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Uni-Titanium sails are the highest performancing, fastest sails UK Sailmakers makes. With the addition of Dimension/ Polyant’s LiteSkin®, the fast lasts even longer. LiteSkin is a thin film of fine polyester yarns that makes a lightweight protective layer that extends the sail’s life. Another benefit is that LiteSkin’s matte finish is easier on trimmers’ eyes than shinny mylar. Call for a quote or more information.

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Hebe One served her Race Management duties with pride in the Hebe Haven Open Dinghy Regatta 2017, when more than 120 dinghies of various classes followed the race signals displayed by pennants on her flag rack. I have much hope that she will become the official Race Committee Boat for the Hong Kong leg of the Volvo Ocean Race in 2018. Since September the General Committee has started the process of revamping the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Club which were written 54 years ago. There was a lot of time and effort put in by our Honorary Secretary Paul Arkwright and the committee members in the workgroup to summarise the numerous amendments made through the previous years. The final version is now in the hands of our lawyers and will later be presented to the Lands Department for preliminary approval. In a few months the document will be returned with comments and will await acceptance by the membership at an EGM.

C.K. Chan Commodore

Thanks to the recent deposit requirement implemented for the Marine Facility Waiting List by our Honorary Treasurer Thomas Mueller, we now have less than 300 members in the queues for various lengths of boats. It is now more realistic that we can meet members’ expectations of getting a swing mooring and hard stand. The charging rates at the Boatyard will be further investigated to seek justification for the utilisation of the services across the board. General Committee member Paula King has been revising the visual identity of the club. The ancient Dragon will retire, replaced by a modern, energetic Dragon which has been approved by the committee in principle. The evolution history of the logo of the Club for the information of members will be found in this issue.

Hebe One 在公開小帆船大賽2017中自豪地順利完成了自己的任務,該場賽事有超過 120艘來自不同級別的小帆艇參加,它們都遵照着 Hebe One 旗幟架上的賽事訊號作 賽。我熱烈地期望她能在2018年成為沃爾沃環球帆船賽香港站官方賽事小組的旗艦。 自9月起,執行委員會已經開始修改於54年前編寫的遊艇會組織大綱和章程。我們的 名譽秘書 Paul Arkwright 帶領委員會的委員們花了大量的時間和精力重編過去以往所 做的大量修改。最終版本現在由我們的律師掌握,隨後將提交地政總署進行初步審 批。在幾個月內,我們將能收到該份文件以及意見回饋,並將等待會員在特別大會上 投票通過。 衷心感謝我們的名譽司庫 Thomas Mueller 為實施海事設施輪候冊完成最近的按金要 求,現在我們不同長度的船隻輪候列中只有不到300名的等候會員。讓我們可以着實 滿足會員們希望得到浮泡泊位和岸上泊位的實際期望了。我們亦將會進一步探討船廠 的各類收費,看看會否探討公平使用該服務的制度。 執行委員會成員 Paula King 一直在修訂遊艇會的標誌。古龍將會「退休」,由被委員 會批准的更現代化、更精力充沛的新會龍所取代。本期期刊將內含遊艇會標誌演變歷 史的資訊。



Lisa Keatley General Manager

Hebe Dragons have been sailing to greatness over the last few months, driven by our Race Coach, Alfie. Congratulations to the whole team for their overall first place win in the HKODA team racing nationals which took place at HHYC on 8 & 9 June 2017. Well done! Lumiere Ng will represent Hong Kong (and HHYC) at the 2017 Optimist European Championship, which takes place at Yacht Club Port Bourgas in Bulgaria from 30 July to 6 August 2017. Both Pasu Chu Kwai and Pei Yip will be representing Hong Kong (National Team) in the Laser 4.7 World Championship in Belgium from Sunday 16 July to Monday 24 July 2017. The rest of the team will be representing HHYC in Qingdao, China and also at the Japan International Regatta which will take place in August. Good luck to all our Hebe Dragons, everyone at HHYC is supporting you and we are all very proud of your achievements so far! With the summer holidays upon us, we have plenty of activities to keep children amused over the weeks ahead. Our ever popular Adventure Water Sports Week is back (for eight weeks), which will fill the club with excited youngsters trying out kayaking, sailing, beach games and the sea biscuit (always a favourite). We also have HKSF Level 1 & 2 and Stage One and Two Optimist courses available, so check out the website for more details.

夏季終於來臨,執筆之時,C r a b b i e 週六夏季系列賽和U K Sailmakers台風盃系正進行得如火如荼。感謝所有贊助商,特別 是冠名贊助商Crabbie 和 UK Sailmakers,沒有他們的支持,這兩 項賽事就不會那麼成功。不要忘了,台風盃系列賽進行期間,早 上8時至11時都會有自助早餐!看來這場賽事會進行幾個月,雖 然漫長但是很值得享受。同時,我們的比賽管理團隊一直在尋找 志願者。如果你喜歡水上活動,又想爬上新的 Hebe One 會船, 請與海事辦公室聯繫。這份職務毋須經驗,歡迎大家來應徵! 在過去幾個月,得到我們的賽事教練Alfie的推動,Hebe Dragons一直在勇往直前。衷心恭喜整個團隊在2017年6月8 日和9日在白沙灣遊艇會舉行的HKODA全國團隊賽中獲得冠 軍。Lumiere Ng 將於2017年7月30日至8月6日期間在保加利亞 的Port Bourgas遊艇俱樂部舉行的2017年Optimist歐洲冠軍賽中 代表香港(和白沙灣遊艇會)。Pasu Chu Kwai 和 Pei Yip 則將 代表香港在2017年7月16日星期日至7月24日星期一參加在比 利時舉行的 Laser 4.7 世界錦標賽,團隊內其餘成員將代表白沙 灣遊艇會前往中國青島,亦將在8月舉行的日本國際帆船賽中 亮相。祝我們所有的 Hebe Dragons 一直好運,白沙灣遊艇會 的所有人都在支持你們,我們都為你們的成就感到驕傲! 隨著暑假到來,我們有很多活動讓孩子們在未來的幾個星期內 好好暢快地玩樂一番。我們最受歡迎的水上冒險運動週回來了 (總共會進行八週),遊艇會充滿興奮的年輕人們可在這段期 間試玩皮划艇、帆船、沙灘遊戲和品嘗海鮮餅乾(經常是最受 歡迎的)。我們還有香港帆船運動總會1級和2級、Optimist第 一期和第二期課程,請查看網站了解更多詳情。

感謝JR Gear HK贊助遊艇會並提供急需的衝浪舟,我們很快就 會推出有趣的衝浪舟活動,因此請緊貼本雜誌內容以了解更多 細節。 我們很高興地宣布,Rob Allen 將會回到白沙灣遊艇會領導航海 訓練中心隊伍。我們期待着這位遊艇會裡充滿活力和活潑的人 物回來。Rob,歡迎回來!



Summer is well and truly here and at the time of writing the Crabbie’s Summer Saturday Series and the UK Sailmakers Typhoon Series are already underway. Many thanks to all the sponsors, especially Crabbie’s and UK Sailmakers for their generous undertakings as title sponsors, the events would not be as successful without their support. Don’t forget that there is a Buffet Breakfast from 8am to 11am on Typhoon Series race days! It looks like it will be a long and enjoyable few months and our Race Management Team are always looking out for volunteers. So if you enjoy being out on the water and would like to climb aboard the new Hebe One Committee Boat, get in touch with the sailing office. No experience needed and everyone is welcome!

我們希望你們喜歡在主餐廳享用我們更新了的夏季菜單,我們 已為炎熱的月份提供了一些清新的選擇。啤酒價格已經下調 了,我們這裏的歡樂時光價格一定是全西貢裏最好的!新開發 的「船舶商店」已經開放了,因此大家將很快能直接從遊艇會 中購買用作日間水上活動的用品。 在談論日間出海的同時,請注意在水域保持安全是最重要 的。請緊記速度限制,注意你周圍進行的其他水上活動,並 在出海前做好充分的準備;包括檢查安全設備和了解當天的 天氣情況。 請注意,如果您希望根據我們的互惠會員協議在周末或公眾假 期期間進入香港仔遊艇會並使用那裏的設施,你需要向香港仔 遊艇會總經理發送電子郵件,以尋求許可。說起互惠遊艇會這 個話題,我們剛剛與新加坡的Raffles Marina簽訂了協議,如果 有人正在那邊,並希望使用他們的設施,請在進入之前向我們 的會員辦公室領取介紹信。 祝你有一個愉快的暑假!

Thank you to JR Gear HK for sponsoring the club with much needed SUPs and we will soon be launching fun SUP activities, so watch this space for more detail. We are delighted to announce that Rob Allen will be coming back to HHYC to head up the Sail Training Centre team. We look forward to having his vibrant and lively character back at the club. Welcome back Rob! We hope you are enjoying our updated Summer Menu in the main restaurant, with some fresh and light options for the hot months. Draught beer prices have been reduced and happy hour prices must be the best in Sai Kung! The newly improved ‘Ship Stores’ has been launched, so stocking up for days out on the water will soon be easier to purchase directly from the Club. Whilst talking about days out, please be reminded that keeping safe out on the waters is vitally important. Remember speed limits, being mindful of other water-based activities around you as well as being well prepared before setting sail; this includes checking safety equipment and being aware of the day’s weather conditions. Please be reminded that if you wish to use ABC under our reciprocal membership agreement, you are reminded to email the General Manager at ABC, seeking permission if you aim to visit during a weekend or public holiday. While we are on the subject of reciprocal clubs we have just entered an agreement with Raffles Marina in Singapore so if anyone is visiting and would like to use their facilities please ask for a letter of introduction from our membership office before you go.

Afternoon Tea 悠閒經典下午茶

Every Saturday & Sunday From 8 April 2017 由4月8日2017, 逢星期六及星期日

2pm to 5pm HK$160 for two Includes freshly made sandwiches, scones with jam and cream and handmade ‘cakes by claire’ 鮮製精選三文治、英式鬆餅配忌廉及果醬及多款Claire手製蛋糕

Have a great summer!

includes tea or coffee Add 2 glasses of prosecco for HK$60

For enquiries please contact our F&B Department or 2719 7915 如有 查 詢 請 電 郵 致 a d m i n f n b @ h h y c . o r g . h k 或 致 電 2 7 1 9 7 9 1 5 8 HEBE JEBES • JUL/AUG 2017





Big Summer B


a z n B ona

New prices on draught beers All Summer! Two for one every Crazy Friday (last Friday of the month) from 5:00pm to 9:00pm


San Miguel Kirin Asahi Somersby IPA Spitfire Stella London Pride Carlsberg Grim Shandy

$20 / $36 $28 / $49 $28 / $49 $23 / $38 $28 / $49 $28 / $49 $28 / $49 $28 / $49 $20 / $36 $28 / $49 $20 / $36

Great View - Great Beer - Great Prices

For enquiries please contact our F&B Department or 2719 7915 如有 查 詢 請 電 郵 致 a d m i n f n b @ h h y c . o r g . h k 或 致 電 2 7 1 9 7 9 1 5 11





Big Summer B


a z n B ona

New Happy Hour prices on draught beers All Summer! MONDAY TO FRIDAY (EXCEPT Crazy Friday) 5:00pm to 8:00pm FREE Bar Snacks from 6:00pm to 7:00pm


San Miguel Kirin Asahi Somersby IPA Spitfire Stella London Pride Carlsberg Grim Shandy

$18 / $33 $25 / $44 $25 / $44 $19 / $34 $25 / $44 $25 / $44 $25 / $44 $25 / $44 $17 / $33 $25 / $44 $17 / $33

Great View - Great Beer - Great Prices

For enquiries please contact our F&B Department or 2719 7915 如有 查 詢 請 電 郵 致 a d m i n f n b @ h h y c . o r g . h k 或 致 電 2 7 1 9 7 9 1 5 13

Photos courtesy of Herman Ng



Photos courtesy of Raymond Kwong



5 – 9pm Buy one get one free JULY





Crazy Friday



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Sunday Roast / Sunday Buffet The Restaurant JULY









2 6










Curry Friday JULY







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Indonesian Themed Buffet JULY


Meditarranean Themed Buffet




Chef Eric has been at HHYC for four years and really is a hidden gem in the HHYC team. His excellence in cooking and managing a busy kitchen is always done with a smile and an eagerness to produce great food. If you didn’t attend the Geoff Merrill Wine Dinner earlier in the year, you missed something quite special. The food was outstanding and a real showcase of what, as a chef, Eric can produce. His love of cooking on the spit roast is beginning to feature more in our buffets and events and in this heat, it takes dedication!

廚師Eric在白沙灣遊艇會已有四年,他的確是白沙灣遊艇會團 隊內隱藏的寶石。他總是以臉上的微笑和渴望煮出美食的熱情 來烹飪和管理一個繁忙的廚房。如果你今年較早時沒有參加 Geoff Merrill 的美酒晚餐,那麼你便錯過了一些非常特別的事 了。當日的食物煮得非常出色,是Eric作為廚師的一場出色的 表演。他對火上叉烤的熱愛開始在我們的自助餐和活動中顯露 頭角,當然,在這種「熱度」下,那需要不少努力喔!

What made you decide to be a chef? I wasn’t very academic and I wanted to do something creative and active. I am quite an active person and I enjoy sport and consider myself outgoing! Obviously, I also love cooking!

是什麼促使你決定做廚師? 我的性格並不是走學術的路線,我想做一些有創意和很活潑的 事情。我是一個積極的人,我喜歡運動,也覺得自己很外向! 顯然地,我也喜歡烹飪!

What style of food do you most enjoy cooking? My passion is creating menus for fine dining. I also really enjoy cooking and eating both French and Italian dishes.

你最喜歡做什麼樣的食物? 我最享受的是為高級餐飲創造出精美菜餚的菜單。我也很喜歡 煮和吃法國及意大利菜。

Do you cook for yourself at home, as I hear most chefs don’t? I do enjoy cooking for my family and friends and having big gatherings. We generally all cook together as my family likes to cook also and it is fun and something to share together. We are a foodie family.

你在家里為自己做飯嗎?我聽說大多數廚師都不會? 我喜歡為我的家人和朋友烹飪,並舉行大型聚會。我們一般都 一起做飯,因為我的家人也喜歡做飯,這是件很有意思的事 情,而且這樣我們有很多東西可以互相分享。我們是一個熱愛 美食的家庭。

It is quite stressful in a hot kitchen, how do you relax? When I am not in the kitchen I love to be outdoors. I am very active, I like to scuba dive, swim and go hiking, and I really enjoy cross country running. Seeing the world and travelling is also great.

在一個那麼熱的廚房里應該相當緊張吧,你怎樣放鬆的呢? 當我不在廚房裡的時候,我喜歡在室外玩。我很活躍,我喜歡 潛水、游泳和遠足,而且我真的很喜歡越野跑。能看到世界和 到處旅行非常捧。


rit e

Fav ou

o qu


with Chef Eric

Quick Summer Dessert

Eton Mess

Whip up thick or double cream until it peaks Make your own or buy premade meringue Chop up some juicy strawberries

Break up the meringue and mix with the cream and strawberries, serve individually or in a big sharing dish, top with more fruit!

打上厚或雙重奶油,直至它膨脹 自己製作或購買預製的蛋白甜餅 切碎一些多汁的草莓 分開蛋白甜餅並與奶油和草莓混合,單獨上菜或作大型共享菜 式,記得要加上多一點水果!


Kitchen Capers!

Work hard, play hard.






Since writing my last article more than two months ago, much has happened within STC, in line with the three year plan which was presented to and accepted by GENCOM. Within this newsletter I have referred to relevant parts from the three year plan as I firmly believe that we as a Club must be united going forward to reestablish our sailing centre as a centre of excellence in Hong Kong; and we cannot be united if we do not know where we are going. Many of you will remember the Saturday when we shut the carpark to accommodate a container carrying our new rescue boats. These are now in full operation and reflect some of the best available rescue boats / ribs in Hong Kong. They will more than meet the needs we have for a rescue boat in our growing sailing centre. They have aluminium hulls with brand new 90 hp engines and, importantly, a fixed Bimini type top cover for protection of the crew from strong sun and rain. We have also purchased six brand new ‘Quest’ dinghies from the UK. These are a very modern boat designed for the sea school Assn in the UK and are not only a very safe dinghy for training in, but also are fitted with trapeze and Isometric sails for exciting racing. Like the aluminium ribs, we are the first club in Hong Kong to have the latest design dinghies, and having six, there are enough for fleet racing. To support our summer programme we have 15 brand-new modern design stand-up boards to replace the old and leaking ones. Unfortunately we have had to condemn two more Bahias and the life expectancy of the remaining three is not that long, so in due course these too will be replaced. The STC Committee has also been expanded and I am delighted to welcome Simon Roberts and Francis Hurley to the team. I believe we now have a well-balanced, experienced and engaged team who will actively assist in making sure the three year plan is successful. So what of our plan? Below are some of the pertinent points covered in the three year plan which sets the scene on how we value STC going forward: Hebe Haven Yacht Club basically has three legs of operations for Members, namely yacht racing, marine operations and sail training development. However, is sail training needed for the club to function? Certainly the Club could decide not to have the third leg and offer only boat yard operations i.e. moorings, storage and maintenance, and yacht racing supported by a club house with restaurant, bar and changing room facilities. This however would seek to only serve the needs of those that can afford their own boats or yachts. For the Club to survive and have approvals for development and growth from local authorities we must provide for the needs of the local community as well as our non-yacht owning members and sailors. This is the part the sailing centre can play, and indeed does, with open courses, fun days, and school and corporate activities. In summary HHYC needs a functioning sailing centre and it is with this in mind that the following three year plan is being proposed, but why do we need a three year plan and what is our starting point?


In the past the sailing centre has had neither a forwardlooking plan, nor a boat replacement programme, nor any maintenance plan. The hardware has been allowed to deteriorate to the extent that many of the boats which might have been still operational if they had been maintained now have to be scrapped on grounds of safety. This will change with improved management. Having said all this, the Club does have a working sailing centre and the concept of the plan is to ensure an effective management structure, have correct asset distribution with defined boat classes, and put a community and training growth plan in place. Alongside this we will be developing strong grassroots sailing and racing teams for future club representation and will ensure our boats are not only of a high standard but are maintained in that state, together with a planned and graduated replacement programme supported by an appropriate accounting depreciation structure.

The revised STC structure is based on an STC team working cohesively together with accountability of each member to each other and also to the indirect reporting line. This will ensure proper management oversight. This is probably the most radical change and one where we are seeing benefits already. Below is an organisation chart of the Sail Training Centre:

We have also reviewed and redefined the objectives of the sailing centre and some of these are being incorporated into the new M&A to be presented to the membership to ensure they are firmly rooted within the club. The 10 objectives are: 1. To ensure the Sail Training Centre is a financially viable 3rd leg of the club 2. To become a part of the community and foster and develop team racing 3. To promote dinghy and small keel boat sailing within the wider local community 4. To have an open door policy for community development 5. To develop community and company sailing based on activity days 6. To support dinghy sailing within local government and private schools alike 7. To provide dinghy and small keel boat sailing courses from beginner to national sailing level 8. To provide race coaching and training to sailors showing potential and dedication 9. To support and promote a HHYC Sailing Team 10. To engage with appropriate outside bodies to promote these objectives To achieve the desired objectives a complete review of the sailing centre structure was undertaken, resulting in several radical changes being made. This will enable not only growth, but an efficient administration infrastructure to ensure asset management, maintenance and replacement are effective. To support the sail training and adventure / open day development, as well as ensuring positive feedback from course participants, a big focus is being placed on making sure training quality is in line with community development. We will also focus on sound administrative management closely linking course participants and costs together with instructor resources. We plan to have a full time bosun for handling maintenance who will both report to the marine manager and to STC admin who will ensure the defects books are kept and maintained and repairs signed off on.


