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September 2019 • Vol 22 • Issue 9

Tri launches us to a stunning spring

In this issue... What a scenic starting point for the Rainbow Beach Tri held at Rainbow last month. The calibre of the entrants was outstanding with the winner of the mens, two-time World Champion Luke Harvey, and the female winner, Lucy Bowden, who also recently competed on the world stage. Ingi Doyle, our own local entrant in the women’s, shone, taking out first place in her age group and finished as she began - with a huge smile. The rest of the wrap-up in sport on page 37

ewah camping • Proposal to cut Te numbers y and the SLSC • Nippers, Open Da p m Bronze Ca your say! • The Stairs - have s unconscionable • Fishing proposal for local fishermen

Editor’s Note

Happy Spring Everyone! W

ELCOME TO SPRING everyone and already the weather is brilliant. Lovely to see so many visitors over the past month filling the cafe’s and enjoying our region. One of our leading stories for September is on page three and relates to the proposal to cap the number of visitors and campers to the Cooloola Recreation Area or Teewah Beach. Gympie Regional Council has sent out a survey to each home in Rainbow Beach regarding the future of THE stairs. See page four for details. Your vote counts. I’ve had a great time at the Rainbow Beach school this month with Book Week where I was the only one not dressed up, the World’s Greatest Shave with the amazing Ella who is on page five and I also got to meet little legends Mason and Jimmy - our kidpreneurs - their story on page six.

Environmental Group, who will be looking for solutions for the environmental issues the coast faces. Full story on page four. Our condolences go out to Jess and Greg Haring and family, on the loss of their mother, Anneliese Haring. Jess says: “For those that knew her, she was a force to be reckoned with, a woman who stood by her convictions and held us accountable, every step of the way.” Rest in Peace, Anneliese. And the great news is…...School holidays are nearly here and what a place to enjoy time off school! A chance to walk, run, ride, cycle, sail, surf, skate, dive and just have fun. The Surf Club is holding its first Open Day on Saturday September 7 from 8am2pm - come along and see what it’s all about. - details inside.

If you want to help out the school and the community, grab a friend or a table for the Trivia Night on September 6 at the hall - loads of prizes up for grabs.

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY Have fun, stay safe, drive smart and love your father for Father’s Day and every day.


The Rainbow Beach Chamber had a comprehensive meeting in August which produced a number of new initiatives including the creation of the new Chamber

OPEN Daily from 10am Membership Open Now


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Wide Bay Esplanade Rainbow Beach Qld 4581 2 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – September 2019

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Don’t cap numbers in our Shire, thanks Noosa A

S REPORTED IN THIS paper on October 3, 2018, a group called the ‘Teewah and Cooloola Working Group’ was formed to evaluate the number of visitors accessing Teewah Beach with respect to beach driving and camping. We were told the ‘working group’ was in place to assess ongoing impacts of visitors accessing Teewah Beach and the Cooloola Recreation Area, Great Sandy National Park and it was “simply an information sharing exercise at this stage”. We have now been advised that the ‘group’ has unanimously endorsed the decision to cap the number of drivers allowed to access the beach via Noosa at 1150 permits - down from 2300 - therefore a reduction of 50 percent. Furthermore, they have recommended reducing the maximum number of camping sites to 250 with a maximum size of 8 metres by 8 metres and with an increase in fees to cover the shortfall in the number of permits issued. Alarmingly, it now appears this is no

longer a ‘working group’ and without any consultation outside the group, a delegation led by Tony Wellington, Mayor of Noosa Council, met with Minister Enoch, the Minister for Environment and the Great Barrier Reef, Minister for Science and Minister for the Arts, and have formally submitted recommendations on behalf of the Noosa Gympie Region. Just as disturbing, these recommendations may also be used in the review of the Great Sandy Management Plan. Incredulously, the group has suggested that all future ticketing of the new system might be better handled by Tourism Noosa and Destination Gympie. In 2018, the income from fees paid for driving and camping from Teewah to Inskip Point totalled $4,182,510.00. The irony is that the Teewah camping zone starts from the Noosa Council boundary, and extends 15km up the beach, which means the entire camping zone is in the Cooloola Shire.

Any capping of camping and visitor numbers to the Cooloola Recreation Area, Great Sandy National Park will be at the expense of local business operators and is irresponsible and detrimental to all whose livelihood depends on tourist numbers. In 2018 there were 240,000 vehicles, excluding locals, who used the Noosa Ferry to cross from the south to Teewah/ Cooloola. Member for Gympie and Shadow Minister for Agricultural Industry Development and Fisheries and Forestry, Tony Perrett MP said: “I share the concerns of local businesses and residents that suggestions about introducing a cap on tourist numbers will unfairly impact the Cooloola Coast. There should be no net loss of visitors or camping numbers. Decisions shouldn’t be made based on knee-jerk reactions to the irresponsible behaviour of a few undesirable campers. “Abusing the privilege of accessing the beach should be adequately managed

Restricting numbers of visitors and campers to Teewah by 50 percent has been proposed by the Teewah and Cooloola Working Group Photo courtesy Luke Booth

or monitored by the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service and the Queensland Police Service. It is important that a few complaints will not impose further restrictions on the families, tourists and locals who currently enjoy the region. “The Coast is a desirable destination as a family-friendly, cheap, holiday destination for campers and beach enthusiasts. Changes cannot be dictated from Noosa, which has its own unique attraction which is very different to the Cooloola Coast. “Camping and adventure-based tourism and all their associated activities are a primary source in the economy of the Cooloola Coast and especially Rainbow Beach. Proposals which have an adverse impact on people being able to access the area have to be rejected. “It will have a significant effect on the economic viability of the area, which is already facing challenges from government imposed restrictions on the fishing industry.”

September 2019 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 3

To paint or not to paint – that is the question B

From little things, big things come

USINESSES IN Rainbow Beach are urged to join the Rainbow Beach Chamber of Commerce as it is the place to highlight current issues and the best way to create new effective strategies for the progress of our region. One of the outcomes from last month’s meeting was the establishment of an environmental working group to look at issues and actionable solutions which can be implemented into our local businesses. Group members of the new committee are Kristy Pamenter, Rob Gough, Martine Lokan, Fiona Worthington, Sarah Booth and Barb Rees, however they welcome help and input from other Chamber of Commerce members. Spokesperson Sarah Booth said: “If we can begin with our local businesses where we can effect change on a bigger scale and

pull policies already prepared it will filter down to our everyday life. Being conscious of our footprint in our own homes can make all the difference to the whole town. “There are groups already running programs, like the Surf Rider Foundation who have their ocean-friendly program for cafes. Members of the working committee run businesses from the top of Fraser Island down to the end of Teewah Beach and we see the issues first-hand. “The Chamber has given us a platform where we can research, pull together people and where we can effect change and initiatives – we want to be a solutionsbased group.” At the next Chamber of Commerce meeting the group will deliver their mission statement to the committee for support and would welcome new members.

The Rainbow Beach stairs as they are today with some helpful ‘extras’ who were happy to be in this photo by Garry Hewitt


YMPIE REGIONAL Council (GRC) are seeking views from residents on how you want the stairs to look and the outcome will be decided by the majority. If you are a resident of Rainbow Beach you should by now have received a survey form to vote on the outcome of the Rainbow Beach Stairs. If you haven’t received one, and you would like to vote, please contact Council on 1300 307 800 and they will send you one. Every home in Rainbow Beach is allowed to fill in ONE survey to determine their choice. A representative of the GRC said:

“Council agreed to paint and maintain the stairs in rainbow colours for a period of three years. It also agreed to engage with local residents to evaluate the impact of the painting of the stairs and determine any future artwork.” The surveys have a return date by September 6, however GRC will accept them until September 20. The GRC representative said: “Council will make a decision based on the majority view and advise residents of the outcome through the Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News.” So, let’s put this to bed, shall we?

4 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – September 2019

The RBCT Environment Group members, Sarah Booth, Barb Rees, Kristy Pamenter, Martine Lokan and Fiona Worthington welcome others to join them


Well done Ella! E

LLA JORDISON, is 11 and is certainly a hero. She took the plunge and joined the World’s Greatest Shave, and her mum Kirstie was entrusted with the clippers.

it’s Trivia Time!

The shave was held during parade at the Rainbow Beach School and Ella’s friends each cut off one plait - even Ella’s brother was allowed to snip one. Ella chose to participate in the event as her mum’s close friend has been diagnosed with a blood cancer and Ella wanted to help. Waimaria Te Tai (Mardia for short) is a young mother of three who has been living in Rainbow Beach for four years. Mardia was diagnosed with kidney cancer in 2018 and was booked in for surgery when they discovered she had blood cancer. They had to cancel the treatment and Mardia has been having chemotherapy on the Sunshine Coast for 10 weeks.

G She said: “I am having a spell at the moment to strengthen my immune system and become strong again.

Mum Kirstie was the only one trusted to shave daughter Ella’s hair for the World’s Greatest Shave, raising money for blood cancer

“My three children Arliyah-Grace, AJ and Xzavia who are 3, 5 and 6 years old give me the drive to fight this.” By fundraising for the World’s Greatest Shave, Ella felt she could help Mardia and would love to reach her goal of $2000. As we go to print, she is nearly up to $1700, so if you could dig deep she would love it.

If you pop onto to worldsgreatestshave.com, click the donate button and pop in the name Ella Jordison - as they say, every cent counts. Well done Ella and all the very best with your treatment Mardia.

ET READY to rumble. Stack your team and head to the Trivia Night at the Rainbow Beach Community Hall on Friday September 6, from 6pm. If you have been exercising your brain with crosswords, current affairs, the latest pop songs, or have been engaging in a little travel - then this one’s for you. The bar will be open and the cost is only $10 per person and tables are set for eight. You can book a full table or come along and just join a table of strangers who look clever! The entry price includes fruit and cheese platters, and all proceeds are going to the Rainbow Beach State School. Time to show off your skills at the Rainbow Beach State School Trivia Night and impress your friends. See you there! For more information or to book a seat or table, please call 0439 701 227.

September 2019 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 5

Kidpreneurs I

The Cooloola Coast Realty team celebrate ten years in business on the coast and also a new business in Cooloola Cove!


N THIS MELTING pot of characters that make up the Cooloola Coast, two young men stand out for their entrepreneurial spirit coupled with their legitimate concern for the environment. Mason Bignell (twelve) and Jimmy Bergin (nine), are together helping each other to clean up Rainbow while making a few dollars selling the cans and bottles they collect across the region. Mason is paying off his braces with the money he receives. He said: We want our kids to live in a better environment than us. There is a whole island in the ocean made up of plastic. We haven’t used plastic bags for five years and by starting with a little point, can go from there. I needed braces and so I can pay for them myself by collecting cans.” Jimmy has his own business cards, shirts and employs his two big brothers. He said: “I have

Happy 10th Birthday Cooloola Coast Realty

EE AND ANDY White from Cooloola Coast Realty recently celebrated their 10th birthday. They took on the business on August 1, 2009, and are very appreciative and grateful to the property owners, tenants, tradies and repeat holiday guests that have been with them the entire time. Two out of three of their full-time staff; Christine Druitt and Kim McIlroy have also been with them since they first took on the business. Celebrations included lollies, balloons, party hats and blowers – like a 10-year-old! Dee and Andy said, “We love what we do

saved thousands of glass and cans from getting into land-fill. I have grown my business from two clients to 23, and my card is at the IGA and the Manta Ray Barge so people call me. A huge thank you to Kroppy who let me put my bins at the Fishing Classic and also Rainbow Recovery - they are all my biggest supporters plus my clients.” Both boys said one of the most common problems is single use water bottles which make up the biggest percentage of rubbish, followed by Great Northern and Energy Drinks like V. Well done boys. If you can help them out with some cans or bottles give them a call: Jimbo is on 0467 901 125 and Mason is on 0484 020 804.

Mason Bignell and Jimmy Bergin, are together helping each other to clean up Rainbow Beach

and we look forward to the next 10 years here at Cooloola Coast Realty.” Coincidentally, they have just opened a new office at the Cooloola Cove Shopping Centre. They have a sales agent, Janet Stadegaard, who is on hand to assist both buyers and sellers to achieve a great outcome. Dee and Andy are also offering Property Management Services across the Cooloola Coast, including Gympie and surrounds with their new Property Manager, Debra Mason. Debra has a wealth of experience having worked in the region for over a decade.

Visitors Welcome www.tcbcc.com.au Ph: 07 5486 4231

6 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – September 2019

Fri 6th 7pm Junctions Road Duo Music from old through to today Fri 13th “BLACK FRIDAY” 7pm Miss Leading Four piece band performing blues, funk, Rock & Soul Sat 14th 6pm Limeburners Classic Rock ‘n’ Roll 60’s 70’s & Rock & Country Sat 14th 4:30pm BAREFOOT BOWLS All Welcome, $10 /person, Includes Snacks, Phone Hilly for details 0412 134 752 Fri 20th 7pm Whiskey Mountain Boys Performing their own Hillbilly Thumping version of well known party songs Sat 21st 6pm One For the Road Rock & Roll, Rockabilly, Country & Classic Rock Fri 27th 7pm Sneeky Pete Well known favourites form the 60’s to now Sat 28th 6pm Dean Gray Acoustic Guitarist performing Jazz, Blues, R&B, Reggae, Soul and Motown.

It’s a ripper to be a Nipper! By Fiona Worthington


ARLIER THIS YEAR our youngest child, Emma, completed her final season as a Nipper at Rainbow Beach Surf Life Saving Club, her 10th Season and my 12th Season as a parent/ volunteer. Some Sunday mornings it was difficult to get out of bed, motivate the kids and ourselves to hit the beach rain, hail or shine. Those Sunday mornings are well worth it. The highlights were watching them grow in confidence and as they turned into teenagers, becoming role models for the younger Nippers. There were times when there were tears after being beaten, tears when being pounded by waves on a board and tears when being rescued by the IRB when the swim became too much. But

there were also smiles and laughter. There were times when they thought about giving it away and times when I felt life was too busy to fit Sunday mornings in to our schedule, but we did. These years and sacrificing a little personal time have paid off. Proudly now, I watch as my two former Nippers patrol the beach on a weekend, undertake rescues, provide water safety for younger Nippers and share their love of Surf Lifesaving with others. They juggle school, part-time jobs and volunteering. And I sit back and smile proudly at the admirable young people they and their Surf Club peers have become. After 12 seasons our family will not be hanging up their Nipper caps and clipboards, we have witnessed firsthand

Sign on days September 21 and 29, 2019, 10am - 11.30am at the Rainbow Beach Aquatic Centre followed by Run, Swim, Run Competencies on the beach for members who wish to participate in the Rainbow Beach Nipper Carnival October 19, 2019. Nippers commences on the beach 8.30am Sunday October 6, 2019.

what being a part of this organisation is about and we will all continue to give our time to watch the next generation of kids achieve, enjoy and conquer Nipper Awards, Surf Rescue Certificates and Bronze Medallions. So join our family on the beach this

James Worthington loved being part of the Rainbow Beach Surf Club Nippers team

coming season and sign your family up to Nippers. Give your children the opportunity to grow and develop in a healthy environment.

Surf Club OPEN DAY! I

T’S NO SECRET that we all love the Rainbow Beach Surf Life Saving Club and for the first time they are opening their doors for the world to see how much fun it is to be a clubbie. Mark Saturday September 7 in your diaries and the club is open from 8am to 2pm. You will get to have a chat to the life savers and ask them questions. There will be lots of information on Nippers, awards, what is a proficiency and how do you get your Bronze Medallion.

You will be able to have a look around the dorms where you can stay when you do a patrol - what a location! There will be ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) and IRB (rubber ducky) displays, plus you will see how learning first aid is an asset for you and your family. Come and say g’day on Saturday September 7 from 8am. If you have any questions or need to make another time, just contact the Surf Club Admin on 07 5486 3249 or email surf@rainbowbeachsurf.com.au

September 2019 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 7

Sound of Teen Spirit will be foreshore fab T

Caramel are the latest winners of the AICM Battle of the Bands and will be smashing out some original melodies. Ash Pel made her SoTS debut last year and will be back again bigger and better after winning the 2018 Woodford Folk Festival Talent Quest. Aura Jade is making a first-time appearance and Cooloola’s Got Talent Most Memorable Takeaway award winner, Max, is gracing the stage again. There are still spots available for any youth wanting to take the leap and perform live. Call/text Jess Milne on 0411 218 254 if you are interested!

