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How green bins could help our wildlife







A new home for Hinterland Harvest


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A healthy mindset


JOINED THE GYM recently and started feeling quite fit with my three mornings a week. Then I had a hip and knee issue - so no gym for a while. Next, I put my shoulder out while sleeping(!), and now have something going on with my eye. I’m not going to lie, I’ve been feeling pretty down about this continuing litany of ailments. A good friend came to my aid with some very wise words. “At least we live somewhere with access to medicine and the best healthcare to help you.” She’s right. We are lucky to live here. I have a fantastic physio nearby, and my optometrist picked up on my eye condition during a routine eye exam - because he was thorough. So, on that note of gratitude, I began to gather stories and events for September and saw (yet again) how much we have that seems good for the mind, body and soul. Nita Lester lights up Mapleton Library with her ideas, John and Veronica Wildman share enriching life stories,

Brenden and Allison Roser bring safety and care to Maleny Pool, and John and Sandra Childs are looking out for nature’s vulnerable creatures. There are festivals from Kenilworth to Chevallum, kind chaplains, fantastic principals and teachers, and fundraisers for farmers in drought. I may not be running at 100% right now, but there are many out there who are - thank you. I’d also like to say a big welcome to our new HT feature writer, Angela Reedman-Polinski. It's great to have you join the team! Spring is here, and it’s time to step into it with positivity and good humour. As Winston Churchill once said, “For myself, I am an optimist - it does not seem to be much use to be anything else”.

Victoria McGuin EDITOR




Nita Lester champions Mapleton Library

Q&A with Kenilworth’s Principal, Elise Maguire



Things are going swimmingly at Maleny Pool

Horsing around at the Rodeo!



Reminiscing with the Wildmans

Sculpture on the Edge returns



The secret’s out for Secrets on the Lake

Sensitive to scent? You’re not alone

Angela Reedman-Polinski


Leanne Collett

September 2018

COVER STORY Aryah Forster-Jones, at the Forest Kindy in Nambour, face painting with ochre. There are many options for kids, without screens, during the holidays.. Pages 12-13 Image: Laine Pictures and Film

The Ones You Trust

No Friend but the Mountains

Ocean Meets Sky

by Caroline Overington

by Behrouz Boochani

A gripping psychological thriller from the bestselling author of The One Who Got Away. Emma Cardwell is a popular TV personality who appears to have it all until one day her young daughter does not come home from daycare. Faced with every parents worst nightmare, everyone and everything comes under scrutiny. As time passes and the dread sets in, Emma finds it harder and harder to know who to trust – including those closest to her. A nail-biting, suspense filled thriller full of twists that will keep you guessing until the very last page. Caroline Overington is a master of her craft and this is possibly her best work yet. A word of warning – do not begin this before bed unless you are prepared to stay up late because you can’t put it down!

“Where have I come from? From the land of rivers, the land of waterfalls, the land of ancient chants, the land of mountains ... People would run to the mountains to escape the warplanes and found asylum within their chestnut forests ... Do Kurds have any friends but the mountains? Methodically typed out on his mobile phone and translated from Farsi this book is the result of the illegal detention of Kurdish journalist, Behrouz Boochani on Manus Island in 2013. It is a heartbreaking, lyrical account of his 5 years of incarceration. Powerful in it’s personal, human view of something most Australians have only ever seen through a political lens – this is a most courageous and poetic work, a work that will hopefully help us move towards a more inclusive, welcoming Australia.

by Fan Brothers


A young boy builds a boat in honour of his grandfather who always told him stories of sailing and the sea… and of a magical place where the ocean meets the sky: where whales and jellyfish soar and birds and castles float. Brimming with gorgeous steampunk inspired illustrations that the Fan brothers are famous for, this book is soothing for the soul and a wonderful reminder of how connected we are to those we love and the power of imagination.




ArtsFest 2018


IS SHAPING up to be a big year for the annual Kenilworth ArtsFest from September 28 to October 1, its twenty-second year of showcasing the arts on the Sunshine Coast. This year there is a change of format to ensure the widest range of art works with prize money of just over $10,000. Not bad for a little town of 300.

An open art competition for painting and 3D work offers prizes of $5,100 including a People’s Choice Award and an Encouragement Award for artists of five years or less experience. A speciality prize this year is the Kenilworth Art Award worth $5,000. Winners in all sections except the People’s Choice, will be announced at the Presentation Night on Friday, September 28. Entry forms are now available. Visit the website www.kenilwortharts.org.au The ever-entertaining Poets’ Breakfast is on Saturday, September 29. A poetry competition this year will see the winner of The Poets’ Breakfast Presentation Award saying the winning poem at this popular event. An exhibition by photographer, Birgit Kehr, will be featured at the ArtsFest with a focus on dairying days in the Mary Valley - both a nostalgic view of this industry and a look to the future. An Artisans’ Shop will sell high quality art works across a range of media - an ideal place to seek out Christmas presents. In addition, all art works in the main competitions are for sale.

Kenilworth ArtsFest celebrates a wide range of arts

The Presentation Night at 6pm on September 28 is always a sparkling affair – a chance to glam up a bit and enjoy a good night out. Admire the art and mix with the artists and judges. Tickets are $10 with free entry for exhibiting artists.

All in all, the 2018 Kenilworth ArtsFest promises to be another great arts event for the Sunshine Coast.

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Wheelie bin welcomes wildlife

Paul Luthje installs a wheelie bin nest box Image Susie Duncan

Â˛ĂŒĂŽĂ…ĂŠĂƒĂ— ,172&2/285






A visit to the 40-acre property of John and Sandra Childs at West Bellthorpe left HT writer, Gay Liddington in awe of what can be achieved when one has a mind to make a difference to the environment and its inhabitants.

by Gay Liddington


WENT WALKABOUT with John and Sandra Childs and immersed myself in rainforest heaven: Leaves crackled underfoot while I breathed in forest fragrance‌wet, woody and enlivening. I saw fungus fanned on sapless branches, fronds reached out as I ambled by. A scurrying sound in the undergrowth drew my attention. Mesmerised I was drawn deeper into the experience. John’s career was primarily in Queensland’s Department of Primary Industries. Then, a move to the Northern


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Territory saw him take up a position as director of a research centre for tropical savanna. “At that point, I became more interested in ecology. Instead of just animals, grazing, and plants, I turned my attention to eco-systems. That was a rewarding development in my life.� John and Sandra moved into their Bellthorpe home in 2002. John reflected: “Going back over old aerial photos, the earliest 1940, we could see at one stage about 85% of this area had been cleared. It’s recovered by itself but is only 40-60 years old. “Our block had been extensively logged. So, a lot of recovery needed to happen. “Originally, one third of our place was covered with lantana. It took me about five years of a systematic approach to clear it. The native bush then recovered. “In a broader sense, my aim was to be rid of weeds and get the plants going. But plants by themselves aren’t enough. I became curious about the mammals and birds and the health of the ecology.� It was when Susie Duncan from Hinterland Bush Links and wildlife ecologist Barry Trail brought an ecology course to Bellthorpe that they visited John’s property. The idea was to assess it, checking for hollows and the possibility of installing nest boxes. John elaborated: “They said the bush was in good shape with rainforest species growing through. However, you have to have very old trees to get hollows. Good glider country but nowhere for them to nest. It was suggested that we could put hollows in the trees and that’s where it all started.� John was made aware of a variety of nest boxes and manmade hollows. A grant from Moreton Bay Regional Council helped facilitate this endeavour. “Matt Roy the arborist came out in May and did a workshop on creating hollows in living trees. Matt is an aerial acrobat. I’m in awe of his skills.� I’m told that while dangling from the heights and wielding a chainsaw, Matt cut a faceplate from the branch then carved out the timber below. The faceplate was replaced with a small, round opening. Matt then chiselled out a hollow and finally, screwed the ‘door’ back on. A hole enabled access to the hollow. Obviously, a master of his craft. “We did a couple of those and then something quite left of field – wheelie bin nest boxes. These provide big hollows for the likes of black cockatoos and the bigger gliders.� Local builder Paul Luthje is the brainchild of the wheelie bin nest boxes. His creative thought process took him from scrutinising an old wheelie compost bin to the idea of transforming it into a nest box. With the support of Hinterland Bush Links and Remondis, a recycling company

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Matt Roy: Criss-cross cuts enable extraction of wood to create a cavity Image Susie Duncan



who offered their reject wheelie bins, this new and innovative project was born. These man-made nest boxes sport a timber landing pad, woodchip nesting material, chewing posts and mesh that feeds into the bin to assist young birds to climb out. According to Susie Duncan, if successful, these treebound nest boxes could be significant for larger species such as the declining Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos and Powerful owls. Hollows required for these birds take 200 years or more to form. In a time when accommodation shortage is at a premium and there’s much talk of ‘tiny houses’, only time will tell if wheelie bin nest boxes will be welcomed by prospective tenants. Perhaps on a wing and a prayer! Paul Luthje has said that each box can be crafted in around half an hour. This makes the idea of them popping up around the country a possibility. “We want to cater for everything from small animals and birds to the larger species.� said John. “We’ve put in a total of 16 nest boxes and have two motion sensing wildlife cameras recording the activity. “There are two wheelie bin nest boxes on trial. When it comes to nesting season we’ll see whether they like them or not.� The list of hollow-dwelling species at Bellthorpe is vast and includes threatened species like the Sooty owl and Masked owl. Gliders, micro-bats, birds and possums depend, in various ways, on hollows. The mammals and Lace Monitor use hollows for roosting every day/night as

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well as raising their young. The large proportion of mammals, birds and reptiles that shelter or breed in tree hollows are desperate for homes. John concludes: “There are lots of ways you can look at your block. Things to be interested in are almost never ending. You might start off weeding and then there’s animals and birds to consider. “I would encourage people to ask questions. Talk to those with knowledge like Barry and Susie and then give it a go. It’s always interesting.� http://www.hinterlandbushlinks.org/


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'RHV\\RXUVVNLQIIHHOWWLJKW Ă Ă DNH\GGU\RRUUURXJK" John and Sandra Childs enjoy their rainforest heaven Image Gay Liddington


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The Mapleton Community Library looks quiet from the street but behind closed doors it is a hive of activity, humour and goodwill. Nita Lester has been gently guiding the book-filled building for the past five years and Victoria McGuin joined her to talk literature, life and learning.

Nita Lester heads up a great team at Mapleton Library



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ITA LESTER and her husband Phillip moved to Mapleton six years ago after a long time out west and time in Brisbane. “We bought our land back in the ‘90s and eventually built on it. We have 30 acres with a dam, bubbling brooks and amazing plants. “They don’t need any care, you just can’t go past them. Oranges, purples, undertones of white – they’re a moving carnival of blossoms and colours.” Plants are a passion for Sydney-born Nita who trained as a botanist. “When I was a kid we’d go to the ocean with crashing waves which my brother would love, but I was scared, so I would collect the seaweed and take it home to press between books. I’ve loved pressing flowers and plants ever since.” Nita’s PhD was in Botany and Tropical Water Lilies. “I like


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to learn what stories plants tell,” and she followed this with a PhD in education. “I was out west for 25 years, so I needed something to do!” These days, Nita is President of the Queensland Botanical Society and sits on the board for the Brisbane Botanic Gardens and Myall Park Botanic Gardens. Her experience is put to good use at Mapleton Library with Nita holding drawing and watercolour classes on flora and fauna. “We pick different plant families and structures of plants, have a dialogue, and everyone learns terms along the way. Engaging students with what’s in their own gardens increases learning”. “Our adult art group on Thursdays is an hour and a half of pencils out and everyone goes away happy and relaxed afterwards.” Nita holds up a small vase which holds a sprig of delicate blue flowers. “The Arts should be at the centre with education,” she muses, “from there you learn all that matters: history, science, mathematics, English and more.” “Just start with a flower: Where does it come from? How does it survive? How does it grow? There is so much to learn.”


Proudly supported by the Sunshine Coast Council’s Grants Program

Raising funds for Children’s Cancer Research

Above: Diana Dodds and Phillipa Roberston are busy with book ordering and cataloguing Below: Joan Wescoe, Jess Meers, Gillian Dobson and Joyce Simpson repair and cover the books

In addition to the art classes, Nita is the library convenor and a JP. “I came in just over five years ago after seeing a notice that JPs were available in the library. I popped in to offer my services then they said, ‘Do you want to help on the desk?’ and I’ve been here ever since. Being a JP is an important job to Nita, “I do it at least four or five times a week,” she says. “Many people know I’m here because of my personalised number plate so they often come in to say hello. “Even in Toowoomba I’ve had messages, ‘You’re here, come and have a coffee!’ because of that number plate,” she laughs. Nita is at the library three or four days a week and enjoys being part of the team. “Everyone does their own jobs and I stitch and paste it all together – and make tea! Helping others is my favourite part of the job. “We have a great group of women and men helping run the library now, from 92 years old and down. There are

currently three trainees, three who were librarians in the past, and three librarian technicians.” On one of my visits I meet members of this valuable team: Gaye, Rosemary and Christine are busy with data entry, while Joyce (the main librarian), Gillian, Jess, Joan and Katarina are covering books and making repairs. “We constantly receive donations and many of the books are virtually brand new. One person donated two boxes of cook books that looked like they had never been opened!” Diana and Phillipa are ordering books and cataloguing, and (true to her word), Nita is helping where she can and providing tea. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, with plenty of laughter bouncing around. “We also have storytelling sessions on the first Saturday morning of every month for the children,” Nita tells me. “The children range in age from three to eight and they join us from 10.30 to 11.30.” Nita is also a member of MADCA (Mapleton and District Community Association) and is supporting the request for a new playground at the local Lilyponds park. “The new pathway there was energised by MADCA and I hope for more progress with the playground too. “I am a fan of sandpits. They are amazing, so therapeutic. You sit in a sandpit and build something, or wreck something, and you feel so much better. “MADCA also supports the ‘Preparing for Prep’ free workshops for young families held at the Library over the past four years. Partnerships for these also include the local school, Lions and Zonta, and the schools say they see an improvement in the engagement of the children of the families who attend.” Nita says the library is all about give-and-take in the community. “For the Trivia Night at the Bowls Club we give them books or they swap with us. The Op Shop sometimes has too many books so we go and have a look to see if we can use some and, we give them our old furniture. “The wooden boxes on the verandah were made by the local Men’s Shed for storing art and craft for the children while the wooden display cases inside were made by the Montville Woodies. Partnerships are important to the library and to the community. “Mapleton has a whole underlying people focus which is why we love living here. They know how to support and be caring.” I take one last look at the wild blue flowers in Nita’s hands. “I do a lot of identifying of plants,” she shares, “through the mail or in Brisbane. I can identify a squashed plant easier than in a vase. I see its shape, form, patterns, art and science. They all come into it.” Botany, art, books and building links in the community, Nita Lester and Mapleton Library are a wonderful combination – and, the next book you take out may even hold a pressed flower...

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Roser Confidence in your ability to swim and save your own life is a necessary skill. HT writer, Angela Reedman-Polinski, recently met with local Maleny pool managers, Brenden and Allison Roser who are focussed on teaching locals how to stay safe in the water.

The Roser family children – Amity, Jaymes, Amaya and Audrey at Richmond Bridge, Tasmania by Angela Reedman-Polinski


RENDEN ROSER left home at 14 when he was offered a scholarship. He and Allison met in Sydney in 1998 when he was studying his Bachelor of Physical Education at the Australian College of Physical Education (ACPE). Allison’s friend was also studying there and the couple met through attending events and social activities. “I wanted to pursue teaching in the swimming industry to give back to the sporting community that had given me so much,” shares Brenden. Securing a position representing Australia in the Telstra Dolphins team, Brenden went on to win a bronze medal in

the 1995 World Cup for his 100m freestyle race and a host of other swimming awards and medals. The couple married in 2005 and their own private squad grew over the years to include Amity (15), Jaymes (12), Amaya (6) and then little Audrey (2). They were awarded the management tender of the Beerwah Aquatic Centre and ran the swim coaching team and swimming lessons for 15 years. Allison and Brenden see the importance of swim safety knowledge and safe swimming practises. “Parents know that swimming is not a hobby until you can save your own life. With quality teaching, we can help prevent drownings and keep kids safe.” This passion drove to long hours - days and nights working hard at the pool, keeping it all running smoothly. “Brenden was working 60 hour weeks managing,

maintaining, coaching and teaching at the pool. They were long days on the hamster wheel to keep everything on track.” Time with family is a strong value in the Roser home and they realised that long work hours were making it harder to have downtime together. At the same time, Allison lost her mother which rocked the family and pushed them to reflect even deeper on what they needed in their lives. Allison began to look for opportunities to slow the pace down. She wanted an opportunity for Brenden and the family to spend more time together and remain deeply involved in their community. “I felt like we needed a tighter focus on our family and friends. Time to build our dreams, cook dinner and just have time to spare.” The family took up the management position at the


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Maleny Swimming Pool and dived in for the 2016-2017 season. Allison smiles as she recalls the hectic pace of their first Maleny season with 5.30am starts and 7.30pm ends - but this time together, with the whole family involved. “There is a busy Learn to Swim program, aqua-aerobics, community and school swimming programs, coaching sessions, lap swimming sessions and the Maleny Swimming Club nights. “We have had a lot of fun too, like on the day Brenden joined in the World’s Greatest Shave in 2017 and had his head completely shaved alongside fellow swimmers for charity.” This vibrant management team works well with a range of community groups, clubs and services across Maleny and the Sunshine Coast to keep the pool open and running. “The community owns this pool and they have worked hard to raise the funds to build it and bring it to where it is today, we want to do the best for it that it deserves.” Community response on the Maleny Pool Facebook page displays the warm support this family has from the local community. There are many messages of thanks for the invaluable skills that are taught by Brenden and the encouragement instilled through his coaching. Brenden sees swimming as an important life skill which can be often overlooked in favour of other trends. “The statistics show that teaching young babies and children this important skill carries throughout their life to fit adults with a strong goal focus.” A surprising statistic to hear from Allison and Brenden is how many people in the 50+ age bracket are dying from drowning because they were never taught how to swim. “We need swimmers that can read the surf at beaches and grandparents who can swim with their grandchildren and take care of their own lives.” This family’s passion for swimming has trickled down the generations and young son Jaymes recently took a shining role in the National’s spotlight. This year, Jaymes flew to Tasmania with the family to compete in a national swim competition where he won gold in the 50 metre freestyle, 12-year-old relay and swam a personal best time in every event. Allison and Brenden were overwhelmed with the

community support offered to them in getting Jaymes down there to compete. “We received so much support from Apex Maleny, Maleny Swim Club, Maleny Trail Riders Club Inc., Andrew Powell MP’s Local Heroes grant and through our family and friends. We want to say a massive thank you for all that you did.” Look out for this lovely family when you visit the pool this summer and be sure to make them welcome for their second season. Learning to swim is a skill for every age and our local pool is in capable, focused and professional hands to help you reach your swimming goals.

Maple Street Co-operative Society Ltd 37 Maple St MALENY | www.maplestreetco-op.com

From top: Brenden and Allison Roser Jaymes Roser winning his gold medal Allison Roser and her beloved mother

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John and Ronne happy at home

So often we pass the elders of our community on the street, stand behind them at the checkout, sit near them in a coffee shop. We may notice their frailty, clear a corridor on the footpath for electric scooters.

