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VOL 13 JUNE 2021

Celebratin Beauty Together Congratulations Modern Luxuria on your one year anniversary H A I R T R A N S P L A N T S U R G E RY C O S M E T I C D E R M ATO LO GY M E D I C A L D E R M ATO LO GY L A S E R R E J U V E N AT I O N


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June 2021

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Highlights Note Letter from the Editors 6 Profile Celebrating Modern Luxuria’s first anniversary – Elsa Amorim 12 Men’s Fashion Meet the artist of bespoke, Sam Abouhassan 16 Women’s Fashion The Dress Lounge – meeting the women behind the dress wonderland 22 Food Exploring the charcuterie trend with Reine du Fromage 48 Culture Healing through the beats of the drum – Enoch Cree Nation’s Powwow 54 Wellness The conscious approach to life, from building homes to building strong bodies – Voyin Vilimanovich 62 Decor Three visionaries bringing us spectacular celebration décor – Party and Confetti 74


June 2021

The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate - OPRAH WINFREY


Letter from the Editors In a year like no other, we are beyond grateful to

boxes reveal ‘un tresor’ of locally sourced meats, cheeses,

celebrate our first anniversary. In June 2020, Modern

breads and herbed crackers with sweet and savoury

Luxuria was born as a new digital magazine with a

accompaniments. Each box is delicately and thoughtfully

mission to promote and cheer for all things great in

prepared from utensils to edible flowers. Savour each

Edmonton. It is a pleasure for us to take on the role of

moment and delicious discovery.

co-editors, and we’ll strive to bring you the most interesting content we can find.

In June, we celebrate National Aboriginal History Month to honor the history, heritage and diversity of Indigenous

This month, we’d like you to meet the founder of

peoples in Canada. From the Enoch Cree Nation, Rocky

Modern Luxuria, Elsa Amorim. She took on the challenge

Morin highlights the Powwow. This sacred ceremony is a

of launching a business in the middle of a pandemic,

celebration of life and friendships, new and old. Discover

excited to bring her vision of a high quality digital

the inner workings honored deep in tradition making

magazine that celebrates this beautiful, diverse city of

this one of the premier Powwow celebrations in Western

Edmonton. This June, she has many reasons to celebrate,


and so much more to look forward to. The Dress Lounge opened its doors to us, and we enjoyed This edition is all about celebrations. And speaking of

bringing some amazing dresses to the spotlight. A

celebrations, Party and Confetti will take any celebration

conversation with Sam Abouhassan was inspiring, and

to new heights with their custom event decorations

we learned the true meaning of bespoke menswear from

and balloon styling installations. A local business that

the master tailor.

was created out of love for family and fun is making your special moments that much more memorable.

Thank you for being a part of our first anniversary, and we

Their ‘Wow Factor’ is real!

look forward to bringing you many more editions!

With smaller outdoor gatherings becoming a way to

Heidi & Jelena

commemorate occasions big and small, Reine Du Fromage offers a sophisticated contribution. Charcuterie


June 2021



Andrea Noye

Naseem Abouhassan Brandy Belitsky


Mona Butler

Jelena Bojic

Madison Currah

Heidi Johannson

Joe Gurba Jessica Laccetti, Ph.D


Jill Coursen

Lucie Oosterveld

Jessica Storm


Trevor Tsoi Curtis Trent

Gordana Bosiocic Serap Ozturk Tracy Sestito

VOL 13 JUNE 2021

COVER Photography by Trevor Tsoi




June 2021


- 10 -

Creating a Distinct Visual Identity for the Modern Luxuria Brand Celebrating the magazine’s first anniversary with the founder, Elsa Amorim Born during a global pandemic, Modern Luxuria is celebrating its first anniversary. Today, we celebrate this great milestone by chatting with the founder, Elsa Amorim. Coming from over a decade in the marketing and advertising world, Amorim has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. In her daydreaming moments, she would visualize an elegant and sophisticated digital magazine where she could feature notable local stories, and offer solutions to clients who wanted to promote their brand. So, after planning in detail for several months, the first edition of Modern Luxuria was launched in June of last year.

- 11 -

June 2021


ML: The first year is behind you, and there’s so much

Meeting new business owners and entrepreneurs has

to be proud of. Share some highlights and exciting

been a highlight for sure. I enjoy meeting people who

moments that have made this year memorable.

are innovative, resilient and community focused, and I’ve met so many over the past year. And of course, the

Launching the magazine is the biggest highlight;

main highlight of the magazine is our readers. Modern

seeing it come to life was the most exciting part of the

Luxuria has been accepted in such a warm and

journey. That uplifting moment we published the first

welcoming way - I am simply thrilled.

edition and pressed that ‘live’ button will be a memory I’ll cherish forever. Another moment was the Launch

ML: Being a woman entrepreneur in the time of a

Party we were lucky enough to have at Wolfe Cadillac

pandemic is no small feat. What were your biggest

last summer. Now that we appreciate any gatherings

learnings over the past 12 months?

more than ever before, I am so happy we had that moment where we celebrated. Properly distanced at

Overcoming my fears and taking a chance was huge

the large outdoor parking lot of Wolfe Cadillac, it was a

for me. I’ve always had the passion and a dream to do

fantastic evening with the overwhelming support of

something, but wasn’t sure to what level. Taking a risk

our clients and the community.

is the biggest fear of any entrepreneur, and once you

- 12 -


For me, the meaning of luxury can range from simple things like spending time with family...

