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COVER STORY Photographer Fabiana Delcanton Model Camilla Hansson “Miss Sweden 2014” Styling Melissa Tarling Makeup Kerry White Hairstyle James Bickmore


The Beauty of Autumn


ersonally I love the fall season. Nature colors, leather outfits, mood, smell in the air, everything. Also, come back from holidays it is always an important moment, when you make plans for your life and work. It is the perfect season to plan the future, a very exciting moment. In this issue on cover the beautiful Miss Sweden 2014 Camilla Hansson, you  can meet her in an exclusive interview by Alya Barutoglu at page 26; the British make up artist Omayma Ramzy show us her works from Los Angeles and talk about new projects at page 140;  we were behind the scenes  of  Stockholm fashion week with the photographer Luca Feller, and you’ll see many lovely fashion stories of amazing teams from ten different Countries. We hope that you will love this new issue like we do, enjoing all trends of this fall 2017!

Marta Forgione Editor-in-chief Facebook: @marta.forgione Instagram: @martaforgione


After Work Photographer Dirk Messner Style Maureen De Coven Model Mildred c/o Lousia models Make up, Hair Stylist Anja Fichtenmayer c/o Bigoudi using Davines and Sisley Paris Casting tape-creative.com Retouch superutopia.com

Opening: Satin shorts Chloe Knit bra Prada Coat Prada Shoes Prada Necklace Prada This page: Jacket Chanel Trousers Chanel Shoes Chanel Top Celine Opposite: Skirt Celine Top Celine Coat Strenesse

Dress Kavier Gauche Vest Kenzo Boots Kenzo Opposite: Silkdress Miu Miu Coat Celine Shoes Bally

Complete look: Alexander McQueen Opposite: Furcoat Miu Miu Blouse Celine

Blazer Stella McCartney Top Chloe Wool scarf Prada Denim Acne Opposite: Trousers Chanel Silk blouse Chloe Shoes ballerinas Chanel



Photography Rickard Aronsson c/o Agent Bauer Style Natalie Olenheim c/o Rockson Hairstyle, Makeup Francesca Vigliarolo c/o Bigoudi Model Freddy c/o Core Management

Opening: T-shirt Mucker Earrings Sophie by Sophie This page: Jacket La La Berlin Top ArethĂŠ Belt vintage Earrings WOS

Shirt Natalie Johansson Strand Opposite: Shirt Odeur Studios Earrings Liga Design Gloves Disa Gadd

Dress Ellery Shoes Miu Miu Barrett leather Gucci Opposite: Dress Maison Suneve Shoes Gucci Clutch Asos

Here and opposite: Shirt Natalie Johansson Strand Pants ArethĂŠ Shoes ATP Atelier

Pants Disa Gadd Shirt Odeur Studios Top Arethé Earrings Liga Design Opposite: Earrings Liga Design Shirt Disa Gadd Pants Arethé Ring B-seen Collection

A very

business WOMAN “Model, actress, Miss Sweden, advocate, educator, student, ambassador… There are not enough titles to describe Camilla Hansson.”

Starring Camilla Hansson Interviewed by Alya Barutoglu Photography Fabiana Delcanton Assisted by Fiona Taylor Stylist Melissa Tarling Makeup Kerry White Hair James Bickmore

On cover photo: Black Dress Asos Red scarf Asos Earrings Monki This page: Glasses Asos Dress Asos Earrings Monki

