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October 2019 • Vol 22 • Issue 10

Rainbow Beach is 50!

What a milestone for our little community of Rainbow Beach While there was sand mining in the region prior to this, the town was was only gazetted as a town in 1969. We have the brief history of the beginnings of Rainbow Beach on page three. The cover photo was provided by Garry Hewitt who we have also featured on page 26 as he was one of the first lifesavers at the newly formed surf club. The photo shows surfboat training in the sixties.

In this issue... Fun • School Holiday named • Rainbow Beach by E number ON Trip Advisor round’ • Don’t miss ‘Playg B TC • Don’t miss the ow Flower Sh

Editor’s Note

Happy Birthday Rainbow Beach! W


ELL HAPPY 50th Birthday to Rainbow Beach! The town was gazetted in 1969 and although the mineral sands were here and the original surf club was moved here, the town was not gazetted as a town, until 1969.

Our condolences to Pam Dorman and family on the loss of husband Bruce last month. Reverend Bruce Dorman was a Vietnam veteran and held many roles within the community. A tribute to Bruce is on page 9. RIP Bruce.

And Happy 21st Birthday to the Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News! How fantastic - another cause for celebration. So, the next few months we will have lots of memories for you to reflect upon. Stay tuned.

And another jam-packed month coming up! The Local Ambulance Committee will be holding its annual Flower Show on Saturday the 5th at the TCB Community Centre; the RB Board Riders Sign On Day is on the 6th as is the first Nippers run.

Don’t forget, if you can’t find a copy of the paper it is all online at rbcn.com.au and we have daily posts on our facebook page Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News - so you can keep up to date.

There is a High Tea Fundraiser by the QCWA at Cathy House on the 9th, and the Heart of Gold International Film Festival is on from October 3-6 - an absolute delight. Check it all out on our What’s On page.

We have been inundated with bats many dying from starvation due to the droughts in the west. Please don’t touch them and ensure your children don’t go near them as they may contain the Australian bat lyssavirus. Story on page 4.

Two more events not to miss are ‘Playground’ which is going to be a stunning spectacle at the RB Community Hall - Paul Hagan is coming from Sydney to present his incredible light show.

The Stairs verdict is nearly here - because the date has been extended, Council will wait until all the responses are in for a final report - but we have a little update on page 3. A new Rainbow Beach Chamber of Commerce Committee was formed last meeting and thanks to outgoing President Mark Beech, who has held the role for five years, and welcome to incoming President Matt O’Donnell, our sports reporter - back page.

And don’t miss the Vinnies Fashion Parade at 2pm on October 27, where you can find a frock for the Arty Ball which is on November 23. Don’t forget to get your Arty entries in - story page 5! Have a fantastic October and catch you next month.

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Wide Bay Esplanade Rainbow Beach Qld 4581 2 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – October 2019

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Stairs Decision A

DECISION is still pending on the Rainbow Beach Stairs.

The Rainbow Stairs survey seeking views from Rainbow Beach community members continues to run, with residents still sending in their preferred option.


E ALL KNOW and love this town, and many know a little of its beginnings, however very few know it all and lived through it. Bryan Smith first visited the town in 1965 and was one of the first builders here. His wife Christina joined him from Brisbane in 1973 to move into a home Bryan had built and they still live here today. Christina received a grant from RADF to research and interview the employees of the sand mining company which started our town and this forms most of the information below. Queensland Titanium Mines (QTM) operated in the area from 1964 until its closure in 1976. The local mineral sands consisted of Quartz – 5%; Rutile 30%; Zircon 40%; Ilmenite 15%; Garnet, Monazite, Leucoxene -10-% and brought Australia $27,500,000.00 in export income during the year. In December 1964 the first bulldozer was brought in to work on the building of the road. This was operated by Arnold Coombs, who worked with the Council on the road construction and later, the clearing for the power line. The construction of the 19-mile road into Rainbow Beach was a joint venture between QTM, the Widgee Shire Council and the

The options include removing the rainbow colours from the stairs, rainbow colours only on the stairs, rainbow colours with the wording ‘How Good is Living’ and the rainbow colours with the wording ‘Rainbow Beach, Australia’.

Above: Premier Frank Nicklin (Sir George Francis Reuben Nicklin) with The Honourable Max Hodges MP at the opening of the Rainbow Beach Surf Club - note the old Widgee Shire Council Holden Ute – for the 1965/66 season Right: An aerial photo of Rainbow Beach from 1965 showing the Mineral Sands Building, the three mining houses, the Surf Club, Phil Rogers’ shop and a few caravans Images supplied by Garry Hewitt

Department of Main Roads. QTM contributed $130,000 to this project, the overall cost of which was $250,000. The road was bituminised in late 1965. During this year, discussion was held in Council for a suitable name for the area and application was made to Queensland Place Names Board for Rainbow Beach to be accepted as an appropriate name. The town of Rainbow Beach was not gazetted until 1969. When the Cooloola National Park was gazetted in 1971, plans to mine Double Island Point area folded and the company moved to the southern part of Fraser Island. They ceased mining the area in 1976.

The first shop in Rainbow was a small store owned by Phil Rogers in what is now called Phil Rogers Park. His shop wasn’t always open but when it was, he would sell pies, drinks, lollies and local fruit he picked up on the way to Rainbow. The ‘town’ started with three mineral sands houses, a few caravans and the surf club. A few caravans used the area, including one owned by my parents, John and Barbara McCarthy, who parked their old round-topped marine ply van in the park from 1965. We will have the next chapter in our November Issue.

At this stage the numbers are very close - the two top results with just over 100 each are: the rainbow colours with the wording ‘How Good is Living’ and the rainbow colours with the wording ‘Rainbow Beach, Australia’. The survey remains open for the next couple of weeks, with results released to the Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News once confirmed, for residents information.

October 2019 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 3

Election boundary changes W

ALLU HAS BEEN officially excluded from Division 1 following a review of the Gympie Regional Council’s (GRC) divisions by the Local Government Change Commission (Change Commission). Each division of the GRC needs to have a similar number of voters at the upcoming March 2020 election, so that each person’s vote has the same value. A quota is determined by dividing the total number of enrolled voters by the number of councillors (other than the mayor), plus or minus 10% - the GRC region has 36,736 with an estimated 38,783 by 2024. In Division 1, the division enrolment as at January 31, 2019 was 4,969 which is a deviation from the average enrolment of 8.21 %. The projected enrolment as at March 31, 2024 is 5,313 which is

Do not touch the bats


RUITS BATS aka Flying-foxes are dropping like flies from New South Wales to North Queensland and the reason is that they are quite literally starving. Drought, drier conditions and bushfires have caused a shortage of natural food sources and water is scarce also. These flying mammals and apex pollinators are struggling to survive as a result. Bats are being found malnourished or deceased in large numbers. It is important not to touch the bats as they can carry the Australian Bat Lyssavirus (ABLV) which is like a rabies virus. Advice from the Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service is that ABLV can be spread from bats to people through a bat bite, scratch or by getting bat saliva in the eyes, nose or mouth from an already infected bat.

4 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – October 2019

a 9.59 % deviation from average. Only four comments were received from our region against the change. One comment requested the council become undivided (no divisions), however this is outside the scope of this review and was unable to be considered by the Change Commission. The other three comments conveyed opposition to the proposed transfer of the Wallu area from Division 1 to Division 2. As the primary purpose of this review was to ensure each division has a similar number of voters so that each person’s vote has the same value, the Change Commission has been unable to accommodate these proposals. The Change Commission recognises the likelihood that the growth expected in Division 1 may trigger another review prior to the 2024 election.

Local bats / flying foxes taken by Angela Bell

If you or someone you know has been bitten or scratched by a bat: 1. Wash the affected area gently and thoroughly with soap and water for at least five minutes. 2. Apply an antiseptic (alcohol-based or iodine-based) to the area of the scratch or bite. 3. Promptly contact: • Your GP

• 13HEALTH information line on 13 43 25 84 • SCHHS public health unit on 1300 017 190. For live bats in need of rescue (eg on the ground, hanging low, or alone during the day), contact your local wildlife rescue group who have legally permitted and vaccinated bat rescuers/carers to assist. For more information, see Queensland Health’s ABLV fact sheet http://conditions.health.qld.gov.au/HealthCondition/ condition/14/217/10/australian-bat- lyssavirus

Artist Call for the characters of Rainbow! A

FTER LAST YEAR’S amazing support from the locals, we are excited for the upcoming 2019 Rainbow Beach Artyball on November 23 at the Rainbow Beach Sports Club. With a twist on the National Archibald prize, this event is intended to encourage locals to promote themselves and each other by submitting portraits with your subject’s permission of course. The event is open to all locals of any age and the medium can be anything of your choice whether it’s painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, poetry, macrame, sewing or pottery – be creative! This year all artwork will be displayed at Café Jilarty from the end of October until the night of the festivities. The public will be invited to come and vote by gold coin to determine a winner making it people’s choice winner. Votes will be counted and the 2019 winner of the Rainbow Beach ArtyBall will be announced on the night at the ball. All artwork will be on display and auctioned off at the Gala.

We have secured our venue this year at the airconditioned Sports Club and it will be well catered for with a dance floor, balcony and ‘The Recliners’ performing all your favourites. The cost is only $35 and includes entertainment, supper, drinks at bar prices, a gift and loads of fun. We have the Artist Call on now, so if you want to have a go, ask the permission of the local Rainbow Beach local identity of your choice – this could even be a pet! This work should be appropriately presented, ready to hang. All work submitted will be subjected to the scrutiny of, and become the property of, the ArtyBall committee. All proceeds will go to a Community Group which will be determined by our hosts, the Sports Club. If you have nothing to wear to the ball you must come and join the fun at the St Vinnies Fashion Show at 2pm on Sunday, October 27 at Café Jilarty! See you there! Call organiser Leonie on 0407 529 624.

Kerry Fullarton and Andrew Hawkins looking classy at the 2018 Arty Ball

Rainbow Beach named #1 on Trip Advisor! T

RIP ADVISOR HAS just named Rainbow Beach number 1 in the top 15 ‘Beautiful hidden-gem small towns in Australia!’ The review mentioned the coloured sands, the gateway to Fraser Island, the learn-to-surf for beginners, kayaking with dolphins and other marine life. It said: “You can also experience the colourful terrain of the area on an

Left: Beautiful Rainbow Beach named number one by Trip Advisor

adventurous 4WD beach excursion from Rainbow Beach.” One review mentioned by Trip Advisor said: “We loved Rainbow Beach for the views, the laid-back vibes, and just enough cafes and coffee shops to meet our needs.” It’s so good to receive wonderful feedback - we know its great and we also know there is so much more to the region which you can find by going to Trip Advisor and Browse Tours and Activities in Rainbow Beach.

October 2019 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 5

RV parking signage would help visitors


and purchase meals and buy other items supporting Rainbow Beach businesses.

There are allocated RV and long vehicle parks between the street and the surf club however they are often filled with normal cars.

“We find that most of the drivethrough parks for cars and caravans / trailers / campers are taken by single vehicles. With heaps of other parks available, it would be a great idea to put signage to notify single vehicles to park elsewhere. Just a thought for the day, Cheers Tanya.”

HERE ARE LIMITED parking spaces in the main area of Rainbow Beach and there are even fewer for RVs, caravans, trailers and boats.

This means our visitors who want to visit businesses based in the main street can’t park and they don’t understand why we don’t have signage.

We replied that we would forward the email on to the appropriate place.

This time last year we received a letter from a group of travellers saying:

This month we received this letter by the same group:

“Hi, just making a suggestion. Each time we travel from Victoria to Rainbow Beach, then on to Fraser Island, we stock up

“Each year we and every other tourist with a 4x4 with camper trailers, caravans and motorhomes come here to Rainbow

Beach and stay in the local accommodation, eat, drink, shop and get their grocery supplies, spending money in your town. But a big downfall as many others have been annoyed about also, is the parking (or shall I say lack of) for these vehicles and the only real spot is taken by single vehicles – very annoying.” We have asked them to email their concerns and explained this has been mentioned before and was also included in the recent RV Strategy for the town.

Visitors have requested signage on the allocated parking spaces for longer vehicles so regular cars won’t park there

What do you think?

Report a crass campervan W

ICKED CAMPERS have been making waves since they started their business almost 20 years ago. As the Cooloola Coast is a backpacker paradise we have seen a lot of these vans in the region. While we love our visitors and backpackers who light up the town, many people have expressed disgust at the vans. When the company first began they had the public’s support and most agreed it was a smart marketing ploy and their popularity rose swiftly. However, as offensive language and what can only be described by the most open-minded as filth started appearing, they lost their fans. There has been much controversy and many complaints made to government of all levels to ban

6 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – October 2019

these vehicles or at the very least - get rid of the graffiti. Every year there is an announcement saying Wicked Campers are going to be banned - and still they appear. The vehicles were banned from registering in Victoria, Tasmania, ACT and Queensland; so they drove over the border and had them registered in South Australia. In 2015, Wicked Owner, John Webb,was reported to have said: “Moral Monkey Squad are dedicated to satisfying the whims and wishes of the humour-inept, self-righteous moral majority while wearing little monkey tuxedos and funny hats.” In March this year, the then Federal Government

Minister for Women, Kelly O’Dwyer, called for action against the “outdated, misogynistic, vulgar and degrading signage.” Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack said: “These vehicles are offensive and belong in a junkyard, not on Australian roads.” In August 2019, transport ministers from each state signed off a plan to deregister the vans if they refused to have the slogans removed. Transport Minister Stephan Knoll said the ‘national and co-ordinated approach’ would get offensive slogans off Australian roads for good. We will see.

Big boys of the boating world visit Tin Can Bay

Ryan Lloyd Australian Suzuki GM, Wataru Sakamoto Suzuki Japan, Daiki Sugiura Suzuki Japan, Kerry Gash Tin Can Bay, John Haines Jnr CEO/ Director of the Haines Group Brisbane


OU KNOW YOU are doing something right when the owners of two of the biggest boating names in the world come visiting. Kerry and Linda Gash, owners of Tin Can Bay Mower and Marine welcomed two such groups last week to their business in Snapper Creek Road, Tin Can Bay. Australia General Manager of Suzuki Australia Ryan Lloyd has been on a whistle stop tour of Australian Suzuki stockists with Suzuki Japan owners Wataru Sakamoto and Daiki Sugiura. Suzuki created its first outboard in 1965 and has been at the forefront of outboard design and technology for over 50 years. With them is John Haines, CEO of the Haines Group, the

largest private distributor of Suzuki Marine outboards, sold through an extensive network across Australia. The Haines name has been an iconic Australian brand in the boating industry since legendary boat builder John Sydney Haines founded the company in 1959. Kerry and Linda started their business in Tin Can Bay in 2001 and have been stocking Suzuki since 2011. Kerry said: “It makes you feel good that they want to come and have a look at your business. It gives you a bit of pride that they have come. “They are just on a trip to check how the brand is doing in Australia. “We are proud of what we have, from where we started and couldn’t have done it without our good clients.”

A reminder - do not feed the dingoes I

F YOU ARE going camping or visiting the national parks this holidays be aware of the rules regarding dingoes. Minister for Environment, Leeanne Enoch, said: “People need to understand that these beautiful dingoes are wild animals, they are not starving, and a habituated dingo becomes a risk to visitors and to themselves.” Earlier this year on-the-spot fines for intentionally feeding or disturbing dingoes increased to a minimum $2,135 per offence, and $10,676 maximum. “It is so important that all visitors to the island stay dingo-safe especially if camping with children,” Minister Enoch said. “September is a time where young dingoes are learning survival skills, which means they may display behaviour which can be mistaken as playing, as they test their place in their pack.” Throughout the holidays, rangers from the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) and Butchulla Aboriginal Corporation will be providing dingo-safe messaging and checking compliance. Butchulla Ranger, Mr Conway Burns, said visitors must keep a clean and tidy campsite and stick together as a group if they are exploring the island’s beauty. “At this time of the year, females will be teaching pups to hunt and the packs could be defensive, so it is important to keep your distance from the wongari (dingoes),” Mr Conway said. “Enjoy the island, respect the wongari because it is their territory, do not feed them and take your photos from a distance. Visitors to K’gari are reminded to be dingo safe at all times: • Always stay close (within arm’s reach) of children and young teenagers • Always walk in groups • Camp in fenced areas where possible • Do not run. Running or jogging can trigger a negative dingo interaction • Never feed dingoes • Lock up food stores and ice boxes (even on a boat) • Never store food or food containers in tents • Secure all rubbish, fish and bait.

