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March 2020 • Vol 23 • Issue 3

Celebrate International Women’s Day

“An equal world is an enabled world” is the theme for 2020 for International Women’s Day and the two arms across the chest is the symbol. Rainbow Beach will join in the celebrations with Ladies Day 2020 starting at 6am on the beach and 9am at the hall running until 5pm. With special guests Vanessa Fowler, Jody Allen, Jacinta Richmond leading a host of accomplished speakers, designers and business women, and with the support from local business houses - this is a day for everyone to enjoy. Details on page 4 and 5 and the day’s program inside.

In this issue...

OPEN! • The Mens Shed is gun • KindylinQ has be fo In on • All the Electi tched! ha • The turtles have

Photo: Rainbow Beach Wedding Photography



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Editor’s Note

A big month ahead T

HE ELECTION is the big news this month and it will be interesting to see what each candidate for our Division 1 will be promising and who the Mayor will be after March 28. Voting and candidates as at the time of print on page 20. Check out the Mens Shed which is now open! A fantastic group of people working together have finally got the shed open for business and it is a huge asset to the Bay. Congratulations everyone involved. The proposed wind farm generated a lot of conversation around the region with strong support and also opposition. We have a couple of points of view on page 6. Lots of positive stories with the turtles hatching, the dolphins all enjoying the tourists, the horses on holidays and the endangered Leopard sharks sighted off Wolf Rock.

The massive Big Summer Blow Out was a sell out - well done to the Sports Club team for the tremendous amount of hard work that went into bringing that event to the region. Congratulations! The next big event for 2020 is International Womens Day, being held on March 8. The day will begin at 6am with the Rainbow Beach Boardriders Club paddle out and welcoming ceremony and free yoga on the beach, then a day of fun at the Community Centre! Page 4 and 5 have all the details - don’t forget to book! Our love and best wishes to Therese Young and family on the loss of Al, we have Therese’s tribute on page 9. Next stop…...Easter! Have a great month.



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Wide Bay Esplanade Rainbow Beach Qld 4581 2 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – March 2020

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Baby turtles on the run


OOLOOLA COASTCARE President, Randy Orwin, received a text message from Dean Bergin, one of the TurtleCare volunteers in February with an image of a turtle nest that had hatched and the bay turtle had run to the water. Unfortunately, he was a bit too late to see the hatchlings run across the beach, but the tracks were all the proof needed to know that the nest “ran”. They followed one hatchling’s path as it dropped into a track, running parallel with the track, climbing out of the track back towards the beach, turning back around and falling into another track and then following it a bit farther before climbing out of that track to fall into yet another track. The only saving grace was that the sand was damp and the tracks were only about 70mm deep. If the sand would have been soft, it is likely that these hatchlings would

Baby turtle rescued during a nest dig at Rainbow Beach

not have made it to the water. Now that the hatchlings are running, this means that the volunteers that have been certified to “dig nests”, go to work digging out each nest after it has run to check the success of the nest, meaning how many turtles hatched and made it out of the nest.

This process entails finding the egg chamber and digging down to gently remove all of the egg shells, unhatched eggs, dead hatchlings and often times, live hatchlings that got stuck in the nest and couldn’t get out. Three of the four nests that have run have

Of the 143 eggs found at the bottom of the nest, 138 of them left the nest successfully

been dug, all with a success rate of over 90%. The nest dug that night was 94cm deep and contained 143 eggs for a 96% success rate! Nests will continue to hatch until early April.

Spotto! ID Leopard Sharks at Wolf Rock W

Wolf Rock plays host to a variety of seasonal visitors including Leopard (or Zebra) sharks

HILE FAMOUS for its Grey Nurse shark encounters, Wolf Rock also plays host to a variety of seasonal visitors. Leopard (or Zebra) sharks Stegostoma fasciatum are a visitor met with enthusiasm and scientific interest. Leopard sharks are a species of carpet shark that can be seen throughout the tropical Indo-Pacific, frequenting coral reefs and sand flats. While characterised as a shark, they are slow moving, harmless to humans and (in this writer’s opinion) completely adorable. Leopard sharks are listed as endangered worldwide as they are a target for many international fisheries. Finding sanctuary in Australian waters, Leopard sharks

are usually solitary creatures, but have been seen to aggregate from spring to autumn in several sites from here to Byron Bay. This allows a unique opportunity to study these animals in large numbers, giving researchers a better understanding of their behaviours and population size. Divers at Wolf Rock assist scientists by taking photo ID pictures. Leopard sharks have unique spot patterns down their sides, and by analysing these, we can identify individual sharks, just like a fingerprint. Wolf Rock works with researchers around the world to help discover more about these beautiful little critters.Get involved, contact us at Wolf Rock Dive 07 5486 8004 or wolfrockdive.com.au

March 2020 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 3



Sunday March 8



HE 2020 International Women’s Day will focus on the theme, ‘An equal world is an enabled world’ and individually, we are all responsible for our own thoughts and actions - all day, every day. Every single person living in our community - men, women and childrenneed to acknowledge that domestic violence will not be tolerated - and we can do that one person at a time - one town at a time, until it is so unacceptable - it is a thing of the past - it’s time for us to stop allowing it to hide in the shadows. Join us for International Women’s Day at Rainbow Beach on Sunday March 8 for a day of fun, fashion, food and female company. Stay for the weekend! The program is out now on page 21. wwwtrybooking.com/BHVBT

Rainbow Beach Wedding Photography


Some of the organisers of the Ladies Day 2020 Rainbow Beach - Elisa, Sarah, Michelle, Sue, Rose, Lee standing together for International Women’s Day

Wear a splash of yellow for Allison T

HE LADIES DAY 2020 Rainbow Beach special guest of honour will be Vanessa Fowler. Vanessa is the sister of the late Allison Baden-Clay and also the Chair of the Board of Directors, The Allison Baden-Clay Foundation. Vanessa has been instrumental in keeping Allison’s legacy alive by steering the foundation and encouraging people to speak up if they suspect someone is being abused by a partner. Vanessa said: “In Australia, we have one Left: Vanessa Fowler is the Ladies Day 2020 Rainbow Beach special guest of honour on International Women’s Day, March 8

4 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – March 2020

woman a week on average, dying at the hands of her current or former partner. This is a statistic that we all have the capacity to influence, prevent and change. “We have developed a partnership with Griffith University’s MATE Bystander Program, where we hope that we can teach the community how to identify these small things and how to approach and prevent domestic violence. “The Program focuses on raising awareness of harmful behaviour within our culture and the preventative measures we can take as a society. We all have an inner voice that we need to listen to if we fear that we have a friend or a colleague who might be at risk,”

Ms Fowler said. Vanessa is committed in everything that she does, to make her sister proud, taking the grief and anger the family has suffered and turning such a tragic circumstance into a positive, making a difference in Australia. We would love our guests to wear a splash of yellow to honour Allison and to remind people to speak up if they are worried about someone at risk, before it is too late. Vanessa will come to the stage at 1.30pm just prior to the 2pm Fashion Parade in the Marquee on the Green. For further information visit: allisonbadenclayfoundation.org.au or a 24 hr service is available at: 1800respect.org.au


Sunday March 8

Brittany reaches her goals T

HERE IS NO doubt whichever generation you belong to, your experiences growing up and schooling experiences will depend on whether you are a Gen X, Y, Z or a Baby Boomer. Brittany Neumann, like other Gen Ys, besides being insanely tech savvy are self-expressive, confident and open to new ideas and new ways of doing things - and that is Brittany. She completed her P-7 at Tin Can Bay, grades 8-12 at James Nash and her Bachelor of Communication at the University of the Sunshine Coast. Brittany said: “After completing my degree, I was working in Public Relations and I realised that it wasn’t really for me. I didn’t like living in a big city (Sydney) and didn’t like the lifestyle.” Teaching was always something Brittany thought she would do, so she went back to University and completed her Masters of Teaching and Learning and working for Education Queensland in North Queensland. She said: “As a woman studying my Bachelor’s Degree I didn’t ever feel different or misjudged due to my gender. “However, when studying my masters I definitely had a different feeling. I was often second guessed by my peers as if I didn’t know what I was doing and wasn’t smart enough to be there.” Brittany’s advice is: “Don’t ever let someone tell you you can’t do something. Only you know your true worth and there is no better feeling in life than proving people wrong.” She said: “I think being a woman in today’s society is so great. I’ve been able to go to

Brittany Neumann has completed her Masters in Teaching and Learning and says there is still so much that needs to be changed to make women equal

school and university and have the same opportunities as my male counterparts. “There are definitely challenges though, with social media being as big as it is. I know some people struggle with the idea of being “perfect” and that is something I’m trying to work on with the students I work with – you are perfect just the way you are. “I remember hearing stories from my grandma’s era where you would almost be forced to leave school in grade 10, work at the bank, get married and then become a stay-at-home mum. I think it’s great to actually have such easily available options. “There is still so much that needs to be changed for women and I feel like it needs to come from women themselves. “I’m all about positivity and we need to build people up, not tear them down. The misogynist behaviour has to go.” And what would Brittany teach her daughter? “Stick up for herself, love herself and don’t ever let anyone tell you you can’t do something.”


Right: Don’t miss the magnificent designs of Judy Copley Couture plus 7 other successful designers on the Runway at 2pm Image Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival and Fletcher Photography

Left: Jody Allen of SAHM - one of the incredible women speaking at Ladies Day 2020 Rainbow Beach!

March 2020 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 5

Forest Wind/Clear Sight

Join the community reference group for this public safety initiative by HQPlantations Photo by Michael Ramsden


Feral horse public safety initiative

OCAL RESIDENTS MAY have noticed an increase in the frequency of feral horse sightings in road corridors in the area. The presence of feral horses in close proximity to roads has caused several recent collisions on Tin Can Bay Road and Cooloola Coast Roads that resulted in the immediate death of horses, but fortunately resulted in no public injury. To address this public safety issue, local land manager HQPlantations is leading the development of a feral horse management plan, with the support of a multi-agency management committee. In addition to consulting the RSPCA and SEQ Brumby Association, HQPlantations would like to make sure it meets the road safety and horse welfare expectations of local communities. To facilitate this, we are inviting six local representatives to join a reference group to contribute community perspectives

to decision-making in preparation of the plan and its implementation by the management committee. We are seeking a mix of people who can represent local communities on road safety, animal welfare and positions in between. To nominate to join the community reference group, register at: hqp. engagementhub.com.au/feral-horsepublic-safety-initiative and complete the nomination form. We recommend you use Chrome or Safari web browsers to access the project page as it isn’t fully functional when using Internet Explorer. Nominations close at 10am on March 9 and a decision will be made by March 12. If you have any questions about this public safety initiative, please use the contact page on the website or email community@hqplantations.com.au

6 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – March 2020


NE OF THE largest grid-connected wind farms in the southern hemisphere is a step closer for the region, with the government granting development approval for Forest Wind. The government said the project, which is proposed to comprise of up to 226 turbines, would provide a “huge boost for the local economy.” At a community meeting at the Kia Ora Hall last month, project developers from ClearSight, James and Jane Pennay, said: “So far we are very pleased with the level of interest in the project and especially pleased with positive feedback we have received.” One Kia Ora resident said: “At the end of the day, renewal energy is a good thing. I don’t think it will affect us. We’ll be able to see it but I don’t think we’ll hear it.” While another Kia Ora resident said: “It’s

James Pennay from ClearSight with Sandy Hamilton, Marie Lally, Leanne Long and Heather Dickson at the Forest Wind Information Session at the Kia Ora Hall last month

just an eyesore and if they (the turbines) burn out, they sit up there for years. We are going to end up having them all over the country here - they are just an eyesore.” Councillor Mark McDonald said his son, Paul McDonald, runs Mount Emerald Wind Farm, west of Cairns and said: “I think once people get a better understanding on how wind farms operate and the benefits of employment in the construction stage, I’m quite confident this is going to be a win-win for the coast, and further it is going to be a win for retailers on the coast who need it.” For further information visit the website: forestwind.com.au

See you at the Men’s Shed Open Day! I

HAVE HAD the pleasure of a tour around the Men’s Shed last week and the opportunity to meet a number of the men behind the completion of this wonderful asset to the region. Thanks to Paul and Bryan for your time to show off the many attributes of this new facility including the lawns, the professional woodwork by Keith Gall, library, coffee nook, and the well stocked and very impressive workshop. When volunteers pull together and create a venue such as this, where the whole region benefits, it is a credit to the community and all involved. I hope you will all pop down for the Open Day on March 21 to see how fantastic this venue really is, and a huge congratulations to all those businesses who have donated to the Shed. (Ed)


Well, the time has finally arrived. After years of hard work by a lot of dedicated people, the Men’s Shed is now up and running! Gympie Regional Council has reclassified the shed, and given us a licence to operate. Our thanks go out to Councillor Mark McDonald who stepped in and gave his assistance in getting us over the line. We are immediately geared up to conduct woodworking projects, general workshop activities, internet access training, and activities such as chess, cards, and a book club. Many other activities are in the planning stage, and the Committee of Management would welcome any suggestions for group activities. Most importantly, we now have a facility where members and their guests can visit for a chat and a cup of coffee. We are indebted to the many supporters

and businesses in the Cooloola Coast who have donated money, goods, tools, and machinery. There is to be an honour board erected inside the shed to show our appreciation. An important part of the shed’s fundraising is our member’s efforts with the ‘containers for change’ program. Please don’t throw your bottles and cans in the rubbish. Donate them to the Men’s Shed instead. Your support would be greatly appreciated by dropping off bagged eligible containers at the front of the shed (near sign). The AGM will be held on March 14 when a new committee will be elected. Contact Paul Boulton on 0437 007 911 for details and nomination forms, including joining details for new members. There will be an open day on Saturday March 21, when everyone is welcome to come down to the shed and have a look

The Men’s Shed is now OPEN! Pictured working on just a few of the stations are Brian, Paul, Fernando, Mike and Bryan - congratulations on all the hard work and persistence to celebrate this milestone

at what is now available. We are seeking new members, and the only restriction is a minimum age of 18 years. Contact Bryan Phillips on 0420 299 651 for general shed matters.

Andrew and Steve encourage others to join the Men’s Shed

March 2020 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 7

Tin Can Bay Country Club raises $7000!


HE TIN CAN BAY Country Club members and guests got together last month to help fellow Australians after their devastating fire season. The club donated 20 cents from every schooner sold throughout the month, and the golf club, bowls club and darts club joined forces to hold a social day with all proceeds forwarded to help those people in need. The club also held raffles and a BBQ on the day. $7000 was raised at the end, which was a fantastic effort from a small town. Club Manager, Brad Robb, said: “It is great to see the community get involved and helping others. It makes me proud to work alongside these people. “Everybody enjoyed the day, even Carl Rackemann (former Australian cricketer) got up and told some stories about cricket which had patrons in stitches. “A lot of these things can’t be done without the help from sponsors, we would like to thank the following; “Bull Air Conditioning, Tin Can Bay Ladies Bowls Club, Tin Can Bay Meats, Alan and Anna Docking, Kevin Reibel, Jaz DeVree, Robbie Downman, Seabreeze Kayaks, Gripped on Golf, Greg Tritton, Carl Rackermann, Paul Downman and Jill McDonald.” Brad Robb, Vince Reibel, Alan Docking, Gregg Tritton, Carl Rackemann, Andrew Jarrett, Martin Kent, Mayor Mick Curran at the Tin Can Bay Country Charity Day

KindylinQ 2020 is now open at Rainbow Be ach B

The welcoming and inviting Rainbow Beach KindyLinq is free and fun for three and four year olds!

8 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – March 2020

Y THE TIME you read this Rainbow Beach KindylinQ would have commenced! We just wanted to share with you some frequently asked questions by our local community. This is the very first year of KindylinQ so of course there are lots of questions on what it actually is. So hopefully this will help to explain KindylinQ a little more… Question – What is KindylinQ? Answer - KindylinQ is a brand new program introduced by Education Queensland and is all about PLAY! It is for parents/care-givers to attend with their child and engage in PLAY activities together. Question - How old does my child have to be to attend? Answer - KindylinQ is for all three-year-olds and those turning three by mid-year. Also as Rainbow

Beach does not have a pre-school OUR KindylinQ is for 4 year olds as well! Question - Is it compulsory? Answer - Absolutely not! It is whenever you wish to attend and free of charge. Question - What days is it on and where? Answer - Tuesday and Wednesday during school terms 9am to 12 noon in the Rainbow Beach State School library. Question - What to bring? Answer – Yourself and your child! Plus a hat, water bottle and mid-morning snack. We look forward to seeing everyone at KindylinQ! And if you have any further questions please contact Rainbow Beach School on 07 5486 9333.

