

must have

When designers imagined the future for their spring summer collections, they certainly never imagined that we would find ourselves in a war climate. Perhaps some did not really believe that the pandemic would end so quickly, but the hypothesis of a real war was just out of question. Any speech, now, concerning clothes and glamor appears meaningless when compared to the situation that has arisen in Ukraine, and which is gradually involving the whole West. Already during the pandemic, it must be said, it was difficult not to often feel inappropriate talking about fashion. Yet, fashion like other "light" but very popular topics can become important beacons to send the right messages. Just look at the latest Balenciaga show for the fall winter 2022 / '23, or the many ethical decisions made by Giorgio Armani during these two years. Not to mention that lightness is sometimes a real cure-all, something that can help the brain escape from difficult situations. The must haves for this spring summer remain many. There has been a real comeback boom of the sexy. We are not talking about veiled sensuality, but about the real desire to be noticed. All that human contact that we have lost and that we lack, including looks. So here the dresses become snug, the cut out becomes bursting and the miniskirts immediately remind us of the 2000s with Christina Aguilera in Dirty. Glitter and bright colors are obviously a must in this mood, even better if accompanied by bras and an exposed belly. Butterflies are a very present symbol, both as a print on fabrics and in real shapes that are created on tops or tricot dresses. The Wings of Freedom, the ones we have all desired and imagined for the end of the pandemic, are now in danger of being heavily clipped by the more than uncertain future into which we have fallen. Again. Trends spring summer 2022


1. As we just said, the miniskirt is back in the limelight but what we saw on the Miu Miu catwalk are real shocking and irresistible schoolgirls. For this young protest look we have chosen a comfortable version and pastel colors. A The Attico mini jeans goes perfectly with Loulou Studio's black cashmire cut-out top. Mach & Mach leather bag and, for the final touch, Balenciaga's pink sneakers will make you run wherever you want.






1. Miu Miu SS2022 Runway show | Model Lena Werner Photocourtesy Filippo Fior 2. Mach & Mach Elsa Stud Embellished Leather Top Handle Bag seen at 3. Loulou Studio Sindo Cutout Cotton-Cashmere Top seen at 4. éliou Birk Gold-Plated Chain Necklace seen at 5. The Attico Minigonna Dean In Denim Di Cotone seen at 6. Balenciaga Track.2 Open Sneakers seen at


CROCHET 1. In a world of crocheted sweaters and dresses, we would happily live. We think there is no better trend for those who want to always feel on vacation. This year Alberta Ferretti was an incredible spokesperson for it and a really great source of inspiration. For our daytime look we chose a long and snug dress by Ulla Johnson, a leather slave sandal to tie, a large and comfortable tote by Isabel Marant and a bucket hat by Jacquemus. And it is immediately Tulum style.





1. Alberta Ferretti SS2022 Runway show 2. Ulla Johnson Alexis Crocheted Wool Maxi Dress seen at 3. Isabel Marant Warden Cotton Canvas Shopping Tote seen at 4. Studio Amelia Tubular Wrap Leather Sandals seen at 5. Jacquemus Le Bob Artichaut Frayed Cotton-Blend Bucket Hat seen at Opposite: Acne Studios SS2022 Runway show | Model Cassady Clover Photo courtesy Filippo Fior /


p.47 p.75

WINGS OF FREEDOM 1. With all the freedom we have desired more in these two years, there was no more appropriate symbol than a butterfly to be found for the spring summer collections. Chanel has created beautiful skirts and dresses with sheer printed fabrics, colored like Machaon wings. Burberry, in its collection with animal elements, used prints that resemble parts of a butterfly, such as the eyes. For our evening and elegant look, we chose a palazzo trousers by Carolina Herrera and a Zimmermann silk top. All combined with a Paco Rabanne mini bag (now a must) and The Attico square sandals.



3. 6.

4. 4.

6. Larsson & Jennings, watch €162 seen at

1. Etro runway SS20 show ph. Alessandro Lucioni / 2. Simone Rocha cotton dress seen at 1. Chanel SS2022 Runway show 3. Roxanne AssoulinHerrera gold plated seen at 2. Carolina Blackbracelets White Chevron Silk Blend Wide Leg Pants seen at 4. Miu Miu velvet flats seen atIconic 3. Paco Rabanne Mini 1969 Chainmail Bag seen at 5. Kayu4. Onie Top-Handle BagMules seen seen at TheWicker Attico Devon Leather at 6. Prada5.Flower Raso Mini Handle Bag seen at GalvanEmbellished London Women's BlackTop Zengel Satin-trimmed Crepe Cropped Blazer seen at Opposite: River Island dress 6. Zimmermann Rhythmic Embroidered Linen-Silk Top seen at Opposite: Burberry SS2022 Runway show

p.119 p.71 p.15 p.77 p.49

CUT OUT 1. If you are part of that group of people who could not wait for the return of sexy and tight dresses this is really the perfect trend for you. Sheath dresses of all lengths have been cut, ripped and readjusted in most of the world's fashion houses. Some Balmain and Etro looks really impressed us with their sensuality charge, and we chose to stay in the same mood for our purchase advice. Mini dress with cuts and transparencies by Mugler, combined with an unmissable jacket with side openings, in eco-leather, by Matériel. Add some comfy and sexy camperos by Isabel Marant and a golden Cult Gaia clutch and you're ready for an evening of partying and madness.


