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Beauty is radiant joyful confident kind timeless

Dr. Thomas Nakatsui


is the award-winning Medical Director of Nakatsui DermaSurgery


Centre. With cutting edge technology


and expert care, Nakatsui DermaSurgery is Edmonton’s centre


of excellence in

cosmetic and medical

Suite 200, 9670 142 Street


Crestwood Centre, Edmonton


January 2022




Highlights Note Take a cup of kindness everywhere you go – the New Year’s message from Heidi & Jelena 8 Profile Fashion savvy forecast expert – meeting Cory Edel 10 Fashion Escaping the cold and the old – beach fashions for hot destinations 16

Auto Audi SQ5 – technology, power, & luxury for the discerning driver 38 Cuisine Always about the people – Doris & Patrick Saurette about The Marc’s success 44 Wine New Year, new winter treats to explore – Port as a perfect drink for cold nights 50 Culture Meet the one-man music machine, local rocker Zackaria 56


January 2022


Brandy Belitsky

Jelena Bojic

Chris Bodnar

Heidi Johannson

Mona Butler Twyla Campbell


Jelena Kovacevic

Beryl Bacchus

Tom Sedens Tatyana Semenova


Trevor Tsoi

Margaret Crowe Lucie Oosterveld BRAND AMBASSADORS Marlenie Arana Gordana Bosiocic Serap Ozturk Tracy Sestito

COVER Photography by Tatyana Semenova

4552 - 99 Street Edmonton, AB T6E 5H5


January 2022

"We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called opportunity and its first chapter is New Year's Day." — EDITH LOVEJOY PIERCE



Editors' Note Well,

hello there, 2022! We’ve been

Local rocker, Zackaria Watfa, was destined for a life

anticipating your arrival! A new

in music. As well as being self taught in numerous

year, a new road that has yet to be traveled. There

instruments, this singer/songwriter has a passion

is a sentimentality associated with reflecting on the

for rock and roll. An electrician by trade, Zackaria is

year that has passed. Memories both happy and sad,

looking to 2022 in hopes of finding some bandmates.

friends old and new. But upon that reflection brings

Keep an eye out for local performances that are sure

an opportunity…to turn the page and start anew.

to be electrifying.

Modern Luxuria shares in your journey as we turn the digital page on a new year of Edmonton’s incredible

As we reflect on the lyrics from Auld Lang Syne,


we, at Modern Luxuria, want to acknowledge our appreciation of old friends who have been with us

This year’s forecast calls for…well, let’s ask the expert

from the beginning but look forward to meeting new

—CTV’s, Cory Edel. We weren’t necessarily interested

ones as we welcome in 2022! And remember to “Take

in a weather projection for ML. We think it’s safe to

a cup of kindness” everywhere we go. Happy New Year!

assume that January will be cold and snowy. But if you

— Heidi & Jelena

tune into CTV Morning News, you’ll take notice that Edel has a keen eye and undoubtedly, an accurate forecast in men’s fashion. As this month’s personality profile, Edel shares his love of all things Alberta, three piece suits and his early mornings in meteorology. Further predictions for 2022 include a conversation with AMR Interior Design Studio. Look for trends in texture and curves, repurposing and vintage finds all while supporting local. Also, learning that in the world of design, “never say never”! Dare we foresee, at some point, a heatwave? Currents Sun and Swimwear have us excited for warm weather. If we have to wait until the summer months, so be it, but until then we can prepare for unexpected getaways and dreams of poolside rays with swimwear for every worshiper.


