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Photography by Steven Hope

Editor's Note

Oh, July, you magical, beautiful month!

This issue really sparkles. Check out that cover of Celeigh Cardinal—golden girl, songbird, a powerhouse of talent. Her new album, Boundless Possibilities, just came out and it is spectacular. Breanna Mroczek has

the story on Celeigh in the Arts & Culture section. In Cuisine, we feature Diana Harrison of Art of Charcuterie. Her joie de vivre is contagious and her charcuterie arrangements are absolutely glorious. Our Profile this month is radio star, Shannon Tyler, who reveals more about what inspires her, what makes her happy, and how her one faux paus has come to benefit people in need.

This city sparkles, too, with those big blue skies and golden sunsets. It’s time to enjoy our gorgeous River Valley by day and conversation with friends around a firepit at night. It’s time for popsicles, poolside parties and picnics in the park. This is the month to get outside; take in those festivals and outdoor concerts (even in the rain! We need that moisture, right?).

Summertime is sippin’ time. Get the gang together. Find a patio! Our wine expert, Marcia Hamm, has a few rosés to recommend. How about rosé on a riverboat? The newly renovated Edmonton Queen can fill that request, along with brunch, burgers and duelling pianos.

We’ve got 31 long days this month that average 17 hours of daylight; put on that sunscreen and make the most of them. Summer in the city: it’s a wonderful place to be.


Erin Walker is a professional food photographer, recipe developer and food stylist, with clients in Edmonton and across North America. When she’s not spending time behind the lens or in the kitchen, you can find her reading, gardening and enjoying everyday life with her husband and her two busy boys.

Francesca Roznicki is a creative entrepreneur and busy mom of two boys. Always passionate about interior design, she has worked exclusively within the interior design and home building industry in Edmonton. When she isn't busy shuffling kids to sports practice and writing for her clients, she's scouring the local real estate listings and diving into decor magazines with a piping hot Americano.

Phebe Melan, Originally from Malaysia, Phebe moved to the UK when she was 19 and Alberta in 2013. She is a wildly creative photographer who uses her skill to uniquely capture images and make people look and feel great. Photography has allowed Phebe to expand her outlook on life. Her mission is to make every moment count, and she does so by capturing many of them frame by frame, in the process.

Brandy Belitsky is a mom, wife, graphic designer, photographer, writer, and singer. Her passion for art and design has kept her busy in both the working world and in play. If she's not working, she's probably spending time with her family, creating something, singing, or cooking something up in the kitchen.

Marcia J. Hamm is a lover of all things wine, but is especially passionate about Italy's native grape varieties. She is a WSET diploma holder, an Italian Wine Scholar and one of only 15 Italian Wine Experts In the world through the Vinitaly international Academy (VIA). Marcia also loves to sing, ride her bicycle, have dinner parties and relax on the patio.

Steven Hope Is an award winning creative, working in commercials and film around the world. He often uses minimalism in his work, allowing the concept to stand alone.


Publisher's Note

Celebrating four years of Modern Luxuria 14


Edmonton's beloved voice of positivity: Shannon Tyler 16


Modern Luxuria's essential guide to staying safe and on trend this summer 24


Diana Harrison's edible masterpieces 34


From Calabria to Cabrieres: Exploring exceptional varieties of rosé 42

Arts & Culture

Celeigh Cardinal's journey through grief, joy and musical revelation 48


Steveston B.C.: The perfect West Coast getaway 56

Publisher's Note

"Celebrate what you’ve accomplished, but raise the bar a little higher each time you succeed."
– Mia Hamm

July 2024 brings Modern Luxuria into its fifth year of publication. As we look to what lies ahead, we reflect on how far we've come and the momentum we've built. Our June event at the Pendennis Building was a huge success. New partnerships were built, and exciting opportunities emerged. Thank you to all who came out and supported us; it really means a lot.

Edmonton comes to life this month with a wide-ranging variety of festivals and events. From vibrant music and captivating art to exciting culinary experiences, there is much to be discovered. The excitement of the season is palpable. This is the perfect time to engage with the community and embrace all that Edmonton has to offer. We love our city, and this magazine is our way of sharing its story. Thank you for making Modern Luxuria a beloved publication among locals—and beyond!