Model, actress, Miss Sweden, advocate, educator, student, ambassador‌ There are not enough titles to describe Camilla Hansson. This young woman is everywhere doing everything. We don’t know how she managed to fit in all these wonderful titles in her young age! Born in Stockholm, Camilla was always in contact with nature, she grew up skiing in the mountains of Sweden, exploring nature close home and gave start to her unstoppable career at the age of 18. Coming from a real estate background Camilla decided to change her course of life when she won Miss Sweden in 2014. After that, she became an ambassador for numerous brands and branched out to different paths, all at the same time! She is not just pursuing a modelling career but she is also an educator and advocate for children. There is nothing more sublime than seeing a woman showing young girls that they can do anything. Camilla has also dedicated her time to many charitable causes as she currently serves as the ambassador of Healthy Kids Happy Kids Foundation, Operation Orphan and World Vision. Not only supporting underprivileged children, Camilla is also pursuing her passion for holistic health by studying nutrition and natural medicine at CNM London. She portrays a character that believes learning never stops. The multiple titled model also teaches etiquette and social confidence classes as a consultant to The English Manner. You can see her outer beauty in any angle but explore Camilla’s inner beauty with our exclusive interview.

Black baker boy hat SacredHawk Cream top Wood Wood Red shearling jacket Pull & Bear White jeans Asos White Boots Asos Overcoat Asos Opposite: Cream trench Monki Lace dress Free People White boots Kurt Geiger

Editor’s letter

L: Who is Camilla Hansson? How would you describe yourself? CH: I am a model, owner of a coaching business and former Miss Sweden who currently lives in London. L: How did you decide to enter Miss Sweden? CH: It was a childhood dream of mine which I decided to pursue at a time in my career when I needed a new direction. I took a risk to leave my safe job behind in order to pursue my ambition. L: What is your favourite thing about modelling? CH: That you are working for yourself and your schedule is flexible. I like the creative process of generating images with an impact. However, it is important to work with professional people, otherwise it can be very frustrating. L: We saw that you are also a studying nutrition, where did your passion for holistic health and medicine come from? CH: Initially, it came from having my own issues but also realising how health, beauty and happiness all go hand in hand. I became fascinated with the healing power of nature and decided to become an expert in the subject.



L: How do you aim to help people in need? CH: I try to do that in different ways. Both through charity but more importantly, in what I do in my everyday life and how I treat others. Sometimes it might just be about listening to someone, or helping a friend or family member out, or even doing something for a stranger. Other times it might be a specific project I’m involved in with a charity, or help with fundraising of some sort. L: You also give etiquette and social confidence classes, what is the key to be a more confident person? CH: I believe if you have good social skills, this will make you more confident. I think that success, both professionally and personally, is largely dependent on building new relationships and feeling confident in new surroundings. I help people build their social skills and add that extra bit of polish to their lives. It is always very rewarding to watch my client walk away with their newfound confidence after having spent a day with me!

Cream top Wood Wood Patent jacket Asos Corduroy coat navy Monki Earrings Whistles

Cream shearling coat Monki Red jumper Zara Red trousers Asos Red leather boots Asos

L: Who is your role model and how does this effect your career? CH: Someone like Miranda Kerr who is also a qualified health coach, model and entrepreneur. I always say “success leaves clues,” so it’s good to study people who have achieved success similar to what you aspire to. L: How can people contribute to helping unprivileged children? CH: I would suggest that they find a charitable organisation with a cause and mission they agree with, and ask if they can help with any fundraising or offer to volunteer for them. You want to make sure you are working with a very reputable non-profit organisation which is honest and transparent. L: How do you divide your time in between modelling, teaching and charity work? CH: It can be different each month depending on what I have going on. This month has been a bit of everything. I enjoy all aspects of what I do, variations keeps it interesting when each day is different.

L: Where do you see yourself in 10 years, what would you like to achieve? CH: 10 years ahead is a long time! I would like to have a family by then. I want to keep striving to be a more successful business woman who combines profit with contribution. Setting up another business in holistic health would be a dream as well. L: If you had a chance to work with anyone who would this be and why? CH: I think Jessica Alba is pretty cool considering she is one of the most successful self made women in the US now. She built a business that has been valued at over 1 billion from producing chemical free baby products. That’s pretty impressive. L: Where would we find you on your free day and what would you be doing? CH: I love going for long brunches on the weekends with my friends here in London.

