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March 2021 • Vol 24 • Issue 3

Prep photo time! Read our school news for precious keepsakes of our Prep classes across the coast. Pictured here are most of the Prep students in Rainbow Beach State School, with Mrs Sarah Brantz and Mrs Janine Lawler. Check out pages 24-25 for more.

In this issue... • Book in for a breast screen • Housing - what a debacle • A week of womanly events

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Editor’s Note

A change of seasons T

HE PEDAL WAS to the metal as we prepared this edition for you.

Heatley and I took a quick trip to Canberra to see our daughter’s March Out as she begins training and a BA at ADFA (The Defence Force Academy). The day before that was our eldest’s uni graduation in Brisbane. It followed our 17-year-old leaving home for UNE in Armidale and our new 16-year-old in the driver’s seat! (I did include a photo of Jack in this issue - if you have a special event please let us share it for you.) It was also the first week I wore a facemask, and we were quizzed by police as we arrived back into Brisbane airport. It is hard to believe, thanks to prepackaged COVID everything, the airline food is now worse! But we did have a lovely chat with the attendant, who has lost count of her COVID checks and I managed to watch a movie over both flights. Best of all was seeing Kate and my sister’s family in the ACT - we packed in a lot of games, cards, Asian cuisine, a big trek, markets and city shops on our weekend. I even started a jigsaw.


Thank you to all for your valuable contributions to this wonderful March issue - I do hope you like our new four page Visitor Guide with 20 free or almost free must-dos. There is so much to look forward to this month: International Women’s Day events (and yes, I have several vintage aprons, I love them), World Day of Prayer, live music, Clean Up Australia Day, St Patrick’s Day and a CWA garage sale. You’ll meet some interesting people in this issue - newlyweds, shopkeepers, a tradie, a naturopath, an Op Shop queen, a police sergeant and a lot of cherubs! I’m also looking forward to attending the Patrol Teams Surf Challenge morning and the Big Summer Blowout! Both on after we have gone to print. Then in April, ANZAC ceremonies are full steam ahead in Queensland, Easter is here and vaccines, too. The tide may not be turning on Mudlo Rocks, just yet - but autumn is looking good! Have a fun month!


Although I had done a lot of preparation, with the way deadlines work - it was catch up time on our return.


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Wide Bay Esplanade Rainbow Beach Qld 4581 2 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – March 2021

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Rainbow Beach finally on the radar The independent review for the Fraser Island K’gari bushfire event served to highlight a very important issue.


HEN IT COMES to government bodies, the Cooloola Coast is largely ignored, with one attendee calling Rainbow Beach “a black hole” for the government. Local resident, and Fraser Island Beach Houses owner, Nigel Worthington attended an Hervey Bay meeting about the K’gari fires. He found out about the meeting secondhand. Both the tourism and local government authorities are based on the Fraser Coast. Rainbow Beach is not in either. Nigel, who is Rainbow Beach Commerce and Tourism President said, “It is not immediately obvious on higher level state government, the impact Island closures have on Rainbow Beach as a major supply and tourist route.” At that meeting, Nigel and CCQI Chamber of Commerce Queensland representative detailed that 80% of the vehicle traffic to the island comes from Rainbow Beach. He said in 18 years, he has never been

notified about closures or disruption to his business. For the first time, Rainbow Beach was consulted about K’gari Fraser Island and recognised, through a government inquiry, as a gateway to the iconic destination.

52 Rumbalara Avenue – Offers over $900k

Matters discussed included: - Business income losses - Opportunity loss and reputational loss were unknown - Maintenance of fire breaks on the island - No warnings provided on closure and reopenings which caused embarrassment and confusion with customers - Staffing issues - Negative media - Negative customer experiences

Attendance rates were high at an independent review for the Fraser Island K’gari bushfire, held at the Rainbow Beach Sports Club last month

- Difficulty refilling bookings once it was open - Compounded by Covid, Gastro, Teewah camping reductions - Campers could be required to cancel their booking if they plan to no-show, so sites can be rebooked - Business owners are worried about the impact 3-4 years on - Will a 70% capacity for campgrounds become the new reality? - It was difficult to move forward, advertise and convince people to come

unless capacity returned and sites reopened - Fire restrictions and communication - Who makes decisions and takes responsibility for closures? Do they know how the impact affects those ‘on the ground’? Possible solutions and ways to progress, especially with communication, were discussed at length. Meanwhile, we’ll wait for the outcome of the inquiry on March 31. Will anything change?

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March 2021 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 3

How long has housing been a problem on the Cooloola Coast? ANDREW HAWKINS: The permanent rental market had tightened up significantly. Two years back, pre-Covid, we had close to zero vacancy rate. After the ‘Covid boom’ demand has spiked even further, with zero vacant properties and no more coming online, which meant a massive unfulfilled demand for families to live in Rainbow Beach. It is a ‘Catch 22’ of the strong market and local economy where we have increased buyers and holiday makers at the detriment to local tenants.

Coast housing crisis - what can we do?

DEE WHITE: Since Covid-19 travel restrictions began back in March 2020 – we have only had 1-2 properties available. This number dropped to zero from around September to December. We would see at least 4-5 properties available to rent per month under ‘normal’ circumstances. This is typically due to the transient nature of some of the permanent population who may pick up work over the summer period and sign a six-month lease but then move on/out of town/or in with someone else around March, when there is generally less work or hours offered.

Affordable housing is an issue, but right now, the priority is availability of any permanent rentals for families and employees relocating to the Cooloola Coast. The Community News speaks to two local real estate experts, Andrew Hawkins from Rainbow Beach Realty and Dee White from Cooloola Coast Realty, about housing on our coast, the impacts, trends and possible strategies.

How long is the wait for a permanent rental?

ANDREW HAWKINS: It would be a twoyear waiting list to find a rental. Now I don’t even know - we never get new rentals. DEE WHITE: At the moment, we only have one vacant permanent rental property in Rainbow Beach and one in Tin Can Bay. Both of these have multiple applications in and will be leased by the first week of March. We currently have approximately 20 individuals/family groups looking for a permanent rental in Rainbow Beach. Some of these are people looking to move to town for work or semi/retirement and others are looking to move into a bigger or smaller home than the current arrangements. Approximate wait time for a house would be around three months at present. Some holiday rentals may convert to

Tin Can Bay Country Club offers •18 Hole Golf Course •Two Bowling Greens •Air Conditioned Club House •Bar •Chinese Restaurant •Gaming Room with 28 Gaming Machines •Darts Every Friday Night •Raffles Thu & Sun OPEN SEVEN DAYS

permanent to meet the current demand, however, it depends what the property owner’s preference is. (They may prefer to keep their property as a short-term rental as it may provide a better return on their investment or give them the flexibility to use the property themselves from time to time).

What is the impact on local business? ANDREW HAWKINS: Anecdotally, if you talk to many local businesses - if they have a job vacancy the first question isn’t about the qualifications, it is ‘do you live in Rainbow Beach?’. DEE WHITE: Some businesses are having all sorts of dramas trying to get staff – and then finding someone suitable, but not being able to find them anywhere to live.

What can we do? ANDREW HAWKINS: There is no single answer - we are seeing it around Australia in every little beachside and rural town. People are bringing forward lifestyle decisions, saying: “Life is too short - let’s move to Rainbow Beach”. Over the past 6 to 9 months, we have seen a very large increase in the younger families buying in Rainbow Beach, a good portion relocating here permanently, because they can work remotely. I’m hoping owners of houses that are left vacant most of the year, will consider taking on tenants, so we can use the stock already here in Rainbow Beach. DEE WHITE: Release more freehold land and build government housing? Not sure… Ultimately, I can see the demand outstripping supply for some time yet and although it is wonderful having loads of holiday makers in town that want to eat out, drink coffee, buy souvenirs and clothes, get massages and haircuts, learn to surf and all that stuff – the people that provide all those services need to live somewhere in order to make it all happen. If you have a solution, or story on your struggle to find a home to rent on the Cooloola Coast please email: info@rbcn.com. au or give us a call on 0407 660 198.

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Saturday 6th March & Saturday 3rd April

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Around our


Pathways in Cooloola Cove The Cooloola Revitalisation Project Stage 1 is well underway, connecting Cooloola Cove to Tin Can Bay with a new 2.7m wide concrete path as the old surface was deteriorating, causing concerns for users. Cr Jess Milne reports, “I understand the asphalt surface was quite old and was breaking apart. There had been numerous concerns raised to Council regarding safety, and reports of accidents including some involving significant injuries. “What may have looked like a nice sealed path driving past was on a rapid rate of decline, therefore its replacement was a priority. This pathway is an important connection link between Tin Can Bay and Cooloola Cove.” Cr Milne says Stage 2 of the Project will see the Tin Can Bay Foreshore pathway upgraded to 3m of shared pathway where required, from Crab Creek to Norman Point, with a small boardwalk through the reserve from Viv Mason Park towards Les Lee Park. Funding for the $3.8M project has been state funding from Building Our Regions $2,766,800, TMR Cycle Grant $150,000 and the Transport Infrastructure Development Scheme $309,900 with a council contribution of $534,000.

Skate Park The Cooloola Cove Skate Park is on track for completion, however the forecast rain may have caused delays, prior to print.

The path on Bayside Rd at Cooloola Cove is being upgraded

Hand sanitisers and a possible new dump point Replacement of hand sanitisers at the Rainbow Beach Dump Point was required, after theft of the installed equipment. There is a long-term project for the site they are investigating the move to a more suitable location. For now, extra roadbase and a touch-free sanitiser have been installed.

Email council about Illegal camping Despite repeated requests from RBCT, who represent the business community, and support from Cr Jess Milne, it seems the only way to gain action from Council on illegal camping is for individuals to act. If you want to rid our towns of illegal campers, when you see an issue - please

report it to Council. Email is best, but they do keep an account of every single complaint - and the number of incidences helps put this issue onto Council agendas. Take a photo, add dates and times, visit the council website and use their email form or contact council@gympie.qld.gov.au or phone 1300 307 800.

Camping at Teewah Teewah Cooloola Working Group held their first meeting after Covid lockdowns. Camping numbers have been reduced from February 1 at Teewah, cameras are now live and active, and infringement notices are being issued. There are plans to limit vehicle numbers from the Tewantin end, strategies continue to be discussed.

Carlo Road island for pedestrians Works have been completed at the school ‘crossing’ on Carlo Road, including a path to Kurrawa Drive. Gympie Regional Council staff in conjunction with state government, road safety officers, liaised with the school to implement a safer crossing point for students and pedestrians. With the help of $40,000 from the Queensland Government, council constructed traffic calming measures and a pedestrian refuge. The budget for the project was $80,000. Hopefully the traffic island will slow down cars for our children. These updates are thanks to Cr Jess Milne, the Rainbow Beach Commerce and Tourism and Gympie Regional Council.

March 2021 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 5

Eve nts e h t s s o r ac c o a st

March 17

March 20

St Patrick’s Day

QCWA Garage Sale


HE RAINBOW BEACH Sports Club chef is presenting a St Patrick’s Day menu special. So dress up and enjoy an Irish classic. At the Tin Can Bay RSL Club, on this special Wednesday, the bar opens from 3pm until around 10pm, with food from 6.30pm until around 8pm. An Irish meal will be available for the cost of $10, so come along, have fun, eat, drink, be merry – in green of course!


HE TIN CAN BAY QCWA is having a garage sale on March 20 at their hall, 18 Whiting Street, with lots of bargains! It’s from 7-11am, so go and support them, and you’ll come home a winner!

Choose to Challenge T

HIS YEAR, 12 local women began planning a week of local events to honour this International Women’s Day and those past, present and future generations in the quest for a better compassionate and fair world. Monday 8: TWILIGHT WALK 6pm – Norman Point Carry a glow stick (donation requested) on your physical and mental challenge to walk from any of the four starting points along the route from Norman Point to the library. Refreshments and guest speaker. Tuesday 9: ART 10am-12noon – Tuncunba Gardens Hear stories, see artists working with various mediums, browse the artwork on display and participate in using different painting mediums. Wednesday 10: CREATIVE WRITING 1-4pm – TCB Community and Men’s Shed Let your imagination flow. Enjoy and express yourself. Challenge the norm.

Thursday 11: INSIGHTFUL JOURNEYS 9am-1pm – Cathy House Meditation, Tarot cards, psychometry. Thursday 11: MUSIC 2.30-4.30pm – Cathy House ‘Women of Note’ Hear stories and music of female composers throughout time. Thursday 11: DRAGON BOATING 3-4.30pm – TCB Yacht Club Learn the history and the basics of dragon boating. Get wet and challenge yourself to paddle. Wear comfy clothes/ shoes. Bring a hat, sunscreen, water. Friday 12 : CONVERSATIONS 9.30am-6pm – Cathy House 9.30am The Wonder Years; 11.30am Our Roots; 2.00pm Her Story; 4.00pm Myths/ Truths Saturday 13: MORNING TEA 9.30am - Cooloola Coast Bowls Club Enjoy delicious morning tea. Hear guest speakers, see vintage tea

A dragon boating come and try session is just one in a whole week of events for International Women’s Day

towels and aprons on display. Wear your fancy apron. You must book: 5486 4836 ($7 pp). Sunday 14: CLOSING CEREMONY 5pm – Norman Point Gather to cast a flower into the water, whilst sending your individual thoughts, prayers and wishes. All events are free or donations, so hopefully you can look at the program and find one or two events of interest you. For more information call Joy Black on 0455 629 232 or email: reclaimurspirit@ gmail.com

Just a reminder: 87,000 women are killed every year just because they are women. Of those, 50,000 are killed by their male partners or family members – and those are only the deaths we know about 111 countries have no repercussions for husbands who rape their wife 2.7 billion women are legally restricted from having the same choice of jobs as men 14% is the size of Australia’s gender pay gap 45 countries do not have specific laws against domestic violence 35% of women globally have experienced sexual or physical violence

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3/8 Scullett Drive, Cooloola Cove (past Mitre 10 on the right)

March 30

April 7

Meals on Wheels invite you!

Sandcastle Competition


T’S ONLY $10 a team, BYO bucket and spade and register at 8.30am Wednesday, April 7. All profits are to the Rainbow Beach P&C. Watch Sandshapers of Noosa creating a large sand sculpture. They will judge the categories around low tide at 11.30am. The Community News, Cooloola Coast Realty, Gympie Regional Council, Sea Salt and the Deck at Sea Salt are proud sponsors. Chappy Ronnie is asking for prize donations and to display posters in shop windows. To find out more, call Chappy Ronnie on 0413 135 867.