– Elsa
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Tuning into kindness, connection and grace Shannon Tyler




For over 20 years, Shannon Tyler's familiar voice has been a comforting presence for the people of Edmonton. Tyler’s journey through the airwaves has spanned eight radio stations across five radio companies and two television stations. As the beloved weekday voice on up! 99.3, Tyler has earned the endearing title of “the at-work friend,” a role she inhabits with infectious laughter, boundless positive energy and unmistakable love for her craft.

Tyler believes that showing up with a smile is a conscious choice; one she makes every day. "I work in the public eye and my radio show is ultimately about connecting with people," she says. For Tyler, it’s not just about sharing favourite music or playlists; it's about creating a bond with her listeners, making them feel like friends connected through the airwaves and the shared experiences of their great city. Tyler’s show is a space where people can chat about anything happening in their lives. "You certainly realize that many people are lonely, and it's just good to talk to somebody every once in a while, to know you have a friend out there. We're all just going through stuff—big stuff and little stuff. I want to give grace. I want other people to feel like they've got a little bit of room to be whoever they are."

Tyler’s journey hasn't been without its trials. She recalls a particularly challenging period when her first marriage ended. During this time, she hosted a show called Shannon Tyler and the Heart of the Night, playing love songs while her heart was breaking. Yet, she discovered a profound truth: by being kind to others and connecting with them, she found respite from her pain. "If you pull yourself out of your own sorrow and you are kind to somebody else, whatever you’re going through hurts less."

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Tyler’s live radio career also comes with its share of on-air slips. “I can often mistake the microphone button and the phone button,” she admits, which leads to her accidentally talking over songs. Her listeners have always been forgiving, seeing the humour in the situation. This particular faux paus inspired Tyler in May 2023 to start a “Turn Your Mic Off” jar. Each time she made the mistake, she added $100 to the jar, with plans to donate the total at year’s end to The Stollery Children's Hospital’s new Mental Health Initiative. By December, the jar held $500.

Within minutes of sharing her tally, the community responded with an additional $1500 in matching donations. Tyler continued the initiative in 2024, with plans to donate the accumulated funds to CASA Mental Health. "This was a great way to flip something that was kind of embarrassing and make it into a good thing that benefits others," she says, embracing the ability to make mistakes and extend grace to oneself.

In addition to her radio show, Tyler is also involved in the arts and music scene. Every spring, the John Cameron Changing Lives Foundation hosts a heartwarming and impactful show called Crescendo, a production that focuses on mental health—particularly children’s mental health—with proceeds going to Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation in Calgary and the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation in Edmonton. "It's all about making it normal to talk about how you're doing and getting the help you need," Tyler says. This mission holds significant personal importance to those involved. A full orchestra bolstered by a roster of emotionally invested, talented singers, like Tyler, adds to the event's magical atmosphere.

Tyler’s passion for music also has her on the board of The Don Berner Big Band Foundation. "I joined the board to help preserve that legacy," she says, explaining that while Edmonton has a rich history in musical talent, performance, and education, it’s also seen the unfortunate loss of 40 live music venues over the past four years. Despite this, MacEwan University continues to produce outstanding musical talent, though opportunities for local musicians have diminished. "I want to keep the talent working in Edmonton. Big Band is awesome! Orchestra is fabulous! Live music is so important, and we need to continue to provide opportunities for people to experience it." For Tyler, music is more than a passion; it's a love language. Well, that and food. “Bring me a chocolate bar from the gas station but tell me why you like it,” she says, “…then play me your favourite song."

As Tyler continues to connect with Edmontonians through her warmth and humour, she exemplifies the power of kindness and connection. Whether she's sharing a laugh over the airwaves, supporting vital mental health initiatives, or preserving the city's rich musical heritage, her positivity shines through. With each broadcast, Tyler not only entertains but also fosters a sense of belonging, reminding us of the simple yet profound impact of a friendly voice and a listening ear.


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Hat Attack

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Summer Essentials

Have fun, look great and stay safe out there!


Prepare for sun-kissed summer days with Modern Luxuria’s timely collection of seasonal essentials. Look fabulous (and protect yourself) from head to toe with serious sunscreen, gorgeous hats, eye-catching sunglasses and sexy sandals. Get ready to have fun at the pool or beach with picnic and party requirements like coolers, blankets and portable speakers. Elevate your summer outings with these fashionable and functional finds for a memorable, luxurious summertime experience.

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The Belgian Towel

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Set amidst the tranquil beauty of the River Valley, the Edmonton Riverboat offers a unique way to experience the North Saskatchewan River and the city's skyline. Whether it's a sunny brunch, a buffet dinner, or a serene sunset cruise, the recently renovated Edmonton Queen offers a memorable experience.

