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assword: R/Evolution. Revolution rhymes with Evolution. As it is in all things, you have to change to move forward and grow. We must accept the risk given by climate change and do something, we must take positions, and fashion has always been a great spokesperson for important movements. We talk now about inclusivity, body positivity, gender fluidity, about all the change of fashion and people in the world need. We get out of stereotypes, but always keeping the "healthy" style that Latest cares a lot. Let's stop being judges of humanity, let's free ourselves.

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Inclusivity in Fashion Why is it so important today and how it will change the future? According to BOF “the women’s plus-size market in the US alone is worth an estimated $30.7 billion, according to Coresight Research. The potential global market for adaptive clothing, which is specifically designed to take into account the needs of people with disabilities or health conditions, is estimated at nearly $290 billion. Consumers in Muslim countries spent $270 billion on clothes and apparel in 2017, according to a report by Reuters and DinarStandard. That number is expected to grow to $361 billion by 2023.” The new decade started for everyone with a list of good intentions longer than usual. It also applies to fashion leaders (CEOs, designers, journalists and many others) who, after years in the rarefied air of the fashion system, have found themselves dealing with a real revolution. The revolution of "politically correct" is a squared revolution, because it is running on two parallel tracks. On the one hand sustainability, the main theme of 2019, is going to expand its boundaries and meanings in the years to come. On the other hand inclusivity, a word still not very defined, but which has the power to explode every time like a bomb and make huge companies trembling from the foundations. The examples are countless: Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Prada, but also Business of Fashion and the editor in chief of Vogue Brazil just to name a few. Many had to do public amends on Internet for mistakes made on their platforms - private and not.

words Giulia Greco - up to page 33 On cover and opening, from left: Ruby: Blazer Daily Paper | Body Suit R.U.B.S. | Shorts PH5 Dom: Turtleneck, Pants Dirty Pineapple|Tank top PH5 Violet: Shirt & Pant Daily Paper | Gloves Wing & Weft |Ring Ming Yu Wang Here: Beret R.U.B.S


Dom: Top, Pants DromE | Blouse R.U.B.S | Earrings Ming Yu Wang | Shoes Reike Nen

From left, Ruby: Dress PH5 |Belt DromE | Violet: Blazer, Pants Assembly | Shoes Miista


The Internet is the best place to start, even though it is often a double-edged sword. Certain informations, however, are clear and indisputable and constitute the essential background we all should have. For example, knowing the fabrics, their origin and their processing. Give preference to natural fibers such as wool, cotton, viscose or hemp (yes, hemp! The most innovative and at the same time the oldest fiber) is very important, though not sufficient. Synthetic and artificial fibers, which come mainly from plastic, are extremely harmful not only during production but also after, during their life. Not everyone knows that Internet, no doubts, motivated of this (we let readers to decide if it's aa certain amount every time a all polyester garment is washed it releases positive or negative Givinginto voice the mass, giving the to the of definition). plastic particles the to water that add newthem pollution possibility of research, comparison, information in one word, has ecosystem, in a potentially infinite cycle. Companies that demonstrate drastically overturned the balance and if once it was the fashion elites they use natural fibers are usually more conscious than others. who dictated the rules ofand the the game, now the situation is very different. Prices number of items per collection is another direct way to That the customerevaluate is alwaysa right a very old well saying, but it per year are a brand.isLow prices and known countless collections has never been truer today. Thenon-existent) public is no longer just signthan of low (if not respect forthe the environment and recipient, but alsoprobably the creator of what it consumes and has the Fast fashion chains are a truly polluting production system. opportunity to express loud and make itself heardwhen by a considering their a soreopinions point andout talking about sustainability potentially unlimited audiencesystem - and potentially in favor of it.in terms. It is true that some production seems a contradiction brands try to adopt and induce positive behaviors in customers, such as Internet is the ultimate weapon of a society thatorhas been fighting for if these measures are collecting discarded clothes recycling. However, democracy for years andthey is now in allaction spheres of socialto life. good, are applying also veryitsmall compared the negative aspects of production and cannot be taken into account in the definition of Inclusion carries social and ideological values, butcounts, also arises fromneed a to focus on the sustainability. Every small step but you rational economicbigger calculation. Fashion system has always been damage to get effective results on a large scale. controlled not onlyInby restricted of people, butabout it wasthe alsoresearch aimed that is carried thea same way, niche we must be careful at a narrow niche of was one thing, buying out:buyers. that a Buying brand isclothes affiliated and collaborates with NGOs and fashionable clothes was definitely another humanitarian projects is, one. again, an commendable thing. However it is not relevant if we talk about production, because it does not tell us anything about garments and how they are made. Today audience isDefining incredibly increased. The most important (and your priorities is the basis of the research. consequently most wanted) consumer segment are millenials. From a geographical point of view, however, the western market is no more the richest one since a while now and the near and far east has more and more purchasing power. Just look at the numbers.

Dress Kalmanovich | Earrings Ming Yu Wang | Boots Miista

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The Business of Fashion published data of this change of direction. "the women’s plus-size market in the US alone is worth an estimated $30.7 billion" while "The potential global market for adaptive clothing, which is specifically designed to take into account the needs of people with disabilities or health conditions, is estimated at nearly $290 billion”. And yet "Consumers in Muslim countries spent $270 billion on clothes and apparel in 2017. That number is expected to grow to $361 billion by 2023”. Looking for new markets also means adapting to other needs. It happens that both Asian market and young people ask the same thing: to be themselves, beyond the imposed models. Almost two-thirds of global consumers, having to make up a characteristics’ list to look at when shopping, put the values ​​associated with brands first. If a brand does not share the values ​​they consider primary, it will probably be discarded. It’s easy to confuse the value of inclusion for a passing trend. As mentioned for greenwashing before, it is very difficult to distinguish who makes inclusivity a necessity and who, instead, uses it as a convenient marketing tool. Having a clear view of the situation is important, but it is also true the process requires time, will and, above all, honesty by all. Obviously, it's not just about different ethnicities. Skin color and somatic features are the first that come to mind, but the audience is much more segmented than that. Plus size, elderly, LGBTQ communities and people with physical problems are all groups that fashion houses have to start looking at if they want to remain relevant in the coming years.

Bra R.U.B.S. | Pants Daily Paper

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Models, even before the public, identified the problem some years ago - and proposed solutions. Naomi Campbell, among others, thanks to her long career in fashion, has a clear idea on how things evolved. In an interview with Vogue Italia, she declared herself happy with the percentage of color models on the runways during the 2019 fashion weeks in the four capitals of fashion. 38.8% is already a great result, especially if compared to late 1990s, when black models were practically non-existent. But it is not enough. To be effectively included in the fashion system, minorities must rely on an internal representation. Dettaglio diin dipinto Damien Hirst “The Veil Paintings” di Gagosian, Angeles. Foto byinEmily per Artsy In the administrative offices, the by ateliers andatamong the designers, itLos is ©Damien Dettaglio di dipinto Hirst “The Berl Veil Paintings” al Gagosian, Los Angeles | foto Emily Berl per Artsy essential that, among the experts, we can find people belonging these groups. On the long path towards inclusion, fashion must learn to speak other languages, and to listen to voices that are not its own. Only in this Damien Hirst. way we can develop a truly constructive discourse, which can benefit Damien Hirst è uno dei principali esponenti del movimento pittorico both producers and consumers. inglese contemporaneo e la sua arte, geniale e personale, desta grande interesse nella critica. Tema principale è la morte, che Hirst indaga The closed cultural compartment in which the West has always lived, soprattutto in relazione al mondo animale e che emerge dalle sue firmly on its millennial pillars, never admitted the interferences of external opere come un aspetto naturale della vita che accomuna tutti noi. influences. Unless these were specifically chosen from the inside and Nonostante la tematica in sè sia tradizionale, l’artista britannico l’ha were "diluted", to be enjoyed as if they were divertissements. The few ampliata in modo del tutto originale: animali morti sezionati (così da color models appeared on magazines and the catwalks in the mid of last mostrare sia l’interno che l’esterno del cadavere), collage di farfalle century werebrands mostly like useful to create a visual impact, but their figure was You with many e uncollaborated famoso teschio tempestato di diamanti, fino alla composizione never or thought ofWebb, as a symbol of something wider. Cartier, Estee Lauder David brands della Biennale di Venezia del 1993 composta da metà mucca e metà that have their own creative identity. How did vitello. Il mezzo d’espressione non convenzionale che Hirst predilige you to find thespettatore, balance between theirvuole in realtà eliminare puòmanage creare shock nello ma l’artista artistic guidelines and your style in these il timore e il dolore che l’uomo prova quando si rapporta alla morte, collaborations? per creare una fruizione serena. Le sue istallazioni sono composte di materiali diversi, da pittura, scultura e disegno insieme e indagano un Many of these brandstra were wonderful work territorio al confine arte e scienza,toche l’uomo cerca costantemente with, fortunately! We worked closely together to La reazione fisica di esorcizzare attraverso la religione e la medicina. do something that felt both on brand for them istantanea che lo spettatore sperimenta davanti alle istallazioni è la and authentic to my work style.perchè There solo weredopo un brivido o un parte più importante per and l’artista, times this didn’t always happen (especially sensowhen di nausea, l’audience può iniziare una riflessione proficua sulla inmorte. the beginning), but overtime I have learned toNon fight it where cananche - or turn down the project. solo morteIma - e soprattutto - vita. “The Miraculous When there’s not a certain respect in the più criticate di Hirst e risale Journey” è una delle istallazioni scultoree collaboration it’s often very successful al 2005, realizzata per not l’inaugurazione del for nuovo Sidra Medical Center either party. At the same time there’s sometimes in Arabia Saudita. Le 14 sculture monumentali (sono alte dai 5 agli 11 ametri) challenge of èfiguring outraccontano how to create di cui composta il “viaggio” del feto dalla feconsomething authentic that works for both of you, della vita e toccando dazione fino alla nascita, celebrando il miracolo which I findinusuali fun. It may always clear from tematiche per ilnot mondo delbemedio oriente. the get go. Hirst divide la critica e accanto a chi celebra la sua arte come visionaria c’è chi ne disprezza lo stile e lo sfarzo. Materiali preziosi, strutture esagerate e moltissimi soldi spesi per attrarre fama e visibilità, senza Ruby: Blazer Daily Paper | Dress PH5 | Earrings Ben Amun Dom:Turtleneck, Pants Dirty Pineapple | Tank top PH5 | Earrings Alexis Bittar contare la lista lunghissima di artisti a cui Hirst ha “rubato” elementi e Violet: Dress PH5 | Pants Daily Paper | Gloves Wing & Weft | Ring Ming Yu Wang idee, senza alcuna paura ad ammetterlo. p.107 p.29 p.59 p.67

70s have been a special time: the Vietnam War and liberation movements required society to open up to the eastern countries. Fashion caught the input and took full advantage of the African and Asian ethnicity. It was also the only decade of the 900s when a higher percentage of color models appeared on catwalks and magazines. In the same period, sexuality was freely expressed through customs and glam rock icons, such as David Bowie, who began to play with gender identity, redefining the boundaries between male and female. In 80s/90s status quo returned and seemed even more restrictive and “westernised� than ever. With a similar background, those who deal with fashion and especially communication, have a great problem understanding the needs of a multifaceted market. The worse about these campaigns accused of racism and cultural appropriation, is not the publicity itself but the fact that a communication and marketing office has approved them, clearly misunderstanding people’s beliefs. Putting yourself in someone else's shoes is much more difficult than it may seem and in any case it is not enough for the future of inclusive fashion. Minority representatives have to be included into the organisation and they have the opportunity to speak. We must learn to listen and understand first.

Hat Vlada | Pants Hogan McLaughlin | Gloves R.U.B.S. | Necklace Ben Amun


Total Look Miu Miu

Talking about inclusivity, maybe we could think it means being all equal. In reverse. Diversity has not to be longer a special mission, it has to become the norm. A multicultural and multifaceted work environment can be very useful and inspiring. It is important for future generations to grow in such a place: only in this way the true goal of inclusion can be achieved. We will probably never stop considering different what is different, because it is part of nature of the comparison itself, but this is good. Fashion is inspiration and creation and cannot live without "the other", that represents its lifeblood. In the end, what needs to be changed is the approach. Western culture is used to wolf its surroundings, while it had to learn to make room for it. The road is still very long and the changes have to be radical. As we have to go fast it is difficult to deal with the natural cycle of things, slowly and gradually. Radical changes takes a long time indeed. It's not useful at all putting ourselves on higher position and dispensing judgments on someone else’s work.The simple accusations of racism or cultural appropriation, which usually has very little dialogue, are of little use. Inclusiveness is a new ground for us and we have to learn to grow together whatever our origin. Maybe it is time for fashion system, and all of us with it, to abandon profit calculations and focus instead on its social, cultural and artistic value. May this be the big trend for years to come.