Over the next three years the Club needs to get back to basics by rebuilding the sailing for schools programme which will help to create a large pool of ‘grassroots’ sailors and participants for our regular courses and programmes. This will lead into growing our racing teams along with ensuring the right assets to support this growth as outlined below in the boat review. Parallel to this we want to place a strong emphasis on corporate team building / Sailing Days. The focus on these should also help to provide a source of potential new members, sponsors and crews for Club Racing on bigger boats. Within one year we expect the growth to be sufficient enough to support the addition of two more experienced instructors, thus being able to offer more courses and management programmes. Summer has been transferred to work within the STC Team and will be focusing on liaising with local schools, organisations and corporations to promote the STC. She will also engage more with both course students and parents to develop closer relationships and encourage returning students. This I consider a fundamental part of any centre and one that has not really existed before at the STC in a dedicated function. Having good assets and the right structure is no good without having a financially sound plan. To this end we will be reviewing the STC core or base costs. We will also review course and corporate event costs, course make-up—including instructor to student ratio—and maximum capacity of boats planned for a course. As mentioned, an extremely important part of the plan is taking care of club assets as these reflect shareholder value to all members. We are now reviewing our Return on Investment (ROI) policy to consider asset depreciation of four years. This would support the concept of a regular replacement programme for all boats while they still have a useful life remaining and could be purchased by members. We are also considering the environmental impact of all purchases. We will be taking into consideration not only boat type but also boat construction in any future purchases in order to put preference on boats that are environmentally friendly and can be recycled. Many of the modern boats, including the new ribs, stand-up boards and ‘Quests’, can be. The plan also takes into consideration a dinghy replacement policy and Club growth. One issue faced by some clubs is who to sell used but still usable dinghies to. While the obvious answer is members, this can be difficult if there is nowhere for them to store them. The proposal for the plan is to look at this positively. Hebe can and should make room for some dinghies of the right




type by using racking and filling in odd spaces. If we could consider this as a policy moving forward it would not only allow us to recycle used dinghies into club membership but could help to breed and foster a new group of club users, those with dinghies which require less asset outlay. This would be attractive to both local and non-local members alike, and to those with young families. This is a primary focus of this plan. A brief summary of what the plan calls for is a steady asset replacement programme. Apart from what has been mentioned already, this year we plan to continue fixing the assets we already have. The Picos will all be brought to top condition by refurbishing six of them. In addition the J80’s will undergo full repairs to keep them a viable asset for at least two more years. (In 2019 we plan to look for a replacement, and a few similar boats are in consideration. However we plan to spend just over half of what we did for the J80’s giving a ROI of four years rather than the current nine years). We are also installing a powerful VHF base station to support our racing and safety in Clearwater Bay. In 2018 we plan to purchase six new “winner” Optimists, five new Kayaks, two more aluminium rescue boats (RIBS) and upgrade our hand held VHFs. In 2019 we plan to purchase six more Quests (assuming they have proven to be as good as we expect), six new Picos and five new Kayaks, as well as two more RIBS (to finally replace the last of the two remaining old RIBS). We will also look at replacing the two J80’s. Finally, like all new ventures there will be those who would doubt this and there will be those who would applaud this, and I hope the majority is in the latter. Even so I would ask all members to keep an open mind as we revitalise the Sailing Centre. I am also delighted that Rob has returned having gained much experience in his position at the large Shanghai Yacht Club where he recently managed a large and successful regatta, not only successful for him, but for our own HHYC racing team who did very well against some very good competition. He, I am sure, will bring the vitality we are looking for in the centre to grow the numbers which have been dwindling over the past couple of years and also to bring the STC and Sailability to a closer working relationship. We may both be dealing with land constraints, but we are working closely to assist their growth. I close by asking those of you with children to consider all our upcoming exciting summer programs and to support our centre.

David Fielder





航海訓練中心通訊 撰文|David Fielder

自從撰寫上一篇文章的這兩個多月,STC內發生了很多事情, 但它們都符合提交給GENCOM的三年計劃(計劃已被接納)。 在本通訊內,我會提到有關三年計劃中的部分內容,其中就是 堅信作為一個遊艇會,我們必須團結一致,才能將航海訓練中 心重新建立成一所香港的卓越中心;如果我們自己都不知道我 們的方向,就不能團結一致。 許多人都記得吧!為了要容納裝載我們新救援艇的集裝箱,我 們曾經把停車場關上,現在裝嵌工作正全面進行,並已顯現出 這些是香港最有效的救援艇/吹氣艇,它們將不僅滿足我們不 斷增長的航行中心之救援艇需求,它們除了擁有全新的鋁合金 外殼及90匹馬力發動機外,更重要的是:擁有一個保護船員免 受強烈陽光照射和雨淋的固定比米尼型頂蓋。 我們還從英國購買了六艘全新的Quest小艇。這批是專為英國 海洋學校Assn設計的非常現代化的高級訓練艇,它不僅是訓練 中非常安全的小艇,還配備了吊架及等角帆作比賽用途,像擁 有鋁質吹氣艇一樣,我們是香港第一家擁有最新設計小艇的俱 樂部,並擁有六艘,可足夠作賽艇用途。 為了支持我們的夏季計劃,我們擁有15塊用以取代陳舊和洩漏 的全新現代化設計之直立板,不幸的是,我們不得不譴責另外 兩艘「巴哈伊人」艇,其餘的三艘的預期壽命都不會那麼長, 所以在適當的時候也得替換。 航海訓練中心委員會擴大了,很高興歡迎Simon Roberts和Francis Hurley加入了這個團隊,相信我們現在已有一個頗平衡、富經驗 及能緊密合作的團隊,將積極推動並確保三年計劃能得以成功。 那麼我們的計劃是什麼?以下是三年計劃中涵蓋的一些相關要 點,它們闡述了我們如何評估STC的前景:

白沙灣遊艇會基本上要為會員完成三項主要運作,即遊艇競賽、 海上活動、帆船訓練及發展。但是,航海訓練中心真的有需要進 行帆船訓練嗎?固然,俱樂部可以決定不推行第三項主要運作, 只提供船塢操作,即泊船服務、倉儲和維護,以及由遊艇會會所 與餐廳、酒吧和更衣室設施相配合的遊艇賽事,不過這樣做只會 滿足那些能買得起自己的船隻或遊艇的人之需求,為了讓遊艇會 生存下來,並得到地方當局的發展和成長之批准,我們必須滿足 當地社區以及我們的非遊艇擁有成員和水手的需求,這是航海中 心可以發揮的一部分,而且確實與公開課程、同樂日、學校和企 業活動有關,總而言之,白沙灣遊艇會需要一個正常運作的航行 中心,正是這樣,我們提出了以下三年計劃,但為什麼我們需要 一個三年計劃,我們的起點是什麼? 過去航海中心既沒有前瞻性計劃、沒有船隻更換計劃、也沒 有任何維修計劃,硬件因此被惡化,假如一直有著適當的保 養維護,也不致於許多船隻因安全原因而被荒廢,它們可能 仍在運行呢!這必將隨管理的改善而生變化,說過這些,我


們的遊艇會確實有一個運作中的航海中心,計劃的概念是確 保有一個富效率的管理結構、正確的資產分配與船隻的級別 定義,並制定了社區和培訓增長計劃,除此之外,適當的會 計折舊架構支持並已籌劃及漸進之替代方案安排下,我們 還將發展強大的基層航海與競賽隊伍,將來能代表遊艇會參 賽,並確保我們的船隻不僅能達到高標準,而且還能經常維 持在該狀態上。 我們還檢討了並重新確定航海中心的目標,其中一些目標正在 納入新的併購中,以提交給會員,確保其能夠牢固紮根於遊艇 會。這10個目標是: 1. 確保航海訓練中心將成為遊艇會財務上可行的「第三條 腿」 2. 成為社區的一部分、培養和發展團隊賽事 3. 在更廣泛的當地社區推廣小艇和小型龍骨船 4. 制定開放的社區發展政策 5. 以活動日為基礎,發展社區和公司的航行活動 6. 支持當地政府和私立學校的小艇航行活動 7. 提供從初級到國家航行級別的小艇/小型龍骨船帆船課程 8. 對有潛質和願奉獻的水手提供競賽訓練及培訓 9. 支持和推廣白沙灣遊艇會帆船隊 10. 與適當的外部機構接觸,以促進這些目標 為了達到預期的目標,我們已對航海中心結構進行了全面的回 顧,從而做了一些根本性的改變,這不僅可以實現增長,而且 還可採用有效率的基礎設施管理手段以保資產之管理、維護和 替換,使其有所成效。 為了支持帆船訓練和歷奇/開放日發展並確保課程參與者能積 極反饋,我們會將焦點放於保持培訓質素,以符合社區發展, 我們還將重點放於關注健全的行政管理,將課程參與者和成本 與教師資源緊密相連,我們計劃設立一位全職的水手長以主理 維修工作,他們須向海事經理和航海訓練中心管理人員報告, 並將落實保存「缺陷書」、簽署維護和維修文件。 修訂的航海訓練中心架構是建基於航海訓練中心團隊與每個成 員之間的問責關係以及作間接報告方式來設計的,這將確保適 當的管理監督,這可能是一個最激進的改變,但我們已經看到 其好處了,請查看頁23航海訓練中心的組織架構圖。 在接下來的三年中,為回歸基本,遊艇會需要重建航海學校課 程,以幫助我們從常規課程和其他課程中創造的一大批基層水 手和參與者,如下文在船檢中所概述的,這將使我們的競賽隊 伍得以發展壯大,同時亦須確保有適當的資產來支持這一增 長,與此同時,我們還須強調企業團隊建設/帆船日、這些重 點還有助於為更大的船隻提供參與遊艇會賽事的潛在新成員、 贊助商和船員來源,在一年之內,我們預計增長足以支持增加 兩名經驗豐富的教練,從而能夠提供更多的課程和管理計劃。

夏季時,工作已轉移至航海訓練中心小組,並將重點放在與當 地學校、機構和企業聯絡,以推廣航海訓練中心,還將與課程 的學生和家長進行更多交流,以發展更密切的關係,鼓勵回國 的學生參與,在這個之前,航海訓練中心並沒有真正有著專門 處理以上任何一個中心及基本部分的功能。 光擁有優良資產和正確結構,但卻沒有健全的財務計劃是不夠 好的,為此,我們將審查航海訓練中心的核心或基礎成本,我 們還將審查課程和公司活動成本,課程組成——包括導師與學 生的比例,以及為課程籌劃船隻的最大容納能力。  如上所述,計劃的一個非常重要的部分是要照顧好俱樂部資 產,因為這反映了所有會員的價值,我們正在檢討投資回報率 (ROI)政策,以考慮四年間的資產貶值,這將支持所有船隻 的恆常更換方案概念,同一時間,它們仍然會有剩餘的使用壽 命,並可安排成員購買,我們也在考慮所有採購對環境的影 響,我們將不僅要考慮船的類型,更要考慮任何未來採購中船 舶的建造過程,將優先考慮有利環保和可回收再造的船隻;許 多現代化的小船,包括新的吹氣小艇、直立板和「quests」小 艇都可以。

最後,像所有的新興企業一樣,總會有一些懷疑這個計劃的 人,也有一些人會讚揚這個計劃,我當然希望大多數是後者, 即使如此,我亦敦請所有成員在振興帆船中心的工作時,切記 要保持開放態度。 我也很高興Rob最近主理了一個大型而成功的帆船賽,他已經 在那個大規模的上海遊艇俱樂部活動裏獲取了豐富的經驗,不 僅為他的成功而高興,更為了我們自己的白沙灣遊艇會競賽隊 能好好地應付了一些不錯的挑戰,他們肯定會帶來我們在中心 要尋找的活力,以增加過去幾年來一直在減少的數字,使得航 海訓練中心和航行性能的工作關係更加緊密。我們可能都在處 理土地制約問題,但我們正在密切合作,協助他們的發展。 在寫這次通訊的結語時,我得跟孩子們的父母說,請考慮我們 即將到來的精彩夏令節目,並支持我們的中心。 David Fielder

計劃還考慮到一個更換小艇政策和遊艇會的發展方面,遊艇 會面臨的一個其中的問題是向誰出售二手但仍然可用的小 艇,雖然明顯的答案是向成員,但如果他們無法好好地儲存 小艇,這可是一個難處,計劃建議須積極看待這個計劃,遊 艇會可以並且應該能以貨架為適當艇型尋找存放位置,亦 可將它們填塞在用得著的不規則空間裏,如果我們認同這是 一個富前瞻的政策,這不僅可以讓我們將廢棄物品回收到俱 樂部合資格會員的手上,還可以藉以培育一批新的遊艇會用 戶——那些需要較少資產支出但卻擁有小艇的用戶,這對當 地和非本地成員以及年輕家庭的成員都是富吸引力的,這是 本計劃的主要重點。 計劃的簡明摘要是要求穩定的資產置換方案,除了上述已經提 到的內容,我們今年計劃繼續處理已有資產,通過翻新,Picos 會將其中的6艘修整到最佳狀態,另外,亦將全面維修J80,使 其成為至少兩年都可使用的資產(於2019年,我們計劃找尋一 個替代品,並且已考慮過幾艘類似的船隻,然而,我們預計花 費一半以上為J80提供四年投資回報率,而不是目前的九年) ,我們還安裝了強大的VHF通訊電臺,以支持我們在清水灣的 競賽及安全措施。 在2018年,我們計劃購買六艘新的「winner」Optimist型帆 船,五艘新的皮划艇,兩艘鋁救援艇(RIBS),並升級我們手 持的VHF通訊器,在2019年,我們計劃再購買六艘「Quest」 小艇(假設我們已經證明它們真像預期的那麼好)、六艘新的 Picos和五艘新的皮划艇,還有另外兩艘RIBS小艇(最終取代 剩下的兩艘舊的RIBS小艇中的最後一艘),我們也會考慮取代 兩艘J80的。


你好,我是來自 Hebe Dragons 的 Sean。我寫這份報告的目 的是為了分享了我在上海的經歷。在我到達在上海的別墅的第 一天,我感到很累,但為很快能夠出海航行感到很興奮。 我們 要在上海逗留,以參加其餘的帆船賽。我在開幕式上過了一個 很好的晚上,那裏有美食、源源不絕的談天時間,那是一個快 樂的夜晚,我甚至會見了前航海經理Rob Allen。當我回到別墅 時,我都睡不著了,我只想要出海航行!

Day 1: I woke up in the morning grumpy because I had slept poorly last night, but I still had to keep racing. We rigged our sails, had our briefing, chatted a bit and we were off! The racing on the first day was okay but could have been better. Alfie analysed our flaws and told us how to sail better. When I went to sleep I was filled with determination and then I started to feel drowsy and I fell asleep.

第一天:因為昨晚睡得不好,早晨醒來時我有點脾氣暴躁,但 怎樣也好,我還是要繼續比賽。我們裝好了帆,進行我們的簡 報會,又聊了一下,就出發了!第一天的比賽是還好的,但可 以更好。Alfie分析了我們做得不好的地方,並告訴我們如何更 好地航行。當我爬上床準備睡覺的時候,我充滿決心,及後我 便開始感到昏昏欲睡,很快便睡著了。

Day 2: I woke up at 5:50 in the morning. I got dressed, packed my bag and even played a game of ping pong! Ahh… When I just about felt relaxed it was time to go. What a bummer! Still, the second day was a lot like the first but we rigged very slowly. Alfie told us that we couldn't rig so slowly, so we all tried to work harder. The rest of the day went by like a breeze. When I ate dinner at the restaurant at the Club, I felt as if the day had gone by in the blink of an eye!

第二天:早晨5時50分我便醒來了。我穿好衣服,收拾好自己 的袋子,甚至玩了一場乒乓球呢!啊⋯⋯當我覺得稍為放鬆的 時候,我們便要出發了,真掃興呀!不過,第二天的情況很像 第一天,只是我們走得很慢。Alfie告訴我們,我們不能永遠都 如此緩慢,所以我們都更加努力了。這一天餘下的時間像風一 樣瞬間消逝。當我在遊艇會的餐廳吃晚飯時,我感覺這天好像 一眨眼便過了!

Day 3 Final Day: I was sad that it was the last day. The sailing could have been better, but Alfie said we have improved a lot. I felt a bit shaky about the regatta but overall I had a great time!


第3天決賽:我很傷心,因為這是最後一天。這次出海航行本 來可以進行得更好,但Alfie說我們比之前已經有所改善。可是 我對這場賽事還是感到有點不安,但總體而言,我在這邊過得 非常好!

Words Timothée Bourrut Lacouture, Sean Liu

Hello all! I had the opportunity to go to the 3rd Meisha Cup CYA Youth Sailing League 2017 with the Hebe team representing Hong Kong. At this regatta, it was the first time I sailed on a Topper. It was a great experience to sail on a new boat with different types of sailors. Apart from us, the sailors were from all over China, most of whom were only Chinese speaking, so thanks to my Mandarin skills, I managed to communicate with some of them (also thanks to Pasu who translated most of it!). Out of all the race officials, there were only about five who could speak English so it was a really fun experience to go sailing somewhere where there is a big language barrier. However, out of all the Chinese sailors, I met a half-French half-Chinese guy who was from Beijing! His name was Antoine and we became friends during the regatta. He told me a lot about the event and sailing in China as well as life in China (without most social media!).

大家好!早前,我得到機會與代表香港的Hebe團隊進入「梅 沙教育杯」第三屆全國帆船青少年俱樂部聯賽。在這次帆船賽 中,我第一次乘坐Topper。在與不同類型的水手在新船上航行 是一次非常好的經歷。除了我們以外,所有的水手都來自中國 各地,其中絕大多數都是說中文的,所以我要感謝自己的普通 話,我才能和其中一些人交流了(我也非常感謝幫我做了不少 翻譯工作的Pasu)。在所有的賽事人員中,只有大約五個人會 說英語,所以在有這樣大語言障礙的地方去航海是一次非常有 趣的經歷。不過,在所有的中國水手中,我遇到了一名來自北 京的中法混血兒!他的名字是Antoine,我們在賽事中成為了朋 友。他告訴我很多關於這次活動和在中國航行的事情,以及在 中國的生活(大部分社交媒體都不能玩!)。

In Shanghai, we also saw Rob who is the ex-Sailing Centre Manager of HHYC. It was really cool to see him again because he was there when I first started to sail at Hebe Haven. Rob told us a lot about the sailing around Shanghai and about the lifestyle there. He was also the Race Officer for the Toppers and the Host for the Opening Ceremony as well as the briefings.

在上海,我們也遇到了Rob,他是白沙灣遊艇會的前航海中心 經理。再次見到他真的很酷,因為當我第一次開始在白沙灣 遊艇會開航時,他就在那裡看著我。Rob告訴我們很多關於上 海的航海地區與關於那裡的生活方式,他就像我們在這場帆船 賽裏某些時刻的的指導!他也是開幕禮和簡報會的主持人,及 Toppers的賽事主管。

Overall, I loved this regatta and I used it as a training opportunity for future big events. Although I wasn’t too happy about my overall result, I still really loved it and would like to go again next year!

總的來說,我非常喜歡這場帆船賽,我也以它作為未來大型賽 事的訓練機會。雖然我對我整體的表現感到不太高興,但我仍 然很享受,並希望明年再來!






Hello this is Sean from the Hebe Dragons. I wrote this report to share the experience I had in Shanghai. On the first day when I arrived at the villa in Shanghai I felt tired but excited to sail. We were going to stay here for the rest of the regatta. At the opening ceremony I had a good time; there was good food, socialising, and I even got to meet with the old ex-sailing manager Rob Allen. When I was back in the villa I couldn’t sleep, I wanted to sail!



Across: 2. When you sail at the closest angle possible to the wind, you are going (6) 7. Stops your boat temporarily (5, 2) 8. The tack that gives you right of way (9) 9. Your boat sails the flattest when you are (7) 10. The large sail (4) 11. The helm says this before pushing the tiller to tack (3, 2) 12. If the wind is strong we need to do this to the sail (4) 15. You are here if the bow is pointing into the wind (2, 2, 4) 17. When you sail across the wind, you are on a (5) 19. The shape of the course which tests your ability (8) 20. On the Beaufort Scale, F2 & F3 indicate what wind strength (5) 21. A word which describes the action of setting up your boat (3) 23. Many training schools use Masthead Floatation Devices to prevent (9) 25. There are five of them (10) 27. The name of the kicking strap/vang, when it is found above the boom (4) 28. A word to explain both fore and aft balance, and sail setting (4) 29. The fastest point of sail (4, 5)

Words Captain ‘Redscarf’ Chaos

Most of us cannot help but get excited about the thought of buried treasure! Unfortunately, history tells us that tales of pirates burying treasure are mostly a myth—except perhaps for the story of William Kidd. Kidd was commissioned as a privateer for England, but his greed for wealth compelled him to turn to piracy. William Kidd thought that being rich would help him to avoid punishment. It is believed that before sailing into New York City he buried all of his treasure. He was never able to unearth it for himself… he was found guilty of piracy and hanged.



Down: 1. Tacking and gybing are used to make the boat (4) 3. What do the initials P.F.D. stand for (8, 10, 6) 4. When rigging, you must always turn the boat into the (4) 5. Before you go sailing, you must check the (7) 6. The back of the boat (5) 7. A boat sailing upwind needs the centreboard down to counteract (6) 13. When launching, don't force the boat off the trolley. Let it (5) 14. A leaning boat is said to be (7) 16. To help trim the sails, most jibs (and some mains) have (9) 18. To raise the sail, we hoist the (7) 22. To keep the boat flat, you do this with your body (4) 24. The small sail on a small boat (3) 26. Tides are caused by the gravitational pull of the sun and moon on the (5)


4 5

6 7


9 10

Although there is no historical documentation of any authentic treasure maps being drawn, they are an important part of books and films. It’s not just clues on maps which we love; clues can entertain us in other ways, like detective stories! Crosswords can also be fun—and challenging.

一想到地下藏寶,我們許多人都不禁興奮不已!但不幸的是,歷史告訴 我們,除了William Kidd的故事之外,其他不少跟地下寶藏相關的海盜故 事都是虛構的。Kidd曾被委任為英政府對敵國的特選私掠者,可是對財 富的貪念卻誘使他轉成海盜。

11 12 13


Howard Pyle illustration of pirates burying Captain Kidd's treasure

Howard Pyle的插圖 海盜掩藏著Captain Kidd的寶庫

15 16 17


William Kidd原以為擁有了財富就可以幫他免受懲罰。世人都相信他在起 航到紐約市之前,己掩埋了自己的所有寶藏。但之後他卻不能自己掘回 這批寶藏了....他被判犯盜版罪,並已受到環首極刑處決。 跟許多故事一樣,故事不斷的推送興味及提升魅力。其後又刻意讓人發 現了一小批財富,而另有傳言說,仍有一大筆被埋藏的財富未被發現, 也許你下一次到海灘,可以挖一個大洞,在洞裡爬行時⋯⋯希望!


20 21 22 23 24 25

雖然沒有任何歷史錄下有這麼一個真切的藏寶地圖﹐但它們卻是書籍和 電影裏的重要組成部分。 這不僅是我們喜好追尋地圖上的線索。 而這些 線索更能以不同方式娛悅我們,真有點像偵探故事那樣! 填字遊戲也一 樣那麼有趣味及充滿挑戰性。



28 29



As with many stories, interest and fascination in the tale grew and grew. A small cache of riches was subsequently found, but there are rumours that a large fortune and hordes of treasure still lie hidden. Maybe next time you are at the beach you could dig a big hole, peer inside and… hope!