’’ face it, you realize it wasn’t so bad. I’ve also learned to

ML: What is Modern Luxuria’s mission and mandate

be more patient – not only due to the pandemic, but

and how does it fit into the community?

being able to balance the business side of the magazine with the state of the economy. I understand that

Our mission is to discover and highlight local stories

advertising is the first thing that many businesses may

and share them with our readers. Passion, dedication

cut, but I still wanted to keep going. I want the

and creativity are the pillars of the magazine. When it

magazine to inspire and engage the community in a

comes to our mandate, we are here to be a collaborator

certain way, and I know that it takes patience and

and a supporter of all things Edmonton – we want to

innovation to build a business.

be the voice of those who are doing innovative, quality work, and to recognize and promote them.

ML: The definition of luxury is very personal for each of us. What is your own sentiment behind the Modern

The marketing world has changed significantly, so

Luxuria name?

today, we avoid simply selling an ad, and prefer a more meaningful connection with our clients by creating

We took a long time to come up with the Modern

unique experiences, promotional ideas, events, and

Luxuria name as we wanted to focus on a broader

focusing on long term partnerships. Our mandate also

theme and the meaning of luxury. For me, the meaning

includes supporting local not-for-profit organizations

of luxury can range from simple things like spending

such as the Lois Hole Hospital for Women and the

time with family, going out for dinner, being able to

Alberta Cancer Foundation, to name a few, who are

celebrate... all the way to some more material things

doing transformational things in our communities.

related to fashion, homes, vacations, etc. It really is a variety of things, and that’s what I love about the name;

ML: In your role as a leader of a digital company, what

it’s personal and everyone can define what it means for

trends do you see in the online advertising and

them. Our goal is to inspire those thoughts.

marketing world?

- 13 -

June 2021

Videos are taking a huge leap, so we are focused on developing great video content that will help us create a more unique reading experience. Things like an ad coming to life through video content is a great benefit of having a digital platform. We’re seeing a lot more connections between ads and social media platforms, thus creating a more diverse plethora of advertising options. Artificial Intelligence will be playing a major role over the next few years as well, to improve user experience and design more targeted campaigns. The digital world moves fast and being digital allows us to be nimble and move with it. ML: What’s ahead for Modern Luxuria? Our focus is to grow the team and learn as we go. We have to keep up with current trends and technologies in the ever-changing digital environment. As with any other entrepreneur, I dream of expanding into more markets in Canada and shooting for the moon, so that’s on the wish list. ML: Being in an industry that’s highly digital, you are always ‘on’. Is digital detox needed occasionally, and how do you disconnect when you need a break? Yes, a digital detox is absolutely needed, and I try to keep that process simple. I love cooking and trying new recipes, and while I’m doing that I try to disconnect.

- 14 -

Camping is another way of taking a break, as it’s a real mental break every time I can connect with nature. Going out for a walk is my daily ritual, and living out in the country helps. I often take a break on the patio with a cup of tea, enjoying the solitude for a few moments, reflecting on the day, and opening up my creative side. ML: How will you celebrate your first anniversary? Once it’s safe to do so, I am so looking forward to gathering with our team and clients and celebrating! But for now, we’ll have to do it in a toned-down version and celebrate virtually, through a Zoom get-together. I’m connecting with every client we’ve had over the past twelve months to thank them personally for helping us meet this first and very important milestone. And I’ll take a moment to thank the team who worked so hard to get us here. Just like any other startup, we’ve had our ups and downs, and I am incredibly grateful for their support. ML: Share your top three luxuries: Family and friends time – that’s huge for all of us right now. Being healthy – always a luxury, never taken for granted, and I am thankful for it. A really good glass of prosecco – especially when shared with people I love.

- 15 -

June 2021

The Artis of Bespo Sam Abouhassan— Doing what he loves for over 40 years


- 16 -

st oke - 17 -

June 2021

When 13-year-old Abouhassan quit school, he walked into a tailor shop in a small town in Lebanon and asked if they were looking for help. The shop had a very good reputation, so he wanted to learn from the best. The owner handed him a broom, and what started as a floor sweeping job turned into an apprenticeship of creating perfect garments. Hands-on experience with master trainers who specialized in making suits and shirts equipped Abouhassan to become the most respected name in bespoke menswear in Edmonton. After moving to Edmonton at 20, he worked outside of the trade for one short year, then opened up his shop when he was 21. Abouhassan remembers his first shop in the basement of the King Eddy Hotel, where the Manulife building is located now. Having spent so many years in that same area, he’s seen downtown’s changes and the ups and downs more than any other retailer in the city. Do what you love and you won’t work a day in your life, says an old sentiment, and it’s very true in Sam Abouhassan’s story. He’s spent his whole professional life, from his teen years to this day, tailoring and mastering his trade, perfecting every stage of building a custom suit. People think it’s a simple process, measure and make, but that’s not the case here. “The term bespoke is used loosely,” says Abouhassan, “The internet has changed the world, and has introduced us to a more disposable, fast fashion.