Coat, Pants Daily Paper | Top PH5 | Earrings Alexis Bittar


Editor’s letter

At the dawn of a new decade of fashion, Latest team gathered some names that shaped fashion industry and that surely continue to craft exciting paths in the future. From well-known and established names belonging to the creative industries who are still finding one for themselves, here is a compendium of young and talented artists who are bringing a breath of fresh air into the fashion industry, along with a wider and more inclusive perspective that can be inspiring.

Priya Ahluwalia After graduating in Menswear at the University of Westminster, Priya Ahluwalia showcased her first menswear collection at London Fashion Week. Since then, her work has been praised by many fashion magazines such as i-D, Vogue UK, Dazed and Confused and so on. She spent several time studying the process of secondhand garments and dead stock clothing, a research that together with a perfect mix between her Indian- Nigerian origins and her London roots, is at the core of her creativity as a fashion designer. Her study took her to Nigeria, where her family currently lives. There, she explored the concept of second hand- clothing through her own lenses, as she saw many people wearing old British clothes. After this exciting research, her book Sweet Lessi was born, representing an in-depth contemplation of clothes’ lifecycle and sustainability. A belief that keeps fueling her creativity.


FASHION Words Ludovica Mucci - up to page 39 Here: Priya Ahluwalia © Matias Sauter Opposite up: Daniel Lee (photo source Kering twitter) Opposite down: Indya by Willy Vanderperre


Daniel Lee Recently awarded with four accolades at Fashion Awards 2019 held last December, Daniel Lee has been the main protagonist of one of the most innovative changes of the 2019, being the future of Bottega Veneta's radical boost. Lee succeeded Tomas Maier after 17 years at Bottega’s creative direction and managed to reconstruct the brand from the foundations, making it an IT brand full of trendy pieces while keeping the feeling of exclusiveness at their core. It is really this balance between what’s new and what lasts no longer than a season that is the key behind Lee’s success.

Indya Moore Being included in the Time’s 100 list, Indya Moore, 24, represents that epitome for change and inclusivity and self-acceptance that fashion and the creative industry at large desperately needed. A wonderful wind of change, Moore was first discovered by Nicolas Ghesquière and featured in Louis Vuitton’s Pre-Fall 2019 lookbook, in Calvin Klein’s campaign and in fashion magazines including Teen Vogue, Elle and L’Officiel USA. Moore is also known for having starred in Pose, the acclaimed TV-Series portraying the 1980’s New York LGBTQ underground scene. Her role was Angel, a sex worker who finds herself developing romantic feelings for her client. Both in fiction and in life, Moore is an advocate for the trans community, using Instagram as a powerful tool to spread messages of acceptance and celebration of the self.

Editor’s letter Campbell Addy “Being on set is like a dance, it’s a performance. But I always try and just find the beauty in everything”. With these words, photographer Campbell Addy explained at Financial Times Fashion his perspective when it comes to photography. Born and raised from the first generation of Ghanaian immigrants in Britain, Campbell grew up surrounded by a visual culture, watching MTV and being inspired by the black icons of the 80s and 90s. Having graduated from Central Saint Martins in London in communication and promotion, he then stepped into photography and started to narrate the world through different lenses and perspectives, hugely influenced by the icons of the past and by beauty in its purest form. Challenging the canons of photography, Addy is recognisable for his revolutionary vision of masculinity and for his interest in political movements concerning black identities. up: Courtesy of Campbell AddyStella McCartney down: Ugbad By Solve Sundsbo

Ugbad Abdi Starting off her modeling career in 2019, Ugba soon became the face of many luxury brands including Valentino, for which she modeled during the Spring/Summer 2019 show in Paris, Burberry, Off-White and Victoria Beckham. She walked in fall 2020 for most of the important brands such as Lanvin, Givenchy, Etro, Fendi, Burberry, Michael Kors etc. She was the first model to walk wearing a headscarf on Fendi’s and Lanvin’s runways. Ugba was born in Somalia during the civil war and lived for a time of her life as a refugee in a Kenyan camp before moving in Iowa with her family. She was scouted at the age of 18 and soon brought in front of glamourous lights of the fashion world. Choosing to wear hijab on the runway as a symbol of her faith, she became one of the brave voices advocating for diversity and inclusivity together with Shahira Yusuf and Kadija Diawara.


up: Bethany Williams by Richard Dowker down: Bethany fall 2020 men collection

Bethany Williams Balancing fashion and activism is a challenge that can resonate throughout the fashion industry and Bethany Williams deeply succeeded in it by recently winning an award for British Emerging Talent – Menswear at the Fashion Awards 2019. Williams started her career in fashion by working part-time in a magazine, but soon she was drawn to fashion design. During her studies at London College of Fashion, she pursued volunteering activities in home shelters and food kitchens in Brighton. Volunteering work has been a constant in her life as a fashion designer too. Indeed, Williams always bonds with several charity associations such as Vauxhall Food Bank, The Mobile Library Charity and the Adelaide House women’s shelter. Sustainability is also at the core of her creative spirit. Her label showcased three collections entirely made with recycled garments, hand-woven textiles and second-hand denim. She has been noticed by the summits of the fashion industry, gaining consensus from people of the likes of Anna Wintour and Nicolas Ghesquière.

Lil Miquela

Editor’s letter

Being at the forefront of this new decade of fashion, it’s absolutely vital to include Lil Miquela in this list, because she's one of the first representatives of the new reality of influencer marketing. As previously guessed, the rise of this brand new, virtual form of communication gave critics something to discuss about. For example the beauty standards that the fashion industry is said to be so determined to change being suddenly elevated once again as a wall that further divides reality from the virtual world, where normality is completely outshined by these stunning bodies. Nevertheless, Lil Miquela has a huge fan base on her Instagram account and she already has starred in some fashion campaigns of the likes of Calvin Klein, Louis Vuitton and in some famous fashion publications like Paper Magazine.

Born from minds and hands of California robotics and A.I. startup Brud, Lil Miquela shows herself and communicates with fans in a way that is thoughtful, warm-hearted and pretty direct (she even speaks to fans via her DMs), making all this virtual thing feel like it’s real. This is not the first example of virtual avatar experiments, like Grammy-winner Gorillaz, a band composed of four members created in the 90s by musician Damon Albarn and artist Jamie Hewlett. Or recently, in 2013, we can remember Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs dressing avatar Hatsune Miku, the sixteen-year old Japanese singer for her tour. Despite the controversies that Lil Miquela keeps generating (as for the “queerbaiting” debate that raised after her Calvin Klein campaign where she kisses Bella Hadid), the virtual influencer craze keeps growing at a fast pace. We shall see more of this virtual fashion in the years to come.


images up/down courtesy of @Lilmiquela Instagram

Up: Harry attends 2019 met gala | ph. Theo Wargo /Getty Images Down: photo by Clarke Rudick

Harry Styles Many years passed by since Harry Styles used to walk down the street wearing his Jack Wills violet hoodie and so many fashion moments have defined his unique style since his first breakthrough in the music industry in One Direction. After their split in 2016, Harry’s career took a sudden twist, and his style too, shaping itself alongside his easy-going care-free attitude that pretty much sums up who he really is. Harry likes to dare and play with clothes and is confident in everything he wears, not even caring what he’s wearing was originally designed for men or women; if he likes it, he wears it and his public appearances further proclaim this message alongside those of kindness and acceptance. He’s surely bringing fashion to a new level, bonding with creative minds of the likes of gender fluid designer Harris Reed and Alessandro Michele, with whom he built a solid partnership under the Gucci label through the last few years. His inclusive and gender fluid nature spans from fashion to music, filling up the world’s biggest arenas with rock vibes and pop beats and warming people hearts with his romantic, glam rock, gentle aura. When it comes to fashion, he makes you realize you can definitely do what he does, because it takes really no effort to simply be yourself. Once realized this, you can be this or that or everything at once. Styles really made fashion fun, a way to represent our everchanging inner self unapologetically.

Layer OF LOVE Getting dressed, like any other form of art and expression, requires dedication and care. If you want to catch the eyes, if you want to communicate something about yourself, you need to add personal elements, interpret and experiment. Each layer reveals a different form of love.

Photography, Set Design Domenico Petralia c/o ProductionLink Production Passepartout4u Milano Style, Art Direction Joanna Gyamera Model Anna Tihonchuk c/o Monster mgmt Style Assistant Irene Zucchiatti Hair Style Erisson Musella Makeup Gimmy Arevalo Casting Direction Domenico Petralia Photography Assistants Fabio Massari, Giorgos Ioannidis Post production Virgil Hrit

Special Thanks to Johannes March

Total Look Cristiano Burani

Bag Bottega Veneta Opposite: Total look BlazĂŠ Milano


Coat Cristiano Burani Dress MRZ Shoes Aquazzura

Total Look Drome

Trench, Trousers Plan C Knit Mansur Gavriel Shoes Roger Vivier Opposite: Earrings, Dress Calcaterra


Bag Roger Vivier Opposite: Scarf Mantero Shirt Jil Sander



The English garden has chaos as its substantial characteristic. Flowers and plants of all kinds grow in its limited space, alternating and tangling until it becomes difficult to understand where one ends and the other begins. The English garden basically wants to imitate the very state of nature, with its multiplicity and fluidity. Nature versus culture, a centuries-long history. In the gardens, as in our own being, we try to bring order. But not in the English garden, where chaos is protected, where change is enhanced.

Photography Frank Widemann Style Marcello Bona Grooming Alex Lexa Set design Nora Khereddine Model Timur c/o A-Management Post production Bird Imaging

Coat Fassbender | Top Odeeh

Opening: Suit Berluti Shoes Celine By Hedi Slimane | Earcuff Saskia Diez Here: Full Look Celine By Hedi Slimane Opposite: Pants Jil Sander


Shirt Klaesi Holdener | Earcuff Saskia Diez Opposite: Jacket J‘ai Mal À La Tête | Earcuff Saskia Diez

Shirt Ami | Shorts No.21 | Shoes Celine By Hedi Slimane Opposite: Full Look Kenzo


Coat Celine By Hedi Slimane Boots Paul Smith Opposite: Jacket J‘ai Mal À La Tête Earcuff Saskia Diez


Photography Damian Weilers Art Direction Eva Dziedzic Aguirre Style Dee Moran Talent Annahstasia Enuke c/o New York models Hair Style, Makeup Rose Angus Style assistant Thea Byrne

a i s a t s h a n n AEnuke Never mind the mood boards. When she came onto the set, I started taking away any props, as she totally filled the space. Rather then a model, she is a performing artist, taking on the direction but giving it her individual quality all the way. Her vibe is strong if not overpowering and only when she stops for a moment you can glimpse an old deep soul enclosed in that beautiful, young body. Annahstasia Enuke is 24 yrs old singer / songwriter and visual artist from L.A. She released her debut EP - Sacred Bull in 2019. Same year she was invited to support Lenny Kravitz and joined his European Tour. With unapologetic attitude and voice, which carries the profound, soulful notes, she is on the rising stardom in the music industry. Avid learner and experimenter, self proclaimed DYI queen and a queer. She is a natural born rebel. Not happy to be boxed in any genres, she prefers breaking stereotypes and inspiring new standards.

interview by Eva Dziedzic Aguirre - up to page 73

Opening: Jacket, Trousers Preen by Thornton Bregazzi

Tunic Issey Miyake | Pleats Please Opposite: Underskirt Simone Rocha


Dom: Top, Pants DromE | Blouse R.U.B.S | Earrings Ming Yu Wang | Shoes Reike Nen

From left, Ruby: Dress PH5 |Belt DromE | Violet: Blazer, Pants Assembly | Shoes Miista