Vale Al Young 20 January 1952 ~ 4 January 2020


OVED DEARLY, respected highly and admired for his calm, caring manner, Al Young was a fine human being. Al was the second eldest child to May and Don Young. Many family stories would tell tales of the three larrikin brothers caught up in entertaining escapades, whilst the eldest sister’s role held more mundane responsibilities! His sense of family was central to his life. Family came first, second and third always. Al supported his extended family at all times. He was the most handson dad with his own precious children, Ashlee and Harri. Al also valued genuine friendships. His mother May had a profound influence on Al’s life values. She was an ordinary woman with extraordinary warmth, practicality and intellect. Traits her son shared. Al pursued a plumbing trade at the age of 15 and continued in this work area for 20 years. He then trained as a secondary school teacher specialising in workshop subjects, including design and technology. He was a versatile teacher also interested in Special Education. Al worked in this sector of teaching at Emerald State High School, Gympie Special School and The Flexible Learning Centre in Gympie. He was an innovative teacher and became the district winner of a ShowCase Award for Excellence in ‘Curriculum Design-Improved Student Outcomes’ whilst on staff at Tin Can Bay School. However, Al’s priority as a teacher was to be the most effective mentor for all students. He was held in high regard by his teacher colleagues over his 25year teaching career. When asked what his greatest achievements were

Al with his “two beautiful children” Ashlee and Harri Young

Al, without hesitation, answered “my two beautiful children”. As a ‘proud as punch’ dad, Al carried out parenting tasks with a minimum of fuss. He parented with loads of love, buckets full of guidance and endless laughs. Ashlee and Harri have such a solid grounding which will warm them and steer them through life. Al’s interests were many and varied. He loved the pounding surf; he was often a frustrated fisherman; he got lost in music and explored visual arts techniques. Al respected and researched flora and fauna in our quiet corner. Travel interests took him to many parts of Australia in his youth, as well as living in New Zealand. More recently he travelled to the UK and France. History was a major focus on his travels. History, exciting food and good wine! Al’s community involvement in his early days in town was in surf life-saving patrols. He then took on the training of the younger turtle or green-capped Nippers for a number of years. He was passionate about encouraging water safety and developing early interest in life saving. Al supported the Rainbow Beach P&C and later, at times volunteered in the classrooms. His other community involvement was as an assistant coach over many years, with the Golden City Soccer club. Finally, I know that Al was incredibly thankful to close friends and family for their support and their helpfulness during his debilitating ill-health. So now this witty, warm, wonderful human being rests peacefully. “And so, Al, forever in our minds and hearts, we see you in every wave.” WORDS BY THERESE YOUNG, AL’S WIFE.

March 2020 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 9

Education support dog for Tin Can Bay School


Ryder with Caroline Milne and Tin Can Bay School Deputy Principal, Sandy Lewis

N WEEK ONE the Tin Can Bay school community welcomed Ryder to our Tin Can Bay family. Ryder is a 15-month-old Labrador who has been trained to work in an educational setting. Support dogs in schools are known to promote calm classroom environments, and can provide individual students with both attention and affection, contributing positively to the development of emotional self- regulation skills. The tendency to pay attention to animals is associated with an increased capacity for response inhibition, which is particularly enabling for children with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or those who have difficulty learning in a traditional class situation. Ryder will be involved in a period of

training to transition to the school setting at Tin Can Bay P-10 State School. The primary handler has undertaken dog handling training and will be working with Ryder to achieve a smooth and successful transition. Over time, a small number of secondary handlers will undergo training. During this time, students and other staff will have limited supervised contact with Ryder which will increase as the transition progresses. Students in each class will undergo a formal induction program. Once fully transitioned to our school environment, a schedule of class visits and regular interaction will be developed. We look forward to sharing Ryder’s progress with you on our school’s Facebook page.

Lionel McBride Memorial Cricket Match


HOT DAY tempered by a lovely breeze helped cool players and spectators at the Rainbow Beach Cricket field last month for the Lionel McBride Memorial Cricket Match. Lionel’s wife, Edith, who spent 45 days in intensive care and 85 days in hospital in April, May and June last year, was delighted to be well enough to attend the match and cheer on the Rainbow Beach boys. Daughter Jackie said: “It is wonderful to have Lionel’s memory honoured as he loved his time as the scorer for the team, they are great guys. “Sincere thanks to Merv O’Neil (captain and manager) for the respect and honour shown to Lionel and Edith in instigating the event. “Merv will be working hard to grow the day into an even bigger event next year and is hopeful that the community

will come along and join in this special day on the Australia Day weekend in 2021.” Harlequins were the winners on the day and recipients of the Lionel McBride Memorial Trophy. The Man of the Match award went to Scott Millard from Harlequins. The family would like to say a big thank you to the Rainbow Beach Butchery for their kind donations of sausages for the BBQ for the teams, post-match. Nathan Kropp from the Sports Club was also very generous in providing some liquid hydration for the players after a hot afternoon on the pitch. Edith McBride, Jackie and Greg Eaton were grateful Lionel’s memory was honoured as he loved his time as the scorer for the Rainbow Beach Cricket Team

Enrol your child now for 2020. Come fT have a look around. You will l

Australia’s Best Shark & Ray Dive

P l

Kids Bizz - March 2020 - 1/4V

N t b Also take out the Happy New Year banner and put in FREE BUS SERVICE (which you will have to take out of the bottom of the aT you make it a white background and black writing or something t stand out please Could you please change the photos and put these two in.

And change the colour of 'our kids love our beach kindy!' to may - so it stands out more - whatever you think looks best.

Ÿ Toddlers

LOCALS PADI OPEN WATER COURSE 14th, 15th and 16th of March and 28th, 29th and 30th of March Intro dive in the pool for the kids

Ÿ Junior Kindy Ÿ Senior Kindy Ÿ Beach Kindy Ÿ Before & ��er-School Care Ÿ Vaca on Care Ÿ Family Owned & Operated

Contact Jade for further informa on on

Opening mes are: Mon - Fri, 7am - 630pm.

5486 4850

a: 49 Trevally Street, Tin Can Bay e: kidsbizz ncanbay@gmail.com 10 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – March 2020

Special $500

a: 2 Goondi St, Rainbow Beach

t: 07 5486 8004 m: 0498 743 795

e: info@wolfrockdive.com.au w: www.wolfrockdive.com.au


Joining Thommo at Tin Can Bay is another of Australian cricket’s greatest characters, Doug Walters, who is in the Australian Cricket Hall of Fame

Meet cricket legends Jeff Thomson and Doug Walters! Neil Goodyer President


UNDRAISING IS A key backbone activity of our organisation and our group of volunteers dedicated to this task continue tirelessly with the regular activities of bingo, raffles and money boards around the community, and they appreciate the community support given. From time-to-time we need additional events to bolster funds and many of you will be familiar with and look forward to our Christmas in July luncheons, which we run with the support of the Cooloola Coast Bowls Club. Well, put this in your diary; and remember to book early: Join Jeff Thomson and Doug Walters for a sports luncheon on Saturday

April 4, 2020 from 11.30am for 12 noon. Ticket price is $80 per head for a two course meal at the Cooloola Coast Bowls Club. Drinks will be available at happy hour pricing. Apart from being well entertained by two of Australia’s cricketing legends, the event will feature an auction of sports memorabilia, raffles and door prizes. Only 100 tickets will be available, befitting such exclusive company. Bookings can be made at club, TuesdaysSundays 11am-5pm, Cnr of Gympie and Bayside Roads, Tin Can Bay. Or call the club on 5486 4836, or Steve on 0407 167 814, and get in early to avoid disappointment. We hope that the event will be well received and that we can put it on our event calendar every year. Hope to see you there.

Join the local Girl Guides

IRL GUIDES HAVE been active in our region since February 2016, and with local support they have been doing outstanding work empowering girls and young women to grow into confident, self-respecting community members and leaders of tomorrow. With an exciting and varied programme designed to inspire and challenge, Guiding introduces girls to a world of new opportunities, adventure and fun! The Cooloola Coast Unit gets together with friends at weekly meetings to try new activities, learn life skills, get creative, explore different cultures and play games. Cooloola Coast Girl Guides attend local community events such as the ANZAC Day march; learn from experts such as the SES, Fire and Police Service, plus the Lions, Fishing and Bowls Clubs (just to name a few!), and also give back to the community such as helping on Clean Up Australia Day. On the first night back this year the girls had fun putting up tents, preparing for the Regional Turtle Camp at the end of February. Some members of the unit are very excited to be joining 80 girls from the Sunshine Coast region up at Mon Repos to see baby turtles hatching and making their way out to sea, as well as make new friends and take part in camp fun. Make a difference in your community. Become a leader or support our local

Girl Guides by making a donation either financial or goods (ie. for crafts/cooking/ sporting/camping); provide a space for a donation tin; or kindly offer opportunities for education, adventure, fundraising or community service activities. All help is welcome! Expressions of interest for 2020 for girls 5 – 17 yrs. Get Started Vouchers (Sports and Recreation subsidy for low-income families) available from January 22. For information Heather Brown: 0413 674 457.

Aaliyah, Sophia, Chloe and Indiana from the Cooloola Coast Girl Guides perfecting their tent skills

March 2020 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 11

Rainbow Beach Police Beat By Senior Constable Mick Emery

Coondoo Bridge flood panic I

F THERE WAS one lesson reinforced to me, it’s that you can’t believe everything you read on social media. In fact, you almost can’t believe anything you read on social media! The ‘epic’ February flooding of the mighty Coondoo Creek (or lack thereof) was an interesting case study on what happens when some people can’t find the information they are after – and the answer seems to be: just make stuff up! As in previous years, as soon as there were more than two days of rain in a row the excitement grew for Gympie-bound commuters as they eyed off the rising height of the creek – all hopeful for just one thing: a day off work or school. For one agonising day, the hopes of the

creek justifying a ‘day off’ rose and fell as quickly as the height of the creek itself. Yet that one day turned out to be a roller coaster ride for the community, courtesy of some well-meaning but ill-informed social media posts. Purporting to have all the ‘facts’ as to whether the bridge was open or closed, some armchair experts only contributed to confusion. You can probably picture me eating popcorn and scrolling through the comments – raising my eyebrows every time I read a comment like “the bridge is closed” or “Council is shutting the bridge at 3pm” – knowing that there had been no such closure. I found myself shouting “that’s fake news!” like I was some American politician at election time.

Droughtrunners Report Tony Stewart - 0408 767 930


FTER A HECTIC January when the Droughtrunners took on the mango pick and delivery to western Queensland farmers in drought, February has been a bit quieter as most of us catch up on other pursuits. For those that did not hear, we delivered almost 50,000 mangos to as far

as Cunnamulla, St George, Stanthorpe, Morven, Condamine and many areas in between. Many volunteers made this possible with sponsors Tom Grady, St George Freightlines, Peter Buchanan, Gympie Handy Hire, Lindols Farm, and Michael Read for cartage and trailer use. The person that made all this possible was Brian Burton from Lake Barra Cottages

12 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – March 2020

To be fair – in the midst of all the rumours – many people also simply posted a photo of the bridge and the time they went over: information that was factual, timely and helpful. What was not helpful was the unqualified statements and speculation – which only contributed to panic and rushed decisions. Armed with little more than rumour and misinformation, some made the premature decision to self-evacuate back from Gympie early. You might say they had a ‘premature evacuation’… Then – predictably – as the waters receded, many then played the ‘blame game’ on social media: keyboard warriors providing their expert opinion on how better decisions could have been made

(everyone has 20/20 vision in hindsight). Some people just need to build a bridge and get over it. Which is, of course, exactly what’s happening! The whole ‘Coondoo issue’ will soon be a thing of the past – but inevitably other emergencies will arise. The whole point of this article is to urge caution with respect to making decisions based on a social media feed. Nature will continue to serve up natural disasters and – unfortunately – they will be inconvenient! It is in times like these that emergency services will need to get factual messages out, and I would simply urge people to seek ‘official’ sources of information, rather than Chinese whispers… Stay safe.

at Anderleigh who has a wonderful Farm Stay Park. RB Droughtrunners are now staying at Corryong, an area gutted by fire last month and helping to rebuild fences and giving financial support by way of donations for fencing materials and vouchers. Our funds go straight to the retailer for materials which are then picked up by the contractor. This saves a lot of bureaucratic red tape and NO admin costs. A bit different to your every day TV appeals - where does your money go? Vouchers have also been given out to those that lost almost everything with the fires.

Also many thanks to Big W Gympie for donating new clothes. Interestingly, people I speak to are adamant, drought is worse than fire even after being burnt out. The reason is you have to wake up every morning for years and face the same problem, but with fire it is over very quickly. Much rain has fallen in Queensland, but the drought is not over, with patchy rainfall in many areas! Can you please keep your donations coming in either to the IGAs, Drakes or Bank of Queensland in Gympie. Thank you

Happenings Get to know your local library Library


E HAVE SUCH a beautiful free library in Rainbow Beach and Tin Can Bay with the daily newspaper, free books, internet, up-to-date magazines, air conditioning and such knowledgeable staff who always go the extra mile. If you don’t already, take the time to get to know your local library - the source of so much information and fun. Drop in and say thank you to Caroline, who after many years is retiring in April thanks Caroline. First 5 Forever Storytime First 5 Forever storytime is an interactive program for preschool children and babies in a relaxed atmosphere with a focus on fun for all preschool children, babies and their caregivers. Sessions are held weekly at the following locations: Rainbow Beach Library, Mondays 10am -11am Tin Can Bay Library, Thursdays 9.30am -10.30am Wi-Fi and Mobile networks You can connect to the internet without any cables, and we call this type of internet connection Wi-Fi. This session will teach you all about Wi-Fi, which we use when we’re at home or in a place that has free Wi-Fi, like a café or airport. You’ll also learn about mobile data which we can use anywhere anytime and how it is different from Wi-Fi. Tin Can Bay Library – Thursday 19 March 2-4pm Cyber Safety Feel safe and confident online by learning the basics of secure internet use. Learn

Library Lovers Day was held last month at the Rainbow Beach Library with a lot of work done to make it a lovely event by Caroline and Jenny. Pictured are Chris and Anne Thornton, Jenny Tanner, Gayle Young, Ze, Caroline Taylor, Maree Heron, Rose Mayes and Val Davidson

how to protect yourself against viruses and malware, pay safely online and create strong passwords. Basic computer and internet skills required. Rainbow Beach Library – Thursday 19 March 10am-12noon Book Clubs Book Clubs flourish throughout the Gympie Region, with more than 25 active reading groups currently accessing the multiple book-set collections of Gympie Regional Libraries. If you’re an avid reader and would like to discuss the work of great authors with other book lovers, contact your nearest library branch today. There is a new Book Club about to launch in Rainbow Beach if you would like to join leave your name with the library team. Cooloola Card Makers – Every second Wednesday from 9am -11am Cooloola Card Markers is the group to join if you want a fun morning out in addition to making new friends along with your cards. Beginners and experienced are welcome.

Join us at Tin Can Bay Library and let your creative juices flow. Phone: 5486 4355 for more information. Rainbow Beach Art Group – Second and fourth Thursday of each month at 10am Join us at Rainbow Beach Library for a fantastic morning of fun and creativity. Each session covers something different with the aim of exploring different avenues of art. Come along and enjoy a morning getting in touch with your inner artist. Tea and coffee will be provided.

Phone: 5486 3705 for more information. Tin Can Bay Art Group – Tuesdays from 10am-12noon Calling all artists! Join us at Tin Can Bay Library to share work and ideas, seek advice from other talented eyes, and connect with artists in our community. Bring your work-in-progress or your finished piece and join in a friendly chat. Exchange ideas, participate in a mini-workshop or see an art demonstration. All artists, levels, and mediums welcome. Phone: 5486 4355 for more information.

Rainbow Beach Ph: 5486 3705

Tin Can Bay Ph: 5486 4355

Monday and Thursday 9.30am – 12.30pm Wednesday and Friday 2pm – 5pm Saturday 9am – 12 noon

Monday and Wednesday 9am – 12.30pm Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9am – 5pm Saturday 8.30am – 11.30am

Visit us at: www.gympie.qld.gov.au/library Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GRLibraries

March 2020 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 13

Creative Cuts Forbidden Road

Benito the Pirate is now an exhibition Local Tin Can Bay artist and retired teacher, Alan Pearson, has written and illustrated a book about the legendary pirate ‘Benito’. ‘Benito’ pillaged Spanish galleons and allegedly, while trying to elude the authorities, buried most of his treasure in Queenscliff Victoria … and the rest later in the Franklin River, before disappearing. Alan will be exhibiting his works, Fish Friends and a Few Loose Ends at Gatakers Artspace in Maryborough from March 4 - 29. This story was written and illustrated by Alan and is held at Gatakers Artspace, as the venue is a major government initiative to encourage and promote local artists. The exhibition consists of Illustrations

With band members, Glenn Hand on lead guitar and vocals, Kellie Hand on vocals, Ryan White on drums and vocals and Anthony Asquith on bass, Forbidden Road will get you out of your chairs. The group will be playing a mix of covers and originals with some Country, Rock ‘n’ Roll and some classics thrown in. Forbidden Road are looking forward to performing at the Tin Can Bay Country Club on March 13 from 7pm and entry is free. The band says: “There is something for everyone with the sound of amazing harmonies.” Get yourself to the club for a great meal, some cold drinks and free entertainment! Have a listen to them here: bandmix.com.au/forbiddenroad/

14 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – March 2020

from the children’s book Benito the Pirate along with a series of abstract landscapes and cartoons about Fish Friends and a Few Loose Ends. If you would like to know more about this unique exhibition, Alan is on 0412 640 558 - and all are welcome at the exhibition.