January 2022

C E Cashmere Knit Sweater Jacket - Lardini Merino Wool Crew Neck Sweater - John Smedley 100% Silk Printed Pocket Square - Isaia 100% Salvedge Denim - Rehash Newbury Chelsea Boots - Crockett & Jones

- 10 -


CORY EDEL CTV Morning Live Meteorologist

"If I could drop everything I would love to open up a breakfast restaurant. I don’t know if that’s because every morning I get up at 3:30 as I tend to be a morning person." — CORY EDEL

- 11 -

January 2022


Luxuria sat down with self‑professed morning

lover Cory Edel to discuss his meteorology career, and

ML: Did you always want to be a meteorologist?

his fashion sense. A lover of the Edmonton community

CE: No. I wanted to work in television. Growing up in

and his viewers, Cory believes he works for his audience

Stony Plain, Alberta, television sounded so exciting

and defines his success by their feedback. Those little

and different. And I didn’t know anyone who had

bits of praise give him a sense of success that he is

gone that direction. Working with Claire Martin, the

doing his job well.

seed was planted so I transitioned into meteorology.

ML: Tell us about your television journey.

The thing I love about meteorology as far as the

CE: I went to NAIT and took a television broadcasting

television aspect is concerned, is that I’m kind of in

certificate. After that I went into production and did

control of my work. I get to put together my own

some directing for ITV, then Global Television, so I’ve

forecast and get to decide what the weather story of

worked behind the scenes. That would have been in

the day is. There are always serious moments in the

my early 20s.

news, but I get to be the light-hearted one more often.

I had also done some work with Claire Martin. So for

ML: What do you love about your job?

people who haven’t lived in Edmonton for a long time,

CE: I get to meet a lot more people in the community

she was one of Edmonton’s first meteorologists on

that I would not necessarily meet if I wasn’t doing a

air. I really enjoyed the work that I did with her and I

job in the public eye. You get to hear a lot of really cool

always kind of had weather in the back of my mind.

stories and meet a lot of interesting people.

Then at the age of 25, I had what I call my quarter

I really enjoy community and one thing that did

life crisis. I had a really good friend pass away from

shift with the pandemic and what I had a hard time

cancer. There were a lot of things that I wanted to do

with was not being able to MC host charity events.

but had just kept putting them off. One of them was

I love doing that and being able to help out in the

to backpack and travel across Europe. So at 25, I quit

community and meet some really cool people. I really

and I traveled. I took almost a full year off. I went to

miss it.

Eastern and Western Europe, Northern Africa, and ML: Talk to us about your fashion style.

the Middle East including Iran.

CE: I’ve noticed a change in my fashion. The past 5 When I came back, I went to university and that’s

years I have really gotten into basic looks including

when I pursued my Bachelor of Science degree with a

solid color tees. There was a time when I was doing

specialization in Atmospheric Sciences. I finished at 30.

graphic tees. Those don’t really exist in my closet anymore. I’ve really tried to build my wardrobe on

I made the switch to in front of the camera and I

strong, solid key pieces. I love jackets. I love fall and

started doing weather with CBC including some

spring. Now there are less trendy pieces and stronger

national weather with them in Toronto. Then I came

classic pieces that I know are going to last longer for

back to Edmonton and went to Calgary for about a

me. Also, when you’re on camera, there is a point where

year with Shaw TV. I came back to Edmonton with

you have to balance because there is an expectation

CBC. From there I moved to CTV just over 6 years ago.

on presentation.

- 12 -

Ring Jacket Glencheck Sportcoat - Ring Jacket 100% Merino Wool Sweater - John Smedley 100% Silk Printed Pocket Square - Isaia Stretch Cotton 5 Pocket Pant - Rehash Single Monkstrap Dress Shoe - Scarpe Di Bianco

