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assword: update. With the many fast technological changes and the mountain of possible innovations in any field, we try to stay "up to date" even on the thousand options that we now have to be really more "futuristic". New materials to make non-polluting fabrics, elimination of real furs from clothing production and many other realities that can finally be part of us and the new fashion world. We try to learn from nature's rules to create. Let's make a journey into the future of fashion, of design with Cristina Celestino, of the illustration with Katie Rodgers from @paperfashion and of a spectacular new resort in the Dolomites, perfectly integrated with the environment. Editor-in-chief Facebook: @marta.forgione Instagram: @martaforgione

Marta Forgione


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Editor’s letter

Among all communications channels a brand can choose from nowadays, runway is still the best way to communicate values to the public. Maybe because runway is the natural habitat of fashion, even if today clothes and accessories are shown just about anywhere - Instagram being the most quoted of all. And maybe because runway has something difficult to explain and hard to recreate online - the magic of being there, physically, and the possibility to give to your public a complete sensorial experience. Or again, the illusion to be far from the mere purchase and the elevation, in this last sense, of garments in something closer to works of art, the spectator being invited to take pleasure from. Runway is a story. Whatever it is the reason, the illusory universe specifically created to show the collection brings an added value, which brands use to take advantage from for their business. Latest collections from past seasons are not different. On the contrary they have been more significant than ever.


THE LINES Words Giulia Greco - up to page 16 Here and opposite: Louis Vuitton man SS2020 ph. Filippo Fior & Alessandro Viero from gorunway.com /courtesy of Vogue


Environmental issue is one of the most important in the fashion industry (and everywhere else too, finally!), as much as it’s impossible to avoid it and every brand is called to take part to the general change of the production system. Even who is not interested at all in sustainability will eventually take a position which can be one only, according to common sense but also to not disappoint the public opinion. Consumers, especially the younger and more educated ones, ask for more: clothes are no more enough, they want to have ethic, meanings and aims. This is the only way through which clothes can acquire special values, long lasting in time. Once Franca Sozzani said that “it must be aesthetic but with a meaning. Otherwise you get bored also of the most beautiful things” and added “it’s never enough, if there is no value behind a product”. These words have always been true: they are ever more valuable today, when the survival of our planet depends (also) on our purchasing habits. Menswear fashion shows and ready-to-wear collections inspired us last months, because they really were meaningful. Bright, innovative and deep, collections were beautiful on the aesthetic level and they were inspiring about new tends we are so looking forward to try. But they were so beautiful also because of their inner dialogues, able to make us reflect.

It is not by chance that two of the most important brands worldwide, Louis Vuitton and Fendi, have been inspired by the same topic for their menswear collections Spring Summer 2020: gardening. Silvia Venturini Fendi uses her childhood memories to recreate the spirit of the show, the love and the passion she developed during time growing up in the country side. Virgil Abloh starts from the future, thanks to his exceptional sensibility, which allows him to look ahead, always ahead, in what is going to be. Abloh, in this sense, has been little wiser than Fendi indeed, putting inside his show diversity as an additional meaning. Wild flowers that complete each look are the visible transliteration of diversity, which asks to be embraced and respected. We are all the same despite our differences and we all grow up from the same soil. Starting from two opposite points then, Fendi and Louis Vuitton reach the same conclusion: if we live in an iper connected world, the only connection we should try to (re)create is the one with nature. Against the virtual and the frenetic, the utility chic collection by Fendi invites us to slow down and enjoy the products of nature to feel part of this world and to take care of it. This is the final real message of the collection: gardening doesn’t mean only deep down in nature and take pleasure from it - according to Luca Guadagnino, special guest of Fendi’s menswear fashion shows and reference point, artistically speaking, of the Maison for some years now. Gardening means to shape nature, leading it while preserving its essence. Which is exactly what we should pursue as human beings. There is, for that very reason, a delicate and light approach in both collections. Pastel colours at Louis Vuitton, delicious and full, and the green and sand scales ad Fendi, nearly tactile. Fabrics are basic and natural and mix fresh flowers and ethereal organza. Two sensational collections, one same purpose.

Editor’s letter

If there is a designer that always reminds us about our responsibility toward the Planet Heart, this is Stella McCartney who, with her homonymous brand, fights for the environment since many years now. Flowers are the starting point for her Resort 2020 collection as well, whose name is Forces for Nature. Together with flowers the designer took inspiration from the writer Jonathan Safran Foer: they share the same interest and they collaborate to a common artistic dialogue. We Are the Weather is the slogan that appears on t-shirts and pullovers in McCartney’s collection, and it also is the title of the new Foer’s book. The collection features other slogans as well, our favorite one being Eco-Weirdos, which actually is the best way to describe McCartney’s pioneering vision. Changes go through taking a position first of all, that may seem a small act while it makes a huge difference. To wear slogans, logos and drawings (like the one of the sun, which is the main pattern for the Resort collection) helps us to make a statement, to feel stronger together. All the eco weirdos all around now know that they are not alone, but they can fight together. Not environmentalists only, designers have a 360° vision on contemporary world. If sustainability is felt as one of the most important problem to be faced now - many things to be said and done still - latest collections developed other social issues as well. Diversity, we’ve already said it talking about Abloh, is crucial. Louis Vuitton celebrates it through flowers and colours, while Pierpaolo Piccioli sews it in his magnificent gowns. Fall Winter 2019 Couture show by Valentino celebrated different women and different stories, their unicity and what they have in common.


Stella McCartney Resort 2020| Photo: Courtesy

of Stella McCartney

According to Alessandro Michele, visionary genius head of Gucci’s creativity, diversity is behind gender and the topic widened enormously, speaking about personal freedom of choice. The last Resort 2020 collection, shown at Musei Capitolini in Rome, is a beautiful celebration of personal right: in this sense the pagan world is taken as example of freedom to be pursued, which seems to lack every day more in our modern world. From Gucci’s over the top collections we want to especially grasp the gender fluid aesthetic, which is still at an early stage of development in the fashion system, but it’s going to be a major topic soon. Fashion is a field where gender definition still plays a fundamental role, even if fashion, by definition, should allow full freedom of expression without boundaries and sexual definition. At the beginning of the year Gucci won the first prize at the Sundance Film Festival with the short movie The Future is Fluid, which explores Generation Z’s sexuality and its request to live in a free world. Gucci is an intellectual and versatile brand, whose commitment is not limited to runways. Its several cultural actions are well known by everybody. On runways models mix and not only women wear pants, but also men are free to wear skirts and feminine accessories, without being out of decency. Alessandro Michele asks us why: tomboy style has been popular for years now and women wearing pinstripe suits are perceived as strong and powerful; to wear female clothes on the other side still creates stir, probably because wearing a skirt is symbol of submission and where the power suit makes us stronger, skirt downgrades. Not only freedom of being ourselves, but also the end of foolish prejudices connected with gender and sexuality. This is the future Gucci wishes for us all. Only the beauty should survive.

Gucci Resrt 2020 show ph. Salvatore Dragone from Gorunway.com

courtesy of Vogue

Editor’s letter

Personal individual rights were presented also by Vetements, whose approach is desecrating, scary and powerful. This is not now for the brand, which uses to take from pop culture and rielaborate according to Gvasalia’s personal taste, arousing the attention of the fashion world entirely. Spring Summer 2020 ready-to-wear collection walks between reality and dystopia. Gvasalia works on his personal cultural background, a childhood spent in the Soviet Georgia while the first light of capitalism, in the vest of red and yellow McDonalds, entered the region for the first time- It looked like a joyful fest, but it was not. The collection is dominated by dark shades, in the Soviet policeman’s uniforms. If all other brands give a sense of hope for the future to come, Gvasalia serves oppression and defeat in his menu. Printed slogans on t-shirts, shirts and accessories, such as “Kapitalism” and “Global Mind Fuck” speak to a generation that lives between fast food and fast fashion, loosing everyday its origins and willing to scarify everything for an income. Raf Simons did more or less the same and moved the same critique (do you remember the Fall Winter collection 2018-19 by Calvin Klein). In short, a general call to action, to open our eyes and finally see what’s dangerous for us and for the planet we live in. To finally see that profit is not always the only way, and it is definitely not the healthiest. Fashion is the mirror of time and designers have much more to say than we may think.


Vetements SS2020 show | ph. Filippo Fior from Gorunway.com courtesy of Vogue


Nowhere to be


“We hide what we have most precious but also we hide what we are ashamed of. We hide so that nobody can discover our secrets. We hide them because we don’t want them to be discovered and because we like to drap a veil of secrecy around what will be ours only forever. We hide from ourselves because some things are better not to be seen. This is valid for everything inhuman still surround us. That we force ourselves not to look at, focusing instead on the shiny surface. We keep some things far from our reality, as much as to be somewhere not to be seen.”