Coolabay Choir Enjoyment and pleasure come from hard work, concentration and learning. We do it all the time and those of us who like to sing, to air our lungs and strive for that lovely sound all of us are capable of making, are in the Coolabay Choir. It hasn’t always been so, but through dedication and graft we are receiving appreciation. We sang at the February concert for the fire fighters, the wild creatures and all those who lost homes and loved ones. We are always welcome at Music Plus nights and in September we are welcoming lots of visitors who are descending on Tin Can Bay in their caravans and motorhomes, who have expressed a desire to join a singing group whilst they are here. Our choir practices are sometimes learning new songs, often repeating favourite ones, but always fun with laughter the next favourite experience. Do come and join our dedicated group and help us move on, Wednesdays, 3 to 4pm, Vets and Community Hall, Cooloola Cove.

Music Plus has a long history

What On at the Gympie Regional Gallery

Lace This musical evening with a variety of performers, poets, raconteurs and musicians has been in existence since March 2008. The concept of music in the community was introduced in 2004 by Joan Finch, a former teacher and pianist, who passed away at Christmas time 2007. At her funeral, her husband, Noel, made an impassioned plea to Pam Graham to continue the evenings, which she has done since March 2008. Pam has encouraged teachers to bring students along to gain performance experience and to keep music alive. These have been pianists, singers (boys and girls) and budding guitarists. There have always been older musicians of professional status and former members of orchestras, as well as people who play well but did not take up the art professionally. Now we enjoy music of the classical era, folk songs, Country and BlueGrass, a ukulele group, poetry, funny stories and occasionally sketches, which are greatly appreciated as they take some rehearsing, and always songs which we all join in and sing along. The kitchen serves tea, coffee, cold drinks, biscuits and cake at the end of the evening. Pam organises and introduces everyone, so if you feel the urge to do any of the things mentioned, please call her or email her to be on the next programme. Come to Music Plus on March 26 at 7pm. It is held on the last Thursday of each month at 7pm in each of the following months March, April, May, September, October and November. Call Pam 0427 180 649 or email: kcisf327@gmail.com

n Bay – Scullett Drive orough – Gympie Road, Tinana

Constellations Constellations by award-winning multimedia artist Donna Maree Robinson, along with local artist Tiarn Florence who is being mentored by Donna, will create a full-on, multi-media exhibition experience celebrating women who broke the ceiling, prioritised bravery and trusted their visions. Donna was a finalist in the international Lumen Art Prize and winner of the Queensland Regional Arts Digital Art Award in 2012. This exhibition has been assisted by Regional Arts Development Fund, a partnership between the Queensland Government and Gympie Regional Council to support the development of local arts and culture.

On display in the Hugo Du Rietz Gallery is Lace by Mary Elizabeth Barron. Mary creates an ethereal environment exploring themes of traditional ‘female’ handicrafts and environmental concerns. This is achieved through the creation of large scale bobbin lace pieces made from clear plastic bags, displayed in a way to allow visitors to become immersed within the exhibition. Inspired by the Mary River, an installation of artwork will adorn the Gallery veranda. Entry to the Gympie Regional Gallery at 39 Nash Street is free, with opening hours from 10am to 4pm Tuesday to Saturday. For more information, or to make bookings for workshops and themed activities, visit gympie.qld.gov.au/gallery or call 5481 0733.

ALL INSURANCE REPAIRS 2 LOCATIONS TIN CAN BAY: 5486 4004 SCULLETT DRIVE MARYBOROUGH: 4121 6377 GYMPIE RD, TINANA www.widebaycaravans.com.au March 2020 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 15

PHOTOGRAPHY 101 - Part 2:

Cropping for Composition By Julie Hartwig, Tin Can Bay Camera Club

Memorable dolphin experience

Norma Sanderson Dolphin Volunteer and Coordinator


URING FEBRUARY the dolphin viewing still attracted visitors, though not as many as during December and January. The dolphins were very regular so the visitors were treated to a wonderful experience. Even with all the recent rain and so much tannin in the water, the dolphins didn’t seem to mind. They just love interacting with the public and of course receive a small feed.

The dolphins are only given 3kg of fish per day and this has no bearing on their wildness as they eat over 15kgs per day. Some comments in our visitors’ book are below. “Such a beautiful, memorable experience. Thank you very much to all volunteers. Family from Dalby” “Gorgeous, life changing, thank you” “It was always a dream!! Best way to come to a dolphin so close. Love it. Thank you very much” Robin – Germany

Join the Kia Ora Coffee Club


N THE FIRST Friday of every month our neighbours at Kia Ora hold a Kia Ora Coffee Club Morning at the hall. They are inviting anyone along for a coffee, tea and cake and a chat with new friends and old.

It is at 10am and an opportunity to network with the community and to learn all about local Information and events. For further information please call Sandra on 0419 857 082.

16 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – March 2020


ROP FORMATS for composition can be horizontal, vertical, square or panoramic. Remember that while the human eye views the world in the horizontal format, cameras (any type) also have the capability to capture images in vertical, square and panoramic formats. Simply turn your camera 45 degrees for verticals or choose a different aspect ratio! 1 Horizontal crop: Also known as ‘landscape’ crop, this format is best suited to scenes/ subjects that have predominantly horizontal elements such as horizons, horizontal lines, and elements arranged in a horizontal alignment. Horizontal crops can be applied to any image, though some are more suitable than others. 2 Vertical crop: Also known as ‘portrait’ crop, this format is best suited to scenes/ subjects that have predominantly vertical elements. For example, portraits of people, tall buildings, objects projecting upwards or downwards. Again, any

Paivi Lobigs photo titled ‘Ready to Go’ won the A Grade Gold Award at the Tin Can Bay Camera Club

subject is suitable, even landscapes. 3 Square crop: Simply an image cropped to a square. This is often done to horizontal or vertical photos to give a centrally placed subject more impact. 4 Panoramic crop: Any crop where the width of the image is at least twice the height. This crop is used predominantly in landscape photography to give a wide view of a scene. If you’re not sure which crop format best suits, study the elements in the scene and take horizontal and vertical. More 101 composition tips next issue! The Tin Can Bay Camera Club’s next meeting: Wednesday March 18, 7pm at TCB Library. Visit the Club website at tincanbaycameraclub.wix.com/tcb-cameraclub.

Stay with a farmer DO YOU LOVE TO CAMP? Local firm, Camps Australia Wide, are urging Aussies to #gowest and #stay with a farmer. Download their free guide of 10 farm and station stays in droughtaffected areas, across New South Wales and Queensland. “Talking to the farmers, it was heartbreaking – some of them have been in drought for NINE years!” said co-owner, Michelle Gilmore. “Although rain has fallen in some of these places – another farmer said it would take 10 to 15 years for them to recover from this drought. “They really need bookings to get them on track – and each one offers unique experiences – there’s a health retreat, art workshops, history tours, music festival and award-winning gelato!” With all the attention on the fires, they thought it was even more important to help send travellers to them. “Do one or the whole circuit - the closest one is less than four hours from Gympie!” urged Michelle.

Known for their CAMPS 10 and PARKS 5 books, and Camps Australia Wide App – the Rainbow Beach team work hard updating all sorts of sites around Australia – from showgrounds and national parks, to pub RV parks and farm stays. Visit http://bit.ly/visitafarmand you can download your free guide via Messenger. You can choose to make a donation for Drought Angels whilst you are there. So far the initiative has raised over $2000 to help families in these communities with grocery and fuel cards. What are you waiting for? GO WEST. Have fun and stay with a farmer!

Wongalea Fishing and Camping is one of ten farm stays in a free guide for RV travellers and campers to help farmers affected by drought

Neighbourhood Watch


HE NEIGHBOURHOOD Watch meetings for this year will be April 18, June 13, August 8, October 10, December 12 (Christmas party) and anyone is welcome to attend. We have had to change the date of the next meeting because it clashes with Easter. The committee and attendees agreed to extend our meeting to the following week which is April 18.

The police report for the past two months showed Cooloola Cove and Tin Can Bay were very quiet with lots of family activities. They were extremely busy at Rainbow Beach for that period, with the influx of tourists and campers on holidays. Discussion points with the police at the meeting were car phone legislation, trail bikes, intersection signage, noise

complaints, and graffiti. If you see any behaviour going on, please ring the police. If you think it is life threatening ring 000, or otherwise ring 13 14 44.. We meet the second Saturday bimonthly at the Cooloola Cove Veterans Hall. For further information contact Fay: 5488 0514 or Di: 0408 599 477.

Now taking Enrollments for

Help needed for the School P&C committee

T 2022

HE RAINBOW BEACH State School is holding a P & C meeting and AGM on Monday March 30, at 5.30pm at the Rainbow Beach State School Library. The committee will be voted on and new members can sign up. All are welcome and we would love some new members and parents to come on board to help the school P & C if you can spare a few hours a month.

ENROL NOW for 2021 & 2022

ENROL online: www.spcgympie@qld.edu.au Phone: 07 5482 0600 Email: sgympie@bne.catholic.edu.au March 2020 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 17

Fun, friendship, fellowship and …food!

Welcome to the new Officer in Charge of the Rainbow Beach Ambulance Station Shane Douglas and all the best and thanks to Clinton Borger

Welcome Douglas Family!

Cheryl Zunic – Treasurer josephandcheryl@bigpond.com


grateful to Clinton for the support and knowledge he has provided during his time here and we wish him every success for the future. With the hot weather still persisting, please take advantage of the Heat Stress flyers which the LAC has distributed to some retail outlets, as well as both libraries in Tin Can Bay and Rainbow Beach. The flyers are free and offer some helpful hints on how to prevent heat-related illness for seniors, babies and children in particular. And just a reminder that bingo sessions are held every Thursday from 9.30am at the Tin Can Bay Country Club. All proceeds go towards supporting the local ambulance service, so please come along for a fun morning.

Add style ! e m o h r u o to y

EMBERS OF THE Local Ambulance Committee (LAC) held a morning tea to welcome Shane Douglas, who is taking over as the Officer in Charge at the Rainbow Beach Ambulance Station. Shane and his family have moved to the Cooloola Coast from Hughenden, where he was stationed for three years, with a posting in Townsville prior to that. We are looking forward to working with Shane in his new role. The committee also said farewell to Clinton Borger who has been acting in the OIC position for several months pending Shane’s appointment. The LAC is very

It is even easier to add style to your home

with 2 showrooms


UR SCHEDULE of “Fun,Ÿ Friendship and Internal & Fellowship” is under way already in 2020. products In February club members attended the Blinds annual Ecumenical Service,Ÿwhich is hosted alternatively by the Gympie Probus Club Venetians and the Gympie-Widgee ŸProbus Club for the benefit of all clubs in the Wide Bay area, Ÿ Drapes which stretches from Gympie to Bundaberg. The service was attended members of Ÿ byDoors six clubs and Probians enjoyed a sumptuous morning tea afterwards. Ÿ Screens We also enjoyed lunch at the Phoenix Ÿ Shutters Hotel and morning tea at Tastys in February. As you will gather, not only we aim for Ÿ do Awnings fun, friendship and fellowship, but we also love food! Everyone enjoys lunch or morning tea and it is a good opportunity to catch up with fellow members. Our tour director has already prepared a schedule of outings, events, concerts and

Probus attended the Ecumenical Service external

in Gympie with the Reverend Gary McClintock (left), the Probus Presidents with their Collars of Office and Graham McClurg, Vice President of Cooloola Probus (right)

lunches/morning teas for the coming year and we are looking forward to having a jolly good time. Our monthly meeting, followed by the Annual General Meeting, will be held at the Tin Can Bay Library on Monday, March 9, with the Changeover Lunch at the Tin Can Bay Country Club on Monday, March 23, when the new committee will be inducted. If you would like to know more about Probus, please contact Jo on 0428 762 572 or Kaye on 0421 648 129. Please note our change of arrangements for meetings in March.

......and a whole lot mo

Money Saving Deal for you

Instead of add style to your home, use this heading (heading sh out more) It is even easier to add style to your home - with 2 showrooms

Stay a night for FREE!

in blue/teal section under photo (similar to half page ad attache

Stay 4 nights for the price of 3 Chilled bottle of wine on arrival, remove dot points/list breakfast for two complimentary valued at $20 and FREE Wi

move logo to the bottom left, include the writing underneath like (Valid to March 31st, 2020)

addresses/contacts at bottom right:or Available from our website

call us.

Servicing Cooloola Coast, Wide Bay and Fraser Coast via Gympie and now Maryborough. Call or visit today! 16 Reef Street, Gympie (next to IGA) Call 07 5481 2846 77 Adelaide Street, Maryborough Call 07 4121 7070 classiqueblindsandscreens@gmail.com www.screensandblindsgympie.com.au 18 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – March 2020

4 Double Island Drive, Rainbow Beach


e: bookings@rainbowgetaway.com.au

100% of funds reach recipients W

ELL, WHAT A great start to 2020 with our lovely group of ladies at our first craft morning. We are making items to help bushfire families with knitted rugs, teddies, toys beanies, scarves and toilet bags. All are welcome at our craft mornings, a $2 entry and a morning tea and raffle. A second craft morning each month has been requested, dates to be announced. Thank you for all the donations of wool - if you can donate wool, needles, unfinished knitting or sewing items, zips to make bags, material, etc., please let us know as we are happy to collect. A big thank you to all the locals who have donated to our ‘Public Rural Crisis Fund’. We can assure you every cent is reaching the people in need of financial assistance. We directly pay bills, issue Woolworths and fuel vouchers and the applications are processed by our many volunteers at the State Office. One hundred percent of funds received are distributed to families where needed. We thank them too for the long hours of tireless work. Our International Weekend Conference is at Caboolture this year. Every year the country women study a country and this year it is Japan.

We are still taking donations of ladies bras. Approximately 300 have so far been sent to third-world countries. Our current project is “Kits for Kids’. Donations are needed for any stationary items, pencils, paper, rubbers, sharpeners and pencil cases. Watch the paper next month for all our upcoming competitions, cookery and preserves, knitting and crochet. A reminder our photography entries close on March 9. All entries and enquiries please contact photography convenor, Lorraine on 5486 2226. Craft 1st Wednesday of the month, $2 entry morning tea and raffle 9.30am Hoy 3rd Wednesday of the month, $7 entry morning tea, lucky door and raffle 10am Cottage enquiries and bookings – 0490 670 518 Queensland Country Women’s Association enquires – President Wendy 0412 547 043 Address: 18 Whiting Street, Tin Can Bay - all welcome Rugs, beanies, scarf and hat sets made by many pairs of clicking knitting needles by the local QCWA - well done!

Over 60s news W

HEN INFORMATION about a new venue to try for the over 60s reached our ears, off we went to the Lindols Macadamias at Goomboorian. Normally open on Friday and Saturday, Lindols are happy to open on other days for groups. It is a very peaceful setting and we were made very welcome by the owner Sandra. Macadamia pesto chicken salad was my choice and I gave

Dorothy and Don Pascoe, Jenny Killalea, Jeannette Penny, Ray Kahl, Annette Collins, Lil Kahl, Del Nayler, Pat Nayler, Margaret Cudahy, Lyn Bleakley and Doug Collins enjoying Lindols

232 Mary Street, Gympie, 4570 businessleap.org.au 1300 249 482 thegenerator.org.au

it a 10 out of 10. Other salads and toasties also got 10s! The macadamia lime cheesecake was also a winner. We all went home loaded with roasted macadamias and spreads. Everyone voted that we will certainly be going back again. Our next meeting will be March 3, at the Rainbow Beach Surf Club, starting at 10am. Feel free to come along and check us out. Our next social will be a BYO BBQ at Phil Rogers Park next to the Surf Club at Rainbow Beach - it’s a St Pat’s Day theme so bring your green. Please phone Dorothy on 5486 2357, if you would like more information.

10 PM

7 days a week

March 2020 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 19

ERTORIAL Gympie Regional Council Election 2020 – Division 1 ADVERTORIAL

Support your future by

Gympie Regional Council Division 1 boundary

VOTING 1 for JESS MILNE for Division 1 Jess Milne will connect the Cooloola Coast community to Council. On March 28, the Cooloola Coast community will be asked to make a decision that will govern the next four years. Tin Can Bay local iden ty, Jess Milne, is standing as a candidate for Division 1 with the vision of unlocking poten al and securing a sustainable future. As a dedicated volunteer providing service to various organisa ons and commi ees including business, environmental, spor ng, youth and health, Jess has developed an intricate cross-community understanding of the Cooloola Coast. “Communica on is key to everything and I want to be the bridge between the community and Council, facilita ng effec ve two-way informa on flow,” Jess explained. “Did you know that there are dog parks, cycle and pedestrian routes, RV opportuni es, bird apprecia on infrastructure, a skate park in Cooloola Cove and other upgrades in place just wai ng for funding?” Future financial security is high on Jess's agenda sta ng that, “prudent budge ng for

realis c projects to stop the ratepayer pinch” will be needed straight out of the gate. Transparency is a word on everyone's lips and Jess will be endeavouring to ensure that open informa on flow reaches electors' ears. “I know there is much to be done and I have been listening.” Open minded and forward thinking, Jess is approachable and accountable. “I will not speak for you. I will be the collec ve voice of the community. “I believe Council is currently lacking diversity in decision making which is fundamental for effec ve government. I'll bring lateral thinking, assurance ques oning and a social conscience to the table.” Jess will be advoca ng for improved health access and healthy living infrastructure, suppor ng tourism sustainability and unlocking untapped poten al, inves ga ng youth opportuni es and educa on, encouraging innova ve economic investment for employment security and ensuring basic services are delivered effec vely to drive the Cooloola Coast as the place to live, work and play.


