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September 2022






September 2022

Highlights Note Summer reflections – Editor’s Note


Profile Erasing the stigma around mental health through his love of music – John Cameron 10 Fashion Fall fashion spotlight – Hudson’s Bay at Kingsway


Cuisine Lindsay Porter, a local chef, will be competing in Top Chef Canada X


Wine From chilled whites and rosé, to full bodied red wine – we are ready for fall with these worldwide favourites Arts & Culture Shawn Oates shares his path of happiness through the sounds of country music


Decor Artful arrangements take the centre stage with these custom made floral designs






Brandy Belitsky

Jelena Bojic

Mona Butler Twyla Campbell


Ashley Champagne

Beryl Bacchus

Cooper & O'Hara Photography Marcia J. Hamm


Steven Hope

Brandy Belitsky

Nev Ostoin Tom Sedens


Emily Welz


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COVER Photo by Cooper & O'Hara Photography

September 2022

Beryl Bacchus Managing Editor

Beryl Bacchus has had an extensive career with over 20 years in the fashion, events and entertainment worlds. Spending time in Montreal, Toronto and New York, she moved to Edmonton just over a decade ago and is excited to bring her passion for community to Modern Luxuria Magazine and help showcase the talent and vibrancy of Edmonton from a fresh perspective.

Contributors Twyla Campbell is a freelance writer

Marcia J. Hamm is a lover of all things

and food columnist for CBC Radio

wine, but is especially passionate

(Edmonton). She is a seasoned traveler

about Italy's native grape varieties.

who seeks unique destinations both

She is a WSET diploma holder, an

local and abroad. A proud supporter of

Italian Wine Scholar and one of only

Canadian wine and sustainable food

15 Italian Wine Experts In the world

producers, Twyla is a regularly sought

through the Vinitaly international

food panelist and judge for culinary

Academy (VIA). Marcia also loves to

competitions in Canada.

sing, ride her bicycle, have dinner parties and relax on the patio.

Nev Ostoin is a lover of the outdoors, and winter being her favourite season

Emily Welz is an internationally

makes her a perfect fit in Edmonton. Her

published photographer and stylist.

passion is capturing every-day moments

Before running her photography

around the city, obsessing over perfectly

studio full-time, she worked in media

framing each shot. Nev's favourite

communications and literacy

transportation method is her bike, and

advocacy. Her passion for storytelling

she can be found enjoying coffee at

inevitably led her to pursuing

Kaffa or a good glass of wine at Rosso.

photography, creative direction,

Her photography focus is always on and

modelling, styling, and set design.

the camera is always within arm's reach. Mona Rose Butler, originally from

Tom Sedens is a husband, father of 3,

Vancouver, brings with her to

lover of pie and a world traveler that

Edmonton a background in lifestyle

has explored over 50 countries. He is

writing within the luxury realm. When

an accredited member of AJAC

not working or training for her next

(Automobile Journalists Association of

strongman competition, she can be

Canada) who loves driving anything,

found exploring the restaurants and

anytime, anywhere.

coffee shops of Edmonton or taking her dog, Pixel, on adventures.


Editor's Note An exciting event is in the works with our busy Modern Luxuria team. On September 12th, we are bringing you the BiancoNero mixer, happening at 5:30 pm at Buco Pizzeria & Wine Bar downtown. Appetizers, drinks, live music, special guests and great networking opportunities are only some of the highlights of this event. We are so excited about being able to see you in person again and to start some of our signature events again. Reflecting on the past month, we have to note that the city lost one of its absolute heroes - Ben Stelter, a six year old boy who was battling brain cancer and who showed incredible courage and love throughout.


As Edmontonians gathered to say goodbye to Ben, a September – the month we’re

funeral procession was passing by one of his favourite

transitioning from vacations to work,

places, Rogers Place. We saw hundreds of people

from summer holidays to back to school, and back

with photos of Ben, flags, signs, teddy much

to reality. For many, remote work has been a reality

love and kindness were sent to him and his family

for the past few years and going back to in-person

that day as a thank you for his extraordinary spirit,

work may be quite an adjustment. Whether we like

courage and perseverance. We will forever remember

it or not, work and personal life have blended into

his smile, holding McDavid’s hand, enjoying every

each other, allowing for an environment where we

hockey game, every outing, every moment with

can manage our time better on both ends. Blurred

his loved ones. He taught us so much - how to face

lines between the two seem to be helping us create

hardship with a smile, how to remain positive, and

better work/life balance, be smarter with work time

how to look for those special moments with those

and time off, and can work to our advantage. That

you love, even in the hardest of times.

may be why this year, September has a bit of a Thank you, Ben, for being a part of our lives.

different feel.

