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VOL 48 MAY 2024
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Lucie Oosterveld


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Twyla Campbell

Marcia J. Hamm

Myah Juneau

Fontaine Lewis

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Photography by Erin Walker
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Editor's Note

I firmly believe that the best way to learn about another person’s culture is to sit at their table and share food. Whether you travel to a far-off destination or to a local restaurant, the result is the same: you better yourself by being open to new experiences.

Keep exploring; be it another country, a new restaurant, or ways to help others. This issue has all of that, from selfexploration at a wellness retreat in Mexico, to learning how a local couple is helping high school students develop leadership skills. Exploration leads to enlightenment—that bright, shiny, glorious thing that we should all keep chasing.

Stay curious, my friends. Lean into diversity. Lend a hand, be a mentor. Embrace change. The world is at your doorstep.

We’re celebrating a month of renewal and empowerment. Water those May flowers. Let’s brighten things up!

– Twyla

1000 Women

Where women’s philanthropy and incredible impact connect

We’re unapologetically committed to removing barriers to education for underrepresented students. Join the women-led movement today and make the pursuit of education more equitable and inclusive.

Discover how you can get involved

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Erin Walker is a professional food photographer, recipe developer and food stylist, with clients in Edmonton and across North America. When she’s not spending time behind the lens or in the kitchen, you can find her reading, gardening and enjoying everyday life with her husband and her two busy boys.

Francesca Roznicki is a creative entrepreneur and busy mom of two boys. Always passionate about interior design, she has worked exclusively within the interior design and home building industry in Edmonton. When she isn't busy shuffling kids to sports practice and writing for her clients, she's scouring the local real estate listings and diving into decor magazines with a piping hot Americano.

Fontaine Lewis is a portrait and headshot photographer with a focus on blending fine art and commercial portraiture. His work has attracted a diverse clientele from around the world including professional athletes, performers, and business owners.

Tom Sedens is a husband, father of 3, lover of pie and a world traveler that has explored over 50 countries. He is an accredited member of AJAC (Automobile Journalists Association of Canada) who loves driving anything, anytime, anywhere.

Myah Juneau is an Edmonton-based writer and communications and marketing specialist with a passion for storytelling and good journalism. Aside from writing, Myah enjoys drawing, painting, and playing hockey.

Brandy Belitsky is a mom, wife, graphic designer, photographer, writer, and singer. Her passion for art and design has kept her busy in both the working world and in play. If she's not working, she's probably spending time with her family, creating something, singing, or cooking something up in the kitchen.

- 11April 2024
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Celebrating cultural diversity – Publisher's Note 14


Navigating careers, compassion, and community with Michelle and Enyinnah Okere 16


Foosh offers a smooth take on streetwear culture in Edmonton 24


The Lexus TX: space, style and power to spare 36


¡Salud!: Añejo opens its doors in the Brewery District 42


From Mexico with love: three spirits to sip and savour 54

Health & Wellness

A journey of renewal at Holistika, Tulum's jungle sanctuary 64

- 13April 2024

Publisher's Note

"The strength of our city comes from its rich, cultural diversity."

Culture plays a pivotal role in Edmonton's vibrant tapestry. It enriches the city's identity, as a whole, and fosters a sense of belonging for individuals of varied backgrounds. As someone of Italian, Greek, and Ethiopian heritage, the significance of multiculturalism in Edmonton deeply resonates with me. The traditions, flavours and perspectives woven into this city’s social fabric make for an exciting and interesting place to call home and an intriguing destination for visitors to explore. From tasting new foods to enjoying the lively rhythms of traditional music and dance, Edmonton offers a treasure trove of ethnically diverse experiences.

In this edition of Modern Luxuria Magazine, we’re delving into Mexico’s vibrant heritage to explore its colourful traditions, mouthwatering cuisine, and spirited celebrations. Sharing stories of other cultures honours ancestors, fosters understanding, and enhances every aspect of daily life.

It is a privilege to share this issue with you.

social change into the fabric of
community The
How a dynamic duo weaves

Michelle and Enyinnah Okere met through a series of meet-cutes in Regina. That was just over 12 years ago while they were both on separate career paths to social change, inclusiveness and community support. The power couple now lives in Edmonton, along with their pop-culture cool pets, Philly and Fresh Prince. With multiple businesses and nonprofits between them, and each studying for an MBA, the Okeres are always on the go. We caught up with them to learn more about what drives them to work in demanding careers, how they combat compassion fatigue in the nonprofit sector, and their opinion on the most important quality in a life partner.

