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2nd Heights Ateneo Artists Workshop Exhibit Catalogue Copyright 2012 Copyright reverts to the respective ­authors and ­artists whose works appear in this issue. No part of this book may be ­reprinted or reproduced in any means w ­ ithout the written permission of the copyright holder. This publication is not for sale. Correspondence may be addressed to: Heights, Publications Room, mvp 202 Ateneo de Manila University, p.o. Box 154, Manila Tel. no. 426-6001 local 5088 Heights is the official literary and artistic publication and organization of the Ateneo de Manila University. Layout and cover design by Alfred Benedict C. Marasigan

2nd Heights Ateneo   Artists Workshop   Exhibit Catalogue

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4 about the Artists Workshop 8 Director’s Note 10 Adrian Begonia 14 Mare Collantes 16 Kriselle de Leon 18 Mon Esquivel 20 Mayu Ferrer 22 Matthew Lee 24 Mo Maguyon 30 Tasha Ringor

About the Artists Workshop

The Ateneo Heights Artists Workshop (AHAW) was

With ‘Transcendence’ as this year’s theme, heights

inspired by the Organization’s established writers

hopes that the AHAW, as a new artistic tradition, will

workshop. Continuing the tradition of honing artistic

continue to nurture talented Atenean visual artists for

talent and of promoting creative practices in the Ateneo,

years to come.

the AHAW is a venue organized for sharing insights and techniques in the arts; each AHAW culminates with a themed exhibit of the fellows’ works.



Director’s Note

Now on its second year, AHAW has attempted to go beyond what has been done. Not only was it opened to the whole Ateneo community, it also yielded this exhibit catalogue as testament to its fellows relentless pursuit towards artistic improvement. The collection of artworks in this chapbook reflects what the fellows have learned from the experts in their field and materializing them in their respective mediums. When it comes to art, they should never be hidden. It should always have the intention of extending to the other, of going beyond oneself — the very essence of transcending. Sometimes, artworks speak more of the artist than they realize, and every new look can shed more light to his or her different facets. We are proud to present the artworks of the 2nd Ateneo Heights Artist Workshop in hopes that every look leads to new insights and experiences.


jv calanoc Workshop Director February 2012



8 9 Usog Lang, Kasya Pa! Photomanipulation. 8 Ă— 10 in.

Adrian is fond of making the familiar unfamiliar. In this particular project, the artist wanted to show the audience a different perspective on common objects by creating a whole image out of bits of pieces. By distorting the image, perhaps in a playful manner, the audience may realize the beauty of a once common object. By looking at something in a different angle (or maybe in all its angles put together) an intrinsic truth may be


Sumayaw din Ako. Photomanipulation. 6 Ă— 8 in.

discovered. adrian begonia


12 13 Pale and Bewildered (Series). Digital Photography. 8 Ă— 6 in.

Photography is all about capturing that moment, that look, that emotion. If one photo can say a thousand words, then a series can tell a story.


Pale and Bewildered (Series). Digital Photography. 8 Ă— 6 in.

mare collantes


Unburdening (Series). Ink. 190mm × 270 mm.

I am fascinated with the human body — its beauty, its intricacies, and its straightforwardness — and the philosophies attached to it. When I conceptualize what I draw, I try to discover the many messages I can deliver through manipulating or emphasizing its parts, functions, and responses to its environment. kriselle de leon



My artworks revolve around themes related to childhood dreams and fantasies. They often have elements taken from fairy tales, fantasy and adventure novels, magic, and even games. My drawings are often done using digital media and also alcohol markers and inks.


Birds. Mixed Media.

mon esquivel


Collection Time. Digital. 18 × 12 in.

20 21

mayu ferrer

to change that, starting from this piece.

Collection Time, she hasn’t drawn in a while due to thesis and whatnot, but plans

would change into a more efficient one that involves less tears. Aside from

period of moping and crying and doing the actual piece/s in a few days/hours)

Because of that she wishes that her creative process (which is basically a long

heart. Art-wise, she’s still a little rough on the edges, but hopefully getting there.

passive-aggressive rants which involve cussing like a redneck, she’s still a kid at

Mayu Ferrer has been drawing children for quite a while now. Despite her

Mundane Series. Animated GIF.

Mundane Series. Animated GIF.

‘wait...i could have sworn it just...’ matthew lee



24 25 Bago Kita Masdan. Digital Photography.

Inhibition. Digital Photography.



These photos are explorations of the body and its correlation with our perception of ourselves and others. Just as well, these are attempts to go beyond the body and the static form we know it by. Bago Kita Masdan toys with the perception of beauty and how it is “in the eyes of the beholder� even though we already have a preconceived notion of what is beautiful as dictated by society. Inhibition talks about the desiring body and the multiple attempts to repress it. The projection and censorship also tries to explore the idea of erasure and anonymity.


Hanggang Maging Ikaw. Digital Photography.

Hanggang Maging Ikaw is how envy can consume a person and leave nothing but a fleeting impression and an unsatiated desire with regards to being or becoming. mo maguyon


30 31 Home. Digital.

The beauty of the journey isn’t only about exploring the vast expanses of the world, but knowing that no matter how long one journeys, one still has someplace to return to. tasha ringor

Still. Digital.




2nd Ateneo Heights Artists Workshop Exhibit Catalogue  

2012 Ateneo Heights Artists Workshop Exhibit Catalogue, The Official Literary and Artistic Publication and Organization of the Ateneo de Man...

2nd Ateneo Heights Artists Workshop Exhibit Catalogue  

2012 Ateneo Heights Artists Workshop Exhibit Catalogue, The Official Literary and Artistic Publication and Organization of the Ateneo de Man...