Sip a summer cocktail from one of the two onboard bars while the sun sets over the river with the city’s glass-fronted highrises reflecting off the water. Culinary offerings include lunch and dinner buffets and burgers from the top deck barbecue. The hospitable crew ensures that every moment is enjoyable, whether you're celebrating a special occasion or simply relaxing with a loved one.

Each trip is distinct and filled with entertainment with special events like the Duelling Pianos and Canada Day cruises providing front-row seats to the city’s impressive fireworks display. For those looking to host private events, the Edmonton Riverboat is a unique venue that combines luxury with panoramic views of the River Valley.

The Edmonton Riverboat has navigated the North Saskatchewan River for nearly three decades. Originally known as the Edmonton Queen, it has changed hands several times since its construction in 1993 by Scott Steel Ltd. and over the years faced numerous challenges from legal battles to financial hurdles.

In 2024, Rob Davy and Eric Warnke purchased the riverboat from Jay Esterer who invested one million dollars into the boat’s improvements, restoring it to like new condition. The 52-meter, steel-hulled paddlewheeler weighs 210 tonnes and comfortably accommodates over 300 passengers.

With tickets available online, planning your visit is easy and convenient. Stay updated on cruise schedules and special events by following the Edmonton Riverboat on social media or subscribing to their newsletter.

Edible Masterpieces

The art of charcuterie


Standing in front of Diana Harrison’s tasty displays presents not one, but two conundrums: the food looks too good to eat, but also, everything looks so irresistible that you want to dive in headfirst to smother yourself in honey and soft, gooey cheese that smells like apricots.

If it’s true that you first eat with your eyes, then Harrison does a brilliant job at stirring the appetite. Each photogenic feast of bite-size bits and bobs is a unique creation. Large arrangements layered with sweet and savoury items and interspersed with flower petals, preserves and tiny pots of salt can stretch for metres, but, even her portable picnic packs make one giddy with anticipation.

Harrison’s exposure to art, architecture, history and food comes from years of working as a travel agent. It was during an exploratory trip to Mallorca that she first tasted serrano ham paired with melon. “It was orgasmic,” she says of the unexpectedly satisfying sweet-and-salty combination. “I had never had anything like that before. From then on, I just couldn’t get enough of trying different foods.”

World travel may have opened her eyes to extraordinary experiences, but even as a youngster, Harrison was intrigued by design and presentation.

“At [age] five, I was moving food around on my plate to make it look pretty. The melon and ham pairing was a life-changing event for me. After I moved to Canada, I did a display with cheese, meat and condiments on a wooden board and added some subtle nuances to give it an 18th-century Baroque vibe. People loved it. It was very artistic—and that was how Art of Charcuterie was born.”

The masterful blending of art and food separates Harrison from the crowd. It’s a process she compares to painting a picture. The flowers, the vintage utensils, the tiny pots of preserves and handwritten notes are the extras that take her displays to another level. “Where certain colours go, the depth, the layering; even the placement of a knife and how it’s angled ignites a response from me. It doesn’t matter if no one else notices. I know it’s there.” Tiny, fresh-picked peas. Purple sprinkles of lavender buds. Little pops of colours like gems reveal themselves as you slowly make your way down the line. It’s a treasure hunt of the most delicious kind.

Harrison’s work not only looks beautiful, it tastes beautiful, too. The proof is in the grass-fed cured meats and the artisanal cheese like the Brebirousse d'Argental, a sheep's milk cheese from Lyon that Harrison loves to use because “it travels on your palate.”

Feeding people makes Harrison happy. “When I see a table ravished, those long hours of preparation disappear. I love seeing people excited about food. It’s our common link. We all want to connect, and food can make that happen.”

If you find yourself standing before an Art of Charcuterie masterpiece, take the photo (everyone does), but then, dive in—with your fork, of course. Be the first one. Go for the figs. Find the gooey cheese; slather it on bread and top it with honey. An odd pairing perhaps, but try it. You never know, it just might change your life.

Summertime Wine

See the world through rosé-coloured glasses



There are thousands of red grape varieties; many of which are used to make rosé. While one might enjoy a big, robust red, others might enjoy the fresh, fruity, lowe(er) alcohol wine of a lighter hue. These pink wines are especially appreciated during the long summer days, however, they can (and should) be enjoyed all year long.