-Your voice has rather healing quality. I must confess the piece Black Orchid hypnotized me for about an hour. I put it on loop and it was beautiful music meditation. What’s your mind massage, your get away from overwhelming modern world? Thank you, that’s such a pleasure to hear. We actually loved that song so much we’re giving it a new life soon, with new visuals. I’m really excited to release it. Amping up the peace. My mind massage... I have many, I’m in many ways a queen of self-care. I watch a lot of how-to videos, I love learning how to do things or having a lot of random practical knowledge, it makes me feel calm about the limitless scenarios in life. I have an entire playlist of things I want to learn how to do and recently I stumbled upon a video of suminagashi, which is water and ink marbling, and have been doing that when I’m feeling creatively blocked from my music or writing. It’s cheap and compact setup but because it’s so delicate it forces you to stop and breathe and be present. -Breaking the stereotypes, is that something which comes to you naturally or you are conscious rebel? Haha definitely naturally. I’ve always been the kid that has to ask why. At every age I annoyed my teachers, employers, collaborators... because I always have to know why and people aren’t used to that. Why do I need to do this, why do people do this in general, why right now, etc. If the “why” isn’t strong, I think there’s room to improve and innovate the process, find a better way. I’ve had people call me lazy for this but I don’t see it that way, in many ways it’s the opposite, I preserve my energy for what is truly important and use it as efficiently as I can. If rebellion is simply questioning the way things are done then yes I guess I’m naturally a rebel but I think it’s quite sad that we are conditioned to go around just accepting things as if they aren’t changeable...As if people didn’t make the rules in the first place. -Apart of being a performer, you are also a visual artist in your own right. How much impact do you (try to) have over your music videos? If you give away the direction to some other creative mind, are you still involved in the story content, brain storming, edit? Thus far I’ve been at the helm of it, but it is always a collaboration. For instance when I met Ganna Bogdan, she was so invested in the music that she was often coming to the table with visual ideas of her own, things I never would have thought of but somehow made perfect sense to me. Like so summer madness, we needed a DIY to explore texture and color and very naturally we went and played with a bunch of fabric at the beach. I wouldn’t have thought of a minimal approach like that, because at my core I’m a maximalist. I always crave opulence and grandeur and when you’re an independent artist starting out, things are rarely grand or opulent. Often times its just you and the handful of people that believe in you trying their best to figure out how to create the illusion of production value. So I come to the table with the music and the most out of budget idea and everyone around me help synthesize that into something that is possible with what we have.

Opposite: Suit Paul Smith p.66

Total Look Miu Miu

Dress Joseph | Opposite: full look Simone Rocha

p.105 p.63 p.69

-You mentioned among your musical roots old school jazz standards, folk and indie rock. Are you at all into trip hop? Maybe it's just me, European being, deeply rooted in 90s UK sound, but I can hear that trippy vibe in some of your songs. Like in Summer Madness or second part of Hide ? Do you listen at all to Tricky or Portishead? Martina Topley Bird? I was big into Portishead as a teen, I’m not familiar with the other two. When I think of trip hop I think of FKA twigs and Arca, both of whom I’m a huge fan of. I think the trip hop influence in the EP definitely came from Jay Cooper, who produced Sacred Bull. His biggest influences are artists like Burial and Jai Paul. I was happy to lean into that sound since I’d never had the opportunity to do so previously. Since then I’m definitely getting more into the genre and notice that in my own production I borrow key colors from that soundscape. -Listening to your music one can tell You are clearly deep soul. How do you cope in superficial modelling world? Haha what an astute question. The answer isn’t so complex, I simply don’t take modelling all that seriously. I acknowledge how surreal it is for that to be my job, and I count my blessings that I’m able to book jobs and meet amazing people, but the minute you start to over analyze it, it can start to feel really... demeaning. Some days modelling is a lovely escape from being so deep in my head all the time. It allows me to be present and passive, or to become someone else entirely, which is very freeing. However if the work becomes mundane enough that my demons are allowed to wander it can become very insidious very quickly. I start to feel trapped, like a doll in a dollhouse. So it's all about balance and communication with my agents, I’m particular about the jobs I take for that reason and I’m always looking for opportunities that allow for me to express myself for myself. -I know being a poet it's not at all structured job. Still there is a writing process.. do you have your routines to get it out of your head, heart? Walks, scrap notes, baths? Not at all a structured job, I’ll go weeks where I can't eloquently say anything. I used to freak out when that would happen, but now I just accept that for me poetry comes like a tide. Since I have no inkling as to the cycle of my moon within that analogy I just have to live my life in the meantime. In terms of lyrics, those are almost 100% cued by the music laid down before it. I’ll bring in bits and pieces of things I’ve written down but once again I don’t force it, especially because I’m a long form writer. Most of my thoughts don’t fit well into a lyric. So my writing and my songwriting are two different processes. I do find inspiration in movement, particularly travel. I think clearest on a plane or while I’m driving. But there seems to be a speed factor to that because I don’t find inspiration strikes while I’m on a leisurely stroll. My spirit likes to go fast. -Your jewellery. seeing it on you, I asked stylist to ignore the fashion pieces and feature your own all along. Let's give it even more space. Do they carry any special representation? Any special pieces which you (try) never take away? I don’t really take off my jewellery unless I’m asked to for work. I sleep in it. Shower in it, it’s really affixed to my body most of the time. For me silver and jewellery in general is very spiritual. Almost like protective totems. I’ve lost a lot of amazing rings and necklaces and earrings in my time and while I still look back and curse myself for being absent minded I also believe that things that carry that much energy make their way out of your life just as they made their way in. Leaving space for something new. I like to acquire new jewellery when I travel, so each one carries the memory of a place, a feeling and usually the people in my life at the time.

Opposite: Coat Malene Oddershede Bach p.70 p.138

p.107 p.65

Shirt, Skirt Erdem | Opposite: Top Fendi

p.146 p.72

Sono stati i modelli, prima ancora che il pubblico, a identificare il problema - e a proporre delle soluzioni. Naomi Campbell, tra gli altri, per la sua lunga carriera come modella, ha bene in mente come si sono evolute le cose nel corso degli anni. In una recente intervista con Vogue Italia si è dichiarata contenta della percentuale di modelle di colore che hanno sfilato durante le fashion weeks 2019 nelle quattro capitali della moda: il 38,8% è già un grande risultato, specialmente se paragonato agli ultimi anni ’90, dove le modelle di colore erano praticamente inesistenti. Ma dipinto byefficacemente Damien Hirst at “Thenel Veil fashion Paintings” disystem, Gagosian, Los©Damien Angeles. Foto byinEmily per Artsy non è sufficiente. Per Dettaglio essere diincluse le Dettaglio di dipinto Hirst “The Berl Veil Paintings” al Gagosian, Los Angeles | foto Emily Berl per Artsy minoranze devono contare su una rappresentazione interna: negli uffici amministrativi, negli atelier e tra i designer, è essenziale che tra gli addetti ai lavori ci siano anche persone appartenenti a questi gruppi etnici e Damien Hirst. sociali. Damien Hirst è uno dei principali esponenti del movimento pittorico inglese contemporaneo e la sua arte, geniale e personale, desta grande Nel lungo percorso verso l’inclusione, la moda deve imparare a parlare interesse nella critica. Tema principale è la morte, che Hirst indaga altre lingue, ed ad ascoltare voci che non sono la sua. Solo in questo soprattutto in relazione al mondo animale e che emerge dalle sue modo si può sviluppare un discorso veramente costruttivo, che può opere come un aspetto naturale della vita che accomuna tutti noi. giovare a entrambi, produttori e consumatori. Nonostante la tematica in sè sia tradizionale, l’artista britannico l’ha ampliata in modo del tutto originale: animali morti sezionati (così da Il compartimento culturale stagno in cui l’occidente ha sempre vissuto, mostrare sia l’interno che l’esterno del cadavere), collage di farfalle ben saldo suibrands suoi pilastri non ha mai ammesso l’interferenza di You with many like millenari, e uncollaborated famoso teschio tempestato di diamanti, fino alla composizione influenze esterne, a meno che queste non fossero scelte appositamente Cartier, Estee Lauder or David Webb, brands della Biennale di Venezia del 1993 composta da metà mucca e metà dall’interno e fossero “diluite”, per essere fruite come fossero divertissethat have their own creative identity. How did vitello. Il mezzo d’espressione non convenzionale che Hirst predilige ment. you manage to find the balance between their può creare shock nello spettatore, ma l’artista vuole in realtà eliminare artistic your style in these il timoreguidelines e il doloreand che l’uomo prova quando si rapporta alla morte, collaborations? per creare una fruizione serena. Le sue istallazioni sono composte di materiali diversi, da pittura, scultura e disegno insieme e indagano un Many of these brandstra were wonderful work territorio al confine arte e scienza,toche l’uomo cerca costantemente with, fortunately! We worked closely together to La reazione fisica di esorcizzare attraverso la religione e la medicina. do something that felt both on brand for them istantanea che lo spettatore sperimenta davanti alle istallazioni è la and authentic to my work style.perchè There solo weredopo un brivido o un parte più importante per and l’artista, times this didn’t always happen (especially sensowhen di nausea, l’audience può iniziare una riflessione proficua sulla inmorte. the beginning), but overtime I have learned toNon fight it where cananche - or turn down the project. solo morteIma - e soprattutto - vita. “The Miraculous When there’s not a certain respect in the più criticate di Hirst e risale Journey” è una delle istallazioni scultoree collaboration it’s often very successful al 2005, realizzata per not l’inaugurazione del for nuovo Sidra Medical Center either party. At the same time there’s sometimes in Arabia Saudita. Le 14 sculture monumentali (sono alte dai 5 agli 11 ametri) challenge of èfiguring outraccontano how to create di cui composta il “viaggio” del feto dalla feconsomething authentic that works for both of you, della vita e toccando dazione fino alla nascita, celebrando il miracolo which I findinusuali fun. It may always clear from tematiche per ilnot mondo delbemedio oriente. the get go. Hirst divide la critica e accanto a chi celebra la sua arte come visionaria c’è chi ne disprezza lo stile e lo sfarzo. Materiali preziosi, strutture esagerate e moltissimi soldi spesi per attrarre fama e visibilità, senza Ruby: Blazer Daily Paper | Dress PH5 | Earrings Ben Amun Dom:Turtleneck, Pants Dirty Pineapple | Tank top PH5 | Earrings Alexis Bittar contare la lista lunghissima di artisti a cui Hirst ha “rubato” elementi e Violet: Dress PH5 | Pants Daily Paper | Gloves Wing & Weft | Ring Ming Yu Wang idee, senza alcuna paura ad ammetterlo. p.107 p.59 p.67

Morning after To see the city at the crack of dawn is a privilege reserved to a few. It is the best time to enjoy its sleeping beauty. Sky becomes clearer and clearer, colours pass thought all shades of pink before shining in the sunlight. Those who live at night know it, going home in the morning lights is a balm for soul.

Photography Lucia Arana Creative Direction Vanessa Levaggi Production Zul Studio Style Angel Macias Model Sofia Reynal c/o Women360 mgmt Makeup Claudia Oyanedel using Nars Cosmetics Hair Style Andreas Schonahel

Opening: Blazer MSGM | Stockings Wolford | Shoes Pietro Blouse Dolce & Gabbana | Stockings Wolford | Opposite: Shirt, trousers Maison Margiela | Shoes Aqua


Here and Opposite: Dress Moschino | Shoes Aqua

Dress Moschino | Jacket Zara Opposite: Skirt Maison Margiela | Blouse N21 | Shoes Ellery

Here and Opposite: Trousers Missoni, Blouse, Shoes Ellery

Dress Y/Project | Shoes Aqua Opposite: Turtleneck Simon Miller | Skirt Maison Margiela | Shoes Aqua

Dress Jil Sander | Shoes Aqua Opposite: Shirt Maison Margiela | Jeans Levi's


#healthnotsize as a life mantra, and much more


POSITIVE words Federica Caiazzo

all images courtesy of Marciel Hopkins, shot in analog by Taahir Matthews, H&MUA by Giselle Venter


Self-esteem and bodypositivity: let Marciel Hopkins teach you something

She grew up in South Africa and now lives in New York. As a little girl, she was inspired by Candice Swanepoel and she still has dreams, such as working for Intimissimi, Victoria’s Secret and Calvin Klein: not only is Marciel Hopkins a curvy model, but she is also an international ambassador as much as bodypositive beauty is concerned. With more than 62K followers on Instagram (and we are still counting…), Marciel has turned her #healthnotsize hashtag into a lifestyle, a spiritual mantra to inspire today and tomorrow’s generations of women. In this interview, Marciel reveals LATEST how and when her career began. And, most of all, she makes an appeal to the fashion industry. p.89

Marciel, what kind of relationship did you have with your body when you were little? I grew up on a farm in the countryside of the Western Cape in South Africa. I had a carefree childhood playing with my animals and loving nature. It was only when I went to high school that I realised society has certain expectations of how a woman's body should look like. I always dreamed of being a model when I was a little girl, but as a teenager I realised I will never be small enough to fit into the perfect "model mould" in terms of my sizing. That's when I started having issues with my curvy body and bigger bum, because I was always striving towards being smaller and losing weight. Have you always dreamed to become a bodypositive fashion model? Or did it happen by chance? I always dreamed of being a model, but I never knew that I could become someone who influences women to love and accecpt their bodies. I decided to enter Miss South Africa in 2015 while I was busy with my honours degree in psychology. I lost 14kg in 4 months to be pageant and "bikini ready"; for the competition. It was a tough process that required an immense amount of self discipline. I had to cut out sugar, red meat, alcohol and carbs. I trained 2 to 3 hours a day and I was obsessed with my weight. I made it to be a top 12 finalist, but I knew I could never maintain the strict lifestyle. So, I went back to my normal body size and started curvy modelling when the competition ended in 2016. By speaking up about my experiences of body issues and victories, I became a body positive activist.