HE ANNUAL Sound of Teen Spirit concert is going outdoors for the afternoon on Saturday September 28. Kicking off at 2pm in Lions Park, beside the Tin Can Bay library, the free entertainment will be nonstop with a variety of performances as well as the usual YAP games and comps. The BBQ will be burning so support the cause with a bite to eat. Left: Winner of the 2018 Woodford Folk Festival Talent Quest, Ash Pel, will be performing at the Sound of Teen Spirit Concert on September 28



N A NEW INITIATIVE to inspire local youth who are interested in music, the Youth Advocate Program (YAP) sponsored entry fees for three aspiring musicians to attend the Cooloola Community Orchestra. Lily Rose, Anjelica and Max enjoyed an afternoon of classical greats with a couple of modern numbers all played live. Max was especially eager to hear In the Hall of the Mountain King as he’d performed the exact same piece at the Cooloola’s Got Talent showcase! Anjelica said “she could feel the energy from the music right through her body” and left wanting more! Next time the orchestra is in town YAP will be offering free tickets to youth who would like to experience live classical music, so register your interest quick as there are limited places, call/text Jess Milne on 0411 218 254. YAP sponsored three aspiring musicians, Lily Rose, Anjelica and Max to attend the Cooloola Community Orchestra

Cooloola Connect with BUSHkids O

N SEPTEMBER 11 at the Tin Can Bay RSL, from 10am-12pm, the Cooloola Connect Meeting will have Raelene Ensby, Senior Community Engagement Officer with BUSHkids as the guest speaker. Raelene is a strong advocate for families and encourages them to empower themselves to support not only the family and the special needs child, but themselves in their journey. She will be discussing and sharing information about the NDIS and what BUSHkids can offer your family.

With the NDIS being progressively rolled out across Queensland, this is a perfect opportunity to find out more about Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) of which BUSHkids is the NDIS partner and contracted to provide the service. Facilitated by Carley O’Donnell from the Gympie Region Volunteer Centre, the Cooloola Connect meetings are open to all community groups, volunteer-involved organisations, schools, residents and local businesses.

8 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – September 2019

“These meetings are for the residents of the Cooloola Coast to network, share information, discuss ideas and topics as well as receive valuable information regarding relevant issues,” Carley explained. To RSVP contact Carley on 0408 992 822 or email: volunteer@chsn.org.au Carley O’Donnell encourages everyone to attend the September Cooloola Connect networking meeting

The Aquatic Centre is open this week!

Some of the beautiful blooms on display at the flower show

Get ready for the 2019 Flower Show

Cheryl Zunic Phone 5486 8070


HE LOCAL AMBULANCE Committee will be holding its annual Flower Show on Saturday October 5 at the Tin Can Bay Community Centre. The doors will open at 9.30am with the presentation to prize winners at 2pm. Flower and plant entries can be delivered to the Centre between 2pm and 5pm the previous day, Friday October 4. Entry forms will be available at various retail outlets, including both libraries, and can also be obtained at the Community Centre on Friday. The committee looks forward to having your beautiful flowers

and plants on display. A photography competition will be part of the show and, as always, will showcase the remarkable talent in the local area. Entries for the photography section can be left at Jilly’s in Tin Can Bay and at the Rainbow Beach Library. The public support for the show is much appreciated as all proceeds go towards helping our Cooloola Coast Ambulance Service. There will be stalls, raffles and plants for sale as well as morning and afternoon teas. Live entertainment will also be provided by our local music groups. So please come along and spend a very pleasant few hours among all the garden lovers and keen photographers in our community.

Pool Manager BJ is excited all the repairs are done and the pool is now sparkling and OPEN


ELL THE TIME has finally arrived and the aquatic centre is ready to open. Our first open day is September 4, 6.30am and we are ready for our keen swimmers. The pool will not be heated as the spring sun will soon warm it for us. Learn to Swim, Swim Club and Squad sign-on will be September 14, 10am to 1.30pm. There will be a BBQ on offer, face painting and free entry plus a free assessment for anyone signing up. If you wish to enquire about Aqua

Aerobics, Learn to Swim for adults or stroke correction, please don’t hesitate to drop by the centre as we cater for all swimmers. Mums and bubs will be available in the warmer months ahead. Looking forward to seeing you all splash into spring at the Rainbow Beach Aquatic Centre. Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 6.30 to 11am and 3 to 5.30pm; Saturday 9am to 2pm. Phone 54863191 and press 3 for Aquatic Centre.

September 2019 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 9

Creative Cuts Artyball 2019

Dean Gray performs

Space Girls lift off!

Solo entertainer and musician Dean Gray has been part of various musical acts over the years. Playing guitar and vocals as a solo performer, with duos and trios, plus four-, six-, and ten- piece bands in Australia, Asia, and the USA. He sings and plays all styles of music from Jazz, Blues, R&B, Reggae, Soul and Motown. He also covers many different artists from old classics to current pop artists and has previously worked ship contracts for Royal Caribbean Cruiselines, sailing out of New York, Miami, Florida, Los Angeles and San Francisco. See Dean perform at the TCB Country Club on Saturday September 28.

An all-female contemporary music festival, Space Girls, presents their Satellite Party on Friday, September 13 from 4-11pm at the Gympie Civic Centre. The Space Girls Festival: Satellite Party, is an allages celebration of 100% women-led production, programming and performance. Tickets at spacegirlsfestival.com - $22 concession/ $35 full price, kids 10 and under free! Pictured: Space Girls Headliner, Jaguar Jonze, will perform for the Satellite Party.

The Rainbow Beach Artyball is back for 2019 to celebrate the colourful characters of Rainbow Beach! Mark your calendars for Saturday November 16 at the Rainbow Beach Sports Club. The idea is to paint, draw, sew, plait or build a picture of someone in Rainbow Beach - it must be a local character or personality, and of course you need their permission. Any artistic mediums are considered, any age is welcome and entry is free. The winner will receive the most votes as its Peoples Choice. Stay tuned for more news next month. Contact Leonie Kent 0407 529 624, email: jayleonie@ bigpond.com Pictured: Entries for the 2018 ArtyBall were worthy of the Archibald Prize with Garry Hewitt taking out the winning entry.

10 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – September 2019

p the very bottom contact

Music Plus returns

We look forward to welcoming all our usual friendly audience and all our musicians and of course plus much more! Bring along your friends! We have had enquiries from people who have moved into the area and look forward to meeting them and possibly hearing their music too. All music lovers are invited and encouraged to participate in our singalong numbers and if you would like to offer a couple of items yourself, then that would be most welcome. Don’t miss our particular brand of interesting arrangements of old songs, as as new oladeswell to the adinterpretations. under the I’m sure there will be old favourites for you to enjoy and we hope to have a warm and welcome

first Music Plus Night on Thursday September 26 at 7pm! Any questions call Pam Graham: 0427 180 649 or e-mail: kcisf327@gmail.com Pictured: Debbie on Flute, Len on Harmonica and Pam on piano.

Coolabay Choir This choir will resume rehearsals at the Veterans’ and Community Hall on Wednesdays at 3pm on September 4. We have been asked to perform at several venues in the area and we look forward to meeting all our friends again. This is a very friendly but fiercely musical

group, with lots of input and enthusiasm. It is a privilege to work with this collection of keen musical people. Please come and join us if you enjoy singing in harmony, and meet these wonderful people.

’Playground’ light sculpture by the sea ‘Playground’ is a maze of artwork comprised of lighting trusses that suspend acrylic mirrors and clear screens that reflect and hold video streams and it will be in Rainbow Beach on October 5 from 6.30pm to 9pm at the Community Hall. The artist, Paul Hagan who is travelling from Sydney to create the exhibition will make the installation a wandering type experience with the audience engaged in the content as they move from screen


to screen; the mirrors are used to reflect colourful elements of the light and sound components. Paul is honoured to be able to present his work in Rainbow Beach, with what is promised to be a very exciting exhibition. There is no need to book and it’s only a gold coin donation. The event will be held over three days from 5.30pm till 9pm on October 5, 6 and 7 at the Rainbow Beach Community Hall.


HORSE RIDES 2018 WINNER “Tourism Award” Chamber of Commerce 2017 WINNER “Tourism Award” Chamber of Commerce 2016 WINNER “Tourism Award” Chamber of Commerce 2015 WINNER RUNNER UP “Tourism Award” Chamber of Commerce. 2014 RUNNER UP “Tourism & New Business of the Year” Chamber of Commerce 2013 WINNER “New Business of the Year” Chamber of Commerce




COUNTRY RIDES Whether you have dreamt of riding along the beach or in the country, Rainbow Beach Horse Rides can create the perfect, unique experience for you. Rainbow Beach and Mount Goomboorian offer perfect riding loca ons and riding op ons from a beach ride to a full day country ride and anything in between. Riding quality horses along this beach is a once in a life me experience. We have the only permit to ride a horse on this pris ne stretch of coastline, the only place in the world where two biospheres meet. Tick this off your bucket list today. Thank you so much for this incredible experience it really is a must do when you're in the area! We absolutely loved it!

w: www.rbhr.com.au e: info@rbhr.com.au

September 2019 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 11

Rainbow Beach Police Beat by Senior Constable Michael Brantz

Always better to be safe than sorry


AST YEAR A friend gave me a ‘hot tip’ – advising me to invest in gold bullion. I ignored the advice, and have been kicking myself ever since, particularly as gold has recently climbed exponentially past $2000 per ounce (for the first time ever). Maybe if I’d had a better understanding of global finance I could have better predicted the future, but alas – as the saying goes – “it’s easy to be wise in hindsight…”

What happened next (in Rainbow Beach) was perhaps also a predictable consequence of the spike in gold prices: a metal detector was stolen. Armed with a basic understanding of supply and demand theory, it seems even thieves have been watching the markets and selecting targets accordingly: stealing gold (or in this case just the ability to find gold). This particular thief walked past numerous expensive tools and other

valuable items – selecting only the metal detector. If anyone has any information please let us know. Now as I’ve mentioned, I’m no good at predicting global financial trends, and this is obviously not a ‘financial advice’ column – so I’m not going to recommend any stocks! But I do spend time looking at local crime trends – and as a result I have a ‘hot tip’ of my own for you: invest in … property security. Lock your doors and windows

and secure valuables such as jewellery (gold just hit $2232 per ounce as I write this…!) If the above story points to any kind of trend, and you had to make a confident prediction for the future, it’s this: thieves will continue to look for a quick and easy buck. Taking a few precautionary measures might be a little inconvenient, but, as another saying goes… “it’s better to be safe than sorry…”

Honouring Kath and helping victims of domestic violence


O HONOUR THE memory and legacy of Gympie Local, Kath Walsh, the WCNAA is hosting the launch of Kath’s Gift.

retreats for women in our community who are affected by domestic violence and bullying.

Kath’s Gift is a community-based initiative which will provide holistic programmes to domestic violence survivors, at no cost, through its Wellness programme which includes gardening, art therapy and non-violent communication, all designed to promote self-healing and nurturing for domestic violence survivors.

The WCNAA is very honoured to have been chosen to fulfill the dream of Kath Walsh, a well-regarded local whose vision was to create a safe place of recovery and reconnection for domestic violence survivors.

Women’s Circle Network Association Australia (WCNAA) was established in 2018 to provide access to workshops and

On September 18, 2019 at 12.30pm all are welcome to attend the launch in the grounds of Welcome to the Big House, 40 Bazzo Road, Pinbarren. Light refreshments will be provided,

12 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – September 2019

so for catering numbers, please RSVP through our web page: kathsgift.com.au or via our Facebook page “kath’s gift” and you can connect with the WCNAA on 0477 29 0727.

“Somewhere deep inside a quiet voice buried in the rubble whispered, “you need to get out of here”, and I did eventually through strength, determination and support” Christine, DV survivor

The vivacious and warm Kath Walsh, whose legacy will provide holistic health for domestic violence survivors

A hardy climber


Pandorea Jasminoides LIMBING PLANTS can be used very effectively in a garden. They can be photograph by Mary Boyce trained over arches or beams to shade and enhance a pergola and used to cover This is a hardy climber that tolerates unattractive fences or walls. most soils and will cope with full sun, Climbers make a good windbreak or but prefers a little shade. Watering and screen once established, or in a very level mulching during the summer will keep the garden can simply add a vertical element soil moist, protect roots and limit weed of interest. growth. Use a native fertiliser in early For horizontal effect, plant them so they spring to stimulate flower production and trail over a bank or border to soften the prune after flowering . edges. If you provide strong scaffolding for vigorous climbers and limit their incursion City Farm, opposite the Community into other plants by regular monitoring Centre, on Tin Can Bay Road, is open to and occasional pruning, you will make the the public for plant sales on Tuesday, most of these versatile plants. Wednesday and Thursday from 8amMichiel. Our plant of the month is Pandorea 3pm, 07 5486 2304, ccfni09@gmail.com, Michiel. jasminoides of Cove, beauty)TinanCanwww.cooloolacityfarm.org Rainbow Beach, (Bower Cooloola Bay, Michiel. attractive vineCooloola with dark, Cove, glossy leaves Rainbow Beach, Tin Can Bay, Please note: During winter, City Farm Rainbow Beach, Cooloola Bay, and large pale pink or whiteCove, flowersTin withCanwill be open Tuesday, Wednesday and a deep red throat. Flowering occurs spring Thursday. At the beginning of spring, we very welcome? to summer and the fruit is an oblong will open Friday as well. very welcome? capsule. We are a cash-only organisation. very welcome?

Buy in bulk and save Buy Buy in in bulk bulk and and save save Shop local and help each other Shop Shop local local and and help help each each other other

A large range of environmentally A range A large largeAustralian range of of environmentally environmentally friendly made products. friendly Australian friendly Australian made made products. products.

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Whatever you need, come Whatever and see usyou andneed, we will do Whatever you need, come and see us and do whatever we can to getwe it will for you. come and see us and we will do whatever we can to get it for you. whatever we can to get it for you. Delivering to Rainbow Beach, Delivering to Rainbow Beach, Delivering toTin Rainbow Beach, Cooloola Cove, Can Bay, Gympie Cooloola Cove, Tin Can Bay, Gympie Cooloola& Cove, Tin Canareas Bay, Gympie surrounding & surrounding areas & surrounding areas Opening Hours 7.30am to 4pm Opening Hours 7.30am to 4pm Opening Hours 7.30am to 4pm

New owners Michiel Pratt and Julie Bailey-Pratt New owners Michiel Pratt and New Pratt and Julie JulieinBailey-Pratt Bailey-Pratt areowners also theMichiel Owners of SunChem Gympie. are also the Owners of SunChem in are also the Owners of SunChem in Gympie. Gympie.

Call us 07 5486 3607 Call Call us us 07 07 5486 5486 3607 3607

September 2019 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 13

Vietnam Veterans Day recognised in Rainbow Beach and Tin Can Bay

Veterans and Community Morning Tea


T’S NOW SEPTEMBER, the weather is heating up and Christmas will be upon us before we know it! It’s like a broken record but hopefully the Veterans’ Retreat (Veranda) will be open, I am sure it won’t be long till all the approvals have been granted and it is up and running. With the weather improving it will be a great place to sit and relax. We had a good crowd for Vietnam

Veterans Day in August with a few staying on for the BBQ. The raffle was won by Ken the Butcher from Tin Can Bay, congratulations. Thank you to Mark McDonald from Gympie Regional Council for attending. Our Veterans and Community Morning Tea has been quite successful, with over 50 turning up for the last one. This month it falls on Tuesday September 10. Keep coming, we enjoy having you, and Laurence will be playing again. All our regular events are happening, Carers Day on Tuesday September 3, Drop-In Centre every other Tuesday and Wednesday and BBQ on Sunday, with raffles and music. We have now started a raffle on Friday night to complement the Member’s Draw, drawn at 6:15pm. It is for a $50 voucher valid for the Thirsty Camel which can be used either at the pub in Tin Can Bay or used at the bottle shop in Cooloola Cove, just $1 a ticket, drawn on the night. Come and enjoy the bar snacks and the company, maybe get the Member’s Draw, so far, we have had two winners, got to be there to win it! See you at the Sub Branch. David Grice, Maureen Costello OAM and Cr Mark McDonald honour the Tin Can Bay Vietnam Veterans

14 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – September 2019

Attending the Rainbow Beach Vietnam Veterans Day service were David Collins, Laurie Smith, Rev Ingrid Busk, Trevor Ansell, Joe Casey, Len Vickery, Pat Nayler OAM, John Molkentien, Ron Organ Photo: Courtesy Elizabeth Armstrong

Rainbow Beach commemorates Australian Defence Force Service in Vietnam

Elizabeth Armstrong for the Rainbow Beach RSL Sub Branch


N SUNDAY, August 18, 2019, veterans, families and visitors attended the commemoration for Vietnam Veterans Day at the Rainbow Beach cenotaph. Hosted by the Rainbow Beach RSL Sub-Branch, the ceremony remembered veterans and those who lost their lives serving in the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and associated services engaged in the Vietnam War. The Australian

Government committed the ADF to the war from 1962 to 1975. Vietnam Veterans Day is a reminder of the historical service of our Nation in international contexts of conflict and war. We are encouraged to support a culture of awareness, understanding and care about the Vietnam War ADF, allied service people and their families and the ongoing effects of that war on their respective physical, psychological and spiritual well-being, lest we forget.

