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October 2021




Highlights Note Editors' Note — Conscientious life with a focus on the environment 8 Profile Getting to Know Amber Scott — An international influencer in the ever-evolving digital world 10

Fashion Sustainable & Stylish Fall Finds — Carefully curated by Swish & LUXMRKT 20 Food Exceptional Service & a Delightful Menu — Stanhope Eatery delivers a memorable dining experience 42 Wellness Luxury Spa Treatment In-Home by Kaavish — For luminous skin & serious self care! 48 Art Meet the Artist & Master of Repurposing — Joanne Guthrie 52


October 2021



Lana Linton

Brandy Belitsky EDITORS-IN-CHIEF

Mona Butler

Jelena Bojic

Sherri Delle

Heidi Johannson

Jelena Kovacevic Lois Liew


Nicole Richard

Margaret Crowe

Trevor Tsoi

Lucie Oosterveld

JF Vanveen Dawn Weir

BRAND AMBASSADORS Marlenie Arana Gordana Bosiocic Serap Ozturk Tracy Sestito

COVER Photography by Dawn Weir Photography


Interior steel and glass partition walls create transformative interior spaces. Clean lines and attractive minimalist detailing give our wall system a timeless and fresh appeal that will never go out of style. 


17704 118 AVENUE NW • EDMONTON • ALBERTA • T5S 2W3 • 780-488-4001 • WWW.ASIPRODUCTS.CA October 2021 -7-

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children. - NATIVE PROVERB

” Photography By Jelena Kovacevic


Editors' Note In

this month’s edition of Modern Luxuria, we

Joanne Guthrie’s philosophy is completely aligned

take a look at the availability of conscientious

with this month’s theme of Modern Luxuria; she is

consumerism in our city. It’s undeniable that what we

all about repurposing and giving new life to used

do today greatly impacts the generations of tomorrow.

materials through her art. Clean and simple lines,

No matter how small the choice for sustainability, it is

organic materials, home made ink and repurposed

still a choice in the right direction toward a cleaner,

metal are only some of the highlights of her work.

less cluttered version of today. Here are a few ideas

Take a look at the ‘Underneath It All’ collection to

to inspire you to make that shift.

see how nature and the human body inspire the St. Albert artist.

How full is your closet? By now you’ve most likely switched out your Spring/Summer staples to your

And last but not least, meet Amber Scott, an

Fall/Winter wardrobe. Upon reflection, are all of

Edmontonian who built an incredible social media

those items really necessary? Is there some way to

presence with hundreds of thousands of followers,

simplify and minimize; not just for mental clarity

tackling a variety of topics from fashion, to lifestyle,

but for the good of others? One easy and affordable

travel and health, in a genuine and inspirational way.

way to reduce consumption is through clothing consignment, so we are delighted to feature Swish

We hope you’ll find this edition inspirational and

Vintage and LUXMRKT.

join us in our mission to become more sustainable, environmentally conscious, and supporting local.

Hidden treasures are all around if you know what to look for! Creating the trendiest of accessories are items from Epico - handmade artisan jewelry made

- Heidi & Jelena

from recycled steel, natural healing stones, crystals and pearls. Consignment Loft is a place for value and inspiration. From artwork to sectionals, there are pieces to complement your existing rooms or start completely fresh wall to wall. Get inspired with quality show home and previously loved furnishings and decor all while helping the planet!


October 2021


All eyes on

Edmonton Amber Scott puts the eyes of the world on her local favourites

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October 2021

- 12 -

With the amount of followers she’s gained, Edmonton’s Amber Scott falls well within the category of influencer, as hundreds of thousands of people flock to her for her OOTDs, beauty tips, or to take comfort in her slice-of-life posts about her day‑to-day life. Amber’s online roots started in 2014 in the form of fashion blogging and posting some of her photos. As the internet moved through its phases, so did her content. From experimenting with 2015’s bokeh trend to 2018’s photo preset obsession, she’s tried them all. About a year after starting to blog, Amber adapted her content to post on Instagram. From there, her career has exploded: working with international brands, attending NYFW, while always delivering high‑quality content without any outside help aside from her husband.