- 18 -

A lot of places use the term bespoke to promote their made-to-measure suits, but that’s not what the real bespoke means.” The technique is what sets Abouhassan apart. When you come in for measurements and to select the fabric, the fabric is hand cut, tailored and the client comes back for the first fitting. Then adjustments are made for the second fitting and the client may be back once or twice more before the final ensemble is done. There are no shortcuts in this process and each piece is made to stand the test of time. The fabrics that Abouhassan uses are the best in the market; they come from Italy, Belgium, Germany, England, and Spain - upscale and well worth the investment. Typically, this would be the time of the year when he’s busy with wedding season, but since we’re still in the pandemic restrictions, the traffic in the store is slower as the weddings are either postponed or very small. The suit business is taking a hit; after all, this is not something you can buy over the phone or online, at least not the quality and the type that Abouhassan makes. What he misses the most? “Visiting with my clients, catching up over a cup of coffee. After 42 years in business, you develop great relationships with clients, and they become friends. I miss them.” Talking about the future of the business, Abouhassan proudly shares that education was a top priority for his boys. His older son, Rasheed, has finished his law degree in Vancouver and is joining a law firm, and

- 19 -

June 2021

- 20 -

his younger son, Naseem, is scheduled to graduate with a psychology degree from MacEwan University in a few months. He likes the business, and Abouhassan says he’s “working on getting him to like it even more.” A conversation with Abouhassan can’t go without reflecting on the hockey world and he remembers poetically what playoff days looked like in the past. He always had a great relationship with hockey players, making over 320 suits for them. He even dressed the Great One for his wedding day! “Once the word was out that I made Wayne Gretzky’s suit, every magazine, paper and TV station was calling,” remembers Abouhassan, “And that really put us on the map.” The custom tailed, 3-piece tuxedo was something no one else in the city could do, so his expertise and craftsmanship really came to life. Kevin Lowe and Ryan Smith were also among his hockey clients, and he says, “There aren’t enough walls for all the memories made.”

- 21 -

June 2021

- 22 -


The Red Carpet Experience for the Bridal Party How Sandra Weber created a business to focus on bridesmaids, mothers and grandmothers When Sandra Weber started looking for a mother of

The business idea was born for The Dress Lounge - a

the bride dress to wear at her daughter’s wedding, she

store that has a special focus: to make the rest of

realized there weren’t many options that catered to

the bride’s team enjoy and cherish that special time,

moms and bridesmaids. Most of the stores focus on

and look and feel great. Weber focused on bringing

the bride, and the rest of the group comes as an ‘add

in dresses that mothers of the bride or groom would

on’, with fewer options and way less excitement. Moms,

enjoy, offering a whole range of styles from cocktail to

grandmas, bridesmaids, even grads, Weber realized,

formal. When she realized how exciting this venture

are a bit forgotten in the process that revolves around

was, she started branching out to bridesmaid’s dresses,

the bride, making the experience at times stressful for

grad dresses, and over time became a one-stop shop

all these women who work so hard to ensure the bride

for a number of special occasions.

is having a memorable experience.

- 23 -

June 2021

Going into The Dress Lounge is quite an experience. At first glance, it’s a dress shop with a wonderful selection of colours and styles. But exploring the store, you realize it’s much more than that. There are soft seating areas, makeup and hair stations, and light rings for high quality photos. Ensuring that the store is wheelchair accessible, Weber’s mission is to provide a fantastic experience for every single customer. Weber’s vision comes to life with an exceptional team of women who make that happen. Her daughter, Chantel, who graduated with an honours degree in business, is the general manager and runs day-to-day operations. Kaitlyn, the assistant manager, runs the hair and makeup team and helps with operations along with Katie, who successfully juggles work and university. Sheena, an architect by trade, comes in regularly to help with social media and makeup artistry. And during our

- 24 -

visit to the store, they modeled some of their favourite dresses to remind us that we are getting closer to the time we can gather and celebrate important occasions together again. Whether you’re going with form fitting, off shoulder black classic elegance, or a trendy satin midi dress that is trending right now, The Dress Lounge can not only ensure your dress is a perfect fit, but make your experience memorable. With full service hair and make up, catering options, photography, and so much more, you’ll enjoy the exceptional customer service by the enthusiastic group of women behind the boutique. - 25 -

June 2021


Hats Sunglasse ‘‘

Turn your face towards the sun and the shadows fall behind you. - MAORI PROVERB


- 26 -


es - 27 -

June 2021





HUMBLEWOOD 1 RISA 1 Two-toned summer straw fedora. Made from 50% viscose, 50% straw. Handmade in Switzerland.


2 RISA 2 Florentine-look Panama hat with leather band. Made from 100% Panama straw. Handmade in Switzerland.


3 RISA 3 Wide-brimmed Panama traveller with linen ribbon. Made from 100% Panama straw. Handmade in Switzerland. 4 RISA 4 Two-toned trilby style. Made from 50% Panama straw, 50% paper straw. Handmade in Switzerland.


5 RISA 5 Denim-look flat cap. Made from 100% linen. Made in Bulgaria.


6 RISA 6 Women’s straw sun hat with swirl design. Made from 100% raffia straw. Handmade in Switzerland. 7 CTH 1 Women’s beach hat. Made from 100% linen. Made in Poland. 8 RISA 6 Women’s straw sun hat with swirl design. Made from 100% raffia straw. Handmade in Switzerland.


9 CTH 2 Lightweight summer flat cap. Made from 100% linen. Made in Poland.


10 BRONTE 1 Women’s wide-brimmed sun hat. Made from 90% paper, 10% cotton. Made in the Netherlands. 11 CTH 3 Lightweight summer sixpence cap. Made from 40% Wool, 35% Polyester, 10% Flax, 15% Other Fibers. Made in Poland.