— Jelena


September 2022


- 10 -

September 2022


John Cameron Changes Lives Transforming the Discussion Around Mental Health

- 11 -


are all born with a special gift. John

When did you realize your love of performance and

Cameron’s gift is using his dynamic

entertaining could do good and make a difference for charity?

talent to make the world a better place. Some will know him as the Chairman of Keller Construction, while others will know him as founder of the John

It wasn’t until about 2009, when I did my first concert

Cameron Changing Lives Foundation, bringing

called Soaring with Song at the Winspear. There was a

awareness of mental health causes and initiatives

group of young kids that were doing this big concert,

through the power of music and performance.

and they asked me to be involved. So that was the first go round of watching these young kids perform and

Were you born and raised in Edmonton?

the audience going, ‘Hang on. Who are these people?’ And that was good. I thought, ‘Okay, I love that’.

I was born in Drumheller, home of the dinosaurs. We moved to Edmonton in 1968. That’s when the

So that was June of 2009, and in December of 2009,

Edmonton office for Keller Construction opened. My

we decided to bring the Singing Christmas Tree back

dad started with Ernie Keller back in 1962.

but with a twist and with the intent of trying to raise more money for local charities. The production had

Tell us a bit about your childhood and where your

stopped in 2005. We started with Santas Anonymous,

passion for performing and entertaining came from?

the Christmas Bureau and different charities like that.

Growing up, I was into sports. I played hockey lots

When we made the decision in 2009, we didn’t have

and golfed; but as a kid we would always drive to

the structure, we didn’t have the orchestra, and we

Calgary to go to my Grandma’s house. She had this

didn’t have the venue. We had no music, we had

big old piano and she would play it, my mom would

no conductor. We had nothing. We had to buy the

also play it, and so then I would start to play it. My

rights. We had to buy the structure. We put the show

mom and dad saw that I liked the piano. They got

together and that was our first Singing Christmas

me into lessons right when I was five years old and

Tree production at the Jubilee Auditorium.

I continued doing piano lessons and organ lessons. What inspired you to introduce CRESCENDO?

I remember playing the piano for our choir in grade four, but I didn’t seriously get into performing until 1981 when I started going to church downtown and

I’ve always wanted to do a show of the piano greats

saw the Edmonton Singing Christmas Tree. I was

like Elton John, Billy Joel, and John Legend with The

eighteen years old. There was an orchestra. There

Edmonton Symphony Orchestra at the Winspear. So,

was a huge 150 voice choir every Sunday. The music

2017 was our first CRESCENDO. We did Queen, Led

was spectacular. I watched it and then I got involved.

Zeppelin, and all kinds of stuff and the total focus was

I sang in it for years and then I conducted it for years.

mental health. Mental health has impacted my family,

So that’s kind of where I got started.

so I wanted to give time to talking about it.

- 12 -

September 2022

- 13 - The musical term crescendo means start small and

I have a great management team. I actually sold

get louder and I wanted to get louder and louder, and

some of the company to Tim Coghlan. He’s now

let people talk about mental health. For many, many

the president and CEO, and he and his executive

years, you couldn’t talk about it. But it’s changed. Now

team now run Keller which allows me to give 95%

people need to talk about it and can get help.

of my time to the John Cameron Changing Lives Foundation. As anybody would say, you are only as

The creativity behind your shows is spectacular.

good as the team around you. So the team I have at

How do you begin to build out the program?

Keller is absolutely amazing, and prior to Covid, the team I had at the Foundation was awesome too. It’s

I have a close team of two. Emmanuel Fonte is a

the people you put around the table that get you

co-producer and musical director and conducts the


orchestra. He helps me with song selections and creativity. Donovan Robinson is a co-producer. He is

Also, the support of my parents and my family. If it

the technical side, so what’s going to be on the LED,

wasn’t for them, I couldn’t do this. They have just

what the stage construction is going to be, the whole

been great supporters. My sister, my mom and dad,

lighting and sound, and all that stuff. My job is two

and my daughter…my daughter for sure.

fold. Raise money, because these shows cost a lot of money, and help select all the songs and put the

What does the future look like for The John

show-flow together.