- 13 -

October 2021

- 14 -

Amber, how would you describe yourself? Without sounding too forward, I'd say I'm ambitious and driven. I thrive on challenges and am constantly setting goals for myself. I'm also quite introverted. While I enjoy the occasional night out with friends and spontaneous get-togethers, I feel my best when I'm alone in my cozy environment. People are often a bit taken aback when I say I'm introverted since I'm so open with my online world. Did you ever think you'd amass such a large following? To be honest, I try not to think about the number too much because whenever I do, I get stage fright, if that makes sense. I'm extremely grateful for the audience I have. Sharing my life so candidly and having others be able to relate is such a wonderful feeling. I always do my best to keep my content positive and light-hearted; I think with everything going on in this chaotic world, being able to laugh and forget about problems for a bit can be refreshing. Living your life very publicly often invites a lot of hate online, how do you handle this? This took me a long time to learn but now I just simply don't respond. While I understand wanting to be understood, the truth is, people already have a version of you made up in their minds and nothing you say will change that. I also believe there is a block button for a reason and I'm not afraid to use it. Dwelling on someone else's opinion of you is only a waste of your precious time and energy. ‘You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world and there will still be someone who hates peaches.’ People have a very narrow idea of what an influencer is, what would you say is the most misunderstood aspect of your career? The fact that I sit around and just take photos of myself (and it's easy to misunderstand because that's the only part people see). People in my industry get this all day long and those who aren't running it as a business will never understand without being in one's shoes. - 15 -

October 2021

You create a lot of content around beauty and

Closer to home now, what local spots are you

fashion. People definitely love your style! How


would you describe it?

My absolute favourite right now is a home decor shop

I always say "classic" with a modern twist. While

called The Artworks! And I’ve sold a lot of my clothes

I enjoy dabbling in trends here and there (loving

with Wrinkled, a second-hand shop. Some favourite

the trending colour, Lavender, lately!), my go-to is

food spots include Sober Cat Cafe for the brunch/

always blue jeans and a button-up or tee. I feel my

coffee and overall vibe. It’s probably my favourite

best when I'm wearing my favourite pair of denim

hangout spot in the city. The people who work there

and a button-up. Lately, I've really been loving that

are all so lovely, the music they play always has good

oversized button-ups are trending - they go with

vibes, the food, coffee, and cocktails are great! I also

nearly everything and there are so many ways you

love a new spot, called Dalla, for their Italian food,

can wear them!

and the interior design is a major inspiration for the new home we’re building. Some other favourites

Where do you get your outfit inspiration when

are Mosaic Cafe and El Cortez — a pet-friendly patio

you’re in a slump?

and their coconut margaritas are one of my favourite

If I'm in a slump and feeling uninspired, I'll browse

cocktails ever!

Pinterest for outfit ideas. I love Pinterest for all things @ambervscott

fashion, home, and beauty related! Putting fashion and beauty aside for a moment, what would you say is the most unexpected thing

Amber's Top Three Luxuries

about you? I can make a fire with my bare hands: hearthboard,

1) Candles

spindle, sage, etc.

"I started collecting luxury candles a few years a

Whenever I'd take a trip somewhere new, I'd bring ho

If you had all the time in the world what would

a newly scented luxury candle. There's just something t

you do?

makes me so happy when lighting a luxury candle, I c

Read books. Every day, all day long.

quite put my finger on it."

You’re really well-travelled, you’ve seen so many

2) A super-soft, luxe bathrobe

different places! Which one sticks out to you?

"Honestly, out of everything I own, I wear my bathr

Italy, two years ago for our honeymoon. Out of

the most."

everywhere I've ever been, including this recent trip to Greece, Italy takes the cake for #1 best place I've

3) Good quality basics

ever been to. The culture, food, architecture, unique

"I've said it before but spending a little extra on qua

experiences Italy has to offer, and the people! Each

fabric is so worth it in the long run. Never underestim

part of Italy is so different too — it's incredible! I could

the power of basics in your closet - they are the key build

be in the city of Florence and then go down to Puglia

blocks to your wardrobe and if you treat them right, th

and it's like an entirely different world.

last you for years and years."

- 16 -










- 17 -

October 2021

- 18 -

Beauty is radiant joyful confident kind timeless

Dr. Thomas Nakatsui


is the award-winning Medical Director of


Nakatsui DermaSurgery


Centre. With cutting edge technology


and expert care, Nakatsui DermaSurgery is Edmonton’s centre


of excellence in

cosmetic and medical

Suite 200, 9670 142 Street


Crestwood Centre, Edmonton

- 19 -

October 2021

Scarf Spotting Swish Vintage owner Angela Larson Talks Quality, Glamour & the Tragedy of Sacrificing Style for Comfort WORDS BY LANA LINTON PHOTOGRAPHY BY JELENA KOVACEVIC MODEL OLIVIA WALLIS

Angela Larson’s love of fashion is undeniable. Her mind is an archive of decade-specific details and collections that would impress the likes of industry encyclopedias Grace Coddington and Hamish Bowles. With elegant charm, warm laughter and a biting sense of humour, she shares her history, vintage shopping philosophy and fashion witticisms. A marvellous character, to be sure, Larson’s passion for all things vintage and fashionable is as fascinating as it is impressive.

