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COVER STORY Photographer Christoph Klutsch Model Alexandra Hochgürtel c/o East West Models Styling Susanne Marx c/o Ballsaal Makeup , hairstyle Kerstin Hajdu


Romantic February


always thought to this month as a romantic moment of the year, not only because S. Valentine but for many other reasons. Maybe because it’s cold; most of days you spend with your love are at home watching tv with blankets and if you go outside you’ll probably go to restaurants, cinema, art exhibitions, all places where you have a close contact with the person who is with you and the mood is warm and cozy. But if you have the possibility, nothing is more romantic of the sea in winter, and we totally can see this mood on our cover story shot by Christoph Klutsch. In this issue we hope to give you some alternative and original advices for your Valentine’s day, (see at page 58) out of typical day with chocolates and boring walk that nobody really wants to do. Editor-in-chief Facebook: @marta.forgione Instagram: @martaforgione

Marta Forgione

Butterfly Caught Photographer Alex Weber Model Malaika c/o M4 MODELS Hairstyle, makeup Marco Alecci c/o BALLSAAL using Davines & Sisley Paris

Bra Honeydew Opposite: Top Vintage

Top Roberto Leone Skirt Romeo & Julian Opposite: Dress and jewelry No Rules showroom

NO MAN’S LAND Photography Chad Moon Style Christina Fortier c/o Factor Chosen Model Abby Fischer c/o No Logo (Milan); Arquette (US) Hairstyle, Makeup Casey Pearson c/o Wehmann Talent

T-shirt and trousers Tellurian Shoes Fendi Jacket Priority

Opening: Faux Fur Coat by Opening Ceremony Dress BCBG Max Azria Heels Calvin Klein Here: Ruffle Dress TOV Shoes ALDO Opposite: Lace top Free People Chiffon Skirt H&M Leather boots ALDO

Chiffon V-Neck Gown Romper by Lotus Threads Boots ALDO Opposite: Oversize striped dress TOV

Fringe jacket Tularosa Dress L’Atiste Heels ALDO Opposite: Lace & satin dress Topshop Heels Madison

T-shirt - H&M Denim skirt - Strawdivarius Sneakers - H&M Hair scrunchy - H&Ms Opposite Crop top - H&M Shorts - Pull&Bear Cap - H&M

Editor’s letter

“Beauty is a construct of a community, and it’s not only about the perfectness of a face.”

LATEST: You started off as an art director. At what point did you decide to focus on photography?

Christoph: Even if I don’t have one of those typical photographers courses of life, I was attracted by creative visual things ever since. I grew up

Christoph Klutsch is not your typical photographer. With an early background in the creative industry and a formal education in psychology and political sciences, he has what it takes to bring out the best in everything, be it a set, the model or a theme. Although Christoph likes to think of inspiration more as a process, his eclectic taste in art, film, music and street culture works as a solid source of inspiration. Christoph is not one to overstage the idea of a concept. As much as he’s into sticking to a concept in terms of creating cohesive sets of imagery, he is set-savvy, being mindful about the changes occurring during a shoot and doesn’t shy away from playing with what he calls the moment.

with Rap, Graffiti and other parts of the hip-hop culture and it didn’t matter if we’ve been sketching, bombing or dancing - we always captured these moments as part of our creativity. Later on it was my time abroad in the States that calls me to pick up the camera again. I have to say that I was never shooting landscapes or architecture, I was always interested in people. People photography just felt like this area where I could play around. But I was also doing a lot of other things on the side: As a young guy I was pretty much involved in political activism and was also driven by the idea to live the life of an „organic intellectual“. So I decided to study a whole different thing and getting my graduation and my PhD in the field of social sciences (in psychology and political science). The problem was that I was being much more into creation than into research and when I got the opportunity to work as a creative planer in the advertising industry, I spontaneously jumped on the train and got hired. I simply loved the part of being creative in so many ways, of getting in touch with so many different people and to play around with words, images and creative conceptions - as a whole. The part I didn’t like that much was the twelve hours working days and the crappy pay. The good thing was that we had already done a lot of photographic productions in the agencies during that time and I was also involved in these productions - on the conceptual level but also with the production itself. From a nowadays perspective, this was presumptive the moment where I decided to switch sides, grab the camera on a professional level and do my own thing. And this is how the story goes. LATEST: Which are your favorite themes and how do you get inspired for the shootings? Christoph: On a general level, a magazine, a good chat or a woman in charge of her own destiny can be a huge inspiration. At least, everything that surrounds me can be an inspiration: I am inspired by music, film, art, street culture and last but not least, the model I’m shooting with. But the biggest inspiration is more of a process - it is the feeling of never being absolutely satisfied with your work, the wish to push the boundaries of creation and the search for new creative solutions in itself. What seems to be stressful, jamming and unproductive can also be a huge driving force to feed my creative mind. I’ve been asked so many times questions like „ How do you get inspired?“ or „How do you get to this magazine?“. The best thing I could say is: „Mate, do what you love, give your very best and focus on your own work. You haven’t even finished a straight set of images, which is completely fine, but don’t try to bring them out.” The problem is that everybody wants everything - right here, right now. But if you show your work to a