- 13 -

January 2022

ML: Who is your favourite designer? CE: Vivienne Westwood. I’m fascinated with her work. Watching her interviews, she is such a fascinating person and designer. Unfortunately, I don’t have the body that fits her designs but I have a couple of shirts of hers. I just love them. Another designer I really enjoy is Ted Baker - I became a fan about ten years ago. He was one of the first designers to do really cool designs on the lining of jackets and the pocket squares. He has sleekly-designed suits and then you can turn the pocket square out. You can show a little bit more of your personality with those details. I believe that this is good fashion - when it’s the little things people notice. You don’t have to be bold with labels or spend a lot to look nice and to look fashionable. One of the things we forget is you can get a good tailor to hem your jeans properly and find a shirt that fits your body. Once you find the fit and style that works well with your body and the colors that work well with your tone, you can take any look to the next level. Fashion does not have to be expensive or unattainable. It’s knowing your body and what works well for you. ML: During your off time what do you do to relax? CE: Physical fitness is very important to me. I enjoy going to the gym; I need that focus outside of work for about an hour and a half to rejuvenate. It’s a really big part of my life. Music is a big thing. I definitely get it from my dad and family growing up. I can remember sitting around as a family putting on Huey Lewis and the News or a Tina Turner record, and we would all sit there as a family and just listen to music. I love doing that. I will be by myself and take the time to lay on the couch and listen to loud music. It is important for the soul. @coryedel

- 14 -

Check Windowpane Suit - Luigi Bianchi Mantova Spread Collar Dress Shirt - Henry Singer 1938 100% Silk Tie - Drakes of London 100% Silk Pocket Square - Drakes of London

- 15 -

January 2022

‘Fit for a


- 16 -

- 17 -

January 2022


nothing more glamorous than jetting off to a tropical

locale and escaping Edmonton’s brutal winter. If you’re lucky enough to be heading south, we’ve got a treat for you. We dabble this month in escapism. When we travel, we escape the cold and the old, and embrace the new experiences a vacation can provide. From the beach to the rainforest and snorkeling to wildlife encounters, vacationing can rejuvenate and refresh you while also offering the opportunity for rebirth. The status quo is not in vogue when the temperature drops to a crippling subzero, and thus we take to the skies seeking sunshine and pineapples. Resort 2022 saw the return of the one-piece, this time embellished with bold colors and patterns. Florals are forever in the forecast for swimwear. This season, they’re for men too. Luxurious fabrics take the wheel— who wants to be uncomfortable on vacation? But this year, it’s about elevated style as we move away from the purely comfort-driven vibes of 2020 and 2021. Linen is a timeless staple that we won’t ever be able to let go of. It offers breathability and sophistication à la Nicole Kidman in Nine Perfect Strangers. Athleticinspired looks are here to stay, but we’re playing with luxurious textures and logo-mania’s surprising yet subtle resurgence. Drawing inspiration from the music of The Beach Boys, 1962’s Dr. No, and Mad Men’s Don and Betty Draper, we’ve created a retro-futurist scene. A youthful Bond and his femme fatale take a dip in the pool before heading out on their first mission; “God Only Knows” plays on the radio. An apt title since they’re unaware of what the future holds. For now, the pair lounge and laze, imagining the endless adventures ahead.

- 18 -

Stripe Tank - Island Haze Shorts - Billabong

- 19 -

January 2022

Flower Field Bandeau One Piece - Anne Cole

- 20 -

Linen Shirt - Island Haze Casual Shorts - Burnside

- 21 -

January 2022

- 22 -

Rash Guard - Billabong Shorts - Sunday Performance Pro

- 23 -

January 2022

Textured One Piece - Bond-Eye Australia

- 24 -

- 25 -

January 2022

- 26 -

- 27 -

January 2022

- 28 -

- 29 -

January 2022


WARHOL MEETS ATREIDES Resort 2022 Eyewear Trends

- 30 -


- 31 -

January 2022


you’re staying in town, hitting the slopes or heading off to a tropical

destination, a good pair of sunglasses is a must. There’s nothing like a pair of shades to hide post-holiday exhaustion, and as we jump into January, a little anonymity can be desirable. After all, it’s a new year, and you’re getting ready to become an entirely new you. So be it on the beach, the mountain, or at the grocery store, you’ll want to be wearing the latest trends, and we have what you’re looking for. Eyewear has been at the forefront of style for the past two years. The aughts have reigned supreme with skinny, Matrix-inspired sunglasses replacing the classic shapes we know and love. Many disliked the trend and opted to ignore it, while others embraced the eccentricity of the look. This year many will be pleased to see the aughts’ influence over eyewear receding as we welcome oversized frames once again. The 60s have returned, and we’re saying “hello again” to the bug-eyed look and tortoiseshell. It’s a mod renaissance that would see Andy Warhol’s ‘it girls’ swooning. Among the retro frames, we’re also seeing a push towards SciFi with shades evocative of ‘Dune’. The sandy tones of Arrakis are peppered throughout this season’s collections; you can never go wrong with practical, neutral tones. Along with visions of Science Fiction, bold, chunky logos are taking over in polished gold and chrome. All told, the variation in size, shape, color and design offers a ton of options to anyone looking for a new piece of eyewear to add to their collection.