- 20 -

- 21 -

October 2021

- 22 -


appreciation for vintage fashion was

kind of our way of being creative and I think especially

instilled in Larson at a young age, “I grew

as of late, any way you can bring joy and creativity to

up around a grandmother who was an antique dealer.

your life is a bonus.” The joy that comes with finding

[My family] used to joke that she could spot a designer

a vintage Hermes scarf or a one-of-a-kind 1960s

silk scarf from 300 feet away. So I was around that

miniskirt can’t be denied. Whether you’re searching

when I was younger.” With a sharp eye and fierce

for a vintage designer piece or a hand-made 1940s

knowledge of textiles, it’s no wonder that Larson’s

gown, Swish has the best of the best. Larson is one

Swish Vintage has been a booming success for over

of the few in Edmonton who buys clothing outright;

a decade. In her early adult years, she worked at Holt

she combs through twenty to thirty emails a week

Renfrew—“I was in fashion for years, and so I think I

from collectors and estates, all offering her first dibs.

must come by it naturally.”

A resolute commitment to dressing fabulously for any occasion is non-negotiable for Larson, she

Life changed, and Larson found herself a single

wants people to embrace great style, regardless of

parent working for an ad agency. As she tired of the

where they’re going or what they’re doing. Wearing

long hours and intense pressure, she began to think about starting her own business, “I very naively thought that if I had my own business it would be different. I certainly started out working extremely long hours.” Now with another employee and a strong base of adoring customers, Larson no longer works twelve-hour days, though it’s hard to imagine how someone so passionate takes a

and selling vintage is about

“ You can be

comfortable in a million different things that are not tragic to look at.

real break from the fashion world. “You just get a high for these

unapologetic glamour and beauty, “I get some of the most glamorous women in [my store]. I have a customer who will stop by in a Chanel fur coat, she looks like she’s just walked off a television set, and I’ll say ‘oh my gosh, where are you off to?’ and she’ll say ‘here.’ I just love people like that.” The Swish clientele demands quality, vintage pieces, not a rack of five-dollar jeans. While there can be a crossover between vintage shoppers

things,” she says. Even on vacation, Larson is on the

and thrifters, the difference is that Swish customers

hunt, Googling all the local antique and vintage shops

are looking for a high degree of curation and attention

before her trips.

to detail that thrift stores don’t offer.

When styling vintage pieces, Larson encourages

When it comes to shopping vintage, Larson wants her

people to be creative, “it’s not about dressing in

customers to challenge themselves, “someone might

head-to-toe 40s’ or 50s’, it’s about quality and mixing

say, ‘I don’t wear dresses, they aren’t comfortable.’

eras.” Creative expression is something of a mission

Well, dresses are comfortable—if they fit you.” One

for Larson when curating her collection and working

of her top tips for shopping vintage is to know your

with customers, “people always say to me ‘oh, I don’t

measurements ahead of time so that the try-on

need that, but I’m going to buy it anyway,’ and it’s just

process isn’t disparaging.

- 23 -

October 2021

Swish labels and groups pieces by measurements, so knowing your bust, waist and hip size will make shopping a dream, “if something is too tight, short, or awkward, of course, it’s not going to be something you’re drawn to, but I think that’s part of shopping second hand. Whether you’re thrifting or buying vintage from a shop like Swish, shaking up your preconceived ideas of what comfort means is paramount, Larson says, pausing before delivering a hard truth Anna Wintour would love, “you can be comfortable in a million different things that are not tragic to look at.” Even though vintage designer pieces can be found in every corner of Swish, Larson says the label isn’t what matters most, “I want young people to know that it’s not just about Chanel or designer, it’s about beautiful things, and you can get that unlabelled. So many vintage pieces are hand-made; there were so many incredible home-sewers in the 50s, 60s and 70s. I hate being asked about brands because to me it’s just a lovely piece.” She makes a strong case for replacing five acrylic fast-fashion sweaters with one or two vintage wool sweaters, “why have five crappy sweaters when you can have one really beautiful one?” she says with a sassy laugh. It’s always been about beautiful fashion pieces for Larson: good style is simply her way of life.