Photography, Creative Direction Xavi Prat Production Timotej Letonja Style Mariana Moura & Sergio Serrano Model Noelle c/o Blare Management Makeup, Hair Style Andrea Trenado Photography Assistant Fabrizio Colque

Here and Back Cover: Total Look Moncler x Simone Rocha

Dress Ellery | Hat Tolentino | Shoes Giuseppe Zanotti | Opposite: Dress Sergio CastaĂąo | Earrings Keef Palas

Top Ana Locking | Skirt Sergio CastaĂąo | Head piece 113 Maison | Opposite: Total Look Lye Lysianne

Dress Ellery | Earrings Keef Palas | Opposite: Top Rick Owens

Jacket 113 Maison | Skirt Ana Locking | Tights La Perla | Shoes Giuseppe Zanotti

Dress Ellery | Hat Tolentino | Shoes Giuseppe Zanotti | Opposite: Dress Lye Lysianne | Hat Moncler X Simone Rocha

Dress Ana Locking | Hat Tolentino | Earrings Ellery | Opposite: Dress Ana Locking | Hat Tolentino | Shoes Giuseppe Zanotti

TIME-TRAVEL WITH CRISTINA CELESTINO “Technology? It’s just the means, not the final goal” words Federica Caiazzo

Cristina Celestino: acknowledged as one of the smartest minds of contemporary design, her creativity is constantly spurred by curiosity. Indeed, being curious is what she defines as “the positive side” of any project she works on: it helps her look beyond difficulties and raises her expectations when passing from designs to prototypes. Curiosity also makes her feel free to explore past and future in their continuous coexistence between old and new. It is what makes her works the highest artistic expression embodying the combination of retro and avantgarde styles. p.32

Cristina Celestino - portrait in a Milanese entrance hall: Fabrizio Polla Mattiot - Ateliermistral Opening page: Coffee table design Cristina Celestino & Flaminia lounge chair Furniture collection for Fendi and Fendi Casa - photo credits Luxury Living

Cristina, what is your ideal fusion of future and past? Past and present always coexist in the creative process leading to the search for future or something new. I really like this quote from Nanda Vigo: “Future exists in the past and they’re both part of everything”. There is always more than one reference in my projects, and all of them are reinterpreted instead of being just used as referring points. They often belong to different worlds: it might be the history of architecture, jewellery, nature. Their synthesis always passes through an abstract phase in which geometries, patterns, volumes and traditional typologies are redesigned (this is what a designer really does). I aim at getting to a final result coming from a fusion or hybridization that sums up the whole research, sources the references and

conveys a contemporary message. One of your recent projects is The Pink Closet, Palazzo Avino’s boutique in the Amalfi Coast, which has been called “a hymn to beauty”. What’s your idea of beauty? Beauty involves time: you need time to create it and make it understandable. It also implies a lot of care: you need to take care of yourself as well as the others, who will enjoy a pleasure which is not an end in itself. Evolution: does this word have a positive meaning? Or a negative one? I am very optimistic about the future and I don’t look nostalgically at the past. Evolution brings with itself the adaptation to contemporaneity, which is incredibly positive.

Pop-Up project - Interior project for LuisaViaRoma @ Spring Studios, New York - photo credits Luisaviaroma

What makes you feel attracted by the retrofuture atmosphere pervading your works?

I could express myself at the most. What’s your relationship with technology?

The idea of a surreal, suspended time. Time might be the hugest mystery and I hope my designs convey this kind of spatio-temporal circuit mixing craftmanship and industrialisation. I hope they convey a sense of contemplative tranquillity. You have also collaborated with famous fashion houses… It’s been a great opportunity. There was no change of course in my usual working style, it was the same I use for other clients. But I must admit that, when it came to work for Fendi, sourcing their archive has been incredible. There’s been a lot of mind openness and they gave me freedom to create a project where


Technology is just a means, not the final goal. I am very happy that technology, as well as many tools making our job easier, can serve creativity. But nothing can replace the designing process. Do you let your art join the debate about environmental sustainability? Sustainability is a heartfelt issue, but it must be solved globally. Using the right eco-friendly materials is not enough if we don’t take into account a pleasant project. Sustainability must be involved in the whole creative and distributing process, it can’t just be part of the final product.

Pulsar suspension lamp, single version - design for Esperia photo credits: Mattia Balsamini

Alice lamp in marble and onyx, design by Cristina Celestino for Budri. photo credits: Mattia Balsamini

Scenografica design by Cristina Celestino for Fornace Brioni photo credits Mattia Balsamini

Policroma, collection of flooring and wall covering for CEDIT - credits: CEDIT

Modern Sinuosity Sinuosity Art Director, Photography Domenico Petralia | Style Angelina Lepper Model Lila Braghero c/o Elite models Milano | Makeup Rachid Tahar Hair Style Valerio Sestito | Director Assistant Simone Carinetti Style assistant Alevtina Peunkova | Photography assistant Vito Calamia Casting director Stella Ferro | Production Passepartout4u Post-production Virgil Hritcu | Special thanks to ISIS Facchinetti

Art Director, Photography Domenico Petralia | Style Angelina Lepper | Model Lila Braghero c/o Elite models Milano | Makeup Rachid Tahar | Hair Style Valerio Sestito | Director Assistant Simone Carinetti | Style assistant Alevtina Peunkova | Photography assistant Vito Calamia Casting director Stella Ferro | Production Passepartout4u | Post-production Virgil Hritcu Special thanks to ISIS Facchinetti

Opening: Dress Les Copains Here: Dress, Boots Iceberg

Here, Opposite: Skirt, Jacket Trussardi | Top Red Valentino | Shoes Genny

Dress Mila Schon | Boots Iceberg | Opposite: Dress Ermanno Scervino

Pants, Top, Cardigan Missoni | Boots Baldinini | Opposite: Coat Genny | Belt Anteprima

Dress Maryling | Boots Casadei | Opposite: Top, Slip, Shoes Red Valentino

Top Michael Kors | Jumpsuit Simonetta Ravizza | Opposite: Dress, Pullover Les Copains

Editor’s letter A NEW FURWORLD FREE

Gucci FW19/20 Photo Filippo Fior & Armando Grillo/ Gorunway.com | courtesy of Vogue

Trends come and go and often come back again after some times, awakening the interest of the youngest, that eventually turn to grandparents’ closets in order to find some cool pieces to re-style in a modern key. Thrift shopping and vintage shops are a huge trend among Millennials, who also love very much fur coats and details. Symbol of wealth and power, fur made is come back after a decline moment, also thanks to Vogue US’ director Anna Wintour, and it is still perceived as a luxury garment, even though it goes down to the street and it is usually matched with jeans and sneakers. Mix and match is today the best way to style, we know that. Not only to be worn in winter as a protection for freezing temperatures - need we’ve lost times ago anyways - fur is a very appreciated ornament, which jump through seasons and become wearable in summer as well, as a edging for shoes and bags. Fashion today is a creative activity as never before, which is completely untied to climatic, social or conventional demands. If it’s true modern trendsetters love fur, it is also very true they finally have more ethical issues to take account of than the generation before. Modern consumers require to their favorite brands to be as clear and transparent as they can, to be sustainable and respectful - of workers and animals in the same way. Sustainability is luckily not a passing trend but it is going to mark fashion production deeply in the following years p.50

from now. Eco-friendly mentality is slowly affecting the entire society and it has already made huge progresses thanks to younger generations which are the game-changers. The question is then obvious: how does the love for fur get along with the ecological issues and demands of consumers? Because, we all know it, fur is not eco-friendly at all. The real one is not eco-friendly for very simple reasons, but neither the fake ones are. Animals’ living conditions inside fur-farms is well know by the public opinion: foxes, ermines, minks and so on don’t have to live in good condition to develop a good fur, which does not suffer from malnutrition or bad hygienic conditions and requires specific way of kill. Farms want the highest profit at the minimum investment. Also, fur’s production is one of the most polluting sector ever, because of production gas and very dangerous solutions used to dye and treat the fur. There’s little to say about it, and fur’s fans can’t simply enumerate the positive sides of using animal products, pretending this is an acceptable solution. Real fur usually last longer and consumers care about them because of their very high price; also, once they are discarded they are easily biodegradable. This is all true but, as we said before, the level of pollution created by fur industry is remarkable high.

Needless to say, of course, that killing animals for dresses without any other motivation should not really exist as a hypothesis, now. Talking about production, fake furs are still very polluting as well and it is really hard to see clear. The debate is still open. Despite this situation the list of brand that went fur-free increased a lot in the last two decades. Stella McCartney is the first brand that started an “inner” fight in the fashion system against the use of fur, back in the 2001. Prada is the last one that took part to the Fur Free Alliance, the international group that safeguard animals right worldwide in the fashion industry. The Italian brand declared last May to go fur-free starting from the womenswear spring summer 2020 collection, arising a huge interest and opening a new scenario, where Fendi is the only Italian luxury group still using fur in its production.

Fendi is born in 1925 as a luxury fur house and fur has always been its principle material, so much so the brand renamed its haute couture shows haute fourrure. Last year it made a step back, going back to the usual haute couture denomination and giving up on some exotic leathers. A necessary measure, which is still not enough. According to its tradition, it is not surprise Fendi’s designers and craftsman are the ones most willing to find new solutions and alternative roads. The two last haute couture collections by the Roman maison have been particularly interesting, taking to the runways clothes and accessories some of them ornate with fur which was not real but seemed so, to the sight and to the touch both, because of the incredibly high craftsman knowledge employed in the making.

up: Prada, down:Stella McCartneycourtesy of Vogue all fw2019 ph Armando Grillo/ Gorunway.com

Editor’s letter

Together with fake furs, which were just a few, there were also many real ones. Some of them, according to Silvia Venturini Fendi, have been taken from the archive and recycled. The idea in itself could be good, because it does not require the production of new furs but takes old ones and makes them new. In the same way it seems positive that Fendi is very careful in the choice of the materials, assuring the consumers about the living condition of the animals in the farms. Those could be all considered little good points for the Roman brand, apart from the fact that the it is the idea at the very beginning of the process which is wrong. It’s indeed important to underline that, even if trends come from street style and the border between audience and creators is almost inexistent, brands still have a great power over consumers. This power should be used in a wise and proficient way and change should (also) starts from who’s on the top of the pyramid and is able to make a difference. This is the reason why cruelty-free policy is desirable, to take a position and to send a message straight to the public.