5. 3.

6. 4.

1. Balmain SS2022 Runway show | Model Saibatou Toure Photo courtesy Alessandro Lucioni / 2. Matériel Cutout Faux Leather Blazer seen at 3. Mugler Vestito In Jersey seen at 4. Cult Gaia Annika Acrylic Clutch seen at 5. Isabel Marant Black Duerto Suede Boots seen at 6. Essere Palm Tree 18K Yellow Gold Diamond Long Necklace seen at Opposite: Etro SS2022 Runway showt

p.51 p.75

WATCH MY BRA 1. Let's face it, this is one of the seasonal trends that we liked the least. Clearly, many looks from the various brands are amazing on the show, but in real life most of the interpretations seen on the street are often of very bad taste. It is a difficult match, easier in the choice of the various possibilities if you have a slim body or in any case a little breasts. For all other mere mortals, you have to study it, a little. Carolina Herrera's reverse page look, for example, would be lovely even on softer shapes. We chose a simple day version, with bra / top, jacket and jeans, Aeyde clogs and Marni raffia bag.






1. Dolce & Gabbana SS2022 Runway show 2. Etro Patchwork Low-Rise Flared Jeans seen at 3. Brandon Maxwell Audrey Polka-Dot Wool-Blend Blazer seen at 4. Johanna Ortiz Shelly Beach Cotton Cropped Top seen at 5. Marni Leather-Trimmed Raffia Small Bucket Bag seen at 6. Aeyde Bibi Studded Leather Clogs seen at Opposite: Carolina Herrera SS2022 Runway show

Larsson & Jennings, watch €162 seen at

p.71 p.15 p.53 p.77


1. This is a piece with which you can create any mood. For this spring summer, we have seen the Bermuda shorts combined above all with suits with open belly. Michael Kors' look here is of sublime elegance and subtle sensuality. We have chosen a more jaunty version and more similar to the look alongside Dsquared2. Stella McCartney environmentally friendly tie dye bermuda jeans, Mara Hoffman top and comfortable Khaite sandals with chain bag, combined with a more eye-catching mesh jacket, by Aliétte.






1.Michael Kors SS2022 Runway show | model Janaye Furman Photo courtesy Filippo Fior / 2. Stella McCartney Tie-Dyed Denim Shorts seen at 3. KARA Cinch Leather Crossbody Bag seen at 4. Mara Hoffman Jini Woven Cropped Top seen at 5. Aliétte Beaded Lasercut Silk Chiffon Blazer seen at 6. Khaite Thompson Footbed Leather Sandals seen at Opposite: DSquared2 SS2022 Runway show


p.55 p.75



1. Whether you're inspired by Audrey Hepburn or Blair Waldorf, depending on your age, it doesn't matter. This trend is an evergreen that never dies. Perfect for all those people who feel the need to go back to "dressing well" after two pandemic years, but who prefer to focus on absolute elegance rather than excessive sensuality. We imagined a timeless look that could be okay at any time of the day. Oscar De La Renta floral full skirt combined with linen top, Jimmy Choo pump sandals with pearls, Bottega Veneta cat eye glasses and raffia satchel bag by Ulla Johnson.





1. Max Mara SS2022 Runway show | Model Barbara Valente Photo courtesy Alessandro Lucioni / 2. Bottega Veneta Cat-Eye Acetate Sunglasses seen at 3. Ulla Johnson Gigi Raffia Drawstring Top Handle Bag seen at 4. Oscar de la Renta Magnolia-Print Cotton Midi Skirt seen at 5. Ruslan Baginskiy Hats Bow Embellished Sateen Headband seen at 6. Posse Exclusive Alice Linen Crop Top seen at 7. Jimmy Choo Sacaria Pearl-Embellished Satin Platform Sandals seen at






This mood too, together with the crochet trend, has the power to make you feel immediately on vacation. A feeling that we like very much and that we all need, especially now. An Etro flared trousers, a braided rope sandal and you are immediately in the 70s, dancing on the beach with a flower behind your ear. A beaded and colored stone necklace is a must to complete this style. The bag? Leave her at home today! No cell phones or ties of any kind, just relaxa and fun!