- Let’s talk about self-esteem. Can you list down what women should do to feel prouder of themselves and their bodies? First, do a proper social media clean up. Unfollow all pages that make you feel unworthy or not good enough. Take ownership of what you feed your mind with on a daily basis. Secondly, let go off the clothes in your cupboard that you still want to fit into like you used to. It's not healthy for your self-esteem to see them every day. Donate your old clothes to a charity and buy new clothes that fit your current body size. 

Thirdly, don't weigh yourself! I don't own a scale and it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I don't know what I weigh and it's not important to me at all. I know and can feel when my body is healthy, I don't need a number to confirm it for me. Last but not least, surround yourself with positive women who encourage and empower others. If you spend time with people who break other women down, it will have a negative effect on your self-esteem as well. You will start seeing women in the same judgmental way as they do. p.91

Do you think self-esteem and bodypositivity can be instilled from mothers to daughters at an early stage in life? For sure! A healthy self-esteem starts from a very young age, especially nowadays with our exposure to the internet and social media. A mother’s biggest gift to her daughter is a healthy self-esteem: that starts with a mother loving her own body. If a mom is constantly criticizing her own body and goes on crazy diets all the time, it will become the way her daughter sees and speaks about herself as well. Strive towards being a healthy and happy family, rather than being weight obsessed and frustrated all the time. There’s a lot going on social media: influencers keep showing us how to eat, how


to keep fit and how to dress to be cool. And there are actually many girls thinking their life and their bodies are not enough to feel “accepted”. Can you point the right direction towards a better use of social media? We need to take more ownership of our newsfeeds and remember that we have control over what we see on social media. It's very important to follow positive role models that convey honest messages about health and wellness. If someone is setting an unrealistic health or body expectation on social media, you know it's not the right person to follow for uplifting content. Social media is only perfect seconds of people's lives which they deliberately choose to share with us.

You can never compare social media to real life. Comparison is the thief of all joy. Social media should be used as a tool to inspire and uplift you, NOT to take away your joy. The fashion industry is also doing a lot to encourage body-positivity: from catwalks to magazines, we can finally see more diversity. But what is still missing in your view? The in between girls! The fashion industry has made bold statements when it comes to body positivity, but always choosing bodies that represent the extreme ends of the spectrum. There is no space for in between girls to work, although we represent the biggest percentage of women's body sizing. The fashion industry needs to find the balance of representing all shapes and sizes, because there is still a big group of women who are excluded! How and where do you see the body-positive debate in ten years’ time? In ten years’ time, when I have kids of my own, boys and girls should feel comfortable and accepted when it comes to body differences and diversity. My dream for young girls is to love and accept their differences and that (social) media supports this statement. No more diet culture!! We need to focus on long term health and fitness solutions for our eating disorder epidemics which is maintainable on the long run and includes ALL shapes and sizes.


BLOOM Photography Raffaele Marone Style Vittoria Rossi Provesi Model Caitlin Soetendal c/o NEXT Agency Milano Makeup, Hair Style Alessandra Trenta Style Asisstants Angelo Continisio, Erica Benocci Set Designer Michela Benestà Executive Assistant Vittoria De Carlo Location Studio Calvius / Milan Special Thanks Hitch Hiker Milano and Zalando (Maria Licci)

Opening: Shirt M.y.o.b. Nyc | Dress Frankie Morello | Shoes Acne Studios | Earrings Anamè

Jacket Mm6 Maison Margiela | Top Topshop | Glasses Yvmin

Opposite: Jacket, Trousers Acne Studios | Shoes Salar (S2b) | Belt Skirt Chopova Lowena | Rings Anamè | Earrings, Necklace Vanesi | Glasses Yvmin

Blazer Acne Studios | Shoes Salar | Belt Skirt Chopova Lowena | Jewels Vanesi


Opposite: Jacket Celine Vintage (Teresa La Fosca) | Dress Push Button | Shoes Salar (S2b) | Necklace RadĂ

Jacket Antonio Marras | Skirt Frankie Morello | Boots Msgm | Scarf Acne Studios | Hat Marcelo Burlon

Opposite: Dress Acne Studios | Scarf, Sunglasses Acne Studios | Belt Gavazzeni (S2b)

Dress, Hat Marcelo Burlon | Sunglasses Percy Lau | Necklace Closed


Photography Piotr Krawczyk Style Katarzyna Jabłońska Model Iva Grdic c/o Selective Management Hair Style Patryk Nadolny Makeup Katarzyna Brzezińska Post Production Rafał Woźniak Thanks to www.vitkac.com


Gender Fluidity is one of the themes that the fashion system is going through today. And it is also one of the themes Latest loves more. Gender Fluidity is practically the invitation to discover yourself and not to be afraid to dare, create, imagine new perspectives. Reflecting on the possibility of choice, we found ourselves thinking that all the freedom we believe to possess is actually fictitious. We choose for ourselves, of course, but from a pre-compiled list. Thus, gender fluency can instead be a completely personal choice.. And fashion can once again be the breeding ground for an experiment that helps us getting out of the box.

Full look Diane Von Furstenberg

Here and Opposite Full look YSL


Dress Burberry | Ring Midgard Paris | Opposite: Dress Burberry | Ring Midgard Paris

Full look Diane Von Furstenberg | Opposite: Jacket Fendi | Earring Ysl

Shoes Balenciaga | Trousers Bottega Veneta | Bra Midgard Paris | Coat Ganni | Hat Gucci | Shawl Versace

Shirt Bottega Veneta


Dress Rick Owens | Coat Loewe | Shoes Balenciaga | Bellt Midgard Paris


must have words Giulia Greco

There’s a moment, really hard to be defined, that comes along at every change of season. It usually occurs at the end of August and then again between February and March, but it can change accordingly to the person and to the longitude of every place. What we know for sure is it hits everybody one way or another, like a sort of physical need. We’re talking about the uncontainable will of changing wardrobe. Put coats and jackets away, wool socks goodby, heavy sweaters see you next time. And welcome back to our dear friends, midi dresses and blouses, sandals and loafers! Are we the only one excited? If novelties are many, it is also true that spring summer trends are the natural continuation of what we loved this past winter. And we like it. Among our resolutions for the new year, there is the revision of our wrong behaviors as consumers, and we are glad the Fashion system agrees with us. To put together a perfect look you basically just need to open your closet and look what’s inside. In this way you can buy only the few garments you need for the seasonal upgrade. You’ll need creativity, willingness to try and our trends’ list of course, to guide you towards the spring summer key pieces. They are versatile, funny and a good investment for the following months as well. First of all, maxi shapes are coming back. Colours are pretty neutral indeed, but cuts are essential. Voluminous dresses, balloon shape sleeves and comfortable shorts, just to name a few. You should not be afraid of trying with accessories too: platform shoes and maxi bags (enormous bags). Outfits are architectonical structures for the body. And, please, be careful with textiles! We’ll fall in love with watery patterns, lace of different kinds and transparent dresses made of layers of tulle. Ready to start? Trends spring summer 2020


In 2021 Pantone predicts that green will be the top color. Better to be ready then, because green is already the protagonist of this summer. If we want - and we must! - be all a little greener, so why not start with the look. Our outfit is vitaminic and audacious. It includes a polo shirt from the White line by Proenza Schouler, combined with a pair of very short knitted bikers by Jacquemus. The tailored but relaxed blazer is also Jacquemus. Add a couple of fancy details, like Lizzie Fortunato's gold necklace and the Lola Hats hat. The big and soft bag is not only practical, but is going to be a thing. Here is the perfect recipe for an extremely chic look. Leandra Medine would be proud of you.

1. 2.


Proenza Schouler polo seen at modaoperandi.com

1. Emporio Armani SS'20 Runway show | Ph: Filippo Fior / gorunway.com 2. Jacquemus blazer seen at modaoperandi.com 3. Lizzie Fortunato necklace seen at modaoperandi.com 4. Staud bag seen at modaoperandi.com Jacquemus knit shorts seen at modaoperandi.com



CORSET If there is a garment on which you absolutely must invest this spring is the corset. There are so many different types (more or less soft, in textile, leather or pearls) and it is worn on blouses, shirts and dresses, but also on its own, why not. We offer you a very effective one, in brown leather with golden buckles by ... This is a good way to add a sexy note to a casual look: if you want to create outfits that leave their mark, always look for interesting contrasts, keep it in mind. The bondage style of the corset goes wonderfully with the linen trousers and the organza blouse, which are so good girl. Shoes and bag are in raffia and the precious details are pearls, both ever green of every season.




5. 6. 4.

1. Like no Other pants seen at modaoperandi.com 2. Sandy Liang bobo chiffon babydoll seen at modaoperandi.com 3. Cult Gaia tote seen at modaoperandi.com 4. Dolce & Gabbana crystal,raffia,leather sandals seen at modaoperandi.com 5. Lady Grey gold drift faux pearl earrings seen at mytheresa.com 6. Jonathan Simkhai vegan leather bralette seen at modaoperandi.com Opposite: model's image Genny SS'20 Runway show from press | Collage by Dominique Durosier




Who, like us, has loved Simone Rocha's Spring Summer ’20 collection - yes, we still think about it every now and then - will definitely love this look as well. Maxi cotton dresses are a spring summer must. Needless to say, they are also real life saviors, because they are comfortable, extremely practical and do not require much effort. This apron dress is Simone Rocha’s indeed, simple but precious for the ruffles on the breast. It remembers us of the aprons of the schools and the effect is amplified by the Miu Miu velvet Mary Jane - very girlish. Two bags are better than one and so we thought of combining both a practical wicker bucket, to be carried by hand, with the irresistible sachet with applications by Prada. You’ll have all you need to face the day in the best way.



5. 3.


4. Larsson & Jennings, watch €162 seen at farfetch.com

1. Etro runway SS20 show ph. Alessandro Lucioni / gorunway.com 2. Simone Rocha cotton dress seen at modaoperandi.com 3. Roxanne Assoulin gold plated bracelets seen at modaoperandi.com 4. Miu Miu velvet flats seen at modaoperandi.com 5. Kayu Onie Wicker Top-Handle Bag seen at modaoperandi.com 6. Prada Flower Embellished Raso Mini Top Handle Bag seen at modaoperandi.com Opposite: River Island dress

p.119 p.71 p.15 p.77





There is only one garment that obsessed us for a few months now and that is a safe investment for your future. The transparent dress. Whether it's extra volume, linear or with applications, what matters is that you see what’s underneath. We choose for you the bright blue one by Matérial, that becomes rock and roll worn with these Attico zebra striped cotton trousers. We have combined edgy and fun accessories. Marni’s platform shoes, Jil Sander's fringed bag and Simon Miller acrylic earrings. It is a kind of rebellious look that we like very much but, as we said, the dress is the real hero piece. With a few simple tricks it can become a perfect evening dress. Give it a shot!