commercial audience too early, you are pinned to it. LATEST: What are the personal “touches” you add to your work? Christoph: I’m always driven by an idea of the outcome or let’s say the notional image of the final result. Therefore, I try to bring a kind of a conceptual aesthetic to my work which unapologetically applies to all of

my projects—from classical beauty editorials for big editions up to sleek fashion shoots for more independent formats. I don’t want to overstage the idea of a concept for production, but what has a big impact on my work is to think a production as a whole series in the sense of a set of coherent images flowing together into a conceptual head-


line. This could be a color, a texture, a pattern, a design or anything else. The skill to think, work and execute a coherent and straight set

LATEST: What is your favorite thing about a previous shooting?

of images is what makes you relevant for magazines as well as for

Christoph: I really love the abstraction of a moment turning into an

commercial clients. Therefore it is the start and the ending of my

image - I like seeing real life turn into something else in a split sec-

creative work. But, on the other hand, a concept in itself is never a

ond. I always keep in mind that it is a human being in front of me,

duress or an inevitable structure - it is just the framework. The funny

in a particular environment, and I’m elevating that so it becomes

and most important thing about photography is that it’s all about the

something else: a shape or an expression. In a beauty shooting situa-

moment. Everything can (and will) pretty much change during a pro-

tion you take these inspirations and put them in a different context.

duction. You try to plan everything but much is about the moment,

It’s not so much about the face or the beauty itself anymore. Rather,

what is happening in front of you. And that is what I try to bring to

it’s an expression or a mood or a pose that is very relevant to beauty

my photography: reacting to the moment in a conceptual framework.

at the moment. Beauty is a construct of a community, and it’s not only about the perfectness of a face. It’s more about how we express

LATEST: What’s the story behind the coastal-themed shooting

ourselves as human beings. When your approach to beauty photog-

with Latest?

raphy is as broad as that, a lot of interesting and good creative things

Christoph: I guess the story behind the story for Latest is pretty much

can happen.

about the Location itself. We produced on Mallorca, the biggest of the four balearic islands. For most people this island is representative for

LATEST: How do you feel about the changing of trends in aes-

an ugly and strange form of German and English mass tourism. If

thetics and how it affects the photographer’s activity? On what

you leave the path of these prejudices and open the eye for the real

level do trends influence your work?

beauty and kindness of this place, you can find some true enviromen-

Christoph: On the one hand, you really need to be firm with upcom-

tal romance, giving me this priceless welcoming feeling every single

ing trends and on some part you have to be open to get influenced

time. I’ve been on these islands so many times and had time to absorb

by them. Especially when you work in a redactional context with

the place. Really taking my time with a place and its people has been

international magazines and editions you have to know what you

something I’ve been getting into. It breaks up the traditional struc-

do. What these magazines do, is to showcase, push or even build up

ture of a photo shoot. That’s why I love to shoot over there - even if

these trends and changes in aesthetics and if you won’t or can’t fulfill

the island gave us some of the worst weather and shooting conditions

your creative work on this changing field you will simply be not on

you can even imagine. It was a thirty minute change between sun,

the list any more. Therefore it is absolutely important to invent and

grey sky and a raining cats and dogs situation. Producing on these

reinvent your photography again and again and take creativity as a

razor sharp rocks was a bit tricky too.

process and and not a given situation. On the other hand, everybody is surrounded by so much shit and useless influences these days, that