1. Johanna Ortiz SS2022 Runway show 2. Markarian Maya Organic White Cotton Belt With Red Florals With Raffia Buckle seen at 3. Dany Chady Cajueiro 18K Yellow Gold Multi-Stone Necklace seen at 4. Etro Seven Embroidered Wide-Leg Jeans seen at 5. Alix of Bohemia Kiki Silk Chiffon Shirt seen at 6. Studio Amelia Satin Rope Sandals seen at

p.57 p.77 p.71 p.15

STRIPE MANIA 2. 1. We have seen stripes creep into the collections of many designers, literally in all directions. Go ahead then to mix horizontal and vertical lines, and use compatible fabrics and colors to make the look aesthetically valid. We chose a beautiful sweater by Silvia Tcherassi with a V-neck and a bow at the waist, combined with a midi skirt by Cara Cara. Neutral colors and natural fabrics to stay in the summer mood, add a Lack of Color hat with espadrille sandal by Staud and a Golden Goose handbag.




1. Jil Sander SS2022 Runway show | Model Blesnya Minher Photo courtesy Alessandro Lucioni / 2. Golden Goose Star Journey Printed Leather Shoulder Bag seen at 3. Cara Cara Pilar Striped Knit Midi Skirt seen at 4. STAUD Billie Leather Espadrille Wedges seen at 5. Silvia Tcherassi Italina Striped Cotton Peplum Top seen at 6. Lack of Color Inca Raffia Bucket Hat seen at




1. To return to the climate about a comeback of parties and to be noticed and looked at, colors could only come into force turned on. Beyond that, the idea is to form a whole look with the same color. Yellow, fuchsia, orange, are the warm colors of summer! We thought about an afternoon party by the sea (or by the pool). The minidress with large back bow is signed Carolina Herrera, match it with Bottega Veneta mesh espadrilles, acrylic clutch by Cult Gaia and The Attico sunglasses.





1. Etro SS2022 Runway show 2. The Attico Mini Marfa Square-Frame Acetate Sunglasses seen at 3. Cult Gaia Ibis Rattan Eyewear Strap seen at 4. Bottega Veneta Lace-Up Wedge Espadrilles seen at 5. Carolina Herrera Bow-Embellished Silk Mini Dress seen at 6. Cult Gaia Eden Acrylic Clutch seen at p.59 p.77 p.71 p.15



1. We close the must-haves of the season with THE perfect trend to shine in the night or, why not, also at other times of the day and events. On the catwalks of almost all the brands, sparkling dresses were shown in all different ways, and this time we have chosen a slightly aggressive look, impossible not to be noticed! The "shine" part is mainly attributed to the fringed silver cigarette skirt by Brandon Maxwell, but there is nothing to take away from the very bright Dolce & Gabbana handbag. To keep the look on, combine them with a draped green top by Paris Georgia, fluo studs sandals with Amina Muaddi and a Carolina Herrera belt at the waist.


5. 4.


1. Dolce & Gabbana SS2022 Runway show 2. Carolina Herrera Silk Faille Belt seen at 3. Brandon Maxwell Fringed Foil Midi Pencil Skirt seen at 4. Paris Georgia Assymetric Ruched Faux Leather Strapless Top seen at 5. Amina Muaddi Julia Studded PVC-Trimmed Leather Sandals seen at 6. Dolce & Gabbana DG Sequined Shoulder Bag seen at Opposite: Dior SS2022 Runway show

p.61 p.75

THE NEW DESIRE As we have seen in the trends of this spring summer 2022, there is a great desire to return to being sensual. A need amplified by the two pandemic years in which we have not been in contact with people much, and which now makes itself felt overwhelming. The desire to be watched and admired. And whether it's an innocent wish or not, there's nothing wrong with this feeling. A little healthy vanity doesn't hurt anyone.

Photography Heinrich Benjamin Production René Skwara Style Camille Franke Model Folke Matthes c/o IMG Models Makeup Loni Baur Hair Style Hauke Krause Digital Oerator Adrian Höllger Style Assistance Ana-Marija Knezevic Set Design Tamara Bruckner


Full Look Celine Jacquard wool blazer dress with silk Earrings Swarovski fringes and maxi belt Salvatore Ferragamo

Bag Miu Miu

Polo Shirt Miu Miu Opposite: Full Look Miu Miu

Dress Alexander Vauthier


Shoes Miu Miu Opposite: Full Look Valentino Earrings Swarovski

Full Look Hermèts Opposite: Bag Celine

Full Look Fassbender Earrings Swarovski Opposite: Mini dress via Vestiare Collective Céline @ reference studios Bag Miu Miu Necklace Swarovski

Photography Rachell Smith c/o WIB agency Style Natalie Read Model Nyibol c/o Titanium management Makeup, Hair Style Kamila Forini using Weleda skin care Style Assistance Shondae Woods

Thr Luna effect The power of the moon and the effects of the lunar cycle on humans and the earth is something very fascinating. Starting with the tides, passing through temperatures, sleep, hair growth and apparently even the birth of babies! In fact, the midwives say that the maternity wards fill up on a full moon day.