October 2019 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 7

Jennifer takes a break in Rainbow Beach

‘Playground’ spectacular exhibition! A


AINBOW BEACH welcomed Jennifer Parry into their homes and hearts this month during her 450km solo and unsupported hike from her home in Woodgate to the Brisbane CBD. Jennifer set out last month to raise awareness and $40,000 for the Potential Unlimited program, run by the PA Research Foundation and STEPS. Jennifer has an Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) and this is the second long-distance hike she has undertaken for ‘brains’. In 2016 she walked almost 400km from Mount Perry to Toowoomba to raise money for brain cancer. ABI refers to any damage to the brain that occurred after birth. Common causes of ABI include accidents, stroke, lack of oxygen and degenerative neurological disease. ABI-related disability can affect cognitive, physical, emotional and independent functioning. Being brain injured herself, Jennifer understands what it’s like to live with such

a disability. “I’ve always been obsessed with making my life amazing, but was held back by my ideas of what that meant and how I would do it. “Basically I felt like an amazing life was out of my reach because I didn’t have access to funds for what I thought was the definition of an amazing life.” While at Rainbow Beach Jennifer’s hosts were Garry and Julie Hewitt, who kindly offered her a bed for the night - even though she said: “just a bit of lawn will be great.” Jennifer enjoyed a meal and spent the night meeting locals and answering questions on ABI. “Having an attitude of adventure, be it big or small, has allowed me to expand my mind, my perception and has increased the amount of satisfaction and happiness in my life because I can do anything.” Jennifer’s website is a delight and you can find it at https://freestateofjen.com

8 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – October 2019

N INCREDIBLE SHOW by a world renowned artist, Paul Hagan, is coming to Rainbow Beach this October. The exhibition ‘Playground’ has been developed over several years with footage captured by the artist of Urban Sydney, Vivid Sydney, and Iconic Sydney Landscapes. This work encompass reflective and projected video sequences utilising holographic techniques, as well as incorporative elements of movement and sound. These sculptures are intriguing and interactive, allowing the audience to wander through the light and sound sculpture. Paul will make the installation a wandering type experience with the audience engaged in the content as they move from screen to screen. The mirrors are used to reflect colourful elements of the light and sound components. Soundscapes, composed by the artist exclusively for this exhibition are intimately associated with the installation and are played through speakers in 5:1 surround.

Artist Paul Hagan is bringing his exhibition to Rainbow this month!

Paul is honoured in being able to present his work in Rainbow Beach,with what is promised to be a very exciting exhibition. This must-not-miss event is coming to Rainbow on October 5 to 8 at the Community Hall. There is no need to book and entry is by gold coin donation.

A Tribute to the late

Reverend Bruce Robert Dorman 2 OCTOBER 1945 to 26 AUGUST 2019


N AUGUST 30, as Bruce was laid to rest, the Australian Flag was flown at half-mast at the Rainbow Beach Cenotaph in honour and recognition of the service given to his country as a Returned from Active Service Veteran (Vietnam). In February 1967 Bruce was conscripted into the Australian Army as part of the National Service Scheme 1964 to 1972, and after recruit training was assigned to the Royal Australian Army Infantry Corps. In January the following year he commenced a tour of duty in Vietnam firstly with 1 Australian Reinforcement Unit. He was then posted to the 7th and then to the 1st Battalion Royal Australian Regiment, which was subsequently engaged in the Battle of Fire Support Base Coral, one of the major battles of the war. Bruce later suffered physical injuries in the course of his duty there and was returned to Australia for further treatment and convalescence. He was discharged in February 1969 with the rank of Lance Corporal, his conscription responsibility completed.

Rev Bruce was a well-known identity in this community and beyond. Apart from his membership of the Rainbow Beach RSL Sub Branch, he had been actively engaged in other organisations including Legacy, the Vietnam Veterans Association and the Endeavour Foundation, in which he held prominent positions. In 1999 he was ordained as a Priest and served in the Parish of Gympie as Honorary Assistant Curate until 2018. He was also actively engaged as a Queensland Police Chaplain and Senior Chaplain in an association that lasted over 19 years. Rev Bruce officiated at the RSL commemorative events, ANZAC Day, Vietnam Veterans Day and Remembrance Day at the Rainbow Beach Cenotaph over the past 17 years. He will be sadly missed by so many. Rest in Peace. Bruce Dorman will be sadly missed by so many Rest in Peace Bruce Photo: Elizabeth Armstrong

Changing of the guard for the Rainbow Beach Chamber


FTER FIVE YEARS as President of the Rainbow Beach Chamber of Commerce and Tourism (RBCT) Mark Beech announced he wouldn’t be standing for the 2019/2020 year. At the RBCT AGM which was held last month, Mark said he was stepping down due to business commitments. He thanked all members and his committee for their support and attendance over the last five years and mentioned the

Mark Beech steps down as President of the Chamber

events that had been run, including the Festival of Small Halls and Bush to the Beach. Tony Stewart moved a vote of thanks to Mark for his efforts and expertise in building the Chamber Membership numbers up and for his time as president. The incoming president is Matt O’Connell and the committee welcomed Matt who presided over the September meeting. Nigel Worthington remains treasurer and Tony Stewart is secretary. The next meeting will be held on Monday October 14 at 5.30pm and all businesses are encouraged to join the chamber and attend.

October 2019 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 9

Creative Cuts Irish music & jazz at Cooloola Plus

Courtesy The Harbour Agency

Big Summer Blow Out 2020

Rainbow Beach will be inundated with stars, fans and music as the Big Summer Blow-Out hits Rainbow Beach on Saturday February 29, 2020 from 12 noon. Headlining the show is Darryl Braithwaite with Thirsty Merc, Dragon, Wendy Matthews, Reece Mastin, Caitlyn Shadbolt and Valentina Brave. Manager of the Rainbow Beach Sports and Recreation Club Nathan Kropp who is organising and hosting the event said: “After our successful Easter show we saw there was a good interest in Australian Rock Music, so we have been having conversations with the bands and the Big Summer Blow-Out was born. He said: “We start off summer with Country and end with Australian Rock. Tickets are already flying out the door and are on sale at trybooking.com.”

Enjoy the beats with Real Steel Real Steel consists of Darryl Searle on pedal-steel guitar and Ashley Williamson, vocals and guitar. The band will perform a mix of country music, country rock, western swing and beautiful ballads and are looking forward to performing at the Tin Can Bay Country Club on October 5.

10 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – October 2019

In September Cooloola Plus had unusual instruments and new players and we are looking forward to our young musician’s return during the next two months. Genuine Irish music, classical piano occasionally, songs from the jazz era and simply well known and little known music will be featured. Poetry, funny stories and sketches make up some of the PLUS in our name, so you never know what to expect on any evening. We always enjoy an evening of music with our very talented local musicians. We like to sing together, play our own style and share the variety of genres with like minded people. Do come and join us and see the smiling faces and laughter we enjoy. Don’t miss our second concert evening this time on October 31. Further info: Pam Graham 0427 180649 or email: kcisf327@gmail.com Pictured is Sarah Mitchell with her genuine Irish music and her songs of the trials of life!

Country at the Beach

Another awesome event for Rainbow Beach is the Country at the Beach 2019 with the Wolfe Brothers, Travis Collins, The Viper Creek Band, Baylou, Mickey Pye, Leigha Moore, Brooke Schubert, Jake Davey, Dee Jaye Bux and more! This huge event will be held on Saturday, December 7, 2019 from 12 noon to 10.30pm at the Rainbow Beach Sports Club. Tickets are on sale now at trybooking.com

Flower Show Don’t miss the 2019 Flower Show at the Tin Can Bay Community Centre from 9.30am!

Coolabay Choir at the Flower Show Another Flower Show and another choir performance. Always ready to brighten people’s lives and smile for the joy of singing. It does you good to hear them. Harmony is the name of the game and we thrive in an atmosphere of harmony and wellbeing. A great group of people and hoping to encourage more to join us. Call Pam 0427180 649 or email kcisf327@gmail.com

p the very bottom contact Stopping Time exhibition - Gympie Regional Gallery

The major exhibition, Stopping Time: Material prints from 3000BCE to Now, is now on display until November 16 at the Gympie Regional Gallery. It explores various forms of printmaking through the ages and demonstrates the power of prints to suspend time, as a fleeting second captured by a shutter or by a skillful hand. olades toPrints the from ad under the acknowledged artists throughout history will be on view, such as Margaret Preston, Albrecht Durer, William Blake, Goya, Walter Crane, Arthur Boyd and John Coburn to name a few. There are loads of public programs

planned for the duration of the exhibition, including a workshop by Brisbane -based artists Blair Coffey and Ali Bezer, and an artist talk by curator Ross Woodrow. This exhibition is being presented in partnership with Griffith University and Newcastle Art Gallery.

Dogwood Crossing Duo Don’t miss the Dogwood Crossing Duo on Friday October 25 at the TCB Country Club. An Australian Rock Outfit have a huge following of fans and are about to release their third album. In 2011 Dogwood Crossing released their debut album Fear of Change and quickly received praise both here in Australia and overseas, with the video clip for their hit single Borderline, which is doing the rounds on Rage and other Australian and US music shows. Dogwood Crossing received its first nomination as finalists in the “Music Oz” Independent Music Awards held at the Opera House in Sydney 2012.



HORSE RIDES 2018 WINNER “Tourism Award” Chamber of Commerce 2017 WINNER “Tourism Award” Chamber of Commerce 2016 WINNER “Tourism Award” Chamber of Commerce 2015 WINNER RUNNER UP “Tourism Award” Chamber of Commerce. 2014 RUNNER UP “Tourism & New Business of the Year” Chamber of Commerce 2013 WINNER “New Business of the Year” Chamber of Commerce

Their second album was a hard-hitting, stand up mix of ghostly ballads and fast-paced rock, with a sprinkling of dirty blues thrown in for good measure.See the boys on October 25 at the Tin Can Bay Country Club.




COUNTRY RIDES Whether you have dreamt of riding along the beach or in the country, Rainbow Beach Horse Rides can create the perfect, unique experience for you. Rainbow Beach and Mount Goomboorian offer perfect riding loca ons and riding op ons from a beach ride to a full day country ride and anything in between. Riding quality horses along this beach is a once in a life me experience. We have the only permit to ride a horse on this pris ne stretch of coastline, the only place in the world where two biospheres meet. Tick this off your bucket list today. Thank you so much for this incredible experience it really is a must do when you're in the area! We absolutely loved it!

w: www.rbhr.com.au e: info@rbhr.com.au

October 2019 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 11

Rainbow Beach Police Beat by Senior Constable Michael Brantz


Road safety – definitely not trivial

AST MONTH THE Rainbow Beach State School held a fundraising ‘Trivia Night’ at the Community Hall and – apart from a few sports-related questions – I wasn’t much use to our team. The night obviously left an impression on me though, because when I sat down to write this month’s article I thought it might be interesting to throw in a trivia question of my own. My question is: What is the significance of the number sixty-three (63)? In history, ‘63 (as in 1963) saw the birth of Beatlemania and the death (assassination) of US President John F. Kennedy. In the scientific world it’s the atomic number of the element Europium – used in the production of Euro banknotes. In the sporting world it’s the number of points scored by basketball legend Michael Jordan for the Chicago Bulls in

a double-overtime loss to the Boston Celtics in 1986. And 63 is also the international direct dial code for phone calls to the Philippines, and the number of chromosomes found in the offspring of a donkey and a horse. In the Cooloola Coast trivia section, the correct answer is: ‘the number of times ‘road safety’ has been mentioned in a police article (appearing in this paper) since I arrived here in 2006’. Yes, that’s right – sixty-three (63) times an article extolling the virtues of safe driving has been printed for your reading pleasure. Recently (August 26-30) Queensland held its fifth edition of Road Safety Week. It was a week when the Department of Transport and Main Roads and the Queensland Police Service joined together to put the spotlight on road safety with community events, media

New Fire Station for Rainbow Beach


XCITING NEWS FOR the volunteer firefighters in Rainbow Beach with their new station house expected to be completed by late 2020. A Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) spokesperson said: “Planning work continues on a new $2million facility to house auxiliary

firefighters and SES at Rainbow Beach. Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) is currently reviewing concept designs for the facility, which will be located at 23-35 Rainbow Beach Road, Rainbow Beach. The facility is scheduled for completion in late 2020.”

12 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – October 2019

articles and increased enforcement / education. The result? Three of the worst traffic crashes I’ve seen here on the Cooloola Coast… Yep, just as Road Safety Week was in full swing, an impatient driver tried to overtake a line of traffic on Tin Can Bay Road and rolled his car – resulting in himself, and his three passengers, needing hospital treatment. The next day a single vehicle accident in the Toolara Forest resulted in the death of the female driver, and then – just a few minutes before midnight (and the end of Road Safety Week) – a local lad (with four passengers and a whole lot of alcohol on board) mistook Clarkson Drive for a racetrack and ploughed his car across the roundabout and into a tree near Rainbow Shores. More twisted metal and people in hospital.

You’ve probably all heard the old saying, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.” Well that’s how I feel about road safety. Surely, by now, we all know how important road safety is, and why the Fatal Five are continually spoken about in the media. So it astounds me that – like the horse that refuses to drink the water – drivers are continuing to put themselves and other road users at risk of serious injury (or death) by ignoring basic road rules. As this article hits the stands we are right in the middle of another school holiday period. Safety on our roads and beaches is always a priority for police – but especially during busy holiday times. Ultimately though, we can only lead you to the water – it’s up to you to drink! So please take it seriously. Road safety is not a trivial matter – it could save your life.

Mental Health Week


OIN HUNDREDS of other businesses around Queensland to celebrate Queensland Mental Health Week, October 5-13, 2019. Mental Health Week helps to promote the importance of mental health and wellbeing and reduce the stigma associated with mental illness. Mentally healthy workplaces have benefits for everyone regardless of

your industry or business size with fewer workers compensation claims, reduced work-related injuries, higher productivity, and lower absenteeism. The new mentally healthy workplaces toolkit from Workplace Health and Safety QLD can help you on your journey to creating a mentally healthy workplace via practical resources and tools.

Thanks for your support for the

Trivia Night! A

TRIVIA NIGHT organised by the Rainbow Beach School P&C last month to raise money and have fun turned out to be a huge success. Over 100 trivia buffs came along to help the school raise funds and show their trivia skills. Alas, the reigning champions ‘How Good Is Quizzing’ picked up the top prize yet again. Congratulations! Thanks to everyone who helped with the event preparing platters, setting up tables and chairs, PA systems and especially Jed and Kirstie, the nights quizmasters who kept the night going with outfit changes and unrivalled enthusiasm. Thanks everyone for coming and being great sports.

Hosts for the evening Jed Elmer and Kirstie Jordison

Winners are Grinners - Heatley & Michelle Gilmore; Mark and Tanya Beech; Andrew Hawkins; (Naomi & Jim Cole; Mick Emery) took home the prizes

Helping out the P & C on the Trivia Night were Nicole Lunney, Wendy Shaw, Zaneta Fitzgerald

October 2019 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 13

Wellness Expo

Lots of love for the inaugural Wellness Expo!


AST WEEK the Community Hall came alive with healers, artists, card readers, bag makers, lime growers, plant-based foods, jewellery makers, naturopaths, massage therapists, pilates instructors, skin and beauty products and lots of visitors. Congratulations go to Elisa Seul on organising such a wonderful event for the region with the help of the ever supportive helper, Rose Mayes. Looking forward to 2020 Elisa!

Net Rae Art brought along her stunning bright, beachy works of art

Congratulations to Organiser Elisa Seul and her awesome supporter Rose Mayes

Ÿ Internal & external Ÿ

Add style ! e m o h r u o to y

Pilates instructor Sarah Booth and her trusty Pilates Reformer were a hit


Rainbow Hair and Beauty’s Tessia Fitzgerald and Danielle Antonis offered free advice and free massages

It is even easier to add style to your home

with 2 showrooms

products Blinds Venetians Drapes Doors Screens Shutters Awnings

......and a whole lot mo

Mary Boyd showed off her beautiful art and also held card readings

Instead of add style to your home, use this heading (heading sh out more) It is even easier to add style to your home - with 2 showrooms

in blue/teal section under photo (similar to half page ad attache

remove dot points/list

move logo to the bottom left, include the writing underneath like addresses/contacts at bottom right:

Servicing Cooloola Coast, Wide Bay and Fraser Coast via Gympie and now Maryborough. Call or visit today! 16 Reef Street, Gympie (next to IGA) Call 07 5481 2846 77 Adelaide Street, Maryborough Call 07 4121 7070 classiqueblindsandscreens@gmail.com www.screensandblindsgympie.com.au 14 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – October 2019

Wellness Expo

Cherie Mason helped out on the Boomerang Bags stall

Chef Sean Seul looked after the food with daughter Sofia

October 2019 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 15

What a

Bash! A

FANTASTIC TIME was had by all when the Variety Bash dropped into Rainbow Beach to say hello. The drivers bring with them a huge amount of energy and fun and also a lot of cash which is poured back into our community. A lot of our guests said they had never been before and would definitely be coming back. Big Winners were the

Shamus aka Warren George Patrick O’Brien on his 18th Variety Bash

Rainbow Beach School who received a $5500 laser cutter and engraver and had over 300 guests to breakfast. Steve Waverley, CEO of Variety, the Children’s Charity, said the bash infused $180,000 value in the town.