Welcome to the incoming QCWA committee! Judy McAllister Treasurer, Linda Murphy Cottage Convenor, Lorraine Bishop Vice President, Jill Facer Vice President, Dawn McGinley Vice President, Wendy Ritchie President, Julie Ashcroft QCWA Division President


QCWA hosting High Tea at Cathy House

UGUST HAS BEEN a big month as we had our AGM and special guest Pam Bauer, our returning officer, along with our Division President, Julia Ashcroft and guests welcomed in our new team. We thank them all for helping us to have a very strong leadership for our year ahead. Our next fundraiser is a High Tea being held at Kathy House on October 9 from 10am till 12 noon. Price per ticket is $10 which will be limited to 50 tickets. We ask that you all bring your own cup, saucer and plate as fancy and unique as you want, as there will be a prize for best presentation. There will be a door prize and raffles to be won and proceeds will be for our support of the Queensland Rural Crisis Fund. Tickets will be sold at our QCWA Hall on September 4, 9, 18 and October 2, between 12 and 1pm.

Craft days are becoming very popular and fun with Diamond Painting, Trauma Teddies and Octopuses under the wonderful direction of Dianna our Craft leader. Following a news article regarding “knitted jumpers” urgently needed for our baby penguins on Phillip Island, Victoria, we now have a knitting pattern from the Foundation.This is due to climate change and therefore will be an ongoing project. Patterns will be available from Wendy: 0412 547 043. Important dates to remember: Craft first Monday of the month, 10am; Hoy third Wednesday of the month 10am $7 entry, lucky door, raffle prizes. The QCWA Hall is located at 18 Whiting Street, Tin Can Bay, for more information contact Dawn on 0434 518 836.

September 2019 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 15

16 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – September 2019

A BIG What is THANK Probus all about? YOU P

ROBUS IS MADE UP of two words, “Professional” and “Business”, and was set up originally by the Rotary Club in England for the benefit of retiring Rotarians who were looking for a club where they could meet and mix for social events and mental stimulus. Since those early days Probus has expanded to the Philippines, New Zealand and Australia. Probus is now open to all retirees and semi-retirees. Each club is autonomous but carries on under the general guidelines set down by Probus South Pacific Limited. Each club engages in a variety of activities for the benefit of members, whether it be lunch at a local venue or attending community events, such as the recent meeting conducted by the Public Health Network. The photo shows three of our members (Jo Said, Arthur Leggo and Katrina van den Brenk) attending this event. Our meetings are held at the Sandcastle Motel at 2pm on the second Monday of the month. For further information please call Jo on 0428 762 57 or Kaye on 0421 648 129.


HE MEMBERS of Neighbourhood Watch would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the fabulous work over the last few years of dedication by the previous committee members, Area Coordinator, Sue Johnson and Treasurer /Secretary, Brian Johnson. Our love goes to Sue and Fay for our loss of Brian. Many thanks to the participants who raised their hands to fill this important position at the AGM, Fax Dixon, Di Simpson and Jane Lister. All locals are very welcome to attend our meetings.

Jo, Arthur, Katrina at the My Aged Care talk with Probus

We still have “hooning” in cars, particularly in Cooloola Cove. Our local police have been very busy with speeding offences, unregistered vehicles, unlicensed drivers and a good number of drug offences.

See the dolphins this holidays by Norma Sanderson

Please, if you see any of this behavior going on, ring the police. If you think it is life threatening ring 000, or otherwise ring 13 14 44.


VEN WITH THE cold mornings during August, we were still welcoming a lot of visitors to the Dolphin Centre. Many European families travelling, and of course the southerners escaping their cold weather.

Contact: Fay 5488 0514 or Di 0408 599 477.

Some days the dolphins were a little late, but a good mix: Mystique and Patch would come in first and then a little later Ella and Joe would turn up. Aussie and Luna hadn’t been as frequent as last month at feeding time but would come in after 10am. Perhaps the cooler temperature does have some effect on their timing. A wonderful experience for our visitors

Spring E U G O CATAL


$399 Carina Single Seater Click Clack 2

$2799 Carrington Powered Modular Corner Lounge $1399 Courtenay 2 Seater Powered

Twin Action Lounge

Powered lounges that offer fantastic comfort and its brings a fresh new look understated design to any modern decor. Upholstered soft fabric the lounge is in a luxurious, available as a 2 or 2.5 seater. 2 Seater Twin Action Lounge W1520xD900xH920mm

$1599 2.5 Seater Powered Twin Action Lounge




smoke grey

to see the two calves “Joe” and “Luna”. They are growing so well that from a distance they are hard to distinguish from their mothers. I wish to thank all the volunteers for taking on extra days while so many of us have either had sickness or on holidays. It is a delight to work with you all and these dolphins. We do meet so many interesting locals and visitors.



Convenient chair that converts from a lounger to a full single bed. W1070xD910xH840mm


Made to suit the modern family, the Carrington features two 2 electric recliners, on either end of the lounge, drop-down tray with 2 flip up lights, 2 power points and a USB charging point. The console has a built-in storage section and adjustable LED touch light.

2 & 3 Seaters also available

$599 Benowa 2 Tone 5pce Fixed Dining Suite Classic style dining suite.Extension version also available. Table size: W1070xD1070xH750mm


Arndell Lift Chair

TV Unit, coffee & console tables Windsor Dining and Living Range $1199 1800 Rectangular Dining Table. $169 3 Drawer Buffet av also ailable! W1800xD1000xH760mm W1500xD460xH850mm


Simone Mega Sofa with Reversible Chaise

Solid timber construction with pocket coil seats and timber legs. Conveniently combine the ottoman with the sofa to make an additional bed when required. Available in 5 colours. Sofa with chaise W3310xD1710xH880mm $349 Ottoman W1920xD750xH450mm

visit us at www.daviesfurniturecourt.com

(07) 5482 1848

Classy and Stylish lift chair with timber arms. 110kg weight capacity. Available in 4 colour options - Ash, Jett, Mist or Graphite.

interest free options available *Conditions apply. See instore for details

3 - 5 Horseshoe Bend, Gympie, QLD 4570


September 2019 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 17

Goodbye from Saturn Antennas

Margaret and Peter Grant

revoir, u a , ra a n o y sa l, el w re Goodbye, fa ate. m a y e se , in ig jo , en h se auf wieder


HE TIME HAS COME for us to hang up the boots. For 21 years, we have been manufacturing the Saturn Antenna here in Rainbow Beach. As of September 30, we are retiring. There is probably not one town or camping spot around Australia that this iconic antenna has not visited. We take great pride to say that this Australian Made antenna is made right here in our beautiful town. We started from very humble beginnings down in the industrial area. Have a laugh with us as we take you on our journey of growth and change. This is the first year in 21 years that we have not attended Caravan Camping shows

18 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – September 2019

around the country. We have had so much fun sharing our travels with you all via this great local paper. We have attended shows from Darwin to Cairns to Hobart to Perth and all points in between. In that time, we have seen much of this amazing country. But what was more special was the people we have met and the friends we have made. Thank you, our readers, customers, friends and acquaintances for your support. We will still be living here – where else would we find such a beautiful environment with great people – so make sure you say HI next time you see us down the street. Cheers, Peter and Margaret Grant

September 2019 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 19


Below is Tye Gruber with sons Max and Oscar.

Fathers Day!

Over 60’s have lots going on in September

Over 60’s enjoying morning tea: Pam Russell, Pat Nayler, Carmel Darcey, Jenny Killalea, Don Pascoe. Right side front: Lil Kahl, Del Nayler, Annette Collins, Margaret Cudahy, Ray Kahl


E ALL MET AT President Dorothy’s home for our August meeting and AGM. The morning tea table ended up loaded with lots of yummy treats. As usual a good chat and catch up, over our morning tea. This month we are off to the Brolga Theatre on the 22nd, to a Morning Melodies session - this is a tribute to Julie Andrews. Our yearly trip to the Strawberry Farm, will be on September 18. We are planning to pick our kilos of strawberries, and then have morning tea. AGM results - Dorothy Pascoe remains in the President’s chair, Vice President Keith Sykes, Ray Kahl Secretary, our new Treasurer is Val Duignan. Carmel our past Treasurer for the last three years, will be leaving the area in the

new year, and we wish her all the best in her new home. Dorothy thanks all committee and club members for their support throughout the year. The AGM was followed up with more food, chicken and corn soup, pumpkin soup, hot dinner rolls, and then of course desserts, yogurt tarts, butterscotch pudding and the leftover morning tea, cakes, slices and scones. Needless to say no-one was going to be looking for more than a cuppa for their evening meal. Our next meeting will be back at the Rainbow Beach Surf Club on September 3 at 10am. Anyone wanting information about our friendly group please phone Dorothy on 4586 2357, or just come along.

Helpers needed at the Hall T R U OK? DAY

Thursday 12 Sept 2019 - Get involved Lifeline - 13 11 14 - Call 24/7 for crisis support

20 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – September 2019

HE RAINBOW BEACH Community Centre is seeking some help if anyone is happy to give a small amount of their time to assist with volunteering for events at the hall, and also to run the office. Three events coming up in September at the hall will be:

- Trivia Night at 6pm on September 6, put on by the Rainbow Beach State School; - Wellness Expo on September 22 and; - Craft Market will be held on Saturday September 28, 8am to 1pm.

September 2019 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 21

Health, Fitness, Beauty & Wellbeing Pilates Mat & Equipment Personal Training Group Training Functional Movement Training Rehabilitation to Fitness doTERRA Essential Oils Wellness Advocate Please call Sarah Booth today to discuss your needs

Ph: 0432 690 194


suncoast PODIATRY Specialists in: Ÿ General and Diabetic Foot Care Ÿ Ingrown Toenail Treatment Ÿ Biomechanics/Orthotics

Servicing Rainbow Beach and Cooloola Coast for over 10 years!

e Visits Call 5483 7881 for Appointment Hom Available! The Professional Centre, Dolphin Avenue Shopping Complex, Tin Can Bay

Stay on your feet A

T COOLOOLA COAST PILATES they’ve started a new class for the over 60’s age group. They began as a chair-based exercise class but quickly came to realise the chair moves weren’t going to get everyone to their goals. The class has been renamed Seniors Exercise Class which runs Mondays 10.30-11.15am at the Rainbow Beach Community Hall. Sarah Booth explains, “Our main goals of the class, which we would like to evolve to a group, are falls prevention and becoming stronger to continue living independently, reducing back, hip, knee and other pain to improve quality of life. “In just three weeks of work one our ladies has managed to become pain free from bursitis in both hips. She has done some decent homework but has managed to achieve a great result.” There is a wealth of information from Queensland Health under a program called ‘Stay on your feet’, with plenty for seniors, for community groups, for health professionals and for key stakeholders in this group. For any person aged 60 and over there is an awareness-based action plan incorporating your GP, physiotherapist, exercise physiologist/fitness professional (that’s Sarah!), dietician, pharmacist (make sure your meds are right and not causing dizziness or other issues), optometrists, occupational therapists, podiatrists, and community health. “The statistics are heavy,” Sarah admits, “but there are lots of actions you can take to minimise your risk of a fall and the ongoing issues.

Health, Fitness, Beauty & Wellbeing CLASSIFIEDS CHIROPRACTOR


Suzanne offers a professional, supportive counselling service to those in need. Book an appointment, 0406 304 296, email cooloolacounselling@gmail.com or visit www.cooloolacousnellingservices.com

DENTIST Channon Lawrence Dental Crooked teeth? See Dr Mark from Channon Lawrence for an invisible solution. 90 Channon Street, Gympie. Ph: 5482 7688

Coloured Sands Clinic

Cooloola Cove Smiles Our experienced, gentle dentists are ready to offer solutions to all your dental concerns in our spacious practice in Tin Can Bay. Phone 5486 4800 22 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – September 2019

MEDICAL CENTRE Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Medical Centre Cosmetic injectables

for frown line, crow’s feet, forehead. Open Wednesday, Rainbow Beach outpatient clinic. General practitioner injector. Consultation and pricing complimentary. Phone 5313 3277.

Splash into fitness at the Aquatic Centre and Gym. We cater for all ages and fitness levels. Phone 5486 3191 for information.

Cooloola Counselling Services

We make it our business to make dentistry affordable whilst delivering quality care. Call 5488 0271 to book an appointment.

Call Sarah for more information on 0432 690 194.

Rainbow Beach Aquatic and Fitness Centre

Visit Dr Dan who specialises in prevention and paediatrics. Children, pregnant mums, absolutely everyone can benefit! Bookings, 0447 275 673 or email rainbowbeachchiro@gmail.com


“Our Seniors Exercise Class and any personal training sessions we run work towards improving strength, movement, balance and more to turn you into a domestic athlete!”

Business card advert only $66.00 per issue plus receive a FREE listing and FREE article. Listings for $33.00 per month. Contact: info@rbcn.com.au


Rainbow Beach Chiropractor

Gentle strength training improves strength, movement and balance - Sarah with Lynne McPherson


CC Stylz

Tin Can Bay Physiotherapy

Latest trends, highly trained hair stylists, service oriented, a happy salon, Seniors Thursdays 20% off, Mon - Sat Cooloola Cove Shopping Centre Phone 5486 2643

Pain relief, sports injuries, rehab, dry needling, DVA, work cover, 30yrs experience, no referral required. 76 Gympie Road, TCB & Rainbow Beach, Sue: 0429 636 395.


Rainbow Hair and Beauty Studio

Cooloola Coast Pilates

Affordable treatments, welcoming environment. Highest level of professional and personal care Complete Hair, Beauty and body synergy for men, women & children. Proudly Organic, AUSTRALIAN & performance driven products. Ph: 5486 3533

Pilates mat & equipment, personal & group training, functional movement training, rehabilitation to fitness - Rainbow Beach. Sarah Booth 0432 690 194 visit www.cooloolacoastpilates.com

MASSAGE Silver Koru Massage & Holistic Healing on Rainbow Beach Relaxation, Remedial, Deep Tissue, Psychic forecasts, Reiki/Chakra cleanse alignments, health rebates may apply. Appointments: 0484 846 589

PODIATRIST Suncoast Podiatry Servicing Rainbow Beach and Cooloola Coast for over 10 years! Specialists in General and Diabetic Foot Care, Ingrown Toenail Treatment, Biomechanics/ Orthotics and Home Visits. Phone 5483 7881 for appointment.

Health, Fitness, Beauty & Wellbeing

See you at the Wellness Expo! A

SHOWCASE OF holistic practitioners of the Cooloola Coast Area will be the highlight of the Wellness Expo in Rainbow Beach on Sunday September 22 from 9.30am to 4.30pm.

Western medicine has made enormous progress, although it only treats the outward symptoms, leaving the person to fight the cause of the illness unassisted.

Practitioners are invited to display their products and services, and break-out sessions by leading professionals will be available through the day.

The Rainbow Beach Wellness Expo aims to raise awareness and education on complementary methods of healing that includes not only the body, but also the mind, emotions and spirit.

Organiser, Elisa Saul, wants to give residents and visitors the chance to get to know local professionals who can guide us to get well and stay well, by transforming from the inside out.

Come and share your story, connect with like-minded

people and join one of the restorative group sessions or book a private one. We are lucky to have so many dedicated practitioners that not only care about the physical wellbeing of an individual, but also refer to the social, emotional, and cultural wellbeing of the whole community. The Wellness Expo is a not-for-profit event that focuses on sharing this as a whole-life-view and we aim to make it grow as a yearly rendez-vous.

Enjoy our Salon Packages

n is Ad whe Mention ththe Gym to in r you jo FREE wate receive a ttle! Aqua Aerobics OPEN 24/7 bo Swim Squad Only $13.95 per week! (fortnightly direct debit $27.90) Lessons for Beginner to Advanced FREE PT classes available for members Warriors Swim Club No excuses - join now and get into Kids Programs shape! Mums & Bubs classes

PH: 5486 3191 Turana Street, Rainbow Beach www.rainbowsportsclub.com.au

Thursday Only Wednesday Only The Silver Koru Massage & Senior Pensioner 1/2 Head Foils 20%Holistic OFF Cut & Blow Dry Healing on Rainbow Beach From $90 Deep Tissue, Massage: Relaxation, Remedial, Wednesday Only Psychic Forecasts & Beauty Brow Wax Re-growth Reiki/Chakra Tint Cleanse Alignments Shape Contour 1/4 Head Foils Health rebates may apply Lash Tint & Brow Cut & Blow Dry Call 846 589 Tint0484 $40 (T&C’s) From $135

Have a crack at he new chiropractor Elisa wants everyone to enjoy the experiences healthy living can offer – learn more at the Wellness Expo

Ti Hei Mauriora

today to book your appointment

$40 Brow and Lash Makeover Senior's Thursdays 20% off Hair Services

CC Stylz Hair & Beauty

Shop 6, 46 Cooloola Cove Shopping Centre Phone for Appointments 5486 2643

n a D r D e v i G a crack!

by Phyllis Peakman (Whaea)

please update this ad new heading under call for your appointment today, add:


Stress causes disease by lowering the immune system.