We wanted to create a unique atmosphere with an earthy yet futuristic feel, so we chose clean graphic lines and strong monochromatic shades to represent the light and dark side of the moon. - Natalie Read


Earrings Black GBGH Corset by JacquelineEsaú Barbosa Yori

p.207 p.71

Dress A-JANE Headpiece Merve Bayindir Opposite: Dress Sanne London


PJacket A-JANE Top and trousers both Georgia Hardinge Ring GBGH by Jacqueline Barbosa Opposite: Dress Nynne

Here & Opposite: Hat NJ Miller Millinery Shirt, shorts suit both Huishan Zhang Shoes Carolin Holzhuber Ring Pebble London

Hat Merve Bayindir Blouse Anastasia Bull Opposite: Dress Zeynep Kartal Top A-JANE Headband Merve Bayindir


Here & Opposite: Mack Georgia Hardinge Earrings GBGH by Jacqueline Barbosa

If you think the Avatar night garden scene is an amazing thing, you've obviously never seen the bioluminescent mushrooms we have on our planet. They are found in the temperate and tropical forests of the Americas, Japan, Southeast Asia, Australia and South Africa. They become a guiding light at night and make your path magical. Indeed, their purpose is obviously not to be adorable for humans, but attract the attention of insects at night which will help them spread their spores. So be careful of the lights in the night and where they might take you.

mushrooms Photography Julian Essink Style Ricarda Venjacob c/o Liganord Model Hyo Jin c/o Mirrrs models Hair Style, Makeup Natalia Soboleva c/o Liganord Photography Assistance Leon Grunau

Dress Issey Miyake


Blouse Amorphose Shirt Christopher Esber

Jacket Jennifer Milleder Pants Mugler Necklace Xenia Bous Opposite: Jacket Nada Dehni Shirt Lecavalier Glasses Viu

Dress Amorphose


Coat Larissa Falk Dress Rudi Gernreich Hat Irina Hefner Shoes Ugg Earrings Sezane



Dress Irina Hefner Earring as ring J.W. Anderson

Dress Marie Louise Vogt Shoes Camper Opposite: Pants Larissa Falk Coat J.W. Anderson Shirt Isa Boulder Earrings Jacquemus

Jacket Jennifer Milleder Rings Maanesten


Body Irina Hefner Dress Ganni Hat Spatzhutdesign Passau Boots Camperlab


All White "Bold black on all white she creates herself in empty space Head over heels She feels her way back to bare essentials in all its glory"

"The styling is all white, clean and minimalistic but with some elaborate details like pearls, cut-outs and gatherings. The same concept you can find in the setting, all white with some minimalistic details and graphic shapes. The color concept makes the story look summery but effortlessly at the same time." - Elke Dostal

Photography Oliver Beckmann Style Elke Dostal c/o Nina Klein Model Rim c/o MIHA Model management Makeup, Hair Style Tinna Empera c/o Nina Klein using Mac cosmetics Location Naked Studios


Top By Marlene Birger Earrings Saskia Diez

Here & Opposite: Dress Tory Burch Shoes Jil Sander


Dress Nanushka Sunglasses Acne Studios Opposite: Dress Nanushka Necklace Saskia Diez

Jacket, Sweater, Shoes Acne Studios Earring Saskia Diez Opposite: Dress Chistopher Esber

Dress Nanushka Shoes Totême Earrings Saskia Diez Opposite: Knittop Acne Studios Earring Saskia Diez


Here & Opposite: Earrings Jacquemus Blouse Marques` Almeida Opposite: Earring, Bag Cult Gaia Dress Bajanova Shoes Totême


Photography Wiktor Malinowski Style Julia Koscienska Model Cleo Ćwiek c/o Model Plus Hair Style Ada Nowakowska Makeup Weronika Zielinska Set Design Agata Witczak Photography Assistance Aleksander Balcerek Special thanks to Adrian Kowalski @ Studio Flesz


does not mean

UNCOMFORTABLE Among the various trends of the next season, a predisposition of the various designers towards futurism is undeniable. This world we found ourselves in, a world of pandemic and war, obviously it generates a desire for escape and progress that pours into all artistic ideas. They were therefore imagined in the making of this editorial surreal but also wearable looks, in a clean world where color, comfort and versatility will reach the highest peaks.

Suit Kreist | Shoes Dirt | Sculpture By Agata Witczak


Here & Opposite: Dress Fal-ash p.121

Here & Opposite: Top sculpture by Agata Witczak | Pants Marfa Lui Store | Shoes Vanda Novak


Dress Kuta House | Opposite: Top, Skirt Fal-ash | Earrings Patty Rose Jewellery


Dress Anna Kleszcz | Opposite: Full Look Kardas Jan

Full Look Kreist

Beauty Products for this spring/summer? The answer is

Minimal Elegance

The warm season is coming and with it, we hope, a bit of positivity also for the pandemic and war world situation. In the meantime, we can only hope and continue our sustainable journey, in search of a future in which we will all take better care of our planet. Beyond the seasonal trends that have been seen on the catwalks, and which certainly bring a lot of color into the make-up of this spring summer, we have decided to talk more generally about potential timeless sustainable "trends" that you can take with you in the years to come.