LATEST: How would you describe the dynamic of the relation be-

the major challenge in creativity is to filter the good from the crappy

tween model and photographer?

trends and influences. Therefore, I’m very skeptical about the whole

Christoph: Well, if you are lucky (and work for it) there will be some

social media thing, for example. I think Instagram, Tumblr or even

kind of a dynamic relation between model and photographer but that

Printerest are cool for photographers, and of course I use and look at

is not given by itself. Most of the time the general approach to

them, but in the end they are all images by other photographers. It

models is a weird one, I think. You come on set and the person you

feels like copying. If you’re a photographer nowadays who only gets

shoot with usually doesn’t know anything about what you’re doing.

inspired by other persons photography, in the long run that doesn’t

Everybody tries to stay confident, nice and communicative in a pro-

feel right. At some point something new has to develop. Getting in-

fessional way. For me, as a photographer, it’s nice to break that and

spired only by other photographers’ work will never create anything

try and get something out of the person in front of you. And usually,

new. I Don’t want to reinvent photography or be a game changer

when you find the right approach, you really can drive that somehow

or something. But I want to create something new and therefore I

strange situation to a cool and creative dynamic. I avoid this strange

think there always needs to be a translation process when it comes

system by finding the people I work with and making that myself.

to inspiration. You take something but you have to apply it and make

This doesn’t always come across in the pictures. Often my pictures are

your own thing out of it. Even if it’s something you see on the street,

very stylized, or about something else than the character. But it’s the

you have to translate it into the medium you work with.

general mood of working like that which makes everything I’m trying to do much more possible.

by Teodora Bondoc

Winter Sea Cover story Photography Christoph Klutsch Styling Susanne Marx c/o Ballsaal Model Alexandra HochgĂźrtel c/o East West Models Hairstyle & Makeup Kerstin Hajdu

Top Rime Arodaky Pants Massimo Dutti Shoes Proenza Shouler Opening: Fur Marc by Marc Jacobs

Opening: Dress 3.1 Phillip Lim Boots Palladium Hat Hat Attack This page: Hoodie Wildfox Opposite: Jumpsuit James Perse Boots Dress Palladium Needle & Thread

ON COVER: Dress ESCADA Opening : Jumper ESCADA Necklace CHANEL Here: Dress ELIE SAAB Blouse SAINT LAURENT Shoes VERSACE Opposite: Blouse PRADA Pants SAINT LAURENT


Shirt Rick Owens Lilies Pants Alice + Olivia Boots Palladium Opposite: Jacket Alice + Olivia Shirt Chase Pants 3.1 Phillip Lim



Photography Tereza Janakova c/o ADB agency Art direction Allison Fore Style Andrea Alder Model Alyssa Falk c/o Heffner management Makeup Taylour Chanel using Fenty beauty Hairstyle Alxandra Victoria


Trousers MichaelKimono SontagZara TopPants DstmZara Booties Opposite:Zara Earrings Coat Michael SontagAsos Here: Stockings Falke Top Shoes:Zara Jeans Madewell Earrings Asos

Kimono Zara Pants Zara Booties Zara Earrings Asos Opposite: Turtleneck sweater H&M Pants Zara Earrings Asos

Kimono Zara Pants Zara Booties Zara Earrings Asos Opposite: Top Zara Jeans Madewell Earrings Asos

Opening: Dress 3.1 Phillip Lim Boots Palladium Hat Hat Attack This page: Top Zara Wildfox Hoodie Earrings Asos Opposite: Opposite: Jumpsuit James Perse Knit sweater H&M Boots Palladium Earrings Asos


OVER feminine Photography Valentina Frugiuele Style Stefania Kim Style assistant Altakappa Photography assistant Fernando Meloni Makeup Giulia Matarazzo c/o MKS Milano Model Stesha Venikova c/o Elite models Location Wild Studio Milano

Jacket Alberto Zambelli T-shirt - H&M

Shorts Alberto Zambelli

Denim skirt - Strawdivarius Shirt Annakiki Sneakers - H&M Shoes Elvio Zanon Hair scrunchy - H&Ms Opening: Opposite Shirt Alessandro Gerardi CropPants topFanfreluches - H&M Bag Dissona Shorts - Pull&Bear Shoes Vic Matie Cap - H&M Hat Pasquale Bonfilio