Cameron Changing Lives Foundation?

We have quite a large stable of singers that have sung

Continuing to create amazing experiences.

with us over the last twelve years. We are always looking for more and we are always getting people saying

What can readers do to support the John

they would like to audition. I’d like to get more local

Cameron Changing Lives Foundation?

Edmonton and local Calgary (CRESCENDO Calgary) people. Initially, we brought in Ruben Studdard, Mark

Money is always the goal. It would be great if I

Massari, and The Canadian Tenors, so people would

could get sponsorship to backstop the cost of the

go see them, and see the production that Edmonton

production. My goal would be to have ticket prices

was putting on. They would then listen to local singers

for as low as $10 so everybody could come see it

and go, ‘Okay, the Canadian Tenors are good, but the

and everybody could feel lifted. Everybody could

Edmonton people are good too’. We want to highlight

feel change. But we are not there yet. We put on

as many local musicians as we can.

concerts to make an impact, to make a change, to affect people.

You are also the Chairman of Keller Construction. How do you balance the two worlds? WWW.JOHNCAMERON.COM

Up until about three years ago, it was tough. I was doing Keller full time, and this full time, and I worked long, long hours; but I’m thankful now that - 14 -

September 2022

- 15 -


Spotlight on Fall Fashion - 16 -

September 2022

Mya: Chi Chi London Pewter One Shoulder Dress Mackenzie: Sondergaard Gray Plaid Pant, Sondergaard Gray Plaid Blazer, Impuntura White Buttoned Shirt, Call It Spring Grey Lexxx Sneaker Connor: Jack & Jones Heatwave Knit Crew Neck, Jack & Jones Bill Beau Summer Drawstring Pant Oxford Tan Braydee: DKNY Fuchsia Pleated Tie Neck Dress

This season merges those relaxed, breezy notes of summer with the more textured, warm, earthy tones that cooler days bring. September’s photoshoot was inspired by new collections at Hudson’s Bay; you’ll see some summer cues blended into the fall looks, as we played with layers, composition and volume to bring you ideas and inspiration for one of the most favourite fashion seasons. WWW.THEBAY.COM

- 17 -

Braydee: Only Tessa Long Sleeve Midi V Knit Black Dress, Hunter Mid-Calf Boots Mya: Buffalo Paityn Turtleneck Oatmeal, Hunter Tall Boots

- 18 -

September 2022

Mackenzie: Hudson North Blush Rose Short Sleeve Button Shirt, Jack and Jones Tapered Paul Black Check Pant, Call It Spring Grey Lexxx Sneaker

- 19 -

Connor:: PRODUKT Nathan Bomber Jacket Navy Blazer, Jack & Jones Eli Resort Connor: PRODUKT Nathan Bomber Mya: Dex Gathered Padded Shoulder Mackenzie: Hudson North Blush Shirt Relaxed, RQRD Drawstring Pant Jacket, Navy Blazer, Jack & Jones Eli Buttoned Front Top, Molly and Bracken Rose Short Sleeve Button Shirt, Resort Shirt Relaxed , RQRD

Pull-On Cuffed Pan, Navy, Guess Coral

Jack and Jones Tapered Paul Black

Drawstring Pant, Call It Spring Grey

Oversized Purse, Etereo Blue Scarf

Check Pant, Call It Spring Grey Lexxx

Lexxx Sneaker


- 20 -

September 2022

Braydee: DKNY Blue Pleated Satin Midi Dress, Etereo Earrings Mya: Dex Gathered Padded Shoulder Buttoned Front Top, Molly and Bracken Pull-On Cuffed Pan, Navy, Etereo Blue Scarf

- 21 -

Mackenzie: Chaps Flat Front Blue Short, Chaps Burnt

Connor: TJ Flex Stretch Straight Denim, Tommy

Blaze Plaid Button Front Shirt, PRODUKT Casper

Hilfiger White Tee, PRODUKT Casper Jacket Black


- 22 -

September 2022

Braydee: Molly and Bracken Hello Curry Ladies Woven Dress, Pieces Faux Leather Leggings, Etereo Feather Earrings

- 23 -

- 24 -

September 2022

Mya: Lili Sidonio Young Ladies Woven Shirt White/Black Pieces Juliet Skirt, Aventurine Lili Sidonio Young Ladies One Shoulder Knitted Top Black, Etereo Feather Earrings Mackenzie: Guess Slim Tapered Eco Viera Wash Denim, Only & Sons Striped Knit Top, Selected Homme Forest Blazer, Call It Spring Grey Lexxx Sneaker