Photography Weronika Kosińska Style Stefania Lazar Model Maria c/o Selective Management Hair Style, Makeup Vika May


We would like to point out, as in every new issue of LATEST, a series of products of brands engaged in this fight, accompanied by some small advice that we are gradually acquiring thanks to constant research and testing.


l mondo della cosmetica è ultimamente protagonista di un cambiamento molto lontano dall’essere

Foto by Daria Shevtsova

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SMILING naturally: how do you brush your teeth? The smile. An absolutely "beauty" part often overlooked in beauty tips. As if our teeth were only part of a world apart, that one of the dentist. How do you wash them? With which products and with which toothbrush? It would surprise you to know how polluting even this side of our lives can be. Did you know that ordinary toothbrushes - made of nonrecyclable plastic and nylon bristles - can take up to 1000 years to decompose? It's terrible. In this regard it can be easily remedied, there are bamboo toothbrushes and there are really a lot of them on the market. If we then move on to dental hygiene products, namely toothpastes and mouthwashes, the situation becomes even more complicated. While the cleaning substances they contain are sometimes necessary, for the most part they are absolutely useless or potentially harmful. The packaging, of course, is made of plastic. There are now toothpastes based on mainly natural and organic ingredients, some of which are solid and therefore without packaging, such as those of Officina Naturae. ​


LATEST BEAUTY Blouse & Other Stories

Plantable Eyeliner: Flowers grow from your pencil The first makeup pencil that is planted at the end of use has also arrived in Italy. From an idea of ​​the Danish brand Sprout, which already created drawing pencils that can be planted and also customized with your logo, for truly special and eco-sustainable gifts. The available colors of this eyeliner are currently only in black and two brown shades. They are pencils made with certified wood from responsibly managed forests, and their formula is zero microplastics and 100% biodegradable. Totally natural, certified against allergies, with castor oil and other nutrients and also suitable for vegans, as it does not contain components of animal origin. When the pencil runs out, and you have the last piece left, instead of throwing it away you can ... plant it! Inside there are seeds of wildflowers, suitable for bees. The simple and ingenious idea was born thinking of small gestures, which are often considered useless by final consumers, and therefore not maintained. If we all did a little in our existence, that little multiplied by millions of people would be far from useless. ​

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HONIEH: we believe in your skin. All of their products are made with love and care. Natural and vegan. Proudly made in Italy. An opening that leaves no room for the imagination, in a positive way. No doubt, therefore, in the purchase of Honieh products. They are all natural and organic. Free from parabens, phthalates, sulphates, silicones, petrochemicals, fragrances or synthetic dyes. On their website, the brand reminds us of some of the fundamental reasons for choosing a skincare made of natural ingredients. First of all, they do not irritate or create allergic reactions. They are nourishing and well absorbed by the skin unlike chemical compounds. They respect the environment. And this is a factor of fundamental importance if we want to have a future on this planet. The brand was founded by influencer Erika Boldrin, after having experimented with a healthy and vegan lifestyle for years.



COLLISTAR Milano: Pure Lipstick A brand that needs no introduction, Collistar is adding a series of features closer to the environment to its product list. Multi-purpose products, refillable packaging and now this fantastic performing and sustainable Pure Lipstick. Without silicones, animal derivatives or microplastics, this lipstick contains an Aglianico grape extract (grape extracts are increasingly used in the creation of beauty products), a famous grape variety from southern Italy. This extract, with a smoothing and moisturizing action, is obtained from the waste of the pomace, and is therefore an excellent example of upcycling. Speaking of packaging, it is interesting to see the company's commitment to a future with less waste. Aside from the center piece of the lipstick, the bottom and cap are made from recyclable plastic, while the box in which it is sold is made from recyclable paper, made from sustainable sources.


LATEST BEAUTY Dress Self Portrait Opposite: Turtleneck Wolford


LATEST BEAUTY Blouse Dries Van Noten

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OWAY: less washes, less waste, cleaner hair for longer time It is one of the slogans that you can find on the Oway brand website (which stands for Organic Way). Among the various hair products, absolutely sustainable, you must try the Hydro-Balance Scalp Gel, which reduces the number of weekly washes and thermal stresses while keeping the scalp and hair clean and light. This, of course, also affects the decrease in water and electricity consumption which is an often underestimated topic. The brand also supports respect for the environment - obviously - by avoiding overpackaging and, above all, by completely banning plastic. The products are all (not just the leading products) biodegradable, protective and concentrated. Sold in glass or aluminum bottles, they are shipped in carbon neutral mode. But Oway's sustainability doesn't end there. Their offices are also meant for employees who work in a company of this type. The energy needs are met to a large extent by photovoltaic panels and for the rest by energy suppliers from renewable sources. There is also a water purifier on site.