Bailee McGrath, Damian the Variety Clown, Nigel Worthington and Kroppy looking after the teams


Evening lantern parade 6.00pm-9.00pm, Friday 18 October Mary Street, Gympie

Gold Rush Carnival

Celebrating our rich heritage From 2.00pm, Saturday 19 October Lake Alford, Gympie

Gold Rush Picnic Day Celebrating our community All day, Sunday 20 October

Full Full program program at at gympie.qld.gov.au/goldrush gympie.qld.gov.au/goldrush

16 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – October 2019

Local Sam Mitchell and son-in-law Robert Campbell are happy to arrive at Rainbow

Matthew, John, Leon and Glenn said it was of their favourite places in the world

October 2019 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 17

Composition: Subjects, Foregrounds and Backgrounds By Julie Hartwig Tin Can Bay Camera Club


HOTOGRAPHY IS TELLING stories with pictures. However, the arrangement of the elements within the pictures that tell those stories determines how well a story is told and how viewers interpret the story. One of the biggest obstacles to effective photographic story-telling is poor composition. The composition of a photograph is comprised of three elements: • Subjects - also known as “points of interest” or “focal points” • Foregrounds • Backgrounds Subjects are vitally important to photography because they are the reason for taking a photo in the first place, and through them, the viewer interprets and understands what the story is about. Subjects are as numerous as subject matter itself; anything can become a subject if composed and photographed in the right way. Photographs can have multiple subjects. One must be the primary subject, with the others falling into a secondary, supporting role to assist with the story telling. It is this arrangement of subjects - of how the placement of subjects leads the eye into and around a photograph - that is one of the critical elements of composition. Foregrounds and backgrounds are “secondary” elements. Consider them the

“canvas” upon which the photo subject tells the story. Foreground is the area between the camera and the primary subject. Depending on the scene and the subject, the foreground can be blurred or in sharp focus. However, not every photograph will have a visible foreground. This is often the case with photographs taken with telephoto focal lengths. Image perspective is compressed so that it appears there is only the subject set against the background. Background is the area behind the subject, extending into the far distance. Like foregrounds, not every photograph will have a visible background. The content of backgrounds is important to the overall clarity of a photograph because without being aware of it, the eye will examine this

Enjoy Melbourne Cup Day at the TCB RSL


EPTEMBER HAS BEEN a quiet month for us. We are still awaiting the final for the Veterans Retreat but are expecting it any day soon, hopefully open by the time of printing. For members, we have our General Meeting on Saturday October 12, we will be discussing the results of the survey regarding the march on ANZAC Day, so if you want to be heard then come along. We have started our Christmas Raffle which is on sale now and we will have tickets for sale at sub branch and also at the markets in October, November and December. There will be at least 10 prizes, each with a value of approximately $50 each. Along with this we will have our Christmas Ham raffle which will go on sale commencing with the market in October. The Christmas raffle will be drawn Saturday December 21. Friday nights we have our Member’s Draw with a $50 cash prize. At the time of writing, this has jackpotted to $250

but you have to be present at the draw to win. We have nibblies as well and run a $50 cash raffle. If you are a member come along and see if you can get lucky and win a prize! Regular events for the month are Carer’s Day on the first Tuesday of the month, Veterans and Community Morning Tea on the second Tuesday of the month and Drop-In Centre every other Tuesday and Wednesday 9.30 to 11.30am. Everyone is welcome to come along. Coming events: Tuesday November 5 is Melbourne Cup Day – we are running our usual event $15 for chicken, ham and salad, dessert and a glass of bubbly on entry. Sweeps and prizes for the best hats (male and female). We are taking bookings for the event, so drop in and put your name down. Saturday December 7 we will be having a Christmas Dance – come and enjoy the evening and have hamburger which will be available to purchase. See you at the sub branch.

18 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – October 2019

area while viewing a photograph. More composition tips next month! The Tin Can Bay Camera Club’s next meeting: October 16, 7pm at TCB Library. For more information about club activities and to view members’ images, visit tincanbaycameraclub.wix.com/tcbcamera-club.

John Murphy received an A Grade Honour for his photo entitled ‘Depressed’. The judge was looking for images that conveyed the emotion and mood of loneliness, not just someone/something being alone

Six QCWA members in State Finals! QCWA craft day where everybody is welcome diamond art, knitting, crocheting or just a cuppa and a chat


RANCH COMPETITIONS for craft, cooking, sewing, photography and art have kept us busy for September. We have had 30 creative and delicious entries from our branch members and the winners go on to Division to be judged. There are three levels of judging; Branch, Division then State. The final judging will be at our QCWA State Conference which will be held on October 21 to 24 at the Brolga Theatre in Maryborough. At the same venue there is a QCWA Expo Practical and Creative Arts weekend which is open to the public on October 19 and 20 and entry is by gold coin donation. This will be a great opportunity for the public to

see what QCWA does for its communities. Tin Can Bay members did very well in knitting, crocheting, cooking and photography and out of 30 entries, six have reached State Level! Well done, TCB Branch. Tickets for our High Tea Fundraiser being held on October 9, at Cathy House TCB, are going fast. Our last day for purchasing tickets at $10 per head will be on October 2, at our QCWA hall, 18 Whiting Street, Tin Can Bay between 12-1pm. Proceeds will help support QCWA TCB and the Qld Rural Crisis Fund. Important dates to remember; Craft – first Wednesday of the month 10am Dawn, 0434 518 836 Hoy - third Wednesday of the month 10am $7 entry Dawn 0434 518 836 Cottage reservations and enquiries – Linda 0422 691 116 All other enquiries – Dawn 0434 518 836


Training for the international tourist market

OOLOOLA COAST TOURISM operators recently undertook training on how to be more successful in the international tourism market. Both Rainbow Beach and Tin Can Bay welcome a number of international visitors each year, with a large percentage of those being backpackers, however the region is now seeing an increase in the number

Cooloola Coast Tourism Operators Jan Foletta, Dean Marshall, Heatley Gilmore, Andrew Saunders, Michael Nelson, Jenny Gray, Trudy Shaw, Sarah Booth attended the workshop

of more mature travellers looking to experience the nature, wildlife and beauty of the region. Additionally, the area is growing in popularity as the southern gateway to K’gari Fraser Island. The tourism operators spent a day learning from tourism specialist Michael Nelson on subjects such as: What is Inbound Tourism; Destination Marketing and the Destination Story; The Tourism Distribution System, and How to Properly Price and Package. The training was organised by Destination Gympie Region and participating businesses will now undertake one-on-one mentoring with Jan Foletta, a tourism specialist with over 30 years’ experience. Continued growth in the international market is vital for the region as international visitors are booking longer, travel mid-week, travel in all weather and will tend to spend more.

Gympie Chamber of Commerce Tourism finalist from Rainbow


AINBOW BEACH Horse Rides have again made the top four finalists’ to put them in the running for the Gympie Chamber of Commerce Tourism Award for 2019. The award, sponsored by the Gympie Regional Council, is given to the business who helps bring visitors to our region and promotes it in the best possible way.

The other competitors in the final are the Mary Valley Rattler, the Kilkivan Bush Camping and Caravan Park and the Goomeri Pumpkin Festival. The Gala Awards Night will be held on Saturday October 12 at the Gympie Civic Centre where the winner will be named. Good Luck!

Learn to Dive in Rainbow S

PRING IS UPON us and at Wolf Rock that means our rays are returning from winter vacation. This month’s diving has seen an increase in Eagle Ray sightings, with multiple encounters of large fevers of eagle rays and a few days of lucky divers witnessing their mating dance. This is a complicated ritual with several males vying for the attention of the female at once, following her in a chain of suitors. In fact, one female can mate with up to four males. These rays are classed as near-threatened on the IUCN list and are normally quite shy of scuba divers.

Hitting the water for spring, Wolf Rock Dive taught their first group of Discover Scuba Divers (DSD). This one-day adventure is a great way to try scuba diving and get underwater in the ocean for the first time. Owners James and Alex took four lucky ‘DSDs to Round Rock’ where they encountered turtles, gropers and several species of stingrays. Interested in Discovering Scuba Diving? Contact us on 07 5486 8004. Discover Scuba Divers at Rainbow Beach Pool before they headed to Round Rock, the ‘nursery’ dive site

October 2019 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 19

Dolphin visitors tick this off their bucket lists

Norma Sanderson – Volunteer Coordinator


“Love the dolphins and a great way to teach people about our oceans and to act responsibly! ...Kerri-Ann ..... Brisbane”

VEN WITH THE cool mornings, we had plenty of visitors from overseas and from Australian southern states. This is the place to be, away from the wind, snow and rain which the southern states have incurred lately. We welcome you. Harmony is still showing his dominance towards Patch. We shudder when he comes in as we know Patch will take off. We have been very lucky in having the mums and calves most days. The calves are growing very quickly. This is a good sign that they are healthy and be able to escape more readily from sharks. I Iist some of the comments written in our Visitors Book.

Meet Ella with her calf Joe when you feed the dolphins at Tin Can Bay

“A wonderful start to the day. Great amount of knowledge to be shared. Ticked a bucket list item to the T. .. M & V Canberra” “ Wow - four dolphins today. A very special experience....HS.....Adelaide.” We are sure to have a crowd over the school holidays. If you are a local resident, you do not pay for admission to the Centre, just pay for feeding if you wish to do so. Bring on down your relatives and friends and show them what a SPECIAL place we have here in Tin Can Bay. See you there!

Mens Shed nearly there! I

T IS HOPED THAT the Tin Can Bay Community and Men’s Shed will be operational before Christmas thanks to the hard work, support and persistence of members, local businesses, community groups, Gympie Regional Council, our state and federal members and the successful outcome of several grant applications. Specifically, we would like to publicly thank: − Bay Auto, Beach to Bay Pest Management, Mitre 10 and the Sleepy Lagoon Darts Club for sponsoring work benches for the shed’s machinery shop − Smiley Electrical for their expertise and workmanship in installing electrical wiring − termites@cooloola for conducting a thorough termite inspection, installing barrier works and providing compliance reporting − Tin Can Bay Country Club for their generous donation toward general expenses − Wallu Nursery for providing

landscaping advice, manpower, machinery and turf − A Shed member (who wishes to remain anonymous) for his very large donation towards landscaping materials − All Shed members for their countless hours in planning, organising, building, painting, cleaning, installing, pitching in, etc., and lastly − The broader community for supporting our recent Garage Sale. The Shed hopes to ‘challenge the norm’ with its vision for future workshop activities, use of the recreational area, and to include regular information days on a wide range of topics - the primary focus being men’s health and wellbeing. Currently remedial work is being carried out at the Shed to meet regulatory requirements, but if you’d like to see what a great community asset the Shed will be, visit the Shed (behind Cityfarm at Tin Can Bay) between 9am-noon Monday to Friday, or call Bryan Phillips on 0420 299 651 or Graham Langdown on 0433 062 906 for further information.

Kim and the crew from Bay Auto at Cooloola Cove presenting Bryan Phillips (Shed Manager) with a cheque for bench sponsorship

Cooloola Coast Quilters Club welcomes you Leonie Potts 0432 098 454


HIS MONTH WE have been sewing a clam bag, handy for a variety of purposes from small to larger items. We have been learning to use the clubs Go-Cutter and Westalee Rulers and are looking forward to ‘quilt as you go’ at the end of the month.

Some of the ideas are working with Mylar Confetti and left-over thread to make your own fabric. Some of the girls enjoy knitting, crocheting, colouring, hand embroidery, making quilts utilising scraps of various fabrics, having a laugh and a talk whilst enjoying coffee/tea with a scrumptious morning tea that our ladies supply. Not only do we make quilts of all shapes

20 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – October 2019

and sizes, we do make smaller items such as bags, cup holders, table runners, placemats, etc. So it does not have to be a quilt you make if you want to come and join us. You do not need an expensive machine if you are learning, just a straight sewing machine is good enough. We have quite a few interesting projects in the year as well as a few bus trips, so if

you are interested please join us. We are always looking for new members and we are a friendly group. Even if you have never done patchwork or would like to learn to sew, come along, there is always someone to help you. We meet on Tuesdays at 9am at the Community Complex, corner of Tin Can Bay Rd and Bayside Drive, next door to the Cooloola Bowls Club.

Rainbow Beach Over 60s news

Cherryl Mossman, Jo Said, Marie Parker, Jan Murfett, Joan Barnier, and in the back Robert and Jeanette Murray enjoying lunch at Mary Cairncross Park with Probus

Probus tour of Montville and Maleny


T PROBUS, WE AIM to have general monthly meetings with the minimum of fuss, have interesting guest speakers presenting talks on a wide variety of subjects, and plan our activities for the coming months for the benefit and enjoyment of members. We engage in various outings and activities and endeavour to regularly have local events, interspersed with tours and lunches further afield. Because Probus has ten clubs in the Wide Bay area, we also have the opportunity from time to time to attend lunches, concerts and events throughout the area, giving our members the chance to meet and make friends with fellow Probians. We recently took a day tour with Roundabout Tours to Montville and Maleny. It was a great day with games and

quizzes on the bus, accompanied by a lively commentary by our driver, together with some interesting anecdotes…. although some members felt he was pulling our leg on occasions! We all enjoyed browsing the many and varied shops and galleries at Montville, followed by lunch at Mary Cairncross Park at Maleny where we could walk through the surrounding rainforest area, the habitat of many local creatures including the Richmond Birdwing Butterfly. We all agreed to plan another trip after Christmas. If you would like to know more about Probus, you would be most welcome to attend our monthly meeting at the Sandcastle Motel, Tin Can Bay, on the second Monday of each month. If so, please contact Jo on 0428 762 572 or Kaye on 0421 648 129.

35 Investigator Ave, Cooloola Cove 5


Left: Shaneen Baird, Barbara Gammon, Carmel Darcey,


UR TRIP TO the Brolga to see the Julie Andrews Tribute Show was wonderful with lots of beautiful songs from her 60 or so years of stage and film shows. We had one very excited Barbara after the show because she was one of the lucky winners of two free tickets to the next Morning Melodies – The Tenori – the 3 Tenors so it looks like we will be heading off to the theatre again in October. Our mandatory September morning out to the Strawberry Farm was again well worth the extra grams or two or three. Coffee, scones, cheesecake, strawberry sundaes, double yums all around. Of course we all left with our quota of fresh strawberries. Carmel even arrived extra early – and picked six kilos of the

Right: Don Pascoe, Dorothy Pascoe, Val Duignan and John Missen

lovely red things, to take to a family function. We had a few of the Cooloola Coasters join us for our morning feast. Tuesday October 15 will see us having a BYO BBQ at Norman Point starting at about 11.30am. An invitation has been extended to members of the Probus Club and we hope they will be able to join us. Our next meeting is October 1 at the Rainbow Beach Surf Club at 10am. Anyone interested in coming along to meet our group are most welcome. Please phone Dorothy on 5486 2357 for any inquires.

51 Investigator Ave, Cooloola Cove





• House 1. The main home is solid brick, has bay windows and is spacious with a formal entry, formal lounge and dining plus a family room • House 2. The newly built home consists of 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, living and diningcombined and a great kitchen

Not far from Rainbow Beach, Tin Can Bay and every where the dolphins and whales play Ahhh … sit back… enjoy a drink…relax… because this is living. Don’t delay call Shellie Today!!

View Sale Web

View Sale Web

Private inspection $480,000 rh.com.au/1448286

Private Inspection $330,000 rh.com.au/18794659

Shellie Bennet 0427 718 553

Shellie Bennet 0427 718 553

2 Islandview Close, Tinnanbar

1/28 Gympie Road, Tin Can Bay




• 3 bedrooms with built in robes and ceiling fans • Large kitchen with electric appliances and lots of cupboard space • Formal lounge room with room for the whole family and with box air conditioning • Main bathroom with easy access shower and grab rails installed Auction Saturday, 19 October, Onsite at 1:00pm Web rh.com.au/21311165

Judy Brooks 07 4129 8298 Robin Creighton 0417 704 582




This townhouse is situated in the heart of Tin Can Bay, you can literally see the waterfront, shops and RSL from the verandah- walking distance to everything you need. The modern design allows for comfortable and low maintenance lifestylehave piece in mind of locking up and travelling with little to no upkeep at home. This is a one of a kind on the market today, do not miss out. View Sale Web

Saturday 9:00 - 9:30am $450,000 rh.com.au/1570352

Britney Bell 0447 124 300

Tin Can Bay 07 5486 2066 rh.com.au/tincanbay

October 2019 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 21

Health, Fitness, Beauty & Wellbeing

Health and teeth suncoast PODIATRY Specialists in: Ÿ General and Diabetic Foot Care Ÿ Ingrown Toenail Treatment Ÿ Biomechanics/Orthotics

Servicing Rainbow Beach and Cooloola Coast for over 10 years!