Armani Prive fall2019 couture | Photo Alessandro Viero / Gorunway.com

Fendi probably keeps using and selling real fur mainly because of its heritage, to stay true to it and not disappoints its affectionate clients. It also does it to take a position in a market which is everyday more dominated by consumers instead of creatives. Fashion’s democratisation in the last fifteen years brought the final client to the very center of the system, now more than ever before. The balance between creative spirits and designers’ genius on one side, and market’s needs on the other is dominated by the latter, undervaluing, somehow, the freedom fashion creation should always look for. Fendi is still putting its own voluntee in front of the clients’ one, in some subtle way, according to the luxury market’s policy. Beyond marketing’s choices, the use of real fur poses a real moral problem and to keep showing furs on the runways means to send a not-ethical message to the public.

Fendi fall 2019 couture | Photo Salvatore Dragone / Gorunway.com

To see furs on the runways and to sell them in the shops create the same problem underpaid work creates, the same problem we face when fabrics are treated with dangerous substances, which are not sustainable and highly polluting. The problem is every time the same, but it hides under different situations and it’s very hard to define: on the threshold of 2020 our only duty is to be responsible, for ourselves and for the world surrounding us. We postponed it for too long now and we run out of excuses. This is especially true for the fashion system that, as we all know, is one of the most problematic field nowadays. There’s no luxury which is not sustainable and there are no new inventions worthy of note which are not positive for the environment in the same time. It’s not helpful to put up on a scale our different behaviors in order to decide which is the

less dangerous one, only to find new excuses to keep going with our mistakes. It is not either helpful to justify marketing decisions looking at consumers only. There is still a niche market willing to buy furs, without even thinking about the provenance of what it is wearing neither about the animals’ condition in farms. And maybe this niche market will always exist. Hopefully new generations are trying to change the game, but the way is still long. We are anyway sure there’s no space anymore for who is not willing to face ethical issues, because there is future only for the ones able to adapt to time and to let go what must be left behind. For this reason fashion houses, especially the ones with limitless budgets and a huge influence, should be the first to send a specific message, to abandon harmful habits and to promote innovation. - words Giulia Greco p.53

BUTTER scotch BEIGE COVER STORY Photography Oliver Beckmann c/o MN-creative Style Elke Dostal c/o Nina Klein Model Polina Sova c/o The Hive management Hair Style, Makeup Sarah Rabel c/o Nina Klein Casting by Nicholas Forbes Watsonz Digital assistant Arne Skade

“Sustainability is nowadays very fashionable, but it is not just a trend. To take care of the environment is beautiful, both ethically speaking and aesthetically. Wearing a fur meant be part of a certain social class - ages ago. Today, we don’t need real furs anymore to be up to date. On the contrary. Light coats, innovative fabrics respectful of nature: true luxury is sustainable. Everything else belongs to a past we don’t want to be part anymore. We want to wear the future, not the past, because some things must be left behind. This is the only way to be free to go on.”

Top Zimmermann seen at mytheresa.com

Dress Nanushka seen at mytheresa.com Earrings Saskia Diez Opposite: Pants Working Title

Coat Kenzo Earrings Acne Studios Opposite: Top, skirt Paco Rabanne seen at mytheresa.com Earrings JW Anderson Shoes Mulberry

Top, pants, earrings Mulberry Shoes Balenciaga Opposite: Dress MatĂŠrial Tbilisi seen at mytheresa.com Earrings Ellery

Top TotĂŞme Earrings Ellery Opposite: Coat, pants William Fan Chain Sakia Diez

Here and opposite: Jacket, pants, belt Ellery Shoes Maison Margiela

must have words Giulia Greco

If the solar year starts in January, the “spiritual” year of everyone of us starts in September. We come back to the usual routine - work, school, university - and everything starts all over again. As usual in September, we also made a list of good resolutions, to start the year in the best way. The first, most important resolution is “buy less and buy better”. We don’t need hundred new garments every new season to be up with trends. It’s way better to buy selected items which can last longer. And here you have the best trend for the following season fall winter 2019/2020, plus some trend forecasts for spring summer. In fashion we must be up to date! We had a look at the Resort collections, at the magnificent dresses shown during the Haute Couture season, and we make the point during the last fashion weeks around the world. We collected all the informations needed for smart purchases and if you follow us, success is guaranteed. During this autumn we’ll experiment a lot with colours, both pastel tones and shiny ones. Indeed, for a very effective look we should mix and match them together, in order to create funny contrasts. Power suit, one of the most powerful trend in the last year, is still a hot thing, but it is loosing its strict features, and the co-ord game is spreading all over. Gender fluidity is every day more important and feminine and masculine have blurring borders: we are free to chose who we want to be and then put together the perfect outfit for the day. Bows and shiny fabrics, but also structured jackets and shirts. The main influence is from the 80s and its taste for exaggeration and amusement. With colours, shapes and materials. And with an eye for subculture, especially punk: we really want to grab some of its sovversive spirit and make it our own. Trends fall 2019



Technic jackets, huge pockets and natural colours are the main characteristics of the everyday look to face the urban jungle we live in. Inspiration comes from Indiana Jones and African safari, where clothes must be first of all comfortable. There is a general come back to what’s natural and wild and there is a new fascination for the (re) discover of the deep relationship between man and the surrounding landscape. We match a pair of safari-style shorts with a fluffy cardigan, to wear as a top on the skin. Knee high socks and heeled loafers make the ensemble very chic.



Zimmermann linen shorts €460 seen at mytheresa.com

1. Isabel Marant FW19/20 Runway show | Ph: Daneiel Oberrauch / gorunway.com 2. Gucci socks €110 seen at farfetch.com 3. The Row - cashmere cardigan €920 seen at mytheresa.com

Marni pumps €750 seen at farfetch.com




Vest is a rising trend, which is spreading in many collections. There is the classy double breast vest, to be worn with matched jacket and pant; there is the utility vest, with pockets and square shape; there is the embroidered vest, colourful and precious, with an eastern taste; there is also the leather vest with fringes, because the cowboy allure is still very strong. We looked at it in an urban chic way, matching a soft white wool dress with a pair of ankle boots by Gucci. The red touch is exactly what we need to face the Fall season.



Wolford Wool-blend roll-neck dress €500 seen at mytheresa.com

1.Ann Demeulemeester FW19/20 Runway show | Ph: Filippo Fior / gorunway.com 2.Stella McCartney gilet €1295 seen at farfetch.com 3.Boyy handbag $810 seen at mytheresa.com

Gucci ankle boots €980 seen at mytheresa.com



Rebel kids are not always the favorite ones, but they hold a strong attraction to who surround them. Maybe it is because of the fascination of the different, or maybe it is because the envy of who, unconsciously, would like to be over the top in the same way. Grunge aesthetic play a role this season and brings to the runways black total looks, acid tones like green and metallic accessories. Paco Rabanne’s bag has this rebel spirit, but it translate it in a very cool way. The same is for the iconic Tabi boots by Maison Margiela: deliciously sovversive.



Closed roll neck sweatshirt €89 seen at farfetch.com

1.Versace FW19/20 Runway show | Ph: Filippo Fior / gorunway.com 2.Proenza Schouler dress €390 seen at mytheresa.com 3.Paco Rabanne 1969 handbag $200 €850 seen at mytheresa.com

Maison Margiela ankle boots €795 seen at mytheresa.com

p.69 p.13



Let’s leave home black and white and put some colours on your outfit. The inspiration come from the runways but also from the most iconic fashion insiders. Experimentation is the key word. You can match different colours or create a colour block look, with various shapes and fabrics. We suggest you to create a uniform base of colour, like orange in this case, and match different textures. Shiny satin for the pants and stretch cotton for the turtleneck, with a good sandal which envelop the feet, still leave them free.


3. Proenza Schouler top €565 seen at mytheresa.com

Neous, sandals €560 seen at farfetch.com 1.Jacquemus FW19/20 Runway show | Ph: Alessandro Lucioni / gorunway.com 2. Acne Studios, trousers €300 seen at farfetch.com 3. Fendi Eyewear, sunglasses €350 seen at farfetch.com



Tomboy style is an evergreen, because it is sexy, still extremely powerful. Perfect for the office but also for the free time, it is comfy and rigorous together, and with a pair of high heel it also fit an after party with coworkers. We couldn’t help to think about Meg Ryan for instance, in When Harry Met Sally, a forever favorite. Roundneck sweaters in soft wool, high waist trousers with pence and classic loafers in neutral colour. Her style is just unforgettable and, for who of you that never saw the movie, it is highly suggested because it is a never ending inspirations’ tool.



