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Miss Benny awarded life membership from the Range Community Kindy

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APRiL 2014

Happy Easter Holidays!


UR FAMILY has oodles to look forward to over the coming weeks. It is our plan to sample the yoghurt and cheese, pat the animals and watch the cheesemakers at work at Maleny Cheese Fun Day. Congratulations on your ten year celebration! We are also keen to try the cross country (the kids, that is), children's wood workshops and watch the chainsaw woodcarvers at the Maleny Wood Expo. Then there is the Maleny Show just around the corner. On top of that there's Anzac Day, concerts, exhibitions, markets and festivals... This month the stories are all about people achieving what they love, be it painting, travelling, running or working with wood, cattle or children. Another favourite of the hinterland is cycling. Take

note of the new road rules from April 7, both motorists and cyclists need to understand the changes. To influence rates of obesity in Australia we must make it easier for people to exercise. This month's laws are the first to be approved in a long list. The debate will soon surface about bike helmets. Brisbane and Melbourne are the only city cycle schemes in the world with compulsory helmet laws, they also have the lowest participation rates. Read more on the changes and proposed laws on pages 20-21. Talking about health, what is it with chocolate drives? Plans are afoot to target soft drinks at children's sports events, and not before time. We know that schools and sports clubs need to be consistent about health messages.

Why are reasonable parents and citizens lumbered with the task of pushing chocolate to loved ones? You feel bad if you say 'no' and worse if you oblige, knowing that it will end up in your own pantry. It is not that I am not a lover of chocolate, (I wish!) it is just that there are plenty of other fundraising options around that don't support the mass produced, junk food industry. Thanks Bryan and Val Hughes for your entertaining reports on life in a French village, I am sure it brings back memories or itchy feet for many of you. Locals and visitors, we hope these holidays you have time for a little (or a lot) of what you enjoy... Until next month, Michelle Gilmore

Making News ... Cattle judge and Head Steward at Maleny Show: Paul Mackay Ashley Sewell: passionate about trees and the Maleny Wood Expo

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Heatley Gilmore

Michelle Gilmore


Heather Gall's latest venture is to respond, not react


For young and old: Cross Country on the Precinct


New Laws for Cycling on the Range


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Maleny Cheese celebrates 10 years


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Rex Backhaus-Smith is back with his new exhibition


CO vE R S TO RY Range Community Kindy's Tilly with adored Miss Benny, now honorary life member for decades of volunteering with hundreds of children. Miss Benny talks about life before she arrived in the Hinterland. Story page 6-7



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New ‘Market on the Green’ at Palmwoods


First War memorabilia wanted for Centenary Event

Above: Reg Darwell shows David Crewe his uncle's war memorabilia

Do you have letters, diaries, photographs or stories of your grandparents’ involvement in the First World War? if so David Crewe would love to hear from you.


AVID IS CURRENTLY writing a new production for the Maleny Players under the title ‘Billy Goes to War’ to be performed in August this year – 100 years ago to the month when war was declared and Australia began military enlistment. As well as Billy’s story, and the music and songs of the era, one of the features of the show David plans, will be to use the real words from soldiers from local families who were on active service at Gallipoli, on the Western front or on any of the theatres of war. Said David: “We will follow the experiences of Digger Private Billy Smith, through the horrors and sometimes lighter moments of the war and I want to bring it to life with readings from authentic letters or diaries. These can be from abroad, or from the home front. “For example, Reg Darwell has already loaned me memorabilia of his uncle – also Reg - who was sent to Argentina in 1914 to bring back horses for use by his Artillery regiment in the war – something you wouldn’t have realised happened unless you had these true stories of individual experiences. I want to build on this idea and hope that relatives will come forward with material. “If we gather enough, we are discussing with the RSL a historical display in Maleny as part of the event.� David can be contacted on or on 5494 2998.

Memorabilia from World War I are sought for a new Maleny Players' production

HE ‘PIED PIPER’ of Sunshine Coast market stallholders, Helen Langlois, has started the aptly titled ‘Market on the Green’ at the Palmwoods Bowls Club. Long-known for her ability to start up markets with flair and atmosphere, Helen was approached to commence this latest venture, bringing things full circle to where her original markets concept began in her home township of Palmwoods. In usual fashion, Helen is fielding endless calls from stallholders who follow her wherever she goes and has already accepted a burgeoning variety of forty stalls. As with any new development, Helen will spice the configuration of the monthly, all-weather event with a point of difference. “It will fall on the fourth Sunday of every month and at the civilised hours from 10am – 3pm as we head into the cooler months. Let’s face it; stallholders don’t want to be setting up in the dark to be ready at the crack of dawn. Similarly, market goers can sleep in and not miss out on the best of the fare. “I have had a steady stream of calls from people who have got wind of something brewing in the hinterland, it’s all about product that is locally made and designed and people who make, bake and grow fresh produce�, said Helen. From apples to Aboriginal art, candles to cleaning products, fudge to flowers, natural therapy to kids vintage and collectibles, delectable designer treats as well as some home handy stalls, there is literally something for everyone. The Market on the Green will be a laid back, professional indoor/outdoor affair making the most of the trees, the sundeck and the view over the signature Palmwoods Duck Pond. Every fourth Sunday, ‘Palmwoods is go’ at ‘Market on the Green’, Palmwoods Bowls Club, corner Nicklin and Chevallum Roads for quality stalls and great community conversations. Stall sites are limited, for further information contact Helen Langlois or 0416 217 093.

Helen Langlois, the ‘Pied Piper’ of Market stallholders, bringing the new ‘Market on the Green’ to the Palmwoods Bowls Club


From Fro Fr om





Top Judge

by Debbie Blackley

Maleny Agricultural Show is in its 77th year and will be celebrating the “Year of the Small Farmer” at the Maleny Showgrounds on Friday 30th and Saturday 31st May.



in the Hinterland times Ph: 54 999 049


Sought after as a cattle judge, small farmer, Paul Mackay is achieving big results with his cattle – here and across Queensland.


AUL MACKAY knows how to handle cattle. Even so, he takes the time to lead one of his prize winning cows into the stocks so he can rope her for her big photo opportunity. This not only shows his awareness of the safety of humans but of the welfare of the beast. She is “Ianbrae Showtime”, a prize winning 18-month-old droughtmaster with five or six shows already under her belt. Paul has chosen to breed droughtmasters for their “capacity to handle the environment of the Hinterland”, mainly being ticks, flies, heat and the unavoidable element of the steep slopes prevalent through the Ellaman Creek landscape. “Ianbrae” is a 60-acre property originally purchased by Paul’s parents in the early to mid-80s where they reared dairy replacement heifers to supplement dairies in the Maleny area. Recently, due to the lack of rain, Paul is running only about 20 head of cattle on the property. Breeding cows are agisted in nearby paddocks. but are brought back closer to home once they approach the birth of their calves.

Opposite page: Paul and Rohan Mackay with “Ianbrae Showtime” Below: Paul Mackay Right: Paul Mackay leading “Ianbrae Showtime” into position Far right: One of embryo calves

The newly born calf pictured (just one week old) is a result of frozen embryos, eggs selected for their genetic line and then fertilised in a donor cow (similar to IVF, if you like). According to Paul, as soon as they are born he can distinguish the qualities that will potentially lead them to be champions. Getting it right is crucial. “If you choose the wrong bull for all your cows then for the next five years you are chasing your tail,” he explains. Paul recently sold a champion bull at the Rockhampton cattle sales for a top price (helping raise the reputation of both “Ianbrae” stud and the genetic line). The bull, “Ianbrae Mr Wrinkles” won the Breed Feature Show for 2013 which is held annually all over Queensland, but last year was held in Esk. This show is seen as one of the top competitions in Queensland and attracts around 150 entries every year. As a breeder of show cattle you need to spend time handling your cattle morning and night so they get used to human interaction. “Even if it’s just giving them a little scratch,” Paul says with a smile. Leading up to a show, not unlike an athlete, the breeders concentrate on getting the cattle’s diet right to show their muscle structure and coats at their peak. As head steward at this year’s Maleny Agricultural Show,

Paul’s main job is to organise and oversee the other judges and ensure that the rules of the competition are adhered to. In Paul’s opinion the Maleny Show is one of the best local shows in Queensland. The undercover cattle ring is a valuable asset of the Maleny showgrounds and keeps the program flowing through all kinds of weather. Paul stresses that above all, it is the sponsors who make the Maleny Show a success. “It is the support and the sponsorship of the local businesses that makes this a drawcard for entries stretching from Brisbane Valley right up to Gympie, as well as our local farmers on the Blackall Range,” he said. All of the stewards have a history in the beef industry. Dick Bagshaw, Gail Denver, Mike Cumner, Rod Waldron, Janet McKeough, Phil Holm and Theresa Craig will all be assisting stewards this year. With heavy involvement from local schools, The Schools Challenge Cup on the Friday of the show judges the kids' ability to parade and control the cattle on an individual basis. Then the schools compete in a tug-of-war contest which goes towards the total score. The cattle are judged on Saturday. All of the judging is based on what the judges view inside the ring. They are

classed by age categories and then the winner of each class competes against each other for the champions of the show. Basically speaking, the judging concentrates on the same characteristics no matter what the breed. Muscle structure, bone structure and fertility of the bulls are all assessed visually by the judges who rely on their lifelong experience in the cattle industry to select the winners. Paul is often asked to take his cattle judging skills to different shows around Queensland. He has just returned from a show in Murgon but has had invitations from as far as Cairns back down to the Ekka in Brisbane. Paul feels like with most things, experience and time makes you a good judge. Growing up and working in the industry his whole life he has the benefit of years of studying the assets and flaws of cattle. As a qualified agronomist, Paul also assists our local farmers through his job at Maleny Town & Country with soil nutrition and preserving the longevity of the agricultural industry in the area. When you visit the Maleny Show this year – make sure you tip your hat to the head steward and experience a small piece of the cattleman’s life that surrounds us here on the Hinterland.




Miss Benny - awarded honorary life member at Mapleton's Kindy

Little faces light up as Miss Benny arrives at the Range Community Kindergarten in Mapleton. She’s the much-loved resident grandma, a gentle 88-year-old lady who has been a volunteer at the kindy for 27 years and was made an honorary life member on March 25.

By Leigh Robshaw


ENNY FIRST OFFERED her services when the kindy opened in 1987, having ‘retired’ from her job as an assistant at a Maroochydore kindergarten the previous year. She has volunteered as an assistant and a music teacher, playing her beloved piano accordion. Now she’s the library coordinator, helping the children choose their take-home library books. Born in Indonesia to Dutch parents, Benny Neirinckx and her husband Eddy migrated to Australia in 1950. The mother of three sons with a great love for children, Benny worked at a Sydney kindergarten for 16 years. In 1973, the couple moved to Flaxton, the climate and vegetation of the Sunshine Coast hinterland reminding them of Indonesia. Benny and Eddy spent many years volunteering for various Sunshine Coast causes including St. John’s Ambulance, a women’s refuge in Nambour, their church Pathfinders group (boy scouts and girl guides) and Meals on Wheels. But it’s Benny’s time at the kindergarten that has made 6


the greatest impact on hundreds of hinterland families. After nearly three decades, she couldn’t possibly remember all the children she has nurtured and joked with, but they certainly remember her. Kindergarten director, Margaret Lamb, says the children adore Miss Benny and she brings a relaxing presence to the their busy day. “The children get excited when they see her,” says Margaret. “We try to create a nurturing environment for the children. If they’re relaxed they will learn better and Benny is part of that process. It does make the children more interested in the books and if you have a love of books and get read to a lot, it’s your early literacy.” “I love children,” Benny says. “Some of them say, ‘you are old’. I say, ‘I am very old’.” And in a kindergarten full of the very young, this is a wonderful thing. One young boy who lives with his grandmother sits next to Miss Benny when he’s tired —being near her brings him comfort. “It’s nice to have an intergenerational influence, not just young or middle-aged people, says Tanya Bayliss, committee vice-president and a kindy mum.

Benny says the biggest change she has seen in children during her years of working with them came with the introduction of computers. “Their interests have changed. I don’t know anything about a computer. I said to the kids, ‘you’ll have to tell me how you do this because I don’t have a computer’. They said, ‘I’ll tell you Miss Benny, I’ll tell you. This is called a mouse!’ She smiles warmly as she hands out storybooks to the children in the idyllic Mapleton setting. It’s a world away from her former life in Indonesia, where she lived through unimaginable trauma. Benny was 15 when the Second World War began and she was subsequently imprisoned by the Kempeitai, the brutal Japanese secret police. Thrown into a tiny prison cell with six men, her weight dropped from 54 kilos to 24 kilos in three months and she lived with lice in her clothes, hair and blankets. One day, she was told to go upstairs and clean the office. “On my way up, I came to a landing and saw somebody coming, so I greeted the person and then I noticed that it was myself in the mirror on the landing!” she writes in her memoir. “As I had lost a lot of weight, my hair had grown and I was very pale, as I never came outside of the cell, so I didn’t recognise myself. I laughed!” Benny believes her faith in God saved her from some of the worst treatments that befell her fellow prisoners, and she says she was “only tortured once”. “What they did, they let you kneel on a rough piece of timber and they put one electric plug in my hand and the other plug in the back of my neck (tucked into the clothing) and switched it on. I got an electric shock.” After the war ended, instead of being granted her freedom, Benny was sent to a concentration camp by Indonesian soldiers. She was eventually liberated by Indian soldiers in 1946. After her baby son was nearly kidnapped, she and Eddy vowed to leave Indonesia for good, and were happy to begin their new life in Australia four years later. With Eddy having passed away nine years ago, Benny now lives alone with her dog, Jemma. She doesn’t have much time to be lonely, however. On top of her two days at the Range

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Community Kindergarten, she volunteers at her church and plays her piano accordion once a month at a retirement village in Caloundra, as well as participating in storytelling at three different kindergartens at Christmas time. On her morning walks with Jemma, the happier memories of her past sometimes catch up with her. “One day there was a man walking behind me,” she says. “I didn’t know who he was. All of a sudden I heard him say, ‘Do you still play the piano accordion?’. I turned around and said, ‘Who are you?’ He said, ‘I’m David and my boys were at your kindergarten when it first started’. I don’t know why I remembered. I said, ‘Ah, Ben and William’. I asked where they were now. He said, ‘Ben is in America working with computers. William is a headmaster in Caboolture’. I said, ‘Oh! That was a long time ago’.”

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Opposite page: Top: Miss Benny on library duties for Mapleton Kindy

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Below: Portrait of Miss Benny

PH: 5499 9224 48 Maple St, Maleny OPEN 7 DAYS

Above: Director Margaret Lamb presented Miss Benny with a beautiful handmade card, signed by all of the Kindy kids when awarded her honorary life membership Right: Miss Benny playing her piano accordion for the children in the late 1980s


in the Hinterland times Phone: 54 999 049







Managing Director

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PHONE: 3480 8600



Ashley Sewell: man of trees

Having worked with them all his life, Ashley Sewell knows trees. A local since 1976, he has backed environmental concerns on the hinterland, including the Maleny Wood Expo, held annually in May. in 2014, he is conducting a Know Your Own Trees field workshop for the expo, and according to Dale Jacobsen, it is a subject he is perfect for.

by Dale Jacobsen




in the Hinterland times Phone: 54 999 049


HE RIGHT TREE grows in the right place for the right reason. Natural forest management needs an holistic overview of the property to maintain diversity of landscape.” It is this intuitive understanding of ecosystems that Ashley Sewell shares with anyone who will listen. He knows soils. He knows trees. He has worked with them all his life. Ashley joined Queensland Department of Forestry in 1961 as a fresh-faced cadet and spent the next 47 years battling bureaucracy. “We had such progressive ideas when it came to advising farmers, particularly in the area of farm forestry,” says Ashley, “but there were always layers of governmental approval to go through. In the end, the precious commodity of advice gave way to the almighty dollar.” Where others would have buckled under, Ashley continued to help people where he could, and does so to this day. “You’ve got to roll with the punches, change as the department changes,” he says. Part of his brief as Tree Care Extension Officer in 1989 was to facilitate the setting up of Landcare Groups, beginning with Barung, then Maroochydore, Kenilworth, Landsborough and Kilcoy. He kicked off a planting programme for Barung Landcare at Baroon Pocket Dam in December 1989, and sat on the management committee of Barung until 2000. In 1995, with funding for future viability in doubt, Ashley suggested Barung hold an expo. “I called it Chainsaw to Fine Furniture,” he laughs. The name stuck and the event has become a fixture on Maleny’s calendar.

“Barung Landcare and the Expo were born with a strong ethic of remaining local,” explains Ashley. “Grow seedlings, plant out for long-term timber, mill locally, dry locally, put to use with local artisans and craftsmen.” “This year I am leading a guided tour, Know Your Own Trees. A bus will leave the expo at 10am Sunday, and we will visit sites such as Jowarra Reserve and Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve.” Ashley will focus on geology and its associated vegetation. “People think they can grow a rainforest anywhere. They can’t. What they can grow depends on the soil and climate conditions.” Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve is another place close to Ashley’s heart. Together with Jill Jordan, he set up the Mary Cairncross Advisory Committee in 1993, and served for 12 years. “It was made up of seven groups, with the community to have final say,” explains Ashley. “Now, after 22 years, the Council, in their wisdom, want to own it

1996: The original Barung Gang with Ashley on RHS

Opposite: Ashley Sewell beside a NQ kauri pine he planted 37 years ago Above (inset) : Before – Ashley's bare block at Mt Mellum Above: After – Ashley's property after 2500 trees transform into a densely forested corridor Right: Ashley talks wood with Maleny luthier, Doug Eaton

themselves. Yet more bureaucratic frustration!” During his time with Forestry, Ashley worked on volume 1 of Australian Timbers: Commercial Timber Species of Eastern Subtropical Australia – a fantastic resource for timber workers. A few years later, having bought the copyright, he produced a second edition of volume 1 with an additional 33 species. “We used all local people, everything from photography, printing, editing and publishing. It was wonderful to work with people such as Dave Kirby, Phil Jacobs, Jan Tilden and the late Meg Barrett.” Ashley and Rosemary, a fellow tree enthusiast, have been locals on the Range since buying their property near Mt Mellum in1976. Their first task was to slash the paddock, design and built their own house, not surprisingly, all from timber. Over the years 2,500 trees have been planted on their 1.5 acres, transforming a bare hilltop to a corridor of thick forest. A botanical audit undertaken in 2013 found 368 species had been established which provides excellent habit for local fauna. Walking with Ashley through his property is like listening to a foreign language as he reels off the scientific names of every plant and tree we pass. During the 37 years on the hill, he has seen extremes in weather. “This is the driest summer I’ve recorded here. In 2011, it was so wet we lost two large trees. Both ‘drowned’.” A shed beyond the house is a woodworker’s dream, stacked to the roof with timber he has collected over 30 years, all sorted by species. This man does not just work with trees for a living, they are his passion. Everything from a

bread box to a magnificent dining room table fill his home. I am sure sap runs in his veins. When he retired six years ago, he came home with 40 cartons which he is still going through. “I’m the only silly bugger to have kept all the detailed info of the area. It worries me that, when I go, it will all be ditched. Sadly, people don’t value the knowledge of the older generation – the culture of local knowledge of species’ use is being lost.” These days, he conducts botanical information field workshops in conjunction with Paul Daly from SEQ Catchments. As with his workshop for Barung Expo, they educate participants on the relationship between geology and forests. Scratch the surface of any environmental community group in the Hinterland, and you will find Ashley involved at a grass-roots level. This modest but passionate man is responsible for many of the legacies we take for granted: projects such as Baroon Pocket Dam rehabilitation and reafforestation across 230 acres. “If you are a public servant, you take it literally,” says Ashley. For details of Barung Expo and Know Your Own Trees field workshop, contact Barung Landcare – phone: 07 5494 3151 email:

ɇ ȯ ƥ Ύ ȶ ɂ ̳ Ύ Ȼ Ƚ ɀ ȴ Ύ ȵ ȼ ȷ ɂ ƫɂȯɀ



Mindful Arts –Surrender to Silence

by Dale Jacobsen

“Life on the outside is sometimes like a cyclone of conflict, turmoil and struggle… If you can be silent within, then all the sounds without become musical.” – Jesuit Priest, Father Paul vaz, Mumbai, india



Maleny-based visual artist, Heather Gall, knows the importance of a quiet, still place to draw inspiration for her creativity. She finds that place inside her mind. “it is so important to feel calm, regardless of what is going on around you,” explains Heather. “To respond, but not react.” These are the key points that she and Mindful Coach, Janet Hamilton, bring to their Mindful Arts Workshops, held at Heather’s stunning studio overlooking the Glass House Mountains.