T’S COUNCIL ELECTION time on March 28, 2020, and voting is compulsory for citizens over 18. At the time of print, four Gympie Council candidates have indicated their intention to Jess will be at nominate for the Division 1 region which Café Jilarty on has 4905 voters; Cr Mark McDonald, Jess March 10 and 16, Milne, Phil Feldman and Ash Little 9.30 - 11.30am Nominations for candidates for election as mayors and councillors opened on February Further to our discussion Could you remove GRCE 28th March2020 theperiod top. started. 22 and afrom caretaker Could you replace the one we trust with, Electors had until 5pm, February 28, 2020 to either update their enrolment to a new Then below the picture put on the ................. name or address or to enrol for the first time. The Electoral Commission Queensland (ECQ) will conduct a random draw to determine the order in which candidates Want to know more? Chat with Jess at Café Jilarty on March 10 and 16, 9.30 –11.30am, appear on ballot papers on Wednesday, or contact Jess on 0411 218 254 or jessmilnefordivision1@gmail.com March 4. Authorized by J Milne 124 Emperor St, Tin Can Bay, Qld


The Change Commission reviewed the local council boundaries in 2019 and recommended the transfer of the Wallu locality and part of Toolara Forest and Tin Can Bay to Division 2 to ensure each division of the Council has a similar number of voters, so that each person’s vote has the same value. Postal vote applications close at 7pm Monday, March 16 and the ECQ must receive your postal vote no later than 5pm Tuesday, April 7, 2020. Early voting will be conducted between March 16 and March 27, 2020, at venues to be announced in the Gympie Region.

Election day is on Saturday, March 28, 2020, and polling booths will be open from 8am to 6pm.


“It has been an absolute privilege and humbling to have served the Cooloola Coast for the past eight years. I am asking for your vote in the upcoming elec on so that I can con nue working for you in Division 1.” Cr Mark McDonald.

‘Doing the most for the Coast’

Vote 1 MARK McDONALD to con nue the great work that has been done over the past eight years. Wri en and Authorised by A Ballard 20 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – March 2020

MARK McDONALD 28th March 2020

Gympie Regional Council Election 2020 – Division 1

Philip Feldman 4 Div 1 Ash Little Division 1 Are you concerned about our local community? I a m a n d t h a t ' s w hy I ' m standing for Division 1, in the upcoming Gympie Regional Council Election. Do you want to be heard? I'm listening! I'll have a local of ice in Rainbow Beach and Tin Can Bay so you can present your ideas, concerns and suggestions and I'll help to make your voice heard in Gympie. What is my agenda? 1. Transparent government 2. Balancing a sustainable budget 3. Prioritising regional projects that will bene it all citizens of our Region 4. Planning for future growth and development with focus on planned, positive and environmentally sound practices. 5. Listen and acting on YOUR behalf.

ggghjjj sally

Division 1 is comprised of 3 distinct communities; Tin Can Bay, Cooloola and Rainbow Beach. Each with its own unique character yet all with overlapping needs.

M e e t m e a t a " M e e t t h e Candidate" forum in your area or philfeld47@outlook.com

Gympie 2020 Local Election Bring UP :“I'll have a local office in


My ears in the community will become the top of the left hand column… your voice in Council Community Inclusion not exclusion Ethical and Transparent Council meetings A Council with Cohesion, not collusion Honesty and Integrity to achieve Credibility Dedication to my role as Councillor. No I tried phoning and left message… second job! Financial Responsibility and Phil Accountability 2020 is our chance to enforce change. Make your vote count and be part of the solution. "Good intentions mean nothing if they aren't supported by actions. Community sentiment suggests they feel let down in reference to these core values. There is significant room for improvement when it comes to Councils reporting and community consultation. It is the community's money at play." We cannot rewrite history but together we can make our own! What concerns do Division 1 residents have and what are your ideas, ambitions and expectations from a new council? I would love to hear and will be at the: Ÿ Tin Can Bay Yacht Club from 12 - 2pm on Tuesday, March 10; Ÿ Rainbow Beach Community Centre from 1 - 3pm on Wednesday, March 11, 2020 Ÿ Rainbow Beach Community Centre from 10 - 12pm on March 12, 2020

Phone: 0418 730 230 Facebook: Ash Little Division 1 Gympie 2020 Local Election Authorized A. Little 14 Corella Court Gympie for A. Little (candidate) Candidate for Gympie Regional Council 2020 Local Election, Division 1

DAY 2020

If it’s flooded ...forget it



n we change the RB Wellness logo to a RB Pizza o - so so sorry.

Help us celebrate International Women's Day and honour women all over the world. A day of Food, Fashion, Speakers, Workshops and a chance to sample quality products. Our special guest of honour is Vanessa Fowler, chair of the Allison Baden-Clay foundation who will join us to tell how we can help with domestic violence education. Jody Allen founder of SAHM will enlighten us on how she created a megabusiness. Superstar Jacinta Richmond will showcase talented designers for a breathtakingly professional fashion parade. Ladies! Start your day with Yoga on the beach from 6am

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d we have someone closing the show now - so so y

TIME: 9am to 5pm VENUE: Community Hall and lawn COST: $20 BOOKINGS: www.trybooking.com/BHVBT

0pm Leanda Harmer, holistic healer.


6am Boardriders Paddle Out We recommend you stay at: 6am Free Yoga on the beach Plantation Resort at Rainbow, 7am Surng lessons - sold out - Saturday available. Rainbow Getaway Apartments 9am Doors open The Community Hall 9.15 Welcome by Councillor Mark McDonald with wife Jill McDonald Ÿ 11am Suzanne Norman Ÿ 1.30pm Vanessa A Fowler Speakers in the Marquee Ÿ 2pm Fashion Parade Ÿ 9.30am Welcome by Phyllis Ÿ 11.30am Alanna Geary Ÿ 4.30pm Leanda Harmer, Ÿ 12.00 Kerrie Atherton Grigg Ÿ 12.30pm Rachel Pope Ÿ 10am Sharon Maloney Ÿ 1pm Jody Allen Ÿ 10.30am Gillian Duffy Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ

Question - Do you know the hazards that can affect your community?


NSWER - BUSH FIRE, cyclones, severe storms, storm surges, heatwaves, flood, pandemics - and what about the manmade hazards - marine oil spills, severe road crash, terrorism. Can our emergency services always get to you in an emergency? Answer - during disasters there will be a delay before outside help arrives. This can be due to our location or due to the number of residents that have been affected. As a community, we need to take ownership, know our roles and responsibilities for not only ourselves, but

also for our family, friends, neighbours and having community awareness. YOUR SAFETY IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. It’s about getting ready and being prepared. Self help and the prepared community - in upcoming editions our group will be supplying information on how to be a prepared community and will also have displays at markets. Would you like to know more? Our next meeting is on Tuesday March 3 in the Cooloola Cove Veterans and Community Hall starting 9.30am or contact Terry Steele on 0439 862 264.

International Women's Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women - while also marking a call to action for accelerating gender equality.

www.facebook.com/RainbowBeachCommunityNews March 2020 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 21

Health, Fitness, Beauty & Wellbeing

Physios help with mental health challenges too D

ID YOU EVER think your physiotherapist could help with mental health?

As the industry continues to develop, the skills of a physiotherapist today can include treating patients whose physical and mental health conditions overlap.

suncoast PODIATRY Specialists in: Ÿ General and Diabetic Foot Care Ÿ Ingrown Toenail Treatment Ÿ Biomechanics/Orthotics

Servicing Rainbow Beach and Cooloola Coast for over 10 years!

e Visits Call 5483 7881 for Appointment Hom Available! The Professional Centre, Dolphin Avenue Shopping Complex, Tin Can Bay

Considering the staggering statistics (1 in 5 Australians aged 16-85 have a mental health condition) it is highly likely a significant number of clients receiving physical therapy will have mental illness or be at the risk of developing one. As a result, physiotherapists are increasingly playing a role in the mental health field. With 30 years’ experience, those who know Sue Bennett, Dip. Phys. NZ, will agree that her reputation precedes her having serviced Tin Can Bay and Rainbow Beach for close to 20 years.

Sue Bennett has 30 years experience and the business services the Tin Can Bay and Rainbow Beach region

Naturally movement and relaxation are core preventative mechanisms to assist in mental health challenges. Sue runs two gym schedules at her Tin Can Bay practice every Tuesday and Thursday at 8am and 9am. “We have a long understanding that a healthy mind and a healthy body go hand in hand,” says Sue. Working with Sue is Chris Malouf, B. Phty (Qld) MAPA, who brings a broad range of experience and capability to our region. Personalised and customised, Tin Can Bay physiotherapy services target the ongoing benefits in treating diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, back and neck pain, occupational injuries, cancer, depression, asthma and other respiratory diseases.

Chris Malouf, B. Phty (Qld) MAPA, who brings a broad range of experience and capability to our region works with Sue at Tin Can Bay Physiotherapy Services

Additionally the practice offers a comprehensive range of pain management apparatus and rehabilitation products. The practice operates Monday to Friday in Tin Can Bay and Fridays in Rainbow Beach. Please call on 5488 0533 or email tcbphysio@gmail.com

Health, Fitness, Beauty & Wellbeing CLASSIFIEDS CHIROPRACTOR

DENTIST continued

Rainbow Beach Chiropractor

Coloured Sands Clinic

Visit Dr Dan who specialises in prevention and paediatrics. Children, pregnant mums, absolutely everyone can benefit! Bookings, 0447 275 673 or email rainbowbeachchiro@gmail.com

We make it our business to make dentistry affordable whilst delivering quality care. Call 5488 0271 to book an appointment.

MEDICAL CENTRE Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Medical Centre Cosmetic injectables

for frown line, crow’s feet, forehead. Open Wednesday, Rainbow Beach outpatient clinic. General practitioner injector. Consultation and pricing complimentary. Phone 5313 3277.



Cooloola Cove Smiles

Tin Can Bay Physiotherapy

Our experienced, gentle dentists are ready to offer solutions to all your dental concerns in our spacious practice in Tin Can Bay. Phone 5486 4800

Cooloola Counselling Services Suzanne offers a professional, supportive counselling service to those in need. Book an appointment, 0406 304 296, email cooloolacounselling@gmail.com or visit www.cooloolacousnellingservices.com

Pain relief, sports injuries, rehab, dry needling, DVA, work cover, 30yrs experience, no referral required. 76 Gympie Road, TCB & Rainbow Beach, Sue: 0429 636 395.

PILATES Cooloola Coast Pilates


MASSAGE Channon Lawrence Dental Crooked teeth? See Dr Mark from Channon Lawrence for an invisible solution. 90 Channon Street, Gympie. Ph: 5482 7688

Silver Koru Massage & Holistic Healing on Rainbow Beach Relaxation, Remedial, Deep Tissue, Psychic forecasts, Reiki/Chakra cleanse alignments, health rebates may apply. Appointments: 0484 846 589

Business card advert only $66.00 per issue plus receive a FREE listing and FREE article. Listings for $33.00 per month. Contact: info@rbcn.com.au 22 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – March 2020

Pilates mat & equipment, personal & group training, functional movement training, rehabilitation to fitness - Rainbow Beach. Sarah Booth 0432 690 194 visit www.cooloolacoastpilates.com

PODIATRIST Suncoast Podiatry Servicing Rainbow Beach and Cooloola Coast for over 10 years! Specialists in General and Diabetic Foot Care, Ingrown Toenail Treatment, Biomechanics/ Orthotics and Home Visits. Phone 5483 7881 for appointment.

Health, Fitness, Beauty & Wellbeing

The Silver Koru Massage & Holistic Healing on Rainbow Beach Massage: Relaxation, Remedial, Deep Tissue, Psychic Forecasts & Reiki/Chakra Cleanse Alignments

Yes! You can regenerate!

Health rebates may apply

Ti Hei Mauriora

Call 0484 846 589 today to book your appointment


ANY OF US are used to chronic, degenerative pain. However, the truth is our bodies are driven to heal and be in balance. Dr. Dan is a legend at rooting out the core reasons for your specific pain and he shows you how to reduce and eliminate it surprisingly quickly and simply. At Rainbow Beach Chiropractic, Dan and Jacqui spend time balancing and adjusting your body structurally on the day, and we also show you how to stop degenerating and start regenerating by supporting your immune system.

add Marriage to We’ve been quietly working away sorting out "”

Dr Dan practices what he preaches - here he is on his lunch break at Rainbow Beach

Rainbow Beach locals and visitors for the last two years, seeing our patients achieve out of this world Instead of of life they didn’t believe was possible. results and sweet quality

Rainbow Beach Islandrepeatedly. Point TinDan Canhas now over We did though, because we’ve Double seen it happen Bay this regeneration process. We hold that intention for you from 22 years watching the moment you make the phone call.Creek Fraser Island Inskip Point Seary’s

Book your wedding...

The human body heals as naturally as the land when necessary nutrients are available and replace processeswith: are not interfered with by toxins or parasites. As your physical health restores, mental, emotional and hormonal balance is also a natural result.

Marriage Celebrant - Rainbow Beach

Over pain? Call 0447 275673 and book in for a good, proper treatment. Available Can and youGympie. also put on worry the Facebook and are chronic, you can at Rainbow Beach Don’t if your conditions benefit from aInstagram treatment with us. symbols.

Rainbow Beach and all surrounding areas

Have a crack at he new chiropractor

Warning: We are serious about getting you better, sickness maintenance is not our game. So if you see us, get ready for change.


+61 438 868 116

n a D r D e v i G a crack!

Rainbow Beach Rainbow Beach

G E N E R A L P R A C T I C E please update this ad new heading

Dr Andrew Spall

under call for your appointment today, add:

Visiting once weekly on a Wednesday with Nurse Hayley

Please phone

5353 1000

(Tewantin Medical Centre will take the bookings for this service)

1/54 Rainbow Beach Road, Rainbow Beach



Stress causes disease by lowering the immune system.


Chiropractors don't fix backs, we fix immune systems - which heals you.


Dr Daniel Strong (B. Sc., M.Chiro) has 19 years in the profession, caring for Queenslanders and their families, and has now moved to Rainbow Beach.

I wo

Call for your appointment today on 0447 275 673 Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday at Shop 7/48, Rainbow Beach Road (that's in the IGA complex) Monday & Wednesday in Gympie

Read our health updates on: www.facebook.com/RainbowBeachChiro March 2020 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 23


Growing the Knowledge at Tin Can Bay been shooting skywards. In the meantime, students have been enjoying sampling the delicious herbs – including oregano, basil, parsley and chives. But the favourite by far is the fennel with its lovely liquorice flavour. YUM!

Tin Can Bay P-10 School swimming carnival Our school carnival morning dawned with cloudy skies and the threat of rain throughout the day, neither of which dampened the spirits of the Tin Can Bay P-10 State School students and staff. This was swimming carnival day and Kia and Blayde learn about stingless bees


020 HAS SEEN the start of a new branch of learning for our indigenous students based around native bees. We have been fortunate to have the guidance of Leslie Lowe to continue the development of native edible plant species in our gardens and the introduction of two native beehives. Students have been learning about the environmental needs of these stingless bees, with links into science, HaSS, maths and health. The goal of the program is for these students to share their new knowledge and lead the learning among their peers.

And the winners were...WALLU! Front Row – Keenan, Xavier, Lily, Max, Chloe; Second Row – Kobi, Georgia, Madison, Harmonie; Third Row – Blayd, Luxy-Leigh, Amassa; Back Row – Yasmin Saur (HPE Teacher P-6) Wallu Captains: Rakeen and Mark, David Dorey (Sports Coordinator)

Growing in the Kitchen Garden With the wonderful rain at the end of the holidays, the Kitchen Garden is growing beautifully! Students have got straight into digging, trimming, planting and watering. There has been much excitement about the speed at which the carrots, radishes and beans have

Layla and Harper in the kitchen garden

24 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – March 2020

nothing was going to get in the way, even though the weather tried to do so. The carnival got off to a flying start, but it wasn’t long until the skies opened up. In true Tin Can Bay spirit, and in what can only be described as extreme conditions, students and staff showed their resilience and team pride to complete all championship events. At times it seemed the people out of the pool were getting wetter than the students in the pool swimming! With the completion of the necessary events by lunch time, the carnival was abandoned but not before Wallu House secured “overall winning team” for the day. Congratulations to Wallu for a closely fought win, and to our age champions on the day:

9 Years Age Champions: Max Cavanagh, Chloe Williams 10 Years Age Champions: Xavier Madden, Lily Wilson 11 Years Age Champions: Keenan Sheridan, Madison Yates 12 Years Age Champions: Kobi Watson, Harmonie Milesi 13 Years Age Champions: Georgia Douglas 14 Years Age Champions: Blayd Watt, Luxie-Leigh Duffy-Findlater Open Age Champions: Rakeen Masri, Amassa McPherson Thank you to all the students, staff and parents for their efforts in and out of the pool for making a great success out of challenging circumstances.