N MARCH 30, Meals on Wheels will be hosting their volunteer morning tea 10.30am at Little Parliament, Rainbow Beach. They are inviting anyone who may wish to speak with them regarding their service to come for a chat, after 11.30am. Look out for their banner and pick up a flyer! Volunteer, Don Collins, delivers to client, Delmai Kendal, and invites you to come along and meet the volunteers at Rainbow Beach

Join a clean up crew near you


HERE ARE A lot more local groups registered for Clean Up Australia Day. Thanks to all of you those who clean up as they walk, every day of the year! You can contact these groups and make a difference via: cleanupaustraliaday.org.au March 2: ‘Slothmade’ at Inskip Point, Seary’s Creek Cleaning up the beaches and camping areas around Seary’s Creek, Inskip Point, and Main Beach. Meet at Inskip Point 8am-noon. March 3 and 5: Tin Can Bay School Year 3/4 and 4/5 classes, their class teachers and parent volunteers will walk to the foreshore and back, collecting rubbish on March 3. The school clean up, conducted by staff and students is on Friday March 5. March 6 and 7: Inskip Point It’s that time of the year again and Peter White asks for your support. Please join his group at Rainbow Beach and help remove rubbish from Inskip Point recreational area on Saturday 6. Start time is 8.30am, with lunch at 11am, followed by afternoon clean-up for late arrivals. Sunday 8.30-11am, followed by a thank you BBQ.

Peter and friends invite you to help them at Inskip Point!

Peter will be camping from Friday night to Sunday at MV Natone. Look out for the signpost and registration desk. March 7: Rainbow Beach Roadside Clean-up Cooloola Coastcare invites you to prevent litter ending up in our oceans where marine and coastal animals are impacted. They’ll be scouring the roadsides and beaches to remove as much plastic and rubbish as possible. We can save turtles who mistakenly eat plastic bags thinking they are jellyfish. We can save native seabirds who get entangled in fishing lines and eat plastics and feed them to their babies accidentally. We can save fish from slow deaths caused by ingesting plastics, and so many more native animals.Not to mention making the area beautiful for all the humans as well. At 7am, Coastcare will have a tent at the swim beach car park and teams will head out to various locations. March 7: Freshwater Track The Cooloola 4WD Club, based in Gympie, will arrive at 8am and clean from the

Rainbow Beach Road, through to Double Island Point beach. There will be a BBQ and sausage sizzle at the rest area before the beach. Meet 8am at the corner of Rainbow Beach Road and turn off to Great Sandy National Park, the Freshwater Track starts at this turnoff, 71.6 km from Gympie.

March 7: Cooloola Cove Join locals at 7-9.30am at playground tables in the park, 1 Mauretania Ave, Cooloola Cove. March 12: Rainbow Beach State School Meet in the school grounds, 8.30-10.30am at 1 Wahrooga St for the annual clean up.



Tin Can Bay, Cooloola Cove, and Rainbow Beach’s premium in-home care provider

"I was awarded a Level 3 Home Care package with My Aged Care through the Australian Government and I chose Right at Home as the provider of the package. l am really happy with Right at Home as the whole team has been fantastic and since they commenced the services earlier this year I am enjoying my garden which is in great shape after the work they have put in. My home is far tidier and I couldn't be more thrilled. Thank you for your help." - Judith Goode

March 2021 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 7


Volunteering helps a happy marriage! W

Join volunteer Larraine Goodwin at Rainbow Beach Vinnies

E ALL KNOW that volunteering has many benefits, but Larraine Goodwin from Cooloola Cove credits it with a special power. “It saves my marriage,” laughs Larraine. “I’d be sitting at home, washing, ironing, cooking, cleaning, housework and snapping at you know who! If I can get out for a while….” Larraine says goodbye to her husband Alan, and gives eight hours every week at the Rainbow Beach Vinnies store. “It’s four hours, twice a week.” Larraine explains: “I’ve got to have a hip replacement - so can’t stay on my feet too long. I’m 76 in a couple of months. “It keeps my brain active. I like doing things to help people - it’s not hard work and you meet really nice people. We all enjoy ourselves here.” The great grandmother of four brings in baking to the “boys” in the store and

also volunteers for Neighbourhood Watch and YAP (Youth Activity Program). Lorraine invites other locals to help out: “We need a hand - it’s worthwhile.” Alex Henderson, Centre Manager from St Vincent de Paul Society Gympie, agrees, “We have volunteering opportunities available across seven days of the week and would love to welcome new members to our team. “Our volunteers come from all walks of life and we welcome everyone positions include customer service, register operations, sorting and pricing stock, merchandising our beautiful store, along with store opening and closing.” To join their wonderful team, call Alex on 07 5482 2737 or email: lisa.baker@svdpqld.org.au for more information.

Learn about Vanuatu at World Day of Prayer


OOD SHEPHERD Anglican Church is hosting the 2021 World Day of Prayer, and this year the country in focus is Vanuatu. The special Cooloola Coast World Day of Prayer Service is at 10am Friday, March 5 at 17 Carlo Road, Rainbow Beach. Organiser Annette Collins said, “Women of Vanuatu’s combined churches compiled the service - to be celebrated worldwide. “It’s an ecumenical occasion with all Cooloola Coast churches participating in the service. Chappy Ronnie with 10 RBSS leaders will also be attending.” Over 170 countries are involved in the

event. You learn about another country, cultures and languages - the joys, concerns and needs of other people and pray for them. Vanuatu’s susceptibility to cyclones is highlighted in the painting chosen to represent this year’s event, titled Cyclone Pam II: 13th of March, 2015. It shows a mother bending and praying over her child. The waves crash over her but a palm tree bends protectively over them. The woman’s skirt is modelled after the traditional clothing on Erromango. On the horizon you can see small crosses representing the lives taken by cyclone Pam in 2015.

Can you take out We now have courtyard dining available to limited numbers We still have our full takeaway menu.

The artist, Juliette Pita, born in 1964 on Erromango Island, is currently the most wellknown artist in Vanuatu. The service will discuss some of the challenges Vanuatu faces such as child malnutrition, violence against women and the impactof COVID-19. “There’s morning tea to follow,” said Annette. “Everyone is most welcome!” Any inquiries, please call Annette on 0407 863 292.

Cyclone Pam II: 13th of March, 2015 by Juliette Pita is the painting chosen to represent World Day of Prayer, 2021

arcobaleno ON THE BEACH

And put in -

Thank you so much for your support! We hope to see you soon!

Full covid-19 guidelines in place Call for a booking - we would love to see you! Wood Fired Pizza Delicious Pasta Coffee & Cake

Come and enjoy our relaxed, family friendly atmosphere

Phone: 8 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – March 2021


Mick Bourke

Mick Bourke and Terry Van Oirschot from MGB Concrete crafting another driveway to add to their impressive list on the coast


ICK BOURKE from MGB Concrete calls himself a “permanent local”. He has lived on the Cooloola Coast nearly all his life, and before then remembers visiting the old pub in Rainbow. “My parents had a house in Tin Can Bay and grandparents, too - we used to come here all the time. I love it - fishing and crabbing - I’m not going anywhere!” He specialises in driveways, pool surrounds and exposed aggregate, priding himself on high quality work. With 26 years experience, he has an impressive number of projects on the coast. Although based in Cooloola Cove, he is kept busy at the beach, “About 100 driveways around here, most of The Shores, most of my work is in Rainbow,” he says. “This is thanks to locals for all their support over the years.” Since another long time local, Terry Van Oirschot joined his crew, his partner Kristy can spend more time in the office side of things and taking photos of his latest work. Check out the MGB Concrete

Facebook page for images. Having so many driveways ‘under his belt’ is a real advantage to his future customers. Kristy said, “Mick drives people around and shows them all the finished jobs. The work speaks for itself.” Mick will even tell you his favourite redclaw-catching ingredient! Locals looking after locals - give Mick a call on 0407 228 044; ask him for a free onsite quote on your renovation project (and his pensioner discount).

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Stephen Garneys with daughter Nicola inside the One Stop Furniture showroom


Sofa so good!

T’S UP AND UP for Cooloola Coast Furniture and Bedding: new staff, extended hours and expanding product ranges. Cooloola Cove local, Nicola Garneys, opened the family-run business nine months ago and said, “When Covid hit I was heavily pregnant, so moved our Gympie store closer to home. “Thanks to local support from families and businesses, I have now employed three new team members.” Her Dad, Stephen Garneys, who sold Gympie One Stop Furniture to Nicola and has worked over 30 years in the industry, is retiring to Tasmania. “I’ve learnt so much from Dad - it’s sad to see him go. I’m thankful he helped start the business out - my brothers helped a lot, too.” Customers have followed her from Gympie: “They love the easy parking. They

make a day of it, staying for lunch or going to the beach.” They now have a clearance area for heavily reduced or discontinued stock and supply local businesses. Nicola has branched into Manchester, a linen range, and introduced giftware. “Locals are amazed with how much we have available and the shop size. We’ve had great feedback on the mattress line and electric beds, our friendly, bubbly team, and our driver’s polite and efficient service.” If they don’t have it in stock, Nicola says she’ll do her best to source it for you. They service all local areas, including Maryborough - so visit them weekdays or Saturday mornings - now open until 4pm Tuesday to Thursdays. Call 07 5371 5689 or see their range at 3 / 8 Scullett Drive, Cooloola Cove, just past Mitre 10.

Call 1800 555 777 slatergordon.com.au

NOW OPEN Gympie – Hervey Bay – Bundaberg

March 2021 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 9

Creative Cuts Sports Club showcases Cool Lula

Crossroads at the Country Club Crossroads is a straight-up rock band who like to mix it up, from classic to countryinfluenced rock/pop. They are bringing foot tapping full-on tunes to get you up and dancing! The four talented and experienced musicians play lead guitar, bass guitar, and drums, complemented by a dynamic female vocalist. From the Sunshine Coast, they have

played to audiences all over the country. Influences are Shania Twain, Sheryl Crow, Keith Urban, Gretchen Wilson, Zac Brown, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Linda Ronstadt, Fleetwood Mac, Doobie Bros., CCR, Eagles, Bruno Mars, Adele, AC/DC, Choirboys, Divinyls, KOL, 5SOS and Bryan Adams. See them at the Tin Can Bay Country Club, Friday March 26 from 7pm.

At the Gallery

Come on over to the Rainbow Beach Sports Club on Friday March 5 and be entertained by a favourite trio, Mike, Helen and Juanita. Their repertoire includes popular acoustic rock songs and those party classics that we all know and love. The vocal excellence from this line-up will give you goosebumps, as these three singers are well versed in creating beautiful, natural harmonies.

Music Plus In Cooloola Cove We are very lucky in this Cooloola Coast area to have a wealth of music being organised and many musicians living here. We like to play for our own enjoyment and occasionally gather to give pleasure to others. The pandemic has stopped a lot of activities, music and singing not least of all. It has taken a while to gain confidence in performing again when told we pass on too many more germs by singing! We hope you will come and enjoy the efforts of our very talented musicians here on the coast and partake in a couple of

hours of making music. We hope to present for you mandolin, guitar, piano, flute, harmonica, voice and ukulele, of course. We welcome new performers as they join our community and look forward to hearing from you. Please make our efforts worthwhile and your pleasure worth the journey. Join us on March 25, the last Thursday of March and bring some happiness back into our lives. For information please contact Pam Graham: 0427 180 649 or email: kcisf327@gmail.com

The Collection – Through a child’s eye (until March 20) captures the inquisitive imagination of our region’s kindergarten students as they attempt to interpret and recreate selected works from the Gympie Regional Gallery art collection. Barely wearable (until April 1) highlights Sydney-based artist Ruth Downes’ passion for reappropriating everyday materials, from aircraft headsets to coffee capsules, into wearable art that playfully celebrates their intrinsic beauty. This is a thoughtprovoking exhibition on consumption and

its relationship to environmental issues. Fragments Within (March 25 to May 1) is an interactive exhibition by Ken Munsie’s use of objects that have had a previous life; reworked into quirky art. With undertones of life, death and rebirth, this exhibition is not to be missed. Entry to the Gympie Regional Gallery at 39 Nash Street is free, with opening hours from 10am to 4pm, Tuesday to Saturday. For more information or bookings visit gympie.qld.gov.au/gallery or call 5481 0733.

Gympie Music Muster is 40! You might have been to the Muster before, but you have never seen an all Aussie line-up quite like this in one year. For first timers who love camping and caravanning in the great outdoors, it is the perfect festival for you to visit in 2021. Lee Kernaghan, Kasey Chambers, Beccy Cole, Troy Cassar-Daley, Graeme Connors, Busby Marou, Wolfe Brothers, Travis Collins, Felicity Urquhart, The Black Sorrows, Tex Perkins and The Fat Rubber Band, Adam

Harvey, Adam Eckersley and Brooke McClymont, Fanny Lumsden, Ash Grunwald, Amber Lawrence, Fiona Boyes, Lloyd Spiegel, Marshall and the Fro. With an incredible all-Aussie line up like this, it is definitely the year to ‘do’ the Gympie Muster. The Gympie Music Muster runs from August 26 to 29 and is set in our region’s beautiful Amamoor Creek State Forest. Visit: muster.com.au/tickets

Coolabay Choir Our choir now meets weekly at the Vets’ Hall on Fridays at 3pm till 4pm. Join us if you like to sing and harmonise with a friendly

group of singers, and don’t leave your sense of humour at home! Contact Pam Graham: 0427 180 649 or kcisf327@gmail.com

e: admin@rainbow www.rainbowsport

10 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – March 2021

Rainbow Beach Police Beat by Senior Constable Mick Emery

Prepare and prevent…


S SOME OF YOU may be aware, I am currently doing some professional development in the realm of Disaster Management. When it comes to disasters (e.g. cyclones) most people are aware that police and other emergency services play a key role in a response capacity (such as evacuations). However, some of you may be encouraged to learn that – at other times of the year – there is also a significant amount of work that goes on ‘behind the scenes’ in relation to planning for disasters. Disaster Management Groups regularly meet at a local, district and state level to enhance our capacity to respond to events when they occur. The three other elements of Disaster Management include: Prevention, Preparation and Recovery (in addition to the Response itself). When seen across all four phases, what starts to emerge is an understanding that we all have an important role to play in becoming more resilient to the events that will come. As Queenslanders,

we ‘do life’ in the most disaster affected state – and we must all adopt a posture that accepts the case that: “it’s not if ... but when…”. In other words, we can best mitigate the impact of future disasters if we each take on the personal responsibilities of preparation and prevention. To support you in this, your local disaster management group (which is based in Gympie) has produced some great resources available on the Gympie Regional Council website - Disaster Dashboard. Can I encourage you all to take some time to check it out, and also follow the links to getready.qld.gov.au – which elaborates on the ‘3 Steps to get ready’: make a plan, pack supplies, make sure you’re covered. The ‘silly season’ may be over, but we are still in the ‘cyclone season’ until April! On a more personal note, can I also take this opportunity to welcome a new senior police officer to the area. Many of you will recall that Darren Grieve retired last year as the Officer in Charge, and his replacement has now taken up