5. Larsson & Jennings, watch €162 seen at farfetch.com

1. Fendi runway SS20 show ph. Alessandro Lucioni / gorunway.com 2. Simon Miller acrylic earrings seen at modaoperandi.com 3. MATÉRIEL silk organza maxi shirt seen at modaoperandi.com 4. Attico zebra cotton pants seen at modaoperandi.com 5. Marni two-tone slingback wedge platform sandals seen at modaoperandi.com 6. ATM Anthony Thomas Melillo turtleneck top seen at modaoperandi.com 7.Jil Sander border fringed leather bag seen at modaoperandi.com Opposite: & Other Stories transparent dress

p.71 p.15 p.77

p.121 p.75



This summer we will really enjoy playing with proportions, especially when it comes to shoulders. And no, we’re not talking about extreme ’80 shapes, but about balloon, fluffy, funny sleeves. They are somehow very girlish, as we can see in the Michael Kors double breast jacket. But they can also be part of more futuristic outfit. In the outfit we put together, the focus is on the curly shoulders of Johanna Ortiz’s top, but we also play with complementary colours. Blu pants and the yellow touch of sunglasses are perfect together. The white vest, we all know pretty well now, is a big trend, which is probably going to last long until next spring.







Larsson & Jennings, watch €162 seen at farfetch.com

1. Michael Kors runway SS20 show ph. Alessandro Lucioni / gorunway.com 2. Acne Studios Bernis White Leather Mules seen at modaoperandi.com 3. Johanna Ortiz Leafy Life Printed Silk Top seen at modaoperandi.com 4. Ulla Johnson Storm High-Waisted Cropped Wide-Leg Jeans seen at modaoperandi.com 5. Cecilie Bahnsen Knit Wool-Alpaca Sweater Vest seen at modaoperandi.com 6. DONNI Acrylic Sunglasses Chainseen at modaoperandi.com 7. MCQ Aviator-Style Metal Sunglasses seen at modaoperandi.com Opposite: & Other Stories chiffon top

p.71 p.15 p.77

Larsson & Jennings, watch â‚Ź162 seen at farfetch.com

p.123 p.71 p.15 p.77



The power suit continues to remain in its central (and maybe despotic) position in the fashion world: it is so comfortable and versatile that we can no longer do without it. This spring/summer, let the legs free and opt for the short version, with a skirt or, even better, with Bermuda shorts. Like the one we offer you, by Vince, with shorts and matching trench coat. It is an excellent option for the office of course, if accompanied by a pair of cult loafers, and it becomes immediately more joyful if you add a printed scarf. If you want one more advice, tie it under your chin and put it on your head, so you will be immediately more sophisticated and fashionable. The one you see here is by Acne Studios and we like it because it has the gritty soul of American bikers.





7. 5. Larsson & Jennings, watch â‚Ź162 seen at farfetch.com

1. Max Mara runway SS20 show ph. Alessandro Lucioni / gorunway.com 2. Acne Studios Vilina Printed Silk Scarf seen at modaoperandi.com 3. Preen Line Adel Belted Twill Trench Coat seen at modaoperandi.com 4. Prada Pussy Bow Silk-Chiffon Blouse seen at modaoperandi.com 5. Prada Leather Platform Loafers seen at modaoperandi.com 6. Vince neutral leather shorts seen at modaoperandi.com 7. Acne Studios Maxi Knotted Shoulder Bag seen at modaoperandi.com

p.71 p.15 p.77


2. We told you before, shapes matter. And among these there are also unusual cuts. Like the one that crosses the right side of the Bayarovskaya’s blazer, beautiful and interesting. Cut outs are so fashionable and a single detail is enough to make an outfit eyes-catching. The gray blazer combines perfectly with the pink tones of the leather skirt and the sweater. Thanks to the cut we can "spy" at the contrasts, of colors but also of materials. Pair the pencil skirt and blazer with a comfortable pair of sneakers (Veja's are extremely green!) and a Bottega Veneta Padded bag. It's an elegant office look, but it doesn't take itself too seriously, as we like it. For details, play and combine different metals. Have fun!



6. 4.

7. 5. Larsson & Jennings, watch â‚Ź162 seen at farfetch.com

1. Gabriele Colangelo runway SS20 show ph. Paolo Lanzi / gorunway.com 2. Bottega Veneta Padded Cassette Bag seen at modaoperandi.com 3. Boyarovskaya Oversized Metal-Detailed Cutout Jacket seen at modaoperandi.com 4. Brunello Cucinelli Leather Pencil Skirts seen at modaoperandi.com 5. VEJA Campo Leather Sneakers seen at modaoperandi.com 6. Mansur Gavriel Wool-Cashmere Mock Neck Sweater seen at modaoperandi.com 7. Roxanne Assoulin Zinc Bracelets seen at modaoperandi.com

p.125 p.71 p.15 p.77 p.77 p.71 p.15





If you google on the web what are the 10 things that marked the last decade in the western society, it is extremely likely that Jennifer Lopez closing the Versace fashion show in the green jungle print dress will appear on the list. There is no need for vertiginous split anyway, don’t you worry. Our outfit takes inspiration from the trend of tropical prints and interprets it in a very simple and fresh everyday look. The midi skirt is by Vince and we really like the idea of combining it with Khaite Yves' cotton body, because both are seasonal hero pieces and are cool and relaxed in the same time. We suggest you to wear the belt in pvc and leather by Zimmermann closed over the sweater, as it is used now.




5. Larsson & Jennings, watch â‚Ź162 seen at farfetch.com

1. Anteprima runway SS20 show | courtesy of press 2. Sheryl Lowe 14K Gold And Diamond Necklace seen at modaoperandi.com 3. VINCE midi Tropical Garden skirt in satin seen at myhteresa.com 4. Zimmermann Leather-Trimmed PVC Belt Bag seen at modaoperandi.com 5. Thierry Lasry Monopoly Round-Frame Acetate Sunglasses seen at modaoperandi.com 6. Khaite Yves Ribbed-Knit Bodysuit seen at modaoperandi.com 7. Johanna Ortiz Sealed With A Kiss Sandals seen at modaoperandi.com Opposite: River Island tropical dress | Crap Eyewear Sunglasses

p.127 p.75

HAND PAINTED Fashion takes often inspiration from art, in a more or less literal way. On the catwalks for this season we saw striking outfits that imitate the free brushstrokes of watercolors: no great artists this time, only free strokes and splashes of colours. As in this Cividini outfit, which is fresh, wearable and has an extra touch that does not go unnoticed. You can easily reinvent it with this pleated midi skirt by Low Classic and some striking accessories. The golden earrings by Modern Weaving illuminate and the Ganni's sandals in raw cotton ensure 9/5 comfort. The detail that makes the whole chic is however the bag (simply lovable!) By Reike Nen.







1. Low Classic Pleated Printed Chiffon Midi Skirt seen at modaoperandi.com 2. Vince brown ribbed knit cashmere sweater seen at modaoperandi.com 3. Bottega Veneta green square aviator sunglasses seen at modaoperandi.com 4. Ganni neutral linen slides seen at modaoperandi.com 5. Modern Weaving Gold-Plated Bronze Earrings seen at mytheresa.com 6. JReike Nen brown croissant leather shoulder bag seen at modaoperandi.com Opposite: model's image Cividini SS'20 Runway show from press Collage by Dominique Durosier



BLANC EtNOIR Photography Quirin Siegert Style Olivia Dahleiden Model Jil C/O Mirrrs Models Hair Style, Makeup Vroni Eder

Not all women want necessarily to be fashionable. All women, however, want to feel well dressed and elegant. We need few pieces in our wardrobe, and a limited colours palette. The fabrics are refined but there are no frills. The focus is on jewelry, which is large and design. We need balance and self-confidence. In a sense, minimalism invites us to look inside ourselves and to fill, in the true sense of the word, the clothes we wear with our own personality. Have you ever heard that "simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"?

Here and Opening: Blazer Lara Krude Pants Self-Portrait Shoes Stuart Weitzman

Dress Working Title Shoes Balenciaga Opposite: Earring Anissa Kermiche


Dress TotĂŞme Opposite: Shirt By Simone Rocha Earring By Anissa Kermiche

Coat Stand Studio Pants Lara Krude Opposite: Pants Stand Studio


Dress Dorothee Schumacher Shoes Aquazzura

Dress Working Title Shoes Balenciaga Opposite: Earring Anissa Kermiche




LATEST art words Giulia Greco

Ballerina: Fashion Modern Muse Fashion Institute of Technology, New York - February 11th Tulle skirts and corsets are super popular today among trend setters. Inspiration, no need to say, comes from ballet. For almost a century, ballet fascinated and nourished the creative minds of designers and creatives. From February 11th to April 18th in New York it’ll be possible to visit a dedicated exhibition, which put a century of history on the stage: between couture clothes, accessories and a selection of stage costumes, the collection creates high expectations.

courtesy of ashadedviewonfashion.com

Cindy Sherman. Courtesy of the artist and Metro Pictures

Cindy Sherman Louis Vuitton Foundation, Paris - April 1st The most awaited exhibition will take place in Paris, at the Louis Vuitton Foundation. From April 1st visitors can see about 300 photographs - some of them unpublished - signed by Cindy Sherman, the American artist who, for years now, has been playing on selfies in order to talk about our perverse time and its needs. Her Instagram account is already illuminating in itself, but the exhibition is an additional opportunity for reflection: if social networks are today's new artistic production platforms, what degree of truth is required?

Judith Leiber Borsa-Uovo di Fabergé, 1983

Bags: Inside Out Victoria & Albert Museum, London - April 25th Accessories, you know, make the look, and bags are definitely the must-have in every respectable outfit. At the Victoria & Albert Museum in London we can visit an exhibition exclusively about them. Cult pieces will be available for the public to be seen, such as the very first Kelly by Hermès, together with futuristic and unexpected designs, such as the Lait du Coco designed by Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel 2014. An exhibition that spans a whole century and which allows us to discover all the details and values of the production of real pieces of art.

Once Upon a Dream Palazzo Grassi, Venezia - March 22nd For those who’ll spend a few days in Venice the choice is limitless, but we highly suggest Palazzo Grassi which, in addition to being a dream location itself for obvious reasons, offers interesting photographic exhibitions. This is the case of Once Upon a Dream, a personal exhibition by the Egyptian artist Youssef Nabil. Past and present history of Egypt intersects with the personal life of the photographer and makes us reflect on the political and social landscape of the Arab countries. The photographs are warm and nostalgic, thanks also to the special techniques that Nabil prefers.

© Youssef Nabil | Say Goodbye, Self Portrait, Alexandria, 2009


LATEST interview words Federica Caiazzo

Jade van der Mark non è una di quelle pittrici che studiano arte per poi diventare, Jade van der Mark is not of those painters whoder learn as much theyecan about art eventualmente, delleone artiste. In realtà, Jade van Mark è nataas artista basta. and then eventually become artists. Indeed, Jade van der Mark was born an artist. “Sono entrata in contatto con l’arte nel momento esatto in cui sono nata”, "I came in contactciwith art in Ed theèexact born”, she us.tra And it was her childhood racconta. stata moment proprio laI was sua infanzia nei tells campi, oche e natura, in the fields, ande nature, that gave her the sense ofi suoi freedom a out infondere in lei unamong senso geese di libertà creatività che continua a ispirare lavori and creativity that surely keeps inspiring her works today. ancora oggi. Jade ha frequentato la Royal Academy of Art di The Hague, Jade attended thedopo The Royal Academy ofun’infanzia Art in Thedifficile Hague,a Netherlands, in Olanda, aver attraversato causa della after experiencing a difficult childhood due to bullying, lack of stability and divorced parents. separazione dei genitori, bullismo e mancanza di stabilità. However, painting has always been the safe harbour where knew she would find Tuttavia, dipingere ha sempre rappresentato il suoshe porto sicuro, solace: “Myil luogo painting gave me peace, stability, wisdom and love and it still does”. dove trovare sollievo: “I miei quadri mi hanno donato pace, stabilità, saggezza e amore. E ancora oggi va così”.

“The greatest gift I have is the ability to transfer my inner world onto a canvas” p.145 p.57

Jade, do you have any special memories of the time you spent at The Royal Academy? Studying there gave me an insight of what I wanted and what I didn't want for myself. I chose fashion instead of painting: painting is very close to my heart and it’s a part of me that I wanted to discover and develop by myself, without the need of a teacher. Also, I’ve never really liked the idea of enrolling on an art course, I wanted my painting to be entirely my own. Painting techniques, art history and patterns can be taught in school, but you can’t be taught how to actually become an artist. I think this is something you are born with. What’s your source of inspiration? My inspiration comes from anything surrounding me. It can be a Roald Dahl children’s story, a dramatic piece of classical music or a politically fraught piece I read in the newspaper. The world around me inspires me enormously, especially when it comes to groups of people and cultures, diversity and overpopulation. I think the overpopulation of cities is particularly interesting, in fact it has influenced many of my painting series. I have observed large groups of people living alongside each other in a crazy, face-paced existence. Topics such as disconnection, the influence of social media, overconsumption, power and work related to stress are examples of my subjects. I love digging into these subjects and then slowly creating an image in my head. I absorb it all until I suddenly get an overwhelming desire to paint it.