EATHER is perhaps best known for her beloved Tree Frog Gallery that she operated on the Maleny Montville Road for the past two years. “I loved that gallery,” she says. “I was surrounded by so much creativity, but I didn’t have the time to do it myself.” The catalyst for change came last year during a trip to the Bunginderry Art Camp at Quilpie. She knew she needed to relinquish her role as administrator of the gallery to find some more ‘me time’. Serendipitously Kim Kirkman, who was already involved with the performance side of the gallery, was looking for a space to expand. He took over the building and has created a wonderful space, Live Love Lift Gallery. Heather is ecstatic: “Kim is a real people person, and so talented. I wish him well.” Now free to follow her own dreams, Heather is putting all her energy into her studio, which she shares with other artists. “It is such a special place. I want it to become a living studio, not dormant.” It is her love of collaborating with other artists that brought her and Janet together. They share a belief in the benefits of calming the inner mind, and have seen great results come from their leadership. Janet has spent a lifetime in education, being a smallschools’ principal for many years. “Janet is very wise and calming to be around,” says Heather. Janet responds with a smile: “Heather is naturally a mindful person”. There is obviously a warm bond between these two women, which results in their workshops being a safe, supportive environment. “Once, we could climb trees and engage, spend time day dreaming,” says Heather. “Now our world is over-scheduled with timetables and ever-present change. Our aim is to bring people into the present. To quietly, and mindfully, observe what is happening around us. To give them the tools to get to the centre of themselves, to tap their inner knowing. We use the Arts to do this, as it is a natural way to lose ourselves in the present moment.” Mindful Arts workshops are not spent before an easel. Janet teaches how the brain processes scientific knowledge through its left hemisphere, and demonstrates how to work with both sides of the brain. Participants are taken into a rainforest to quietly observe, then return to the studio to bring these observations to life in words and art. Heather and Janet have worked with all ages, from school children to adults. Janet says: “we are keen to hold professional development days for teachers, to give them tools to deal with kids whose ability to learn is blocked by anxiety and other distractions. The concept is secular based and, in my opinion, should be included in school curricula”. Heather adds: “there are so many organisations and groups that could benefit from a Mindful Arts Workshop: businesses wishing to de-stress their workforce; groups of mothers and other interest groups; anyone who needs to step out of their rat race for a while to gain a new perspective”. Heather knows she is fortunate to live where she does. The

Opposite: Heather Gall and Janet Hamilton Below: Heather inspired by her surroundings Bottom: Janet encourages workshop participants to closely observe

home and studio she and husband David Simpson built in 1990 sits atop a property that the Simpsons have farmed for three generations. These days, they milk their cows to supply Maleny Cheese, which they co-founded. While David works the farm, Heather focuses on her art. She has had a long-time working partnership with author and publisher, Jill Morris, having illustrated many of her books. They still collaborate on various projects. Heather also holds life classes every Friday in her studio which are open for anyone to drop in. Just call first. What does this busy woman do in her spare time? She is Vice President of Arts Connect Inc., our local not-for-profit organisation that runs Open Studios and Sculpture on the Edge. “That is my charity work,” she laughs. For more information on Mindful Arts Workshops, visit: Heather Gall – Janet Hamilton –



Maleny Cross Country – for the joy of running On May 4, the Maleny precinct hosts the Sunshine Coast Cross Country Series. It is an event that attracts all ages and abilities - from 4 and up, and many like Claire Watkins participate just for fun.

by Dale Jacobsen


LAIRE WATKINS’ favourite childhood memories include running, and the smell of grass and sweat. For 10 years, Little Athletics Australia played a very important part in her young life. Last year she and her fouryear-old son, Ollie, took part in the Sunshine Coast Cross Country, and memories came flooding back. “This was the perfect opportunity to share the things I love with Ollie, to show him how much fun exercising can be,” says Claire. Ollie was the youngest competitor among



the 242 starters in the inaugural Maleny leg of the series, and Claire came in first over the three kilometre Open category. Last year, Maleny and District Sports and Recreation Club and Little Athletics Club worked to ensure a successful Maleny event which contestants flagged the most challenging and popular course of the Sunshine Coast series. Rolling green hills dotted with cows formed the perfect backdrop, making it also the most picturesque course. Come rain, mud, frost or shine, on Sunday 4th May, the event will be on again. Organiser Andrew Bock says: “we cater for runners, joggers and walkers of all ages and levels of fitness”. Last year the field included Neil Labinsky, Pomona King of the Mountain for seven consecutive years, and fouryear-old Ollie Watkins. For Claire, it is not about winning. “It sounds like a cliché,” says Claire, “but I want to do it for the love of running, to


on Obi

Starting times and events 8.00am 8.00am 9.05am 9.05am 9.25am 9.40am 9.50am

Open Women / Open & 40+ Men U18 boys / Open / 40+ U14 / Open / 40+ U16 / U18 girls Under 12 Under 10 Under 8

12,000m 6000m 3000m 4000m 2000m 1000m 500m

share a day of fun with my family”. Claire is sure her second son, 20-month-old Finch, will want to run alongside his big brother, and she will be able to watch them over the 500 metre under-8 course from the hill. “It’s important that parents can keep track of how their littlies are doing. We can run down to help them if they get in trouble, or cheer them on.” Ollie began prep in Maleny recently, and he and Claire are spreading the word among his class mates to encourage them to do this together. As many students from local schools will take part, the course organisers have included a four kilometre race for U16 boys and girls, and U18 girls, to better align with high school cross country distances. I asked Claire if she is in training for the event, although watching her chasing after the laughing Finch gave me some indication she probably doesn’t need any extra training. “Not really,” she said. “I do jog a couple of times a week to get my cardio levels up, and I do ballet to Black Swan School of Dance at Landsborough once a week, but I’m not super fit.” She is quick to explain that it’s not necessary to run the whole course. “I often slowed down to walk for a spell.” Since settling in Maleny seven years ago, the Watkins family has played an active part in the Maleny community. Claire is a volunteer member of the Maleny SES Unit. This is in between working part time at Maleny Super IGA and studying for her Masters in Criminology. “I have a two-year plan to join The Queensland Police Service when I have completed my study.” Oh yes, and she is a member of Maleny

Opposite: Finch, Ollie and Claire Watkins have less than one month left to prepare for the 2014 Cross Country Top: Green hills and cows make for a picturesque course Above: And they're off! Under 12 2000m race, 2013

Players, and one of the cast of the fantastic production, The Vagina Monologues. It seems to me she has energy to burn. Ross, Claire’s husband, lectures in Creative Writing at USC, but is also an author and illustrator who collaborated with Gary Crew on The Boy Who Grew Into A Tree. And young Ollie has just signed up for his first year with the Under Sixes at Maleny Rangers Soccer Club. The Watkins devote Sundays to family life, no matter what is happening. They can often be seen running around Maleny Showgrounds Oval, just for fun. Claire enthusiastically awaits the day of the Cross Country. “I can’t wait to step out into the early morning chill and start running, and to feel that buzz when I cross the finish line, no matter where I come.” Maleny leg of Sunshine Coast Cross Country Series will be at the Maleny Community Precinct, Porters Lane, 4 May. Registration from 7:30am. For further information, visit:

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for a relaxed dining experience.

Just a short stroll from the main street of Maleny is where you will discover us, nestled into our rainforest setting overlooking our exclusive unspoilt view of the Obi Obi Creek.

Blackboard Special Menu 4 Courses

+ house beverage.

$60 Per Person Limited time only.

18 Lawyer Street, Maleny on the banks of the Obi Obi Creek

Ph: (07) 5429 6543 HINTERLAND TIMES – APRIL 2014


Community News Community News Community News One-day food-a-thon Bus Tours on Now

Back by popular demand, the Maleny IGA Local Food Producer Bus Tours now run monthly. This tour gives visitors yet another reason to stay on the range midweek.

Maleny Swimming Club brings home 2 medals from Wide Bay Champs Five swimmers from Maleny Swimming Club ventured to Bundaberg to compete in the Wide Bay Championships. Between them, Lochlan, Danica, Macale, Dylan and Jacob qualified for 16 events. Competition was tough but the swimmers managed to achieve 8 personal best times. They were long days with Lochlan and Danica competing in their heats during the day, and making the top 8, only to have to wait till later in the afternoon to swim their finals. Danica won her final convincingly, and becoming the 12 year old girls Wide Bay Champion for 100 metre breaststroke. Lochlan swam his hardest on both days coming fifth in his races. We all waited anxiously for his last race, and we were pleased we did! Lochlan powered home on his last lap to place third in the 15 year old boys 100 metre breaststroke! There were more than one set of proud parents this afternoon! It was worth the wait.

On the tour you may visit Maleny Cheese, Gourmet Afrika, Montville Coffee and Pomodoras with a gourmet lunch at Wild Rocket with more local food producer stories during lunchtime. It’s a one-day food-a-thon event not to be missed and at $59 including lunch and tastings all day it’s great value too! Tours dates for 2014: Thursdays, 8.45am - 3pm: 24 April, 29 May, 26 June, 31 July, 28 August, 25 September, 23 October, 20 November and 17 December. The aim is to promote local food on the hinterland. Purchase your tickets from the Maleny Tourism Visitor Information Centre.





Landsborough to host competitive trail ride

Horse riders from north of Gympie, west to Kingaroy and south to Beaudesert will be competing at the first SCATER (Sunshine Coast Area Trail and Endurance Riders) Competitive Trail Ride of the year on Sunday, 6th April 2014. SCATER has been in existence for over 22 years and encourages riders to navigate their way 18 to 22 kilometres through the bush, encountering ten judge points along the way, in a timed event. Judge points include mounting, riding up an incline, riding over a tarp, reversing around trees, riding through water as just a few examples – there are many different challenges. Competitive trail riding providing riders with the opportunity to test their horsemanship and riding skills and judge their speed. SCATER also holds walking only trail rides and navigation rides. This first CTR is at Landsborough and three more are planned – including Imbil 31 May/2 June and Wolvi 13/14 September. You can ride as an individual or in a team of two. For further information, please check out the Nominations for Landsborough CTR to be received by 3 April 2014.



Ye Olde Sweet Shoppe OPEN 7 DAYS

Again this Easter, we are supporting South East Queensland small businesses. From a small family business on the Darling Downs, we have baskets full of Old Fashioned Lolly Eggs. Many people remember these lolly eggs which are bound to create nostalgia, and are a great alternative to chocolate. And from Monique Chocolates at Molindinar we have Chocolate Cross Truffles, white chocolate bunnies covered in hundred and thousands and hand made rocky road filled chocolate eggs. These come in dark, milk and white chocolate, and dark chocolate with ginger. For a change from the usual chocolate eggs, we have sourced small figurines such as sheep, hens, kangaroos and cows, goose eggs and hummingbird eggs. For ‘adults only’ we have liqueur filled chocolate eggs from Niederegger. These are to die for. Be quick before we eat them all. find us on facebook

39 Maple St, Maleny Ph: 5494 2118



Gourmet Post in Montville T

HE TEAM AT IGA Express Montville have taken a whole new direction returning the Post Office to town, and are now building their gourmet deli. Not a combination you would expect, owner Chris Wells explains, “Months ago we had negotiated to expand our deli and premises. When the Post Office was taken away, we thought we would combine the two, and now the deli is almost ready.” When it comes to versatility, Chris, Ann and daughter Sara have a great track record. Originally from Adelaide, over forty years they owned many businesses, mostly retail. “When we first came up to Queensland, we opened a cafe in Nambour and were there for two and a half years. Our daughter, Sara, has worked with us from when she left school.” The busiest time was when they owned three Toyworld franchise stores. “I was on the national board - very involved with toys!” Residents down the road at Mapleton for 10 years, they have owned IGA Express Montville for over six years. “Sara was actually managing the store before us. Ann and I had retired, we'd been overseas and somehow finished up buying it and restaffing it. Then we took over the adjoining shop three years later to add the fruit and vege.” Since the Post Office changeover, Ann has not had much

Above: Ann and Chris Wells outside Montville's IGA Express and Post Office

time for her Nambour Linus work, but everyone has been delighted with the comments they have received about the Post Office. Locals are still popping in just to say “congratulations” or “thanks for doing it”. “When the Post Office went, we really didn't have any idea how strongly our community thought about it.” “We had originally tried to negotiate before they took it away, to no result. As a final part of the public meeting, I asked question of Australia Post Manager 'is the licence still available?', was told, 'yes it is'. So I asked 'if someone were to apply, would it have to be processed?' and received a positive response. Over the next few weeks we had that many people say 'why don't you do it?', we decided to see if we could.” “We see our team as a family, and everyone has taken up the challenge.” All are multiskilled. Kaye has fortuitously brought her loads of experience from her previous job at Glasshouse Post Office. Ann spends most of her time in the Post Office, and Chris, Sara, Leanne Strutton and Sarah Carter are kept busy with both. Chris says the Post Office has drawn local customers to the IGA that they haven't seen before. Meanwhile, their new gourmet product display is attracting eyes, too. Stay tuned and keep an eye out for the deli makeover, open soon.

Teal High Tea for Ovarian Cancer Research 1.

Out & Top night About for hinterland wedding industry 1.





1. Secrets on the Lake and Zonta's fundraiser for Ovarian Cancer was a wave of Teal Ladies dressed in all shades of blues and greens 2. Winner of the best hat, Shiralee with Marion and Ruth 3. Jenny Tatton and Aldy Johnston presented guest 4. speaker Sarah Rodgers (centre) with a hefty cheque - over $2500 was raised for Ovarian Cancer research at Brisbane's Mater Hospital 4. Trisha Johnston won best outfit at the fundraiser

1. Hinterland Wedding Professionals attended a networking dinner at Flaxton Gardens to introduce the proposed merger between A Hinterland Wedding and Maleny Montville Wedding Professionals 2. Bronwyn and Stacey from Poppy Lane Flowers dine with Chris and Jodi from Pomodoras on Obi 3. Kevin and Sharon Lagden from Champers Rolls Royce and Shiralee Cooper from Montville Chamber of Commerce are all keen to promote the wedding industry on the hinterland

Get on the bus


ALENY Neighbourhood Centre hopes to unite the community to save the bus and have some fun, with special passes, entertainment and you can even win a Family Nambour Show Pass. It's use it or lose it, with Hinterland Connect Trial ending on June 30, 2014. They recommend you get a group together and GET ON THE BUS, it won't cost much... a fare to Montville is $2.60 / $1.30 and Nambour is $4.00 / $2.00.


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Visit or call 5499 9345 for more information.



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@3/B 4==2 /B >C0 >@713A C::G :713<132 :3<2 =4 ;=23@< CAB 1C7A7<3 6=;3 ABG:3 1==97<5 =C@B3AG CA 2/GA 4@=; >; "7D3 ;CA71 @7 <756B )/B )C< >; :C0 8/19>=B @7 <756B /; >; 2/7:G (05 #;9,,; B

Estate Grown Wine... Cellar Door wine sales & tasting Open 10:30am – 5:30pm Thursday to Monday Lunch at the Vineyard Thursday to Monday 12pm – 3pm Brunch: Sunday 10am – 12pm Corporate, Weddings & Special Events Phone: (07) 5478 5920 249 Western Avenue, Montville “ At Flame Hill we know where our wine and food come from”




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@/7< 4@33 /<2 5:CB3< 4@33 #=< @7 /; K >; :: 2/G 0@3/94/AB A3/A=</: :C<16 ;3<C )/B ;=@<7<5A K :7D3 ;CA71 A3/A=</: :C<16 >:/BB3@A /:: 2/G 0@3/94/AB K /; K >;


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New Queensland road rules from April 7

Two wheels, four wheels or more, we all need to get along and share the road safely. The Queensland Government is introducing a two year trial of the new laws from 7 April 2014, that set a minimum passing distance and equal fines for cyclists with motorists. The changes have been applauded by local cyclist, Mrs Sue Johnson, who says that education and understanding of the rules are vital for all road users.





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UEENSLAND'S new road rules are welcome news for member of Maleny Lycra Lizards, Mrs Sue Johnson, who says the hinterland is becoming a destination of choice for cyclists from the Sunshine Coast, interstate and overseas. “The numbers of cyclists are increasing everywhere, including in the hinterland, and are here to stay. And we need to remember that cyclists don't fall into one group. There are those cycling regularly for fitness, those commuting to school or work, others on shopping trips. All age groups cycle on the range - children, teenagers, men, women, parents, grandparents,” Sue says. “Local drivers on the range are by and large very courteous to cyclists. Very few intentionally put our lives at




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"# $!

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risk. Occasionally we do encounter drivers who are either not familiar with the road rules as they pertain to cyclists, or don't understand what it is like to cycle on narrow roads with uneven, broken or pot-holed edges. As the first state to introduce a the laws, Transport and Main Roads Minister Scott Emerson said, “Tragically 13 cyclists were killed on Queensland roads in 2013, so action was needed.” “From April 7, motorists will need to give a minimum of one metre when passing cyclists, and a minimum of a metre-and-a-half where the speed limit is over 60kph, “Mr Emerson said. “The new rules will also allow motorists to cross centre lines and painted traffic islands to pass cyclists when safe to do so.” Mr Emerson said up until now there have been different fines for motorists and cyclists for the same offence. “For example, the fine for entering a level crossing with a train approaching will increase from $110 to $330, the same as for motorists,” he said. “No matter the number of wheels, whether two, four or more, the rules are the same and now the fines are too.” Sue says that cyclists riding road bikes can't actually move close to the edge of the bitumen let alone off the bitumen without risking serious consequences. “We need to constantly deal with rough and uneven road surfaces, which does mean that drivers need to take care around cyclists.” She acknowledges that the problem is complex, “There are issues on both sides. Some drivers don't see cyclists as their equals on the road. Some cyclists know little about cycling etiquette, sometimes failing to use hand-signals to indicate when they are turning. Both drivers and cyclists need to improve their knowledge of the road rules as they pertain to cyclists.”


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To date there has been little publicity or information about the upcoming changes for road users. Sunshine Coast Council has a cycling advisory committee, comprised of council officers, a councillor and community/cycling representatives, including Sue or other members from Maleny Lycra Lizards. They strive to promote cycling throughout the Sunshine Coast area and to make it safer for all parties whether they are motorists or or sporting. “It is clear that education around the road rules - old and new - is critical so that we all understand them, and cyclists and motorists learn to show courtesy and respect for one another to make our roads as safe as possible for all users.” The new rules are the first to be actioned of the 68 recommendations made by the Transport, Housing and Local Government Committee.

Opposite: Idyllic cycling on the range - it is easy to see why it's be becoming so popular: Libby Malter and Sue Johnson on the top of Howell's Knob looking towards Kenilworth Right: Maleny locals, including doctors, physios, teachers and builders at the start of the 100km Cycle of Giving fundraising ride for the Prince Charles Hospital

Should helmets be mandatory? Other recommendations made in Report No.39 – A new direction for cycling in Queensland are still being considered by the Government, not just for road safety but also to increase physical activity and reduce obesity rates: n


A ‘rolling stop’ permits cyclists to treat stop signs as give way signs where it is safe to do so and to complement this, allow cyclists to turn left on red after stopping at a red light where it is safe to do so. Introduce a 24 month trial which exempts cyclists 16 years and over from the mandatory helmet rule when riding in parks, on footpaths and shared/cycle paths and on roads with a speed limit of 60km/h or less. Australia is one of the few countries in the world that has compulsory helmet laws. The Committees view is that the use of helmets should be encouraged, however is not convinced there is sufficient worldwide evidence of the safety outcomes of compulsory helmet




wearing to justify the mandating of helmet wearing for all cyclists of all ages regardless of the situational risk. The Committee is concerned that the introduction of mandatory helmet laws may have had a unintended, adverse impact on cycling participation rates in Queensland and, therefore, the overall health of the state. Exempt cyclists 16 years and over from the mandatory helmet rule when using a bicycle from a public or commercial hire scheme. Melbourne and Brisbane are the only cities in the world that have a city cycle scheme with compulsory helmet laws and they also have the worst participation rate. Permit cyclists to ride across a pedestrian crossing provided the cyclist slows down, keeps left and gives way to pedestrians. Amend road rules to provide for cyclists to enter and exit a roundabout from the centre of the lane.



n n

Introduce a criminal offense of 'Infliction of Injury' or 'Death to Vulnerable Road Users' which incorporates a range of penalties that include maximum penalties that are tougher than the existing penalty for careless driving. Introduce tougher penalties relating to Menacing and Predatory Road Behaviour, leaving the scene of an accident and on the spot fines for dooring. Rejection of bicycle registration in Queensland. Ensure consistency across Queensland for design standards for cycling infrastructure and guidelines for construction and road work sites gives due consideration to and minimize hazards to cyclists.