- 24 -

- 25 -

October 2021

- 26 -

You Are Not Alone LUXMRKT Owner Simon Budziszyn on the "New Normal" for Men’s Fashion in Edmonton Fashionable people are never alone. Whether you’re well-dressed in Milan or Edmonton, the fashion community will find you and embrace you. In the case of Simon Budziszyn’s LUXMRKT, a desire to look good and feel confident in his appearance led to a booming e-commerce business. And now, he has a brick and mortar store chock-full of quality menswear sourced from the styledriven men of Edmonton and beyond. Surprising as it may be, fashionable men are not alone in this city. They are of all ages, races, and backgrounds, and perhaps LUXMRKT is a regular destination for many.


- 27 -

October 2021


There is an underlying fashion community here where men want to look good & dress well. an unusual story: an I.T. specialist leaves

the comfort and stability of his tech job

to brave the unpredictable waters of men’s luxury consignment. LUXMRKT began as an accidental e-commerce side hustle. Budziszyn explains, “It

new to the industry trying to fit in with their peers and

started with me just trying to dress better on a

blend into the scene. Whether you purchased your

budget.” Relatable. So many of us want to look good

Marc Jacobs coat or Dior blazer from Nordstrom’s

but don’t have the budget for luxury pieces. In a

or a thrift shop is irrelevant; what matters is that you

society continually reminding us that how we look

look the part. Luxury on a budget is still luxury.

is of the utmost importance, it can be difficult for people with modest budgets to feel like they measure

Budziszyn is trying to perpetuate the feeling that

up in an office full of Armani suits.

comes with looking good here in Edmonton, “I want my clients to have the same feeling I got when I

Budziszyn’s desire to look better in the tech world

was able to obtain a good quality product at a good

made him stand out among his colleagues in their

price. There’s a confidence that comes when you’re

polo shirts and khakis, but he had a desire to elevate

wearing something that’s made well and looks good,

himself. Remembering his experiences with thrifting

and I want them to experience that.” This confidence

as a child, he decided to visit some local thrift shops. “I

carries over into other aspects of life, whether fitting

ended up finding a shirt that ultimately didn’t fit me

in with coworkers or having more confidence during

that well, so I posted it on eBay, and it sold.” Selling

an interview or presentation. Budziszyn has suited up

that shirt was what “triggered the whole thing.”

everyone from hockey players to wedding guests to

Thrifting has always been one of the fashion industry’s

retirees and job seekers, and it’s clear that he thrives

best-kept secrets, especially among interns and those

off of the feelings his wares instill in his clients.

- 28 -

- 29 -

October 2021

Simon’s Top Three Wardrobe Must-Haves 1) A good white shirt “A well-fitting white shirt is important. There isn’t really much it doesn’t go with.”

2) A nice pair of shoes “No matter what your personal aesthetic is, be it formal or casual, shoes and other small details really do get noticed.”

3) A staple suit “A good staple suit is something you should always have. You never know when something will pop up; a wedding, a funeral, an interview, whatever. You want to have a good suit that can work across those different events. Don’t try to find something last minute ­— having a good suit is essential.”

- 30 -

When it comes to what looks good, Budziszyn isn’t looking for brand names, “I’m very drawn to a certain kind of tailoring, and brands that design their clothes more for the fit. Boglioli and L.B.M. blazers are very tailored to the body. There’s not much structure in them, they’re partially lined, there’s no shoulder padding, et cetera. So when you put on one of those, and it fits well, it’s like a glove.” The second-skin, unstructured nature of Italian coastalinspired tailoring is centric to brands like Boglioli and Lubiam (and their diffusion line L.B.M. 1911). This style lends itself to an understated, worn-in elegance not often found in American menswear, where structure equals power. A Boglioli suit will enhance you, not overpower you. At the heart of LUXMRKT is Budziszyn’s passion for fashion and his mission to bring affordable luxury pieces to men who want to step outside of the accepted narrative. “There’s a stereotypical idea of what men should dress like, or what a man looks like in Alberta, and I want to break that down,” he says. “People will come in and say, ‘this isn’t what a typical Edmontonian dresses like,’ but that’s an unfortunate stereotype because all my stock is sourced locally. These fashionable individuals are scattered all over the city, and they may think they’re the oddball. I want them to know there is an underlying fashion community here where men want to look good and dress well.” Men looking for a place to explore their personal style or develop it further will find a second home in LUXMRKT and learn that they are not alone.