- 32 -


- 33 -

January 2022


- 34 -


- 35 -

January 2022


- 36 -


- 37 -

January 2022

An Athletic Crossov

Audi’s SQ5 is eager to please at th


- 38 -

ver That Does It All

he intersection of luxury & sport


- 39 -

January 2022


sculpted body with its sharply creased lines combines style and muscular

aggression. Hints of its performance potential are everywhere from the massive honeycomb grille to the quad exhaust tips, while touches like gloss black trim and 21-inch wheels give it an air of sporty sophistication. You’re greeted by a hypnotic lighting sequence front and back when you unlock the car, and hidden light projectors paint a crisp Audi logo on the ground when the doors are opened. Luxury greets the driver and passengers alike. Getting into the masterfully crafted diamond-quilted red Nappa leather seating, you take in your surroundings and start noticing the finer details such as the contrasting red stitching, the carbon fibre and the ultrasuede inserts throughout. Rear passengers aren’t second‑class citizens here­—the same trim and leather is found in the back, along with plenty of head and leg room. Technology is front and centre. Ahead of the driver is a stunning customizable digital dash that can display nearly any information asked of it, including a birds‑eye satellite view of where you are driving—it almost feels as if you are flying overhead. The centre of the dash houses a large touchscreen that handles navigation, phone and an excellent sound system. Firing up the 349HP turbocharged V6 treats everyone inside and outside to a snappy bark from the sports exhaust. Numerous driving modes allow the driver to switch from Comfort mode all the way to the exhilarating Dynamic mode. Each driving mode accesses different programs for the throttle response, the suspension and even the exhaust sound, and it makes for an exciting drive regardless of what mode the driver chooses.

- 40 -

The SQ5 might offer the technology and luxury i

e perfect balance between utility, performance, in the mid‑size crossover category.

- 41 -

January 2022



- 42 -

There is no lack of power in any driving situation. The SQ5 is easy to trundle around town, but it happily responds to a stab of the throttle, pushing its passengers back in the seats and launching forward with unexpected and jaw-dropping alacrity. The transmission shifts seamlessly, regardless of how you are driving. And bringing everything back down to earth is done with ease, thanks to smooth, powerful brakes. The suspension is wonderfully compliant, offering a buttery smooth ride in Comfort mode and bumping it up to sporty and firm in Dynamic mode. The handling is outstanding, and the SQ5 can carve corners with the best of them. Whether commuting, taking in the scenery on a road trip or enjoying a quick hoot down some curvy country road, it takes it all in stride. Crossovers need to bring utility to the table as well, and this one does not disappoint. Pop the power trunk lid to access a large wide cargo space, and if you need more, the rear seats fold down to open up new possibilities. Safety is key here as well. Any driver assistance aid you can think of is included, and Audi’s class-leading quattro all-wheel drive makes easy work of Alberta winter driving. Bold, classy and athletic, bristling with technology, power and luxury—the SQ5 has everything a discerning driver could want.

- 43 -

January 2022

French Fare with a Side of Hospitality Veterans of the restaurant industry hold the recipe to success Patrick and Doris Saurette opened The Marc in October 2011, but their tenure in the hospitality business goes back to La Boheme, a French restaurant in the Highlands where the two were employed in the 80s. They’ve been together professionally and personally ever since.