A full copy of the Committee’s Report can be found at





Maleny Wood Expo 2014

.. . mo r e f un fo r ever yo ne

Left and right: Richard Knight teaches traditional wood joining skills and the confidence to source and select your own materials

Top right: Patt Gregory won gold in a Nationwide 'Best Shed' Competition 2011 and has inspired hundreds of women to pick up the tools


AMILIES, FARMERS, farm foresters, woodworkers, locals and tourists flock to the hinterland on the first weekend in May for the annual Maleny Wood Expo. The event now attracts over 100 exhibitors and more than 8,000 visitors from South East Queensland and interstate. The Maleny Wood Expo is not like other wood shows - wood artisans are required to work in sustainably harvested native, weed or recycled timbers. Born from Barung Landcare’s aim of protecting our beautiful native timbers, the Expo promotes the whole ‘timber’ story – from seed collection through planting forests, harvesting and milling to the end product, the furniture. The Wootha Prize, Queensland's richest woodworking competition, attracts the best woodworkers, contemporary designers and craftspeople Australia-wide. This year’s Expo has more hands-on woodwork than ever before, encouraging women and children to discover the magic of woodworking. The “WoodShed Workshops” offer entrance into the wonderful world of handcarving with Don Powell, where everyone takes home a finished piece. Don’s workshops have proven extremely popular with both advanced carvers and beginners, including women. You can learn the art of constructing traditional mortise and tenon joints using simple hand tools with Richard Knight. These workshops equip you with wood joining skills,

Left: Don Powell suggests that a horse’s head or a figure would be good projects for his two day woodcarving workshop

how to confidently salvage roadside and other timbers and how recognize useful versus useless material. We welcome Mullumbimby's Patt Gregory with her Woodwork For Women. Patt helps women to navigate their way through the timber racks and tool aisles of hardware stores and timber yards. She’ll build a $10 Table with stepby-step demonstrations, with easy-to-use tools and handson audience participation. “All sorts of women do the course,” she said, “and age is no barrier. They are very different types. Some are executives looking to relax and take time out. Some are single mothers or mothers of young children needing their own space and time.” For the first time ever, kids can experience the fun of wood work in the Carba-Tec Creative Space. Carol and Holly will show your kids how to use basic woodworking tools with simple projects suitable for three to six year olds or six to ten years olds. You can join a tree identification tour with Ashley Sewell. Visiting Jowarra and Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserves, he'll

Don Powell's carving workshops are also popular with women

teach participants the relationship between local geology and vegetation, selective harvesting, milling techniques and timber values for furniture and building. Bookings for the tour and workshops can be made online. Make sure you buy a raffle ticket - there are over $4000 worth of prizes! First prize is a complete beginner's woodworking tool set donated by Carbatec, valued at $1315. Or you could win an original clay sculpture by one of Maleny's favourite artists, a Honda brush cutter and many more fabulous items - be in it to win it. There is a hay bale maze for the kids, heritage displays, mobile millers, chainsaw carvers, tool and wood demonstrations and delicious Maleny produce to take home. So pull up a haybale, relax to the entertainment and enjoy the country atmosphere of Maleny Wood Expo 2014. The Maleny Wood Expo is supported by many local businesses and Tourism and Events Queensland’s Regional Development Program as part of a growing calendar of events throughout the state. For more information:



Phone 0428 130 769

PRINCIPAL LAWYER with Spencer Shaw

What makes a valid Will - Part 1 As the dear readers would already know a Will is a document that sets out the wishes of a person regarding how that person’s estate should be distributed after death. I shall call the will-maker “the Testator” for the rest of this Article. For a Will to be valid it Must meet certain formal requirements as follows: WRITING: The Will must be in writing. This 1. means that it can be handwritten or typed. The same writing method – either handwriting or typed – must be used throughout the Will to avoid confusion. It can be made in any language but it is obviously best if it is written in English to avoid problems of translation or interpretation. 2. SIGNED: It should be signed by the Testator making the Will. A signature can also be a mark in case the person signing the Will is blind or illiterate. In circumstances where the Testator is unable to mark or sign the Will then someone else can sign on the Testator’s behalf providing firstly that the Testator is present when the Will is signed and secondly that this is disclosed in the Will. 3. DATED: the Will must be dated the day it was signed. Although a Will is effective from the date of the Testator’s death and not from the date of signing, the date of signing must appear on the Will. If the Will has no date then the witnesses may be required to swear an affidavit about the date the Will was signed. 4. WITNESSES: The Testator’s signature must be witnessed by two witnesses who must both be present when the Testator signs. It is also important that a beneficiary not witness the Testator’s signature as in a worst case scenario it could mean that any gift to that beneficiary is invalid. In my next article I shall discuss matters that Should; rather than Must; be contained in a Will.

Promote your business through the HT by using ...


Prices from

$88 / 1000 For details: phone: 07 5499 9049 24


Long Dry


OR THOSE OF YOU who like water and a non-oven based climate, then the last 6 months have will have pushed your buttons. Creeks have dried up; The Obi is down to a trickle; Lake Baroon looks to be at its lowest since it wasn’t Lake Baroon (merely Baroon Pocket); summer grass was dry and crisp unlike the triffid like nemesis that we usually battle; Birds had a very thirsty (some say menacing) look about them; cows produced cream instead of milk; mushrooms had a very bad time of it; air conditioners were pushed to their very limits; and yours truly was prone to a longer than average ramble... So back on topic, “when is a good time to plant when the weather is like this?” I hear you ask. It’s always a good time to plant trees I reckon, just some times are better than others and we may have to adjust or tweak technique depending on what the weather is like. Here at Brush Turkey we’ve had some very successful plantings over the last 6 months, in fact dare I say that some of our sites would have been flooded if the last two years weather patterns had repeated, so I may have crossed my fingers (just a little bit) and hoped that we wouldn’t get as much rain. I unreservedly apologise if my finger crossing has inconvenienced anyone with the lack of

heavy rain and I assure you I’ll be thinking very seriously before crossing my fingers again. The secret to planting in the Long Dry is mulch, mulch and you guessed it more mulch. We are planting another 500 trees at Brush Turkey HQ soon in what was a compacted, leached soil at the top of our place. In this case we spot mulched with a fifth of a bale of mulch where we are going to plant and have left that for 3 months. This has helped compost the pasture below, trapped what rain has passed over and created a rich compost in lower part of the pile that has softened the soil ready for planting on the next showery day. Bale mulch is fantastic in this weather and in combination with the Pink Tree Guards (that you can get through our wholesale nursery in Reesville) plants can not only just survive but thrive. So mulch, mulch, mulch, give plants a good soak when planting (preferably plant when it’s raining or about to), use planting water crystals as per manufacturers recommendations, use tree guards and most important of all buy quality, tough plants (did someone say Brush Turkey wholesale Nursery?). Cheers Spencer

The Value of Bush...


HIS TOPIC IS USUALLY RAISED in the context of competing values, but how do we value bush. Is it for its economic value, its aesthetic value, its value for recreation, or for its biodiversity? By way of contrast, a pine forest is reatively easy to value. Its economic value will vary according to supply and demand but it has been planted in order to harvest and sell the trees. As an exotic monoculture it has some biodiversity value but not a lot. Rainforest is usually and rightly regarded as having high aesthetic and biodiversity values. However, different groups of animals andplants depend on different types of bush, or habitat. Open woodland, eucalypt forest, wetlands, coastal heaths, dunes and mountaintops can have equally high biodiversity and aesthetic values. Some will have a clear economic value as water filters, as protection from erosion and for their value to tourism. Here on the Sunshine Coast and its hinterland we are fortunate to have retained a reasonable percentage of

bush, including forest, but it is fragmented due to the pressures of an increasing population, past development history and a variety of competing demands fosspace. There will always be a need to balance those demands but it is important to recognise the absolute need for birds, other animals and insects, and for plant dispersal, to maintain wide movement corridors between all of our habitat types. By doing this, we retain the diversity which makes our area special and endeavour to make provision for the changes in our vegetation which are likely to come with a warmer and drier climate. We also retain the important trees that depend on wildlife, especially birds and bats, for pollination. Some of these trees are important sources of commercial honey. Genuinely “pristine” rainforest is rare. Other habitat types are in increasingly short supply. We need to look after them.

Well Planned Driveways with Loors Landscaping FRANZ LOORS ... landscaping the Range for the past 24 years Driveway design is one of the most important parts of our landscape and often an overlooked aspect when homes are designed and built. Your driveway gives a first impression of your home, in addition to looking good it needs to be durable, low maintenance, functional and comfortable to drive and walk on. The most direct route is not always the most desirable! Plan your driveway to provide not only a practical purpose but a sequence of visual experiences. Whether the driveway is long or short it should say something special about your place. When deciding on the shape and length of your driveway remember to consider elements such as parking areas (if room permits), drainage, lighting, room to reverse and planting areas. Choosing a driveway material is not an easy task when considering a balance between cost, durability, maintenance and aesthetics. The most important element of any

driveway regardless of the surface is a structurally sound base with adequate drainage. Carefully select plants that are site specific and won’t inhibit the functionality of your driveway allowing for future growth. Resist the temptation to plant close to the edge or over plant initially to try and achieve an instant full bodied appearance. If you are lucky enough for space not to be an issue, tree lined avenue's of London plane trees, Liquid amber, Tropical birch, Tabebuia, Jacaranda or Cassia javanica to name a few can look spectacular! Where space is a restriction, hedges or mass plantings of Japanese box, Photinia, Murraya, Michelia figo, Azalea, Agapanthus or Gardenia florida can work beautifully. A well designed driveway to compliment your home not only heightens the aesthetic appeal but is also a long lasting investment.

Charlie Moreland camp ground has a makeover


Hinterland Gems

The Iconic Glass House Mountains


he Glass house MounTains - the sunshine Coast’s most iconic natural attraction that sets our region apart from other destinations and in fact, is arguably one of australia’s most fascinating landmarks. as a local you will be aware of the Glass house Mountains, but do you know the history about the ancient aboriginal legend of Mount Beerwah, Mount Tibrogargan and Mount Coonowrin? There are 16 volcanic crags that rise up dramatically from the surrounding landscape of eucalypts and pineapple plantations with an aura of mystique. These 20 million yearold monoliths are part of the aboriginal ‘songlines’, navigational landmarks once used by aborigines to find their way, and are a prominent feature of local aboriginal legend. if you’re feeling energetic, you could spend a few hours climbing the steep slope of Mount Tibrogargan, or if you’re an experienced climber, spend half a day tackling the big mama,

Mount Beerwah, or take your ropes and carabiners and spend the day on an abseiling adventure. Wild horse Mountain in the Beerburum state Forest will reward your hiking efforts with 360-degree views of Pumicestone Passage, the Glass house Mountains and the coastal plains. Before you embark on any walks or climbs, make sure you visit sunshine Coast Destination’s contemporary Glass house Mountains Visitor and interpretive Centre, with four multimedia kiosks and interactive activities for children. The centre will be able to provide updates on latest conditions and access. The Glass house Mountains is definitely a gem that is worth discovering or revisiting. explore more of the region’s secret treasures at the sunshine Coast Destination website - Words and image by sunshine Coast Destinations limited.

HE POPULAR Charlie Moreland camping and day-use area (pictured left) in Imbil State Forest is undergoing a total revamp by Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service over the next 14 months at a total cost of $1.539 million. Member for Glass House, Andrew Powell MP, said the hinterland campground in open forest beside Little Yabba Creek was one of Queensland’s most popular for families and large groups, but was looking very tired. Mr Powell said, “The QPWS upgrade will feature vegetation belts, new toilets and associated waste water treatment systems, renewed water infrastructure with an environmentally friendly solar pump, new furniture and rebuilt pathways in the day-use area, redesigned roadways to enhance traffic flow and visitor safety including a rebuilt causeway that’s longer and more resilient to flooding. “Some mature trees are being removed, as they drop large limbs. These will be replaced by hundreds of new trees and shrubs, in belts of vegetation to provide shade. Habitat trees that are home to birds and possums will be kept, where they don’t pose a risk. “Until then, every effort will be made to keep the campground open by staggering the works. We’re asking visitors to be patient, be understanding, observe signage and check park alerts at for updates.” National Parks Minister Steve Dickson said the campground normally takes 380 campers at capacity, which will be reduced to a maximum of 100 while the work’s going on. Work starts after Anzac Day, subject to weather, in the meantime campers are encouraged to try other options: Booloumba Creek in Conondale National Park, Peach Trees in Jimna State Forest, Amamoor Creek and Cedar Grove in Amamoor State Forest, Glastonbury Creek in Brooyar State Forest, the Kenilworth showgrounds and private campgrounds. Kenilworth Realty owner Carol Gilmour said that the community will be excited to see the results of the revamp, “The site is already very popular with campers and the improvements to the facilities will encourage more visitors to come and extend their stay,” Ms Gilmour said. “Ultimately this will result in increased visitor expenditure in our town centre, and the positive flow-on effects will be felt throughout the local economy. Due for completion in 2015, Charlie Moreland will be an ever better spot to camp.



Go home with five things you love M

ALENY NEIGHBOURHOOD Centre is planning a major fundraising event - a Swapathon Garden Party, a fun filled afternoon swapping treasures you no longer need for treasures you may want. A not to be missed fundraiser: a garden party with a twist of fun, a laugh and a glass of champagne. Please bring five new or secondhand items of good qulaity to swap on the day Ideas include books, clothes, shoes, CDs/DVDs, perfume, jewelry, tools, plants, garden produce, artwork, unwanted gifts, cakes and cut flowers. It's all treasure to someone! A lively auction will also take place please leave donated goods or services of value for auction - preferably items that can fetch upwards of $50. You go home with five things you love in exchange for five things you no longer need, so please be generous. Join in the fun, Saturday May 10, 1.30pm for 2pm to 5pm. At only $20 per person, afternoon tea is included, wine and champagne will be on sale. Tickets available at Maleny Bookshop, Neighbourhood Centre and on the day, or phone Robyn 0408 392 710.

MNC's Care Connect Launch Above: Cath Ovenden waits on Ridley, John, Pam and Carmel Left: Rachel Green and Tina Searle from Care Connect with Suncare Kawana's Vicki Saun

A rare opportunity for Maleny


HANDRO THRINLAY Chodon will be visiting Maleny to talk on “Spirituality in Daily Life” at the Maleny RSL on Thursday, April 10. Khandro-la is a lay, female, Tibetan Buddhist teacher, who holds her family's ancient yogic spiritual lineage. She began



in the Hinterland times Phone: 54 999 049


her spiritual training as a small child in her own lineage (being the great grand-daughter of renowned yogi Togden Shakya Shri). This was followed by her study of Western approaches to spiritual psychology. Khandro-la has been encouraged by many Vajrayana Buddhist Masters to teach in the west. Today she focuses on imparting this ancient wisdom in a modern world. Her contemporary and profound Buddhist Teaching inspires and directs us to deepen our awareness and courageously expand into the path of wisdom, joy and compassion. She is the embodiment of warmth and humanness. Her organisation, Khachodling, engages in spiritual and humanitarian projects in the remote Indian Himalayas. This is a rare opportunity for the people of Maleny to meet a teacher like Khandro Thrinlay Chodon. For more information about Khnadro-la see For more information about the evening with Khnadro-la, call Mim Coulstock on 07 5494 4172.

Celebrate 10 years of dairying excellence at the Maleny Cheese Fun Day


EN YEARS AGO, Markus and Sara Bucher chose to build their boutique dairy business in Maleny because of the plateau's long and successful dairying history. Sara Bucher is passionate about the region's dairying heritage, “As far back as 1899, cheese was being made from locally sourced milk in the area that is now known as Witta. Then for nearly eighty years, Maleny Dairy Co-Operative made high quality butter from the local milk that was exported to England.” Today, the district still supports four diverse businesses, with milk sourced predominantly from the Maleny plateau or the immediate surroundings. Maleny Dairies offer on-farm fresh milk and yoghurt as well as farm tours. At Colin James Fine Foods you can taste over 80 flavours of ice-cream, gelati and sorbet manufactured from Maleny Dairies' own Guernsey milk. Whilst Cedar Street Cheeserie uses market stalls to sell artisanal cheese maker, Trevor Hart's fresh buffalo milk cheese products. “All four dairy related businesses are located within five kilometres of us.” Many of the products are available in Maleny Cheese delishop and cafe, complementing Maleny Cheese speciality of cheese and yoghurt range. Maleny Cheese's products are made from two milk-types; bovine cow milk and water buffalo milk. You can see how it all come together in their product tasting tours (only by appointment). After 10 years in the business, Markus and Sara are inviting you and your family to a free, family day out. Keep your diary free for the Maleny Cheese Fun Day, Saturday, April 12th . The Cheesery is open from 9am to 5pm, and is promising lots of fun activities. Families and foodies can relax and enjoy Maleny Cheese products , with free cheese and yoghurt tasting - be sure to try their 'Best in Australia 2014' award winning apple and cinnamon yoghurt. You can even see the cheese makers in action. “In the courtyard, we are launching our special event stall “Delicious Bratwurst Bar”. This special menu will offer families

Markus and Sara Bucher with the Maleny Cheese team

a dine-in experience or take away offer for visitors seeking a picnic off-site.” Kids will love the face painting, the roving 'mouse' mascot and being up close to the farm critters at the small farm animal petting exhibit. There will also be a photo booth, recipe demonstrations , music and fun photo opportunities abound with our 'Giant Milk Can', 'Caramello Koala' and our giant 'Wedge of Cheese' sign. “Our licensed cafe will offer a special menu for the day that will include our signature Cheese Platter dishes, espresso bar and tea, milkshakes and smoothies.” So join in the merriment and be a part of Maleny Cheese's 'Fun Day' and tenth anniversary celebrations. Make sure you bring your esky, so you take some Maleny Cheese goodness home with you!