I also enjoy doing some sort of sport or exercise when I have the time. I try to really recharge when I have a day off; like going for a long walk in the park, or going to the spa maybe. L: What would your advice be to young girls who aspire to be like you? CH: I think everyone has their own path and purpose in life and they need to find out what that is for them. What makes them tick and where their passion lies. I would say don’t give up until you find it, because without it you will never feel completely fulfilled in life.

Red patent trench Asos Black tunic Whistles Black trousers Weekday Shoes Gestuz



Photographer Judith Castro Stylist Juan Daniel Orozco Model Maria Jose Ortega c/o not models Makeup Alejandra Ascencio

Opening: Sweater Pepe Jeans Dress Michael Kors Beret vintage This page: Dress Adolfo Dominguez Coat Adolfo Dominguez Sweater French Connection

Here and opposite: Total look Julio

Dress Adolfo Dominguez Opposite: Coat Michael Kors Pajamas Adolfo Dominguez

RHYTHM Photographer Daniel Kolomiyets Stylist Emily Puckett Make up Reid Dehle Model Natalie Marssdorf c/o Muse management

Opening: T-shirt - H&M Choker: Denim skirt - Strawdivarius New Friends Colony Sneakers - H&M Top Bebe Hair scrunchySkirt - H&Ms Zara Opposite This page: Zara Crop topTop - H&M Skirt Topshop Shorts - Pull&Bear Shoes Jeffrey Campbell Cap - H&M

Choker: New Friends Colony Jacket Vintage Top Bebe Skirt Zara Opposite: Top H&M Pants Zara

T-shirt - H&M Denim skirt - Strawdivarius Sneakers - H&M Hair scrunchy - H&Ms Opposite Crop top - H&M Shorts - Pull&Bear Cap - H&M

Dress Zara Corset Amici Earrings Vintage Shoes Jeffrey Campbell Opposite: Choker Vintage Top Stafford Pants Zara

Top Vintage Pants Zara Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Opposite: Dress Zara Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Earrings: Nordstrom

Earrings: Oscar de la Renta Top Ellery Skirt Zara Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Opposite: Choker Vintage Dress Zara

MESH Photographer Katia Wik Model Maria D. c/o The Fashion Management Style Leonie Gerner c/o Bigoudi Hairstyle, make up Selina Spittler c/o Close Up Agency

T-shirt - H&M Denim skirt - Strawdivarius Sneakers - H&M Trousers Talai Hair scrunchy Nobi - H&Ms KimonoOpposite Nobi Talai Dstm Crop topTop - H&M Opposite: Shorts - Pull&Bear Dress Mint & Berry Cap - H&M Stockings Dstm

Skirt Michael Sontag Stockings Falke

T-shirt - H&M Denim skirt - Strawdivarius Sneakers - H&M Hair scrunchy - H&Ms Dress OsoOpposite Couture Tulip Crop topearrings: - H&M Couleurs Geraldine Shortsde - Pull&Bear Lace headpiece Cap -vintage H&M

Full Look Dstm

Trousers Michael Sontag Top Dstm Opposite: Coat Michael Sontag Stockings Falke Shoes: lenaslovelyvintage.com


Photography Andrew Hiles Styling David James Cochrane Makeup Jaimee Thomas c/o Untitled Artists Using Mac Pro Assistants Iuliana Omakhel, Mellonie Yasmina Huseljic

Top Roberto Leone Skirt Romeo & Julian Opposite: Dress and jewelry No Rules showroom

Opening: Dress Michaela Frankova Earrings Evra Knuckle duster Evra This page: Dress Jiri Kalfar Bangles Mayu Earrings vintage Shoes Walter Steiger vintage Opposite: Dress AgnÄ— KuzmickaitÄ— Earrings vintage

Dress Andrew Majtenyi Earrings and ring Evra Opposite: Sequin blazer Malan Breton