LATEST interview Your works feature crowded scenes pervaded by a sense of disconnection. What’s the ideal interpretation? I hope the observers can suspend their presuppositions about life and the world and open their hearts to different dialogues or perspectives. I hope the way I use colour, as well as the stories I try to tell or the political or social messages I embed in my work, can trigger debates. And I also hope the observers can be touched by my artworks and pass on that sense of newfound vulnerability! You’re from Bergen, birthplace of Dutch expressionism. Do you feel influenced by your origins? Growing up in Bergen gave me a deep insight into Dutch expressionism. Old poets like Theo Olthuis gave me lessons in poetry whereas Gerard van der Leden, a well-known Dutch sculptor, was my neighbour. Sometimes, I sneaked into his barn to see his new works. Photographer Koos Breukel was my neighbour too and took pictures of us playing in the garden. He spent hours talking about philosophy with us, while sitting by the fire in the garden. I also used to be inspired by the centre of Bergen: the artists gathered together in cafes to discuss about life and art. There were artists such as Charley Toorop, Jan Sluyter, Gustav de Smet and Leo Gestel. Last but not least, The Cobra movement also started in Bergen, in which Lucebert played an important role. Bergen is also known for its particular light… Yes, the light is very pure in Bergen, it’s tempting for the artists who want to play with it. I do experiments with light, shades and colour: the light of Bergen has certainly influenced me. What I find really fascinating is the fact that every place in the world has its own different quality of light, which I really enjoy trying to capture. I have been living in London for the past 3 months now and, as it’s winter, there has been almost no light. It doesn't mean I'm going to just paint the dark, but I'm going to look at it differently. For example, I am now drawn to things like the harsh lights of the underground or people rushing through cloudy, rainy streets. it felt like such a shame to be throwing them away. I felt compelled to reclaim them, work them into something beautiful and pass them on.

Almost all the characters you portray have inquisitive expressions. Why? The faces in my paintings are personifications of my thoughts and feelings. They are reflections of my qualms about the indifference permeating our public spaces. Every day I observe people going to work and going back home, crossing paths, taking differing paths. Sometimes, these paths collide provoking a fleeting moment where eye contact is shared or, even more rarely, some words are exchanged. What really jars me is this disconnection between them. You barely use any negative space among characters. Should we read it as a sense of belongingness or loneliness? There is hardly any room between the figures because I want to portray them as a huge mass, where individuals become just one. This is exactly what I see when I look at the society surrounding us. Everyone is very close to each other, but no one can really experience this closeness because they’re distracted by phones and headphones. I show the pressures of society and also the bubble we are in. Ultimately though, I think it's important that the viewers themselves make their own stories out of it, I'm just here to paint it for them.

You’ve created exquisite fashion items too. Have you ever considered collaborations with fashion brands? Fashion has been my focus for several years after graduating. I won the Dutch Fashion Award 2016 in Milan and got a fashion residency there, as well as the opportunity to build my own brand. When I won the prize, Dolce & Gabbana asked me to work for them. It was a hard decision but, in the end, I turned it down as I didn't want to give up my business for a big company. Today, I consider my textile works art rather than fashion. Each work derives from my paintings, and it takes 500 to 800 hours to make one. At some point I would definitely like to collaborate with a fashion brand, but in a fair and carefully planned out way. I would like to design fabrics for Chanel, Maison Margiela, Raf Simons or Alexander McQueen. I believe everything comes when it is meant to. The right opportunity might come up when the time is ready for it, and I will accept it with open arms.



Once again we look at the young, fast, adrenaline fashion. Our protagonist is chameleonic and the strong part of her wardrobe are the exaggerated platforms, the colourful details and all the peculiarities of the white garments. Lace, jacquard, fringes and satin create memorable outfits. Practical and reinventable, it moves a milion miles an hour in the galaxy.


Appeal Photography Patrick Schwalb Style Markus Galic  Model Diana Moroz c/o Iconic Makeup, Hair Style Spiri Fountoglou Digital Operator Maik Denecke  Production Close Up Team Special thanks tempelhamburg.de

Coat Fassbender | Top Odeeh

Opposite: Jacket Marcel Von Berlin | Dress French Connection | Sneakers, Bag Karl Lagerfeld

Here: Dress, Coat Karl Lagerfeld | Socks Moschino | Shoes Chie Mihara 

Opening: Dress, Leggings Marcel Von Berlin | Shirt, Sneakers Karl Lagerfeld

Here, opposite and Back Cover: Blazer Pinko | Leggings Marcel Von Berlin


Blouse, Shoes Miu Miu | Skirt Riani | Sash Über | Bag Furla

Opposite: Sweater, Dress French Connection | Sneakers Riani | Earrings Nach Bijoux

Dress Pe De Chumbo | Belt Isabel Sanchis | Shoes Jil Sander


Jeans Top Antik Batik | Jeans Pants Line Markvardsen | Shoes Chie Mihara Opposite: Full Look Jil Sander 

a guide to the hottest trends to warm up Summer 2020 The scorching sun, a cool and thirst-quenching drink, the smell of lavender that fills the lungs, the warm wind on tanned skin. The south of France is pure romance, an experience to be enjoyed as a couple or with friends, taking long walks in the greenery, enjoying warm summer evenings, reading a good book or drinking a glass of wine with friends. The trepidation for summer is already in the air, and there is nothing better than the right selection of accessories to immerse yourself in the evocative atmospheres of the Provencal panorama in style. Just as it was for the most famous Impressionist painters, like CĂŠzanne, the colours of Provence make a splendid palette from which to take inspiration for a moodboard that respects the colours of summer.


words Ludovica Mucci All catwalk images in this article courtesy of gorunway.com | All flat products seen at modaoperandi.com Here: left Crap Eyewear sunglasses and Dune London Raffia bag | Right Glamorous raffia platform sandals with laces

The accessories in raffia are certainly inevitable. Being a plant-based material, the raffia has dominated the 2020 catwalks and communicated the important message to embrace a sustainable style in life as in clothing. It is a material that perfectly meets this need, giving any outfit that extra touch of naturalness that perfectly matches the Provencal fields and the magical atmosphere of French evenings. Whether it's in bags, hats or shoes, the use of this material is never too much, so why not showing it off on the sunny streets of Provence? Some very interesting options have been proposed by Celine, Missoni and Stella McCartney, who have opted for classic solutions with rounded or basket shapes. Alternatives for bright colors’ lovers, the Altuzarra bag in total blue or the one with pink details by Jacquemus. Dune London and Valentino offer tote bags with tortoise handles and a shiny gold logo respectively. As far as hats are concerned, the 2020 summer catwalks presented the maxi forms that cover part of the face; they are in fact more interesting and magnetic, clearly explained in the Lanvin and Koché style. An alternative to the hat, glamorous and sophisticated, is the bandana, which dominated the scene on the catwalks of Etro and Missoni. The bandana adds that exotic touch together with a seventies vibe that match well with the sunny landscapes of the French south.

all Crap Eyewear sunglasses

The bright tones of the bandanas are also found in the glasses, which colors and shapes presented on the catwalks are now so many as to satisfy all tastes and occasions. Whether they are used on a day at sea or on a boat, sunglasses remain the summer accessory par excellence. Among the proposals selected by the Latest team, the exaggerated shapes and the brightest colors prevail. Balmain is definitely the most sophisticated choice thanks to the mask shape and the coral blue tones. Stella McCartney in pink shades with gold chains follows, Louis Vuitton and Off-White with a reinterpretation of the classic shape of the mask, For an extra touch of pink that never hurts, we suggest the Emma Chamberlain glasses in collaboration with Crap® Eyewear, the aviator style to stay on the classic or the acetate white glasses with blue lenses for a more vintage allure always signed by Crap ® Eyewear. p.165

k o o L Top For a long and intense day at the beach or on an excursion, maxi or bucket bags are ready to respond to any need the situation may require, whether it is sunscreen and after-bath treatments, a camera for unforgettable and professional shots, magazines and snacks. Bottega Veneta's proposal is certainly the most centered one for the occasion, the pastel tones then perfectly match a holiday full of sun, sea and spans of flowery fields. For a relaxing boat ride along the French coast, the white Alexander McQueen bag with night blue details and gold handles is perfect to be combined with the white sails kissed by the sun and caressed by the wind and an excellent glass of champagne at sunset. Bucket bags represent an equally comfortable alternative with style, useful for outdoor activities. Marni and Prada are the best references together with Pedro Shoes, a brand that we have recently discovered and we are excited.


As already mentioned, the raffia also returns in hats and shoes, creating sinuous and elegant motifs ideal for a relaxed look to show off at a lunch, an aperitif with friends or why not, in a beach party on the 15th of August. The inspiration is the oxford by Armani, Michael Kors, Simone Rocha or Erdem platform shoes or the interwoven sandals by JW Anderson. For an outdoor dinner and an evening in the city, the Mary Jane triumphs, to perfectly combined with a light dress, they slim the figure and remain comfortable to wear. Some eclectic options come from the blue ones of Marine Serre and from Dries van Noten, in full baroque style. For an extra touch of classicism, Latest team recommends Pedro Shoes, Maison Margiela or A.P.C. A real trend that is going crazy on social media is that of the square-toed shoes of which Demna Gvasalia was one of the most exemplary promoters together with Bottega Veneta. Ideal for a sophisticated and elegant evening look, the most popular shoes are obviously signed Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta and Proenza Schouler.

Here from up left: Pedro Shoes square sandals | Etro SS20 show | Ulla Johnson sandals Bottega Veneta Lido Sandals | Pedro Shoes Mary Jane shoes Opposite from up left: Pedro Shoes bucket bag | Balmain linen Canvas Bucket Tote Loewe leather Tote | Cult Gaia Rattan Bucket Bag | Prada Raffia Basket Bag p.167

Last but not least are the jewels. An absolutely must-have in the suitcase, they are the ideal companions to shine during the starry night of San Lorenzo on the beach, or during an elegant dinner before returning to the reality of everyday life. The jewels protagonists of the 2020 catwalks are mostly inspired by the marine atmosphere; in fact, earrings or necklaces with shells and pearls are now very widespread. Nature is therefore the central focus of summer 2020 and how can you best pay homage to it if not with objects inspired by marine fauna and flora? The combination of Prada necklace and shell earrings is a striking example of this evergreen trend, as well as the necklace presented by Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood, with a vaguely surrealist inspiration. For a look inspired by the deep blue sea, Stella McCartney's earrings definitely leave their mark. For a cocktail party by the sea, Mignon Faget earrings go well with a dress in pink or pastel blue tones. Just in the summer of 2020, the single earring is a big trend, being a revival of Renaissance fashion, now is re-proposed in a modern key. Let yourself be inspired by the creativity of Marni and Veronique Lenoir! If, on the other hand, you want to make the shooting stars in August fall from envy, you can only opt for a large and sparkling chocker that draws attention to the face. Gucci and Christopher Kane's proposals certainly have character, while ChloĂŠ and Bottega Veneta offer chain necklaces respectively in gold and shades of red ideal for a walk in the lavender fields at sunset.

Here from up left: Mignon Faget Seashell Earrings with Recycled Blue Sea Glass | Wendy Yue Black Diamond And Opal Bracelet Peracas Isadora Gold-Plated Earrings | Mignon Faget Oyster large Earrings Opposite: SS20 shows Saint Laurent, Dior, Bottega Veneta | Products from up left: Mansur Gavriel Leather Clutch Lizzie Fortunato Earrings | Loewe sunglasses | Oscar de la Renta floral jacquard clutch | Sheryl Lowe gold 14k sapphire & opal necklace


top k o o L p.169


Photography Hubert Zieliński c/o Please productions Concept, Production Katie December c/o Please productions Style Kasia Jabłońska Model Marta Wieczorek c/o Rebel Models Photography assistant David Gannon Makeup, Hair Style Klaudia Jóźwiak Clothes from DH VITKAC

Opening: Dress Balenciaga | Shoes Balenciaga |Here: Dress Balenciaga | Earrings Dolce&Gabbana | Bracelet Apart Opposite: Dress Vetements | Veil Red Valentino


Summer is just around the corner and this means only one thing to us: fun. In summer, everyone is a bit more alive. The perfect recipe for your party nights includes good friends and good wine, a location under the open sky and interesting mini dresses. Floral prints, animalier and fluo colours for example, but also laminated fabrics, maxi jewels and bright makeup. Are you ready to enter a whirlwind of inspirations?