Black jacket Beatrice White jacket Space Trousers Annie P Shoes Vic Matie Opposite: Jacket Annakiki Pants Levi’s T-shirt Levi’s Shoes Vic Matie

T-shirt - H&M Denim skirt - Strawdivarius Sneakers - H&M Hair scrunchy - H&Ms Dress OsoOpposite Couture Tulip Crop topearrings: - H&M Couleurs Geraldine Shortsde - Pull&Bear Lace headpiece Cap -vintage H&M

Jacket Twins Florence Pants Madame Berwich T-Shirt Shoes Dr.Martins Opposite: Jacket Twins Florence Shirt Pier Antonio Gaspari Pants Beatrice Bag Dissona

Jacket Alberto Zambelli Pants Katia G. Sweater Vien Shoes Vic Matie Opposite: Jacket Levi’s Shirt Tela Genova Pants Annakiki Shoes Vic Matie

CUT THE BEAUTY Photography Evgeniy Sorbo Model Vasilisa Lavraso c/o Performance Makeup Artist Egor Kartashov Retoucher Ted Retouching

Coat Harmony Top Peak & Performance Pants Mango Shoes TOD’s Opening: Jacket Peak & Performance

Opening: Pat McGrath Dark Star 006

Dress Ellery Here: Shoes Miu BobbiMiu Brown extra Barrett leather Armani lasting Gucci 4.5 and 5 RougeOpposite: d’Armani 103 Ash Brown eye brow manicure Dress Maison Suneve Opposite: Shoes Gucci Armani Eye tint 11 n 9 Clutch Asos Armani Lip maestro 300

Pat MacGrath Dark Star 006 Opposite: Bobbi Brown extra Armani lasting 4.5 and 5 Rouge d’Armani sheers 502 Ash Brown Eye brow manicure Armani Eye &Brow maestro 2

Editor’s letter

V.DAY Alternative things to do “Whether you’re a lover or a hater of the holiday of love, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Whether you’re celebrating with a special someone or your other single friend/soulmate, dump the usual dinner date and a movie and do something different this year with our guide to an alternative Valentine’s Day.” article by Rebecca Rhys-Evans (continue to page 60)

LON DON LATE NIGHT PIANO RECITAL See one of the UK’s leading classical pianists, Warren Mailley-Smith, over dinner and drinks in London’s spectacular West End. The event promises true romance being hosted in the Christopher Wren-designed London landmark, St James Piccadilly. Starting at 9.30, the later evening performance means the event includes dinner and drinks as well as a complimentary red rose for each ticket.

BALENCIAGA The ever-popular award-winning Balenciaga exhibition in London’s iconic V&A museum is finishing soon! Take your date to see a retrospective of one of fashion’s biggest designers before Feb 18 th when it ends. One of the pioneers of couture fashion and the leading Spanish designer, over 100 pieces of Cristóbal Balenciaga’s pieces will be on display. A must- see for anyone interested in fashion. photo courtesy of De Zeen

FELINE LONELY World-famous Battersea Dogs & Cats Home invites cat-lovers all over London to come in search of a special kind of soulmate. With two evening sessions and cat-expert matchmakers on hand, it’s the ‘purrfect’ chance to register your interest in the cat that takes your fancy. Tickets are just £7, which goes to aid the trust, and on the night you can enjoy posing with the feline photoboard, take part in the catthemed quiz and enjoy the poetry corner. There’s also drinks and light refreshments available, making it an excellent alternative date for any animal-lovers!

Editor’s letter PA R I S

DINNER ON THE SEINE Paris is for lovers, and there’s nothing more romantic than having dinner on the Seine. Enjoy the lights the City of Lights from the river, whilst being served champagne and a 3-course French meal. Get collected from your hotel, and dropped back off at the end of the evening so you don’t have to worry about any transport the whole evening. C’est parfait!

SEE A MOVIE 19 th century cinema, La Pagode is the perfect romantic alternative to seeing the latest cheesy chick-flick at your usual theatre. The Japan Room is one of the most beautiful cinemas in the world, with original décor and red velvet couches to cuddle up in. Every year for Valentine’s Day they play old classics for every sort of film fanatic - from Casablanca to Bride of Frankenstein.