You are both involved in multiple careers. Walk us through what that looks like.

Michelle: I am founder and principal of Okere and Associates, where we focus on organizational strategy through an Indigenous lens. We concentrate on reconciliation, equity, diversity and inclusion. I also have a sustainable fashion retail business with my sister; it's called Sustainable Style Co. We launched that about a year ago. Enyinnah and I also have a nonprofit with another couple focusing on financial literacy for BIPOC youth. It’s called the REET Institute [Real Estate, Education

and Thought Leadership]. We’ve expanded from Edmonton to now include Calgary and it's been a lot of fun. We're in the process of building an app so that we can offer the program in rural and remote communities. Because I am Indigenous and grew up on and off reserve in rural communities, I know the barriers and the lack of support and services in those communities.

Enyinnah: I'm the chief operations officer at the Edmonton Police Service. My portfolio focuses on the office of the Chief of Police. The organization connects with residents and downtown business owners who are invested in trying to move the city in a particular direction. Public safety underpins a lot of that.

Tell us about the inspiration for the REET Institute.

M: The idea for the Institute came from conversations we were having following the murder of George Floyd and what was happening globally around commitments to racial equity. We decided to help businesses do what they say they want to do [while helping BIPOC high school students, at the same time].

- 17April 2024

What's unique is that organizations that sponsor the REET Institute program have to be engaged with our youth. They’re committed to the curriculum. That's the only way to see the changes. We're helping to break down the barriers of interacting with people they normally wouldn't. They develop a deeper understanding and can then take what they’ve learned from the modules and apply them in their workplace. People from sponsoring organizations can become advocates in creating job opportunities and summer internships. As a result, we've seen many students who’ve gone through the program get those opportunities.

E: Essentially, we have the kids in the program for eight weeks before they do a Dragon's Den-style pitch competition at the end. These high school kids are too shy to talk to each other at the start because they're strangers, but are confident when they pitch to the judges, by the end. Their parents say, “I don't know who this child is because my child is mute or always on the computer. And now they're here speaking in front of a packed room?” To be able to do that and to live in a city where there's capacity to create something like this, and where there's support through industry and community members is pretty cool.


While you have lived and grown up in different cities, you both have found your home in Edmonton. What is it about this city that you find particularly special?

E: It's not often in a city this size that there are still opportunities for newcomers to reach their dreams. Of course, there are going to be barriers as there are in every city. But our experience has been that there's going to be someone within your network who can help you. And not only can they help you, they will share the “how.” The more we travel, the more we realize there is something very special about this city.

M: I entered the nonprofit sector and immediately noticed this volunteerism, activism, and support by the community and businesses. It's not just a select few at the top that get involved. The whole community rallies behind things. There's this warmth and community spirit that exists here. I lived in Regina for eleven years before moving here. I was here for a year and felt more of a sense of community than I ever felt there.

- 19April 2024

What inspired you to pursue this passion of social change and community building?

M: My dad's Cree and my mom's caucasian. That created some complexities in the way that I grew up. My parents split up when I was quite young and my mom was on social assistance most of my life. And so, as a result, we often had to utilize community programs and services. I played competitive basketball, but only because of KidSport. I had lots of community support growing up. I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for that. My mom left when I was 14 and I moved in with my dad, which was a complex situation. I was forced to be the adult in the family…kind of a protector; always looking at how I could support others. I was the first person in my family to go to university. I got into the nonprofit sector and was extremely passionate about that work. I knew from about age 23 that I would run one of my own one day.

E: When you're an immigrant, you don't have that same social infrastructure, especially depending on where you live. A lot of my childhood was marked by loneliness. Not the loneliness of not having friends, but the kind where you notice what your friends have that your family doesn’t.

As an immigrant, you experience the world for the first time—and, at the same time as your parents. I'm Nigerian. I'm also Canadian. Something obvious to me was the lack of infrastructure and ability to help. My career has been in positions where I've been fortunate enough that I can help on that

infrastructure side in understanding the deficits that might be in some communities. If I have any part in helping to remove a barrier so that a family or community can actualize and make things happen through their own industry…that’s what impacts me. That's my purpose.