Valentino pullover €885 seen at mytheresa.com

1. Ports 1961 FW19/20 Runway show | Ph: Filippo Fior / gorunway.com 2. Chloé, wool pants €750 seen at mytheresa.com 3.Boss, suspenders €110 seen at hugoboss.com

Larsson & Jennings, watch €162 seen at farfetch.com

p.71 p.15

“It is good to know that, in this technological world we live in, beauty still survives. It is even better to know that human creations only own the true beauty, the incomparable one that can be recognize instinctively by the human eye. Some things can’t be made by technologies, no matter how sophisticated they are. Human sensibility can’t be reproduced, neither be negotiate.”


retouch Photography Elizabeth Gibson Style Paulina Gzik Model Carmen Bruendler c/o Premier Models Makeup Lica Fensome Hair style Alex Price

Total look Mother Of Pearl

Jacket Calvin Klein Underwear Wolford Ring Tiana Jewel Opposite: Dress Zimmerman Earrings, ring MI MANERA

Jumpsuit PEPE Jeans Mules Stella McCartney Necklace Lily Flo Jewellery Opposite: Blouse Roland Mouret Earrings Mi Manera

Dress Esau Yori Jumper No21 Jacket Saint Laurent Jacket Markus Lupfer Belt Isabel Marant Boots Kinga Kasinska Opposite: Blouse Self-Portrait Jeans Dolce & Gabbana Boots Kalda Necklace Tiana Jewel

Dress John Richmond Opposite: Dress Kata Haratym Boots Christian Louboutin Ring Mi Manera



TECHNOLOGY words Giulia Greco

courteys of pw-ourworld.nl

courtesy of Instagram @johwska

Fifteen years ago one of the most popular videogame between teenagers was The Sims. The game consists in controlling one or more avatars and making them “live their life”. Buy a house and buy the forniture, get a job and go to the gym twice a week. Spending some times for personal hobbies is recommended. Today The Sims is less popular than it was, but who used to play and to love it one decade ago is now adult and forms one of the most important target for fashion: Millennials. Beyond all the cultural and social dynamics The Sims underlines and makes us aware of, inside our contemporary society (have a career and a “normal” family among others), what is interesting to notice in the videogame is the deep commitment users have for their personal avatar, to whom they buy clothes, accessories and various tools to improve their - fake - life. The degree of involvement videogames like The Sims are able to create is well known by everybody. After The Sims we had Fornite and after that social media and filters, which allow users to change their physical features and publish the results online. Brands have learned the lesson quickly and many of them are now developing new online platforms and new functionalities, like Gucci’s new app, which is meant to create a virtual image through which users can “try” the Ace sneakers, or like Napapijri that uses augmented reality instead of real samples to send to clients, reducing in this way waste in the production phase. p.83

Instagram is the videogame of today, where we all move a reproduction of ourselves and we use our best moves to succeed in the social platform. Augmented reality is a big deal, producing million dollars a year, actually based on appearance. Without any sort of judgment, social media’s business works also because things don’t need to be real to be appreciated, and this is also true for clothes. In this landscape start-ups and technology’s giants like Apple and Google work today, developing online platforms. One of the most impressive new tool allows clients to buy virtual clothes and garments and, thanks to augmented reality, “wear” them in their photographs. In this simple way we could have every time the coolest and newest outfits, spending less money than we would buying real clothes and with new contents for our Instagram’s pages with no effort at all. The Fabricant for instance, defines itself a “digital fashion house” with the purpose of “showing the world that clothing does not need to be physical to exist”. The procedure is easy because it doesn’t require efforts from the final client and it seems to lead many positive changes. First of all the problem of influencers - yes, they actually are a problem. To have the best pictures on Instagram and to wear everyday new clothes to be up to date is very stressful. Influencers buy, or received as a gift, clothes and they wear them only once or twice at best, just for the time of a photo shooting to post on their feed, before give the clothes back or forget them in the closet. In the worst scenario clothes are shown through Instagram stories and then return straight after - have you ever heard about unboxing? Instagrammers’ circus creates every day a huge wast of resources, that pollutes the planet with garments of low quality, that require fuel to travel from one place to the other, with no purpose (if not the one to create cheesy contents). A very dangerous system, not only on an environmental level but also on a values’ one.

courtesy of Carlings | digitalcollection.carlings84

There’s no more the joy for a beautifully made garment, for the comfort gave by quality fabrics and by a good design. If we live in the consumerism time, products with highest value are a simple information. Virtual fashion could be a good solution also for other type of issues, like the access to the luxury market (a teenager could have not easy access to Balenciaga’s sneakers in real life, but he could maybe buy the virtual version and wear them on social network) and the inclusivity problem: virtual clothes

do not require sizes and to shop through a screen stop prejudices related to race and skin colour, that still are a serious problem in the fashion industry. Online clothing also reduce waste in the production system: to create a garment takes time and many samples and corrections, and it is not rare that a piece should be redone many times before reach the perfect wearability and the desired design. Virtual design allows creators to fully use their imagination and to create garments not possible to be made in real life. p.85

Virtual fashion gives many new possibilities, but something is missing. The path is still very long and virtual clothing is in a trial period: it’s anyways interesting to think about future landscape and how these new platforms could change the world we know. Fashion has always been related to the materiality of clothes. Like other forms of art, like painting and poetry, fashion lives of ideas that, even though they have their own independence, must reach a tangible level of existence to be fully completed and expressed. Technology is changing the game and it assures us that imagination is the only thing we need. Media communication let us know that we can actually live inside virtual

courtesy of Carlings | digitalcollection.carlings


world, digitally created by bytes where everything can be translated on a smartphone’s screen. Yet offline matters, matters a lot, also for Instagrammers theirselves, because if you do not have a real offline life then it’s very hard to create effective online contents, this is crystal clear to experts. It is very hard to see the difference between all the components of the fashion system. According to Roland Barthes fashion is only “what we say about fashion”, but communication is not enough if at the very beginning there are no designers, sewers and craftsmen able to give clothes life.

courtesy of Carlings | digitalcollection.carlings

We are still deciding what is more important and the result may be unexpected. Fashion is anyways composed of sight and touch and it’s going to be such for long time still. We can only do suppositions for now, and wait to see where technology will bring us, changing forever something deeply related with humanity, since the beginning of time, clothes. Maybe virtual fashion will be the final step for fashion workers: brands, communicators and influencers could buy virtual clothes and virtually wear them for their posts, creating an online communication, very different but very efficient as well from the one we are now used to. The final clients’ perception will not change at all, or this is what we think. Maybe virtual clothes will spread in all social strata and in ten years we’ll be all wearing our online avatars, not caring at all about our offline life. Progress can not be stopped and every technology able to make a good change in our tenor of life is welcome and will develop and survive in our life. It’s up to us how to use them.

“Shiny and sharp metal meets the human skin, soft and voluptuous. This is the tactile meeting between opposite surfaces, touching and reflecting one the other. Opposites attract each other. The alchemy is unique: artificial creations made by men exalt natural beauty. ”

Metal Production Julio Barcena Studio Photography Julio Bárcena Style V Olya Model Tanya Kozina c/o Trend model management Makeup, Hair Style Jorge Balzaretti Photo Assitant Oscar Latorre Post Production Mercedes Haussman Location The Catwalk Studio

Opening, Here: Dress Andres Pajon Earrings Gaviria Ring Laura B Accessories Opposite: Overall Xevi Fernandez Earrings Gaviria Bracelet Calvin Klein

Here, Opposite: Bathing Suit Andres Sarda Bracelet Other Stories Bracelet Le Gramme Earrings Laura B Accessories

Shirt Avellanada Tie Laura B Accessories Opposite: Dress Fracomina Earrings Gaviria

Beauty products for this fall? The answer is TECHNOLOGICAL

words Giulia Greco


On the verge of 2020 beauty is all about technology and body treatments use the best and most advantaged knowledges to gift you with a sensational beauty 2.0, different from everythingl else we were used to so far.èItultimais not mondo della cosmetica by chance that the protagonista most powerfulditrend right mente un cambianow is the mento C-beauty,molto where Clontano stands for China. dall’essere The country is one of the leader in the beauty field and beauty products’ export keeps on rising. The C-beauty’s real power is technology indeed: starting with cream that change according to the seasonal temperature, going through smart mirrors that analyse the skin (yes, they exist! Just check HiMirror online) and interactive devices that cleanse deeply, this is just to name a few of the latest innovations that are now so popular all around the world. Technological beauty is especially appreciated by the young generation, which is born with smartphone used to turn to artificial intelligence in order to solve any problem. Beauty is not exception and technology can really brings sensational changes in our everyday routine, giving us the perfect ingredient to solve problems hard to treat with traditional cosmetics. Technology and self care meet not only in the newest beauty products, but they also are reason of worrying. The continuous exposition to screen (computer’s, tablet’s or smartphone’s one) can cause a premature aging, together with many other issues. Technology is a double-edged sword and we should be careful, protecting ourselves when needed. We can easily find advices and gadgets to protect your eyes and your skin from the exposition to the so-called “blue light” (the radiation spectrum of screens which has dangerous consequences on our body). There are also some very special cream, as such the Selfie COSMETICS line by Kylie Jenner with Apple. Kyle herself is enough to catch the attention but the products from the beauty line are really impressive and they have as goal to protect the face skin from the smartphone’s screen, for a figure always ready for a selfie!

Foto by Daria Shevtsova

Smart Mirror - HiMirror

p.114 p.59 p.97 p.133

LATEST BEAUTY TAKE CARE OF YOUR SKIN. Skin-care brushes are not new in the market and you can easily find one of them from different brands: they are practical, beautifully designed and give you the perfect exfoliation, up to 10 times better than traditional treatments. The majority of them are composed of bristles that act on the skin and get rid of dead cells. Even more advance are the brushes in medical silicone, such as the ones produced by Foreo, Swedish brand specialised in face cleansers and eye contour. LUNA 2 is the best tool: face brush with an anti-aging system included, it gifts you with the perfect skin, totally free from imperfections and with reduced signs of time. All you need in a small colourful tech tool.