Welcome to our new Officer in Charge, Sergeant Mick Bazzo

with 31 years of service, all over Queensland, but most recently as the Officer in Charge at Monto. Welcome Mick #3 !!!

the position at Tin Can Bay. Sergeant Mick Bazzo is now our boss (yep – that makes 3x Micks!) and he comes to us

Plant of the Month: Blue lillypilly by Cooloola City Farm Nursery


HE COOLOOLA City Farm Plant of the Month is Syzygium oleosum (commonly known as ‘Blue lillypilly’), which is usually a small tree, 4 to 15 metres tall. The leaves are opposite, simple and ovate, with a dark glossy upper surface and paler under-surface. The leaves have oil dots and are distinctly aromatic when crushed, with aromas reminiscent of lemons. Its flowers are small, white-cream coloured. This plant produces a purplish red fruit when young, changing to purplish blue when ripe, and the fruit can

be eaten when freshly picked from the tree or cooked. Also it thrives in full sun or part shade and is loved by birds, bees and butterflies. We are a cash-only organisation. City Farm Nursery is located opposite the Community Centre on Tin Can Bay Road and has now reopened to the public on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays 8am3pm. Our contact number is (07) 5486 2304. Email address: ccfni09@gmail.com and our website address is: cooloolacityfarm.org.

your visxiopne. r. t ise our e

QBCC 104 6364

0407 503 137

hallhomes.com.au March 2021 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 11

Historical Cooloola

Help make history by Margaret Grant


FTER VISITING many historical museums while on our recent holiday in western and northern Queensland, I wanted to volunteer my time to put together a history of our community. There are many books written about the history of our community so I wanted to do something different. I believe that a picture speaks a thousand words, so I wanted to create a photographic history of Rainbow Beach. I presented my project to the Community Information and Resource Service (CIRS) committee for approval to work under their umbrella. They were excited that someone was eager to help them realise their plans to have a pictorial display in the foyer of our community hall. So, here I am writing an article asking for your help to collate this photographic history. Our community is a relatively young community. Rainbow Beach was gazetted as a town by the Queensland Government in 1969. But we have a much longer history with the timber and sand mining industries, as well as the lighthouse keepers - and a long history of holidaymakers coming to our area.

I have contacted many organisations for their official photos. So what I’m asking for is permission to add your personal photos of early Rainbow Beach or community or historical events. I don’t want to keep your precious memories. What I had in mind is to scan them and store them digitally. Then, at a future date, we can print the photos to create a display for the foyer of

our hall. For that, the CIRS has been extremely helpful by creating a folder where I can store all photos. You can either bring your photos to the Community Centre to be scanned or you can email them to me at rainbowbeachcommunitycentre@gmail. com It would be greatly appreciated if you could send the photos in a high

Has your house been built yet? Marilyn Stone’s image from 1982 is only one of many submitted to the new Rainbow Beach history project

resolution of 1MB or more. If you need help with these, please email me and I will talk you through the process.

WANTED s r e e t n u l Vo Did you know?

If you are over 55 and required to work 15 hours for Centrelink we'd love to welcome you to our friendly team.


12 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – March 2021

Shop 1/14 Rainbow Beach Road, Rainbow Beach Call Alex to find out how you can help: 07 5482 2737

BRAND NEW CAMPS 11 Out Now! Choose the STANDARD or EASY TO READ edition (with larger maps and campsite photos) ✔ NEW site symbols on the maps ✔ FREE Camps App subscription with purchase ✔ NEW facilities symbols ✔ Now find fishing, swimming and 4WD access ✔ Street address as well as GPS coordinates ✔ 100% updated with new sites & changes ✔ Printed in Australia ✔ Plus colour coded states, one index for the whole country, complete list of public dump points and fold out map of Australia!

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100% AUSSIE OWNED FAMILY BUSINESS March 2021 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 13



Congratulations newlyweds

birthday wishes


FTER 27 YEARS together and 25 years of an engagement, we can now congratulate Wayne and Cheryl Jones on their nuptials! Smiled Wayne, “We weren’t rushing into it!” The ceremony was held at their Rainbow Beach home, with close family. The couple own Rainbow Beach Fishing and Camping, both working in the business for 18 years. However, they first met in Stockton, NSW. “It was where we both come from. I was working in the mines, I had enough and looked for a change. This business was for sale, here we are.” The newlyweds gave themselves a well-deserved week off to honeymoon at the Gold Coast - complete with a romantic cruise and hot air ballooning. All the best, Mr and Mrs Jones!

A graduation


If you have a special occasion, a significant anniversary or birthday celebration and you live on the Cooloola Coast please email a photo to: info@rbcn.com.au

FTER FIVE YEARS at Queensland University of Technology, and working as a Southbank Lifeguard, Jack Gilmore is happy to swap uni life and now work as an electrical engineer. After attending school in Rainbow Beach and Gympie High, Jack graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Electrical) - Second Class Honours and Bachelor of Mathematics (Applied and Computational Mathematics) - with Distinction. Dad and Mum, locals Heatley and Michelle, and family are very proud of him. Well done, son.


APPY 80th birthday to you, Ray Kahl! The octogenarian celebrated with his lovely wife Lil and friends at the Rainbow Beach Surf Club last month. Many happy returns!


Are we a Top Tourism Town? D

ID YOU KNOW Rainbow Beach has been nominated for the Top Tourism Town Awards? Queensland Tourism Industry Council’s new award aims to recognise and reward towns: • that offer an amazing visitor experience  • where tourism operators, businesses and the local community  work  together to make their town the best destination it can be  • who demonstrate a strong commitment and encourage tourism and increased visitation

Andrew Saunders, from Visit Gympie Region, said the Visit Rainbow Beach publication for New Zealand, co-ordinated by Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News will be added to the town’s application. Nationally, in 2021 the Top Tourism Town program is being introduced in each state and territory as part of the Australian Tourism Awards series. State winners will have the opportunity to represent Queensland at the National Awards and be  named Australia’s Top Tourism Town!

Attention local foodie businesses! ‘F ORAGE’ IS a true farm-to-fork experience with events showcasing the use of locally grown produce. From our coastal region through to the west we have such a diverse offering of food and related experiences to offer. If you would like to hold an event (like a

long table lunch, cooking classes or farm tour) please contact Gympie Regional Council by March 9. They are delivering the event throughout May with the support of Tourism and Events Queensland and Sunshine Coast Tourism.

Best Best Chews and Brews with the r



Breakfast, Lunch, Tapas and Din

Mon-Tues 8am-4pm, Wed-Sun 8am-Late To make a booking TEXT us on 0499 008 624 2 Rainbow Beach Road, Rainbow Beach www.thedeckrainbowbeach.com.au 14 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – March 2021

Lifesavers update by Jake Mckellar

THE END OF school holidays saw numbers reduce on the beaches during the week again leading into February. Conditions have been really tricky for most of last month, with lots of swell and water movement generated from east coast lows along the coast. Please remember if you are coming down to enjoy the beautiful beach that you always swim between the flags. Rainbow and Double Island continue to be extremely busy every weekend on the beach, with visitors keen to explore our beautiful backyard. Unfortunately though, we continue to see reckless behaviour in 4x4’s along Teewah and Double Island which has recently resulted in roll-overs and injury on the beach. If you’re down at the beach don’t hesitate to come and see the lifeguards and lifesavers if you have any questions, are interested in joining the Surf Club, or just for a chat. Stay safe and always swim between the red and yellow flags.

Dolphin news by Norma Sanderson


ROWDS HAVE somewhat reduced at the Dolphin Centre now, however, weekends are still busy. If you have relatives or friends coming to stay, please inform them that during the week is a good time to see the dolphins. We open at 7am and have viewing of the dolphins until around 7.45am. This gives visitors a chance to hear all about the history and attributes of our Australian Humpback Dolphins. Taking photographs is welcomed. Of course, Mystique is still up to his old tricks with balancing bottles and rocks on his rostrum to gain attention. There must have been plenty of partying

going on over the years to have so many bottles being brought in. We are still finding local people promoting feeding at Carlo again. This issue has been reported to the Department of Environment and hopefully some fines will be imposed. Dolphins are protected and illegal feeding is prohibited. We regularly receive many accolades about how well the Centre is run and this is mainly due to our wonderful volunteers. Well done. If you wish to volunteer and be a part of the team, please give me a call. See you there.



Visit us at: www.gympie.qld.gov.au/library Facebook: www.facebook.com/GRLibraries

What’s on at the Library? Library e-books and downloads

Discover the wonderful range of free online resources available through your library. This session includes tips on how to read, listen to or watch your favourite online library content including books, magazines, newspapers and music. Bring your own device, library card and email account details. Rainbow Beach Library – Thursday March 18, 10am - noon

How to use the Catalogue, Website and Blog

Looking for some tips on using our catalogue? Come along to learn how you can use your library account to renew items, view your borrower history, and access saved lists, make an alert profile and much more. Tin Can Bay Library – Thursday March 18, 2-4pm

March forth with music

We take a look at the many bands, orchestras, choral groups and music conductors in the musical history of the Gympie region. Booking essential, please contact Gympie Library. Gympie Library - Thursday March 4, 10 – 11am

Memories of the Memorial Park Thursday April 1, 10 – 11am

Gympie Memorial Park commemorates 100 years since its official grand opening on April 20, 1921. This event was accompanied by a procession, a carnival, a concert and several days of celebrations. We’ll take a look at the planning and construction of the park, the opening, and beautiful photos and memorabilia of the park. If you have any photos to share or ephemera, please contact Gympie Library.

New reads for members Suitcase of Dreams by Tania Blanchard

From the bestselling author of The Girl from Munich, after enduring the horror and chaos of postwar Germany, Lotte Drescher and her family arrive in Australia full of hope for a new life. It’s a land of opportunity, where Lotte and husband Erich hope to give their children the future they have always dreamed of. After years of struggling to find their feet as ‘New Australians’, Erich turns his skill as a wood carver into a successful business and Lotte makes a career out of her lifelong passion, photography. The sacrifices they have made finally seem worth it until Erich’s role in the trade union movement threatens to have him branded a communist and endanger their family. As the shadow of the Vietnam War looms, the unexpected arrival of her former fiance Heinrich forces Lotte to a turning point. Her decision will change her life forever - and to finally understand the true meaning of home.

On Midnight Beach by Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick Donegal, 1976. When a dolphin takes up residence in Carrig Cove, Emer and her best friend, Fee, feel like they have an instant connection with it. Then Dog Cullen and his sidekick, Kit, turn up, and the four friends begin to sneak out at midnight to go down to the beach, daring each other to swim closer and closer to the creature. But the fame and fortune the dolphin brings to their small village builds resentment amongst their neighbours across the bay,

Tick the boxes before air-conditioning your home

and the summer days get longer and hotter. There is something wild and intense in the air. Love feels fierce, old hatreds fester, and suddenly everything feels worth fighting for.

Neighbours by Danielle Steel Meredith White was one of Hollywood’s most recognisable faces. But a personal tragedy cut her career short and alienated her from her family. For the last fifteen years, Meredith has shut herself away from the world, living in her San Francisco mansion. Then, on a late summer day, a devastating earthquake strikes, plunging the city into chaos. Without hesitation, Meredith invites her now homeless neighbours into her largely each other through, not just the aftermath undamaged house as the recovery begins. of the earthquake, but their own personal Strangers become friends and Ÿ Is the are technician licensed? relationships forged asfully theyqualified support & crises.

Has your room been measured & sized correctly? Have you seen any recent work from the installer? Visit your coast library: gympie.qld.gov.au/library Ÿ Can the installer provide ongoing support & service? RAINBOW BEACH Monday and Thursday 9.30am – 12.30pm, Wednesday and Ÿ Will the installer use premium products, provide quality Friday 2pm – 5pm, Saturday 9am – 12noon. Ph: 5486 3705 workmanship & leave the jobsite clean & tidy? Ÿ CAN Does the installer know local area TIN BAY Monday and the Wednesday: 9am&– environmental 12.30pm, Tuesday,conditions? Thursday and Ÿ


Friday 9am – 5pm, Saturday: 8.30am – 11.30am. Ph: 5486 4355

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Fully qualified and licensed Air Conditioning Installation and Maintenance We use only premium products and provide ongoing support and service. Gympie, Cooloola Cove, Tin Can Bay, Rainbow & districts


5486 4362

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March 2021 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 15



CWA bargains, hoy, craft and a twilight walk! President Wendy Ritchie QCWA Tin Can Bay, 0412 547 043


Lil Kahl and Janette Penny enjoyed dinner with the Over 60s

Over 60s visit a nut farm W

E HAD A great roll up for our first meeting this month. Lots of happy holiday chatter over coffee and cake. We planned a BBQ flast month at Rainbow Beach Park. Only a small number of us were able to make it. It was a bit blowy and there were lots of rain clouds about. We all had the brilliant idea to take ready-made dinner, in case

the skies opened up half way through our cooking. The rain held off until we were leaving. Our next outing will be to the Macadamia Nut Farm in March, a favorite spot for our crew. Our next coffee morning will be Tuesday March 2 at 10am. If you would like to come along and join us, please phone Dorothy on 5486 2357.