In the work you do, you're bound to feel compassion fatigue. How do you deal with that?

M: We're both good outlets for each other. There's never a total separation of work and home life, but one of the things we do after work is debrief and have a conversation together while we take our dogs for a walk. We can reconnect and know that we have the support and the full attention of the other person. We leave our phones at home. There's no distraction. And there's something about being out in nature, too [which helps].

E: It's having that outlet and then recentering. Why is it that we do what we do? When we see those REET Institute scholars talking or engaging in programs (that didn't exist when we were in high school), we're reminded that what we built for our past selves is creating change. It can be hard when you see people behaving poorly, but I'm fortunate to also work in a place where I get to help people out when they're at their worst. One of the best and most satisfying things to do is serve. Compassion fatigue is a byproduct, but serving and helping others does as much for you as it does for those you help.

- 21May 2024

What do you think has been the most important factor in creating a healthy relationship with one another?

M: Being with someone who is driven to better themselves both personally and professionally is important. For me, it forces me to level up. It changes the kind of conversations we're having. Knowing that you can be on similar but different paths, and still carve out your own lane while supporting each other is important, too.

Sometimes people become competitive within their relationships. Self-security is healthy. When Enyinnah’s on stage doing a Ted Talk or something similar, I know I need to step back. I’ll take the photos. And when it’s my time to shine, he’s just as comfortable taking the back seat. You need to have someone who fully has your back.


- 23April 2024

Shifting into Streetwear with Foosh

The fashion forecast is comfortably chic




Foosh, the pioneering streetwear emporium, has firmly planted its roots in the city's fashion landscape. Known for pairing cutting-edge styles with urban sensibilities, Foosh brings a fresh wave of creativity and individuality to Edmonton's style enthusiasts. Whether it's bold graphic tees or comfortable casualwear, sleek must-have sneakers or statement accessories, this fan-fave retailer sets the tone while offering a haven for style-conscious individuals to express themselves. Get ready to redefine your fashion narrative with Foosh leading the charge.


- 25April 2024
Raised by Wolves Plaid Flannel Shirt in Eucalyptus Obey Bigwig Baggy Denim Short in Faded Black Vans Old Skool 36 LX in Black & White
- 27April 2024

Gramicci Softshell

Nylon Vest in Taupe

Stussy Dot Sport

Tee in Berry

Stussy Washed

Canvas Classic

Jeans in Black

Saucony ProGrid

Omni 9 in White

- 29April 2024


UPF Shield Long

Sleeve Top in Gradation Yellow Gramicci

Rock Slide Pant in Olive

Asics x 8on8 Gel-Kayano

14 in Black

- 31April 2024
Stussy Sonoma Plaid Long Sleeve Shirt in Pink Polar Skate Co. Big Boy Denim Short in Dark Blue Adidas Samba OG in Black

May's Radiance



The pieces in Vintage Jewelry Girl’s online collection span the styles of several cultures from different periods. Whether it’s vintage costume accessories accented with enamel and glass, or fine jewellery made with precious metals and gems, you are bound to find an item that speaks to you.

From intricately designed brooches and necklaces inlaid with natural turquoise and red carnelian to midcentury statement pieces of silver, copper and brass, the jewellery featured on this page is part of a collection that reflects the vibrant heritage of Mexico. Join us in celebration of this enchanting country.

Celebrating Mexican culture with wearable treasures
Vintage Silver Mexican Face Brooch Mexican Silver and Carnelain Bracelet
- 35April 2024
Mexican Mixed Metals Carved Stone Necklace Mexican Silver Multi Gemstone Cross Pendanlt Vintage Maya Mexico Statement Necklace Prieto Mexico Repoussé Silver Brooch
- 36 -
Spacious, Striking An all-new family-friendly Lexus SUV

It has been a banner year for Lexus SUVs with the reveals of new GX and LX models and, now, the introduction of an all-new line, the TX.

remarkably aerodynamic. The front end is adorned with Lexus’ new Unified Spindle grille and LED lighting. The wide stance gives the TX a sleek and imposing posture.

The cabin is exactly what one expects from a Lexus, with world-class materials, including sumptuous leathers and ultrasuede, contrasting stitching, beautifully textured soft-touch plastics and, of course, unparalleled fit and finish throughout.