Despite a centuries-long history of winemaking, Calabrese wines remain relatively unknown compared to other regions like Piemonte or Lombardia. Ippolito, located in the only DOC of Cirò, is the oldest winery in this part of Italy, boasting 150 years of viticulture and winemaking. Created in 1845 with a set of initials on a country house, the fifth generation now works hard to promote Calabria and its native grape varieties, the land, and its biodiversity.

The Mabilia rosato is named for an 11th-century Norman princess who lived in the region. Made from gaglioppo, the most ancient native grape of Calabria, the wine is salmon-pink with fragrant notes of sour black cherry, grapefruit, violet and rose. Fresh, delicate, yet persistent, this wine could easily grace anyone’s table this summer. Luxurious taste, yet well-priced at around $23.

Gerard Bertrand is an icon in southern France. With an empire stretching through much of Languedoc over his 12 separate estates, his ongoing goal is to reveal and promote the best terroirs in the region. By age 9, Bertrand had learned much about grape growing and winemaking from his father. When his father passed away, Bertrand was in his early 20s. The skills and business acumen he’d acquired over the years allowed him to take over and successfully run the company. He set out by employing the biodynamic and sustainable principles that had become increasingly important to him. The third and fourth generations of the family follow in his footsteps, gleaning as much wisdom as they can from Bertrand along the way. His passion is evident in every bottle of wine he produces. From the simple to luxurious; the everyday to the elegant, Gerard Bertrand has a wine for every palate and budget.

Bertrand’s Clos du Temple rosé is produced in the historic terroir of Cabrieres, the birthplace of rosé. This wine is Bertrand’s attempt to make the world’s most expensive rosé. The bottle speaks to luxury with its unique, rectangular design, adorned with a fine gold decoration to remind one of the hills surrounding the winery. This exquisite wine is a delicate pink; fragrant and fruity, with notes of apricot, white peach, rose and hints of green pepper. It also comes with a luxurious price: around $275 for a bottle.

The De Grendel wine estate in the Western Cape of South Africa boasts a rich and fascinating history. Sir David Graaff, the first mayor of Cape Town, embarked on the task of modernizing the city and bringing electricity to the area. Graaff purchased the estate, and over time, raised livestock, and planted vineyards and other fruits and vegetables. A rare 10-generation Baronet title was bestowed upon him by King George V due to these efforts.

Today, 4th generation Baronet and proprietor, De Villiers Graaff, continues to expand upon the wines offered. The Proposal Hill Brut Rosé pays homage to his grandparents’ love story. It was on this Tyberberg hill, overlooking the original homestead built by the first Baronet Graaff, that their wedding proposal took place. This 100% pinot noir Methode Cap Classique (South Africa’s version of traditional method sparkling wine), makes an ideal summer celebration wine. Fresh lavender, strawberry coulis and black cherry aromas and flavours are well-balanced with crisp acidity and a delicate bubble. The colourful floral gift box makes it a perfect welcome gift for any picnic or garden party. Well-made and luxurious, the $40 price tag would allow you to buy more than one bottle.

Straight From the Heart

Celeigh Cardinal goes through the (e) motions for her third album

When singer-songwriter Celeigh Cardinal released her third album, Boundless Possibilities, in June 2024, it sounded very different from what she originally planned for the album when she started writing it in 2019. Originally called Euphoria, Cardinal was inspired by “the amazing, euphoric feeling I have after healing from a migraine,” and was experimenting with upbeat pop and electronic sounds. But when 2020 hit, everything changed. Cardinal was awarded Indigenous Artist or Group of the Year at the JUNO Awards, which for her was a “life goal.”

But the achievement was followed by the low of the murder of her son’s father. “It was such a roller coaster of emotions, all while I’m continuing to have one of my busiest years of work and trying to process what was happening during the pandemic."

When Cardinal returned to songwriting, she took the album in a new direction. Boundless Possibilities touches on feelings of grief, but Cardinal says, “It’s also about the joy of life, because with loss you appreciate the people you do have even more.” The title track is a spoken word track in collaboration with Matthew Cardinal (no relation) who created a soundscape to match the dreamlike, spacey vibes Cardinal wanted. “A friend who died by suicide came to visit me in a dream, but it felt like a real visit,” Cardinal says about the inspiration for her song. “We had a difficult relationship, which made her passing even harder, but when she visited me it felt like everything was settled. I haven’t been religious for many, many years, but this opened up my heart to spirituality again. It opened up my mind to the boundless possibilities of what life can be.”