Handing Over the Reins B

RYAN PHILLIPS, the steadfast and true Tin Can Bay Community and Men’s Shed Manager of the last few years has hung up his spurs and handed the reins over to former President Rob Jones. Bryan has been tireless in his efforts to get ‘the Shed’ up and running. Since 2019 he has been the face of the Shed – organising working bees/activities/courses/projects, etc., liaising with business and community members and basically being the driving force behind the Shed’s progress. And whilst he acknowledges the assistance and back up of a very good committee, we all unanimously agree that the Shed would not be where it is now without the tremendous effort Bryan has made. Bryan is now looking forward to spending more time with his wife, Lou. We wish them all the very best. Our Executive Committee for 2021: Paul Boulton (president), Katrina van den Brenk (treasurer) and Raewyn Oliver (secretary) will continue to work collaboratively to improve and expand the Shed’s activities and will be ably assisted by Rob Jones (shed manager), Joy Black (health and wellbeing), Keith Gall (safety) and Carole Lehmann (publicity). Brian Williams and Barry Obst remain as

add Marriage to "”Tay

Mobile Barber Van

OW GREAT IT is to see our branch members back for our first meeting. Craft mornings are very popular and all welcome plus there is a garage sale March 20 at the hall, 18 Whiting Street, 7-11am. We have some very talented members who have many skills. If you would like to learn anything please come along on the first and second Wednesdays of each month. At our craft morning, on March 3, Beth will teach Iris Folding on Cards, kits are $3. Beautiful samples for Easter and birthdays, or just carry on with your own crafts, chat and a coffee. Don’t forget the photo entries must be in by March 8, and our photography convener Lorraine (5486 2226) is happy to receive entries and has relevant forms 50c per photo entry. We held a lovely morning tea to thank Irene, a long-term member who has moved to Brisbane to be closer to family, and will be sadly missed by our branch and division. We wish her all the best for the future. Our Twilight Walk for International Women’s Day will be on March 8, from Norman Point Tin Can Bay; for fit walkers, next pick up along the way is at The Snack Shack then walk on down the front to the next pick up point the exercise machines on the walkway. Onto the next pick up at the Newsagent

Mollie with her crocheted jungle theme rug, her entry in the QCWA Knitting Competition

shops, then everyone finishes at the Rotunda next to the RSL. Glow sticks are available or bring a torch.Refreshments will be served at the finish by QCWA and a short talk by Councillor Jess Milne. Hoy was a great success, our first back on at the Cooloola Bowls Club. Thank you for your support, the money raised is going towards our current projects of Domestic Violence and Birthing Kits.

Be button battery aware by Cheryl Zunic

A ‘Retiring’ Shed Manager - Bryan Phillips

member representatives. New courses are Cajun Drum making, and resin pouring of a Lazy Susan and Wine Bottle/Glass Stand. Dates TBA, bookings essential to Bryan 0420 299 651. We’re located in the CityFarm /Community Complex area, Tin Can Bay and we’re always open each weekday between 9am-noon and some afternoons and weekends as well. Rob, our Shed Manager, is available on 0419 663 272 for enquiries.

Samsational Beauti

Eye treatment package only $35! based Instead in Rainbow of Beach Enjoy a scalp, foot or hand massage with I can come to you in the your eye treatment Rainbow Point Tin Canpackage (eyebrow wax, fully equipped barber Beach shop onDouble wheels Island

RECENT program on the ABC’s Australian Story highlighted the ongoing problem with young children swallowing button batteries and suffering life threatening injuries. A few years ago, the Local Ambulance Committee distributed information leaflets and Button Battery Aware magnets to local families to raise awareness of the dangers of the batteries. The leaflet advised that if a child swallows a button battery, it can get stuck in their oesophagus or elsewhere in their system and burn through soft tissue in as little as two hours. Recovery can require feeding and breathing tubes and multiple surgeries. Lifelong disability can be a result. Safety tips in the leaflet included:

• Keep button batteries and devices out of sight and out of reach of small children • Examine devices and make sure the battery compartment is secure • Dispose of used button batteries immediately as flat batteries can still be dangerous • If you suspect a child has swallowed a button battery, immediately call the Poisons Information Centre on 13 11 26 or go to a hospital emergency room. Do not let the child eat or drink and do not induce vomiting • Tell others about the risk and how to keep their children safe. The Button Battery Aware magnets may still be available at the Rainbow Beach and Tin Can Bay libraries or you can email: josephandcheryl@bigpond.com

Book your wedding...

eyebrow tint and lash Bay tint.) For all your Mention this Inskip Pointadvert Seary’s Creek Fraser Island waxing and tinting for

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Phone Samantha: 0429 232 884 16 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – March 2021

Marriage Celebrant - Rainbow Beach Rainbow Beach and all surrounding areas zanetafitzgerald.wixsite.com/mysite

+61 438 868 116


Update from RB Droughtrunners By Tony Stewart Rainbow Beach DroughtRunners 0408 767 930 BSB 124047, A/C 22599186


HERE HAVE been some good falls of rain in Western Queensland, but mostly sporadic and only from storms. Figures are updated on our Facebook page regularly. Where are all the forecast cyclones, as a big general rain is badly needed to come through the Gulf. I was hoping to get down and help the hard working Fencing For Fires Team in north east Victoria, but COVID and medical issues have curtailed that. We sent another $1000 to them this month to help their amazing work. This month our income is down a bit in collection tins as I guess more people

pay on plastic. Hay, a $200 voucher, food hampers and one ton of water was donated to four families in the very dry Gin Gin area. Thanks to Rainbow Beach Pharmacy, Mel and the team at Tin Can Bay Holiday Park, Dennis at Cooloola, Epic Ocean Adventures, Wayne at Rainbow Waters, IGAs for collections and to those who donated food, $1000 from our bottle collections again. Rainbow Waters, Tin Can Bay and Wayne Kerle...It’s a dirty job with the bins but rewarding to help someone. We sold all mozzie coil holders kindly donated by Marg and Jim Snee, and at only $4 they are a bargain. We now have more on hand; so if sand flies and mozzies are a worry give us a call.

Probus news Patrons enjoying Sunday’s BBQ on the deck with music at the Tin Can Bay RSL

Events on at Tin Can Bay RSL F

EBRUARY WAS A big month for Tin Can Bay RSL with plenty going on in the subbranch. The Drop-In Sausage Sizzle was a hit with a number of members, veterans and community members. The next Drop-In will be held on March 5, 11.30am through to 1.30pm. The Veterans and Community Morning Tea will continue with the next to be held on March 9 at the RSL, starting at 10am; again, all the community are invited. Around 35 guests enjoyed February’s

morning tea and celebration of RSL member Sandy Brown’s birthday. Regular events such as the Friday night members draw and the ever-popular Sunday BBQ featuring live entertainment, raffles, and the best BBQ east of the black stump, will continue. New members are always welcome. Join as a Service or ex-Service member if eligible or as one of our social members. All the community are welcome to call in to the bar for a drink or just to say hello.

Community Groups Please keep to 170 words, unless you have pre-arranged with us. We try to help as many groups as possible, so please be understanding if we edit your contributions or cannot promote your group every month. If you have a special event please let us know about it in the month before. High resolution photos should be over 500kb so they look beautiful in the paper. Iphone images should be fine. Ask us about our tip sheet. Please email your reports by the 18th of the month to info@rbcn.com.au






OOLOOLA COAST PROBUS Club members travelled to Gympie to attend the annual Probus Ecumenical Service at the Wesleyan Methodist Church, where the Rev. Gary McClintock included a skit featuring his breakfast food, and he blessed the Presidents’ collars. Afterwards we enjoyed a morning tea before lunch with other Probus Clubs’ members. Our President, Arthur Leggo, noted, “It was an exceptionally good day, and we can look forward to an enjoyable year ahead.” Morning tea at Temptations Cafe in Tin Can Bay was a chance to check out the

Cooloola Coast members at morning tea after the Ecumenical Service

new owners and menu. Nominations are in for the new Office Bearers for the 2021 year which will be announced at the AGM on March 8. New members are always welcomed. Meetings are held on each second Monday of the month at 2pm at the Sandcastle Motel in Tin Can Bay. We welcome new members. Contact Arthur 5486 4581 or Katrina at cooloolaprobus@gmail.com

s r e e t n u l Vo



rriving at a RAINBOW BEACH VINNIES Come and check out our new furniture range

Open hours: Mon to Sun 9.00am to 4.00pm

Visit your Vinnies store today... Shop 1 / 14 Rainbow Beach Road Rainbow Beach Call Alex to find out more: 07 5482 2737 March 2021 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 17

Health, Fitness, Beauty & Wellbeing

Have you updated your first aid training? W

E CAUGHT volunteers from several local community groups at their First Aid Training at the Tin Can Bay RSL Hall. These life saving skills could save your loved ones. Book into a course today.

Above: First Aid Training at the Tin Can Bay RSL Hall was very well attended last month Right: Dolphin Volunteers Donna Caldwell and Gaile Cox are timed by John Mason (Tin Can Bay Fishing Club) Left: Kelli Ware and Tracey Charlton representing the Veteran’s Retreat, and Jacqui Cross from the Tin Can Bay Community Centre

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Lions Park Tin Can Bay 29 March to 16 April 2021 13 20 50


breastscreen.qld.gov.au � ueenslan ...... ·;� Q Government �

18 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – March 2021



years in Optometry


0499 002 828

n h a if h o

A &

p b p b ri

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Are you stressed? By Roberta Muzzarelli


AST YEAR’S event has taught us that nothing is certain and that things can change quite unexpectedly. Fortunately, our clever bodies can innately adapt and deal with stressful

situations through the “fight and flight” mechanism that it is possible thanks to the hormone cortisol. Cortisol levels increase whenever we find ourselves in a stressful situation or feel threatened. It is an inbuilt short-term mechanism to help us run from the lion if we need to. Today, we seem to be continuously running from the lion and this is having a tremendous impact on the state of our adrenal glands, that cannot supply such a demand of cortisol constantly. Symptoms of the initial stages of adrenal fatigue can vary from difficulty falling asleep or waking in the morning and gradually progress into exhaustion, failure to thrive and depression/ anxiety. As these symptoms continue, it is only a matter of time until other endocrine systems become affected, resulting Naturopath, Roberta Muzzarelli, is a regular at Friday morning community catch ups, Saturday markets and Tuesday clinics at the Rainbow Beach Community Centre

in thyroid dysfunctions and insulin resistance. The herbal medicine kingdom luckily presents powerful adrenal tonics and adaptogenic herbs that can help us adapt to stress and readjust our cortisol’s release. Nutritional supplements are also very useful for recovery, nourishment of our nervous system, and address nutritional deficiencies. As a naturopath with 15 years of clinical practice, I am trained to recognise signs of different stages of adrenal fatigue and recognise nutritional deficiencies underlying other conditions. After examination of your body diagnostics and your history, I can develop a treatment protocol designed specifically for your personal needs. If you would like to know more, you can reach me on 04734 08 359. Rainbow Naturals Clinic is open every Tuesday at the Rainbow Beach Community Centre, by appointment only.

For women over 50.... T

HE BREASTSCREEN mobile service is back at Lions Park Tin Can Bay from March 29 to April 16 and local women are encouraged to book a potentially life-saving breast screen. Kelly Hart, Health Promotion Officer, BreastScreen Sunshine Coast said, “Breast cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in women with 1 in 7 Queensland women diagnosed by the age of 85.” A breast screen can detect cancer early, before a

woman or her doctor can feel anything, and regular breast screening is the most effective way to reduce deaths from breast cancer.

and call 13 20 50 or book online at breastscreen.qld.gov.au.“

“Women aged 50-74 years are particularly encouraged to book their two-yearly breast screen with the mobile service while it is at Tin Can Bay.” Said Ms Hart. “Women aged 40 49 and over 75 can also attend this service for free”.

Women who can’t attend the mobile service while it’s at Tin Can Bay, can book an appointment at the Gympie BreastScreen Service located at Goldfields Plaza.

Ms Hart said, “Making a potentially life-saving breast screening appointment is simple, just pick up the phone

This Service operates Mondays, Tuesdays and one Saturday each month.

n a D r D e v i G a crack!

A breast screen takes less than 30 minutes and women do not need a doctor’s referral.

Rainbow Beach Rainbow Beach

G E N E R A L P R A C T I C E Dr Andrew Spall Visiting once weekly on a Wednesday with Nurse Hayley

Please phone Ÿ

Stress causes disease by lowering the immune system.


Chiropractors don't fix backs, we fix immune systems - which heals you.


Dr Daniel Strong (B. Sc., M.Chiro) has 19 years in the profession, caring for Queenslanders and their families, and has now moved to Rainbow Beach.

Call for your appointment today on 0447 275 673 Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday at Shop 7/48, Rainbow Beach Road (that's in the IGA complex) Monday & Wednesday in Gympie

Read our health updates on: www.facebook.com/RainbowBeachChiro

5353 1000

(Tewantin Medical Centre will take the bookings for this service)

1/54 Rainbow Beach Road, Rainbow Beach


March 2021 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 19


AINBOW BEACH and the Cooloola Coast is home of the Coloured Sands, the majestic Carlo Sandblow and gateway to World Heritage-listed Fraser Island. You can feed wild dolphins in Tin Can Bay, visit a historic lighthouse via the Great Beach Drive or world-class scuba diving. If you make the most of the outdoors - then you’ll love our backyard playground. You can choose from

20 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – March 2021

e d i u G r o t Vis i

extreme adventures and ultimate indulgences - a rejuvenating massage, secluded picnics beside a freshwater lake or delicious seafood and views in our eateries and clubs. Our coast has abundant fishing - whether off a beach, on an estuary or from a deep sea charter, right on our doorstep! Birdwatchers, nature-lovers, bushwalkers, 4x4 enthusiasts and surfers call our corner of the

world: ‘paradise’. Our Great Sandy National Park hosts Queensland’s three most popular beachside campgrounds, and our friendly townships offer caravan parks, apartments and holiday homes. So stay with us, watch the sunset from Carlo Sandblow or stroll along Tin Can Bay Esplanade...

you’ll never want to leave!