- 31 -

October 2021

- 32 -

Conscious Jewelry The Renewable & Affordable Luxury of Epico Designs Epico Designs believes that luxury can be eco-friendly too. Every piece in the Epico collection is meticulously handcrafted from sustainable materials, in designs that are fashion-forward and unique. Creating demi-fine, eco-friendly jewelry, Epico’s mission is to bring affordable luxury to women and men everywhere.


- 33 -

October 2021

Lock & Pearl Necklace Freshwater Pearls | Stainless Steel Hand created from real freshwater pearls and stainless steel, we combined classic materials with unique and natural forms creating a necklace like no other.

Medium Twisted Chunky Hoop Earrings Stainless Steel Add a bit of glamour to your everyday look with our chunky twisted gold hoop earrings. They feature a delicate twist that's both contemporary and classic— adding a fun twist on hoop earrings for work or play.

Classic Golden Curb Chain Stainless Steel This classic golden curb chain is made of stainless steel and can be worn by men or women. Its strong link construction adds weight to the chain, making it feel substantial on your neck or wrist.

- 34 -

Two-Tone Interlocking Rings Necklace Stainless Steel Drawing reference from modern architecture, our Interlocking Necklace is the perfect accessory for the minimalist on-the-go. Minimalist but still elegant enough for you to show your own style.

Warrior Bracelet Onyx | Leather | Stainless Steel This beautifully designed wristband is not only a work of art but a reminder to be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire. Its stones will help you remain confident with what the future might bring.

- 35 -

October 2021


An Uncompromis Need For Speed Porsche has gone electric with the luxurious Taycan 4S & we spoke with Porsche Canada's expert Jack Paskto to get the specs.

- 36 -


- 37 -

October 2021

- 38 -


Taycan began as "The Mission E" which de-

buted at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show. After four years of perfecting the design, in 2019, the Taycan was born as the first purely electrically powered Porsche and was ready to break new ground in the best Porsche design tradition. Quite literally, the Porsche of luxury electric vehicles, the Taycan has been turning heads since its unveiling, and for good reasons. The Taycan has broken several world records, including fastest indoor speed at 165 kilometers per hour and longest all-electric vehicle drift after completing a continuous, controlled drift for the length of a marathon. The Taycan has also set a lap record at the famous Nürburgring-Nordschleife for full electric sedans, completing the 20.6 kilometer lap in 7 minutes and 42 seconds. Speaking of speed, The Taycan 4S is the first all electric production vehicle to be equipped with a two-speed transmission which can accelerate the Taycan from 0 to 100 in just four seconds flat with a top track speed of 250 kilometers per hour. The 750 hp over-boost power with Launch Control allows you to experience a standing start performance that can be repeatedly reproduced. Speed however, is just one of the many amazing features of this all-electric vehicle. The Taycan 4S boasts an 800 volt battery which can charge from 5% to 80% in just 22.5 minutes reducing the need to stop and charge and allowing you to cover long distances easily. Featuring a range rating of 365 kilometers with the Performance Battery Plus or 320 kilometers without that option. Ideal for the everyday, the Taycan features a spacious interior and two luggage compartments, providing comfort and convenience for four.

- 39 -

October 2021

Aside from the 4S, the Taycan is available in several other models including the Turbo and Turbo S, and the new Cross Turismo which is an all‑terrain version with a larger rear cargo area. Alongside the 17 exterior colours for the Taycan ranging from standard to metallic to special, perhaps the most significant visual difference is the striking Frozen Blue Metallic paint option only found on the 4S. Like all Porsche models, the customization options on the Taycan are endless. After choosing your model you can customize the colour and finish of nearly everything from the body colour to the dials on the dashboard.