Image Gay Liddington


Everyone has a

But, do you ever wonder, asks writer Gay Liddington, who is that person, what is their story?

by Gay Liddington


PEAKING WITH John and Veronica (Ronne) Wildman in their Maleny home left me feeling enriched as the two, steadfast in their individuality and their support for one another, shared their stories. Eighty-eight-year old John is described by Ronne, one year his junior: “He’s a political animal. I try to see both sides but he’s one-eyed,” she said with attitude. John smiled knowingly. John Wildman graduated from the Hawkesbury Agricultural College in 1949 and began his career with the Department of Agriculture as Advisor to Junior Farmers. He retired in Wagga Wagga in 1987. “On retirement Ronne and I came caravanning to Queensland and discovered Maleny.” Not being one to let the grass grow under his feet, John became involved in local affairs and remembers Jill Jordan, co-founder of Maleny Credit Union. “Jill grabbed me by the ear and the next thing I knew, I was at a meeting putting pins in a wall doing planning business.” John founded the Maleny Residents Association and also became ardently involved with Green Hills, an organisation with a vision to protect the character and rural integrity of the Maleny district.

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In retail or join our committee

It seems that retirement for John meant creating a new and varied career. Apart from local involvement which included volunteering for the Maleny Wood Expo and Maleny Bowls Club activities, he initiated a Queensland group for selffunded retirees. Eventually, this became a national endeavour with John at the helm as president. John and Ronne first met in Grafton. She was just out of teacher’s college. It was 1951. He remembers that fateful evening: “My mother kicked me out one night to go to the church dance. It was there I met Ronne and she swept me off my feet.” Ronne added: “It was the only church social we’d ever attended. He could dance and he owned a car. His fate was sealed and we married two years later,” she said with a pert look in John’s direction. At that time, Ronne was teaching at Grafton Primary School. She later transferred to high school, teaching Home Economics. “As far as I was concerned Home Economics wasn’t just about sewing and cooking. My specialist subjects were textiles and design. It was a great course and we were the only state that ran it. However, the teachers couldn’t teach it, so I educated myself. I loved it!” Ronne retired as Mistress of Home Economics at Wagga Wagga High School. Like John, she was very involved with community and was next in line as District Governor of Quota. “I came to Maleny with the motto: If it is to be, it is up to me. “My mother, well in her eighties, came with us. When she was dying, I stayed beside her bed at Maleny hospital on two ordinary chairs for 30 days and 30 nights. I felt like my body was breaking in half. “When mum passed away in 1997, I joined the hospital auxiliary. And, never being one to be quiet, went in as Publicity Officer. The first thing we did was buy two recliner chairs!” The name Veronica Wildman has its place on the Maleny hospital’s honour board for her service of over 20 years to the auxiliary. She was also awarded life membership.



“I’ve had to take a back seat now that I’m an elder stateswoman. You’ve got to know when to step back. We’ve got a wonderful new lot of women who bring fresh ideas.” At age 87, Ronne Wildman has clear viewpoints, is active in the community and has fought her battles along the way. Her next comment took me by surprise: “My bi-centenary project was giving them a breast.” Ronne was diagnosed with breast cancer just after retirement. In her indomitable way, she met the crisis head on. “I told them to take it off. I didn’t have time to mess around as our daughter was due to have her first child. Breast gone, I just got on with things.” Another of Ronne’s community interactions was with Friends of the Library. “I enjoyed that. A good group of women and books. But I had to give it up because I had a big spinal operation.” Describing herself as ruggedly and rudely healthy in between a couple of wee strokes, Ronne shared more of her creative pursuits: “When I retired, I took up china painting competing in the local show and Brisbane Exhibition. I painted for about 26 years. “And, I’ve always sewn but my fingers aren’t as nimble as they used to be so I had to teach myself to knit again. I’m happy to do that because I’m doing something for someone else.” That morning Ronne had returned home from Busy Needles, a group that knits and donates to charity. “I go to the carer’s group too because I’m a carer for John. I’m very happy to help them as they help me tremendously.” A twirl around the dance floor and a spin in a flash car in 1951 marked the time when John and Ronne’s story began. In spite of a family forecast that the relationship wouldn’t last, they sat before me 67 years later having two children and two grandchildren. On parting, Ronne said, “Whenever you’re in town remember, the doorbell is connected to the kettle.” John’s voice reached from the background, “…and don’t forget.” And, these are the inspiring characters that are John and Ronne Wildman.

Above: John and Ronne Wildman - 1982 Below: John at work on a Green Hills project – early ‘90s Supplied by John Wildman

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5435 2787 72 Maple Street MALENY HINTERLAND TIMES – SEPTEMBER 2018


eastonlawyers your local lawyers

Tove Easton


WHICH BUSINESS STRUCTURE IS RIGHT FOR YOU? An important consideration to contemplate when starting a new business is the type of business structure that best suits your needs. Issues that you should consider when choosing the suitable structure range from on issues of liability and how best to protect yourself and your business from liability to financial and practical concerns.

1. SOLE TRADER Assets and liabilities of the business belongs to the owner of the business – you. As there is no fire wall between your personal and business assets you would be personally liable in all aspects of your business. Some of the advantages are that this is a simple structure to set up and maintain; your retain effective control and as you are not an employee of your business you don’t have to make compulsory superannuation contributions, pay payroll tax or workers’ compensation for yourself. The greatest disadvantage is the unlimited liability which means that your personal assets are at risk should you be sued.

2. PARTNERSHIPS A partnership is not a separate legal entity but rather an association of individuals or entitles which come together for the purpose of carrying on a business activity with a view to making a profit. The assets of the partnership belong to the individual partners jointly rather than to a separate legal entity. The greatest advantage is probably that it is relatively easy and cheap to set up. But again the main disadvantage is the issue of the joint and several liability of partners. In practical terms this means that should one partner be unable to pay his or her share of a partnership debt then the remaining partner is fully liable for the whole of that debt despite any agreement to the contrary between the partners.

3. COMPANY A company is a separate legal entity and capable of owning assets it its own name. The main advantages are that this structure has limited liability for its shareholders, it is a structure which is commercially well understood and accepted and there are many choices as to the distribution of profits and losses to the shareholders. The greatest disadvantage is that it is expensive to set up and to maintain as it requires greater accounting and accountability obligations than say a sole trader. Control of the company lies with its directors so this may or may not be a disadvantage.

Books or screens? T

HE SCHOOL HOLIDAYS are coming, and there is always the thought, ‘what to do with the kids?’ over the two weeks. On page 13 we have plenty of outdoorsy ideas, but for those moments of rest, or rainy weather, how about a book? In an age where we hurtle towards more and more use of digital forms, one would assume the lowly book is on its way out. Happily, this is not the case. But why? Books have been around for centuries and without them we would know little about our ancestors, our history and past civilisations. Books can broaden Nita Lester shares our knowledge, encourage questions, supply answers and expand our mental horizons. storytime with the They can enrich us and sharpen our intellect. local children at They can also help us escape into another world created in the pages, uniquely visualised Mapleton Library and honed by our imaginations. Books are crammed full of ideas, knowledge, humour, history, romance, facts and adventure. However, these can also be read on a tablet or computer screen. So why do we return to the book? A 2016 study by the Children and Technology Laboratory, University of Sussex in the UK, came up with some interesting observations.They compared changes in affective, cognitive and postural interaction between mothers and 7-9-year-old children, reading on paper and on a screen. They found there were no differences in recall quality but the warmth of interaction dropped notably over time with children using a screen. They also noticed that the mother/child posture for paper reading led to more shared activity and engagement. There are many other studies coming to light on the positive effects of paper reading, from the visual/mental relief from screen time, to the tactile pleasure of feeling the books, turning the pages and even enjoying the smell of a book. Books become personal, and we become attached. A book is a companion which doesn’t need Wi-Fi or a charged battery to enjoy. A book can become an old friend, and a perfect companion for the school holidays.

IN CONCLUSION As a guideline, the characteristics of a good business structure are flexibility so that the structure can cope with changing circumstances with minimum consequences to the business; minimisation of exposure to liability; minimisation of costs such as tax and the efficient distribution of profits and losses.

Full dental care for ALL the family •General Dentistry Dr. Nathan Ab

Tove is Easton Lawyers’ full time principal lawyer and also the Hinterland’s longest serving principal lawyer serving since January 2004. She specializes in all commercial law matters as well as wills and estates, leases, partnership and company matters. She has always had a policy of providing the first consultation free of charge. That gives clients peace of mind that they are not up for legal fees before they have even had advice on their questions.


•Implants and Dentures •Cosmetic dentistry •Preventative dentistry

Chris is dedicated to

quality, stress-free


providing quality care

dentistry with the

•Dental Care plans

to his patients and

patient’s long term

•CDBS patients

making them feel at

dental health in mind.

10% discounts on Wednesdays and Fridays for seniors

dentalcentremaleny.com.au HINTERLAND TIMES – SEPTEMBER 2018


Nathan provides

17 Bunya Street, Maleny, 4552


Dr. Chris Galv


07 5499 9722


nature’s in!

Let’s celebrate nature over the school holidays. Here are a few ideas of places to go and things to learn in our wonderful Hinterland.

Listening to Children in Nature (Sept 26 - Oct 8) 10am-2pm daily This interactive and engaging exhibition reflects on the outcomes of a research project conducted in collaboration with University of the Sunshine Coast where we listened to young children as they engaged with and explored the rainforest at Mary Cairncross. The exhibit provides ideas for parents and carers as to how they might foster an engagement with nature with their young children through the use of scientific and creative tools of discovery. Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve, upstairs in the Theatrette, 148 Mountain View Road, Maleny.

Children’s Holiday Program Spring 2018 Reptile Scales and Tadpole Tales These Spring holidays explore the fascinating world of frogs and reptiles with the Sunshine Coast Council. The Arts and Ecology Centre at the Maroochy Regional Bushland Botanic Garden will come alive between

September 25 and October 4 with workshops focussed on local amphibian and reptilian characters. Come along and write your own reptile story, paint a frog, learn to etch your favourite local species or make a goanna screenprinted bag. All workshops will be held in the Arts and Ecology Centre at Maroochy Regional Bushland Botanic Garden, 51 Palm Creek Road, Tanawha. Go to Sunshine Coast Council’s events page to find workshops and events. A $7.50 fee per participant is required at time of registration. Register at https://events.sunshinecoast.qld.gov.au/

Library happenings ‘Storytime’ features stories, rhymes and songs to enhance language development for children ages 2 - 5 years. The first half of all sessions comprise of stories and songs with the second half an interactive activity. This is a regular occurrence in Sunshine Coast libraries and registration not required. Call (07) 5475 8989 for details of this and other library holiday events.

Outdoors ideas Why not grab some seedlings and get planting in the garden? Mitre 10 and Town and Country in Maleny have

plenty to choose from along with gardening tools and gloves for little hands. Or take a dip in one of nature’s cool spots: Kondalilla Falls, Gardeners Falls and Baroon Pocket Dam, to name a few. Bushwalks and trails are also a great way to spend time together and make the most of the fresh air: Mapleton Falls, the Sunshine Coast Hinterland Great Walk, Narrows Nature Trail, the Obi Boardwalk (Coral Street, Maleny) and many more are on our doorstep. After all that, take the kids to Rosetta Books where they can plonk on colourful stools and browse the latest stories while you grab a coffee! Happy holidays everyone.



5494 6300

OPEN Monday to Friday | 9am - 5pm Shop 3/15 Free St, BEERWAH www.aussiecarpetsandvinyl.com.au

• Full tanks cleaned, minimal water loss • Potable water treatment and correction, bacteria control, filtration, supply and service

Out enjoying nature for the school holidays Image by Laine Photos and Film

Free appraisals phone Allen: 0404 302 723

MALENY HAIR AND BEAUTY NOW AT 9 BUNYA ST (opposite Maleny Primary School)


By qualified experienced Nurse - visiting Tuesday 18 SEPT

BOOK N O W > 5494 3899

9 Bunya Street Maleny

5494 3899

P Private level PARKING available on site

“Business Service Award Winner”



Sunshine Coast Hinterland





IDDEN AWAY IN the rainforest on the foreshores of Lake Baroon at iconic Montville is one of the Sunny Coast's best kept secrets, ‘Secrets on the Lake’. It’s a stunning retreat packed with exquisite carvings, artworks and endless beautiful iron, wood and glass creations that guarantee to surprise and delight you. This unique destination features world class treehouse accommodation, the award-winning Dining on the Deck licensed daytime restaurant (open Tues-Sun 8.30-4pm), and the truly beautiful Secrets Gardens and Lakehouse wedding venues. Every aspect has been designed to celebrate romance and its pristine rainforest environment. Operating for over 20 years, Secrets on the Lake is an established family business created by locals George and Aldy Johnston and co-run by their children Cath, Rob and Sarah. If you live locally then none of this is probably a secret to you or your visitors. What you may not be aware of is the work that Secrets on the Lake does to give back and support the community. In the last few months, many midweek accommodation and Dining on the Deck lunch vouchers have been donated to raffles and raise funds for local community groups including Maleny Neighbourhood Centre, Montville State School, Rainbow Families Sunshine Coast, Nambour Christian College, Yandina CWA, Maroochydore High School Humanitarian Project, and the Act for Kids Gala Ball. Total funds raised for local community groups this year has already topped over $7000 and they still have five months to go! With great midweek deals currently available, it’s never been easier to escape, reenergise, and rejuvenate. But beware, Secrets on the Lake comes with a warning. We promise that once you have visited, you will be back again, and then again to show your out of town visitors and friends. Contact Secrets on 5478 5888 or visit www.secretsonthelake.com.au to book.

Keeping it Country!



Secrets Family - Rob Johnston, Lisa Quinn, Aldath Johnston, George Johnston, Cath Johnston Photo by Lou O’Brien



& SUN. All Day Dining FRI, SAT





6:30pm for a 7pm start


Available from






Reservations tiion io ons on o ns | A ns Accom Acc Ac Accommodation cco cccomm cc co co om omm m mm mo mod m od od da ati at a tti tio tion io iion on o n | Bottleshop: 5494 2013 | 6 Bunya St. MALENY | www.malenyhotel.com.au 14


Sunshine Coast Hinterland



Polish up your palate O

N WEDNESDAY, 26 September at 6pm, join Finbars in Bicentenary Lane for a grape versus grain showdown! Tantalise your taste buds with a four-course wood-fired pizza fiesta, matched to four boutique wines and brews. Awarding winning winery Brockenchack, fronted by Darren Naylor, is putting its wines against awardwinning brewery Burleigh Brewing, championed by Bruce Lange. Wines range from a Brockenchack Zipline and Yarran Pinot Grigio, to a Vinaceous Divine Light Sauvignon Blanc or Zilzie Regional Coonawarra Cabernet. Beers going into battle feature Moa Reserve Range, Stone & Wood Cloud Catcher, Coopers Pale and Coopers Mild. Just $65 will get you seat and a voice that will and must be heard. The destiny of the 'Champion Beverage' is in your hands. RSVP by September 19 in store at Purple Palate, phone 5494 2499, or email: maleny@purplepalate.com

Purple Palate - Grape versus Grain Image by Terje Sollie



Sunshine Coast Hinterland Indulge Your Senses

To Imbil & Gympie To Eumundi & Noosa

Regardless of whether it is fine dining or a casual café you can be sure that unique culinary experience awaits. The Hinterland Times Food, Drink and Dine Guide introduces visitors and reminds locals about the delicious dining options on the range.



A Comprehensive guide to eating out


To Nambour

Spoilt with local fresh produce, stunning views and village atmospheres, be tempted to explore our food haven.

18 19

Bon Appetit. 15






escaping the everyday in the hinterland


4 5

To Landsborough and Beerwah



at The Tamarind restaurant, to the revitalising treatments of Spa Anise day spa, Spicers Tamarind Retreat is a place to nourish both body and soul.

Join us for breakfast, lunch or dinner and try The Tamarind’s brand new menu. Call 5420 5420 to book. spicerstamarindretreat.com

6 Riverside Centre, Maleny Phone (07) 5370 2906 www.concept.coffee facebook.com/ConceptCoffeeMaleny HINTERLAND TIMES – SEPTEMBER 2018


6 3


From the award-winning modern Asian menu




e Ah


14 16 13 11 12 17




1 Daawat Indian Restaurant

Hotel Maleny

Address Phone Web OPEN

Address 6 Bunya Street MALENY Phone 07 5494 2013 Web malenyhotel.com.au OPEN Lunch: Mon - Thu 11.30am – 2.30pm Dinner: Mon - Thu from 5.30pm Fri, Sat & Sun: All day dining.

4/45 Maple Street MALENY 07 5435 2461 dawaatindianmaleny.com.au 7 days: 11.00am – 2.00pm 4.00pm – 9.00pm

Indulgent Flavours of India. Dine In & Takeaway. BYO. Air-conditioned. Birthday Parties, Corporate Bookings & Catering for your functions. Best Butter Chicken around!

Quality dining in a relaxed atmosphere. Daily specials. Bar, Bistro, Functions & Accom. Liquour Legends. Member discounts. Courtesy bus available.



Concept Coffee

Address Shop 6 Riverside Centre 2 Maple St MALENY Phone 07 5370 2906 Web facebook.com/ConceptCoffeeMaleny OPEN Mon - Fri: 7.00am - 4.00pm Sat - 7.00am - 12.00pm, Sun Closed Internet Café. Healthy breakfast options, gf & refined sugar free cakes, wholesome snacks and raw treats. Locally roasted vintage coffee & a variety of beverages on offer. Relax over looking the Obi Obi creek or grab something on the run.


Husk and Honey Address 16/18 Queen St NAMBOUR Phone 07 5441 3510 OPEN Mon to Fri: 8.00am – 3.30pm Sat: 8.00am – 2.00pm

Entirely Gluten free & Grain free Café offering all day breakfast & seasonal lunch menu. Cakes & other treats all baked on site daily. Tim Adams Coffee.




Cappriccio’s Italian Restaurant

Spicers Tamarind

Exotic Marigold

Mayfield Patisserie & Chocolates

Address Phone Web OPEN

Address Phone Web OPEN

88 Obi Lane South MALENY 07 5420 5420 spicerstamarindretreat.com Breakfast: 7 days 7.30am - 10am Lunch: Fri to Sun from 12pm Dinner: Tue to Sun from 5pm Gourmet Breakfast, A la Carte modern Thai & Asian Cuisine, Jazz in the Forest 1st & 3rd Sunday of each month. Cooking Classes available Saturdays. Be inspired with a choice of Italian, French or Thai. Bookings essential.

Address 1/466 Maleny-Kenilworth Rd, WITTA Phone 07 5435 8463 OPEN FOR DINNER Tuesday to Saturday: 4:30pm - 9:00pm

Address 127 Main Street MONTVILLE




The Terrace Seafood Restaurant

The Orangery Maleny

Witta General Store

Address Cnr Maleny-Landsborough Rd & Mountain View Rd MALENY Phone 07 5494 3700 Web terraceofmaleny.com.au OPEN Tue - Sun. Lunch: from 12pm, Dinner options from 5.30pm An award winning restaurant with expansive coastal views, specialising in seafood platters using ocean fresh Mooloolaba seafood & locally sourced produce. A special occasion’s destination offering a la carte, fine dining, functions & Christmas parties.

Address 10 Mountain View Road, Mary Cairncross corner MALENY Phone 07 5435 2545 Web theorangerymaleny.com.au OPEN Mon - Fri from 9am, Sat/Sun from 8am. CLOSED Tuesdays Imagine sipping champagne with a leisurely meal or afternoon tea on our long verandas, gazing at the glorious Sunshine Coastline. Breakfast, light meals to a la carte, tapas, weddings, functions, high teas. A wide range of freshly baked gluten free goodies.

Riverside Centre MALENY 07 5499 9444 cappricciospizzas.com.au Tue to Sun: 4.00pm – 10.00pm Lunch Sat & Sun: from 11.30am

Licensed & B.Y.O. Live entertainment every friday! Delicious traditional Italian food. Dine in, takeaway or home delivery. Prices to please. Huge menu. Overlooking the Obi Obi River.



Authentic Licensed Indian Restaurant serving takeaway or dine in. Next to the Witta Store.