R MARK CULL of Channon Lawrence Dental has some advice for parents of children who snore and breathe through their mouth.

“I know my patients want straight teeth however I also Iove educating them about the other benefits of what orthodontic treatment will bring for them.

He says this is a problem not to be ignored, because in children, mouth breathing can cause crooked teeth, facial deformities or poor growth.

“I assess all my patients to make sure the treatment will optimise their facial balance and ensure their airways will be as clear as possible.”

Dr Mark was asked, what is different about the way you treat your orthodontic patients?

He explains: “Often when teeth are straightened traditionally, teeth are extracted and the teeth are pulled backwards, narrowing airways. When I plan the treatment I aim to move the teeth forward opening up space for the tongue to sit up and forward clear of the airway.”

e Visits Call 5483 7881 for Appointment Hom Available! The Professional Centre, Dolphin Avenue Shopping Complex, Tin Can Bay

Dr Mark has a passion for dentistry and orthodontics and travels all over the world to learn from the best dentists and orthodontists to guarantee he is offering the most up to date and modern dentistry for Gympie. Dr Mark clarifies traditional orthodontics still have their place but it is important to keep up with new techniques and technologies to ensure patients receive the best quality care. Emily-Jane Davey very excited to be finished orthodontic treatment and have her bands taken off - here with Dr Mark and Dental Assistant Chloe Williams

Health, Fitness, Beauty & Wellbeing CLASSIFIEDS CHIROPRACTOR

Business card advert only $66.00 per issue plus receive a FREE listing and FREE article. Listings for $33.00 per month. Contact: info@rbcn.com.au

DENTIST continued

Rainbow Beach Chiropractor

Cooloola Cove Smiles

Visit Dr Dan who specialises in prevention and paediatrics. Children, pregnant mums, absolutely everyone can benefit! Bookings, 0447 275 673 or email rainbowbeachchiro@gmail.com

Our experienced, gentle dentists are ready to offer solutions to all your dental concerns in our spacious practice in Tin Can Bay. Phone 5486 4800

HAIR AND BEAUTY COUNSELLING Cooloola Counselling Services Suzanne offers a professional, supportive counselling service to those in need. Book an appointment, 0406 304 296, email cooloolacounselling@gmail.com or visit www.cooloolacousnellingservices.com

DENTIST Channon Lawrence Dental Crooked teeth? See Dr Mark from Channon Lawrence for an invisible solution. 90 Channon Street, Gympie. Ph: 5482 7688

Coloured Sands Clinic We make it our business to make dentistry affordable whilst delivering quality care. Call 5488 0271 to book an appointment. 22 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – October 2019

MEDICAL CENTRE Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Medical Centre Cosmetic injectables

for frown line, crow’s feet, forehead. Open Wednesday, Rainbow Beach outpatient clinic. General practitioner injector. Consultation and pricing complimentary. Phone 5313 3277.


CC Stylz

Tin Can Bay Physiotherapy

Latest trends, highly trained hair stylists, service oriented, a happy salon, Seniors Thursdays 20% off, Mon - Sat Cooloola Cove Shopping Centre Phone 5486 2643

Pain relief, sports injuries, rehab, dry needling, DVA, work cover, 30yrs experience, no referral required. 76 Gympie Road, TCB & Rainbow Beach, Sue: 0429 636 395.


Rainbow Hair and Beauty Studio

Cooloola Coast Pilates

Affordable treatments, welcoming environment. Highest level of professional and personal care Complete Hair, Beauty and body synergy for men, women & children. Proudly Organic, AUSTRALIAN & performance driven products. Ph: 5486 3533

Pilates mat & equipment, personal & group training, functional movement training, rehabilitation to fitness - Rainbow Beach. Sarah Booth 0432 690 194 visit www.cooloolacoastpilates.com

MASSAGE Silver Koru Massage & Holistic Healing on Rainbow Beach Relaxation, Remedial, Deep Tissue, Psychic forecasts, Reiki/Chakra cleanse alignments, health rebates may apply. Appointments: 0484 846 589

PODIATRIST Suncoast Podiatry Servicing Rainbow Beach and Cooloola Coast for over 10 years! Specialists in General and Diabetic Foot Care, Ingrown Toenail Treatment, Biomechanics/ Orthotics and Home Visits. Phone 5483 7881 for appointment.

Health, Fitness, Beauty & Wellbeing

Over 1100 trips by our volunteers for medical appointments

The Silver Koru Massage & Holistic Healing on Rainbow Beach


OOLOOLA COAST MEDICAL Transport provide non-urgent transport for scheduled medical appointments from Brisbane to Hervey Bay and points in between. At our AGM the current president, Anne Morris, was warmly appreciated for her service over the past decade, fulfilling many roles vigorously within the organisation and helping to set it up for the future. Anne, sadly, has recently moved from the area and hands her stewardship over to Neil Goodyer, whom she nominated for the role. The committee thanked its 105 volunteers and congratulated them on their contributions towards a stellar performance that saw the organisation strengthened, not only in its provision of more services than previous years, but its improvement in capabilities in all areas of the operation. Here are a few key annual statistics for you to contemplate: • Over 1,100 return trips were made for our clients • Over 316,000 kms were travelled by our vehicles and drivers • Almost 7,000 hours volunteered by our drivers

Most organisations applaud growth in their services as a key indicator to success, but frankly we would be happy to see them decline since that would be a strong indicator that the health of the community is improving, and perhaps that we are getting the health service delivery locally to meet our clients need!

Health rebates may apply

Ti Hei Mauriora

Call 0484 846 589 today to book your appointment

As always, fundraising remains the key to our future and we remain reliant upon the community’s generosity through our bingo, raffles and local events such as the recent Christmas in July, where over 100 locals enjoyed the company of like-minded people over a great lunch at the Bowls Club.

Enjoy our Salon The monies raised at these activities and events, and donations from local fund-raising groups, go a long way Packages to assisting with the ever-increasing operational costs of providing services whilst trying to keep costs to our clients low.

Thursday Only Wednesday Only We are also very active in attracting major sources of Senior Pensioner 1/2 Head Foils funding from government and philanthropic groups for 20% OFF Cut & Blow Dry our capital needs, which includes our fleet of vehicles From $90 (now seven) and our office and business equipment. Wednesday Only Beauty Brow Wax Re-growth Tint So, as always, exciting and challenging times ahead Shape Contour 1/4 Head Foils for the organisation and we would like to take this Lash Tint & Brow Cut & Blow Dry opportunity to thank you all for your continued Tint $40 (T&C’s) From $135

Have a crack at he new chiropractor • A total of 13,270 hours from all of our volunteers

Massage: Relaxation, Remedial, Deep Tissue, Psychic Forecasts & Reiki/Chakra Cleanse Alignments

support and patronage and invite your assistance as volunteers.

$40 Brow and Lash Makeover Senior's Thursdays 20% off Hair Services

CC Stylz Hair & Beauty

Shop 6, 46 Cooloola Cove Shopping Centre Phone for Appointments 5486 2643

n a D r D e v i G a crack!

please update this ad new heading under call for your appointment today, add:


Stress causes disease by lowering the immune system.


Chiropractors don't fix backs, we fix immune systems - which heals you.


Dr Daniel Strong (B. Sc., M.Chiro) has 19 years in the profession, caring for Queenslanders and their families, and has now moved to Rainbow Beach.

Call for your appointment today on 0447 275 673 Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday at Shop 7/48, Rainbow Beach Road (that's in the IGA complex) Monday & Wednesday in Gympie

Read our health updates on: www.facebook.com/RainbowBeachChiro October 2019 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 23

Have a fantastic

Spring Break on the Cooloola Coast! Take a Rattler ride

Take a trip on the Rattler this school holidays

In addition to regular services, the Rattler has a special Queen’s Birthday Departure on Monday October 7 so you can make your way through the scenic Mary Valley around an abundance of curves, over bridges and numerous gentle hills. Check.

Library Fun Atlas of Monsters @ Rainbow Beach. One day a collection of very old maps was found in a dusty library. They showed where in the world monsters from mythology and folklore can be found. But did the author really make these elaborate maps, or is it all a hoax? The librarian who discovered them is not certain. Join us for this fun session as we draw inspiration from Atlas of Monsters by Stuart Hill and Sandra Lawrence to create our own mini monsters. Bookings essential, Friday October 4, Rainbow Beach Library 2pm – 3pm, ages 8-12, free: 5486 3705.

Mad Science Watch the amazing chemical reactions in a fun science demonstration and have a go at making your very own lava lamp. Bookings essential, Friday October 4, Tin Can Bay Library 2pm – 3pm, ages 8-12, free: 5486 4355

Learn to Skate - Connor, Lachlan and Isaac Steel took home new skills

Learn to Skate Learn the skills of surf-skate in a two-hour workshop. It’s skateboarding, that feels like surfing! October 1-6 at 4pm. Make sure you book a spot as places are limited in each session. For more info call 0435 934 087 or go to: rainbowbeachlearntosurf.com/school-holiday-lear

Heart of Gold Film Festival There’s a lot to love about the holidays this year at Gympie’s Heart of Gold Short Film Festival - head to the Gympie Civic Centre on Thursday October 3 and Sunday October 6 for uplifting films and free holiday activities from 10am to 3pm each day. Make a paper heart mosaic at the Gympie Regional Gallery pop-up art activity anytime between 11.30am – 1.30pm on Thursday 3, Friday 4 and Sunday 6 October. Grab a coffee and a bite to eat from the festival cafe operated by Little Haven, and chill while the kids play to their hearts’ content. With adults at children’s prices for the family sessions, there’s even more to love about holidays at Heart of Gold! For program details and tickets visit heartofgold.com.au

From the GBC - Gympie Bicycle Centre as per below - with changes please. Images and June Ad attached.

Hi, can we please get the ad changed for July. Just want a genera one for GBC with new logo. I have attached a couple of images we could use in background, prefer the one with 2 people if you can make it work.

Basic contact details and perhaps a list of types of bikes we sell –


E-Bikes Mountain Bike Road BMX Kids Accessories & Servicing

Ph 5354 4081

25 Brisbane Rd, Gympie www.gympiebicyclecentre.com.au 24 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – October 2019

Take A Dive - Wolf Rock Dive has long been considered one of the best dives in Australia

Take a dive

Take a horse ride on the beach or in the bush while on holidays - bucket list, tick!

Have you experienced diving with Wolf Rock Dive yet? Forget going overseas, Wolf Rock is one of the most exciting dives in Australia and will perhaps be one of the most exciting dives you ever do. A true adventure awaits you.The only activity permitted within a 1.5km radius around the rock is SCUBA diving and the team at Wolf Rock Dive are professionals.

Take a ride Another multi-award winning tourist attraction and loved by tourists from Australia and overseas are the Rainbow Beach Horse Rides. All riders are placed with a horse to match their height, weight, age and experience to ensure maximum enjoyment. Pony-led rides are also available for children under 10.

Take a drive While the beach and bay are fantastic on their own, there is even more to see and do if you can get up the beach with a 4WD. You can take a tour or hire a 4WD - there are several places that offer these services in Rainbow Beach.

Take a board One of the most exhilarating, affordable and accessible adventures is learning to surf. And there are few better spots to learn amongst the calm blue waters of our beautiful beaches. There are surfing lessons available on the main beach at Rainbow or at Double Island Point or there are also SUPing lessons. If you are an experienced surfer you know the point or the northern side of Double is your playground.

Learn how to surf on your holidays - and get that photo to prove it

October 2019 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 25

Historical Cooloola

Garry Hewitt’s Rainbow Beach


HE RAINBOW BEACH Surf Club was formed in 1965/66 with the required eight members – some of which were borrowed from Noosa to make up the numbers. Garry Hewitt joined the club in 1968 and is now back living at Rainbow with wife Julie after 30 years in WA, and has a treasure trove of photos from the ‘60s when the world was very different. He received his bronze medallion in 1968 which he had to complete at Noosa as Rainbow Beach was not on the SLSC map. His first club captain was ‘Lofty’ Wolgast, followed by Greg Biddle and then Geoff Cooper, before Garry became Captain in 1969, the youngest Club Captain on the coast. The clubhouse was the old Tamaree

Schoolhouse which consisted of a kitchen, dormitory (boys only) and an enclosed veranda which they used for darts and quoits. Outside was a thunder box dunny and underneath they set up a shower and kept their gear. During these years, few people used the beach so there were more clubbies than public. Because Garry was underage, he used to hitch down to Rainbow with the Mineral Sands trucks. He did have an old ex-army Willys jeep which he kept parked under the old clubhouse, which was used to run up and down the beach and run gear from the clubhouse (pre police presence…). The Sunday morning routine was a 6am surf swim, a big cook up and then back to

Back: Greg Biddle, Larry Dawson, George Day, Robin Perro, Allan Deen, Wayne Hewitt, Front: Billy Nolan, Garry Hewitt. They are wearing the togs they had to buy the day before to enter the March Past in.

26 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – October 2019

Rainbow Beach Relay Team 1975 Back Row: Ron Organ, Garry Hewitt, Billy Nolan Front: Robert Murray, Greg (Nicky) Wilson, Paul Battle, Peter Lehman - with the most talked about togs of the competition - they were see-through.

the beach for patrols and club activities – the boys all had to learn how to cook as there were no shops. Phil Rogers sometimes opened his store which would sell cans of coke and pies. The first carnival was held at Rainbow Beach in the 1971/1972 season. Garry said: “We had no togs so we rushed into town and bought ten pairs of matching togs and we had no March Past caps so we turned our patrol caps inside out so we would look the same,” he said. A new club house was needed so a lot of fundraising was done, including numerous chook raffles and a committee prepared to take a second mortgage over their homes to raise the money. Garry said: “Everyone pitched in to help as much as they could, and the local Widgee Shire Council and the government donated funds too.” “It took a couple of years to build the new club and we all just made do with what

facilities we had for that time.” At the time, Neil Buchanan was President, Stan Hewitt was Vice, Cliff Kuhn was Secretary, Denny Young was Treasurer and Garry was Club Captain. “We developed a unique training method using the heavy wooden surf boat. Once a week we would make the trip with the boat in tow up to Borumba Dam, launch the boat and row up and down the dam. “We also trained at the Gympie Swimming Pool twice a week - to hone our swimming skills.” With the new clubhouse up and running they began holding functions on Saturday Nights, such as dances, BBQs, and even bingo, in which Garry was a reluctant caller. Three of the six-man squad Garry trained with are life members and two, Ron Organ and Ross Kidd, are still active in the club today as part of the ‘old boy’ patrol team who won the best patrol team for the 2018/19 season.

Droughtrunners Report

City Farm now only open three days a week

Food and toiletries needed in the west please O

UR PLANT OF the month is Hibiscus heterophyllus (Native/wild rosella) which is endemic to Queensland and New South Wales. There are hundreds of the hibiscus species worldwide in tropical and subtropical areas, however, the species is not widely represented in Australia.

Tony Stewart – 0408 767 930


INCE OUR LAST trip to western NSW with drought supplies where conditions are horrendous, the area is now impacted by fire as well as drought and nearly out of water. It looks like we are going to Stanthorpe with our next load in mid September. We are into our fifth year now with Aid to Farmers, with most loads going to the Longreach area. As we work more closely with the Drought Angels we will go anywhere in an emergency and that is what we have now - urgent supplies are needed. At this stage we will not be sending any more hay and stock feed out as the costs are prohibitive and this State Government have stopped freight rebates. We will just concentrate on food on the table and toiletry items. (Toilet paper not required). We really need cereals, long-life milk, pasta, sauces, baked beans and spaghetti, rice, tinned fruit, biscuits, fruit juices, flour, sugar, coffee, tea bags, jelly, dessert, cake mixes, shampoos, detergents, cleaning products, dry dog food, also IGA prepaid gift cards. We buy the fruit, veg and eggs. I must thank Drakes IGA Gympie depot and Tin Can Bay IGA (our biggest supporters;) Wayne Kerle at Tin Can Bay for his untiring help; Bernard Petroleum, The Snak Shack, Eds and the TCB Bakery,

Please note: A decision has been made to open City Farm year round on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday only. We will not be open on a Friday at all and please note we are a cash-only organisation. The City Farm AGM will be held on November 13 at 10am on the premises.