- 44 -

- 45 -

January 2022


favourite part of the day is



something he gets to do during both the lunch and dinner service. Doris, meanwhile, spends the majority of her time sourcing ingredients and tending to the mountain of administrative tasks demanded of a restaurant owner. The couple considers The Marc their second home, and the staff their extended family. In an industry where employee turn-around is extraordinarily high, having staff stay for over 10 years speaks highly not only of how the Saurettes do business, but how they treat people. “They call us Mom and Dad here,” Patrick says, and credits much of the restaurant’s longevity and success to its foundation which he refers to as “good soil”. When they worked at La Boheme, the owner, Ernst Eder, told Patrick and Doris to treat the restaurant like it was their own. “It’s what we tell our employees now, and it makes a difference. It creates a do-the-right-thing energy,” Patrick elaborates. “If a problem arises, we want them to think first: ‘what would Doris or Patrick do’?” Having servers professionally and efficiently address issues instills confidence in the patron and is a reason The Marc’s clientele has stayed loyal over the years. The other reason, of course, is the food. The menu offers classic French bistro fare like entrecote frites, duck confit and beef tartare, but kitchen staff do have the license to create. If the dish makes it through rounds of testing, it’ll appear on the menu. Not all do, but the opportunity to be heard and experiment helps keep the creative juices flowing. While pretentiousness and high prices are often associated with French food, a warm welcome from the Saurettes and a glance at the menu will assure you that such is not the case at The Marc.

- 46 -

- 47 -

January 2022

- 48 -

“It was always our intention to offer something that was approachable, both from a food perspective and a price point,” Patrick says of the time he and Doris spent planning to open a restaurant after il Portico, their former place of business, closed in 2008. Mission accomplished. The Marc is the perfect place to have a business lunch or to sit solo at the bar with a glass of wine while enjoying some house-marinated olives. Looking for a long table where the group can get together over escargot and Beef Bourguignon? The staff would be happy to pull a few tables together given appropriate notice. Large windows allow the sun to flood in during the day and soft lighting makes the room cozy at night. A leather banquette and sleek mirrors on a white brick wall provide some ooh-la-la in a noticeably neutral hued room. When Patrick questioned the lack of color with the designer, she said, “The people will be the color.” The statement made an impact. To Doris and Patrick Saurette, this business has always been about the people. This year a special Valentine’s Day menu will run February 12, 13 and 14. The best time to make a reservation is now. - 49 -

January 2022

- 50 -


The craft cocktail and natural wine trend may be in full flight nowadays, but for us hardy Edmontonians, we need something a little stiffer to get us through our bone-chilling winters. Port provides those in the know with an ideal winter treat - the warmth of a scotch, the character of a wine, the finish of a dessert. As styles of port can vary dramatically, we will journey along through three different producers and ages of port to help you find your perfect winter warmer.


- 51 -

January 2022

TAYLOR FLADGATE 10 YEAR OLD TAWNY PORT Douro, Portugal A long established name, Taylor Fladgate is a smart buy for quality made in a traditional process. They still foot-tread their grapes rather than rely on automated machines to extract as much character from the grape skins in an exceptionally short period. A 10 year tawny is an excellent choice for the discerning drinker who wants a rich and mellow experience while retaining ample primary fruit characteristics. This example maintains its balance expertly and has a healthy amount of dense dried cherries showing still, outpacing the toffee, coffee, and nuts while holding on for its grand finale - a kick of marzipan.


- 52 -

RAMOS PINTO 20 YEAR OLD TAWNY PORT Douro, Portugal Ramos Pinto produces this 20 year old tawny from a single quinta - Quinta do Bom Retiro, which is very atypical in my experience for a tawny. This Quinta has a documented history all the way back into the late 1700s - truly historic. Ramos Pinto specifically has held this property since the early 1900s and this is produced from a mix of field blend grapes (multiple grape varieties grown together in the same rows) and organized rows of single grape varieties. This is a port you may want to leave in a decanter for a day or in an opened bottle for a week, as there is a noticeable wave of spirit character present at first passing. Fret not, as the rewards are ample, given time. Lively aromas of pungent figs, nuts, mandarins and caramel bring a fierce cinnamon, cask spice and herbal edge into focus. With so much complexity, I found the structure of the wine was retained for several days after opening with perhaps the exception of the finish of burnt pecans and toffee growing more persistent as time moved forward.