- 28 -





WHO CARES 1 THE SIERRA This wide-brimmed boater style is the luxury you’ve been waiting for and will transform any outfit. Features gold patterned vintage ribbon that glistens in the sunshine.


2 CARLO RANCHER A stiffened wool fedora with rigid crown design. Trimmed on hat and rim with tonal grosgrain ribbon.


3 THE GROVE The classic favourite, now back. A chic introduction to the range. The Grove – will take you from day to night with ease. 4 WESTERN WIDE PALM Handmade by artisans in Mexico, our new 100% baked palm leaf hats featuring a fedora crown and tightly woven pressed palm, this hat is made for Summer. 5 THE VENTURA This raffia straw hat. Featuring frayed raffia edging and trimmed with black gross grain ribbon, it will have you skipping into Summer with your new essential.


6 VIENNA The new Vienna style, perfect for the explorer. Our new palm leaf woven sun hat, features a chin strap and bead toggle, to stay on your noggin’.


7 WAVE BUCKET CANVAS BEIGE- Made from 100% cotton canvas, the Wave Bucket is soft and durable + perfect for beach days. 8 WAVE BUCKET CLASSIC BLACK Designed for a relaxed fit, our buckets should be comfortable for the wearer and snug in fit (but not too tight), depending on how you like to wear your hats. 9 WAVE BUCKET Zebra Our cool and simple bucket hat. Made from terry cloth, featuring custom zebra print. Throw on this easy to wear style for a sun-safe, street look.



- 29 -

June 2021




THE OBSERVATORY 1 JACQUES MARIE MAGE X NICK FOUQUET | RODEO A limited edition of 250 pieces, this collaboration with renowned hatter Nick Fouquet features sterling silver hardware and a hand-dipped, Sunset gradient fade that resembles the sky as the sun sets behind the Teton Mountains.


2 MYKITA | LAHTI This unisex lightweight sunglass is handmade at the MYKITA HAUS in Berlin. It features a raw apricot acetate front and polished gold arms. Custom state of the art polarized lenses developed by Zeiss are perfect for your next outdoor adventure or road trip. 3 MYKITA + MAISON MARGIELA RAW SUNGLASSES Raw and unpolished acetate frames, removed at an early stage in the production process. Sophisticated bevelled edges make a distinctive feature of the temples and frame front, while making the raw structure wearable.


4 GARRETT LEIGHT CALIFORNIA OPTICAL | CLEMENT Thicker acetate construction emphasizes the bold, strikingly simple silhouette of the Clement frames. The shape is evocative of the type of frames worn by Andy Warhol. Available in a range of colours in both Optical and Sun.


5 AHLEM | RUE SAINT DOMINIQUE This unisex frame incorporates all the iconic design details AHLEM is known for: angular structure, raw-cut acetate, sophisticated architectural references. Finished with a 22K gold plated temple core visible through the translucent emerald acetate.


- 30 -

Congratulations Modern Luxuria on their 1 year Anniversary!

Artisan Chocolates custom to your Celebration. Corporate Gifting and Branding Alumni Gratitude • Wedding Favors Staff Appreciation • Holiday Calendars Virtual Team Building Tastings soulhousesweets


- 31 -

June 2021

- 32 -

The Amber Experience ‘‘

Being beautiful and feeling really good in whatever it is, that’s the trend. Any makeup that you want me to do or that you want to do is going to look beautiful if it is applied beautifully. - AMBER PREPCHUK


- 33 -

June 2021

- 34 -

‘‘ What I’m really good at is people and I have a great bond with my clients. My empathetic side and my ability to really vibe with people comes in handy. It’s one of my superpowers when it comes to makeup.

’’ Relying on her default setting of strength, Amber Prepchuk left an eight year career with MAC Cosmetics to pursue her dream as a freelance makeup artist. With her brushes in hand and an acute knowledge of self, the magnetism she naturally carried throughout her life gave her the confidence to break down the barriers between her and her clients.

- 35 -

June 2021

No Make Up - Make Up ENHANCED Primer Enhance natural features Black mascara Neutral tones Hint of sheen Shadow press gives a rich density around the lashes. Lined lip for dimension in pink or browns feathering in towards the lip to avoid sharp edges. Work a gloss or creamier lipstick within the tone of the lip for a little more intensity. PHOTOGRAPHY JESSICA STORM PICTURES

One to two shades off of natural lip colour.

- 36 -

First Date LEVEL-UP Primer Represent an elevated version of yourself, a look that can be maintained. Think about a dewy, glossy or more powder based finish depending on your location. Pick a feature and enhance it Lips? Perfectly lined, perfectly glossed and have your gloss in your bag for touch ups if needed Eyes? Put on an extra coat of mascara. PHOTOGRAPHY CURTIS TRENT

- 37 -

June 2021

Milestone Moments SPOTLIGHT Kick it up, it’s a moment to remember DON’T TAKE RISKS if you’ve never worn a red lip, tonight is not the night to be risky. Primer False Lash More intense eye or lip liner Heavier brow Once your face is done don’t touch it. TIP: Knowing your skin type is key for longevity with any makeup application. That can help with what to pack for all touch ups.