Across: 2. Upwind 7. Lying to 8. Starboard 9. Running 10. Main 11. Lee oh 12. Reef 15. No go zone 17. Reach 19. Triangle 20. Light 21. Rig 23. Inversion 25. Essentials 27. Gnav 28. Trim 29. Beam reach


Down: 1. Turn 3. Personal Floatation Device 4. Wind 5. Weather 6. Stern 7. Leeway 13. Float 14. Heeling 16. Telltales 18. Halyard 22. Hike 24. Jib 26. Earth


Ahoy There



C e n tre bo


ting / tr

Correc tl


Course Sailed Trim Boat Balance Boat Sail Setting/Trim Centreboard





「Can This Boat Sail Correctly(這艘船帆能正確地航行 嗎)」是一種助記符,以幫助水手記憶船上五種必須的 良好航海技巧。助記符是幫助記憶的工具,可以非常個 人化。通過使用「Can This Boat Sail Correctly」,我們 得到這五個英文字中每個字的第一個字母CTBSC。從這 些字母,我們就可以慢慢回想起這五種技巧了:

Co u

rs e




eg oo


To sail your boat efficiently you must always check that you are following the five essentials correctly. If you get them right, you will be a successful sailor.

Course Sailed Trim Boat Balance Boat Sail Setting/Trim Centreboard

So, what are the five essentials?

要有效地操作您的船隻,您必須經常檢查是否正確遵循 這五個要素。如果你能正確做到,你必將是一位成功的 操航員。

1. Course Sailed (Made Good) This means taking the best route from point A to point B thinking about tides, wind, rocks and other boats.


2. Trim (Boat) It is the balance of the front of the boat and the back of the boat (bow and stern). If you sit in the wrong place, you will slow the boat down. Boat trim is adjusted according to the wind conditions. • Sit forward in a light wind and the bow of the boat will dig into the water—helping the rudder to steer the boat. • Sit back in strong winds and your weight will keep the bow out of the water. If you get this wrong you will slow your boat by sinking the front or dragging the back. 3. Balance (Boat) Boat balance means keeping the boat as flat as possible—not tipping over (which is known as heeling). The flatter the boat, the faster and easier it is to sail. Although you can release the mainsheet a little to spill the wind from the sails to stop the boat heeling, the first thing is to move your body weight around the boat—sometimes hanging over the sides using the toestraps. This is known as “hiking.”


4. Sail (Setting) You should always change the sail position of the jib and the mainsail equally. Both come in together, both go out together. Remember that, “A flappy sail is an unhappy sail.” Sheet in the sails to stop them “luffing” at the mast. And don’t forget, “When in doubt, let it out.” If you can't find the wind direction, then let the sail all the way out and pull the mainsheet in slowly until the sail fills. 5. Centreboard When you are sailing upwind, the centreboard helps you to keep your boat upright and stops your dinghy from sliding sideways. When you are sailing across the wind and downwind it will make you go slower. So: • • • •


Sail Sail (set

Can This Boat Sail Correctly is a mnemonic used to help sailors remember the five skills that are required to sail their boats well. Mnemonics are a tool to assist memory, and can be very personal. By using “Can This Boat Sail Correctly”, we get the letters CTBSC. From those letters, we jog our memories to recall:



Balance (boat)

This oa Trim (b



When sailing upwind, the centreboard can be all the way down. When sailing across the wind it can be pulled about halfway up. For downwind sailing, the centreboard can be raised 3/4 of the way up. When sailing dead downwind raise the centreboard all the way up.

1. 航線(選好的) 這意味著從A點到B點的最佳路線–必須同時考慮潮汐,風,岩 石及其他船隻。 2. 平衡(船隻) 船前面和船後面(船頭和船尾)的平衡。 如果你坐在錯誤的位 置,會使船隻慢下來的。 根據風力條件調整船的平衡。 • 微風時坐在船的前面,船頭將向水面下降– 有助方向舵導 引船隻。 • 在強風中往船後坐,你的體重會使船頭離開水面。

4. 帆(設置) 您應經常同等地改變前帆和主帆的位置。 須一起往內收,或一 起往外放。 要記住,「飛揚起來的帆是令人不快樂的帆」。「帆上的帆」 可防止桅杆上引致的轉舵。 別忘了,「當有疑問,須找原因。」 如果找不到來風的方向, 那就得將帆一路往外放,或慢慢往內拉主帆,直到帆面全部滿 滿的承受著吹來的風。

如果你做得不對,下降的船頭會拖慢你的船,或拖曳船體回向。 3. 平衡(船) 平衡船體即是盡可能保持船體平坦 - 不傾覆(稱為傾斜)。船 體越趨平坦,就越易操控,亦能使船體更快速航行。 雖然您可以通過釋放一點點 「主帆操縱索」,讓帆面得以承受 吹風以停止船體傾斜,但首先你得不斷轉動身軀,使重量適度 加諸船上-有時候更需以帆船繩索讓身軀掛在船邊。 這個叫帆 船的「遠足」。

5. 中插板 當您處於上風時,中插板可幫您保持船體直立,並阻止您的 「救生艇」向側滑動。當你與風吹方向垂直航行,並處於下風 時,這會使你走得更慢。 所以: • 當循上風航行時,可以完全垂下中插板。 • 當與風吹方向垂直航行時,它可被拉高到大約一半的位 置。 • 而處於順風航行時,可將中插板上升3/4。 • 當完全處於順風航行時,要完全升起中插板。


Upcoming Events 賽事預告

Race Result 賽事結果

Crabbie’s Summer Saturday Series 週六夏季系列賽

San Miguel Spring Saturday Series Division

3 June

Race Day 2

2 Geometric

24 June

Race Day 3

1 Island

Race Day 5

2 Geometric

22 July

2 Geometric

5 August

UK Sailmakers Typhoon Series 台風杯系列賽 Race Day 1

1 Geometric & 1 Island

Race Day 2

1 Island

Race Day 3

2 Geometric

Race Day 4

Passage Race

Mire Bay Pursuit Race Race Day 5

1 Island

Race Day 6 Final 2 Geometric


Race Day 4

8 July


2 Geometric


Race Day 1

18 June 2 July 16 July 29 July 30 July 13 August 26 August






Bob Vart




Joe Leung




Simon Smith




Steve Bourne




Rob Bates




David Ho




Alan Cheung




Bridget Chan


No One Else


Jack Ng








Andreas Brechbuhi




Bram Van Olphen 6 May 2017


Boat name

Sail number








Bits & Pieces



nd rd



Singlehanded Race Boat name


Lady Butterfly 2234




Henry Choi




Cynthia Wong

nd rd



9 September




Wind Rider


SH Chung




Simon Lynch




Robert Cook


10 September

21 May 2017

Sail number Skipper



Date 日期

Time 時間

Height (m) 高度 (米)

Date 日期

Time 時間

Height (m) 高度 (米)


04:04 08:04 15:22 21:12 01:21 08:07 15:42 22:25 02:26 06:28 12:51 19:36 00:42 07:55 14:49 21:50 02:14 06:33 13:41 19:31

1.7 1.4 1.7 0.9 1.2 2.2 0.7 1.4 1.6 1.3 2.0 0.8 1.2 2.4 0.4 1.5 1.7 1.3 1.9 0.9


04:57 10:01 16:39 21:58 01:59 08:40 16:13 23:01 03:16 07:34 13:56 20:16 01:37 08:46 15:37 22:37 03:03 07:36 14:42 20:06

1.8 1.4 1.6 1.0 1.2 2.3 0.6 1.5 1.7 1.3 1.8 0.9 1.2 2.5 0.3 1.5 1.8 1.3 1.7 1.1


00:07 06:56 14:54 21:35 00:49 05:30 12:10 18:17 06:51 13:50 20:59

1.3 2.2 0.8 1.5 1.8 1.2 2.1 0.9 2.4 0.7 1.6


00:28 05:29 12:31 18:08

1.9 1.2 2.0 1.1

00:57 07:33 15:23 22:06 01:33 06:23 13:04 18:50 00:33 07:45 14:36 21:40 01:03 06:16 13:17 18:36

1.3 2.3 0.7 1.5 1.8 1.2 2.0 1.0 1.3 2.5 0.6 1.6 1.9 1.2 1.9 1.2













Typhoon series breakfast buffet

J. C. Broyelle

Boat name 船名

Height (m) 高度 (米)


Division 組別

Time 時間

Sail number Skipper

Countess Cup Port Shelter Regatta 牛尾海帆船賽

Date 日期

23 April 2017

Division 組別

Height (m) 高度 (米)


Crew Helm Race 船員掌舵賽

Sunday 星期日

Time 時間


Sail number Skipper


Saturday 星期六

Sunday 星期日

Date 日期

18 February – 29 April 2017

Boat name




Saturday 星期六 Words Sailing Committee

*All races are on Saturday afternoon

August 八月 2017

July 七月 2017



TIDE—Waglan Island 橫瀾島潮汐資料

Available on the Race Days of UK Sailmakers Typhoon Series 2017 Dates : 18 June, 02 July, 16 July, 29 July, 13 August & 26 August Available in the Restaurant from 8:00am to 11:00am $98 per Adult $68 per Child (aged 3 – 11) For enquiries please contact our F&B Department or 2719 7915 如有 查 詢 請 電 郵 致 a d m i n f n b @ h hyc. o rg. h k 或 致 電 2 7 1 9 7 9 1 5





E20E17 ORC Club Handicap FofR fer

Words Julie Mackenzie

This summer HHYC will run separate results for the SMS Sports Boat fleet using the ORC Club handicap rating.

Velocity prediction in knots for true wind speeds Wind velocity

6 kt

8 kt

10 kt

12 kt

14 kt

16 kt

20 kt

If you do not have an SMS certificate but want to be included informally (any division) contact HHYC for results:

Beat Angles








Beat VMG
















Results shall only be provided for those with ORC Club certificates.

































































Gybe Angles








Apply here for certificate Non One Design One Design Measurement Rules & Diagrams

Results The data from your ORC Club certificate is loaded in the ORC online rms. file which is uploaded to the results programme where the chosen rating is applied: triple number or GPH. If triple number scoring is used the results also reflect whether the race was Windward/Leeward (50% beat, 50% run) or Coastal/Long Distance (different percentages of beat, reach and run). This rating is not a performance handicap like HKPN, but is based on the physical measurements of the boat. For further information visit

Why Use ORC? Triple number We use ORC to give closer results between boats with different weight and performance characteristics. No more excuses about the wind favouring lighter boats! Ratings are based on the average wind for each race: • • •

Low Range (less than or equal to 9 knots) Medium Range (between 9 & 14 knots) High Range (greater than or equal to 14 knots) ie planing conditions

ORC also provides a General Purpose Handicap (GPH) for all winds. HHYC shall be providing results using Triple number and a single number rating for comparison: Either Offshore/Coastal rating for when the course is not Windward/ Leeward, or the Windward/Leeward single number option for when the course fits this geometry.


GPH is not really intended for scoring, but is more of a general guide for showing the performance of a boat for class division purposes. Trial test certificates With ORC you can create an account login for free to search for measurement records and certificate copies among thousands of boat types, and you can make test certificates for a small fee. Unlike IRC, there is no limit to the tests you can make, so you can try different sail areas. ORC has no secret formula for ratings. Login here to sailor services: Target and speed guides Each ORC Club certificate includes velocity predictions for YOUR boat.



RACING 這個夏季,白沙灣將單獨為SMS Sports船隻進行ORC俱樂 部障礙評級認證,並得出評級結果。


如果您沒有SMS證書,但卻希望非正式地包含在內(任何 級別),請聯絡白沙灣遊艇會查詢結果:

三級數字 我們採用ORC在具有不同重量和表現性能特徵的船隻之間 求出更接近的結果,不應再說風只會喜歡輕盈船隻了!我們 總是基於每場比賽時平均之風速進行評分的: • 低檔範圍(小於或等於9節) • 中檔範圍(9和14節之間) • 高檔範圍(大於或等於14節),即規劃的條件

結果僅提供予已擁有ORC俱樂部證書的人。 請在這裡申請證書 非單一船型 單一船型


ORC還為所有風速提供通用障礙級別(GPH)。 白沙灣遊艇會將會以三級和單級做級別比較以提供結果: 可選擇以離岸/沿岸航行時(當不是迎風/背風航行時)作三級 評核,或者選擇迎風/背風航行時(當航向適合此幾何時的選 項)作單級評核。 GPH並不是真的為了計分,而更是為了顯示船隻表現級別 的一般指引。 試用證書 您可使用ORC免費創建一個登錄帳戶,以便在數千種船隻類 型之間搜索測量記錄和證書副本,您亦可以花少量費用製作 測試證書。與IRC不同,您可以做沒有限制的測試,因此您 可以嘗試不同的航行區域,ORC並沒有評級的秘密公式。 在此登入到「水手服務」: 目標和速度指南 每個ORC Club證書(包括您的船隻之速度預測)。



閣下ORC俱樂部證書中的數據會存放在ORC online rms.文件 內,上傳文件與程序結果有關,其中對應了所選的評級:三 級數字或GPH。如果使用三級數字計分,其結果還可以反映 比賽可能是迎風/下風(50%迎向,50%順風)或者是沿 海/長距離(不同百分比的迎向,側風和順風)。 這個評級並不是跟HKPN一樣的表現性能障礙級別,而是基 於船隻的物理尺寸。 測量規則和圖表


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For enquiries, please contact the HHYC Sailing Centre at or 2719 0926 如有查詢,請聯絡本會航海訓練中心電郵至 或致電 2719 0926 38 HEBE JEBES • JUL/AUG 2017




FROM HONG KONG Words Brian Heineken

There were months of planning that brought us to that very moment. Many hours of looking over charts, having discussions with other cruisers who had explored the Philippines, hearing suggestions, warnings and advice, reading articles and books— we had absorbed as much of it as we possibly could. Our home for the voyage, appropriately named Jannati meaning "my heaven" in another language, had been kitted out like the goddess she is. The owner had installed new B&G instruments and a chart plotter complete with a new radar and forward-looking underwater scanner. Her massive mainsail could be easily tamed short-handed with her in-boom furling system that allowed us to reduce surface area quickly at almost any point of sail. Looking forward from the cockpit were three headsails on furlers. A heavy weather staysail for when the winds really wanted to howl, a huge genoa that could sheet tight and flat allowing us to point very high when we needed to and then the pièce de résistance, a cruising gennaker, had been fitted in the 11th hour that was at least 15 metres leech to luff. It reminded me of the first time I drove a six speed Harley Davidson, there were just so many gears to choose from! It was a long build-up getting everything ready for the trip and I had kept myself from getting too excited, perhaps not to jinx the whole thing. When the time came to shove off so many things could have stopped us in our tracks. Weather, work schedules, mechanical issues, delays with upgrades: we battled with the whole lot! They could have all been show stoppers but we still managed to slip the lines that morning. By the time I had gone down below and cooked up a quick Spanish omelette for the three of us, what was to be our last hot meal for a couple days, we were leaving Hong Kong quickly behind and beating into swells of increasing size and over 20 knots of wind. It was on. After all the preparation and months of just thinking about it, now it was time for the men and the machine to perform. I remember, like a scene from a movie, the three of us quickly glancing around at each other and without saying a word, the schoolboy smirks on our faces told the whole story. It was going to be a challenge, we didn't know what was going to break or what was going to go wrong, but we were confident in each other that we could either solve or deal with problems as they came. This is where the real adventure was beginning. We were headed offshore, and for the three of us at least, this was the part of the whole trip that we most looked forward to. Admittedly, I'm an amateur sailor, I've hardly "been there and done that" like many who congregate around HHYC have. However, what I have learned is that cruising on a sailboat offers a vast amount of potential experiences. Sunny days on powdery beaches, crystal clear waters, sunsets and tranquil anchorages are all easily attainable and would indeed be part of this trip, but what I most want to write about first is not the destination but the journey. Not everyone shares this fascination of being as far as possible from land on a small vessel that requires constant


upkeep as the wind, weather and seawater attempt to melt her away from underneath you. In fact, as I write this I realise that if I didn't personally know a fair number of people who are of the same mind, I would feel I was in need of a serious head check! Prior to this trip I had only had a small taste of offshore sailing. I had joined a 45 foot sailboat the previous year and our sizeable crew of eight were treated to champagne conditions as we mostly motored across an ocean as calm as a lake for the 600 miles from Subic Bay to Hong Kong. This year it was a larger boat, less crew and much more dynamic weather. Considering this year's changes in circumstances, our first day out we proved what we really already knew, all we had to do was take care of Jannati and she would get us anywhere we wanted to go. A fishy start to the journey We were well-heeled to starboard on the port tack that threatened to keep us close hauled and bashing into it for the next four days when one of the fishing reels on the high side exploded into life. There was some sort of hungry sea beast on the other end and he was stripping off line at an impressive pace. A well-coordinated effort of easing sails, rounding up and slowing our speed through the water was well underway as I eased myself out of the cockpit and carefully made my way back to the aft deck to fight the fish. One hand for the boat, one hand for yourself, it's not the wellenclosed cockpit of a Bertram fishing boat with a chair to strap yourself into, hauling in your prey as the boat steams in reverse to assist. We were still doing nine knots in the opposite direction of the fish after everything we could do to slow down and waves continued to break over the boat as I now had the rod and reel in hand. This was more of a fair fight! Clacker off, rod tip high, slowly and smoothly I applied drag to the reel to slow down the beast that by this time had nearly exhausted our entire spool of line. Reeling with my right hand and fighting with my left while keeping my balance on a rolling and pitching deck was a full body workout. It was awesome in the true sense of the word; which is precisely why there really wasn't any disappointment when after a solid effort from all of us the fish slipped the hook before we even had the chance to get it close enough to identify it. It felt appropriate. We were fishing, and fishing doesn't mean catching. All things added together, any decent sized fish stood about as good of a chance swimming away as he did ending up on our dinner plate. Being offshore is as much about getting back in touch with nature as it is anything and the whole fairness of the situation left us with smiles and the urge to keep on fishing. By the end of the leg to Subic the "fairness of the fight equation" would mathematically prove itself as we hooked into six fish and managed to land three of them on the deck of Jannati. All six experiences were as fun and exciting as the first! The fish that landed included a bonito tuna, a mahi-mahi and a rainbow runner. We were sure to show as much respect as we possibly could to the creatures that ended up as our dinner. Every effort was made to use every ounce of meat and it felt quite interesting to know that we were being sustained directly by our surrounding environment. No polystyrene package at the supermarket, this was the real deal and it sure tasted better knowing exactly how it arrived on our plates. We fished hard until our freezer was full and at that point reeled in the lines and stopped fishing, thankful for what the ocean had provided.




The weight of exactly what we were doing hit me straight between the eyes as the Nine Pin Islands started to rapidly fade away behind the starboard quarter of Jannati. I remember that as one of the most profound moments of what was to be a trip full of life-long memories and adventures. It was a culmination of a long chain of events which started for me when I was very graciously invited to crew on board a great friend’s Tayana 58.

Day two was memorable for me as I was responsible for the midnight watch. I spent a good amount of the day resting up for what I anticipated to be a lovely evening at sea. I wasn't disappointed. I relieved the helmsman, Bassie, just before midnight and he hung around with me for an hour or so listening to an audiobook chronicling a famous old Vende Globe race. The moon was setting over my right shoulder as Bassie went down below for some shut-eye and I had the rest of my watch to sit back and watch as the clouds blew away, the seas finally began to settle and the sky filled with stars. Soon it was a perfectly clear night. I could not only see the Milky Way but it jumped out of the pitch black sky so intensely that I could almost count each individual star. It had been a long time since I had seen a night sky so brilliant and it felt like I was being reunited with an old friend. The few hours that I had to call mine alone flew by quickly and soon Harvey, the owner and Captain, appeared in the companionway all geared up for his favourite watch, the sunrise shift. We chatted briefly about how amazing it all was out there in the middle of the night and then I was off to bed leaving Harvey to experience it for himself. I didn't set an alarm clock for the next morning but I was called on deck a couple hours after sunrise by a very excited Harvey and Bassie. The wind had shifted just aft of the beam and it was time to try out the new cruising chute. It had literally been first installed on the boat the day before our departure and was only deployed once in the company of expert sailors. We took it slowly and cautiously, double checking each other, and shortly then after had the massive sail flying properly, propelling us toward our destination on the rhumb line at ground speeds matching the speed of the wind at times. It was a thrilling six hour run under the new sail as we ate up the miles between us and the ever closer Luzon Peninsula. Arrival The Hong Kong to Subic passage is interesting as you're likely to encounter all kinds of weather. We took our beating as the wind and sea funnelled itself through the Taiwan Strait but had our reprieve, as predicted, as we sailed into the shadow of the protective Luzon Mountains. The east winds that made for such an exciting sail over the last three days were now getting beat back by the rising terrain to our left. Our crossing adventure was coming to an end but we had cruising grounds in front of us. My thoughts were shifting to meeting up with friends on other boats, long, boozy dinners, beautiful wine and excellent company as we planned to bounce around some of the exciting islands of


the Philippines. For some who may be reading this, that part of the trip might sound much more appealing than the self-inflicted pain of getting thrashed by winds and waves for days. For that fact, I will dedicate the second half of the trip to the next addition of Cruising and be sure to detail all the beautiful places we found in the islands. However, for the fun and adventure it brought, I had to dedicate part one of our cruise to the crossing. It is a unique thing going to sea. I've heard it said, "If you ever want to really know a person, go sailing with them." By the end of four days at sea you've pretty much covered it all in conversation! I was lucky to go on this trip with a couple of good friends who became really great friends along the way. You really see character in a person when you're at sea with them. It's not comfortable, and most of the time you're tired, wet and cold but you persevere as a team. Never once did any one of us have to raise our voice for anything to happen on the boat. When the autopilot broke we just grabbed a toolbox and figured it out. When the cooker stopped working we perfected poached eggs in the microwave. (I blew up four eggs before the technique was "perfected"). When we found the bilge pump running we identified the leak and fixed it the best we could. Spirits were high and drama was non-existent. It was a true pleasure to make the crossing with such a great team. The sun set behind us and dolphins welcomed us to the Philippines at the bow as we made our final turn into Subic. The feeling of making landfall is indescribable but what really comes to mind is how crazy it must have been for our sailing forefathers who harnessed the wind on square riggers spending months at sea watching for land on the horizon for endless days and nights. Crossing a quick 600 miles in an extremely modern and capable sailboat with all the modern conveniences doesn't put us at all in their league but there's a little something that you take away from an experience like this that makes you feel like you really accomplished something. Offshore sailing with a good group of friends has to be one of the most addictive things I've ever done. I can't wait to get back out there.