The high driving position offers a commanding view of the road ahead, while the heated and ventilated seats coddle driver and passengers in well-bolstered comfort. Behind the grippy, heated steering wheel is a fully digital dash that allows the driver to customize its display.

Front and centre is a massive 14-inch touchscreen display that handles functions and vehicle settings including climate, navigation, and the available 21-speaker Mark Levinson audiophile sound system that effortlessly reproduces the highest highs and the lowest lows.

The TX is available in a six- or seven-passenger configuration, swapping a second-row bench for captain’s chairs in the six-seater. The second row has plenty of room with heated, ventilated and fully adjustable seats.

A luxurious three-row SUV, the TX expands on the success of the RX models. It is a long, large vehicle but thanks to clean lines and modern styling, it takes up less visual space than it should, and is

Access to the third row is as simple as pushing a button and watching the second-row seating slide forward and out of the way, allowing the rearmost passengers easy ingress and egress to a third row that is spacious and comfortable. Plenty of well-thought storage options and charging plugs for both rows of passengers make the TX an excellent family SUV.

- 37April 2024
- 39April 2024

As with any Lexus SUV, the TX’s ride is buttery smooth, soaking up the biggest hits and bumps that Edmonton streets can provide. An exceptional, adaptive variable suspension system allows the big vehicle to handle competently, considering its size.

Lexus goes to great lengths to ensure every part of the driving experience in each of their vehicles is serene. The TX is no exception. It is quiet—almost silent—in every driving scenario, even at highway speeds.

Power is plentiful from both drivetrains; customers can choose between a 275-horsepower 2.4L turbocharged engine, or step up to a Parallel Hybrid system coupled with a 2.4L turbocharged engine that puts out 366 horsepower and uses 25 percent less fuel. Either option provides a powerful and refined driving experience.

When it comes to utility, the TX has plenty of it with storage bins galore and ample cargo space. With the third row in use, the trunk can still accommodate seven carry-on sized suitcases.

With luxurious comfort in every seat, the newest technology on board, efficient power to spare under the hood and striking good looks, the TX is a fantastic new offering from Lexus. It is sure to be an attractive solution for those in the market for a luxury three-row SUV.

- 41April 2024


Something old is new in the Brewery District

If you’re a tequila fan, you’ll be pleased to know that Añejo, a new restaurant in the Brewery District, declares to have the largest inventory in the city. The 220 bottles beautifully displayed behind the bar lend credence to that claim.

And while the prices run the gamut, General Manager, Nelvin Reyes, points to a special bottle, the Patron Grand Burdeos, a velvety smooth añejo (old) tequila, aged for more than 12 months and finished in Bordeaux wine barrels. At about $115 per ounce, it’s a tequila that you will want to enjoy one slow sip at a time.

- 43May 2024

This is the fifth Añejo in Canada—Calgary, Banff and Toronto (with two) are home to the others. Edmonton’s location opened in January, good timing as many of us northern dwellers dream of being in Mexico during winter, anyway. The restaurant has quickly become a hotspot for happy hour, date night, or any occasion to eat, drink and commune with friends.

The venue is large and thoughtfully detailed with touches of Mexican artwork and religious iconography placed throughout the space. Two patios (one ground level and the soon-to-open rooftop) will be highly sought during warmer days.

With Cinco de Mayo celebrations just around the corner, many of us have our eyes on the restaurant’s social media feed for the “rooftop patio is open” post. Fingers crossed, it happens soon.

Diners can expect enticing and interesting food

options from Mexico City-born chef, Ruben Morales. “I know these flavours well,” he says. “I am happy that I can bring something from Mexico to Canada. It brings me joy.”

If you can taste happiness in a dish, you’ll taste it here, with the queso fundido a good place to start. A generous amount of pico de gallo, chorizo, mushrooms, and cheese is mixed tableside in a molten hot molcajete. Experienced fundido fans will know that the best part is the crispy cheese that forms at the bottom after a few minutes have passed.

A half dozen classic tacos can be ordered in singles allowing diners to have just one, or mix and match to try a few. The premium tacos are full dishes and generously portioned making them good to share. The shrimp tacos and the quesabirria are two delicious standouts—the prawns ginormous and sweet; the braised short rib flavourful and tender.