- 38 -

It’s her ‘sought-after skills’, professional passion, and an abundance of good vibes that






position where she can employ and refer other makeup artists. When discussing the evolution of her artistry, she says there is a full conversation with her clients before she even reaches for a brush. “I am the puppet but you are the puppet master. You decide the look, I can do anything but I want to do what makes you feel beautiful.” Each face is considered for its uniqueness. Looking at the features, Prepchuk utilizes the bone structure as her guide without relying on where the skin sits. As well, sharing a photo of how the client likes to wear their makeup is also helpful as a jumping off point for creating a desired look. But ultimately, the running theme through all makeup looks is confidence. How you feel will determine how you look and what you radiate to the world. Prepchuk has set herself up for success by giving her clients the ‘Amber Experience’. “As an artist, you have to have the confidence to







professionalism tells me I think we should do it this way. But also, meeting somewhere in the middle will make everyone happy, both artist and client.”

- 39 -

June 2021


Interior steel and glass partition walls create transformative interior spaces. Clean lines and attractive minimalist detailing give our wall system a timeless and fresh appeal that will never go out of style. 



Rare Wine Report Many Albertans outside of the drinks business don’t realize how good we have it here for wine selection. We live in one of the best wine markets in the world. Every week we see a new wave of lovely and limited wines appear in our shops, however briefly, until those in the know snap them up.

For Modern Luxuria’s first birthday, we are celebrating! And I hate to play into the centuries-old marketing of the Champagne region, ‘come quick, I’m tasting the stars!’ and all that jazz, but that’s precisely what we’re going to do! Because frankly, the large Champagne houses do so drive the market with their ludicrous marketing budgets, that it is a treat to highlight producers that deserve a platform to emerge from all that noise and take their seat on the podium, be they as venerable and classic as ol’ Uncle Charlie or as renegade as Pierre Larmandier or Jean-Baptiste Geoffroy. Bon anniversaire!

- 41 -

June 2021

Champagne Geoffroy NV Expression Brut Premier Cru Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay. Champagne AOC, France. $69 - $76 Still available at: Color de Vino.

- 42 -

Imagine we find ourselves in Aÿ, the undisputed

The entry level to his repertoire of estate grown

landmark of Champagne’s Vallée de la Marne.

Champagnes is this handsome, sincere, and

We’re on the swaggering 15-minute stroll

perfectly balanced wine, simply titled Expression.

from some titanic house like Bollinger to

This textbook blend balances the virtues of

some even more titanic house like Veuve-

all three varieties with a clear emphasis on

Clicquot or Moët on the other side of the

Meunier’s approachability and early drinking

village, walking off the ebullient bombastics

freshness, yet the wine is not without

of that Bolly tasting. We turn down this wee

complexity and a long lingering finish. No

lane and that. We’re almost guaranteed to

doubt the complexity of his ‘entry-level’ wine

walk right past the wrought iron gates of

is not only due to its three years in bottle, the

Champagne Geoffroy without even noticing

Expression cuvée is also composed of less

their modest hanging placard. Little would

than 43% of the Geoffroy’s multi-vintage reserve.

we know, the inconspicuous cellars below the lane we tread are home to a small but

Often the terms ‘entry-level’ or ‘gateway’ can

mighty supply of napping champagnes that

be euphemisms at best, but in the case of

belie their humble edifice (and their price

the Expression, these terms perfectly evoke

point!). Those in the know, meanwhile, would

what this wine achieves. This is the wine for

have started their day here.

those who have struggled to understand Champagne’s magic. It will open a door in

The Vallée de la Marne is famed for the

your palate you might not have known was

quality of their Pinot Meunier, the grape in

there. The body on this wine is bolder than



one would assume for something Jean-

overshadowed by Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

Baptiste himself styles as an ‘aperitif’. And the

Jean-Baptiste Geoffroy has a gift for bringing

hint of salinity guarantees it will play the role

this variety into focus, highlighting the fruitful

of oyster partner famously, bringing apricot,

lift of Meunier without any loss of depth.

vanilla flowers, and a hint of cold butter.




- 43 -

June 2021

Larmandier-Bernier NV Latitude Blanc de Blancs Extra Brut Chardonnay. Champagne AOC, France. $80 - $85 Still available at: Crestwood Everything Wine

- 44 -

The wines of Larmandier-Bernier are true

single site in all its idiosyncrasy. These are the

gems of the Côte des Blancs, the sub-region

vines closest to the Larmandier’s home and

of Champagne famous for their Chardonnay

cellars, and that sense of place and intention

vines. In this Latitude cuvée, a window into

and familiarity seems to sing through the fizz.

this fame swings open jubilantly. This beauty is made entirely from Chardonnay, entirely

The deeper layers of clay top soil coupled

grown on the south-facing hills of the Vertus

with the sunbathed aspect of these Vertus

premier cru village.

slopes produce a rounder and richer profile to this fruit. In other words, this wine is not

LB is not an old house by Champagne

the austere and skeletal style often associated

standards, only beginning in the early 70s,

with a ‘grower Champagne’ (Champagnes

but their second generation vigneron, Pierre

made by small houses entirely from estate

Larmandier, has seen his stardom rise in

grown fruit). Rather, it is generous and creamy.

tandem with the glory gradually accrued to

This is owing not only to the ripeness of the

minimalist wines farmed biodynamically. As

fruit but also to the year spent fermenting

one of the first growers in the region to make

in Stockinger oak (called ‘the Stradivarius’ of

this bold leap to biodynamics (in a notoriously

barrels) followed by two years on the lees in

finicky region), Pierre’s bubbles have boasted

bottle before disgorgement.

the undeniably delicious results of natural farming for over two decades now.