07 5478 5999


Daily: 9.30am – 4.00pm

Quality handmade Chocolates & Patisseries, great Coffee & one of the best views around. Celebration cakes made to order.


Licensed Cafe and functions Address Phone Web OPEN


466 Maleny Kenilworth Road WITTA 07 5494 4411 wittageneralstore.com 7 days: 6.30am - 8:00pm

Serving all day breakfast, morning and afternoon teas, lunch, sunset drinks and dinner. $15 light meals available all day.

Montville Gourmet Pizzeria Address Phone Web OPEN

202 Main Street MONTVILLE 07 5442 9505 montvillegourmetpizzeria.com Sun - Thurs: 10.00am – 8.00pm Fri & Sat: 10.00am – 10.00pm

Gourmet Pizza, Pasta & Salads. Open for lunch & dinner, 7 days. Dine in or takeaway. Licensed & BYO.








Le Relais Bressan

The Edge Restaurant

Flame Hill Vineyard

Address Phone Web OPEN

Address 249 Western Ave MONTVILLE Phone 07 5478 5920 Web flamehill.com.au OPEN 7 Days: 10.30am - 5.30pm Sunday Brunch: 10.00am - 12.00pm

Address Phone Web OPEN

Ethically & sustainably produced from our vineyards & farms, guaranteeing patrons an experience of paramount quality at this magnificent location featuring breathtaking ocean views and mountain vistas.

Enjoy breakfast, lazy lunches, great coffee & homemade cakes on Secrets Deck with stunning views over Lake Baroon. Groups welcome, why not spoil yourself & book for a gorgeous High Tea. Gallery and accomodation on site.

127-133 Main St MONTVILLE 07 5442 9344 mayfieldonmontville.com.au Mon to Sun: 8.30am – 4.00pm

Savour our delicious modern cuisine on the deck overlooking stunning views. The perfect location to enjoy a champagne breakfast, leisurely lunch, or coffee & cake. Licensed.

Secrets Dining on the Deck and Gallery

Address 344 Flaxton Drive FLAXTON Phone 07 5445 7157

207 Narrows Rd MONTVILLE 07 5478 5888 diningonthedeck.com.au Tue to Sun: 8.30am – 4.00pm


French Dinning at its best. A la carte lunch and dinner. House Special 2 course set menu $29, 3 course set menu for $35. NEW express lunch menu (dine in) available.


14 Elements at Montville Address Phone Web OPEN

38 Kondalilla Rd MONTVILLE 07 5478 6212 elementsmontville.com.au Wed to Mon: 8.00am – 4.00pm

Fabulous teahouse, interiors & gift store overlooking the Kondalilla falls. Delish breakfast. Light lunches. Home baked goodies. Limited seating. Small functions welcome. Bridal & Baby Showers a must.




Lunch & Dinner: Wed to Sun Closed: Mon & Tue


Altitude on Montville

Flaxton Gardens

Flowerpot Coffee Shop

Address 94 Main Street MONTVILLE Phone 07 5478 5889 Web altitudeonmontville.com.au OPEN 7 Days: Open from 8:00am Breakfast, lunch (2 & 3 course set specials) & dinner. Experience a refreshed & beautifully relaxed restaurant as our acclaimed new head chef, Nick Stapleton, serves up some of the most sophisticated, tasty & exciting food on the Sunshine coast. 10% OFF MEALS for local bookings plus a free courtesy bus.

Address 313-327 Flaxton Drive FLAXTON Phone 07 5445 7450 Web flaxtongardens.com.au OPEN Wed to Sun: 10am-3pm (Morning/High

Address Crystal Waters CONONDALE 65 Kilkoy Lane, off Aherns Rd. Phone 07 5494 4620 Web FB: “Flowerpot Coffee Shop” OPEN Tue & Fri: 9:30am-2:30pm Sat & Sun: 10:00am-2:30pm Flowerpot Coffee Shop offers a full breakfast menu, great coffee, baked goods, playground, and relaxed atmosphere. Welcoming Conondale and Crystal Waters residents, and anyone who pops in - you won’t be disappointed!

Tea & Lunch). Frid to Sat: 5.00pm-8:30pm (Dinner bookings).

Experience excellence in food at prices that won’t send you broke. Whether you choose a relaxed breakfast, al fresco lunch on the terrace, a High Tea on the veranda or dine within our restaurant we can ensure you quality throughout.

Flowerpot Coffee Shop


EADS UP! There’s a new café located near Conondale (between Maleny and Kenilworth). The Flowerpot Coffee Shop at Crystal Waters is the brainchild of barista Ally Bing and was brought to life with the help of her partner Flynn and their surrounding community.

up over a board or card game on the wide, wooden, deck verandah.

The Flowerpot is for Hinterland residents wanting to enjoy a breakfast and coffee without the crowds and stress of driving into town.

The desserts are handmade in a full commercial kitchen, prepared so that all diets are satisfied. The wholesome breakfast menu features loaves from Les’s Sourdough Bakery; eggs with bright yellow yolks; Maleny Butchery’s free-range bacon rashers; and Flynn’s indecently-delicious sautéed mushrooms.

Expect to see children busy at play on the Village Green playground and lawn; friends and families lounging on picnic blankets with coffees in hand; old friends catching

The Flowerpot Coffee Shop is open Friday-Sunday and Tuesdays 9.30am - 2pm, phone 5494 4620 for more information.

Escape with Secrets Midweek Saver Special!

Expect a warm welcome at the Flowerpot Coffee Shop Image by Emelia Ebejer

in the Rustic foodie hub ny heart of Male

Enjoy the perks of winter and the savings of summer... Valid for any midweek booking of 2 nights or longer, staying before the end of September 2018... and when mentioning this special offer you now only pay the summer rate. This is a saving of $60 for a 2 night booking! Conditions Apply. Its never been a better time to stay at Secrets on the Lake in our stunning luxury treehouses overlooking the magnificent waters of Lake Baroon in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. Why don’t you give your bucket list some attention and reconnect with nature and each other in our romantic wonderland.

International Eats



Rustic Seats

Authentic world street food Local musicians | Monthly night market 38 Maple St Maleny OPEN Friday, Saturday & Sunday: 9am to 3pm

07 5478 5888

info@secretsonthelake.com.au www.secretsonthelake.com.au

Local Beats

International Eats

Local Beats

Rustic Seats

Hinterland Harvest relocates A

fter tWo yeArS based in Woombye, the Hinterland Harvest market is moving to the Wellness Mill in Nambour. organiser Helen Langlois caught up with Ht to share the news. “the Wellness Mill is opposite Coles; hence we hope to gain more customers and more stallholders. the area has green space and trees, an organic café, covered food court and pantry which is in line with our market ethos – chemical free, organic and sustainable type stalls, as well as conventionally grown produce catering for all customers.” So where does the produce come from? “Mainly from the Sunshine Coast and surrounds, such as Woombye, Glasshouse, Woodford and Gympie,” explains Helen. “And various fruits from Stanthorpe that don’t grow in the Sunny Coast region due to our warmer climate.

“Long-term we plan to collaborate with Kylie Smart, the owner from the Wellness Mill, and continue to support local farmers and foodies. It’s good to educate the public on healthy food and we will have cooking demos and gardening talks in the coming

months, plus continue helping backyard farmers to share their abundance.” Hinterland Harvest will be open every Saturday from 7am – 12 noon, so make a morning of it at the market!

Strawberry fields forever f

AMILIeS froM ALL over the Sunshine Coast are set to come together in a celebration of all things strawberry at the annual Strawbfest at Chevallum State School on friday, September 7, from 5pm. Continuing on the school’s innovative waste management policies championed by the students, this year’s Strawbfest will be one of the greenest festivals of its kind on the Sunshine Coast. Students and parent helpers have also been producing t-shirt and boomerang bags for use Chevallum students enjoying the fruits of their labour!

at the festival. for the last 31 years, twist Brothers Strawberries and Chevallum State School have worked together in this unique community event that helps provide additional resources for theschool. each year, the children pick bucket loads of strawberries in preparation for the festival, which are then transformed into a veritable strawberry feast, including jam, syrup, salad, kebabs, milkshakes and even strawberry daiquiris from the licensed bar. Coupled with top quality entertainment, it’s no surprise that the Chevallum Strawbfest has become one of the most renowned events on the Sunshine Coast calendar.

Hinterland Events January: Australia Day celebrations; Maleny film festival; yandina Ginger flower and food festival February: Montville: flame Hill Grape Stomp March: Kenilworth Cheese, Wine & food festival April: Anzac Day Services May: Maleny Wood expo; Cross Country: Maleny Community Precinct; Maleny Hospital Auxiliary fashion and flowers June: Maleny Agricultural Show; Gardening on the edge; Kenilworth Quilt & Craft Show; Sunshine Coast Agricultural Show; July: Maleny's Celebration of Books; Muscle on the Mountain Day; QLD MX Nationals Motorcross: Conondale; Queensland Garden expo; Village Wedding expo Montville September: Mitchell Creek rock n Blues fest; Kenilworth Artfest; Kenilworth Show and rodeo; Lions Welcome Dinner: Maleny; Maleny Music festival October: Mountain View Challenge; Heart of Gold film fest: Gympie; Blackall 100, Mapleton November: Mary river festival December: Woodford folk festival

HINterLAND tIMeS – SePteMBer 2018


Community News Community News Community News Writers wanted

JourNALISM AND LIterAture backgrounds are desirable, but more essential is a love of words, our beautiful hinterland and our locals. Computer skills are essential and decent photographic ability, with access to a camera, is also important. Social media savvy is an added bonus. Age is no barrier, especially if you have a friendly turn of phrase, and can put a good yarn on paper. you need to be well presented when representing Ht, and it is very part time (it may only be a story a month, or much more), exceedingly family friendly and you need to be creative and autonomous. Does it irritate you to see an apostrophe out of place, do you know when to use there, their or they're, and is writing something you have always wanted to do? If you would like to help the Hinterland Times preserve our history for future generations by recording stories of local people, local events and local businesses - please email Victoria at editor@hinterlandtimes.com.au or call 5499 9049.

A fete for all

Natives naturally

No MAtter what your interests or your hobbies, the Spring fete in the landscaped grounds of St George’s Anglican Church, Maleny, will make your day on September 8, from 9am to 2pm. A giant auction starting at 12 noon will be your chance to buy or sell. If you have furniture or other quality items for sale, phone the office on 5499 9130 someone could collect. It wouldn’t be a church fete without the cake stall, produce and preserves, fresh produce or craft; but also the raffles, tombola and lucky numbers, and stalls with trash and treasure, second hand clothing, a book stall and activities for the children. the Lions have lent their barbecue, the Ladies Guild will provide cakes and snacks with tea or coffee, and a coffee van will be on site for the gourmets. Pictured above are elaine Atkinson and Dell Somerville who will be serving with smiles at the fete! With an art show, dance performances and music from Maleny High School concert band, and ex-ten tenor Kim Kirkman with his Inspirations choir and string orchestra, it promises to be entertaining!

the friends of Maroochy Bushland Botanic Gardens present Natives Naturally for your Garden at the Botanic Gardens, 33 Palm Creek road, tanawha on Sunday, September 15 this year the theme will be ‘birds, bats and bees’ including the benefits of attracting a range of flying fauna to our home gardens. the popular program of speakers will include experts in stingless native bees, gardens for wildlife and bats as pollinators plus ‘breakfast with the birds’ from 7.30am and a birdwalk with faunawatch. Arrive early and enjoy a breakfast barbecue before walking through majestic native bushland to see and hear our very own early birds. Bring your camera and preserve the moment. this is a free community event, but please bring cash for the breakfast or café. throughout the day bird, bat and bee-friendly plants displays and sales will be on. More details are available on the website: friendsofmaroochybotanicgardens.org.au Come along and find out what plants will bring the natives to your garden! Volunteer ross thompson is hoping to attract the bees in this image by Greg Miller.

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Deluxe foldable Shopping Trolley CITRUS

Spring seedlings and citrus trees NOW AVAILABLE

Stockists of


Maleny Town & :C2&'(D#7200)%"20



HINterLAND tIMeS – SePteMBer 2018




Spring is the perfect time for Camping... OUTDOOR CONNECTION camp gear Sold Here!

31 Coral Street, Maleny

E=<# =#F1/G 7:30am - 5:00pm

@! 5494 2302

7; ?1A;>G 8:00am - 1:00pm


Principal Questions Our Hinterland schools are pretty special, and some of them have relatively new principals to steer them forward. We thought it would be interesting to talk to the person at the helm and this month it’s Principal Elise Maguire from Kenilworth State Community College.




How are your family with the move to this area?

My husband and my two children absolutely love being on the Sunshine Coast. there is always somewhere new to explore and so much to do.


What do you do on your days off?

Saturdays are usually spent at cricket, soccer or gymnastics cheering my children on. We always make sure we spend time together as a family, usually at one of the many beaches swimming or exploring the rock pools. I also love to read and always spend some time with my nose in a book.


Is this your first Principal role?

No. I spent some time in Central Queensland as a teaching principal in a small school.


Why did you choose to become an educator?

I have always loved working with children. Seeing their smiles, their energy and their positivity has always had an impact on me. the idea of being able to work with children, support them to achieve their goals, and see them succeed every day was the reason I became an educator.


Principal Elise Maguire loves the happy atmosphere at Kenilworth State Community College

What are the strengths of the school community?

our school community has a friendly, warm and inviting culture with a very supportive P&C and local community. Local businesses are also very generous with their donations of time and resources. We are also fortunate to have so many facilities for our students to use, including a student kitchen, computer lab, dedicated art space and two ovals!

What are your plans for the next year for the school?

We will continue to focus on providing a challenging and supportive curriculum so every student experiences success. We will also be upgrading our Junior Playground and the students are very excited to be a part of the process.


What has been the most valuable lesson you have learnt along the way?

that every child is unique with their own individual strengths and if we allow each child’s strength to shine through each day, their learning and achievement flourishes.

Did a teacher or principal inspire you when you were a student?

I was very lucky to have lots of fantastic teachers and principals throughout my schooling. the teachers who took the time to build a positive relationship with me are the ones I remember the most.

10. What is your motto or favourite quote? 7.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Working with a dedicated team of educators to create a positive school culture is incredibly


rewarding. even more so, are the smiles on the children’s faces each morning, which lets us know that we have succeeded in creating a supportive and welcoming environment.

9. 6.



Sa nd ra

A Dr Seuss quote from Oh the Places You’ll Go – “the more that you read, the more things you will know. the more that you learn the more places you’ll go.”

For previous Principal Questions, visit www.Hinterland Times.com.au HINterLAND tIMeS – SePteMBer 2018


Kenilworth Show comes to town

He ANNuAL Kenilworth Show and rodeo is here on September 15 with highlights including show jumping from 8am and show horse events in two rings commencing at 8.30am.


At 10am you have two choices: the NrA All round rodeo or the woodchop events including chainsaw post ripping. there is also a new event during the rodeo lunch break - a dog jumping competition with prize money totalling $200. Hot and cold food is available all day from the canteen

and the bar is open from 10am to 10pm. Side shows have plenty on offer: show bags, dodgems, giant slide, jumping castle, an animal nursery, and racing piglets. there are also trade sites, and Pavilion exhibits including cooking, photography, horticulture, textile art and a junior section. Night time entertainment begins at 7.15pm, with a laser light display, and band “Audible Lines”. the canteen is open for dinner and there will be raffles along the way. this is an event not to be missed!

Kenilworth Show was first organised by the Kenilworth Community on the Mary river flats at Gheerulla in 1919. In 2019 Kenilworth will be celebrating 100 years since the first show and the organisers are seeking information on past shows. Do you have old photographs, programs, trophies and ribbons? If so, they would love to hear from you. Send your stories to whitemantap@bigpond.com to help make 2019 the show of shows.

August 1st – June 1 – November 30th 2018

August 31, 2018

excluding all School Holidays and Long Weekends excluding All School Holidays and1 toLong Weekends Valid August November 30, 2018 – Minimum stay 7

nights, pay full amount of accommodation as deposit upon booking. No refundstay is available andconditions cannot change dates once *minimum 7 nights, apply booking is made. This is a genuine offer with no gimmicks.


HINterLAND tIMeS – SePteMBer 2018

Sign up for RunFest! T

He MALeNy ruNfeSt, run by the Lions Club of Maleny Blackall range, is almost upon us again, so grab your runners and start training! easy on the eye, routes take in some of the most magnificent views of the countryside and celebrated vistas of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. However, past participants say that they recall the ‘challenge’ being more than just the ‘mountain views’.

Maleny RunFest 10km start!

Mark Clayton from re/MAX Hinterland, who are sponsoring the Half Marathon event, has grown up in town and on part of the track and can affirm that runners who appreciate a challenging course will get their first taste of what Maleny is also well known for – the ‘undulating countryside’ as known in real estate, or ‘unforgiving terrain’ as is more commonly known.

to suit anyone wanting to be involved in a community event supporting a good cause. the course has options for a 3km walk or runs of 5km, 10km, or 21.1km for the more daring. It can be taken as seriously or as socially as you wish.

run start times from 7am to 8.30am on Sunday october 14, please check on the website for information and registration details. Visit malenyblackallrange.qld.lions.org.au/projectsmvc

Meet some Maleny locals and support the Lions Childhood Cancer research foundation.

for those of you who would prefer an easier option, this is a great event with different distances

Hello Spring

ON SALE Wed 5TH - Sun 16th September 2018 While stocks last














AMGROW ROW FERTILISERS • 2.5Kg Native, Citrus & Fruit, Fruit & Flower, Rose or Gardenia, Azalea & Camellia


HINterLAND tIMeS – SePteMBer 2018


Community News Community News Community News Spring into colour!

Great work Hayden!

Maleny Youth Festival

SPrING IS IN the air and the Quilters of Maleny Arts and Crafts Group are celebrating by holding their Biennial Quilt Show on September 29 and 30 from 9am at the Main Pavilion, Maleny Showgrounds. filling the Pavilion will be a wide variety of quilts, large and small, traditional to modern. the stage display will showcase the talents of three life members. these three ladies, Pamela Doyle, Jeanette Duncombe and Nancy Marshall are not only quilters but show their vast talents in their other artistic endeavours. the Quilt Show raffle has some great prizes with the first prize being a bright and colourful queen size quilt. tickets are available from the MACG Gallery in Maple Street and at the Quilt Show. Visitors also have an opportunity to participate in a bag pod with the chance to win a handcrafted bag or table runner of their choice. Pictured are Life members Pamela Doyle and Jeanette Duncombe with the Quilt Show raffle quilt. Viewers will be able to vote for their favourite quilt and favourite challenge quilt. entry to the quilt show is $5 including a complimentary cup of tea or coffee.

HAyDeN GreAtHeAD has been at Maleny High School for a year now and works four days a week as a member of the school’s student support services team. He makes sure that he is involved in as many school activities as possible, including athletics carnivals, school musicals and accompanying students on university visits. Hayden is also very visible in the community, attending service club meetings and also speaking to a wide range of church congregations about chaplaincy. He undertakes important selfdevelopment programs and puts his involvement with students ahead of all else, running a weekly “Breakfast Club” and boys’ group. When the need arises, Hayden responds to family issues and gives assistance to those who may benefit from a helping hand with some expenses related to school. Chaplaincy depends on the generosity of many people and recently, the service has been helped significantly from the local IGA’s Community Benefit Club as well as being supported consistently by the APeX Club of Maleny, in addition to many other donors in the community.

tHe MALeNy youtH festival is back, transforming the Maleny Neighbourhood Centre into a magical gypsy encampment with music, food, stalls and workshops, from 3 - 9pm on friday, September 14. this is the 5th annual event and is hosted by the Maleny flexi School and Neighbourhood Centre. Current and past flexi students are instrumental in developing the fantastic festival program. the festival will include a line-up of bands and musicians as well as performers, dancers and exciting live entertainment. Local schools and community groups also play a key role in bringing this event together. there will be a variety of fun workshops and activities including face painting and henna, sword play and fortune telling. this is a free event to celebrate the creativity of our local youth. We encourage the whole community to attend and in particular to complete the youth Survey, created by young people, which will help to create the Hinterland youth Action Plan. for more information and details about our impressive line-up please visit the ‘Maleny youth festival’ faceBook event.