PÈRE LACHAISE You may think walking amongst the dead isn’t all that sexy, but actually when it’s in Paris, it isn’t so bad. Père Lachaise is home to the graves of Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison, Chopin and Edith Piaf, to name a few. A stroll around this iconic cemetery that people estimate has anywhere up to 1,000,000 people buried is the right mix of history, culture and good old fashion fresh air so you don’t feel too nauseous from all the Valentine’s romance. photo courtesy of CityWonders


Photographer Patrick Schwalb Stylist Heike TĂźrk Model Georgia Duszynski c/o Munich Models Makeup, Hairstyle Patricia Bontscheff digital assistant Maik Denecke Pro One productions Miami

Coat The Fifth Label Shoes Zara Opening: Top Forever 21 Jacket Sara Battaglia Gloves H&M

Opening: Blouse Issey Miyake Trousers Marques Almeida Bag Cult Gaia Shades Fendi Here: Hoodie MSGM Milano Pants Victoria´s Secret Opposite: Dress Missoni Lurex socks Forever 21 Bag Zara Flip flops Salvatore Ferragamo

Long sleeve Celine Bell-bottom jeans Alice & Olivia Shoes Gucci Opposite: Sweater Champion

Coat Celine Hoodie MSGM Milano Opposite: Dress Dries Van Noten Sneakers Stella Mc Cartney

OUR LADY OF HARPER Photography, art direction Alberto Gonzalez Style Waina Chancy Hairstyle, makeup Awake Ciera c/o Wilhelmina artists Model Sydney Harper c/o Elite Miami

Black Bow Top

Dress Ellery by Style Mafia Shoes Miu Miu Opening: Turtle Neck Barrett leather Gucci by Banana Republic Opposite: Sequin Dress Dress Maison Suneve by VivianValerius Shoes Gucci Red Coat Calvin Klein Clutch Asos Aqua Boots Balenciaga

Glittered Bodysuit Zara Vegan Leather Pants DAMA Official Sneakers Balenciaga

Top Viviane Valerius Skirt Urban Outfitters Pants Diane Von Furstenberg Shoes Balenciaga Opposite: Purple Dress H & M Earrings, brooch C. Madelines Vintage

SHIBUYA Photographer Ismaele Bulla Style Francesca Polverino Model Misha c/o Women Milano Makeup Ginevra Calie Hairstyle Nico Doniele Scegiel

Opening: Kimono Adidas Earrings Handmade Italian craft Septum H&M Necklace Argos Here: Kimono Adidas Septum H&M Origami handmade

Kimono Adidas Septum H&M Origami handmade

T-shirtOpposite: - H&M Denim skirt - Strawdivarius Septum H&M Sneakers - H&M Rings vintage Hair scrunchy - H&Ms Opposite Crop top - H&M Shorts - Pull&Bear Cap - H&M Bomber Arizona Vintage

Bomber Arizona Vintage Septum H&M Rings vintage Opposite: Jacket Primark Bra Bershka Belt Off White Chocker vintage

Editor’s letter

T O P T R E N D SPRINGSUMMER’18 We’re in 2018, and everyone is wondering what to buy and style for this year. Well you do not need to worry anymore because we’ve listed the most eye-catching trends of this season. Like the previous season, fashion is throwing back to the seventies and eighties. These decades had one of the most variety of trends in any other decade! From punk rock to glam chic and even athleisure… 2018 will be having many references to these trends. The seventies and eighties have shaped what we were wearing for a long time and now you will be able to clearly see the era living in 2018! With Pantone determining the colour of 2018 and designers moving towards a more ethical production process, trends have also shaped around the events happening around the world. Women empowerment, showing off your wonderful figure, dressing like there is no tomorrow! That is how we’d define 2018. This season, fashion does not have only one theme, it has many from wild west to ultimate glam! There is something for any style sense. Live it like a rockstar or a Hollywood icon because this season the trends will allow you to take on as many characters as your heart desires! article by Alya Barutoglu (continue to page 92)

Jumo to Jumpsuits Disco age is back! Last season we were gushing over boiler suits, yet now we will wear the biggest seventies reference; jumpsuits! This one piece garment has multiple ways to style. Take use of wide waist belts, scarves and shoes… Although this easy-to- style piece is wonderful, it may be hard to visit the restroom often! Still, this piece is the best way to show your sense of fashion using as many accessories as possible!