Chiropractors don't fix backs, we fix immune systems - which heals you.


Dr Daniel Strong (B. Sc., M.Chiro) has 19 years in the profession, caring for Queenslanders and their families, and has now moved to Rainbow Beach.

Call for your appointment today on 0447 275 673 Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday at Shop 7/48, Rainbow Beach Road (that's in the IGA complex) Monday & Wednesday in Gympie

Read our health updates on: www.facebook.com/RainbowBeachChiro September 2019 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 23

s y a d i l o H l Schoo

are here!

The kids will love to learn SUP’ing over the school holidays at Carlo Point

available for the kids to get more time in the water. Get to know the SmoothStar surf trainer board by trying out a surf-skate workshop! See what they can do for your surfing skills, fitness and more. If you’re on the lookout for great Christmas presents for the family you need to see the SmoothStar boards. Stand-Up Paddle tours will be available over the holidays. We guide our tours with a big focus on not disturbing our natural wildlife while we cruise through our incredible region on paddle boards. Special kids SUP days will be held on Sunday 22/9 12noon-4pm, and Monday 1pm-4pm, with one-and-a-half hour nature experience paddles with our staff. Fully supervised short adventures on a paddle board, Paddle, Connect and Learn. Book in from our school holiday website. Sunset SUP Tours available September 24, 25 and 26. For anyone looking for activities under their NDIS funding, come and have a chat to us. We offer lessons and programs incorporating surfing, hiking, surf-skate, stand-up paddle board and personal training.

Learn to Sail over the school holidays A fun three-day ‘Learn the basics of sailing’ course at the Tin Can Bay Yacht Club, for all schoolage youth will be held over the school holidays. The event will be held over three days on October 1, 2 and 3, 2019, The fees for the course will be $200 and include the Yachting Australia fee (insurance) and membership to the TCBYC until end of June 2020. Please pay by 27/9/19 to ensure a reservation. Vouchers for $150 can be available to cover the cost (conditions apply) from: ht tps://w w w.qld.gov.au/recreation/spor ts/ funding/getinthegame/getstarted For further information please contact the

Tin Can Bay Yacht Club website or facebook page or phone Kay 0447 631 479 or Russell 0405 063 894.

Rainbow Beach Learn to Surf School Holiday Programs Information and Bookings at www.rainbowbeachlearntosurf.com/schoolholiday-learn-to-surf Surf Lessons: School holiday Learn to Surf runs as our small group surf schools (just four surfers per lesson), private lessons or groups as requested by our customers. All surfing lessons come with complimentary wetsuit hire for each participant and all equipment provided. Board hire is also

24 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – September 2019

Tin Can Bay is one of the most beautiful waterways in Australia to try sailing

What’s on at the Library? Holiday Craft Bar Stop by the children’s area at your local library between Monday 23 September and Friday 4 October for free craft activities during the school holidays. Suitable for children aged 5-12 and their carers. Rainbow Beach Library – Wednesdays 3–4pm, and Tin Can Bay Library – Weekdays Monday Friday 11am–12noon. The Great Paper Caper Come and join in the games, activities, stories and fun as we celebrate Oliver Jeffers’ The Great Paper Caper. Suitable for children aged 5-8. Bookings essential, Tin Can Bay Library – Friday 27 September 2-3pm. A Funny Thing Happened at the Museum There’s more to this museum than meets the eye! This is the wonderfully wacky world of celebrated international authorillustrator team Davide Cali and Benjamin Chaud. Suitable for children aged 5-8, and bookings essential, at Rainbow Beach Library - Thursday 3 October 10-11am. Unicorn and Horse Join in the laughs with this funny storytime and craft all about these two unlikely friends created by author David W. Miles. Suitable for children aged 5-8, bookings essential, at Rainbow Beach Library – Friday 27 September 2-3pm. Atlas of Monsters One day a collection of very old maps is found in a dusty library. They show where in the world monsters from mythology and folklore can be found. But did the author really make these elaborate maps, or is it all a hoax? The librarian who discovered them is not certain. Join us for this fun session as we draw inspiration from Atlas of Monsters by Stuart Hill and Sandra Lawrence to create our mini monsters. Suitable for children aged 8-12, bookings essential, at Rainbow Beach Library - Friday 4 October 2 - 3pm.

Zen and Xaiya enjoying activities at the library over the school holidays - check it out!

Mad Science Watch the amazing chemical reactions in a fun science demonstration and have a go at making your very own lava lamp. Suitable for children aged 8- 12 and bookings essential, Tin Can Bay Library – Friday 4 October 2-3pm. Badgemaking Join us to make your own customized badges, for ages 10 and up. Bookings essential at Tin Can Bay Library – Wednesday 25 September 10-11am.

Rainbow Beach Library Monday and Thursday 9.30am – 12.30pm, Wednesday and Friday 2pm – 5pm, Saturday 9am – 12noon, phone 5486 3705

Tin Can Bay Library Monday and Wednesday 9am – 12.30pm, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9am – 5pm, Saturday 8.30am – 11.30am, phone 5486 4355


To see all of the amazing activities taking place at the Gallery during the school holidays, checkout the holiday fun program at: www.gympie.qld.gov.au/holidayfun or call 5481 0733.

September 2019 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 25



Tony Stewart – 0408 767 930


N JULY THE Droughtrunners delivered around three ton of food supplies to Longreach and Mitchell. We then received an SOS from the Baradine CWA near Coonamble in Western NSW. As we were doing a trip to Victoria, we loaded up the ute with a ton of food, filled the caravan with toilet paper, boxes of kids’ nappies and other toiletries, leaving no where to sit down! We offloaded at a collection point in Coonamble while also handing over $2000 in IGA vouchers. Coonamble CWA that are servicing 135 farming families had completely run out of supplies. The country out there is absolutely disgusting with most kangaroos sighted hardly able to stand. Out at Thallon, which is east of Dirranbandi, it was full of kangaroos in the streets. We would like to thank the IGAs for their continued support at Tin Can Bay and Rainbow Beach, and Drakes in Gympie who have collection trolleys, Bev Yeoman and anonymous people for their donations. Our funds to help these farmers with fodder, food, etc., are running low; so if anyone can help our donation tins are around TCB and Rainbow Beach or Bank of Queensland Gympie. Account details: BSB 124001 A/C No 22599186. RB Droughtrunners It now looks like we will go into a fifth year of continuing to help our farmers.

Sanctuary for Guitar Sharks at Wolf Rock D

ID YOU KNOW Wolf Rock is the only known aggregation site for the critically endangered pregnant Grey Nurse sharks? However, Grey Nurses are not the only endangered marine creatures living around Wolf Rock. The IUCN’s Red List of Threatened Species rates all six giant Guitar Sharks as critically endangered. A type of shovelnose ray, Guitar Sharks can

8 Seawitch Cr Cooloola Cove 3


be found at Wolf Rock, resting amongst the boulders.

Renae who completed her PADI open water course with dive instructor, Emily.

Overfishing of this species has caused the population to decrease by 80% over the last 35-40 years. Luckily, they can find sanctuary in Wolf Rock, with the 1.5-kilometre exclusion zone, it is an oasis for these endangered creatures.

Not many people can say they have seen more than 20 sharks on a beginner training dive. We were stoked for Renae and look forward to showing her more of our underwater world!

Another spunky animal found at Wolf Rock this month was Tin Can Bay resident

For information on starting your underwater adventures, contact us on 5486 8004.

20 Orchid Ave, Tinnanbar





• 3 huge bedrooms with built in robes and ceiling fans • Main bathroom with large bath and separate shower • Spacious Lounge & Dining combined • Laundry with lots of cupboard space and outside access

This 2 storey, modern Queenslander home is now listed for sale. Downstairs consists of an open plan lounge, dining and modern kitchen area, with ceiling fans and beautiful polished timber floors throughout.


View Sale Web

Open Home in September Saturday 11:00 – 11:30am $355,000 rh.com.au/4103272

Sale Web

Private Inspection $569,000 rh.com.au/18625338

Britney Bell 0447 124 300

Judy Brooks 07 4129 8298 Robin Creighton 0417 704 582

14 Anchovy St, Tin Can Bay

15 Sanctuary Way, Cooloola Cove




• 3 bedrooms with built in robes and ceiling fans • Large kitchen with electric appliances and lots of cupboard space • Formal lounge room with room for the whole family and with box air conditioning • Main bathroom with easy access shower and grab rails installed View Sale Web

Open Home in September Saturday 10:00 – 10:30am $245,000 rh.com.au/ 1606548

Britney Bell 0447 124 300 Tin Can Bay 07 5486 2066 rh.com.au/tincanbay

26 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – September 2019




Set back in The Sands Estate with native bush beside you and walking tracks for the puppy, the serenity here is amazing upon entry you will find a nice formal lounge/ theater room for your entertainment. A large kitchen and pantry, you wont have to sell your electrical items living here Ladies!

View Sale Web

Private Inspection $375,000 rh.com.au/21155933

Shellie Bennett 0427 718 553

MEALS on WHEELS Rainbow Beach volunteers needed


E HAVE HAD our usual busy month preparing and delivering our meals to customers in Cooloola Cove, Rainbow Beach and Tin Can Bay. We are finalising details for our AGM that will be held in the TCB Community Complex on Saturday September 21, 11am, followed by tea/coffee and biscuits. Anyone wishing to nominate for any of the Management Committee positions should please telephone 0427 701 922 for a nomination form. Anyone looking to be a volunteer for helping out in the kitchen or with deliveries is also welcome to call that number or indeed just turn up at the AGM. We are particularly keen to have volunteers from Rainbow Beach who we would hope could spread the message of what our service offers. We are sure there will be more than the three residents we currently deliver to.

What a great turnout!


T SEEMS LIKE every man and his dog turned up at the Tin Can Bay Community and Men’s Shed’s garage sale last month. Physically, it put us on the map for many locals who were unaware of our location. Consciously, it allowed us to meet and greet new friends and establish networks with local identities and groups. Financially, it was a huge success for us and for the public too with many bargain buys walking out the door. Lastly, it was great for morale with huge and rewarding efforts made by shed members

and their partners to ensure all facets of the day ran smoothly. A huge thank you to all concerned for making the day so successful! It is very timely to also acknowledge the following organisations for providing financial and/or physical assistance to us over the last few months: Bay Auto, Beach to Bay Pest Management, Mitre 10, Smiley Electrical, termites@cooloola, The Sleepy Lagoon Darts Club and Wallu Nursery. So many people have given of their time and expertise to get the Shed where

Mark Denham from Mitre 10 presenting Bryan Phillips with a cheque for bench sponsorship

it is today. It is looking really great and we are almost there. Members are excited to be seeing the finishing touches being put in place and are eagerly anticipating the Shed becoming operational. If you’d like to see for yourself or to find out more, come along to the next meeting at the Shed (behind Cityfarm) on Saturday, September 14 at 9am or call Bryan Phillips 0420 299 651 or Graham Langdown 0433 062 906 for further information.

Book your wedding...

Marriage Celebrant - Rainbow Beach Rainbow Beach and all surrounding areas zanetafitzgerald.wixsite.com/mysite

+61 438 868 116

September 2019 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 27


Congratulations Rainbow Beach School Choir Dan Stanieg, Principal


T IS GREAT TO see how an event can bring a school together no matter what the scale. Last week our choir participated in the Gympie Eisteddfod. Leading up to this event, Miss Eryn had been practising with the students on a Friday afternoon. These practises were quality, but not the quality the students needed one week out from a competition. To my delight, it was some of the teachers at school that took it upon themselves to have practises before school, during school and after school. The performance from our choir was

magical and I had goosebumps the entire time they were singing. A massive congratulations to all our choir students for second place. Book Week is one of my favourite weeks of the school year, especially the dress up day. This year the theme is ‘Dino-mite Stomp, Chomp, Read’ and ‘Reading is My Secret Power’. Dress up parade will be on Tuesday August 13 at 8.30am, so come along and join in the fun. Thank you for your continued support.

Rainbow Beach School wins Sea Life Sleepover! Rainbow Beach State School won SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast’s recent art competition by creating beautiful fish using recycled materials such as chip packets, straws and bottle tops. The students wanted to share the message that rubbish shouldn’t end up in the ocean. We won an overnight underwater adventure at SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast where they celebrated the aquarium’s 30th birthday with party hats, cake and fun facts about all the amazing sea creatures!

From the P&C

Book Week starring Edna Mode, Grandma Potts, Mrs Crood, Thing1 and Superbat

28 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – September 2019

Congratulations to Ella Jordison who participated and fundraised for the World’s Greatest Shave. Her fundraising page is still open, so dig deep! Thanks to everyone for their support of this great cause and for helping give families facing blood cancer the emotional and practical support they

Congratulations to The Rainbow Beach Choir who came second at the 2019 Eisteddfod!

need, and fund vital research to help more people survive Leukaemia.

Variety Bash The Variety Bash will arrive in town on September 1 and breakfast will be held at the school on September 3, from 6.308am at the school grounds. We should be hosting around 350 people for this event!

Trivia Night Don’t forget to get your tables together for the Trivia Night! September 6 - it will be a huge night and competition will be fierce.

Bunnings Sausage sizzle Seeking volunteers for the Bunnings Sausage sizzle on September 14 - please get in touch.


Tin Can Bay School celebrates 20 years with Back to the Bay festival Prep – Year 3 Mini Olympics


AST MONTH the Prep – Year 3 area was a sea of blue and yellow as students donned their house colours for the Tin Can Bay School Mini Olympics. Students took part in elastic high jump, ball games, vortex throwing, sack races and sprints. Cooloola Cove Woolworths kindly donated the fruit snack of apples, mandarins and bananas to replenish energy levels before the fun continued (thanks for delivering it Anthony!). More activities were enjoyed before the culminating event of giant tug-of-war. There was much sweat, laughter and toand-fro-ing as parents and teachers were challenged by almost 100 students. The determination of students started to pull the adults, before they dug deep and pulled the students across the middle marker.

Thank you to Mr Green (our HPE teacher) for organising this excitement- packed morning and to all the parents and families who came along to support the students.

Students enjoying the Mini Olympics

Questacon Fun Much fun was had on Tuesday, August 12, when the Questacon Science team brought their innovation workshop ‘Game Changers’ to the school. Many students in years 6, 7, 8 and 9 rose to the challenge of innovating a Makey Makey keyboard to broaden the circuit and play notes in new and interesting ways (including using toys as conductors!). What a way to explore and enjoy science!

Workshop Coordinator Jess, leading students in a class conductivity experience

September 2019 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 29

walk 4WD back to nature swim, surf and on the water fish extreme adventure national parks family fun accommodation annual events plus

Cooloola Coast Visitor’s Guide Rainbow Beach and the Cooloola Coast is home of the Coloured Sands, the majestic Carlo Sandblow and gateway to World Heritage listed Fraser Island. You can feed wild dolphins, visit a historic lighthouse and kayak with the whales.

Rainbow Shores Clarkson Drive has a concrete path for most of the way taking you through wallum and paperbarks. If riding, you can turn left to the industrial area (Karoonda Road) and the return to town via Carlo Road.

Double Island Point (DIP) has the longest break in Australia (when the swell lines up. (4WD only) Surf Lessons & Board Hire 0435 934 087 Epic Ocean Adventures 0408 738 192 Rainbow Beach 0432 690 194

Coloured Sands Starting below the lookout, walk along the beach towards Double Island Point for a kilometre or so to these amazing Coloured sand cliffs, with the best colours around 9 to 10 kilometres along the beach (accessible with a 4wd or Surf and Sand Safari tour) 5486 3131. Carlo Sand Blow A bush walk up to Carlo Sand Blow is a must for every visitor. Drive to the reservoir at the top of Cooloola Drive. The Blow is an easy 600m walk from the car park or take the longer walk from the National Parks Office. Spectacular views of the Coloured Sands, Double Island Point and Tin Can Bay Inlet are the bonus for your efforts. When the thermals are right, you will often see Hang Gliders taking off and landing at this beautiful piece of Nature’s Sculpture. Fraser Island Great Walk A 90 km trail which showcases natural and cultural features of the world’s largest sand island as it meanders between Dilli Village and Happy Valley www.nprsr.qld.gov.au/ parks/great - walks-fraser-island/about. html Cooloola Great Walk A 102 km trail which passes through a rich diversity of vegetation types with spectacular views, connecting Rainbow Beach with Noosa North Shore. www.nprsr.qld.gov.au/parks/ greatwalkscooloola/ index.html Rainforest Walk / Bymien Picnic Area A few kilometres from town, on the Gympie Road, take the Freshwater Road to the left. 3km on a good gravel surface will bring you to Bymien, which is the limit for conventional vehicles. Lake Poona After morning tea or lunch in the picnic area you can venture on some wonderful walks to Lake Poona or through some spectacular Rainforest. Allow 40 minutes to reach Lake Poona. Lake Freshwater Only accessible by 4WD, Tour or Walking. Walking tracks starts at the Bymien picnic area. The round trip from Rainbow Beach will take a full day and requires fitness. Foreshore Tin Can Bay You can walk 4km from Crabs Creek to Norman Point, over picturesque bridges, signage of flora and fauna, through mangroves, playgrounds and outdoor gyms. It is mostly flat – very safe for children on wheels. Start at the playground opposite the library, cycle to Crabs Creek and stop for a coffee, then return to opposite the library. Enjoy the views out to the inlet while the kids enjoy the playground and skatepark. Rainbow Beach 10,000 steps walk – from the headland behind the Surf Tower and Playground to Carlo Road. Paths are perfect for bicycles, scooters and skateboards.