- 40 -

The interior on the Taycan 4S is also impressive. From the GT Multifunction Sport Steering Wheel and deep sporty seating position to the Porsche Advanced Cockpit with its innovative curved display, you will be riding in both comfort and style. If you're choosing the Taycan for its eco‑friendly features, you can also opt for a leather free vegan interior. Is the future of Porsche electric? You can count on it! Porsche expects at least 80% of its vehicles sold globally to be fully or partially electrified by 2030, setting a new standard for a greener future. - 41 -

October 2021

Friendship & Word of Mouth

Foundational to Local Eatery It's All About the Human Touch WORDS BY SHERRI DELLE PHOTOGRAPHY BY JELENA KOVACEVIC

- 42 -

- 43 -

October 2021


Arora and his wife, Yuliya, opened Stanhope Eatery just over a month ago. To get a feel

for what Stanhope has to offer, I made the 40-minute trip to experience this establishment firsthand— and I am grateful that I did. I was blown away at the hospitality, service, kindness, and genuine connection that Jeet had with myself and the customers who I witnessed walk through his doors. Jeet is the only Canadian to earn the highly prestigious award—Best Director of Food & Beverage 2019— courtesy of the Marriott Group. He has experience and expertise in the food and beverage industry both internationally (Bombay and Dubai) and locally, and is sought after for his innovation, hospitality, and phenomenal work. Jeet and Yuliya chose Edmonton as the location for Stanhope as they appreciated the people, their friendliness, the vibe, as well as the opportunity for growth. Stanhope is not a last name or a franchise, but means ‘a light, open, horse-drawn carriage.’ Yuliya heard the word in a movie, referencing a European city, and with further research, Stanhope grew into the brand and image you see as soon as you walk through the front doors. If you look closely at the Stanhope logo, you see a carriage, a horse, a rider, and a whip in the shape of a heart. The image signifies synergy and harmony between the Stanhope team (horse), the Edmonton economy (the carriage), the customer (rider) and a connection between all parties (heart shaped whip). Diversity is key to the eatery and can be found both in the decor (moss wall from Hawaii) as well as the food (ranging from fish and chips to rack of lamb). Local artisans created the bar counter, the upholstery and flooring; the food is sourced from local producers. Stanhope also supports both the Edmonton Humane Society as well as Ronald McDonald House as part of Jeet’s philosophy of giving back and supporting the local community.

- 44 -

- 45 -

October 2021

- 46 -

Jeet’s success lies in his ability to build relationships with both staff and customers alike. He is skilled at reading people and his foundation is built on service, connection, and generosity. “When you come here, you come for the complete package — ambience, quality, plating, staff, location.” This connection is

Stanhope was well worth the drive, and I will definitely

essential to Jeet. “You make contact, it is so important.

be back. Please check out this incredible gem that

Word of mouth is key, and this is how people create a

Edmonton has to offer. There is a little something

bond.” There is a senior’s residence right behind the

to impress the foody on your list as well as the most

eatery and already Jeet has many return customers

cultured wine connoisseur. And I guarantee you will

and new customers from the same location. He is

leave Stanhope having met a new friend, which to

able “to bend and accommodate for the needs of

Jeet, is the greatest compliment of all.

the customer. Customer service is key. I do anything

I can to help them out.”

- 47 -

October 2021


Hey Lovey! “

We are Indo-Fijian so we’re of East Indian culture with a bit of Fiji flair. We have some spice and we bring it all to the Kaavish family. — PREETKA PRASAD

” It’s her Grandmother’s oil infused scalp massages and precision pressure points that induce relaxation and sleep. These are the childhood memories that are deep rooted in Preetika Prasad’s modern world. A cultural connective that influenced the inception of Kaavish, the first of its kind, mobile spa that offers luxury treatments in the comfort of your own home. As the Urdu name suggests, Kaavish has been an endeavour of power and resilience. Words that would resonate long after Prasad secured her first mobile appointment in January of 2020.

- 48 -

- 49 -

October 2021


a brick and mortar medical



standing in Sherwood Park, it’s the ability to service Edmonton and surrounding area that really gets the spa excited! It’s an opportunity to showcase the team’s personalities. Prasad - “Yes, we are all about luxury but you’re also going to get us! A unique cultural hospitality that caters to a surprisingly diverse demographic.” From instagram influencers to ‘Golden Girls’, the community response has been overwhelming. And it’s not just the traditional, bridal party or baby shower. Think couples and yes, men! There have even been requests for hockey parties! Desiring a Kaavish 360 Signature Experience? It’s a head-to-toe pampering with the most thoughtful of product partnering. Tatcha aligned perfectly with a generational approach to skincare as well as their philanthropic model for the empowerment of girls.