HINterLAND tIMeS – SePteMBer 2018

Out and About

around the Hinterland ... Left: Laykin and Maya contemplating life in Nambour’s nature Image by Oh Snap! Hannah Udovisi

Above: ‘Magical Morning’ event celebrating Seniors Week with RangeCare, Mapleton State School and Mapleton Community Library Below: After the morning tea and magic show and while the magician was roving around to different groups, RangeCare clients and Mapleton State School students tackled puzzles together

Right: Erik the Ready will fix pretty much anything for you at The Lane, Palmwoods on Thursday mornings 9am - midday Below: Bunker Series Storytelling Competition finalists at Homegrown Cafe, Palmwoods Image by Brigid Clarke

Palmwoods locals learning veggie gardening tips at a regular Homegrown Kitchen Garden workshop Image by Paula at Organic Kookaburra

HINterLAND tIMeS – SePteMBer 2018


Sculpture ON THE EDGE 2018 < < <


f you Are LIVING in this beautiful part of the world and would like to be more connected to your arts community please read on:

Arts Connect Inc. have been, over the years, an integral part of bringing artists from many genres together...supporting artists and connecting communities. Sculpture on the edge is bigger and better than ever. this Contemporary Sculpture exhibition set in the beautiful rainforest retreat of Spicers tamarind, is the premier art destination event on the Sunshine Coast. Presented by Arts Connect Inc., the award offers sculptors $10,000 in prize money this year and is expected to see over 3000 visitors throughout three weeks in September.

Sculpture on the Edge produces creations like â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Elvisâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; by Noel Carroll Image Yanni van Zijl

partners, primarily Spicers tamarind and the Sunshine Coast Council, we are able to deliver to art lovers and visitors to the Sunshine Coast Hinterland an amazing art experience.

Sculptors from all over Queensland and Australia are invited to create unique sculptural artworks which work within the environment, complementing the stunning natural landscape as part of the Spicers tamarind retreat.

on September 12, there will be an awards night hosted by Arts Connect Inc. at Spicers tamarind which consists of a twilight viewing of the sculptural works on display from 4.30pm, then rolling into drinks and canapes at 5.30pm with the awards to follow.

Now in its eighth year, Sculpture on the edge continues to grow. With the kind support of our sponsors and

For more information visit sculptureontheedge.com.au




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HINterLAND tIMeS â&#x20AC;&#x201C; SePteMBer 2018

Wedding Connections Your guide to local wedding services on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

Celebrants & Ceremonies Ruth Kuss - Wedding Celebrant Whatever you are celebrating â&#x20AC;&#x201C; welcoming a precious new baby into the world, committing to your life partner, renewing your marriage vows or farewelling a loved one â&#x20AC;&#x201C; creating a ceremony that befits your personality is something that you should approach with your head as well as your heart. Ph: 0429 997 771 www.montvilleweddingcelebrant.com.au

Jewellery Laurisha Jewellery together we create your imagination. We specialise in handcrafted diamond engagement rings, wedding rings, diamond and coloured stone dress rings, pendants, pearls and other jewellery. Ph: 5478 5771 www.laurishajewellery.com.au

Venue Flaxton Gardens flaxton Gardens is an iconic Sunshine Coast Hinterland wedding venue, winery, restaurant and function centre. your dream wedding at flaxton Gardens begins with a personal consultation with wedding planners who will expertly help create the perfect, happiest day of your life. Ph: 5445 7450 www.flaxtongardens.com.au

The Hinterland Times Karen Muir Do you offer a unique Hinterland Wedding experience? Contact Karen to discuss adding your service here. Mobile: 0414 432 423; ph: 07 5499 9049 e: karen@hinterlandtimes.com.au


Gallery Trail


Discover the remarkable variety of galleries & talented local artists

2 Illume Creations

127-133 Main Street MONTVILLE Ph: 5478 5440 illumecreations.com.au

To Imbil & Gympie


5 Ob iO


Balmoral Lookout


MALENY Reesville Rd Rd

7 Rd

s Po cke t

Sta nle yR ive r

Cor k










h or t nilw


Chiyogami Designs !"#$%&$&'"()&*+,-.&/"01 MAPLETON

Choose from our extensive range from our Wonderful Wall of Washi which is a sight to behold, plus discover exquisite work by local artists, handcrafted jewellery, cards, soaps and more.


Coral St

Mountain View Rd

4 Specialising in Japanese origami papers and AMAZING washi tape.

Ph: 0419 775 728

Male ny


OPEN Mon - Fri: 9:00 - 5:00 Sat: 9:00 - 1:00


Kondalilla Falls National Park


le Ma

Ph: 5494 3477 malenyjewellers.com.au


e y- K

Shop 4 Riverside Centre Maple St. MALENY

Celebrating a strong 17 years in business, we specialise in highquality handcrafted jewellery. Offering a full range of jewellery services including redesign, repair and valuation. View our large range of handmade individual pieces and receive the service you should.


Mapleton Falls MAPLETON National Park 3

bi R oad

Illume Creations has the largest, most extensive range of this Montville hot glass artist’s work.

OPEN Mon - Sun: 10:00-4:00

To Noosa & Eumundi


Maleny Showcase Jewellers

Come and escape to the lush hills and breathe in the fresh energy of Tina Cooper’s vibrant hand !"#&2&304,.51& blown glass art!

OPEN Fri - Sun: 10:00 - 3:30

Mary Cairncross Park

Australis of Montville Antiques 162 Main Street MONTVILLE Ph: 5442 9400 OPEN Wed - Mon: 10:00 - 3:45

Situated in the hinterland town of montville, this long established business has a great range of antique china, glassware, silver and collectables to suit all tastes. We also have a large range of antique, estate, and second hand quality jewellery.


THERE IS SOMETHING ABOUT THE SUNSHINE COAST HINTERLAND THAT SEEMS TO INSPIRE PEOPLE... Whether it’s the climate, the sweeping views, the atmospheric ‘villages’ dotted about or the people – this is a special, creative place. Artistic talent can be seen virtually everywhere you look. From ‘Strangler Cairn,’ Andy Goldsworthy’s huge egg sculpture in Conondale National Park, to the wealth of art galleries, local markets and viewings in artists’ personal studios. To help you on your journey of artistic discovery, the hinterland has its own Gallery Trail. It has been said that the hinterland is the Soul of the Sunshine Coast - once you take the Gallery Trail, you will probably agree.


5 Obi Valley Woodworks 430 Hunsley Road, COOLABINE (Obi Valley) Ph: 5472 3996 cedarcreations.com.au OPEN Most Weekends: 10:00 - 4:00

Showcasing carved Red Cedar sculptures, furniture and doors created by renowned timber artist, Jack Wilms. Our gallery is open to the public most weekends. We are located in the beautiful Obi Valley, half way between Mapleton & Kenilworth. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Secrets on the Lake Art Gallery 207 Narrows Road MONTVILLE Ph: 5478 5888 secretsonthelake.com.au OPEN Tue - Sun: 9:00 - 4:00

Personally selected local artists and artisans exhibit in a unique art space which is a work of art in itself. Enjoy a cup of coffee or lunch in our café then browse the gallery, featuring Lindsay Muir, Siggi Cairns, Heather Jones, Peta Boyce, and more.

Upcoming Exhibitions Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve Theatrette After Dark an exhibition by Maleny Printmakers September 1 - 16. Spicers Tamarind Retreat Sculpture on the Edge - A contemporary sculpture exhibition September 10 -30. Kenilworth Public Hall Kenilworth Arts Fest Exhibition September 28 - October 1. Artc Connect Inc Open Studios - September 29 & 30 For more information about Galleries on the Hinterland go to: www.hinterlandtimes.com.au & open the Sunshine Coast Gallery Trail Booklet

Gallery Trail



Mapleto n Nambou r Yandina Eudlo Eumund i Woomby e Palmwo ods Cononda le Montvill e Beerwah Landsbo rough

Obi Obi Maleny

Flaxton Witta

Screen-fre S sschool hols!e

Kenilwo rth




14,000 F FREE




KENILWORTH ARTSF Painting, poetry EST and prizes on offer




How green bins N? could help our wildlife


A new home

for Hinterlan d Harvest




Your Gallery

Trail Guide

to the Sunshi

Hinterl Drink & Dine Food,Coast ne


Guide 2016


To promote your business here & in our ONLINE BOOKLET please contact Karen Muir M 0414 432 423 E Karen@hinterlandtimes.com.au

7 James Frames 38b Coral Street (Cnr Coral & Myrtle St’s) MALENY Ph: 5494 2100 jamesframes.com.au OPEN Mon - Fri: 10:00 - 5:00 Sat: 10:00 - 1:00

You will love this iconic c. 1907 building stocked brim full of art supplies for the most discerning artists. And, an in-house picture framing service provided by experienced professionals.

Arts Connect Inc. info@artsconnectinc. com.au artsconnectinc.com.au OPEN STUDIOS Last weekend of the month

OPEN STUDIOS TRAIL On the last weekend of every month, artists open their doors to the public and show you inside the workings of their arts practices! See the website for details and map. SCULPTURE ON THE EDGE A contemporary 3D exhibition held at Spicers Tamarind Retreat. September 10 to 30.

HINterLAND tIMeS – SePteMBer 2018


C R E AT I V E C U T S Katie J White

Opera for everyone Katie J White took out the 2016 West Australian Music Industry (WAMI) Song Of The Year Award for the Blues and Roots category with her song River. Originally from Denmark WA, Katie’s music has taken her as far as London and she has played nearly every venue in WA from Albany to Broome. Katie plays in a duo with her partner Daniel Hearn, an impressive guitarist. Together they play folk/roots and their repertoire features many classics and songs everyone loves across a wide age group. They also play their own original songs which are always poetic and melodically moving. See Katie and Daniel at Finbars on September 14 at 6pm.

Palmwoods Bush Dance

Walk and talk

Head over to Palmwoods Memorial Hall, Main Street on September 8, 5.30-9.30pm for the Palmwoods Bush Dance. the Barleyshakes will have you tapping your toes and dancing in the aisles with their lively Irish music from 6.309.30pm. there will be hot food and drinks available from stalls hosted by local community groups and a prize for best costume (adults and children). tickets are $10 adult, $5 children ages 5-15, and family tickets are $25. for tickets email contact@pcba@gmail.com

A community fundraiser is happening in Palmwoods on Saturday, September 29. first a tree Walk (federation Park) at 1pm followed by the screening of the stunning documentary: Call of the Forest with Irish-Canadian scientist and author, Diana Beresford-Kroeger, at Palmwoods Memorial Hall at 2pm. this is a non-profit event created to strengthen local community and fundraise for our global non-profit, treeSisters and, for our local Hinterland Alliance (protecting our green corridors). We will have tea, coffee, chai and cakes available after the movie and encourage you to join us for discussion and a fun activity. All details and bookings: http://bit.ly/CofPalmwoods please contact pollyanna@treesisters.org for queries.

Death by Soprano is the final play in the Arts Council’s Winter Festival and Hinterland audiences. It performs in the Maleny Community Centre on Sunday, September 16 at 2pm, with refreshments on the Deck afterwards so that you can meet Melbourne cabaret artist of international esteem, Isabel Hertaeg. Death by Soprano satirically catalogues operatic death scenes in an A-Z cabaret romp through ‘Operatic Occupational Hazards’. It embraces a loving irreverence for opera’s occasionally over-inflated ego! Bookings can be made at the Maleny Visitors Centre or www.malenyartscouncil.com.au . Groups of six can buy tickets at member price by contacting John Marsden on 5494 2584.

Eudlo Music Nights

Priscilla for the farmers

the eudlo Music Nights is coming up october 6 and 7 at Wominjeka Park, eudlo. the event goes from 12pm Saturday to 2pm Sunday, and is chock-a-block with activities with two music stages and a lovely big fire Saturday night as features! Artists include the Strangest Dreamers, rob Longstaff, Juju Bom, Blackall Blues, Sam Shepherd, Noel Gardner, Innessa, Ian B MacLeod, Karen Law Band, roger Beare and Brendan the Mindfulness Poet amongst many others. the gate charge has been kept down to $25/$15/$10 including camping/caravanning, to encourage attendance. Hope you can make it! www.eudlomusicnights.com.au 28

HINterLAND tIMeS – SePteMBer 2018

It may be a bit further afield (in Buderim) but some great Sunshine Coast businesses and organisations have come on board to support this Sunshine Coast Drought relief fundraiser. Grab you fishnets, heels and feather boas, or your best farm gear to join the hysterical fun as Priscilla goes west in support of our farmers! All proceeds go to rural Aid Buy A Bale. Supper provided, with a cash bar and Bingo Books $10. Saturday, September 8 at 6.30pm at Headland Golf Club, Golf Links Drive, Buderim. tickets are $35 each at the website: https://www.trybooking.com/book/event? eid=410704

visual arts entertainment performance

After Dark Exhibition

Music and markets

What secrets lurk in the rainforest of Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve once the sun has set on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland? Ten independent artists from the Maleny Printmakers have created an exciting art exhibition exploring the After Dark secrets of this very special conservation reserve. Open daily, Saturday, 1 September until Sunday, 16 September at the Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve, upstairs in the Theatrette, 148 Mountain View Road, Maleny. Monday-Friday 10am-2pm and Saturday-Sunday 10am-4pm. Artists will be onsite each weekend during the exhibition. For more information visit www.facebook.com/malenyprintmakers

Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool

BRVA exhibition

Based on Peter turner’s memoir, the film follows the playful but passionate relationship which began in 1978 between turner (Jamie Bell) and the Academy Award winning actress Gloria Grahame (Annette Bening) when she was 54 and he was 26. What starts as a vibrant affair between a legendary femme fatale and her young lover quickly grows into a deeper relationship which lasted until her death from cancer in 1981. Saturday, September 8 at 7.15pm at the Maleny Community Centre, doors open 6pm for optional sit-down dinner. tickets at the door or call 0418 708 244.

Blackall range Visual Arts has invited members of Zonta Club, Blackall range to put forward their names and contact details for them to do what they love doing best, to draw/paint portraits of their pets, themselves, grandchildren, their homestead or garden, such as this painting by robyn Wright. the paintings will be judged and BrVA have invited the president of Zonta to be the guest speaker at their opening night. With great enthusiasm, Zonta members have given in their 'commissions' which will be displayed at the BrVA exhibition at St.Mary's Hall in Montville on September 29 to october 7, open daily between 9.30am - 4pm.

Come to the Night Markets at Maleny Lane on September 15, 6-9pm where Craig Madden will be entertaining the crowd with his music. Craig’s voice and lyrics ring with truth, soul and experience whilst his pumping rhythmic guitar style growls underneath. At times melodic and sweet, at others blue and intense. A trained actor, published author and sustainable home builder who after years of gigging the major cities has returned to the Sunshine Coast where his career as a young blues guitarist began. Craig is an old-school honest showman who makes you feel he is sitting next to you or perhaps, the audience is with him...on stage.

Maleny Music at the MNC

One day, one choir September 21 is International Peace Day. In 2014, Londoner, Jane Hanson created One Day, One Choir. this is a simple global project for peace which taps into the uplifting power of collective singing to unite people in their communities on Peace Day and to get them to think about unity and peace. this initiative has spread globally and the goal is for three million voices to sing on Peace Day this year. the Palmwoods Singers theatrical Society will be performing outside the Palmwoods Hall on friday, September 21 at 10am and welcome anyone who would like to both to listen and join in.

A new music program championed by Dr Michael Whiticker has started at the Maleny Neighbourhood Centre in Bicentenary Lane. Maleny Music (at the MNC) is a community music making and skill development program open to all ages and all skill levels. It runs on Wednesdays from 7 - 10pm and asks only a donation for your participation. the program is based around the building of music skills, an understanding of music psychology and how it can assist in performance, and playing in small ensembles of singers and instrumentalists. for more information visit MalenyMusicMNC on facebook. HINterLAND tIMeS – SePteMBer 2018


Forest Heart Local Native Plant Nursery 20 Coral St, Maleny Phone: 5435 2193

In the Wild with Spencer Shaw

What's in the Spotlight Sunshine Coast Art Prize Exhibition The Sunshine Coast Art Prize 2018 exhibition is now on display at Caloundra Regional Gallery. Featuring some of Australia’s leading contemporary and emerging artists, including Þve local artists, this exhibition is not to be missed. There are also a great range of public programs on offer throughout the exhibition period. Details via the gallery website. Exhibition closes October 14.

Help us develop a new Social Strategy Council is developing a new Social Strategy to build an even stronger Sunshine Coast community by 2041. Tell us what a strong community means to you. Share a photo or complete the online survey and go in the draw to win amazing prizes. To enter visit council's website and click on ‘have your say’.

Get tips on great renewable energy choices Council is making the most of the sun at Sunshine Coast Solar Farm, now you can too! Book online via the library website for a free Harness the Sun energy session held at libraries across the Coast until September 19. Sessions explore current renewable energy options including tesla batteries, inverters, energy monitors, solar, energy storage and lots more.

Introducing Venue 114 Venue 114, formerly known as Lake Kawana Community Centre, is a community-focused, contemporary facility offering everything from live music performances to children’s entertainment. Subscribe to the Venue 114 eNewsletter via www.scvenuesandevents.com.au.

Dont forget to renew your pet rego Now is the time for Sunshine Coast cat and dog owners to renew their pet’s registration with council. Pet registration helps council to reunite you if your pet becomes lost, so make sure your details are up to date. Keep an eye out for your renewal notice and make sure payment is made by September 30. More details on pet ownership via council’s website.

Hope for Habitat


S I SIt Here trying to type this month’s column, I can’t help but be distracted by the bird life darting, soaring, flitting, bounding, gliding and roosting in our gardens. Spring has sprung early this year and the regular rain is a boon for the flora and fauna. It’s only taken a few years for a variety of habitats to develop at our place and our feathered friends love it! If I look out the window for just a few seconds I can see flycatchers, eastern rosellas, Satin Bowerbirds, Currawongs, Noisy Mynahs, Swallows, Pardalotes, red-browed finches and Magpie Larks. our place has become a veritable hive of activity for the local birds and its great to know that the habitat that we are assisting to establish provides a place for so many critters to live and breed! “Spencer that sounds amazing, how can I also create a paradise for my feathered friends?” I hear you ask? Well I hope a few of you are asking that question, I even hope a few of you are even nodding your heads in agreement because you are also creating a paradise for yourself and the local wildlife already. A fundamental of habitat restoration is a connection to the habitat you are trying to restore. the distance that you live from native bush or rainforest, will directly affect the amount of wildlife that will be able to colonise or move through your plantings.