How good is Rainbow Beach State School? Principal Steve Bennett


AVING ONLY RECENTLY returned to Rainbow Beach State School, I have had to pinch myself on a nearly daily basis. I think about it almost every day as to how very fortunate I am to have the opportunity to work in such a wonderful school. I could not think of anywhere better to raise my own children. So when provided the opportunity to contribute to the Community News, I decided that I would attempt to articulate the many great positives I believe make Rainbow Beach State School the best school. First and foremost, it is our students and their families. Already I have witnessed on many occasions the many great qualities that our students possess. Whilst evidence of this does include talents in the Arts, sporting and academic areas of school life, it must also be noted with the other elements such as empathy, persistence, resilience and effort. Often it is while walking through our school you can see these traits on display. The children do not even realise this is even something to be recognised, and do it merely because it is the right thing to do. This is a credit to themselves and their families. We are lucky to have them represent our school! Our staff have always been invested personally, emotionally and professionally in striving to do whatever it takes to help our students to be successful. We have been privileged at Rainbow Beach State School with a fairly stable workforce who all complement the many functions of our school. On entry to our school you would have the opportunity to meet our always smiling, amazing Mrs Cate White who is often the first person you will meet. Cate is usually the one who will take the call when you need to relay a message, send the thoughtful reminder when things are misplaced or never made it home! She is the accomplished multi-tasker, whether it be administering Band-Aids for the scraped knee to finalising the budget! I don’t know what we would do without her. Our environment is expertly maintained by both Michael White and Darrel Lidbetter (Tangles). All of us are able to feel such pride for our school, largely on the back of the sustained combined efforts of these two gentlemen. They maintain our spaces for us all to enjoy. Our supremely talented and knowledgeable teacher aides- Mrs Theresa Dargusch, Mrs Jill Lane, Mrs Sarah Brantz and Mrs Nicole Lunney. These tireless individuals

support all of our students and teachers to be at their best. These ladies contribute immensely to the many positive outcomes of every child. Their personal contributions are never to be underestimated. Our teachers; Mrs Lynne Chamberlain; Mr Peter Mileson; Mrs Janine Lawler; Ms Tina McColl; Ms Libby Margetts; Sensei Lewis Bishop and Mrs Michelle Walker are always challenging themselves to do more and better. This is something I know they all do on a regular basis in their commitment to planning, preparing, delivering and reporting about the goals for your child’s personal development. It is an honour to work with these highly professional individuals. Lastly, it is the ongoing support that our

community continues to provide. I have never seen anywhere else the volume of support that our school is afforded. We have a small army of highly qualified volunteers that are always willing to provide assistance and expertise. This enables our children many opportunities for individual support. Many of our local businesses are always willing to assist with many of our requests that allow us to acknowledge and reward our students and provide additional opportunities to enrich their learning. A major contributor to this is our wonderful P&C who, as a group of likeminded volunteers, task themselves with supporting our school.

Congratulations to Delilah named Cooloola Sporting House Captain for 2020, and Tabitha and Luke the new School Captains for 2020 (Absent: Daisy, Fraser sporting house captain, Jordan Cooloola Sporting House Captain, Jahli Fraser Sporting House Captain)

If you are not yet a member and would like to assist, call Cate at the school for more information: 5486 9333. Thank you all for your efforts and I look forward to working with you all this year!

March 2020 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 25

walk 4WD back to nature swim, surf and on the water fish extreme adventure national parks family fun accommodation annual events plus

Cooloola Coast Visitor’s Guide Rainbow Beach and the Cooloola Coast is home of the Coloured Sands, the majestic Carlo Sandblow and gateway to World Heritage listed Fraser Island. You can feed wild dolphins, visit a historic lighthouse and kayak with the whales.

Rainbow Shores Clarkson Drive has a concrete path for most of the way taking you through wallum and paperbarks. If riding, you can turn left to the industrial area (Karoonda Road) and the return to town via Carlo Road.

Double Island Point (DIP) has the longest break in Australia (when the swell lines up. (4WD only) Surf Lessons & Board Hire 0435 934 087 Epic Ocean Adventures 0408 738 192 Rainbow Beach 0432 690 194

Coloured Sands Starting below the lookout, walk along the beach towards Double Island Point for a kilometre or so to these amazing Coloured sand cliffs, with the best colours around 9 to 10 kilometres along the beach (accessible with a 4wd or Surf and Sand Safari tour) 5486 3131. Carlo Sand Blow A bush walk up to Carlo Sand Blow is a must for every visitor. Drive to the reservoir at the top of Cooloola Drive. The Blow is an easy 600m walk from the car park or take the longer walk from the National Parks Office. Spectacular views of the Coloured Sands, Double Island Point and Tin Can Bay Inlet are the bonus for your efforts. When the thermals are right, you will often see Hang Gliders taking off and landing at this beautiful piece of Nature’s Sculpture. Fraser Island Great Walk A 90 km trail which showcases natural and cultural features of the world’s largest sand island as it meanders between Dilli Village and Happy Valley www.nprsr.qld.gov.au/ parks/great - walks-fraser-island/about. html Cooloola Great Walk A 102 km trail which passes through a rich diversity of vegetation types with spectacular views, connecting Rainbow Beach with Noosa North Shore. www.nprsr.qld.gov.au/parks/ greatwalkscooloola/ index.html Rainforest Walk / Bymien Picnic Area A few kilometres from town, on the Gympie Road, take the Freshwater Road to the left. 3km on a good gravel surface will bring you to Bymien, which is the limit for conventional vehicles. Lake Poona After morning tea or lunch in the picnic area you can venture on some wonderful walks to Lake Poona or through some spectacular Rainforest. Allow 40 minutes to reach Lake Poona. Lake Freshwater Only accessible by 4WD, Tour or Walking. Walking tracks starts at the Bymien picnic area. The round trip from Rainbow Beach will take a full day and requires fitness. Foreshore Tin Can Bay You can walk 4km from Crabs Creek to Norman Point, over picturesque bridges, signage of flora and fauna, through mangroves, playgrounds and outdoor gyms. It is mostly flat – very safe for children on wheels. Start at the playground opposite the library, cycle to Crabs Creek and stop for a coffee, then return to opposite the library. Enjoy the views out to the inlet while the kids enjoy the playground and skatepark. Rainbow Beach 10,000 steps walk – from the headland behind the Surf Tower and Playground to Carlo Road. Paths are perfect for bicycles, scooters and skateboards.

Half-day 4WD Tours (5486 3131) or hire your own to Cooloola National Park, Coloured Sands, Double Island Point, Lighthouse, Rainforest and Lake Freshwater. 4x4 Hire Rainbow Beach 4x4 Hire 5486 8300 Rainbow Beach Adventure Centre 4WD Hire 5486 3288




Stand up paddle tour The 2 hour tour on offer is a basic introduction to SUP to anybody who would like to see what its all about.With all of our equipment catered for the beginner, also the flat water of Pelican Bay/ Carlo Point this is a fantastic tour for scenery and also the whole family to enjoy, it’s just so easy to participate. 0408 738 192 Seary’s Creek 7km from town towards Gympie, with 2 waterholes, boardwalks, bridges and history – do read the sign and spot the creatures. Always cool on the hottest of days.

Scuba Diving A popular spot for the scuba enthusiast is at Wolf Rock, off Double Island Point. World class diving on Fraser Island’s doorstep, phone Wolf Rock Dive Centre on 5486 8004. Hang Gliding & Paragliding Carlo Sand Blow is one of the top spots for hand gliders in Queensland with the National Championships being held there each January. With a take off of 300ft and a soarable ridge of 12 kilometres long and about 500ft high, Carlo Sand Blow is definitely the place to go. Fliers should be of Hang2 standard, fly in north easterly winds and remember landing in the bathing reserve is prohibited. Wind surf off the surfing beach or in Tin Can Bay Inlet, taking off from Carlo Point.

Rainbow Beach Aquatic Centre and Tin Can Bay Pool offers squad, learn to swim, water aerobics and more. Sailing And Cruising If you love the wonderful peace and relaxation of sailing or cruising, the sheltered waters of the Great Sandy Strait are for you. You may see dugong, turtles, dolphins and more. Great Sandy Strait Cruises and Sunset Cruises 0428 838 836

Dolphin Ferry 35 minutes by ferry to view the dolphins at TIn Can Bay 7am daily 0428 838 836 Dolphin Viewing/Feeding at Tin Can Bay just a thirty minute drive to Tin Can Bay through Cooloola Cove and you can see the Dolphins at Barnacles Dolphin Centre, Norman Point at around 7 – 7.30am each day, feeding time is 8.00am. Charges apply. Come and have a look around this pretty little town while you are there. 5486 4899 Turtle Tours Paddle in double seated ocean kayaks along the edge of the mangroves at Pelican Bay on this two hour tour, you quietly encounter all types of sea life from turtles to rays to the odd dolphin. 0408 738 192 Sea Kayaking Dolphin View Sea Kayaking: A unique experience - see dolphins, whales (seasonal), manta rays, turtles and more 0408 738 192 Horseride with professional guides on our World Heritage Listed Beach. 04121RIDES Tin Can Bay Foreshore Bird Walk – 137 species with best viewing spots on the brochure. Tin Can Bay Wildflower Walk spectacular wildflower species, all on the brochure.

Our safe beach is patrolled between September - March. ALWAYS SWIM BETWEEN THE FLAGS. Surfing The most popular area is near the Surf Tower. Note Surfing In Bathing Area Is Prohibited.

26 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – March 2020

Probably one of Rainbow’s greatest attractions would have to be the abundant opportunity for fishing. Fishing, in all its styles, is available right on our doorstep. Beach fishing has unlimited scope with nearly 100kms of beach to choose from. Varieties include Bream, Whiting, Tailor, Dart, Jew and Flathead. Estuary fishing in Tin Can Bay Inlet, through the Inskip Point area and up the Great Sandy Strait is perfect for those with a boat or the wish to hire one. Access is from an efficient boat ramp at Carlo Point. Another ramp is located at Bullock Point. Charter Boats Excellent reef fishing is only a few miles offshore and charter trips can be arranged through Rainbow Beach Fishing Charters on 0439 775 070, Keely Rose Reef Fishing Charters on 0407 146 151 or Double Island Point Fishing Charters 0417 073 313. The reefs off Rainbow yield Red Emperor, Sweet lip, Snapper, Pearl Perch, Parrot and Coral Trout.

extreme adventure Kitesurfing Lessons Learn to kitesurf with very experienced instructors from Rainbow Beach Surf Centre. 0408 738 192

Cooloola Sand, wind and water have sculpted a varied landscape at Cooloola, the largest remnant of coastal vegetation on the southern Queensland’s mainland. High sand dunes, coloured sand cliffs, sweeping beaches, sandblows, freshwater lakes, tall forests, paperbark swamps and wildfl ower heath make the Cooloola Recreation Area a spectacular part of the Great Sandy National Park. www.nprsr. qld.gov. au/parks/cooloola/index Inskip Peninsula is a narrow, sandy finger of land built up by wind and waves. It forms a natural breakwater at the entrance to Tin Can Inlet and Great Sandy Strait. Inskip is a gateway to World Heritagelisted Fraser Island. Beach she oaks, cypress pine and other coastal trees and shrubs shade the very popular camping areas ringed by open ocean beaches and sheltered estuary shores. All are within 15 minutes drive to Rainbow Beach. Most of the peninsula is protected as a Recreation Area. www.nprsr.qld.gov. au/parks/inskip-peninsula/index The Great Sandy Marine Park extends from Baffl e Creek in the north to Double Island Point in the south. It includes Hervey Bay, Great Sandy Strait, Tin Can Bay Inlet and the waters off the east coast of Fraser Island, seaward to three nautical miles. Seagrass meadows, mangroves, rocky shores, reefs, sandy beaches, bays, sheltered channels, rivers, creeks and estuaries host a wealth of wildlife including whales, turtles, dugong, grey nurse sharks, fish, corals, birds and more. www. nprsr.qld.gov.au/parks/great -sandymarine/ index Fraser Island is the world’s largest sand island and an area of remarkable natural beauty. Growing on seemingly infertile sands are a great variety of plant communities ranging from coastal heath, mangrove forests and swamps to subtropical rainforest. The many archaeological remains found on Fraser Island record thousands of years of culture and tradition, and provide important links to their past for the Butchulla people.

Visitor’s Guide Local Groups

Page 39 Fishing and Boating VISITOR UIDE Fishing &G Boating

Sponsored by:

Tourist Centre

Cooloola Coast Visitor’s Guide

to Inskip Point and crossing in the barge. The island is 123Flying km long and covers Rainbow Beach Services offer an a area 166,038toha, so you needbut to allow dailyofservice Fraser Island, prior plenty of time explore and appreciate it. bookings are torequired. Remember that www.nprsr.qld.gov.au/parks/fraser/index going independently, a permit is required and is available fromholidaying the National Parks Unless you intend on Fraser Offi ce. Island, most probably your best way of

Remember that going independently, a permit is required and is available from the National Parks Office.

1st3rd Cooloola Cove Veterans and - Tin Can Bay Community Hall 0499 110 944 2nd & 4th Rainbow Beach Centreblock 0484 903 830 4th Rainbow Beach Community Hall Markets & Collectables 3rd Tin Can Bay 0418 711 897

family fun Playgrounds North and South of the Playgrounds North and South of the Headland and Rainbow Shores Playrooms Pub and and Sport SportClub Club Playrooms at at the the Pub Family Family friendly friendly directory directory

at Rainbow Shores Resort. Members of the Our are advertisers are Rainbow given further public very welcome. Shores promotion the 668 Cooloola Coast Social Golf through Club (0429 255) stages Visitor’s Guide. regular competitions. A picturesque course atThe Tin guide Can Bay allnext golf addicts willalso be attracts updated month from this area. to include all our current advertisers.

Yoga, IfDarts, you Pool, would likeTai toChi, be Sailing, listed, Pilates, please Zumba, Fitness Classes (see What’s On) contact 5486 3561.

Cooloola Coast Realty www.accommodationrainbowbeach.com.au 07 5486 3411 Rainbow Beach Holiday Village www.rainbowbeachholidayvillage.com 07 5486 3222

Cooloola Coast Realty Rainbow Beach Realty 07 5486 3900 www.accommodationrainbowbeach.com.au 07www.rainbowbeachrealty.com 5486 3411

Bowls There is a lawn green at the Rainbow Beach Sports Recreation & Memorial Club where visitors are most welcome. 5486 3191

Golf A par 3, 9 hole golf course is located VISITOR GUIDE UPDATE


Headland and Rainbow Shores

get active

Tennis Two courts are available at the Sports & Recreation Club. Bookings 5486 3191

annual events

Markets – Saturdays Saturday Markets

seeing all its beauty is to take a 1 day or 2 day tour. Or you can make the trip in your own 4WD, driving up the road or beach . To Inskip Point and crossing in the barge. Rainbow Beach Flying Services offer a daily service to Fraser Island, but prior bookings are required.