- 45April 2024
- 47April 2024
- 51May 2024

If you’re stopping in for a quick snack and a drink, go for the guacamole, prepared tableside like the queso fundido, and great for sharing.

Cocktails are hard to resist at Añejo and the biggest problem you might face on any given day is which margarita to order; classic tequila with coconut or cucumber, or a smoky mezcalarita with a grasshopper-salt rim. Offered at half the price during happy hour, the decision becomes a little easier to make. Good to know: alcohol-free options are easily accommodated and just as delicious.

Añejo is a happy place for customers and employees, according to Reyes who says that staff love being on-site even when they’re not on shift. Understandable. It’s hard to be blue when tacos and tequila are involved.

Grab friends, and go hungry. 11954 - 104 Avenue, Edmonton


- 53April 2024

Made in Mexico

Top shelf sippable spirits

While the Cuervo family retains the distinction of establishing the first commercial tequila distillery in 1758, the production of agave-based spirits predates that by about 1500 years when Aztecs fermented the sap of agave plants to make a drink called pulque. There is archaeological evidence though, that pulque production goes back even further, to Olmec civilization around 200 A.D. For many of us, a margarita cocktail or a shot of tequila with lime and salt was our introduction to agave-based spirits, but there is so much more to Mexican distillates than tequila, and so much more to tequila than a few popular brands. Make way for the artisans and make space on your shelf; tequila may be the best-known of the group, but mezcal and its compatriots are gaining ground.

Before you go shopping, keep in mind that while entry-level spirits are typically used in cocktails, the top-shelf elixirs are most often enjoyed on their own. Below are three unique Mexican spirits and where to find them in Edmonton.

- 55April 2024

The unique flavour of tequila comes from blue Weber agave, a member of the maguey family. Look for a label that states “100 percent agave” to indicate that no cane or corn sugars were added during the cooking and distilling process. In addition, an unfiltered and undiluted tequila, like Cascahuin Plata 48, means you’re getting something super special. This high-proof plata (white) tequila has a strong fragrance of cooked agave, pepper, honey and butter. On the palate, an initial salinity gives way to subtle sweetness with a lingering presence on the tongue from residual agave oils. Flavours are complex with hints of yeast, peppercorns and green bananas. This is tequila at its purest and finest and a favourite of aficionados. In Edmonton, find it at Color de Vino, 9606 - 82 Avenue.


Because of its smoky fragrance and flavour profile, mezcal is often likened to Scotch. While tequila is made with only blue Weber agave, mezcal can be made from a variety of agave (the most common of which is maguey espadin) with most production in the Oaxaca Valley. Roasting the agave before macerating the pulp gives mezcal its signature smoky flavour. After the maceration, the syrupy mass is naturally fermented and then distilled. To enjoy this spirit to its fullest, sip it slowly in small doses to coat the tongue, and experience the flavours that unfold on the taste buds. This is known as el beso, the kiss (of mezcal).


When choosing a mezcal, go with an artisanal or family-run business that offers small-scale production. Los Danzantes Still Proof is made from different agave species depending on the year, so terroir is very much present in every bottle. This distillery is as traditional as it gets with underground, earthen fire pits used to roast the agave before it’s crushed by a mule-drawn tahona (heavy stone wheel). The pulp is fermented with wild yeast in open wooden vats and distilled in small, wood-fired clay pots. Not so traditional, the head mezcal-maker, or mezcalera in this case, is a trained chemist and a woman. Karina Abad’s guidance in making this mezcal, results in an intricate and complex spirit with a floral fragrance and a balanced flavour of earthy, vegetal characteristics with hints of smoke, cocoa and fruit. A suggestion of cracked black pepper lends a bit of zest. Pick this up at Vine Arts, 10961 - 124 Street.


Sotol is made from a shrub-like succulent called sereque, commonly known as desert spoon, grown in Chihuahua, a state in northern Mexico. The heart of the plant is cooked in a shallow pit over a wood fire, lending the bottled result a bit of smoke but less than what a mezcal might exhibit. Variety and terroir are crucial in the production of this interesting spirit. Flor del Desierto sotol is made from 100% Daylirion leiophyllum, wild-harvested at 18 to 22 years in the Coyame Desert. This particular sotol has an aroma of lemon, lemongrass and underlying earthiness. On the palate, you’ll experience ripe fruit, cacao, minerality, smoke, and a hint of sweetness. If you’re a fan of both tequila and mezcal, a bottle of Flor del Desierto should be in your cabinet. Look for it at both Sherbrooke Liquor locations at 11819 St. Albert Trail, and 9271 - 50 Street.