- 25 -

- 26 -

September 2022

Braydee: MinkPink Valentina Midi Printed Dress with Slit, Etereo Feather Earrings

- 27 -

- 28 -

September 2022


The Return of Men’s Grooming The quick cut has long dominated the world of men’s hair, but Black Forest Barber Shop is leading the way, as men begin once more to hold their grooming habits to a higher standard

- 29 -

The experience begins the moment you step through the door. Thoughtfully designed, modern, clean, and bright; it’s a space that invites you to stay a while. Here you won’t find a single messy station dusted with hair trimmings or shelves overflowing with dozens of product lines for sale. Jason and his team at Black Forest Barber Shop are leading by example, not only with the space, but with their own appearances as well: a man is well dressed, well groomed, and deserves self-care. “Our real passion is to keep it really simple and clean so that when everybody comes in, they are automatically enjoying the atmosphere. Second to that is getting them in our chair, a great consultation, attention to detail, and then giving them the service they’re looking for. We push quality, we aren’t trying to get guys in and out and say, ‘Here, give us $20’,” said Jason Hatheway, owner of Black Forest Barber Shop. Therein lies one of the key factors that sets Black Forest Barber Shop apart from most salons that service men or the typical barbershop: time. The men’s grooming experience has been reduced down to cheap and fast, but Jason doesn’t want to be beholden to the quick turnover model of relying on walk-ins. He and his team are building on getting to know their clients and creating lasting relationships, so that in 20 years they could see the children, or even grandchildren, of their current clientele.

- 30 -

September 2022

- 31 -

Black Forest Barber Shop is bringing back barbering in the more traditional sense, while also leading the way in the revolution of men’s self-care. Expect haircuts, hot shaves, beard trims, facials, and even massages done expertly. The shop is a bastion to the acknowledgement that men deserve to be pampered too. Whether spurred on by a significant other, or by their own desire for self-improvement, men want to look good and smell good, but since the interest in grooming has been pushed aside for so long, they need somewhere to learn. At the shop, they are spreading the idea that it is okay for men to take pride in their appearance; whether you’re a doctor or a construction worker, you can look good - you don’t need to look like you’re fresh off the job site all the time. “We want to teach each one of our clients self-care. Of course, you’re going to come in and we’re going to give you a service, but we’re also going to send you home with the necessary essentials that you need to continue that care at home.”


- 32 -

September 2022

- 33 -


Luxury, Power, Practicality … Electrified Combining a spacious SUV with four-door coupe styling, the Audi e-tron Sportback electrifies the driving experience

- 34 -

September 2022

- 35 -

- 36 -

September 2022


Audi e-tron Sportback tries to do it

textured soft plastics - and a sleek design with the

all - and it succeeds.

latest technology throughout.

It starts off with the spaciousness and functionality

Behind the perfectly-shaped steering wheel is a fully

of an SUV, and combines this with a sleek and

digital dash allowing the driver to choose exactly

sporty silhouette, thanks to the Sportback styling.

what they want to see. Centered above the console

Underpinning it all is a powerful electric drivetrain

are two touchscreens - one that handles the Bang

that balances performance and efficiency perfectly.

& Olufsen audio system, navigation and vehicle functions, and a second one that is dedicated to the climate control system.

The elegance of the Sportback’s tapered roofline and four-door coupe styling is immediately evident, blending flowing lines and sharp creases for a look

Rear passengers aren’t second-class citizens - all

all its own. Fusing sleek, modern lines and muscular

the wonderful touches and finishes continue to the

aggression, the e-tron Sportback’s visual identity

back, and there are plenty of charging plugs and a

is completed with a set of staggering 22-inch rims

separate climate control panel for each passenger

that fill the wheel wells to perfection.

in the back.

The drag coefficient is 0.28 Cd, making this an

But the e-tron Sportback isn’t just luxurious, it is

incredibly slippery vehicle when it comes to

also practical. With a large cargo hold and plenty of

aerodynamics. That helps minimize resistance, and

flexibility, thanks to the split-folding rear seats, the

therefore maximizes the vehicle’s range.

Sportback happily functions as a road trip partner or hockey practice taxi.