Adventure Watersports Week

Settling into the rhythm Through the night after day one and well into the night of day two we were beating into a headwind blowing steadily in the low to mid 20s. The worst of the front had passed prior to our departure and we were riding along with the slowly but surely settling conditions. That being said, every now and then a larger than average wave would find just the right period and break at bimini level, washing completely over the boat. Jannati took it all in her stride. Even when we encountered a wave head-on and buried the bow she never slammed, shuttered or slowed. It's not an elegant thing to say about such a beautiful sailboat but she powers through a rough sea like a tank! We fought to stay as close to the rhumb line as possible but we had to bear away slightly to keep the sails full. Even still, we were making great time, putting almost 150 nautical miles behind us on day one.

Course includes: Dinghy Sailing Day trips to the outer islands of Sai Kung Beach Games Sea Biscuit Mini-Olympics Kayaking

Dates for summer: Monday to Friday (5 full days) from 26 June to 14 August 2017 Time: 10am-5pm Age: 6-14 years old Members HK$2,625 Non-members HK$3,675 For further information contact the HHYC Sail Training Centre on: E:

T: +852 2719 7931





從香港到蘇比克灣的航程 正當果洲群島快速消失於Jannati的右舷後面時,我們正在做的 事情直接激動我心。這是一個充滿終身記憶和冒險之旅的最難 忘時刻之一。自從一位好朋友慷慨地邀請我成為Tayana 58的船 員開始,這是一連串故事的高潮。 為了這一刻,我們已計劃了幾個月。我們花了數小時讀數據 表、與其他曾探索菲律賓的船員進行討論、聽取建議、警告和 意見、閱讀文章和書籍—我們盡可能吸收很多資訊。我們旅程 中的家Jannati,在外語的意思是「我的天堂」,被裝備得像 女神一樣。船主安裝了全新的B&G儀器和配備新的雷達和前瞻 性水下掃描儀的圖表繪圖儀。她的大型主帆可以透過卷帆系統 輕易操控,讓我們幾乎在任何航程中都可以快速減少表面的空 間。從駕駛艙向外望會看到三個卷帆索上的艏斜帆。當強風到 來時,惡劣天氣下使用的支索帆可以派上用場;巨大的熱那亞帆 可以緊緊平整,使我們能夠在有需要時升到很高;還有那個阻力 小袋帆,在11小時內已安裝好,可以把船頭朝上至少15米高。 它令我想起我第一次駕駛六速Harley Davidson電單車的情景, 因為有這麼多的裝備可供選擇! 旅程的準備工作很漫長,我盡量叫自己不要太興奮,或許是不 想帶來厄運。很多事情都可能會阻礙我們的進展。天氣、工作 時間表、機械問題、繼續延遲:我們要面對所有事情!它們都 有可能阻礙行程。但那天早上我們仍能按時進行。當我走下去 為三人煮西班牙奄列,即是我們接下來數天最後一餐熱餐的時 候,我們已離開香港水域,進入大浪潮和20風節的海洋。旅程 開始了。

經過數月來的準備工作和反覆思考,現在是時候輪到我們和機 械大顯身手了。我記得當時就像電影情節一樣,我們三人對 望,默不作聲,臉上彷如小男生的笑容訴說了整個故事。這將 會是一個挑戰,我們不知道有甚麼會損壞,或有甚麼會出錯, 但我們對大家都有信心,相信能解決或應付所有問題。這是真 正的冒險之始。 我們向離岸進發,至少對我們三人來說這是我們在旅程中最期 待的事情之一。無可否認我是一個業餘船員,我不像白沙灣遊 艇會的許多人那樣「到過那裏,做過那些事情」。然而,我知 道在帆船上航行會給我很多不同的體驗。陽光下的沙灘、清澈 的海水、日落和寧靜的錨地都垂手可得,而且會成為這個旅程 的一部份,但我想告訴大家的並非目的地,而是旅程。不是每 個人都對駕駛小船遠離岸邊而欣喜若狂,因為風勢、天氣和海 浪都會嘗試把船隻吞噬,所以時刻都要保持警覺。事實上,我 執筆時明白到若非親身認識和我有相同想法的人,我可能會以 為自己需要檢查腦袋! 在這段旅程之前我只有很少離岸航行的經驗。前一年我參與了 一艘45英尺帆船的航行,八人組成的龐大隊伍非常輕鬆,因為 從蘇比克灣到香港的600里航程當中,風平浪靜就如在湖上航 行。今年的帆船較大,船員較少,天氣也較為波動。考慮到今 年情況的變化,我們第一天已證明我們有預知能力,我們需要 做的就是好好對待Jannati,她就會帶我們到任何地方。 旅程的有趣開始 當其中一個在高位的釣魚捲軸郁動時,我們的右舷向左傾,在 接下來的四天讓我們要緊緊拖拉並砸入它。另一端是某種飢餓 的海獸正以驚人的速度企圖逃脫。我們一同努力鬆開風帆、圍 捕和減慢速度,我離開了駕駛艙,小心翼翼地回到船尾甲板跟 那條魚搏鬥。一隻手扶着船,剩下一隻手,這不是可以讓你把 自己綁在椅子上,拖著你的獵物並隨著船在逆轉而得到協助的 Bertram漁船封閉式駕駛艙。我們盡了一切方法減慢速度和打了 九個結節之後,我們仍在魚的相反方向,海浪不斷打上船,現 在我手上有了竿和卷軸。這不只是一場公平的戰鬥! Clacker off,我們把魚竿豎起,緩慢而平穩地把拖曳到捲軸上的 野獸速度減慢,這時候幾乎已耗盡了我們整個線軸。以右手捲 軸,以左手搏鬥,同時要在一個搖晃不定的甲板上保持平衡,絕 對是一個全身鍛煉。詞語的真正涵意實在太棒了:當我們所有人 盡了最大努力之後,那尾魚在我們來不及識別是甚麼品種之前, 已擺脫了魚鉤逃脫了。這就是為甚麼我們不感到失望,而是感到 很恰當。我們只是釣魚,而釣魚不代表一定要捉到魚。把所有的 東西加在一起,任何正常大小的魚都沒有機會逃脫,因為牠最終 會落在我們的餐盤上。遠離岸邊與大自然聯繫一樣,處於一個如 此公平的情況下,我們保持笑容和繼續釣魚的衝動。 在前往蘇比克灣的最後一段航程,「公平搏鬥的方程式」在 數學上證明了自己。我們釣到了六尾魚,把其中三尾魚放到 了Jannati的甲板上。這六次的經驗都像第一次那樣有趣和刺 激!我們捕獲的魚包括金槍魚、鯕鰍和紡綞鰤。我們對最後 成為晚餐的物種是心存尊敬的。我們竭盡全力吃盡每一盎司 的肉,而且知道我們是直接靠周圍的環境維持生命這一點是


很有趣的。沒有超級市場的聚苯乙烯包裝,真材實料,而且 知道它如何成為我們的盤中餐,吃起來特別美味。我們努力 捕漁直至冰箱爆滿,於是收起捕漁軸,停止捕漁。真感謝海 洋為我們提供的東西。 掌握節奏 第一晚至第二晚,我們在輕微至20幾風節的逆風中前進。最壞 的情況在我們離開之前已過去了,我們正在穩定的情況下慢慢 前進。這就是說,每一次都有一個比平均大的海浪在適當時候 打上來,弄濕了整艘船。Jannati都能一一承受。即使我們遇上 了浸沒船頭的大波浪,她也從來沒有撞擊、關閉或減速。對於 一艘這樣漂亮的帆船來說似乎不太優雅,但她的力量真像大海 裏的一輛坦克!我們盡可能保持在恒向線上,但是我們必須稍 為忍耐,以保持風帆揚起。即使如此,我們做出很好的時間, 第一天幾乎航行了150海里。 第二天對我來說非常難忘,因為我要負責午夜觀察。我白天爭 取時間休息,期待可愛的晚上來臨。我沒有失望。我午夜前 接替舵手Bassie,他陪伴我約一小時,一起聽着著名的Vende Globe賽事的有聲書。月亮掛在我的右上方,Bassie下去稍事 休息,我獨自一人繼續留守,看着雲兒吹散,海面終於平靜下 來,天空佈滿星星。 這是一個清澈的夜晚。我不但看到漆黑夜空中的銀河系,還好 像可以捉摸到每一顆星星。我很久沒有看過這麼棒的夜空了, 感覺就像跟一個久未聯絡的老朋友相聚一樣。獨自一人當值的 首數小時瞬間即過,船主兼船長Harvey很快便出現在扶梯,準 備當他最喜歡的日出更。我們談了一會在午夜當更是如何的了 不起,然後我便睡覺了,留下Harvey自己感受。 翌日我沒有調校鬧鐘,但在日出後數小時,我便被非常興奮 的Harvey和Bassie召喚到甲板上。風已經轉到了樑的後方,現 在是時候嘗試新的航行滑槽了。它在我們啟程前一天首次安 裝在船上,而且只在專家水手在場的情況下使用了一次。我 們慢慢地和小心翼翼地重複檢查,然後巨大的風帆正常地揚 起,以地面速度配合當時的風速在恒向線上把我們朝著目的 地推進。在新風帆下航行的六小時令人非常驚喜,我們越來 越接近呂宋半島了。 抵埗 香港至蘇比克灣的航線很有趣,因為你可能會遇上各種天氣。 當風從台灣海峽吹過來時我們加快速度,但一如所料,當我們 進入呂宋山脈附近時便慢了下來。過去三天令人振奮的東風現 在被我們左方的地形擊退。我們的橫渡冒險旅程即將結束,面 前已出現了遊艇場。 我的心思已飄遠了,想起到其他船上與朋友見面,享受一頓悠 長愜意的晚餐、紅酒和很棒的友伴,我們計劃到菲律賓一些令 人興奮的島嶼上遊覽。對於讀者來說,這部份的情節比起連日 來自己受到風浪蹂躪的痛苦情節更加吸引。因此,我將會在下 一期Cruising講述旅程的第二部份,而且會詳盡地介紹我們在 島上發現的所有美麗地方。然而,為了它所帶來的樂趣和冒險 經歷,我要把第一部份獻給海上航程。

出海是一件很特別的事情。我曾聽說過:「如果你想知道一個 人的真性情,你一定要跟他出海。」四天的海上之旅結束後, 你總可以在對話中知道得一清二楚!我很幸運可以跟兩位好友 一起走這段航旅程,更成為了摯友。你在海上跟朋友一起時一 定會看到他的性格。旅程是不舒適的,而且很多時候你會感 到很疲倦、濕透和冰冷,但你會堅持團隊精神繼續前行。我們 當中從沒有人因為船上發生的事情而要提高聲音。當自動駕駛 儀壞了,我們只是抓起工具箱然後修理它。當煮食爐不能運作 時,我們在微波爐弄水煮蛋吃(我在技巧純熟前打破了四隻 蛋)。當我們發現艙底泵運行時,我們確定了漏水的地點並盡 力修補它。我們的士氣很高漲,沒有戲劇性的事情發生。能夠 與這麼棒的團隊一起航行實在是非常高興。 當我們作最後一次轉向蘇比克灣時,太陽在我們背後緩緩落下, 海豚歡迎我們來到菲律賓。登岸的感覺是難以形容的,但對於我 們的航海前輩來說,幾個月以來在海上,在無數個日夜在船上尋 找地平線的日子,似乎很是瘋狂的事情。在一艘非常現代化、功 能齊備並擁有所有現代化設施的帆船上快速航行600英里,我們 實在不能跟他們同日而語。但是,從這樣的經歷中體驗的一些東 西,會讓你覺得自己真的達成了一些事情。跟好友進行離岸航行 是我所做過最會「上癮」的事情。我已急不及待想再來一次。





Caption competition

The best entry received for the last competition was from John Ball with his caption: “Buoy O'Buoy.” Congratulations John, a bottle of bubbly is on the way!

Fragrant Harbour Maritime Festival 香港海濱海事節

Words Mike Rawbone

上一期比賽的最佳照相片標題作品來自John Ball,他的 相片標題為「Buoy O'Buoy」。恭喜John,一瓶bubbly 正在路上了!

We would like to thank our sponsor Fragrant Harbour, along with the Hong Kong Maritime Museum, for the opportunity to have a stall at the three-day Fragrant Harbour Maritime Festival in May 2017. On display was our very first Hansa 2.3 - HKG 1944. This is now to remain at the Museum on permanent display as it was the very first boat brought into Hong Kong for the specific purpose of providing those with a disability the opportunity to sail.

Entries by email please to: Best entry gets another bottle of bubbly. 比賽作品請電郵至 最佳作品得獎者將能獲到另一瓶bubbly。

It was subsequently great to hear that Kevin Lewis thought our display was 'the most colourful' at the Boat Show, and our thanks go to Cynthia Hartas and Kay Rawbone in that regard!


We would also like to thank our volunteers and Para-sailors who manned the stall during the event and answered many varied questions from members of the general public and other attendees.

感謝我們的贊助團體,Fragrant Harbour,以及香港海事博 物館,令我們有機會在2017年5月在為期三天的香港海濱海 事節上設有攤位。 展出的是我們第一艘Hansa 2.3 - HKG 1944小艇。現在,它 將會留在博物館內作永久展示,因為這是第一艘令殘疾人 士有機會參與航海而進入香港的小艇。 接下來我們很高興聽到 Kevin Lewis 認為我們的展出在整 個船展上是「最富有色彩的」,感謝Cynthia Hartas和Kay Rawbone在這方面的努力!


Hong Kong Laser

我們還要感謝我們的義工和一眾傷殘人士選手,他們在活 動期間為攤位提供協助,並回答了廣大市民與其他與會者 許多不同的問題。

Class Association

Organizing Authority:

Hong Kong Laser Class Association





Toby Jenkyn-Jones— 2nd Hansa Liberty Class



Yen Fai Chau & Alexandra Jones— 1st Hansa 303

Words Mike Rawbone

A total of 15 boats in three classes took to the water during the weekend—the largest 'Sailability' turnout in any major competition to date.

在周末,共有15艘分別來自3組級別的船隻上場,這是迄今為 止任何重大比賽中「航能」最高的參賽率。

Although it was a very long haul out to the race area at Table Island, this did not seem to deter our sailors who spent some eight hours on the water on the Saturday and another seven on the Sunday; for some, this was the longest they had ever sat in a boat in a single sailing session!

雖然在 Table Island 進行的比賽時間很長,但那似乎並沒有阻止 我們的水手,他們在星期六於水上渡過八個小時,在星期天又 在水上渡過了七個小時。對於一些水手來說,這是他們在一次 單程航海中待在船上最長的時間!

Our class winners were:


2.4mR 1st—Virgile BERTRAND 2nd—FOO Yuen Wai 3rd—PUK Chi Yeung

2.4mR 第一名—Virgile BERTRAND 第二名—FOO Yuen Wai 第三名—PUK Chi Yeung

Hansa Liberty 1st­—Mike Rawbone 2nd—Toby Jenkyn-Jones

Hansa Liberty 第一名—Mike Rawbone 第二名—Toby Jenkyn-Jones

Hansa 303 1st—Yen Fai Chau & Alexandra Jones 2nd—LUI Wai Han, Lydia & CHEUNG Chi Lik, Eric 3rd—Richard Hartas (single handed entry)

Hansa 303 第一名—Yen Fai Chau & Alexandra Jones 第二名—LUI Wai Han, Lydia & CHEUNG Chi Lik, Eric 第三名—Richard Hartas(以單手進入比賽)

All participants are to be congratulated for another outstanding performance and dare I say endurance! Of particular note, Toby Jenkyn-Jones seemed to take it seriously... we think!

在此,我要衷心祝賀所有參賽者在賽事中皆有出色的表現及 更重要的一點是——耐力!特別值得注意的是,Toby JenkynJones 似乎對此特別認真看待⋯⋯至少我們是這樣認為的!

SAILABILITY STOP PRESS Congratulations to our three HHYC based Para-sailors who went to Kiel, Germany in June for the Para World Championships! The sailors completed five days of racing and had an excellent showing. Here are the results:

恭喜我們三位白沙灣遊艇會傷健人士選手於6月份前往德國基 爾參與傷健人士世界錦標賽!水手們出色地完成了連續五天的 精彩賽事。以下是比賽結果:

Representing Hong Kong: PUK Chi Yeung, Hansa 303 (w): 9th place overall FOO Yuen Wai, 2,4mR: 31st place overall

香港隊代表 畢熾揚:Hansa 303 (w) 組別總排名第九 付遠威:2.4mR 組別總排名第三十一

Representing Macau: LEONG Wun Wha, Hansa 303(w): 18th place overall

澳門代表 梁振華:Hansa 303 (w) 組別總排名第十八

What a brilliant performance against worldwide competition! These are our greatest results yet.


Wonderful Indonesia Indonesian Buffet


One of the most vibrant and colourful cuisines in the world!! Friday 21 July 2017 2017年7月21日

6:30pm to 9:30pm The Restaurant 會所餐廳

$238 per Adult $118 per Child (aged 3 – 11)

For enquiries please contact our F&B Department or 2719 7915 如有 查 詢 請 電 郵 致 a d m i n f n b @ h h y c . o r g . h k 或 致 電 2 7 1 9 7 9 1 5 48 HEBE JEBES • JUL/AUG 2017




New Visual Identity for HHYC 白沙灣遊艇會的新標誌 Throughout the Club’s history the HHYC logo has continuously been updated. If you take a look around the Club today you will see a great number of variations and designs—which although adding to the Club's history can sometimes make the Club’s identity seem slightly fragmented. In order to give the Club and its members, sailors and staff a uniform identity, a project for improving the Club’s overall visual identity was agreed upon by the General Committee. The Hebe dragon has reared its head at the Club in numerous forms over the years, flying proudly on the Club’s burgees from our earliest days. In today’s logo the inclusion of this symbol is therefore very important. Now, the dragon has been enhanced, making it easier to see, and will be used more consistently when applied, from burgees to T-shirts, or simply on the Club’s letterhead. This new identity brings a message that conveys strong Chinese heritage combined with the marine aspect to perfectly depict what HHYC is at its core as well as the values it holds dear. Over the years the Club’s logo has been changed in many ways, and you can see where we started and where we are now on the timeline below this article. Over the coming months (with an official start date of 1 August 2017), you will see a rolling out of the new logo throughout the Club, from letter heads and forms to new merchandise and signage. We are excited to move on to this new chapter and we are hoping all our members will embrace these changes as much as we have. 在遊艇會的歷史上,白沙灣遊艇會的標誌經歷不斷的變化。如果你今天看看遊 艇會,你將會看到很多變化和設計。不幸的是,他們令遊艇會的身份顯得有點 不清不楚。為了給遊艇會及其會員、水手和工作人員們一個統一的身份,執行 委員會決定進行一個改善遊艇會整體「視覺識別」的項目。 從我們最早的標誌開始,我們的標誌早已包括一條龍,它已經在遊艇會的三角 旗上昂首翹尾多年了。因此,在今天的標誌中,包含這個象徵標記是非常重要 的。現在,我們加強了龍在標誌上的重要性,使其更容易被看到,而這個新標 誌也可以應用於任何東西,從三角旗到T恤,或者只是在遊艇會的信頭上,它 都將會被一致地使用。這個新標誌既傳達了一個強大的中國文化與海洋方面的 訊息,而又完美地描述白沙灣遊艇會的核心以及它所擁有的價值觀。 多年來,遊艇會的標誌在許多方面發皆生了變化,你可以從以下的時間軸看到 本會標誌的演變。 在接下來的幾個月(正式開始日期為2017年8月1日),您將在遊艇會的所有 地方,從信頭和表格到新的商品和標牌,看到新的標誌。我們很高興繼續這個 新篇章前進,亦希望我們所有的會員都能像我們一樣擁抱這些變化。

The Hebe Dragon has been flying for over 50 years at the Club

1963 HHYC established

Club badges bearing the hebe dragon

1985 Annual Ball ticket with hebe dragon

2013 50th Anniversary special logo



(on your wine glasses if any have survived this long!)



Words Sandra Snell



The Hobart

PART 2 Trimming the kite, east coast of Australia

I wish I could call the following twenty hours magical,

but brutal would be a far more apt description.