Bordeaux sash from Harrods Silk dungaree with train FantĂ´me by Malan Breton Earrings and cuffs Mayu Opposite: Beaded sheer shirt Raishma Jacket Topshop Hoop earrings vintage


CORNER Photographer Davide Costanza Model Valderama Morkev Style Giulia Leone Style assistant Martina Petrungaro Make up, hairstyle Celeste Morelli

Opening: Maxi Pull Marella Pants Italo Marseglia Shoes Unlace Here and opposite: Total look Italo Marseglia Shoes Unlace

This page: Pull Marella Vintage Wide Pants TwoDrops Shoes Unlace Opposite: Bra Intimissimi Wide Pants TwoDrops Shoes Unlace

Total look Sport Max Vintage 1985 Shoes Unlace Opposite: Long dress Italo Marseglia

SANT A TOURIST Photography Patrick Schwalb Model Anja Leuenberger c/o Munich-Models Style Ana Salgado c/o Kult Artists Hair, makeup Gaye Hiette c/o Bigoudi Production photomania.biz Digital Maik Denecke Assistant Lucas Himmel

Opening and here: Denim pants Topshop Denim jacket Topshop Knit sweater COS Belt Mango Socks Weekday Shoes Zara

Top Zara Belt Vintage Dress Topshop Earrings Zara Opposite: Coat H&M Leggings H&M Shirt Weekday Socks Weekday Shoes Zara Earrings Topshop

Dress COS Shirt: & Other Stories Earrings Vintage Opposite: Pants & Other Stories Top and denim jacket Weekday Scarf Zara Socks Weekday Shoes Zara

Blouse and denim shorts & Other Stories Belt Mango Socks Weekday Shoes and head scarf Zara

Top Andrew Majtenyi Shorts Andrew Majtenyi Opposite Top Hilary MacMillan Pants Hilary MacMillan

Shirt and earrings Zara Pants & Other Stories Opposite: Shirt Zara Knit sweater & Other Stories Pants Weekday Sunglasses Vintage

Editor’s letter


Shots by Luca Feller The true essence of Swedish fashion is to provide simple and wearable clothes with a trendy and modern addition. Swedish brands are masters of minimalistic fashion yet Spring/Summer 2018 runways were about maximalist combinations of minimalistic designs. Held in the official arenas Berns Salonger and Kulturhuset Stadsteatern Stockholm fashion week is in the heart of the city being the leading fashion week in Northern Europe. This season catwalks were filled with asymmetric and alternative tailoring. Ruffles, pleats and identified

waistes continued from the previous season. Emelie Janrell takes use of the old Hollywood glam style on both belts and glistening pencil skirts. Spring/Summer 2018 season had wide range of colours but black was surprisingly a dominant colour in the Stockholm runways. Athleisure brand BjĂśrn Borg showcased a lot of black combinations with long parkas and jackets. Stylein showcased a traditional Swedish minimalism with their monotone combinations and sleek cuts. Continued on page 86-89


Editor’s letter




Dominant patterns being mismatched patches of florals and stripes, bold yellows and hues of blues were prominent on the catwalk shows. There are no rules of not wearing leathers on a warm day, the brand Stand known for their feminine high fashion leather pieces awed the critiques with colourful leather pieces. Oranges and blues were outstanding on the Valerie runway where asymmetric cuts and patches complimented the hues. Street styles were matching the runway shows as guests were seen matching patterns and colours to create eye-catching looks. Just like on the runway street style had countless asymmetric ruffle garments and drew the attention to their waists with striking belts. As seen on the runways of Stockholm Fashion Week, Spring season is about mix and match. The notion of matching your bags and shoes or wearing only one pattern to avoid cluster is long gone. Spring/Summer 2018 is clearly about having fun and incorporating as much fabric, style and pattern as you can.