Expect a medium to full-bodied Champagne with a floral and herbaceous je-ne-sais-

Though Larmandier’s 18 hectares include rows

quoi perfume hung around a core of dried

in almost all of the most famous villages in

lemons and almond croissant notes, like a

the côte, the Latitude bottling is where Pierre

wreath placed around the neck of a victorious

eschews the age-old Champagne practice of

thoroughbred. Truly a treat.

multi-vineyard blending to present to us a

- 45 -

June 2021

Charles Heidsieck 2005 Brut Millésimé 2005 Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier. Champagne AOC, France. $95 - $105 Still available at: Color de Vino

- 46 -

Champagne Charlie is by no means a little

So what of the juice? Heidsieck is, above all

boutique producer but damn if it isn’t one of

of this, famed for including an unusually high

the best wines to ever pass my lips. Famed

proportion of reserve wines in the blends.

as the man that first brought Champagne

The reserve wines themselves are abundantly

to the Americas in earnest, you can still get

aged before second fermentation. For their

a sense of the panache and glamour of his


personality in the wines to this day. Heidsieck

years see the wines left to mature on their

was an instant sensation when he came to

own into a strictly reserve wine of its own. The

New York to market his wines. Songs were

cuvée in question is the Brut from the famed

written about him. He was the talk of the

2005 vintage, including only the best sites

press and society up and down the Eastern

(11 crus, including Vertus, Oger, Avize, Mailly,

seaboard. It’s a fun story, but meaningless if

Ambonnay and Verzy).




not for the sensations in the glass. This cuvée was rested in bottle for eight Resting in the famed Charles Heidsieck

years until disgorged in 2014, then rested

cellars, are literally millions of bottles of

further before being brought to our shores.



The result of such extensive ageing is a

caverns, the ‘crayères’, date back to the 3rd

mesmerizing host of tertiary notes only

century. They exude an almost sacred aura,

possible with age: a plethora of hazelnut and

wine’s equivalent of a medieval sanctuary.

milk chocolate and figs and dried apples and

Thirty metres below ground, these eight

stewed stone fruit and fermented citrus, all

kilometres of blanched chalk have been

balanced on a framework of delicate acidity.

declared a Unesco World Heritage site. A

The tension between the wine’s freshness and

place without light, without noise, where the

its development is astounding.




temperature is constant and cool, Heidsieck has acquired the ideal conditions for ageing

The good news: the 2005 Brut is ready to drink

his wines for remarkably long periods of time

now; the better news: it can easily improve in

before release. It’s the ideal environment for

cellar for another decade. Typiquement Charles.

Champagne to undergo its mystic second fermentation, each seeing anywhere from

Nota bene: If you’re unable to get the 2005,

four to forty years in bottle before release.

2006 was also a remarkable vintage and is

Again, all meaningless if not for the integrity

currently available in Alberta.

of the juice.

- 47 -

June 2021

- 48 -


You can be the host with the most perfect party platter Bringing friends and family together with glorious food since she was 16 years old, Mackenna Coyle is the name behind the delectable charcuterie of Reine du Fromage. After Coyle’s first trip to Italy and France, she was smitten with the fresh flavours and main event of meals. “They treated each meal as if it was a form of art - from their wine, cheese, fresh bread and pasta, everything seemed to be home grown and produced locally. They were very passionate about every aspect of it.” Coyle explains that this notion of hospitality and bringing people together to celebrate each other and artisanally crafted delicacies is exactly her niche.

- 49 -

June 2021

- 50 -

For #yeggers looking for the perfect pick of savoury, fresh, and crafted culinary experiences, look no further than Reine du Fromage. The Queen of Cheese promises to elevate any social gathering. So think picnics in the park, plaid blankets along a riverbank, a snack break from your Vespa ride, or evening small-group entertaining in your home’s back garden. These are the things this summer is made for.

- 51 -

June 2021

- 52 -

In fact, Coyle shares her secret picnic destinations that you can try: “Mactaggart Sanctuary along the little creek & Brandy’s Landing (there is a river valley swing)!” Perfetto! Unsure where to start? Coyle explains her favourite is the Grand Prix Box. It certainly is the ‘grand prize’ as it includes both “cured and smoked meat selections, various cheeses from all over the world with different textures and densities, combined with fresh bread and herbed crackers, then all tied together with sweet and savory accompaniments. As you dig deeper into this box, the flavour profiles are limitless.” With no set selection, the prize collection means the contents change depending on the season and what is freshest. Notably, charcuterie is traditionally a composition of artisanal meats but Coyle has ventured into a summer option which has unexpectedly drawn crowds of vegetarians. It incorporates “more fresh veggies and dips as well as cheese and the rest of the fixings.” But, if meat enjoyed with a drink is more your thing, you’ll be interested to know that a recent personalized box included a decadent aged whiskey with nibbles to match. With our move to outdoor smaller gatherings, take the stress out of entertaining and indulge your taste buds with Reine du Fromage. Your only question will be, when is your next aperitivo!