Rainbow Beach Realty

The Valley Rattler, Gympie

IGA Rainbow Beach & Tin Can Bay

The local specialist in holiday rentals & property sales. Ph: 07 5486 3900 Shop 4, 12 Rainbow Beach Rd rainbowbeachrealty.com

Heritage train journeys from the historic Gympie Station & cafe. 10 Tozer St Ph: 07 5482 2750 maryvalleyrattler.com.au

Rainbow Getaway Holiday Apartments 1, 2 & 3 bed, self contained, air conditioned apartments, heated pool, central location, garden surrounds. Crn Rainbow Beach Rd & Double Island Dr. Ph: 07 5486 3500 rainbowgetaway.com.au


Locally owned & operated supermarkets, weekly specials. Rainbow Beach Rd, 6am - 8pm, Ph: 5486 8700; 46-48 Tin Can Bay Rd, 6am - 7pm, Ph: 07 5488 0084

Rainbow Beach Surf Club Meals with the BEST view on the coast. Lunch & dinner 7 days plus Sunday breakfasts. Friday raffles. Wide Bay Esplanade. Ph: 07 5486 3249 rainbowbeachsurfclub.com.au

Wolf Rock Dive Centre World class scuba diving on Fraser Island’s doorstep, Australia’s best shark & ray dive. 2 Goondi St, Rainbow Beach Ph: 07 5486 8004 wolfrockdive.com.au

Soul Food

Marina Bar and Grill A la Carte dining, breakfast, lunch, dinner. Fully licensed. Closed Mondays 2 Emperor St, Tin Can Bay. Ph: 07 5486 4400

Wraps, juices, smoothies, kebabs, coffee, souvenirs, clothing, tourist information Shell Servo Complex, Rainbow Beach Ph: 0435 085 865


Tin Can Bay Tourist Park Brand new modern camp kitchen, cabins, pool-side BBQ hut, laundry & family amenities, disability access. 54-74 Trevally St. Ph: 07 5486 4411 tincanbaytouristpark.com.au


Arcobaleno on the Beach BYO, dine in, take away, home delivery. Wood fired pizza, delicious pasta, coffee & cake. In the Post Office Arcade Ph: 07 5486 8000 facebook.com/Arco.on.the.beach/

Ed’s Beach Bakery

Rainbow Beach Tourist Info Centre One stop shop for information, bookings, souvenirs, beach gear, surf wear & gifts. 6 Rainbow Beach Rd 07 5486 3227 rainbowbeachinfo.com.au

Bread, cakes, muffins, the BEST pies in town! Open 4am-5pm, 7 days Shell Servo Complex. Ph: 07 5486 3080 Rainbow Beach

Money Saving Deal for you

The Deck at Sea Salt

Rainbow Beach Pizza & Grill Gourmet Signature Pizzas, A’ la Carte Menu, Take Away & Delivery. Unique Coffee blend. Closed Mondays. Ph: 07 5486 3043 Menu: facebook.com/rainbowbeachpizza/

Rainbow Beach Sports Club

Breakfast, Lunch, Tapas, Dinner & Views Mon-Tues 8am-4pm, Wed-Sun 8am-Late TEXT for bookings: 0499 008 624 2 Rainbow Beach Rd thedeckrainbowbeach.com.au

Tin Can Bay Country Club

Australia’s Best Shark Bistro 7 days, Bowls, Bottleshop & Bingo. 10am - 10pm Sun - Thurs & midnight Fri - Sat. Turana St Ph: 07 5486 3191 www.rainbowsportsclub.com.au

Chinese Restaurant open 7 days, Bar, and Ray dive’ 2 Bowling Greens, 18 Hole Golf Course, Live Music, Darts, Tin Can Bay Rd. Bookings: 07 5486 4231; Takeaway: 07 5488 0230; Golf Pro: 0409 727 577; tcbcc.com.au

Australia’s Best Shark & Ray Dive

Stay a night for FREE! Stay 4 nights for the price of 3 Chilled bottle of wine on arrival, complimentary breakfast for two valued at $20 and FREE Wi (Valid Feb.1st to March 30th 2021). T & C apply.

Available from our website or call us.

a: 2 Goondi St, Rainbow Beach 4 Double Island Drive, Rainbow Beach


e: bookings@rainbowgetaway.com.au

t: 07 5486 8004 m: 0498 743 795

e: info@wolfrockdive.com.au w: www.wolfrockdive.com.au March 2021 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 21


20 Must See

e d i u G r o t Vis i

and Dos

Patrolled Beach Swim in the flags in front of the Surf Lifesaving tower. Walk via the steps or walkway near the lookout and surf club, or drive onto Griffin Esplanade. 4WD beach access begins here.

Coloured Sands Visit the patrolled beach, near the surf tower or the lookout to see the 70 plus colours in our cliffs. From town, walk south 1km along the beach - for best colours 4WD or tour a further 9km. Remember it is a gazetted road.

Carlo Sand Blow Park at the top of Cooloola Drive, and walk 600m up from the car park or bushwalk about 2km from the National Parks Office for spectacular views of the Coloured Sands, Double Island Point, Tin Can Bay Inlet and hang gliders.

Poona Lake

Tin Can Bay Foreshore walk up to our historic lighthouse. It has the longest break in Australia -when the swell lines up.

Walk 4km from Crab Creek to Norman Point, over picturesque bridges, signage of flora and fauna, through mangroves, playgrounds and outdoor gyms. It is mostly flat and very safe for children on wheels. Look out for 137 species of birds.

Drive to Bymien Picnic Area (2WD) via 3km gravel on the Freshwater Road, (off Rainbow Beach Road). It’s a 40 minute walk to reach the cool waters of Lake Poona through beautiful rainforest and carrol (grey myrtle) scrub.

Mudlo Rocks Wander here at low tide, play in rock pools and watch 4WDs navigate any exposed rocks. ALWAYS check conditions and ask locals before you 4WD - it is not always safe, even close to low tide.

Tin Can Bay Wildflower Walk

Searys Creek

Middle Rock

Boat Ramps

Only 7km from town towards Gympie, with 2 waterholes, boardwalks, bridges and history – do read the sign and spot the creatures. Always cool on the hottest of days.

When tides and conditions allow, the walk to Middle Rock and back is a beautiful way to check out the Coloured Sands. From here, vehicle permits are required and dogs are prohibited.

You can launch your boat at Norman Point and Crab Creek in Tin Can Bay or Carlo Point and Bullock Point near Rainbow Beach. All except Bullock Point offer toilet and scenic picnic facilities.

Rainbow Beach Headland

Inskip Point

Norman Point

A look out, a viewing platform, 2 playgrounds, a skatepark, BBQs and picnic facilities. See the whales from here in season and watch the surfers out the front. Take a photo at the Cherry Venture propeller.

This peninsula is the gateway to Fraser Island, a favourite fishing spot and pet friendly camping grounds for generations. Only 15 minutes drive (2WD) from Rainbow Beach.

A picturesque peninsula with public pool, playground, sailing, boat ramp and pontoon and picnic facilities. This is where you feed wild dolphins - next to the boat ramp (fees apply).

Freshwater Picnic Area

Carlo Point

Walk to and swim in nearby Freshwater Lake, picnic or BBQ at the beautiful shady day-use area, found before Freshwater Road reaches Teewah Beach. 4WD only.

For spectacular sunsets over the water, take a cheese platter or fish and chips and watch the day’s end. This favourite fishing spot is only 3 km from Rainbow Beach.

Double Island Point Access via the 4WD only Great Beach Drive or Freshwater Track. See dolphins, whales (seasonal), manta rays, turtles and


24/7 Beach & Road Towing & Breakdowns 4wd Car Hire & Mechanical Repairs

22 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – March 2021

Known for spectacular wildflower species, access this trail from the corner of Emperor St and Oyster Parade. Best in late winter and early spring.

Rainbow Steps “How good is living?” Reputably Rainbow Beach’s most ‘Instaworthy’ location - check out our colourful stairs and share a photo on our socials.

Great Sandy Strait If you love the wonderful peace and relaxation of sailing or cruising, the sheltered waters around Tin Can Bay are for you. You may see dugong, turtles, dolphins and more in this section of the Great Sandy Marine Park.

Fraser and Cooloola Great Walks A 90 km trail showcases natural and cultural features of the world’s largest sand island between Dilli Village and Happy Valley. Or trek 102 km from Noosa to Rainbow Beach through sandblows, past lakes and spectacular views.

Fraser Island K’gari Unless you intend holidaying on Fraser Island, your best way of seeing all its beauty is to take a 1-day or 2-day tour. Or you can make the trip in your own 4WD, driving up the road or beach to Inskip Point and crossing in the barge. Permits apply.



Rainbow Beach 4x4 Hire

Gardiner Fisheries

Experienced staff help plan your Fraser Island or Great Beach Drive itinerary Rainbow Beach Rd. Ph: 0488 500 917 rainbowbeach4x4hire.com.au

All your offshore, inshore & beach fishing needs, live local beach & bloodworms daily. Cnr Carlo & Karoonda Rds. Ph: 0404 853 232 facebook.com/rainbowbeachbait/



The Chandlery Bait and Tackle Rainbow Beach Fishing & Camping Cheapest prices on the coast, 7 days a week from 6am. 14 Rainbow Beach Rd Ph: 07 5486 8100

Ice, Fuel, LPG, marine electronics, paints, cleaning products and stainless steel. Tin Can Bay Marina, Emperor St. 07 5486 4744 tcbchandlery.com.au


Rainbow Beach Service Centre Mechanic, 24/7 Beach & Road Towing & Breakdowns, Fraser Roadside Assist 23 Karoonda Rd. Ph: 07 5486 8555 or 0428 353 164 rainbowbeachtowing.com.au

Keely Rose Reef Fishing Charters Skipper Ed Falconer has 30 years experience exclusively fishing waters off Rainbow Beach & Fraser Island. Ph: 0407 146 151 keelyrosefishingcharters.com.au

Rainbow Beach Fishing Charters Deep sea fishing off Rainbow Beach and Fraser Island at its best on a 38 ft Cougar Cat. Ph: 0409 775 070 rainbowbeachfishing.com.au

Remedial Massage, Rainbow Beach Remedial Massage, Health cover rebates, recovery and lymphatic massage, 7 Turana St (at the Gym). Corinna: 0400 613 139 rainbowbeachhealthandfitness.com

? s s e n i s u b m s i r u o Do you ru n a t

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Australia’s Best Shark & Ray Dive

Mon-Tues 8am-4pm, Wed-Sun 8am-Late To make a booking TEXT us on 0499 008 624 2 Rainbow Beach Road, Rainbow Beach www.thedeckrainbowbeach.com.au

Wolf Rock Dive Centre World class scuba diving on Fraser Island’s doorstep, Australia’s best shark & ray dive. 2 Goondi St, Rainbow Beach Ph: 07 5486 8004 wolfrockdive.com.au

Only $99 The Deck at Sea Salt Breakfast, Lunch, Tapas, Dinner & Views Mon-Tues 8am-4pm, Wed-Sun 8am-Late TEXT for bookings: 0499 008 624 2 Rainbow Beach Rd thedeckrainbowbeach.com.au

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a: 2 Goondi St, Rainb

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Book in today (or by the 20th) with Michelle on 0407 660 198 or email info@rbcn.com.au March 2021 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 23


Tin Can Bay School News

Introducing our Preps

Back: Freedom, Zarlie, Amelia, Hudson, Lewis, Henry, Ani, Ella, Savannah, Freddy, Reuben Middle: Georgina, Abel, Lincoln, Frankie, Mrs Searl (Prep A Teacher) Front: Sophia, Ben, Memphis, Malykah, Liam, Kai Absent: Mrs Couchman (Prep/1 Teacher), Miss Nicky (Prep/1 Teacher Aid), Miss Lea (Prep A Teacher Aid), Nate, Amelia, Liam, Natasha

Music is in the air

Wallu Comes Out On Top!

Our school choir back up and singing! It has been great to see some of the choir students from last year and some new students at practice. Their enthusiasm to perform and learn new songs is inspiring. We have already had the opportunity to perform at our School Leaders Badge Ceremony and are hopeful that we will have more opportunities to perform both at school and in the community this year. We love bringing joy to others with our singing!

Blue and Yellow filled the school and the grounds of the 2021 Tin Can Bay School Swimming Carnival last month. In great weather the Tin Can Bay P-10 State School students and staff enjoyed some great racing, great team spirit and great participation. We had some close battles throughout the day but, in the end, Wallu House secured back-toback overall winning team for 2021. Congratulations to Wallu for a closely fought win, and to our age champions on the day:

Wallu Sports Captains – Mark McIntosh, Lily Smith and Rakeen Masri

9 Years: Jarrod Carroll-Taylor, Skye Duggan 10 Years: Luke Richardson, Chloe Williams 11 Years: Keenan Sheridan, Madison Yates 12 Years: Matai Bentley, Skye Howard 13 Years: Beau Stevenson, Sienna Arthur 14 Years: Kiera Arthur 15 Years: Lachlan Nix, Luxie-Leigh Duffy 16 Years: Rakeen Masri, Indigo Banko Open Age: Luke Richardson, Kiera Arthur

2021 Choir Members 24 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – March 2021

Thank you to all the students, staff and parents for their efforts in and out of the pool for making our swimming carnival a great success!


A school song for Rainbow Beach Principal Steve Bennett


HIS TIME LAST year I wrote an article for the Community News expressing my thoughts and feelings as to, ‘How great is Rainbow Beach State School’.

For those not familiar with Josh’s work can I encourage you to take a look at his Youtube channel- ‘Small Town Culture’: youtube.com/user/SmallTownCulture.

I wrote about the rich calibre of students and their families, the wellrounded abilities our students possess, the commitment and expertise of our staff and the value of community support that is afforded to us.

We also have signed up for ‘Clean-up Australia Day’ on Friday March 12 and will be taking part in the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence on Thursday March 18 a day for schools, students and the community to say ‘Bullying. No Way!’

These things combined enabled our school to boast having over 90% of students achieve a ‘C’ or better in English across the school in 2020. A great result that we are proud of, but we aspire to increase this further in 2021 and have shifted our focus to above 80% achieving “B” or better in 2021! Classes are well and truly into their daily routines and engaged in the curriculum. Please make sure you purchase the year level textbooks from the office to allow for class routines to run smoothly and enable your child to be engaged in relative work. Parades will be on a Friday morning at 8.30am. We will celebrate what has been happening in the school, remind students and parents what is coming up, and reward our students with certificates to celebrate their hard work through the week. We have some exciting events coming up in the near future. By the time this goes to print we will have Josh Arnold here to work with our school in creating a school song.

Here’s the Prep 1 class of 2021 at Rainbow Beach State School Here’s the Prep 1 class of 2021 at Rainbow Beach State School Back: Nate, Faith, Elizabeth, Xaiya, Sophia, Marlee, Penny, Kasey-Cruze, Liam C Front: Lylah, Kai, Lucas, Hazel, Olivia, Tessa, Owen, Ollie, Finnigan, Coral, Lucy. Absent from year 1: Dakota and Liam S

A new committee for the P&C Thanks to all who attended the AGM today, and to those that signed up to be a member of the P&C, some for the first time! I am happy to congratulate and report the new Executive Committee as follows; Jed Elmer (President), Sarah Booth (Vice

President), Sandra Lindenberg (Treasurer) and Clay Preston (Secretary). Sandra thanked Tyla Elmer for everything she has done for the P&C as Secretary, how much she managed to contribute and always with a beautiful smile to boot! A fantastic start to the year!

As I have said many times before, it is the partnership between home and school that makes our school a great success. Thank you for your continued support.