The drama starts before you even get in - locking and unlocking the car greets the driver and

Range anxiety in electric vehicles is a real thing - but

passengers with ultra-cool animations from the

it does not have to be with the e-tron Sportback. Its

matrix-design head- and tail-lights.

battery boasts a range up to 362 km and using a DC fast charger, the battery can be topped off from 5% to 80% in about 30 minutes.

Climb into the roomy cabin, and you’ll find a plush modern world crafted of world-class materials Valcona leather, stitched panels and beautifully

- 37 -

The e-tron Sportback uses two asynchronous electric motors to create an electric version of Audi’s world-famous Quattro all-wheel drive. The motors combine to make 402 horsepower and 490 lb-ft of torque, and propel the vehicle from standstill to 100 km/h in 5.7 seconds. Handing all that the driver can throw at it is the remarkable adaptive air suspension that adjusts each corner continuously, reacting to the road and the driver. This makes for perfect driving dynamics - a buttery smooth ride as well as incredibly competent handling. The car’s height can even be adjusted to suit the driver’s needs and the road conditions. Massive brakes bring things back to earth, and even regenerate power and charge the battery when being applied. And if your lifestyle requires some toy hauling, the e-tron Sportback can be equipped to tow up to 4,000 pounds. There is nothing the Audi e-tron Sportback can’t handle. It does it all - in luxurious silence. WWW.AUDIEDMONTONNORTH.COM

- 38 -

September 2022

- 39 -

- 40 -

September 2022


Hometown Chef to Compete in Top Chef Canada X Seasoned competitor, Lindsay Porter, is in the running


September 26th, Lindsay Porter will

supreme in both Guys Grocery Games (2018) and

represent Edmonton in the 10th season

Fire Masters (2019), winning both.

of Top Chef Canada, marking the first time a chef from Alberta’s capital has made the cut.

As one might assume, competing on Top Chef Canada brings with it a guaranteed amount of

Porter, head chef at The Common, is beloved

stress which Porter says is “high but different” than

amongst the city’s industry professionals and

other competitions. With three shows under her

patrons. Over the past 18 years, she has not only

belt, she had some idea of what to expect, but still,

worked at several notable restaurants in Edmonton

competing under the constant supervision of a

but also operated her own, London Local, from 2017

camera made her nervous and overthink what she

until she closed it in 2020.

was doing. The discipline it took to focus was tiring.

Porter is also no stranger to Food Network

“My biggest fear was not being myself. I just wanted

competitions. While she may not have bested

to have fun, get to know people and be authentically

Bobby Flay (Beat Bobby Flay), in 2020, she reigned


- 41 -

- 42 -

September 2022

Authentic Lindsay Porter is a delight; good-natured both in and out of the kitchen, and a skilled cook who exemplifies grace under pressure—at least to those of us watching (or waiting for her food). Other competitors on Top Chef Canada have that skill too, though, and Porter says depending on instinct and going with tried-and-true dishes that brought her joy is what she relied on to keep her attention on the task at hand. Long days of shooting brought both physical and mental exhaustion, but the most difficult part, according to Ms. Porter, was dealing with so many emotions. “You can be happy one minute and extremely upset the next. It’s extreme.” For anyone thinking of applying for a high-level competition like Top Chef Canada, Porter has some advice: “Know your stuff and don't listen to others. Don't let them get into your ear. Be yourself and be confident.” Watch how it all pans out. The premiere of Top Chef Canada X airs Monday, September 26th, on Food Network Canada. WWW.THECOMMON.CA

- 43 -


Making the Case for Cabernet A worldwide favourite taking centre stage

- 44 -

September 2022


the first day of Autumn

purple are used to describe colour. Also, red

only a couple of weeks

wine has a component called tannin, which

away, many of us find ourselves moving

comes from the skins, but also the seeds and

from the chilled white and rosé wines to the

sometimes the stems. Tannin is the drying

full-bodied, structured, warming reds. It’s

astringency in your mouth after tasting and

becoming sweater weather after all, cooler

swallowing red wine. If you have ever drank

weather is inevitable, and the backyard fire

over-steeped black tea or eaten a green

pit might be getting more use.

banana, you will understand that feeling on your teeth and tongue!