- 53 -

June 2021

Powwow: Celebration through Drums, Dance, & Song


- 54 -

- 55 -

June 2021

Family Friendly Wa Indigenous Culture

- 56 -

ay to Honour of

A Family Friendly Way to Honor Indigenous Culture Events might still be taking a step back this year at Enoch Cree Nation, but tradition doesn’t. The most recent powwow was held in 2019 and memories of that celebration remain fresh for Rocky Morin, Manager for maskêkosihk nêhiyawêwin. Morin describes the powwow as a sacred ceremony that heals those who attend through the beat of the drums, the songs, and the dances. This is one of the “best ways to experience Indigenous culture,” Morin explains, noting the powwow is also seen as a celebration of life. This celebration brings people from “across Turtle Island” together to make and renew friendships. Everyone in the family is welcome to a powwow. While it isn’t taking place this year, there is next year and Enoch’s annual event is always scheduled for the second weekend in July. The Enoch Powwow Committee are the creatives behind the planning as preparation of the event. Morin explains that their tireless work brings together one of the “premier powwow celebrations in Western Canada.” The committee includes powwow professionals like the Masters of Ceremony, Arena Directors, Host Drums, and Head Judges.

- 57 -

June 2021

- 58 -

The Master of Ceremony (MC) is the voice of the

from Mountain Cree Camp, Hal Eageltail from Tsuu

powwow, an experienced person who helps everything

T’ina Nation, Earl Wood from Saddle Lake Cree

run smoothly and keeps people entertained and

Nation, and the late, great Jason Goodstriker from the

engaged. Morin says the MCs are essential to the

Kainai Nation. Morin says that these MCs brought

celebrations and communicate their knowledge and

so much energy to the microphone, they kept “the

expertise to the powwow. The list of skilled MCs from

powwow rocking!”

Enoch’s recent powwows include: Elmer Rattlesnake - 59 -

June 2021

Arena Directors act like the guides to the powwow, ensuring the flow, the schedule, and all functions are followed. “Some of [Enoch’s] regular Arena Directors include: George Desjarlais from Frog Lake First Nation, Bryce Morin from Enoch, Dale Alexis Jr from Enoch/ Alexis and yours truly, Rocky Morin from Enoch.” While managing the logistics of the powwow, the Arena Directors must also observe all ceremonial protocols and work closely with the Elders. Morin suggests to keep an eye on the Enoch Cree Nation website as once events are able to resume, they will be ready! Who wouldn’t want to join a powwow and hear the “wicked deadly drum groups” like Walking Buffalo from Big River SK, Poundmaker from Poundmaker SK, Bullhorn from Kainai AB, Battle Hill from North Battleford SK, Mountain Soul from Mountain Cree Camp AB, Wildhorse from North Battleford SK, Young Bear from Mandaree ND, Northern Cree from Saddle Lake AB, Midnite Express from Twin Cities MN, and Youngbird from Pawnee OK? Besides the ceremonial powwow, Enoch Cree Nation is involved in entrepreneurship (River Cree Resort and Casino for example), economic development, and is currently working on an Indigenous Tourism Initiative. Morin describes Enoch as a “proud and vibrant First Nations community” that welcomes all. Enoch strives to strengthen community relationships “through meaningful reconcili-action.” As Morin eloquently explains, “we all breathe the same air and need clean water to sustain life.” We all have a part to play and together we can deepen our awareness and celebrate Indigenous history and culture.

- 60 -

- 61 -

June 2021


Home-builder by Heart, Yoga Instructor by Soul Voyin Vilmanovich builds sustainable homes and teaches the healing powers of yin yoga

At the ripe age of 10, Voyin Vilimanovich started his career working for his parents in the home building industry. He went from red lining walls and making copies of construction working drawings on the old ammonia copy machines to completing his Master Builder Designation through the Professional Homebuilders’ Association in 2015.

- 62 -

- 63 -

June 2021

With a passion for the planet and sustainability, Voyin went on to educate himself about the impacts of the building industry on the environment. He sought out individuals who shared his vision of a sustainable future, and with the support of an amazing friend, in October of 2015. Euro Design Master Builder Ltd was born. Between building sustainable homes and growing up playing volleyball and handball, Voyin’s active lifestyle eventually began to take a toll on his body. He suffered multiple injuries, including tendonitis in his elbow, needing to wear a brace for years, along with compartment syndrome in his shins which would require surgery. After hearing about the benefits of yoga on the body, he was led to a local yoga class at Metta Yoga Studio (formerly Moksha Yoga). After one practice, Voyin remembers feeling an internal heat in his core that radiated for at least an hour after class. He had never experienced anything like that before. From there on he kept practicing and began to notice dramatic physical changes in his body.

After practicing yoga for about two years, Voyin no longer needed to wear his elbow brace, nor did he need surgery. By just practicing yoga, he was able to heal his body, not only on a physical level, but also on a spiritual and emotional level. Voyin’s desire to help others achieve healing through yoga as well, drove him to take the yoga teacher training course through Metta Yoga Studios.

- 64 -

- 65 -

June 2021

- 66 -

With a vast amount of different yoga styles, Voyin put his teaching focus into “Yin” yoga. Yin yoga is a meditative style of yoga where poses are held for five minutes or longer, which is more prolonged than at a typical yoga class. This allows the body to go into deeper stretches, targeting the deep connective tissues, such as the fascia, ligaments, joints, and bones. It’s slower and more meditative, giving you space to turn inward and tune into both your mind and the physical sensations of your body. Voyin chose this style of yoga for its physical, emotional and spiritual healing abilities. He practices yoga three to four times per week and prefers to mix it up with different types of yoga classes. Not only does Voyin practice yoga for its physical benefits, but also the mental and spiritual benefits. Our bodies can have energy “blocks” which can affect our day-to-day lives. These blocks can come from many things - from internal fears and self-doubts, to external relationships and other challenges. Through yoga and meditation you can learn how to release these blocks so you can become your best self. If you’d like to check out a yoga class at Metta Yoga Studio, they are currently offering online classes. Voyin concludes, “Yoga is for the young, the old, the weak and the strong, but not the lazy.” Finding success with yoga means making a commitment to yourself. Don’t be afraid that you won’t be able to do the poses or that you won’t be as good as everyone else in class. The most important thing you can do for yourself is to show up.