Announcing school captains Congratulations to all: School Captains - James Bergin and Teil Gough Cultural and Arts Captains - Keira Powers and Skye Hanlon Cooloola - Charlotte Lindenberg and Delilah Young Fraser - Blake Findlater and Sonny Bennett

Congratulations school leaders: Keira Powers, Sonny Bennett, Blake Findlater, James Bergin, Teil Gough, Skye Hanlon, Charlotte Lindenberg and Delilah Young March 2021 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 25


Making pirates

A romantic cruise


Tin Can Bay Yacht Club plans an overnight cruise one weekend a month, generally for trailer sailing boats, however day cruisers are welcome to join in. Last Valentine’s weekend was to Inskip Point in reasonable winds. The return trip was not so favourable, there being zero wind and more of a mist than fine rain resulting in most motoring home.

Golf news by Helen Gordon Golf Club Committee Secretary


HE GOLF CLUB is going full swing into this year’s events with Match Play for Men and Ladies underway. We are preparing for our Easter long weekend, in which all Golf Australia handicapped players are welcome to join us for the Saturday Stroke event, Sunday 2B Ambrose and Monday Single Stableford event. Visitors can book for these events by phoning the Pro Shop on 0409 727 577 or calling in to see the staff to book a time slot. James, the resident professional, can help any players wishing to hire a motorised cart. He also has a wide range of shoes, towels, balls, gloves, tees, etc., on sale in the Pro Shop.

Members preparing before teeing off

The Green staff are working hard to improve our playing conditions and have numerous projects currently being done. Social players are always welcome to play

26 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – March 2021

a game and this can also be booked at the Pro Shop. Good golfing everyone!

HE JUNIOR SAILING course had 12 children enrolled. The first day was spent teaching sailing to the beginners and refreshing the experienced. On that day, nine novice sailors set out to learn how to be pirates, with another three already pirates helping the others learn the trade. With only the basics of different parts of the boat, how to steer and what to do when you capsize, taught for the first half hour on land, the beginners set out for their first big adventure. The sun was shining, the wind light and the water so still you could see every little detail on your face. By the afternoon the wind picked up a little and soon Laser Bugs were zooming all over the place. On the second day of pirating, A2 came close to the first victim A1, leaping across the water between the two boats and capsizing A1’s boat. A2 continued his rampage throughout the day, making many enemies along the way. But there was another bigger and better pirate than A2, P. P, once a victim to A2’s onslaught, now the mightiest pirate. As A2 capsized P’s Bug, P swam and hopped on A2’s Bug, sailing away with A2’s former crewmate, leaving A2 stranded. The third day was the day of the pirate race. All boats left port to attend this great event. Many troubles were had on the water including main sheets coming loose, an outhaul breaking and eventually resulting in the boom coming off the mast. Throughout all this hardship there came champions. A2 and D aged 13 and 6 and in the slowest boat. After the race all the boats were packed away as a big storm was brewing. This was followed by story time with Graham, learning lots of new knots, and the sausage sizzle. The three days were a ball for all the kids who came. Nine landlubbers went in and nine pirates came out; new friends were made. At the end of the day, all went home with grins on faces and water pistols in each hand. (An edited version of the original written by A1 and A2. Names have not been included to preserve the identity of the pirates. However they are pictured on page 20).


Tin Can Bay hosted Queensland Sonics Camp by Norma Sanderson


THREE-DAY ANNUAL dragon boat training camp for junior paddlers was held at Tin Can Bay. The ‘Queensland Sonics’ Club was formed some years ago to give young people an opportunity to compete within their own age groups rather than be included into senior teams. Reclassified junior paddlers now are from ages of 12 to 24 years. The team of 27-plus enthusiastic young paddlers from different parts of Queensland participated and ventured on a most compensative program, which was run by a very qualified Australian coach, Martin Palveka. The group, along with parents and adult supervisors, enjoyed accommodation at Cathy House, run by the Lions Club. After arrival the team ventured to the Yacht Club hardstand to set up. The Cooloola

Coast Dragon Boat Club was hosting and willing to be involved, supplying two dragon boats for the camp. Coach Martin covered gruelling paddling sessions on the water, land-based fitness, nutrition advice and building confidence and trust with each other.

Queensland Sonics using CDBC boats for three days of training at Tin Can Bay

On the Sunday night, Martin conducted a coaching workshop for interested paddlers. Unfortunately only Norma Sanderson represented the Cooloola Club and five members from the Hervey Bay Club made

the effort. The workshop was very informative and Martin introduced the “new” way to paddle. This method is being adopted by the juniors and also by the Auora teams.

kids to swim and be safe around the water. It’s never too late to save you or your child or someone you know who struggles in the water. Prevention is the best intention.

Eager swimmers from the Rainbow Warriors swim club

A family fun night at Swim Club! T

HURSDAYS HAVE been a great success with over 15 swimmers and their parents there for support, and of course the social aspect of the evening. It is such a great experience for our local children to keep in contact with each other in and out of school. Most of our children attend different schools, but when they all show up to swimming it’s lovely to see the connection and how much they miss each other.

Why not come along and enjoy the atmosphere, family fun, support and a feeling you can only get from being involved in the community spirit! From 5pm Thursdays! Eight weeks and the season will be up and the pool will be closed again for the winter. So come on in and get your body moving or get the kids in for lessons before it’s too late! Remember accidents in the water don’t just happen when it’s warm. Teach your

Dragon news

The Grotty Yachties win the coveted Olive Trophy

by Gwyn Moore


E WELCOME BACK our head coach, Sandra Wooster, after a well-deserved break and we extend a big thank you to Helen Hurworth for her great effort as acting coach in Sandra’s absence. While the Cooloola Dragons are not entering a team in the State Title Festival 2021 at Kawana March 6/7, we will be represented as volunteers over that weekend. Our first competition for this year will be in the Wide Bay Series commencing May 29 at 1770. To that end, our training continues Thursday afternoons and Sunday mornings in preparation for this series. As always, the invitation is out there for anyone to come and try! Just come along and have fun on the water. For further information on our club or on dragon boating please phone Sandra on 0402 352 756.


HE 2021 AUSTRALIA DAY Challenge was organised by the Dragons. The first water event was the dragon boat race, followed by the kayak relay, then paddling, or in some cases, walking, inflatable lilos. Last was the sailing race, which was delayed due to lack of wind, and by the time the wind came in, was held in a raging out-going tide. Land events included boules, thong throwing and the egg-and-spoon race. After lunch there was tough competition in the ‘Covid 19 Crossing Borders’ quiz. Get an Australian trivia question correct and you were one step closer to getting home. An incorrect answer put you in quarantine. The Dragons and Sailability teams put up a good fight, but just not good enough on the day. The glorious day ended with some poetry and singing with the trophy being won by the Yacht Club, again.

Call the


SPECIALISTS When you are ready to travel, we'll be here to help you tick items off your bucket list. Experts since 1987: expeditions, tours & cruises for Individuals, Small Groups, Local & International Travel.


COMMERCIAL and DOMESTIC It's a good start - but please reread and follow the instructions I emailed: place the capitals where they are Individuals, Small Groups, Local....and Travel We can an supply and install I requested elephant photo - it would work well on the right hand maybe we can install onlyside, with yourspecialists air con could go over it?

Our prices will not disappoint! Or

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March 2021 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 27

Fishing, Boating & the Great Outdoors

Crabbing the Lower Sandy Straits

Rainbow Beach Fishing Charters Mat Cooper Rainbow Beach Fishing Charters 0439 775 070


I EVERYONE. Well, it’s that time of the year where we struggle to get out often due to weather conditions and it’s been a tough month with large swells. The few trips we managed to get in have been fantastic with plenty of fish and great quality. Snapper seem to be showing up at certain times and in big numbers which has found us bagging out the boat in a

short time, a real bonus to go along with all the other species. We have seen some cracking Pearl Perch this month along with quite a few scarlets. Looks like the mackerel have been showing up for those that like to chase them. Remember if you’re up here fishing and need somewhere comfortable to clean your fish, drop in and see Drew at Gardiner Fisheries, he has a great set up there and coin donations are appreciated. Till next time Cheers Mat

Above: Another bag out day on quality Snapper for Baitrunner Left: Jackson netting one of many quality Pearl Perch while working on Baitrunner this month

by Gardiner Fisheries


OU WON’T catch crabs in any month without an R in it’. We beg to differ and here’s why. Having commercially crabbed the region for over 20 years we have followed the crab biomass and feeding habits. Starting in November, the biomass of crab begins its migration from offshore waters into the Great Sandy Straits. Full crab are captured in November but they are last season’s stragglers. From November through until March, the crab continue their migration, preferring the deeper melon holes and creeks. By the end of March, the biomass migration is over and this season’s crab are now in our waters. This is when they begin moving further up into feeder creeks and shallower waters. We see the best crab caught from April until August. Ensure your pots remain covered on the lowest tide and allow them to have a good overnight soak. Exposed pots are prone to invasion from eagles, wild dogs and feral pigs. Crab do not like smelly rotting bait. Another myth busted. Fresh baits like mullet

Local legend, Craig Simpson, with a nice winter mud crab

heads, roo chunks, and chicken frames are a must. Change your baits every 24 hours at a minimum. You will find the biggest range of pots, crab baits, and real local advice, at Gardiner Fisheries, 1 Karoonda Rd, Rainbow Beach. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram or drop in and see us in-store.


January BAITRUNNER with


Live Beach Worms & Live Bloodworms everyday

the rst and only store to have permission to transport and sell live blood worms north of the white spot containment zone in Brisbane. OPEN 6am to 5pm - 7 days P: 0404 853 232 E: bigmeshnet@gmail.com A: Cnr Carlo Rd & Karoonda Rd, Rainbow Beach. 28 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – March 2021

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Keely Rose Fishing Charters Slater and Gordon are urging drivers to understand local conditions and prevent accidents

Four-wheel drive safety warning A

QUEENSLAND LAWYER is warning drivers to put safety first to avoid rolling their vehicles, while exploring four-wheel drive beach tracks. Slater and Gordon Senior Associate, Juliet Parsons, said roll-overs could be prevented if drivers understood the type of terrain and conditions which could lead to an accident. “It’s important drivers know how to navigate varying conditions, drive safely on sand, manage speed and drive safely through wash-outs. The driving conditions are often tougher on sand than on the road. “Drivers of all experience levels can face the risk of their four-wheel drive rolling while off-road. Safety should remain front of mind. Last year, we saw reports of vehicles rolling on Queensland beaches with serious consequences including death.” Ms Parsons said four-wheel drives had been highly sought after with sales


increasing last year and reports of secondhand vehicles selling out, meaning hire vehicles would likely be in demand too. “We are likely to continue seeing more people holidaying locally and hiring vehicles. There will also be people who’ve recently purchased four-wheel drives, taking them on the beach for the first time,” Ms Parsons said. “If the likelihood of an accident can be reduced, we can all enjoy a safe and happy holiday period.” Ms Parsons regularly provides advice to local residents who may have been injured at work, in a public place or on the road on their legal rights. Slater and Gordon offices are now open in Bundaberg, Hervey Bay and Gympie, offering in-person, phone and virtual appointments. You can find your nearest location at slatergordon.com.au/offices

Above: Spanish mackerel - so much fun when they’re hungry! Left: Sometimes even the skipper gets lucky!


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Skippered by Ed Falconer, the most experienced owner/operator with 30 years exclusively fishing the waters off Rainbow Beach & Fraser Island.

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Call Chris & the team on 07 5486 4744 At the Marina Emperor St, Tin Can Bay www.tcbchandlery.com.au

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For bookings and enquiries Ed 0407 146 151 or Kim 0439 863 150 www.rainbowbeachdeepseafishing.com


March 2021 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 29

Fishing, Boating & the Great Outdoors

Tin Can Bay Fishing Club Update T

congregations in some areas at times and none in others. The movement and activity of the mud crabs and the Mangrove Jack could be partly dependent on the rainfall. To this stage the summer rain fall locally is only one third of average and only one quarter of last year. This weather pattern could also have some influence on why there have been so many squid unusually at this time of year, with individual catches of thirty-plus not being uncommon. There are a few quality bream being

HIS TIME OF year Mangrove Jack is the target species for many inshore anglers, as they are normally a lot more active in the warmer months. They don’t seem as widespread as they have been in the last couple of years but, in saying that, some quality fish are being caught by dedicated anglers fishing from late afternoon to early morning. Fish are being caught on live baits as well as fresh flesh baits and lures have taken some good sized fish in the twilight hours. Mud crabs seem to be a bit patchy with

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Sharks are still a problem on the reefs at the moment with some good fish being taken by a shark while being retrieved, and an angler was actually pulling in not a small shark that was bitten in half by a larger shark, so be careful when dangling your digits ( fingers and toes mainly) in the water. At this time of year the weather can change quickly with near glassed-out conditions turning nasty with a tide change and a sudden pickup in wind strength causing waves and chop to build up quickly. These conditions can be magnified with the periods of the larger tidal height variations, so keep an eye on the weather forecast and possible weather changes as it can mean a very uncomfortable and maybe dangerous ride back for smaller craft.

Cheapest Prices on the Coast

Please make and 1/8 page from these no ISLAND) seasonal info so ad stays current WADDY ST – WADDY POINTPOINT (FRASER (FRASER ISLAND) mit the live beach worms bit 58’LONG S 153° LONG 21’153° E 21’ E

feights High and of High Lowand Waters Low Waters MARCH RY EBRUARY BigMARCH heading

caught with the better sized fish in their mid 30cm being caught at night on fresh flesh baits. Flathead are a bit hit-and-miss, with some patches of them being seen in the shallows, but reluctant to take even a well presented and placed lure. The Summer Whiting are a bit thin on the ground at the moment with a bit of work needed to catch enough for a decent feed. The reef areas are producing a few fish with Sweetlip, Slatey Bream and cod being caught. There are quite a few schools of mackerel around at the moment; with the legal size being 50cm it is important to be able to identify them, as they are very similar to other mackerel species which have a larger legal size limit. Info can be found by consulting Mr Google who seems to know all!