​ Brush LUNA2 - foreo.com Down: Philips Lumea Prestige - pulsed light epilator

LASER EPILATION, AT HOME. Professional laser hair-remove is no more an exclusive treatment to do in specialised beauty salons. It enters our houses thank to Philips’ technologies. Lumea Prestige is the highlight of Philips’ epilators line: you can buy it online, it has four different heads to fit the natural shape of your body and it gives the perfect epilation, for a (very) long time. Technology’s efficacy naturally depends on type of skin and hair, but results are visible on everybody. Lumea system works together with a special app on our smartphone, which takes trace of sessions, creates a calendar to optimize your time and gives you all the advices you need for a better usage.


La trasparenza La trasparenza è il motto di di Nabla Nabla Cosmetics, EYES ON FOCUS. Cosmetics, chegenuinità punta allae genuinità che punta alla all’utilizzoe di ingreall’utilizzo di ingredienti vegani e cruelty-free, dienti vegani e cruelty-free, garantendo proFall winter 2019-20 fashion weeks make the garantendo dimakeup qualità. dotti qualità. Ilprima marchio italiano rules di forprima theprodotti seasonal trends: the racIl marchio italiano racchiude nelnatura nome chiude nelone nome l’amore perone. la el’amore l’arte: preferred is the natural A natural per l’arte: Nabla èinsia un simbolo Nabla ènatura sia une simbolo chelight fisica si usaon per base,lano lipstick and some graphism che fisica usa persia descrivere lathat natura, descrivere la sinatura, unindeed, richiamo all’immaeyes.inThe focus is on them must sia un richiamo all’immagine spesso gine dell’arpa, spesso raffigurata in time. mitologia be clean and impacting in thedell’arpa, same To raffigurata in mitologia accanto ad Dio accanto ad Apollo Dio delle arti. Il Apollo brand obtain this winning effect you have to takeprodelle arti. Il brand propone una serie di that pone una serie di collezioni molto interessanti, care of your eyelashes and hair-browns, collezioni molto interessanti, tra cui and la Vol.2”, tra cuibe la thick “Close-up Line” e la “Closeup must and regulated, strong “Close-up Line” e la “CloseVol.2”, duethe due lineeTechnology di correttori e fondotinta disegnati healthy. helps usupagain with linee di eyelashes correttori e fondotinta disegnati per per ogni tipo di pelle. L’attenzione alle The esigenelectric curler by Panasonic. ogni di pelle.toL’attenzione alle esigenze ze deltipo consumatore si vede anche nel progetto brush is heated, fix eyelashes’ curl, and del consumatore siinreach vede anche nel progetto “Me&Nabla” areato cui poter inviare qualsiasi it turns of 360°, the desired result. “Me&Nabla” area in cui poter inviare qualsiasi suggerimento volto ad arricchire l’offerta The sight is open, bright and intense, even del suggerimento volto adviene arricchire l’offerta del brand. Ogni discusso a cadenza without the consiglio use of mascara. brand. Ogni consiglio viene discusso a cadenmensile dal team. za mensile dal team.

​ Kaia Gerber in Chanel fw19 show, ph Armando Grillo / Gorunway.com courtesy of Vogue | Product: Electric eyelash curler Panasonic Down: Product: Brush Kézrastase Hair Coach

STRONG AND PERFECT HAIR.è anche BeneSulla stessa lunghezza d’onda cos, brand tedesco specializzato in prodotti We all know thatunghie, have strong healthyTra hair per il make-up, capelliand e corpo. la Sulla stessa lunghezza d’onda è anche is verygamma important fordal thebrand personal appearance. vasta offerta gli smalti sono Benecos, brand tedesco specializzato in In some sense to have beautiful is the molto interessanti; il colore è lahair caratteristica prodotti per il make-up, unghie, capelli e only thing thatdel matters. L’Orèal is our partner, fondamentale prodotto, dimostrando come corpo. Tra la vasta gamma offerta dal brand withstile Kérastase Withings: together uno di vitaand votato al rispetto della they natura gli smalti sono molto interessanti; il colore è Hairfaccia Coach, a brush which elaunched delle sueKérastase risorse non rinunciare all’ela caratteristica fondamentale del prodotto, is not a simple brush,Ibut a proper ally to sono stro e alla creatività. nomi degli smalti dimostrando come uno stile di vita votato al take care of our tra hair.leIttante has aproposte microphone that molto invitanti, troviamo rispetto della natura e delle sue risorse non to gum”, the rustle of the brush on orchid” our hair,o il“listen” “bubble “you-nique”, “wild faccia rinunciare all’estro e alla creatività. I to understand the level of health. that, “flamingo”, i grandi assenti sono laAfter formaldeinomi degli smalti sono molto invitanti, tra withi parabeni, a special app to beedownloaded on our de, siliconi altre sostanze chimile tante proposte troviamo il “bubble gum”, smartphone, gives us all the tips need che nocive; al it loro posto invece oliowe di avocado “you-nique”, “wild orchid” o “flamingo”, i solve ourHeventual problems and to make etovitamina adatta per le unghie fragili. grandi assenti sono la formaldeide, i parabeni, our hair just amazing. It is like having a real siliconi e altre sostanze chimiche nocive; al expert handy. Queste proposte non sono le uniche sul mercaloro posto invece olio di avocado e vitamina H to, tanti sono i brand che ormai stanno viranadatta per le unghie fragili. do verso una proposta etica e sostenibile, per Queste proposte non sono le uniche sul l’ambiente e per la salute e prosperità di corpo mercato, tanti sono i brand che ormai stanno e mente. virando verso una proposta etica e sostenibile, per l’ambiente e per la salute e prosperità di corpo e mente. p.117 p.59

“When beauty comes from the inside it shines with its own light and needs only sunlight to be enhanced. Like diamonds, which are the mist precious stones and the most pure as well. Their beauty depends on fluorescence, that is the light that shines when a diamond is exposed to ultraviolet ryes. The sparkle, commonly, which is what makes them unique.�

Shine bright like a Photography Johannes Graf

Style Andrea Tzelepides Model Nastya Brik c/o Munich Models Makeup, Hair Style Alex Lexa Using Chanel and MAC cosmetics

Opening: Pearl Earrings Yana Nesper | Here: Dress Zara

Top Alexander Wang | Necklace Tiffany & Co. | Opposite: Top Helmut Lang | Rhinestones Swarovski

Neck ripe Balenciaga | Opposite: Top Topshop | Jeans Vintage



Photos from left: Givenchy, Valentino, Versace (here) by Armando Grillo c/o Gorunway.com | courtesy of Vogue

Autumn has finally arrived and has brought along the usual need of renovation. Of the wardrobe first of all, that asks to be renewed and made suitable for the upcoming season, according to trends. There’s no need of shopping spree though, don’t worry. Just following our (wise) advices you can use garments you already own and make them fresher and up-to-date thank to accessories only. Even the smallest detail is helpful, like earrings or a foulard, and gives the twist to the whole outfit. This fall-winter is extremely full of novelties and trends, than it’s been for years. For what concern accessories, we have just plenty of choices. Some trends come from the past spring-summer and reaffirm their importance also for the cold season: we are not tired yet of the bucket hat for instance, and of hair accessories, like scrunchies, hairbands and colourful clips. But also the choker, minimalist or maximalist, has a part in nearly every fashion show, intended not to leave the stage for now. p.109

Silver and gold are mixed together in jewelry, creating an interesting contrast. The focus is on earrings, that must be fanciful and possibly with maxi shapes. Being them hoops, with precious materials and pearls or in transparent plexiglass, the only rule is that they have to add a joyful detail to the outfit, even the simplest one. Chanel prefers classic and chic metals like gold, crystal and the very classic pearls, but it exaggerates in design, going from big hoops to heart shapes. Alexander McQueen quantity is what really matters and its models’ ears are covered by simple hoops in different dimension - the real punk influence. Jacquemus and Dolce&Gabbana want single earrings, but extremely huge ones. Our favorite is anyways the Gucci’s ear-cuff in gold, shaped on the human ear: scenic and impactful, in some ways also very futuristic. The mixture of different style is what drives fashion today, together with the revival of English subculture and some notes coming from the army. On the runways we also saw a certain taste for femininity, in the traditional meaning, as we haven’t seen for some times now. The most sophisticated combo is jacket plus midi skirt, recalling the 50s style, which can be mixed with some retrò and lady like touches as well.

Opposite page: Gucci (up), McQueen e Chanel (down), all by Armando Grillo c/o Gorunway.com | courtesy of Vogue Here: Max Mara by Filippo Fior c/o Gorunway.com | courtesy of Vogue

The handbag is small and vintage, both vaguely kitsch or in monochromatic embossed leather: classic and old-fashioned. Valentino’s and Givenchy’s ones are modern and minimal, while Shrimps’ (brand we really need to keep an eye on) proposes bags that play with the taste for camp. The perfect granny style, which is so famous right now and that we like so much because it gives us the possibility to chose fancy details without feeling guilty. Tights are the perfect ingredient in every

outfit and fashion insiders all around the globe just love it. Monochromatic like Fendi’s and Balenciaga’s, in bright colours such as purple, red and optical white, matched with the rest of the look - do you remember total looks by MaxMara in the last FW 2019-20 runway? We actually do. You could also try something more adventurous with floral patterns and crystal application. Not only full tights but also knee-high socks or shorter ones, above the ankle. There are no rules, be fearless and you won’t regret: tights can really give a twist to a look.