Half-day 4WD Tours (5486 3131) or hire your own to Cooloola National Park, Coloured Sands, Double Island Point, Lighthouse, Rainforest and Lake Freshwater. 4x4 Hire Rainbow Beach 4x4 Hire 5486 8300 Rainbow Beach Adventure Centre 4WD Hire 5486 3288




Stand up paddle tour The 2 hour tour on offer is a basic introduction to SUP to anybody who would like to see what its all about.With all of our equipment catered for the beginner, also the flat water of Pelican Bay/ Carlo Point this is a fantastic tour for scenery and also the whole family to enjoy, it’s just so easy to participate. 0408 738 192 Seary’s Creek 7km from town towards Gympie, with 2 waterholes, boardwalks, bridges and history – do read the sign and spot the creatures. Always cool on the hottest of days.

Scuba Diving A popular spot for the scuba enthusiast is at Wolf Rock, off Double Island Point. World class diving on Fraser Island’s doorstep, phone Wolf Rock Dive Centre on 5486 8004. Hang Gliding & Paragliding Carlo Sand Blow is one of the top spots for hand gliders in Queensland with the National Championships being held there each January. With a take off of 300ft and a soarable ridge of 12 kilometres long and about 500ft high, Carlo Sand Blow is definitely the place to go. Fliers should be of Hang2 standard, fly in north easterly winds and remember landing in the bathing reserve is prohibited. Wind surf off the surfing beach or in Tin Can Bay Inlet, taking off from Carlo Point.

Rainbow Beach Aquatic Centre and Tin Can Bay Pool offers squad, learn to swim, water aerobics and more. Sailing And Cruising If you love the wonderful peace and relaxation of sailing or cruising, the sheltered waters of the Great Sandy Strait are for you. You may see dugong, turtles, dolphins and more. Great Sandy Strait Cruises and Sunset Cruises 0428 838 836

Dolphin Ferry 35 minutes by ferry to view the dolphins at TIn Can Bay 7am daily 0428 838 836 Dolphin Viewing/Feeding at Tin Can Bay just a thirty minute drive to Tin Can Bay through Cooloola Cove and you can see the Dolphins at Barnacles Dolphin Centre, Norman Point at around 7 – 7.30am each day, feeding time is 8.00am. Charges apply. Come and have a look around this pretty little town while you are there. 5486 4899 Turtle Tours Paddle in double seated ocean kayaks along the edge of the mangroves at Pelican Bay on this two hour tour, you quietly encounter all types of sea life from turtles to rays to the odd dolphin. 0408 738 192 Sea Kayaking Dolphin View Sea Kayaking: A unique experience - see dolphins, whales (seasonal), manta rays, turtles and more 0408 738 192 Horseride with professional guides on our World Heritage Listed Beach. 04121RIDES Tin Can Bay Foreshore Bird Walk – 137 species with best viewing spots on the brochure. Tin Can Bay Wildflower Walk spectacular wildflower species, all on the brochure.

Our safe beach is patrolled between September - March. ALWAYS SWIM BETWEEN THE FLAGS. Surfing The most popular area is near the Surf Tower. Note Surfing In Bathing Area Is Prohibited.

30 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – September 2019

Probably one of Rainbow’s greatest attractions would have to be the abundant opportunity for fishing. Fishing, in all its styles, is available right on our doorstep. Beach fishing has unlimited scope with nearly 100kms of beach to choose from. Varieties include Bream, Whiting, Tailor, Dart, Jew and Flathead. Estuary fishing in Tin Can Bay Inlet, through the Inskip Point area and up the Great Sandy Strait is perfect for those with a boat or the wish to hire one. Access is from an efficient boat ramp at Carlo Point. Another ramp is located at Bullock Point. Charter Boats Excellent reef fishing is only a few miles offshore and charter trips can be arranged through Rainbow Beach Fishing Charters on 0439 775 070, Keely Rose Reef Fishing Charters on 0407 146 151 or Double Island Point Fishing Charters 0417 073 313. The reefs off Rainbow yield Red Emperor, Sweet lip, Snapper, Pearl Perch, Parrot and Coral Trout.

extreme adventure Kitesurfing Lessons Learn to kitesurf with very experienced instructors from Rainbow Beach Surf Centre. 0408 738 192

Cooloola Sand, wind and water have sculpted a varied landscape at Cooloola, the largest remnant of coastal vegetation on the southern Queensland’s mainland. High sand dunes, coloured sand cliffs, sweeping beaches, sandblows, freshwater lakes, tall forests, paperbark swamps and wildfl ower heath make the Cooloola Recreation Area a spectacular part of the Great Sandy National Park. www.nprsr. qld.gov. au/parks/cooloola/index Inskip Peninsula is a narrow, sandy finger of land built up by wind and waves. It forms a natural breakwater at the entrance to Tin Can Inlet and Great Sandy Strait. Inskip is a gateway to World Heritagelisted Fraser Island. Beach she oaks, cypress pine and other coastal trees and shrubs shade the very popular camping areas ringed by open ocean beaches and sheltered estuary shores. All are within 15 minutes drive to Rainbow Beach. Most of the peninsula is protected as a Recreation Area. www.nprsr.qld.gov. au/parks/inskip-peninsula/index The Great Sandy Marine Park extends from Baffl e Creek in the north to Double Island Point in the south. It includes Hervey Bay, Great Sandy Strait, Tin Can Bay Inlet and the waters off the east coast of Fraser Island, seaward to three nautical miles. Seagrass meadows, mangroves, rocky shores, reefs, sandy beaches, bays, sheltered channels, rivers, creeks and estuaries host a wealth of wildlife including whales, turtles, dugong, grey nurse sharks, fish, corals, birds and more. www. nprsr.qld.gov.au/parks/great -sandymarine/ index Fraser Island is the world’s largest sand island and an area of remarkable natural beauty. Growing on seemingly infertile sands are a great variety of plant communities ranging from coastal heath, mangrove forests and swamps to subtropical rainforest. The many archaeological remains found on Fraser Island record thousands of years of culture and tradition, and provide important links to their past for the Butchulla people.

Visitor’s Guide Local Groups

Page 39 Fishing and Boating VISITOR UIDE Fishing &G Boating

Sponsored by:

Tourist Centre

Cooloola Coast Visitor’s Guide

to Inskip Point and crossing in the barge. The island is 123Flying km long and covers Rainbow Beach Services offer an a area 166,038toha, so you needbut to allow dailyofservice Fraser Island, prior plenty of time explore and appreciate it. bookings are torequired. Remember that www.nprsr.qld.gov.au/parks/fraser/index going independently, a permit is required and is available fromholidaying the National Parks Unless you intend on Fraser Offi ce. Island, most probably your best way of

Remember that going independently, a permit is required and is available from the National Parks Office.

1st3rd Cooloola Cove Veterans and - Tin Can Bay Community Hall 0499 110 944 2nd & 4th Rainbow Beach Centreblock 0484 903 830 4th Rainbow Beach Community Hall Markets & Collectables 3rd Tin Can Bay 0418 711 897

family fun Playgrounds North and South of the Playgrounds North and South of the Headland and Rainbow Shores Playrooms Pub and and Sport SportClub Club Playrooms at at the the Pub Family Family friendly friendly directory directory

at Rainbow Shores Resort. Members of the Our are advertisers are Rainbow given further public very welcome. Shores promotion the 668 Cooloola Coast Social Golf through Club (0429 255) stages Visitor’s Guide. regular competitions. A picturesque course atThe Tin guide Can Bay allnext golf addicts willalso be attracts updated month from this area. to include all our current advertisers.

Yoga, IfDarts, you Pool, would likeTai toChi, be Sailing, listed, Pilates, please Zumba, Fitness Classes (see What’s On) contact 5486 3561.

Cooloola Coast Realty www.accommodationrainbowbeach.com.au 07 5486 3411

Cooloola Coast Realty Rainbow Beach Realty 07 5486 3900 www.accommodationrainbowbeach.com.au 07www.rainbowbeachrealty.com 5486 3411 Rainbow Getaway Rainbow Beach Realty Holiday Resort www.rainbowgetaway.com.au www.rainbowbeachrealty.com 54863500 0707 5486 3900

plus... Clubs, Restaurants and Eateries (many Clubs, Restaurants and Eateries (many are Breastfeeding Welcome Here venues) are Breastfeeding Welcome Here venues)

Library and Xbox) Xbox) Library (Internet (Internet and Heritageand andFood Food Trails Heritage Trails Pamper YourselfYourself- Massages, Pamper Massages, Hair Hair Salon Salon and Beauty Treatments and Beauty Treatments Playgrounds, Skatepark, Bike riding

Playgrounds, Skatepark, Bike riding

January “Brushes by the Sea” Rainbow

January Beach Art & Craft Festival Australia DayCooloola celebrations February Crocs Swimming Carnival March April Anzac Day Parade Clean Up Australia Day May Bay to Bay Yacht Race

Rainbow Beach Holiday Village www.rainbowbeachholidayvillage.com 07 5486 3222

Bowls There is a lawn green at the Rainbow Beach Sports Recreation & Memorial Club where visitors are most welcome. 5486 3191

Golf A par 3, 9 hole golf course is located VISITOR GUIDE UPDATE


Headland and Rainbow Shores

get active

Tennis Two courts are available at the Sports & Recreation Club. Bookings 5486 3191

annual events

Markets – Saturdays Saturday Markets

seeing all its beauty is to take a 1 day or 2 day tour. Or you can make the trip in your own 4WD, driving up the road or beach . To Inskip Point and crossing in the barge. Rainbow Beach Flying Services offer a daily service to Fraser Island, but prior bookings are required.

Page 39

Rainbow WatersHoliday Holiday Park Rainbow Getaway Resort www.rainbowwaters.com.au www.rainbowgetaway.com.au 54863200 0707 5486 3500 Sleepy Lagoon Hotel/Motel

Thanks to Queensland Parks and www.tincanbayhotelmotel.com.au Wildlife Service for their assistance. 07 54864124

Motorhome hire (sleeps 6) See our What’s On page for more on 0407 660198 Things to Do. Suggestions, amendments or to add your business to the Thanks to Queensland Parks andvisitor Wildlife guide please call 07 5486 3561 Service for their assistance. or email info@ rbcn.com.au

April June/July Rainbow Beach Family Fishing Classic July 4-12 CCR&F Easter Fair August Rainbow Anzac Day Parade Beach Triathlon Rainbow Beach Lion’s Club Annual Kite

May Festival Bay to Bay YachtTinRace September Can Bay Seafood Festival June October Rainbow Beach Invitations Ocean Roar IRB Series Fours Bowls Tournament

Tin Can Bay Ambulance Flower Show July OctoberBeach Rainbow Beach Classic Nippers Rainbow Family Fishing Carnival

September November Rainbow Beach/Trail Runs TinDecember Can Bay Seafood Festival Tin Can Bay Foreshore

Family Nights October Beach Lions Club Twilight TinRainbow Can Bay Ambulance Flower Show Christmas Concert and Afternoon Markets Rainbow BeachRainbow Invitations FoursHoliday Bowls “The Tents” Beach Tournament Program Rainbow Nippers Carnival See ourBeach What’s On page for more on

Things to Do. Suggestions, amendments or

December to add your business to the visitor guide Christmas please call Concerts 07 5486 3561 or email info@ rbcn.com.au . Tin Can Bay Foreshore Family Nights

September 2019 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 31

Fishing, Boating & the Great Outdoors

Too busy to chat fish are biting! Mat Cooper Rainbow Beach Fishing Charters 0439 775 070


ELL IT’S BEEN a long time coming but finally some good patches of weather and great fishing to go with it. Snapper have been in good numbers when you find them however the bite is still only short. Some great size Parrot are about with some going close to the 4kg mark. Still a few Red Emperor coming over along with all other species. It seems like another tough year on the beaches with no real decent Tailor coming thru yet, fingers crossed they may be a little late. That’s it for now. Cheers Mat

Jeremy with one of three Reds for the day

32 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – September 2019

Coast Guard are undertaking a full cosmetic refurbishment of their smallest vessel, Rescue 1

Put your lifejacket on!


OAST GUARD is expecting that start of the September school holidays and the warmer weather will bring local boaties out by the hundreds to enjoy the fabulous facilities we have all around us. Therefore, we need to be prepared to respond to any request for assistance on the water for the coming spring/summer boating season. We previously reported on maintenance work to our biggest two boats, and now we are undertaking a full cosmetic refurbishment of our smallest vessel, Rescue 1. With everything stripped off her, she is being sanded, patched and re-sprayed in traditional pantone yellow. We are hoping she will be back in the water before the school holidays begin, and will resume her job in crew training and as a backup

rescue vessel. Coast Guard has a role to play in public education, and particularly in boating safety. We would like to draw attention to the recent disappearance of two fishermen in Moreton Bay. It was late at night, with strong winds and cold water. Unused lifejackets were found nearby, and it is feared that the fishermen were not wearing them. Even in warmer water, hypothermia is extremely deadly, and its effects are made far worse if you lose body heat by having to exert energy to stay afloat. Please remember that a lifejacket can only save you if you are wearing it and they are not easy to find or put on once in the sea. Wear it before you need it! Safe and enjoyable boating.

Fishing, Boating & the Great Outdoors

Whiting Competition brings prizes!

Catches from

Keely Rose Fishing Charters


ARDINER FISHERIES of Rainbow Beach are proud to announce their inaugural Whiting Fishing Championship. As the name suggests it’s for whiting only and heaviest gilled and gutted fish wins the competition and the prize. Owner of Gardiners, Drew Gardiner said: “We started the Whiting Championship as we wanted to recreate the feel of the old school Bait & Tackle shop the way they were in the 60s, 70s and 80s. They engaged people and got them outside. “Whiting is one of my favourite fish to target and the best thing is that everyone young and old, boat or boatless can catch one. It’s an important species to this area both recreationally and commercially and we have some of the best whiting fishing grounds in Queensland. We would like to highlight this. “People have already registered from Brisbane, Cooroy, Burpengary, Caboolture, Maryborough, Hervey Bay, Tin Can Bay, Cooloola, Gympie and even the Gold Coast, so its popular and great for the town.” The competition runs until midday on November 30, 2019 and the finale will be held afterwards when the Whiting King or Queen will be announced and will receive $600 cash, $100 to spend in-store, a oneoff ‘Whiting KIng 2019’ winners shirt, a $100 Salty Gear Apparel package and a

Enjoy an action packed day’s fishing on the

Drew Gardiner, owner of Gardiner Fisheries, has organised the Whiting Competition and is a keen angler and bait catcher himself

photo of the winning angler and their fish permanently on display in-store. You must have your competition cards and an allocated ID number for each entrant, which must be presented to weigh-in your fish. You can enter at Gardiners Fisheries or over the phone on 0404 853 232.

Above: Regular client ‘Turtle’ with another superb Rainbow Beach Red Emperor caught on the Keely Rose. Right: One of many big Snapper landed on the Keely Rose this week!


DEEP SEA FISHING on the legendary

Keely Rose

Morning Tea, Lunch and all Bait & Tackle supplied for your day

Full day offshore fishing. All quality bait & tackle supplied

Enjoy an ac on packed day’s fishing on the Keely Rose. A fast and stable 32 � vessel with owner / skipper Ed Falconer, 25 years reef fishing this area and giving you the best odds of catching that big one!

For bookings and enquiries

Ed 0407 146 151 or Kim 0439 863 150



September 2019 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 33

Fishing, Boating & the Great Outdoors

Lots of variety just wet your line


RADITIONALLY DURING the winter months, reef fish in the bay have been fairly quiet with only the occasional quality fish, including a cod of over 13 kg, being caught. There have been reports of just under size snapper being caught on the ledges

and reef areas so be aware of the size and bag limits. Squid are still being caught in good numbers and seem to be widespread throughout the bay. The average size seems to be increasing, possibly because they are reaching their peak life cycle.