Photography Giorgio Codazzi Fashion Editor Nadia Bonalumi Model Annemary c/o Brave Models Makeup Giovanni Iovine c/o Green Apple Italy Hair Style Erisson Musella c/o Blend management Production Nicole Sancassani, Alison Brezza Style assistance Camilla Cesana, Stefania Furiosi Photography assistance Umberto Corsico, Filippo Ragone



Short nylon bomber jacket with micro floral prints, knit top decorated with a thread-embroidered logo, tailored satin trousers, pareo skirt in stretch lace with beads, slave bracelet made of brass with inlays embellished with stones, all ETRO


Stretch Dress with painted white flowers, Sandals PHILOSOPHY DI LORENZO SERAFINI Leggings in recycled Lycra and Oeko-Tex certified tulle UND Opposite: Lime metal-mesh dress, choker in silver metal VERSACE One-shoulder body with long sleeves FANTABODY Sabot in luxurious leather with crystal buckle MANOLO BLAHNIK for BIRKENSTOCK


Quilted voile jacket in printed cotton ANTIK BATIK Sand & white cotton cropped tops HINNOMINATE Leggings in recycled Lycra and Oeko-Tex certified tulle UND Oversize trousers in cotton bull treated on the finished garment SPORTMAX Ear cuff rings in 18k gold plated brass and crystal Swarovski ACCHITTO Opposite: Draped silk dress AC9 White sleeveless top AMERICAN APPAREL VINTAGE Metal and crystal necklace AC9

Cotton sweatshirt with hood HINNOMINATE White sleeveless top in stretch fabric AMERICAN APPAREL VINTAGE Bikers in milk-colored recycled technical fabric OSERÉE White perforated trousers JUCCA Taupe bag with gold chain, gold chain loafer mules J.W. ANDERSON Hoop earrings in 18k gold plated brass and crystal Swarovski ACCHITTO

Basic top in silk and organza with crystal applications DOLCE&GABBANA Surf wetsuit ARENA Brooch H&M Opposite: Draped viscose dress VIVIENNE WESTWOOD, Leggings with stirrups in 100% sustainable green fluo regenerated nylon REDEMPTION ATHLETIX Crop top with jewel straps H&M Slingback décolleté in soft nappa black leather SANTONI Chain-belt lime VERSACE Silver chain links earrings COS


Black asymmetrical top in stretch fabric HINNOMINATE Sequin skirt with embroidery BLUMARINE Leggings in stretch fabric LIVINCOOL Silver chain links necklace COS Opposite: Green silk-cut dress STELLA MCCARTNEY Bracelet with crystal charms H&M

Full Look Chika Kisada


Photography Damian Weilers Art Direction & Style Annah Segarra Model Zen c/o Lne Up Models Makeup, Hair Style Francisk Molina for Givenchy Beauty and I.C.O.N Style Assistance Jon Roz Makeup, Hair Assistance Nastia Babii


Vase Valeria Vasi


Dress Juana Martín


Dress Nadya Dzyak Opposite: Dress Ze García

Blazer, pants Alexander McQueen


Dress Revelation Opposite: Bag Alexander McQueen

Blouse Greta Boldini Earrings Andres Gallardo Opposite: Dress Krizia

Full Look Chika Kisada


the desire to get noticed again Fashion Editor Nadia Bonalumi | Photography Beppe Brancato Set Design Martina Sanzarello | Style Assistance Stefania Furiosi Photography Assistance Stefano Bentivegna | Words Marta Forgione

s/s 2022 accessories We have already talked about it in the article about seasonal trends at the beginning of the issue; this spring summer is very focused on a big return of sensuality and desire to get noticed. Clearly, if we talk about this in the fashion world, accessories easily become a perfect escape even for less enterprising personalities.

Sgaragiant colors, metallic or plastic fabrics, surreal shapes and exaggerations in terms of size (very small or very large bags) are some of the obvious things we are witnessing in this era of hope and positivism. Even for those who cannot give up the classic little black dress, the flashy accessory is something that goes beyond the classification of "too much teen" and is for the most part accepted and exploited a little by everyone. We have created this editorial in collaboration with a great team, precisely to give voice to color and warmth, hoping that this summer will finally bring some peace, at least mental to this confusion that now seems to never end.

Smooth calfskin leather handbag BOYY p.168

Braided rubber heel slim strap lavender mule GIANVITO ROSSI

LATEST aCCESSORIES Shoes and bags are clearly the two cornerstones, among the accessories, that really manage to attract attention and on which millions of people pour their obsessions to the limit of collecting. Having just moved in where I discovered I own more than a hundred shoes, I know a thing or two. For this spring / summer the shoes are presented in fluo or pastel colors (for the more bon ton souls), the silhouettes hook the eyes thanks to the crazy heels' shapes, often transparent as in this stiletto alongside by Giuseppe Zanotti or the pumps in leather by Jil Sander (p. 173). The tips are as sharp as our choice in Prada green (page 175), and the use of silver suits us in the more sober models, as you can see in this model from Bally (page 174). The bags are obviously not far behind and range between the same paths: curious shapes, fluorescent colors, plastic and transparent fabrics and various sizes. Here, too, we have classic colored models, such as Dior's fuchsia Tote (p. 172), transparent like the proposed one of Philosophy by Lorenzo Serafini (p. 178), in pastel tones such as Prada's Cleo Bag on p. 175 or metallic, like our choice by Fendi on p. 174. Our editorial board, staying in this positive trend, is certainly to test this path also on jewels. Transparencies, solid colors, large sizes or particular shapes can really give that extra touch to any simple look, and make you feel in a more summery mood.