Mungo MacCallum

The Bunyip Aristocracy - a grand distraction or a useful wedge? A FTER INVADING Saxon England in 1066, William the Bastard, as he was known (an appellation some have also applied to his Australian imitator) needed something to do with his victorious army commanders, so he invented the concept of chivalry, which merely meant that those rich enough to own and maintain horses were entitled to be regarded as a kind of junior nobility – not ,of course, ranking with the big landowners, but in class above the peasantry. This was supposed to confer upon them responsibilities as well as rights, but of course it did not work out that way ; untrammelled power seldom does. Most of those who failed to grab some land of their own became effectively men of he road – highwaymen above the law, who lived by rape and pillage, talents they brought to perfection during the crusades. Magna Carta did more to legitimise the system than to control it,; the “parfit gentil knight” somewhat ironically depicted by Geoffrey Chaucer in his Canterbury Tales, loyal to his king and dedicated to the ideal of courtly love (which in practice usually meant serial adultery) was the desired model, but it was seldom realised outside the Arthurian legends. Over time the knights, like the rest of society, became gradually civilised since the title, unlike that of the real nobility, was not hereditary, and it could be, and was, bestowed at will to loyal followers of the king as a reward and bribe for services. Its advantage was that it gave the recipient kudos and precedence, standing him out from the mob. Its value was one of pure snobbery, and so it remains pretty much up to now in present day England. As the monarch’s power declined, awarding honours became the plaything of the politicians, who unashamedly used them to solicit party funds. Labour governments affected to disapprove of the practice, but never seriously considered abandoning it. Inevitably, as England gained an empire, it spread to the colonies; English aristocrats were seen as natural leaders, both as administrators and also as military commanders, often with predictably disastrous results. In Australia, with few aberrations, the colonial and later state governors were drawn from their junior ranks for some half a century after Australia



In using the idea of knighthoods as a grand distraction, the finely honed 11th century mind of Tony Abbott is simply following the lead given by the inventor of the concept, William of Normandy.

became nominally independent. As the poet Hilaire Belloc put it in his evocation of one such, Lord Lundy: We had intended you to be The next Prime Minister but three The stocks were sold, the press was squared The middle class was quite prepared. But now ... imagination fails! Go out and govern New South Wales. And the idea caught on in the so-called classless society. Not only did Australian politicians gratefully accept knighthoods conferred by the mother country; with increasing independence, they began to recommend their own supporters and followers for a similar honour – conferred by the palace, of course. Conservatives loved the idea; Labor premiers and prime ministers were more cautious, but they were not above using the system when it suited them. Billy Hughes even insisted that an old political enemy, John Forrest, already a knight, should be elevated to the peerage as Lord Forrest of Bunbury in order to get him out of the country – perhaps tragically, perhaps ironically, Forrest in fact died at sea on his way to Westminster to take his seat in the House of Lords. But generally Labor politicians eschewed imperial honours for themselves and their colleagues. There was even an attempt to set up a particularly Australian peerage; in 1853 my own illustrious but eccentric ancestor William Charles Wentworth, who gloried in the name “The Native Son” put such a proposal to the New South Wales Legislative Council. It was laughed down by the radical Daniel Deniehy, who, after proposing that Wentworth’s friend John Macarthur should be dubbed Earl of Camden with a rum keg emblazoned on a field of vert as his coat of arms, concluded that he found it was difficult to classify the mushroom order of nobility proposed by Wentworth. “Perhaps it was only a specimen of the remarkable

contrariety that existed at the Antipodes. Here they all knew that the common water mole was transformed into the duckbilled platypus; and in some distant emulation of this degeneracy he supposed they were to be favoured with a bunyip aristocracy,” Deniehy suggested, to prolonged laughter and applause. This, of course, is the system which Abbott is accused of reviving. In 1975 Gough Whitlam effectively dumped imperial honours in favour of the Order of Australia, and although Malcolm Fraser briefly revived knighthoods within the new order, Bob Hawke dumped them – it was thought forever. Even the ultra-monarchist conservative John Howard recognised them as an anachronism. But now, some thirty years later, they are to be restored in all their irrelevant pomposity. And it provided Abbott not only with a distraction, but a useful wedge; one of the first recipients is to be the motherin-law of the leader of the opposition Bill Shorten, who has joined the general chorus of derision emanating not only from the left, but from some of Abbott’s own team, who are not happy about having this latest brainstorm being inflicted on them without warning or debate. The retiring Governor-General Quentin Bryce, fresh from proclaiming her republican sympathies, is to become a Dame, and her incoming successor Peter Cosgrove knight; according to Abbott, the ennoblement is to go with the job from now on. Previous G-Gs, along with all the other recipients of the Companionship of the Order of Australia, for a generation the country’s highest honour, are thus effectively down graded, as are all officers and members of the order. But hey, it’s a great wedge. Abbott would probably not like to be reminded of it, but here again he is following the lead of predecessor. In 1976 Malcolm Fraser persuaded the Queensland Labor power broker Jack Egerton to accept a knighthood, causing ructions throughout the party. Its leader, Gough Whitlam, commented: “This is the most inappropriate conferral of the title since Queen Elizabeth I knighted Sir Toby Belch.” Bill Shorten is unlikely to say anything as unkind about his mother-in-law. But Abbott must be hoping.

Requiem for a Fallen Giant By Tony Wootton, Tree Surgeon


URING THE Australia Day storm in January last year, Maleny lost its largest living organism. It was the equivalent in tree terms of us losing a Gandhi or a Mandela, and yet many of us were unaware of its presence, let alone its passing. In the patch of rainforest now known as Ba’lum’bir Reserve, located on the South-West corner of the Maleny Showgrounds, this tree towered head and shoulders above the surrounding vegetation, which itself consists of very tall trees. It stood in the middle of this forest, and unless you made your way through the undergrowth to get to the base of the tree, it could only really be viewed from afar, and because the dome of its crown curved down to merge with the canopy of the surrounding forest, even from a distant vantage point it remained inconspicuous. I found it bizarre having something so huge in our midst remaining unknown to so many, hidden in plain sight, as it were. Botanically speaking, it was a Ficus watkinsiana, commonly known as a Strangler fig, Watkins' fig, Nipple fig or Green-leaved Moreton Bay Fig. This species is Hemi-epiphytic, which means they often begin life, or germinate, in the canopy of the forest, then send aerial roots down to the ground, when they then begin to encircle and strangle their host tree. Imagine our tree beginning life in another tree, hundreds of years before European settlement of this area, as a seed from another mighty colossus that was itself hundreds of years old, and you start to get an impression of the almost timeless nature of the life-cycles of these organisms, and of the slow, steady continuum of life. That slow, steady continuum was brought to a dramatic, crashing halt during the extreme weather event of January, 2013, christened ‘Ex-tropical cyclone Oswald’ by the Bureau of Meteorology, which wreaked such widespread damage on the tree community of the Maleny Plateau. One mitigating factor in the failure of this goliath was the property development that had occurred close to the base of the tree in recent years, which would have impacted on its massive root plate, and hence the integrity of the tree, highlighting the importance of considering mature trees when

Sunshine Coast Literary Association inc Writers’ Competition Is now open to Sunshine Coast and Gympie residents with great prizes and the opportunity for feedback on your entries. Category 1. Open Short Story, maximum of 2500 words Category 2. Open Poem minimum of 15 lines and maximum of 40 lines. Category 3. Young Adult (High School, Yrs. 8-12) Short Story, maximum 1500 words. Category 4. Junior (Primary, Years 5-7) Short Story, maximum of 1000 words. Start writing now to get your entries in before the closing date on 28th April. All information, conditions and entry forms available at

Vote now for your favourite library


planning works on or below ground. One of the few positive aspects of this titan’s demise is that being on the ground made it a lot easier to accurately measure its former height, which was 52 metres, or 160 feet, with an incredible 32 metres to the first lateral limb. The base of the tree is also enormous, measuring roughly 6 metres, or 18 feet, across. When this sentinel of the ages fell last year we lost a huge chunk of our local ecology. It would have played host to innumerable species of birds, animals, insects and microorganisms, cycled countless tons of water, carbon dioxide and oxygen through itself, and borne witness to all known European history in Maleny, as well as possibly a century or more of the final stages of significant aboriginal settlement in the area. On the forest floor the trunk is decaying fairly rapidly, returning the nutrients it drew from the soil back into the ground from which it came, still giving, providing a home and food source for masses of fungi and insects, and in turn more birds and animals. There are some baby figs growing on the trunk already…… Vale to Maleny’s grand, old Strangler Fig.

HE SEARCH is on for Australia’s favourite library and if you love the Sunshine Coast Council’s libraries, you can help by voting your local branch in Australia’s Favourite Library Competition. Community Programs Portfolio Councillor Jenny McKay said libraries play such a vital role within our community and it is now time to let them know just how much they mean to us. “We hear time and time again how much people love their library and now there is an opportunity for people to acknowledge what makes their library special through the Australian Library and Information Association Australia’s Favourite Library Competition,” Cr McKay said. Nambour, Kenilworth and Maleny have all been nominated. “Library users can vote by completing an online nomination form and describing why their library is Australia’s favourite. Voting closes on April 22. “The winning library will be announced during Library and Information Week 2014 which will be held from May 19 to 25.”

New retro showrooms take you back in time ARE RETRO is in style and now in Montville offering uber-cool collectables, art, furniture and decor from the 50’s 60’s and 70’s. RARE Montville has a great collection from times when things were made with quality and style. Owner Andrew James has been collecting for over 35 years and brings to Montville around thirty years experience as a designer, photographer and musician. “I’m a big fan of quality designs that are passed on to future generations. Our pieces take people back in time and have histories that


provide great talking points to interiors and exhibit a unique character that cannot be achieved any other way.” says Andrew. “Buying and repurposing retro pieces is the ultimate form of recycling, and far more entertaining shopping.” Andrew has previously designed pieces for Hardy Brothers, Harrods, Theo Fennell and The Brunei Royal Family. Two new showrooms, shops 2/144 & 3/146 Main Street (behind the

Christmas shop and Almari Leather) are open daily 10-4pm, closed Mondays.



What's in the Spotlight your holiday say on funMaroochydore City Centre School Have Choose from range fun-filled school holiday Have your saya on the of planning framework that will activities to entertain the kids at council’s libraries guide the development of the Horton Park Golf Club and galleries across the Coast. There is something site and land on Dalton Drive at Maroochydore. for all ages including Easter craft, Manga bombing, It’s part of the planning for musical the Maroochydore City Bee Happy Puppet Show, clunk and junk, Centre Priority Development Area that will become ArtsCool and much more. Bookings, via council’s the regional business, community services and library website, are a must! employment focus for the Sunshine Coast. For details Mytho Poetic exhibition opens 11 April visit council’s website and comment by 17 March. Enjoy an evening of enchanting music and artistic Enter the Sunshine CoastofArt Prize 2014 contemplation at the opening Mytho Poetic: Print and Assemblage Works by artist and printmaker Glen Australian artists and residents working within Skien at Caloundra Regional Gallery, next Friday 11 two dimensional mediums are invited to enter the April. Bookings via council's gallery website are a prestigious Sunshinefeatures Coast Art Prize 2014.collages, The Prize must. The exhibition artist books, installation and printmaking and runs 1 June. August – 26 October at until Caloundra exhibition, 27 Regional Gallery, will showcase 40 finalists. Free WiFi hotspots across the Coast For details and to apply online visit the gallery website Did you know free high speed WiFi is available across Entries close 7 April. the Sunshine Coast? Log on at 36 hotspots in 23 locations including the council Harmony Day libraries and gallery, Celebrate council forecourts, caravan parks, the airport, and Celebrate Australia’s diversity at Nambour Library Tree, Mooloolaba Esplanade and Coolum Cotton open business on Friday precinct 28 March fromspaces. 10am to 2pm. Harmony Day 2014 activities include Tai Chi and cooking Enter the SCAP New Media art prize demonstrations, workshops, face painting, the Telling Entries for the New exhibition Media category in the 2014and Lives photographic by Teena Saulo, Sunshine Coast Art Prize (SCAP), with prizes valued more. Find out more from council’s library website. at $8,000, are now open for emerging artists working in photography, on video, animation and Ride2School Wednesday 19 projection March with an emphasis on innovative digital technologies. Wednesday is Ride2School so if you Entries close19 onMarch Monday, 9 June. Visit Day council’s gallery details. or your website childrenfor areentry within riding distance of school register be in the drawProgram for great Ride2School Sports online Field to Maintenance prizes. And if driving is the only option, you can still be Until 1 May eligible sporting groups are invited TravelSmart by parking a short distance from school to apply for help to maintain their sports fields to and riding the rest. Tofor register website. competition standard up to visit threecouncil's years. Visit www. for a copy of the New Environment Levy purchases guidelines and the on-line application form. Council has purchased two environmentally Sunshine Coast Events Network significant properties in Cambroon and Ilkley adding The Sunshine Eventsconservation Network, scene, 87 hectares to Coast the region’s network. is a council initiative supporting the growth and The two new reserves, costing $1.2 million, were development of the region’s events industry. The purchased Environment To find out 2014 scenewith program kicks offLevy with funds. a not-to-be-missed more about the new purchases visit council’s launch and expo from 5 – 7pm on Wednesdaywebsite. 16 April at the Innovation Centre at the University of the Sunshine Coast. Visit council’s website for details. No matter how youvenues use technology, there is Join the major discount club something for everyone to explore at the Beerwah Join the Sunshine Coast Venues VIP, SCVip, program Technology Expo from 9am to 2pm, Saturday 15 and receive exclusive benefits to entertainment at March. Come along and interact with new and Nambour Civic Centre and Lake Kawana Community emerging technology and become eSavvy. For more Centre including discounts on children’s theatre, details call 1300 LIBRARY or visit council’s performance, priority seating, news, updateswebsite. and special offers for $20 per year. You can join online at Customer Contact at Maroochydore

Beerwah Technology Expo 15 March

Council’s Maroochydore Contact Centre Diddillibah Rd sportsCustomer field purchase has recently relocated to Maroochy on First,10 First Council has purchased 107 hectares of land in Avenue, Maroochydore, joining council’s planning and Woombye for the sporting and recreational needs development service centre. The new Maroochydore of Nambour, Woombye and Palmwoods future Customer Contact Centre will continue to provideinthe population. The land is a $2.2 million investment same range and level of services. the future health and wellbeing of the region.

Council meetings Ordinary Meeting 9am 24 27 April, March, Nambour Caloundra 07 5475 7272 30


Postcard from ...

La Charente

My view of the Charentaise Landscape

Wedding Connections

by Bryan and Val Hughes

Celebrants & Ceremonies Chrissie Ray – Civil Celebrant


O MY EYE today, generally most Charentaise villages and the smaller towns display an unkempt appearance, almost proudly so! “I’m Gallic and I don’t care what you think”, seems to be the local ethos. Window shutters often are peeling and unpainted, building walls with render patches fallen off, lots of lichen, rampant ivy and such stuff. In the countryside many old farm buildings are reverting to nature. Even within the more prosperous farmsteads, there are, most often, falling-down outhouses and barns. However, put it all together and the overall effect for country and village is extraordinarily charming and engaging. Farmsteads dot the countryside and almost every hill of any consequence sports a small village complete with beautiful church. Copses and tree lines interlink; a network of narrow sealed roads connects villages and farms. Every town has its hilltop fortified chateau, some quite imposing and others more modest, but still dominating the local area. There’s a strong English ex-pat presence in our area, almost a sub-culture, quite separate from the French ways. At the Aubeterre Christmas market Val and I were surprised that hardly a French word could be heard! Travelling around, one can pick a village as being an ex-pat enclave: it’s been gentrified, done up, lost that essential Gallic insouciance…to its detriment this traveller would say. But I’m just passing through! Our town, Montmoreau, is distinctly odd. Even the least astute traveller would know that French town plans are clearly based on the random throw of wooden blocks and have a street layout to match. Not Montmoreau however, no sir, we have a straight-down-the-middle, get-out-of-the-way main road. Most odd! important note to the unwary fellow traveller: Do not under any circumstances let Sally, your GPS cyber voice, guide you through a French town…if, like Ned Kelly, you are so game, make sure you have plenty of essential supplies…say, trois litres per personne de vin rouge et six baguettes et fromage. On one trip, Sally guided us into a town on market day. After much navigational disagreement, we ended up lost, in a very narrow laneway, beside a church and in desperation about to turn into a one way lane, against the arrow. “Non, non, non” a passing Frenchman shouted at us. Being seasoned travellers, we could tell he was French by the baggy blue trousers, the two-day stubble and the gauloise drooping from the bottom lip...or was it a gitane? matter. “Gendarmes, gendarmes” he shouted, gesticulating around the very corner we were about to so blithely traverse. Expertly and very kindly, he guided me in reverse into a very tight side niche, got me out again and pointed in the right direction and cheerily waved us on our way. Two litres later we exited the maze, happily on the correct road to that night's gite. But I digress, yet again. Ah yes, Montmoreau. Apart from the Supermarche and the all-night cigarette machine in the main rue, our town’s main attractions are it’s old church with a remarkable façade and a

You’re unique. You want something tailored just for you – fun, but also tasteful, serious and emotional. I’m unique too – professional, but never boring. I’ll work with you to make it reflect your unique style. Sounds like you? Phone: 5478 6610 Mobile: 0427 945 833

Anna Heriot - Celebrant Taking time to focus on what matters. Present with your family and friends at critical times; poised between past and future; centred in your community, your place, loving and beloved. Mobile: 0410 233 756 Website:

Wedding Venues Flaxton Gardens Top: Bryan out walking not far from Le Petit Maine. The background shows a typical view of a prosperous farm ...the old and the not-so-old. Middle: A view of Le Petit Maine and countryside, with our cosy 200 year old stone cottage on the extreme right of the hamlet. Bottom: Out driving: our favourite view of the commanding Chateau de Villebois-Lavalette and village.

12th century bridge. That’s another oddity; one could easily jump over Le Tude, our river; certainly a couple of planks would do the job, but the local aristo back then thoughtfully provided a sturdy stone bridge. Well, I suppose tolls were so very useful in meeting the cost of one’s social commitments. Before our arrival in La Charente in late November, we had expected a wintry drabness, a sombre, colourless background to cold winter days. Let your traveller happily report that this is not so. There is much beauty in the harmonious earthen colours of countryside and tucked-in buildings, in the stark trees, the plough-turned clay fields, the soil profusely suffused with limestone, and the occasional winter-green crops. Every so often, one turns a corner to a stunning view of countryside and castle. We have a favourite drive to VilleboisLavalette where we top a particular rise and there, directly in front, is a view of the village and its medieval castle, complete with crenellated walls and high keep, silhouetted against the blue sky, a la Camelot and King Arthur. We love it all! Au revoir! PS Pour mes amis français, je sais que tous les Français portent un pantalon bleu baggy.


Your guide to local wedding services on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

Pomodoras on Obi A complete package of “real” food, boutique beverages, unspoilt water and treetop views, award winning local bridal services & luxury onsite cabin accommodation. “Escape to the mountains and discover the magic.” One stop wedding destination in the heart of Maleny. Phone: (07) 5429 6543 email:

Hair and Beauty Dot & Birdie Providing all of the primping and preening that a bridal party needs prior to looking their very best. Specialising in bridal styling for the big day. Mobile hair and makeup team available. 35 Coral Street, Maleny. 4552 Phone: 5499 9424.

For further information about accommodation options on the Sunshine Coast hinterland visit

Montville Real Estate • 5478 5478 Homes & apartments for holiday letting

The Narrows Escape Rainforest Retreat • 5478 5000 National & international award-winning 4.5 star hosted accommodation. Airport transfers Narrows Road

Montville Country Cabins • 5442 9484 396 Western Ave, Montville Perfect for a relaxed & romantic escape.

The Falls Rainforest Cottages • 5445 7000 20 Kondalilla Falls Road

Apple Tree Cottage & Studio Walk into Montville. • 3 Bedroom Family Cottage • 1 Bedroom Romantic Studio. Log fires/Air Con. Mapleton Information Centre Maleny Information Centre -

Tranquil elegance with panoramic views across the Coast. Ideal for superb bridal photographs to treasure. Excellent food, discreet & caring service. Husband and wife team, Alan and Georgina Thompson welcome your ideas to help them create this special day with you. Phone: 5445 7450.