Hibiscus are mostly shrubs or small trees that are very ornamental with large, eye-catching flowers in a wide variety of colours. Flowers are shortlived, but continue to open over a long period, so the hibiscus provides a colourful garden feature.

Lee Fishing Co-Op and Barnacles and Bank of Queensland in Gympie for collections. Thanks also to Michelle from Cooloola for a big supply of nappies and Betty Freeman for sporting equipment. If any other businesses can help with a collection tin please let me know. Account details: BSB 124001 A/C No 22599186. Rainbow Beach Droughtrunners Receipts are available and there are no admin costs with us.

This is an open shrub to six metres, with large flowers which are mostly white with a purple centre, but may also be pink or yellow. The fast-growing shrub is hardy, likes a sunny position and tolerates most soils. Pruning will result in a bushier shape.

Hibiscus Image by Robert Whyte from saveourwaterwaysnow.com.au

City Farm, opposite the Community Centre, on Tin Can Bay Road, is open to the public for plant sales on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8am-3pm, 07 5486 2304. ccfni09@gmail.com, www.cooloolacityfarm.org

Book your wedding...

Marriage Celebrant - Rainbow Beach Rainbow Beach and all surrounding areas zanetafitzgerald.wixsite.com/mysite

+61 438 868 116

October 2019 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 27


Thank you for helping the Tin Can Bay School! Tin Can Bay fete success!

Last month Tin Can Bay School welcomed past and present students and staff to join in the fun of the Back to the Bay Fete. People reminisced and wondered as they explored the display of old and new teaching and learning tools, including slates, white boards, old workbooks and TypeRights. Smiles were aplenty as visitors enjoyed the sounds of Simone Hughes and Generation Gap while playing games, enjoying delicious treats and getting crazy hair and faces painted. Thank you to everyone who worked behind the scenes organising games, baking, donating items, setting up and packing things away. Because of you, we were able to raise thousands of dollars towards completing the air conditioning of classrooms and providing resources for students.

Year 8 artists in the making Term 3 in Industrial Technology and Design (ITD) has been lots of hands-on fun for the Year 8 students building and decorating their own art boxes. Students thoroughly enjoyed seeing the boxes come together as they cut, nailed and sanded before decorating their boxes in their individual style – varnishing, painting and burning in their designs.

Students preparing for abseiling, then enjoying the pool afterwards

28 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – October 2019

It has been wonderful to see the students taking great care and pride with their work, resulting in a beautiful, highquality project. They are eagerly looking forward to Year 9 when they can choose their electives and get even more creative!

Year 8 students with some of their art boxes

Years 4, 5 and 6 camping fun! Students in Years 4, 5 and 6 headed off for their three-day camp in September to the beautiful location of Mudjimba. Nervous excitement built on the bus trip as they travelled for the first time to the campsite, eager to see if the pictures they’d seen in their research were correct. They were not disappointed. Students raced to explore their dorms and the grounds and the multitude of activities available. Students loved the challenges including the high ropes, flying fox and abseiling, before cooling off at the end of the day in the beautiful swimming pool. Another successful camp. I wonder where they’ll go next year!

Annette Bailey and Cherie Mason with some of baked treats


The P&C were up early making breakfast for their 300 Variety Bash guests

Energetic Quizmasters for the Trivia Night were Tyler Elmer and Kirstie Morris-Jordison

What a month for the Rainbow Beach School! Dan Stanieg, Principal


E HAVE HAD a wonderful two weeks at Rainbow Beach State School. They just keep coming. Last Friday, our Mathematics Team participated in the Gympie District Maths Challenge. The competition included a teams’ challenge, where the five students worked collaboratively on 20 questions in the most efficient way, and a relay challenge where they worked in pairs to obtain the answer. These dedicated students were able to place second in the teams’ challenge and first in the relay challenge, placing them as the Champion Team. To my knowledge, this is the first time that Rainbow Beach State School has won this competition. Congratulations to Max, Ava, Jonah, Wylie and Meckenzie. Rainbow Beach State School would like to thank Mick at Rainbow Beach Tyre and Mechanical for his donation to these students for their future education. Mick will be more careful about what he promises next time.

Variety Bash If you missed the Variety Bash at school you missed one of the events and spectacles of the decade.

There were around 350 people from all walks of life with their amazing cars packed on the oval. It was great entertainment but the thing that resonated with me is that all these people are on this adventure to raise money for disadvantaged children and families. Our submission for the grant was based on engaging all our students in our great school. Variety Bash presented the school with a laser cutter and engraver valued at $5500 which included program and materials. It was a great community event and I would like to thank all the parents and citizens who helped prepare and serve breakfast and clean up after everyone had gone. It was a very busy morning! Thank you for your continued support.

And the Maths Champions are Jonah Stanieg, Mackenzie Stanieg, Max Klekar, Wylie Youngman and Ava Stanieg

Student Council News The school held its annual handball competition last month. It was a great success, and was enjoyed by all the students that entered. There were awesome raffles and amazing music. The winners for the separate divisions were Ava Stanieg, Max Klekar, Delilah Young and Murphy Lunney.

The referees and student volunteers were outstanding and made it a memorable experience. We would like to thank our student leaders for helping to organise the competition and all the businesses that supported our school during the comp. Our appreciation goes out to Crème de la

Crème, Epic Ocean Adventures, RB Beach Traders, Sports Power Gympie and Brent’s Burgers. Last and not least, we would like to thank the handball master, Mr Mileson! He organised yet another successful handball event and it wouldn’t have happened without him.



GYMPIE 232 Mary Street

1300 249 482 gympie@thegenerator.org.au

Co-working Space and Innovation Hub

Join Us! Open Day and Free "Come and Try" CoWorking Afternoon 12pm to 4pm 24th October 2019 The Home of Business Leap Services www.businessleap.org.au

October 2019 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 29

walk 4WD back to nature swim, surf and on the water fish extreme adventure national parks family fun accommodation annual events plus

Cooloola Coast Visitor’s Guide Rainbow Beach and the Cooloola Coast is home of the Coloured Sands, the majestic Carlo Sandblow and gateway to World Heritage listed Fraser Island. You can feed wild dolphins, visit a historic lighthouse and kayak with the whales.

Rainbow Shores Clarkson Drive has a concrete path for most of the way taking you through wallum and paperbarks. If riding, you can turn left to the industrial area (Karoonda Road) and the return to town via Carlo Road.

Double Island Point (DIP) has the longest break in Australia (when the swell lines up. (4WD only) Surf Lessons & Board Hire 0435 934 087 Epic Ocean Adventures 0408 738 192 Rainbow Beach 0432 690 194

Coloured Sands Starting below the lookout, walk along the beach towards Double Island Point for a kilometre or so to these amazing Coloured sand cliffs, with the best colours around 9 to 10 kilometres along the beach (accessible with a 4wd or Surf and Sand Safari tour) 5486 3131. Carlo Sand Blow A bush walk up to Carlo Sand Blow is a must for every visitor. Drive to the reservoir at the top of Cooloola Drive. The Blow is an easy 600m walk from the car park or take the longer walk from the National Parks Office. Spectacular views of the Coloured Sands, Double Island Point and Tin Can Bay Inlet are the bonus for your efforts. When the thermals are right, you will often see Hang Gliders taking off and landing at this beautiful piece of Nature’s Sculpture. Fraser Island Great Walk A 90 km trail which showcases natural and cultural features of the world’s largest sand island as it meanders between Dilli Village and Happy Valley www.nprsr.qld.gov.au/ parks/great - walks-fraser-island/about. html Cooloola Great Walk A 102 km trail which passes through a rich diversity of vegetation types with spectacular views, connecting Rainbow Beach with Noosa North Shore. www.nprsr.qld.gov.au/parks/ greatwalkscooloola/ index.html Rainforest Walk / Bymien Picnic Area A few kilometres from town, on the Gympie Road, take the Freshwater Road to the left. 3km on a good gravel surface will bring you to Bymien, which is the limit for conventional vehicles. Lake Poona After morning tea or lunch in the picnic area you can venture on some wonderful walks to Lake Poona or through some spectacular Rainforest. Allow 40 minutes to reach Lake Poona. Lake Freshwater Only accessible by 4WD, Tour or Walking. Walking tracks starts at the Bymien picnic area. The round trip from Rainbow Beach will take a full day and requires fitness. Foreshore Tin Can Bay You can walk 4km from Crabs Creek to Norman Point, over picturesque bridges, signage of flora and fauna, through mangroves, playgrounds and outdoor gyms. It is mostly flat – very safe for children on wheels. Start at the playground opposite the library, cycle to Crabs Creek and stop for a coffee, then return to opposite the library. Enjoy the views out to the inlet while the kids enjoy the playground and skatepark. Rainbow Beach 10,000 steps walk – from the headland behind the Surf Tower and Playground to Carlo Road. Paths are perfect for bicycles, scooters and skateboards.

Half-day 4WD Tours (5486 3131) or hire your own to Cooloola National Park, Coloured Sands, Double Island Point, Lighthouse, Rainforest and Lake Freshwater. 4x4 Hire Rainbow Beach 4x4 Hire 5486 8300 Rainbow Beach Adventure Centre 4WD Hire 5486 3288




Stand up paddle tour The 2 hour tour on offer is a basic introduction to SUP to anybody who would like to see what its all about.With all of our equipment catered for the beginner, also the flat water of Pelican Bay/ Carlo Point this is a fantastic tour for scenery and also the whole family to enjoy, it’s just so easy to participate. 0408 738 192 Seary’s Creek 7km from town towards Gympie, with 2 waterholes, boardwalks, bridges and history – do read the sign and spot the creatures. Always cool on the hottest of days.

Scuba Diving A popular spot for the scuba enthusiast is at Wolf Rock, off Double Island Point. World class diving on Fraser Island’s doorstep, phone Wolf Rock Dive Centre on 5486 8004. Hang Gliding & Paragliding Carlo Sand Blow is one of the top spots for hand gliders in Queensland with the National Championships being held there each January. With a take off of 300ft and a soarable ridge of 12 kilometres long and about 500ft high, Carlo Sand Blow is definitely the place to go. Fliers should be of Hang2 standard, fly in north easterly winds and remember landing in the bathing reserve is prohibited. Wind surf off the surfing beach or in Tin Can Bay Inlet, taking off from Carlo Point.

Rainbow Beach Aquatic Centre and Tin Can Bay Pool offers squad, learn to swim, water aerobics and more. Sailing And Cruising If you love the wonderful peace and relaxation of sailing or cruising, the sheltered waters of the Great Sandy Strait are for you. You may see dugong, turtles, dolphins and more. Great Sandy Strait Cruises and Sunset Cruises 0428 838 836

Dolphin Ferry 35 minutes by ferry to view the dolphins at TIn Can Bay 7am daily 0428 838 836 Dolphin Viewing/Feeding at Tin Can Bay just a thirty minute drive to Tin Can Bay through Cooloola Cove and you can see the Dolphins at Barnacles Dolphin Centre, Norman Point at around 7 – 7.30am each day, feeding time is 8.00am. Charges apply. Come and have a look around this pretty little town while you are there. 5486 4899 Turtle Tours Paddle in double seated ocean kayaks along the edge of the mangroves at Pelican Bay on this two hour tour, you quietly encounter all types of sea life from turtles to rays to the odd dolphin. 0408 738 192 Sea Kayaking Dolphin View Sea Kayaking: A unique experience - see dolphins, whales (seasonal), manta rays, turtles and more 0408 738 192 Horseride with professional guides on our World Heritage Listed Beach. 04121RIDES Tin Can Bay Foreshore Bird Walk – 137 species with best viewing spots on the brochure. Tin Can Bay Wildflower Walk spectacular wildflower species, all on the brochure.

Our safe beach is patrolled between September - March. ALWAYS SWIM BETWEEN THE FLAGS. Surfing The most popular area is near the Surf Tower. Note Surfing In Bathing Area Is Prohibited.

30 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – October 2019

Probably one of Rainbow’s greatest attractions would have to be the abundant opportunity for fishing. Fishing, in all its styles, is available right on our doorstep. Beach fishing has unlimited scope with nearly 100kms of beach to choose from. Varieties include Bream, Whiting, Tailor, Dart, Jew and Flathead. Estuary fishing in Tin Can Bay Inlet, through the Inskip Point area and up the Great Sandy Strait is perfect for those with a boat or the wish to hire one. Access is from an efficient boat ramp at Carlo Point. Another ramp is located at Bullock Point. Charter Boats Excellent reef fishing is only a few miles offshore and charter trips can be arranged through Rainbow Beach Fishing Charters on 0439 775 070, Keely Rose Reef Fishing Charters on 0407 146 151 or Double Island Point Fishing Charters 0417 073 313. The reefs off Rainbow yield Red Emperor, Sweet lip, Snapper, Pearl Perch, Parrot and Coral Trout.

extreme adventure Kitesurfing Lessons Learn to kitesurf with very experienced instructors from Rainbow Beach Surf Centre. 0408 738 192

Cooloola Sand, wind and water have sculpted a varied landscape at Cooloola, the largest remnant of coastal vegetation on the southern Queensland’s mainland. High sand dunes, coloured sand cliffs, sweeping beaches, sandblows, freshwater lakes, tall forests, paperbark swamps and wildfl ower heath make the Cooloola Recreation Area a spectacular part of the Great Sandy National Park. www.nprsr. qld.gov. au/parks/cooloola/index Inskip Peninsula is a narrow, sandy finger of land built up by wind and waves. It forms a natural breakwater at the entrance to Tin Can Inlet and Great Sandy Strait. Inskip is a gateway to World Heritagelisted Fraser Island. Beach she oaks, cypress pine and other coastal trees and shrubs shade the very popular camping areas ringed by open ocean beaches and sheltered estuary shores. All are within 15 minutes drive to Rainbow Beach. Most of the peninsula is protected as a Recreation Area. www.nprsr.qld.gov. au/parks/inskip-peninsula/index The Great Sandy Marine Park extends from Baffl e Creek in the north to Double Island Point in the south. It includes Hervey Bay, Great Sandy Strait, Tin Can Bay Inlet and the waters off the east coast of Fraser Island, seaward to three nautical miles. Seagrass meadows, mangroves, rocky shores, reefs, sandy beaches, bays, sheltered channels, rivers, creeks and estuaries host a wealth of wildlife including whales, turtles, dugong, grey nurse sharks, fish, corals, birds and more. www. nprsr.qld.gov.au/parks/great -sandymarine/ index Fraser Island is the world’s largest sand island and an area of remarkable natural beauty. Growing on seemingly infertile sands are a great variety of plant communities ranging from coastal heath, mangrove forests and swamps to subtropical rainforest. The many archaeological remains found on Fraser Island record thousands of years of culture and tradition, and provide important links to their past for the Butchulla people.

Visitor’s Guide Local Groups

Page 39 Fishing and Boating VISITOR UIDE Fishing &G Boating

Sponsored by:

Tourist Centre

Cooloola Coast Visitor’s Guide

to Inskip Point and crossing in the barge. The island is 123Flying km long and covers Rainbow Beach Services offer an a area 166,038toha, so you needbut to allow dailyofservice Fraser Island, prior plenty of time explore and appreciate it. bookings are torequired. Remember that www.nprsr.qld.gov.au/parks/fraser/index going independently, a permit is required and is available fromholidaying the National Parks Unless you intend on Fraser Offi ce. Island, most probably your best way of

Remember that going independently, a permit is required and is available from the National Parks Office.

1st3rd Cooloola Cove Veterans and - Tin Can Bay Community Hall 0499 110 944 2nd & 4th Rainbow Beach Centreblock 0484 903 830 4th Rainbow Beach Community Hall Markets & Collectables 3rd Tin Can Bay 0418 711 897

family fun Playgrounds North and South of the Playgrounds North and South of the Headland and Rainbow Shores Playrooms Pub and and Sport SportClub Club Playrooms at at the the Pub Family Family friendly friendly directory directory

at Rainbow Shores Resort. Members of the Our are advertisers are Rainbow given further public very welcome. Shores promotion the 668 Cooloola Coast Social Golf through Club (0429 255) stages Visitor’s Guide. regular competitions. A picturesque course atThe Tin guide Can Bay allnext golf addicts willalso be attracts updated month from this area. to include all our current advertisers.

Yoga, IfDarts, you Pool, would likeTai toChi, be Sailing, listed, Pilates, please Zumba, Fitness Classes (see What’s On) contact 5486 3561.