Page 39

Rainbow Getaway Rainbow Beach Realty Holiday Resort www.rainbowgetaway.com.au www.rainbowbeachrealty.com 54863500 0707 5486 3900

plus... Clubs, Restaurants and Eateries (many Clubs, Restaurants and Eateries (many are Breastfeeding Welcome Here venues) are Breastfeeding Welcome Here venues)

Library and Xbox) Xbox) Library (Internet (Internet and Heritageand andFood Food Trails Heritage Trails Pamper YourselfYourself- Massages, Pamper Massages, Hair Hair Salon Salon and Beauty Treatments and Beauty Treatments Playgrounds, Skatepark, Bike riding

Playgrounds, Skatepark, Bike riding

Rainbow WatersHoliday Holiday Park Rainbow Getaway Resort www.rainbowwaters.com.au www.rainbowgetaway.com.au 54863200 0707 5486 3500 Sleepy Lagoon Hotel/Motel

Thanks to Queensland Parks and www.tincanbayhotelmotel.com.au Wildlife Service for their assistance. 07 54864124

Motorhome hire (sleeps 6) See our What’s On page for more on 0407 660198 Things to Do. Suggestions, amendments or to add your business to the Thanks to Queensland Parks andvisitor Wildlife guide please call 07 5486 3561 Service for their assistance. or email info@ rbcn.com.au

January “Brushes by the Sea” Rainbow Beach Art & Craft Festival January February Cooloola Crocs Swimming Carnival Australia Day celebrations Boardriders Memorian Classic RB April Anzac Day Parade February May Bay to Bay Big Summer BlowYacht Out Race June/July Rainbow Beach Family March Fishing Classic July 4-12 Clean Up Australia Day August Rainbow Beach Triathlon International Women’s Day April Rainbow Beach Lion’s Club Annual Kite Festival Anzac Day Parade May September Tin Can Bay Seafood Festival Bay to Bay Yacht Race Rainbow Bull nBeach Bronc Invitations October Beach Rainbow June Fours Bowls Tournament Ocean Series Flower Show Tin CanRoar BayIRB Ambulance August October Rainbow Beach Nippers Carnival Rainbow Beach Family Fishing Classic October November Rainbow Beach/Trail Runs Tin Can Bay Ambulance Flower Show December Tin Can Bay Foreshore Rainbow Beach Invitations Fours Bowls Family Nights Tournament Rainbow Beach BeachNippers Lions Carnival Club Twilight Rainbow Christmas Concert and Afternoon Markets November “The Tents” Rainbow Beach Holiday Remembrance Day services RB & TCB Program Festival of Small Halls See Ball our What’s On page for more on Arty Things to Do. Suggestions, amendments or December add your Concerts business to the visitor guide toChristmas please call 07 5486 3561 or email info@ Tin Can Bay Foreshore Family Nights rbcn.com.au .

Country at the Beach

March 2020 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 27

Fishing, Boating & the Great Outdoors

Fishing Report Rainbow Beach Mat Cooper Rainbow Beach Fishing Charters 0439 775 070

Below: Julie with a nice cod to go with her mixed bag for the day on Rainbow Beach Fishing Charters


I ALL. Well, it’s that time of the year when things start to slow down and the weather becomes pretty unsettled.

Randy Orwin, President of Coastcare, with community members at the information night

The rain has been great, however as usual a little too much in one hit. We cannot report too much in the way of fishing in the last month as we have only managed one trip in to date due to swell and wind.

T A nice mixed bag was caught on that trip and the fish were biting well, so we can’t wait for this weather to settle and get into some more great fishing. Hopefully next month we will have a better report. Cheers Mat A few nice snapper still about according to Mat Cooper

28 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – March 2020

Turtle info session

HIRTY-SIX PEOPLE from Rainbow Beach, Tin Can Bay, Cooloola Cove and Gympie joined Cooloola Coastcare President, Randy Orwin, and Coordinator, Lindy Orwin, at the Rainbow Beach Community Hall for the Cooloola Coastcare Information Night. Randy shared the latest news about all the green and loggerhead turtles who are nesting on Rainbow Beach. The first nests laid are hatching now and the wonderful volunteers are checking the nests in the mornings and at night to collect the data about the turtles. Coastcare contributes this data to the research gathered, trying to save these endangered and threatened sea turtles. TurtleCare was initiated by Coastcare member, Joan Burnett, who has been instrumental in getting the program started and attended as our expert. Lindy then shared an update on the project to create a plan to rehabilitate Tin Can Inlet and improve the biodiversity in the Inlet. Meetings have been held with government departments, agencies and

providers to develop the plan based on the priorities set by the Tin Can Inlet Stakeholders Roundtable in 2019. This project is supported by the Gympie Regional Council Environment Levy. The goal is to create a plan and find funding to replace the moorings with Environmentally Friendly Moorings as the first step. You’re invited to a Seagrass information event presented by Dr Emma Jackson, Seagrass Scientist from Central Queensland University. This free event will be held at Tin Can Bay RSL Hall from 3 – 4.30pm on 16 May. Dr Emma specialises in regrowing seagrass and will explain the pivotal role of seagrass in the web of life as underwater nurseries and habitat for many commercially important species of fish and prawns and food for dugongs, green turtles, sea urchins and a few fish who can digest their leaves. Lindy also spoke about Coastcare’s plans for an Interpretive and Science Education Centre for Rainbow Beach and establishing a Junior Coastcare program in 2020.

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Coastguard Volunteers

Catches Keely Rose Fishing Charters from

Above : Regular Keely Rose client Dan with another awesome Red Emperor

Enjoy an action packed day’s fishing on the ‘


HIS MONTH, your local Coast Guard would like to talk to you about volunteer membership.

Our operations form part of the Emergency Services network that serves to keep the community safe, in our case assisting people while on the water. Unlike some of our partner organisations, we are staffed entirely by volunteers. You can join the Coast Guard as a volunteer member from the age of 18 and stay for life if you wish. Our members, while mostly retired, are from all age groups, and have a wide range of life experiences. You may be interested in boating, or maybe just wanting to help your community. There are many ways Coast Guard can use your talents and offer a wide range of activities that will give you the rich reward of self-satisfaction. Our base station in Tin Can Bay is open 12 hours a day, every day of the year, and while open, operates a radio listening watch for vessels while at sea. You can become a trained radio operator with no previous boating experience or knowledge, with all your training undertaken at the base at no cost to you.

The Coast Guard is a RTO and train volunteers in radio, critical missions in search and rescue from the age of 18

Once qualified, you can be allocated a morning or afternoon radio shift, talking to local and travelling boaties who may log on with us or merely request local or weather information. Alternately, you may want to train as rescue boat crew. Providing you can swim, you can start with lifelong boating knowledge, or none at all. As a Registered Training Organisation, you can gain recognised qualifications and undertake critical missions in search and rescue operations. Over the years, many people have been saved by our service. New volunteers might also want to help in other ways, such as fundraising, administration or maintenance. These jobs are vital to our existence.




DEEP SEA FISHING on the legendary

Keely Rose

Please call the base on 5486 4290 or email fao.qf17@coastguard.com.au

Morning Tea, Lunch and all Bait & Tackle supplied for your day



If you are looking to do some worthwhile volunteering in your community, we would love to talk to you about joining us.

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Ed 0407 146 151 or Kim 0439 863 150



March 2020 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 29

Fishing, Boating & the Great Outdoors

Kids Fishing Training Day!


ITH THE DROUGHT certainly broken locally, there is a lot of fresh and dirty water running into the creeks and estuary. Reportedly, this has the mud crabs on the move and some good quality specimens have been caught, but remember the crab pots have to be in the water and not hanging in the back shed. The fresh water tends to float on top of the salt water, so don’t be discouraged from fishing in some slightly dirty water as it is probably salty and cooler underneath. Some quality mangrove jack and grunter are currently being caught in these situations. When the cleaner salty water is pushing in on the rising tide this can be a good fishing

situation in the creeks. There have been a few quality flathead, whiting and bream caught recently, but they are not in big numbers so they have to be targeted at the right time of tide and situation. The inside reefs and ledges have gone a bit quiet with only a few fish being caught. The barometric pressure associated with current weather patterns may be having some influence on the fish wanting to feed, or it could be the weather influence keeping all but the keenest (or just plain mad) anglers at home. With the opportunity taken to get on the water between the bouts of bad weather the rewards should come, even if they are only


58’ S LONG 21’ E LONG 153° 21’ 153° E High and Lowand Waters eights of High Low Waters RY MARCH MARCH EBRUARY Time m 0215 1.44 0824 1.01 1356 1.55 2010 0.76

0335 1.47 1004 1.07 1517 1.45 2119 0.73

0441 1.56 1123 1.07 1639 1.36 2223 0.69 0534 1.67 1215 1.00 1746 1.31 2317 0.64 0619 1.79 1252 0.89 1836 1.31 0.57 0004 1.92 0657 0.77 1325 1.34 1915 0.50 0045 2.06 0734 0.65 1358 1.40 1951

0121 0.42 0808 1432 2.18 2023 0.54 1.48 0154 0840 0.36 1502 2.27 2053 0.45 1.56 0225 0910 0.34 1531 2.31 2122 0.42 1.62 0258 0939 0.37 1559 2.28 2154 0.43 1.65 0333 1009 0.47 1628 2.18 2230 0.48 1.66 0413 1041 0.62 1658 2.02 2313 0.56 1.66 0459 1115 0.78 1732 1.84 0.64

1.67 0.93 1.65 0.72

2020 2020

Local Time Local Time APRIL APRIL

m Time m Time m Time Time m Time Time Time m Time Time m m m m 0321 1.860321 1.710215 1.71 0137 1.860137 1.86 0121 1.730121 1.73 0001 1.600001 1.60 1031 0.881031 1.010824 1.01 0828 1.000828 1.00 0838 1.010838 1.01 0558 1.020558 1.02 1627 TH 1.381627 1.491356 SU 1342 MO 1.371342WE 1344 WE 1.261344 1155 SU 1.481155 TH 1.26 MO 1.48 1.49 1.37 SU 2133 1.032133 0.772010 0.77 1927 0.891927 0.89 1812 0.791812 0.79 1911 0.881911 0.88



1 16



1 16



1.86 0.88 1.38 1.03

0422 1.830422 1.780335 1.78 0257 1.860257 1.86 0240 1.760240 1.76 0101 1.600101 1.60 17 1.08 17 0.91 1114 17 0.811114 1.011004 2 1002 17 0.971002 2 0959 0.91 0713 1.08 17 2 0959 2 0713 1.01 0.97 1.38 FR 1720 1.46 TU 1517 1.32 TH 1520 1.28 MO 1243 1.38

MO 1517 1.38 0.802119 0.80 1902 1.870441 1.87 0216 0.951123 0.95 0901 1.341639 TU 1357 1.34 TU 0.792223 0.79 2006 1.94 0328 0534 1.94 0.87 1029 0.87 1.351215WE 1527 WE 0.751746 1.35 2124 2317 0.75 2.00 0429 0.800619 2.00 1124 1252 0.80 1.40 TH 1642 TH 1836 1.40 2238

MO 1243 1.38 2045 0.811902 0.81 0407 1.630216 1.63 1109 1.070901 1.07 1644 1.301357 WE 1.30 TU 2204 0.812006 0.81 0505 1.70 0328 1.70 1153 0.98 0.98 1.281029 TH 1743 WE 2306 0.771527 1.28 2124 0.77 0551 1.81 1225 0.850429 1.81 1124 0.85 1.31 FR 1824 TH 0.691642 1.31 2351 2238 0.69 0628 1.94 1254 0.700521 1.94 1857 1.391210 SA 0.70 FR 0.581744 1.39 2335 0.58 0028 2.07 0702 0.560608 2.07 1323 1.501250 SU 0.56 1928 SA 1835 1.50

TU 1517 1.32 0.942045 0.94 2042 1.880407 1.88 0349 0.911109 0.91 1054 1.341644 FR 1635 1.34 WE 0.932204 0.93 2214 1.90 0447 0505 1.90 0.84 1138 0.84 1.401153 SA 1733 TH 0.881743 1.40 2315 2306 0.88 1.92 0538 0.770551 1.92 1217 1225 0.77 1.47 SU 1820 FR 0.801824 1.47 2351 0.80 1.93 0005 0.710628 1.93 0624 1254 0.71 1.54 MO 1253 SA 1857 1.54 1902

3 18



4 19



5 20



0.69 0521 0.69 2.030004 6 1210 21 6 21 0657 2.03 0.73 FR 1744









FR 1.461325 0.73 2335 1915 1.46 0.64 0608 2.050045 0.64 1250 2.05 0.680734 SA 1835 1.511358 0.68 SA 1951 1.51 0.60 0022 2.040121 0.60 0652 0.650808 SU 1328 2.04 1.541432 0.65 1920 SU 2023 1.54 0107 0.59 0735 2.010154 0.59 1405 0.660840MO 2.01 2004 1.57 1502 0.66 MO 2053 1.57 0.62 0151 0820 1.940225 0.62 1443 0.680910 TU 1.94 2050 1.58 TU 1531 0.68 2122 1.58 0.66 0238


23 24



8 9


7 22

0102 0.47 0734 2.180022 0.47 1351 0.450652 MO 2.18 1957 1.611328 0.45 SU 1920 1.61 0.38 0132 2.250107 0.38 0803 0.380735 1415 TU 2.25 1.73 2026 1405 0.38 MO 2004 1.73 0.35 0205 2.250151 0.35 0833 0.360820 1440 WE 2.25 1.82 2056 TU 1443 0.36 2050 1.82 0.39 0240 2.180238 0.39 0902 0.390906 1506 TH 2.18 1.881522 0.39 2128 WE 0318 0.502138 1.88 0934 2.050328 0.50 1533 0.47 FR 2.05 0952 2204 1.91 TH 1602 0.47 0.662227 1.91 0359 1.87 1008 0.66 0.570423 SA 1602 1039 1.87 1.90 2243 FR 1644 0.57 0.822320 1.90 0445 1.68 1044 0.690531 1632 SU 0.82 1128 1.68 2325 1729 0.69 SA 0541 1.88 1124 0.95 1.88 1.500021 MO 1710 0.800653 0.95 SU 1224 1.50 0015 1821 0.80 0653 TU 1217 1800

8 23 9


24 25

110.66 26 1.870258 0906 0.700939WE 1522 11 26 1.87 1.60 2138 WE 1559 0.70 0.732154 1.60 0328 1.790333 0.73 0952 0.72 1602 TH 1009 1.79 1.61 2227 TH 1628 0.72 0.822230 1.61 0423 1.70 1039 0.82 0.740413 FR 1644 1041 1.70 1.61 2320 FR 1658 0.74 0.922313 1.61 0531 1.59 1128 0.92 0.770459 SA 1729 1115 1.59 1732 0.77 SA 0021 0653 SU 1224 1821



12 13













3 18


4 19


5 20

0.81 1.790007 0.630626 MO 1.701243 1902 0.74 1.770040 0.580657 TU 1.781306 1931 0.70 1.740112 0.560727 1.851329 WE 2000 0.69 1.690147 0.540758 1.921355 TH 2032 0.71 1.630226 0.560830 1.971423 FR 2105 0.75 1.570307 0.600905 1.981452 SA 2141 0.81 1.490352 0.660943 1.96 SU 1523 0.882220 1.410442 0.74 1024 1.92 MO 1557 0.932301 1.33 0.820538 1.861110 TU 1636 0.952350 1.27 0.880647 1214 WE 1729 1.82 0.92 1.260052 0.920810 TH 1347 1845


6 21

0.81 1.79 0.63 1.70


0.73 0050 22 0.73 0708 1.930028 7 22 1.93 1328 7 0.660702 TU

0.74 1.77 0.58 1.78


0.70 1.74 0.56 1.85


0.69 1.69 0.54 1.92


0.71 1.63 0.56 1.97


0.75 1.57 0.60 1.98


0.81 1.49 0.66 1.96


0.88 1.41 0.74 1.92


0.93 1.33 0.82 1.86


0.95 1.27 0.88


1.82 0.92 1.26 0.92

1945 1.611323 0.66 SU 1928 1.61 0.67 0136 1.910102 0.67 0752 0.620734WE 1404 1.91 1.671351 0.62 2029 MO 1957 1.67 0.64 0224 0838 1.880132 0.64 1442 0.610803 TH 1.88 2116 1.72 1415 0.61 TU 2026 1.72 0318 0.64 0925 1.830205 0.64 1521 0.610833 FR 1.83 2204 1.76 WE 1440 0.61 2056 1.76 0.68 0419

23 24


8 9


0040 0.51 0657 2.120005 0.51 0624 2.12 0.39 TU 1306 MO 1931 1.781253 0.39 1902 1.78 0.43 0112 2.140050 0.43 0727 0.330708 1329 WE 2.14 1.921328 0.33 2000 TU 1945 1.92 0.41 0147 2.100136 0.41 0758 0.330752 1355 TH 2.10 2.031404 0.33 2032 WE 2029 2.03 0.46 0226 2.000224 0.46 0830 0.380838 1423 FR 2.00 2.10 2105 1442 0.38 TH 2116 2.10 0.57 0307 1.850318 0.57 0905 0.480925 1452 SA 1.85 2.12 2141 FR 1521 0.48 2204 2.12 0.71 0352 1.680419 0.71 0943 0.611012 1523 SU 1.68 2.101559 0.61 2220 SA 0.832255 2.10 0442 1.520530 0.83 1024 0.74 MO 1557 1103 1.52 2.04 2301 SU 1642 0.74 0.922351 2.04 0538 1.39 1110 0.92 0.870647 TU 1636 1203 1.39 2350 MO 1734 0.87 1.96 0647 0.95 1214 1.320057 1729 WE 1.96 0.970809 0.95 1330 1.32 TU 0052 1.901843 0.97 0810 0.93 1.90 1.320211 TH 1347 1845 1.030930 0.93 WE 1507 1.32 2004 1.03

8 23 9




110.68 26 1.760240 1012 0.630902 SA 1559 11 26 1.76 1.80 2255 TH 1506 0.63 0.742128 1.80 0530 1.680318 0.74 1103 0.65 1642 SU 0934 1.68 1.82 2351 FR 1533 0.65 0647 0.822204 1.82 1203 1.59 0.82 1734 0.700359MO 1008 1.59 1.81 SA 1602 0.70 0057 0.912243 1.81 0809 1.49 0.91 1330 0.750445 TU 1843 1.791044 1.49 1632 0.75 SU 0.992325 1.79 0211 1.40 0930 0.99 0.800541WE 1507 1124 1.40 2004 MO 1710 0.80 1.75 1.03 1.310015 1.75 0.860653 1.03 TU 1217 1.31 1800 0.86