FEATURES It would be fair to say that my talents and patience in the galley (kitchen) could not be considered a strength, nor a passion, and I was dreading the possibility of being stuck in the galley at a crucial moment of the Sydney to Hobart. I had waited so long for this race that it was an unbearable thought to miss a second. As luck would have it (for me), the conditions we encountered that first night and second day reduced the number of people wanting to eat to just the bare few. I feel very blessed not to suffer from seasickness and it astounds me how debilitating it is for people who do, despite their best efforts to prevent it. I took an opportunity to have my turn in the galley during our twenty hours of hell. Wendo was insistent that I prepared freeze dried only as it was a hazardous time to be trying to follow a menu plan. Fantastic news, I didn’t have to be too creative and there were not too many critics around!

Weather forecasting for this race was extremely accurate and at 22:00 that night, coinciding with a change of watch, we had a 180 degree wind shift in a matter of minutes, which saw us beating directly into the gale force winds of the notorious ‘southerly buster’. Compounded by a short and very steep sea state, conditions suddenly turned seriously interesting. Fortunately we had been anticipating something dramatic and it was the dark and foreboding clouds ahead that had provided the first clue to a hasty spinnaker drop and an additional reef in the main. After that it would be fair to say that ‘all hell broke loose’ as we were being delivered a savage beating. The policy on the boat was to immediately re-pack spinnakers following a drop. We always carried out a ‘letterbox drop’, bringing the spinnaker in between the boom and the foot of the mainsail, which really was the only way to safely and efficiently get 330sqm of spinnaker on board and down the companionway. Once below, it was even more fun. All spinnakers were ‘wooled’ the entire length of the sail, from the head to both the clew and the tack. For those unfamiliar with the term ‘wooling’, it is a procedure which is designed to facilitate a fast and error-free set when the spinnaker is next launched. On Clipper yachts, wooling proceeds roughly as follows: the sail is stretched out so that the head is taken forward to the door of the crash bulkhead and the tack and clew are dragged to the back of the sleeping quarters on either side of the boat. This virtually fills the inside of the boat. Once this is complete, the edges of the spinnaker are followed from head to foot to ensure no twists and the sail is then bunched together and secured into a sausage shape, tying it with wool every metre or so. Once finished, the three sausages and resulting middle section are folded, stuffed, stamped and cajoled in an orderly fashion (often accompanied by colourful language) to get the sail back in the bag. Of course there’s no guarantee the sail will be dry, making the whole process significantly more challenging. Finally it’s stowed back in the sail locker or kept in the saloon ready to be hauled back on deck for the next spinnaker set. This is not a job anyone wants to attempt alone and it more often falls to the offwatch team and so it did on that night. It had been a long day and with a sudden and violent change in sailing conditions the team coming off watch were eagerly looking forward to some time in the bunk; however, it was not to be. Mustering the energy to wool and pack the spinnaker while we were on the wildest and roughest ride of all time was a true test of will. The decision had been made to dispense with our usual “mother” watch for this shorter sprint race. Normally, mother watch is on a rotational system whereby one crew member from each of the two watches is assigned to ‘mother’ duties for a full 24 hour period. Duties include all meal preparation, meal clean up and a general clean and tidy of common areas during this time. The upside to this is that there are opportunities for ‘mothers’ to have a couple of longer stretches of sleep. This system is fair and works well for long passages but for this shorter format, crew were to be rotated on a meal by meal basis.


In the company of


Throughout the night and following day, there seemed no end to the horrendous conditions. It was wet, cold and hazardous on deck and below. I think there were more injuries sustained down below during the journey than on deck. Sleep was impossible, as was conversation due to the incredible noise of the wind and the constant slamming from the crest of waves into the troughs below. Over the course of these two days, 31 yachts would retire from the race with issues ranging from broken steering systems, torn sails and even structural damage as a result of the constant pummelling through the rough ocean waves. As the southerly weather system moved through, the wind and waves abated. In stark contrast to the wild and windy conditions, we settled once again into some pleasant sailing under yankee headsail and then spinnaker as we made our way down the Tasmanian coast. With 130nm to go, we had built a 16nm lead over the nearest competitor in our class and now it was game on! A dogged determination to hold on to the lead was resulting in some inspired and focused trimming night and day. We knew better than to start feeling like winners though, as we still had a long way to go. Tasman Island lies close to the south-eastern coast of Tasmania and is a rounding mark before crossing Storm Bay and finally heading north-west into the mouth of the Derwent River for the final push to Hobart. Theoretically it is about six hours’ sailing time from rounding Tasman Island to Hobart but with the passing of the weather system, there were resulting light air patches sent to create another challenge. It was early morning with beautiful sunshine and we were approaching Tasman Island with a dying breeze. Finally, some weather conditions that I was very familiar with, thanks to our frequent, unpredictable light wind days in Hong Kong. All effort was directed toward keeping the boat moving at all costs. Minimal movement around the boat, transferring all crew weight to leeward and intense concentration on sail trim paid off, and despite our lead narrowing to 5nm the terrifying situation of those behind bringing the breeze with them didn’t eventuate and we made it safely across Storm Bay and into the Derwent.




We also had another distraction to contend with, thanks to nature. After rounding Tasman Island we had noticed what appeared to be a very strange wind pattern on the water. It kept getting closer and closer until the largest pod of dolphins I have ever seen emerged to play with our boat! They surrounded us and turned on a spectacular performance—we guessed it was their welcome to Tasmania. Despite my best efforts to focus only on spinnaker trim at a critical time, I admit to sneaking a peek or two at these majestic creatures. With 19 miles left to sail, we had stretched our lead again to 11nm. Once into the Derwent, Wendo relied heavily on tactical input from a crew member who had lived his life in Hobart and grown up racing dinghies on the Derwent. David’s dinghy racing success at a national level was well known and if we could win this, he would be a true local hero. It goes without saying that his knowledge of wind and tidal effects in the river were an enormous asset. All we had to do was pull off three critical jibes without incident and we were looking good. I should mention that our jibes at the best of times were a heart stopping moment, and getting 330sqm of asymmetric spinnaker from one side of the boat to the other in perfect harmony with the helmsman’s rate of turn at such a crucial point in the race was agonising. Stressfully but successfully getting our jibes out of the way, we were on the home run. Wendo graciously handed the helm to David for the finish and we crossed the line in first place at 16:03 with a 12 mile lead on Team Great Britain who were in 2nd place in our class. It was a euphoric moment; one of life’s highlights! As popular as it is with spectators to farewell the fleets in Sydney, Hobart shares the same popularity and enthusiasm with its welcome. All dockside accommodation is booked up a year in advance by the most dedicated revellers, who are prepared to extend the same cheers and applause to every boat arrival at any time of the day or night! The docks are busy with spectators who are not just locals but friends and families of crew who travel from far-flung locations to share the experience. Our arrival alongside at Constitution Dock was a fabulous and crazy celebration. It was hard to concentrate on the Clipper shore crew admin briefing, but thankfully it was short lived and we very quickly availed ourselves of the complimentary beverages brought on board by Clipper staff, which was custom whenever we arrived into port. I turned on my phone once alongside and it went ballistic. I could see that Nigel had started sending me texts when we were about 15nm from the finish! At 0.3nm to go and with a 12 nm lead, his excitement sounded unbearable. I was soon to receive a phone call from a random bar in Anchorage, Alaska where he was celebrating with a scotch to settle the nerves. I think he had lost all feeling in his index finger from hitting the refresh button on the tracker every few seconds. So good to have such an enthusiastic supporter, because of course he was blasting it out on social media. Phone calls and messages were coming in from family and friends all over Australia and it was amazing to know how many people had been following the race. I hadn’t really slept or washed in days but that could wait, it was just way too surreal to do any normal things!




Timed to coincide with the Sydney to Hobart is the ‘Taste of Tasmania’—a festival of seafood, cheeses, berries, wines, boutique beers and ciders representing regions from around the state, which are on offer within a huge shed on a neighbouring wharf. This was a fabulous reward for the past four days and we made very good use of it during our short stay. Our departure date for the final race of Leg 4 was January 2nd and we had a few boat and personal chores to complete beforehand. Our gear had taken such a beating that all rigging, blocks, winches, etc. needed a thorough check before we took to sea again. Thankfully we had not suffered any sail damage, which was a miracle. Joy of joys, we had also been given a reprieve from the full deep clean due to the shorter duration of our race, a welcome reward which also earned the skipper major brownie points with the crew.

New Year’s Eve was celebrated on board as we had a front row spot for the midnight fireworks on the river just in front of the dock. Of course we had quite a few visitors and the next morning we were regretting previously having tidied and cleaned the decks! Interestingly, the race organisers had scheduled the formal RSHYR prize-giving ceremony for New Year’s Day and there was a large but bleary-eyed audience filling the auditorium. It was our moment of fame and a very proud feeling to walk onto the stage as a team to be awarded first place, Clipper division. For the second time to date, we were also awarded the Stormhoek Social Spirit Award, which I felt was extremely well deserved. It had taken a determined, hard working and supportive team to earn the number one spot on the podium.

To be continued... 56 HEBE JEBES • JUL/AUG 2017


整個晚上和第二天,可怕的狀況似乎是不會結束的,甲板及甲 板下面都是潮濕、寒冷和充滿危險的。我感到在這旅途中,待 在甲板下面比在甲板上面會更易受傷的。由於受到不斷的、持 續的、令人難以置信的巨大風聲及浪峰頂碰擊浪底的噪音,人 們不可能睡上覺,與人的對話也一樣不行,在這兩天的過程 中,有31艘帆船退出了比賽,它們是由於連續沖擊波濤洶湧的 海上惡浪,所以破損了轉向系統、撕裂了船帆及甚至遭到結構 性的損壞。

第 二 章

我本希望我能用「神奇」來形容接著的20小時, 但「殘酷」兩字似乎是個更貼切的描述。

隨著南極天氣系統的轉移,風浪也逐漸減弱,與野性狂風的情 況形成鮮明對比的是,我們掛著「頭帆」及再掛上「三角帆」 ,沿著塔斯曼尼亞海岸一路航行,再次沉迷在一些令人愉快的 航海中。在距離終點尚餘130海里時,我們與跟同一級別中最 接近的競爭對手已有了16海里的領先優勢,現在遊戲開始了! 堅持領先的決心啟發了一些靈感和集中維持平衡帆船船體的日 與夜的決心,我們知道開始感覺像個贏家會更好,儘管我們尚 有很長的路要走⋯⋯

Hang on B ruce (mas cot), not far to the finish line

塔斯曼島靠近塔斯曼尼亞東南部海岸,是穿越風暴灣前的航行 標記,最後船隻要向西北方向進入德文特河口,末段要朝霍巴 特推進。從理論上說,從環繞塔斯曼島往霍巴特只尚餘六小時 的航程,但隨著氣候變化,導致了輕微的空氣補丁,造成了另 一個挑戰。這是有著美麗的陽光的大清早,海面刮著絲絲死寂 的微風,我們此時正航近塔斯曼島,最後,我遇上了一些非常 熟悉、在香港經常遇上的天氣狀況,是那不可預知的微風日 子,所有人的力氣都直接用於保持船隻移動,船上要做最小的 動作,要用所有船員的重量去轉移到背風和集中在保持帆船平 衡上,儘管我們領先優勢已縮小到5海里了,但恐怖的是:後 面的追趕者卻好像由始至終都不害怕那些微風。我們後來將帆 船安全地航越風暴灣並進入德文特。 感謝大自然,我們還有另一項可令我們分心的地方。穿越塔斯 曼島後,我們注意到在水面上似乎有一種非常奇怪的風吹圖 樣。它距離我們越來越近,直到我見過最大的海豚群出現,牠 們與我們的船在玩耍!他們圍著我們,進行了一場壯觀的表演 ——我們猜測這是牠們為塔斯曼尼亞歡迎我們,儘管在關鍵時 刻我會盡全力專注處理三角帆,但我得承認我曾向這些雄偉的 動物身上偷偷看了兩眼。

這場賽事進行前所作出的天氣預報十分準確,那天晚上10時, 剛好是轉下一輪看守的時候,只不過在幾分鐘的時間內,我們 便經歷了180度的風向變化,這導致我們必須直接與那臭名昭 著的「南部狂風」搏鬥。渡過了這段短暫及非常險峻的狀況 後,賽事情況突然變得非常有趣。幸運的是,我們在一開始便 預料會有一些戲劇性的狀況發生,當時的環境很黑,雲層又愈 來愈厚,這讓我們預測到接下來三角帆將要落下以及帆必須要 收下來。我絕對可以以「一切都破裂了」的說話來形容接下來 我們遭受野蠻的追擊時的狀況。我們船上的規矩為三角帆須立 即被重新包裝。我們經常利用一個名為「letterbox drop」的方 法,將三角帆架在主帆的腳下,這樣才能既安全又有效地把 330平方米的三角帆運上帆船和從船上運下來。三角帆一旦在 腳下,整件事便更加有趣了。所有的三角帆像羊毛一般包圍著 整首帆船,從它的頭到帆耳,再到角索。「wooling」是一個旨 在在下一次安裝三角帆時能方便快捷及不會發生錯誤的程序。 綑裝Clipper帆船三角帆的程序大致如下:張開船帆,將船帆 的頭部拉向前對著「碰撞隔離艙」門,並把帆耳和角索拖曳


到船兩側的睡眠區後面,這實際上已填滿了船的內部了,一旦 完成,跟著處理三角帆的邊緣,要由頭到腳做,並確保沒有扭 曲,最後將船帆束捆在一起並固定成香腸形狀,以繩索每隔一 米左右捆綁好,一旦完成,將三個「香腸」狀的東西及由剛才 步驟產生的中間部分有序地折疊、填塞、蓋上印和加上宣揚廣 告(通常伴隨著豐富多彩的語言),以便將船帆放回袋裡。當 然這過程並不能保證船帆會自己變乾的,因此這使到整個過程 更具挑戰性。最後,將它藏回「帆船儲物櫃」或存放在酒吧 間,以備下次拖回甲板安裝,這並不是任何一個人想單獨嘗試 的工作,多數是交由不在值班的團隊負責 - 所以都是在晚上執 行的,想一下,已過了漫長一天的航行,遭受了突然和暴變的 航海狀況,團隊期待已久要下班返回船舖上休息一下!可是, 並不能這樣,能全時間在最野性及艱辛的航行上集中精力綑綁 及安裝船帆,是真正的意志測試。 在進行這個較短的衝刺比賽中我們決定實施常見的「mother watch」手法。一般情況下,「mother watch」是一個輪流值 班系統,兩位值班船員的其中一人被指定當上「mother」的職

責,這位「mother」須值班24小時,其職責包括準備所有的 膳食、膳食清理、一般清潔及整理公眾地方。這樣做有好處, 「mother」會有一段頗長的睡眠時間,對於長期的航程來說, 這系統是公平的,以及能運作得很好;但是對於較短的就有點 麻煩了,船員會以一餐換一班的方式輪值的。

Arriving Constitution Dock, Hobart

可以公平地說,我在廚房中的天賦和耐心不能被認為是一種 力量、也不是激情,在悉尼到霍巴特的那次的關鍵時刻,我 都在擔心著在入廚時有可能被難倒了,這個比賽我已經等了 很久,我不能忍受錯過任何一秒鐘,幸運的是(對我來說) ,我們會遇到第一晚及第二天想吃東西的人數減少的情況是 很罕有的。我感到非常幸福,因為不會遭受暈船之苦,但使 我震驚的是,儘管那些虛弱的人士盡了最大努力去防止出現 這種情況,他們仍然會暈船浪的。在我們二十個小時的地獄 裡,一有機會,我便到廚房去看守。Wendo堅持要我只準備 凍結及乾燥的食物,因為他覺得那是一個危險的時間來嘗試 跟循菜單計劃。震撼的消息是,我並不需要太多的創意,周 圍也沒有太多的批評!




荷 伯 特

撰文|Sandra Snell



Over the finish line & a quick tidy before we could celebrate. 航程尚有19英哩,我們已經把我們的領先距離再次延伸到11海 里。一進入德文特,Wendo倚仗一位船員的戰術投入,這位船 員一生都居於霍巴特,並在德文特伴隨著賽艇活動長大,David 在國家級小型賽艇的成就已是眾所周知,如果我們這次能勝 出,他將會成為一個真正的地方英雄了,不用說,他擁有風和 潮汐如何影響河流的知識,那是巨大的財富。我們要做的就是 在三個關鍵的「拉帆轉舷以改航道」時沒有出事,我們看起來 挺好的。我應該提到,要在最合適的時間做「拉帆轉舷以改航 道」,真像個是會令人心跳停止的一瞬間,在這個比賽的關 鍵時刻,要從船的一邊轉到另一邊而拿到330平方米的不對稱 三角帆,又要跟舵手的轉彎動作完全同步吻合,是夠折騰的; 我們雖緊張,但也成功地改好了航道,我們可以直往家裡跑 了。Wendo親切地將掌舵位罝交給了David,我們於下午4時03 分以第一名越過了終點線,並領先位列第二名的英國隊12英 哩,這是個令人欣喜的時刻,也是人生的亮點之一! 與船隊告別,情況就像先前在悉尼受到觀眾歡送一樣,在霍巴 特,我們也受到廣泛和熱烈的歡迎。 所有碼頭旅館都是由最專 業的狂歡者提前一年預訂好的,他們已準備無論在白天或晚上 的任何時間,都會向每艘到達的船隻發出同樣的歡呼和掌聲, 碼頭的觀眾也正忙碌著,他們不僅是當地人,有些更是船員 的朋友和家人,他們從遙遠的地方旅行到來,期望能分享到經 驗。當我們到達憲法碼頭旁邊時,那裡進行的簡直是神話般的 瘋狂慶祝活動,人們很難專注於Clipper帆船岸上船員管理簡報 會,但感謝的是,它很短暫,我們很快就享用到Clipper工作人 員提供的免費飲料,這是專為我們到達港口時訂制的。 我打開了身旁的手機,訊息多到使它非常生氣。我可以看到, 當我們距終點尚有約15海里時,Nigel已經開始發送訊息了! 在尚有0.3海里及已領先12海里時,他的興奮看來簡直無與倫 比。我很快收到阿拉斯加安克雷奇的隨機酒吧打來的電話,他 正在用蘇格蘭威士忌來慶祝,以解精神緊張。我想他的食指在

每幾秒鐘觸碰跟踪器上的刷新按鈕一次的頻率下必定會失去了 所有感覺的。有這麼一個熱心的支持者是好事,也當然因為他 是在社交媒體上突然冒出來的吧。來自澳大利亞各地的家人和 朋友的電話及信息都傳進來了,當知道有多少人在跟讀比賽消 息時,我感到很驚訝。好些日子裏,我沒有真的睡覺或梳洗, 但那可以等待,那時做任何正常的事情只是有點超現實吧! 這段從悉尼到霍巴特的時間中,我們不約而同的享用到「塔斯 曼尼亞風味」 - 在鄰近碼頭的一個巨大的棚子裡,當局提供了 來自代表州各地的塞維利亞節日海鮮、奶酪、漿果、葡萄酒及 精品啤酒,這是過去四天的一個神話般的獎勵,我們在短暫停 留的期間非常好地享用了它。我們的「Leg 4」號最後一場比 賽出發日期是1月2日,我們有幾條船和個人的苦差事需事先做 好。我們的裝備不久前經受了撞擊,所有的索具,吊艇滑車, 絞車等在返回海上前都必須徹底檢查,可感激的是,我們的船 帆居然沒有損壞,這確實是一個奇蹟。真是快樂中的歡樂,由 於我們再次比賽的持續時間較短,我們得到批准暫緩進行全面 深入的清潔,另外我們亦獲取一個迎新獎勵,跟船員一起赢取 了船上的「主要布朗尼點數」。 由於我們在碼頭前面的河上獲得了觀賞午夜煙花表演的前排有 利位置,我們在船上慶祝了除夕夜。當然,有些客人在當晚探 望我們,所以在第二天早上,我們都很後悔較早前整理和清理 了甲板!有趣的是,賽事發起人經已早早安排在元旦進行正 式的RSHYR頒獎儀式,而且觀眾席上還有一大批觀眾為我們 鼓掌。能作為一個獲得第一名的團隊走到舞台上,我們非常驕 傲,而且深深感受到那是屬於我們的時刻,Clipper團隊,我們 是最捧的。 迄今為止,我們第二次獲得了Stormhoek社會精神獎,個人認 為這是我們應得的。 它令到一個堅定、勤奮和成員間會互相支 持的隊伍,可在領獎台上獲得了第一名。 待續⋯⋯......




FEATURES decided to loan me Dolce. I quickly became captain of a boat I knew well and had plenty of confidence in. I looked for crew to share the amazing experience with but after a month of no luck I set sail solo for a 2,000 nm passage to the Marshall Islands.


MARKUS PUKONEN Words Markus Pukonen

I had plenty of stress and fear before setting sail but it wasn't focused on what I would face out in the middle of the ocean. I would need to sail Dolce out of a busy harbour with inconsistent wind without the experience or use of a motor. I was comfortable with her out in the big blue expanse and knew what it was like to be at sea for long periods of time, but I had no idea how she would handle with light winds in tight spaces. Thankfully I had some help from my neighbours and it all went smoothly. Sailing away from Hawaii on a 30ft boat all by myself was an equally empowering and humbling experience. It felt like I was sailing into a different dimension. I arrived in the Marshall Islands after 21 days at sea. I had made great progress for the first ten days, though I was feeling weak and sick with a fear that I had contracted botulism from some poorly canned food. I was averaging 120 nautical miles a day when the wind became shifty and light. For the final week I was averaging under 75 nm a day in rather uncomfortable head winds and choppy sea conditions.