Cooloola Coast Realty www.accommodationrainbowbeach.com.au 07 5486 3411 Rainbow Beach Holiday Village www.rainbowbeachholidayvillage.com 07 5486 3222

Cooloola Coast Realty Rainbow Beach Realty 07 5486 3900 www.accommodationrainbowbeach.com.au 07www.rainbowbeachrealty.com 5486 3411

Bowls There is a lawn green at the Rainbow Beach Sports Recreation & Memorial Club where visitors are most welcome. 5486 3191

Golf A par 3, 9 hole golf course is located VISITOR GUIDE UPDATE


Headland and Rainbow Shores

get active

Tennis Two courts are available at the Sports & Recreation Club. Bookings 5486 3191

annual events

Markets – Saturdays Saturday Markets

seeing all its beauty is to take a 1 day or 2 day tour. Or you can make the trip in your own 4WD, driving up the road or beach . To Inskip Point and crossing in the barge. Rainbow Beach Flying Services offer a daily service to Fraser Island, but prior bookings are required.

Page 39

Rainbow Getaway Rainbow Beach Realty Holiday Resort www.rainbowgetaway.com.au www.rainbowbeachrealty.com 54863500 0707 5486 3900

plus... Clubs, Restaurants and Eateries (many Clubs, Restaurants and Eateries (many are Breastfeeding Welcome Here venues) are Breastfeeding Welcome Here venues)

Library and Xbox) Xbox) Library (Internet (Internet and Heritageand andFood Food Trails Heritage Trails Pamper YourselfYourself- Massages, Pamper Massages, Hair Hair Salon Salon and Beauty Treatments and Beauty Treatments Playgrounds, Skatepark, Bike riding

Playgrounds, Skatepark, Bike riding

Rainbow WatersHoliday Holiday Park Rainbow Getaway Resort www.rainbowwaters.com.au www.rainbowgetaway.com.au 54863200 0707 5486 3500 Sleepy Lagoon Hotel/Motel

Thanks to Queensland Parks and www.tincanbayhotelmotel.com.au Wildlife Service for their assistance. 07 54864124

Motorhome hire (sleeps 6) See our What’s On page for more on 0407 660198 Things to Do. Suggestions, amendments or to add your business to the Thanks to Queensland Parks andvisitor Wildlife guide please call 07 5486 3561 Service for their assistance. or email info@ rbcn.com.au

January “Brushes by the Sea” Rainbow Beach Art & Craft Festival January February Cooloola Crocs Swimming Australia Carnival Day celebrations April Anzac Day Parade March MayUp Bay to Bay Yacht Clean Australia Day Race June/July Rainbow Beach Family April Fishing Classic July 4-12 CCR&F Easter Fair August Rainbow Beach Triathlon Anzac Day Parade Rainbow Beach Lion’s Club Annual Kite May Festival BaySeptember to Bay YachtTin RaceCan Bay Seafood June Festival October Rainbow Ocean Roar IRB Series Beach Invitations Fours Bowls Tournament July Tin Can Bay Ambulance Flower Show Rainbow Beach Family Fishing Classic October Rainbow Beach Nippers October Carnival TinNovember Can Bay Ambulance Flower Show Rainbow Beach/Trail Runs Rainbow Beach Invitations FoursForeshore Bowls December Tin Can Bay Tournament Family Nights Rainbow Beach Nippers Carnival Rainbow Beach Lions Club Twilight Christmas Concert and Afternoon Markets November “The of Tents” Beach Holiday Festival SmallRainbow Halls Program Arty Ball See our What’s On page for more on December Things to Do. Suggestions, amendments or to add your business to the visitor guide Christmas Concerts please call 07 5486 3561 or Nights email info@ Tin Can Bay Foreshore Family rbcn.com.au .

October 2019 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 31

Fishing, Boating & the Great Outdoors

Quality catches Mat Cooper Rainbow Beach Fishing Charters 0439 775 070


I ALL. Yes another month flies by and some warm weather has given us a little taste of what may be to come. Fishing has been great again this month and should stay that way for another month before water temps start rising and some species move on or go a little quiet. In saying that, the Pelagics will start showing up to give us some fun, amongst them the Mahi Mahi will be starting as well. Some great sweetlip have been active along with snapper and pearl perch. Wider grounds have been productive with great quality parrot, reds, wrasse and husser. A few good cobia around as well and some cracking AJ’s. Unfortunately not a lot to report along the beaches, however it is good to see it’s starting to recover and some good gutters are starting to form again. That’s it guys, so till next month. Cheers Mat

Waverider buoy for Wide Bay Bar T

HE QUEENSLAND DEPARTMENT of Environment and Science recently commissioned a wave rider buoy for the Wide Bay Bar. After some fine tuning of the signal and aerials by the technicians, live data about wave heights, period between swells and wave direction is now available over the internet. The Wave Rider Buoy is set just to the east of the bar, and is a roughly spherical device about 1 metre in diameter and is bright yellow. It has a long aerial, and inside contains an accelerometer and some sophisticated equipment to analyse and transmit data. The buoy is located at 25.47.900 South and 153.10.000 East in about 43 metres of water.

As a wave monitoring buoy floats up and down each passing wave, its motion (or heave) is measured and electronically processed. Data from the wave monitoring buoys are transmitted to a nearby receiver station as a radio signal. To find the website, just search “wave rider buoy wide bay” in your favourite search engine. For an explanation about how to use the graphs, go to the Glossary section to get an explanation of the terms used. Of course, there is no substitute for checking with Coast Guard Tin Can Bay who may also be able to give you reports from other boaties who have just crossed the bar. Safe Boating - remember that a lifejacket never spoilt a day on the water.

32 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – October 2019

Above: Steve with his PB parrot caught on Baitrunner Left: Catching great sweetlip on Baitrunner this month

Fishing, Boating & the Great Outdoors

Boating safety for spring QUICK GLANCE through our statistics will reveal that the majority of call outs could have been avoided by better preparation before getting the boat on the water. With the peak boating season underway, now is the time to prepare your boat, starting with mechanical issues such as motor servicing, replacing the impellor, checking the gear oil, changing the fuel filters and cleaning or replacing spark plugs. Several issues have been caused by worn or broken belts and stale or contaminated fuel. We strongly recommend that you then go on to check your safety equipment. A quick check against the Queensland Recreational Boating and Fishing Guide, will tell you what the minimum requirements

are, but there is no need to stop there. If you don’t have one of these booklets, they are available at most chandlery shops, bait and tackle suppliers, or at the Coast Guard base next to the ramp at Tin Can Bay. Finally, tell somebody where you are going and what time you are expected back. Tell a relative, a friend, or the Coast Guard on 5486 4290 – you do not need to be a member to log on with us. Ensure you have good communications when you go out. While a mobile phone may be sufficient close to home, there is no substitute for a marine VHF radio on your boat, where you can call us on channels 80, 82 or 16 between 6am and 6pm 365 days a year. Your Coast Guard also conducts courses for the public, including First Aid, Bar Crossing, Basic Boat Handling and Marine Radio Licence. Our prices are very competitive and you will benefit from our vast experience and marine knowhow.

Enjoy an action packed day’s fishing on the

Keely Rose Fishing Charters Brett with a beautiful Bi-Colour Parrotfish landed on the Keely Rose

Dan from Penrith Panthers Fishing Club Sydney, with another classic Rainbow Beach Qld Snapper


Catches from

The Tin Can Bay Coast Guard also conduct courses in First Aid for the public


DEEP SEA FISHING on the legendary

Keely Rose

Morning Tea, Lunch and all Bait & Tackle supplied for your day

Full day offshore fishing. All quality bait & tackle supplied

Enjoy an ac on packed day’s fishing on the Keely Rose. A fast and stable 32 � vessel with owner / skipper Ed Falconer, 25 years reef fishing this area and giving you the best odds of catching that big one!

For bookings and enquiries

Ed 0407 146 151 or Kim 0439 863 150



October 2019 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 33

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Keeping our swimmers safe


Development and Fisheries Mark Furner said: “With only one fatality at a Shark Control Program Beach since 1962, beachgoers will fight to keep this program and I will fight right alongside them.” He recently spoke to Federal Environment Minister Sussan Ley seeking urgent support in the form of updated legislation. “We agreed that human life was the top priority, and Ms Ley indicated that legislation changes were being looked at,” Mr Furner said. “I am pleased that, at this late hour, the Federal Government is now willing to examine its options for supporting the Shark Control Program.”

OTH SIDES OF parliament are working together to ensure our beaches remain protected after the recent news that Shark Control Measures were being removed from Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. We have been assured Rainbow Beach will keep safety measures in place to protect swimmers. Member for Gympie, Tony Perrett MP said: “While Rainbow Beach won’t be directly affected, this development has indirect consequences for the region. “I completely support the Shark Control Program and it’s up to the State Government to adequately resource it. People must come before sharks.” Minister for Agricultural Industry

This coral trout was caught on the Keely Rose during a TCB Fishing Club day out

2019 2019

A great day out on the Keely Rose!


S LONG LAT 24°LAT 58’ 24° S 58’LONG 153° 21’153° E 21’ E Times and Heights High Low Waters Times and Heights of High of and Lowand Waters BER OCTOBER NOVEMBER EPTEMBER OCTOBER NOVEMBER

Time mTime m 0308 0.51 0308 0.31 0918 1.59 0918 1.68 1501 MO 0.57 O 1501 0.34 2128 1.66 2128 2.07



m Time 0312 0.51 0943 1.59 1545 TU 0.57 2152 1.66



Time m


m Time


Time m



m Time


Time m


0243 0.39 0314 0.46 0350 0.54 0348 0.68 0.30 0340 0.54 0314 0.46 0350 0243 0.39 0348 0.68 0312 0.30 0340 0.54 0919 1.83 1014 2.01 1051 2.09 1102 1.98 1.93 1047 2.02 1014 2.01 1051 0919 1.83 1102 1.98 0943 1.93 1047 2.02 1519 WE 0.59 1648 SA 0.65 1736 MO 0.59 1800 SU 0.75 0.48 1735 FR 0.72 1648 SU 0.65 1736 1519 FR 0.59 1800MO 0.75 1545WE0.48 1735SA0.72 TU 2121 1.50 2227 1.30 2323 1.31 2315 1.26 1.73 2254 1.32 2121 1.50 2227 1.30 2323 2315 1.26 2152 1.73 2254 1.32

1 16



1 16



1 16



0.54 2.09 0.59 1.31

0335 0.53 0311 0.44 0.41 0.67 0355 0.57 0.78 0443 0.65 0355 0.57 0434 0.78 0443 0335 0.53 0351 0.41 0311 0.44 0419 0.67 171.93 2 0434 171.87 70.37 2 0351 171.92 2 0419 110217 1.94 1148 2 1.87 114617 2.00 095017 1.61 095617 1.84 1031 2 1.92 1137 2 1.93 1102 1.94 1148 1146 1.71 0950 1.61 1031 0956 1.84 1137 SU 1747 0.69 MO 1853 0.78 TU 1832 0.62 U 1538 0.64 TH 1602 0.67 WE 1647 0.64 SA 1840 0.79

0.48 TU 1538 2159 1.58 2159 1.91 0402 0.56 0402 0.46 1027 1.62 1027 1.72 1618 0.74 E 1618 0.64 WE 2232 1.48 1.72 2232 0430 0.61 0430 0.56 1107 1.60 1107 1.70 1705 0.83 H 1705 0.80 2309 TH 1.37 2309 0503 0.66 0503 1.53 1154 1.58 1154 0.67 1806 0.90 R 1806 1.69 2352 FR 1.27 2352 0.89 0544 0.71 0544 1.37 1254 1.57 1254 0.75 1936 0.93 A 1.70 SA 1936 0.91 0057 1.18 1.26 0057 0644 0.75 0644 0.80 1413 1.59 U 1413 1.73 2129 SU 0.87 2129 0.86 0241 1.15 0806 0.75 1.23 0241 1528 1.67 0.81 0806 O 2236 MO 0.74 1.77 1528 0.78 2236 0405 1.20 0943 0.69 1.26 0405 1630 1.79 U 0.77 0943 2325 TU 0.58 1.80 1630 2325 0512 1.30 1053 0.56 0.71 0512 1723 1.91 E 1.31 1053 0.71 WE 1723 1.83 0007 0.44 0603 1.43 0.64 0007 1146 0.43 H 1.37 0603 1810 2.02 0.64 TH 1146 1.85 1810 0045 0.32 0647 1.56 0.57 0045 1231 0.32 R 1.43 0647 1854 2.08 0.57 FR 1231 1.85 1854 0121 0.24 0728 1.69 0.52 0121 A 1316 0.26 1.49 0728 1938 2.08 0.52 SA 1316 1.84 1938 0156 0.21 0811 1.81 0.50 0156 1402 0.26 U 1.53 0811 2022 2.02 0.50 SU 1402 0234 0.23 1.80 2022 0856 1.89 0.50 0234 1451 0.35 O 1.56 0856 2107 1.89 0.52 MO 1451 1.74 2107


















25 26



0.64 WE 1647 0.64 TH 1602 2159 1.41 2239 1.55 1.58 2159 2239 1.55 0342 0.51 0430 0.54 0.56 0342 0430 0.54 1036 1.82 1123 1.88 1.62 1036 1123 1.88 1652 0.75 1800 0.77 FR TH 0.74 1652 1800 0.77 FR TH 2329 1.39 2241 1.31 2329 1.39 1.48 2241 0417 0.60 0515 0.67 0.61 0417 0515 0.67 1121 1.77 1223 1.82 1.60 1121 1223 1.82 1919 0.84 SA 1753 0.80 FR 0.83 1753 FR 1919 0.84 2332 SA 1.22 1.37 2332 0501 0.68 0032 1.26 0.66 0501 0032 1.26 0614 0.78 1217 1.72 1.58 1217 0614SU0.78 1335 1.77 1913 0.81 SA 0.90 1335 1.77 SU 1913 2046 SA 0.85 1.27 2046 0.85 0204 1.19 0050 1.16 0.71 0204 1.19 0050 0729 0.86 0605 0.75 1.57 0729 0.86 0605 SU 1450 1.73 MO 1332 1.71 0.93 1450 1.73 1332 2203 SU 0.80 2048 MO 0.75 2203 0.80 2048 0343 1.21 0232 1.17 0343 1.21 0232 1.18 0852 0.88 0733 0.77 0.75 0852TU0.88 0733 1557 1.72 1448 1.75 MO 1.59 1557 1.72 1448 2256 MO 0.73 2156 TU 0.63 0.87 2256 0.73 2156 0453 1.27 0350 1.27 1009 0.84 0912 0.71 1.15 0453 1.27 0350 1651 1.73 1554 1.82 0.75 1009WE0.84 0912 TU 2335 TU 0.65 2247 WE 0.49 1.67 1651 1.73 1554 0.74 2335 0.65 2247 0538 1.35 0452 1.41 1105 0.77 1028 0.59 0538 1.35 0452 1.20 1734 1.74 1650 1.90 WE 1105TH0.77 1028 0.69 2330 0.36 1734 1.74 1.79 WE TH 1650 2330 0.58 0542 1.57 0007 0.57 1124 0.46 0613 1.43 0007 0.57 0542 1.30 1739 1.95 1146 0.67 TH 0613FR1.43 1124 0.56 1811 1.75 1.91 TH 1146 0.67 FR 1739 1811 1.75 0035 0.49 0007 0.26 0645 1.52 0625 1.73 0035 0.49 0007 0.44 1220 0.59 1212 0.37 FR 0645SA1.52 0625 1.43 1843 1.74 1824 1.95 0.43 FR 1220 0.59 SA 1212 1843 1.74 1824 2.02 0100 0.43 0042 0.20 0714 1.60 0706 1.88 0.32 0100 0.43 0042 1252 0.52 1259 0.32 SA 1.56 0714SU1.60 0706 1914 1.73 1908 1.91 0.32 1252 0.52 SA SU 1259 2.08 1914 1.73 1908 0124 0.39 0117 0.18 0744 1.67 0748 2.00 0124 0.39 0.24 0117 SU 1326 0.49 MO 1347 0.34 0744 1.67 1.69 0748 1944 1.69 1952 1.82 0.26 SU 1326 0.49 MO 1347 1944 1.69 2.08 1952 0149 0.37 0153 0.21 0813 1.74 0832 2.09 0.21 0149TU0.37 0153 1401 0.49 1436 0.41 MO 1.81 0813 1.74 0832 2014 1.64 2036 1.70 0.26 MO 1401 0.49 TU 1436 0215 0.36 0229 0.29 2.02 2014 1.64 2036 0844 1.80 0917 2.11 0.23 0215WE0.36 0229 1439 0.53 1532 0.52 TU 1.89 0844 1.80 0917 2046 1.58 2121 1.56 0.35 TU 1439 0.53 WE 1532 0305 0.40 1.89 2046 1.58 2121 1002 2.09 1632 0.63 0305 TH 2205 1.43 1002 TH 1632 2205