Get ready to wear your favourite glam skirt with sport socks, or opt for a checked blazer with a leopard pattern heel. By Alya Barutoblu

k r e v s n o i s Aukt

m l o h k c o t S

Emelie Jan


NO LOITERING Photographer Orlando Behar Makeup and Hairstyle Jen Bean c/o Wilhelmina Artists Model Priscilla Mezzadri c/o Wilhelmina Models

Opening: Dress 3.1 Phillip Lim Boots Palladium Hat Hat Attack This page: Hoodie Wildfox Opposite: Jumpsuit James Perse Boots Palladium

Dress Boutique Moschino Gloves H&M Hat Kenzo

Shirt Rick Owens Lilies Pants Alice + Olivia Boots Palladium Opposite: Jacket Alice + Olivia Shirt Chase Pants 3.1 Phillip Lim

THE BRIGHT SIDE Photographer Adri Gomez Stylist Andrea Hierro Model Pascale c/o De Boekers Hairstyle, makeup Sara Conesa Assistant Cristina De Tomas

Hat Vintage Jacket Tommy Hilfiger Bikini Bottom Eres Opposite: Jacket, trousezrs Gina Tricot Blouse Lacoste

Opening: Dress Calvin Klein Shirt Peter Sposito This page: Shirt Adolfo DomĂ­nguez Dress Asos Boots Peter Sposito Hat Rangers Opposite: Furcoat Miu Miu Blouse Celine Opposite: Jersey American Vintage Trousers Peter Sposito

Top Etam Leggins Calvin Klein Bomber Peter Sposito Opposite: Bomber Peter Sposito

Jersey Adolfo DomĂ­nguez Dress Peter Sposito Opposite: Hat Rangers Dress Calvin Klein Chocker Asos

Bomber Peter Sposito Leggins Calvin Klein Chocker Asos Opposite: Jersey Adolfo DomĂ­nguez Dress Peter Sposito

Editor’s letter




How about a weekend spa treat? I bet that sounds just perfect for getting used to the new season. Returning from vacation is always the hardest yet a little retreat in a spa could make everything better. New season also sadly means illnesses, as your body has to cope with the weather changes after the warm and sunny summer. While you’re forcing yourself to get used to your work tempo your body may feel even more tired after the vacation season. Therefore one little escape to the spa centre can cure your mental and physical health. Leave all your thoughts at home and give yourself a sweet break. You don’t have to worry about deciding on which package to get because we’ve explored the best treatments to cure the ‘back to work’ fatigue…There is more a massage therapy can do than you’d think. It is a physical treatment that helps relief mental stress load. A good treatment can help you relieve stress, decrease anxiety and depression while also help boost immunity for possible autumn sicknesses. Massages increase serotonin and melatonin which helps you get better sleep whilst reducing chronicle pains in your body. So don’t think of a spa day as a one time treatment, it may as well impact your long term wellness! Are you feeling even worse because your face looks more tired? Don’t worry it is just upto a little face treatment to cure your tired expression!



Face massage therapies also fight against gravity and smooth your skin! So you get the best of both worlds while enjoying a relaxing spa day. There are many types of face massages; reflexology where pressing specific points on your face corresponds with the areas of your body and this boosts your energy! Remedial is the right massage for you if your skin is dull and you want a radiant skin. This method uses exfoliants to remove dead skin cells. Lymphatic massage helps relieve puffiness of your face and removes toxins to keep the skin cells healthy. Still not the right type? There is shiatsu which you’ve probably heard of, a Japanese method which uses finger-press technique to relieve muscle tension, anxiety and stress. You can combine all of them to get the ultimate anti-fatigue face! After all the hours spent crouched on your office seat, it is almost inevitable not to have back pain. This restrains all your muscles causing both physical and mental stress. A regular trip to the spa can fix your problems. This is not a luxury it is a necessity! Deep tissue massages are the best known types to cure back pains. Not only relaxing your muscles, this method also gives pain relief. Deep tissue is the best way to get rid of regular pains for good. Autumn not only means crazy work hours and long days spent on the computer but seasonal sicknesses.