" "

It’s also about the joy of life, because with loss you appreciate the people you do have even more.

Cardinal shelved what she had written prior to 2020, and instead wrote new songs over the course of three years. The final track, “The Only Way Out,” was actually written first following the death of her son’s father. “It doesn’t always happen, but sometimes I can sit down and write a song from front to back, and that’s exactly what happened with this song. I also recorded it in one sitting on my phone—that’s the version you hear on the album because it’s the only time I’ve been able to sing it all the way through without crying.”

As Cardinal takes her new album on tour this summer, she says audiences can expect lots of humour and storytelling between songs. “I want to tell the stories of where the songs are coming from, to give people context,” Cardinal says. “The thing I love most about performing is the connection that I feel with people who are in the audience. I’m a really empathetic person who wants to give people permission to just feel all the things. There’s a lot of laughter that happens in my performances. It’s important to me that even though I’m singing songs about grief, we’re experiencing joy at the same time. I hope we all let ourselves feel and release, and feel better for it. At the end of the day, I just want to make people feel good.”

West Coast Therapy

Charming, picturesque Steveston, B.C.


The flight time from Edmonton or Calgary to Vancouver is about 90 minutes long, making this west coast city a popular getaway option for many a prairie traveller.

You can spare the rental car; Steveston is a very walkable place with shops and restaurants close in proximity to accommodations. If you want to zip around, Village Bikes has a variety of models to rent including road bikes, electric-assist cruisers, mountain bikes, and tri-cycles—perfect for carrying all those purchases you’re going to make at the quaint boutiques.

In the 1880s, Steveston was home to 45 salmon canneries. Evidence of that industry remains in the historical markers along the boardwalk and trails running along the waterfront, and in the village’s two National Historic Sites, the Britannia Shipyards and the Gulf of Georgia Cannery.

Steveston is a charming, idyllic town, and while much of it was declared a heritage zone in the 1960s, it is still a working fishing village. If seafood is what you seek, you’re in the right place. Nearly every restaurant has an aquatic offering: fish and chips, fish tacos, seafood platters, oysters, mussels, spot prawns, and salmon, of course—smoked, cured, grilled and chowdered, which makes sense; the largest salmon run in North America happens right here.

Fresh seafood is also available for purchase right at the docks; handy if your accommodation has fully-equipped kitchens, like the rooms at the Steveston Waterfront Hotel. As indicated by its name, the hotel is a stone’s throw from the water. Just steps outside your door are pathways to view boats and birds, or benches where you can sit and enjoy a cup of coffee at sunrise.

May through October is prime whale watching season in this area. Our excursion with Seabreeze Adventures had us out on the water for most of the afternoon in a 12-person Zodiac with Shauna, a certified marine naturalist who provided in-depth information on seals, sea lions, eagles and orcas. Whale watching excursion companies abide by a code of conduct that limits their time spent in areas where orcas and other sea animals are present.

Excursion operators record sightings and sealife information in a database to keep track of animals’ health, behaviour and migratory action. Safety for humans and animals is top of mind; survival suits are worn not only to keep people safe in case of emergency but also to keep guests warm and dry from seaspray while navigating the choppy waters between the Fraser River and the Strait of Georgia.

Seabreeze Adventures has a 97% success rate and offers guests the opportunity to come back at no charge to try again if, at first, they don’t succeed in spotting a whale.

June, July and August are the busiest times for tourism in Steveston. Visiting in the shoulder months of May, September or October is highly recommended and just as enjoyable.

Bring your camera and your appetite.

Closest airport:

Vancouver International Airport (YVR), a 20-minute car ride to Steveston.

Notable food and drink:

Blue Canoe, Britannia Brewing, Baan Lao, Toast to Coast, Pajo’s.

What to do:

Liron Gertsman Birding Tours Seabreeze Adventure - fishing and whale watching Britannia Shipyard - guided tours and a 2-hour riverboat cruise Gulf of Georgia Canneryhistory of the local fishing industry

Enjoy comfort and style with our


Your outdoor space can be an inviting paradise with key fixtures. A swivel chair, lush greenery, stylish pottery, and a crackling fireplace can help keep things cozy as the sun sets. Versatility is everything. Use ottomans, table trays and movable planters to turn a quiet, comfy book-reading zone into an entertainment venue for backyard barbecues. Don’t forget the lighting! String lights, candles and solar spikes in potted plants all help to set the mood. Feel the warmth of summer in every detail, and let your outdoor space become the heart of your home.