Trussardi SS 2018 Jumpsuit, €1,980 Johanna Ortiz

Sportswear Shiny sportswear, we can see what you’re thinking about! The gym craze of eighties. Bright pink headbands, yellow wristbands and anything eye catching! Don’t worry, this season it is not as striking as the eighties. Yet athleisure being one of the most loved trends of the present, sportswear is taking onto the streets. This season your favourite gym clothes will be the trendiest style in streetwear!

Christian Dior SS 2018 Milano Trackpants, €344 Moschino

Cargo Pants Last season camouflage pants were seen everywhere from celebrities to fashion influencers. Cargo pants and shorts are the it-pant of the season. Saying goodbye to your skinny jeans hasn’t been any easier because cargo pants are not the regular ones you know. This season we are going to live everyday like we’re on a safari. These new updates are not only comfortable but they are super trendy!

Sies Marjan SS 2018 Cargo Pants, €350 2.1 Phillip Lim


Editor’s letter

Pantone announced that purple was the colour of 2018, and suddenly purple was the only colour we could see around us. Last year it was all about wearing red head-to- toe and now we’re wearing purples all over! The royal colour is now a designer favourite. From lilac to deep purple, Pantone has truly impacted the fashion world.

Rochas SS2018 Silk Dress, €2,849 Chloé

Polka Dots Say goodbye to the gingham pattern because there is something coming to replace it! Last Summer it was all about the gingham pattern. Everything from dresses to tops were in this pattern… Yet, polka dots have made a bold and clear comeback and they are here to stay. This classic black and white style is best combined with bold accessories to get a stunning outfit. The classic of fashion has been upgraded for Spring Summer 2018 with maximalist details… Carolina Herrera Spring Summer 2018 Asymmetric Blouse, €494 A.W.A.K.E.

Fringe Ruffle is back in 2017, so we have to forget ruffles… But don’t be sad because instead we’re having fringes! From western fringe jackets to elegant fringe dresses, this detail can completely alter a style of a garment. Adding movement to your outfit, fringes will be a favourite in your Spring Summer 2018 wardrobe.

Celine SS 2018 Fringed Mini Skirt, €709 Helmut

Wild West We’re not yet saying goodbye to boots for Spring. Gradually increasing its popularity among fashion influencers, cowboy boots are settling in for 2018 as an it-item. If you’ve always dreamed of becoming a wild cow-girl this is your chance! Cowboy boots will instantly transform your outfit to the wild west.

Givenchy SS 2018 Cowboy Boots, €400 Sonora-

Ruched Ruching is a new way our clothes are styled. The pushed around fabric is very easy to wear and it gives some movement to your clothing. The ruched trend is throwing back to the eighties. From ruched blouses to dresses the gathered fabric adds movement to your outfit with small detailing. Try this newest addition to fashion because designers are obsessed with it!

Carven SS 2018 Ruched Skirt, €338 Kenzo

White Suits Saturday Night Fever coming through! Don’t put away your suits yet! Because this season, suits are still the trendiest outfit. It just upgraded the whole look with a splash of white. White suits are perfect to symbolise the “New Year, New Me” concept. White suits just give a soft look to this masculine style. Opt for bright coloured accessories to make your outfit pop.

Tom Ford SS 2018 Blazer, €1,675 Balmain


Editor’s letter

It is all about women empowerment! Show off your wonderful figure with sheer pieces! If you’re a bit shy to reveal all of your skin, sheer clothing will help you. And the good news is, sheer is a major trend of Spring 2018. It keeps a bit of mystery while adding a bit of sexiness to your outfit.