If you’re the type who catches cold every season change, we’ve got something to make you happy! Spa treatments help your immune system, it protects your body from seasonal sicknesses as the pressure treatments increase the number of defence sells against flus. So book your acupressure treatment before your flu gets worse! You will hit two birds with one stone; getting a weekend for your own and healing your body inside out! by Alya Barutoglu

Pink Doll

Photographer Irina Tascheva Make up and hairstyle Victoria Nagibina Model Polly Zakharova c/o Skripal scouting center Retoucher Darya Shevela

eXceL Photography Monica True Style Tamara Evon Model Jenna Bachmann c/o Directions USA Hair and Makeup Sidory Assistant Jenn Reid Retouch Mat Musielak

White shirt H&M Stripe pants Zara Yellow tie Lava Luxe Black T-shirt Forever 21 Shoes Steve Madden Opening: Dress, Vest Lava Luxe Pants GAP Shoes Puma

Here and back cover Red coat Asos White button up Forever young Plaid Skirt The Villager Clothing Shoes Converse Nike Opposite: Leather shorts Nastygal Blouse Nastygal Vest Forever 21 Shoes Steve Madden

Dress Ellery Shoes Miu Miu Barrett leather Gucci Opposite: Dress Maison Suneve Shoes Gucci Clutch Asos

White shirt H&M Stripe top Zara Red pants JCrew Shoes Nike Opposite: White shirt H&M Grey overalls Urban Outfitters Shoes Converse Nike



Photographer, set designer Neon Theory Creative Director Juach Cyer Style Lola Parkinson Male Model Yach Bol c/o Rin Models Female Model Fika Tamiru c/o Rin Models Female Model Lucinda Soy c/o Rin Models Assistant Amanda Almogela

Opening: Coat Malene Birger Bodysuit vintage; Coat SWOP Clothing Exchange Top Burberry; Coat Country Road Top vintage; Jacket Levi’s Top Christian Dior This page: Hat Adelaide Hatters Top RM Williams Jacket, trousers SWOP Clothing Exchange Shoes Tony Bianco

Coat Country Road Bodysuit vintage Shoes Manolo Blahnik; Coat Malene Birger Top vintage Skirt SWOP Clothing Exchange Shoes Tony Bianco Opposite: Hat Adelaide Hatters Top Van Heusen Shoes Tony Bianco Socks American Apparel

31100APARTMENT Photographer Laura Tedeschi Style Elena Friso Makeup and hairstyle Mara Giannini Model Allison Ishtar c/o Elite models

Jumper Pomandere Dress Alberto Zambelli Pants Pence 1979 Opening: Coat Marios Hood Alberto Zambelli

Jacket Nicholas R Dress Htc Belt Htc Opposite: Jacket and belt Htc Sweater Rame Pants Rame

Skirt Pence 1979 Shirt Rame Opposite: Dress Marios

Top Cote Dress Rame Opposite: Sweater Rame Pants Pence 1979 Top and boots Marios

T-shirt - H&M Denim skirt - Strawdivarius Sneakers - H&M Hair scrunchy - H&Ms Opposite Crop top - H&M Shorts - Pull&Bear Cap - H&M

Opposite: Jacket Htc Dress Calcaterra

Omayma Ramzy

Editor’s letter

Meet LA based makeup artist Omayma Ramzy who recently worked with Marisol Nichols (Riverdale) for her Red Carpet look. Before being a makeup artist for Hollywood stars, the British artist lived in Surrey. From a journey from being a seamstress in the UK to landing in film and TV shoots in Hollywood, Omayma Ramzy is a name you will be hearing a lot more. Makeup artists are just like painters, they have a brush and a palette to create wonders on their medium. With makeup, the artist can completely transform a person. That’s why successful artists are the ones who maintain your natural beauty yet sparks it up a bit. Omayma Ramzy tells us that she loves the medium of makeup to create characters from people. It is no wonder she has landed many jobs in the film and fashion sector! Art takes many forms and Omayma’s medium is makeup. The young artist loves to tell stories through her makeup. This is truly the essence of Hollywood so Omayma is the perfect match. Omayma is not solely spending time on her makeup career, she has build a business, made a name and now she has branched out to fashion. Using her background as a seamstress Omayma recently launched a clothing line that is inspired by the patterns and colours she sees around. Just like her makeup, her clothing line will also show the world from Omayma’s eyes. Learn more about how the 25-year- old makeup artist Omayma uses beauty as an inspiration and makeup as a tool to tell stories in our exclusive interview.