LOLA Lounge

Ezme Pots

Salad Bowl Set

Milano Cypress Cedar Green, 5Ft

Unveiling Elegance

Brix&Co reveals the Serenity Table

On June 5th, the design community gathered at DesignLOFT in Edmonton for the unveiling of the Brix&Co Serenity Table, a fine example of furniture design showcasing the amalgamation of elegance and function. The atmosphere was electric as design enthusiasts and industry leaders connected over delicious food by A Capella Catering while admiring this stunning new addition to the Brix&Co collection.


A Night To Remember

Celebrating five years of empowering women's health

The Lois Hole Hospital for Women remains Alberta’s only hospital dedicated to women’s health and wellness. Thanks to the generosity of donors, including support from the Lois Hole Hospital Women's Society, the hospital has become a leader in women's health by funding innovative care models, advanced research, and specialized programs. From high-risk obstetrical and maternal care to the surgical treatment of gynecological cancers, the hospital provides comprehensive services under one roof, enhancing accessibility and quality care.


Uniting For Mental Health

Celebrating four years of Modern Luxuria

On June 12th we celebrated Modern Luxuria’s fourth anniversary at the Pendennis Building. Guests enjoyed culinary delights from The Party People Catering Company, soulful melodies by Sonia Maciel and beats from DJ Kwake. It was an evening of establishing connections while bringing the community together for mental health awareness. A portion of our ticket sales was donated to The Mental Health Foundation. A special thanks to our generous sponsors—the Pendennis Building, Lexus of Edmonton, and Engine Compression Solutions.

July in Edmonton


Canada Day on the Edmonton Riverboat

July 1 -The Edmonton Riverboat

Celebrate Canada Day on the Edmonton Riverboat with three exciting events. The Lunch Cruise starts at 11:30 AM and offers a delicious buffet and scenic views of the city’s River Valley. The afternoon cruise starts at 3 PM and features a dinner buffet and signature Canada Day cocktails. The Canada Day Fireworks Cruise starts at 8:30 PM, providing guests with a spectacular view of the evening's fireworks display over the river.


Edmonton International Street Performers Festival

July 5 - 14 - Churchill Square

Celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Edmonton International Street Performers Festival in the heart of downtown. This vibrant festival features a variety of street performances, including circus acts, comedy, and music. Special events include Kids' World, Busker Academy, and family-friendly Dino-Dance Parties. Enjoy daily performances from 10:30 AM to 11:00 PM with a grand finale on July 14 ending at 4:00 PM.


The Great Outdoors Comedy Festival

July 12 - 14 - Kinsmen Park

Get ready to laugh your pants off at The Great Outdoors Comedy Festival. The festival kicks off on July 12 with performances by Andrew Schulz and Shane Gillis. On July 13, Kevin Hart will headline the event, bringing his "Acting My Age" standup tour to the stage. The final day, July 14, features Bert Kreischer along with Whitney Cummings, Steph Tolev, and Lisa Gilroy, promising a night filled with laughter and entertainment.


Taste Of Edmonton

July 18 - 28 - Churchill Square

Celebrating its 40th anniversary, this eleven-day food festival showcases diverse offerings from many of Edmonton's culinary hotspots, a market featuring local artisans, live performances from Glass Tiger, Classified, Court Jester Duelling Pianos, and more. Enjoy special pre-sale pricing on tickets until July 17.


Freewill Shakespeare Festival

June 20 - July 14 - Multiple Locations

Experience William Shakespeare’s The Tempest at the Freewill Shakespeare Festival as it tours four Edmonton community leagues: Crestwood, Kenilworth, Lessard and Sherbrooke. Enjoy evening performances from Tuesday to Saturday and weekend matinees, with special Pay-What-You-Will options on Tuesday evenings and Saturday matinees. Student Sundays offers $5 tickets with a valid ID. The festival includes food, music and pre-show entertainment.



July 19 - 28 - Edmonton Expo Centre

Experience one of Edmonton's most anticipated summer events! This annual exhibition features thrilling rides, live music, delicious food, shopping and entertainment for all ages. This year’s Music Fest lineup features Amanda Marshall, Theory Of A Deadman, Metric, Simple Plan, Ja Rule, Ludacris and more. All K-Days concerts are included with gate admission.


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