- 53 -

January 2022

CAVES MESSIAS 1995 COLHEITA PORT Douro, Portugal From a single harvest year (different from a declared single vintage year), the 1995s are truly from an underdog vintage which had extreme heat that challenged even the finest growers. This is not to mention it was produced in the shadows of the historic 1994s that are some of the finest of its generation. This is in the prime drinking window now and is delightfully hedonistic in its character, likely due to the warmth of the growing season. Just a touch of pruned, dried tree fruit remains to prepare you for the main attraction - the finish. One of the lengthiest I can recall of any port, this goes on for minutes. Wave after wave of toffee, walnut, coffee, and chocolate dance among your senses - a seriously enjoyable experience. This is the port to drink when you wish to shut off your brain after a long day and stare at the roaring fire or impress your party goers at the end of the night when their palates are weary of dissecting the mysteries of the bottle.


- 54 -

78 0 42 8 65 65


W- W W. MOUS TAR AH . C OM 55 -

January 2022

Flying Solo Local rocker Zackaria is a one-man music machine WORDS BY BRANDY BELITSKY PHOTOGRAPHY BY JELENA KOVACEVIC

- 56 -

- 57 -

January 2022


- 58 -


for his last day

Zackaria’s love for the rock genre inspired him to

in Canada, local

start writing his own music. Around four years ago,

rocker Zackaria Watfa is rushing around the city

Zackaria started his solo rock project, “Zackaria”. His

looking for a last-minute rapid antigen test before

self-titled album, released in 2020, is a heavy-hitter,

he flies to Belize for a month-long solo backpacking

so heavy in fact, I was astonished to learn that there

adventure across Central America. 2020 gave us

were only two people behind the entire album.

many obstacles that have led us to this strange

Zackaria wrote and played all of the instruments

new reality we are now living in. While the world

on the album aside from the drums, which were

was in lockdown back in the summer of 2020,

written and recorded by local drummer Brett Reid.

Zackaria was putting the finishing touches on

The entire album was recorded at Brett’s studio,

his first full-length studio album. What was it like

“Red Bear Records”.

releasing an album in the midst of a pandemic? Being Zackaria’s first album, he didn’t really have

The first track on the album, titled “Break The

anything to compare it to, however, he missed out

Cycle”, was first released as a single and is the

on an album release show, which typically follows

perfect song to kick off the eight track album. The

a formal album release.

lyrics touch on addiction and talk about being stuck in a monotonous life. If you’re a fan of heavier

Born and raised in Edmonton, Zackaria Watfa is an

music, like myself, you’ll also want to check out

electrician by trade, working for a local gas plant,

“Machine” and “Rise Till Death”. If you are looking

and a rock star by passion. Zackaria found his love

for something a bit lighter, you can check out his

for the stage as the frontman for the local rock

songs “Escape This Life” and “Runaway” which are

cover group, “Bandana Gold”, but his love for music

both singles that he released back in 2019. He is

goes back much further than that. When Zackaria

also currently working on an acoustic single that

was just twelve years old, his neighbour lent him

he plans to release in 2022.

a guitar. He spent countless hours studying the instrument and trying to figure out songs by his

As for concerts, Zackaria’s goal when he arrives

favourite artists. This paved the path to discovering

back in Canada in the new year, is to find musicians

his passion for rock and heavy metal music. After

to form a band with so that he can hit the stage

he taught himself how to play the guitar, he went

with his music in 2022.

on to also teach himself bass guitar and singing, @zackariamusic

accomplishing the multi-instrumentalist he is today.