Opposite: Shaded multicolor plexiglass ankle boot with transparent heel GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI


“Dior Book Tote” bag with fuchsia Toile de Jouy Zoom Panther embroidery DIOR | Electra 09 woman sandals in black leather HERMES Opposite: Pumps in leather with plexi heel JIL SANDER BY LUCIE AND LUKE MEIER


First bag made of silver-colored metallic leather with tone-on-tone banded F macro closure FENDI | Mirror effect leather ankle boots and rubber sole BALLY Opposite: Sling back décolleté with wedge heel in brushed calfskin PRADA | Cleo bag in brushed calfskin PRADA



Clutch "harmony one morning" BENEDETTA BRUZZICHES Opposite Mini baguette in brushed leather LANCEL

Fucsia pvc bag PHILOSOPHY DI LORENZO SERAFINI | Lucent hoop earrings SWAROVSKI Opposite: Curve bag and mini bag in light blue and turquoise leather ALEXANDERMCQUEEN.COM | “Dior Sorbet” ring in metal with gold finish and transparent blue resin DIOR | Lucent cocktail ring SWAROVSKI


"Bangle fusion" lacquered wood bracelets HERMES Opposite: Orange and fluo pink colored pvc ankle boots HUI | Mcqueen graffiti pink and white oval sunglasses ALEXANDERMCQUEEN.COM


Photography Lesley Edith C/O Kayte Ellis Agency Art Direction, Style Ben James Adams C/O Gary Represents Model Georgia Chambers C/O Linden Staub Talent Agency Hair Style Tyron Sweeney C/O Lampost Makeup Lauren Griffin C/O Ray Brown Represents Using Urban Decay Cosmetics Camera Operator Alfie Peter Style Assistance Bernadette Da Conceicao Nails Julie Luong


that girl Who's that girl? When you see her, say a prayer and kiss your heart goodbye She's trouble, in a word get closer to the fire Run faster, her laughter burns you up inside You're spinning round and round You can't get up, you try but you can't We can count on fingers of one hand the people in the world who do not know this song. Like it or not, Madonna is in all of us. We celebrated youth, play, disguise with this story. With an added touch of 70's soul.

Full Look Alexander McQueen


Here & Opposite: Dress Dries Van Noten Earrings Dinny Hall Necklace Amina Muaddi Boots Natacha Marro


Full Look Stella McCartney Opposite: Top & Trousers Daname Shoes Piferi Jewellery Purdi

Jacket Devaux Skirt Dice Kayek Boots Natacha Marro Sunglasses Rayban Necklace Alan Crocetti Opposite: Tracksuit Charles Jeffery


Dress Petar Petrov Opposite: Jacket & Shorts Diesel Socks Charles Jeffery Shoes Rosamund Muir


Photography Kurt Lavastida Style Carlee Wallace c/o Art Department Model Kelly Donoghuee c/o State Management Hair Style Sol Rodriguez Makeup Anna Kato Photography Assistance Marlon Lenoble, Ahmad Smith Location Dust Studios LA Schmidli Backdrops


Freedom We have decided to work to portray how colors and patterns can take our minds off everything that revolves around the negative events that are happening in the world. Kelly had unique characteristics that gave the pieces more character, the whole gave something vibrant and compelling - Kurt Lavastida The style was inspired by maximalism designers from the late 1970’s and early 80’s. Mixed print visuals by artists such as Miriam Schapiro, Gloria Klein, Joyce Kozloff and Nathalie Du Pasquier had a huge influence for this editorial. Showcasing unexpected layering and a playful take on textures, patterns and colors with brands like Comme Des Garçons, Helmut Lang, Stella McCartney, Proenza Schouler and Gucci. - Carlee Wallace

Top Molly Goddard Skirt Proenza Schouler Shoes Gucci Scarf Sarah Ragensburger


Dress Sarah Ragensburger Balaclava Opposite: Balaclava Custom


Dress Oroy Shoes Givenchy Opposite: Blazer I’m BFTL Bottoms Oroy London Shoes Givenchy

Sweater Vest Samsøe Samsøe Dress Helen Anthony Bottoms Serpenti Opposite: Dress Nor Black Nor White Jumpsuit Sarah Ragensburger Shoes Paris Texas

Dress Sarah Ragensburger Opposite: Dress Stella McCartney

Top Comme Des Garçon Knit Top Sunnei Skirt Comme Des Garçon Shoes Jeffery Campbell Opposite: Top Helmut Lang Vest Alabama Blonde Terry Bottoms Simon Miller Leather Bottoms Alabama Blonde