12 13





12 13


28 29





Bureau of Meteorology de ia 2019, Bureau of Meteorology TC +10:00) omical Tide First Quarter Full Moon Zone UTC +10:00) Full Moon on First Quarter

Ph: 5486 8555 Ph: 5486 5486 8300 8555 Ph: Ph: 5486 8300

TH 1520 1.28 2242 0.862042 0.86 1.850349 1.85 0511 0.761054 0.76 1148 1.371635 1758 SA 1.37 FR 0.772214 0.77 2329 1.96 0551 0447 1.96 0.61 1218 0.61 1.501138 SU 1831 SA 0.641733 1.50 2315 0.64 0007 2.06 0626 0.480538 2.06 1217 0.48 1.64 MO 1243 SU 1820 1.64 1902

1.83 0.81 FR 1720 1.46 0.972242 0.97 1.820511 1.82 0.751148 0.75 1.541758 1.54 SA 0.892329 0.89 1.81 0551 1.81 0.68 1.621218 0.68 SU 1831 1.62

Last Quarter

Last Quarter

rainbowbeachtowing.com.au rainbowbeachtowing.com.au rainbowbeach4X4hire.com.au rainbowbeach4X4hire.com.au

30 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – March 2020

the enjoyment of nature’s surroundings. The Tin Can Bay Fishing Club is both proud and excited to announce that we have secured a grant to conduct several community events again in 2020. There are three types of event in total to be sponsored through Queensland Government Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Recreational Fishing Grant 2020. Event 1: Sunday April 4, Kids Fishing Training Day – previously held as the Sunfish Kids Fishing Day but Sunfish Funding is no longer available. One of the TCB Fishing Club’s objectives includes teaching our juniors how to fish, to have fun and to enjoy recreational fishing. We will accommodate up to 25 juniors between 7-15 years of age at this 2020 event. This event will be run by qualified instructors from within the club and with assistance provided by TCB Fishing Club Blue Card-holder members, plus club members. This day is provided at no cost to the participants and they are taught how to tie knots, rig a rod, baiting and casting and then fishing the tidal area at low tide on Norman Point. In addition to this, they are presented with a new rod and reel, line, tackle, tackle box and a Certificate of Attendance, plus water, morning tea and a hearty BBQ lunch. Registration is essential as places are limited and at least one responsible adult is required to accompany their child throughout the entire activity. Full details and nomination forms can be obtained by contacting the secretary via email at tcbfishingclub@bigpond.com Nominations are restricted to children who have not completed this event in the past and are only accepted after the secretary has received a correctly completed nomination form. Event 2: Sunday May 3 - free Fishing


Elora, grand-daughter of club member, Jane Potter, on a recent holiday in Tin Can Bay caught a beauty!

Training Day for senior members of the community. Event 3: Late May / early June 2020 free Basic Boating and Safety Course for members of the community. More information for events 2 and 3 will be posted shortly on our web page and Facebook as details are finalised, and full details will be published in the April edition of the Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News. Next General Meeting will be held at 4pm on Wednesday April 15 at our Club House, 33 Dolphin Ave, Tin Can Bay. Contact the secretary on: 0437 242 171 or email: tcbfishingclub@bigpond.com. All welcome.

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The life of the Attract native animals Fraser Island to your garden puntmen


LLAN SHILLIG HAS written a comprehensive book on his account of the time he spent as a puntman working on logging vessels delivering timber to the sawmills in Maryborough. The book covers the period of the Fitzgerald Enquiry into the conservation, management and use of Fraser Island and the Great Sandy Region, and the protests and actions of the Conservation Movement that took place at the time. Allan worked on the punts with his father Des and brother Larry in an industry that was hard and dangerous and has recorded the changes that occurred in the industry. Allan and his brother Larry delivered their last logs from Fraser Island to the Hynes Mill in Maryborough in January 1992. Allan said: “Although logging went on for 120 years, I have only tried to cover my time there. I just thought it was important to record it all.” He said: “I loved it, it was a great lifestyle

Author of The Last Fraser Island Puntmen, Allan Shillig with his book - the cover was designed by 12-year-old Aiden Obst who also helped with the layout and taught Allan how to edit

but very hard physically and dangerous in the earlier boats.” When his father started working on one of the boats in 1965, the Kgari, Allan joined him, initially as a deckhand, before learning how to become a puntman, and he ended up staying for 27 years. This is a great read and an important record of an industry not forgotten by those who were involved in it over the last century in this region. You can purchase Allan’s book, The Last Fraser Island Puntmen, at Wolf Rock Dive in Rainbow Beach, Bearing Service Centre in Maryborough and Tin Can Bay Mower, Marine and Cycle in Tin Can Bay or call Allan Shillig on 0407 044 286.


Melaleuca salicina

T A TIME when millions of our native animals have perished because of bushfires and many more will die from starvation and predation before the environment recovers, it seems appropriate, over the next few months, to discuss attracting native animals to your garden. If your garden is devoid of wildlife, a few changes may be all that is required. Let’s start with birds. A garden without birds is a barren place. Providing food, water and habitat will bring them in. Native plants that fruit and flower throughout the year provide a regular food source for birds. Some birds consume nectar, others seeds or fruit, so consider, for a start – grevilleas, banksias, eucalypts, callistemons, grasses, acacias and melaleucas. Growing plants of various heights and habits will increase the variety of birds by allowing different species to coexist. Fresh water for birds to drink and bathe

Photo by planetnet.rbgsyd.nsw.gov.au

in will keep them coming back. Have a few baths of different depths and place in various positions around the garden. Empty often or mosquitoes will breed in the water. Birds prefer not to be exposed when they drink or bathe, so choose places that give protection. If you have a free-roaming cat, your garden will not be an attractive environment for wildlife. Plant of the month is Melaleuca salicina, a tree with white bottle brushes and pink new growth. City Farm, opposite the Community Centre, on Tin Can Bay Road, is open to the public for plant sales on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8am-3pm, 07 5486 2304. ccfni09@gmail.com www.cooloolacityfarm.org Please note: We are a cash-only organisation.


PHONE: 0428 353 164



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March 2020 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 31


Good luck to the Cooloola Dragons


HE PRESSURE is on now as we prepare for the State Titles at Lake Kawana on March 7 and 8. An extra training day has been added to the week, so the Dragons can now be seen training on the creek on Thursday afternoon, Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning until those dates. During our training session on Thursday February 6 we were able to carry out a rescue mission on one of our own wild life, namely a young wallaby which had decided to get to the other side of Snapper Creek, across the water! He was somewhat exhausted when the Dragons spotted him, so with one paddler holding his tail and another supporting his head, he was delivered safely back to the far side of the Creek where he “gratefully” hopped away. The Brisbane River District (BRD) Club Regatta which was to be held at Lake Kawana last month was cancelled at the last

moment due to the tragic loss of their Club President, who collapsed while training on Saturday morning and could not be revived. He will be greatly missed firstly by his family and also by the Dragon Boat family. He was well known at local, State and National levels ...RIP Peter. It was a timely coincidence that only two weeks prior to BRD Club’s tragic incident, the Cooloola Dragons had decided to run a mock emergency event while training on the water. including the Coast Guard in the exercise. The outcome was a great learning exercise for all involved regarding improving our communication to our services and what/ how immediate action we can initiate out on the water in our dragon boat should such a situation arise. Our Valentine Music Trivia night to raise funds for our assistant coach,Shane Berkhout, to attend the World’s Dragon Boat Championships in France in August

was a great success. Approximately 70 people entered into the fun and games at the TCB Yacht Club. Watch this space, more money-raising events will follow!! On March 14, Connecting with the Community will be again held in the pavilion at the Gympie Show Grounds. The Cooloola Dragon Boat Club will again have a display stand at this event promoting our sport. Come along, drop in and see us at the pavilion in Gympie.

Placement of paddlers in the dragon boat to achieve good balance is crucial overseen by sweep Norma Sanderson

Don’t forget to come for your hot breakfast or just coffee and homemade cake at our Dragons Lair cafe in the RSL hall on TCB market day, third Saturday each month. For more info on the sport of Dragon Boating and how you can come and try with us, please phone Sandy our head coach 0402 352 756.



HE LAST Surf Club age championship day for the season was held late last month and the age champions from U8’s through to U14’s are announced at the end of year break up. Well done to all involved in the day. Right: Green Caps enjoying flags Left: Casey and Zane going hard for a win in the nippers age champs




IT’S GREAT 32 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – March 2020

Visit your Vinnies store today... Shop 1 / 14 Rainbow Beach Road Rainbow Beach Call Alex to find out more: 07 5482 2737


Eat my Bubbles Bj Parton Head coach/instructor


OW WONDERFUL is it to see families out and about participating’ in local sporting clubs? We’re very lucky in Rainbow Beach to have such a wide range of activities to participate in. If you’re looking at trying something different, swimming may just be the thing for you and your family! It’s not about racing or competition, it’s about your child learning to improve themselves; in saying that parents are welcome to join as well! Come along and give it a go! Thursdays from 4:30pm for our little fish and 5pm for those on afternoon buses. Stay safe in and around the water. Amanda Guerts, Audrey Permezel, Kasey-cruise Findlater after a fun evening in the Swim Club

Congratulations Cooloola Crocs T

HE COOLOOLA COAST Crocs Swimming Club just had word that they were successful in receiving a grant for new equipment! Great for all our young and enthusiastic swimmers! Who, by the way, all swam fantastically at the Tin Can Bay School Swimming Carnival this last month, even in the pouring rain! (Age Champions are listed in the Rainbow Beach School article). From the grant they will be receiving a very helpful $1380 to spend on equipment such as new swim fins, kickboards, pull buoys and stopwatches. Can’t stop those Crocs now!

Congratulations to freestyle winners from Wallu, Chloe and Luke who won in the Under 9 years age group!

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March 2020 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 33

A Little Humour DON’T MESS WITH A RICH OLD LADY An old lady handed her bank card to a bank teller and said, “I would like to withdraw $500.” The teller told her, “For withdrawals less than $5,000, please use the ATM.” The old lady then asked, “Why?” The teller irritably told her, “These are rules. Please leave if there is no other matter. There is a queue behind you.” She then returned the card to the old lady. The old lady remained silent. But then she returned the card to the teller and said, “Please help me withdraw all the money I have.” The teller was astonished when she checked the account balance. She nodded her head, leaned down and said to the old lady, “My apologies Granny, you have $3.5 million in your account and our bank does not have so much cash currently. Could you make an appointment and come again tomorrow?” The old lady then asked, “How much am I able to withdraw now?” The teller told her, “Any amount up to $300,000” The old lady then told the teller that she wanted to withdraw $300,000 from her account. The teller did so quickly and handed it to the old lady *respectfully* The old lady kept $500 in her bag and asked the teller to deposit the balance of $299,500 back into her account. THE DARK SIDE OF WOMEN.... A woman was in town on a shopping trip. She began her day finding the most perfect shoes in the first shop and a beautiful dress on sale in the second. In the third, everything had just been reduced by 50 percent, when her mobile phone rang. It was a female doctor notifying her that her husband had just been in a terrible car accident and was in critical condition and in the ICU. The woman told the doctor to inform her husband where she was and that she’d

be there as soon as possible. As she hung up she realised she was leaving what was shaping up to be her best day ever in the boutiques. She decided to get in a couple of more shops before heading to the hospital. She ended up shopping the rest of the morning, finishing her trip with a cup of coffee and a chocolate cake slice, compliments of the last shop. She was jubilant. Then she remembered her husband. Feeling guilty, she dashed to the hospital. She saw the doctor in the corridor and asked about her husband’s condition. The lady doctor glared at her and shouted, “You went ahead and finished your shopping trip didn’t you! I hope you’re proud of yourself! “While you were out for the past four hours enjoying yourself in town, your husband has been languishing in the Intensive Care Unit! It’s just as well you went ahead and finished, because it will more than likely be the last shopping trip you ever take! “For the rest of his life he will require round-the-clock care. And now you will have to be his carer!” The woman was feeling so guilty she broke down and sobbed. The lady doctor then chuckled and said, “I’m just pulling your leg. He’s dead. Show me what you bought.” SAVED BY A MOUSE The president was walking out of the White House heading towards his limo, when a possible assassin jumps out and aims his gun.A secret service agent, new on the job, shouts “Mickey Mouse!” This startled the would-be assassin long enough to be captured. Later the secret service agent’s supervisor takes him aside and asks “What the hell made you shout ‘Mickey Mouse’?” Blushing, the agent replied “I got nervous...I actually meant to shout...‘Donald, Duck!’”

BRIEF FUNNIES When I was a kid, my parents would always say, “excuse my French” just after a swear word...I’ll never forget my first day at school when my teacher asked if any of us knew any French! You drop something when you are younger, you just pick it up. When you’re older and you drop something, you stare at it for a bit contemplating if you actually need it anymore. My husband made me cranky today, so when he wasn’t looking I poured water on the floor in front of the dishwasher. He’s been fixing it for the past two hours. THE POOR IRISH ARE STILL GETTING IT There was a power failure in a Dublin department store last week and 300 people were stranded on the escalators for more than two hours. “O’Leary, your glass is empty, will you be having another one?” And what would I be doing with two empty glasses?” O’Leary replied. Young Teresa came home with some dreadful news. “I’m pregnant” she cries. “And how do you know it’s yours?” shouts her father. Paddy: “Hey Shaun, what’s Mick’s surname?” Shaun: “Mick who?” Paddy: “If you can guess how many pheasants I’ve got in me bag you can have both of them” Shaun: “Three.” Mrs Murphy said: “I don’t tink me husband has been faithful to me”. “Why’s that?” said Mrs O’Toole. “Me last child don’t look anything like him”. Mrs O’Toole said: “I can only tell you this

bit of scandal once, because I promised Mrs O’Leary I would never repeat it.” Murphy had a rope hanging from a tree in his garden. Seamus asked him what it was for. “It’s me weather guide” said Murphy, “If it’s swinging back and forth, it’s windy and if it’s wet, it’s been raining.” Murphy was told by the doctor he had two weeks to live, so he chose the last week in July and the first week in August. Colleen dropped a coin, intending it to fall into the blind man’s hat on the pavement, but missed, as quick as a flash he scooped it up and put it in the hat. “You’re not blind” she said. “No I’m not” said Paddy, “It’s Murphy whose blind, I’m just filling in for him while he’s gone to the pictures.” “We’re looking for a Treasurer for the Christmas fund”, said Paddy. “Didn’t you take on a new one last month?” said Murphy. “That’s the one we’re looking for,” Paddy replied. The Dublin pensioners club go on a mystery tour every Wednesday and to make it interesting they have a sweep to guess where they are going. Seamus, the coach driver, has won five weeks on the trot. ENGLISH/IRISH/SCOTSMAN An Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman were taking part in a survey about tea-drinking habits. “I always stir my tea with my left hand,” said the Englishman. “I always stir my tea with my right hand,” said the Scotsman. “How about you?” the Irishman was asked. “Oh me?” said the Irishman, “I always use a spoon.”

Recipe f Ca

1 x Mgans Canadian Light 1 kg Body Blend 400 g Dextrose 1 x Mgans premium lager yea 1 x Cascade hops

Brew, Be and share wh yr friends! Many me recipes avaable, ju ask.

Can anyone drown in the fountain of eternal life?