A Nasty Fungus


MIDSt ALL tHe political chaos, plenty of important matters slip away unnoticed. one is myrtle rust, a serious fungus disease affecting members of the Myrtaceae family. this family includes our gum trees (eucalypts and their relations), bottlebrushes, paperbarks, tea-trees, and lillipillies. the disease probably arrived in eastern Australia around 2010 and has not yet reached Western Australia where one can only imagine what could happen to much of their remarkable flora. More than half of Australia’s Myrtaceae species, over 1,000 in the south-west, occur in W.A. for those who have not heard of Myrtle rust there is plenty of information and photos of infected plants on the Web, and a link to Myrtle rust – Sunshine Coast Council. Local plants known to be infected are listed. So, what can we do as gardeners, revegetators, bee keepers, plant growers

or whatever else we might do involving members of this family? first, look around your property for infected plants. If you find the distinctive bright yellow ‘poached egg’ spores and the plants are small enough, remove the whole plant, bag it securely and place in your household waste bin. the spores

Porters Lane Nursery opening times: Wednesday - Friday - 9am -3pm, Saturday 9am - 12pm

Landscapes with LOORS LANDSCAPING Winter Nights Outdoors

... landscaping the Range for the past 26 years

Planning our future library network Provide feedback on the future of library services here on the Sunshine Coast. We want to hear your ideas and opinions. Complete the survey on council’s website and you’ll go into the draw to win an IPad Pro. For more information visit our website or ask the staff at your local library.

Council meetings Ordinary Meeting 9am 13 September, Caloundra 07 5475 7272 mail@sunshinecoast.qld.gov.au

www.sunshinecoast.qld.gov.au 30

HINterLAND tIMeS – SePteMBer 2018

are easily spread so wash gloves and clothing which has contacted the spore body. It’s a bit of a job but you won’t want the disease to spread onto adjacent plants of the same species. Some individual plants are showing resistance so local groups are planning to work with scientists and government to adopt a co-ordinated and long term national and environmental response to the disease. this is real citizen science. unfortunately, some native species found in our own forests have been so badly affected that they are no longer producing seed. We would hate to lose them altogether. So far Australia has only one strain of the disease and this is a very good reason to protect our borders. In the meantime, if you are travelling interstate and especially west, do not take any plant material from this family with you.

Barung native Plant nursery Phone 5494 3151

BYO – swap it out #BYOsunshinecoast continues. Have you made your plastic free pledge yet? It’s so easy to get onboard the #BYOsunshinecoast journey, simply swap out single-use plastic items with reusable options. From refusing plastic straws, using a reusable coffee cup and water bottle or saying no to plastic bags, we all play a part. Join the movement, visit the ‘Living Smart’ section of council’s website for more information.

the area of habitat available for fauna and flora directly affects the number and diversity of species (in this case birds). Small patches will only have a few species, large well-connected patches will have more diversity. this is why we need to be planting, species are becoming locally extinct all the time, due to a lack of habitat and connectivity. Diversity is the key to habitat re-establishment. Plant fast growing fruiting shrubs such as Kangaroo Apple (Solanum aviculare), Native elderberry (Sambucus australasica) and Native Mulberry (Pipturus argenteus), they fruit within 12- 18 months and many birds love them. Don’t forget to plant trees and shrubs such as Bottle Brushes (Melaleuca salicina), Lillypilly’s (Syzygium spp.) and Grass trees (Xanthorrhoea spp.) to provide nectar for Honey eaters and Lorikeets. the family of plants we often forget in our revegetation plantings are the grasses such as Kangaroo grass (Themeda triandra), Native Sorghum (Sarga spp.), Bamboo grass (Austrostipa spp.) and Barbed Wire Grass (Cymbopogon refractus) that attract seed eating birds. the great thing about creating a habitat is that it starts to look after itself. Birds in your backyard will spread seed, control insects and their song and beauty, well that’s priceless!


IRE PITS have become a central part of our outdoor living, evolving from the days of caveman and campsites (out of necessity) to a myriad of modern designs to suit each individual application. There is something primeval, mesmerising and calming watching flames in motion. Most fire pits are fuelled by wood or charcoal with some designs operating on gas. Not only is it a place to gather and chat with a drink of choice but also a means of cooking, using skewers, grill baskets, cooking grate, cast iron skillet of rotisserie.


Loors Landscaping

Phone: 07 5445 7615

Mobile: 0412 680 801



ABC Heywire Competition the ABC is calling on people aged 16-22 to share their experiences of life in regional Australia for the opportunity to be featured on the ABC and win a lifechanging trip to Canberra for the Heywire regional youth Summit in february 2019. Anyone with a story to tell about life in their part of the country is encouraged to enter, with entries of any medium accepted, including text, video, audio and photo. Get your entries in via www.abc.net.au/heywire by September 16, 2018.

MNC update the Maleny Blackall range Lions Club has provided a collection box at the Maleny Neighbourhood Centre reception area and would appreciate donations of spectacles, sunglasses and old mobile phones no longer needed. In the last ten years the Lions recycle for Sight Australia project has collected close to four million pairs of spectacles. the MNC is also holding its open Day on october 6 with sausage sizzle and pizza, so come and see what they do and the activities they offer to the community, 10am-2pm.

Volunteers needed the Salvation Army family Store at Nambour is on the hunt for volunteers to help out in the retail shop on Monday, tuesday and Wednesday. If you have time to spare and would like to give back to your local community and be part of a great team, please contact the store. Nambour family Store volunteer, Bev, says, "I volunteer with the Salvos in appreciation for all they gave and did for my grandfather in the war." enquiries please call 5441 6458 or drop in and see the store manager Monday to friday.

Important police advice there has been a spate of breaks-in around rural properties in the Glasshouse Mountains area and up on the range from Bald Knob to Maleny. offenders are using stolen vehicles on back roads, especially coming from Beerburrum road through to Peachester. the police request property owners secure vehicles and have keys locked away. the thieves are targeting these areas as there is less chance of someone seeing or hearing them. People who are at home take a bit more interest in what is going on around the area, and report unusual or unknown vehicles or anything suspicious to the police.

Maleny Singers present Marriage of Figaro - with Countess (SarahJane Abbott) Susanna (Evalee Sharples) Count (Colin Dunn) and Figaro (Tony Glazebrook)

the shed was one of many built for service during the Vietnam war. It was gifted to the guild, still in its packing cases, by the Australian Army. rob, a retired furniture maker, has contributed greatly to the success of the Guild and, like John, is liked and admired by all woodies.

Book now for Mozart! Maleny Singers next production promises to be mouthwatering! It is a Charity Gala performance of Mozart's famous comic opera ‘the Marriage of figaro’, an hilarious and musically glorious romp in which the actual marriage plays second fiddle to several adulterous intrigues. All proceeds to go Maleny rotary's charities: Careflight, Australia, and range Care, Maleny. So, set aside Nov 9 – 11 and roll up at the Maleny Community Centre for a great show in a good cause. tickets will be available from october 1 at trybooking.com and Maleny Information Centre.

Welcome dinner All newcomers to Maleny and District over the past year or two are invited to come along to the 13th annual Welcome Dinner on September 19 at the orangery, to meet local residents, businesses, community groups, and make new friends. tickets for the dinner are $40 and can be purchased from Maleny optical, Shop 8, riverside Centre, 8 Maple Street, Maleny and Maleny realty at 44 Maple Street, Maleny.

Get in early to avoid disappointment. for further information contact Colin Sinclair on 5435 2867.

Disability Action Week September 9 to 15 is Disability Action Week which aims to empower people with disabilities, raise awareness of issues and improve access and inclusion throughout the community. one in five Queenslanders have a disability and disability touches the lives of most Queenslanders in some way. to find out more, visit www.qld.gov.au/ disability/community/celebrate-disability-action-week

International Peace Day on September 21, Cygnet Centre for Peacebuilding and transformation is inviting community to celebrate International Peace Day with conversation, music, and a ‘minute of silence’. Cygnet’s ‘Peace Dialogues’ event in Maleny will focus on practical peacebuilding strategies and the uN’s theme, ‘the right to Peace’. this day-long event (9.30am - 2.30pm) will foster discussion through a series of intimate table conversations exploring peace-related questions. the ‘Minute of Silence’ at 12 noon will support a worldwide ‘Peace Wave’ travelling across the global time zones. Admission is free but numbers are limited. Contact info@cygnetcentre.com or 0424 793 095.

Funds for farmers the Maleny Catholic Ladies Group are responding to the needs of drought stricken farmers with a fashion parade and delicious morning tea to raise funds for the Downs & West Community Support www.downsandwestcommunitysupport.org fashions by 'Simply Stylish' and shoes by 'Imelda on Maple' with multi-draw raffles and lucky door prize. friday, September 14 at 9.30am, Pat Daley function Centre, Maleny Catholic Church, 45 Cedar Street Maleny. entry: $10 - bookings essential. Phone: Pam 5494 2487.

Blackall Range Woodcrafters Guild Inc At the recent AGM of the Blackall range Woodcrafters Guild, President John Muller handed over the reins to incoming President, rob otto. John, a tireless worker led the Guild for three years during which time he saw the erection of the new shed come to fruition.


o, LASt eDItIoN I was thanking my clients and the townsfolk of Maleny for the last twenty-odd (very odd) tree-mendous years, then later I realised that I hadn’t thanked the most important entities in the whole equation, the trees! the trees of this area are so special to me. Being an arborist has given me a much deeper understanding of, and connection to, these beings. So much so that I simply love driving around the plateau checking in on the tree community. Particularly the roadside trees and also those visible from the road. these are my friends that I see and greet every day. I watch their seasonal changes, their daily wind dance, and their long, slow recovery from storm damage,

Follow ‘aboutthattree’ on Instagram, & Tony Wootton Tree Surgeon on Facebook pruning, and other wounding. I love it so much that if we run out of activated cashew milk at home, I’m the first one to exclaim “I’ll go!”, just so I can jump in the Barina and get out amongst it again. It feels so special too because it is so different from the rest of Australia, which is all just basically a variation on the eucalyptus theme. I urge you next time you are out and about to take note of these woody giants that live among us, and you will start to notice their individual character, and feel a deeper connection to them, and to all life.

HINterLAND tIMeS – SePteMBer 2018


Mungo MacCallum

Newgeneration S

O THIS IS WHAT Scott Morrison calls his new generation of leadership.

It consists mainly of retreads from the previous ministry, with the absence of one of the very few the voters actually liked – Julie Bishop – and the resurrection of some we had thought we were well rid of. Stuart robert was turfed for misusing his ministerial position to promote a mate’s business in China. Sussan Ley went after misusing her travel allowances to invest in her highly valuable property portfolio; now both are apparently considered models of integrity, And Barnaby Joyce and tony Abbott have been exhumed to linger on the fringes of the tent as envoys – Joyce to pursue the vital task of rural pork barrelling and Abbott to tell the benighted natives to behave like good conservatives if they want to get on in his world. We assume that Morrison is not calling them envoys because he regards the rural and the indigenous communities are foreign countries, although that would be the normal sense of the word. And given that Morrison says he cannot tell one end of a sheep from the other, and that his interest in indigenous affairs is, at best, well concealed, perhaps the terminology is uncomfortably apt.

already, now burdened with superfluous former rejects in a desperate effort at the quick fix. the most obvious examples are what have been described as the three key appointments – right wingers promoted to attempt to plaster band aids over the concerns of swinging voters who are increasingly deserting the Liberal brand. So we have Angus taylor, not as the energy Minister, but the Minister for reducing Power Prices. As long as he can produce some bogged-up statistics before the next election, he will be seen to have succeeded in the job. Similarly, Alan tudge is not the Minister for Cities, Infrastructure and Population, but the Minister for Congestion – in Sydney and Melbourne, where the marginals are. And Dan tehan’s principal qualification as education Minister is that he is a Catholic, and so can be relied on to shovel barrow loads of money to his insatiable coreligionists. None of these short-term panaceas has much to do with national policy, let alone a proper vision for the future, but none of them is meant to; this is all about filling in the potholes, or rather pretending to fill them in – even on their own terms they are unlikely to produce much in the way of outcomes within the next six months.

But it is not clear what, if any, effect they will have that would be superior to the current well-resourced ministers, David Littleproud and Nigel Scullion respectively.

And the big problems have simply been pushed aside. Climate change is now deemed to be effectively nonexistent; it apparently has nothing at all to do with energy policy, and has been relegated to the last position in the cabinet, where the all but unknown Melissa Price, a former lawyer for a mining company, will be in charge of making sure it is not mentioned in the party room.

And this is the essential weakness of Morrison’s makeover; a ministry top-heavy with lightweights

this will not be hard, as few if any moderates will be game to mouth the terrible phrase. And this is the

atmosphere in which Morrison reckons he can heal the wounds and restore unity – although many of his members were not even elected when the word had any meaning within the party room. At least he can say, with some conviction, that he is safe until the next election; Dutton has been put back under his damp stone, and will have to plot quietly until his next rebellion. He and his hopelessly incompetent backers – it is now clear that most if not all of them were either fools or liars or both – are still convinced that he is the saviour who can restore their base. A quick reality check reveals that the most recent polling showed just six per cent of the electorate wanted Dutton as Liberal leader. When the sample was broken down by party support, the figure fell even lower – just five per cent of Liberal voters wanted him. How base can you get? But then, the mad right has never been big on reality. the Abbottistas and their cabal never have and never will acknowledge the fact that the majority of Australians are not ideologues, and prefer to reside in the political mainstream. typical of the fringe is the attempt to ramp up (in The Australian, of course) a reprise of the culture wars – we seem doomed to another battle over what the right calls free speech and the rest of us call avoiding abuse, harassment, insult and denigration. And very few of us regard it as a pressing concern; if Barnaby Joyce thinks the bunch in the public bar are uninterested in the political chaos of the last fortnight, he can try asking how concerned they are with section 18c of the federal racial Discrimination Act. But derisory as the right support is in the real world, it is paramount in Morrison’s cabinet – paramount, but far from unified. the chief generals of the centre, turnbull and Julie Bishop, have gone but Marise Payne, Simon Birmingham and Christopher Pyne are there to fight rearguard actions. However the real trouble will come, as always, from Abbott and his willing cat’s paw, Dutton. they and their fellow insurgents have never forgiven Morrison’s collaboration with turnbull – he presents as one of the right, but from their paranoid perspective, he cannot really be trusted. And perhaps they have a point; the new Prime Minister is less ScoMo than ProMo, the former Pr man for the tourist industry transformed into the Liberal apparatchik within the New South Wales Branch, notorious as a nest of moderates. He tried hard to fit in – when they were commissioned, he presented them all with Australian flag lapel pins, perhaps to help them if they have to ask waiters, “Do you know who I am?” But some of the more suspicious noted that Morrison himself did not always wear one, despite his patriotic assertions. He is still on probation. It is not over yet.

The views expressed in Mungo's column are his and not necessarily the views of the HT team.


HINterLAND tIMeS – SePteMBer 2018

your MArKet GuIDe

Maleny Sunday Market

Authenic Asian Food stall RSL HALL OPP HOTEL | 8AM - 2PM Your !ocal Sunday Market open "ain, hail or shine


!""!#$%&%'()$$%&%'(**$+,!-*$"%&%.*/0$%1!2% % % % % % % % % '3!4,%&%'*(,5$"%&%6((7"%839/,%:%;$##/$"%&%'<"% % % % % % % % % % % % %=3,%&%8((>%'!2>*$"%&%?"@+5/+%A$!>/2#"%:%1(3$BBB % % % % % % % %

69"7$3"%and%2$C%",!**%5(*>$3"%C$*+(1$ 69"7$3"%and%2$C%",!**%5(*>$3"%C$*+(1$ malenycraftmarket@gmail.com 0448 423 919

Like us

Mooloolah Market gets cosy inside the hall

Meet at Moololah Market


Hinterland Harvest Market A feast of fresh flavours, 7am to 12pm. Connecting real food with real people. Suncoast Church carpark, Kiel Mtn rd, Woombye. Helen Langlois 0416 217 093 www.hinterlandharvestmarket.com.au

SuNDAy Maleny Art, Craft and Collectables Market 8am-2pm, Maleny rSL Hall, open rain, hail or shine - quality second hand books, vintage, antiques, art, handmade gifts and more. 0448 423 919

fIrSt SAturDAy of tHe MoNtH Crystal Waters Market community-run, upcycled items, jewelry, organic veges, cakes, plants, honey, seedlings, hearty food, sourdough bakery, great coffee, live music and a warm welcome. 5494 4530

Hinterland Accommodation Directory Montville, Flaxton & Mapleton The Narrows Escape Rainforest Retreat • 5478 5000

Hotel Maleny • 5494 2013

National & international award-winning 4.5 star hosted accommodation. Airport transfers. Narrows road; www.narrowsescape.com.au

overnight classic pub style accommodation in the heart of town. offering several types of rooms to suit your needs. fully self contained luxurious 4 bedroom house which sleeps up to 12 people also available. www.malenyhotel.com.au

Montville Country Cabins • 5442 9484

Maleny Terrace Cottages • 5435 2569

396 Western Ave, Montville. Perfect for a relaxed & romantic escape. www.montvillecabins.com.au


Country Market in Palmwoods Hall 8am-12noon. food, plants, produce, craft, collectables and much more. under cover and outdoor. for stall applications and information email palmwoodsinfo@gmail.com

SeCoND SAturDAy of tHe MoNtH



He MooLooLAH VALLey Community Centre held its first market in 2014 as a trash and treasure car boot and op Shop mega sale on the grass area behind the Community Centre. over the years the quarterly market has grown and is now showcasing stalls from talented local Art and Crafts artists, growers and creators. the markets are held at the beginning of each season, hence the name four Seasons Markets. there have been many people involved in making the markets successful over the years and the current coordinators, Dianne and Judi, are currently working on booking in a good variety of stalls. the market has moved to the Mooloolah Public Hall on 42 Bray road and the spring market is on September 29, 8am to 1pm. Mooloolah market is seeking more stall holders to join their list of stalls, which includes upcycled bags, pet accessories, plants, homemade conserves and bric-a-brac. the market will have a coffee van, food vendor and our resident acoustic duo ‘Jagged edge’. If you wish to book a stall site please contact 5494 7822 or email info@mooloolahcommunitycentre.org Visit the Mooloolah four Seasons spring market, meet the locals, and grab a bargain.

fIrSt SuNDAy of tHe MoNtH Maleny Lane Fri, Sat, Sun 9am- 3pm this rustic eco friendly eat street hub in the middle of Main Street Maleny offers authentic Street food from diverse cultures and supports live local musicians every weekend. Monthly night market. Contact 0406 069 798

Montville Growers and Makers Market 7.30am-noon, Piping hot pancakes, buskers, genuine locally grown food, handmade craft, barista made coffee, under historic fig trees, profits maintain our Village Hall. Sascha: 0429 420 046

tHIrD SAturDAy of tHe MoNtH Witta Growers Market: 7.30 - 12.00 7.30am-12.00 50+ stalls, this vibrant market has everything from fresh local produce to gourmet food, quality art and craft, live music, hot food and coffee. Ph: 0408 034 570

QuArterLy Mooloolah Valley Community Centre - Four Season Markets 43 Bray road Mooloolah Spring Market September 29: 8am–1pm. Stall holders welcome info at 5494 7822 or e: info@mooloolahcommunitycentre.org

www.hinterlandtourism.com.au Spicers Tamarind Retreat • 5420 5420 Wake up to the gentle sounds of the rainforest in one of the most romantic and unique places in Australia. www.spicerstamarindretreat.com

Boutique accommodation, beautiful rainforest gardens, pool, wedding gazebo with views. Walk to the terrace Seafood restaurant. Perfect getaway for couples,1 night stays available. www.malenyterracecottages.com.au

Artisan Spa Views • 5494 4222

Maleny Tropical Retreat B&B • 5435 2113

Bed & Breakfast suites & self-contained penthouse. 475 Maleny-Kenilworth road, Witta, Maleny www.artisanspaviews.com.au

540 Maleny-Montville road. offers something different from the traditional Bed & Breakfast accommodation. www.malenytropicalretreat.com

Mapleton Information Centre Maleny Information Centre Montville Information Centre -

5478 6381 5499 9033 5478 5544

HINterLAND tIMeS – SePteMBer 2018


hinterland Times

REal EstatE Two separate titles for sale! Eastside entertainer and vacant 1/2 acre!