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logo, address/ and details at bottom

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Shop in air condi oned comfort

07 5486 8100 14 Rainbow Beach Road, Rainbow Beach

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Kind Regards,




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1531 SU 1.33 1531 1627 MO 1.24 1627 SU 1.24 1443 MO 1.22 1443 WE 1.22 1746 WE 1.51 1746TH1.51 1655 TH 1.43 1655 O1.36 MO1.33 2103 0.86 2103 0.86 0.68 2225 0.75 2225 0.75 2018 0.91 2018 0.91 2315 0.86 2315 0.86 2224 0.79 2224

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1827 WE 1.35 1827 TU 1.35 1757 TU 1.41 1757 1719 WE 1.35 1719 FR 1.35 1247 FR 0.65 1247SA0.65 1821 SA 1.72 1821 E1.41 WE1.41 2324 0.76 2324 0.76 2255 0.74 2255 0.74 1859 1.67 1859 1.67

1325 TH 0.62 1325 WE 0.62 1841 WE 1.49 1841TH1.49 1807 TH 1.47 1807 SA 1.47 1314 SA 0.61 1314SU0.61 1239 SU 0.36 1239 H0.65 1.48 1909 1.44 1909 1.44 2346 0.62 2346 0.62 1930 1.75 1930 1.75 1900 1.88 1900

1359 FR 0.53 1359 TH 0.53 1320 TH 0.65 1320FR0.65 1847 FR 1.59 1847 SU 1.59 1339 SU 0.60 1339 1311 MO 0.31 1311 R0.60 MO0.60 1.53 1947 1.53 1947 1.53 1918 1.57 1918 1.57 2001 1.81 2001 1.81 1942 2.03 1942

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1507 SU 0.43 1507 SA 0.43 1351 SU 0.36 1351 TU 0.36 1425 TU 0.62 1425 1424 WE 0.37 1424 1424 SA 0.61 1424SU0.61 U0.63 WE0.62 1.56 2108 1.70 2108 1.70 2003 1.84 2003 1.84 2102 1.91 2102 1.91 2112 2.24 2112 2026 1.68 2026 1.68 0.62 2.01 0.68 1.56

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0.58 1.88 0.46 2.05

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The largest selection of fresh bait in qld Fresh and live bait daily Live worms, yabbies Bulk bait Bulk ice Firewood Gas rells Quality tackle Drive thru service Quality bait direct from commercial shermen

18 years local commercial shing experience - come and see Drew!

ia Bureau 2020, of Bureau Meteorology of Meteorology Tide omical Tide


Open 7 days a week from 6am

Normal Trading Hours: 6am to 5pm, 7 days Full Moon Full Moon

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Ph: 5486 8555 Ph: 5486 5486 8300 8555 Ph: Ph: 5486 8300

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30 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – March 2021

P:0404 853 232 E: bigmeshnet@gmail.com A: Cnr Carlo Rd & Karoonda Rd, Rainbow Beach.

Gardiner Fisheries Rainbow Beach

opening hours to.. 6am- 5

Fishing, Boating & the Great Outdoors

Free boating workshop T

IN CAN BAY Fishing Club is presenting an introduction to boating and safety workshop, free to locals who wish to enter the world of fishing and boating. Not only is the course free, you are also gifted vouchers, lunch and morning tea! It is open to all people over 16 and topics include skippers obligation, equipment

checks, maintenance of boat and trailer, emergency and safety procedures, as well as boat limitations. The club covers legal responsibilities and duty of care, weather forecasts, tide and wind considerations, regulations and speed limits. It will be held 9am-3pm on March 28 at

the Tin Can Bay Fishing Club Clubhouse, 33 Dolphin Avenue, Tin Can Bay. Certificates are presented to all participants. So book now because spaces are limited, call: 0437 242 171 or email tcbfishingclub@bigpond.com, as registration is essential. There are also a few spots left in the

Senior Fishing Training Day on March 14. It’s open to people over the age of 18 who want to learn how to fish.

RBAA reforms


HE FISHING CLUB is progressing nicely, there has been huge interest from Rainbow, Cooloola and surprisingly Tin Can Bay locals. Further afield anglers have registered from Cooroy, Gympie and Brisbane. We have some great sponsors on board and hope to kick off the monthly comps this coming April. The first RBAA general meeting will be held 7pm Thursday March 4 at the Deck@ Sea Salt. Anyone (adults and juniors) looking for information or who would like to hear how the club will operate its monthly competitions is encouraged to attend the evening. The Community News from September 2005 - do you have old club images? Please send them to info@rbcn.com.au

ARB gear for your next adventure ARB recovery gear now at Rainbow Beach Holiday Village

Supply and Install Spot Lights Electric Brakes Bullbars

Towbars Dual Battery Systems Canopies Nudgebars

UHF & Antennas Winches Seat Covers and much more!

Call (07) 5482 7474 6 Kelly Drive, Gympie QLD 4570 March 2021 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 31

It’s A Teddy Bear’s Picnic D A Brosnan


F YOU GO DOWN to the woods today … go in disguise, you’ll be surprised! It all started with one lost teddy bear strapped to a tree in the hope the owner would find it; but this is not how the story ends. Along came another bear, then

another bear, until the secret location turned into a Teddy Bear’s Picnic. The mystery remains. Who initiated the picnic? Nonetheless, our local community enjoy watching children discover the bears. And the lost teddy, well… he likes his new home. Ashley Harris, full-time single dad said, he gets into trouble if he drives past the bears without stopping. His fiveyear-old daughter Faith, insists on playing with the bears after school. What do teddy bears eat? “Chocolate, mango, strawberries, apples, and jelly!” says Faith, eyes sparkling. “I always make my bed and put my teddies where they are supposed to be, neat near my pillow.” Can you find the Teddy Bear’s Picnic? Family activity: Grab the kids, their teddy bears, and head to the woods. Don’t forget the camera! Clue to the secret location: Head north west along the longest footpath in Rainbow Beach.

Out and About

Markets & Catch Ups

Lovely smiles from Tori McIlroy and Tawney Gilbert, relaxing at the Community Centre Markets, now held on the second Saturday morning every month in Rainbow Beach

BEAR FACTS: • The teddy bear was birthed 1903 • Six hundred black teddy bears were made 1912, post Titanic disaster • In 2000, a teddy sold for $133,285 • The 1905 “Teddy Girl” sold for $171,578 in 1994 • Guinness Book of World Records confirms Steiff and Louis Vuitton Bear sold for $182,550 in 2000 How much is your teddy bear worth? Faith loves to stop at the bears - can you find where they are in town?

Workwear At your local hardware store Shirts

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Tradie Lady ar! Underwe

And you can top it all off with a yobbo hat!

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32 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – March 2021

Brooke Bignall serves up Jed Elmer a daily grind at the Community Catch Ups, held at the Rainbow Beach Community Centre on the fourth Friday morning of each month

A Little Humour GUIDE DOG A blind man walks into a store with his guide dog. All of a sudden, he picks up the leash and begins swinging the dog over his head. The manager runs up to the man and asks, “What are you doing?!!” The blind man replies, “Just looking around.” BLIND PILOTS Two men in pilot’s uniforms walk up the aisle of an aircraft of the cheapest of the cheap airlines ever, where the Chief Executive is renowned for his cost cutting. Both are wearing dark glasses, one is using a guide dog, and the other is tapping his way along the aisle with a cane. Nervous laughter spreads through the cabin, but the men enter the cockpit, the door closes and the engines start up. The passengers begin glancing nervously around, searching for some sign that this is just a little practical joke. None is forthcoming. The plane moves faster and faster down the runway and the people sitting in the window seats realise they’re headed straight for the water at the edge of the airport. As it begins to look as though the plane will plough into the water, panicked screams fill the cabin. At that moment, the plane lifts smoothly into the air. The passengers relax and laugh a little sheepishly, and soon all retreat into their magazines, secure in the knowledge that the plane is in good hands. Meanwhile, in the cockpit, one of the blind pilots turns to the other and says, “You know, Bob, one of these days, they’re gonna scream too late and we’re all gonna die.” BUG What’s the last thing to go through a bug’s mind when he hits a car windscreen? His backside!

CONFESSION A guy goes into the confessional box after years being away from the church. He pulls aside the curtain, enters and sits himself down. There’s a fully equipped bar with crystal glasses, the best vestry wine, Guinness on tap, cigars and liqueur chocolates nearby, and on the wall a fine photographic display of buxom ladies who appear to have mislaid their garments. He hears a priest come in: ”Father, forgive me for it’s been a very long time since I’ve been to confession and I must admit that the confessional box is much more inviting than it used to be”. The priest replies, “Get out, you idiot. You’re on my side”. MEDICAL SHORTS A woman went to the doctor who told her she only had six months to live. “Oh my God!” said the woman. “What shall I do?” “Marry an accountant,” suggested the doctor. “Why?” asked the woman. “Will that make me live longer?” “No,” replied the doctor. “But it will SEEM longer.” Doctor: You seem to be in excellent health. Your pulse is as regular as clockwork. Patient: That’s because you’ve got your hand on my watch! Doctor, Doctor My little boy has just swallowed a roll of film! Hmmmm. Let’s hope nothing develops.

Doctor, Doctor I think I’m a dog. How long have you felt like this? Ever since I was a puppy! Doctor, Doctor I feel like a pack of cards. I’ll deal with you later! Doctor, Doctor I think I’m a yo-yo. Are you stringing me along? QUICK QUESTIONS What word in the English language is always spelled incorrectly? Answer: Incorrectly. Johnny’s mother had three children. The first child was named April. The second child was named May. What was the third child’s name? Answer: Johnny, of course. There is a clerk at the butcher shop, he is five feet ten inches tall, and he wears size 13 sneakers. What does he weigh? Answer: Meat. Before Mt. Everest was discovered, what was the highest mountain in the world? Answer: Mt. Everest; it just wasn’t discovered yet. [You’re not very good at this, are you?] If you were running a race, and you passed the person in 2nd place, what place would you be in now? Answer: You would be in 2nd. Well, you passed the person in second place, not first.

Doctor, Doctor I feel like a pair of curtains Well, pull yourself together then

How much dirt is there in a hole that measures two feet by three feet by four feet? Answer: There is no dirt in a hole.

Doctor, Doctor I keep painting myself gold Don’t worry it’s just a gilt complex!

Which is correct to say, “The yolk of the egg are white” or “The yolk of the egg is white”?

Answer: Neither; the yolk of the egg is yellow. If a farmer has five haystacks in one field and four haystacks in the other field, how many haystacks would he have if he combined them all in another field? Answer: One. If he combines all of his haystacks, they all become one big one. In California, you cannot take a picture of a man with a wooden leg. Why not? Answer: You can’t take pictures with a wooden leg. You need a camera to take pictures. MORE MEDICAL SHORTS Doctor, Doctor I think I’m a yo-yo. How are you feeling? Oh, up and down! Doctor, Doctor I think I’m a snail Don’t worry we’ll soon have you out of your shell! Doctor, Doctor I feel like an apple. We must get to the core of this! Doctor, Doctor I’m boiling up! Just simmer down! Doctor, Doctor, can I have a second opinion? Of course, come back tomorrow! Doctor doctor, I feel like a carrot. Don’t get yourself in a stew. Doctor doctor, I’ve swallowed my pocket money. Take this and we’ll see if there’s any change in the morning. Doctor doctor, what happened to that man who fell into the circular saw and had the whole left side of his body cut away? He’s all right now.

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construction industry Ÿ RIIWHS204D Work safely at heights Ÿ RIISS00034 Surface Coal Mine Skill Set

(Standard 11 Mining Induction Course) Ÿ RIIWHS302D Implement traf c management plans* Ÿ RIIWHS205D Control traf c with a stop/slow bat* *Conditions apply please contact our of ce for more details

TRAVEL ALL OVER AUSTRALIA Open Monday - Friday 8am - 4pm

07 4123 0415 or email: reception@centralsafetytraining.com www.allstatestraining.qld.edu.au All States Training RTO #32577 March 2021 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 33


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Mitre 10 Cooloola 5486 2000 Rainbow Beach Hardware, Fishing & Camping 5486 3444 In-Home Care

5301 9340

Gympie Cooloola Pet Resort

5483 5364

0499 002 828

Naturopath 0473 408 359

Pest Control Beach to Bay Pest Management Termites@Cooloola

5486 8686 0409 86 86 86

Photography RB Wedding Photography 0439 780 903

Plasterer Garry Thompson

0402 240 448

Plumber Jeff Hogues Plumbing

0458 259 418

Real Estate Cooloola Coast Realty Michelle Agnew C21 Rainbow Beach Realty

5486 3411 0428 585 175 5486 3900

Safety Supplies 0492 045 405

Signs Tin Can Bay and Rainbow Beach Signs


Kennels and Catteries 0436 394 347

Op Shop

Rainbow Beach Safety Supplies


Home Care 0427 585 663

Curtains and Blinds & Security Cooloola Curtains & Blinds

Cooloola Cove Landscape & Garden Supplies

SAJE Graphics

Rainbow Beach Rustproofing and Mechanical 5486 3228 Rainbow Beach Service Centre and Towing 5486 8555

Rainbow Naturals


0418 729 474 1800 555 777


Timothy Muir Optomotrist



Cosgroves Slater + Gordon Lawyers

5486 2887

Storage 4rent4sale Storage Sheds Cooloola Tin Can Mini Storage

5486 4577 1300 727 025

Taxi Taxi Service

0411 072 379

Training All States Training

07 4123 0415


New Jetstar flights for Hervey Bay


ETSTAR WILL fly into Hervey Bay threetimes a week direct from Sydney, from May 26. Tourism Minister Stirling Hinchliffe said, “While Sydneysiders tick whale watching from their 2021 Queensland bucket list, the new Jetstar route has potential to deliver an $8 million boost to the Hervey Bay economy.” Jetstar Group CEO Gareth Evans said, “Domestic travel demand continues to be strong and we’re constantly reviewing our network to add flights

where there is demand, including to new and exciting leisure destinations like Hervey Bay. “With international borders closed, we know more and more people are planning to explore new places around Australia this year and we expect our flights to Hervey Bay to be a popular option for travellers.” As Hervey Bay is a pleasant 90 minute drive from Rainbow Beach, and our closest major airport, the new services may also benefit tourism on the Cooloola Coast.


Business workshop G

AIN INSIGHTS to the current business environment in the Sunshine Coast region in a Building Business Confidence in 2021 workshop. CCIQ’s economist, Jack Baxter, is travelling around Queensland delivering insights into the current business environment as they exist in each region. Sponsored by Suncorp, these events

EMERGENCY - AMBULANCE / POLICE / FIRE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 000

SES Flood/Storm Damage . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 132 500 SES - Rainbow Beach . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5486 3314 SES - Tin Can Bay . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5486 4604

Rural Fires Neerdie . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0400 865 132 QPWS Rainbow Beach . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5486 9900 QPWS Tewantin (7 days) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5449 7792 Gympie Regional Council . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1300 307 800

City Farm . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Coastguard Tin Cay Bay - VMR 417 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Community Centre Rainbow Beach . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Cooloola Coast Medical Transport . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

HOSPITAL Gympie Hospital & Community Health . . . . . . . . . . . . 5489 8690

5486 2304 5486 4290 5486 3355 5486 2488

Doctor - Tin Can Bay, Cooloola Coast & Rainbow Beach . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5486 4600 ENERGEX . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 62 62 EPA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1300 130 372 FIRE & RESCUE - Rainbow Beach . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5486 3169 Tin Can Bay Fire Warden . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0409 828 414 Rural Fires Goomboorian . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0417 793 286 34 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – March 2021

will provide an opportunity to network while gaining an in-depth understanding of the current challenges and opportunities available to businesses based on evidence from the latest Pulse Business Survey. It’s on Thursday, March 4, noon to 2.00pm at the Alexandra Headlands Surf Life Saving Club, 167 Alexandra Parade.