After sailing 8,970 nautical miles (nm) across the Pacific Ocean I was expecting to experience some culture shock when I arrived in Hong Kong. To my pleasant surprise I felt at home at Hebe Haven Yacht Club thanks to a very warm welcome and the laid back and peaceful atmosphere of the harbour. It was far from the chaotic hustle and bustle that I was expecting from the city. Within hours of stepping on to the dock I had new friends and was offered a place to stay on land. It had been a year since we had set sail from San Francisco on Dolce, a 1968 Alberg 30, but that was not the beginning of my journey. My travels started on 13 July 2015 from where I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. I had committed to circumnavigating 80,000 km around the planet without ever using motorised transport. I started the journey in a canoe and headed west across Canada, switching modes of transport as I went. I pedalled and sailed a trimaran, hand cycled, skied, rafted, kayaked, stand up paddle boarded, tricycled, rowed, bicycled and pogosticked. Along the way I used the adventure as a way to raise support for a diverse array of local non-profit organisations that are working to create a more sustainable world. When I began the journey I was not sure how I would cross the Pacific Ocean. Two weeks into it a mutual friend introduced me to Dave, Dolce’s captain. We had a video chat and planned to sail to Asia together the following year. He had a motor on board but was willing to only use the sails. I simply needed to power myself across North America to meet him in San Francisco.


I arrived in San Francisco by bicycle in April 2016 and met Dave in person for the first time. A month later we set sail for Hawaii. Well, that’s not entirely true. On the day we decided to leave there was very little wind so I pumped up my inflatable stand up paddle board (SUP) and paddled out under the Golden Gate Bridge. Soon after the wind picked up and I hopped onboard looking forward to arriving in Hawaii, 2,200 nm away. We hit a storm four days after leaving San Francisco that tested our confidence in our seaworthiness. The wind picked up quickly to 40 knots and the sea rose to heights of five metres. We decided to test out our storm tactics and deployed a sea anchor (parachute). This did not work as planned and we were soon taking large waves on our beam that shook the boat and our soaked and exhausted bodies to the core. After 48 hours we had the sails back up and were cruising in the trades to Hawaii.

One thing that people always seem to forget or have trouble understanding is the fact that my expedition is never on pause. I will never use any motorised transport on this journey. When I stepped off the sailboat I pulled out a bicycle so that I would be able to get to immigration and customs. I was then faced with the challenge of how to get across to Hong Kong Island. With no bicycles allowed in the tunnels and no bridge to walk across I was forced to figure out a way on the water. Sailing on 30ft boat across the Pacific

Surprisingly I sailed perfectly up to a mooring on my first attempt. My very first try, ever. I had just sailed solo 2,000 nm across the Pacific and had never actually anchored a boat before. I would soon be tested as I continued west through Micronesia. Unfortunately the toughest tests would be less to do with sailing and more with my own ability to heal. I cut myself when I was leaving the Marshall Islands and by the time I arrived in Kosrae, in the Federated States of Micronesia, my cut had become infected. For the next three months of sailing through some of the best surfing and snorkelling spots on the planet I was forced to stay dry on deck. The infection would heal only to return a few days later in a different spot. After another 3,000 nm of sailing and four doses of different antibiotics my immune system finally came out on top.

The easiest and most accessible option for me was to SUP. It was unclear whether it was permitted so I made sure to choose one of the shortest distances and cross without getting in the way of any boat traffic. It only took a few minutes of easy paddling. It’s important to note that traveling under my own steam in cities is often faster than driving or taking public transportation. People always ask me if I was lonely out on the ocean. In all honesty, no, I wasn’t. It was easy for me to accept that I would be alone out there. If anything I feel lonelier in a big city surrounded by people who don’t seem to notice my presence. Thankfully that has not been the case in Hong Kong. I met many great people at the club and quickly felt like a part of the family. I’m on a long solo journey but I’m certainly not doing this alone. I wouldn’t get anywhere without the support and guidance from good people like the ones I have met at the Hebe Haven Yacht Club. Thank you.

The passage took 25 days to get to Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii. A few days after landfall Dave marooned me. He reassured me that I was a good crewmate but that he was more interested in sailing solo. No big deal. I was only on the most remote island chain on the planet looking for a way to get to Asia without using a motor. I searched and searched but could not find anyone who was sailing south or west in need of crew. I looked into buying a boat but my budget was only sufficient to purchase a surfboard or two. I trusted it would work out sometime, well aware there are worse places to be stuck than Hawaii. To my delight and surprise the most perfect thing happened. Dave returned to Hawaii after a tough passage from Kiribati and

My solo sailing experience ended once I arrived in Pelau. My friend Julie from Canada joined me for a few weeks of amazing cruising in the Rock Islands of Pelau. Dave then joined for a passage to the Philippines where I met my sister who sailed with me for the next month and a half. We got along surprisingly well considering the cramped quarters of Dolce. Dave then joined me for the final passage from Luzon to Hong Kong.

SUPing across Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong

Markus has now travelled 23,819km without using a motor. Follow him @routesofchange and support him at




Pogosticking 10km

Canoeing with my nieces

Skiing across British Columbia

Sailing across the Pacifiic

在太平洋航行了8,970海里後,我預期抵達香港後會體驗到文 化衝擊。Nautical Miles 但令我驚喜的是,白沙灣遊艇會的熱情 款待和優閒平靜的海港,讓我有回到家的感覺。這跟我預期的 繁囂喧鬧城市景況截然不同。踏上碼頭後數小時內,我已認識 了新朋友並找到留宿的地方。 自從我們駕駛Dolce這艘 1968 Alberg 30英尺帆船由三藩市 出發以來已一年了,但那並非我旅程的開始。我的旅程始自 13,2015年7月13日,在我的出生地加拿大多倫多開始。我立志 在不使用任何機動交通工具情況下環遊地球八萬公里。 我以划獨木舟展開旅程,向加拿大西部進發,沿途改變交通模 式。我駕駛過三體船、手動單車、滑雪、木筏、皮划艇、直立 板、三輪車、划船、單車和彈跳棒。一路上,我以這些冒險作 為支持不同非牟利機構的方法,這些組織正在努力創造一個更 可持續的世界。

離開三藩市四天後,我們遇到了風暴,測試了我們對適航性的 信心。風很快便達到40風節,海浪上升至五米高。我們決定測 試一下我們的風暴戰術,並部署了海錨5m (降傘)。事情沒有按 計劃進行,大浪很快打在我們的樑上,把船和我們濕透和疲憊 的身體不停搖晃。48小時後我們才可以再揚起風帆,迎着信風 前往夏威夷。 我們用了25天時間抵達夏威夷大島的希洛。登岸數天後,Dave 令我困惑了。他說我是一個很好的船員,但是他對單獨航行更 感興趣。不要緊。我只是在這個星球上最遙遠的島嶼上尋找一 種不需使用機電的方式到亞洲而已。我尋找了很久也找不到任 何人需要船員一起航行到南面或西面。我考慮買一艘船,但我 的預算只夠買一兩塊衝浪板。我相信這是可行的,因為有些地 方比夏威夷更糟糕。

我展開旅程之時並未確定如何橫渡太平洋。在起程前兩星期一位 共同朋友介紹了Dolce 的船長Dave給我。我們進行了視頻聊天, 並計劃在翌年一起航行到亞洲。他的船上有電機,但他願意只使 用風帆。我只需努力橫渡北美洲,再跟他在三藩市會面。

令我高興和驚喜的是,最完美的事情發生了。Dave經過基里巴 斯的艱難航段後返回夏威夷,並把Dolce租給我。我很快便成為 了一艘我所熟悉的船的船長,我對它滿有信心。我尋找船員跟 我一起分享這個了不起的經驗,但一個月後仍未有音訊,於是 我獨自航行2,000里到馬紹爾群島。

我在2016年4 月踏單車抵達三藩市,首次跟Dave親身會面。一 個月後,我們從夏威夷揚帆出發。好的,這不是全部事實。在 我們決定出發當天,風很小,所以我泵起我那充氣直立板,划 過金門橋。後來有風了,我便跳上船,向2,200里外的夏威夷 進發。

在啟航之前,我感到壓力和恐懼,但重點並非擔心我在大海中 會遇到的事情。Ocean我需要在沒有經驗或不使用電機的情況 下,駕駛 Dolce 離開一個繁忙而且風勢不穩的港口。我駕駛着 這艘船在茫茫大海中感到很舒適,也知道長時間在海上是甚麼 樣子,但我不知道她在狹窄的空間面對微風時會是甚麼樣子。


幸好我從鄰居那裏得到了一些幫助,一切順利進行。獨自從夏 威夷駕駛30英尺的帆船對我來說是一個同等自主和謙卑的經 驗。我感覺自己就像駛進一個不同的境界。 我在海上渡過了21天之後抵達馬紹爾群島。雖然我感到有點虛 弱和不適,而且擔心因為壞掉的罐頭令我中了肉毒,但首10天 的進展不俗。當風勢輕微時,我平均每天航行120海里。在最 後一個星期,在不舒適的逆風和波濤洶湧的情況下平均每天只 能航行75里。 我很驚訝我能第一次完美地泊在浮泡。這是我的第一次。我 才剛剛獨自航行了2,000里橫渡太平洋,但從未試過停泊過船 隻。當我向西航行通過密克羅尼西亞時,我很快便會遇到這個 挑戰。不幸的是,最艱巨的考驗並非航行,而是我自己的治癒 能力。我離開馬紹爾群島時割傷了,當我抵達密克羅尼西亞聯 邦的科斯雷時,我的傷口受到感染。

我們倒是相處得很好。Dave後來跟我航行由呂宋到香港的最後 一段航程。 人們總會忘記或不了解的一件事就是我的遠征是永不停息的。 我在這個旅程中從不會使用任何電動交通工具。motorized 當 我離開帆船後,我會拿出單車,好讓我到入境處和海關。然後 我便面對如何到港島的難題。由於單車不能進入隧道,也沒有 橋過海,我唯有想辦法由海路前往。 最容易和可行的方法是使用直立板。Standup Paddleboard我不 肯定這是否合法,所以我選擇了一條最短的航線,並遠離其他 船隻。我只用了幾分鐘來輕鬆划槳。有一點要注意的是,以我 自己的方法在城市走動比起駕車或乘搭公共交通工具更快捷。

在接下來的三個月裏,在經過地球上其中一些最好的衝浪和浮 潛點時,我被迫在甲板上保持乾爽。我的感染部位復元後幾天 又會在不同部位出現。在經過另外的3,000里航行和服用四劑 不同的抗生素後,我的免疫系統終於發揮效用了。

人們常問我在海上會否感到孤單。老實說,我沒有。我很容易 接受我將會獨自一人的事實。No我在一個大城市被很多似乎不 感覺到我存在的人圍繞時,更感到孤獨。more y很感恩這不是 我在香港的感覺。我在白沙灣遊艇會碰到很多很棒的人,很快 便覺得自己是這個大家庭的一分子。我自己一個人踏上一段漫 長的旅程,但我肯定不是孤單一人。沒有像白沙灣遊艇會的朋 友般給予我支持和指引的人,我哪裏也到不了。謝謝你們!

我的單獨航行之旅在抵達帛琉後結束。我來自加拿大的朋友 Julie加入幾星期,在帛琉的洛克群島進行很棒的航行。後來 Dave加入了前往菲律賓的航程,在那兒我跟我的妹妹會面,在 接下來的一個半月她跟我一起航行。雖然Dolce比較擠擁,但

Markus目前已航行了 23,819 公里而沒有使用任何機動工具。 請到 @routesofchange和 關注和支 持他。



Words Adam Glendinning

Over the past few months we have gradually and incrementally improved the recycling capability within the Club, both in the restaurant and the marine yard.

在過去幾個月裡,我們逐漸地以及逐步地改善了遊艇會的餐廳 和海域於回收方面的工作。

Historically, we have used multiple recycling vendors. One person would pick up our paper products, another for metal cans, etc. These recyclables generated a modest income for the club, owing to their residual value. However, getting glass and plastics processed proved more of a challenge. Both glass and plastic have, from a monetary perspective, little residual value for a recycler. Overseas, through government financial incentives and education, the recycling industry is well supported, but in Hong Kong the government provides no financial support to the recycling industry. It is up to individuals and corporations to find viable solutions to make recycling happen.

歷史上,我們已經使用了多個回收廠商。一位人員會收集我們 的紙製品,另一位人員會收集金屬罐等。因為這些可回收物擁 有剩餘價值,它們已為遊艇會製造了適量的收入。然而,玻璃 及塑膠回收卻是一項挑戰。從金錢角度來看,玻璃和塑膠在回 收商的眼中都沒有太大的剩餘價值。在海外,通過政府在財政 上的鼓勵和教育,循環再造工業得到了很好的支持,但在香 港,政府對循環再造工業沒有提供經濟支援。個人和企業只能 獨自找尋可行的解決方案,使回收工作得以進行。

With this in mind, here at Hebe Haven we embarked on a process of consolidating our recycling vendors into one entity. Using a sole vendor makes the management of the recycling easier and more transparent, as we will be able to track and quantify just how much material we divert from landfill and send on for recycling and reuse.

考慮到這一點,在白沙灣這裡,我們開始將我們的回收廠商整 合至只有一個。只使用一個供應商可令回收管理更為容易,並 且過程也能更加透明,這是因為我們將能追蹤和計算從垃圾堆 填區中轉移了多少材料、又有多少進行了回收和循環再用。

After careful evaluation and consideration, we have chosen to partner with ‘Hong Kong Recycles’ to provide us with a means to fulfil our recycling requirements. Hong Kong Recycles is a Hong Kong based, bespoke company concentrating on facilitating recycling within the territory. In addition to meeting the needs of the Club, we will also have a programme whereby members have the option to bring recyclables to the Club for pickup; for a small fee, Hong Kong Recycles can even go to members’ residences to pick up recyclables. Details on this programme will be announced shortly.

經過認真的評估和考慮,我們選擇與 Hong Kong Recycles 合 作,它將為我們提供回收方面的支援。Hong Kong Recycles 是一家專注於促進本港回收工業的香港公司。除了附合遊艇 會的需求外,我們還將推出一項計劃,供會員選擇將可回收 的物品運送到遊艇會。另一方面,只需少量費用,Hong Kong Recycles甚至可前往會員的住所收集可回收的物品。有關這項 方案的細節將很快公佈。

Moving forward, this helps us continue to fulfil our corporate responsibility in doing all we can to reduce our negative impact on the local environment. By promoting recycling within the Club, the membership and the local community, reducing the amount of material we send to Hong Kong’s landfills, banning selling of single use water containers, as well as other initiatives, we will continue to contribute positively and sustainably to Hong Kong’s future.

展望未來,以上的計劃將有助我們繼續履行企業責任,竭盡全 力減輕對本地環境的負面影響。通過在遊艇會內的宣傳、以及 向會員及鄰近社區宣傳循環再用的觀念,再者,減少把剩下的 材料送往香港堆填區,和禁止出售單用水容器與其他行動,我 們將繼續積極和持續地為香港未來作出貢獻。











On 22 May, the Hebe Haven Snooker Team marched into the Hong Kong Club to meet the challenge of playing against RHKYC and ABC at the Club’s annual Tri-Club Snooker Tournament. The team members were (from left to right) Gareth Williams, Steve So, CK Chan and Arnold Highfield. Sixteen matches were played and HHYC had an excellent showing, but were unable to defend last year's title and ultimately lost the championship to ABC by 8-6 matches. Within the HHYC team, our ‘Snooker Champion’ was Steve So. Congratulations!

5月22日,白沙灣士碌架隊打進了香港俱樂部,迎 接在俱樂部年度Tr i -C l u b 士碌架比賽中與R H K Y C 和ABC的挑戰。團隊成員(從左到右)Gareth Williams、Steve So、CK Chan和Arnold Highfield。16 場比賽完結後,白沙灣遊艇會的表現非常出色,但 最終未能衛冕冠軍,以8比6敗給了ABC隊。在白 沙灣遊艇會隊內,我們的「士碌架冠軍」為Steve So。恭喜!

We were delighted to attend the annual ‘Sai Kung Sea Safety Day’, hosted by the Sai Kung District Marine Police, back on Friday 28 April 2017.


What an amazing afternoon! Our Deputy General Manager, Claudio Schettino, collected a certificate of appreciation on behalf of HHYC for being a 'Sea Safety Advisor'. We were shown rescue demonstrations at sea as well as for the first time ever, allowed to climb on board one of the large 'fireboats' and take a tour. Our Vice Commodore, Nicole Arnulphy, met one of the police dogs currently undergoing training to work alongside its handler. As always, remember to stay safe when out on the water!

我們很高興於2017年4月28日(星期五)參加每年 由西貢區水警主辦的「西貢海上安全日」。 那是一個精彩的下午!我們的副總經理Cl audi o Schettino代表白沙灣遊艇會為當上「海上安全顧問」 獲得了一份嘉許狀。我們第一次在海上演示了救援 演習活動,及首次被允許爬上一艘大型「消防艇」 ,並進行參觀。我們的副船隊司令Nicole Arnulphy又 跟其中一隻目前正在接受培訓及同時與管理人員一 起工作的警犬見面。 一如以往,緊記要在水上保持安全!



Need for change Over 15 years ago, the General Committee identified the need—and the desire from the membership—for more facilities. EGMs were held accordingly, and over time our main purpose changed to revolve around both ‘boating and sailing’.

Nicole Arnulphy Vice Commodore

Members’ needs To better serve members, boat racks were built, the marina was developed, the changing rooms were extended and the kitchen was refitted. Those with boats on the hardstand, in the racks or on a finger pontoon directly benefited from this. Anyone who now has a swing mooring—that was vacated by a boat moved back then to the racks or pontoons—also benefited. Staff needs With this expansion came the need for bigger changing rooms and more staff. The new improved changing rooms take up space that was previously a meeting room and office space. For years we have had more staff onsite and yet less space to accommodate them. It’s important to look at how we can make things better for the Club staff. To help retain the best talent—best suited to serving members’ needs—we need to be looking at ways of creating the best possible working environment for them. Sailability needs Over the past few years we have become home to Sailability, which has grown significantly and has, so far, provided amazing life-changing sailing experiences for over 1,000 people with differing abilities. Sailability also now needs more space and an office of their own. Sailing Centre needs The Sailing Centre, an integral part of our lease agreement, needs a classroom and better office space. What we, as a club, invest in funding the Sailing Centre over the course of a year is far less than our rent would be for one month—if we had to pay at market rates. Operational needs We have long waiting lists for boat storage facilities and we need more moorings, more pontoons and more boat racks to meet demand. Fire engines have become bigger and our driveway is too steep for the new trucks to get down easily, so we need to rebuild it to create a suitable Emergency Vehicle Access (EVA). Our lease also requires the Club to have an electricity substation. Currently we have our power supply coming in via transformer poles. This, however, is a temporary solution and in the longer term we need to build a standalone substation on site. Government needs The widening of Hiram’s Highway, currently in progress, will soon affect a small area of the Club at the back of the kitchens, and we are making arrangements accordingly to properly prepare for this. The General Committee is also using this opportunity to examine members’ requests facility-wise, including a swimming pool, a better children’s play area and somewhere for older children to hang out. The Club Development Committee is working hard, with Cameron Hestler as Project Manager, to bring all these proposed Club upgrades to reality. This is a huge project involving multiple external organisations; first we must design our vision for our new Club and then we must get the government to approve this. We are currently in the final stages of preparing a huge document required for presentation to the government to seek their approval so we can move forward. Once we have done this, we will then start all the building and improvement works. These will be done in carefully planned phases—based on our financial situation and the most pressing demands.


Club financial needs With regard to finances, The Hebe Haven Yacht Club makes money, and we have been saving up for many years. Currently we have approximately HK$60 million in the bank and we need to retain HK$30 million in the bank at all times as a contingency to ensure we are able to continue to pay running costs and salaries for at least the next six months. The existing very modest building levy was created to help drip feed funds, specifically ring-fenced, for future Club development. The amount of HK$100 per month, however, does not cover depreciation of our existing buildings, structures and Marina, therefore it will not be enough to cover the many projects we are about to face.

在本會渡過39年歲月之後,我開始回憶舊事了。我想起航海訓 練中心成立之前的歲月、想起岸位擴建前的時光,也想起了興 建船架和停車場之前的景況。我想起了「航海」是我們的初心 的歲月。 改變的需要 大約在15年前,當時執行委員會認為會員有需要、也希望得到 更多設施。會員特別大會相應舉行,隨著時間流逝,我們的主 要目的圍繞着「划船和航行」而轉變。 會員的需要 為了向會員提供更好的服務,我們興建了船架、發展了碼頭、 擴建了更衣室,也改裝了廚房。那些有船隻在岸位上、在船架 上或在浮泡上的會員直接得益。那些現在有擺動浮泊—即是原 本騰空後來移回船架和浮泡—的會員也受惠了。

We anticipate the whole redevelopment project to require a substantial investment from The Club. To continue with the Club’s journey and create the best possible environment for members and staff, we now need to prepare the Club for these upcoming major capital expenditures. One way in which you can help right now is by supporting the amazing F&B events at the Club, bringing your whole family here for dinner or simply bringing your friends along for a few drinks and snacks on the balcony. You could also celebrate your birthday or just enjoy a family day out on the new Club Boat, sign up for a sailing course, charter a J80, get some exercise and take out a kayak for the afternoon. This Club belongs to all of us, and if we work together we can achieve great things together and continue to make the Club a great place to be.