“Ballyherst” character home on a stunning block, prime location with views!

• Spacious designer home with multiple formal and informal living areas, high ceilings and airconditioning throughout

oCAteD IN Maleny's p r e s t i g i o u s Mountain View road showcasing picturesque Glass House Mountain Views that stretch beyond to Brisbane, the home is set on nearly one acre of parklike grounds and landscaped gardens. Its design reflects and has been inspired by, the charm and grace which classic Queenslander's embody. elegant features, including 3.3 metre high ceilings, cast iron clawfoot bath, french doors, bay windows, Jotul wood fire, air-conditioning, cedar joinery, and extensive use of high quality timber in flooring, cabinetry and fretwork. offering 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, pool and 12 car garaging there is so much value here and everything is pristine and first class! Buyers in the market for a premium home of the very highest calibre that exudes old world charm, whilst still offering contemporary comforts and functionality, and large enough to effortlessly accommodate the needs of a


• Various outdoor living spaces with huge all weather entertaining deck featuring kitchenette and cooking facilities • oversize built-in bedrooms with a large guest room upstairs • rumpus/Games room perfect for those who require extra living space!

4 Rangers Road, Balmoral Ridge

• Half an acre of professionally landscaped, low maintenance grounds with work shed and carport plus DLuG

Bed: 4 Bath: 2 Car: 4

• 11kw Solar power system & 2500 gallons of rainwater storage

Phone: 0447 737 737

• Adjoining vacant 1/2 acre title also being offered for sale

Land Size: 2014m² Price: Offers Over $895,000 Agency: RE/MAX Hinterland 07 5408 4220 2/10 Maple St, Maleny Qld 4552

large or extended family, will be thoroughly impressed by "Ballyherst". Don't delay inspect today! 530 Mountain View Road, Maleny Price: Contact Agent Agent: Rebecca Rea 0429 874 439 Ray White Maleny raywhitemaleny.com.au 1/5 Maple St, Maleny


5 Mountain View Road, Bald Knob

Much more than meets the eye!

Situated on an almost level half acre allotment with glorious views

Just waiting for you to stamp your style, the single level brick

to the Glasshouse Mountains, the Sunshine Coast and Moreton

home is perfectly positioned to make the most of the views with

Island, the location is also blue chip territory suiting investment

Brisbane visible in the distance. With high ceilings, large living

for the AirBNB market or permanent residence.

areas, and a large set back from the road, the opportunities here

Providing a lovely entrance and easy care front garden with large

are absolutely endless. The sought-after Glasshouse Mountains vistas are known as the

popular restaurants and just a short distance from Maleny’s most

very best outlooks in the Maleny area, and you have to inspect this

popular wedding venues!

property to really appreciate just how unique it is!

Each office independently owned and operated


HINterLAND tIMeS – SePteMBer 2018



Price: $685,000 Land Size: 1,923m2 RE/MAX Hinterland M 0447 737 737

shade trees and rolling lawn, the property is situated across from



ADDRESS 2/10 Maple Street, Maleny, QLD 4552 (Main Office) 7/171 Main Street, Montville Qld 4560 (Satellite Office) OFFICE

07 5408 4220





119 Bridge Creek Road, Maleny Rosebrook Cottages - The ultimate hinterland property!



Superbly located, this acreage property known as ‘Rosebrook

2 bathrooms and a huge entertaining deck, ideal for the largest of

Price: Price By Negotiation

Cottages’ is by far the most comprehensive, magnificent and

gatherings. Each of the 2 x 1 bedroom and 2 x 2 bedroom short-

Land Size: 12.68 acres

term accommodation cottages has their own aspect with glorious

RE/MAX Hinterland M 0447 737 737

unique offering that the Maleny market has seen in 2018!

views and come fully furnished.

Your opportunity to live, work and play are rolled into one dynamic real estate holding at this great address.

The property is situated very close to the town boundary on the

The 12+ acre freehold allotment has remarkable hinterland views from each of the four cottages and homestead. The home enjoys private access, formal and informal living areas with 3 bedrooms,

high plateau offering rich red volcanic soils ideal for livestock, orchards, trees and gardens. Complete with 2 street frontages, fenced paddocks, five dams (2 spring fed), 3 bay stables, tack room, 38m x 16m arena and a 12m x 8m shed.


16 Ravensberg Drive, Witta Owner has bought elsewhere, must be sold! • 1 acre (4037m2) level to gently sloping allotment • 3 bedroom 1 bathroom solid, low maintenance brick home • High raked ceilings in open living dining area • Picturesque setting with views to the farmland behind • Water views over your dam with scope for adding value • 44,000L in 2x rainwater tanks



23 Laurel Street, Maleny Stop searching for that perfect property!


Price: Price By Negotiation

• Huge entertainment deck with a beautiful leafy and private outlook positioned to catch the breezes – North facing!

Price: Offers Over $690,000

Land Size: 4,037m2

• Great, liveable floor plan with spacious rooms, high raked ceilings, polished timber floors + ducted air con

Land Size: 1636m2

• Well appointed kitchen with quality appliances & additional family room with side deck

M 0447 737 737



RE/MAX Hinterland M 0447 737 737



RE/MAX Hinterland

• Quiet position on a fully serviced 1636sqm block + water tanks & gas hotwater • Landscaped, easy care block with double garage, double carport & storage area.

remaxhinterland.com.au Each office independently owned and operated

ADDRESS 2/10 Maple Street, Maleny, QLD 4552 (Main Office) 7/171 Main Street, Montville Qld 4560 (Satellite Office) OFFICE

07 5408 4220



HINterLAND tIMeS – SePteMBer 2018






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Hinterland Times

Real estate

$ $



AUCTION AUCTION On site 10:30am Sun 16 Sept OPEN Every Sat 10 - 10:30am 9:45 - 10:15am Auction Day CONTACT Rodney Millett 0477 702 073 Bedrooms Bathrooms Garage

2 1 1

‘Stirling on Bunya’ is an architecturally-designed, boutique complex of 8 residential units within walking distance of cafés, shops, restaurants and all the buzz of the Maleny township. THESE UNITS FEATURE: • Reverse cycle air• Large open plan living & dining area conditioning • Outdoor space perfect opening onto a north-facing deck for entertaining • Stylish, modern kitchen • Secure car parking. • European laundry • Two bedrooms; each with built-ins

Attracting both home owners and high quality tenants, these units are perfect for the investor and buyers looking to live in the heart of Maleny.


Sales | Auctions | Property Management 5494 3022 | Riverside Centre, 1/4 Maple St MALENY www.malenyrealestate.com







ial Let ’s Be Soc

Health, Wellness


into September


E BRING you a useful guide on the upcoming My Health Record, from Dr Edwin Kruys, and an interesting opinion on scents from Michelle Gilmore. Wendy has suggestions for a healthier digestion, while Marisa reminds us how our thoughts can heal.


ANY PATIENTS ask me if I recommend the government’s My Health Record. Australians will get a My Health Record (MHR) unless they tell the government they don't want one. I believe the MHR is especially useful for people who take many medications, have different health providers or visit the hospital several times per year. So what is it? When you have a MHR, your health information can be viewed securely online from anywhere, at any time by you and your healthcare providers. This includes your medical conditions, medications and test results. You can decide who can or cannot see your information by changing the access controls and settings at any time.

And those smells are everywhere! Air fresheners, fly spray, deodorisers, cleaning products, dishwasher tablets - even garbage bags or your innocuous deodorant. I'm not telling you to ditch your favourite perfume. But if you work with the public, please be aware that you could be giving someone a three-day headache! If you own a shop, some people will avoid your store if you have those diffuser sticks or incense. Why would you want to repel a third of your clientele? Across the globe, more evidence is emerging, scentfree workplace initiatives are growing and people are questioning the use of chemicals in their home. Australian author Kate Grenville has written a book called The Case Against Fragrance - an increasingly important issue not to be sniffed at. *Steinemann A, Preventative Medicine Reports, 5, March 2017, 45-47

Feeling run down? Colds & flu are more common in winter as people spend more time indoors with each other. You can help ward off the effects by: • Rest – Stay home from work or study and away from others while you have a cold or flu. • Take simple painkillers – to help relieve headaches, muscles aches and pains and fever. Always check the dosage. • Keep hydrated (drink water) – Avoid tea, coffee & alcohol. • Wash your hands and avoid kissing or shaking hands with others. Always see a doctor if you become short of breath or symptoms last longer than 10-14 days. Our team of GPs are here for your health.

The government says that the system is designed to the highest level of security and privacy. Unauthorised access to your record by others is a criminal offence. Although there are many benefits, no digital health system is 100% safe and secure. So it ultimately comes down to you: do you trust the government with your health data? If you don’t, you can opt out from having a MHR created for you up until 15 November 2018 by calling 1800 723 471. For more information visit www.myhealthrecord.gov.au Dr. Edwin Kruys

w app! p! Experienc Experien ce the God Sound Try our free new Great places to meet other spiritually aware people, chat about Dreams, Past Lives, Soul Travel and more.




My Health Record or not?

Please - no scents! RE YOU LIKE ME, and do you hold your breath as you walk through the laundry aisle at the supermarket? Do you curse when you accidentally buy a product that is scented? Do you flee when a heavy perfume or cologne wafts past? It is often too late by the time I smell a fragrance, it has already hit my system, and I know I'm in for rhinitis or a migraine. Initially I thought I was going crazy - I had never heard of reactions like this. All of sudden, I was reacting to normal smells. Well, artificial smells. I've sought medical advice - but ultimately, it helps if I can avoid scents. I'm not alone. Steinemann* reports one third of Australians react to fragrances - it could cause migraines, asthma or respiratory issues. She states that fragranced products emit hazardous pollutants (despite being called organic or green), they cause sick days, productivity loss and may lead to isolation of affected individuals.


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Linger longer at Maleny Optical Almost every optometrist, myself included, claims to provide a comprehensive eye exam. Yet everyone has a different business model and a different idea of what time allocated allows for a comprehensive test. The corporates often work on 20 minutes per exam, whereas an independent will tend to allow 30-45 minutes. It stands to reason that you can do more in 45 minutes than in 20. For the majority of my optometric career I have worked as an independent. I prefer the extra time because it allows me to listen and fully communicate with my patients, and to conduct a truly comprehensive range of optometric tests. This is one of the great attributes of Maleny Optical. We have the time to do it well. It means we see less patients per day, but more who are content with the quality of optometry provided. The scope of optometry has expanded greatly since I began and we have many more powerful instruments to get a better idea of both vision and eye health. It takes time to fit all this into a comprehensive eye test. So feel free to linger longer at Maleny Optical. For an appointment, phone 54352733.

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Tim and Mary Bagshaw

• Physiotherapy for all ages • Specific exercise prescription • Postural assessment and correction • Sporting injuries • Post operative rehabilitation • Workplace rehabilitation • Injury preventions strategies • More services available


The Power of Agni


HERE ARE A growing number of people with food intolerances and digestive disorders. Wendy Rosenfeldt Naturopaths are recommending people avoid wheat, dairy, gluten and sugar in an attempt to combat the ever increasing sensitivities. While this will help to lessen the symptoms of digestive discomfort, it is not getting to the root cause. In Ayurveda, Agni understood as digestive fire, is of vital importance in the maintenance of wellbeing. Agni metabolises food and transforms it into different parts of the physiology. Deranged Agni is the cause of accumulation of impurities and predisposes you to many diseases. Ayurveda understands that alongside our digestive fire or jatharagni (main agni) there are 12 other agnis. Seven of these are responsible for the processing that occurs between the different tissue elements such as the production of blood, muscle and even the formation of sperm and ova. When these digestive fires or agnis are not working properly, it can result in loss of vitality, poor appetite, drowsiness, skin problems and body aches. Weakened digestive fires can have long term consequences. If you are not getting the necessary nutrition now to build healthy bones this can lead to diseases such as osteoporosis. Even thyroid problems and infertility can be traced back to weakness in digestion. In Indian or Vedic cultures, Agni is worshipped as a God. Ayurveda pays a lot of attention to how well you are digesting your food. Even if you have a healthy diet, if it is not being properly processed, it can create toxins or impurities in the physiology. In Ayurvedic terms poorly digested food is called Ama. Ama

blocks the channels in the body further impeding the absorption of nutrients. While Ama may not be able to be extracted and examined in a laboratory, its effects can be felt after overeating, drinking to excess and consuming large amounts of junk food. The feeling of sluggishness and dullness is symptomatic of a body struggling to process what it has taken in. Unfortunately Ama begets Ama. The more congested the physiology is, the harder it has to work at breaking down food and therefore the greater the chance of incoming food remaining improperly digested. Some simple way to improve your Agni include: ● Eat you main meal at lunchtime when your digestive fire is strongest and have a lighter meal at breakfast and dinner. ● Eat warm, cooked, easy to digest food. Although this flies in the face of the raw food movement, when your digestion is weak you cannot fully absorb the nutrition from a raw food diet and can end up feeling tired and bloated. ● Drink plain warm water or warm water with a slice of ginger root. This cleanses the digestive system and ignites the digestive fire. ● Eat according to your appetite. If you over eat or eat when you are not hungry your body will struggle to digest the food in your stomach. This poorly digested food will sit in the stomach and create ama. While it is vital to have a healthy diet, it is just as important that you can digest it. Wendy Rosenfeldt is a teacher of Transcendental Meditation and a Maharishi Ayurvedic health practitioner To find out more call 5499 9580 / 0438 507 188

Sometimes cures can manifest in the most unlikely ways


PEAKING WITH a patient the other day who reported suffering from hip and lower back pain for which he had been treated by his doctor as well as alternative practitioners, I found he had been using various nutritional supplements while also taking medication his doctor prescribed and, as no relief was forthcoming, was now advised that perhaps he was heading towards a hip replacement. I checked the tension that he was holding in his legs and found that indeed one leg was much tighter in the hip joint than the other. I showed his wife how to apply gentle pulsing (which is a light rocking movement) to both legs. This often begins to change the pattern that has become locked into the body. Then I began to talk with him and asked him what was it that he loved doing when he was young and had greater flexibility. With a smile on his face he said playing tennis. So, I asked him to tell me how he felt when he had that freedom of movement and spring to his step. His face became animated as he told me how much he loved to feel the energy and strength of his body as he whizzed around the court. I listened and then we ended the session. That night I got a call from his wife to say that his mood had lifted for the first time in ages and the next day she rang to tell me in a surprised

voice that his pain was less and his movement better than it had been these last eight months. I hadn’t given him any vitamins to take, no herbs, no homeopathics and apart from the gentle pulsing, we just talked and his body listened and remembered and somehow that communication came through in his experience. Healing doesn’t always come easily, and there is a need with this patient to follow up and treat the arthritis and digestive issues that no doubt contributed to his lack of confidence and well-being over time. The point is though that our symptoms can hold us captive, and in doing that we can unconsciously expect that limp to happen when we put our weight down on the leg, or that sneeze to turn into a cold or flu and yet research has shown over and over how the mind can influence the body. You are more powerful than you think, you have a great capacity for wellness, love and joy and when you tune into that amazing changes can happen. Marisa Kliese is a Clinical Member Aust. Counselling Assoc.; Fellow Holistic Life Coach; Reiki Master; Fellow Aust. Natural Therapists Assoc. – Contact me on 5494 2627


We are a local, not-for-profit, in-home and respite care provider committed to helping you live your best life. RangeCare’s services include: ! home help ! personal care ! nursing care ! respite care ! healthy lifestyle programs. Available to everyone in the community Government subsidies may be available Tailor-made services

Ask todayy how we can best meet yyour needs

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Knowing about

knees O

STEOARTHRITIS (OA) of the knee joint is a common complaint in the older population. It can cause pain and loss of function, especially with things like squatting, kneeling and walking on stairs. Traditionally, total knee replacement has been the main treatment option for those with moderate to advanced arthritis. Recently however, there have been some studies showing that non-operative management can be very successful in improving OA symptoms.

Even for patients who go on to opt for a total knee replacement, this exercise program can act as a pre-hab to help increase the chances of a good outcome after surgery. For assessment and management of your knee pain, call Maleny Physiotherapy for an appointment with Tim or Mary on 5494 3911.

A program designed by your physiotherapist involving weight-bearing training for the whole lower limb can work to subtly change the way you move. Often weakness or tightness around the hip joint can have a large effect on movement patterns in the knee. In conjunction with taping to help unload the painful structures in the knee, this program will help to build strength and endurance in the muscles around the knee and hip to help unload the painful joint.

1/70 Maple Street, Maleny

Ph: 07 5494 3911 malenyphysiotherapy.com.au

Call Now for a holistic approach to your health and wellbeing! ses and workshops! See the new Upcoming Events page on our website for cour

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AromaTouch® Technique AromaTouch Technique is a clinical approach to applying essential oils along energy meridians and visceral contact points of the back and feet to help stimulate and balance sympathetic and para-sympathetic nervous systems of the body. Combining a unique set of 8 different of pure

and potent essential oils and blends, AromaTouch® Technique provides a comforting and relaxing effect on you and your body, positively effecting the body systems. Also, it helps to reduce tension and enhances your sense of peace and calm to create a feeling of overall wellness.

Sallyann Stewart

Naturopath, Herbalist, Remedial Massage Therapist, Thyroflex Practitioner

Naturopathic Clinical Testings: • Thyroflex Thyroid Testing: It provides an accurate state of your general health. A report provides the key features in your blood. Keep a record and see how your blood picture improves over time! • RBTI Urine/Saliva Testing/Blood Type Testing: is a comprehensive assessment of total carbohydrates, pH of urine and saliva, digestive health, cellular debris, salts and toxins • Zinc status test; tongue & nail diagnosis; iridology; blood pressure check • In house Thyroflex testing (thyroid function), utilising blood pathology tests, functional testing through private laboratories. Appointments: 5499 9476 / 0421 410 558 info@naturaltherapiesstudio.com.au

Inspired Essentials Massage Therapies • Therapeutic and Relaxation Massage • Aromatherapy – AromaTouch® • Reflexology • Access BARS® - Neural Pathway Clearing

Call Pete on 0439 941 159 Weekend appointments available

Rebecca Hopkins

Connective Therapeutics – Hawaiian Healing and Therapeutic Remedial Massage and Bodywork. Pragmatic Possibility Coaching, Neural Pathway Clearings

Rejuvenate and uplift Connective Therapeutics offers integrated bodywork using Hawaiian style massage, clearings and coaching with specialised release techniques to release tension and realign the body, helping to nurture and relax you, harmonising energy flow throughout your whole body and to rejuvenate and uplift your being. Rebecca has over 25 years experience in the health and wellness service and products area and would love to meet you!

Appointments: 0415 518 415 – Health Fund Receipts, Gift Certificates

19 Coral Street, MALENY For a holistic approach to your general health and wellbeing, call today to make an appointment with one of our friendly Holistic Health Centre professionals. (Contacts above).