- 50 -

“People pay hundreds of dollars for a facial and you

spread her labor of love with locations all over Canada

never really know what products are being used. We

but it needs to be perfected and that starts right here

can proudly say we bring the whole Tatcha line to

in Edmonton, with the right family.

you. That’s what brings people to us. They know the product. Our clients know what works. We admire the

"I want Kaavish to be an experience and part of your

authenticity and vibe of Tatcha and we align well with

lifestyle. That is the dream but I would be nowhere

that vision. They give back to schools and girls when

without my team. I could close my eyes and know

you purchase a product. We want to support that.”

my spa is running perfectly. I'm not a micro manager. My team knows my expectations. You give your one

Kaavish clients become friends and friends become

hundred percent. I'll be happy, you'll be happy and

family. You’ll know you’ve made the leap when you’re

most importantly, our clients will be happy."

greeted by their Indo-Fijian term of endearment,

“Lovey!”. Prasad anticipates a time when she can

- 51 -

October 2021

- 52 -


- 53 -

October 2021


since her first arts class in high school, Joanne Guthrie knew her path would

lead to welding and metal art. One of her first works in the school’s mechanic shop was enough to understand that this is her passion. Extensive knowledge and skill are required to be an artist who can work with metal and heat, and Joanne has gained these skills through her 20-year welding career. The direction of her career was determined by her love for creating metal art pieces, as this job gave her the opportunity to learn and work with materials that she wanted to create with. A welding career provided a great one for Joanne and her family, while allowing her to learn and work with metal and heat, and master her skills. Today, Guthrie can focus completely on her art. She opened her company a few years ago and started implementing a zero-waste philosophy from the early days. Guthrie reuses and repurposes all materials, as her inspiration and interests go from metal to ink, soapstone, and wire. “I don’t waste any of the metal I work with, and any paper I have, I use in my medium, to make paper again.” Her work is minimalistic, and she finds inspiration in nature, the core components of the environment such as fire, wind, rain and earth, and the human body. Her metal art pieces are usually made from reused metal, and all the melted ends are used in her work and never wasted. Clients find her mostly by word of mouth; pet portraits, metal gates, and

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address signs are some of the most wanted commissioned pieces over the last several months. Guthrie has had her work showcased in a few galleries across the city and she is focused on constantly learning and enhancing her work. Best known for her metal artworks, Guthrie’s collection of ink on paper is also something to be talked about; finding exposure in a bare and exposed body, letting the layers fall away, and showing one’s true self. Faceless acts are meant to allow the viewer to imagine themselves in the exposed state, from confidence and certainty to boldness and reliance. They are done using Guthrie’s own berry ink, with a calligraphy pen and a sea sponge, to allow the repurposed theme to continue its life through all of her works in an organic way.

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October 2021

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Homemade paper, embroidered birds, and flowers truly represent the message of sustainable materials and clean lines. “Simple lines say so much when they’re used in a proper way.” Other techniques include wires, formed and put onto a canvas, also clean and simple, with an exceptionally easy flow, as well as soapstone, mostly used to mark out the metal, but Guthrie felt it would be interesting to use it in this collection sketched onto the black canvas. Guthrie’s plan includes going back to university and completing her Bachelor of Arts degree, as she continues to create these collections, as well as commissioned pieces. Connection to the arts community is exceptionally important to Guthrie, as, without critique and feedback, there is no growth. An artist’s studio space is another thing on her wish list; opening up a studio that would allow her to welcome other artists would be a dream come true. Guthrie admires women artists, and really enjoys seeing more presence of women artists in museums and galleries, just as she loves seeing more women in the welding industry. Born, raised and still living in St. Albert with her husband and their 16 year-old daughter, Guthrie especially enjoys the river valley, the Farmers’ Market, and many other small gems her hometown has to offer.

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October 2021


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n Vino Veritas! “ We want to give an overall better experience. Leave the details to us otherwise we’re just another wine tour company. – SEHOVAC & STEELE