- 57April 2024

Floral Fantasies

The creative world of Jennifer Jong



In the bustling world of ceramics, Jennifer Jong of JYJ Ceramics transforms lumps of clay into exquisite pottery, beautifully marrying her technical prowess as a process engineer with her passion for ceramic arts.

Jong’s serendipitous journey into pottery started with casual night classes at the City Arts Centre about 12 years ago. "After a few classes, I realized three hours a week was just not enough," she reflects. The turning point came in the summer of 2019 when she joined The Shop, a studio offering 24-hour access. This opportunity allowed her to dive deeper into the craft by experimenting and refining her skills.


For Jong, pottery perfectly counterbalances her day job's structured environment. "It allows me to use my hands and be creative in a different way, serving as a great de-stressor," she explains.

Her style is distinctly marked by floral designs, a choice that evolved from honing her pottery skills, to embracing her creative flair. Encouraged by her mentor, Kaleb Romano, Jong began experimenting with various decorative techniques, finding a particular affinity for integrating delicate floral patterns with modern, clean lines. This evolution in style transformed her view of herself, from a craftsman focused solely on technique, to an artist who breathes life into clay.

Jong’s creations are primarily wheel-thrown using stoneware from Plainsman Clay, locally sourced from Medicine Hat. She often colours the clay body, adding depth and vibrancy to her pieces, distinguishing them from solely glaze-dependent ceramics. Although wheel throwing remains her favourite technique due to its meditative qualities, she also ventures into slipcasting. This technique involves plaster moulds to create complex shapes, blending traditional and modern aesthetics by reviving vintage designs in a contemporary context.

- 61April 2024

Jong’s work is accessible to the public in the Art Gallery of Alberta, the Art Gallery of St. Albert, and through the Edmonton Arts Council. Those wishing to purchase her work can find select pieces at Hideout Distro and the Fairmont Hotel Macdonald gift shop. Some of Jong’s pieces extend into local dining, with restaurants like Kobachi, Moonga Sashimi and Moonga Nori incorporating her custom dishes into their tableware.

- 63May 2024


- 64 -
Welcome to the Jungle A new world of wellness at Holistika

One step through the portal at Holistka and you feel like you’ve entered a new dimension. The shape of the entryway is deliberate—what this jungle sanctuary offers is a rebirth of sorts; a renewal of mind, body and spirit.

Enrobed by nature, Holistika is far removed from the hotel zone and busy tourist attractions that Tulum offers. Birds sing, sunlight dapples through the trees, and flora and fauna bathe you in their scent. A walk around the property is meditation in motion.

- 65 -

The long list of therapeutic healing sessions includes different levels of yoga, Reiki, and spiritual self-exploration. Kundalini Bodywork dives into the somatic release of trauma, emotions, and pain; a sacred cacao experience invites connection between participant, ancestors and Creator. Even sitting in a swing chair at the smoothie bar, while enjoying a blended drink, does the body (and the mind) a world of good.

A 24-room boutique hotel offers overnight and long-term guests peace and comfort in a serene setting. Sitting poolside with a morning coffee is a nice way to start the day. The nearby Beehive is a hub for like-minded souls to enjoy communal living. Luxury combined with simplicity in the heart of the Mayan jungle is as pleasing as you can imagine.

Travellers from around the globe come for week-long retreats to unplug from the chaos of life while learning how to tune into their inner harmony. Sound healing, meditation and pre-Hispanic ceremonies like the Tezmacal steam bath and an energy-purifying fire ceremony are part and parcel of the program.

Good food is also on-site. Tierra, an open-air restaurant, focuses on vegan and vegetarian cuisine. Dishes are made from high-quality, locally sourced ingredients and are wholly satisfying—even for skeptical carnivores.

Chilaquiles, fibre-rich açai bowls, tacos, roasted vegetables, pasta dishes… if you’ve never tried huitlacoche, a corn fungus sometimes referred to as “Mexican truffle,” I’d recommend the umami-rich ravioli; it was delicious.