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Anthony Brown Acupuncture Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner. Member (fellow) AACMA. Anthony has 35 years clinical experience, 30 of them here on the Sunshine Coast and Hinterland. 26 Coral St, Maleny Ph: 5435 2555

DAY SPAS Montville Day Spa

Dr Ralph Stockmann Chiropractor- Palmer USA SCENAR Therapy. AYURVEDA. Root Cause Protocol/consultant: science based nutrition using blood and HTMA Analysis. DVA and Medicare Provider. 26 Coral St Maleny. Ph: 0410 793 513

Mapleton Natural Therapies Clinic Jackie Hansel: Bach H.S (Acu), Adv. Dip H.S (Hom), Dip Bowen Therapy Acupuncture. Holistic & Intergrated health care with Acupuncture, Bowen Therapy, Homeopathy, Lymphatic Drainage, Remedial & Relaxation Massage. Ph: 5445 7749

In the Clouds at 166 Balmoral Road, Montville Our centre of excellence in Holistic Health Services employs ‘the best of the best’ Contact us for an unforgetable enriching experience. Ph: 0456 173 389 www.montvilledayspa.com.au

DENTIST Dental Centre Maleny An affordable family dentist. From routine dentistry to complex restorative, cosmetic and implant dentistry, we can provide treatment for your whole family using only the highest quality materials. 17 Bunya St Maleny Ph: 5499 9722

Maple Chiropractic Maleny Dr. Stephen Lowe, Dr. Samuel Lowe, Dr. Catherine Metcalf, Dr. Rebel Hungerford Concession, family rates & HICAPS available. Gentle, effective care for the whole family. 45 Maple Street, Maleny. Ph. 5494 3322 www.maplechiropractic.com.au



Chirone Shakti – Stargazer Astrology Insight into your relationships, family issues, spiritual purpose, life transitions, and your year ahead. Counselling astrologer with spiritual focus. Astrology courses and workshops. Ph: 0421 814459, www. chironeshakti.com.au

The Physiospect Guy

Hinterland Chiropractic Dr Josephine Sexton. Using gentle, safe and effective techniques to maintain spinal health and wellbeing. Concession rates, Family discounts and HICAPS available. 21 Bunya Street, Maleny. Ph: 5435 2987

An alternative path to holistic health. Practitioner in Physiospect, 5th Dimensional Healing, Past Age Clearing & Healing, Earth2 Essences, Spiritual Counselling, Nutritional Medicine. By appt only. Mike 0407 021 719 Cabin 1, 38 Maple St, Maleny www.nutritionforyourspirit.com

AYURVEDA Dr John Pirie Chiropractor & Applied Kinesiologist Gentle hands on chiropractic using applied kinesiology. Over 30 years in private practice. Families welcome. Mon, Tues,Thur 2:00 – 5.30pm; Fri 9:00am -12noon 19 Coral Street Maleny, Ph: 5435 2155 www.siaholistichealth.com.au

Temple Herbs & Ayurveda Ayurveda treats the cause of disease through diet, lifestyle adjustment & herbal medicine. Consultations, cooking classes & dispensary. Max Trolliet Adv. Dip. 76 Maple Street, Maleny Ph: 5435 2899

BEAUTY THERAPISTS & HAIRDRESSERS A little Beauty, Body and Wellness Elements at Montville Customised beauty treatments. Pamper packages. Special occasion & bridal makeup. Massage. Manicures. Pedicures. Devine body treatments. Ph: 5478 6212 www.elementsmontville.com.au

HOME CARE Counselling - Margaret Davoren B.Nurs.,Mas. Counselling. Think change, think balance & live a rich, full, life. Learn strategies to manage stress, depression, anxiety & relationships. Maleny Physiotherapy, 1/70 Maple St Maleny Ph: 0403 571 572 www.icpaustralia.com Margarete Koenning Counselling BA Social Work, Gelstalt Therapist, Psychotherapist working with individuals, couples and, families. Training professionals in family constellation 20 yrs practicing in Maleny, Clinal member of Pacfa. Ph: 5494 2778, 0408 416 041

Nellies Creative Hair Design Cut and Colour specialists. Nellie, Annette and Jenny offer you the opportunity to have exceptional hair using great product at fantastic prices. 21 Coral St Maleny – Ph: 0438 785 443

Ruth Donnelly - Holistic Counsellor Heart-centred approach to healing trauma, building emotional wellbeing. Integrating body psychotherapy, mindfulness, artistic therapies, Reiki, Acutonics, Bush Flower Essences, Dru yoga. Ph: 0409 564 276, ruth@ruthdonnelly.com.au, www.heartmindconnections.org

Honeycomb Hair Hive The Hive’s priority is you loving your look. We provide an unmatched depth of experience and diversity. Open Tue - Fri 9.00am - 4.00pm and Sat 9.00am –12.00pm 168 Main St, Montville. Phone 5442 9269




RangeCare Offering in-home and respite care services to support independent living. Our tailor-made services are available to everyone in the community. We can deliver your home care package. Ph: 5445 7044 Visit: www.rangecare.com.au

HOMEOPATHY Pauline Ashford - B.H.Sc, Complementary Med & Homeopathy Classical homeopathy; Lymphatic drainage; Dorn spinal, joint and headache therapy; EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques; Reiki 130 Ansell Rd Witta Ph: 5494 4101 e: paulineashford@dodo.com.au

HYPNOTHERAPY Suzi Lough at Mind Management For hypnotherapy, Acutonics Vibrational therapy, coaching and more. Ph: 0438 050 839 for appointments. "The door to change is always open" Mary (McGrory) CrawfordPowerful Transformations Member of AHA/NRHA – Specialising in Grief, Depression & Anxieties. Also Quit Smoking, Weight Loss and more. Health benefits may apply. Phone Mary 0457 230 952 www.powerfultransformations8.com

Heartspace Artspace & Counselling-Liz Antcliff. B. Psych. MA. Coun. PG Art Therapy Somatic Experiencing Practitioner Sensorimotor Art Therapy/ Counselling Individuals; Couples & Groups.ACA; ACATA; ANZATA. Maleny/Brisbane Ph: 0438 1632 55 www.heartspaceartspace.com

BOWEN THERAPY – Bronwyn Huckle Specialising in Bowtech, the original Bowen Therapy technique. Treating health issues in babies, childen & adults. Montville therapy rooms. Monday to Friday by appointment. Ph: 5442 9371

Meyer Therapeutics Katleen, experienced therapist offering Bowen Therapy, Emmett Technique, and more. Offering Maya Abdominal Therapy® for fertility and pregnancy support, help with abdominal, reproductive, hormonal and digestive issues. Weekend appts available. Ph: 0400 289 090 www.meyertherapeutics.com.au

Feng Shui and Astrology: Richard Giles, Qualified Feng Shui practitioner Feng Shui home/business assessments. EM radiation assessments. Astrologer of 27 years. Contact Richard on 5435 0158, Email: ricgiles@powerup.com.au Web: www.richardgiles.info


Michelle Jarden - Beauty Therapist Electrolysis, facials, massage, make-up, nails, sauna, spray tanning, tinting, waxing, ear-piercing. 66 Curramore Rd, Witta. Ph: 5494 4012 or Mob: 0402 531 500

Kathy Blackburn Dip. Bowen Therapy (Bowtech).Gentle effective treatment of Back Pain; Migraine; RSI ; Tennis Elbow; Knee, Ankle & Foot Conditions; Menstrual/ Hormonal irregularities; Chronic Fatigue; Respiratory Conditions and MORE. Health fund rebates. Ph: 5429 6180


Add your business to the Health & Beauty pages Contact Karen Muir today Mobile: Phone: Email:

0414 432 423 07 5499 9049 karen@ hinterlandtimes.com.au

Hinterland Hypnotherapy - Psychologist Is change required in your life? Anxiety, Stress, Habits, Trauma, Weight, Smoking and more. Quiet Flaxton location. Medicare and Healthfund rebates may apply. Matt Vance: 0415 463 976 www.hinterlandhypnotherapy.com.au

KAMBO Kambo Frog Medicine Cleanse Boost levels of oxytocin, dopamine & serotonin with Kambo, traditional medicine from the Amazon. Private and small group treatments with advanced level certified practitioners (IAKP) from $130. Andy: 0407 447 238 Laurel: 0401 750 255

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NATUROPATHS Sallyann Stewart - Naturopath, Herbalist, Remedial Massage Therapist, Thyroflex Practitioner Naturopathic clinical testings & assessment, Thyroflex Thyroid testing, stress mgmt, digestive issues, children’s health, remedial massage, lymphatic drainage. 19 Coral St, Maleny, 5499 9476 / 0421 410 558 E: info@naturaltherapiesstudio.com.au

The Stillpoint - Katie White Remedial, Relaxation, Reiki Massage & now Emmett Technique. Reiki Treatments & Workshops. Appts Mon- Sat. HF Rebates. Gift Vouchers. Ph: 0400 722 786 www.thestillpoint.com.au Kathy Blackburn, Adv Dip Applied Science (Remedial Massage). Remedial/Sports Massage; Traditional Chinese Massage; Lymphatic Drainage; Emmett Technique, Trigger Point & Myofacial Release. “Integrated Bodywork” tailored to your special needs. HF rebates. Ph: 5429 6180

Marisa...Naturally Marisa T Kliese offers a complete Natural Therapy Clinic. Services include, Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Professional Counselling, Life Coaching, Spiritual Healing. Ph: 5494 2627

Laurel Hefferon Naturopath & Herbalist BHSc

Total blissful relaxation or combo deep tissue (good for tradies/sports/remedial). Practitioner of the healing art EMF Balancing technique. Relax, unwind & balance 7 days. Ph 0457 194 339

Member of A.T.M.S. with all Health Fund Rebates! Acupressure, Aromatherapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Cupping, Deep Tissue Massage, Hawaiian Massage, Indian Head Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Pregnancy Massage, Reflexology, Remedial Massage, Shiatsu, Sports Massage, Stone Therapy Massage, Trigger Point Therapy Ph: 0407 002 567. Maleny

Colonic Hydrotherapist & RN. Specialising in detoxification & healthy weight-loss, gut & digestive restoration, stress reduction, fatigue and post-viral syndromes. Comprehensive, individual and in-depth approach to addressing the cause of illness and restoring optimal health, wellness & vitality. Ph: 0401 750 255 www.awakeningcentre.com.au

OPTOMETRIST Hammond Optometry Deborah & Stephen Hammond are proud to be local, independent eye healthcare providers servicing the Hinterland since 1999. Focused on quality eyecare and eyewear for you and your family, giving your eye health and vision the best personalised attention it requires and deserves. 44 Lowe St Nambour Ph: 5476 2333

Rebecca Hopkins – Connective Therapeutics Massage and Bodywork Releases shoulder and neck tension, improves joint movement and eases sciatic and lower back pain. Relax the stress from your body and being. Remedial, Hot Stones, Aromatherapy, Pragmatic Possibility Coaching and Neural Pathway Clearing sessions available by appointment. Ph: 0415 518 415

Mark Milne Massage Therapist - Remedial, Acupressure, Therapeutic, Relaxation, Energetic Healing, Movement Therapy. Specialising in acute and chronic muscular pain relief. Flaxton - Home Clinic and Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Mobile service - contact 0429 420 046

Maleny Optical Providing quality eyecare including visual checks, childrens vision, aged vision, glucoma and cataract screening. In addition, contempary fashion frames to suit all tastes and budgets. We will look after you! Ph: 5435 2733

PSYCHOLOGY Lyn Thomson B.Psych. M.Counselling. GDip Psych. Relationship counselling, Emotionally focused attachment based work with couples, individuals, families. Depression, anxiety, stress, trauma and PTSD. Flaxton Ph: 0400 202 567 – www.eft-aust.com

Inspired Essentials Massage Therapies Therapeutic and Relaxation Massage, Aromatherapy – Aromatouch® Technique, Reflexology, Access Bars® – Neural Pathway Clearing. Call Pete: 0439 941 159 Maleny Holistic Health Centre 19 Coral St Maleny. Weekend appointments available

Anita Trendle – Psychologist MAPS Twenty years experience working with clients across the lifespan, especially adults and older person’s mental health. Adjustment to injury, illness, chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, grief and trauma. ‘Morris House’ Landsborough. Ph: 0488 838 301

LIVING THERAPIES Elizabeth Khalu – Living Therapies Offers Universal Medicine Therapies, an approach to health and well being from the understating that, we are out own best medicine. Esoteric Massage, Chakra Puncture, Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy, Sacred Esoteric Healing, Energetic Facial Release. Mobile: 0428 815 211 E: elizabeth@livingtherapies.com.au



PHYSIOTHERAPY/OSTEOPATHY cont. Range of Motion Physiotherapy Mapleton - Montville - Maleny - Imbil Russ, Barbs, Lauren and Kerrie. Providing the highest quality care to restore & maintain optimal physical function & mobility. Ph: 5478 6600 www.rangeofmotion.com.au

Maleny Osteopathy Assessing and solving your muscular, joint and spinal pain problems using ‘hands on’ manual therapy. Effective in treating postural strain, neck and back pain, aches, strains, stiffness, and sports injuries. Ph: 5494 2388 www.malenyosteopathy.com.au


Beautiful Kahuna Massge with Linda

Blue Zen Massage – Shayne Harris Dip.Remedial Massage and Dip.Reflexology


Sheenah Turnbull – Clinical Psychologist Counselling for depression, anxiety, stress, grief, trauma, relationships, adjustment to life changes, children, youth, adults. Medicare rebates available. Ochre Health Maleny Ph: (07) 5494 2399 or 0417 075 172


Ochre Health Medical Centre Offering onsite Doctors, experienced nursing staff and Allied health services. Appointments available Mon- Fri 8.30am- 5 pm and in Maleny Sat 9am-12pm. Ph Maleny: 5494 2388; Ph Montville: 5442 9144 Book online at www.ochrehealth.com.au

Maleny Physiotherapist

Montville Health Centre

Eudlo Osteopathy – Thomas Whitton

General Practice and specialised medical services. Dive medicals, aviation medicals, travel medicine, occupational medicine. Shop 4/130 Main St Montville. Ph: 5478 5392

Gentle manipulative therapy for body dysfunction and pain in all ages. 13 Rosebed Street, Eudlo Ph: 5445 9555

Tim & Mary Bagshaw. For all of your Physiotherapy requirements. 1/70 Maple Street, Maleny. Ph: 5494 3911 www.malenyphysiotherapy.com.au

Get Active!!! Group Fitness & Personal Training Join me for a fun affordable and social way to achieve a fit and healthy body. All fitness levels welcome, fully qualified trainer. ‘Your Goals Are My Goals’. Rachel Ph: 0423 618 945 Email: rachel.lockman@yahoo.com.au

PSYCHIC READINGS / TAROT Psychic Readings/Tarot Kerry Laizans: Readings that bring together insightful intuition and holistic counselling, Kerry is available for events such as weddings, by appointment in Maleny, by phone or online. Contact: 0411 488 291 or at throughthevortex.org

WELLNESS - MIND BODY SPIRIT Praxis Therapy Clinical Hypnotherapy, Regression Therapy, Counselling, Reconnective Healing®, The Reconnection™, LBL Regression, FIR Crystal Bio-Mat, Art Workshops. Skype available. Sunshine Coast by appointment only. Ph. 0417 754 242 – www.praxistherapy.com.au

Conscious Energy Past Life Regression - learn about your soul’s journey through time. Combined Energy Healing & Intuitive Reading -gain insight and positive change. Energetic Alignment -step into your true nature in a powerful way. Kirsten Rothe Ph: 0400 197 997 www.consciousenergy.com.au

YOGA PILATES AND MEDITATION Melissa's Healing Space - Yoga/ Mindfulness Meditation classes @ Curramore Studio Tues 9.30am-11am (Gentle yoga), Tues 6pm 7.30pm (Gentle yoga), Fri 9.30- 11.15am (General yoga), Fri 11.30 - 12.30pm (Meditation Class), Fri 12.45-1.45pm (Chair/Gentle yoga) Ph: 0417 200 192 e: melissa@melissashealingspace.com www.melissashealingspace.com

Maleny Yoga Centre Shop 7 Rainforest Plaza Maple St Maleny. Fully equipped studio. Certified & Experienced Teachers. Beginners & senior classes available, casuals welcome. Ph: 0448 518 734 E: info@malenyyogacentre.com

Pilates in Witta & Maleny Strength, weight-loss, pain management, flexibility, well-being. Qualified Instructor. Group mat classes using small props. Friday & Saturdays. All welcome. Kid friendly classes. Bec: 0421 983 321; pilatesplatform@gmail.com pilatesplatform.com.au

Meditation Sunshine Coast (Nambour Studio)

Add your business to the Health & Beauty pages From only $33.00/month (minimum six month booking) Contact Karen Muir: 0414 432 423 / Email: karen@hinterlandtimes.com.au

Mindfulness and Meditation for beginners. Classes, programs and workshops for kids, teens and adults, as well as meditative art and journaling workshops. 0438 915 830 michelle@meditationsunshinecoast.com.au www.meditationsunshinecoast.com.au



Professional Services ACCOUNTING & TAXATION

Trades & Services PICTURE FRAMING James Frames & Art Supplies New owners Gavin and Gillian James. James Frames is a destination for custom Picture Framing, a comprehensive range of artists materials, Photo Printing and Restoration. 38b Coral St Maleny. Ph: 5494 2100 E: info@holdensgallery.com.au

Frederick A Forbes - Accountant & Registered Tax Agent Specialising in small business & individual tax returns. Primary producers, rentals, investors, salary & wages. Personal & professional service. 3/15 Maple St, Maleny. Ph: 5491 1504 0434 996 608. E: forbestax@bigpond.com


TRAVEL AGENTS Above & Beyond Travel We take pride in our attention to detail and providing you with a unique travel experience. Shop 2 Riverside Centre Maleny. Ph: 07 5499 9015 or nicola@abovebeyondtravel.com.au

Concept IT Systems - reliability & service New computers & repairs. Internet setup & websites. Printers, scanners, ink refills, cameras. Authorised Apple reseller. Onsite service. Drop in to discuss you computer needs. Shop 6 Riverside Centre Maleny 5429 6750 or sales@conceptsystems.com.au

Maleny Cruise and Travel Maleny Cruise & Travel is a bespoke travel company that has been taking the stress out of travel for over 20 years. 39 Maple Street, Maleny Ph: 5499 9111 E: gillian@malenytravel.com.au www.malenytravel.com.au

ENGINEER Michael Kingsbury - Maleny based Civil & Structural Engineer with over 40 years experience. Engineering & Building Design for residential & small commercial projects. Alternative methods of building are catered for. Ph: 0428 674 040 michaelkingsburydesign@gmail.com

RE/MAX Hinterland Local Knowledge - Global Reach Ph: 07 5408 4220 - remaxhinterland.com.au Maleny - 2/10 Maple St - 0447 737 737 Montville - 7/171 Main St - 0499 785 111

ANZ Mobile Lending Buying your first home ? Let us come to you! ANZ Mobile Lending have dedicated home loan experts who come to you anywhere, anytime. Covering all of the Hinterland. Office: 5435 2124 / Mobile: 0408 734 152

Ray White Maleny One of the leading real estate agency's for the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Unit 1, 5 Maple Street, Maleny Ph: 5499 9966 http://raywhitemaleny.com.au/

Bob Malcolm – CEO Maleny Credit Union We have the experience to provide financial solutions for your everyday life. All loan approvals and other key decisions are made locally by people you can talk to. Give us a try. 5499 8988

Doug Tognolini – iQ Money Management “Growing & Protecting your Wealth” We provide a full range of financial services including; Superannuation (including SMSF’s), Retirement Planning, Wealth Creation & Life Insurance. Ph: 5442 2764 / 0409 594 044

We dare to be different! Our results speak for themselves, so if you are looking to sell your property DON’T SIGN ANYTHING .. .Call us. Ph: 07 5478 5288 or check out www.rogerloughnanrealestate.com.au

VETERINARY CARE District Vets Maleny Veterinarian Susan Portas and her team provide professional, compassionate care for your pets. Hours Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri 8am-6pm; Wed 9am-5pm and Sat 9am-12noon 7 Myrtle St Maleny Ph: 5499 9077 Montville Veterinary Clinic Est. in 2004 and operating as a branch of our Sunshine Hinterland Veterinary Clinic in Nambour. We take pride in personalised pet care. 26 Kondalilla Falls Rd Montville Consultation by appointment: 0401 012 884

GOVERNMENT SERVICES QGAP Maleny - Maleny Police Station Mon, Tue, Thurs 9am – 12noon & 12:30pm – 2pm New Registrations & Housing close 11am & 1pm Transport & Main Roads (NOT Driver Licensing) / Births, Deaths & Marriages, Seniors Card Applications / & more. EFTPOS & Credit cards preferred. Manager Judy Phipps 10 Macadamia Drive Maleny – Ph: 07 5420 5320

Trades & Services AIR CONDITIONING

INSURANCE BROKER Melissa Berglas – Comsure Sunshine Coast Specialising in all types of commercial insurance for your business. We take particular care matching your business to insurance policies, minimising exclusions that could cost your thousands. Based in the hinterland, we are your strong advocate in the event of a claim. Ph: 0477 200 091 / 5641 2545 Email: melissab@comsure.com.au www.sunshinecoastinsurancebrokers.com.au

Range Airconditioning Lic. No L016305 Supply and installation of high quality, energy efficient, ducted and wall mounted reverse cycle, split air conditioning systems for cooling, heating and de-humidification. Ph Yelma on 5494 3459 or 0421 488 048 E: rangeaircon@gmail.com

Jim's Antennas Digital & problem reception specialists. Locally owned, servicing the hinterland. Call Craig Titheradge today for a free quote. Ph: 131 546 www.jimsantennas.com.au

Easton Lawyers Tove Easton Principal Lawyer Your Local Lawyers in Maleny 62 Maple St, Maleny. Ph: 5494 3511 Email: tove@eastonlawyers.com.au


Patios, decks, renovations, new work All aspects of carpentry from planning to the finished product. All work guaranteed Qld BSA No 103-1105 Ph Steve: 0402 167 355 Tim Clark Carpenter Trade qualified local and licensed. QBCC 47098 Stairs, carports, decks, renovations, extensions, home & building maintenance, creative work. Ask us about our unique pricing method. Phone Tim for a fair quote: 0412 854 222 Centenary Carpentry With almost 20 years experience Scott is highly experienced in all aspects of carpentry including decks, patios, pergolas, termite damage, fit out, renovations and so much more. For a professional job call Scott on 0414 826 266. QBCC 1040187 www.centenarycarpentry.com.au

CARPET CLEANING Range Carpet Care Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning & Protection Ph: 5445 7611 or 0418 776 578

CARPET & VINYL LAYERS Flash Floor Covering Service is your local, qualified carpet and vinyl and vinyl plank layer. All aspects of laying, repair work and restreching. Call Daniel on 0400 551 730 for a free measure and quote.

