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EU Public Affairs Conference 2018 TECH, TRUST, AND TRANSPARENCY ——— A new introduction to public affairs

Brussels 8th edition

Les Ateliers des Tanneurs

20.& 21. Nov 2018


EU Public Affairs


n our fast-paced, ever-changing world, the European Union continually faces the challenge of remaining modern, honourable, and transparent, all while embracing new and uncertain issues with benevolence, clarity, and rationale. New political developments bring doubts, questions of safety, and petitions for security. The EU Public Affairs Conference 2018 gathers experts from throughout Europe to provide an understanding of navigating public affairs in the digital world. Whether you‘re familiarising yourself with new tech, employing data analysis to better your community, battling hate speech, or using social media to improve your political strategy, one thing is clear - if trust is the new currency, you must learn how to make it, and learn how to spend it. We warmly welcome you to the EU Public Affairs Conference 2018: A New Introduction to Public Affairs.


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EU Public Affairs


Is confidence in the EU on the decline? What strategies and techniques are being implemented to restore confidence in the EU, and how do we move toward establishing trust? Going green, Brexit, and the next commission all beg the question: Quo Vadis?

Trust as the new currency: How can we keep our businesses transparent? Are we lobbying responsibly? How do we manage issues creatively? What are the benefits? Join us for a deep dive into Public Affairs.


New tech can be intimidating, but that shouldn’t stop us. Gain a deeper understanding of everything tech: from digital analysis tools, to how new data laws are affecting us, to the benefits of social media and digital tech in public affairs.

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Cynthia Sanfilippo

Dan Sobovitz

Daniel Gueguen

Danielle Turkov-Wilson

Vice President for EU Public Affairs: L‘Oreal

Speechwriter & Digital Comm. Strategist of VP Maroš Šefčovič: European Commission

Associate Partner, EPPA; Professor College of Europe

Founder & Co-Director: Active International Consulting, Think-Film Impact Production

Frans-Anton Vermast

John Higgins CBE

Liam Benham

Marcel Halma

Senior Strategy Advisor (International & Public Affairs): Amsterdam Smart City

Chairman: Global Digital Foundation; Senior Advisor: Burson-Marsteller

Vice President of Government & Regulatory Affairs: IBM

Head of Global Public & Government Affairs: Akzo Nobel Speciality Chemicals B.V.

Mikael Conny Svensson

Paul MacDonnell

Silvana Koch-Mehrin

Vicky Marrisen

Vice-President Government Affairs & Public Policy Europe: Mastercard

Executive Director: Global Digital Foundation

Founder and President: Women Political Leaders Global Forum (WPL)

Partner: EPPA; Professor: College of Europe


EU Public Affairs



Doors Open and Welcome Coffee Are European Lobbyists Becoming Incompetent? Daniel Gueguen: EPPA, College of Europe

 10:15 INTRO

10:45 WHY EUROPEAN DIGITAL POLICY MATTERS NOW TO ALL PA PROFESSIONALS KEYNOTE John Higgins CBE: Global Digital Foundation, Burson-Marsteller 11:30 Creativity in Public Affairs: Innovation and Your Brand BEST CASE Cynthia Sanfilippo: L‘Oreal 12:10 Coffee Break 12:40 EU Energy Policy: A Broader Perspective BEST CASE Marcel Halma: Akzo Nobel Specialty Chemicals B.V. 13:20 Lunch 14:20 BEST CASE



Positive Social Impact: Merging Pragmatic Solutions with Sustainable Dreams Danielle Turkov-Wilson: AIC, Think-Film Impact Production Trust as the New Currency Silvana Koch-Mehrin: Women Political Leaders Global Forum (WPL) Coffee Break

16:15 WORKSHOP INTRO 16:30 Workshop I: Responsible Lobbying Workshop: Better Regulation and Public Affairs WORKSHOPS* Vicky Marrisen: EPPA, College of Europe Workshop II: Digital Policy in the Next Commission: What Should the Priorities Be? John Higgins CBE: Global Digital Foundation, Burson-Marsteller Workshop III: Partnership Building Workshop Marcel Halma: Akzo Nobel Specialty Chemicals B.V. 18:00 WORKSHOP SUMMARY 18:20 Partnership Building: What is Mastercard‘s Perspective? BEST CASE Mikael Svennson: Mastercard 19:00 Summary 19:15



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Open and Welcome Coffee

10:30 INTRO

Welcome Remarks/Opening Address

10:45 REBUILDING STAKEHOLDER TRUST THROUGH TRANSPARENCY AND ACCOUNTABILITY KEYNOTE tba 11:30 Transparency and How Local Governments are Responsible for Good Data Policy BEST CASE Frans-Anton Vermast: Amsterdam Smart City 12:10 Can Social Media Make Politics Great Again? BEST CASE Dan Sobovitz: European Commission 12:50 Lunch 13:50 Hate Speech in the EU: The Effects, the Consequences, and How We Fight Back DEBATE  Paul MacDonnell: Global Digital Foundation; Luk Van Langenhove: The Insititute for European Studies; Danielle Turkov-Wilson: AIC, Think-Film Impact Production; William Dazy: FTI Consulting 15:00 BEST CASE

With Digitization Comes Responsibility: IBM‘s Approach Liam Benham: IBM

15:40 Summary 16:00

Networking and Goodbye Drinks




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EU Public Affairs



EU Public Affairs Conference 2018: A New Introduction to Public Affairs  
EU Public Affairs Conference 2018: A New Introduction to Public Affairs