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October 2021


Sanela Sehovac and Mark Steele

like to partake. Partake in family, friends, food and most decidedly, wine. The two took a trip to the Okanagan back in 2019, a first for Steele. To woo his striking Montenegrin, he signed them up for a wine tour and ended up falling deeply in love with Sehovac, and the rolling vineyards and lakeside wonder of Kelowna. With beauty all around, the impact was unshakable. “I didn’t even realize I liked wine! It was all so impressive! The views were to die for, and I wanted to give this experience to other people. To know that we could become part of people’s memories is when the burn happened. That night we knew this was going to happen. This was something we could do.” Both sets of feet were ready to jump into a barrel of wine with Carpe Diem Tours - offering the best in Okanagan wine tours, one glorious sip at a time! The first Carpe Diem wine tour was in February of 2021 and although health restrictions were in full swing, these two ‘practice what they preach’ and seized each day! With a background in hospitality, naturally, Sehovac treats each client as if they are guests in her home, and that starts with food! Charcuterie boxes provide sustenance while individuals enjoy their private or shared winery experiences. Revel in both award winning wineries known for their elaborate grounds and views, to boutique wineries for a more intimate and familial tour. Elevated tastings are also available which include walks in the vineyards and tours of cellars while sampling the reserves. Whatever your palette desires, Carpe Diem Tours wants their clients carefree so that they can experience all that Kelowna has to offer. “Seeing people’s reactions and how they feel..we hear comments such as: I’m coming back, I want to do this again! The Okanagan wine industry is incredible.” Carpe Diem Tours is winning at wine with their personalities and passion for grapes. “We want to give an overall better experience. Leave the details to us, otherwise we’re just another wine tour company.”

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October 2021

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With no regrets and the changing of the season, this duo is okay to slow down. They anticipate a drop from crazy busy to just busy, giving them time to pretend they are tourists in their own city. They’ll be enjoying eats at local restaurants and soaking up those incredible British Columbia skies, undoubtedly accompanied by a glass of fine wine. For Sehovac, it’s a dry, red, bold that’s full of character. For Steele, ironically the same. It’s a perfect pairing!

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October 2021


The Life-Long Design Apprentice Raised around interior design, Sydney Kirwin is combining her desire to change the disposable nature of the design industry with her love of furniture to create Consignment Loft

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October 2021


anyone preparing for their career, Sydney Kirwin is undoubtedly the most ready,

having grown up surrounded by the concepts of interior design her entire life. For as long as she can remember her mother, who ran a successful interior design business for over 30 years, brought her along to construction sites and show-home installations. “I spent formative years in her office and sample library making collages from fabric, wallpaper, and plastic laminate pieces, and sat at her massive drafting table playing with strange rulers and magnificent drawing templates that lent themselves to the creation of an infinite portfolio of my artwork.” Her familial home was a constant playground for her mother’s design creativity, which also lent itself well to teaching Sydney the importance of minute details, functionality, appropriate accessorizing, and how to contribute to a space not just for aesthetics, but for above all, function. “To be honest, I used to find the consummate perfectionist in my mother a most annoying personality trait. She would fuss over minute details and make tiny adjustments until things were perfect in her eye…and now I find myself doing the same things in my work and at home.” This life-long apprenticeship has developed into her career in interior design, which currently combines her studies at the U of A in Residential Interiors and running Consignment Loft, which opened in June 2021. Consignment Loft blends two of her great passions: beautiful furnishings and the environment. “We sell quality used household furnishings and accessories; much of our inventory comes from home builders who no longer need their show home furnishings. While these pieces aren’t new, they’re

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not used either. Even with our private consignments, we have high condition criteria for acceptance to sell in the store.” Spending her days surrounded by gorgeous furniture is a privilege Sydney is happy to enjoy, but it also lends itself to grappling with the temptation to take much of the inventory home. Instead, she comforts herself with the knowledge that even when one piece leaves, there will always be other beautiful pieces to come. Some leave more of a mark than others. “One of our very first consignors brought us a rare and beautiful reproduction library table made by Stanley Furniture. With pewter claws and ball feet, it had a lift up top, so it could be used as a drawing table or to display artwork. The height of the table was unusual as it was taller than standard table height but lower than counter height - not ideal for sitting around. Everyone who came into the store remarked about its unique appeal. It sold quickly and people still come in inquiring about it.”

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October 2021

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Not every piece of furniture is built to last, or to leave a lasting impression. Newer furniture is often made to be disposable, unlike older pieces that were built to be passed down through generations.

Sydney's Tips to Make Your Furniture Last Longer (so one day you can consign it instead of sending it to a landfill)

“As a product of a very conscious generation, recycling and sustainability are important components of environmental conservation and pollution reduction. I would like to see the field of interior design further take into consideration the needs of the planet. While there are many sustainable products, and finishes made from recycled materials available, consumer awareness and attitudes will ultimately drive demand for such products.”

1) Use coasters, placemats, & table cloths 2) Keep bolts & screws tightened 3) Flip seat & back cushions - 69 -

October 2021

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