- 67 -

June 2021

Love is in the Air! ‘‘ Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon. - A.A. MILNE

’’ When everyone is settled in for the night, Veronica Bohorquez can begin to work her magic. It’s been over three years since the inception of Party and Confetti, not without many late nights and worthwhile sleepy mornings. With a background in marketing and communications, Bohorquez envisioned her dream job: event decoration and balloon styling. With a sister in architecture and graphic design, and a mom in interior design, the perfect trifecta emerged. Three visionaries who create parties in spectacular fashion.

- 68 -


- 69 -

June 2021

- 70 -

From balloon styling services to full decor, there’s always cause for celebration. Getting started can be as simple as a colour choice or favourite animal. Bohorquez’s preferred aesthetics are balloon installations layered with brilliant colours, textures and sizes that create waves for depth and dimension. For full concept installations, Party and Confetti prides itself on conceptual consistency throughout. The difference is in the details and it’s these thoughtful, thorough customizations that connect Bohorquez with other local vendors. Supporting others in the industry is important to the team and they have taken the time to establish a preferred vendors list. “Everything has been taste tested and approved by me!” Talk about professional perks! - 71 -

June 2021

- 72 -

Taking their client’s expectations beyond their wildest imaginations requires inspiration from as far away as Brazil and as close to home as her two young children. “They are always looking forward to the next birthday, the next celebration. Sitting down sketching with me. Coming up with themes for their next party.” And one may wonder what a celebration looks like at the Party and Confetti residences...“decorations always and a lot of food!” Similar to every other working mom in Edmonton, juggling motherhood and profession comes with challenges but also purpose. “I started Party and Confetti because I want to be in my kids’ lives. It was how I was raised. I remember my Mom being there. Picking me up from school, driving me to school, coming on field trips - and I loved that. I want to do the same for my kids. Having my own business gives me the freedom to do all of that.” Cheers to all the ‘Mompreneurs’ out there! - 73 -

June 2021

No Bookings? No Problem. Craft Your Own Luxurious Glamping Experience The glimmer of hope that the loosening restrictions provided has been dampened for some who may have been vying to get away at some point this summer. With resorts filling up and spilling over into endless waitlists, one might think that their only chance of a vacation is to sit in the backyard with a drink, close their eyes, and imagine themselves elsewhere. What if that wasn’t the case? What if there was a way to “DIY” the latest luxury vacation experience? It’s time to make a regular camping trip extraordinary by crafting your own “glamping” excursion!


- 74 -

- 75 -

June 2021

James Schutz of Campers Village here in Edmonton

In addition to the cot and mattress, bedding is also

broke down the elevated camping essentials needed

required. The deciding factor between bringing bed

for do-it-yourself glamping, starting with the base of

sheets or a sleeping bag will depend on the size and

any camping experience: the tent!

shape of the air mattress, but regardless, pack blankets and throw pillows for added comfort and style.

The little nylon tents commonly found throughout campgrounds everywhere won’t cut it here. No

It’s time now to craft the perfect outdoor living and

crouching in and out of zippered doors, the glamping

dining space. A heated chair is a nonnegotiable.

experience requires something that someone can

Whether for cuddling up or stretching out to relax,

stand in. “A canvas wall tent gives the most room,

it will provide extra comfort on those cool forest

feels more like a little house or cabin, and has that

evenings. Add a table and stools for dining out of the

pioneering richness and texture. You could even put a

way of any offending bugs that try to partake in your

wood-burning stove right inside!”

delicious camping fare, and to complete the space, James recommends at least one hammock.

After a long day of relaxing in the great outdoors, no one is going to sleep on the tent floor. While the

At this final stage, James says that the sky’s the limit!

queen-size bed and frame usually provided at resorts

Accessorize with however much will fit in the car to the

may be too unwieldy to pack in and out, a cot and air

campsite. LED string lights and lanterns will all help to

mattress will substitute quite nicely. “A cot raises you

build the right ambiance, as well as games and even

off the floor, which feels more civilized, and the luxury

shower tents.

mattresses that are available now are amazing! You have to feel the fabric to understand, they are likely

softer than what many folks have at home.”

- 76 -

- 77 -

June 2021

FIRE-SIDE CRAFT COCKTAILS A quintessential glamping experience is not complete without a craft cocktail to sip lakeside. Instead of settling for the run-of-the-mill camping alcohol such as beers and coolers, why not pack something that could pass for a freshly mixed beverage? Tumbler & Rocks Craft Cocktails by The Fort Distillery come ready to serve. Simply shake and pour over ice. Choose from a classic old-fashioned, a cosmo, a daiquiri, a manhattan, a margarita, or a shaft. It’s like having a bartender right there in the woods!

- 78 -

- 79 -

June 2021

- 80 -

4552 - 99 Street Edmonton, AB T6E 5H5

- 81 -

June 2021



- 82 -

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