LATEST: If you had to use only one makeup product what would it be? OMAYMA: Probably mascara. There’s a mascara I really like from Beautypie right now (which by the way is a great brand for expanding your kit without expanding your budget). There’s something about wearing mascara that bring focus to a face in a totally different way that I love. LATEST: What beauty products do you think are essential for a woman? OMAYMA: I like to think that there aren’t really essentials, but more things that allow you to play. Makeup is about a play of balance and imbalance, colour, contrast, telling a story abtout who you are. I would say the item that lets you feel the most able to achieve the thing you are aiming for is the one you want. That, and an amazing skin care routine. LATEST: What was a memorable makeup of your career? OMAYMA: There was a stop motion piece I did recently that I really loved. We played with story telling and character too. It was showing how someone had a particular degradation over time, with a surreal twist. I learned a lot technically about stop motion and the rhythm and pace of that, and I felt I pushed myself in a way that I wasn’t expecting. LATEST: What is your signature makeup? OMAYMA: I’d say probably a perfected skin and brow with a pop of colour somewhere on the face. As part of any look, I like to find the thing that I consider the most beautiful in the persons face and show it a bit more, draw the attention in that way but a little further. LATEST: What do you find as inspiration for your art and career? OMAYMA: In my art, I find inspiration all around me, looking at women, looking at men, spotting trends, going to exhibitions and plays. For my career I find


P O letter R Editor’s



Picture yourself walking to your local gym, the warmth strongly hitting you, having finally arrived to your destination, bracing yourself to workout in a room full of equipments, and possibly several individuals. If not, do not worry. It is understandable that working out religiously in the gym, particularly in this hot weather can be very difficult at times. But what if I told you: you can lose calories, reach your desired goals, look stylish doing so and, enjoy the fresh air and sun. This can be accomplished by playing some of the most popular and amusing outdoor sports. Which sports you may ask? Of course I’m referring to; Tennis, Volleyball, Badminton, Running and cycling. There’s just something very therapeutic about working out in the fresh air. You will be embracing the atmosphere you’re in, appreciating the scenery surrounding you, and taking in the fresh air like never before. Whether you’re a beginner at playing volleyball or the next Serena Williams as you step onto that court, the aftermath of the work out will leave a smile on your face.




However, let’s not forget the importance of maintaining your clear skin when playing or exercising outside. Extensive exposure to the sun can be very detrimental as harmful UV exposure leads to sunburn and dehydration. To avoid this, it is essential to apply sunscreen all over your body before exposing yourself to the sun. Next, ensure you drink at least 1-2 litres of water a day. Sounds a lot but I promise you, you will not regret this. Our skin encompasses a great deal of water, therefore when our bodies lacks this fluid, it can lead to dry skin and possibly wrinkles. Water hydrates our skin, energises muscles and also aids towards the control of calories. So get drinking! Now, I’m sure you’ve already heard this before but you must also wash your face before and after exercising. Sweat clogs your pores, for that reason, washing your face with hot then cold water is imperative. As a result, you are remov-

Editor’s letter


that the people around me motivate me. I’m inspired by the things my friends do, the work they put in to creating what they want to create. LATEST: You’re starting a clothing line, what was the motivation behind this? OMAYMA: I’ve loved playing with clothes and fabric since I was a kid. I loved the technical patterns for fabrics and the maths that would go into getting it perfect. It’s something I enjoy and wanted to do to see what happens really. LATEST: What are some major beauty trends for this season? OMAYMA: For the upcoming spring season mustard, lilac, fuchsia, and wine red are strong colours. LATEST: If you could have a chance to do the makeup for

anyone, who would it be?