I think it prudent to start with a little red wine 101: White wine is made by fermenting

Cabernet Sauvignon is the progeny of

just the grape juice, whilst red wines are


fermented with the skins intact, giving red

This favoured son is a late ripening grape,

wine its colour. With some exceptions, all pulp

dark skinned and provides robust tannin,

of red grapes is clear, so the skins are needed

structure and intensity with typical aromas

to give the wine colour. The thickness and

and flavours of black currant (cassis), cedar

hue of the skins will indicate how dark the

and pencil shavings (graphite).

resulting red wine will be. Ruby, garnet, and

- 45 -





2015 Chateau Cantenac Brown Margaux Third Growth Bordeaux It’s a well-known fact that except for a handful, all Bordeaux are blends in varying percentages




Merlot, and others. On which side of the Gironde Estuary the Chateaux are located, determines which grape is dominant. Cantenac Brown, in the prestigious Médoc appellation of Margaux, was given third growth status in the 1855 Classification system. With 65% of this blend being Cabernet, it has all the markings of an ageable wine, which reflects in the price point of around $145. Blackberry, cassis, and spices dominate with hints of pencil shavings, toasty oak, and lots of firm, chewy tannins.

- 46 -

September 2022

2019 Stag’s Leap Artemis Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon The winery, established in 1970, is probably most famous for its winning Cabernet in the now famous Paris Tasting of 1976, put on by the late Steven Spurrier. That competition essentially established Napa Valley as a premier wine growing region of the world. The Artemis, even with its 15.5% abv shows balance with rich and flavourful black fruits, spice, with fine-grained tannins.

2018 Montes Alpha Cabernet Sauvignon Chile may not be well-known for world class Cabernet, but the Montes winery is one of Chile’s most important, founded in 1987. Alpha signifies the premium line of Montes wines and showcases vineyards that have been converted to ‘dry farming’. This means grapevines must source water on their own by digging their roots deep into the soil. For a wine that has an SRP of around $25, it offers complex notes of blackberry, fig, cassis, and dark chocolate, with subtle hints of leather and tobacco. The tannins are perfectly rounded, and the finish is impeccable. The well-loved Cabernet Sauvignon is not just available to the rich and famous: you can find great quality Cabernet in all price points.

- 47 -

- 48 -

September 2022


The Path to Happiness for Shawn Oates Following in the footsteps of Brett Kissell, Dean Brody, and Paul Brandt, Edmonton’s own Shawn Oates is next in line to take the stage at the Canadian Country Music Awards

- 49 -

- 50 -

September 2022


oldest of three siblings,

says. You will hear the excitement in Oates’



voice when he talks about this new found

about the great family he came from, but

direction. “I’ve changed my life completely,

admits he started hanging out with the

and right now I’m all about life, love and

wrong crowd in high school, which led him

good times, and that’s pretty much all I

to some bad years of getting into trouble

want to write about. The way the world is

and substance abuse. He credits his music

right now, I don’t want to be writing sad

and his family for getting him out of that




period. Oates has not only collaborated with Oates

award-winning producer Jeff Johnson

acknowledges he wrote some pretty dark

and hit songwriter Rod Black, he has also

songs at that time, but music was one

opened for Canadian country artist Jess

of the things that allowed him to escape

Moskaluke and east coast rockers, The

and allowed him to get his feelings down.

Trews. He will be headlining his own show

“When people would ask me why, I

in September in Calgary.





couldn’t really explain it, but I could sing it,” The new music video for This One’s on

Oates remembers.

Me dropped last month, and the song is Mostly self taught, Shawn Oates started

already at over 100,000 streams. Oates


is getting ready for his performance at





fourteen. Country music was not on





his radar at the time. He found himself

showcase. “I’m going to play a bunch of

mostly into hard rock and anything that

songs that I have not released yet. I did a

was catchy. He fronted a few rock bands

cover of Dust on the Bottle. I’m going to go

in his teenage years before turning to

there, have fun, and see what happens.”

country music. “The new country sound really intrigued me and I really dug the


songwriting and I just got right into it,” he

- 51 -



Finding Florals for Fall Why say goodbye to florals in the fall when you could pick from dried arrangements in earthy autumnal tones or fresh blooms in dark moody hues? Let your creativity flow by creating your own or choose from premade pieces designed to suit any mood.