Dress Isabel Marant | Cap Gucci | Earrings Fierra Opposite: Jacket Versace | Shoes Wandler

T-shirt, Trousers Gucci | Sash Gucci Opposite: Suit Dolce&Gabbana | Earrings Sydney Evan


Beauty products for spring summer? The answer is


Care words Giulia Greco p.178

The busy life of today can be challenging and requires very often a list of priorities. It is difficult to take care of yourself in the best way: fitting office, family, gym and beauty routine in the same agenda is more or less anyone's dream, isn't it? If we still don't feel ready to give you useful advices on organization techniques (but we can recommend books about it!) we can however tell you a couple of useful things. And they concern your daily beauty routine. Never leave beauty at the bottom of the list! If you take care of yourself, you will immediately feel better and, consequently, you will be more productive. It is scientifically proven. And if it’s not, then someone should think about it. The beauty trends for the next spring/summer season are inspired once again by nature: free hair, clean skin and focus on eyes and lips. For this reason we spent some time looking for the best products to be included in your daily routine, making it easy and stressless. Being natural and fashionable at the same time has never been easier than today. In our research we have not only looked at the INCI and the production system - which we want as green as possible. But also, and above all, we thought about practicality: a few minutes of application, combined products and organized rituals easy to follow. Thus, you will have maximum results with minimum efforts. The products selection is the result of alternative scientific research that finds the solution to our problems in nature. In order to make sustainability a real fact, it is important to find natural components able to replace chemical ones, even when it comes to beauty products. Plant-based cosmetics are certainly not new, but some products are avant guard and go beyond simple extracts. We will talk about plant stem cells and Bakuchiol, a natural alternative to retinol that has everything it needs to be the ideal ally for your skin.

LATEST BEAUTY l mondo della cosmetica è ultimamente protagonista di un cambiamento molto lontano dall’essere

Foto by Daria Shevtsova

Smart Mirror - HiMirror

Shirt Marni p.114 p.59 p.97 p.133


La trasparenza trasparenza è il motto di La di Nabla Nabla Cosmetics, Cosmetics, chegenuinità punta allae genuinità che punta alla all’utilizzoe di ingreall’utilizzo di ingredienti vegani e cruelty-free, dienti vegani e cruelty-free, garantendo progarantendo prodotti diIlprima qualità. dotti di prima qualità. marchio italiano racIl marchio italiano racchiude nelnatura nome el’amore chiude nel nome l’amore per la l’arte: per la ènatura l’arte: Nabla un simbolo Nabla sia une simbolo che èinsia fisica si usa per che in fisica usa persiadescrivere la natura, descrivere la sinatura, un richiamo all’immasia un richiamospesso all’immagine dell’arpa, spesso gine dell’arpa, raffigurata in mitologia raffigurata in mitologia accanto Dio accanto ad Apollo Dio delle arti.ad Il Apollo brand prodelle una arti.serie Il brand propone molto una serie di pone di collezioni interessanti, collezioni molto interessanti, tra cui up la Vol.2”, tra cui la “Close-up Line” e la “Close“Close-up Line” e la “Closeup Vol.2”,disegnati due due linee di correttori e fondotinta linee di correttori e fondotinta disegnati per per ogni tipo di pelle. L’attenzione alle esigenogni di pelle. L’attenzione allenel esigenze ze deltipo consumatore si vede anche progetto del consumatore ancheinviare nel progetto “Me&Nabla” area siinvede cui poter qualsiasi “Me&Nabla” area in cui poter inviare qualsiasi suggerimento volto ad arricchire l’offerta del suggerimento volto adviene arricchire l’offerta del brand. Ogni consiglio discusso a cadenza brand. Ogni consiglio viene discusso a cadenmensile dal team. za mensile dal team.

Hair care: Nature in the head Plant stem cells have being studied in depth lately. They are part of the cellular regeneration system of plants which not only allows them to heal possible "wounds", but also to reproduce themselves. For this reason they are an excellent ally in hair care: it nourishes them at the root and thickens them like never before. MD Hair Restoration Starter Kit is composed of three products that, if used together, give shine and strength to the scalp and allow the thickening of the hair in few, simple steps. Scalp Essential serum nourishes the skin and revitalizes it, Follicle Energizer thickens the hair root and, last but not least, Nutri Hair in capsules makes the hair thicker in just one month of use, stimulating growth and repairing damage. Awesome, isn't it?

Sulla stessa lunghezza d’onda è anche Benecos, brand tedesco specializzato in prodotti per il make-up, unghie, capelli e corpo. Tra la Sulla stessa lunghezza d’onda è anche vasta gamma offerta dal brand gli smalti sono Benecos, brand tedesco specializzato in molto interessanti; il colore è la caratteristica prodotti per il make-up, unghie, capelli e fondamentale del prodotto, dimostrando come corpo. Tra la vasta gamma offerta dal brand uno stile di vita votato al rispetto della natura gli smalti sono molto interessanti; il colore è e delle sue risorse non faccia rinunciare all’ela caratteristica fondamentale del prodotto, stro e alla creatività. I nomi degli smalti sono dimostrando come uno stile di vita votato al molto invitanti, tra le tante proposte troviamo rispetto della natura e delle sue risorse non il “bubble gum”, “you-nique”, “wild orchid” o faccia rinunciare all’estro e alla creatività. I “flamingo”, i grandi assenti sono la formaldeinomi degli smalti sono molto invitanti, tra de, i parabeni, siliconi e altre sostanze chimile tante proposte troviamo il “bubble gum”, che nocive; al loro posto invece olio di avocado “you-nique”, “wild orchid” o “flamingo”, i e vitamina H adatta per le unghie fragili. grandi assenti sono la formaldeide, i parabeni, siliconi e altre sostanze chimiche nocive; al Queste proposte non sono le uniche sul mercaloro posto invece olio di avocado e vitamina H to, tanti sono i brand che ormai stanno viranadatta per le unghie fragili. do verso una proposta etica e sostenibile, per Queste proposte non sono le uniche sul l’ambiente e per la salute e prosperità di corpo mercato, tanti sono i brand che ormai stanno e mente. virando verso una proposta etica e sostenibile, per l’ambiente e per la salute e prosperità di corpo e mente. p.180 p.117 p.59



Nails: devil’s in the details Last season's fashion shows gave us many, many ideas for our next manicure. Having your hands done is a real luxury and changes a person's perception immediately. If going to a salon can't fit in your agenda, we think Zoya products are right for you. Why? Because everything they produce is vegan and cruelty free, they have all the colours you could wish, which are also extremely resistant. In addition, Zoya provides predefined kits, made up of all the products you need to take care of your hands from home. For example, the perfect solution for a well made manicure, suitable for everyday life, is provided by the Naked Manicure Hydrate & Heal System Kit. It includes reinforcing serum, a glossy base and top, a pink polish (classic and chic with whatever you decide to wear), and the final protective hand cream. There is nothing else to add.

p.117 p.59


Skin care: The cosmetics of the future Serum is one of the must-haves of the Korean beauty routine and it is no wonder. If used constantly it can give you the skin of your dreams and limit impurities and stains, as well as acting on cellular aging. Mandelic Pigmentation Corrector Night Serum by Allies of Skin has an innovative formula composed only of tested ingredients. It is the right choice if you are looking for a product to make your skin appear to its fullest potential. Among the other ingredients, in fact, Bakuchiol is basically the retinol of the future. Completely natural (extracted from the seeds and leaves of the babchi plant), delicate even on the most sensitive skin, it exfoliates and stimulates cell regeneration at night, acting on the smallest wrinkles and minimising the early signs of aging.




Eyes and lips: hemp is the solution Coming of makeup, this season sees the eyes protagonists. On the catwalks we saw coloured eye shadows and eyeliner, from vitamin pink and yellow to pastel blue and green. It's up to you to decide which color suits you best. In any case, however, the best thing to do is to make sure you have a good basic kit, for the well-being of eyelashes, eyebrows and lips. Among the many options the Triple the Kush Set by Milk Makeup is really innovative, for its revolutionary formula. The top ingredient is in fact the sativa hemp extract, which is incredible for its anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties and is becoming very popular not only in beauty but also in skincare. Mascara, eyebrow gel and lip balm are part of the kit and form the perfect trio to help you have a strong and good makeup base.

LASER EPILATION, AT HOME. Professional laser hair-remove is no more an exclusive treatment to do in specialised beauty salons. It enters our houses thank to Philips’ technologies. Lumea Prestige is the highlight of Philips’ epilators line: you can buy it online, it has four different heads to fit the natural shape of your body and it gives the perfect epilation, for a (very) long time. Technology’s efficacy naturally depends on type of skin and hair, but results are visible on everybody. Lumea system works together with a special app on our smartphone, which takes trace of sessions, creates a calendar to optimize your time and gives you all the advices you need for a better usage.

p.117 p.59

Photography Charl Marais c/o Blossom Management Production Charlotte Brewer-Gmoser Model Xannie Cater c/o Select Makeup Hila Karmand c/o One Represents using Dior, MAC, Tom Ford, Fenty, CTZN, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Nars, Rodial, Glossier Hair Style Marcia Lee c/o One Represents using Hair by Sam McKnight Photo assistant Lucas Muroni


When I was a child, my mom and I used to spend Sunday afternoons in a nearby greenhouse. Occasionally we went home with a new baby plant, but we never bought a bouquet of flowers. Every time I think about it, I feel sorry. It seems to me as if fresh flowers today have become a kind of luxury, which we indulge ourselves with only on special occasions. I wish there were more fresh flowers around us - in the living room but also in the kitchen and, why not, in the office. Flowers are the natural quintessence of the concept of beauty and I believe that nothing like their proximity can teach us what it means to be beautiful without trick. We need little to shine and, not surprisingly, that little is the same that flowers need to bloom. Good hydration, sunlight and (few) natural products.


Dress Dorothee Schumacher Shoes Aquazzura


According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a geek is someone who is intelligent, but not fashionable or popular. A brainiac, a nerd. Fashion takes from subcultures because it constantly needs novelties and is always looking for the different: what is new, "ugly" in a certain sense, becomes fashion and vice versa. Geeks are the Gucci man and woman, for example. In popular culture they would be probably considered losers, yet we like them so much. Fashion and anti fashion, today the line is so thin that it is almost imperceptible.

Say Geek's Name

Photography Weronika Kosińska Style Paulina Gzik Model Maksym c/o Rebel Models Hair Style Izabela Świrkowska Makeup Anna Sokołowska

Jumper Calvin Klein Jeans Shirt MassimoDutti Trousers Go&Do Trainers Dolce & Gabbana White socks Michael Kors Glasses GloomySunday

Here and Opposite: Shirt Saint Laurent Trousers Go&Do Turtleneck Paul Smith Braces Charvet Socks Happy Socks Shoes Tod’s Cap Alexander McQueen


Jumper RalphLauren Jacket Go&Do Trousers Ermenegildo Zegna Shoes Dolce & Gabbana Glasses GloomySunday Opposite: Jumper TommyHilfiger Trousers Go&Do Trainers Saint Laurent Socks Taka Para Cap Calvin Klein


Coat, trousers Dolce & Gabbana Bow Tie Hackett Trainers Kenzo Socks Taka Para Glasses Gucci Opposite: Full look Kenzo

Jacket Ermenegildo Zegna Shirt MassimoDutti Bow Tie Hugo Boss Trousers Versace Belt Saint Laurent Socks Happy Socks Shoes Amiri Glasses GloomySunday Opposite: Waistcoat, shirt Versace Trousers Maison Margiela Tie TommyHilfiger Cap LuckySeven Shoes Dolce & Gabbana Glasses GloomySunday

CASA CAMPINARANA Photo Leonardo Finotti | Words Ludovica Mucci - up to page 221 p.215

Editor’s letter

Ph. Maira Acayaba


LAURENT TROOST In the last issue of Latest, we talked about bio-architecture, the design of the future and the need to face climate change with concrete actions. We have mentioned some works carried out and projects still to be worked on in the future that will give a new configuration to the urban planning of important cities, including the Vertical Forest of Milan, the Nautilus eco resort in the Philippines or the Hyperions Eco-Neighborhood in India. In this issue, the Latest team had the pleasure of interviewing Lauren Troost of Lauren Troost Architects, the team that built Casa Campinarana. This magnificent home is located in Manaus, the city located in north-western Brazil along the Negro and the Amazon rivers. p.216

The house is the result of a passive architectural project, which consists in the construction of an environment that promotes thermal well-being with minimal energy consumption, by mainly exploiting natural resources. In short, innovation seems to be one of the very foundations of this house. However, such innovation does not stop at the bottom. All the interiors of the house have been adapted to the forest to preserve its ecosystem as much as possible. It is precisely for this reason that the house have not the typical shape we are used to see; the living spaces are in fact located on the upper deck, as is the swimming pool. The Casa Campinarana revolution presents many other brilliant ideas for which it has won numerous awards, including the Dezeen Award 2019 for Rural House and the Metal Architecture Design Award 2019. In this interview, Lauren Troost told us in detail all there is to know about Casa Campinarana, starting with its driving inspiration. We discussed their future projects, and then emphasized the importance of passive design especially in fragile ecosystems such as that of the Amazon. To date, passive design remains a great challenge when it comes to applying it on a large scale, but Casa Campinarana is certainly an amazing start.