5478 6381 5499 9033

Private decks/ Country setting. Tel: 0407 761 685

Maleny Maleny Tropical Retreat B&B • 5435 2113 540 Maleny-Montville Road Artisan Spa Views • 5494 4222 Bred & Breakfast suites & self-contained penthouse 475 Maleny-Kenilworth Road, Witta, Maleny

Maleny Hinterland Visitor Information Centre Montville Information Centre -

5499 9788 5478 5544



C R E AT I V E C U T S Musical Postcards at Eudlo

Dreaming BIG concert 2 is on Friday April 11 at 7pm at Eudlo Hall with the Tulipwood String Quartet performing their latest program Musical Postcards. Experience gorgeous selections of sumptuous music for string quartet by Haydn, Ravel, Ginastera, Tchaikovsky, Paul Stanhope, Britten and Etta James. Listen to Ben Greaves and Eugenie Costello on violin, Raquel Bastos on viola and Louise King on cello. Performed by Australia’s leading and most exciting musicians in contemporary classical music, this beautiful chamber music event takes you around the world in 60 minutes of classical music. Known for their heart-felt musicianship, sonorous sounds and spine tingling virtuosic performance style, TULIPWOOD STRING QUARTET are excited to bring their newest concert program to Eudlo’s intimate and acoustically vibrant hinterland hall. Doors open 6:30pm with special guest youth support act. All concerts start at 7pm and last for an hour. No interval. Cash bar and refreshments available. Wheelchair access. Book easily at:

Youth Music Holiday Workshop Book in and participate in an exclusive and inspiring performance workshop with the musicians of Tulipwood String Quartet. Chamber music and school groups are welcome. Private lessons are also available. Dedicated and passionate teachers in their own right, a session can unlock your creative juices, hone your technique and develop your musicianship. An amazing opportunity to learn with master musicians it is designed to bring together talented string players in an inspiring, mentoring and informal performance experience. Solo violinists, viola and cello players, trios, string quartets, chamber ensembles, music students or adult players looking for performance opportunities are welcome. Held Saturday April 12, 10am-12pm morning tea included, $40 solo performer, $80 per group of two or more players, $15 observer. Open to students who have grade 3 AMEB and above. Please book your performing spot before Wednesday 9 April. Information/bookings: 0415 128 799 youth-music-workshop/



Kitchenalia The Blackall Range Visual Artists promise another wonderful display of big and little paintings in acrylic, oils, watercolour and pastels together with a wide range of greeting cards featuring the artists’ works at their Big Easter Show of Little Things. This exhibition will include a wall of stunning 12 inch square canvases portraying ‘Kitchenalia!’ See their show at St. Mary’s Hall on the Village Green at Montville from Friday April 18 to Sunday April 27 from 9am to 4pm. Entry is free and all commissions and donations go towards maintaining the historic hall.

Sahara Beck at UpFront Club

Insanely talented singer songwriter, Brisbane’s Sahara Beck had a full-length album at age 16 and a Queensland Music Award in 2012. Sahara has racked up some impressive live performances including BIGSOUND, the Caloundra Music Festival, Golden Days, Noosa Long Weekend, the SolBar, The J, Peregian Originals, Joes Waterhole, Caloundra Music Festival, the Brisbane Powerhouse, the Judith Wright Centre as well touring this year to Victoria’s legendary Apollo Bay and Bleach at the Gold Coast. She has become a must-see band on the local scene, while also earning airplay on national broadcaster Triple J, Triple J Unearthed, ABC Coast FM, HOT 91.1, community radio nationally and several overseas radio stations as far afield as the UK, Germany and New York. Sahara performs at The Upfront Club, April 18.

Maleny Printmakers' Journeys Maleny Printmakers are a group of 12 local artists who exhibit together twice a year over Easter and in November. This year’s Easter exhibition is titled Journeys and consists of original prints made using traditional and contemporary techniques. There are not only etchings, linocuts and monoprints but also digital and photopolymer works, sculpture, artists books and more. Viewers will be amazed by the breadth of interpretations and the printmakers will be in attendance and happy to share their knowledge and discuss their techniques and inspirations. Journeys will be held at Sonja Georgeson’s Studio, 37 Coral Street Maleny (along the driveway) over the Easter Weekend - Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday - 10am 4pm daily., or 0407 238 026.

Ancient History in Contemporary Form Ancient history combines with contemporary sensibilities in Avital Sheffer’s large imposing vessels. In ‘Beneath my Feet’, Avital’s forthcoming exhibition at Lasting Impressions Gallery in Kenilworth, we are invited to explore the human concerns of materiality and spirituality, language and memory. Sheffer’s ceramic work evokes the textures of desert cities and dusty souks, ornate Moorish palaces and ancient scribes. This is no accident, for the forms and their delicate decoration are drawn from the artist’s passionate research into ancient Middle Eastern ceramics, perfume bottles, spice jars, textiles and Hebrew manuscripts. Originally from Israel, where she studied the multifaceted Middle Eastern cultures, this internationally renowned ceramic artist arrived in Australia 1990 and now lives on the north coast of NSW. Since then, Sheffer has exhibited widely across Australia and the USA, and was a finalist in numerous awards including the Blake Prize, Manning Art Prize and IV International Biennial of Ceramics in Korea. Her work is represented in many collections including the National Gallery of Australia, Powerhouse Museum, Manly Art Gallery and the Gold Coast City Art Gallery. The exhibition opens at 11.00 am on Sunday, April 13 and closes on April 27. A preview is available at

visual arts entertainment performance Young Musician's Festival

Calling all Guitarists! Open to all guitarists of any ability, the Sunshine Coast Guitar Orchestra (SCGO) draws its repertoire from musical traditions from around the world: Spanish, Appalachian, Irish, African, Australian and more. Spearheaded by awarded local composer and guitarist - Andrew Veivers – the SCGO has found a home at The Events Centre (Caloundra) meeting the first Wednesday of every month (5:30pm – 7:30pm starting on April 2). “The Sunshine Coast Guitar Orchestra is about opening up the realms of possibility for the guitar – it’s about giving guitarists of all ages, cultures, abilities and genres the opportunity to learn from, and perform in, an orchestral setting. Many guitarists ... I’m no exception.... spend most of their time practicing and performing in isolation,” says Veivers. The SCGO will also be working towards an end of year concert as part of the new Guitar Circle series held at The Events Centre from June this year.

UFC hosts Tim Stokes

Lucas Parklands is hosting the first Young Musician's Festival in Montville. The Festival provides a unique opportunity for outstanding students and emerging professional musicians to gain performance experience in a celebration of music over a weekend with solo, duet and ensemble performances. The Festival weekend will comprise of our welcome concert “Inspirations” on Friday 27th June 7 pm followed by three concerts on Saturday and two on Sunday. The performance repertoire includes: Movements from the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto, Chopin Piano Concerto No 1, Sonatas by Beethoven, Cesar Frank, Schumann and Chopin, works by Ginastera, Tchaikovsky and Liszt. Ensembles by Ravel, Brahms and Dvorak. Call 07 5478 5667 or visit for more information.

From laid-back coastal riffs, groove based blues / roots / country dance vibes and into his signature haunting ballads, Byron Bay songsmith Tim Stokes transforms a performance into a collection of intricate, intimate stories told with a raw honest moving voice. Testament to his captivating musical appeal, on first release, Tim’s premier album MeXico reached number 5 on the Australian Blues/Roots Airplay chart, was voted Album of the week on ABC Northern Rivers, received rotation on ‘jjj - roots and all’, ‘rage’ and many respected radio stations across Australia and the world. Leaving the musical community hungry for more. Presently working on his second album, Tim is exploring a more stripped back and sensuous sound, with strings and silken harmonies, working in collaborations with some of the country’s best musicians. Tim brings a wealth of presence, integrity, maturity and a creative passionate flair to any project he works on, making him a highly sought after performer and musical collaborator. See him at the Upfront Club April 5.

Donna Wright exhibition at UFC

UpFront Club 31 Maple St Maleny. Bookings: 5494 2592

April 5








Mon, Fri, Sat - music at 6.30pm. Donation entry

Wearable Art at Body Art Carnivale


Julie Johnson, the winner of the Bendigo Bank Wearable Art Competition in both 2012 and 2013, is beginning to gather treasures to enter a piece in the 2014 competition, taking place in Eumundi on May 4 as part of the Australian Body Art Carnivale 2014. Julie’s wearable artworks at the last two Carnivales have incorporated her blacksmith skills, and an amazing range of upcycled items, including spoons, leather, a kite, an umbrella, roofing materials, old belts and bikes. Artists must weave the competition theme of DREAMS AND NIGHTMARES into their creations and create garments from recycled materials or items that have had a “life before”, sending an important sustainability message to the wider community. Entrants can either create their design independently, or team up with fellow colleagues. Come along to the 2014 Australian Body Art Carnivale in May to view some amazing works by some very talented artists and designers from the Sunshine Coast and beyond. Visit for more information.

5 TIM STOKES (Byron) Laid-back coastal riffs, blues & country grooves & ballads 6 FOLK, BLUES and BEYOND Monthly Blackboard, guest act MICHAEL O’ROURKE 11 NICE VERDES (Canada/S.Aust) Bluesy, latin, gypsy, jungle, folk 12 THE FLUMES (S.Coast) Electric harp, soulful vocal, stylin’ rhythms 17 Art Opening DONNA WRIGHT Exploring the impacts of cultural memory 18 SAHARA BECK (S.Coast) ‘ Dreamy, delightful’ modern folk, accomp ARRON BOOL, guitar

Brisbane based educator, academic and artist Donna Wright has had a love affair with the Range since she was a child. Travelling up to the fledgling Maleny Folk Festival, it suddenly struck her that the romantic sense of familiarity she felt driving through the Maleny hillsides had an ancient resonance to it. It seemed to pull her back to a place and time long forgotten. It was in this moment that Donna recognised cultural memory, that was over 25 years ago and Donna is still exploring the complex poetics of personal and cultural memory, “the stories we belong to, hang on to and long to lose”. The opening of the exhibition will be on Thursday evening, April 17 and Donna will be talking about her journey and the personal stories behind the works on display. As the title of the exhibition suggests, ‘When we own our own stories we get to write the ending’. On display at Maleny’s UpFront Club until May 15.

19 ALL STRINGS ATTACHED (S.Coast) Contempory Celtic Gypsy Grooves band 25 BRETT ORR (S.Coast) Exciting pianist vocalist songwriter 26 STORMTREE (Brisb) Afro-funk, earth jazz soul & story songs. Guitar, trumpet, uke, percussion



Art Gallery Trail - Sunshine Coast Hinterland Discover the remarkable variety of galleries and talented local artists.

Explore the breathtaking scenery of our Hinterland

Stay longer at any one of the region’s welcoming guest houses.

Lasting Impressions Gallery 6 Elizabeth Street, Kenilworth Ph: 5446 0422



Crest Gallery - Art /Object /Home-

Artist: Lyn Diefenbach “Incandescence” (pastel - 75 x 45cm)


Cnr Obi Obi Rd & Post Office Road MAPLETON PH 07 5478 6440 OPEN: Mon/Thur/Fri: 9.30 - 4.30 Sat/Sun/P.Hols: 9.30 - 3.30 CLOSED: Tuesday, Wednesday


“Study of Silence XII” by Aaron Hill Oil on board 30x30

2 6 Secrets on the Lake Art Gallery 207 Narrows Road, Montville Ph: 5478 6440 Gallery open seven days: 9am - 5pm Artist: Cathy Lawley

3 Illume Creations Shop 4, ‘Mayfield’ Main Street Montville Ph: 5478 5440

3 4

“Sunrise Surprise” Artist - Tina Cooper


10 12



Manfred’s Wood & Antique Shop


Cnr Corks Pocket & Reesville Rds, Reesville Ph: 5494 3595 E:


Rocking chair & old-fashioned doll



Montville Art Gallery

Maleny Showcase Jewellers

138 Main St, Montville Ph: 5442 9211 Artist: Greg Adams Title: “Strelitzia”

Shop 4, Riverside Centre, Maleny Ph: 5494 3477 9ct Rose and White Gold Peridot and Diamond Enhancer Pendant Handmade by Jim Goulton

10 GARY MYERS GALLERY Upstairs MALENY Community Centre. OPEN 10-4 Mon - Sat & 10 - 3 Sun Ph: 0427 52 6 9 6 5 E: w w w. g a r y m e ye r s. n e t . a u




Art On Cairncross Cairncross Corner, Maleny Ph: 5429 6404 Open Tues –Sun, 10 am to 5 pm. “Desert Sonata – detail”, mixed media on canvas diptych by Rex Backhaus-Smith.

11 Holden’s Gallery 38b Coral St, Maleny (cnr. Coral & Myrtle Sts) Gallery & Picture Framing Ph: 5494 2100 Titlle: ‘Me & My Horse’ by Bushey.


ex BackhauS-Smith is one of the most senior artists in Queensland and has a nationwide following. His professional career has spanned over forty years of achievements. With his originality and ability – he combines wonderful ideas with expert techniques to create paintings of depth, predominantly about the Outback he adores. Some may recall that Rex had a near-fatal accident in mid2012, when he fell onto concrete while cleaning the roof of his Kondalilla home. There were weeks of intensive care, followed by months of rehabilitation, but his astonishing recovery is a measure of the man and his quiet determination. “The support of Judith and my family has been incredible and I am so grateful to be alive, back on deck and painting” he says. His fall happened 3 days shy of a planned European trip, which suddenly seemed like a faraway dream, but late in 2013 Rex and his wife, artist Judith Laws, completed a journey to Thursday Island, mostly to test his strength travelling, but also to revisit a place which had provided much early artistic inspiration. Confident after this trip, they set out as previously planned to places including Barcelona, Venice and Turkey, which Rex was not seeing for the first time, but was now seeing through new eyes with the added wisdom of experience and hindsight. He said, “It was just marvelous to be back exploring Europe.” On returning to his studio, Rex has been enthused to paint works spanning many of his travels and the ensuing exhibition, “Gondolas, Gaudi and Pearls of the Sea”, portrays aspects of these recent trips as well as previous forays into the Outback. “I had always loved our travels around the world and being able to soak in the culture of different places. Previously I used to sketch as we travelled, but then go back to painting about Australia, but this time I knew I wanted to paint about the bullfighters and flamenco dancers and more. These are the most exciting overseas paintings I have ever done”. Rex has always been a lyrical painter, with every work having a story to tell and he has developed this further, incorporating phrases or singular words on some paintings to add to the whole. A quote on the canvas from Gaudi adds another layer to the visual description of Barcelona, while the depiction of the ornamental prows on the gondolas is as grand as the canal upon which they float. The old pearling luggers now incorporate a romantic air, as they are part of the nation’s history, something which Rex has always been accomplished at recording and imparting. When Rex had his accident, he had been working on a major painting, “Desert Sonata”. This imposing and powerful diptych is now complete and will be featured in the exhibition. It is symbolic of his strength – as a painter, as an interpreter and as a person. The fact of an exhibition is little short of a miracle given the past 18 months, but is another reason for both artist and public to celebrate these captivating artworks. In Rex’s words “It is difficult to describe how happy I am to be alive!”



Gondolas, Gaudi and Pearls of the Sea

“Gondolas, Gaudi and Pearls of the Sea” will be opened by Andrew Powell, MP, Member for Glasshouse, Minister for Environment and Heritage Protection (and a great admirer of the artist) on April 12th. The exhibition will feature suites of new paintings in both acrylic on canvas and watercolour and will be on display at ‘Art on Cairncross’ until April 27th.

Top left: Rex Backhaus-Smith “is back on deck and painting” after his accident Above: Paintings from his exhibition - on this month at Art on Cairncross

Sundays 8am - 2pm Maleny RSL Hall

Lots of unique and different gift ideas, quality second hand books, health and beauty, massage, vintage, antiques, art, fair-trade and handmade items as well as jams and preserves and local produce. Open rain, hail or shine! Over 30 under cover stalls!

Enquiries Phone 0448 423 919 HINTERLAND TIMES – APRIL 2014


New app for Mums takes App Store by storm A

NEW BREASTFEEDING app has rocketed up the App Store charts, spending several days as the second most downloaded health and fitness app in Australia. Breastfeeding Counsellor and mother-of-four, Kathy Osborne from Crystal Waters says, “This app is a great tool for mums who want to have a drink while breastfeeding. It takes the guess work out of knowing when the alcohol has left your breastmilk. It is a resource which helps remove another barrier to women breastfeeding their babies.” The app, called Feed Safe, was developed as a collaboration between The Australian Breastfeeding Association, Reach Health Promotion Innovations and Curtin University. It is designed to assist breastfeeding mothers to regulate the timing of their alcohol intake so as to not affect breastmilk. Dr Roslyn Giglia, Research Fellow at Curtin’s School of Public Health, said the information contained in the app would allow mothers to make informed choices about their alcohol intake and help health agencies guide the community in reducing health risks associated with alcohol and breastfeeding. “For the health and safe development of their babies, many mothers avoid drinking alcohol while pregnant,” Dr Giglia said. “Once a baby is born, however, mothers may wish to enjoy a drink with a meal, when out with friends, or on a special occasion and as a result, mothers should plan their drinks so it doesn’t affect their breastmilk. “Alcohol inhibits the let-down reflex that enables breastmilk to be ejected from the nipple, so the baby will receive less milk and the small amount of milk that does get let-down will contain alcohol, which the baby will ingest.” “Apart from not getting as much milk as normal and potentially being hungry and irritable, the baby’s sleep wakening pattern will also be affected and he or she won’t sleep restfully, or for as long.

The Feed Safe app was the brainchild of Becky White, Director of Reach Health Promotion Innovations, a Perth company specialising in health-related mobile apps. Mrs White used the information pamphlet Alcohol and breastfeeding: A guide for mothers, developed by Dr Giglia in collaboration with the Australian Breastfeeding Association, while she was breastfeeding her first child. “I remember thinking that the information would make a really useful app,” Mrs White said. “Fortunately Healthway also saw the potential, and awarded us a grant to make it happen. We’re very grateful for their support, and for that of the ABA and Dr Giglia, in making this important app a reality.” The app contains information about how alcohol is absorbed into breastmilk, standard drink measurements and what happens if a mother drinks more than she had planned. “The pamphlet is in very high demand across Australia so it made sense to make the information available any time to families who are on the go through the development of the Feed Safe app,” Dr Giglia said. “A number of factors affect how much alcohol gets into breastmilk including the strength and amount of alcohol in your drink, what and how much you’ve eaten and how much you weigh. “Alcohol will be in your breastmilk for 30 to 60 minutes after you start drinking so that’s where an app like this can be useful. “The user enters their weight, height and the time of their

Maleny Community Gym winners Congratulations to the following members, awarded a six month membership for achieving a personal goal. Harry Cauley is a student and member of the Queensland State Judo team and has travelled to Munich recently to train with the German Judo Team, considered to be one of the top level countries in the Olympic Sport. Harry wishes to train with the Maleny Community Gym using a program

prepared for him by his coach in preparation for representing Australia at the Oceania Judo Union Championships, held in Auckland New Zealand, April 2014. Daniel Osberger (right) is a member of the Brisbane Lions Academy, and studying Year 12. To remain with the Academy Daniel must maintain a strict fitness criteria set by the Academy. Several times a week he travels to the Coast and Brisbane for training as well as playing for the Maroochydore U18,s. Daniel’s goal in the the future is to play for the Brisbane Lions.

Fitness Forever

TAI CHI AND GENERAL FITNESS CLASSES TAI CHI CLASSES will be held in the Mapleton Hall at from 2-3 pm on Mondays commencing 3rd February. This year we will be revising the 24 forms Yang and commencing the 40 forms. Beginners welcome. GENERAL FITNESS CLASSES are held on Tuesdays commencing 28th January, from 8 – 9.30 am at the Maleny Showgrounds main hall This class includes Tai Chi, Qi Gong, balance training, cardio vascular and strength training, Yoga, Pilates, and flexibility. Then, a guided relaxation segment ... aaah! This class varies each week.

Please phone Lorri Sheldon 5499 9212 or 0428 393 212

Tundi Udvary

5/12 Hill Street, Palmwoods



Friendly caring, hands on practice committed to making a positive change to your total health and wellbeing. 5/12 Hill Street, Palmwoods

Ph: 07 54788 500

Left: Australian Breastfeeding Association counsellor, Kathy Osborne of Crystal Waters, pictured here with daughter Isla, 2 ½, says the app helps breastfeeding mums safely enjoy an alcoholic beverage

last alcoholic drink and how many standard drinks they have had. Feed Safe then lets the user know when they can safely breastfeed again. “In this way mums can breastfeed safely and for a longer duration knowing that they can enjoy socialising without compromising the health of their baby.” Currently available for iPhone and iPad, the app is free and can be downloaded from the App Store. Users of other platforms, such as Android and Windows Mobile, are being encouraged to express their interest in using the app. Visit for more information or to learn more about breastfeeding or the ABA Sunshine Coast's new breastfeeding classes, please contact Liz at or (07) 5494 1417 or visit the group’s facebook page: Australian Breastfeeding Association Sunshine Coast group. Lisa Polouyj is a busy mother who works full time and is training to compete in the Australian Natural Bodybuilding figure championships. Lisa has a background in gymnastics, athletics and soccer. Lisa trains regularly at Maleny Gym with programs written by Ray Louden and Annie Hewitt and Jon Pressswell, all of whom have many years experience with backgrounds in weightlifting and body sculpting competitions, using kettlebells, traditional methods, dietary advice and various other modalities.