CHAINSAW & TREE WORK All Trees to Chip Trees and Gardens Tree Fellers 2 Chippers Phone Rob Milner: 0427 343 232 Tony Wootton Tree Surgeon. Dip Hort(Arb) Operating locally since 1996. Tree assessments and advice. Trees and shrubs pruned and detailed. Hazardous trees removed. M: 0403 467 664 Ph: 54 944 917 www.twtreesurgeon.com BRM Tree Services All forms of tree & palm care. Certified climbing arborist & insured. Storm Damage/ Hazardous Trees, Drone inspections, removals, trimming, mulching, tight access, stump grinding & land/ block clearing. Free Quotes & Advice. Benjamin R Miller 0401 441 945 – BRMTreeservices@outlook.com / BRMTreeservices.com.au

Montville Clockshop Repairs for Cuckoo, Grandfather, Mantle, Wall Clocks. Antique clock restoration. We can supply quartz movement and parts, and repair quartz clocks. P: 07 5442 9409. www.clockshop.com.au enquiries@clockshop.com.au

CONCRETE WATER TANK REPAIRS Merv Schulz Maleny TV Antennas Est business in Maleny and the hinterland for over 30 years. For all your digital TV reception / antenna needs, including satellite installations. Insurance quotes. Friendly reliable service. 0418 774 958, or in the evenings on 5494 2876.

Lember and Williams (the LAW team) Carolyn Williams – City Expertise, small town service. Stirling on Bunya, 13 Bunya Street, Maleny. Ph: 5495 1499 Email: carolyn@landw.com.au www.landw.com.au





Baker Robinson Lawyers Steve Robinson – Mary McIver Experienced Professional Legal Team Suite 7, 43 Maple St Maleny. Ph: 5494 2665 E: maleny@brlawyers.com.au www.brlawyers.com.au

Car Care Caloundra, surrounding areas and Hinterland Servicing Caloundra and surrounding areas. Premium mobile detailing from wash to major interior/exterior details. We come to you-work or home. Own power and water. Call Mark 0414 856 666 / 1300 227 227



Sam Archer - BOQ Maleny Remember when having a Bank Manager actually meant having a Bank Manager!!! Here’s my number 5499 9855 or 0407 407 070


Tradey Jack Repair cracks, Waterproof internal (no bladder needed), UV Coat External. Call Tradey Jack - Your Local Home HandHe-Man: 0423 940 001 Reliable, Professional, Affordable, Free Quotes Also waterproofing, landscaping and renovation services covering the Sunshine Coast


BUILDER Martin Rutter Builder Local qualified builder. No job too small. All aspects of construction. Free quotes. Renovations, extensions, bathroom & kitchen renovation. Plus demolition, asbestos removal, concreting and roofing. Call Marty: 0431 313 040

Custom Curtains and Shade Specialising in custom made Blinds, Awnings, Shutters, Curtains, Security and Umbrellas. Professional advice and installation. Servicing the hinterland since 1989. Call us for a free measure and quote. Ph: 5494 6898

Trades & Services ELECTRICIAN


Top Of The Range Electrical Your local licensed electrical contractor. Range based, on time, leaves no mess. Servicing all your electrical requirements. Quality workmanship. Fully insured. Lic: 83000 Call Chris 0416 220 232 Rainbow Vision Energy Saving Solutions Lic 72787 – Installation of new fans, led lights, safety switches. Also renovations, switchboard upgrades, underground power for sheds and cottages. Contact Zak 0413 885 504


Maleny Mending and Alterations For all your sewing needs. Mending, alterations, dressmaking, upcycling. Phone Helen 0477 975 100 E: info@malenymending.com www.malenymendingandalterations.com

SwimSafe Mobile pool maintenance & repairs. Swimming pool safety inspections. FREE QUOTES Proudly servicing the Sunshine Coast Ph: 0448 793 148 – www.swimsafeqld.com.au QBCC #101629

MOWING AND GARDENING Daniel Joyce - Mowing and Gardening Professional lawn and gardening services with pride. Hedge trimming, ride-on & push-mowing, whipper-snipping, pruning, organic weed control. Ph: 0429 999 613 E:dan@joycemowing.com.au Follow us on facebook.


Top of the Range Property Maintenance Mowing including Acreage, Whipper Snipping, Hedging, Garden Clean ups, Rubbish Removal, Landscaping, Fencing/ Retaining Walls and odd Jobs. Over 20 years experience. Free Quotes Peter: 0403 575 410 E: totrpm@hotmail.com

Honest Johns Fencing For domestic fencing styles. Timber, Colorbond, Chainwire, Timber Retaining. Free quotes. Have confidence in knowing the man who does the quote, does the job. Smaller jobs, $3300.00 and under. john@honestjohnsfencing.com.au

RENDERING Wrapped in Render Specialising in all types of render, texture, plaster and paint finishes. 25 yrs local experience. Professional attitude and quality workmanship. New homes and renovations, no job too big or small. Contact Steve 0417 706 840

ROCK WALLS Phil Watts Quality Rock Walls Retaining, free standing design and construction. Hand crafted feature stonework specialist. Built by local qualified stonemason, 40 years experience with 23 years here on the range. Ph: 5445 7218 or mobile: 0401 535 476 E: philsrocks@hotmail.com



Tom’s Sound Tom’s Sound has many years’ experience providing PA and sound to weddings, festivals, parties and other events. Ph: 0437 279 505 E: tnealson@gmail.com

Firewood Delivery in Maleny and surrounding areas. All seasoned hardwood $140 per cubic metre. Contact Craig on 0457 907 520 or email taylorsfarmenquiries@ gmail.com

GAS SERVICES Sunshine Gas Services Sunshine Coast based family business. Domestic and commercial gas appliances. High efficiency hot water systems. Highly trained service team. 8 Daniel St, Caloundra Ph: 07 5491 4199; 0412 116 362

GUTTER CLEANING Gutter Sucker Gutter Sucker specialises in cleaning your guttering. a unique portable operation for the efficient and effective removal of leaves and rubbish from all types of gutters and roofs. Ph: 1800 558 745 or 0402 456 391 Roof & Gutter Maintenance Clean gutters, Blocked downpipes, New & repair downpipes, Roof repairs & leaks, Fix leaking gutters, New gutters & fascias, Install & service whirly birds, Skylights & Water Tanks. Free quotes, local bloke, over 20 yrs experience Phone Brad 0419 712 081

LANDSCAPING & DESIGN Amber Leaf Landscaping Looking for a landscaper who can deliver? Tohm Hajncl heads the team that offers you guaranteed quality. Choose from landscaping consultations, designs, construction and planting, pre-sale makeovers and specialised maintenance services. Ph: 5445 9801 www.amberleaf.com.au Handbuilt Stone QBSA1235589 Licensed, range-based professional. Traditional rock walls, pillars, steps, paving, entrance walls and all garden features. Visit our website to see previous work for inspiration. Phone Chris on 0438 811 975 – www.handbuiltstone.com Stone on the Range Stuck for ideas? Speak to Jim, he’s an effective communicator. All stonework including raised vegie gardens, creek beds, waterfalls, sculptural features, driveway entrances, walls, steps, fire pits, steep site specialist. Ph: 0401 308 824 E: jimrstoneart@gmail.com Loors Landscaping (est: 1987) From concept to creation all aspects of structural and soft landscaping. Ph: 5445 7615 Mob: 0412 680 801

Green Cicada Landscapes and Garden Design Need a completely new garden or update of your existing garden? Green Cicada delivers thoughtfully designed, nature-inspired solutions to match your budget. Call Jason 0473 524 428 www@greencicada.com.au

MECHANICAL Montville Auto All things Mechanical All your mechanical needs in one place from cars to farming machinery. If you can’t get it to us, we will come to you. 12 Balmoral Rd Montville Ph: 5442 9413 M: 0403 104 774

RUBBISH REMOVAL A Load of Rubbish Friendly, reliable rubbish collection service. All green and general waste. Cheap rates. Servicing Cooroy to Caloundra, Kenilworth to the Coast. Call Andy: 0406 932 663 www.aloadofrubbish.com.au www.facebook.com/aloadofrubbishsunshinecoast

PEST CONTROL Academy Pest Control 30 year family owner/operated business with work guaranteed. Termite inspections, treatment, all general pest control. Maleny based but cover the Sunshine Coast. Discounts on combined treatments. Call Warren 0414 454 262

Dad n Daughter Rubbish Removal Recycling and removal of all your clutter, fridges, washing machines, furniture, garden waste, renovation clean ups, caravans, car bodies, trailers, unwanted building materials. Free quotes. Contact 0434 141 294

PAINTING City to Surf Painting & Decorating Richard Daveson Owner/Operator (QBCC 1117847), range local for over 25 years. All aspects of painting include re-paints, inside and out, reno's, new work, metal roof and anti-mould coatings. From Kureelpa to Maleny. Call 0418 708 620

SMASH REPAIRS Palmwoods Smash Repairs Panel beating & spray painting by professional tradesmen. Insurance & private work. Direct link to insurance companies. Repair, paint, weld or makeover. All work guaranteed. Ph: 5478 8922

Rob Presnell Painting Flaxton Quality workmanship and professional service, 2 pak coatings, sprayed texture coatings for floors and driveways, commercial line marking and roof coatings. Local reliable painter servicing the hinterland for 10yrs. Ph: 0451 100 286



Forest Heart Your Local Native Plant Nursery. Specialising is the native plants of SE QLD for Revegetation, Gardens, Habitat. 20 Coral Street, Maleny Ph: 07 5435 2193 – www.forestheart.com.au

Negawatts Electrical & Solar Power Call Us Last For A Competitive Quote! Over 1000 local installations – Grid & Off-Grid & Battery Storage. CEC Licensed Installer A5100260 quality components - designed to last. Phone Gary Phillips: 0407 760 838 info@negawatts.com.au

Barung Landcare Native Plant Nursery Your local community nursery stocks an extensive range of species indigenous to the Blackall Range and surrounds. Open to the public Wed–Fri 9am–3pm, Sat 9am–12pm Ph: 0429 943 152 E: nursery@barunglandcare.org.au

All Energy HQ – Solar & Battery Storage Locals (since 1989) you can trust, providing only the highest quality products. Solar installations and upgrades - home and businesses Battery storage. 10 Jeffreys Rd, Glasshouse Mtns Ph: 5438 7200 E: sales@allenergyhq.com.au W: allenergyhq.com.au

PLASTERING Castle Plaster P/L Fibrous Plaster and Plasterboard-fixing, setting, cornices, steel frames and suspended ceilings. New homes and renovations. No job too big or small. Est 1980 Contact John: 0417 275 241

The Off Grid Company We are setup to provide all your standalone solar power and battery needs. Local CEC accredited installer with equipment for onsite solar panel and battery testing Call/text 0447 525 506 Email Tech@offgridcompany.com.au

PLUMBING & WASTEWATER Anderson Plumbing & Roofing QBSA1066328 Plumbing, drainage & roofing. New work, renos, maintenance specialists. Septic systems, blocked drains, high pressure ‘sewer jett’ drain cleaner, drain camera, cable locations, tank installations, roof & guttering. Ph: 5494 3340 or 0409 541 475 Sky Plumbing & Gas Fitting BSA 1078655 Guttering, Water Tanks, Filters and Pump Installation. Septic Trenches, Holding Tanks, Blocked Drains. Heat Pumps & Gas Installation. Landlord water reports. Water Hammer solutions. Ph: 042 11 66 882 Suncoast Liquid Waste Removal Local owner/operator specialising in commercial / domestic waste water pump outs- septics, treatment plants, grey water, holding tanks, pond/pool sludge, drains etc. Avoid costly blockages & system failure with prompt, reliable & expert service. Tank assessments available. EPA licensed and fully insured. Call 0439 646 707 Bruce Morris Plumbing QBSA lic 456322 24hr emergency service, all plumbing, building, maintenance installation domestic and commercial. Gas installations, septic/ drainage, hot water, solar, bathroom renovations, leaking roofs. Ph: 0410 457 606

TINTING Hinterland Tints Window Tinting for all flat glass with our 25 years experience. We ARE the problem solvers for Fading, too much Heat, not enough Privacy, too much Glare or Glass Security and strengthening. Excellent warranties. Call Tony for a Free quote: 0411 777 922

TANK CLEANING Pristine Water Systems Full tanks cleaned, minimal water loss. Potable water treatment and correction, bacteria control, filtration, supply and service. Free appraisals. Phone Allen: 0404 302 723

Get your business noticed for only $33.00 per edition / six month minimum Contact Karen Muir: 0414 432 423




Sculpture on the Edge begins Spicers Tamarind


Eckankar, Maleny Neighbourhood Centre, weekly Wednesdays 6-7.30pm, Jennifer: 0429 957 989

Please email your community events with subject heading What's On to: editor@hinterlandtimes.com.au 15

TramFest Nambour, food/music/bar/markets, 5pm, free Howard Street, Nambour


Wittafest, 10am-4pm, Witta Road, Maleny, gold coin entry


Death by Soprano Maleny Community Centre John Marsden 54942584


ABC Heywire story competition closes


Eckankar, Kawana Island Meeting Place, Parrearra (off Kawana Way), 9.30am-12.30pm Jennifer: 0429 957989


Strawbfest, Chevallum State School, 5pm


Disability Action Week


Mountain Sessions, Mapleton Bowls Club, with Nyssa Ray, The Bessies and No Cigar, 2pm to 6pm, $5 at the door


Anglican Parish of Maleny Spring Fete, 9am - 2pm


Palmwoods Bush Dance 5.30-9.30pm Palmwoods Memorial Hall

Maleny Welcome Dinner Colin Sinclair on 5435 2867


Eckankar, Tewantin CWA Hall, 4-5.30pm, Jennifer: 0429 957 989


International Peace Day


Mapleton Flea Market Mapleton Hall, Obi Obi Road 8am - 12 noon, all weather, contact Paula: 0419 726 603


School Holidays


Grape versus Grain Finbars, 6pm, RSVP by Sept 16 5494 2499

8 9

Pacific Chamber Players, ‘Baroque Brilliance’, Eudlo Hall, Eudlo, 2pm, www.pacificchamberplayers.com


Obi Obi Motorcycle Show, 8am, entries close 10am, entry $5 Obi Obi Hall, 856 Obi Obi Road


9am for a garden ramble amongst native plants on a private property at Hunchy. For details contact npscevents@gmail.com or 5494 9187


Belli Community Hall old time dance Sunshine Swing Band, entry includes supper, www.bellihall.com.au




Trailblazer, recycled sculpture workshop opening 2pm, Blackall Range Independent School, Kureelpa, 5476 4301 Sculpture on the Edge Awards Night 4.30pm onwards, Spicers Tamarind, sculptureontheedge.com.au Aglow - Sunshine Coast, 9.30am, Flame Tree Baptist Church hall, Burnside, $8 includes morning tea, contact Dorothy 5476 4190


Maleny Youth Festival, Maleny Neighbourhood Centre, 3-9pm


Fashion Parade in aid of farmers, Maleny Catholic Church, 9.30am, Pam 5494 2487


Kenilworth Show and Rodeo Kenilworth Showground, www.kenilworthshowgrounds.org.au/ show-rodeo

26 - 8 Listening to Children in Nature, interactive exhibition, 10am-2pm daily, Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve 28 - 1 Kenilworth Arts Fest 29

Pattemore House Maleny, open to public 1-4pm https://pattemore.business.site

29,30 Biennial Quilt Show, main pavillion, Maleny Showgrounds, $5 entry, 9am


LifeFlight Razor Challenge


Maleny RunFest Maleny Showgrounds, malenyblackallrange.qld.lions.org.au/ projectsmvc

The animal nursery is popular at the Kenilworth Show

Tuition and Workshops Piano Tuition

Sound Frequency Group Healing

Make Your Own Furniture workshop

Experienced teacher – all levels Experienced Accompanist – exams, concerts and rehearsals Dee Steele: 0413 253 193

This powerful technique will allow you to experience greater harmony and peace within, by raising up your vibration, balancing the energy centres and releasing blocks in the body. Everyone welcome. Phone Roslyn: 0488 080 285

Printmaking Art Workshops

Essential Elements of Drawing

One-day workshops making funky functional furniture. Identify suitable materials and create your own unique piece using simple wood-working tools. Materials and lunch included $175. Gift vouchers. Phone Richard: 5422 9291 www.richardknightwoodworks.com.au

One and two day workshops and private tuition in Maleny with local printmaker Kim Herringe. For more information, costs and dates visit www.kimherringe.com.au Phone: 0413 384 426

for beginners and dabblers. New Thursday Studio Sessions in Montville – creative energy, motivation and inspiration. ArtSpace Western Avenue. For further information Phone Barbie: +61 417 076 815 avenidaonwestern@gmail.com

‘Capture a Cow’ – One day pastel workshop Learn to draw a cow from 9am 22nd September. 38B Coral St Maleny $95 if you BYO materials add $50 for materials kit info@jamesframes.com.au Phone: 5494 2100

Make your Workshop a Success ... From as little as $33 an issue, list your workshop. Ph: 5499 9049 or email advertising@hinterlandtimes.com.au 46


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Hinterland Times September 2018  

Hinterland Times - Local news stories, local people, local events for Maleny, Montville and the Hinterland. September 2018 Edition

Hinterland Times September 2018  

Hinterland Times - Local news stories, local people, local events for Maleny, Montville and the Hinterland. September 2018 Edition

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