34 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – March 2020


Covering Cooloola Cove, Rainbow Beach & Tin Can Bay 4WD Hire Rainbow Beach 4X4 Hire

Electrician Rainbow Beach

5486 8300

Accommodation Rainbow Getaway Holiday Apartments


Smiley Mick Electrical

Rainbow Beach

5486 3500

Climate Control Air Conditioning 5486 4362 Bull Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

0421 245 260

Cooloola Coast Air Conditioning

5486 4499

Coastwide Appliance Service & Repairs

0400 410 045

Keely Rose Deep Sea Fishing Charters

Rainbow Beach

0407 146 151

Rainbow Beach Fishing Charters

Rainbow Beach

0439 775 070


5482 6500

Flooring Floorzone

Ace Wholesalers


Garden Supplies

Rainbow Beach Auto Electrics Cooloola Coast

Cooloola Cove Landscape & Garden Supplies

Bait and Tackle Rainbow Beach Fishing & Camping

Rainbow Beach

5486 8100

Gardiner Fisheries

Rainbow Beach

0404 853 232

Rainbow Beach and Fraser Island Gas Supplies

Chandlery Bait and Tackle

Tin Can Bay

5486 4744

Glass and Aluminium

Rainbow Beach

5486 3080

Tin Can Bay

0403 435 369

Tin Can Bay

5488 0443

Car Dealers Gympie

5480 5555

Tin Can Bay

5486 4411

Caravan Repairs and Hire Wide Bay Caravans

Cooloola Cove

5486 4004

Wide Bay Caravans


4121 6377

Tin Can Bay

0407 764 661

Carpet Cleaning Benny’s Carpet Cleaning

Rainbow Beach

0438 868 116

Curtains and Blinds & Security Classique Blinds Screens & Awnings

Tin Can Bay

0400 657 797

5488 0601

0439 089 238

Rainbow Beach Community Centre

Rainbow Beach

07 5486 3355

Cooloola Coast

0412 641 743

Mitre 10 Cooloola

Cooloola Cove

5486 2000

Rainbow Beach Hardware, Fishing & Camping

Rainbow Beach

5486 3444


Gympie Maryborough

Cooloola Curtains & Blinds Cooloola Cove

5481 2846 4121 7070 0436 394 347

Dentist Channon and Lawrence Dental Gympie

5482 7688

Cooloola Cove Smiles

Tin Can Bay

5486 4800

Coloured Sands Clinic

Cooloola Cove

5488 0271



Kennels and Catteries Gympie Cooloola Pet Resort Gympie

5483 5364

Rainbow Beach Sports Club Rainbow Beach

5486 3191

Rainbow Beach Surf Club

Rainbow Beach

5486 3249

Tin Can Bay Country Club

Tin Can Bay

5486 4231

Rainbow Beach Hotel

Rainbow Beach

5486 3008

Cooloola Coast Realty

Cooloola Coast

5486 3411

Michelle Agnew C21

Rainbow Beach

0428 585 175

Rainbow Beach Realty

Rainbow Beach

5486 3900

Raine & Horne

Rainbow Beach

5486 2066


Rainbow Beach

5486 8000

Marina Bar and Grill

Tin Can Bay

5486 4400

Real Estate

Restaurants and Cafés

Shopping Centre IGA Supermarket

Rainbow Beach

5486 8700

IGA Supermarket

Tin Can Bay

5488 0084

Tin Can Bay

5486 2887

Rainbow Beach

0418 729 474

4rent4sale Storage Sheds

Tin Can Bay

5486 4577

Cooloola Tin Can Mini Storage

Cooloola Cove

1300 727 025


Beach Signs



5486 3228

Rainbow Beach Tourist Centre Rainbow Beach

Rainbow Beach Service Centre and Towing Rainbow Beach

5486 8555

Tours and attractions

Op Shop Vinnies

5486 3043

Tourist Centre

Rainbow Beach

5482 2737

Pest Control Beach to Bay Pest Management Cooloola Coast

5486 8686


0409 86 86 86

Cooloola Cove

5486 3227

Dolphin Ferry Cruises


0428 838 836

Rainbow Beach Horserides

Rainbow Beach

0412 174 337

Rainbow Beach Learn to Surf Rainbow Beach

0435 934 087

Surf and Sand Safaris

Rainbow Beach

5486 3131

Wolf Rock Dive

Rainbow Beach

5486 8004

EMERGENCY - AMBULANCE / POLICE / FIRE . . . . . . . . 000

City Farm . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Coastguard Tin Cay Bay - VMR 417 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Community Centre Rainbow Beach . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Cooloola Coast Medical Transport . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

HOSPITAL Gympie Hospital & Community Health . . . . . . . . . . . . 5489 8690

ENERGEX . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 62 62 EPA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1300 130 372 FIRE & RESCUE - Rainbow Beach . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5486 3169 Tin Can Bay Fire Warden . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0409 828 414 Rural Fires Goomboorian . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0417 793 286

0458 259 418

Rainbow Beach Rustproofing and Mechanical Rainbow Beach

Rural Fires Neerdie . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0400 865 132 QPWS Rainbow Beach . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5486 9900 QPWS Tewantin (7 days) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5449 7792 Gympie Regional Council . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1300 307 800

Doctor - Rainbow Beach . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5313 3277 Doctor - Rainbow Beach . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5486 3078 Doctor - Tin Can Bay . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5486 4600

Rainbow Beach


SES Flood/Storm Damage . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 132 500 SES - Rainbow Beach . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5486 3314 SES - Tin Can Bay . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5486 4604 5486 2304 5486 4290 5486 3355 5486 2488

Jeff Hogues Plumbing

Tin Can Bay and Rainbow


Celebrant Zaneta Fitzgerald

SAJE Graphics

0402 240 448

Rainbow Beach Pizza & Grill Rainbow Beach

Looney’s Labour

Caravan Parks Tin Can Bay Tourist Park

Lighthouse Glass and Aluminium

Rainbow Beach

Hall For Hire

Cabinet Makers

John Madill Toyota

5488 0222

Graphic Design


Cooloola Coast Cabinets

Cooloola Cove

0411 033 872

Gas Supplies


Cooloola Coast

Pubs and Clubs

Auto Electrics 0499 144 678

Garry Thompson


Food Wholesalers

Appliance Repairs

Bayside Barbers

0448 955 768

Fishing Charters

Air conditioning

Ed’s Beach Bakery

Cooloola Coast

JUSTICE OF THE PEACE (Please phone to make appt ) DEACON, Arthur (Cooloola Cove) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0419 624 208 FISHER, Peter (Cooloola Cove) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0407 95 4678 GETT, Kelvin (Rainbow Beach) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5486 3538 MISSEN, John Joseph (Rainbow Beach) . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5486 8153 Library - Tin Can Bay Wed, Frid 9am - 12.30am . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5486 4355 Library - Rainbow Beach Thurs, 9.30am - 12.30pm . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5486 3705

Local Disaster Management CCCLDMSG . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5486 4483, 0439 862 264 Cooloola Cove . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5488 0436, 0459 26 374 Wallu . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0419 685 338 Rainbow Beach . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0427 863 007 Pharmacy - Rainbow Beach . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5486 3070 Police - Rainbow Beach . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5486 8765 Police - Tin Can Bay . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5486 2426 Police - non urgent . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 131 444 POISONS Information Centre . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 11 26 School - Rainbow Beach . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5486 9333 School - Tin Can Bay . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5488 1222 Tin Can Bay Community Church Op Shop . . . . . . . . . . 5486 2055 Llew O’Brien (Federal Member) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4121 2936 Tony Perrett MLA (State Member) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5329 5100 March 2020 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 35




MGB CONCRETE QBCC Licence No. – 1162933

Local Contractor


Cabinet Making


When quality matters

Servicing: Rainbow Beach, Tin Can Bay and Cooloola Cove

bullair@bigpond.com ARC


Driveways Patios Shed slabs Pathways Pool surrounds Rendering

Plain Exposed Decorative




Call Mick on 0407 228 044 Electrical

Appliance Repairs

Auto Electrics



Community Hall

For Sale






0499 144 678

www.rainbowbeachautoelectrics.com.au 4X4 MOBILE SERVICE ALSO AVAILABLE FOR ONSITE SERVICE! 36 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – March 2020

Reach all the locals on the Cooloola Coast advertise in the Trades and Services Pages from $60.00 a month. To find out more, phone: 5486 3561




Cosgroves Solicitor in Attendance Wednesdays 10:00am – 1:00pm Conference Room, Rainbow Sands Resort

Paul Cosgrove B.COM., B.ECON., LL.B., B.C.L.

EMAIL cosgroves@cosgroves.com.au TELEPHONE (07) 3371 9199 MOBILE (24 HRS) 0418 729 474 P.O. Box 1225 TOOWONG Q. 4066



Jeff Hogues Plumbing Service jeff@jef hoguesplumbing.com.au


Drain Cleaning Gas Installation Gas Maintenance Back low Servicing Back low Installation Ÿ Thermostatic Mixing Valves Ÿ Treatment Plant Maintenance Ÿ General Plumbing and Drainage Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ

Rumbalara Avenue Rainbow Beach QLD 4581

0458 259 418


QBCC 78058




Tyre & Mechanical Service

Pet Boarding

March 2020 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 37

WHAT’S ON MARCH 1-13 Women United Photography Exhibition, Charmaine Lyons, Gallery Gympie 3

3 4

CC Local Disaster, CC Vets and Comm Hall, 9.30am, Terry Steele: 0439 862264 Over 60’s luncheon, RB Surf Club, 10am, Dorothy: 5486 2357 Coolabay Choir, Wednesdays, 3 to 4pm, CC Vets and Comm Hall

4-29 Fish Friends and a Few Loose Ends, by Alan Pearson, Gatakers Artspace, Maryborough 6

Kia Ora Hall Coffee Club, 10am, Sandra: 0419 857 082


World Day of Prayer, 10am, CC Vets Comm Hall Mary: 07 5486 2183

7-8 Cooloola Dragons State Titles, Lake Kawana 8

Ladies Day 2020 Rainbow Beach, 6am surfing and yoga, 9am - 5pm RB Hall


Probus AGM, TCB Library, Jo: 0428 762 572

9 9

Photography entries close QCWA, Lorraine: 5486 2226 Feral Horse Public Safety Initiative nominations close 10am

10 Tony Perrett at RB, TCB, CC - Call: 5329 5100 for appointment 12 Bingo sessions, TCB Country Club, every Thursday, 9.30am 13 Forbidden Road, TCB Country Club, free 14 Mens Shed AGM, 9am, Paul Boulton: 0437 007 911

If you have an event or date you would like to add please email info@rbcn.com.au 20-22 Cooloola BioBlitz, RB Hall, Lindy Orwin: 0478 039 322 20 The National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence 23 Probus Changeover Lunch, TCB Country Club, Jo: 0428 762 572 26 Music Plus, 7pm, Pam: 0427 180 649 28 Election Day, Gympie Region 30 RB P&C AGM, 5.30pm, RB School library

APRIL 1 4 4

Kids Fishing Training Day, 7-15 years of age, tcbfishingclub@bigpond.com Sports Luncheon, 11.30am for 12, CC Bowls Club, $80 head Queensland School Holidays begin

TUESDAY 8.45am - 10-.15am Pilates Matclass Plus, RB Comm Hall, Sarah: 0432 690 194 9am Arts and Crafts Group, Church of the Good Shepherd Hall 9am, TCB Quilters, Community Complex, please to: Leonie 0432 098 454, Susan 5486 4376 9-10am Cooloola Coast Art Group beginners drawing class weekly. Drawing and Painting Group all levels weekly, 9 - 12pm, Tuncunba Hall, 0438 803 990 9.30am Little Guppies Playgroup Carmen: 0487 876 559 10am-12noon, Tin Can Bay Art Group TCB Library. Ph: 5486 4355

16 Seagrass Info Session, Dr Emma Jackson, TCB RSL Hall, 3-4.30pm, Lindy Orwin: 0478 039 322

10.30am-11.30am Senior’s Exercise Class, RB Comm Hall, Sarah: 0432 690 194

WEEKLY (many are term time only)

7-9pm Alcoholics Anonymous, CC Veteran & Comm Hall. Ph: 5488 0972

See Fitness and Health pages for fitness classes, aqua aerobics, pilates, yoga



6.30am Heart Foundation Walking Group, Maggie 0400 756 615

SSAA (Sporting Shooters) TCB Branch hold various discipline matches most days 0467 332 303

9am Mahjong and games, Church of the Good Shepherd Hall

MONDAY 9 & 10am Pilates Extended, Pangatta Court Studio, Sarah: 0432 690 194 9.30am Senior Citizens indoor bowls, TCB Community Complex David: 0466 848 032

9am Table Tennis, RB Community Hall, Bob: 0477 001 912 9-11am Cooloola Card Makers - every second Wednesday TCB Library Ph: 5486 4355 10am Mainly Music, TCB Community Complex

10-11am First 5 Forever Under 5’s, RB Library

10am Craft – First Wednesday of the month, Dawn: 0434 518 836 10am

18 Camera Club, 7pm, TCB Library

12.30-2.30pm CC Art Group, Tuncunba Hall, every 2nd Monday for Life Drawing Kerri 0438 803 990

21 Open Day Mens Shed, Paul Boulton: 0437 007 911

4.30pm Karate and Jiu-Jitsu, RBSS: 0417 079 579

14 Connecting with the Community, Gympie Pavilion 16 Election postal voting closes 7pm

38 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – March 2020

Hoy – Third Wednesday of the month, $7, Dawn: 0434 518 836

3-4pm Coolabay Choir (from September) CC Vet & Com Hall Ph: Pam Graham 0427 180 649

4.30pm Karate and Jiu-Jitsu, RBSS: 0417 079 579 THURSDAY 7 am

Tennis, Social - all levels welcome, RB Sports Club

8.30am Playgroup, RBSS 9am TCB Craft Club Carmel: 5488 0409 9, 10 and 11am and 4.30pm Pilates, Pangatta Court Studio, 0432 690 194 9.30am CCLAC Bingo, TCB Country Club 9.30am First 5 Forever Under 5’s, TCB Library 10am Art Workshop with Jenny, RB Library, every 2nd and 4th Thurs 3.30pm Cooloola Dragon Boat training FRIDAY 9am Sailability, TCB 9.30am Bridge, RB Hall Meeting Room 9.30am Senior Citizens indoor bowls, TCB Community Complex, David: 0466 848 032 SATURDAY 6.30am Heart Foundation Walking Group, Maggie 0400 756 615 6pm

Mass at St John Vianney Catholic Church service, Bream St TCB (Week 1, 2, 5) St Peter the Fisherman Catholic Church Service Manooka Dr, RB (Week 3, 4)

Markets on almost every Saturday, see the Visitor’s Guide! SUNDAY 7am

Mass RB (1, 2, 5) and TCB (wk 3, 4)

7.30am Cooloola Dragon Boat training 9.30am Cooloola Wesleyan Methodist Church, Ph: Pastor Scott Lucas 0427 859 235 9.30am Good Shepherd Anglican Church Service and morning tea (weeks 1, 3, 5) 17 Carlo Rd, RB 5pm

Good Shepherd Church (week 2, 4) 17 Carlo Rd, RB

TIME TO SELL? TIME TO SELL? TIME TO TALK TO TIME TO TALK TO ANDREW. ANDREW. Andrew Hawkins. Andrew Hawkins. Your local agent. Your local agent.

Locally owned, Locally owned, locally operated locally operated and exclusive to and exclusive to Rainbow! Rainbow! March 2020 – Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News – 39

Get ready for Easter! OPENING HOURS 6AM - 8PM 7 DAYS

Save Time Shop Local

Find your local store at iga.com.au/stores

Rainbow Beach

A big hello to all those people in Rainbow Beach land, either passing through or chasing local knowledge. This town welcomes all! Isn’t it great to see the rain over the last few weeks? The countryside is looking nice and green. It is that green, I was star ng to think I was in Ireland again.

Hopefully they can hold it together and we can make a good finals run. NRL - from the moment the season ends, I wait for this me of year every year. The bucking Broncos are looking good coming into the campaign. It is our year!

(Pre�y sure they have never seen the sun before and that’s why they come to our beau ful country).

Seibolds had one year to transform the team and anything less than a fourth place finish will be a failure of a season. Hopefully he has a Cro�y answer.

You know we’ve had a fair amount of rain when the people at the counter are star ng to pray for some fine weather. One week they want rain, then next it’s sun. Some people are just hard to please, ask the missus.

Union is only a few games in for the season. It looks like it is going to be another healthy season for the Australian teams. Many areas which we can improve. Let’s leave it at that.

As February passes, we are now into March and that means Easter is only five weeks away. Crazy! Especially since I am s ll ge�ng over the Christmas hangover, Australia Day hangover, last week’s hangover, ha ha.

I hope everyone has a happy and safe March and let the prepara on for Easter begin.

Matt, Bernie, Justin, Liam & our friendly staff at the IGA

The team has been hard at work pu�ng all the chocolates out on display. It is looking really good, so come in store and check it out! I can’t remember the last me the long weekend was in the middle of the holidays. Hopefully some of the tourists either holiday for a few days earlier or stay longer. I guess it all depends on the weather and me will tell. If you are unaware, we will be trading normal hours over the Easter period, 6am ll 8pm and every day with a smile. Now the important part - the SPORTS REPORT. As the Australian cricket team tour South Africa for the first me since the ball tampering scandal, they have yet to be caught playing with their balls, obviously rubbing them the right way this me. It hurts a lot when you don’t, ask Warner and Smith. Anyway, the women’s T20 campaign is well under way. Hopefully the girls can show the men how to win. Good luck to them. With the A-league in the final third of the season, the Roar is roaring. I had li�le faith in Robbie Fowler, however they have only lost one game this year.

Be y with the huge choice of Easter Chocolates from IGA grab yours early and buy local!

A big hello to all our valued customers - both local and visi ng, come and see your friendly staff at your local IGA today

Rainbow Beach: 5486 8700

Rainbow Beach Road, Rainbow Beach Shop locally in air condi oned comfort

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Rainbow Beach Community News March 2020  

For all the local news and stories, as well as all the events that are happening in Rainbow Beach, Cooloola Cove and Tin Can Bay. March 2020...

Rainbow Beach Community News March 2020  

For all the local news and stories, as well as all the events that are happening in Rainbow Beach, Cooloola Cove and Tin Can Bay. March 2020...

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