- 59 -

January 2022

- 60 -


LAVING YOUR LIFE "Rubber Duckie you're the one! You make bath time lots of fun!" “Rubber Duckie I’m awfully fond of you.” What once was a form of playtime, bathing has also been an essential form of relaxation. Calm, warm waters and their de-stressing effects have played a key role in bedtime routines from infancy. The therapeutic elements of H2O have spanned centuries, cultures and generations. We’ve levelled up from the splashing, yellow, rubber duck to an extraordinary adulting, bathing experience. Lavish soaps, lush cottons and fragrances help to soothe the heightened of senses. It’s a matter of self care, to rejuvenate and purify the soul. And starting a new year is to begin again, to wash away all that was 2021. So soak up all of the essentials we’ve put together for our Modern Luxuria bathing beauties and hang on to that rubber ducky for Saturday nights! Quack! Quack!

- 61 -

January 2022

1 3


SHOP: 1. Dolce Rug - Bella Casa 2. Cocoa Honeycream Mask - Pura Botanicals 3. SFERRA Amira Bathrobe - Luxurious Beds & Linens 4. Clear Quartz Gemstone Roller - Pura Botanicals 5. Hermit Charcoal Salt Soak - Shop Harrow 6. Misiyo Sweet Oak + Maple Candle - Shop Harrow 7. Lovefresh Vanilla Body Butter - Jilly's Boutique 8. Facial Dry Brush - Plum Home + Design 9. Portofino Towels - Luxurious Beds & Linens 10. Liola Luxuries Cozy Cashmere Soap - Shop Harrow



- 62 -


5 8



- 63 -

January 2022


Softening the Edges Brenda Brix of AMR Design shares her predictions of less pointed and cold trends to come in 2022

- 64 -

- 65 -

January 2022


“I see a lot more curves and softness coming our way in the next few years so I think again, those slanted rooflines will look dated.”

people adore trends and some abhor them, but Brenda Brix of

AMR Design takes a less divisive approach. They can be used as inspiration, as long as it doesn’t leave the space looking dated in a few years.

Softness, texture, curves, and warm color will bring

“Trends definitely influence our design lens, but we

an end to the reign of the stark coldness that

really concentrate on making timeless interiors that

gripped interior design over the last few years.

will never reveal the era in which they were created.”

Natural materials, as well as the adoption of a more local and vintage focus, are coming on strong.

Though she doesn’t like to declare that she hates one trend or another, she predicts the hard angles

“We don’t need to sell clients on this anymore—

and cold materials—very indicative of a house built

they are excited to repurpose items and support

in 2020—are on their way out. With this, she hopes

small local artists, artisans and makers!”

we will see the end of new builds with angular roofs.

- 66 -

- 67 -

January 2022

Brenda also predicts the shift in perspective around some key things in our homes, light fixtures and TVs in particular. People are realizing that a lamp or a light fixture doesn’t need to be just that. It can be a piece of functional art as well! “We are excited that the TV is not the focus of the room anymore. Now thanks to companies like Samsung, we can specify a product like the Frame TV and it is a piece of artwork when not being used. This gives people the lifestyle of having a TV but we no longer need to design around a big black space.” Like previously mentioned, Brenda doesn’t like to go as far as to claim she hates any particular trends. She prefers to err on the side of simply having some she prefers not to use. “I learned a long time ago to never say never! It always comes down to the client and what they want. While I will always give my advice on best practices when it comes to incorporating trends, at the end of the day, it is their home and we are going to make it speak to them.” While she and her team may incorporate trends into their work from time to time, they ensure that the look is timeless yet modern—with a bit of a twist: the use of just enough color to push people out of their comfort zone and into a world of personal touches. “We always help our clients get more comfortable with color little by little until they come around and see how fantastic a space can look when you inject it with personality.”

- 68 -

- 69 -

January 2022


Interior steel and glass partition walls create transformative interior spaces. Clean lines and attractive minimalist detailing give our wall system a timeless and fresh appeal that will never go out of style. 


• • 780-488-4001 • WWW.ASIPRODUCTS.CA 17704 118 AVENUE NW • EDMONTON • ALBERTA - 70 - T5S 2W3