JUSTICE OF THE PEACE (JP) Call for an appointment: BRADY, Christine (Tin Can Bay) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5486 4327 BROWN, Stephen (Cooloola Cove) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0431 059 952 DEACON, Arthur (Cooloola Cove) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0419 624 208 FISHER, Peter (Cooloola Cove) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0407 95 4678 HAMMOND, Judith (Cooloola Cove) . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0418 774 808 MISSEN, John Joseph (Rainbow Beach) . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5486 8153 Library - Tin Can Bay . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5486 4355 Library - Rainbow Beach . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5486 3705

Local Disaster Management CCCLDMSG . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5486 4483, 0439 862 264 Cooloola Cove . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5488 0436, 0459 26 374 Wallu . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0419 685 338 Rainbow Beach . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0427 863 007 Pharmacy - Rainbow Beach . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5486 3070 Police - Rainbow Beach . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5486 8765 Police - Tin Can Bay . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5486 2426 Police - non urgent . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 131 444 POISONS Information Centre . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 11 26 School - Rainbow Beach . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5486 9333 School - Tin Can Bay . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5488 1222 Tin Can Bay Community Church Op Shop . . . . . . . . . . 5486 2055 Llew O’Brien (Federal Member) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4121 2936 Tony Perrett MLA (State Member) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5329 5100


Auto Electrics


Are you able to make up a double business card using these elements please for the trades and services? I think it's the same as an 1/8V? Same as sub-cooled.


& R E F R I G E R AT I O NThe main thing is the name RAINBOW

ELEVATED, the logo, phone number, and


• • • • • •



Ph Greg: 0436 338 631



0436 338 631 0499 144 678



E: subcooledliquid@gmail.com ABN: 12541924379, ARCtick: L152481, Restr Elec Cont: 154267, *t's and c's apply

RTA: AU45220




building maintenance Window Cleaning Roof & gu er cleaning and maintenance Pruning tall trees Pain ng Pressure cleaning

PHONE DAVE: 0418 820 892 Rainbow Beach QLD ABN: 69203031883



Cabinet Making






Bob the Builder Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ

Extensions Home Improvements Decks Patios General Household Maintenance

Local cleaning services

If you have the idea... we have the know how!

e. Est. 1985

0418 724 814




0417 728 510

Domestic regular cleaning End of Lease Spring clean Ironing Pet Sitting Servicing the Cooloola and Gympie areas House Sitting fully insured Air-conditioning installations services and repairs Send in a photo ofinstallations your Refrigeration services and repairs RAINBOW BEACH COOLOOLA COVE TIN Obligation free quotes sporting star (any sport) 0456 783 023 to: info@rbcn.com.au


BRAD'S REFRIGERATION & AIR-CONDITIONING Fully qualified air-conditioning and refrigeration technician

5486 2781

bradsrefrigeration@outlook.com ABN: 89 531 660 913

Rest. Elec. Lic. 161 935

ArcTick: Au30331








March 2021 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 35






Scott Sandilands Could we just put a dash after installation Q.B.C.C licence: 68065 and then put ‘domestic commercial For all your concreting needs industrial ‘ on a new line so it reads better. with reliable prompt service, please call or email Scott.

Local Electrician

Mobile: 0418 793 256

Small Business - Competitive Prices

Email: scott.sandilands@gmail.com

MGB CONCRETE QBCC Licence No. – 1162933

Local Contractor Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ

Driveways Patios Shed slabs Pathways Pool surrounds Rendering


We Pride Ourselves on Excellent Customer Service & Focus on Quality Parts and Installation

0448 195 070

Jake@Earthrstelectrical.com.au earthrstelectrical.com.au


Plain Exposed Decorative When quality matters

Servicing: Rainbow Beach, Tin Can Bay and Cooloola Cove

Call Mick on 0407 228 044



Servicing Cooloola & Surrounds

Phone Heath Mick on 0439 688 710

Choose Followmont take away the100% email and just have Craig's first name and his number Australian Owned



www.facebook.com/hmcoastalelectrical/ ABN - 58 551 708 565 Licence Number - 86230



SERVICE is important to us, and we make your business our priority. Ÿ servicing the WHOLE of the Gympie Region! Ÿ offering services to all parts of Queensland & New South Wales

Handyman Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ

Michelle Barry - phone 0427 585 663 www.followmont.com.au 36 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – March 2021

Servicing the Gympie and Cooloola Coast Regions with over 20 years of experience

Phone Craig on 0417 192 651

Site Cuts & Level Pool Excavations General Earthworks Tight Access Work Footings Plumbing Post Holes


Safety Supplies






Jeff Hogues Plumbing Service jeff@jef hoguesplumbing.com.au Drain Cleaning Gas Installation Gas Maintenance Back low Servicing Back low Installation Ÿ Thermostatic Mixing Valves Ÿ Treatment Plant Maintenance Ÿ General Plumbing and Drainage Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ

Rumbalara Avenue Rainbow Beach QLD 4581

0458 259 418

Cosgroves Solicitor in Attendance Wednesdays 10:00am – 1:00pm Conference Room, Rainbow Sands Resort

Paul Cosgrove B.COM., B.ECON., LL.B., B.C.L.

QBCC 78058

Mini Backhoe Hire

L & T Fear Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ

MINI Backhoe Hire

Pensioner discount available 9” backhoe bucket - perfect for digging trenches 4 way bucket Spreader bar available 1.3m wide - perfect for smaller areas Not a skid steer

Phone Lyle & Theresa on 0418




184 966

EMAIL cosgroves@cosgroves.com.au TELEPHONE (07) 3371 9199 MOBILE (24 HRS) 0418 729 474 P.O. Box 1225 TOOWONG Q. 4066

Tyre & Mechanical Service

MEET A TRADIE / MEET A LOCAL Advertise here to be a part of it! From $77 per month 6 months minimum PACKAGE BONUSES: 3 FREE listing in the Trades and Services Index 3 FREE “Meet a Tradie/Local” article We can help get the word out about your business!

Call 0407 660 198 or email info@rbcn.com.au March 2021 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 37

WHAT’S ON March 2

Over 60s coffee morning, Surf Club 10am

2-12 Clean Up Australia Day events across the coast, see page 7 3, 10 Craft mornings, CWA Hall 9.30am-noon 4 4

March forth with music, Gympie Library, 10 – 11am Building Business Confidence in 2021 workshop by CCIQ’s economist Jack Baxter, noon to 2pm at Alexandra Headlands Surf Life Saving Club

If you have an event or date you would like to add please email info@rbcn.com.au 14 Senior Fishing Training Day, TCB Fishing Club 17 St Patrick’s Day celebrations and Irish meals at RB Sports Club and TCB RSL Club 17 QCWA Hoy at Cooloola Bowls Club 9.30am for a 10am-noon 18 Library e-books and downloads session, RB Library 10am-noon 18 RB School activity for National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence 18 How to use the Catalogue, Website and Blog session, TCB Library 2-4pm


Rainbow Warriors Swim Club 5pm Thursdays

20 Garage Sale at the QCWA hall, 18 Whiting Street, 7-11am


RB Anglers Association meet 7pm at the Deck@ Sea Salt


World Day of Prayer Service and Morning Tea, 10am Good Shepherd Anglican Church

25 Music Plus, 7pm in the Vets’ and Community Hall, CC, Pam: 0427 180 649

5 5

Learn to swim and gym classes at RB Sports Club and TCB Pool

Weekdays 9am Aqua aerobics at the RB Aquatic Centre


9am Lathe / Scroll Saw, The Shed, 9-12pm, Bryan: 0420 299 651

8.30am Playgroup, RB School Library


Drop-in Centre sausage sizzle 11.30am-1.30pm at TCB RSL

26 Crossroads at the Country Club, 7pm, and live music each Friday

10am First Five Forever Baby Bounce (0-2 years) RB Library

Cool Lula at the Sports Club, more live music each Friday night

28 Boating Safety Course, TCB Fishing Club

11am First Five Forever Storytime (2-5 years) RB Library

29 BreastScreen is in Lions Park TCB, book: 13 20 50


Clean Up Australia Day


Probus AGM, 2pm at Sandcastle Motel, TCB QCWA TCB Branch State Photography closing date, Lorraine Bishop: 5486 2226

8-14 International Women’s Day TCB events include a twilight walk, art, writing, music, dragon boating, a vintage apron wearing morning tea! Read more on pages 6-7


(many are term time only)

9am Macrame, Men’s Shed, Carole: 0437 880 438




26 Community Catch Up morning at the RB Community Centre

6-7 Dragon Boat State Titles


Music Plus is on March 25

Closing date for May ‘Forage’ foodie events, contact Gympie Regional Council Veterans and Community morning tea 10am – noon, TCB RSL

30 Meals on Wheels information morning, 11.30am at Little Parliament, RB

8.30am Kindy Linq, RB School Library 9.30am TCB Playgroup


9am TCB Quilters, TCB Community Centre, Annabell: 0412 491 830


10am Tin Can Bay Art Group, TCB Library

Memories of the Memorial Park 10 – 11am, Gympie Library

2-5 Easter Weekend 3-5 Golf Australia handicapped players welcome at the Country Club for the Saturday Stroke event, Sunday 2B Ambrose and Monday Single Stableford event, book: 0409 727 577 7

Sandcastle Competition, near the tower, 8.30am registration

17 Junior Fishing Day, TCB Fishing Club

38 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – March 2021

Wednesday 6.30am Heart Foundation Walking Group TCB, Maggie: 0400 756 615 8.30am Kindy Linq, RB School Library 9am Cooloola Card Makers, TCB Library QCWA craft, 18 Whiting St TCB, President: 0412 547 043 9am Table Tennis, RB Community Hall, $2, all levels welcome

9.30am First Five Forever Storytime (0-5 years), TCB Library 1pm Computer/IT/Phone, The Shed, bookings to Paul: 0437 007 911 2.30pm Dragon Boating every Thursday, Sandra: 0402 352 756

Friday 8.30am Community Catch Up, RB Community Centre 9am Chess/Rummikub, The Shed, ph: Carole 0437 880 438 3pm Coolabay Choir, Vets’ Hall, Pam: 0427 180 649

Saturday 6.30am Heart Foundation Walking Group TCB, Maggie: 0400 756 615

Markets 2nd Saturday Rainbow Beach Market 3rd Saturday Tin Can Bay Market

Sunday 7.30am Dragon Boating, Sandra: 0402 352 756 8.30 Nippers, RB

I hate self promotion but ......











Call Andrew Hawkins

Your local real estate agent 07 5486 3900

0408 736 711

THE LOCAL SPECIALISTS IN SALES, PERMANENT AND HOLIDAY RENTALS PH 07 5486 3900 SHOP 4, 12 RAINBOW BEACH RD, RAINBOW BEACH www.rainbowbeachrealty.com info@rainbowbeachrealty.com

March 2021 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 39

The Sports Report, some politics


Save Time Shop Local

Find your local store at iga.com.au/stores

Rainbow Beach

Hello again to all in Rainbow Beach land. Not sure how to start this month’s rant as over the last few months I can’t seem to say what I think, without offending someone (free speech)? Anyway we’ll see how this month goes.

Why can’t we do what New Zealand has done and exclude manufacturing and agriculture from our emissions? Seems good to me! Before I say anymore, just remember this is a free country, lucky hey!

As the vaccine rolls out (I mean jabs out) not sure whether I’ll be the first in the queue. I certainly am not an an -vax (I have seen first hand someone who hasn’t been immunised and the devasta ng effects that can have), BUT I think everyone else can go first.

Sports report Well an an vax won the AO. Next, Sorry to see Ash bow out, but it does go to show how close the women’s tennis is. The Reds are already on the charge in the Super Rugby. It is so much easier when we don’t have to face the Kiwis!

Since I’m not allowed overseas, and the threat of going to the Snowies and not being allowed back will keep me in Queensland. And I’m in the non-cri cal category, so I’m not ge�ng mine ll September/October, so I don’t see the rush.

The Roar are si�ng at the right side of the table as well, let’s keep our fingers crossed. With Motorsport s ll in the doldrums, I hope Daniel Ricciardo’s new car does a li�le be�er than last year, although I s ll think Lewis Hamilton is the one to beat, only me will tell.

Luckily we live in a country where, as I write this, no-one is even in intensive care. I really don’t see how we are going to pay this back, I mean my children, grandchildren. Lucky for them?

Jack Miller’s factory Duca has him set for this year, good luck, a lot easier than being a privateer. Would not mind being in Glen Maxwell’s shoes - 2.5 million for six weeks’ work sounds pre�y good, but I suppose I can’t hit a ball as good as him, or bowl.

It’s good to see that at least Paladuck is going to let the ANZAC marches go ahead in Queensland - ‘Chairman Dan’ has other thoughts though, no wonder our migra on from the Mexican states is so huge, at least he’ll win his next elec on as everyone else has le�. Good to see the Chinese let the WHO into Wuhan for research on the coronavirus, now with the UK variant and South African variant. I wonder what else is going on in the world?

Well that’s it for me, ll next me. I’ll try to pick on another country.

Matt, Bernie, Justin, Liam & our friendly staff at the IGA

Obviously there are no wars, famines - or electricity in Texas (snow covered the solar panels and froze the wind turbines, go figure) can’t wait for the wind farm up the road to kick off endless energy from the wind. (Where’s my nuclear power plant, well an efficient coal-fired power sta on anyway?) China is allegedly currently building 127 coal fired-plants as well as 11 nuclear, with another 40 on the drawing board. Maybe the Ex nc on Rebellion should set up shop in China? Why can’t we build a few, to lower our electricity price and restore manufacturing and not be so reliant on, well, China?! Smarter people than me are currently working this out I hope. I’m sure the last paragraph is going to s r some cow poo, another CO2 producer without even knowing.

Jack, Anne e, Bernie and Hugh remind us that Easter eggs, bunnies and more are now in store!

This is a paid adver sement and the views of the writer are not necessarily the views of the Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News owners or staff.

A big hello to all our valued customers - both local and visi ng, come and see your friendly staff at your local IGA today

Rainbow Beach: 5486 8700

Rainbow Beach Road, Rainbow Beach Shop locally in air condi oned comfort