LAT 24° 58’ S 24° 58’ LONG 21’ E153° 21’ E LAT S 153° LONG Times andTimes Heights High and andofHeights of Low HighWaters and Low Waters SEPTEMBER OCTOBER NOVEMBER SEPTEMBER OCTOBER NOVEMBER


0317 0924 SU 1510 2142



0.31 1.68 SU 0.34 2.07

Time Time m

0317 0924 1510 MO 2142

1 16

0.31 0308 1.68 0918 0.34 1501 2.07 2128


0.51 1.59 MO 0.57 1.66



m Time

0308 0.51 0312 0918 1.59 0943 1501 0.57 TU 1545 2128 1.66 2152



0.30 1.93 TU 0.48 1.73

Time Time m 0312 0943 1545 WE 2152

1 16

0.30 0243 1.93 0919 0.48 1519 1.73 2121


0.39 1.83 WE 0.59 1.50



m Time

0243 0.39 0340 0919 1.83 1047 1519 0.59 FR 1735 2121 1.50 2254



Time Time m




Local Time Local Time DECEMBER DECEMBER TCB Fishing Club Member, Ron Long, caught a nice cod recently

m Time

Time Time m


m m Time 0.54 0350 0.54 2.09 1051 2.09 quality landed. 1736fish 0.59 MO 0.59 1.31 2323 1.31

0.68 0340 0314 0.54 0.46 0314 0.46 0348 0.68 0348 0350 1.98 1047 1014 2.02 2.01 1014 2.01 1102 1.98 1102 1051 Large green toad fish have been 1648 0.65 1800 0.75 1735 0.72 SA SU MO 1736 SA 1648 0.65 SU 1800 0.75 2254 1.32 2227 1.30 2315 2227 1.30 2323 2315 1.26 crunching a few squid jigs lately 1.26 so


0.79 SU 1747 0.69 MO 1853 0.78 TU 1832 1.23 1.23 2327 1.23 1.23 2352 2327 There been reports bream 0444 0.67 0020 1.23 0.79have 0444 0.67also 0020 1.23 of 0033 0.79 0511 0535 0546 0.87 1.82 1.87 1158 1.87 1158 0535 0.87 1.82 1235 being caught in the bay and on the beach 1.76 0.81 MO 1854 0.70 TU 1243 SU 1949 1245 0.81 MO 1854 0.70 TU 1243 1.76 WE 0.78 with a few quality fish 1952 amongst 0.78 1952them 1932 0047 1.20 target 0149 0117 1.19 1.24 and are a worthwhile species, 1.19 0625 0047 0149 1.24 0650 0151 1.20 0551 0.76 0.89 0.94 0.89 1343 0650 0659 0551 1305 the 1.82 1.74 0.76 1.67 around full 0.94 moon period TU MO particularly WE 1347 1.74 1347 1.67 1305 1.82 TU WE TH 1347 2008 0.66 2101 0.78 2054 0.73 0.78 around 2054 0.73are willing 2034 2008 0.66 dusk and dawn, if you 0255 1.22 0312 1.31 0215 1.25 1.22 0747 0312 1.31 0808 0309 0215 1.25 to brave cold. 0.93the 0.95 0714 0.79 0.93 0808 0.95 1.68 0.79 1.61 TU 1451 0714 TH 1449 0824 WE 1416 1.80 1.68 2201 1449 1.61 2147 1451 1416 1.80 2114 TH FR WE 0.72 0.66 0.58 A 2114 few quality summer whiting have 0.72 2147 0.66 2131 0.58 0409 1.29 0331 1.36 0415 1.41 been caught in the shallows on the rising 1.29 0912 0331 0415 1.41 0927 0416 0.91 1.36 0846 0.76 0.92 0846 0.76 0.91 0927 0.92 0949 to high recently by those 1.65tideTH 1521 1.81 1545 1.57 WE 1551 FR targeting 1521 1.81 1.65 2246 1545 1.57 1552 FR 0.48 SA 0.58 TH 0.63 2209 2228 with0.48 yabbies. 2209 0.63 them 2228 0.58 2220 0458 1.39 0432 1.52 0502 1.53 1.39 1021 0432 1.52 1004 0.68 0502 1.53 1033 0510 0.84 0.86 With both patience and persistence 0.84 1033 0.86 1.65 0.68 1.53 TH 1641 1004 FR 1620 1.81 SA 1632 1058 1.81and 1.65 2320 1632 0.55 2254 2300 0.49 FR 1620 SA 0.38 SU 1649 both whiting bream can1.53 be caught in 2254 0.38 0.55 2300 0.49 2303 0537 1.50 1.65 the shallows on0523 small 1.69 surface and0540 minnow 0.75 1.69 1106 0.59 0.78 1.50 1110 0523 0540 1.65 1123 0556 type1106 lures, so the 1.80 local store1158 for 1.64 0.59 1712 1.51 0.75 1123 tackle 0.78 FR 1722 SAask SU 1714 0.46 2332 0.31 2329 1712 1.80 1.64 2348 1714 1.51 1741 SU MO 0.41 SA advice on specific types of lures. 2332 0.31 0.46 2329 0.41 2343 0611 1.60 0607 1.86 0614 1.77 0.66 1159 0.51 1207 0.72 1.60 1150 0607 1.86 0614 1.77 0639 The recent weather event with cold 1.63 0.51 1.48 SA 1758 1159 SU 1759 1.76 MO 1753 1250 0.66 1207 0.72 swept 1.63 blustery 1.76 that 1753across 1.48 southern SU 1759winds MO TU 1831


0.54 2.02 FR 0.72 1.32

1 16



1 16

There have been a few queen fish

0.78 0.65 0443 0.65 0.37 0.53 0335 0.53 0.41 0.44 0311 0.44 0.67 0.37 0359 0335 0351 0.41 0351 0311 0419 0.67 0419 0434 0.78 0434 0443 make0355 sure 0.57 you 0355 have a0.57 few spares of your 2 1148 2 1013 2 1031 2 1137 1.87 17 1146 recently 2.00 1.71 17 1.92 17 1.93 17 17 17 17 17 2 0359 caught on trolled lures and cast 1013 1.71 1031 1.92 1137 1.93 0950 1.61 09502 1.61 0956 1.84 09562 1.84 1102 1.94 11022 1.94 1148 1.87 1146 2.00 0.79 colour favourite with 0.69 you. MO 1853 0.78 TU 1832 0.62 SU 1747 MO 1603 0.48 TU 1538 0.64 WE 1647 0.64 TH 1602 0.67 SA 1840

TU 1538 MO 1603 0.48 1.91 2229 1.91 2229 2159 0443 0.46 0402 0443 0.46 1.72 1105 1.72 1105 1027 1703 0.64 TU WE 1618 TU 1703 0.64 2317 1.72 2232 2317 1.72

0.64 WE 1647 2239 1.58 2159 1.58 0.56 0402 0.56 0430 1.62 1027 1.62 1123 1618 0.74 WE 0.74 TH 1800 1.48 2232 1.48 2329 0430 0.61 0.61 1107 1.60 0515 1223 1.60 1705 0.83 TH 1919 0.83 FR 2309 1.37 1.37 0503 0.66 0.66 1154 1.58 0032 1.58 0614 FR 1806 0.90 0.90 2352 1335 SA 1.27 1.27 2046 0544 0.71 0.71 1254 1.57 0204 1.57 0729 SA 1936 0.93 0.93 SU 1450 2203 0057 1.18 1.18 0644 0.75 0343 0852 0.75 SU 1413 1.59 1557 1.59 2129 MO 0.87 2256 0.87 0241 1.15 1.15 0806 0.75 0453 1009 0.75 MO 1528 1.67 1651 1.67 2236 TU 0.74 2335 0.74 0405 1.20 0538 1.20 0943 0.69 TU 1630 1.79 1105 0.69 1734 1.79 2325 WE 0.58 0.58 0512 1.30 0007 1.30 1053 0.56 WE 1723 1.91 0613 0.56 1.91 TH 1146 1811 0007 0.44 0.44 0603 1.43 0035 TH 1146 0.43 1.43 0645 1810 2.02 0.43 FR 1220 2.02 0045 0.32 1843 0647 1.56 0.32 1231 0.32 0100 FR 1.56 0714 1854 2.08 0.32 SA 1252 2.08 0121 0.24 1914 0728 1.69 0.24 0124 SA 1316 0.26 1.69 1938 2.08 0744 0.26 SU 1326 2.08 0156 0.21 1944 0811 1.81 0.21 0149 SU 1402 0.26 1.81 2022 2.02 0813 0.26 MO 1401 2.02 0234 0.23 2014 0856 1.89 0.23 0215 MO 1451 0.35 1.89 2107 1.89 0844 0.35 TU 1439 1.89 2046



0.56 0.56 4 0529 1202 1.70 19 19 0430 4 0529 1202 1.70 1817 1107 0.80 WE



3 18

WE 1817 0.80

TH 1705 2309 0009 1.53 0619 0503 0.67 1313 1154 1.69 FR 1806 1944 0.89 2352 0112 1.37 0718 0544 0.75 1434 1254 1.70 1936 SA 0.91 2120

1.53 5 20 5 0009 0619 0.67 TH



1.37 6 6 0112 0718 0.75 FR 21



TH 1313 1.69 1944 0.89 FR 1434 1.70 2120 0.91

1.26 7 0236 1.26 0829 0057 0.80 22 7 0236 22 0644 0829 0.80 1.73 SA 1550

0.86 SA 1550 1.73 2247 SU 1413 2247 0.86 2129 0409 1.23 0.81 0409 1.23 0944 0241 1.77 0944 0.81 SU 1651 0806 2343 1651 1.77 1528 SU MO 0.78 2343 0.78 2236 0522 1.26 0.77 0522 1.26 1047 0405 1.80 MO 1741 0943 1047 0.77 MO 1741 1.80 TU 1630 2325 0020 0.71 1.31 0020 0.71 0610 0512 0.71 TU 1136 1053 0610 1.31 1820 1.83 TU 1136 0.71 WE 1723 1820 1.83 0050 0.64 1.37 0050 0.64 0647 0007 0.64 WE 1216 0603 0647 1.37 1855 1.85 WE 1216 0.64 TH 1146 1855 1.85 0120 1810 0.57 0719 1.43 0120 0.57 1250 0045 0.57 TH 0719 1.43 1929 0647 1.85 TH 1250 0.57 FR 1231 1929 1.85 0149 1854 0.52 0750 1.49 0149 0.52 0121 FR 1322 0.52 0750 1.49 2000 0728 1.84 FR 1322 0.52 SA 1316 2000 1.84 0217 1938 0.50 0820 1.53 0217 0.50 0.50 SA 1354 0156 0820 1.53 2030 0811 1.80 1354 0.50 1402 SA SU 0.50 2030 1.80 0242 2022 0848 1.56 0242 0.50 0234 SU 1426 0.52 0848 1.56 2059 0856 1.74 SU 1426 0.52 MO 1451 2059 1.74 2107

8 9


11 12

8 23




10 11 12

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25 26 27

7 8 9

10 11








0.64 TH 1602 1.55 1.55 2239 2159 0430 0.54 0342 0.54 1.88 1.88 1123 1036 0.77 TH 1800 1652 0.77 FR 1.39 1.39 2329 2241

3 18

0.67 SA 1840 2352 1.41 2159 1.41 0.51 0342 0.51 0511 1.82 1036 1.82 1235 1652 0.75 FR 0.75 SU 1949 1.31 2241 1.31



0417 0.60 0515 0.67 0.60 1121 1.77 0.67 1223 0417 0117 1.82 1.82 1919 1121 0625 1753 0.80 0.84 1.77 SA FR 0.84 1343 SA 1753 0.80 2332 MO 1.22 2101 2332 1.22 0501 0.68 0032 1.26 0.68 1.26 0614 0501 0255 1217 1.72 0.78 0.78 0747 1.77 1.72 SU 1913 0.81 SA 1335 1217 1.77 2046 SU 1913 TU 1451 0.85 0.81 0.85 2201 0204 1.19 0050 1.16 0409 1.19 0729 0050 0.86 1.16 0605 0.75 0.86 0912 1.73 0.75 SU 1450 0605 MO 1332 1.71 1.73 2203 1551 WE 0.75 MO 1332 0.80 1.71 2048 0.80 2048 0.75 2246 0343 1.21 0232 1.17 1.21 0852 0232 0458 0.88 1.17 0733 0.77 0.88 1021 1.72 0.77 MO 1557 0733 TU 1448 1.75 1.72 2256 1641 0.73 1.75 2156 TU 1448 TH 0.63 0.73 2156 0.63 2320 0453 1.27 0350 1.27 0.84 1.27 0912 0.71 0537 1.27 1009 0350 1.73 0.71 0.84 1110 TU 1651 0912 WE 1554 1.82 0.65 2247 0.49 1.73 2335 1554 1.82 FR 1722 WE 0.65 2247 0.49 2348 0538 1.35 0452 1.41 0.77 1.41 1028 0.59 1.35 1105 0452 0611 1.74 0.59 WE 1734 1028 TH 1650 1.90 0.77 1150 1.74 1758 TH 1650 1.90 2330 SA 0.36 2330 0.36 0007 0.57 0542 1.57 1.43 1.57 1124 0.46 0.57 0613 0542 0012 0.67 0.46 TH 1146 1124 FR 1739 1.95 1.43 0642 1.75 1.95 0.67 1811 1739 FR SU 1226 1.75 0035 0.49 1831 0007 0.26 1.52 0.26 0625 1.73 0038 0.49 0645 0007 0.59 1.73 FR 1220 0625 SA 1212 0.37 0711 1.52 1843 1.74 1824 1.95 0.59 MO 1304 SA 1212 0.37 1903 1.74 0100 1824 0.43 1.95 0042 0.20 0714 1.60 0706 1.88 0.43 1252 0042 0.20 0105 0.52 SA SU 1259 0.32 0742 1.60 1914 0706 1.73 1.88 1908 1.91 0.52 SU 1259 0.32 TU 1342 1937 1.73 0124 1908 0.39 1.91 0117 0.18 0744 1.67 0748 2.00 0.39 0117 0.18 0134 SU 1326 0.49 MO 1347 0.34 1.67 1944 0748 0815 1.69 2.00 1952 1.82 0.49 MO 1347 0.34 WE 1423 1.69 0149 1952 2013 0.37 1.82 0153 0.21 0813 1.74 0832 2.09 0.37 0205 0.49 0.21 MO 1401 0153 TU 1436 0.41 1.74 2014 0832 0852 1.64 2.09 2036 1.70 0.49 1436 0.41 TH 1507 TU 0.36 1.70 0229 0.29 1.64 0215 2036 2054 0844 1.80 0917 2.11 0238 0.36 0229 0.29 TU 1439 0.53 WE 1532 0.52 0931 1.80 2046 0917 1.58 2.11 2121 1.56 0.53 WE 1532 0.52 FR 1554 0305 0.40 2138 1.58 2121 1.56 1002 2.09 0305 0.40 TH 1632 0.63 1002 2.09 2205 1.43 TH 1632 0.63 2205 1.43

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0151 1.34 1.34 0659 0.82 19 0.82Flathead have been a bit elusive lately

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0.59 lately 1249avid 0.66 for all0.48 but theTU most anglers, but MO 1249 WE 1340 1.70 0045 0.24 1.61 0038 1845 1830 1.46 0031 1918 0.33 0.30 when the opportunity arises to get out 1.81 0.24 0731 2.13 2.00 0.33 0711 0045 0031 0.30 0718 0103 1304 0.55 1339 0.47 1331 0.61 have 2.00 been a 0802 few MO on the TU there 0718 WE 1.81 0731water 2.13 1903 1.58 1930 1.63 1909 1.45 0.55 WE 1331 0.61 TU 1339 0.47 TH 1429 1.58 0105 1930 1909 1.45 0105 2005 0.29 1.63 0122 0.27 0.29 0742 1.91 0813 2.20 0753 2.10 0.29 1342 0122 0105 0.29 1415 0142 0.53 0.27 0.57 TU WE 1431 0.51 TH 1.91 0753 2.10 1937 0813 1.54 2.20 2015 1.54 1951 0843 1.44 0.53 WE 1431 0.51 TH 1415 0.57 FR 1517 1.54 0134 2015 1951 1.44 0141 2048 0.28 1.54 0158 0.34 0.30 0815 1.98 0856 2.21 0832 2.16 0.28 0158 0.34 0141 0.30 0220 WE 1423 0.53 TH 1525 0.56 FR 1502 0.54 1.98 2013 0856 0832 2.16 2036 0923 1.50 2.21 2059 1.46 1.43 0.53 TH 1525 0.56 FR 1502 0.54 SA 1602 1.50 0205 2059 2036 1.43 0220 2127 0.30 1.46 0234 0.44 0.35 0852 2.03 0938 2.17 0914 2.18 0.30 0220 0.35 0.56 0.44 0.54 TH 1507 0234 FR 1618 0.63 SA 1551 0255 2.03 2054 0938 0914 2.18 2126 1000 1.45 2.17 2142 1.38 1.40 0.56 1618 0.63 1551 0.54 1644 FR SA SU 0.37 1.38 0310 0.56 0.43 1.45 0238 2142 2126 1.40 0304 2204 0931 2.04 1020 2.08 1002 2.16 0.37 0310 0.56 0304 0.43 0331 FR 1554 0.60 SA 1710 0.70 SU 1642 0.56 2.04 2138 1020 1002 2.16 2221 1036 1.38 2.08 2225 1.31 1.35 0.60 SA 1710 0.70 SU 1642 0.56 MO 1724 1.38 2225 1.31 2221 1.35 2244