Speaking about little-miss-prim style (always revisited in modern key) we should really speak about gloves, that never left the stage obviously but that make a big come back this fall winter 2019-20 and they’re going to be a strong trend - not only for the dropping temperature! To be honest, this is also thank to Karl Lagerfeld and his repentine death. They say Karl used to wear fingers-less gloves everyday with no exceptions, since his mother, when he was still very young, told him his hands were ugly to be seen, because of his fingers, not very long and gracious.

Fingers-less gloves were his all time favorite accessory and his signature: now every fashion lover who want to pay homage to the great master will own at least one pair of them, elegant, practical and truly timeless. We saw them during fashion weeks also in longer versions, like the ones by Gucci, elbow-high and in different materials, such as lace, satin and with strawberries’ embroideries. Vetements put them together with sweater, creating a single garment, tight as a second skin.

Gucci by Armando Grillo c/o Gorunway.com | courtesy of Vogue | Right: Body with gloves Vetements, seen at Mytheresa.com â‚Ź490


Up: courtesy of IG @pernilleteisbaek | Here: courtesy of IG @erika_boldrin

To have the full landscape in fall winter fashion trend runways are no more enough, we know it. An attentive eye on Instagram and street style photographies is really necessary to know and understand all new trends around. Trends are no more only created by brands but the majority of time they come from “the bottom�. The best outfit ideas come from the street, and one of the most interesting since last winter is layering: midi dress over blue jeans, matchy sweaters one above the other and various length jackets to be worn at the same time, like the classic trench on a sartorial blazer. To add and to layer is the coolest option nowadays, especially with the cold season. The most powerful one wants us to lace up our shoes on trousers. In late summer/beginning of autumn we can make it with the lace of strappy sandals, coming back straight from the 90s, while in winter we can try with pumps and other laced-shoes. The very little detail is what matter the most, trust us!

GIVE ME Shelter Photography Detlef Schneider c/o Kathrin Hohberg Style Adelaida Cue Bär c/o Nina Klein Model Mallory Veith c/o M4 Models Hair style, Makeup Melanie SchÜne c/o Nina Klein Post Production Ionut Matsche

Opening: Coat Louis Vuitton Shirt Balenciaga Earrings Uterque Here: Pullover Louis Vuitton Coat Mulberry Tights Marine Serre Shoes, boots Jimmy Choo Opposite: Dress Longchamp Shirt Zara

Dress Talbot Runhof Pants Weekday Shoes Jimmy Choo Bag Louis Vuitton Opposite: Dress Marcell Von Berlin Pink jacket Marni Coat Max Mara Boots Jimmy Choo Tights Falke

Cap Marcell Von Berlin Scarf Talbot Runhof Shirt Lala Berlin Opposite: Dress , coat Marcell Von Berlin Shoes Jimmy Choo

Dress Longchamp Shoes Kennel & Schmenger Pants via @fittingroom Earrings Uterque Opposite: Dress Talbot Runho Coat G-Lab Belt Mango Shoes Mulberry


Minimalism/Maximalism FIT, 28 May-16 November Exhibition hosted by the Fashion Institute of Technology of New York is now coming to an end. It develops the relationship of minimalism and maximalism in fashion and their reciprocal influence. Fashion is an oscillatory movement for definition, where every new collection is meant to contrast with the previous trends, in order to create every time something new and unexpected. According to the theory, maximalism and minimalism have always been alternated movements, in a never ending fight for the relative imposition of an aesthetic over the other: on one side less is more, while on the other exaggeration and exuberance are the only reasons for haute couture’s creations. The exhibition is divided into historical periods and it shows garments from the belle époque alternated with minimalist and clean suits by Coco Chanel. The eye is anyways for the future: maximalism seems to be rebirth under the aegis of Alessandro Michele, but there are some hoping for the return of a minimalistic aesthetic. “Diana: designing for a princess”, Kensington Palace, London, permanent the mythological figure of Lady D is still fascinating nowadays, especially now that the new Sussex’s duchess, Meghan Markle, has brought a new wave of disarray at Buckigam Palace. The conflictual relationship between the strict etiquette still followed by the English Royal Family and the unconventional behaviors of Lady Diana, is story known by everybody, with all its famous aftermaths. If we are today assisting to a (controlled) opening of the royal house, then it is also thank to Diana. Lady D had always been in love with fashion and she had been then smart enough to transform her passion in a weapon: clothes and accessories speak for her, about her personality, her ideas and her values. At Kensington Palace it is possible to see the sketches made for her by different designers, with the side hand written notes she made by the princess herself. To complete the show Catherine Walker’s dress, one of Diana always favorite. “Pierre et Gilles, Factory of Idols”, Philharmonie de Paris, 20 November-February The artist duo Pierre et Gilles formed in 1976, when the two artists casually met at a party in Paris. Gilles came from Le Havre, after his studies in painting, while Pierre started his career as photographer in Geneva. Today, they are considered one of the most influential reality in the artistic landscape in France and their personal - and bizzarre - world is being homaged at the Philharmonic of Paris, with an exhibition that put together all their best masterpieces. Pierre’s photography is enriched by Gilles’ painting and the final art works are just unbelievable and extremely valuable. Pop icons such as Madonna and Amanda Lepore are mixed with saints and mythological characters, forming a universe ruled by kitsch. Their work gravitate around contemporary culture, self expression and homosexuality, many times with erotic implications. "Spitzmaus Mummy in a Coffin and Other Treasures" Fondazione Prada, 20th September-13th January The exhibition curated by Wes Anderson and his wife Juman Malouf is now in Italy, after the successful debut at the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Wien. Fondazione Prada gave it a bigger exhibition space, allowing a higher number of art pieces, that are now 537. The result is a kaleidoscopic art collection, whose pieces come from both the Kunsthistorisches Museum and the Naturhistorisches Museum. Anderson and Malouf want to investigate on the meaning of collecting fetish, in a historical time - the contemporary one - where accumulation and possession of objects have reached pathological dimension. The topic perfectly fit into the visionary world of Anderson, whose movies are easily recognizable, thanks to an exuberant, juicy aesthetic, perfect in every declination.

LATEST art words Giulia Greco

courtesy of FIT - NY

Princess Diana, @Getty

For Ever 2014 [Stromae] © Pierre et Gilles, 2019

Wes Anderson and wife Juman Malouf @Rafaela Proell

TIMELESS Photography Krzysztof Zabski Style Milena Bekalarska Model Aly Turska c/o Rebel Models Makeup, Hair Style Monika Kropat Post Production Alina Celinska-Drozd / acd retouch

Dress Muses | Waterboots Hunter | Hat Asos | Opening: Shirt Cukier Puder Vintage Shop | Scarf H&M | Hat Asos

Dress Marta Banaszek | Opposite: Jeans Calvin Klein | Jacket Molton | Waterboots Hunter

Dress Marta Banaszek | Band Fleurir | Opposite: Blouse Marta Banaszek | Skirt Uterque |Boots Na x KD

Pants Kas Kryst | Sweater Polo Ralph Lauren | Hat Asos | Opposite: Dress The Kooples | Coat Molton | Boots DKNY

Shirt Kas Kryst | Waterboots Hunter | Scarf Asos | Opposite: Jacket, skirt Cukier Puder Vintage Shop | Waterboots Hunter

“I find ballerinas incredible. How they appear weightless, beautiful, fragile almost, yet at the same time they are incredibly strong athletes who go through so much to become this graceful being for the few moments they glide across a stage."

All images in this article ©Katie Rodgers | courtesy of Paper Fashion | Opposite page image by ph. Noah Kalina


Paper Fashion: an exclusive interview with the Artist Katie Rodgers words Ludovica Mucci

That of Katie Rodgers is mind always in movement, constantly looking for new inspirations for the future. An artist with a delicate soul, Katie has been living in the Big Apple for years, and despite the frenetic city life, she has managed to create her own small space in which to paint and find inspiration in the tranquility of her small garden. This month, Latest Magazine had the opportunity to interview her and be inspired by her ideas on art and design and by the many collaborations and initiatives she has worked on. Driven by an intense passion for fashion and its endless possibilities of interpretation through painting, Katie has made of her blog Paper Fashion a real job, arriving to collaborate with some great names of the world of luxury, including Cartier and EstÊe Lauder. In this interview, we will understand what led her to the creation of Paper Fashion. In her interesting way of narrating, Katie tells us about herself, speaking about her passion for fashion and nature, which has always accompanied her since her childhood in Georgia, and then talking about her most recent projects, like creating a line of art supplies for painting, her interest in new technological innovations and a mission that has always been the engine of her art: being able to inspire people and encourage them to create, regardless of what their passion is, being aware that giving a form to our creative ideas is always good.

p.105 p.63

How did everything start?Can you tell us more about your blog Paper Fashion and its development until today? I’ve been painting my whole life! But, like many people do, I chose to pursue Industrial Design because I feared art wasn’t practical - and I'm a bit analytical and loved the idea of problem solving as a designer. I got a job in design after I graduated, but still felt this urge to continue painting (which I had still done throughout college). I began painting every single day - with a focus on fashion - obsessively. In 2009, I made a website called Paper Fashion, simply to store the paintings on, but it went on to become something of it’s own. I began to receive work inquiries all the time, and eventually decided to quit my job 2.5 years later. From then until now I have been pursuing work as an artist full time.