• TV & DVD Tuning • Telephone Data • Digital Specialists • Home Theatre Specialists • Five Year Warranties • Satellite Systems

There’s a Jim’s Technician on the Range. Call for a free quote today

131 546

didyouknow? 14,000 Hinterland Times are printed, home delivered and bulk dropped to ... Maleny, Montville, Mapleton, Flaxton, Nambour, Palmwoods, Woombye, Hunchy, Eudlo, Reeseville, Mooloolah, Glasshouse, Beerwah, Landsborough, Conondale, Kenilworth and Witta.

Maleny wins with gpExtend

The gpExtend team: Dr Ted Chamberlain (Medical Superintendent at Maleny Soldiers Memorial Hospital), Amanda Glenwright (After Hours Manager, Sunshine Coast Medicare Local) and Dr Zoltan Bourne (GP at Medicine on Maple).


HANKS TO THE goodwill of a team of passionate Maleny health professionals, Dr Zoltan Bourne (Medicine on Maple), Dr Ted Chamberlain (Private practice/ Med Superintendent at Maleny Soldiers Memorial Hospital), Mr Jimmy Aspinal (Maleny X-Ray & Imaging), Mr Garreth Phillips (Maleny Chemmart), and grant funding from Sunshine Coast Medicare Local, Hinterland residents and visitors are benefiting from gpExtend, an extended weekend health service now available on Saturdays and Sundays in Maple St, Maleny. The gpExtend weekend health service is excited to offer hinterland residents and visitors bulk billed GP consultations, as well as support services, including; an enrolled nurse, radiography, pharmacy and pathology. These services are on offer to assist hospitals with peak demand between 1-4pm Saturdays and 9-4 on Sundays. No appointment is necessary, and the service is available to all residents and visitors, no matter which GP you may regularly visit. gpExtend is the brainchild of the above team of local health care professionals presented with research findings indicating the Hinterland region was suffering from a lack of appropriate and affordable after hours care on weekends. Taking it upon themselves, they worked quickly to establish this innovative public/private health care initiative in order to assist their community. It is “a great example of what can be done with innovative

ideas on the public/private sphere with the utilisation of the expertise and guidance of Sunshine Coast Medicare Local”, explains Dr Ted Chamberlain, Medical Superintendent at Maleny Soldiers Memorial Hospital. Dr Zoltan Bourne proudly informs us that, “since we established gpExtend in July 2013, almost 700 patients have accessed care. That is on average 26 patients every weekend that would have been added to the local hospital’s patient load. So, we are happy to be assisting so our hospitals can keep their emergency facilities for just that – emergencies!!” The locals are also thrilled with having this new service available to them. Maleny resident, Lawrence Packer, explained to us that he utilised the service recently as he was cutting steel and deeply sliced his hand. “I walked in to gpExtend and they saw me and gave me a tetanus shot and dressed my hand. I was able to go in there on weekends and get it redressed and didn’t have to go to the hospital”, he stated. Noticing quite a few Mums with ill children enjoying the benefits of the gPExtend services during his visits, Lawrence also mentioned how good it was that they no longer had to wait at the hospital. Be sure to visit Dr Bourne and the wonderful network of doctors and support staff at GPExtend, located in Maple Street, Maleny and help ease the load on our local hospital and its staff.



5478 6600 vrksa





Ph: 07 5494 3911

• Podia try • Mass age Therap y • Audio Clinic • Wom ens Health

! ! # !

1/70 Maple Street, Maleny


in the Hinterland times Phone: 54 999 049



Tim and Mary Bagshaw

• Physiotherapy for all ages • Specific exercise prescription • Postural assessment and correction • Sporting injuries • Post operative rehabilitation • Workplace rehabilitation • Injury preventions strategies • More services available



$) "'$%


) $








$ !







Ayurvedic Health Advice to Suit You

ARE YOU TIRED AND LACKING ENERGY? Here’s why! General mental and/or physical fatigue over the course of your day is a dysfunction you shouldn’t ignore. It’s a bodily stress and over time you will experience health problems because you are not coping with the day to day demands of your life. This will eventually run down your adrenal (stress handling) system and also your thyroid gland. When this happens your metabolism gets sluggish, you retain fluid and gain weight (too much body fat). Any exercise routine you may have been using goes out the window and you develop an aerobic deficiency. You’re unfit. This gets depressing and it’s just another stress you can do without. Most of the people we treat now who are tired and run down, have problems with some or all of the following. Some of these points may surprise you but it’s simple, if they’re not corrected you are never going to feel well. Here they are; · Nutritional Deficiencies – you are unable to tap into your fat burning capabilities. · Toxicity – your liver and digestive system are toxic, you’re probably not absorbing your nutri ents. · Oestrogen Dominant – oestrogen slows the thyroid and makes your metabolism sluggish. Your PMT is terrible. · Free Radicals – the result of all the above stresses and more. If you’re antioxidant defi cient you’re in trouble.· I highly recommend you get these imbalances sorted out. You’ll appreciate the results.

Creating Order in the Brain


VERY EXPERIENCE experience we have changes our brain. We may not conWendy Rosenfeldt sciously choose what enters in and creates impressions but everything we see, hear, touch, taste and smell has an impact. For a child what goes in is even more important. People talk of children being like sponges, they learn by absorbing and imitating everything around them. Children’s brains are very flexible while their capacity for discrimination is still developing. Young children believe anything is possible. They can fly, see fairies and have monsters under their beds. When you present a new idea to them they don’t ask for scientific proof, they are ready to jump in and explore. The teenage years bring changes and further development to the brain. The amygdala, associated with emotions, instinctual behaviour and aggression, develops while the prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for rational decision making, does not fully mature until around the age of 24. Parents often worry about the teenage years, as their sweet little child becomes a moody, uncommunicative stranger. They can be careless, forgetful and irrational but this is reflective of their stage of brain development. Impulsive behaviour is typical of a brain driven by the amygdala without the restraining hand of the prefrontal cortex. However how a teenager behaves during this time also depends on their surrounding environment. With increasing amounts of time spent playing computer games, watching stimulating movies and being in constant communication through text messages, the mind gets stuck in a state of over arousal. Either the mind is highly stimulated or exhausted

7 3$ 6-2 2,#$/&-,$ !*--# 1$010 %-/ 1'6/-(# %2,"1(-,0 1' 1 /$ 4(1'(, ,-/+ * / ,&$ !21 01(** ' 3$ 06+.1-+0

Wendy Rosenfeldt is a Maharishi Ayurveda Practitioner and teacher of Transcendental Meditation. To find out more come to a free introductory talk on Transcendental Meditation. Call ph 5499 9580

Is it April already...


$*( !*$ ,-, (,3 0(3$ 1'6/-(# 1$01(,& ,# 1/$ 1+$,1 3 (* !*$ 1 '$ ) $ *1' *(,("

by the over load of sensory information. There is little time for the mind to just enjoying being at the more abstract levels. Just as it is possible to take the mind to a state of over excitation it is also possible to experience quieter, more subtle states of awareness. The process of transcending, that takes place during the practice of Transcendental Meditation, allows the mind to experience and become familiar with these latent areas. The mind enjoys a state of restful alertness. Brain imaging shows that the frontal areas become more coherent and communicate more with the different parts of the brain. It is like having a sports coach put in charge of a team of exuberant 8 year olds. The prefrontal cortex gives order to the impulsive and often competing desires of the rest of the brain. Accessing deeper levels of the mind corresponds to the ability to think in a more abstract manner. Numerical concepts involving simple numbers such as 1, 2, and 3 can be experienced by the superficial levels of the mind but to understand fractions or decimals, the mind has to think on a deeper level. The regular experience of transcending enlivens the prefrontal cortex, enhances overall brain coherence and gives a deep state of rest to the mind and body and can be learnt from the age of 10.

ARCHSEEMS TO HAVE BEEN a rather intense month for many of the people I've talked with. Sleep patterns interrupted, moods flexing in so many different directions, time seemed to be defying its normal pattern and so we are challenged to find even greater coping and adjusting skills and to grow more, and examine the way we live. All these energies are precursors to positive change. Sometimes we need an alarm clock to wake us up and waking up many of us seem to be. Its time to question so many aspects of what we took for granted. Our finances, our health, the work we do each day, the way we relate to ourselves, those we interact with, our magnificent country, our amazing world, and the blind trust that we used to put in those that are in positions of influence and power. During times of stress its easy to just wind ourselves up more and more till we feel tired, exhausted and frustrated or, we can begin to expand, to open up our minds and see that change is inevitable and we can celebrate the endless possibilities that are open to us all.

New insights come into minds that stretch and open. We need to keep our diets pure, there are too many strange words on our food labels and many come from countries that have different attitudes and practices in food growing and preparation. The chemicals and the quality of our food affect our resilience and our clarity of thought and emotion. We need to stop and ask ourselves why we do the things we do and work in the areas we work and whats really, important to us and our loved ones. We need to be self nurturing and sense the difference between suppressing our bodies cries for help and explore true self healing practices. We need to remember that we are smart, we are amazing when we are inspired, and we can recreate our lives so that we stop feeling like mice on a spinning wheel. Let change begin in your mind and gently extend out into your world. Marisa Kliese is a Clinical Member Aust. Counselling Assoc. Fellow Holistic Life Coach. Reiki Master. Fellow Aust. Natural Therapists Assoc. Contact me on 5494 2627.

,6 4-+$, /$ %%$"1$# !6 2,#( &,-0$# 1'6/-(# "-,#(1(-,0 1(/$#,$00 % 1(&2$ *-4 *(!(#4$(&'1 & (, ,# '6/-%*$5 (0 '$*.(,& 1- %(,# 1'$ ,04$/0

7 '6/-%*$5 " , 0'-4 20 (% 6-2/ 1'6/-(# %2,"1(-,0 /$ ,-/+ * 4(1' ""2/ "6 7 (,#(,& 1'$ 1'6/-(# 1/$ 1+$,1 1' 1 (0 /(&'1 %-/ 6-2 &/$ 1*6 *-4$/0 6-2/ '$ *1' /(0) ,# '$*.0 6-2 /$&2* 1$ 6-2/ '-/+-,$0 ,$2/-1/ ,0+(11$/0 ,# (++2,$ %2,"1(-,0 7 $$ 1'$ '6/-%*$5 1$01 #$+-,01 1$# ,# $5.* (,$# -, 1'$ / '(* 0'-4 444 1'6/-%*$5 "-+ #/.'(*

Hawaiian Healing Massage

“Amazing Bodywork that Reduces Stress, Relieves Tension and Gives You More Energy!” Improves Joint Movement, Eases Sciatic and Lower Back Aches, Releases Tight Shoulders … Be Free of Aches and Pains and Feel Blissfully Relaxed! Gift Certificates, Health Fund Rebate Receipts Phone: 0415 518 415 4/10 Coral St Maleny (at back of the building)

Connective Therapeutics

Healing Treatments & Products for Body, Home & Environment






$ #

! $


Tips for wise watering USTRALIA’S PROLONGED drought has brought Maleny Physiotherapy water restrictions in many areas for the first time.

A Post-fracture Physiotherapy

And for some the restrictions are so severe that using a hose to keep the garden alive is a thing of the past. These people are forced to take other measures to preserve their precious plants, but they come " # with (! hidden" dangers. !"! Watering garden beds and plants using a bucket, or watering can is a great ' ' way to establish and ' $ ' '* maintain plants and # reduce water # wastage. ' # # But while buckets and( # % * watering cans are ( efficient, cheap, and easy # $ to use,- they have the ( % % injury* potential to cause # if you lift or carry them! # + " , * incorrectly. Wrist, shoulder and # '( ' back pain # is more likely# &* when carrying heavy % % # buckets % and ( %watering cans, and lifting awkward loads. Warming $up with a- few stretches can make a difference, * and it’s worth stretching a bit more # #when ( you’re done. Here the risk of injury ' are some timely tips to$minimise $ when lugging litres of water around to help keep both # ' * your garden and your body really healthy: ' ' # % ) l .Always think before # you lift. $ . # l When lifting, remember to bend your knees and not . your back. Never twist your body when your back is . ' bent. # # % or watering ' $ can with# a wide grip to " l .Choose a bucket .reduce hand#and % # wrist pain. . # $ $ # bucket. Only carry as much weight l Never(overfill( your as you know you can lift comfortably. Tip: half fill buckets to lighten the load and help avoid wrist and shoulder pain.

l Try lifting two lighter buckets rather than one heavy

bucket, so the load is distributed equally on each side of the body. Tip: use two-litre milk bottles for watering.

l Always carry buckets and pour water as close to your

body as possible. Holding any weight away from "$ ! the . stress on your upper! body your body increases and back. ( $ ! $to fill !" it"so you l Place the bucket on a raised platform

(" " " don’t have to lift it as far. (! " " Tip: try a stool or chair.& % ( "( # "$ &" l Make all movements smooth. Avoid jerking or "$ ! twisting. + ( $ l Ensure the pathway where you are carrying the (" ' #! buckets is free of trip hazards " and choose !$ the! flattest path possible. !& ( * l Watch where you place!your feet to avoid stumbling.

Tip: wear comfortable, supportive shoes with non-slip soles. !

Listen to your body. If it hurts, stop. If the pain continues, your physio can recommend stretches and exercises to help you get fit! for watering and gardening and so avoid injury. !



(! " " %

( &"

cture Physiotherapy * 2131 03//






'* #






Suzi Lough Mind Management

' Vibrational Therapy,




Coaching and more ... &* Looking#to make positive changes in

I mean such things as managing anxiety and depression, improving public speaking, losing # ( weight, stopping smoking, finding clarity, joy, $ success and peace; improving self confidence, self * esteem and more. I can assist, with tools such as Hypnotherapy, % Hypnosis, ) Thought Management, Acutonics, Spiritual Guidance and Chakra Balancing - the $ life changing changes available to you are limitless. Please feel fee to call me or check out my website ' for full details of available treatments. Make a change now, take it into the future ( (! " and notice how this will then change things. # " " " % Appointments: 0438 050 839 or visit: #





Manual Lymphatic Drainage M aRT y aL ch i n

1/70 Maple Street, Maleny

Mobile 0439 876 415


( $ ! $ !" " (! " (" " " & % ( " "( # "$ &" "$ ! + For a holistic approach ( $ to your general(health " ' #! and wellbeing, call today " !$ ! to make an appointment ! & ( * with one of our friendly Holistic Health Centre professionals.! (Contacts below).

19 Coral Street MALENY


She Oak Natural Fertility & Women’s Hormonal Health

your life?

$ '



Better Health - Naturally

* Hypnotherapy, Acutonics '(


Maleny Holistic Health Centre

( $

Oncology Massage Deep Tissue Massage

07 5494 3911 "$Ph: !.


% * # ( %


Remedial Massage


Naturopath, Herbalist, Natural Fertility ! Teacher, Homotoxicologist & Kinesiologist

Medical & Ayurvedic Herbalist, Naturopathy & Natural Fertility Management

Rochelle and Gleny specialise in Hormonal Health and Fertility Management, Preconception, Pregnancy and Post Natal Care, Female Hormones from Childhood to Menopause, Thyroid and Adrenal Issues, Thyroid Testing and Referral, Stress and Anxiety, ( Fatigue, Auto-Immune, Recurrent " Infections, " Chronic Flu, Viruses, & " Children's ) Health, ( Digestive, Bowel & and Liver Complaints, Detoxification, Nutrition, Weight Loss. Appointments: 5499 9476

* 2131 03//

Sanctuary Shiatsu

Shiatsu Practitioner - Acupressure Zen Shiatsu is a Japanese acupuncture meridian therapy that facilitates the movement of energy (Qi) in the body using acu-point pressure with meridian massage. It’s true strength is improving energy and wellbeing, assisting and maintaining health and help prevent illness. It can assist with: • Pain, and muscular tightness • Digestive disorders • Emotional & mental stress • Headaches & more! • Futon mat or seated chair. Appointments: 0438 972 880

The Dispensary

Monday - Friday 9.30am - 5.00pm Cramps? Nerve twitches? Sore muscles and joints? It could be due to a lack of magnesium. Drop in and chat to Tanya or Cris about the many forms of magnesium we stock in the dispensary, from topical sprays to quickly ease cramps, or other supplements. Contact us if you would like an info sheet emailed to you. For consultations phone: 5499 9476

Sallyann Stewart

Naturopath / Herbalist / Remedial Massage Therapist

• Sallyann specialises in children's health, stress management & preventative/maintaining wellness healthcare • Utilising naturopathic assessment and live blood analysis • Nutrition and dietary support • Herbal medicine and homeopathic treatments • Remedial, deep tissue & lymphatic drainage massage • Appointments: 5435 2599 or 0421 410 558



Hinterland Health and Beauty ACUPUNCTURE Anthony Brown Acupuncture Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner. Member (fellow) AACMA. Anthony has 30 years clinical experience, 26 of them here on the Sunshine Coast and Hinterland. 26 Coral St, Maleny Ph: 5435 2555 Mapleton Natural Therapies Clinic Jackie Hansel: Bach H.S (Acu), Adv. Dip H.S (Hom), Dip Bowen Therapy Acupuncture. Holistic & Intergrated health care with Acupuncture, Bowen Therapy, Homeopathy, Lymphatic Drainage, Remedial & Relaxation Massage. Ph: 5445 7749 Maleny Acupuncture Dolina Somerville: BHSc (Acupuncture) China Trained: Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine,Chinese Remedial Massage & Cosmetic Acupuncture. 38a Coral St Maleny (HBC). H F Rebates. Mob: 0408 693 029

ASTROLOGY Stargazer Astrology - Chirone Shakti Relationships, career, family issues, spiritual purpose, life crisis, transitions, your year ahead. Counselling astrologer. Astrology courses and workshops Wed at Awakening Centre, Nth Maleny. Ph: 0421 814459 E:

BEAUTY THERAPISTS & HAIRDRESSERS A little Beauty, Body and Wellness Elements at Montville Customised beauty treatments. Pamper packages. Special occasion & bridal make-up. Massage. Manicures. Pedicures. Devine body treatments. Natural therapies. Ph: 5478 6212 DOT & BIRDIE - hair, beauty, bridal All beauty and hair services under one retro roof. Dynamic team of qualified professional staff where your comfort and satisfaction are our priority. Follow us on Facebook for the latest specials for locals. 35 Coral St, Maleny Ph: 5499 9424 Michelle Jarden - Beauty Therapist. Electrolysis, facials, massage, make-up, nails, sauna, spray tanning, tinting, waxing, ear-piercing. 66 Curramore Rd, Witta. Ph: 5494 4012 or Mob: 0402 531 500 Nellies Creative Hair Design I specialise in cutting, colouring, foiling and perming. once voted best hairdresser on the Sunshine Coast and hinterland region. Heaps of parking and wheel chair friendly. 9 Bunya St, Maleny. 0438 785 4 4 3

BOWEN THERAPISTS BOWEN THERAPY Bronwyn Huckle Specialising in Bowtech, the original Bowen Therapy technique. Treating health issues in babies, childen & adults. Montville therapy rooms. Monday to Friday by appointment. Ph: 5442 9371 Kathy Blackburn Dip. Bowen Therapy (Bowtech).Gentle effective treatment of Back Pain; Migraine; RSI ; Tennis Elbow; Knee, Ankle & Foot Conditions; Menstrual/ Hormonal irregularities; Chronic Fatigue; Respiratory Conditions and MORE. Health fund rebates. Ph: 5429 6180 Bowen Therapist - Stephanie Sutherns. Specialling in Bowtec. Soft tissue therapy for musculo-skeletal issues and internal organ function for all ages. Maleny & Forest Glen 0477200059






Maple Chiropractic Maleny Dr Stephen Lowe & Dr Samuel Lowe 57 years combined experience. Concession rates & HICAPS. Relaxed & friendly atmosphere. 45 Maple Street, Maleny. Ph: 5494 3322

Margarete Koenning Counselling BA Social Work, Gelstalt Therapist, Psychotherapist working with individuals, couples and, families. Training professionals in family constellation 20 yrs practicing in Maleny, Clinal member of Pacfa. Ph: 5494 2778, 0408 416 041

Dr. Ralph Stockmann- Dr of Chiropractic USA, Palmer Graduate Medicare & DVA Provider Special interest in difficult & chronic conditions of lower back,neck,knee, shoulder, ankle, elbow, wrist & headaches 13 Thynne Ct. Maleny Ph: 0410 793 513

Chirone Shakti – Relationships & Sexuality Professional counsellor specialising in relationships, sexuality, grief and loss. Discover deeper and more satisfying levels of relating and intimacy. Wed at Awakening Centre, Nth Maleny Ph: 0421 814459 E:

Hinterland Chiropractic Dr Josephine Sexton. Using gentle, safe and effective techniques to maintain spinal health and wellbeing. Concession rates, Family discounts and HICAPS available. 21 Bunya Street, Maleny. Ph: 5435 2987

John Pirie Chiropractor & Applied Kinesiologist Gentle hands-on chiropractic using applied kinesiology. Individual programs available. 19 Coral Street Maleny. Ph: 5435 2155

DENTAL Dental Centre Maleny Affordable Family Dentistry Open: Mon-Sat. Also, early mornings & late evenings for your convenience. 17 Bunya St, Maleny. Ph: 54 999 722

ENERGY HEALING / SOUND THERAPY Josie Coco – Certified BodyTalk Practitioner Ph: 0498 065 306 There are 200 billion processes in the body that rely on communication with each other. Stress will break that communication. BodyTalk can restore it. Web:

Philip James Lovitt D.C. Contemporary approach, using traditionally based chiropractic techniques. Now servicing Maleny. HICAPS, Medicare, Work Cover and DVA all welcomed. Shop 6A/15 Maple Street, Maleny 4552. Ph: 0417609640

KA HUNA bodywork - sound healing light body ILLUMINATIONS with Nikko. Come celebrate your life at the time of your birth, all times & hrs available: a blessed beingness, a sacred space that will support you in a dimensional shift. 0434004069.