11 12











rainbowbeachtowing.com.au rainbowbeachtowing.com.au rainbowbeach4X4hire.com.au rainbowbeach4X4hire.com.au


















 Copyright Commonwealth of Australia 2018, Bureau of Meteorology Datum of Predictions is Lowest Astronomical Tide  Copyright Commonwealth of Australia 2018, Bureau of Meteorology Times are in local standard time (Time Zone UTC +10:00) Datum of Predictions is Lowest Astronomical Tide New Moon First Quarter Moon Phase Symbols Full Moon Times are in local standard time (Time Zone UTC +10:00) Moon Phase Symbols Full Moon New Moon First Quarter

34 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – September 2019


TH 1347 1.82 1.82 2034 with only0.59 a few being caught on soft 0.59 0309 1.45 plastics. 1.45 0824 0.84 0.84 FR 1451 1.74 prints have been seen on the 1.74Flathead 2131 0.54 0.54 exposed 0416 sand 1.60 banks when the tide is out 1.60 0949 0.82 so maybe they are feeding in the shallows 0.82 SA 1552 1.67 1.67 2220 0.49time high tides. They could be on the night 0.49 0510 1.76 worth targeting on the early morning high 1.76 1058 0.77 tide1649 before they go off the sand banks to 0.77 1.60 SU 1.60 2303 0.44 wherever they hide in the daytime. 0.44 0556 1.92 1.92A1158 few 0.71 tailor and a couple of jewfish 0.71 MO 1741 1.55 2343 1.55 have been0.40 caught off the beach recently, 0.40 0639 could 2.05 be worth a try on the dusk so that 2.05 1250 0.66 high1831 tides.1.51 TU 0.66 1.51

In summary, there are a few fish of

states0.39 and into0008 southern 0012 0000 has 0.35 0023 0.38 0.26 Queensland 10 10 1.71 25 1.89 25 0721 2.15 0650 2.01 0.39 0642 0008 0.26 0000 0.35 0645 0023 0.38 different species around and the only way somewhat curtailed fishing activities 1226 0.59 1249 0.66 1249 0.48 SU TU WE MO 25 10 25 0650 2.01 1.71 0645 1.89 0721 2.15 1340 0.62 1831 1.61 1830 1.46 1918 them 1.48 is to have a line in the water 1845 1.70 to catch


Ph: 5486 8555 Ph: 5486 5486 8300 8555 Ph: Ph: 5486 8300

hard body lures and surface lures, so keep 1.30for bait fish activity which an 0033 eye out 1.30 18 0546 0.75 0.75 could attract 1245 1.91 predators and target these WE 1.91 1932 0.62 0.62 areas.


0411 1115 TU 1806 2333


0.62 1.48 0103 0.39 - give it a try when time and 0802 2.21 0.39 and1429 the rewards may come. 0.60 TH 2.21 0.60 2005 1.46 1.46 0142 0.44 0843 2.21 0.44 1517 0.61 FR 2.21 2048 1.42 0.61 1.42 0220 0.51 0923 2.16 0.51 SA 1602 0.65 2.16 2127 1.39 0.65 1.39 0255 0.59 1000 2.08 0.59 SU 1644 0.70 2.08 2204 1.35 0.70 1.35 0331 0.67 1036 1.98 0.67 MO 1724 0.74 1.98 2244 1.33 0.74 1.33 0411 0.75 1115 1.88 0.75 TU 1806 0.77 1.88 2333 1.31 0.77 1.31


27 28

29 30


Last Quarter

Last Quarter

tide permit

Fishing, Boating & the Great Outdoors

Come on Queensland, it’s your future


AST WEEK THE Queensland Seafood Industry Association (QSIA) met for their Annual General Meeting in Tin Can Bay. The QSIA is recognised as the peak body of the commercial fishing industry and its core values reflect its commitment to members and the fishing industry. It is an industry in turmoil following the recent recommendations proposed by the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries that the Trawl Fishers be locked into five zones and only by leasing or buying from other operators, can you enter other zones to work. Blindsided by The Hon. Mark Furner MP Minister for Agricultural Industry Development and Fisheries who claimed prior to the recommendations being released: “As the managers of our fisheries resources, we also want a more responsive fisheries management system that avoids drastic and urgent changes.” While claiming to be effecting reforms proposed by MRAG they are picking the worst bits out and these changes are unprecedented in the history of the industry. MRAG was guided by the principle that: ‘Queensland will receive maximum benefit from the use of its fish stocks where harvesters are provided with secure access rights to a share of the sustainable catch, and they are allowed maximum flexibility to enjoy benefit from those rights without compromising the opportunities’. Commercial fisherman and a member of the QSIA Board of Directors, Kevin Reibel said: “What we want to do is explain

that we are not against reform, we probably need some reform, but the recommendations that have been taken from MRAG will crucify the industry. “Restricting in-shore fisherman who provide table fish for people who can’t go fishing will finish the commercial fishing industry in Queensland. “In the past my licence extended from the NSW border to the bottom of Torres Strait, noone will survive these recommendations. Families will not survive. The government is not listening to us. They say yes ... but this is how it’s going to be. ” Shadow Minister for Agricultural Industry Development and Fisheries and Forestry, Tony Perrett MP who was at the meeting said: “The fear of commercial fishers is well founded and they are bringing their concerns directly to me. “There are hundreds of commercial fishers up and down the coast who are fearing for their livelihoods. “This is about the implementation of the MRAG report and Government cherry picking sections of it to suit their agenda is showing contempt for this vital industry. “Of course we need to find the right

n Bay – Scullett Drive orough – Gympie Road, Tinana

Meeting at Tin Can Bay to discuss the devastating reforms proposed are back row Shadow Minister for Agricultural Industry Development and Fisheries and Forestry, Tony Perrett MP, with Directors of QSIA Kevin Reibel, David Swindells, Keith Harris (president) front row Tony Reisenweber, Eric Perez (CEO)

balance which recognises the interests of commercial and recreational fishers. “The Government’s approach seems to be more about undermining confidence in the commercial industry. “I haven’t met one commercial fisherman who doesn’t want their industry to be sustainable. “Commercial fishers need to know that their business can be profitable and that

there’s a future for them and the next generation. “People who aren’t lucky enough to catch fish want to be able to go to their local seafood shop and purchase locally caught product. “At the end of the day the Minister needs to get out and argue the science instead of only providing motherhood statements.

ALL INSURANCE REPAIRS 2 LOCATIONS TIN CAN BAY: 5486 4004 SCULLETT DRIVE MARYBOROUGH: 4121 6377 GYMPIE RD, TINANA www.widebaycaravans.com.au September 2019 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 35


Little Athletics for the family By Jess Milne, Centre Manager


AMILY FUN and fitness is the cornerstone motto of Little Athletics and the Cooloola Coast Centre has embraced that aim with open arms. The 2019-20 season is looking to be the

best to date with many new and returning athletics champing at the bit to get out on the track and field to be their best. Many parents have offered to lend a hand and everyone has been getting involved which makes the Centre thrive. Competitions are held throughout the region all season, so there’s always an opportunity to test those skills. The Gympie Spring Carnival is on September 22 and is open to all athletes, even Mum and Dad! Training is held every Saturday morning currently from 8.30 to 10.30am, with an extra Wednesday afternoon session for those who are keen to be their best. Registrations for Cooloola Coast Little Athletics are being taken right through to the end of October. It’s not too late to get involved. Email ccla2014@outlook. com or call 0411 218 254 for more information. Janae, Jamie-Lee and Maddison Katon with Mum Renee are just one family that love the fun and fitness of Little Athletics

Come and try Dragon Boating! By Gwyn Moore


HAT A fantastic day at 1770 for round four of the Wide Bay series. We couldn’t be happier with our paddling ... just missed out on going back-to-back with a win over 1770 on their home waters. So excited to have the third fastest time for the day and now on the same points with Hervey Bay for the series tied at third. Bring on the fifth and final round with Burnett River Dragons holding their inaugural regatta. So the training continues! Our assistant coach Shane Berkhout continues to make his mark in the sport of Dragon Boating by achieving his steerers/ sweeps accreditation certificate with Dragon Boat Queensland. Don’t forget our “Come and Try” days September 8 and 13. Join us and have fun on the water. For more information on this please phone Sandy 0402 352 756.

Assistant coach Shane Berkhurt celebrates his accreditation as sweep/ steered from Dragon Boat QLD




IT’S GREAT 36 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – September 2019

Visit your Vinnies store today... Shop 1 / 14 Rainbow Beach Road Rainbow Beach Call Alex to find out more: 07 5482 2737


Rainbow Beach Triathlon WHAT AN EVENT AND WHAT A WINNER!


WO TIMES World Champion, Luke Harvey, took out first place in the Rainbow Beach Triathlon as overall winner, with a time of 2:00:20.9

Above: World Champion Triathlete Luke Harvey didn’t even look puffed as he took first place at the RB Tri

The winning female competitor was number 23, Lucy Bowden, with a time of Winner Luke Harvey said: “I was out there for the fun of it. It was a challenging course with the swim leg choppy one day and crystal the next and the bike leg was very slow and draining with a dead wind but it was great.” Nineteen-year-old Luke won the World Championship in Rotterdam in 2017 and the Gold Coast in 2017 and lives in Brisbane’s Bayside area.

Left: Lucy Bowden was the first female past the post. Last year Lucy competed in the ITU Age Group World Championships

Add style ! e m o h r u o to y

A full list of winners will be published on our website - rbcn. com.au and an album of photos is on our Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News Facebook page.

More triathlon and sport images are on our facebook page.

It is even easier to add style to your home

with 2 showrooms

From the GBC - Gympie Bicycle Centre as per below - with changes please. Images and June Ad attached.

Hi, can we please get the ad changed for July. Just want a genera one for GBC with new logo. I have attached a couple of images we could use in background, prefer the one with 2 people if you can make it work.

Basic contact details and perhaps a list of types of bikes we sell –


E-Bikes Mountain Bike Road BMX Kids Accessories & Servicing

Ph 5354 4081

25 Brisbane Rd, Gympie www.gympiebicyclecentre.com.au

Servicing Cooloola Coast, Wide Bay and Fraser Coast via Gympie and now Maryborough. Call or visit today! 16 Reef Street, Gympie (next to IGA) Call 07 5481 2846 77 Adelaide Street, Maryborough Call 07 4121 7070 classiqueblindsandscreens@gmail.com www.screensandblindsgympie.com.au September 2019 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 37

A Little Humour POO My three-year-old girl asked me: “Where does poo come from?” I was a little uncomfortable but decided to give her an honest explanation. So I said, “You just ate breakfast, yes?” “Yes” she replied “Well, the food goes into our tummies and our bodies take out all the good stuff, and then whatever is left over goes into the toilet, that is poo.” She looked a little perplexed, and stared at me in stunned silence for a few seconds and asked, “And Tigger?” SHORTS Rainbow Beach police officers knocked on a certain door the other day. They asked “Are you familiar with the letters HB?” The occupier said, “No, I’m not.” “How about LS?” they asked. “No” was the reply”. They then asked, “What about JD?” The occupier said, “Hang on a minute, am I a suspect or something?” They said, “No, these are just initial enquiries.” Waiter: “How do you like your steak, sir?” Sir: “Like winning an argument with my wife.” Waiter: “Rare it is!” A police officer came to my house and asked me where I was between 5 and 6. He seemed irritated when I answered, ”Kindergarten”. Did you hear about the explosion at the cheese factory? There was de-brie everywhere.

Last night my wife sent me a text saying she was in casualty. When I got home I watched all 50 minutes of it…….never saw her once. She still hasn’t come home yet. I’m starving! : ( Someone at work has snuck into the armoury and put glue on all our guns. Everyone’s denying it, but I’m sticking to my guns... Why do tuna not swim north past Townsville? Because they don’t want to end up in Cairns... So far, Humpty Dumpty is having a terrible winter. Which sucks because he had a great fall. ICE-BREAKERS WHEN YOU WANT TO START (OR END?) A CONVERSATION: 1.Shop assistants who tell you the price is ‘just’. “It’s just $64.99.” Oh, is it just? In my day $3 was considered quite a lot, and you’d think twice before handing a tenner over to anyone if you weren’t buying a car, and now 65 smackers is ‘just’ apparently. If you could just tell me the price and just stop adding your scripted opinion on how cheap that is, that would be just wonderful. 2. Workers at Grog shops who tell you to ‘have a good one’. I don’t wish to have a ‘good one’. I will be having a quiet one at home watching ‘Suits’ actually, not that it’s any of your business.

38 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – September 2019

3. Bank emergency lines with operators that ask you: “Can you remember your password?” If I could remember my password I wouldn’t have called and gradually progressed in your infernal queue for 26 minutes. And I don’t care what the ‘memory prompt’ on your screen says, the name of my first pet was ‘Mr Jingles’. Got run over by a truck, thanks for bringing that memory up.

are aware that you can still buy Frank Sinatra CDs, aren’t they? So what are we doing?

4. Hard glasses cases Why on earth do they make all hard cases for glasses snap shut so fast you almost lose a finger every time? And then you need the forearm strength of Arnold Schwarzenegger to prise the damn things open again. All that’s in there is a pair of spare glasses, not the contents of Fort Knox. Get a grip, glasses case manufacturers, or rather, don’t get a grip.

A bear walks into a restaurant and says “I want a grilllllled ...........cheese.” The waiter says “what’s with the pause?” The bear replied “Whaddya mean, I’M A BEAR!!

5. ‘Invisible’ hearing aids Not actually invisible, just invisible enough so that if you take one out for four seconds and put it down you’ll never find it again. Yes, people can’t instantly see that you are deaf, but I’m pretty sure they’ll figure it out when you yell in the restaurant “Can anyone see my bloody hearing aid?” 6. Expiry dates on Hot English Mustard Really? I have a bottle bought during the height of the Harold Holt that is still going strong. 7. Michael Buble Yes, his Christmas Album is very nice, but as for the rest of his stuff, people

SHORT ‘N’ SWEET A Rainbow Beach police officer pulled me over and knocked on my window. I said, ‘one minute I’m on the phone. A dyslexic man walks into a bra.

What do Alexander the Great and Winnie the Pooh have in common? Same middle name. Never criticise someone until you have walked a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticise them, you’ll be a mile away and you’ll have their shoes. I told my wife she was drawing her eyebrows too high. She looked surprised. What do you call a fish without eyes A fsh. Q: How does every Aussie joke start? A: By looking over your shoulder. Bought a dog from a blacksmith yesterday, got him home and the first thing he did was make a bolt for the door.