Prabal Gurung SS 2018 Silk-Chiffon Dress, €830 Georgia Al



Model 1: Coat ACNE Top Harmony Pants Harmony Shoes GH Bass Model 2: Top Harmony Pullover Peak & Performance Bottom Daily Paper Opposite: Top Peak & Performance Coat Harmony Pants Ellesse Sweater Carhartt

Complete look: Alexander McQueen Opposite: Furcoat Miu Miu Blouse Celine

LEAVES Photographer Detlef Schneider c/o Kathrin-Hohberg Stylist Elke DostaL C/O Nina Klein Model Laurence Van De Perry c/o M4-Models Makeup, Hairstyle Sigi Kupfmueller USING chanel and oribe germany Retoucher Daniel Bauer c/o Blink Imaging

Opening: Skirt And Hoodie Max Mara Shoes Miu Miu Here: All By Michael Kors Collection Opposite: Coat And Hat Prada Boots Miu Miu

All by Miu Miu Opposite: All by Prada

Dress Ellery Shoes Miu Miu Barrett leather Gucci Opposite: Dress Maison Suneve Shoes Gucci Clutch Asos

All by Christian Dior Opposite: Jacket And Hoodie Tory Burch Bandana Gucci At Net-A-Porter

Coat Fendi Pants Golden Goose Deluxe Brand At Shoes HermĂŠs Opposite: Coat Max Mara


Photography Va Rya Makeup, Style Aleksandra Izvekova Model Kate Pivovarova Video Olja Pandacinema Location Simfero

Dress Andrew Majtenyi Earrings and ring Evra Opposite: Sequin blazer Malan Breton

Opening: Pants Zara Jumpsuit Zara Blouse Massimo Dutti Bag Vintage Ear cuff Asos Here: T-shirt Massimo Dutti Dress Guess

Dress, blouse, scarf, belt by Massimo Dutti Sneakers Aldo Glasses Vintage Opposite: Lingerie dress Zara Ear cuff, ring Asos

T-shirt, Pants Massimo Dutti Dress Guess Scarf Nice Things Belt Zara Opposite: Pants Massimo Dutti Pullover P G Field Belt, scarf Massimo Dutti

T aletter mara Editor’s


Growing up with a love of fashion, Tamara Evon knew that a career in the creative industry had her name all over it. Putting her ambitions and goals to the test, she went to study at University of the District Columbia graduating with a BBA in Marketing. Getting her foot in the door with Fashion, it got her all the more determined as ever to make her mark in this industry. Finding an interest in design, her sketches she found herself doodling when in her teens, would later on have an impact on her life for the better. Evon went onto starting her own brand, Lava Luxe, as a go-to online style house for contemporary luxury apparel for the everyday woman. The owner of Lava Luxe, has been a part of the style team for numerous TV shows such as Real Housewives of Potomac, WPGC, the Deleon Dolls, Stokley of Mint Condition, and other celebrities and clients worldwide. The list goes on with being featured in many magazines and TV/Radio shows. Some future endeavors that Tamara want to pursue is to expand into a one stop shop full service style studio, where she services clients and provides educational events and seminars for continuing and potential industry professions. Collaborating with Kenny Kas was an accomplishment, as she got to put her passion in creativity to into helping merge her ideas with Kas, turning gowns, ino lavish numbers and casual wear into versatile pieces you must have. But did she ever expect to later on team up with a friendly face again to showcase a 60 piece collection at NYFW SS and AW collections. Did I mention it was a sold out show? I didn’t have to... You knew already when you couldn’t get your hands on a ticket to see the big show. Kenny Flanagan is the name behind the brains and talent of House of KAS. The CEO and Principal De

v o n & KAS

signer, who is known as KAS, controls the coverall design and steers the direction in which KAS Collection LLC has a mark on the fashion market. Besides his quirky label title, he is also known for his signature lines such as KAS Couture, Kenny KAS Wear, and (W.E.T) With Exceptional Taste Urban Line, which Flanagan received a huge reputation of delivering only the best of the best well crafted clothing that was impeccable. His timeless vision is what has helped his brand develop into the strong working label it is today. From the age of 4, he knew he had a place in the fashion market. Combining his love of fashion and art, he self taught himself the techniques many others would go university to study for. Throughout the rest of Kenny’s childhood his late nights of sketching and designing brought him to be a young entrepreneur by showcasing art collection at local one of his hometown art galleries in DC/New York City. Working under one of the world-renowned fashion designers, Yves Saint Laurent, in 2006, it was what pushed the owner of House of KAS to follow his ambitions even more. From there he travelled to to multiple countries such as Tokyo, Indone- sia, and Seoul in Korea to learn more about textiles and manufacturing. Pervious jobs involved being a visual merchandiser for Macy’s and Garfinckel’s department stores to modeling for Hugo Boss and Calvin Klein. His also ghost-design for several major fashion houses such YSL, Gucci, Escada, Max Azria Atelier, Burberry, Zara and other fashion house throughout the world. Now if that isn’t something to brag about, then I don’t know what is... by Jordan Ellen Wood

Editor’s letter “Ever since I was a child I loved drawing and still remember my grandmother’s Art Deco bracelets which made a lasting impression on me”.