- 67April 2024
- 69April 2024

At Holistika, they tell you that transformation can happen both in and outside of your comfort zone. This is true. The Reiki-infused Ancestral Sound Healing session I participated in so deeply affected me, I felt it in my bones an hour later. My root chakra spoke, and what it said landed squarely on an emotional bullseye. I felt a shift in energy and the solution to a troublesome personal situation surfaced like a vision. It was as unsettling as it was comforting, and exactly what I needed.

Contemplation comes easy here. The entire setting invites you to wander its pathways; past white-washed buildings and up curved stairways to secluded places where you can just sit and be. Learning how to stay present in the moment is worth the effort. Beautiful things are found there.

One of the most impactful parts of Holistika is the artwalk, inspiring and free to anyone who wants to experience it. Spending time in the presence of thought-provoking sculptures and standing before colourful murals had me thinking about how I walk through this thing called life. Turns out, I’d been running for most of it.

Holistika filled my near-empty cup, fulfilling its intended purpose to recharge and renew through a holistic approach.

Peace and energy coexist beyond the portal. It’s a good and beautiful place to be.


- 71May 2024
- Anadolu Rug Tropical Pineapple 3-in-1 Glass Outdoor Torches Boheme 3-Piece Patio Bistro Set CRP Addy Headrest Unpotted Agave Plant, 27in

It's Fiesta Time!

Spice up your outdoor space with some Mexican flair


Transform your backyard into an oasis with colourful pieces that speak to the vibrant culture of Mexico. Make your outdoor space an inviting haven with vividly hued pillows, rustic terra cotta planters, and playful pineapple accents that radiate tropical vibes. Mosaic details lend an artisanal touch to the space, inviting you to unwind and savour the day. Don't forget the music! Queue the Spanish guitar tracks to complete the sensory experience, and make every moment a celebration.

- 73April 2024
Tommy Bahama Outdoor Living Swivel Lounge Chair
Cavallini & Co Pineapple Poster Wrap Lileth Tray

Living the High Life

At home in the Encore Tower


Located on the 39th floor of the Encore Tower, this 2-bedroom, 2,225 square-foot sub-penthouse will leave its new owner wanting for nothing. Adjacent to the Ice District, and steps from restaurants and retail outlets, this residence is for the person who desires elegant city living with the convenience of downtown amenities. Sunrise and sunset views are part of the package, every day and night.

With wall-to-wall windows, the view from unit 3901 never gets old. The partial open-concept footprint with 10-foot ceilings keeps the space airy and bright. At night, the glow from a double-sided, marble-surrounded fireplace helps illuminate the living room and the den.The design creates a place to relax on one side and an ideal workspace on the other, with views of the city to the north, east and south.

- 75May 2024

Cooking and entertaining at home is a pleasure in this comfortably sophisticated, well-equipped kitchen. Sleek countertops anchor Fisher & Paykel appliances blanketed by under-cabinet lighting. Three oasis-like patios finished with plush astroturf and weather-resistant greenery are perfect spots for cocktails or outdoor dinner parties. Homebound evenings with friends can be enjoyed without compromising urban culture.

The primary bedroom features a fireplace that separates the sleeping area from an oversized, walk-in closet. The bedroom is complemented by an ensuite with a custom-made, marble-tiled jacuzzi, a four-faucet shower, dual sinks, and illuminated mirrors for those who cherish their personal care routines.

A secondary bedroom has a 3-piece ensuite with a tiled, walk-in shower. At 180 square-feet, the bedroom is spacious enough to accommodate a king-size bed, or furnishings to accommodate an office. Wall-to-wall windows provide another set of skyline views, and like all other rooms, come with built-in power blinds for privacy and shade. An ample-sized laundry room is located between both bedrooms.

- 77April 2024

A condominium of this nature deserves to be experienced and shared. Four titled underground parking spaces allow for six vehicles, ensuring space for visiting friends and family. The building has a communal lounge that can be booked in advance for personal gatherings. The space has a fireplace, a full kitchen, and enough seating for an entire entourage. Encore Tower fulfills the role of a small community, with residents spending their days off on the shared patio, relaxing in the hot tub, and fitting in workout sessions in the gym—all without leaving the building.

Thanks to the strong privacy and security measures embedded in the Tower, you can enjoy peace of mind being a resident here. Concierge services are also included.


- 79May 2024


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Chef Kayla Dhaliwall Cheryl Chung
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