-Can you tell us about the original idea behind Casa Campinarana? What was the ultimate objective of this amazing project? The preservation and valorization of Campinarana - a type of Amazon forest characterized by small trees, whose soil is shallow and clayey - was the starting point for the concept of the project. To minimize deforestation and preserve as much as possible of the Forest, the main architectural strategy for construction in the 20 x 40 m plot was the reversal of the classic housing typology. At Casa Campinarana the rooms are located on the ground floor and the internal living environments, the outside seating and the swimming pool, are located on the upper deck.

-Why choosing the Amazon as a space to build a home? Were there a symbolical meaning together with a firm architectural strategy in your design? The Amazon used to be the home of around 40 millions inhabitants. Nowadays, around 9 millions people are living in the Amazon. Housing is thus a basic need for many people. Manaus, where the Casa Campinarana is built is a city of 2 millions inhabitants. The house is built in the suburbs where the forest is more preserved. Although most of locals do cut down all trees when they decide to build on a plot, we had the chance to get a client that wanted us not to cut down any trees at all! That was the best starting point we could dream of!

Ph. in this page Leonardo Finotti

Editor’s letter

- What do you think is the role of architecture and design in a world where new, sustainable systems have to be implemented together with a whole new concept around the idea of home?

I believe Architecture is the art of building a roof and this is even more literal so close to the Equator, where it rains “horizontally� due to tropical winds and where the sun shines on the North during 6 months and on the South for the other 6 months of the year. In other words, the Amazon, more than any other area on the planet, requires climate-appropriate architectural strategies. The natural and environmental conditions are extreme and the proximity of the equatorial zone requires an architecture oriented towards thermal comfort and "passive" sustainability, that is, adequate orientation, creation of protective eaves, dimensioning and orientation of the openings for cross ventilation, as well as preservation of local ecological systems. Currently, in Manaus, only a huge majority of houses are thought of this way. Hopefully, the situation is slowly changing and passive housing projects are having more space on the market.

Ph. here and opposite page Maira Acayaba

-Materials really express the soul of a habitation. What kind of materials were employed to build this house? The groundfloor is a concrete structure and the first floor is entirely made out of glass and steel. The roof is made out of steel and has been claded with Corten steel. The choice of Corten as roof material was due to its low maintenance and evolutionary character in harmony with the Forest of Campina and its reddish clay soil so present in the landscapes of the Amazon. -Could you give us a description of the interiors? Were you driven by a classic housing typology? If not, in what ways was your approach different? As mentioned above, to minimize deforestation and preserve as much as possible of the Forest, the main architectural strategy for construction in the 20 x 40 m plot was the reversal of the

classic housing typology. At Casa Campinarana the rooms are located on the ground floor and the internal living environments, the outside seating and the swimming pool, are located on the upper deck. In order to optimize the relationships between external and internal spaces and to optimize exposure to climatic factors, the house was divided into two large volumes: a longilineal and a transversal one. The longilineal volume houses functions that do not need to be protected from the sun, such as the access, the garage, the storage room, the pool, the laundry, the quarry and the TV room. The transversal volume houses f unctions that need to be protected from the sun and rains, such as bedrooms on the groundfloor and living room, dining room, kitchen on the upperfloor. In addition to the guaranteed cross ventilation with its sliding windows on both sides and the glass fins on the third side, the fully glazed living room allows complete

integration with the covered terrace, solarium, pool and nature.

-Were you inspired by a particular kind of design when first thinking about the structures, shapes and interiors of Casa Campinarana? An inspiration for this work has definitely been the work by Severiano Mario Porto, an architect from Rio de Janeiro that has done quite some important and beautiful works in Manaus in the 80’s and 90’s. His work hasn’t received the recognition it should have yet. He was inspired by local craftsmanship and local building techniques and was re-interpreting those with contemporary building techniques such as steel and concrete pre-fabrication among others. In my point of view, the Amazonas University campus is a masterpiece. Very modestly, Casa Campinarana has been inspired by all the learnings from the project


Editor’s letter

Ph. here and opposite page Leonardo Finotti

of that campus and added a new layer of inspirations from the Brazilian colonial roofs. Indeed, the main transversal volume received a contemporary reinterpretation of the colonial roofs, with 8 pitches in 2 independent levels, allowing the fruition of the winds and the creation of an air mattress in the in-between space, protecting the thermal comfort of the living space of the upper floor of the house. The reduced width of the main volume is designed to guarantee cross ventilation in all environments. This passive energy strategy adapted to the climate allows a very low energy consumption. On the East and West side, the roof consists of lateral vertical planes that protect the inhabited spaces from the first and last rays of equatorial sun. There was also the concern to create an independent roof of the house, with the construction of eaves of two meters to the North and to the South, supported only by eight supports in "V". The roof, therefore, can dilate in function of the thermal variation and insolation throughout the year, without compromising the structure of the house. -With this project you showed us a future where design and nature can co-exist without the first sacrificing the other. What do you think the future of design will be? p.220

Surprisingly enough, Manaus, the capital of the Amazon is a pretty “dry” city in contrast to the Amazon rainforest that surrounds it. I deeply hope the future of this city will be more green, more permeable, more windy, more compact, etc. But the challenge of growing the strategies that have been employed at the Casa Campinarana to a large scale housing complex are huge. The rural scale is a very appropriate scale to test those passive energy concepts. 60% of plot permeability or large eaves are hard to combine with the high density of a city center. The challenge resides in applying those concepts at the scale of the city. -How do you think your past projects guided you or helped you in achieving this important cornerstone for the future of architecture? I’m not sure past projects really helped me in this very specific project since the project of this house is kind of old and was one of the very first project I have done when I moved in Manaus. I had therefore almost no tropical architecture background (I am from Brussels, Belgium) when developing the project. As previously mentioned, my analysis of Severiano Mario Porto’s works is probably the best input I had to start working on this project.

-Are you working on new projects? Could you give us a hint of what are they about? The Casa Campinarana has been internationally acclaimed and has received several awards in 2019. Among others, the Dezeen Award 2019 for Rural House, and the 2019 Metal Architecture Design Award. This has been a milestone for my career and from there on, clients started asking for projects based on the same concepts. There’s even a client that asked us to repeat exactly this house the way it was. We obviously adapted to project, we didn’t repeat it. And it’s now being build. It should be ready on a couple of months. We also had the chance to start working on larger scale housing projects, commercials and hotels.

-What advice would you give to young architects who want to pursue a career in your field now that sustainability has really become a crucial asset in the art world at large? The only advice I’d like to give is not to fall into high-tech gadgets! Do hard-core passive design, it works!

Drive to

Analog Photography Fabio Bozzetti Style Svetlana Shashkova Model Lidia Piszczor c/o Brave models Hair style Gianmarco Grazi Makeup Ginevra Calie Location Serendeepiity Milan


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Sustainable BRAZIL


Porcos beach Fernando de Noronha - Brazil Šsteppes travel

LATEST Paradise words Marta Forgione up to page 235

After interviewing the great architect Laurent Troost (p. 214) we couldn't have done that recommend Brazil as a sustainable tourist destination for this S / S'20. Famous country in the world especially for the Rio carnival, the statue of Christ the Redeemer, football and in general as a place of people who love to have fun, for us lovers of nature and dream resorts Brazil is a fundamental destination that is independent of the various parties. From unforgettable beaches such as Jijoca de Jericoacoara to the wild rainforest of the Amazon, up to the spectacular and impressive Iguaรงu Falls on the border with Argentina. It is such a vast country that its regions could be considered as stand-alone states, as they are geographically different. Are you ready for your unforgettable vacation? In Brazil there is really a lot to see and, especially these days, to protect from those who are destroying the lung of the world day by day.


Zero I

courtesy of vilakalango.com.br

VILA KALANGO - Duna do Por do Sol A place that became famous more than 15 years ago for water sports and not, because of the constant wind, Vila Kalango is located next to Duna do PĂ´r do Sol (Sunset Dune), and is the only tropical paradise of the area that has preserved the native centenary coconut trees and cashews; we are talking about 5000 square meters. Winner of the Braztoa 2018/19 sustainability award in the "Hosting media" category! The built zone of the area is only 34%. The rest remained virgin and intact. For the construction, local materials and labor were used to minimise the environmental impact. The decor is minimal luxury, the staff welcomes you as if you were at home. Together with the Eu Amo Jeri association they deal with the recycling, conservation and cleaning of the beaches. Their organic garden in Rancho do Peixe, a pousada near Vila Kalango, uses the compost generated in the pousada itself and meets the needs of their restaurants.


courtesy of ilha de toque

ILHA DE TOQUE TOQUE - Sao Sebastiao The first and only hotel in the world completely with zero waste, with official Zero Waste International Alliance credential! A dream of luxury sustainability that many could follow and take as an example. Bottles of water in the room? Not anymore! They offer free water in the filters inside the apartments. All sauces and creams are served in ceramic pots in the restaurant. They carry out important training for employees. It's nice to know that some have even started to compost the organic waste in their homes. The luxury here is to have a swimming pool, a spa with jacuzzi and sauna, an incredible view of the sea from the hill which makes the place truly romantic! Always talking about luxury, harmony with nature and having the privilege of experiencing the rich local fauna is of great importance to us. The interior design of the hotel is minimal and without ostentation, maintaining a perfect balance with the paradise in which it is located. p.177 p.233


pousada Pineta pedrahotel da laguna Juniorcourtesy Suite Arnica tripadvisor | courtesy of pinetahotels.it

PEDRA DA LAGUNA - Bùzios The Pedra da Laguna Boutique & Spa hotel has dealt with environmental practices since 2000 when it was founded, including the use of solar energy, the reuse of rainwater, the separation of solid residues and the preparation of adequate staff. The policy is to no longer have any kind of waste and to adopt the 3 Rs of environmental awareness: to reduce, reuse and recycle. The hotel is located near the "PONTA DA LAGOINHA" in Bùzios, which is a protected area and offers one of the most beautiful views of the area. The city of Bùzios is located on a particular peninsula which gives the feeling of being on an island. 23 beautiful beaches, night clubs, the area has grown a lot after a trip by Brigitte Bardot in '64 and since then it has become the 5th destination in Brazil and international jet set.


courtesy of nayroyal.com.br

NAU ROYAL - Praia de CamburĂ­ "5star hotel and 5star community" is the ideal shared by all BLTA partner members, which includes large and small hotels united in a commitment to excellence and sustainability, including the Nau Royal. Adults-only hotel a stone's throw from the beach with spa, not far from Praia de Camburi, has become sustainable since 2013. They are trying to use the least amount of natural resources, so that future generations will still be able to enjoy these paradises as much as those current. There are large areas dedicated to responsible architecture, which includes energyefficient projects representing the balance between form, construction systems and technology of engineering systems. The external garden design gently brings us to the beach and therefore to without contrasts. The feeling is of pure balance between luxury and nature.

p.177 p.235



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Password: R/Evolution. Revolution rhymes with Evolution. As it is in all things, you have to change to move forward and grow. We must accept...

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