Jewellery A family passion that has imprinted the inspiration behind Yana’s jewellery line. Art Deco has been passed on throughout her family, especially with her remembering her ‘grandmother’s Art Deco bracelets which made a lasting impression on me’. The saturated colours throughout her collections, would have us believing she had a flare for this path since young, but training and working as an engineer, proved her talent was underestimated as her love of art took over. Attending a masters art school in Moscow after college, she later went onto graduating top of her class with her feminine designs from Gemology Institute of America (GIA) in Bangkok. To create the unique pieces, Yana said “In my travel throughout the world, I found sources of greatest quality precious color stones and began using my engineering background and artistic nature to design unique jewelry. Creating beauty is my passion and sharing it with as many people as I can by offering it affordably is the greatest motive in my work”. The sense of Yana’s Art Jewelry brand is to help people enjoy the beauty and value of colorful precious gems, which give a take on a modern interpretation of classic Art deco designs. This brand will be one to set an impression for generations to come. by Jordan Ellen Wood

A REAL WOMAN Takes care of her man

Photography Monica True Models Annushka c/o THEArtist Spencer c/o CimaTalentManagment Makeup Sidory Hairstyle Jamal Edmonds Style Tamara Evon Nails Angela Turner Photo Assistant Jenn Reid Retouch Jasmin Celjo

Top, bag DZHUS Shorts Zen Wear Opening: Sweater Backpack Finick Gloves Vintage

Advertorial: Suit designer Kas Gown designer: Tamara Evon and Kas for all gowns Jewellery designer: Tatyana Stanley for all jewellery

Advertorial: Suit designer Kas Gown designer: Tamara Evon and Kas for all gowns Jewellery designer: Tatyana Stanley for all jewellery

Gypsophila Photographer Stevie D Style, creative Director Regina Moretto Model Amina Audrey Hairstyle Melanie Coreathers Makeup Angela Miller

Dress Ellery ShoesVelvet MiuBlouse Miu by Ralph Lauren Barrett leather Gucci Pants Zara Opposite: Jewelry PerfectlyPure Dress Maison Suneve Opening: Shoes JacketGucci vintage Clutch Asos Dress Nasty Gal

Jacket Zara Pants Zara Opposite Cape Roynapika Blouse Ralph Lauren Jewelry Perfectly PURE


ROMANCE Model 1: Coat ACNE Top Harmony PHOTOGRAPHy ROGER WEBER Pants Harmony Shoes GH Bass STYLE NICOLA BERGER 2: HAIRstyle, MAKE UP NOEMI NOHALES, MARTAModel SAEZ CANO) Top Harmony MODEL MAGDALENA LEIFSDOTTIR c/o MAD MODELS SPAIN Pullover Peak & Performance Bottom Daily Paper Opposite: Top Peak & Performance Coat Harmony Pants Ellesse Sweater Carhartt

Complete look: Alexander McQueen Opposite: Furcoat Miu Miu Blouse Celine

Opening: Chiffon dress Michael Kors Collection Here: Lurex top Cecile Lurex shorts Rabens Opposite: Chiffon top Patrizia Pepe Chiffon skirt MbyM Heels Charlotte Olympia

All Miu Miu Opposite: All Prada

Blouson withflowers flowers Dress Ellery Blouson with Guess Shoes MiuGuess Miu Bra with strass Rada Barrett leather Bra with strassGucci Rada Skirt with insects print Opposite: Skirt withMarcel insects print Ostertag Dress Marcel MaisonOstertag Suneve Highheels Shoes Gucci Highheels Charlotte Olympia Clutch Asos Charlotte Olympia

Oversized Sweatshirt Zoe Karssen Lurex-leo-skirt Marciano Highheels Charlotte Olympia

All Christian Dior Opposite: Jacket And Hoodie Pinkchiffon chiffontop Pink top Tory Burch Patrizia Pepe PatriziaGucci Pepe Bandana Shorts: Byblos Shorts Byblos At Net-A-Porter

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