By admiring your work, it seems clear that you put nature at the core of your artistic and creative process. From your fashion drawings it seems that even the dresses come out of something natural and soft, like flowers or plants. Can you tell us a little bit more about the combination of nature and fashion in your works?

I grew up on a dirt road in Georgia (USA) and was always surrounded by nature and animals. My brothers and I would hang out in the woods and fields where we lived, and I always loved it so much. It has always stayed with me, even now living in New York City. At the same time, fashion was so foreign to me growing up. It felt distant and like something I would really only see in movies or books - so I was drawn to it. I knew nothing about it. I was curious about the mysteriously beautiful gowns I’d see here and there. So somewhere in my head those two worlds merged together.

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Where does your passion for fashion come from? When did you decide that your passion and your brilliant painting skills could become a job? It started with the curiosity of something I didn’t grow up around, but it continued once I started to discover the history of fashion. I convinced my university to let me study a semester of fashion to count towards my design degree, and it had an incredible influence on me. I was drawn to it, but mostly to recreating it through art and illustration. When I had started painting after college everyday and taking side jobs with it, it quickly began to grow while I worked to develop my style. Eventually, it got to a point where I had to choose between continuing my corporate career or going off on my own and running my own business as an artist. I obviously choose the one I felt most passion for.


Dettaglio di dipinto by Damien Hirst at “The Veil Paintings” di Gagosian, Los©Damien Angeles. Foto byinEmily per Artsy Dettaglio di dipinto Hirst “The Berl Veil Paintings” al Gagosian, Los Angeles | foto Emily Berl per Artsy

Damien Hirst. Damien Hirst è uno dei principali esponenti del movimento pittorico inglese contemporaneo e la sua arte, geniale e personale, desta grande interesse nella critica. Tema principale è la morte, che Hirst indaga soprattutto in relazione al mondo animale e che emerge dalle sue opere come un aspetto naturale della vita che accomuna tutti noi. Nonostante la tematica in sè sia tradizionale, l’artista britannico l’ha ampliata in modo del tutto originale: animali morti sezionati (così da mostrare sia l’interno che l’esterno del cadavere), collage di farfalle You with many brands like e uncollaborated famoso teschio tempestato di diamanti, fino alla composizione Cartier, Estee Lauder or David Webb, brands della Biennale di Venezia del 1993 composta da metà mucca e metà that have their own creative identity. How did che Hirst predilige vitello. Il mezzo d’espressione non convenzionale you to find thespettatore, balance between theirvuole in realtà eliminare puòmanage creare shock nello ma l’artista artistic guidelines and your style in these il timore e il dolore che l’uomo prova quando si rapporta alla morte, collaborations? per creare una fruizione serena. Le sue istallazioni sono composte di materiali diversi, da pittura, scultura e disegno insieme e indagano un Many of these brandstra were wonderful work territorio al confine arte e scienza,toche l’uomo cerca costantemente with, fortunately! We worked closely together to La reazione fisica di esorcizzare attraverso la religione e la medicina. do something that felt both on brand for them istantanea che lo spettatore sperimenta davanti alle istallazioni è la and authentic to my work style.perchè There solo weredopo un brivido o un parte più importante per and l’artista, times this didn’t always happen (especially sensowhen di nausea, l’audience può iniziare una riflessione proficua sulla inmorte. the beginning), but overtime I have learned toNon fight it where cananche - or turn down the project. solo morteIma - e soprattutto - vita. “The Miraculous When there’s not a certain respect in the più criticate di Hirst e risale Journey” è una delle istallazioni scultoree collaboration it’s often very successful al 2005, realizzata per not l’inaugurazione del for nuovo Sidra Medical Center either party. At the same time there’s sometimes in Arabia Saudita. Le 14 sculture monumentali (sono alte dai 5 agli 11 ametri) challenge of èfiguring outraccontano how to create di cui composta il “viaggio” del feto dalla feconsomething authentic that works for both of you, della vita e toccando dazione fino alla nascita, celebrando il miracolo which I findinusuali fun. It may always clear from tematiche per ilnot mondo delbemedio oriente. the get go. Hirst divide la critica e accanto a chi celebra la sua arte come visionaria c’è chi ne disprezza lo stile e lo sfarzo. Materiali preziosi, strutture esagerate e moltissimi soldi spesi per attrarre fama e visibilità, senza contare la lista lunghissima di artisti a cui Hirst ha “rubato” elementi e idee, senza alcuna paura ad ammetterlo. p.107 p.59 p.67

Have you ever considered to combine your artwork with some technological innovations like the 3D printing process or other advanced systems? What do you think about all these innovations?

who go through so much to become this graceful being for the few moments they glide across a stage. I find it all so amazing - the contrasts they hold. There’s a story to the “Shadow Dancers” I hope to share some day.

I think they are amazing and yes I’m super into this! I have played with VR technology a bit. I worked with Google’s Chrome Experiments a few years ago to make some videos using TiltBrush, which was awesome. I haven’t done any 3D printing, but I’m excited about collaborations in any innovative technologies. I try to keep an open mind about new mediums.

Can you tell us more about the Art Supplies project? How and why did you develop this idea?

What is the idea behind the Shadow Dancers project? Do you practice dance in your free time? I don’t practice dance, unfortunately! I find ballerinas incredible. How they appear weightless, beautiful, fragile almost, yet at the same time they are incredibly strong athletes


A few years ago I had this idea and it’s hard to believe it’s come to life! There are a few reasons I wanted to create the art supply line. For one, I feel when you walk into an art supply store (unless you already know everything) it can be an intimidating place. You don’t know where to start, you don’t know what the different products are for, the different prices. I wanted to make a small line that also comes with an artist - me who speaks for the line. I put a little tip on the back of each productand I also try and explain everything on our social media pages and website as much as possible. I want there to be a direct

line of communication between the customer and the artist behind the products. Secondly, for a long time I traveled quite a bit and would always look for the art shops wherever I was - many times there weren’t any. I found that many places don’t have a lot of access to art supplies, especially specific types of things (like metallic paints). So I found a partner that had the ability to distribute worldwide. My mission as an artist is to inspire people. That’s really all I want to do. If I can inspire someone to pick up a paintbrush and create something, or even draw something in the dirt, I feel like something good is happening. I just feel it’s important for people to create, and know they can.

Reading your blog we understand that you live in New York. Does the city inspire your work? Are there any negative aspects for an artist living in such a frenetic city? Have you ever considered to live somewhere else? New York is an incredible City. It took me a long time to find my stride here, but I finally feel like I’ve found my corner. I think because I work on my own I’ve been able to create a calm life here. I live and work in a relaxed neighborhood near Central Park - and spend a lot of time in the park. I have a small garden that has been my saving grace. However, I truly love being a few minutes away from a chaotic world full of inspiring people. I think anywhere you live is really just what you make of it - no matter what it’s reputation is. I do think of living other places sometimes, I’m very open minded about my future - as long as I can be close to nature in some way. Have you ever considered to pursue a career as


a fashion designer? For a moment in my life I did consider this - part way through my studies in Industrial Design. I began studying costume design as an extra curricular since it was the closest thing to fashion my university offered, I participated in the student fashion show every year, and convinced my program to allow me to attend a fashion and accessory design program abroad for one semester. Through those studies, I realised was always drawn to the illustration and art aspect of fashion and expression, but never felt much of a love for creating garments. I’m not closed to the idea... who knows, perhaps there will be a reason for me to love that one day. Do you have in mind any other interesting project to work on in the future? At the moment I am focusing on some story ideas and putting my energy into a potential book. But with me, there are always a million ideas brewing in my mind...


Electric BARBARELLA Analog Photography Mag Juchnik Style Ewa Michalik Model Agata Wojtasik c/o Mango Models Makeup, Hair Style Koleta Gabrysiak

“I took you home And dressed you up in polyester Princess of my dreams Emotionless and cold as ice All of the things I like The way you look The way you move The sounds you’re making In Ultrachrome, latex, and steel” Duran Duran - Eletric Barbarella

Blouse, trousers, dress Papillon Atelier | Earrings Klara Kostrzewska

Bra Caprice | Trousers NA-KD | Jacket Huzior | Shoes Reserved | Earrings KappAhl Opposite: Shirt Liu Jo | Suit Epuzer | Shoes Deichmann | Earrings Mohito

Dress, coat: Zaquad | Shoes Mango | Sunglasses Portrait Eyewear | Earrings Reserved

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Body Epuzer | Sneakers Fancy Shoes | Earrings NA-KD Turtleneck Sinsay | Skirt Michał Szulc | Blouse Papillon Atelier | Shoes Epuzer | Earrings Reserved

Skirt Liu Jo | Blouse Cropp | Jacket NA-KD | Shoes Fancy Shoes | Sunglasses Supernormal | Earrings Mohito

CELINE'S debut in menswear and what it tells us about our future words Giulia Greco

all shots by Filippo Fior / Gorunway.com | courtesy of Vogue

Last year has been about changing at Maison Celine, Parisian brand own by LVMH. Phoebe Philo left the scene to focus on more private things and Hedi Slimane wreak havoc and a huge amount of indignation among the fashion system. Slimane is himself everywhere he goes, now we know it pretty well. He changed the aestethic and the rules of the game. He also changed the name of the brand itself, which lost the accent and the French allure and, with no surprise at all, took inspirations from the English subcultures of the last two decades of the XX century. Mini dresses, exaggerated sleeves and puffed shoulders. Black is the main colour and polka dots are everywhere. Models are mainly very skinny and Caucasian. “At Celine, past has not the same importance as at Dior or Saint Laurent: we can get rid of it easily� he said to Le Figaro, earlier this February, giving an end to criticism and complains.