COSMETIC TATTOOING Qualified Cosmetic Tattoo Practitioner – Rebecca Rea Dip. Beauty Therapy Professional Make-up Artist. Procedures include: Eyebrows, top & bottom eyeliner, lips & beauty spots. Mon – Fri 9am – 3pm Shop 9/43 Maple St, Maleny. Ph: 5494 3355

COUNSELLING & LIFE COACHING Counselling - Margaret Davoren B.Nurs.,Mas. Counselling. Think change, think balance & live a rich, full, life. Learn strategies to manage stress, depression, anxiety & relationships. Maleny Physiotherapy, 1/70 Maple St Maleny Ph: 0403 571 572 Ruth Donnelly - Holistic Counsellor Heart-centred approach to healing trauma, building emotional wellbeing. Integrating body psychotherapy, mindfulness, artistic therapies, Reiki, Acutonics, Bush Flower Essences, Dru yoga 0409 564 276,, Radiance Consultancy Services A ‘whole of life’ approach to health employment, skincare & direction. Create your next job, find your niche, ways to unwind. Also facials/massages. Beth: 0414 953 071

FENG SHUI FENG SHUI & Astrology. Richard Giles, qualified Feng Shui practitioner. Feng Shui Home/business assessments. EM Radiation & 'dirty electricity' checks. Trained astrologer of 22 years. Shed The Light, Maple Street, Maleny (5499 9003) Thurs or 5435 0158. E:

HOMEOPATHY Pauline Ashford - B. H. Sc, Complementary Med & Homeopathy Classical homeopathy; Lymphatic drainage; Dorn spinal, joint and headache therapy; EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques; Reiki 130 Ansell Rd Witta Ph: 5494 4101 e:

HYPNOTHERAPY Suzi Lough at Mind Management. For hypnotherapy, Acutonics Vibrational therapy, coaching and more. Phone 0438 050 839 for appointments. "The door to change is always open"

John Gehrmann – Hypnotherapist Stop Smoking, Healthy living, Hypno Gastric Banding, Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia and more. Every Tue & Wed by appointment only – Wattle Gully Retreat, Witta. Tel 4162 3718, Mob 0417 684818.

Hinterland Health and Beauty PSYCHIC READINGS / TAROT

MASSAGE THERAPISTS Hawaiian Healing Massage and Connective Therapeutics Relaxation and Therapeutic Massage Hot Stone Therapy; Pregnancy Massage Aromatherapy; Gift Certificates & H F Receipts 4/10 Coral St. Maleny. Ph: 0415 518 415

Marisa...Naturally Marisa T Kliese offers a complete Natural Therapy Clinic. Services include, Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Professional Counselling, Life Coaching, Spiritual Healing. Ph: 5494 2627

Kerry Laizans Psychic/Tarot Readings and Massage, head, neck, shoulders and feet, Maleny Markets on sundays, By appointment, phone readings, sound healing, bodywork and breathwork, call me on 0411 488 291 or check out

The Stillpoint - Katie White Remedial, Relaxation, Reiki Massage & now Emmett Technique. Reiki Treatments & Workshops. Appts Mon- Sat. HF Rebates. Gift Vouchers. Ph: 0400 722 786

Laurel Hefferon Naturopath & Herbalist BHSc Colon Hydrotherapy & Ka Huna Bodywork Specialising in herbal & nutritional treatment of adrenal exhaustion, post-viral syndromes & acute & chronic immune conditions. 35 Rosella Rd, North Maleny Ph: 5494 2101 Mob: 0401 750 255

Tarot Channeller Mary-Lou is now Montville based. 1 hour - $80 plus a free vehicle reading, (showing your present challenge). Hens and group bookings available. Phone 5445 7418 or 0418 912 797

Kathy Blackburn, Adv Dip Applied Science (Remedial Massage). Remedial/Sports Massage; Traditional Chinese Massage; Lymphatic Drainage; Emmett Technique, Trigger Point & Myofacial Release. “Integrated Bodywork” tailored to your special needs. H F rebates. Ph: 5429 6180 Beautiful Kahuna Bodywork Massage ... ... with Linda. Total blissful relaxation or combination deep tissue. Qualified remedial also. Great results for tradies & sports people! Gift vouchers avail. 7 days. Nth Maleny & Buderim, Ph: 0457 194 339 Rejuvenating Massage A unique blend of relaxation, reflexology, deep tissue and shiatsu with Turkish Hamam trained masseur Frank Genel – feel a million dollars! Mobile Service available. AAMT member. Ph 0421 926 492

KA HUNA Massage Jessica Ainsworth Maleny. Massage with a profound and lasting effect.Certified level 7 Ka Huna bodyworker and teacher. Can include hot stones *Polynesian floor work* Appts (out of work hours available). Ph: 5499 9372

REMEDIAL MASSAGE, SHIATSU Dale Batistic Massage Zenthai Shiatsu, Thai massage, Thai foot massage, glass cupping, moxabustion, herbal poultices, ear candling. 18 Coral St Maleny. Ph Dayle 0420837397

Gary Broadhurst : Sanctuary Shiatsu Zen Shiatsu , Acupressure , Balancing Futon mat or seated chair at Holistic Health Centre , room 5/19 Coral St, Maleny Monday & Tuesday – Appts: 0438 972 880

NATUROPATHS Rochelle McKay-Masterton Naturopathy, Homotoxicology, Herbal Medicine, Kinesiology, Nutritional therapy Women’s hormonal health, Infertility & preconception care, fertility education. Digestive disorders & weight management. Referrals to holistic doctors. Ph: 5499 9476 Sallyann Stewart - Children's health, stress management. Naturopathic assessment & Live Blood Analysis. Utilising nutrition, herbal medicine, homeopathy, remedial massage, lymphatic drainage. 19 Coral Street,Maleny. Ph: 5435 2599 / 0421 410 558 Pascale Richy – Naturopath BHSc Acute & chronic ailments, women’s health, stress management. Evidence based, wholistic & inclusive approach. In depth consultation & naturopathic assessment. Nutrition, Herbal medicine, dietary planning & lifestyle counselling. 2/38 Maple St. Maleny. Ph: 0423 615 413



Rachel Leigh Optometrist comprehensive eye care, quality spectacles, contact lenses and retinal photography. Bulk Billing, HF rebates. Locally and Independently owned. Riverside Centre Maleny Ph: 5494 2666 Stephen Hammond Optometry and Maleny Optical 44 Lowe Street, Nambour Ph. 5476 2333 5/45 Maple Street, Maleny 4552. Ph. 5435 2733

PHYSIOTHERAPY/OSTEOPATHY Maleny Physiotherapist Tim & Mary Bagshaw. For all of your Physiotherapy requirements. 1/70 Maple Street, Maleny. Ph: 5494 3911 Thomas Whitton D.O., Grad.Dip.Ost.Paed Gentle manipulative therapy for body dysfunction and pain in all age groups. Registered Osteopaths Services covered by private health funds; Veterans Affairs; Workcover, Medicare EPC 74 Blackall Terrace, Nambour. Ph: 5441 4166 Range of Motion Physiotherapy MAPLETON - MONTVILLE - MALENY - IMBIL Russell McDonald & Rae Duffield-Jones. Providing the highest quality care to restore & maintain optimal physical function & mobility. Ph: 5478 6600 Physiotherapy-Rehabilitation-Excercise Tundi Udvary Palmwoods Physiotherapy Sports and Injury Centre. Dynamic multidisciplinary centre committed to making a positive change to your total health and wellbeing. 5/12 Margaret Street, Palmwoods Ph: 5478 8500 Maleny Active Physio Caring professionals offering physio, exercise physiology and Medicare-funded Type 2 Diabetes Education Programs. Services covered by health funds & referrals from DVA & Medicare (bulk-billed). 5/15 Maple St, Maleny. Ph: 5494 0060

Dr Marilyn Fisher MAPS Counselling Psychologist with 30 years experience. Works with individuals, couples and groups on life issues including relationships, depression and workplace matters. Medicare registered. Contact Montville Psychology: 0418264642

SCENAR THERAPY Pain Relief Specialist Scenar is a non-invasive therapy using electrical impulses to stimulate your nervous system, reducing pain, inflammation and restoring normal function. Ph: Sonia 0488 922 441 or Kerri 0431 938 393

YOGA PILATES AND MEDITATION Melissa's Healing Space - Yoga/ Mindfulness Meditation classes @ Curramore Studio Tues 6 -7.30pm (Gentle yoga) Fri 9.30- 11.15am (General yoga) Fri 11.30 - 12.30pm ( Meditation Class) Fri 12.45-1.45pm (Chair/Gentle yoga) Ph: 0417 200 192 em:

Yoga with Lottie using WEIGHTS For sculpturing,raising metabolism, increased bone density and flexibility. Mon 10.30am,Tues 5.30pm and Thurs 9.30 am. No bookings required. Classes suit all levels of experience. Maleny YIyenga Yoga with Maree @ Maleny Yoga Vrksa in the Rainforest Plaza Tues Yoga Basics 10.30am & 5.30 pm Wed Slow Paced 5.30 pm Thurs Intermediate 10.30am & 7pm Wed & Frid Good Morning 6am - 7.10am Ph 0448518734 Radiant Light Yoga with Rukmini Wed 6.30pm, Fri 9.30am Peachester Hall. Private Classes and Yoga Therapy available Ph: 0437 914 029

Yoga on the Range Traditional Yoga Classes to suit all levels. Build strength & flexibility; find inner peace and calm. Day and evening times in Mapleton and Kureelpa with Lynley who has been teaching on the range for 16 years. Ph: 0432 122 365

PERSONAL TRAINER, FITNESS, DANCE Renew You Personal Training Private studio or your home. Regain energy, strength, healthy weight. Deborah Yffer - Cert IV Fitness; Grad. Dip Teaching. Menofit Trainer (Post-Menopause). 0411 389 727 Jon Presswell Personal Trainer Weight Loss, Personal Fitness Programs, Strength & Muscle Growth. Older Adults - Balance, Strength & Mobility. Mob: 0439 673 768 Email: The Trainer other Trainers use

Maleny Yoga Vrksa Shop 7 Rainforest Plaza, Maple St, Maleny, Fully equipped studio Variety of teachers & classes, Workshops & private tuition, All ages & abilities welcome Ph: 0448 518 734 E: ''Soularis Consciousness Expansion... reconnect with your heart & Source.. Let go of the past.. Activ8 & Attune with Light Codes 4 Ascension 0429 232 241






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My motto is “Customer for Life”. I will visit you, wherever, to secure the home loan best suited to you, and develop an on-going banker /customer relationship to care for your future needs. Ph: 0408 734 152 or 5437 7311 Email

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AFSL No 234951 ABN 11074608558

Specialisingin pre and post retirement planning, superannuation and Centrelink entitlements. For an obligation, and cost free, first appointment, please call me on 07 5429 6756 Em:

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BUILDING DESIGNER Idesign2build Specialising in building design services with a sustainable & green design approach: New Residential – Extension & Renovation – Commercial & Office spaces QBCC Lic N° 740 695.Call 0417 770 455 or Email:

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Hinterland Air Conditioning & Domestic Refrigeration Located in Palmwoods,Eddie offers a prompt,friendly competitive service.Eddie specializes in all Air Conditioning & Domestic refrigeration work including installations,sales,service,and repairs.. Ph 0429516598

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iConnect Free quote. TV Antennae, Satellite TV, Telephone & Data. Home Theatre, Wall mount TV brackets. Projectors, Speakers, Multi-Zone Audio, VideoIntercoms, Cameras, Test & Tag. Installation Service Adam - 0437 881 514 / 5478 6302

LEGAL SERVICES Easton Lawyers Tove Easton Principal Lawyer 62 Maple St, Maleny Ph: 5494 3511 Email:

APPLIANCE SERVICE Luke Wilkinson Appliance Service Washing machines, dryers, fridges, etc.


Lic. No 68598

Concept IT Systems - reliability & service New computers & repairs. Internet setup & websites. Printers, scanners ,Ink refills, cameras. Authorised Apple reseller. Onsite service. Drop in to discuss you computer needs. Shop 6 Riverside Centre Maleny 5429 6750 or

PHOTOGRAPHY Penny Riddoch Photography & Design AIPP Weddings, portraits - families, children, business, pets. Commercial - product photography, properties, advertising. Graphic Design - web site images, DVDs, digital albums, brochures, posters, business cards. Ph: 5494 2808 -

Ecocyber - Computer Services Repairs, troubleshoot computer problems, tuition, web design & hosting services. On site or at Maleny workshop. Contact Hans. Ph: 5499 9599 Email: Maleny Multi-Media Man Professional editing of video, photos & audio. VHS tape & photo prints to DVD. Video compilations with special effects. Relive precious memories as never before. 0408 684 482

Locally owned and operated photography business specialising in portraiture, corporate and event photography covering the entire Sunshine Coast. Call Farley 0410 229 600 or visit

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Lic QBSA 1162819. Member Master Builders.

CARPET & UPHOLSTERY Range Carpet Care Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning & Protection Ph: 5445 7611 or 0418 776 578

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Please email your community events to, with subject heading What's On. 11-13 Queensland Garden Expo: Nambour Writers Award State Library Of Qld

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Lic No. 71210

Reliable prompt domestic electrician. Extensions, renovations, maintenance, new homes, safety switches, switchboard upgrades, test & tag, smoke alarms. Solar Grid Connect. Ph: Steven Pilcher for an obligation free quote 0421 162 007 E:

HANDYMAN & HOME MAINTENANCE A Very Handy Man Fix anything in & around the home: Paint * Plaster * Tiles * Carpentry * Odd Jobs * Flatpack * Move Furniture * Pressure Wash * Gutters/Windows * Chainsaw * Garden makeovers & Clean up. John 0439 942 077 Montville Handy Man 20 years building experience. All concreting, carpentry, home maintenance and repairs. Prompt and reliable service. Garden Clean -up. Competitive rates. Ph: Wayne 0434 724 030 Hatch's Home Maintenance Qualified Cabinet Maker, 35 years experience. Update * Renew * Repair * Plastering * Cabinets * Tiling * Call John today Ph 0404 056 147 QBA Lic. No 1242008

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Hinterland Times Real Estate

Beautiful bohemian splendour with dam views S

ITTING atop of its protected knoll, this pavilion styled home has a peaceful ambience all of its own. Located in sought after North Maleny, the soothing Baroon Pocket Dam vista is stunning, and the tranquil lifestyle on offer simply irreplaceable. Architectural design is evident, and you will find a perfect combination of natural light and space in this beautiful home. The rooms flow effortlessly between each other, congregating in central living and entertaining space that incorporates both indoors and out. The large deck takes in the much desired northern aspect with a beautiful dam view and provides the flawless space for entertaining. The home remains pleasantly cool during summer, with the functional layout maximising the elevated breezes. Attractive gardens fill the surrounds so you can to potter to your heart's content, with plentiful space left over for a pool area or perhaps even a tennis court! The open kitchen ensures you will never

be away from family or friends during those memorable nights of laughter and fun, and features concrete bench tops and ample pantry. The master retreat is complete with study, walk in robe and ensuite, and the remaining guest bedrooms are thoughtfully located at the opposite end of the home. Unique properties such as this do not remain on the market for long, make sure you register your interest as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

3 beds, 2 baths, 3 car, 3501m2 land size Price: Offers over $895,000 Contact: Michael Reck 0447 589 491 RE/MAX Hinterland 2/10 Maple St, Maleny internet iD: 10299843 at

Ray White Lifestyle will find the right tenant for your property ... The Property Managers at Ray White Lifestyle are committed to finding you the right tenant at the right rent. We work with you to ensure your expectations are met at every step of the process.

Maleny 118 Teutoberg Avenue

Maleny 10 Witham Road

Country Living on 9 Acres

Acreage Living, Walk to Town

An affordable farm close to town, large country style house with huge verandahs, and a modern kitchen not long installed. Larger blocks are increasingly scarce only about 10 ks back to the Maleny Township. Inspect By Appointment

Live on your own ¾ acre block, tucked away in a delightful and private cul-de-sac only a couple of k’s from Maleny’s vibrant town centre. Either invest or enjoy one of our towns great locations.

Sale $820,000

Sale $525,000

Ray Scarfe 0414 943 269

Ray Scarfe 0414 943 269 Peter Squibb 0419 797 014

Trudy Busk P: 07 5499 9966

M: 0448 943 551

Inspect By Appointment


The market is active! Great prices being achieved right now! For an obligation free appraisal of your property, CALL US TODAY

Ben Wilson 0407 584 378

Ray Scarfe 0414 943 269

Ray White Lifestyle



Peter Squibb 0419 797 014

Trudy Busk 0448 943 551

Geoff Coughlan 0419 666 515 geoff.coughlan@

Residential | Rural & Acreage | Property Management | Commercial

Ray White Lifestyle have the best practices in Property Management. For service ‘above expectation’ for your investment property call Trudy.

The Hinterland Real Estate Professionals Ray White Lifestyle Maleny Shop 1, 5 Maple St, Maleny Phone 07 5499 9966 Fax 07 5429 6540



MICHAEL RECK 0447 589 491 MARK CLAYTON 0409 181 095 192 Witta Rd, Witta



Absolutely priced to sell! 22 Acr Acres When you inspect this unique 20+ acr hideaway, you will feel like you have found a hidden treasure! Located down a private driveway, this private 22 acr then 10 minutes fr boxes that buyers ar



Inspect: Contact Agent 0447 589 491 0409 181 095 eb ID: 9887873 Web

This exceptional single level home sits perfectly on itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; from the main street of Maleny having to leave this beautiful and spacious home. Enjoying an elevated position and an outlook back to Kings Lane and Howells Knob, you              ^PSSILOHYKWYLZZL   HTIPLUJLPU[OLO           

Have you been searching for a home with character and style in an even better location? Then inspect this one today! You You will enjoy a soothing sense of warmth and comfort as soon as you set foot in the private, tranquil grounds of this beautiful property in North Maleny. Architecturally designed and quality built home in a private North Maleny location, this one has to be inspected to be fully appreciated. Thought and planning has gone into every last detail of Today! this beautiful modern character home. The owners want to head south ASAP - Call Today!