3 18



4 19



5 20



6 21



7 22



8 23



10 11



10 11






26 27

24 25

26 27


3 18



4 19



5 20



6 21



7 22



8 23







10 11



30 31





24 25




29 30

0.40 2.09 0.63 1.43


3 18




4 19



5 20



6 21



7 22



8 23



10 11



10 11











rainbowbeachtowing.com.au rainbowbeachtowing.com.au rainbowbeach4X4hire.com.au rainbowbeach4X4hire.com.au

34 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – October 2019



mmonwealth of Australia 2018, Bureau of Meteorology tions is Lowest Astronomical Tide ight Commonwealth of Australia 2018, Bureau of Meteorology al standard time (Time Zone UTC +10:00) of Predictions is Lowest Astronomical Tide New Moon First Quarter mbols Full Moon re in local standard time (Time Zone UTC +10:00) hase Symbols Full Moon New Moon First Quarter

Ph: 5486 8555 Ph: 5486 5486 8300 8555 Ph: Ph: 5486 8300











0.69 MO 1853 0.78 1.23 0020 1.23 0033MEMBERS 1.30 LUB and visitors recently 0.67 0020 1.23 0033 1.30 0535 0.87 0546 0.75 1.87 0535 0.87 0546 0.75 with Keely Rose enjoyed an outing 1243 1.76 1245 1.91 TU WE 0.70 1243 1.76 WE 1245 1.91 1952 TU 0.78 1932Charters 0.62 Fishing the waters east of 1952 0.78 1932 in 0.62 0149 1.24 Fraser 0151 1.34and Double Island Point. All Island 1.20 0149 1.24 0151 1.34 0650 0.94 0659 0.82 0.76 0650 0.94 0659day 0.82 enjoyed great out and fish caught 1347 1.67 1347 a 1.82 WE TH 1.82 1347 1.67 1347 1.82 2054 WE 0.73 included 2034 TH 0.59 sweetlip, parrot, Moses perch, 0.66 2054 0.73 2034 0.59 0312 1.31 trevally, 0309 cobia 1.45 and one of our visitors 0312 1.31 0309 1.45 1.25 0808 0.95 0824 0.84 0808 0.95 0824 0.84 0.79 landed a prized coral trout. TH 1449 1.61 FR 1451 1.74 1449 1.61 1451 1.74 1.80 2147 TH 0.66 2131 FR 0.54 2147 We 0.66thank 2131 0.54 0.58 the Keely Rose crew, Ed and 0415 1.41 0416 1.60 Harry for 0.82 looking after everyone on the 1.36 0415 1.41 0416 1.60 0927 0.92 0949 0.76 0927 0.92 0949 0.82 1545 1.57 1552 1.67 FR SA day out. 1.81 1545 1.57 1552 1.67 2228 FR 0.58 2220 SA 0.49 0.48 2228 An 0.58early bout 2220of0.49 warm spring weather 0502 1.53 0510 1.76 1.52 0502 0510 1.76 good catches of 1033 0.86 1058 0.77 has1.53 resulted in some 0.68 1033SU 0.86 1058 0.77 1632 1.53 1649 1.60 SA Giant andSU Golden trevally in the Tin Can 1.81 1632 1.53 1649 1.60 2300 SA 0.49 2303 0.44 0.38 2300 0.49 2303the 0.44 Bay Inlet and surrounding waters 0540 1.65 0556 1.92 1123 0.78 1158 0.71 0540 1.65 0556 1.92 1.69 from Snapper Creek to Inskip Point. 1714 1.51 1741 1.55 1123MO 0.78 1158 0.71 0.59 SU 2329 SU 0.41 2343 MO 0.40 1714 During 1.51 1741 good 1.55 numbers of tailor 1.80 October, 2329 0.41 2343 0.40 0.31 0614 1.77 and 0639 2.05 appeared along Inskip Point dart have 1207 0.72 1250 0.66 1.86 0614 1.77 0639 2.05 and off Fraser Island and best results have 1753 1.48 1831 1.51 MO 0.51 1207TU 0.72 1250 0.66 1.76 1753 1.48 1831 1.51 been obtained using pilchards, metal lures MO TU 0000 0.35 and 0023 squid.0.38 0645 1.89 0721 2.15 0.26 0000 0.35 0023 0.38 1249 0.66 1340 0.62 In the TCB Inlet and TU 2.01 0645WE 1.89 0721 2.15inside waters, there 1830 1.46 1918 1.48 0.48 0.66 1340nice 0.62 TU 1249 WE have been some sized whiting caught 1.70 1830 1.46 1918 1.48 0031 0.30 0103 0.39 near the banks around Alligator and Kauri 0802 2.21 0718 2.00 0.24 0031 0.30 0103 0.39 1429 1331 0.61 WE TH Creek and0.60 the 2.13 0718 2.00 0802best 2.21 results have been 2005 1.46 1909 1.45 0.47 0.61 1429 live 0.60beach worms and WE 1331 TH obtained using 1.63 1909 1.45 2005 1.46 0142 0.44 0105 0.29 0843 2.21 0753 2.10 0.27 0105 0.29 0142 0.44 1517 0.61 1415 0.57 TH 2.20 0753FR 2.10 0843 2.21 2048 1.42 1951 1.44 0.51 1415 0.57 TH FR 1517 0.61 1.54 1951 1.44 2048 1.42 0220 0.51 0141 0.30 0923 2.16 0832 2.16 0.34 0141 0.30 0220 0.51 SA 1602 0.65 FR 1502 0.54 2.21 0832 2.16 0923 2.16 2127 1.39 2036 1.43 0.56 FR 1502 0.54 SA 1602 0.65 1.46 2036 1.43 2127 1.39 0220 0.35 0255 0.59 0914 2.18 1000 2.08 0.44 0220SU 0.35 0255 0.59 1551 0.54 1644 0.70 SA 2.17 0914 2.18 1000 2.08 2126 1.40 2204 1.35 0.63 1551 0.54 SA SU 1644 0.70 0304 0.43 0331 0.67 1.38 2126 1.40 2204 1.35 1002 2.16 1036 1.98 0331 0.67 0.56 0304MO 0.43 1642 0.56 1724 0.74 SU 1036 1.98 2.08 1002 2.16 2221 1.35 2244 1.33 0.70 SU 1642 0.56 MO 1724 0.74 0411 0.75 2244 1.33 1.31 2221 1.35 1115 1.88 1806 0.77 0411 0.75 TU 2333 1.31 1115 1.88 TU 1806 0.77 2333 1.31






















0.67 SU 1747 SA 1840 0.79 2327 1.23 2352 1.23 2327 1.41 2352 1.23 0444 0.67 0511 0.79 0444 0.51 0511 0.79 1158 1.87 1235 1.82 1158 1.82 1235 1.82 1854 0.70 1949 0.81 MO SU 0.75 SU 1949 0.81 MO 1854 1.31 0047 1.20 0117 1.19 0047 0.60 0117 1.19 0551 0.76 0625 0.89 0551 1.77 0625 0.89 1305 1.82 1343 1.74 TU MO 1305 0.80 1343 1.74 2008 TU 0.66 2101 MO 0.78 2008 1.22 2101 0.78 0255 1.22 0215 1.25 0.68 0255 1.22 0215 0747 0.93 0714 0.79 1.72 0747WE0.93 0714 1451 1.68 1416 1.80 TU 0.81 1451 1.68 1416 2201 TU 0.72 2114 WE 0.58 2201 0.72 2114 0409 1.29 0331 1.36 1.16 0409 1.29 0331 0912 0.91 0846 0.76 0.75 0912TH0.91 0846 1551 1.65 1521 1.81 WE 1.71 1551 1.65 1521 2246 WE 0.63 2209 TH 0.48 0.75 2246 0.63 2209 0458 1.39 0432 1.52 1.17 0458 1.39 0432 1021 0.84 1004 0.68 0.77 1021FR0.84 1004 1641 1.65 1620 1.81 TH 1.75 1641 1.65 1620 2320 TH 0.55 2254 FR 0.38 0.63 2320 0.55 2254 0537 1.50 0523 1.69 1110 0.75 1106 0.59 0537 1.50 1.27 0523 1722 1.64 1712 1.80 1110SA0.75 0.71 1106 FR 2348 FR 0.46 2332 SA 0.31 1722 1.64 1.82 1712 2348 0.46 0.49 2332 0611 1.60 0607 1.86 1150 0.66 1159 0.51 1.41 0611 1.60 0607 1758 1.63 1759 1.76 SA 0.59 1150SU0.66 1159 1.90 1758 1.63 SA SU 1759 0.36 0012 0.39 0008 0.26 0642 1.71 0650 2.01 1.57 0012 0.39 0008 1226 0.59 1249 0.48 SU 0.46 0642MO1.71 0650 1831 1.61 1845 1.70 1.95 SU 1226 0.59 MO 1249 1831 1.61 1845 0038 0.33 0045 0.24 0711 1.81 0731 2.13 0.26 0038 0.33 0045 1304 0.55 1339 0.47 MO 1.73 0711TU1.81 0731 1903 1.58 1930 1.63 0.37 MO 1304 0.55 TU 1339 1.95 1903 1.58 1930 0105 0.29 0122 0.27 0742 1.91 0813 2.20 0.20 0105 0.29 0122 1342 0.53 WE 1431 0.51 TU 1.88 0742 1.91 0813 1937 1.54 2015 1.54 0.32 TU 1342 0.53 WE 1431 1.91 1937 1.54 2015 0134 0.28 0158 0.34 0815 1.98 0856 2.21 0134 0.28 0158 0.18 WE 1423 0.53 TH 1525 0.56 0815 1.98 0856 2.00 2013 1.50 2059 1.46 0.34 WE 1423 0.53 TH 1525 2013 1.50 2059 1.82 0205 0.30 0234 0.44 0852 2.03 0938 2.17 0205FR0.30 0234 0.21 1507 0.56 1618 0.63 TH 0852 2.03 0938 2.09 2054 1.45 2142 1.38 1507 0.56 0.41 TH FR 1618 0238 0.37 0310 0.56 2054 1.45 2142 1.70 0931 2.04 1020 2.08 0.29 0238SA0.37 0310 1554 0.60 1710 0.70 FR 2.11 0931 2.04 1020 2138 1.38 2225 1.31 0.52 FR 1554 0.60 SA 1710 1.56 2138 1.38 2225

0.65 2.00 TU 1832 0.62




Last Quarter

Last Quarter

yabbies. There have also been some good quality flathead and tailor caught using pilchards with gang hooks near Carlo Point and Kauri Creek. Mangrove Jack and large slatey bream are also being landed and the best results have been obtained using live baits and casting against structure in the creeks and around the mangroves. An information and Club social day was recently held at the Clubhouse during which members received information on best rigs and baits to use in the inside waters. There were 41 members present who enjoyed the fun and the chance to win some great raffle prizes. The Club would like to thank Emma and Chris from the Tin Can Bay Chandlery for their continued sponsorship and support that they provide to our club and for helping to make the day a very successful and enjoyable one for all present. New members are very welcome and for enquiries, please contact the secretary on 0437 242 171 or email: tcbfishingclub@ bigpond.com

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Big Moves afoot in Marine Rescue T

IN CAN BAY recently hosted a visit by the Blue Water Review Working Group which attracted Marine Rescue Volunteers from Hervey Bay to Caloundra. They were there to find out first-hand what lay ahead for the future of volunteer marine rescue organisations. One year ago, the Queensland government set up an inquiry into marine rescue services in Queensland, led by retired navy Commodore Campbell Darby. He was tasked to review the existing two services provided by VMR Queensland and the Australian Volunteer Coastguard Association to determine whether they should be combined and if so, how they should be managed and funded. A similar process was undertaken in NSW and recently marked a 10-year anniversary since the combining of three volunteers services into “Marine Rescue NSW”. Both of the Queensland organisations have seen regulatory burdens by state and federal government increase, together with escalating costs of operation, which have been mostly being funded by community and corporate donations. In addition, the average age of volunteers has been steadily increasing as new recruits were coming mainly from retired people. Campbell Darby’s report was released last November and subsequently its recommendations, including the merger of the sector, have been considered by a body known as the Blue Water Working Group. The group has representatives from both marine rescue services, and also has water police, Surf Life Saving, Ambulance, Maritime Safety Qld and Recreational Boating, appointed to advise the executives and Minister of the Department of Fire and Emergency Services. This working group has conducted meetings in city and regional areas. The BWR meeting was held at the Community Centre in Tin Can Bay just prior

to the release of a Strategic Plan they had agreed upon, called a Concept of Operations. This document recommends to the Queensland Government that both marine rescue organisations be merged into a single service with a new name and branding, which will operate independently but under the umbrella of the Department of Fire and Emergency Services. While the new organisation will not be fully funded by the Queensland Government, there will be a substantial increase in funding to offset rising costs such as insurance and replacement of vessels. The Concept of Operations document will be followed in December by the release of a timetable for the planned changes to occur. The Commander of Tin Can Bay Coast Guard, Mr John Macfarlane said that the

n Bay – Scullett Drive orough – Gympie Road, Tinana

end result may take several years before it is completed and that it was “business as usual” until it happens, but concedes that the financial burden of buying and operating a fleet of expensive vessels to commercial survey standards requires greater government support. There are still many pieces of the puzzle to be decided, but he hopes that the extra funding will make it easier for the organisation to be always ready 365 days a year and be trained for a range of emergency responses. Mr Macfarlane is confident that whatever the new organisation is called, a continuing service in Tin Can Bay is vital to safe boating in the area, and that the organisation will remain very closely attached to and supported by local residents, boaties and local business houses.

The Blue Water Review meeting held in TCB to merge marine rescue organisations

The Coast Guard at Tin Can Bay currently operates three vessels that perform a wide range of duties which is expected to expand with closer ties to the other Emergency Services. Mr Macfarlane said that the costs of volunteer membership in marine rescue may be included in future funding by the State, a move which he hopes will attract more volunteers to the service, and that a recommended public education campaign by QFES will provide greater community recognition. Despite the recommendations by the Working Group to date and the QFES, the final outcome is yet to be put by Minister Craig Crawford before State Cabinet for approval.

ALL INSURANCE REPAIRS 2 LOCATIONS TIN CAN BAY: 5486 4004 SCULLETT DRIVE MARYBOROUGH: 4121 6377 GYMPIE RD, TINANA www.widebaycaravans.com.au October 2019 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 35

SPORT Well done to the Cooloola Dragon Boat Club!

Cooloola Coast Little Athletics cleans up A

Exciting finale for the Wide Bay Dragon Boats Series!


NOTHER WIDE BAY Series is over, and we were so close to getting our third place for the Series! The racing was soooo close all day with Bundaberg taking out the honors on the day, but 1770 were the overall winners of the Series with 24 points, Bundy 21 points, Hervey Bay 13 points, Cooloola 12 points and Burnett River 4 points. For our Minor finals race against Hervey Bay the times were Hervey Bay 59.40 secs. and Cooloola 59.65 secs. The boats were neck-to-Dragon-neck all the way! Beautiful morning paddling to Poverty Point and back to The Yacht Club Sunday morning, September 1 (Fathers Day)! We stopped for munchies on the way. Many thanks to the girls from Hervey Bay who joined us for this great day on the

water, also thanks to our support boat crew. Last month our sport was represented at the Tin Can Bay P-Ten State School, at their open day. This day was held by the P&C to raise money for air conditioning in some of their class rooms. Don’t forget to come and join us on the water October 13 ( second Sunday of the month) 7.30am for our COME AND TRY day. Come and enjoy a day on the water and share in the fun of the sport of Dragon Boating. You will also find us at the Dragon’s Lair in the RSL Hall on market day, the third Saturday of the month. We will cook you a full breakfast or just enjoy coffee and homemade cake. For more info on Dragon Boating, phone Sandy Wooster 0402 352 756.

T THE FIRST away competition, athletes from the Cooloola Coast Little Athletics Centre may have been just warming up in the season but Anjie, Amanda, Zeff, Tilba, Zach, Hunter, Gemma and Dexter put in a 110% stellar effort representing the Centre. All were outstanding in their events and Anjie, Hunter, Gemma and Zeff came away with a podium place. Well done to everyone who competed, as by having a go, you are all winners!! Coach Bill also entered even though he was still nursing a torn hamstring after taking home gold in the long jump at the Oceania Masters Athletics Championship, he still managed to take out a place in javelin, shot put and discus! Inspiring upcoming athletes is a passion for Bill, so take advantage of his vast skill-set and come down to training for a trial session on Saturday morning for only $5. For more information call Centre Manager Jess Milne on 0411 218 254.