站。目前我們的電源是經變壓器傳送的。然而這只是臨時的解 決方法,長遠來說,我們需要興建一個獨立的變電站。 政府的需要 目前正在進行的西貢公路擴闊工程將會影響本會廚房後方一個 小範圍,我們正為此作出相應安排。 執行委員會也趁這個機會審視會員對設施的要求,包括泳池、 更佳的兒童遊樂場和讓較大的兒童玩耍的地方。本會的會所發 展委員會和項目經理 Cameron Hestler 正努力工作實現這些提 升本會設施的建議。這是個涉及許多外部機構的龐大項目。首 先,我們必須訂下本會的新願景,同時取得政府的批准。目前 我們正處於準備向政府提交申請批准的大批文件的最後階段, 以便我們向前邁進。當我們完成這項工作後,我們便會進行建 築和改善工程。這些工程將會根據我們的財政狀況和迫切程 度,仔細策劃分階段進行。

員工的需要 因應這些擴展,我們也需要更大的更衣室和更多員工。改建的 更衣室佔用了原本用作會議室和辦公室的地方。因此,這些年 來我們有了更多員工,但少了地方安置他們。為本會員工提供 更好的工作環境也是很重要的。為了挽留人才—最適合為會員 提供服務的人—我們需要為他們尋找最好的工作環境。

本會的財政需要 在財政方面,白沙灣遊艇會是賺錢的,而我們多年來也在儲 錢。目前我們有大約六千萬元銀行儲蓄,並需要保留三千萬元 作為應急資金,以確保我們能夠至少在未來六個月繼續支付營 運開支和薪金。

航能的需要 過去幾年,我們都是「航能」的家。「航能」已不斷成長,並 為超過1,000名具有不同能力的人士提供了改變生命的航海體 驗。「航能」現時也需要更多空間和專屬的辦公室。

現時徵收的適量建築徵費是為了幫助增加資金,特別是要維持 保證資金,以供本會未來發展。然而,每月港幣100元不能彌 補現有建築物和碼頭的貶值,因此,這不足以應付我們即將進 行的許多項目。

航海訓練中心的需要 作為本會租賃協議的一部份,航海訓練中心需要一個課室和更 好的辦公室。如果要支付市值租金的話,本會投資在航海訓練 中心一年的金額遠遠不及一個月的租金。

我們預計整個重建項目需要本會的大量投資。為了繼續本會的 發展、為會員和員工創造最佳的環境,本會需要為這些面臨的 大量資金支出做好準備。

營運的需要 存放船隻設施的輪候名單已很長,我們也需要更多的浮泡和浮 橋,以及更多的船架以應付現時的需求。消防車越來越大,我 們的車路對這些新車來說太陡斜,難以駛入,所以我們需要重 建道路以開闢緊急車輛通道。我們的租約也要求本會設有變電

大家現在可以幫忙的其中一個方法是支持本會出色的餐飲活 動,帶家人一起來吃晚餐,或是跟朋友一起到露台享受美酒小 吃。您也可以在本會開生日會,或在新的會艇上享受天倫之 樂、參加航海課程、租用一艘J80、做點運動和租用皮划艇玩 一個下午。遊艇會是屬於我們的,只要我們攜手,定能實現遠 大的目標,令本會繼續成為一個好地方。




After thirty-nine years at the Club I find myself reminiscing. I remember a time before the Sailing Centre, before the extended hardstand area, before the boat racks and before the car park. I remember a time when our main purpose was ‘sailing’.



Our San Miguel Spring Saturday Series was finished with a great overall prize-giving party at the balcony. The party was in full swing with nine teams (three players each) from various sailing boats, the race committee, and the sailing and marketing staff playing the drinking contests. Everyone had a good time! Throughout the racing season this spring and summer, we have also run many fun events and seminars. The Singlehanded Race, the Crew Helm Race, and the Countess Cup brought lots of fun and challenges to sailors. I specially treasure the moments of sailors getting together, chatting and drinking at the prize giving after the race. At the seminar on Hong Kong’s lighthouses on 18 May, Dr. Stephen Davis showed his rich knowledge of Hong Kong’s maritime history and sense of humor, and made for us an enjoyable evening.

Bridget Chan

Rear Commodore—Sailing

On 27 & 28 May, we ran HHYC Open Dinghy Regatta. I was very glad to work together with Christine Lau of the STC Committee to have this event organized. The event turned out well with more than 120 dinghies—nearly double of last year’s turnout— who competed in nine classes /divisions. This involved more than 30 volunteers and staff from all departments helping the race management to put the event together. We have received lots of positive feedback from sailors and volunteers. Thanks to all for participating in this event. Without your commitment, we could not have done it. Coming up, we have Crabbie’s Summer Saturday Series and UK Sailmakers Typhoon Series. Don’t forget to take a copy of our new HHYC Standard Sailing Instruction 2017 with you. The SSI 2017 now applies to our races! Enjoy your summer!

富有挑戰但很有趣的春季已經結束了! 我們的生力啤酒春季週六系列賽在陽台上完成了一場盛大的頒獎派對。派對全面展 開,由各船隊、賽事委員會、航海及市場推廣的職員組成的九支隊伍(各派三名選 手)參加了競飲比賽。當天,每個人都玩得很愉快! 在今個春季和夏季的賽季中,我們還舉辦了許多有趣的活動和研討會。單人帆船比 賽、船員舵手賽和Countess Cup為船員帶來了很多樂趣和挑戰。我特別珍惜在比賽後 在頒獎禮上與水手聚會、聊天和喝酒的時刻。 在5月18日的香港燈塔研討會上,Dr. Stephen Davis 盡顯其對香港海事歷史的了解以 及其豐富的幽默感,為我們提供了愉快的夜晚。 5月27日和28日,我們進行了白沙灣遊艇會公開小帆大賽。我非常高興與航海訓練中 心委員會的 Christine Lau 合作,一起組織這次活動。比賽最後吸引了超過120艘小艇 參加,是去年的兩倍,這120艘船隻分別在9個級別進行比賽。這項賽事動員了30多 名志願者和各部門的職員前來幫助,比賽才得以順利進行。我們收到了很多船員和志 願者的積極反饋。感謝所有參與此次活動的人。沒有你們的加入,我們就不可能把比 賽舉行得有聲有色。 接下來,我們有Crabbie夏季週六系列賽和 UK Sailmakers 颱風盃帆船系列賽。不要忘 了提取一本我們新的白沙灣遊艇會標準賽事細則2017。SSI 2017現已適用於我們的比 賽了! 好好享受你的夏天吧!



In this new section of the magazine, we will bring you a roundup of the most important aspects of what has been, and currently is being, discussed by the Club’s General Committee (GenCom). This not only helps keep everything as transparent as possible, it also provides the chance to explain the rationale behind some of the decisions being made. We will collate, distil down and present this roundup in each issue based on decisions made collectively by GenCom in order to help keep the Club financially sustainable while maximising benefits for all our members. What’s it like on GenCom? Working on GenCom is often hard work, sometimes criticised but ultimately rewarding. You have a lot of different viewpoints to consider, and there’s rarely one easy answer to any of the challenges faced by the Club. It is worth remembering that every member of GenCom volunteers their time to look at, in most cases in great detail, important issues for the Club to help keep everything working effectively.




From this feedback, it is obvious that in order to justify any changes—such as increases in financial contributions from others—it is imperative that GenCom give members a comprehensive overview of the rationale behind this before and during the decision-making process. Several constructive suggestions are currently being explored including: 1. Looking at the Club’s income more holistically—and rather than focusing on individual cost centers, applying an acrossthe-board review of minimum service charges to create a more equitable system. 2. Generating more revenue from F&B via various methods including: a. Offering a discount to members who regularly spend between $500 - $1,000 each time at the restaurant b. Opening the restaurant in off-peak times to the public c. Scaling back the menu at certain times of the day 3. Increasing the overall number of members at the Club To move forward more quickly, this GenCom decided to change the course of action and go for a long overdue proactive approach, keeping members informed with up-to-date information so that members interested in the development of the Club have the opportunity to: • Ask questions when they deem it fit and appropriate • Offer assistance to the Club with specific expertise or experience • Get involved and take on more active roles

Club Articles and By Laws In addition to bringing the Articles in line with the new Companies Ordinance, the four points below are being written into our amended Articles under additional objects of the Club, specifically in line with HAB requirements prior to an EGM on this for members:

Our collective goal is and always will be to secure this Club’s future for the generations to come. With this in mind, GenCom aims to: • Start a dialog with those members who share the same philosophy and passion. • Get members involved, particularly those whose overall aim and target is to secure the Club’s future in the long-term, rather than only looking at short-term benefits.

• •

Now, if you are interested in the long-term view and vision of this we would be very happy you continued reading!

• •

Increasing access to water sports in the community Supporting HKSAR’s elite sailors and training future generations of elite sailors capable of winning local, regional and international events Enhancing HKSAR’s image through the staging of local, regional and international sailing competitions Promoting sustainable principles and practices throughout the Club and in its operations

Recent EGM on Club Fees Sincere thanks to our Honorary Treasurer, Thomas Mueller, for starting the conversation about raising Club fees in order to make sure we keep the Club financially viable moving forward. This was obviously an emotive issue, and after listening to member feedback on the evening of the EGM, GenCom convened a followup meeting to garner constructive feedback from a wide variety of members on alternative ways forward in this regard.


Being transparent The aim of this section, besides giving you an overview of the past, the present and the future is to help prepare members for the next EGM to be scheduled in August 2017. We want and expect that those members who will participate at the next EGM will read what we send out first. They will then give us their individual comments, remarks, suggestions, options etc. and in return, we will try to answer and respond on time and most likely with another open letter to members. The target is that when we have the next EGM we can come to conclusions on what we do and what members want us to do, and that by doing so we will avoid protracted discussions on specific topics for individuals. Hopefully all present can focus on the collective goal of this Club.

The Past Those members who have been with the Club for more than 10 years, or even longer, know that this Club originated as a venue for people with an interest in sailing and water sports. It is assumed that the first few years of operation were quite difficult and challenging for those members involved due to the lack of funds available. For those members who are still with the Club from that time, the GenCom has a sincere appreciation for their hard work and efforts.

The Present The following are some ‘demographic changes’ which have affected the Club’s finances:

In the past, the Club had lots of sailors and those who liked any kind of water sports activities that the Club offered. There were lots of members who used the Club and spent money on sailing courses, F&B and others. Over all those years, the number of members steadily increased, income was generated due to subscriptions and everything seemed to be working just nicely.

But then the demographics started to change and with this phenomenon, the Club started to feel it in its wallet. From what this GenCom knows and understands of the financials, for at least the last 10 years, the Club’s main source of income has been subscription fees paid by new members. This financial model will definitely not secure the Club’s future in the long term. We’d like to stress that there is a maximum amount of members as per the Articles of Associations, and this will be dealt with in a later section.

The banking crises that hit Hong Kong, followed by the economic crises a few years ago, took their toll on some of the Club’s members either directly or indirectly. Many members—some of them very active sailors or water sports activists who spent lots of money at the Club—chose to leave. The Club on the other side of us opened its doors and let anyone in who was willing to pay the “new member subscription fees” simply to keep the game going.

Another major change was that the HKSAR Government started to be scrutinised on land that was being given to clubs like ours (we like to refer to the famous HK golf club that started everything). The Home Affairs Bureau (HAB) was put in charge to deal with clubs and the first set of indicative rules and regulations emerged. For those who don’t know, HAB is, along with others, responsible for areas such as: • • • •

Social Harmony and Civic Education District, Community and Public Relations Recreation, Sport and Entertainment Licensing Culture


Our Club then faced the first serious challenge with the extension of our land lease agreement. While reviewing our lease agreement and the extension of the same, the HK authorities discovered that some structures had been erected on the Club’s premises without proper permission, and requested that we move everything back to its original state as it was when the land lease was granted. We are certain that members remember the resultant disruptions over the last two years or so. HAB emphasised that any club from now on will be measured on its contribution to the community, or in simple terms, what our Club is or will be doing for the community, the poor and for the many others who cannot afford to but want to participate in any kind of sailing and/or watersports activities. Looking at that requirement from the Club’s point of view, it means that the fulfilment of our “Corporate Social Responsibility” is a key element in having and keeping the land that we call “our Club”. It was made clear to the Club that if we do not fulfil “Corporate Social Responsibility” this Club will be treated as a commercial enterprise and commercial land lease rates will become applicable which would make everything untenable. HAB are not concerned whether we have boats in the water or on hard-standings or anything else related to watersports activities. HAB’s only focus is: sailing and watersports for those who can’t afford sailing and watersports! And HAB’s only concern is “How is this Club going to satisfy this demand?” Besides this, the Club must balance the interests of several different groups of members:




Members who may not want changes This Club has many members whose primary concern is having a cheap storage space for their boats, and therefore like things just the way they are. From the statistics, these are mostly the members who have been in the Club for 10 to 15 years, many of whom only spend money on the parking space for their boats, or even no longer use the Club at all. Due to their Full Membership status and collective voting power, they can reject any proposal for change if they would want to do so. This bloc represents about 60% of our members. Members who may want change These members are the ones who keep this Club alive at present. The Club tries its utmost to serve them better by building new boat racks, trying to extend the marine facilities, upgrading and improving the changing rooms, refitting the kitchen, planning for a swimming pool and so on. In essence, the Club tries its utmost to incorporate their vision, demands and requirements in order to retain them as members. This bloc represents about 40% of our members. New Members – what do they want? We conducted a demographic analysis on the area of potential new members. Here are some of the facts that we discovered: •


Schools: there are many schools in the proximity of the Club who are interested in sailing classes. Some of them are sending their students, and we are in discussions with others. Parents of those students raised the issue that they can’t use any of the F&B facilities while waiting and they are definitely not interested in purchasing a Club membership solely to watch their kids. Potential members are very selective nowadays and they compare our facilities with those of other clubs. They check whether we’ve got nice bar and restaurant areas, adequate changing rooms, a swimming pool, a gym and many more items. Obviously with what we have now, as harsh as it sounds, our Club may not be on the top of the priority list of any potential new members. We have requests from potential members that they are interested in a reduced subscription because as per their arguments, they don’t know anyone at the Club, but would like to meet people, build up their network and eventually become a Senior Associate member with all costs and benefits related to it. We are looking into the option of offering a Social Membership category with no voting power and/or other rights or benefits other than having a compratively high minimum F&B spend each month. But with the option, that if those members later pay the difference in joining fees up to the current full membership value, they could then become a Senior Associate with all associated rights and benefits.

The Future The Club has received an approval in principle for a land lease extension, but in order to receive HAB’s firm approval, the Club is required to formally file an application. As mentioned earlier, “Corporate Social Responsibility” will be THE ONLY crucial element in getting approval from HAB for the Club moving forwards. Within the GenCom, the Club has created a Club Development Committee (CDC), headed by the Vice Commodore and mandated to prepare the HAB application accordingly. CDC is working hard with Mr Cameron Hestler as Project Manager to bring all these requirements and proposed Club upgrades to reality. It needs to be stressed that Cameron is, as many of us are, first and foremost a member of the Club. Cameron has invested lots of his private time already to move this HAB application forward and only recently, when it turned into more than a full time job, has begun to claim a small remuneration to cover at least some of his expenses—this is all strictly vetted and in accordance with the Club’s rules and regulations. Members need to realise that this is a huge project involving multiple external organisations. We first must design a vision for our new Club and then we must get the HK Government to approve this. Those who think it is an easy task to put such an HAB application together should consider: • •

HAB has no clear set of rules and regulations of its own. HAB will coordinate our applications with other departments such as: †† Environment Bureau †† Labour and Welfare Bureau †† Transport and Housing Bureau †† Marine Department †† Other agencies, bureaus, departments To make sure that the Club’s application is accepted, CDC must ensure that we meet each department’s requirements (or at least the requirements of those we know are involved) and ensure we our proposal is in line with what they want.

Financial implications Whatever we do not know yet, what we do know already at that stage is: this will cost the Club lots of money! The Club must retain a certain amount of money in the bank at all times as a contingency to ensure we are able to pay running costs and salaries. Currently we have about double that amount. The Club can also generate a small annual surplus. While we currently have a modest building levy, created to help drip feed funds specifically ring fenced for future Club development, its current amount is akin to dropping water on a hot stone. It is not even covering the depreciation of our existing buildings, let alone allowing us to save some funds for development. We anticipate the whole redevelopment project will require a significant investment from the Club. We also know that Hiram’s Highway will be expanded from its present two lanes into four, and we are waiting to receive notification from the Home Affairs Bureau (HAB) as to exactly how this widening will affect the Club. Due-diligence revealed, this impact on the Club will be felt immediately in three ways: 1 Kitchen for F&B 2 New vehicular entrance for the Club 3 Electricity Substation

We are currently in the final stages of preparing the huge documentation required for presentation to the Government. Once we have done this, we would like to start with some of the building and improvement works. These will be done in carefully planned phases—based on our financial situation and the most pressing demands. The Club, via the CDC, aims to submit the application as soon as is practicable, but we do not know the exact requirements that HAB will impose on us to continue the Club lease. Certainly additional investments may be required in this regard. It’s important that we carry on with our community work and activities, because that all further strengthens our Corporate Social Responsibility.

1 Kitchen for F&B The land on which the Club’s kitchen is located is on a shortterm lease arrangement with the HKSAR Government. In simple terms that means the Government can claim that plot of land at any time if needed. If the Club receives notification from either HAB or the Transport Department, we will need to relocate the kitchen area. Where to? We don’t know that yet because that also depends on the requirements of the next two points.





As members may imagine, with this equation, it is very challenging to plan and come up with cost estimations given the fact that essential parameters are not really known yet. All we can safely say at this point in time is that the money we currently have in the bank, while fully sufficient for keeping the Club running as it is, will just not take us very far in these renovation projects. Worst-case scenario, our extra funds could all be gone after solving the three conflicts listed above.

Hard-standing facilities: the marine facilities waiting list is very long and members expect the Club to do something about it.

Subscription fees from new members: as per the Articles of Association, our Club’s capacity is 1,500 members. At present we are at around 1,100 members. Unlike previous years where the Club had many applications for new members and accepted almost everyone who was willing to pay the fees, last year GenCom began much more stringent checks and started handing out more rejections. We now look for members with a clear intention of participating in all sorts of Club activities rather than just looking for a cheap boat parking space. If we want to attract more new members who are willing to contribute to the Club, we will have to offer this via the newly proposed Social Membership category.

On the other hand, we are looking for savings too. At present the Boatyard and Marine Services are operating on an annual loss. It is self-explanatory that we can no longer offer services to members at a loss and we have to reassess and set those rates accordingly to at the very least break even.

Members present at the previous EGM will recall, we showed the Profit Centres as listed below:

From a timeframe point of view, assuming that the application with HAB is filed end of July 2017, it will likely take up to 12 months before the Club receives its first set of HAB instructions and requirements. Any action would start July 2018, and by that time we should hope to have an increased amount of cash available.

2 New vehicular entrance for the Club The construction of a new vehicular entrance will be necessary, as the new Hiram’s Highway will absorb the Club’s current access ramp. There are currently two potential outcomes: (a) Best case—with the new vehicular entrance, our playground can remain. (b) Worst case—our playground will also have to be relocated, which means we’ll have two problems on our hands.

We further anticipate that it will take another six to twelve months to implement the terms and conditions associated with three items mentioned earlier. By then it would be July 2019, by which time we may have collected an annual surplus, but in the worst case, we would have also spent our extra bank cash for those three items, meaning our available cash would be quite low. Realistically the implementation of the whole redevelopment could easily take between three to five years. In this time, the Club has to plan for other important upcoming major capital expenditures, among other things: •

Besides this, the new vehicular entrance must be bigger than the current one as fire engines have become bigger and our current driveway is too steep for the new trucks to get down easily. We need to rebuild it to create a suitable Emergency Vehicle Access (EVA). •

• 3 Electricity Substation Our lease also requires the Club to have an electricity substation. Currently we have our power supply coming in via transformer poles. This, however, is a temporary solution and on the longer term we need to build a standalone substation on site.


Ageing marine facilities that will require major maintenance in the very near future. We are currently assessing the investment amount. Members need to understand that those facilities were the cash cow of the Club in the past years and if they don’t continue generating money, the Club will have a serious problem on hand. There is a potential chance that the Club will be required to establish a physical “Sailing Centre,” an integral part of our lease agreement, with classroom and office space. This item will not generate any income for the Club and would have to be provided free of charge. Worst-case scenario, we could use or modify the present clubhouse. We would then need either: †† A completely new clubhouse with all facilities at the other side of the Club †† Major redevelopment of the current clubhouse, plus the incorporation of new elements to keep present members and attract new members such as a swimming pool. Marine expansion: the Marine Department (MarDep) is under a lot of pressure due to illegal moorings and other issues in the bay. While previous club applications for extension of the marine facilities have been rejected by MarDep, there are indications that MarDep looks at this topic quite differently nowadays. But an expansion of the marine facilities would require a significant investment.

Profit Centre

Accumulated Results


Subscription & Admin










Car park



Racing & Regatta



Dinghy Sailing Centre





positive negative

Each profit centre has unique considerations: 1 The conflict here is the difference in the ideology of present members versus what potential new members expect. The financial model based on income generation due to new members’ subscriptions is over. 2 Some members may agree that raising the minimum F&B spending is just a drop of water on a hot stone. But it is a drop in the right direction and this GenCom has decided to start somewhere. All department or profit centres that are not part of our Corporate Social Responsibility should at least break even and definitely not produce an annual loss.