Covering Cooloola Cove, Rainbow Beach & Tin Can Bay 4WD Hire Rainbow Beach 4X4 Hire

Curtains and Blinds & Security Rainbow Beach

5486 8300


Gympie Maryborough

Cooloola Curtains & Blinds Cooloola Cove

Rainbow Getaway Holiday Apartments

Classique Blinds Screens & Awnings

Mechanical 5481 2846 4121 7070

Rainbow Beach Rustproofing and Mechanical Rainbow Beach

5486 3228

0436 394 347

Rainbow Beach Service Centre and Towing Rainbow Beach

5486 8555

Dentist Rainbow Beach

5486 3500

Channon and Lawrence Dental Gympie

5482 7688

Air conditioning

Cooloola Cove Smiles

Tin Can Bay

5486 4800

Climate Control Air Conditioning 5486 4362

Coloured Sands Clinic

Cooloola Cove

5488 0271

Bull Air Conditioning and Refrigeration


0421 245 260

Appliance Repairs 0400 410 045

Auto Electrics 0499 144 678

Bait and Tackle Rainbow Beach Fishing & Camping

Rainbow Beach

5486 8100

Gardiner Fisheries

Rainbow Beach

0404 853 232

Chandlery Bait and Tackle

Tin Can Bay

5486 4744

5486 3080

Tin Can Bay

0403 435 369


5354 4081

Cabinet Makers Tin Can Bay

5488 0443


5480 5555

Caravan Parks Tin Can Bay

5486 4411

Wide Bay Caravans

Cooloola Cove

5486 4004

Wide Bay Caravans


4121 6377

Rainbow Beach

5486 3471

Carpet Cleaning Benny’s Carpet Cleaning

Tin Can Bay

0407 764 661

Rainbow Beach Fishing Charters

Rainbow Beach

0439 775 070

Flooring Floorzone


5482 6500

5486 3607

Garden Supplies Cooloola Cove Landscape & Garden Supplies

Rainbow Beach and Fraser Island Gas Supplies

Lighthouse Glass and Aluminium

Cooloola Cove

5488 0222

Rainbow Beach

0400 657 797

Rainbow Beach

0438 868 116

ESSENTIAL SERVICES SES Flood/Storm Damage . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 132 500 SES - Rainbow Beach . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5486 3314 SES - Tin Can Bay . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5486 4604 City Farm . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Coastguard Tin Cay Bay - VMR 417 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Community Centre Rainbow Beach . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Cooloola Coast Medical Transport . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

5486 2304 5486 4290 5486 3355 5486 2488

Doctor - Rainbow Beach . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5313 3277 Doctor - Rainbow Beach . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5486 3078 Doctor - Tin Can Bay . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5486 4600 ENERGEX . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 62 62 EPA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1300 130 372 FIRE & RESCUE - Rainbow Beach . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5486 3169 Tin Can Bay Fire Warden . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0409 828 414

5482 2737

Beach to Bay Pest Management Cooloola Coast

5486 8686


Cooloola Cove

0409 86 86 86

Rainbow Beach

0458 259 418

Pest Control


Pubs and Clubs Rainbow Beach Sports Club Rainbow Beach

5486 3191

Rainbow Beach Surf Club

Rainbow Beach

5486 3249

Tin Can Bay Country Club

Tin Can Bay

5486 4231

Cooloola Coast Realty

Cooloola Coast

5486 3411

Rainbow Beach Realty

Rainbow Beach

5486 3900


Rainbow Beach

5486 8000

Alistans at the Bay

Tin Can Bay

0431 037 151

Marina Bar and Grill

Tin Can Bay

5486 4400

IGA Supermarket

Rainbow Beach

5486 8700

IGA Supermarket

Tin Can Bay

5488 0084

Tin Can Bay

5486 2887

Rainbow Beach

0418 729 474

4rent4sale Storage Sheds

Tin Can Bay

5486 4577

Cooloola Tin Can Mini Storage

Cooloola Cove

1300 727 025

Real Estate

Shopping Centre

Signs Tin Can Bay and Rainbow

Tin Can Bay

5488 0601

Beach Signs


Graphic Design SAJE Graphics

Rainbow Beach

Restaurants and Cafés

0439 089 238

Rainbow Beach Community Centre

Rainbow Beach

07 5486 3355

Cooloola Coast

0412 641 743

Mitre 10 Cooloola

Cooloola Cove

5486 2000

Rainbow Beach Hardware, Fishing & Camping

Rainbow Beach

5486 3444

Handyman Looney’s Labour




Kennels and Catteries

Celebrant Zaneta Fitzgerald

0407 146 151

Hall For Hire

Caravan Repairs and Hire

Saturn Antennas

Rainbow Beach

Glass and Aluminium

Car Dealers

Tin Can Bay Caravan Park

Keely Rose Deep Sea Fishing Charters

Gas Supplies


John Madill Toyota

0428 645 369

Rainbow Cooloola Wholesalers Rainbow Beach Rainbow Beach


Cooloola Coast Cabinets

Cooloola Cove


Jeff Hogues Plumbing

4D Engineering

Food Wholesalers


Gympie Bicycle Centre

0448 955 768

Fishing Charters

Rainbow Beach Auto Electrics Cooloola Coast

Bayside Barbers

Cooloola Coast


Coastwide Appliance Service & Repairs

Ed’s Beach Bakery

Smiley Mick Electrical

Op Shop

Gympie Cooloola Pet Resort Gympie

5483 5364

Tourist Centre Rainbow Beach Tourist Centre Rainbow Beach

5486 3227

Tours and attractions Dolphin Ferry Cruises


0428 838 836

Rainbow Beach Horserides

Rainbow Beach

0412 174 337

Rainbow Beach Learn to Surf Rainbow Beach

0435 934 087

Surf and Sand Safaris

Rainbow Beach

5486 3131

Wolf Rock Dive

Rainbow Beach

5486 8004

EMERGENCY - AMBULANCE / POLICE / FIRE . . . . . . . . 000 Rural Fires Goomboorian . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0417 793 286 Rural Fires Neerdie . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0400 865 132 QPWS Rainbow Beach . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5486 9900 QPWS Tewantin (7 days) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5449 7792 Gympie Regional Council . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1300 307 800 HOSPITAL Gympie Hospital & Community Health . . . . . . . . . . . . 5489 8690 JUSTICE OF THE PEACE (Please phone to make appt ) DEACON, Arthur (Cooloola Cove) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0419 624 208 FISHER, Peter (Cooloola Cove) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0407 95 4678 GETT, Kelvin (Rainbow Beach) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5486 3538 MISSEN, John Joseph (Rainbow Beach) . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5486 8153 Library - Tin Can Bay (Mon, Wed, Fri 9.00am - 12.30pm) . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5486 4355

Local Disaster Management CCCLDMSG . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5486 4483, 0439 862 264 Cooloola Cove . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5488 0436, 0459 26 374 Wallu . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0419 685 338 Rainbow Beach . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0427 863 007 Pharmacy - Rainbow Beach . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5486 3070 Police - Rainbow Beach . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5486 8765 Police - Tin Can Bay . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5486 2426 Police - non urgent . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 131 444 POISONS Information Centre . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 11 26 School - Rainbow Beach . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5486 9333 School - Tin Can Bay . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5488 1222 Tin Can Bay Community Church Op Shop . . . . . . . . . . 5486 2055 Llew O’Brien (Federal Member) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4121 2936 Tony Perrett MLA (State Member) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5329 5100 September 2019 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 39


Cabinet Making





bullair@bigpond.com ARC



Appliance Repairs







MGB CONCRETE QBCC Licence No. – 1162933

Local Contractor Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ



0499 144 678

www.rainbowbeachautoelectrics.com.au 4X4 MOBILE SERVICE ALSO AVAILABLE FOR ONSITE SERVICE!


40 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – September 2019

Driveways Patios Shed slabs Pathways Pool surrounds Rendering

Plain Exposed Decorative When quality matters

Servicing: Rainbow Beach, Tin Can Bay and Cooloola Cove

Call Mick on 0407 228 044 Dance





Jeff Hogues Plumbing Service jeff@jef hoguesplumbing.com.au Drain Cleaning Gas Installation Gas Maintenance Back low Servicing Back low Installation Ÿ Thermostatic Mixing Valves Ÿ Treatment Plant Maintenance Ÿ General Plumbing and Drainage Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ

Hall For Hire


Rumbalara Avenue Rainbow Beach QLD 4581

0458 259 418

Cosgroves Solicitor in Attendance Wednesdays 10:00am – 1:00pm Conference Room, Rainbow Sands Resort

Paul Cosgrove B.COM., B.ECON., LL.B., B.C.L.

EMAIL cosgroves@cosgroves.com.au TELEPHONE (07) 3371 9199 MOBILE (24 HRS) 0418 729 474 P.O. Box 1225 TOOWONG Q. 4066


QBCC 78058




Tyre & Mechanical Service

Pet Boarding

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September 2019 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 41


If you have an event or date you would like to add please email info@rbcn.com.au


Cross Stitch a Book, RB Library, 10-12am, ph: 5486 3705


RADF Round One Arts Grants open


Over 60s, RB Surf Club, 10am, Dorothy 5486 2357

14 Back to the Bay Fete, 9am to 3pm Annette 0417 864 080, Amy 0431 231 730

12 Neighbourhood Watch, 9am CC Vet Comm Hall, ph: Fay 5488 0514 or Di 0408 599477

14 Learn to Swim, Swim Club Open Day Aquatic Centre, 10am-1.30pm, ph: 5486 3191

19 Rainbow Beach Nipper Carnival, ph: 5486 3249


Carers Day, TCB RSL, ph: 5486 2110

18 Kath’s Gift, Women’s Circle Network Association


Create entries for the Flower Show, 1-2pm CC Vets and Comm Hall

18 Camera Club meeting, TCB Library, 7pm


C & K TCB Kindergarten Open Day, 9-11am, Michele 5486 2311

19 Online family history resources, RB Library, 10am-12noon, ph: 5486 3705


Basic Pottery, RB Library, 2-4pm, ph: 5486 3705

19 Android Phone Help, TCB Library, 2-4pm, ph: 5486 4355


Charcoals - RB Library, 10-12 noon, ph: 5486 3705

21 Meals on Wheels AGM, 11am TCB Comm Complex, ph: 0427 701 922


Lovely lotion bars - TCB Library 2-3pm, ph: 5486 4355

21 Landcare Festival, 10am-4pm, 365 Old M’B Rd, Gympie

Trivia at the Hall for the RB School, 6pm ph: 0439 701 227

22 Wellness Expo - RB Community Hall

6 6

Crochet Basics - RB Library - 2-4pm, ph: 5486 3705


Open Day at the Surf Club 8am-2pm, 07 5486 3249


Wildflower Walk, RB Library, 10-12, ph: 5486 3705


Monstera Drop Dish, TCB Library 10-11am, ph: 5486 4355


Come and Try day, Dragon Boating, TCB Sandy 0402 352 756

22-28 September, 7-day live-in Bronze Camp, RB SLSC, ph: 5486 3249 25 Business Bites Workshop, 2-4pm, RB Library, ph: 0455 554 668 28 Sound of Teen Spirit concert, 2pm, Lions Park TCB, Jess 0411 218 254 28 Craft market, RB Comm Hall, $5 stalls, 8am-1pm, ph: 5486 3355 30 HOY for Chocolate from 10-11am, CC Vets and Comm Hall, Jess 0411 218 254

9 - 30 Mary Valley Scarecrow Festival


10 Veterans and Community Morning Tea, TCB RSL, ph: 5486 4224 10 Facebook for Business Workshop TCB , 5.30-7.30pm, ph:0455 554 668

1,2,3 Learn the Basics of Sailing Course, Tin Can Bay, Kay 0427 603 093 5

11 Cooloola Connect Meeting TCB RSL 10am-12pm, Carley 0408 992 822

Annual Flower Show, TCB Comm Centre, 9.30am, Cheryl 5486 8070


13 Come and Try day, Dragon Boating, TCB, Sandy 0402352756

Nippers commences, 8.30am, ph: 5486 3249


13 Spacegirls Satellite Party, 4-11pm, Gympie Civic Centre

QCWA High Tea, Kathy House, 10am12noon, Dawn 0434 518836

12 4x4 Pink Fun Run, Tanya 0417 791 233

4.30pm Karate and Jiu-Jitsu, RBSS: 0417 079 579 6pm Table Tennis, RB Community Hall, Bob: 0477 001 912 THURSDAY

WEEKLY (many are term time only) See Fitness and Health pages for fitness classes, aqua aerobics, pilates, yoga MONDAY 9.30am Senior Citizens indoor bowls, TCB Community Complex David: 0466 848 032 10-11am First 5 Forever Under 5’s, RB Library 4.30pm Karate and Jiu-Jitsu, RBSS: 0417 079 579 TUESDAY 9am Arts and Crafts Group, Church of the Good Shepherd Hall 9am TCB Quilters, TCB Community Complex, Jacquie: 5486 4468 9.30am Little Guppies Playgroup Carmen: 0487 876 559 10am-12noon, Tin Can Bay Art Group TCB Library. Ph: 5486 4355 7-9pm Alcoholics Anonymous, CC Veteran & Comm Hall. Ph: 5488 0972 WEDNESDAY 7.00am Heart Foundation Walking Group, Maggie 0400 756 615 9am Mahjong and games, Church of the Good Shepherd Hall 9am Table Tennis, RB Community Hall, Bob: 0477 001 912 9-11am Cooloola Card Makers - every second Wednesday TCB Library Ph: 5486 4355 10am Mainly Music, TCB Community Complex 3-4pm Coolabay Choir (from September) CC Vet & Com Hall Ph: Pam Graham 0427 180 649

7am Tennis, RB Sports Club, Carmel: 0438 773 679 8.30am Playgroup, RBSS 9am TCB Craft Club Carmel: 5488 0409 9.30am CCLAC Bingo, TCB Country Club 9.30am First 5 Forever Under 5’s, TCB Library 10am Art Workshop with Jenny, RB Library, every 2nd and 4th Thurs 3.30pm Cooloola Dragon Boat training FRIDAY 9am Sailability, TCB 9.30am Bridge, RB Hall Meeting Room 9.30am Senior Citizens indoor bowls, TCB Community Complex, David: 0466 848 032 SATURDAY 7.00am Heart Foundation Walking Group, Maggie 0400 756 615 6pm

Mass at St John Vianney Catholic Church service, Bream St TCB (Week 1, 2, 5) St Peter the Fisherman Catholic Church Service Manooka Dr, RB (Week 3, 4)

Markets on almost every Saturday, see the Visitor’s Guide! SUNDAY 7am

Mass RB (1, 2, 5) and TCB (wk 3, 4)

7.30am Cooloola Dragon Boat training 9.30am Cooloola Wesleyan Methodist Church, Ph: Pastor Scott Lucas 0427 859 235 9.30am Church of the Good Shepherd Contemporary Family service and morning tea, all denominations welcome! 17 Carlo Rd, RB

At John Madill Toyota







$30,990 FROM


John Madill Toyota

John Madill Toyota

44 Geordie Road (Bruce Highway), Gympie T: 07 5480 5555 4718811 johnmadilltoyota.com.au

Noosa Autopark, Noosaville T: 07 5470 0750 4718811 johnmadilltoyota.com.au





$44,990+$1,000 FROM



[V]Pre-July 2019 vehicle images shown. Offer applicable for Private customers, Bronze, and Silver Fleet customers, only at participating dealers. Offer available on new May 2019 to August 2019 built models purchased between 01/08/2019 and 30/09/2019 unless extended. Free onroad costs include 12 months registration, 12 months compulsory third party insurance (CTP), a maximum dealer delivery charge and stamp duty. Metallic/Premium paint at additional cost. [D3]Recommended driveaway price (RDP) shown is applicable for Private customers,Bronze,and Silver Fleet customers,and primary producers,only at participating dealers. Offer available on new January 2019 to September 2019 built models purchased between 01/08/2019 and 30/09/2019 unless extended. RDP includes 12 months registration,12 months compulsory third party insurance (CTP),a maximum dealer delivery charge,stamp duty and metallic/premium paint. Toyota reserves the right to amend the offer and terms at any stage. [F2] 4.9% comparison rate is available to approved applicants of Toyota Finance for the financing of all new and demo 2019 C-HR models (build dates up to and including September 2019). Offer only available for Private,Bronze and Silver Guests only. Finance applications must be received by 31/12/2019. Please speak to your Dealer for more information. Maximum finance term of 48 months applies. Based on an annual percentage rate of 3.88%. Terms,conditions,fees and charges apply. Toyota Finance reserves the right to change,extend or withdraw an offer at any time. Comparison Rate is based on a 5 year secured consumer fixed rate loan of $30,000. WARNING: This comparison rate is true only for the example given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms,fees or other loan amounts might result in a different comparison rate. Toyota Finance,a division of Toyota Finance Australia Limited ABN 48 002 435 181,AFSL and Australian Credit Licence 392536. [D2]Recommended driveaway price (RDP) shown is applicable for Private customers, Bronze, and Silver Fleet customers, and primary producers, only at participating dealers. Offer available on new January 2019 to August 2019 built models purchased between 01/08/2019 and 30/09/2019 unless extended. RDP includes 12 months registration, 12 months compulsory third party insurance (CTP), a maximum dealer delivery charge, stamp duty and metallic/premium paint. Toyota reserves the right to amend the offer and terms at any stage. [B2] Bonus applicable for Private, Bronze, Silver fleet customers, and primary producers only. Bonus applies to driveaway price or accessories purchased and fitted in same transaction. Not transferable or redeemable for cash. No rainchecks. Offer ends 30/09/2019 unless extended. Excludes servicing and repairs. T2019-012726

42 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – September 2019

Sorry... Sorry...

I’m too busy selling I’m too busy selling totoprepare the ad prepare the ad this month! this month!

CallAndrew Andrew Hawkins Hawkins today Call today Your local real estate agent

Your local real estate agent 07 5486 3900 0408 736 711

07 5486 3900 0408 736 711 Rainbow Beach

R E A L T Y Rainbow Beach


September 2019 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 43