Inspect: Contact Agent Price: $799,000 Michael Reck 0447 589 491 Mark Clayton 0409 181 095 Web W eb ID: 8057133

37 Water Water Gum Crescent, Crescent, Maleny

Water Gum Crescent, Crescent, Maleny 15 Water


n Convenience Classic Queenslander Charm with Moder Modern




Inspect: Contact Agent   LY   0447 589 491 0409 181 095 Web eb ID: 9189523

Unbeatable buying in Maleny Glen This 1200m2 allotment is located in Maleny Glen, a short walk from the main street of town. Surrounded by quality built homes, Maleny Glen is a sought after estate in the town centre, VŃ&#x153;LYPUNHSSZLY]PJLZ[VHSSV[TLU[Z * 23.4m street frontage - 51m depth * Town Town water, sewerage, underground electricity * Parkland close by * 800m2 walk to town There are only 2 or 3 resale blocks remaining in this great estate and has to be the best value!

1200m2 Inspect: Contact Agent 7YYPPJL!6 6É&#x2C6; É&#x2C6;LYYZ ZV]LY      Mark Clayton 0409 181 095 Michael Reck 0447 589 491 Web ID: 8836673 Web

45 Tr Treehaven Treehaven Way, W Way ay,, Maleny â&#x20AC;&#x153;Brookhaven ay â&#x20AC;&#x153;Brookhaven Country Estateâ&#x20AC;?

Only 4 blocks Boutique Maleny blocks left - Selling F FAST! AST! 3/4+ Acre Acre Blocks fr from om $340,000 - Act now to avoid disappointment! Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t leave this opportunity too late! V Vacant acant lots in sought after areas are in very limited supply in Maleny, and these 3/4 acre (3000m2+) allotments are sure to move VERY QUICKLY! QUICKLY! Situated on Tr Treehaven Way, 4 blocks are left in this small boutique estate, all with underground power and country outlooks, you wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t feel fenced in on large open blocks like these. *SVZL[VHSSHTLUP[PLZ`V\JHU[HRL`V\YWPJRVM[OLZLĂ&#x201E;ULISVJRZI\[VUS`PM`V\ÂťYL=,9@8<0*2 Call us NOW!

2/10 Maple St Maleny - Ph: 07 5408 4220 46


Inspect: By Appointment Price: from from $340,000 Mark Clayton 0409 181 095 Michael Reck 0447 589 491 Web Web ID: 7860903 www.r www .realestatemaleny .r ealestatemaleny




$)LUVW&ODVV5HVLGHQFH&ODVVLF+LQWHUODQG/LYLQJDWLWâVEHVW $)LUVW&ODVV5HVLGHQFH&ODVVLF+LQWHUODQG/LYLQJDWLWâVEHVW Valley Situated on almost 1 acre of elevated grounds overlooking the Mary V alley, this property has some of the most beautiful mature gardens and landscaped grounds in the area. ,_LJ\[P]LILKYVVTIH[OYVVTYLZPKLUJL8\HSP[` :[`SL^P[OHNYLH[Ă&#x2026;VVYWSHU * High ceilings, ducted AC, king sized bedrooms, mature orchard, rose & vege gardens ;OLYLÂťZUVKV\I[`V\^PSSILPTWYLZZLKH[[OLX\HSP[`HUK]HS\LVUVŃ&#x153;LYH[[OPZWYVWLYY[[`ZV VYNHUPZL`V\YPUZWLJ[PVU[VKH`

Inspect: Contact Agent 7YYPPJL!6 6É&#x2C6; É&#x2C6;LYZV]LY     Michael Reck 0447 589 491 Mark Clayton 0409 181 095 Web ID: 9275703 Web



6 6RDNXSWKHFRXQWU\DWPRVSKHUHULJKWKHUH RDNXSWKHFRXQWU\DWPRVSKHUHULJKWKHUH Call this property home and you can sit back and relax, enjoying the northerly views over the JYLLRĂ&#x2026;H[ZHUKTV\U[HPUYHUNLZIL`VUK>LSS located on a 3/4 acre - close to the shops, swimming pool and school and just 15 minutes from Maleny.

Northerly aspect and a verandah for every ZLHZVU M[JLPSPUNZ[OYV\NOV\[( (*Ă&#x201E;YLWSHJL security screens. Detailed open plan kitchen with views. Outdoor BBQ area, Solar Hot >H[LYLZ[HISPZOLKNHYKLUZJHYHJJVT^P[O extra trailer / boat storage options

Inspect: Contact Agent 7YYPPJL!6 6É&#x2C6; É&#x2C6;LYZHIV]L    Mark Clayton 0409 181 095 Michael Reck 0447 589 491 Web Web ID: 9949853


3URSHUW\\RXZLOO1(9(5EHDEOHWR5HSODFH $ $3URSHUW\\RXZLOO1(9(5EHDEOHWR5HSODFH This superb country residence sits proudly on almost 2 parklike acres, with glorious views over [OLYVSSPUNNYLLUOPSSZVM4HSLU`;OPZZV\NO[HMM[[LYHKKYLZZPU5VY[O4HSLU`PZWYP]H[LWLHJLM\S Vale ale End is surrounded by other blue chip properties. close to town and 1 V The long winding drive meanders up to the elevated, circa 1900 restored homestead. The home enjoys glorious north eastern aspect and valley views to the south over the mature trees and gardens that are a feature the property.

Inspect: By Appointment Price: Contact Agent Mark Clayton 0409 181 095 Michael Reck 0447 589 491 Web Web ID: 114380603

31 Rosegum Lane, Witta


7UDQTXLO,QFRPH3URGXFLQJ/LIHVW\OHRQ2Ď&#x192;HU)DUPKRXVHDQG&RWWDJHVRQ$FUHV 7 UDQTXLO,QFRPH3URGXFLQJ/LIHVW\OHRQ2Ď&#x192;HU)DUPKRXVHDQG&RWWDJHVRQ$FUHV Boasting a charming farmhouse located upon entry and six private cottages approached by a long, tree-lined driveway, the property is situated across more than 40 acres of lush undulating countryside complete with two spring fed dams.

Take into account the lifestyle and limitless scope for further improvement to the business, which is performing well with minimal advertising and promotion by the current owners and you have a property that you ZPTWS`JHUUV[HŃ&#x153;VYK[VTPZZ

* 44 Acres of beautiful undulating countryside * A 4 bedroom 2 bathroom Farmhouse with views * 3 x 1 bed 1 bath Cottages * 2 x 2 bed 2 bath Cottages * 1 x 2 Bed 1 Bath Cottage

Contact RE/MAX Hinterland to register your interest and ask us for a detailed prospectus on this sensational opportunity in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

2/10 Maple St Maleny - Ph: 07 5408 4220



Inspect: By Appointment Price: By Negotiation Mark Clayton 0409 181 095 Michael Reck 0447 589 491 Web Web ID: 10044263 www.r www .realestatemaleny .r ealestatemaleny HINTERLAND TIMES â&#x20AC;&#x201C; APRIL 2014


views and great location!

Are you looking for the convenience of town living without that suburban feel? Found! This charming colonial style home is privately set in a quiet Maleny street. It features verandahs and a spacious north facing deck with expansive views back over town, the light and airy kitchen has stainless steel appliances, ample bench space and dishwasher. l




Three good sized bedrooms, main with walk in robe, ensuite and bay window looking north Reverse cycle air conditioning and a wood fire to keep you comfortable all year round Remote garage and laundry under house (internal stairs)


10,000 gallon tank, concrete driveway and turning area l Security lights, Crimsafe doors and windows l Raised veggie gardens and established trees All this and more on an easy care 1,618m2 block close to schools and just 2 minutes to town. This property is a rare find and deserves your inspection, you will not be disappointed. It’s time to make the move – inspect today! l

Price: $478,000 inspect: by Appointment Contact: Exclusive Agent Jess Luthje 0438 616 064, Maleny Realty

Parents – say no to soft drink at weekend sport The Sunshine Coast hinterland is populated with sports clubs from swimming and soccer to touch footy and tennis. What is the policy at your club?


ANCER COUNCIL Queensland has backed the State Government’s push for a ban on soft drink sales at children’s sporting events, in a move to combat growing rates of childhood obesity. Chief health officer Jeanette Young is urging parents to call on sports club committees to ban soft drinks at weekend sport, saying consumption after a game reinforces great behavior with bad nutrition. Around 27 per cent of Queensland children (aged five to 17) are currently overweight or obese, with the figure expected to rise as the state’s obesity crises worsens. Cancer Council Queensland spokesperson Katie Clift said many parents didn’t realise the amount of sugar in a standard can of soft drink, and what effect that could have on their child’s health. “One can of soft drink alone can contain up to 10 teaspoons of sugar, and many Queenslanders think it’s acceptable to have one can a day – it isn’t,” Ms Clift said. “It’s not just soft drinks that are a concern – beverages like energy drinks, fruit drinks, cordial and sports drinks contain large amounts of ‘hidden’ sugar. “The consumption of these sugar-sweetened beverages is associated with serious health issues such as weight gain and obesity – which can lead to some cancers, type 2 diabetes and heart problems. “While obesity is caused by a range of complex factors, we know that eating a healthy diet and limiting sugary, fatty

and salty food and drinks is an important aspect of maintaining a healthy weight.” Around 16 per cent of children aged 5-17 years consume non-diet soft drink and non-diet flavoured drinks at least daily*. Cancer Council is calling on Queensland parents to support their children as role models by reducing their personal consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages. Obesity rates for Queensland adults have doubled in the last 16 years. Currently, around 57 per cent of Queensland adults and about 26 per cent of the state’s children are overweight or obese. Cancer Council Queensland recommends Queenslanders limit their consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages, and instead drink water or unflavoured low-fat milk. At least one-third of all cancers are preventable through lifestyle adjustments including eating a healthy diet, being physically active, reducing alcohol intake and maintaining a healthy weight.

Maleny High Shaves for a Cure by Fran Tickle


HE WORLD’S Greatest Shave for the Leukaemia Foundation is a major event in the life of our school. We had 3 teachers, a parent, and 11 students take part in the ‘shave’, and what a fantastic day it was. Our two hairdressers, Morgan and Sam from Samani’s Hair Salon at Witta, donated their time and did a fabulous job. It was a hot day, but they made the participants look very chic. The shave was accompanied by a ‘Free Dress’ day and BBQ. Maleny High is always amazed by the generosity of our students and staff. The Leukaemia Foundation provides incredible support, not only to those who suffer from Leukaemia, but also to their families. This is obviously something that is very close to our hearts. At the time of writing this article we have raised $5,593.05. This is an outstanding result and we are not finished yet. We would like to acknowledge and thank our participants who have worked extremely hard to gain sponsorship for the shave. For all of those who have supported them – thank you. We need also to thank everyone who contributed in any way, big or small, to making this event such a great success. Jack, Ryan and Luke before and after the shave (more images on our facebook page)



What’s on in ... APRiL 4

RelaxSing Sunshine Coast Hinterland - a weekend of singing and the company of people who just love to sing.


QLD School Holidays begin!


Maleny Art, Craft and Collectables Market, Maleny RSL Hall, every Sunday 8am-2pm, 0448 423 919.


SCATER (Sunshine Coast Area Trail & Endurance Riders) Competitive Trail Rides, Forestry Road, Landsborough


Musos at Eudlos - microphone sessions on the first Sunday of each month, 1pm till 4pm at Eudlo Hall. Entry will be by gold coin donation, licensed bar with snacks and afternoon tea (GF included), proceeds will maintain the historic Eudlo Hall.


Eckankar present HU Chant and discussion with a spiritual theme, 6 – 7:30pm, free- every Tuesday. Neighborhood Centre, 17 Bicentenary Lane (off Coral St) Contact 5496 5054, 0429 957 989

8-16 Children’s workshops at the Arts & Ecology Centre from writing and illustrating a mini drama about an endangered butterfly to learning hands-on ‘bush detective’ skills, there’s a variety of fun, creative and educational children’s workshops lined up these April school holidays, Maroochy Regional Bushland Botanic Garden. Bookings for the following Wildlife Encounters workshops open March 12 and are essential as places are limited. $5 per participant can be paid online on booking at 8-17 Easter Holiday Fun With everything from manga bombing to musical clunk and junk, kids will be kept busy at Sunshine Coast Council’s libraries. Let them have fun with upcycled Easter craft, awesome aliens, funny bunny drawing, bracelets and badges, kid's night in and even a fairy garden workshop. Visit your local library or the council library website to find out more. 9 & 30 Gourmet Evenings 6pm at Gifts & Gourmet – across the road from the Maleny IGA. Todd from Fine Life Food Company and Linda from local producer Suncoast Limes. Tickets are free, but very limited. 10 Public Seminar: A Zipline in Obi Obi Gorge - What does this mean? 7.15-9pm, hosted by National Parks Association of Queensland, $5, RSVP 3367 0878 or 11 Aglow - Sunshine Coast, Flame Tree Baptist Church Hall, 9.30am. Our guest speaker is Ginny Baker. Come along, bring a friend and enjoy worship and an inspirational message. Entry $8 includes a delicious morning tea.Isabella: 5476 8463 or Dorothy: 54764190 11 Spinal injuries Australia Sunshine Coast Post Polio Network, 10am, CWA Hall, Memorial Ave, Maroochydore. Guest Speaker from Centrelink. New members welcome. Cathy 5447 6608 or Jim 5494 3272 12 Montville Growers and Maker's Market 7.30 am - 12 midday at the historic community hall.

ARTFUL DODGER AFTERNOON WORKSHOPS Give yourself permission to have fun: Collage: Break the Personal Cliché – Sat. 5th April Collage: Strange & Curious Face – Sat. 12th April or 0407 238 026 MONOPRINTING WORKSHOPS Afternoon learning to use Gelatine Plates. Sat. 26th April OR Sat. 3rd May. Sun. 4th May - Monoprinting using Glass Plates - additive, subtractive and masking techniques. or 0407 238 026 BOOKBINDING WORKSHOPS Sunday 6th April OR Sunday 27th April Learn to make a multiple signature, hard cover book from scratch. or 0407 238 026



AP R IL 2014 12 Maleny Cheese Fun Day 9am-5pm, free cheese and yoghurt tasting, see the cheese makers in action, delicious Bratwurst Bar, face painting, the roving 'mouse' mascot , small farm animal petting exhibit, photo booth, recipe demonstrations , music, special menu for the day. 12 Nambour Museum celebrates Queensland Heritage Week with an open day, 1-4pm, 18 Mitchell Street. Displays feature interesting and diverse journeys people from all around the world have undertaken during the past century to make a new life in Nambour and district. Afternoon tea extra, plus stall and raffle, admission $4, 5441 2083.

30 Applications close for Zonta’s Annual $1000 Academic Scholarship award, applicants must be female, living in or grew up in Hinterland only, and show proven dedication and achievement in chosen field, Kaye: 5435 2051,


Women Walk the World 2014 hosted by Maleny Branch Country Women's Association, to raise funds for Associated Country Women Of The World, connecting and supporting women worldwide through health, education and relief of poverty. Maleny Showgrounds 9am for a walk with water containers to the CWA Room at 1 Bicentenary Lane for morning tea. Photo competition, Participation and donations welcome, RSVP April 25 Judy 5435 8140, Cynthia 5499 9639 or Sara 5435 2021


Maleny Community Garage Sale, hugely successful, 7.00am to 1.00pm, Baptist Centre, cnr Landsborough and McCarthy roads, Maleny, Lots of bargains and food and drink available, Cherie Conrad on 0407452815 or

14 The Sunshine Coast Branch of the Hibiscus Society Meeting, Woombye School of Arts Hall, Blackall St. Woombye, 10am. All welcome. Come and see quality blooms on display.Contact Audrey on 5476 2771. 18 Easter weekend begins 18-27 The Big Easter Show of Little Things, St. Mary’s Hall on the Village Green at Montville, 9am to 4pm, The Blackall Range Visual Artists, free entry. 19 Kenilworth Cheese Wine & Food Festival, 7am-4pm, Kenilworth Park and Cheese Factory (right) 19 The Blackall Range Growers Market 7.30 – 12 noon, Old Witta School, 316 Witta Rd locally grown seasonal produce, breakfast and great coffee, rain hail or shine. Bring your green bag, 5499 9924. 19-20 Easter in the Garden: an open garden event with a giant plant sale to raise funds for the Hunchy District Community Association. 9.30a.m. to 4 p.m, at “The Shambles”, 85 Western Ave Montville 4560, $5.00 entry, Children free, Refreshments, Interesting and even rare shrubs , perennials etc. from $3. Cuttings grown Heritage Rose varieties, gardening books & DVDs, Refreshments by “Blackall Range Horseless Carriage Club”, entertainment by “Smokin' Melaleucas” from 2pm Sunday. 25 Anzac Day 26 Roots Magic and Legacy (genealogy software) 9.30am – 12pm, and Creating Family Trees: charting the family story 1pm – 3pm. All welcome. The cost of each workshop is $8 each or $15 for both. Morning tea provided and a light lunch available, Genealogy Sunshine Coast Centre, Petrie Park Road, Nambour. Bookings essential 5441 4266 or email: 27 HU Chant and discussion with a spiritual theme, 9:30-11:30am, Arts and Ecology Centre, Maroochy Botanical Gardens, Tanawha,,, 28 Sunshine Coast Literary Asociation inc Writers’ Competition Start writing now to get your entries in before the closing date on 28th April. All information, conditions and entry forms available at

Brett Campbell Mosaics Studio Style Mosaic classes in Maleny. Tuesday & Saturday mornings from 9am. Be guided by a renowned artist to make whatever you like at your own pace. Relaxed setting. For more info visit: Phone: 5435 2951

3-4 Maleny Wood Expo Food, fun and entertainment. Take the Know Your Timber Trees Tour and workshops on Woodwork 4 Women, Carba-Tec Creative Space - Woodwork for Kids, Hand Held Carving, Simple Tools and Simple Techniques: The Art of Mortise & Tenon. 4

Sunshine Coast Cross Country Series, Community Precinct from 7.30am


Body Art Carnivale, Eumundi Markets


Fashion & Flowers Morning Tea, Maleny Soldier’s Memorial Hospital Auxiliary, to raise funds for equipment for the Hospital, 9.30am in the Maleny RSL Hall, Fashion Parade by “Simply Stylish” with Shoes by “Imelda’s”. A delicious morning tea is provided with beautiful displays of flowers on each table. Tickets are $15 each. Phone June on 5494 2052.

10 Swapathon Garden Party, Maleny Neighbourhood Centre, 1.30pm for 2-5pm. 10 Entries close Sunshine Coast Art Prize 15 “Living a Healthy Life” Blue Care is offering Sunshine Coast residents of any age living with a chronic health condition or their carers, a specialised six-week program. Weekly meetings from 9.30am-12pm, Millwell Rd Community Centre, 11 A Millwell Road, Maroochydore. $5 per session (includes refreshments and book loan). Bookings essential Robyn Nix or Lisa Bodman on 07 5441 0115. Chronic conditions include osteoporosis, diabetes, lung disorders, arthritis, stroke, heart disease or depression. 30-31 Maleny Agricultural Show “Year of the Small Farmer”, Maleny Showgrounds

Richard Knight furniture workshop One-day workshops making funky functional furniture. Identify suitable materials & create your own unique piece using simple wood-working tools. Materials & lunch included $150. Ph: Richard: 5422 9291. Gift vouchers.

The Shadow in the Horoscope Explore what astrology can reveal about a person's 'shadow' or disowned self. Suitable for anyone with an understanding of the basics. Sat 10 May, Awakening Centre, Maleny. Contact Chirone: or see website:

YOUTH MUSIC PERFORMANCE WORKSHOP Do you love music and play an instrument or the piano? Saturday 12 April, 10am-12pm morning tea incl.Eudlo Hall.$40 per performer, $15 observer BOOKINGS 0415 128 799

DESIGN YOUR INCREDIBLE EDIBLE GARDEN A practical permaculture design workshop at Crystal Waters to help you get your edible garden design just right. With experienced designers Morag Gamble & Evan Raymond. May 3-4, 2014. Contact: 5494 4833,,

PIANO TUITION , MALENY, Available, as1/2 hour sessions at my home in Maleny or at your home anywhere in the Hinterland area. Learn for fun with all styles being taught, including jazz, dance, Ballroom ,Liturgical , contemporary or Classical. Learn for exams to grade 8 for AMEB, Trinity College or ANSCA. 35 years experience as a Church Organist, Band Musician & teacher. Ph Peter 0407444767 or 54999048.





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