OMAYMA: So many people! Now if we are talking absolutely anyone, there’s a painting in the Tate Modern museum in London that I used to visit almost 5 times a week at times when I was living near by. The painting was of a woman standing by a cello/upright base, wearing the most beautiful dress. To this day it’s still one of my absolute favourite paintings. I feel like the woman looks intomoul almost. So I’d probably go back in time, and paint Meredith Frampton, the painter, and ask him all about it, and how he managed to capture my gaze so steadily. By Alya Barutoglu

TENDERNESS & PASSION Photographer Arthur Tselishchev Model Anna Kreuzova c/o Image Center Model Management Make up, hairstyle Taya Parhomenko Assistant Angelica Tselishcheva

Dress KMX Trend Mode Shawl vintage Opposite: Swimsuit Forever 21 Scarf vintage

Top TopShop Leggins Bershka Shawl vintage Opposite: Shawl vintage

Zephyr Photographer Julie Meme Stylist Galina Gogoleva Model Ksenia Kirillova c/o Direct Scouting Center Makeup Valentina Luchkina

Opening: Shirt, dress Mango Accessories: Oksana Romanenko This page: Coat Promod Pants Mango Shoes Bershka

Jacket Mango Skirt Oksana Romanenko Shoes Bershka Opposite: Coat Snow Queen Shirt, dress Mango Accessories: Oksana Romanenko

Jacket Mango Skirt Oksana Romanenko Shoes Bershka Opposite: Jacket Mango Apron Oksana Romanenko Capri pants Mango Shoes Mango

Go bac

Photography Abraham Saraya Style Diego IbaĂąez Model Giulia Nagle c/o Paragon model management Makeup Naara Andrade

k to bed

Opening: Jacket Pascual Orozco Shoes Bimba & lola Glasses vintage This page: Coat & dress: Bimba & lola Shoes Mila Milu

Dress Emilio Aguado Jacket Fernando Alberto Atelier Shoes Brantano Earrings Fernando Rodriguez Opposite: Dress Mariana Martinez Bracelet Thalatha Earrings Bimba & lola

Dress Ellery Shoes Miu Miu Barrett leather Gucci Opposite: Dress Maison Suneve Shoes Gucci Clutch Asos

Coat Benito Santos Trousers Sofia Rodriguez Earrings Fernando Rodriguez Opposite: Dress Emilio Aguado Shoes Bimba & lola Glasses Vintage

The red wood

Photographer Nadya Meleshko Style Alyona Pryamikova Model Alexandra Cherkashina Makeup, hairstyle Regina Yagofarova

Opening: Shirt vintage Pants H&M Studio Kerchief Grès Paris Belt Pull&Bear This page: Blouse vintage Accessories vintage Pants Mango Shoes Mango Hat H&M

Top River Island Skirt Bondarev Shoes Diane Von Furstenberg Opposite: Top River Island Earrings H&M

Tomboy Photographer Sofia Tveter Model Gisele Fox c/o SMG Makeup, hairstyle Rick Toth

Opening: Top Organic by John Patrick Skirt Schai This page: Top Echappees Belles Pants Manuelle Suibal

Top: Aleksandr Manamis Pants Hazel Brown Opposite: Dress Schai

Top: Aleksandr Manamis Pants Evam Eva Opposite: Top Dosa Pants Amelia Toro





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LATEST - October 2017 issue #2  

Personally I love the fall season. Nature colours, leather outfits, mood, smell in the air, everything. Also, come back from holidays is alw...

LATEST - October 2017 issue #2  

Personally I love the fall season. Nature colours, leather outfits, mood, smell in the air, everything. Also, come back from holidays is alw...

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