- 52 -

September 2022

- 53 -

Fleurs Flowers Located on Europa Boulevard in West Edmonton





luxurious floral arrangements, both fresh and dried. If your style is moody and eclectic, the Amour Heart Box makes a bold statement: dark blues, purples, and greens accentuated with pops of brightness will effortlessly draw the eye to it no matter where the attarangment is in the room. If your home leans towards a more neutral aesthetic but you still want to decorate with a bit of drama, the Luxe Dried Bouquet is quite certainly your dream piece! With height and texture, it is bursting with charm without risking a clash with your decor. Being that it’s dried, with the proper care, the Luxe Dried Bouquet can be a long term statement piece. WWW.FLEURSFLOWERS.CA

- 54 -

September 2022

- 55 -

- 56 -

September 2022

Pampas Gal Edmonton-based, but online only, Pampas Gal offers a selection of preassembled arrangements and all the styles of pampas, palm fronds, dried florals, and vases you need to take your floral centerpiece into your own hands. Create an arrangement that will not only last you through fall, but also be an excellent accent to your home all year. Dark brown and beige bunny tails and pampas stalks, set off by a black palm frond make for an perfect autumnal bouquet. For those who are already looking past September and into October, tucking a sprig of orange baby’s breath along with the black fronds will tie your bouquet into the rest of your early Halloween decorating. WWW.PAMPASGAL.COM

- 57 -

Luxe B Pampas Grass While Luxe B Pampas Grass is popular across North America, the Edmonton area can count itself lucky to have the special privilege of shopping in-person at their Leduc showroom. If you are looking to add a dramatic centerpiece to your space, then Luxe B Pampas Grass has the tall, flowy grasses for you. They sell individual stalks in natural hues, as well as in pops of colour, and a number of vases for you to choose from. Once you peruse the arrangements, you will find yourself hard pressed to resist their allure. From light and airy Maui to the moody Cypress, why wouldn’t you want to make one of these artfully arranged floral designs your own? WWW.LUXEBPAMPASGRASS.CA

- 58 -

September 2022

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A Picture Perfect Home Luxury meets pleasure in this Audie Benson Estate splendor

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September 2022

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you want a home with a story to tell, this 3.75 million dollar home at 53 Riverridge Road in rural Sturgeon County comes with its own motion picture! “Finding Mr. Right”, an

upcoming romcom starring Canadian actors Elena Juatco and Marcus Rosner, was filmed on the .72 acre property. This stunning 4 bedroom, 9 bathroom, walk-out bungalow is the perfect setting for a romance both in fiction and real life.

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September 2022

Located in Sturgeon County, just minutes from St. Albert, Riverstone Pointe is one of Edmonton’s best kept secrets. You’ll have the best of both worlds with the serenity of the countryside, and the city just a short drive away. Every home on this subdivision is stunning and is worth the drive even if just to take in the sights.

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September 2022

Once you enter through the front door, you’ll be immediately wowed by the detail that Audie Benson has crafted into this dream home, from the 20’ open vaulted cherry ceilings, to an exquisite formal dining room and music room. A wall-to-wall library completes the area with a sliding ladder and lots of natural light for reading. The kitchen, located off the dining room, is a chef’s fantasy, boasting high-end stainless steel appliances including an eight-burner gas range stove with a double oven. A gorgeous, circular built-in breakfast nook is masterfully situated off the kitchen with its own windows, filling the space with ample natural light. Granite countertops and cherry wood cabinets offer old-world charm in this award-winning kitchen, with stone accents throughout. A balcony off the kitchen includes plenty of space for suntanning, barbecuing and enjoying outdoor meals on hot summer nights.

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Why vacation when you can live in your own resort? The master bedroom, situated on the main floor off the living room, includes its own bar, walk-in closet and five piece ensuite with double sinks and a jacuzzi tub.

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September 2022

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September 2022

Head down the stairs to the walk-out basement for all the entertainment you need. The rec room includes a bar, an old-world wine cellar, and a walk-out patio which leads to the beautifully landscaped backyard with stunning country views. A complete movie theater is situated off the rec room including reclining leather seats and a large projector screen. Three bedrooms can also be found in the basement, all with their own three-piece ensuite bathrooms. One bedroom has been converted into a fitness room, complete with a massage area. From top to bottom, this extravagant home is not missing a single detail and the outside doesn’t disappoint either. The yard is fully landscaped from front to back with double waterfalls, bridges and rose gardens. A drive-through portico offers plenty of space for parking with an oversized quadruple attached garage with its own boot room, and a separate, detached double garage. Audie Benson Estate Homes is an Alberta home builder with over forty years of experience building custom estate homes in Edmonton and surrounding area. Their tradition of innovative design solutions, quality materials, professional craftsmanship and competent follow-up service gives each of their homes a true and lasting value. WWW.AB-ESTATEHOMES.COM

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