3 4 The cash cows of the Club are the berthing, mooring and hard-standing parking fees. To achieve proper transparency GenCom decided to separate costs for parking fees and costs for services. GenCom is in the process of adjusting some of the parking fees and there will be a reassessment of the services fee, or in other words the Boatyard and Marine Services centres, so that they generate a small surplus 5 Car par services are a profitable business not only at our Club, but in the whole of HK. Unfortunately we have members who abuse this service. They pass their membership card to their friends resulting in unauthorized cars are entering the club premises. For security reasons, we will have to invest in a system to track exactly who is coming in and out of the Club. 6 7 8 It was mentioned on several occasions at the last EGM that these three centres are part of our Corporate Social Responsibility towards the authorities and the community which uses them. We will try our utmost to minimise losses, but as a matter of fact, the likelihood that those three centres will be even at breakeven point is close to zero. At the end of this first open letter, we’d like to stress that this Club will require additional investment over the coming years in order to realise the future development of the Club as outlined above and comply with government rules and regulations. We will need to increase the minimum F&B spending and we will also need to increase the building levies. Both motions will be tabled at the next EGM in August 2017. GenCom hopes, wishes and encourages members to give us feedback now. As mentioned earlier, we will summarise the questions asked and respond with another open letter in return.

Sincerely yours The 2016/2017 General Committee


我們會在這個新專欄為大家總結執行委員會討論過和正在討論 的重要事項。這不僅可以令所有事情更具透明度,也提供了一 個機會讓我們解釋一些決策的理據。我們會根據執行委員會為 保持本會財務可持續性和最大限度地提高所有會員利益而作出 的集體決策,把問題進行整理、匯報和綜合。 執行委員會的工作是怎樣的 執行委員會的工作是艱巨的,有時會被批評,但最終還是有回報 的。你需要考慮很多不同的觀點,而且本會面對的挑戰鮮有一個 簡單的答案。值得留意的是,每位執行委員會的成員都是自願獻 出時間,大多數情況下仔細地研究對本會有效運作重要的議題。 會所章程和附例 為了令會所章程符合公司條例,下列四點將加進修訂的會所章 程中,以符合民政事務局的規定。經地政總署署長批准後,將 提交特別會員大會: • • • •

增加社區參與水上活動的機會; 支援本港的精英帆船運動員,並培訓有能力贏取本地、地 區和國際賽事獎項的新一代精英選手; 透過舉辦本地、地區和國際帆船賽事,提升香港的形象; 在本會和其營運中推廣可持續的原則和做法。

關於會費的特別會員大會 衷心感謝名譽司庫 Thomas Mueller 提出增加會費以確保本會財 務保持前進的議題。這顯然是一個具爭議性的問題,在舉行特 別會員大會之夜聽取了會員意見後,執行委員會召開了一次跟 進會議,徵求會員有關替代方法的建設性意見。我們正探討一 些有建設性的建議,包括:


1. 透過提供更好的會所設施,增加會員人數 2. 重新審議公司章程,允許本會招收超過1,500名會員 3. 從餐飲方面創造更多收入 從這些意見中明顯可見,為了證明改變有理—例如增加其他財 政收入—在決策過程之前和期間,執行委員會必須向會員全面 講解背後的理據。 為了更快地向前進,執行委員會決定改變行動方針,長遠採取 積極主動的態度,讓會員掌握最新的資訊,讓這些對本會有興 趣的會員有機會: • • •

在他們認為合適和適當時提出問題 以他們的專長或經驗協助本會 參與會務及擔任更積極的角色

3 June, 24 June, 8 July 22 July, 5 August

3 JUNE - 5 AUGUST Organizing Authority:

Title Sponsor:

Supporting Sponsor:

For enquiries, please contact the HHYC Sailing Centre at or 2719 0926 如有查詢,請聯絡本會航海訓練中心電郵至 或致電 2719 0926






我們的一致目標始終不變:保障本會的未來。考慮到這一點, 執行委員會希望: • 與具有相同理念和熱誠的會員展開對話 • 讓會員參與,特別是那些總體目標是維持本會長遠利益而 非短期利益的會員。




就執行委員會所知和了解的財政狀況,從10多年前起,本會的 主要收入來源是新會員的入會費。我們可以談很多,但始終這個 財政模式長遠來說不能保障本會的未來。我們想強調一點,就是 公司章程是有限制會員上限的,我們在後面的章節會再談。

現在,如果你對本會的長遠發展和願景有興趣的話,執行委員 會很高興你會繼續讀下去! 這封公開信的目的除了向大家概述一下本會的過去、現在和 未來之外,也為將於2017年8月XX日舉行的特別會員大會做準 備。我們希望將會參與下一次特別會員大會的會員可以細閱我 們發出的函件,並給予個人意見/評論/建議/選項等,我們 會盡量盡快解答和回應,並可能會向會員發出另一封公開信。

從本會的角度來看,這些要求意味着履行企業社會責任是獲得 和保住本會用地的唯一要素。如果我們未能履行企業社會責 任,本會便會被視為商業企業,落入商用地租金的適用範圍, 而我們也知道這意味着甚麼。對於不明所以的會員們,民政事 務局並不關心我們有沒有船在水上或岸位上,或水上活動的其他 事情。民政事務局只集中在:向不能負擔帆船運動和水上活動的 人士提供帆船活動和水上活動!而民政事務局只關心的是「這個 會所如何滿足這些需求?」

新會員——他們想要甚麼? 我們對潛在的新會員進行了一個人口統計分析。以下是我們發 現的一些事實:


可能不想改變的會員 許多會員的主要關注是有便宜的地方存放他們的船隻,所以他們 希望一切如舊。從統計數字來看,這些會員大多已是10至15年的 會員,許多人只花費在泊船的費用,甚至已不再使用本會設施。 基於他們的正式會員身份和集體投票權,如果他們希望的話,是 可以拒絕任何有關改變的提議。這個群組佔會員人數約 60%。

我們的目標是,在舉行下一次特別會員大會時,可以總結我們 的工作和會員希望我們作出的工作,為此,我們將避免對個人 提出的特定議題進行無休止的討論。希望所有出席的會員可聚 焦於本會的集體目標。

可能希望有改變的會員 這些就是現在維持本會生命的會員。本會盡一切辦法服務他們, 興建新的船架、嘗試擴展碼頭設施、提升和改善更衣室、改裝廚 房、計劃興建泳池等。事實上,本會致力實現他們的願景、需求 和要求,以挽留這些會員。這個群組佔會員人數約40%。

• •

學校:本會附近有許多學校對帆船運動有興趣。有些已把 學生送來訓練,有些正在商討中。 這些學生的家長投訴他們在等候子女期間不能使用本會的 餐飲設施,而他們絕對沒有興趣只是為了來看他們的孩子 便入會。 現今,潛在的會員都非常揀擇,他們往往會拿我們的 設施與其他會所比較。他們會調查我們是否有上佳的酒 吧和餐廳、足夠的更衣室、泳池、健身室和其他更多設 施。顯然憑我們現時所擁有的設施,本會並非任何潛在 新會員的首選。 我們收到一些潛在會員的要求,他們希望可以減低入會 費,他們的理據是他們並不認識會所的人,但希望可以結 識新朋友、建立人際網絡,最終成為資深普通會員,付出 與此相關的成本和享有優惠。 因此,我們正研究設立一個新的社交會員類別,除了每月 享有比其他會員較高的最低餐飲消費額之外,這個類別的 會員不可享有投票權或其他權利和優惠。但在這個選項之 下,該類會員可以選擇補上資深普通會員會費的差額,便 可享有普通會員的所有權利和優惠。

現在 以下是一些影響本會財政的一些人口統計上的改變: • 數年前打擊本港的銀行危機和金融危機直接和間接導致一 些會員有損失。 • 許多會員—部份是在本會花費了很多的活躍船員或水上活 動愛好者—選擇離開。 • 我們對面的會所中門大開,只要願意付出新會員入會費便 歡迎加入,以供會所繼續營運。 另一個重要的改變是政府開始審議批給會所的用地,例如我們 的用地(我們想引用一切事情的源頭,即是那所著名的香港高 爾夫球會)。民政事務局負責處理會所事宜,而第一套指示性 的規例誕生了。民政事務局負責的範疇包括:

就從「過去」開始吧 已加入本會超過10年或以上的會員,必定知道本會最初是為帆 船運動和水上活動愛好者而設的場所。由於缺乏資金,最初幾年 的運作對會員來說頗為艱難和具挑戰性。對於從那時起一直與本 會並肩魂今的會員,執行委員會對他們的努力和付出深表讚賞。 過往,本會有很多船員和喜愛本會所提供的水上活動的人士。 有很多會員使用本會的設施,並花費在帆船課程、餐飲和其他 方面。在那些年,會員人數穩定上升,入會費成為我們的主要 收入,所有事情看來進展良好。 後來,人口統計資料開始改變了。因為這個現象,本會的「錢 包」最先受到影響。


• • • •

社會和諧與公民教育 區域、社區和公共關係 康樂、體育和娛樂牌照 文化

本會面對的第一個嚴峻挑戰就是延長租賃協議。在審視我們的 租賃協議和延長租約時,香港政府部門發現本會在會所範圍興 建了未經批准的建築物,要求我們拆卸還原或恢復至批出租約 時的原貌。相信會員們仍然記得過去兩年的擾攘。 民政事務局強調,從今起任何會所都會以其對社區的貢獻作出 衡量,簡單來說,就是衡量本會現在或將來對社區、基層、貧 困和許多其他難以負擔但希望參與帆船運動和水上活動的人能 夠做些甚麼。


未來 本會已獲得延長租約的原則上批准,但要取得民政事務局的 明確批核,本會需要正式遞交申請。如前文所述,「企業社 會責任」是取得民政事務局的批核,令本會向前進的唯一關 鍵因素。 在執行委員會內設立了一個會所發展委員會,由副會長領 導,獲授權處理相關的民政事務局申請程序。會所發展委員 會正與項目經理 Cameron Hestler 一起努力,把以上的要求 和會所升級建議一一實現。在這裏要強調的是,Cameron跟 我們許多人一樣都是本會的會員。Cameron已貢獻了很多私 人時間處理民政事務局的申請,最近更超出了全職工作的時 間,所以獲得了小額報酬來補償他的一些支出。這完全符合 本會的條款和規則。 會員必須明白這是一項涉及許多外部機構的龐大項目。我們首 先要為新會所設定一個願景,然後必須取得香港政府的批准。 以為這一切和向民政事務局提出申請都是輕鬆工作的人,應考 慮到以下事項: • •




現時徵收的適量建築徵費是為了幫助增加資金,特別是要維持 保證資金,以供本會未來發展,目前這筆金額只像熱石頭上的 一滴水。它不足以彌補我們現有的建築物貶值,更未必可讓我 們節省資金以用於發展。 我們預計整個重建項目將需要本會的 大量投資。 我們也知道西貢公路將會由現時的兩線擴闊至四線行車,我們 要等待民政事務局的通知,才能知道擴闊工程對本會的影響。

1 餐飲部廚房 本會廚房所在位置的土地是與香港政府簽訂短期租約得來的。 簡單來說,這表示政府在有需要時可隨時徵用那幅土地。如果 本會收到民政事務局或運輸署的通知,我們便需要搬遷廚房。

3 變電站 我們的租約規定本會要有變電站。目前我們的電源是經變壓器 傳送,但這只是臨時的解決方法,長遠來說,我們需要興建一 個獨立的變電站。


盡職調查顯示,對本會的影響已即時反映在三方面: 1






民政事務局本身沒有明確的規章制度; 民政事務局會與其他部門處理我們的申請: †† 環境局 †† 勞工及福利局 †† 運輸及房屋局 †† 海事處 †† 其他機構、局、部門 為確保本會的申請獲接納,會所發展委員會必須確保我們 符合所有部門的要求(或至少符合我們所知涉及的部門要 求),並確保我們的建議符合他們的期望。

我們正處於準備大量文件提交予政府的最後階段。完成這項工 作後,便會着手展開一些建築和改善工程。這些工作將根據我 們的財務狀況和最迫切的需求,按仔細計劃分階段進行。 本會或會所發展委員會的目標是盡快提交申請,但我們不知道 民政事務局對我們延續會所租賃的確切要求。在這方面肯定需 要額外的投資。 重要的是,我們要繼續開展社區工作和活動,因為這些都會為 我們作為企業社會責任的一部分而加分。

2 本會的新車輛入口 我們百分百肯定必須要興建新的車輛入口,因為新的西貢公路 將會佔用現時車輛入口的坡道。

財務影響 即使我們仍有很多未知之數,但在這個階段我們已經知道的 是:這將令本會花費很多金錢!

目前有兩個可能的結果: (a) 最好的結果是有了新的車輛入口,我們的遊樂場可以保留 (b) 最壞的結果是遊樂場也需要搬遷,這表示我們同時面對兩 個難題

本會必須時刻保留一定金額的存款在銀行作為應急資金,確保 我們能支付營運開支和薪金。目前我們大約有兩倍金額。本會 也有一小筆年度盈餘。

此外,新的車輛入口一定要較現時的入口大,因為消防車也大 了,現時的車路太陡斜了,新消防車難以駛入。我們需要改建 入口以開闢緊急車輛通道。






†† 在會所的另一面興建一個包含所有設施的全新會 所;或

會員們可以想像,根據這個方程式,考慮到未知基本參數的事 實,要計劃和提出成本預算是非常具有挑戰性的。現階段我們 唯一可以肯定地說的是,在銀行的資金雖然足夠讓本會營運, 但是要應付這些裝修工程是沒有多大幫助的。最壞的情況是, 在解決了以上三個問題後,我們的額外資金會全部耗盡。

†† 在現有的會所進行龐大重建工程,加入新的元素, 例如泳池,以挽留現有的會員和吸引新會員。

在時間方面而言,即使我們在2017年7月底提交申請予民政事 務局,也可能要12個月後才會首次收到民政事務局的指示和要 求。任何行動都會在2018年7月才會開始,我們希望到時可用 的現金已增加。

我們進一步預計,需要六至12個月的時間來落實與上述三項工 程有關的條款和細則。到時已是2019年7月,我們到時可能已 有年度盈餘,但最壞的情況是,我們已動用了額外銀行現金來 支付該三項工程,即是我們的可用現金已所餘無幾。

• •

實際上,落實整個重建項目可能需要三至五年的時間。這時 候,本會必須計劃未來的重大資本支出,包括: •

老化的海事設施即將需要進行大維修,我們正評估需要投 入的金額。會員們應明白,這些設施一直是本會的收入來 源,如果它們不能再為我們賺錢,本會將出現大問題。 本會有很大機會被要求成立一個擁有課室和辦公室的實體 「航海訓練中心」,作為租約協議的一部份。這個項目 不會為本會帶來任何收入,而是必須免費提供。最壞的 情況是,我們需要改裝現時的會所。那麼,我們便需要:

出席特別會員大會的會員應記得我們展示過以下利潤中心: 利潤中心

















岸位設施: 海事設施的輪候名單很長,會員都期望本會有所行動。







新會員的入會費: 根據公司章程,本會的會員上限是1,500人。目前我們有 大約1,100名會員。前幾年本會收到很多新會員申請,基 本上所有願意支付費用的人的申請都會接受,但去年執行 委員會開始拒絕一些申請。現在我們希望尋找有明確意願 參與本會不同活動的會員,而並非只尋求有便宜地方泊船 的會員。如果我們要吸引更多願意為本會作出貢獻的會 員,便需要設立社交會員類別。




擴展海事設施:海灣的非法浮泊等情況令海事處受到壓 力。雖然我們以前提出的擴展海事設施申請被海事處拒 絕,但有跡象顯示現時海事處以不同的角度看待這事情。 然而,擴展海事設施需要大量投資。

另一方面,我們也在尋求積蓄。目前船廠和海事服務每年 都有虧損。很明顯,我們不能再在虧損的情況下為會員提 供服務,我們必須重新評估並相應把收費設定到至少達到 收支平衡。

1 現有會員的意識形態與潛在新會員期望的差異就是衝突 所在。以新會員入會費為基礎的創造收入模式已經結束。 2 部分會員可能會認為增加餐飲最低消費只是熱石頭上的一 滴水。但這滴水是滴在正確的方向,而執行委員會已決定展開 這個行動。所有不是企業社會責任一部份的部門或利潤中心至 少應達至收支平衡,而絕對不是每年虧損。 3 4 本會的收入來源是浮橋泊位、浮泡泊位和岸位收 費。為了做到透明度,執行委員會決定分開泊位費用和服務 費用。執行委員會正調整一些泊位費用,也會重新評估服務 費,即是船廠和海事服務中心,好使它們帶來些微盈餘。 5 泊車服務不僅在本會,而是在整個香港都是一個有利可圖 的業務。很可惜有些會員濫用了這個服務。他們把會員證交給朋 友,令許多不同的汽車都可以駛進本會。為了保安起見,我們需 要投資一個系統,追蹤誰人進出本會。 6 7 8 在特別會員大會上提及過數次,這三個中心是我 們向使用它們的當局和社區的企業社會責任一部份。我們會盡 力減少虧損,但事實上,這三個中心可以達至收支平衡的機會 是近乎零。 在這封公開信的尾聲,我們想強調一點,就是本會在未來數年 需要額外投資,以實現上述的本會發展計劃,以及符合政府的 法規和規則。我們需要增加餐飲的最低消費,也需要增加建築 徵費。這兩項決議案都會提交予於2017年8月舉行的下一個特 別會員大會。 執行委員會希望和鼓勵會員給予意見。如前述,我們會總結所 有問題,然後在另一封公開信中回覆。 此致 2016/2017執行委員會





LUCKY ESCAPE FOR HHYC THE RESERVOIR THAT NEVER WAS Words Dennis Bray Adapted from Hong Kong Metamorphosis Dennis Bray was a District Officer serving in Hong Kong in the fifties and sixties. In his book ‘Hong Kong Metamorphosis’ he makes reference to a proposed development, which had it been pursued would have had a catastrophic and indeed terminal effect on the founding of HHYC. In 1959, when he returned to Hong Kong after a second tour of duty, he was posted to what he described as the ‘hot’ little new district of Sai Kung, where it had been proposed that a new reservoir was to be built.

the Japanese occupation. Traffic, however, on this perilous jeep track down from the Clear Water Bay Road could only move one way and, if you missed the timing, you had to wait forty minutes for the next window of opportunity! A widened road was only opened for two-way traffic just before Chinese New Year in 1960—and it is 20 ft higher than it needs to be where it runs along the shore of Hebe Haven, so as to avoid its submersion in the rising waters of the reservoir that never was.

The proposal was to wall off a major inlet called Hebe Haven and turn it into a fresh water reservoir. Unlike Tai Lam Chung and Shek Pik, however, this was even then a relatively heavily populated area with several major villages on the shores of the bay, including Pak Sha Wan. Although Dennis did initiate talks with villagers about possible resettlement, the project, thankfully, never got off the ground. The Government decided that no reservoir would be built in Hebe Haven after all: Plover Cove was favoured instead. It was, therefore, thanks to this change of heart that we were able to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of HHYC just a few years ago.

Dennis Bray 是在五十和六十年代,服務香港的地方官。在其 著作《香港蛻變》中,他提到一項建議的發展項目,如果當 年獲通過,將會是白沙灣遊艇會(HHYC)的災難,甚至該會 也無法創立!1959年,當他第二次述職返港後,他被委以重 任,管理被他形容為「炙熱」的新小鎮——西貢,當時政府建 議在該處興建一座新水塘。

Without this major development, Dennis recalls that it left him in a tiny district with not much to do. Fortunately, although small, the district included the southern half of the Sai Kung peninsula, whose northern half he had got to know when posted to Tai Po, so he had a wonderful excuse to visit all the villages on the other side of the hills and enjoy the breathtaking scenery. At the time, the district had no major towns and only two roads. One was a good two-lane pre-war road down the length of the Clear Water Bay peninsula to a gun emplacement for the defence of the eastern approaches to Hong Kong. Dennis recalls that in the early postwar years, a permit was required to access this road as nearly the whole length of it was used as a dispersed ammunition store, where the munitions were stockpiled in little huts at intervals on alternate sides of the road. He described the main road to Sai Kung town as being a jeep track rejoicing in the name of ‘Hiram’s Highway’. According to Dennis, the road was built by the British armed forces in the very early postwar years as a reward for the resistance by the Sai Kung people during


建議打算在稱為白沙灣的綿長海灘上興建圍牆,使之成為一個 新的淡水水塘。有別於大欖涌和石璧,這地方當時人口已相當 密集,沿岸有數條村落,包括白沙灣。雖然Dennis曾嘗試就安 置方案與村民對話,但是最終項目沒有付諸實行。政府決定不 會在白沙灣興建水塘,而是轉為選址船灣。於是,全靠政府改 變初衷,我們幾年前才有機會慶祝HHYC成立50週年! 取消了這主要發展項目,Dennis表示在這小區,根本就沒有什 麼建設了!不過,西貢說來雖小,但是它卻包括西貢半島南部 幅員很廣的地方,半島北部則是大埔,於是他就可藉口探訪那 裡的村落,穿越山嶺,欣賞明媚風光。當時,西貢區尚未有 任何現代市鎮,只有兩條主要公路:其一是一條戰前雙線行車 公路,通往清水灣半島,到達香港東部軍事佈防重地。Dennis 回想在二戰結束之初,使用這條公路仍需要通行證,因為公路 沿線均散佈了軍火倉庫,簡陋的軍火庫就是由路旁的小屋搭建 而成。通往西貢市的主要公路,被他形容為一條吉普車通路, 稱為西貢公路。按Dennis所述,該公路是由英軍在戰後初年建 成,以答謝西貢居民在抗日期間作出的貢獻。然而,在這顛簸 的吉普車路,只能單線行駛往清水灣道,如果您趕不上它的行 駛時間,您就要等待40分鐘,才能再有機會前往!擴建後的雙 線行車公路在1960年農曆新年通車,其靠近白沙灣旁的路段, 在興建時特別加高了20呎,以免當時預計將興建的水塘氾濫。






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Hebe Jebes Jul/Aug 2017  

Hebe Jebes Jul/Aug 2017