The Body Positive topic is something on everyone's mouth now, yet over time I realized how much this movement is still totally misunderstood by most people. Including me, until about three years ago. I thought about it as something in which, for the umpteenth time in fashion, a trend was riding without believing in it at all. I was sincerely afraid that all "different" people from the classic model concept could suffer even more over time, being exploited at the time of the trend and then cast away. The years are passing, and the movement is far from recession. Thanks to social media (sometimes they are needed, if they are used for the right things and in the right way) and thanks to the many VIPs who have joined, all body types, ages, ethnicities etc are gradually gaining ground in the business, and at the moment we count on the fingers of one hand the brands that do not yet use curvy or different models on the catwalk. My doubts were also of another kind. After years of fighting anorexia in which fashion was (sometimes more than rightly) accused of promoting absurd weight loss for runway models, now it was the turn to obesity. Why, I was wondering, in this business it is never possible to have the normality and average sizes in the upper echelons of earnings and uses? The answer is simple, lack of hype. Probably, a size 42-44 on the catwalk does not make enough scene and does not make enough talk about itself. This is the one aspect of the story that I still don't like. But, over time, I have come to realize that this has nothing to do with body positive movement or with

promoting body types that are not commonly considered "healthy". The point is another one: we have (involuntarily and/or voluntarily) promoted for decades a model of a really skinny woman, a model that is clearly not the norm and that has created generations of girls obsessed with weight or drastic diets. We did and continued to do so, despite the fact that the evidence was all there. I have personally seen, in the 2000s, famous fashion agencies ask runway models to eat, pre-show, a packet of crackers, a can of tuna and a yogurt. In a day, for days. We remember all the news videos of models fainting during shows. I personally remember the models I knew who did not leave the house, in the days before the show, because they could not stand up. Now, years later, many of us have had the courage to think that it was wrong to "promote" obese women on the catwalk and in advertising campaigns, because "it is not a healthy message". Nice courage, I tell myself. After thirty years of anorexia everywhere. What we need to get out of, as a reasoning, is the question of the promotional message. If, suddenly, we only had obese models on the catwalk then yes, it would be promotional because the "message" would be that if you want to become a model now you have to get fat instead of lose weight. Instead, what is happening in the world is a wonderful thing and opposite to this concept of obligations. The message is that we can ALL feel special or beautiful. Any type of body or medical problem you have. It means that if you have problems with anorexia, or obesity, or you are at an age that was considered advanced until recently, now all your complexes can disappear and, why not, you could even work showing your unique body.

Photographer David PD Hyde | Style Emily Evans Models Angela Selvarajah c/o Zebedee Talent Congyu Xu c/o First Model Management | Ellie Peagam c/o PRM Makeup Phoebe Taylor | Hair Style Johanna Cree Brown Prop Artist Yan Skates


Silk Blouse Maison Margiela Briefs BriefsWolford Wolfort Beret Utowo Boots Gianvito Rossi at Vestiaire Collective


Black satin Dress Anastasia Bull Opposite: Earring Anastasia Bull

Cream shorts Kata Haratym Opposite: Green dress & Cardigan Uooyaa Green boots Martha


Dress Stella McCartney Opposite: Pleated blue silk coat Anastasia Bull


Earrings Anastasia Bull Opposite: Purple crotchet corset Rosie Evans. Vegetable dyed vegan track pants Eirinn Hayhow


Black Corset, silk trousers Stella McCartney Opposite: Black reclaimed dress Met-Code Hat Rysia Pierzchala


Stripe Catsuit Martha Opposite: Top Kata Haratym Leggings Martha


Leotard Freed of London Hand crotchet coat Eirinn Hayhow Opposite: Vegan leather skirt Kalissi Pink boots Martha Organic cotton hat Eirinn Hayhow


TUSCAN stories Photography Giorgio Figini Style Valentina Feula Model Martina Troni c/o NEXT Models Makeup, Hair Style Barbara Corso

Cardigan Balmain Dress Alexandre Vauthier Necklace Federica Tosi Ring Iosselliani Shoes Benedetta Boroli

Jacket, pants Giada Hat Patrizia Fabri Boots Le Silla Opposite: Dress Colangelo Shoes Ingrid Incisa


Hat Ruslan Baginskiy Jacket Necessary Ananke Skirt Pago Rabanne Boots Benedetta Boroli Opposite: Total look Federica Tosi Necklace Emma Sofia


Dress Francesca Cottone Necklace Iosselliani Gloves Duecci Guanti Shoes Ingrid Incisa Opposite: Jacket Weili Zheng Skirt Caterina Moro Gloves Duecci Boots Benedetta Boroli Shirt Federica Tosi Corset Judi Zhang

Top Necessary Ananke Skirt Judi Zhang Boots Benedetta Boroli Gloves Duecci Guanti Opposite: Total look Romeo Gigli Belt Valentino Ring Iosselliani Boots Le Silla

Here & Opposite: Dress Alexandre Vauthier Collant Calzedonia Earrings Iosselliani Shoes Ingrid Incisa di Camerana

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