Generation Z is the focus of Celine’s new marketing, which is extremely fresh and new.

To which he gave no ear in any case, after his first show in Paris. When they asked the “old Cèline” back, he simply replied with his second runway, the Fall 2019 ready-to-wear, inspired by the very beginning of the brand, even before Philo’s regency. The collection had been possible after a very detailed archives’ research. This is the real Cèline, Slimane did not say but would have really loved to. Irony was subtle and mockery obvious. The collection enchanted the audience and now the number of Slimane’s followers is increasing everyday more. Straight to its way, Celine debuted with the very first menswear collection in its history, the Fall 2019. Again suppositions and speculations did not lack, because Slimane’s reputation precedes him. We should not forget that it’s thank to him menswear

radically changed at the beginning of 2000 when he worked for Dior Homme: his new suits were very slim and perfectly tailored, the style was unique (as much as Karl Lagerfeld lost forty kilos to wear one of his creation). The hype was then very high, and everyone of us wondered if Celine’s debut in menswear would have turn men clothing once again. The answer is definitely yes. The collection was amazing. Three pieces tight and sparkly, shiny fabrics and impeccable coats. There was plenty of black sunglasses and Slimane took back to the stage a very important accessory in menswear history, for long time forgotten: the thin tie. Models, as we’ve already said, were all very young and rebel. Slimane’s cliché but also due to the target of consumers Celine was addressing to. Generation Z is the focus of Celine’s new p.161 p.153 p.155

marketing, which is extremely fresh and new. If the goal is to reach the youngest, it seemed like Slimane missed the basic style new generations are used to nowadays. Tailoring masterpieces, matched ties and not even one pair of sneakers. Yet. Yet Slimane is able to look at the future, as he always did. Maybe this is the way menswear will walk through in the following period. In the last couple of fashion weeks, both in womenswear and menswear, street style fascination was lacking. It’s true we still have sneakers and sweat pants and sweatshirts with logos all around. We all agree fashion is currently trying to escape forced silhouettes, in order to reach an higher comfort and freedom in movements. But it is true we saw a great come back to tailoring, on various runways, starting from Dior till Raf Simons, through Virgil Abloh and his last collection on Champs Elysee. Designers look at the future and Slimane scored again. The new (old) tailoring, the perfect shape, is the fashion of tomorrow. It’s maybe because of his rock and roll aesthetic, maybe because of dark and fascinating


atmospheres, maybe because everything he touches turns gold, menswear by Slimane is going to mark a turning point in fashion. Menswear is now living a very good moment indeed. Gender and age barriers are collapsing one after the other and male audience, which was once limited and of “minor-league” in the fashion system, is showing a new interest in clothing. Modern and young man asks for more possibilities, innovations and visionary collections. Brands must create new horizons to look at and to take inspirations from. In colours, shapes and fabrics, men clothing can now express itself and explore, finally, untouched landscapes. Fashion of tomorrow can possibly be unique for everybody. There are high possibilities collections will be more and more hybrid, till the complete disappearing of border. We already see it now. And Slimane already told us, speaking about his first Celine’s collection: “The entire wardrobe worn by the male models is unisex, and therefore will also be available for women”. And why not after all? The greater lesson we have by Slimane is that we are the one ruling the game.

LET ME DOWN Easy Photography Edda Petursdottir & Lotte Thor Style Alex Mcfadyen Model Daniela Dominique c/o M4 Models Management Makeup, Hair Style Dirk NeuhĂśfer c/o Phoenix Agentur

What does it mean to be truly fearless for the GenZ? For them (and we hope others will follow their example in the future) gender fluidity is a totally normal condition. The author Kate Bornstein explains: "The ability to become freely and knowingly one or more of an infinite number of genres for any time and for any number of changes." The freedom to not be identified. And to feel even only for a day more male, or more female. Freedom therefore for a man to wear a skirt one day, and a suit the next day in a natural way, as it would be for a woman to wear a tuxedo. The future is free and without fears and preconceptions. It is impossible to tell when the change will be rooted in society, but the right path that has been traced is already visible.�

Dress Our Legacy Shoes Aeyde Bag Saskia Diez

Sweater PRFCT NMBR Ear Cuff Saskia Diez Slip Envii Shoes Aeyde

Sweater Working Title Skirt, shirt Our Legacy Boots Ganni Glasses Gentle Monster Earrings Saskia Diez Opposite: Pants, vest Pallas Paris Shirt Working title Shoes Aeyde Earrings Rosefield Necklace Saskia Diez

Dress Working Title Shoes Aeyde Opposite: Coat Working Title Earrings Vibe Harsløf

Earrings Vibe Harsløf Opposite: Jacket Working Title Shoes Aeyde

Jacket Working Title Skirt Julia Seeman Boots Aeyde Earrings All Bues Opposite: Jacket, scarf Our Legacy Earrings Aeyde


all images courtesy of dolomiti.lefayresorts.com


A place where nature, luxury and unspoiled beauty harmoniously co-exist: the second luxury resort in the Lefay Group, Lefay Resort & SPA Dolomiti opens on the 1 st of August and is situated within a UNESCO World Heritage site. The new Resort stands in the ski area of Madonna di Campiglio, in Pinzolo, the largest town in the Rendena Valley. The ski area is, in fact, the biggest in Trentino, with 150 km of slopes, four snowboard parks and a single pass valid for the entire ski area; the area hosts international competition such as the Alpine Ski World Cup.

The spa is a temple where you regenerate your senses and your soul and runs over four levels: the wellness area for families with a heated indoor and an outdoor swimming pool and the family sauna; the World of Water and Fire reserved for adults, featuring the indoor training pool, a large whirlpool and nine saunas; the Fitness Centre open 24 hours a day, offering a large gym with a lot of natural light and with

TechnogymÂŽ equipment; studios overlooking the garden for rebalancing activities complete the area. The extensive sauna area has been designed according to the Lefay SPA Method principles, that combine Classical Chinese Medicine with Western scientific research. An energy and therapeutic path leads from the Centre to five different stations with symbolism to evoke the rhythm of life and rhythm of life and its various

stages. With different levels of temperature and humidity and dedicated phyto- and aromatherapies, the circuits are customised according to the energy levels of the guests. Then, there’s an entire floor dedicated to treatments: the Signature treatments include energy massages, aesthetic rituals and several

treatments using local scents of the forest and alpine flowers. The menu also includes noninvasive aesthetic medicine, a medical section, Ă la carte SPA and a proposal dedicated to couples, with rituals in the exclusive Private SPAs inspired by the alpine atmosphere and the natural elements of the mountains. p.177

courtesy of dolomiti.lefayresorts.com

The new Resort stands in the ski area of Madonna di Campiglio, in Pinzolo, the largest town in the Rendena Valley.

The Resort comprehends 88 Suites and 22 Residences, which reflect the beauty of the Dolomites within the room: wide spaces, furnished with natural fabrics and local materials such as wood and stone that blend seamlessly with advanced technology. There’s also the possibility to become the owner of a Residence by contacting the dedicated Showroom (lefayresidences.com). Also, Lefay Resort & SPA Dolomiti comprehends two restaurants, the Grual and the Dolomia. Lefay Vital Gourmet privileges the health aspects of food following the principles of green cuisine and enhancing local fragrances, using seasonal ingredients mixed with aromas of the Dolomites. The Dolomia is open for the breakfast buffet and à la carte lunch and dinner; the Grual, that will launch in December 2019, will be open only for dinner. There’s also a Lounge Bar, offering the best selection of international cocktails and liqueurs with a view over the town. Outside, the Sky Lounge is the perfect place to relax while sipping a drink in front of the main fire. The Cigar Lounge offers a selection of the best cigars and spirits from all over the world. Room service is available 24 hours a day with a dedicated menu.

Other services include the reading room and the Ski & Bike Room, dedicated to the rental of state-of-the-art ski equipment. One of the most characteristic features of the Resort is surely sustainability. Indeed, it is set in the woods and is perfectly in harmony with its surrounding landscape, taking style inspiration from the local mountain buildings. All the materials chosen, from the wood, stone and the rigorous simplicity of the finishes, reflect the natural perfection of the Dolomites. The Resort, ClimaHotel certified, has been conceived following two fundamental guidelines: the containment of energy need, through a high level of insulation of all surfaces, and the use of renewable energy sources with high production systems such as a biomass furnace and a co-generation plant. Plus, it’s relevant the commitment to the neutralisation of its energy consumption and the promotion of the region in Italy and abroad thanks to the support to the local community. For the launch of Lefay Resort & SPA Dolomiti a special offer “Opening Rate” is available for stays from August to November. All details can be found on the website dolomiti.lefayresorts.com.

words Elena Affricani


Seoul Mates “Yes I was going somewhere A single random meeting With your eyes and I am beaten And now I'm going nowhere I know I'm going nowhere With all the voices in my head The clever words I never said Of all the things to happen In a girl panic That's driving naked through my mind It's a crush panic She's got me atomized� Duran Duran - Girl Panic

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Dress Hugo Boss | Earrings Milton Attica | Dress MM6 Maison Margiela

Dress, jacket, coat Bottega Veneta



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