Hunter Groves proudly wears his bronze medal for shot put

Local Sporting Champions Grants T O BE ELIGIBLE to apply for a Local Sporting Champions grant, applicants: • must be aged 12 to 18 years (inclusive); • must be required to travel a distance of 250 kilometres or more, return. • be participating in an official national sporting organisation (NSO) endorsed sporting competition.

The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) is responsible for the management and coordination of the program, with grant recipients selected by a local panel. Applications for the grants can be made at any time throughout the year, through the Australian Sports Commission’s website ausport.gov.au/champions.




IT’S GREAT 36 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – October 2019

Visit your Vinnies store today... Shop 1 / 14 Rainbow Beach Road Rainbow Beach Call Alex to find out more: 07 5482 2737


The Nippers first carnival of the season at Rainbow Beach


VER 1000 COMPETITORS are expected for the 2019 Nippers Carnival on October 19. The fluorescent pink rash shirts are going to be everywhere on the beach, and the town is booked out as families and clubs make the most of the first carnival of the season. The junior carnival is known for the friendly rivalry as the Nippers compete in Don’t miss all the action of the 2019 Nippers Carnival

Cricket Corner James Worthington


S THE WEATHER is warming up, the 2019-2020 Gympie Cricket Reserve grade competition is just around the corner and the ‘Boys from Rainbow Beach’ Cricket Club are keen to have another fantastic season. The season begins with a tough opening game against the Gympie Colts at home. The grand final rematch is going to be a tough match as the Rainbow Beach boys look to get one back after the heartbreaking defeat in last grand final. For anyone wishing to come down and support, our home games are played at Carlo Road oval. The home game for the month is on October 12 against Wests. The team is also playing away games in Gympie at One Mile Ovals on October 19 and 26. For anyone wishing to get involved in any way, as a player, scorer or even on the BBQ, please contact Merv at mervoneill@hotmail.com.

Deep Water Wades (U8), Wade Race (U89), Flags (all ages), Ironperson (U11-14), Sprints (all ages), Surf Race (U9-14), Boards (U9-14). And it is not too late to join Nippers, with the first session for 2019/2020 season starting on October 6! The Rainbow Beach Nippers program is for boys and girls aged between 5 and 13 years of age (age as at September 30). It involves a two-hour commitment each Sunday and you can jump in and join any time.

Soccer Awards Rainbow Beach residents Archie Gilmore with his Player’s Player trophy for Under 14 Men and Abbey-Rose Cairns who won the Golden Boot prize for most goals on her team at the Gympie United Football Club Presentation

October 2019 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 37

A Little Humour LADIES TALKING IN HEAVEN… 1st woman: “Hi! My name is Wanda.” 2nd woman: Hi! I’m Sylvia. How’d you die? 1st woman: “I froze to death.” 2nd woman: “How horrible!” 1st woman: “It wasn’t so bad. After I quit shaking from the cold, I began to get warm and sleepy and finally died a peaceful death. What about you?” 2nd woman: “I died of a massive heart attack. I suspected that my husband was cheating, so I came home early to catch him in the act. But instead I found him all by himself in the den watching TV. “I was so sure there was another woman there somewhere that I started running all over the house looking. I ran up into the attic and searched and down in the basement. Then I went through every closet and checked under all the beds. I kept this up until I had looked everywhere, and finally I became so exhausted that I just keeled over with a heart attack and died.” 1st women: “Too bad you didn’t look in the freezer..we’d both still be alive.” TEXT MESSAGE I was on the sofa next to my wife who was eating and typing on her phone. ….so I heard my phone ringing in the kitchen where I was charging it. I went to check. The text was from my wife and she wrote ‘bring back the salt on your way back.’ DINNER JOKE My partner asked me if she could have a little peace and quiet while she cooked dinner. So I took the battery out of the smoke detector.

DON’T MESS! An elderley couple return to a dealership to find the salesman had just sold the car they were interested in to a beautiful leggy busty blonde. “I thought you said you would hold that car till we raised the $75,000 asking price,” said the man. “Yet I just heard you closed the deal for $65,000 to that lovely lady there. You insisted there could be no discount for this model.” “Well, what can I tell you? She had the ready cash, and just look at her, how could I resist?” replied the grinning salesman. Just then the young woman approached the older couple and handed them the keys. “There you go” she said. “I told you I could get this joker to drop the price. See you later Grandpa.” Never mess with the elderly! CEMETERY SURPRISE I was walking home last night and decided to take a shortcut through the cemetery ...three girls walked up to me and explained that they were scared to walk past the cemetery at night, so I agreed to let them walk along with me. I told them “I understand….I used to get scared too when I was alive.” Never seen anyone run so fast! OOPS Picked up a hitch-hiker. Seemed like a nice guy. After a few miles, he asked me if I wasn’t afraid that he might be a serial killer? I told him that the odds of two serial killers being in the same car were extremely unlikely.

38 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – October 2019

SCOT’S HUMOUR Wis walkin home n someone threw a block of cheese oot their windee n it hit me on the head, i turned n shouted that wisna very mature wis it. LITTLE JOHNNY’S DINNER Little Johnny and his family were having Sunday dinner at his grandmother’s house. Everyone was seated around the table as the food was being served. When Little Johnny received his plate, he started eating right away. “Johnny! Please wait until we say our prayer,” said his mother. “I don’t need to,” the boy replied. “Of course you do,” his mother insisted. “We always say a prayer before eating at our house.” “That’s at our house,” Johnny explained. “But this is Grandma’s house and she actually knows how to cook!” BABY A woman gets on a bus with her baby. The bus driver says, “That’s the ugliest baby that I’ve ever seen. Ugh!” The woman goes to the rear of the bus and sits down, fuming. She says to a man next to her, “The driver just insulted me!” The man says, “You go right up there and tell him off – go ahead, I’ll hold your monkey for you.” CHURCH An elderly couple are in church. The wife leans over and whispers to her husband, “I just let out a long, silent fart. What should I do?” The husband replies, “First off, replace the batteries in your hearing aid!”

HIGHWAY DRIVING There is a senior citizen driving on the highway. His wife calls him on his cell phone and in a worried voice says, ‘’Herman, be careful! I just heard on the radio that there is a madman driving the wrong way on Route 280!’’ Herman says, ‘’I know, but there isn’t just one, there are hundreds!’’ CHRISTMAS PRESENT A husband got his mother-in-law a cemetery plot for Christmas. It came with a coffin, tomb stone, the works. Next Christmas comes by and the husband gets her nothing. When the mother-in-law asks, “Why didn’t you get me a gift?” the husband says, “You haven’t used the one I got you last year!” DIVERS Paddy and Murphy are havin’ a pint in the pub, when some scuba divers come on the TV. Paddy says, “Murphy, why is it them deep sea divers always sit on the side of the boat with them air tanks on their backs, and fall backwards out of the boat?” Murphy thinks for a minute then says, “That’s easy. It’s ‘cos if they fell forwards, they’d still be in the boat!” HEARD A GOOD ONE ... If you’ve heard a good one that you think the community would like, send it to the RBCN at info@rbcn.com.au


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ESSENTIAL SERVICES SES Flood/Storm Damage . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 132 500 SES - Rainbow Beach . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5486 3314 SES - Tin Can Bay . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5486 4604 City Farm . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Coastguard Tin Cay Bay - VMR 417 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Community Centre Rainbow Beach . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Cooloola Coast Medical Transport . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

5486 2304 5486 4290 5486 3355 5486 2488

Doctor - Rainbow Beach . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5313 3277 Doctor - Rainbow Beach . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5486 3078 Doctor - Tin Can Bay . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5486 4600 ENERGEX . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 62 62 EPA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1300 130 372 FIRE & RESCUE - Rainbow Beach . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5486 3169 Tin Can Bay Fire Warden . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0409 828 414

Cooloola Cove

EMERGENCY - AMBULANCE / POLICE / FIRE . . . . . . . . 000 Rural Fires Goomboorian . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0417 793 286 Rural Fires Neerdie . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0400 865 132 QPWS Rainbow Beach . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5486 9900 QPWS Tewantin (7 days) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5449 7792 Gympie Regional Council . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1300 307 800 HOSPITAL Gympie Hospital & Community Health . . . . . . . . . . . . 5489 8690 JUSTICE OF THE PEACE (Please phone to make appt ) DEACON, Arthur (Cooloola Cove) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0419 624 208 FISHER, Peter (Cooloola Cove) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0407 95 4678 GETT, Kelvin (Rainbow Beach) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5486 3538 MISSEN, John Joseph (Rainbow Beach) . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5486 8153 Library - Tin Can Bay (Mon, Wed, Fri 9.00am - 12.30pm) . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5486 4355

Local Disaster Management CCCLDMSG . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5486 4483, 0439 862 264 Cooloola Cove . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5488 0436, 0459 26 374 Wallu . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0419 685 338 Rainbow Beach . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0427 863 007 Pharmacy - Rainbow Beach . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5486 3070 Police - Rainbow Beach . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5486 8765 Police - Tin Can Bay . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5486 2426 Police - non urgent . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 131 444 POISONS Information Centre . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 11 26 School - Rainbow Beach . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5486 9333 School - Tin Can Bay . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5488 1222 Tin Can Bay Community Church Op Shop . . . . . . . . . . 5486 2055 Llew O’Brien (Federal Member) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4121 2936 Tony Perrett MLA (State Member) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5329 5100 October 2019 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 39


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bullair@bigpond.com ARC



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MGB CONCRETE QBCC Licence No. – 1162933

Local Contractor Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ



0499 144 678

www.rainbowbeachautoelectrics.com.au 4X4 MOBILE SERVICE ALSO AVAILABLE FOR ONSITE SERVICE!


40 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – October 2019

Driveways Patios Shed slabs Pathways Pool surrounds Rendering

Plain Exposed Decorative When quality matters

Servicing: Rainbow Beach, Tin Can Bay and Cooloola Cove

Call Mick on 0407 228 044 Dance

For Sale




Cosgroves Solicitor in Attendance Wednesdays 10:00am – 1:00pm Conference Room, Rainbow Sands Resort

Paul Cosgrove B.COM., B.ECON., LL.B., B.C.L.

EMAIL cosgroves@cosgroves.com.au TELEPHONE (07) 3371 9199 MOBILE (24 HRS) 0418 729 474 P.O. Box 1225 TOOWONG Q. 4066



Jeff Hogues Plumbing Service jeff@jef hoguesplumbing.com.au


Drain Cleaning Gas Installation Gas Maintenance Back low Servicing Back low Installation Ÿ Thermostatic Mixing Valves Ÿ Treatment Plant Maintenance Ÿ General Plumbing and Drainage Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ

Rumbalara Avenue Rainbow Beach QLD 4581

0458 259 418


QBCC 78058




Tyre & Mechanical Service

Pet Boarding

October 2019 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 41


If you have an event or date you would like to add please email info@rbcn.com.au


14 RB Chamber Meeting, 5.30pm


Over 60s, 10am, RB Surf Club

14 Probus, Sandcastle Motel, TCB


Stopping Time: Material prints from 3000BCE, Gallery Gympie, until Nov 16

3 4 4 5

10-11am First 5 Forever Under 5’s, RB Library

4.30pm Karate and Jiu-Jitsu, RBSS: 0417 079 579

14 Barefoot Bowls, TCB Country Club, 4.30pm, $10 inc snacks, Hilly 0412 134 752

1-3pm Cooloola Coast Art Group - Life Drawing with model, tuition for beginners. Every second Monday Tin Can Bay Library, 0438 803 990

6pm Table Tennis, RB Community Hall, Bob: 0477 001 912

Heart of Gold International Film Festival, Gympie Civic Centre

15 Over 60s BYO BBQ, Norman Point, 11.30am

4.30pm Karate and Jiu-Jitsu, RBSS: 0417 079 579

7am Tennis, RB Sports Club, Carmel: 0438 773 679

Atlas of Monsters, RB Library, 2-3pm, ages 8-12 free event

16 Camera Club, 7pm, TCB Library


8.30am Playgroup, RBSS

17 Trove basics, Accessing Online Resources, RB Library, 10-12noon

9am Arts and Crafts Group, Church of the Good Shepherd Hall

9am TCB Craft Club Carmel: 5488 0409

17 Wi-Fi and Mobile networks, TCB Library, 2-4pm

9am TCB Quilters, TCB Community Complex, Jacquie: 5486 4468

9.30am First 5 Forever Under 5’s, TCB Library

18-20 Gympie Gold Rush Festival

9-10am Cooloola Coast Art Group beginners drawing class weekly. Drawing and Painting Group all levels weekly, 9-12pm, Tuncunba Hall, 0438 803 990

10am Art Workshop with Jenny, RB Library, every 2nd and 4th Thurs

9.30am Little Guppies Playgroup Carmen: 0487 876 559

9am Sailability, TCB

Mad Science TCB Library, 2- 3pm, ages 8-12, free event Flower Show, TCB Community Centre, 9.30am, Cheryl 5486 8070

5-8 ‘Playground’ a Light and Sound Sculpture, RB Comm Hall 5,6 Two-Day Watercolour Workshop, beginners, 9am-3pm, Tuncunba Hall, TCB $65, Ph: 0438 803 990

19 RB SLSC Nipper Carnival 19, 20 QCWA Expo, Practical and Creative Arts weekend, Brolga Theatre in Maryborough


Real Steel, TCB Country Club

21-24 QCWA State Conference, Brolga Theatre in Maryborough.


RB Boardriders Sign On Day - near the surf tower - 8.30 to 11.30am

25 Dagwood Crossing Duo, TCB Country Club


Heart of Gold Films - children’s activities - Gympie Civic Centre

26-27 Relay For Life, Gympie soccer fields


Nippers - first of the season commences 8.30am


Rattler, Queen’s Birthday special

31 Music Plus in Cooloola, 7pm, Vets’ and Community Hall, Cooloola Cove

9am Mahjong and games, Church of the Good Shepherd Hall


High Tea Fundraiser QCWA, Cathy House, TCB, Dawn 0434 518836


9am Table Tennis, RB Community Hall, Bob: 0477 001 912

12 Cricket, Reserve Grade, home game, Carlo Rd Oval - come and cheer! 12 Gympie Chamber of Commerce Awards, Civic Centre 12 General Meeting - members, TCB RSL 12 4x4 Pink Run for Breast Cancer, Noosa North Shore Retreat 13 Dragon Boating, come and try day TCB, 7.30am, Sandy 0402 352 756 14 Bingo DATE CHANGE FOR OCTOBER - RB Community Hall, 9am for 9.30am

27 Vinnies Fashion parade at Cafe Jilarty, 2pm


Melbourne Cup

13 City Farm AGM, 10am on premises 23 ArtyBall, RB Sports and Rec Club 28 Festival of Small Halls, RB Comm Hall

WEEKLY (many are term time only) See Fitness and Health pages for fitness classes, aqua aerobics, pilates, yoga MONDAY 9.30am Senior Citizens indoor bowls, TCB Community Complex David: 0466 848 032

42 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – October 2019

10am-12noon, Tin Can Bay Art Group TCB Library. Ph: 5486 4355 7-9pm Alcoholics Anonymous, CC Veteran & Comm Hall. Ph: 5488 0972 WEDNESDAY 7.00am Heart Foundation Walking Group, Maggie 0400 756 615

9-11am Cooloola Card Makers - every second Wednesday TCB Library Ph: 5486 4355 10am Mainly Music, TCB Community Complex 10am Craft – First Wednesday of the month, Dawn, 0434 518 836 10am

Hoy – Third Wednesday of the month, $7 entry, Dawn 0434 518 836

3-4pm Coolabay Choir (from September) CC Vet & Com Hall Ph: Pam Graham 0427 180 649


9.30am CCLAC Bingo, TCB Country Club

3.30pm Cooloola Dragon Boat training FRIDAY 9.30am Bridge, RB Hall Meeting Room 9.30am Senior Citizens indoor bowls, TCB Community Complex, David: 0466 848 032 SATURDAY 7.00am Heart Foundation Walking Group, Maggie 0400 756 615 6pm

Mass at St John Vianney Catholic Church service, Bream St TCB (Week 1, 2, 5) St Peter the Fisherman Catholic Church Service Manooka Dr, RB (Week 3, 4)

Markets on almost every Saturday, see the Visitor’s Guide! SUNDAY 7am

Mass RB (1, 2, 5) and TCB (wk 3, 4)

7.30am Cooloola Dragon Boat training 9.30am Cooloola Wesleyan Methodist Church, Ph: Pastor Scott Lucas 0427 859 235 9.30am Church of the Good Shepherd Contemporary Family service and morning tea, all denominations welcome! 17 Carlo Rd, RB

October 2019 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 43